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040638: HASTINGS, MACDONALD - Mary Celeste: A Centenary Record
039489: HATFIELD, RAB - Boticelli's Uffizi "Adoration" a Study in Pictorial Content
033358: HAUSER, V. TONY (SIGNED) - The Power of Passion / la Puissance de la Passion
042658: HAUSWIRTH, FRIEDA - Purdah: The Status of Indian Women from Ancient Times to the Twentieth Century
039881: HAVEN, MARC (DR.) - Le Tarot: L'Alphabet Hebraique Et Les Nombres
041921: HAVIG, ALAN - Fred Allen's Radio Comedy
041366: HAWKES, ANDREW (SIGNED) - Lifeboatmen Never Turn Back: Poole Lifeboast Service from 1826
039239: HAWKINS, JOHN L. - The World History of the Towing & Recovery Industry
014379: HAWKINS, RONNIE - Ronnie Hawkins: Last of the Good Ol' Boys
039534: HAY, SAMUEL A. - African American Theatre: An Historical and Critical Analysis
035776: HAYCOCK, MAURICE - On Site with Maurice Haycock, Artist of the Arctic: Paintings and Drawings of Historical Sites in the Canadian Arctic
039666: HAYES, ALLAN - Southwestern Pottery: Anazazi to Zuni
039831: HAYES, GEOFFREY - Afghanistan Transition Under Threat
037009: HAYES, GEOFFREY - Vimy Ridge: A Canadian Reassessment
042894: HAYMAN, STEPHANIE - Imprisoning Our Sisters: The New Federal Women's Prisons in Canada
029388: HAYNES, GROVER - Songs They Wouldn't Let the Wry Catchers Sing
042916: HAYWARD, PHILIP - Widening the Horizon: Exoticism in Post-War Popular Music
042913: HAYWARD, PHILIP - Music at the Border: Not Drowning, Waving and Their Engagement with Papua New Guinean Culture (1986-96)
041856: HAZEN, DAVID - The Stripper's Guide to Canoe-Building (Fifth Edition Revised)
028616: HAZLITT, W. CAREW - Tenures of Land and Customs of Manors
038598: HEACOCK, WILLIAM - Encyclopedia of Victorian Colored Glass: Book 1, Toothpick Holders from a to Z
031329: HEAPE, R. GRUNDY - The Soul of Bath: An Architectural Study
042329: HEATH, CHRIS - Pet Shop Boys Versus America
043278: HEATH, FRANCES M. - Sault Ste. Marie: City by the Rapids
041623: HEBEI - The Three Treasured Objects in Hebei Province
043226: GERMAIN, GEORGES-HEBERT & GUY LAFLEUR (SIGNED) - Overtime: The Legend of Guy Lefleur
036822: HECHT, BEN - Jazz, and Other Stories of Young Love (Little Blue Book No. 1165)
042126: HEGARTY, DAVE (ED.) - An Piobaire, Vol. 7. No. 4
041052: HEILMAN, SAMUEL C. - The People of the Book: Drama, Fellowship, and Religion
039341: HEIM, JEAN-PIERRE - Jean-Pierre Heim: Architect
043217: HEIMANN, JIM (ED.) - Mexicana: Vintage Mexican Graphics
043068: HEIMANN, JIM - California Crazy & Beyond: Roadside Vernacular Architecture
039845: HEIMANN, JIM (ED.) - California Here I Come: Vintage California Graphics
038466: HEINRICHSOHN, ANDREA - Washi Crafts: Working with Japanese Handmade Paper
041943: HELBO, ANDRE; J. DINES JOHANSEN, ET AL - Approaching Theatre
042504: BRIERTY, HELEN ET ANNETTE FEAR - Totalement Thai
040600: MOBIUS, HELGA AND FRIEDRICH - Mediaeval Churches in Germany: Saxony, Thuringa - Brandenburg, and Mecklenburg
038891: HELGADOTTIR, RAGNHILDUR - The Influence of American Theories on Judicial Review in Nordic Constitutional Law
038616: HELLER, STEVEN (ED.) - Design & Style - 7: Bauhaus 1919-1933
035853: HELPS, ARTHUR (ED.) - Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands from 1848 to 1861
040140: HELWIG, DAVID (ED.) - Love and Money: The Politics of Culture
025905: HEMMING, G. VILLIERS - Moments with Plato
010888: HENDERSON, PAUL (SIGNED) - Shooting for Glory
015557: HENDERSON, PAUL (SIGNED) - Shooting for Glory
032065: HENDERSON, AILSA - Nunavut: Rethinking Political Culture
042791: HENDERSON, PAUL - The Goal of My Life: A Memoir
040703: HENDERSON, PAUL - Shooting for Glory
040114: HENDRIKS, MARC - Intervall-Analyse Als Grundlage Der Grifftechnik IM Violinspiel
039289: HENDRIX, JIMI - Hendrix: Are You Experienced? the Complete, Authorative Transcriptions for Guitar, Bass, and Drums (Recorded Versions)
024369: HENLE, MARY (ED.) - Vision and Artifact
037454: HENLEY, BRIAN - The Grand Old Buildings of Hamilton
042606: DOBSON, HENRY & BARBARA - The Early Furniture of Ontario & the Atlantic Provinces
042674: FRASER, HENRY & BOB KISS - Barbados Chattel Houses
042170: WOLLOCOMBE, RICHARD HENRY & CAPTAIN WILLIAM WEBBER - With Guns in the Peninsula: The Peninsula War Journal of Captain William Webber (Napoleonic Library)
027896: DOBSON, HENRY & BARBARA - The Early Furniture of Ontario & the Atlantic Provinces
035083: HENRY, ALAN - Jochen Rindt
041728: HENRY, ROBERT - The Jazz Ensemble: A Guide to Technique
037357: HENRY, ALAN - Mclaren: The Epic Years
030654: HENRY, TOM (SIGNED) - Following the Boulder Train
040856: HEPBURN, A. C. - The Conflict of Nationality in Modern Ireland
024535: HEPENSTALL, ROBERT (SIGNED) - Find the Dragon: The Canadian Army in Korea, 1950-1953
043255: HERGE ( BENOIT PEETERS) - The Making of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Red Rackham's Treasure
031120: HERNANDEZ, ANTHONY (SIGNED) - Landscapes for the Homeless
042210: HERNANDEZ, JO FARB - A.G. Rizzoli: Architect of the Magnificent Visions
039590: HERRING, ANN - The World of Chiyogami: Hand-Printed Patterned Papers of Japan
035990: HERRIOTT, TED - The Canadian Heritage Label Collection
041798: HERTZBERGER, HERMAN - Space and the Architect: Lessons in Architecture 2
039112: AMIARD, HERVE & LAURENCE MOUTON - Marokko-Kochbuch: Das Land Und Seine Kuche Mit 85 Rezepten Aus Allen Regionen
043195: HESOID - Hesoid: Theogony, Works and Days, Shield
042844: HESS, ALAN - Googie: Fifties Coffee Shop Architecture
031530: HEWER, H. R. - British Seals
042978: HEWISON, ROBERT - Too Much: Art and Society in the Sixties, 1960-75
035969: HEYLIN, CLINTON - Bob Dylan, Stolen Moments: The Ultimate Reference Book
042117: HEYWOOD, COLIN - A History of Childhood: Children and Childhood in the West from Medieval to Modern Times
037367: HIAM, C. MICHAEL - Eddie Shore and That Old Time Hockey
037662: HICKEN, SOPHI (SIGNED) - Still Standing II: The Grain Elevators of Central & Northern Alberta
033323: HICKEY, GLORIA (ED.) - Common Ground: Comtemporary Craft, Architecture, and the Decorative Arts
041418: HICKS, DAVID SIGNED) - Style and Design
042563: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Streetsville: From Timothy to Hazel : Also Includes: Barberton & Harris Corners
041674: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Meadowvale: Mills to Millennium
039810: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Meadowvale: Mills to Millennium
037290: HICKS, KATHLEEN A. - Cooksville: From Country to City
041036: HICKS, GEORGE - The Comfort Women: Sex Slaves of the Japanese Imperial Forces
039293: HIDAS, KRISTINA (ED.) - Humberside : The First Century, 1892-1992
041744: HIGGINS, E. G. - Twelve O'Clock and All's Well: A Pictorial History of Law Enforcement in the Sudbury District, 1883-1978
043291: HIGHWAY, TOMSON - Caribou Song/Atihko Nikamon
040387: HIGHWAY, TOMSON (SIGNED) - Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing
039680: HIGLEY, DAHN D. - O.P. P. : The History of the Ontario Provincial Force
037021: HIGSON, ANDREW - Film Europe and Film America: Cinema, Commerce and Cultural Exchange 1920-1939
042578: RICHARDSON, HILARY & JOHN SCARRY - An Introduction to Irish High Crosses
041868: HILDEBRANDT, WERNER (ED.) - Baudenkmale in Berlin: Bezirk Wilmersdorf - Ortsteil Grunewald
039553: HILL, G. F. - Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Greek Coins, Belonging to John Ward, F.S. A.
040957: HILL, DANIEL G. - The Freedom-Seekers: Blacks in Early Canada
019548: HILL, ISABEL LOUISE - Some Loyalists and Others
043027: HILL, DANIEL G. (INTRO.) - Black History in Early Ontario: February 7-March 15, 1981
038939: HILL, WILLIAM H. - A Brief History of the Printing Press in Washington, Saratoga and Warren Counties, State of New York
037212: HILL, HAMNETT P. - Robert Randall and the le Breton Flats
005295: HILL, CHARLES C. - Tierra Salvaje: La Pintura Paisajistica Canadiense Y El Grupo de Los Siete
041419: HILLIER, JOHN - A Portfolio of Old Poole
042040: HILLMAN, JAMES - Puer Papers
041529: HIND, WILLIAM G. R. - William G.R. Hind (1833-1888) a Confederation Painter in Canada
032642: HINDMAN, SANDRA L. - Printing the Written Word: The Social History of Books, Circa 1450-1520
012288: THE TRAGICALLY HIP - The Best of Tragically Hip. Original Rock Charts
028730: HIRSCHBACH, FRANK D. - Germany in the Twenties: The Artist As Social Critic
039850: HIRSCHFELD, AL - Hirschfeld's Harlem
025343: VAN HISE, JAMES - Cheers: Where Everybody Knows Your Name .
022566: HITT, HENRY C. - Old Chinese Snuff Bottles: Notes with a Catalogue of a Modest Collection
041328: HOAR, VICTOR - The Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion: Canadian Participation in the Spanish CIVIL War
038809: HOARE, MIKE - Congo Mercenary
026735: HOARE, OLIVER (ED.) - Camp 020: M15 and the Nazi Spies
042935: HODGE, BRIAN - Frontiers of Gold
042049: HODGINS, JACK - A Passion for Narrative: A Guide for Writing Fiction
025958: HODGSON, WILLIAM HOPE - Carnacki the Ghost-Finder
039470: HODGSON, LYNN-PHILIP (SIGNED) - Inside Camp X
041055: HOFFMAN, ALICE J. - Indian Clubs
041576: HOFFMAN, KATHERINE - Georgia O'Keeffe: A Celebration of Music and Dance
033185: HOFFMANN, DONALD - The Architecture of John Wellborn Root
042121: HOGAN, MICHAEL J. - Hiroshima in History and Memory
027657: HOGARTH, D. D. - Pioneer Mines of the Gatineau Region, Quebec
042012: HOGBIN, STEPHEN - Appearance & Reality
040819: HOHENDAHL, PETER UWE - The Institution of Criticism
040581: HOLCOMB, MELANIE - Pen and Parchment: Drawing in the Middle Ages
031800: HOLDSWORTH, BILL - Healthy Buildings: A Design Primer for a Living Environment
040806: HOLLISTER, WILL C. - Dinner in the Diner: 300 Recipes from American's Era of Great Trains
037496: HOLMES, K. J. (LT.COL.) - The History of the Canadian Military Engineers, Volume 3 to 1971
020036: HOLMSTROM, JOHN (ED.) - Punk: The Original
042868: HOLT, ALISON - Flowers and Plants in Machine Embroidery
025053: HOLT, JEFF - The Grand Trunk in New England
037702: HOLT, FAYE REINBERG (SIGNED) - Awed, Amused, & Alarmed: Fairs, Rodeos, and Regattas in Western Canada
037704: HOLT, FAYE REINBERG (SIGNED) - Sharing the Good Times: A History of Prarie Women's Joys and Pleasures
042725: HOMAN, SIDNEY - The Audience As Actor and Character: The Modern Theater of Beckett, Brecht, Genet, Ionesco, Pinter, Stoppard, and Williams.
041588: HONDELINK, H. - Coptic Art and Culture
037843: HONER, T. G. - Without Fear or Favour: Culling & Scaling Timber in Canada, 1762-1992
041751: HONSBERGER, JOHN - Osgood Hall: An Illustrated History
038374: HOOD, MANTLE; WILLIAM HUTCHINSON, ET AL (EDS.) - Selected Reports: Publication of the Institute of Ethnomusicology at the University of California at Los Angeles. Volume 1, No. 1
033087: HOOD, J. WILLIAM - The Toronto CIVIC Railways: An Illustrated History
041983: HOOD, EVELYN M. - The Story of Scottish Country Dancing: The Darling Diversion
040070: HOOTIE - Hootie & the Blowfish: Cracked Rear View (Guitar Recorded Versions)
038299: HOOTON, DAVE - The Sawyer & Mossey Co. , Limited, Hamilton, Canada
030009: HOPE, ETHEL PENMAN - Early Settlement of Meech Lake
039301: HOPEKIRK, HELEN - Seventy Scottish Songs
041900: HOPPER, ROBIN - The Ceramic Spectrum: A Simplified Approach to Glaze & Color Development
035615: HOPSON, SUE - Newbury: A Photographic Record, 1850-1935 (Revised Edition)
040396: HORN, MICHIEL - Becoming Canadian : Memoirs of an Invisible Immigrant
013103: HORN, BERND - Tip of the Spear: An Intimate Account of 1 Canadian Parachute Battalion, 1942-1945. A Pictorial History
035638: HORN, BERND (COLONEL) - Establishing a Legacy: The History of the Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1953
043042: HORNBY, LANCE (SIGNED) - The Story of Maple Leaf Gardens: 100 Memories at Church and Carlton
042740: HORNBY, JIM - Black Islanders: Prince Edward Island's Historical Black Community
040548: HORT, VLASTIMIL - Alekhine's Defence
036335: HORVATH, JANET (SIGNED) - Playing (Less) Hurt: An Injury Prevention Guide for Musicians
041543: HORWOOD, HAROLD - Corner Brook: A Social History of a Paper Town (Newfoundland History Series 3)
035579: HOSKYNS, BARNEY - Montgomery Clift: Beautiful Loser
043241: HOSPERS, JOHN - Meaning and Truth in the Arts
034556: HOUCHINS, CHANG-SU - Artifacts of Diplomacy: Smithsonian Collections from Commodore Matthew Perry's Japan Expedition (1853-1854)
042125: HOUFE, SIMON - John Leech and the Victorian Scene
042707: HOUGH, RICHARD - The Battle of Jutland
037062: HOUGHTON, MARGARET (ED.) - Hamilton Street Names: An Illustrated Guide
022255: HOURS, JULIETTE - Les Methodes Scientifiques Dans L'Etude Et la Conservation Des Oeuvres D'Art
039620: HOUSE, EDGAR - The Way out: The Story of Nonia, 1920-1990
040849: SIMPSON-HOUSLEY, PAUL - The Arctic: Enigmas and Myths
039966: HOUSTON, ALMA (FWD.) - Dorset 76: Cape Dorset Annual Graphics Collection, 1976
031390: HOUSTON, ALMA - Eskimo Garphic Art - Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux 1968
031393: HOUSTON, JAMES - Eskimo Graphic Art - Les Arts Graphiques Esquimaux 1969
031423: HOUSTON, JAMES (INTRO.) - Eskimo Graphic Art 1964-65/L'Art Graphique Des Esquimaux
035807: HOUSTON, JOHN (ED.) - Pangnirtung 1976 Prints/Estampes
035810: HOUSTON, JAMES (INTRO.) - Cape Dorset Eskimo Graphic Art 1964-65/L'Art Graphique Des Esquimaux
037668: HOUSTON, JAMES - Ojibwa Summer
042203: HOUSTON, C. STUART (ED.) - Arctic Ordeal: The Journal of John Richardson, Surgeon-Naturalist with Franklin, 1820-1822
039647: HOWARD, IRENE (SIGNED) - Vancouver's Svenskar: A History of the Swedish Community in Vancouver
040920: DEARSTYNE, HOWARD & DAVID SPAETH (ED.) - Inside the Bauhaus
025961: HOWARD, ROBERT E. - The Dark Man and Others
041493: HOWARD, DEBORAH - The Architectural History of Venice
031350: HOWARD, BARBARA - Twenty-Eight Drawings by Barbara Howard
041032: ADELMAN, HOWARD & JOHN SORENSON - African Refugees: Development Aid and Repatriation
028954: HOWARD, LLOYD H. - Formulas of Repetition in Dante's Commedia: Signposted Journeys Across Textural Space
041758: ENGEL, HOWARD & ERIC WRIGHT - My Brother's Keeper
039276: HOWARD, JUDY - Centennial Stitches: Oklahoma History in Quilts
039618: HOWARD, IRENE (SIGNED) - The Struggle for Social Justice in British Columbia: Helena Gutteridge the Unknown Reformer
040839: HOWE, GEORGE F. - The Battle History of the 1st Armored Division: Old Ironsides
042306: DEAN, ROGER; DAVID HOWELLS & BOB FISHER - Album Cover Album 3
041723: HSIEH, MING-TUNG - A Lost Tribe (Second Edition)
038376: HSU, DOLORES M. (ORG.) - The Henry Eichheim Collection of Oriental Instruments
043279: LONG-HSUEN, HSU & CHANG MING-KAI - History of the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)
039417: HOHN, HUBERT (ED.) & OREST SEMCHISHEN (PHOTO.) - Byzantine Churches of Alberta
040401: HUCKNALL, DAVID - Signals and Signal-Boxes of Great Britain
031020: HUDEC, KONSTANTIN (DR.) - Slovenske L'Udove Piesne: Svazok I
042566: HUDSON, ANNA - Woman As Goddess: Liberated Nudes by Robert Markle and Joyce Wieland
041966: HUDSON, DEBORAH - Oakville's Black History
039218: HUDSON, MONICA - Carmel by-the-Sea (Images of America)
042702: HUDSON, ANNA - A Collector's Vision: J.S. Mclean and Modern Painting in Canada
032768: SU-HUEI, HUANG - Chinese Cooking for Beginners /Cocina China Para Principiantes
034847: RAYMENT, HUGH & PATRICK SHERLOCK - Camp Vernon: A Century of Canadian History
041916: HUGHES, BEN - The Seige of Fort William Henry: A Year on the Northeastern Frontier
030435: HUGHES, DOM ANSELM - Medieval Polyphony in the Bodleian Library
041582: WALDMANN, HUGO & JOSEPH HALMY - Halmy, Facies Humana
040671: HULBIG, JOHN S. - Whispering Pines: A Haliburton Heritage
042482: HULBIG, JOHN S. - Whispering Pines - Four: A Haliburton Heritage, Continued Once Again.
023955: HULL, BOBBY (SIGNED) - Bobby Hull's Hockey Made Easy
042160: HULOT, FREDERIC - Le Marechal Ney
041638: HUMBER, WILLIAM (SIGNED) - A Sporting Chance: Achievements of African-Canadian Athletes
037313: HUMBLE, RONALD D. (SIGNED) - Frank Nitti: The True Story of Chicago's Notorious "Enforcer"
039063: HUMENIUK, FEODOSIY; NATALIA PAVLENKO (COMP.) - Feodosiy Humeniuk: Painting, Graphic Art
041694: HUMPHRIES, STEVE - Victorian Britain Through the Magic Lantern
040824: HUMPHRIES, STEPHEN - Hooligans or Rebels? an Oral History of Working-Class Childhood and Youth 1889-1939
042087: HUNT, PETER - Understanding Children's Literature
010911: HUNT, LLOYD - We Band of Brothers
037371: HUNT, T. J. (REV.) - The Story of Cormac
038423: HUNTER, W. W. - The Indian Mussalmans
041993: HUNTER, ANDREW F. - A History of Simcoe County
038905: HUNTER, DOUGLAS - Open Ice: The Tim Horton Story
033869: HURRY, LESLIE - Leslie Hurry: A Painter for the Stage
041356: HURT, J. S. - Elementary Schooling and the Working Classes, 1860-1918
042345: HURTIG, CHRISTIANE (SIGNED) - Les Maharajahs Et la Politique Dans L'Inde Contemporaine
036672: HURWITZ, DAVID - Sibelius, the Orchestral Work: An Owner's Manual
037466: HUSSEIN, ADIL - Iraq: The Eternal Fire. 1972 Iraqi Oil Nationalization in Perspective
039998: HUTCHINS, CHRIS - Elvis Meets the Beatles
016524: HUTCHINSON, DAVE - Rememberances: Metis Veterans
041064: HUTCHISON, PAUL P. (COL.) - Canada's Black Watch: The First Hundred Years, 1862-1962
042816: HUTCHISON, PAUL P. - Canada's Black Watch: The First Hundred Years, 1862-1962
023184: HUTTON, WENDY - The Food of Malaysia: Authentic Recipes from the Crossroads of Asia
021823: HUTTON, JACK (SIGNED) - The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise: How a Canadian Melody Tugged at the World's Heart String!
041173: HUTTON, RONALD - The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles: Their Nature and Legacy
036308: HUXTABLE, NILS (SIGNED) - Steam Along the Sound
039461: HWA, YONG - Chung Hyo Ye: Tales of Filial Devotion, Loyalty, Respect and Benevolence from the History and Folklore of Korea
043152: IVANOVA-VEEN, L. I. & A. P. KUDRIAVTSEV (ED.) - 250 Years of the Moscow Architectural School. Student Artworks and Design, 1749-1999
041597: MCLACHLAN, IAN & SAM TATA - Shanghai 1949: The End of an Era
040037: IANNUCCI, AMILCARE A. - Dante: Contemporary Perspectives
040285: HOLUBIZKY, IHOR & DAVID MOOS - Portraits & Gods: Paintings by Tony Scherman
032326: HOLUBIZKY, IHOR & MARK KINGWELL - James Lahey: Index
034359: IHRIE, MAUREEN - Skepticism in Cervantes
042905: JACKSON III, HARVEY H. - The Rise and Decline of the Redneck Riviera: An Inside's History of the Florida-Alabama Coast
017938: IKEDA, DAISAKU, RENE SIMARD, GUY BOURGEAULT - Pour Un Nouvel Art de Vivre: Entretiens Sur la Vie, la Sante, L'Ethique Biomedicale Et L'Education
028465: ILONA, BAYER - KRATOCHWILL MIMI - Claire Szilard
035725: ILYINSKY, IGOR - What Is Komsomol?
041372: IMMANUEL, DR. M. - Kanniyakumari, Aspects and Architects
041371: IMMANUEL, DR. M. - The Davidian Lineages- a Socio-Historical Study: The Nadars Through the Ages
032898: GUZMAN, INDHIRA & JOSE MUNOZ - El Gran Cartel: La Verdadera Historia de la Fuente de Financion de Los Grupos Terroristas En Columbia
040974: INGARDEN, ROMAN - The Work of Music and the Problem of Its Identity
041649: INGLIS, G. I. S. - The Kensington Battalion 'Never Lost a Yard of Trench'
036068: INGLIS, K. S. - Churches and the Working Classes in Victorian England
041193: INGRAM, ROBERT - Francois Truffaut: Regista-Autore 1932-1984
041096: INGRAO, CHARLES - The Habsburg Monarchy, 1618-1815
026902: INIKORI, JOSEPH E. - The Atlantic Slave Trade: Effects on Economics, Societies, and Peoples in Africa, Americas, and Europe
043251: INNIS, HAROLD A. - Empire and Communications
028665: CORNITH WOMEN'S INSTITUTE - Tweedsmuir History of Cornith and North Bayham
043017: INUIT - Unikkaaqatigiit: Perspectives from Inuit in Canada. Putting the Human Face on Climate Change
022664: INZER, ADONICA LYNNETTE (ED.) - Towards a CIVIL Architecture in America
030760: IPELLIE, ALOOTOOK - Arctic Dreams and Nightmares
041996: GAMMEL, IRENE & ELIZABETH EPPERLY - L.M. Montgomery and Canadian Culture
031595: IRISH, J. A. GEORGE - Alliouagana Folk
039446: BOLDT-IRONS, LESLIE ANNE (ED.) - On Bataille: Critical Essays
028416: IRVING, BOB (ED.) - Blue & Gold: 75 Years of Blue Bomber Glory
031971: IRWIN, STEVENS - Dictionary of Pipe Organ Stops (Second Edition)
039957: DE BORCHGRAVE, ISABELLE & RITA BROWN - Papiers a la Mode
042451: ISENBERG, ANDREW C. - The Destruction of the Bison
042587: WALLIMANN, ISIDOR & MICHAEL N. DOBKOWSKI (EDS.) - Genocide and the Modern Age: Etiology and Case Studies of Mass Death
026374: ISLA, AUGUSTO, & IRMA CRUZ SOTO - El Sitio de Queretaro Y la Resauracion de la Republica
035993: MERLE DES ISLES, MARIE-ISABELLE - Destins D'Explorateurs, de L'Antarctique a L'Asie Centrale, 1908-1950
039730: MEDRES, ISRAEL & VIVIAN FELSEN (TRANS.) - Montreal of Yesterday: Jewish Life in Montreal 1900-1920
033262: GUTMAN, ISRAEL & JAKOB BORUT (EDS.) - The Righteous of Austria: Heroes of the Holocaust
036280: ISRAEL, GERARD - Le Dernier Jour de L'Algerie Francaise, 1er Juillet 1962
042870: ISRAEL - 6. A Biennale Internazionale Della Grafica D'Arte Nazioni Partecipanti Mosatra Del Trentennale Dello Stato D'Israele la Grafica Nel Portogallo
040731: ISRAELI, RAPHAEL - Jerusalem Divided: The Armistice Regime, 1947-1967
037134: ISSAR, T. P. - Goa Dourada: The Indo-Portuguese Boquet
003279: ISSENMAN, BETTY - Ivalu: Traditions Du Vetement Inuit/Traditions of Inuit Clothing
043168: RACZ, ISTVAN & NIILO VALONEN - Treasures of Finnish Folk Art
042888: GRAFF IT! - Graff It! 6: Le Magazine Francais Du Graffiti
039215: ITO, JUNJI - Suki: The Sense of Multi-Vernacular
038914: ITO, MASANOBU (ED.) - Sharaku Interpreted by Japan's Contemporary Artists
038486: IVES, EDWARD D. "SANDY - Drive Dull Care Away: Folksongs from Prince Edward Island
009529: IVEY, JOANNE - Benmiller Then and Now
039105: IVEY, JOANNE - Benmiller, Then and Now
040267: KAMIMURA, IWAO & DONALD KEENE - Kabuki Today: The Art and Tradition
033359: IYER, RAGHAVAN (ED.) - The Dhammapada with the Udanavarga
042413: SHARPE. ROBERT J. - The Last Day, the Last Hour: The Currie Libel Trial
041168: HUMPHREY, J. & AZHAR KARIM - The Sind Club, 1871-1991
029798: IVANY, LISA J. & ROBERT J. HUNT (SIGNED) - Christmas Memories: Stories of Newfoundland and Labrador
033913: PRIESS, PETER J. & ROBERT J. BURNS - A Study of Surface-Mounted Door Locks from a Number of Archaeological Sites in Canada / Inverarden: Retirement Home of Fur Trader John Mcdonald of Garth (History and Archaeology 25)
033914: PRIESS, PETER J. & ROBERT J. BURNS - Etude Des Serrures de Porter Montees En Applique Provenant D'Un Certain Nombre de Sites Archeologiques Du Canada / Inverarden: Maison de John Mcdonald of Garth.
042665: ADONG, J. & J. LAKAREBER - Lwo - English Dictionary
039548: LANG. PHILIP J. - Scoring for the Band
042130: BASSETT, THOMAS J. & DONALD E. CRUMMEY - Land in African Agrarian Systems
043295: WRIGHT, MARY J. & C. ROGER MYERS - History of Academic Psychology in Canada
040637: BERNIER, DAVID J. & BARBARA SEARGEANT - The St. Mark's Story: Roman Catholic Church of St. Mark the Evangelist , Prescott, Ontario
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037787: WINTER-JENSEN, ANNE - Automates Et Musiques: Montres Et Tabatieres
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032527: JONES, A. E. - The Trial of Joan of Arc
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039934: JORDAN, TERRY G. - Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy
039363: JORDAN, DAVID M. - Happiness Is Not My Companion: The Life of General G.K. Warren
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037649: JOSEPH, CLARA A. B. - The Agent in the Margin: Nayantara Sahgal's Gandhian Fiction
032024: JOSLIN, RICHARD S. - Sylvester Marsh and the Cog Railway
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042164: JOVANOVIC, TANIA - Cuba Que Bola: Un Ensayo Fotografico / a Photographic Essay
033316: JOVER, MANUEL - L'Expressionnisme: A Travers la Gravure Allemande
041809: BON JOVI - Slippery When Wet (Songbook)
041131: BON JOVI - Bon Jovi: Anthology (Songbook)
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029470: JOYCE, GARE - When the Lights Went out: How One Brawl Ended Hockey's Cold War and Changed the Game
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029719: BURCHILL, JULIE & TONY PARSONS - The Boy Looked at Johnny: The Obituary of Rock and Roll
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041077: JURADO, CARLOS CABALLERO - Panzer IV: The Wehrmacht's Armoured Fist
042989: JURSA, JOHN J. - Toronto Harbour: The Passing Years
040816: JURSA, JOHN J. - Toronto Harbour, the Passing Years
039732: JUTEAU, DANIELLE - L'Ethnicite Et Ses Frontieres
039042: JUTEAU, MONIQUE - Un Pied Dans le Vide" Nouvelles Breves Et Longues
020465: MAKSISOV, K & Y SARAKIN - The Kyrgyz Pattern
027515: KAALUND, BODIL - Qaamarnup Qalipaasua/Lysets Maler/Painter of Light: The Art of Hans Lynge
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020804: KAFFEL, RALPH - Caucasian Prayer Rugs
041011: KAHIN, AUDREY (ED.) - Indonesia: The Role of the Indonesian Chinese in Shaping Modern Indonesian Life
042803: KAISER, JOACHIM - Great Pianists of Our Time
040691: MEEKIS, BART; RINGO FIDDLER; ROBERT KAKEGAMIC; ET AL - Muzinihbeegey: Sandy Lake Artists Colouring Book
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034881: KALER, MICHAEL - Flora Tells a Story: The Apocalypse of Paul and Its Contexts
042455: KALLIN, ANNE - Proudly She Marched: Training Canada's World War II Women in Waterloo County, Volume 2: Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service
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041378: KALMAN, HAROLD - A History of Canadian Architecture (Volume 2)
039986: KAMIENSKI, JAN - Hidden in the Enemy's Sight: Resisting the Third Reich from Within
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027302: KARKLINS, KARLIS - Trade Ornament Usage Among the Native Peoples of Canada: A Source Book
033898: KARKUTT, GUENTER (SIGNED) - Photo-Graphics
041681: BEVERIDGE, KARL & JUDE JOHNSTON - Making Our Mark: Labour Arts and Heritage in Ontario
042378: GILBERT, GROVE KARL; ET AL - The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of April 18, 1906 and Their Effects on Structures and Structural Materials
040137: KARPOV, ANATOLY - The Semi-Open Game in Action
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036627: KASPAROV, GARRY - Kasparov Vs Karpov, 1975-1985, Including the 1st and 2nd Matches
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042131: KATCHER, PHILIP R. N. - Army of the Potomac (Men-at-Arms 38)
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042491: KATZ, NATHAN - Who Are the Jews of India?
030447: KATZ, ISRAEL JOSEPH - Judeo-Spanish Traditional Ballads from Jerusalem ( an Ethnomusicological Study ) Volume II
041024: KAUFMANN, RANDALL - The Fly Tyers Nymph Manual
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038422: KAVANAGH, TRISH - Driven: 50 Years Volkswagen Canada
041434: KAVASS, VERONICA - Artists in Love from Picasso & Gilot to Christo & Jeanne-Claude: A Century of Creative and Romantic Partnerships
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041540: KEEBLE, K. COREY - Arms and Armour
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038400: KENT, CHRISTOPHER - Brains and Numbers: Elitism, Comtism, and Democracy in Mid-Victorian England
033800: KENT, DONALD PETERSON - The Refugee Intellectual: The Americanization of the Immigrants of 1933-1941
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013550: KERR, JAMES W. - General Electric: Advanced Generation Diesel-Electric and Electric Locomotives
029407: KERR, A. B. - A Welcome Abuse: Notes on Finding Community Through the Battered Book
042648: KERR, ILLINGWORTH (SIGNED) - Paint and Circumstance
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032778: AL-KHAYYAT, SANA - Honour and Shame: Women in Modern Iraq
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039308: KIDSON, FRANK - Songs of Britain: A Collection of One Hundred English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish National Songs
042710: KIGER, JOHN - A Vinyard Odyssey: The Organic Fight to Save Wine from the Ravages of Nature
042035: KILIAN, CRAWFORD - Go Do Some Great Thing: The Black Pioneers of British Columbia
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038624: KING, JOE - From the Ghetto to the Main: The Story of the Jews of Montrreal
038665: KING, B. B. - B.B. King: The Best of the Blues (Songbook)
031323: KAIRAMO, MAIJA; ILLA KINNUMEN; ET AL - Do_co, Mo. Mo_: Architectural Masterpieces of Finnish Modernism
042197: KIRK, HEATHER - Who Were the Whiteoaks and Where Was Jalna? an Investigation Into the Sources of the Jalna Novels of Mazo de la Roche
041848: KIRKUP, DONALD BOYCE - Boomtown Metropolitan Toronto: A Photographic Record of Two Decades of Growth
039405: KIRLE, BRUCE - Unfinished Business: Broadway Musicals As Works-in-Process
039742: KIRSCHBAUM, J. M. - Slovak Language and Literature: Essays
041428: KIRSCHBAUM, J. M. - Slovaks in Canada
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041377: KLEPPER, NICOLAE - Taste of Romania (Expanded Edition)
041182: KLEPPER, NICOLAE - Taste of Romania (Expanded Edition)
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037817: KNIGHT, DOUG - The 17-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun in Canadian Service (Canada Weapons of War)
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042559: KNITTEL, STEFAN - German Motorcycles in World War II: Bmw, Dkw, Nsu, Triumph, Viktoria, Zundapp
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042112: KNOX, BRIAN - The Architecture of Poland
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041333: KNUCKLE, ROBERT (SIGNED) - In the Line of Duty: The Honour Roll of the Rcmp Since 1873
018662: KNUCKLE, ROBERT - In the Line of Duty: The Honour Roll of the Rcmp Since 1873
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041237: KOLCHIN, PETER - A Sphinx on the American Land: The Nineteenth-Century South in Comparative Perspective
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041257: KOREA - Great Pop Song Encyclopedia (Songbook)
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038516: KOSKIMAKI,GEORGE E. - Hell's Highway: De 101e Airborne Divisie Tijdens Operatie Market Garden (2 Volumes)
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030551: KRANTZ, ELDON LAVAR - Practical Edition of Six Sonatas for Violin and Piano by Michael Christian Festing
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041707: KRASSEN, MILES - O'Neill's Music of Ireland (New & Revised)
039788: KRATZENSTEIN, MARILOU - Survey of Organ Literature and Editions
025189: KRAUSS, ERICH - Brawl: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Mixed Martial Arts Competition
041581: KRAWCHENKO, BOHDAN - Ukraine After Shelest
033265: KRAWCHUK, ANDRII - Christian Social Ethics in Ukraine: The Legacy of Andrei Sheptytsky
040262: KREHM, WILLIAM - Democracies and Tyrannies of the Caribbean in the 1940's
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035174: KRENEK, ERNEST - Modal Counterpoint in the Style of the Sixteenth Century
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039334: KRIS, ERNST - Legend, Myth, and Magic in the Image of the Artist: A Historical Experiment
042382: PUSPITARTI, KRISTIYANI & TASWATI SUCI M. - Aneka Soto Indonesia
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041040: KROTZ, LARRY - Frontier College Letters: One Hundred Years of Teaching, Learning & Nation Building
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040481: KUHL, ISABEL - 50 Architects You Should Know
040455: KUHN, MICHAEL - One Hundred Films and a Funeral
040293: KUHN, ANNETTE (SIGNED) - Cinema, Censorship and Sexuality, 1909-1925
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040994: KUMOVE, SHIRLEY - Words Like Arrows: A Collection of Yiddish Folk Sayings
037272: KUNII, CHOJIRO - It All Started from Worms: The 45-Year Record of Japan's Post-World War II National Health and Family Planning Movement
036771: KUNIO, YOSHIHARA - The Rise of Ersatz Capitalism in South-East Asia
039339: KUNZ, MARTIN NICHOLAS - Affordable Hotels (Best Designed)
043125: KUNZE, ROLF - Schnitzen Und Drechseln Wie IM Erzgebirge: Werkstattbuch Mit Anleitungen Und Vorlagen
042470: KURELEK, WILLIAM - O Toronto
042282: KURELEK, WILLIAM - Fields: Paintings by...
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041618: KWON, MIWON - One Place After Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational Identity
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039950: LAFOLLETTE, HUGH - The Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory
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016903: LAFRENIERE, NORMAND - Lightkeeping on the St. Lawrence: The End of an Era
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038280: LAING, BONNIE - A Hundred Thousand Welcomes: 50 Years of the Glengarry Highland Games
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039820: LAJTA, EDIT - Malarstwo Francuskie
040023: LAKE, HAROLD L. - Perhaps They Left Us Up There: Training in England and Fighting in North Africa and Italy with the 166th (Newfoundland) Field Refiment, Royal Artillery
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039930: LALOR, PETER - The Bridge: The Epic Story of an Australian Icon - the Sydney Harbour Bridge
041042: LAMARRE, ANDRE - Sylvia Safdie
039033: LAMARRE, ANDRE - Richard Max Tremblay: Portrait
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041692: LAMBOURNE, MAUREEN - The Art of Bird Illustration
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038590: LANG, ROBERT (ED.) - Contemporary Canadian Musicians. Issue One
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041904: LANGENFELD, ROBERT (ED.) - Reconsidering Aubrey Beardsley
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021463: LAPLANTE, CONRAD - At Your Target in Front. Fire!/Sur Votre Propre Cible. Feu!: The Story of the Connaught Ranges, Ottawa
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042392: LAPP, EULA C. - To Their Heirs Forever
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038215: LARISEY, PETER - Light for a Cold Land: Lawren Harris's Work and Life - an Interpretation
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041546: WRIGHT, LARRY & PATRICIA (SIGNED) - Bright Lights, Dark Nights: Great Lakes Lighthouses
041394: LARSON, DOUGLAS - The Urban Cliff Revolution: New Findings on the Origins and Evolution of Human Habitats
041130: LASKIN, GRIT (SIGNED) - A Guitarmaker's Canvas: The Inlay Art of Grit Laskin
039928: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES; DANIELE DROUANT, ET AL - Paris Patrie Des Peintres
040119: LASSNER, JACOB - Demonizing the Queen of Sheba: Boundries of Gender and Culture in Postbiblical Judaism and Medieval Islam
035272: DE LASTOURS, SOPHIE - Toukhatchevski: Le Batisseur de L'Armee Rouge
041017: LATHROP, TOM - Don Quijote Dictionary: Spanish-English
039835: LATIN - The Latin Fakebook
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042091: LAUGHLIN, CAMERON P. - Us Army Uniforms: Europe, 1944-1945
036972: LAUNERT, EDMUND - Scent & Scent Bottles
041327: MCMILLAN, LAUREL (ED.) & STEVE DRISCOLL - Steve Driscoll: Conversations
041231: LAURENTS, ARTHUR; STEPTHEN SONDHEIM - West Side Story (Songbook)
039104: LAURIAULT, JEAN - Identification Guide to the Trees of Canada
037291: BARBER, LAURIE & CLIFF LORD - Swift and Sure: A History of the Royal New Zealand Corps of Signals and Army Signalling in New Zealand
038178: LAURINAVICIUS, VIDMANTAS - Pinigai Fotografijoje: Money in Photographs / Geld in Der Fotograsfie
040623: LAURISTON, VICTOR - Romantic Kent: More Than Three Centuries of History, , 1626-1952
040149: DESROSIERS-LAUZON, GODEFROY - Florida's Snowbirds: Spectacle, Mobility, and Community Since 1945
039916: LAVALLEE, OMER - Canadian Pacific Steam Locomotives
041121: LAVIGNE, YVES - Hells Angels: Into the Abyss
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036842: LAWRENCE, IAN - Historic Annapolis Royal: Images of Our Past
034680: LAWS, R. M. (ED.) - Antarctic Seals: Research Methods and Techniques
041792: LAWSON, PHILIP - The East India Company: A History
041924: LAYTON, IRVING - An Unlikely Affair: The Irving Layton - Dorothy Rath Correspondence
039004: LAZARUS, EVE (SIGNED) - At Home with History: The Untold Secrets of Greater Vancouver's Heritage Homes
043336: DI SAN LAZZARO, G. (ED.) - Homage to Henri Matisse (Special Issue of Xxe Siecle)
042043: LEA, TESS - Bureaucrats and Bleeding Hearts: Indigenous Health in Northern Australia
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042215: LEACH, R. E. - A Lancaster at Peace (Pa474)
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042428: LECOQ, RAYMOND - Ferronnerie Ancienne
043024: LEE, KYUNG-HYE - Helen Lee
041470: LEE, KANG - SO - Kang - So Lee: Contemporary Korean Master
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034686: LEE, P. C. (ED.) - Comparative Primate Socioecology
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039570: LEE, AIMEE - Hanji Unfurled: One Journey Into Korean Papermaking
041559: LEES, GENE - Oscar Peterson: The Will to Swing
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041273: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - American Muscle: Muscle Cars from the Otis Chandler Collection
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041102: LEGER, MARIE-FRANCE - Visites Privees: Interieurs Quebecois D'Exception
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041414: LEHRER, TOM - Too Many Songs by Tom Lehrer
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040049: LEIBOVITZ, ANNIE - American Music
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032449: LEIPP, EMILE - The Violin: History, Aesthetics, Manufacture, and Acoustics
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042582: LEMARCHAND, RENE - Burundi: Ethnic Conflict and Genocide
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041261: RAND, LEMBIT & SIGRID WAHTRIK (ED.) - Lembit Rand: Through Abstraction: Collected Works of...
029833: BURROW, LEN & EMILE BEAUDOIN - Unlucky Lady: The Life & Death of Hmcs Athabaskan
041927: LENCEK, LENA - Making Waves: Swimsuits and the Undressing of America
039987: LENNON, MARY JANE - A Stratford Album: Memories of the Festival City
040683: LENNON, MARY JANE - On the Homefront: A Scrapbook of Canadian World War II Memorabilia
040526: LENNOX, MURIEL - Northern Dancer: The Legend and His Legacy
042155: DE LEOCOUR, BECHET - Souvenirs: Ecrit En 1838-1839
039901: HAL LEONARD - My Boyfriend's Back: 41 Girl Group and Solo Women Hits of the '50s & '60s
041172: LEONARD, DAVID W. - Delayed Frontier: The Peace River Country to 1909
041175: LEONOFF, CYRIL E. - An Enterprising Life: Leonards Frank, Photographs, 1895-1944
038383: MOZART, LEOPOLD & HANS JOACHIM MOSER - Grundliche Violinschulel Als Faksimile Herausgegeben
039954: DEF LEPPARD & JOHN CERULLO (ED.) - Hysteria (Guitar Recorded Versions)
034939: LEPRE, GEORGES - Le Ritz: Magie D'Un Palace Et de Ses Vins
037570: LERAT, CHRISTIAN - Mythes Et Realites Transatlantiques: Dynamique Des Systemes de Representation Dans Litterature
042343: LERNER, PAUL - Hysterical Men: War, Psychiatry, and the Politics of Trauma in Germany, 1890-1930
021701: LEROUX, ODETTE (ED.) - Inuit Women Artists: Voices from Cape Dorset
038949: DE LESELEUC, ANNE - Le Chien Compagnon Des Dieux Gallo-Romains
039721: BRICUSSE, LESLIE & LEE SNIDER (ED.) - The Songs of Leslie Bricusse: A Special Collector's Edition
016410: LESSARD, MICHEL - Complete Guide to French-Canadian Antiques
038856: LETOURNEUX, FRANCOIS (COORD.) - Etienne Zack
039354: LEUNG, HOK-LIN (SIGNED) - City Images
029474: LEVENTHAL, HAROLD - The Woody Guthrie Songbook
039150: LEVERIDGE, BILL - Fair Sport: A History of Sports at the Canadian National Exhibition Since 1879
042872: LEVERSEDGE, T. F. J. (FWD.) - The Arrow: Avro Cf-105 Mk. 1 Pilot's Operating Instructions and Rcaf Testing/Basing Plans
029562: LEVESQUE, RENE (SIGNE) - Attendez Que Je Me Rappelle.
033104: LEVESQUE, RODRIGUE - The Philippines: Pigafetta's Story of Their Discovery by Magellan
041864: LEVET, JEAN-PAUL - Talkin' That Talk: Le Langage Du Blues Et Du Jazz
042036: LEVEY, MICHAEL - The World of Ottoman Art
039945: LEVINE, PETER - A.G. Spalding and the Rise of Baseball: The Promise of American Sport
038945: COUSINEAU-LEVINE, PENNY - Faking Death: Canadian Art Photography and the Canadian Imagination
041420: LEVINE, HILLEL - Economic Origins of Antisemitism: Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period
032488: LEVY, DAVID (ED.) - Korchnoi's Chess Games
038969: LEWIS, BERNARD - The Jews of Islam
040918: LEWIS, JAN ELLEN - Sally Hemings & Thomas Jefferson: History, Memory, and CIVIC Culture
043117: LEWIS, DAVE - Led Zeppelin - Hold
024736: VON LEYDEN, RUDOLF - Ganjifa: The Playing Cards of India
035144: LHALUNGPA, LOBSANG P. - Tibet: The Sacred Realm, Photographs 1880-1950
024935: TAN, LIANA (ED.) ET AL - The Japanese Occupation: Singapore 1942-1945
040672: YAN, LIANG & XIE ZHENQIANG (ED.) - A Primer of Beijing Opera (Boxed Edition)
043137: LIBBRECHT, KENNETH - Flocons de Neige: La Beaute Secrete de L'Hiver
040917: LIBESKIND, DANIEL (SIGNED) - Daniel Libeskind: Countersign
040120: TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY - Toronto and Early Canada: A Catalogue of the Toronto and Early Canada Collection in the Toronto Public Library
039988: LIEBER, EDVARD - Willem de Kooning: Reflection in the Studio
042086: LIGHT, ANDREW - Environmental Ethics: An Anthology
028587: LIGHTHOUSE - Lighthouse - Thoughts of Movin' on (Songbook)
022883: LIND, ALAN R. - From Horsecars to Streamliners: An Illustrated History of the St. Louis Car Company
040460: GREENLAW, LINDA & MARTHA GREENLAW (SIGNED) - Recipes from a Very Small Island
028712: LINDSAY, CORAL (SIGNED) - Kars on the Rideau
041245: LINDSAY, JOHN C. - Turn out the Stars Before Leaving: The Story of Canada's Theatres
026356: LING, PETER J. - America and the Automobile: Technology, Reform and Social Change, 1893-1923
040242: LINGARD, MONT (SIGNED) - Next Stop: Trinity Loop. More Chats, Stats and Snaps of the Newfoundland Railway
040241: LINGARD, MONT - Next Stop: Wreckhouse. More Chats, Stats and Snaps of the Newfoundland Railway
042914: LINKLATER, RICHARD - Slacker
035680: LINTNER, BERTIL - Land of Jade: A Journey Through Insurgent Burma
030286: LINTVELT, JAAP - Essai de Typologie Narrative, le "Point de Vue" Theorie Et Analyse
032496: LE LIONNAIS, F. - Les Prix de Beaute Aux Echecs
021839: LIPOVETSKY, GILES - The Empire of Fashion: Dressing Modern Democracy
042536: VON DER LIPPE, GEORGE (ED.) - Max Schmeling: An Autobiography
042713: LITHUANIA - Lietuviu Liaudies Menas / Lithuanian Folk Art
028111: LITTLE, J. I. - Nationalism, Capitalism, and Colonization in Nineteenth-Century Quebec: The Upper St. Francis District
029528: LITTLE, C. H. (SIGNED) - Rideau Curling Club Ottawa: A Short History, 1888-1978, the First Ninty Years
037138: LITTLE, COLIN - The Terrestrial Invasion: An Ecophysiological Approach to the Origins of Land Animals
039615: LITTLECHILD, GEORGE (SIGNED) - This Land Is My Land
042995: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID - Architect: The Life and Work of Charles W. Moore
025972: LITTLEJOHN, DAVID - Foreign Legions of the Third Reich, Vol. 2: Belgium, Great Britain, Holland, Italy and Spain
022539: LITTLEWOOD, KEITH - Canadian National in the East (Volume Four)
032713: LITVAK, MARILYN M. - Edward James Lennox "Builder of Toronto"
036337: LIU, GRETRCHEN (ED.) - Singapore Historical Postcards (Post Cards) from the National Archives Collection
042016: LIVINGSTONE, ALEC - Minerals of Scotland: Past and Present
040762: LLOYD, DAVID - Anomalous States: Irish Writing and the Post-Colonial Moment
041221: AMES-LLWIS, FRANCIS - Drawing in the Italian Renaissance Workshop
038787: LOCHORE, R. A. - Culture-Historical Aspects of the Malayo-Polynesian Settlement in Ancient South-East Asia
027760: LOCK, MARGARET - Pragmatic Women and Body Politics
043045: LOCK, MARGARET - Ink Paper Lead, Board Leather Thread
031431: LOCKHART, ROBERT BRUCE (SIR) - My Rod My Comfort
041602: LOCKLIN, GERALD - Charles Bukowski: A Sure Bet
041641: LOCKWOOD, GLENN J. - The Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne: The Making of Community on the Gananoque River Frontier, 1796-1996
010221: LOCKWOOD, GLENN J. - Smiths Falls: A Social History of the Men and Women in a Rideau Canal Community, 1794-1994
042262: LOEB, KURT (SIGNED) - White Man's Burden
034245: LOEB, JEPH - Batman: Hush, Volume One
029830: LOFTUS, PATRICK J. - That Old Gang of Mine: The History of South Boston
041008: LOGAN, F. DONALD - The Vikings in History (Second Edition)
017379: LOGAN, DAWN BELL - By the Sound of the MILL Whistle: Sawmilling in Stickney, New Brunswick
040395: LOIZEAUX, ELIZABETH BERGMANN - Yeats and the Visual Arts
021563: LONDON, APRIL - Women and Property in the Eighteenthcentury English Novel
035392: LONG, CONOR - Absolute Beginner's Bodhran Tutor
041443: LONGEPE, EPHREM - Architecture Et Construction Des Escaliers En Bois
037327: LONGHI, JIM - Woody, Cisco, & Me: Seamen Three in the Merchant Marine
041890: LONGHURST, BRIAN - Popular Music and Society (2nd Edition)
026939: LONKER, ROSEMARIE - A Closetful of Doll Clothes for 11 1/2-Inch, 14-Inch and 20-Inch Dolls
041799: LOOTSMA, BART - Superdutch: New Architecture in the Netherlands
039728: LOPATE, PHILLIP - Seaport: New York's Vanished Waterfront. Photographs from the Edwin Levick Collection
035343: BLAKE, LORD AND HUGH CECIL - Salisbury: The Man and His Policies
038060: LORENZ, KENNETH (FWD.) - Pioneer Heritage , Book 2: Pioneer Heritage of Altatio, Compeer, Kirriemuir, and Burnbrae (Alberta)
043022: HORTON, LORI & TIM GRIGGS - In Loving Memory: A Tribute to Tim Horton
041445: LOSSKY, VLADIMIR - The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church
029644: LOTHIAN, W. F. - A History of Canada's National Parks, Volume III
029645: LOTHIAN, W. F. - A History of Canada's National Parks, Volume IV
039711: BACK, LOUIS & LAURENZ DEMPS - Der Leipziger Platz, Gestern Und Morgen
033264: VIARDOT, LOUIS & J. DOUGLAS CLAYTON (INTRO.) - Hunting in Russia and the Story of Dmitry
031348: GENTILCORE, R.LOUIS & GRANT HEAD - Ontario's History in Maps (New in Shrinkwrap)
042845: ROUX, JEAN-LOUIS; ET AL - L'Ecole: Le Premier Quart de Siecle de L'Ecole National de Theatre Du Canada /the School: The First Quarter of a Century of the National Theatre School of Canada
040170: LOEB, LOUISA (ED.) & FLORENCE RANDAL LIVESAY (TRANS,) - Down Singing Centuries: Folk Literature of the Ukraine
043032: LOUREIRO, HELIO - Portuguese Flavours, Try Them with Vinho Verde
025963: LOVECRAFT, H. P. - The Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces
039640: LOVINY, CHRISTOPHE - The Pearl Road: Tales of Treasure Ships in the Philippines
033620: LOW, A. P. - Report of the Dominion Government Expedition to Hudson Bay and the Arctic Islands on Board the D.G. S. Neptune, 1903-1904
039531: LOWRY, GLENN D. (DIR.) - Danish Design Project at Moma
039854: LU, HENRY C. - Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine
006447: NOPPEN, LUC & MARC GRIGNON - L'Art de L'Architecte: Three Centuries of Architectural Drawing in Quebec City
041117: TURIN, LUCA & TANIA SANCHEZ - Perfumes: The Guide
040472: GUERRA, LUCAS & OSCAR RIERA OJEDA - Kuwabara, Payne, Mckenna, Blumberg (Contemporary World Architects)
038872: LUCAS, ROGER S. - Boldt's Boats
041355: LUCERO, JOHN R. - Legion Ascot Speedway (1920s-1930s)
037793: LUCKYJ, NATALIE - Put on Her Mettle: The Life and Art of Jacobine Jones
039472: ORTA, LUCY & JORGE - Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food - Water - Life
017414: LUDOVICI, ANTHONY M. - Nietzsche: His Life and Works
041817: LUDVIGSEN, KARL - Ferrari: 50 Years of Innovations in Technology / Ferrari: 50 Anni Di Innovazioni Tecnologiche
042551: LUDVIGSEN, KARL - Juan Manuel Fangio: Motor Racing's Grand Master
042830: HEYDENREICH, LUDWIGNH. & PAUL DAVIES - Architercture in Italy, 1400-01500
041715: LUKACS, GEORG - Essays on Thomas Mann
036007: LUKE, TIMOTHY W. - Museum Politics: Power Plays at the Exhibition
032070: LUNA, CARLOS; EDUARDO MERLO, ET AL - Carlos Luna: Paso a Paso
037143: LUNDY - Lundy's Lane: A Brief Account of the Third Military Re-Interment at Lundy's Lane, Oct. 13th, 1899, with Notes, &C. 1814, July 25 - 1899, Oct. 13.
041396: LUSSIER, DORIS - Le Pere Gedeon: Son Histoire Et Ses Histoires
038670: LUSSIER, REAL - Jeff Wall: Oeuvres 1990-1998
042866: LYMAN, ROBERT - Kohima 1944: The Battle That Saved India
013389: HARRINGTON, LYN AND RICHARD - Covered Bridges of Central and Eastern Canada
040780: LYNCH, THOMAS G. - Canada's Flowers: History of the Corvettes of Canada, 1939-1945
036341: LYNCH, VINCENT - American Jukebox: The Classic Years
042812: VON LYNCKER, URSULA - Wielka Ksiega Pasjansow (Great Book of Solitares)
042467: LYON, DAVID - The First Destroyers
038214: MASTIN, CATHERINE M. ET. AL. - The Group of Seven in Western Canada
040766: ROBINSON, FRANK M. & LAWRENCE DAVIDSON - Pulp Culture: The Art of Fiction Magazines
041783: WHEELER, VIRGINIA M. & CHRISTINE ST, LAWRENCE (SIGNED) - Only Make Believe the Wonderful Life of Virgina M. Wheeler
043335: CARLOS, ANN M. & FRANK D. LEWIS - Commerce by a Frozen Sea: Native Americans and the European Fur Trade
038887: FOSSEY, JOHN M. & JANE E. FRANCIS - The Diniacopoulos Collection in Quebec: Greek and Roman Antiquities
037461: AL-MAAMIRY, AHMED HAMOUD - Islamism and Economic Prosperity in Third World Countries
038209: MACADAM, PAT (SIGNED) - Big Cy and Other Characters: Pat Macadam's Cape Breton
037890: MACCALLUM, HUGH - Milton and the Sons of God: The Divine Image in Milton's Epic Poetry
041845: MACCALLUM, R. G. - Tongs Ya Bas: The Explosive History of Glasgow's Street Gangs
039056: MACCARTHY, FIONA - All Things Bright & Beautiful: Design in Britain 1830 to Today
039671: MACCLINTOCK, CAROL (ED.) - Reading in the History of Music in Performance
040894: MACDERMOT, H. E. - One Hundred Years of Medicine in Canada (1867-1967)
039072: MACDONALD, J. J. - The Nova Scotia Post: Its Offices, Masters and Marks, 1700-1867
027071: MACDONALD - Clan Donald Roll of Honour, 1914-1918, with Short History of the Clan from the Time of Somerled Until the Extinction of the Clan System After the Rising of 1745
024282: MACDONALD, KEITH NORMAN - The Skye Collection of the Best Reels & Strathspeys
038813: MACDONALD, J. D. - Rails & Killer Snows: The Saga of Rogers Pass
018862: MACDONELL, MARGARET - The Emigrant Experience: Songs of the Highland Emigrants in North America
028525: MACDOWALL, JOSEPH (SIGNED) - On Floating Ice: Two Years on an Antarctic Ice-Shelf South of 75 Degrees S. S
040626: MACEWAN, GRANT - Frederick Haultain: Frontier Statesman of the Canadian Northwest
035795: MACFARLANE, DAVID - At the Ojibway: 100 Summers on Georgian Bay
038260: MACFARLANE, ALAN - The Origins of English Individualism: The Family Property and Social Transition
031386: MACFIE, JOHN (SIGNED) - Parry Sound: Logging Days
042021: MACFIE, JOHN - Letters Home
040258: MACGREGOR, J. G. - North-West of Sixteen
027978: MACHLIN, EDDA SERVI (SIGNED) - Child of the Ghetto. Coming of Age in Fascist Italy: 1926-1946. A Memoir
036059: MACINNES, SHELDON - Buddy Macmaster: The Judique Fiddler
043277: MACINTOSH, CLAIRE HARRIS (SIGNED) - Attune with Spring in Acadie
043234: MACINTOSH, ROBERT M. - Earliest Toronto
033833: MACK, CONNIE - My 66 Years in the Big Leagues: The Great Story of America's National Game
012356: MACKAY, DONALD - Flight from Famine: The Coming of the Irish to Canada
040450: MACKENZIE, A. A. - The Irish in Cape Breton
031849: MACKENZIE, COLIN - Mantovani: A Lifetime in Music
041931: MACKENZIE, DANA - The Universe in Zero Words: The Story of Mathematics As Told Through Equations
037997: MACKINNON, ALAN DOUGLAS - The Story of Vankleek Hill and the Surrounding Area: Volume 1 (the Story of Vankleek Hill and Its Environs)
017730: MACKLEM, MICHAEL - Liberty and the Holy City: The Idea of Freedom in English History
038848: VYVYAN, CLARA; I. S. MACLAREN AND LISA N. LAFRAMBOISE (EDS.) - The Ladies, the Gwich'in, and the Rat: Travels on the Athabasca, Mackenzie, Rat, Porcupine, and Yukon Rivers in 1926
006703: MACLAREN, ROY - Canadians on the Nile 1882-1898: Being the Adventures of the Voyaguers on the Khartoum Relief Expedition and Other Exploits
042075: MACMAHON, PAUL - Island Odyssey: A History of the Sans Souci Area of Georgian Bay
040858: MACMILLAN, JOHN FRANCIS "LOFTY - The Boy from Port Hood: The Autobiography of...
039765: MACNAIR, PETER - Down from the Shimmering Sky: Masks of the Northwest Coast
038073: MACNUTT, JAMES W. - Building for Democracy: The History and Architecture of the Legislative Buildings of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick
024044: MACPHERSON, KEN - Frigates of the Royal Canadian Navy 1943-1974
030869: MACPHERSON, KEN - The River Class Destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy
032006: MACPHERSON, HUGH (PIPE MAJOR) - A Piper's American Odyssey
039460: MACREADY, SARAH (ED.) - Influences in Victorian Art and Architecture

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