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79945: COETZEE, J.M., - The Childhood of Jesus
37912: COETZEE, N.A., - Die Geskiedenis Van Rustenburg Ongeveer 1840tot 1940
83832: COETZEE, A. L., - Making your own personality: human modelling,: A new method in Psychotherapy
80827: COETZEE, ABEL, - Leengoed. Gedagtes Oor Taal, Volksgeloof, Kultuur
81834: COETZEE, AMPIE & WILLEMSE, HEEIN (EDITED BY), - I Quabane Labantu: Poetry in the Emergeny / Poesie in Die Noodtoestand
85115: COETZEE, JOHANN & HIRSCHOWITZ, SIDNEY, - A Hatful of Memories, a Boerseun and a Joodjie Celebrate Their Common Heritage
70898: COETZEE, AMPIE; SKAWRAN, KARIN; STRYDOM, WILLEM, - Willem Strydom the Everard Read Gallery 15 October = 9th November 1991
65328: COETZEE, J.M., - Waiting for the Barbarians
45535: COETZEE, JAN K., - Plain Tales from Robben Island
84989: COETZEE, J.M., - Youth
63784: COETZEE, J.M., - Waiting for the Barbarians
8679: COETZEE, J.M, - Disgrace
79371: COETZEE, J.M., - Life and Times of Michael K
73953: COETZEE, ABEL, - Die Afrikaanse Volkskultuur. Inleiding tot die Studie van Volkskunde
85048: COETZEE, J.M., - Age of Iron
78334: J. M. COETZEE (CONTRIBUTES TO), - Es'kia Mphahlele (ENGLISH IN AFRICA October 1986 Volume 13 No.2)
82654: COETZEE, J.M., - Foe
55040: COETZEE, J.M., - Dusklands
75075: COETZEE, P.C., - Lees En Lesers: Lesings Oor Die Leserkunde Gelewer as Deeltydse Professor in Die Departement Biblioteekkunde Aan Die Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit
78381: COETZEE, J.M., - Dusklands
67184: COETZEE, REGINA (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXIII No 1 February 1986
67182: COETZEE, REGINA (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXII No 5 June 1985
67181: COETZEE, REGINA (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXII No 5 June 1985
67180: COETZEE, REGINA (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXI No 6 September 1984
67179: COETZEE, REGINA (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXI No 6 September 1984
74763: COETZEE, CORA, - Eikestad. A collection of pen and wash drawings of Stellenbosch / 'n Versameling gekleurde pentekeninge van Stellenbosch
56958: COETZER, OWEN, - Fire in the Sky. The Destruction of the Orange Free State 1899-1902
64234: COETZER, W.H., - Pen Sketse / Sketches
84321: COETZER, PIETER, - Baai Van Diamante. Die Geskiedenis Van Alexanderbaai 1926 Tot 1989
85137: COETZER, W.H., - W.H. Coetzer. Stillewes / Still Lifes
64720: COFFIN, SARAH D.; LUPTON, ELLEN; GOLDSTEIN, DARRA, - Feeding Desire: Design and the Tools of the Table, 1500-2005
27330: COFFIN, GEOFFREY (PSEUD. F. VAN WYCK MASON), - Murder in the Senate
54001: COGGIN, G LYNN, - Amalgamated Beverage Industries. Over Sixty Years as a Bottler of Coca-cola .
62103: COGGIN, THEO (EDITED BY) (CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE ANDRE BRINK), - Censorship. A Study of Crnsdorship in South Africa By Five Distinguished Authors.
78404: COGHILL, NEVILL, - Chaucer's Idea of What is Noble
55867: COGHLAN, MARK, - Pro Patria. Another 50 Natal Carbineer Years 1945 to 1995
72895: COGHLAN, M.S., - Shrapnel Sand and Stukas. The Carbineers in the Western Desert 1941-1942
69877: COGHO, V.E.; VAN NIEKERK, L.J.; PRETORIUS, H.P.J.; HODGSON, F.D.I., - The Development of Techniques for the Evaluation and Effective Management of Surface and Ground Water Contamination in The3 Orange Free State Goldfields.
75949: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences of Johannesburg and London
69243: COHEN, STUART, - British Policy in Mesopotamia, 1903-14
73731: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Diamond Cutting Centres of the World (in OPTIMA Vol. 21 No.3 September 1971 )
78474: COHEN, ARNOLD, - Introduction to Jewish Civil Law
56202: COHEN, LEONARD, - The Favourite Game
54936: COHEN, IRENE E., - The Predators
54259: COHEN, A. (COMMENTARY BY), - The Psalms (Soncino Books of the Bible)
54266: COHEN, A. (EDITED BY), - The Twelve Prophets (Soncino Books of the Bible)
54502: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - The Dreamer Man. Poetic Insights
52609: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Images of My World
46888: COHEN, MORRIS, - Anton Van Wouw Sculptor of South African Life.
68716: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Southern Africa A Worthwhile Investment
49334: COHEN, BARBARA Z., - Botswana Baskets. A Survey of Basketmaking in Botswana
49496: COHEN, JOSEPH (EDITED BY), - The Poetry of Danny Abse. Critical Essays and Reminiscences.
72131: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Images of My World (TWO)
66370: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences of Kimberley
56579: COHEN, MARK NATHAN, - The Food Crisis in Prehistory: Overpopulation and the origins of agriculture
67755: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences of Kimberley
3078: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences Of Johannesburg and London
40069: COHEN, J.M. & PHIPPS, J.-F., - The Common Experience
73474: COHEN, LYNNE (EDITED BY WILLIAM A. EWING), - Occupied Territory
33105: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Johnny So Long at the Fair. Memoirs of a Standard Bearer
57945: COHEN, GERSON D., - Studies in the Variety of Rabbinic Cultures
2566: COHEN, MORRIS J., - Anton Van Wouw, sculptor of South African life.
7177: COHEN, LOUIS, - Napoleonic Anecdotes
66964: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Memoirs of a Standard Bearer : Johnny So Long at the Fair
63305: COHEN, MORTON N. & WAKELING, EDWARD (EDITED BY), - Lewis Carroll & His Illustrators Collaborations & Correspondence, 1865-1898
75008: COHEN, EVELYN, - Art Collection Sanlam Kunsversameling
18270: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences of Johannesburg and London
69190: COHEN, HARRIET, - A Bundle of Time. The Memoirs of Harriet Cohen
83929: COHEN, JOHN BRETT, - Images of My World
63912: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences of Kimberley
83137: COHEN, NEVILLE & FOX, JANE, - "Mind if I Sit": The Memoirs of Neville Cohen
63180: COHEN, ROGER, - Hearts Grown Brutal: Sagas of Sarajevo
80965: COHEN, MORRIS, - Anton Van Wouw Sculptor of South African Life.
77245: COHEN, TIM, - A Piece of the Pie The Battle Over Nationalisation
69100: COHEN, JOAN LEBOLD, - The New Chinese Painting 1949 - 1986
73074: COHEN, LESLEY SPIRO, - Jackson Hlungwani. A Resource Book.
75270: COHEN, LOUIS, - Reminiscences Of Johannesburg & London
51065: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD & RABIN, ELSE (EDITED BY), - Judisches Jugendbuch. Funfter Jahrgang Des Judisches Jugendkalendars.
47936: COHN, HERMANN, - Der Nachste. Vier Abhandlungen Uber Das Verhalten Von Mensch Zu Mensch Nach Der Lehre Von Judentums.
71984: COHN-WIENER, ERNST, - Asia. Einführung in die Kunstwelt des Ostens. Indien, China, Japan, Islam.
62669: COHN, P.M., - Lie Groups
41376: COHN, HERMANN, - Uber Brillen. Vortrag Gehalten Im Humboldt Verein. (Sonderabdruck Aus Der Festschrift Zum 25 Jahrigen Jubilaum Des Humboldt-Vereins 1894)
41404: COHN, HERMANN, - Ueber Pemphigus Der Augen. Vortrag....(Separat Abdruck Aus Der Breslauer Arztl, Zeitschrift 1885 Nr.10ff)
41270: COHN, HERMANN, - Die Sehlsteilungen Von 50 000 Breslauer Schulkindern.
41269: COHN, HERMANN, - Mittheilungen Aus Der Augen-Klinik Des Prof. Dr. Hermann Cohn in Brelau. Erstes Heft: Statistik Uber 40 000 Augenkranke Mit 70 174 Augenkrankheiten.
41517: COHN, HERMANN, - Die Augen Der in Breslau Medicin Studirenden (Abdruck Aus Kanpp-Schweigger's Archiv Fur Augenheilkunde XLVI Band)
41518: COHN, HERMANN, - Die Schleistungen Der Helgolander Und Der Auf Helgolland Stationirten Mannschaften Der Kaiserlichen Marine. Sonderabdruck Aus Der "Deutschen Medicinischen Wochenschrift" 1896 Nr.43
41268: COHN, HERMANN, - Uber Den Einfluss Hygienischer Massregeln Auf Die Schulmyopie. Bemerkungen Zu Der Von Professor Von Hippel Unter Obigem Titel Veroffentlichen Schrift.
41347: COHN, HERMANN, - Die Refraction Der Auges Von 240 Atropinisirten Dorfschulkindern.(Separat Abdruck Aus V. Graefe's Archiv Fur Ophthalmologie, Band XVII Theil 2)
41412: COHN, HERMANN, - Ueber Die Behandlung Des Glaucoms Mit Eserin. Sonderabdruck Aus Der Berliner Klin. Wochenschr. 1895 No.21
75416: COHN, DONALD L., - Measure Theory
78667: COKE, YVONNE O., - Eternal Father Bless Our Land: Father Hugh Sherlock His-Story and Then, Some!
68357: COKER, A.J. & HEMMINGS, G (COMPILED BY), - Motor Engineers' Pocket Book
84320: COKER, PETER, - Etching Techniques
59068: COLBECK, ALFRED, - A Summer's Cruise in the Waters of Greece, Turkey and Russia.
84920: COLBORNE, DESMOND, - South Africa: Private Worlds
51149: COLBURN, ALAN, - Muurbal. Gids Vir Die Entoesias
52075: COLBY, AVERIL, - Samplers
40213: COLCHESTER, MARCUS, - Forest Politics in Suriname
84165: COLE, DESMOND T., - Lithops: Flowering Stones
84632: COLE, MAUD WYNNE, - Songs of a Year
53249: COLE, HOWARD N., - Badges on Battledress. Post-war Formation Signs and Rank and Regimental Badges.
5919: COLE,BARBARA, - The Elite Rhodesian Special Air Service Pictorial
35142: COLE, JOHN WILLIAM, - Memoirs of British Generals Distinguished During the Peninsular War.
73852: COLE, BARBARA, - The Elite, the Story of the Rhodesian Special Air Service
40001: COLE, MARGARET (EDITED BY), - Our Soviet Ally
56858: COLE, G.D.H., - Economic Prospects 1938 and After (FACT #11)
67990: COLE, GEORGE W. (EDITED BY DONALD MACK), - Graphs and Their Application to Speculation: FT Traders Masterclass Series
77856: COLE, BARBARA, - The Elite Pictorial, Rhodesian Special Air Service
62196: COLE, H.S.D.; FREEMAN, CHRISTOPHER; JAHODA, MARIE; PAVITT, K.L.R. (EDITED BY), - Thinking About the Future. A Critique of 'THE LIMITS TO GROWTH'
63724: COLE, G.D.H., - The Means to Full Employment.
42937: COLE, NATHAN, - The Royal Parks and Gardens of London. Their History and Mode of Establishment with Hints on the Propagation and Culture of the Plants Employed, the Artistic Arrangement of Colours, &c.
76039: COLE, MADDEN, - Room in the Inn. T he Story of Johannesburg Hotels
70592: COLE, DESMOND T., - An introduction to Tswana grammar.
75148: COLE, ALFRED W., - The Cape and the Kafirs: Or, Notes of Five Years' Residence in South Africa
83678: COLE, G.D.H., - Social Theory
72295: COLE, BARBARA, - Sabotage and Torture
4348: COLE, ALAN, S, - A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Collections of Tapestry And Embroidery In The South Kensington Museum
74647: COLE, G. D. H., - Socialist Thought. Marxism and Anarchism 1850-1890. A History of Socialist Thought: Vol. 2.
74648: COLE, G.D.H., - Communism and Social Democracy. 1914-1931 History of Socialilst Thought Volume IV Part I AND Part II
66020: COLE, BARBARA, - Sabotage and Torture
31386: COLE, G.D.H., - Studies in World Economics
26633: COLEMAN, FRANCIS L., - The Kaffrarian Rifles 1876 - 1986
53413: COLEMAN, FRANCIS L., - The Kaffrarian Rifles 1876 - 1986
77269: COLEMAN, FRANCIS L., - The Northern Rhodesia Copperbelt 1899-1962. Technological development up to the end of the Central African Federation.
1352: COLEMAN, WILLIAM H., - Soth Africa V. Englan and Australia. Test Cricket 1888 to 1924.
58883: COLEMAN, WILLIAM B. & TSONGALIS, GREGORY J. (EDITED BY), - The Molecular Basis of Human Cancer.
54318: COLEMAN, FRANCIS L., - The Knights of Da Gama 1943 - 1993
67137: COLEMAN, MAX (EDITED BY), - A Crime Against Humanity: Analysing the Repression of the Apartheid State
82534: COLEMAN, FRANCIS L. (EDITED BY), - Economic History of South Africa
46075: COLENBRANDER, H.T., - De Afkomst Der Boeren
83838: COLENBRANDER, H.T., - De Afkomst Der Boeren
25680: COLENBRANDER, ARNOLD B., - Coley's Odyssey
42982: COLENSO, JOH WILLIAM, - Ten Weeks in Natal. A Journal of a First Visitation Among the Colonists and Zulu Kafirs of Natal
58729: COLENSO, BISHOP J., - The Case of Bishop Colenso. Rolls Court Nov.6 1866
69867: COLENSO, FRANCES ELLEN, - The Transvaal Question (in Gentleman's Magazine VOL. CCLI )
63027: COLENSO, J.W., - Zulu-English Dictionary
70882: COLENSO, FRANCES (PSEUD ATHERTON WYLDE) (EDITED BY M. J. RAYMOND), - My Chief and I, Or Six Months In Natal After The Langalibalele Outbreak (AND) Five Years Later. A Sequel.
67513: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
71811: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR (EDITED BY H. J. JACKSON), - Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Oxford Authors)
35101: COLERIDGE, S.T. (EDITED ETC J. PAYNE COLLIER), - Seven Lectures on Shakespeare and Milton. A List of All the Ms. Emendations in Mr. Collier's Folio 1632
9474: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - Confessions Of An Inquiring Spirit, Edited from the Author's MS By Henry Nelson Coleridge
75507: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner in Seven Parts.
35150: COLERIDGE, S.T., - Letters Conversations and Recollections.
82495: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR, - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Illustrated by Gustave Dore
74590: COLERIDGE, SAMUEL TAYLOR (EDITED BY EARL LESLIE GRIGGS, - Collected Letters of Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Volume I 1785-1800, Volume II 1801-1806, Volume III 1807-1814, Volume IV 1815-1819
53495: COLES, MANNING, - A Brother for Hugh
48947: COLES, MANNING, - Alias Uncle Hugo
57281: COLES, ADLARD, - More Sailing Days
57312: COLES, MANNING, - Crine in Concrete
66649: COLES, MANNING, - The Three Beans
60038: COLES, P. CATHERINE, - Wendy of Glendorran
80401: COLESO, FRANCES ELLEN & DURNFORD, EDWARD, - The Ruin of Zululand: An Account of British Doings in Zululand Since the Invasion of 1879
57778: COLET, JOHN (TRANSLATION, INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY J H LUPTON), - An Exposition of St. Paul's First Epistle to the corintians
77975: COLETTE; LEAUTAUD, PAUL; ROLLAND, ROMAIN; VBERNANOS; CAMUS, ALBERT; MAURIAC, FRANCOIS; MALRAUX, ANDRE; MAUROIS, ANDRE, - Ecrivains Du XXe Siecle: La Vox De Colette, Leautaud, Romain Rolland, Nernanos, Camus, Malraux, Mauriac, Maurois
57338: COLEY, G.E. ALTREE, - The Wonder Race
51870: COLISH, MARCIA L., - The Mirror of Language. A Study in the Medieval Theory of Knowledge.
48225: COLLARD, ROY, - The Physical Geography of Landscape.
81824: COLLARD, TAI, - The Collector's Guide to Art and Artists in South Africa. A visual Journey Into the Thoughts, Emotions and Minds of 558 Artists.
33314: COLLE, C., - La Partie De Chasse de Henri IV, Comedie En Trois Actes En Prose.
72275: AUCTION CATALOGUE DE KUYPER COLLECTION, - Catalogue Des Tableaux, Aquarelles & Pastels.Composant La Collection De Kuyper & Dont La Vente Aura Lieu 30 Mai 1911 - Galeries Frederik Muller & Cie.Amsterdam
69094: MOTTERSHEAD COLLECTION, - The G.S. Mottershead Collection of Good Oriental and Europen Ivories March 8, 1979
11074: THE POSTERBOOK COLLECTIVE (INTRODUCTION NELSON MANDELA), - Images of Defiance. South African Resistance Posters of the 1980's
63002: THE POSTERBOOK COLLECTIVE, - Images of Defiance: South African Resistance Posters of the 1980s
61788: YESHIVA COLLEGE (SAMUEL BELKIN), - Inauguration of Rabbi Samuel Belkin, PH.D., as president, Tuesday afternoon, May twenty-third, nineteen hundred and forty-four, at three o'clock, in the Nathan Lamport auditorium.
81647: COLLESELLI, FRANZ, - Tiroler Bauernmobel
55581: COLLETT, DIANE M. & AULTON, MICHAEL E., - Pharmaceutical Practice
56262: COLLEYN, JEAN PAUL (EDITED BY), - Bamana. The Art of Existence in Mali
52267: COLLIER, JOY, - Frontier Post. The Story of Grahamstown.
49127: COLLIER, BASIL, - Heavenly Adventurer. Sefton Brancker and the Dawn of British Aviation.
35628: COLLIER, V.W.F., - Dogs of China and Japan in Nature and Art
19153: COLLIER, JOHN PAYNE, - The History of English Dramatic Poetry to the Time of Shakespeare and Annals of the Stage to the Restoration
66458: COLLIER, RICHARD, - Eagle Day: the Battle of Britain August 6-September 15, 1940
57840: COLLIER, JOY, - Wine Farms of the Western Cape
70128: COLLIER, W.F., - Dogs of China & Japan in Nature and Art
77301: COLLIER, CAROLINE (AND OTHERS), - David Jones. Paintings, Drawings, Inscriptions, Prints.
64714: COLLIER, BRIAN (EDITED BY), - `eastern Province Rock and Surf Anglers Guide and Year Book 1988
73713: COLLIER, JOY, - Joy Collier's Cape
79521: COLLINGRIDGE, W.H., - Tricks of Self Defence
80365: COLLINGS, JOHN, - Gold under Their Hooves: A History of the Johannesburg Turf Club, 1887-1987
78187: COLLINGWOOD, PETER, - Rug Weaving Techniqus. Beyond the Basics
47472: COLLINGWOOD, PETER., - The Techniques of Rug Weaving
38055: COLLINGWOOD, PETER, - The Techniques of Rug Weaving
61161: COLLINGWOOD, R.G., - An Essay on Metaphysics
19773: COLLINGWOOD, W.G., ILLUSTRATED BY A REGINALD SMITH, - The Lake Counties, with Special Articles on Birds, Butterflies and Moths, Flora, Geology, Fox Hunting, Mountaineering, Yachting, Motor Boating, Fishing, Shooting and Cycling, and Including a Full Gazetteer and Map
81901: COLLINGWOOD, PETER, - The Techniques of Sprang: Plaiting on Stretched Threads
80540: COLLINS, RODNELL P., - Seventh Child. A Family Memoir of Malcolm X
55132: COLLINS, JAS. A., - The Struggles of an Infant State, Being Some Glimpses Into the History of the Late Orange Free State Republic.
55530: COLLINS, NORMAN, - The Bat That Flits
55561: COLLINS, W.W., - Free Statia. Reminiscences of a Life Time in the Orange Free State South Africa from 1852 to End of 1875: 23 Years
61254: COLLINS, WILKIE, - Jezebel's Daughter
51066: COLLINS, GILBERT, - Far Eastern Jaunts
50665: COLLINS, BLACKIE, - How to Scrimshaw and Carve Ivory
50667: COLLINS, K. ST. B., - South Indian Ocean Pilot, Comprising Madagascar, Iles Comores, Ile De La Reunion, Mauritius, the Seychelles, the Chagos Archipelago, and Other Islands Lying Westward of Longitude 80 East.
56373: COLLINS, PAUL & STRATTON, MICHAEL, - British Car Factories from 1896: a Complete Historical, Geographical, Architectural & Technological Survey
47733: COLLINS, JUDITH (AND OTHERS), - Winifred Knights 1899-1947
35141: COLLINS, WILKIE., - Memoirs of the Life of William Collins Esq. R.A. With Selections from His Journals and Correspondence.
36654: COLLINS, W.W., - Free Statia. Reminiscences of a Life Time in the Orange Free State South Africa from 1852 to End of 1875: 23 Years
77910: COLLINS, WILKIE, - The Law and the Lady
71152: COLLINS, PETER, - Changing Ideals In Modern Architecture 1750-1950
78253: COLLINS, JOHN J., - Flowers of the Desert
85172: COLLINS, TOD, - 'Til The4 Cows Come Home
58861: COLLINS, H.E. (AND NUMEROUS OTHERS), - Proceedings of the Symposium on Shaft Sinking and Tunneling. Olympia London 15th 16th and 17th July 1959
16451: COLLINS, W.B., - They Went to the Bush
85173: COLLINS, TOD, -
82325: COLLINS, MIKI & COLLINS, JULIE, - Dog Driver: A Guide for the Serious Musher
73970: COLLINS, ROBERT O., - Problems in the History of Colonial Africa, 1860-1960
77911: COLLINS, WILKIE, - Poor Miss Finch
60883: COLLINS, JACKIE, - The Stud
63950: COLLINS, REGINALD F., - The Men We are Fighting and How We are Fighting Them. An Army Chaplain's Report to Sir Charles Warren.
38814: COLLINS, WILKIE, - Antonina, or the Fall of Rome
72693: COLLINS, N.M. & THOMAS, J.A., - The Conservation of Insects and Their Habitats: 15th Symposium of the Royal Entomological Society of London, 14-15 September 1989 at the Department of Physics Lecture Theatre, Imperial College
71790: COLLINSON, M.E. ^ SCOTT, A.C. (EDITED BY), - Studies in Palaeobotany and Palynology in Honour of Professor W.G.Chaloner, F.R.S Special Papers in Palaeontology 49.
49857: COLLIS, JOYCE, - All About the Bearded Collie.
84926: COLLISTER, DAVE & DUCKWORTH, MICK, - Shutter Speed - the Challenge of Photographing the TT
71310: COLLUM, V. C. C., - The Tressé Iron-Age Megalithic Monument (Sir Robert Mond's Excavation). Its Quadruple Sculptured Breasts and Their Relation to The Mother Goddess Cosmic Cult
53955: COLLYER, J.J., - The South Africans with General Smuts in German East Africa 1916.
28006: COLLYER, J. J., - The South Africans with General Smuts in East Africa 1916
66091: COLLYER, DAVID J., - Fly Dressing
4837: COLLYER, J.J, - The South Africans With General Smuts In German East Africa 1916.
53509: COLMAN, DAVID & YOUNG, TREVOR, - Principles of Agricultural Economics. Markets and Prices in Less Developed Countries.
83198: COLMAN, GEORGE, - 22 Quaint Cases in the South African Law
64198: COLOGNI, FRANCO, - Cartier the Tank watch. With a catalogue of watches from 1917 to the present by D. Fléchon.
83924: COLOMBANO, JOE & SHAH, ANIKET (EDITED BY), - Learning from the World: New Ideas to Redevelop America
73061: COLONETTI, ALDO (EDITED BY), - Ottagono 116. Trimestrale di disegno industriale. Industrial design quarterly.
73059: COLONETTI, ALDO (EDITED BY), - Ottagono 100. Trimestrale di disegno industriale. Industrial design quarterly.
73060: COLONETTI, ALDO (EDITED BY), - Ottagono 110. Trimestrale di disegno industriale. Industrial design quarterly.
73058: COLONETTI, ALDO (EDITED BY), - Ottagono 101. Trimestrale di disegno industriale. Industrial design quarterly.
33965: CAPE COLONY (BLUE BOOK), - Correspondence Respecting the Affairs of Pondoland
56083: TRANSVAAL AND ORANGE RIVER COLONY, - The Transvaal Loan Act 1907 with Papers Respecting the Finances of the Colony
56086: TRANSVAAL AND ORANGE RIVER COLONY, - Further Correspondence Relating to the Transvaal Labour Question
56087: TRANSVAAL AND ORANGE RIVER COLONY, - Transvaal (Chinese Labourers) Crimes. Return of the Crimes Committed By Chinese Labourers Who Have Deserted from the Mines of the Witwatersrand District Upon the European or Otherinhabitants of the Transvaal Since June 1905.
56090: TRANSVAAL AND ORANGE RIVER COLONY, - Further Correspondence Relating to the Transvaal Labour Importation Ordinance
56091: TRANSVAAL AND ORANGE RIVER COLONY, - Correspondence Relating to Affairs in the Transvaal and Orange River Colony.
53039: COLQUHOUN, YOUNG, - White, .. Black or Yellow?. The Native Question Without Sentiment.
50283: DE COLQUHOUN, PATRICK MAC CHOMBAICH, - A Summary of Roman Civil Law, Illustrated By Commentaries and Parallels from the Mosaic, Canon, Mohammedan, English and Foreign Law: VOLUME II
35945: COLQUHOUN, ITHELL, - Goose of Hermogenes
83573: COLQUHOUN, SILKE, - The Life and Times of Vodacom As Covered in the Media from 1993 - 2007
75619: COLQUHOUN, ARCHIBALD R. & COLQUHOUN, ETHEL, - The Whirlpool of Europe. Austria-Hungary and the hapsburgs
29693: COLQUHOUN, A.R., - The "Overland" to China
83364: COLQUHOUN, ANDY & DOBSON, PAUL, - The Chosen: The 50 Greatest Springboks of All Time
62972: COLSON, ELIZABETH & GLUCKMAN, MAX, - Seven Tribes of Central Africa.
68374: COLSON, ELIZABETH, - Marriage and Family Among the Plateau Tonga of Northern Rhodesia.
55159: COLUM, MARY M., - From These Roots. The Ideas That Have Made Modern Literature.
77925: COLVILE, ZELIE, - Round the Black Man's Garden.
71269: COLVIN, SIDNEY, - Landor
46673: COLVIN, F.F. & GORDON, E.R., - Diary of the 9th (Q.R.) Lancers During the South African Campaign 1899 to 1902.
66409: COLVIN, IAN, - The Chamberlain Cabinet
25980: COLVIN, IAN, - The Life of Jameson
77653: COLVIN, AUCKLAND, - The Making of Modern Egypt
80904: COLVIN, SIDNEY (1845-1927), - A Fine 3 1/2 Page Letter to Matthew Albert Bayfield, Signed and Dated 10.v.08.
60675: COMARNESCU, PETRU, - Tuculescu
66819: COMAROFF, JOAN LAURA (COMPILED BY), - Judges of The Appellate Division and Transvaal Bench, from 1943-1970; a Bio-Bibliography
49769: COMBE, IRIS, - Border Collies
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62145: COX, D.R. & SNELL, E.J., - Analysis of Binary Data
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16306: COX, CATHERINE, - Handmade Paper in Tuckenhay Devon
67537: COX, S. HERBERT, - Prospecting For Minerals A Practical Handbook For Prospectors, Explorers, Settlers, and All Interested in the Opening of and Development of New Lands
74750: COX, TALBOT, - Senior Moments. The Story of Seniors' Golf in South Africa
47200: CR$UIKSHANK, GEORGE, - Scraps and Sketches
22120: CRABB, GEORGE, - The History and Postal History of Tristan Da Cunha
66486: CRABTREE, R., - The Luxury Liner from Steam to Diesel
53788: CRACE, JIM, - Continent
59681: CRACE, JOHN GREGORY (FOREWORD AND COMMENTS BY SUGDEN, A.V. & ENTWISLE, E.A.), - The Crace Papers". Two Lectures on the History of Paperhangings Delivered to Royal Institute of British Architects on 4th and 18th, 1839
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49507: CRAFT, ROBERT, - Current Convictions. Views and Reviews.
54070: CRAGGS, DOUGLAS, - Ventriloquism from A to Z. A Complete Treatise on the Art of Voice Throwing and Doll Manipulation.
74112: CRAIB, CHARLES, - Geophytic Pelargoniums: Field and Cultivation Studies of the Section Hoarea
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77810: CRAIB, CHARLES, - The Natural Habitat & Cultivation Of Some Southern African Geophytic Pelargoniums Part One (HYSTRIX: Vol. 1 No. 2 November 1993 )
76229: CRAIB, CHARLES, - Grass Aloes in the South African Veld.
15882: CRAIG, EDWARD GORDON, - Ellen Terry and Her Secret Self
65204: CRAIG, DENNIS B., - Lost Opportunity. A History of the Federal Movement in South Africa
49199: CRAIG, JOHN D., - Danger is My Business
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80321: CRAIG, DARRYL MAX, - The Heart of Kendo: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of the Art of the Sword
79335: CRAIG, JOHN, - The Mint: A history of the London Mint from A.D. 287 to 1948
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59075: M'CRIE, THOMAS (EDITED BY HIS SON), - Life of Andrew Melville Containing Illustrations of the Ecclesiastical and Literary History of Scotland During the Latter Part of the Sixteenth and Beginning of the Seventeenth Century with an Appendix Consisting of Original Papers
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68959: CRISP, ROBERT, - Brazen Chariots A Graphic First-hand Account of Tank Warfare in the Western Desert November-December 1941
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53238: CROCKETT, S.R (GOLF), - Original Cabinet Photograph By J. FAIRWEATHER, St. Andrews, Depicting S R Crockett and an Unnamed Man, Both with Golf Clubs and Wearing Typical Golfing Attire.
80914: CROCKETT, S. R. (ASSOCIATION D C BOONZAIER), - A Fine Sepia Cabinet Photograph By Elliott & Fry, Inscribed to D.C.Boonzaier
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84272: CROCQUET, PIERRE, - On Africa Time
73650: CROCQUET, PIERRE, - On Africa Time
45846: CROCQUET, PIERRE, - "Us"
62809: CROCQUET, PIERRE, - Sound Check
47096: CROFT-COOKE, RUPERT, - Wolf from the Door
78568: CROFT-COOKE, RUPERT, - Paper Albatross
78562: CROFT-COOKE, RUPERT, - The Ghost of June - A Return to England and the West
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70791: CROLY, GEORGE, - Salathiel the Immortal. A History.
61601: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William - the Gangster
79535: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Pop Singers
9570: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Pop Singers
38506: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - Matty and the Dearingroydes
61550: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Tramp
83332: CROMPTON, CYRIL // JOHNSON, PETE, - Luck's Favours : Two South African Second World War Memoirs
54571: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William the Rebel
54572: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William's Crowded Hours
54573: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William's the Bad
54574: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William's Happy Days
54575: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - Sweet William
54576: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William the Gangster
53919: CROMPTON, RICHMAL`, - William Carries on
49595: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William's Television Show
70545: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Masked Ranger
57108: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Masked Ranger
60704: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William The Superman
72967: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William's Treasure Trove
62461: CROMPTON-LOMAX, ELIZABETH, - The South African Menu & Kitchen dictionary``
61553: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William's Bad Resolution
61552: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William the Rebel
61551: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - Sweet William
64512: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William - the Explorer
84870: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Pop Singers
84871: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Masked Ranger
84952: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - Narcissa
72968: CROMPTON, RICHMAL, - William and the Witch
59711: CROMWELL, THOMAS, - History and Description of the Ancient Town and Borough of Colchester, in Essex.
47147: CRONE, CHRISTIAN & LASSEN, NIELS A. (EDITED BY), - Capillary Permeability
55332: CRONE, RAINER, - Andy Warhol
59345: CRONICAN, FRANK & MUELLER, EDWARD A. (EDITORS), - "The Stateliest Ship" Queen Mary
24015: CRONIN, A.J., - Jupiter Laughs
53151: CRONIN, JOHN, - The Anglo-Irish Novel. Volume Two: 1900-1940
48210: CRONIN, JEREMY, - 'Even Under the Rine of Terror...': Insurgent South African Poetry (in STAFFRIDER Vol.8 No.2)
36857: CRONIN, A.J., - Hatter's Castle
26030: CRONIN, A.J., - Three Loves
57849: CRONIN, VINCENT (AND OTHER AUTHORS), - THE STORY OF THE RENAISSANCE The Renaissance In Europe The Flowering Of The Renaissance The Florentine Renaissance Travel And Discovery In The Renaissance Europe From Renaissance To Reformation.
81132: CRONIN, A. J., - Grand Canary
70990: CRONIN, SEAN, - Irish Nationalism: A History of its Roots and Ideology,
24766: CRONIN, A.J., - Jupiter Laughs
78053: CRONJE, JOHAN MARTHINUS, - Die Selfstandigwording Van Die Bantoekerk. Met Spesiale Verwysing Na Die Nederduitse Gereformerde Sendingkerk in Noord Rhodesie
76208: CRONJE, G., - Regverdige Rasse-Apartheid
49746: CRONJE, J.M., - Born to Witness: A Concise History of the Churches Born Out of the Mission Work of the Dutch Reformed Church.(Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk) of South Africa.
76185: CRONJE, G., - Voogdyskap En Spartheid
57404: CRONJE, G., - Afrika Sonder Die Asiaat. Die Blywende Oplossing Van Suid-Afrika Se Asiaatvragstuk.
72678: CRONJE, G. (EDITED BY), - Kultuur-Beinvloeding Tussen Blankes En Bantoe in S.A.
76184: CRONJE, G., - 'n Tuiste Vir Die Nageslag....... Die Blywende Oplossing Van Suid Afrika Se Rassevraagstukke
83182: CRONJE, GILLIAN & CRONJE, SUZANNE, - The Workers of Namibia
82524: CRONJE, G., - The Delinquent as a Personality: The Concept of Bio-Psycho-Sociocriminological Causality
78064: CRONJE, G., - Afrika Sonder Die Asiaat. Die Blywende Oplossing Van Suid-Afrika Se Asiaatvragstuk.
19084: CRONWRIGHT-SCHREINER, S.C., - The Land of Free Speech. Record of a Campaign on Behalf of Peace in England and Scotland in 1900
74291: CRONWRIGHT, SAMUEL CRON, - Her South African Ancestors (including the Featherstones )
12252: CROOK, THOMAS, - History of the Theory of Ore Deposits. With a Chapter on the Rise of Petrology
77061: CROOKENDEN, NAPIER, - Airborne at War
53466: CROSBY, ALAN, - The History of Preston Guild. 800 Years of England's Greatest Carnival.
51934: CROSLAND, T.W.H., - The Fine Old Hebrew Gentleman.
57135: CROSLAND, M.P., - Historical Studies in the Language of Chemistry
62913: CROSS, VICTORIA, - Life of My Heart
45636: CROSS, MICHAEL, - Resistance and Transformation. Education, Culture and Reconstruction in South Africa.
66481: CROSS, ALFRED W.S., - History of Architecture
47556: CROSS, A.W.S., - Public Baths and Wash-Houses. A Treatise on Their Planning, Design, Arrangement and Fitting.

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