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69612: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Collection of Mr. & Mrs. Bertram D. Coleman Jan 16, 1998
69610: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Antiquities Including Property from the Leo Mildenberg Collection 20 April 2005
70316: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art 27 May 2007
77962: GUN CATALOGUE, - Manufacture d'Armes L. Ancion-Marx
69618: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Imperial Sale Yuanmingyuan Hong Kong 30 April 2000
68731: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Indian, Tibetan, Nepalese, Thai, Khmer and Javanese Art Including Indian Miniatures. Auction September 20 and 21 1985 at 10.15am - 2pm, Exhibition September 14 - 20, 10am to 5pm.
45483: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE (HENRI DE MONTHERLANT), - Exposition Mariette Lydis 6 Novembre - 26 Novembre 1948
83148: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE, - 4 Peintres: Chastel, Dayez, Lagrange, Pignon. 3 Sculpteurs Gilioli; Lobo; Poncet
83149: EHIBITION CATALOGUE, - Dayez Peintures 1965
70331: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 12 & 13 June 1996
80570: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings, Sunday, 1 May 1994
72335: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Twenty Western Illuminated Manuscripts from the fifth to the fifteenth century from the library at Donaueschingen, the property of His Serene Highness the Prince Fürstenberg, ......monday 21st June 1982
69572: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Indonesian Pictures Watercolours and Drawings including the J. Daniels Collection of Sea-Charts, Maps, Prints and Books Relating to the Dutch East-Indies
69535: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese and Korean Art Tuesday March 23, 1999
70315: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Modern and Contemporary Paintings December 18 1992
72332: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Library of Henry Myron Blackmer II. Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th, Friday 13th October 1989
72333: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Diaghilev-Lifar Library 28 29 30th November 1st December 1976
72334: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Illuminated Manuscripts From the Celebrated Library of The Late Major J. R. Abbey: The Eleventh and Final Part
72382: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Brand Collection, PART 3, Greek and Roman Coins, From the Collection of Virgil M. Brand, Sold By Order of The Executors of The Estate of Jane Allen Brand. 9th June 1983
72058: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Husky Collection June 25 2008
69607: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Jade Carvings, Jadeite Jewellery and Works of Art - 9-10 October 1990
69608: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Ski Sale 25 February 1999
84531: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Art Africain et Océanien Collection Studer-Koch et Divers amateurs - Sotheby's Paris Lundi 6 juin 2005
72384: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Jaime Ortiz-Patiño Collection: English 17th Century Chinoiserie Silver. New York May 21, 1992. Sale 6300, Vol III.
63552: SOTHEBYS AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Library of Camille Aboussouan. Thursday 17th and Friday 18th June, 1993
66050: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Brand Collection, Part 10 - The Final Portion (only): Classical and Modern Coins and Medals, 24th October 1985.
83059: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Highly Important South African Paintings. The Collection of the Late Jack and Helene Kahn
81598: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE, - Edward Seago South Africa September 1967
77605: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 23 November 1992
77607: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 20 November 1997
77604: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Art and Design, 8 November 2006
77606: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 17 September 1997
77608: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 5 and 6 June 1990
77609: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 16 June 1992
70165: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Atelier De Pierre Eugene Clairin 1897-1980. 1ere Vente De La Succession Estampes - Aquarelles - Peintures 1 Decembre 1982
84572: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Scientific and Engineering Works of Art, Instruments and Models. June 10 1999
69826: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Dr. Jean-Claude Cholet Collection of Chess Sets May 2, 2007.
71741: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Important Chinese Jades, Ceramics and Works of Art Monday November 3 1969
71737: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Oriental Ceramics and Works of Art 13th May 1969
77613: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Japanese and Korean Works of Art October 17 1989
66051: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Brand Collection, Part 6 Coins of the netherlands, from collection of Virgil M Brand
84961: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Art of the Surreal ( Evening Sale ) February 3, 2003
72059: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Minot Collection May 21-22 2008
77823: EXHIBITION CATALOGUE, - Juan Genoves: Recent Paintings.
77183: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Sporting Guns and Firearms, Arms, Armour and Militaria. 26th / 27th April 1988
70870: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Collection Brian et Diane Leyden, Art Bete et Senufo, Paris 5 Decembre 2007
84957: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Africanists, Including relics, Photographs and Sculptures related to the Croisiere Noire Wednesday 24 May 2000
69626: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - John Franks Collection of Original Watercolours for Vanity Fair. 14 December 2005
69627: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Tribal Art. 12 December 2000
69665: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Lacquer, Wednesday, 19 June 1997
69666: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Swords, Sword Fittings, Guns, Armour and a European Private Collection of Tsuba London Tuesday May 19, 1992
69664: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Lacquer, Wednesday, 19 March 1997
71740: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Ballet and Theatre Material. The Property of Madame Mila Barsacq, of PAris / Anton Dolin / The late Serge Grigoriev / The Estate of the late Sol Hurok / The Estate of the Late Baroness von Wrangell //Thursday 5th June 1975.
80546: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Highly Important 19th and 20th Century Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture form the Private Collection of Norton Simon.
85631: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Thurn und Taxis Collection: Silver, Snuff Boxes, Jewels: Geneva, Tuesday 17th November 1992. Sotheby's.
82813: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Important Pre-Columbian Art - A European Private Collection . Friday 14 November 2008
70292: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Satsuma 26 November 1996
69747: AUCTION CATALOGUE (GUY HANNAFORD), - Catalogo della Rinomata Raccolta di Importanti Maioliche Italiane venduta per incario del proprietario Signor Guy G.Hannaford
77610: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Works of Art 21 and 22 March 1990
72386: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of the Highly Important Toulouse-Philidor Collection of Manuscript and Printed Music and Other Valuable Manuscripts and Printed Books
70279: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Pictures By Patrick Hennessy R.H.A. & Henry Robertson Craig R.H.A. Thursday 10 July 1986
78121: STOCLET AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Important Japanese Prints, illustrated Books & Paintings from the Adolphe Stoclet Collection
84571: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Exceptional Scientific and Engineering Works of Art, Instruments and Models Thursday 15 April 1999
69546: CHRISTIES AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Ottomans and Orientalists. 17 June 1999
69547: CHRISTIES AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Collection of the Marquis De Gonet
75752: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Christie's Clocks, Barometers and Watches: South Kensington Wednesday, 29 April 1998
71738: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of a Collection of Fine Netsuke and Japanese Works of Art 17th July 1969
70294: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Modern Chinese Paintings 28 May 2007
69995: TRADE CATALOGUE, - Demag Products
84504: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Brasil 1825-26: Charles Landseer e a Missao Britanica e trabalhos de Burchell, Chamberlain, debrez...
69566: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Ceramics. 8th October 1990
69567: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Ceramics. 13th June 1990
69568: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art. March 20 and 21, 1997
69569: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Chinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art. 8 December 1998
69570: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - American Indian Art June 5 1996
69571: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Hockney Posters March 25, 1999
68208: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Paintings, Watercolors, Bronzes, Illustrated Letters, Books and Ephemer by Charles Marion Russell The Collection of Fred A. Rosenstock, Denver
69667: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - 'The Jingguantang Collection Part II: Fine and important Chinese Ceramics and works of art: New York, Thursday, March 20, 1997
69674: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Clocks and Watches June 24 1993.
70377: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Classical Paintings & Calligraphy 30 October 1994
70379: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine 19th and 20th Century Chinese Paintings 30 October 1994
69538: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Contemporary Chinese Oil Paintings Hong Kong 1 November 1999
69539: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Cinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art. Wednesday 13 May 1998
71739: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Fine Japanese Lacquer, Inro, Netsuke and Works of Art 6th May 1969
78524: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Postage Stamps Postal History DISA '79 Cape Town
77611: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese and Korean Art 17 September 2009
77612: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Cinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art 27 September 2005
75078: TRADE CATALOGUE, - G.E.C. Catalogue of Electrical Installation Material, September, 1935.
69638: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Orientalist Art 19 April 2006
69639: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Drawings of Architecture and Ornament From the Lodewijk Houthakker Collection; January 11, 1984
69637: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - American Chic: 100 Years of American Jewelry Design 18 October 1999
69636: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Important Indian Jewels 6 October 1999
69588: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The China Trade Sale. Chinese Export Ceramics and Works of Art. 5 April 2000
69589: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - CoBra 50th Anniversary Sale 21 April 1998
69590: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Property from the Collection of William & Edith Mayer Goetz: Important Impressionist and Modern Paintings and Sculpture
69587: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Chinese and Japanese Ceramics and Works of Art. 19 October 1999
69585: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Ceramics, Paintings and Works of Art 15 June 1998
69586: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Export Ceramics and Works of Art 16 November 1999
69582: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Modern and Contemporary Paintings. 10 May 2000
69583: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Classical Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy.. 1 November 1999.
69581: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Lundgren Collection of Japanese Metalwork
69580: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Japanese Metalwork and Netsuke from a European Collection . Monday, 14 November 1994
69579: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Lawrence Bickford Collection of Japanese Wrestler Prints ..October 25 1994.
74817: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Ardmore Ceramic Art. Christie's South Kensington 14 January 2007
84529: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Arts d'Afrique en d'Océanie. Collection Du Gouverneur Guyon, Adolf Heoffmeister, Christina et Rolf Miehler et Divers Amateurs. 17 Juin 2009
80619: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Belgian Art 12 October 1999
71736: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Chinese Snuff Bottles 28th October 1969
71735: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Chinese Jade Carvings, Ceramics and Works of Art 1st July 1969of Art. 11th March 1969
71734: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Fine Chinese Ceramics, Jades and Works of Art. 11th March 1969
71733: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Fine Chinese Jade Carvings, Ceramics, and Works of Art. 20th / 21st October 1969
71578: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Catalogue of Fine Oriental Manuscripts and Miniatures Containing the Property of A. R. J. Chapman.....22nd May 23rd May 1930
80575: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Fine Chinese Ceramics, Jades and Works of Art Monday 5 December 1994
80578: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - Orientalist Art, Featuring an Important private Orientalist Colection. 2 July 2008
73855: AUCTION CATALOGUE, - The Clarendon Coin Collection PART ONE
69748: AUCTION CATALOGUES, - Japanese Screens, Paintings and Prints 27 October 1998
60042: CATHCART, ALAN, - Dream Bikes
67989: CATHIARD, FLORENCE, - Art of the Vine: Living in the Land of the Grands Crus.
84492: CATLEY, BRYAN, - Art Deco and Other Figures
67754: CATLIN, GEORGE, - In the Path of Mahatma Gandhi
11145: CATLING, PATRICK, SKENE, - The Exterminator
60918: CATLING, PATRICK SKENE, - The Catalogue
73978: CATOIR, BARBARA, - Conversations Antoni Tàpies précédées d'une introduction à son oeuvre.
4721: CATON-THOMPSON, G, - Kharga Oasis in Prehistory
78388: CAUFIELD, M.; PALIN, J.; WILLIAMS, W.; BROOME, T. BOFFEY, A.; PUGH, W.; BAND, P.; HENSHAW, L.; MITCHELL, W., - The Pilgrims' Progress
81703: CAUJOLLE, CHRISTIAN, - Chem Madoz
75861: CAULCUTT, ROLAND, - Statistics in Research and Development,
13974: CAVE-BROWN, J., - The Chota Nagpore Mission to the Kols.
79720: CAVE, HENRY W., - Picturesque Ceylon: Kandy and Peradeniya
82790: CAVENDISH, GEORGE, - The Life and Death of Thomas Wolsey the Great Cardinal of England
32941: CAVENDISH, - The Laws of Ecarte Adopted By the Turf and Portland Clubs, with a Treatise on the Game.
81264: CAVENDISH, - The Laws of Piquet adopted by the Portland and Turf Clubs with a Treatise on the Game.
51615: CAVES, RICHARD E., - Trade and Economic Styructure. Models and Methods
6873: CAWKELL, M.B.R & MALING, D.H & CAWKELL, E.M, - The Falkland Islands
61821: CAWOOD, B.Y. & ARMSTRONG, T.A., - Vryheid. For Agriculture Industry Education Healthy Holidays....The Gem of Northern Natal
61759: CAWOOD, LESLEY, - The Churches and Race Relations in South Africa.
51869: CAWS, MARY ANN, - A Metapoetics of the Passage. Architextures in Surrealism and After.
70792: CAWTE, JOHN, - Medicine Is the Law : Studies in Psychiatric Anthropology of Australian Tribal Societies
72641: DE VILLIERS J.P.R. & CAWTHORN P.A. (EDITED BY), - ICAM 81: Proceedings of the First International Congress on Applied Mineralogy
77067: CAWTHORNE, NIGEL, - `New Look The Dior Revolution
70979: CAWTHRA, GAVIN, - Securing South Africa's Democracy: Defense, Development, and Security in Transition
71214: CAXTON, WILLIAM (MODERN RENDERING BY MARIE COLLINS), - Description of Britain: A Modern Rendering
76620: CAYLEY, A.; AIRY, G.B.; CHALLIS, JAMES; BLOXAM, JAMES MACKENZIE; CLARKE, A.R., - Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society VOL.XXVII
47581: CAZEAUX, ISABELLE, - French Music in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
67289: CAZOTTE, - Diable Amoureux
81081: CECIL, RICHARD; SCHUBERT, G.H.; VAN LIER, H.R., - Levensbeschrijvingen Uitgegeven Door En Voor Rekening Van De Z. A. Christelijke BoekVereeniging, (CONTAINING) 1. Levensbijzonderheden Van ... John Newton; 2: Het Nuttig Leven Van J.F.Oberlin; 3: De Kracht Der Goddelijke Genade...Zes Brieven..Van Lier
49119: CECIL, HENRY, - The Asking Price.
60207: CECIL, DAVID, - Visionary and Dreamer. Samuel Palmer and Edward Burne-Jones.
80468: CECIL, DAVID, - Sir Walter Scott
78406: CECIL, DAVID, - Walter De La Mare
53185: CECINI, NANDO, - Villa Berloni Ex Almerici a Candelara
59777: CELANT, GERMANO, - Laura Grisi. A Selection of Works with Notes By the Artist.
82550: CELESIA, EMANUELE, - Storie Genovesi Del Secolo XVIII
82547: CELESIA, EMANUELE, - La Congiura Del Conte Gianluigi Fieschi: Memorie Storiche Del Secolo XVI : Cavate Da Documenti Originali Ed Inediti
82548: CELESIA, EMANUELE, - Dell'Antichissimo Idioma de' Liguri.
31927: CELINE, LOUIS FERDINAND, - Death on the Instalment Plan
76035: CELINE, LOUIS FERDINAND, - Castle to Castle
8085: CELINE, LOUIS-FERDINAND, - Mea Culpa, suivi la vie et L'oeuvre De Semmelweis
31925: CELINE, LOUIS FERDINAND, - Death on the Instalment Plan
81524: CELINE, L. F., - BALLETS sans musique, sans personnes, sans Rien
67490: CELL, GILLIAN T. (EDITED BY), - Newfoundland Discovered: English Attempts at Colonization, 1610-1630.
49453: CELLIERS, JAN F. E., - Liefdelewe
60614: CELLIERS, JAN F.E., - Die Groot Geheim
61804: CELLIERS, JAN F.E. (EDITED BY A G OBERHOLSTER), - Oorlogsdagboek Van Jan F. E. Celliers 1899-1902
60562: CELLIERS, JAN F.E., - Liefdelewe
63133: CELMER, MARC A., - Terrorism, U.S. Strategy and Reagan Policies
84745: CELSUS, - De medicina libri octo. Cum notis integris Joannis Caesarii, Roberti Constantini, Josephi Scaligeri, Isaaci Casauboni, Joannis Baptistae Morgagni. Ac locis parallelis. Cura & studio Th. J. ab Almeloveen. Accedunt J. Rhodii vita C. Celsi, variae lectiones
59425: CENDRARS, BLAISE, - Anthologie Negre.
65291: CENTLIVRES, C.J.; GREENBERG, J.A.; SCHREINER, J.A.; VAN DEN HEEVER, J.A.; HOEXTER, J.A., - Judgment of Appellate Division in the Separate Representation of Voters Case (With Arguments). Harris & Others V. Minister of the Interior & Others.
48179: CENTRAL AFRICAN COUNCIL, COMMITTEE OF., - Comparative Survey of Native Policy in Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland (Conference on Closer Association in Central Africa. London March 1951)
67238: MAP CENTRE, - Map of the Witwatersrand
79515: CENTURION, - In the Service of the Nation" The N.F.S. Goes Into Action
79998: DE LA CEPPEDE, JEAN, - Les Theoremes Sur le Sacre Mystere de Notre Redemption. Reproduction De L'edition De Toulouse De 1613-1622
18697: CERMINARA, GINA, - Many Mansions
64605: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE (TRANSLATED BY THOMAS SHELTON), - The History of Don Quixote of the Manch Translated from the Spanish of Miguel De Cervantes By Thomas Shelton Anno 1612, 1620
84208: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE, - Dom Quixote De La Mancha
71018: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE, - The Adventures of Don Quixote
80122: CERVANTES, MIGUEL DE, - The Adventures of Don Quixote of La Mancha
4220: CERVENKA, ZDENEK, - The Organization Of African unity And Its Cgarter
77527: CESAIRE, AIME, - Aime Cesaire Ecrivain Martiniquais
70971: CESARE, MARIO, - Man-eaters, Mambas and Marula Madness: A Game Ranger's Life in the Lowveld
57082: CESBRON, GEORGES, - Actes Du Colloque Ouest et Romantismes Des 6,7,8 et 9 Decembre 1990
50585: CESCINSKY, HERBERT & GRIBBLE, E.R., - Early English Furniture & Woodwork
13055: CESCINSKY, HERBERT, - The Old World House. Its Furniture & Decoration
72717: CESCINSKY, HERBERT & GRIBBLE, ERNEST R., - Early English Furniture & Woodwork. 2 vols in 1.
53920: DE CET, MIRCO, - The Complete Encyclopedia of Tractors
82941: CETINKUNT, SABRI, - Mechatronics
49812: CETRE, F.O., - Practical Larder Work
58156: CEVALLOS, FABIAN (PHOTOGRAPHS BY); ALITALIA, - The City of the Skies: 1947-1987 - Alitalia's Forty Years.
70132: CHABAN-DELMAS, JACQUES (INTRODUCTION BY), - Albert Marquet 1875-1947
53022: CHABRIER, GWENDOLYNE, - William Faulkner. La Saga De La Famille Sudiste.
65466: CHADWICK, W.S., - Mother Africa Hits Back. The Native Problem and Its Solution.
79391: CHADWICK, OWEN, - The Victorian Church - Part I - 1829-1859 ; Part II - 1860-1901
84160: CHADWICK, W.S., - Man-Killers and Marauders. Some Big Game Encounters of an African Hunter.
76081: CHADWICK, G.A. & HOBSON, E.G. (EDITED BY), - The Zulu War and the Colony of Natal
75509: CHADWICK, W.S., - Life Stories of Big Game
80432: CHADWICK, G.A., - The First War of Independence in Natal 1880 - 1881
66779: CHADWICK, JOHN, - Linear B and Related Scripts
85744: CHADWICK, WINIFRED E., - Borzois: Together with a translation of The Perchino Hunt by Dmitri Walzoff
51795: CHAET, BERNARD, - The Art of Drawing.
58315: CHAFER, LEWIS SPERRY, - Systematic Theology
76998: CHAGALL, MARC, - The Jerusalem Windows
81525: CHAGALL, BELLA, - Burning Lights
83010: CHAGULA, W.K., - The Role of Academies of Sciences and Arts in the Formulation and Implementatioon of National Policies
47544: CHAILLEY-BERT, J. (TRANSLATED BY BRABANT, ARTHUR BARING), - The Colonisation of Indo-China
53251: DE CHAIR, SOMERSET, - The Star of the Wind
47239: CHAITOW, LEON, - The Acupuncture Treatment of Pain
71603: CHALKLIN, C.W., - The Provincial Towns of Georgian England: A Study of the Building Process, 1740-1820
67750: CHALLES, ROBERT (EDITED BY A. AUGUSTIN-THIERRY), - Voyage Aux Indes D'une Escadre Française ( 1690-1691 )
54655: CHALMERS, ROBERT, - A History of Currency in the British Colonies.
53668: CHALMERS, BRUCE, - The Structure and Mechanical Properties of Metals
77852: CHALMERS, W.S., - Max Horton and the Western Approaches: A Biography of Admiral Sir Max Kennedy Horton
70920: CHALMERS, TOM, - The Military Balance in Africa 1976
60772: CHALMERS, PATRICK R. (ARRANGED BY), - Mine Eyes to the Hills. An Anthology of the Highland Forest.
61835: CHALMERS, BEVERLEY, - African Birth. Childbirth in Cultural Transition
73203: CHALMERS, THOMAS, - On the Power Wisdom and Goodness of God As Manifested in the Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral and Intellectual Constitution of Man.
81583: CHALMERS, BEVERLEY, - African Birth: Childbirth in Cultural Transition
76122: CHALMERS, J. & GILL, W. WYATT, - Work and Adventure in New Guinea 1877 to 1885. .
73880: CHALMERS, PATRICK, - The History of Hunting. (The Lonsdale Library . Vol XXIII)
43672: CHAM & DAUMIER, HONORE, - Album Du Siege Par Cham et Daumier. Recueil De Caricatures Publies Pendant Le Siege Dans Le Charivari.
51430: CHAMBE, RENE, - Histoire De L'Aviation
53271: CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES J., - A Round the World Botanical Excursion
53272: CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLES J., - Growth Rings in a Monoctyl
63658: CHAMBERLAIN, M.S., - Physical Fitness for Women
75845: CHAMBERLAIN, M.R. & BOWLER, J.F (EDITED BY), - Dictionary of Converting
76886: CHAMBERLAIN, JOSEPH (1836-1914)‚ COLONIAL SECRETARY‚ FATHER OF AUSTEN AND NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN, - A 2pp. Autograph Letter to Dr. Carter, Witten from Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham, Signed and Dated February 3 1896
76887: CHAMBERLAIN, JOSEPH (1836-1914)‚ COLONIAL SECRETARY‚ FATHER OF AUSTEN AND NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN, - A 2pp. Autograph Letter to Dr. Carter, Witten from Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham, Signed and Dated 27 Dec.1891
74057: CHAMBERLAIN, BASIL HALL, & MASON., W.E., - A Handbook for Travellers in Japan (including Formosa)
76888: CHAMBERLAIN, JOSEPH (1836-1914)‚ COLONIAL SECRETARY‚ FATHER OF AUSTEN AND NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN, - A 2pp. Autograph Letter to an Unknown Recipient, 72 Prine's Gate, S.W., Signed and Dated Masy 18th 1883.
66910: CHAMBERLAIN, ANDREW, - Demography in Archaeology
84295: CHAMBERLAIN, DENYS, - A Short History of the Parish of St. Luke's Orchards
54949: CHAMBERS, ROBERT, - Rural Development Putting the First Last.
55103: CHAMBERS, GILLIAN, - Super Trader. The Story of Trade Development in Hong Kong
50219: CHAMBERS, JULIUS, - News Hunting on Three Continents.
8664: CHAMBERS, - Chambers's Miscellany of useful and entertaining tracts
27467: CHAMBERS, - Chambers's Encyclopaedia
78311: CHAMBERS, EDMUND, - The Timelessness of Poetry
74780: CHAMBERS, WILLIAM & CHAMBERS, ROBERT (EDITED BY), - Chambers's Information for the People: Vols. I & II
64559: CHAMBERS, DAVID & SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER (COMPILED BY), - COCK-A-HOOP: A Sequel to Chanticleer, Pertelote, and Cockalorum. Being a Bibliography of The Golden Cockerel Press, September 1949 - December 1961. With a List of Prospectuses 1920-1962 and Illustrations from the Books.
51646: CHAMINADE, C., - Remebranza Op.88
74893: CHAMISSO, ADALBERT VON // RIGBY, ELIZABETH (LADY EASTLAKE) // NEALE, JOHN MASON, - The Shadowless Man; or the Wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl // Music and the Art of Dress Two Essays Reprinted from the Quarterly Review // Ayton Priory or The Restored Monastery.
84658: CHAMPION, G.A., - The Birth of a Colony
20692: CHAMPION, THEODORE, - Catalogue Historique et Descriptif Des Timbres Poste Aerienne, .., Contenant Un Chapitre Special, Tres Detaille, Sur Les Ballons Montes Du Siege De Paris (1870 - 71)
85051: CHAMPION, RON, - Build Your Own Sports Car for as Little as £250 and Race It!, 2nd Ed.
85640: CHAMPION, SELWYN, - Racial Proverbs - A Selection Of The Worlds Proverbs Arranged Linguistically
55084: CHAMPKINS, PAUL, - The Minor Arts of China III
52080: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON, - Maiden Possessed
50849: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON, - Screaming Fog
50850: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON, - Aunt Miranda's Murder
50851: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON, - Coven Gibbett
71788: CHANCELLOR, G.R.; KENNEDY, W.J. & HANCOCK, J.M., - Turonian Ammonite Faunas from Central Tunisia Special Papers in Palaeontology 50.
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50568: CLUVER, AUGUST DE V., - A Systems Approach to Language Planning: The Case of Namibia (in "Language Problems & Language Planning Vol.15 No.1)
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55843: CHAMPION BLOWER AND FORGE CO, - General Catalog of "CHAMPION" Forges, Blowers, Tuyere Irons, Drills............. CATALOG NO. 62
53588: JETTER & SCHEERER CO., - Aesculapius Instruments for the Dental Arts
47689: SMITH'S DOCK CO>, - Ships and Men 1899-1949
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47897: CASELLA & CO., - Meteorological Instruments. Catalogue No.877
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8384: EAGLE LOCK CO., - Illustrated Catalogue Vol #41, Cabinet Locks, Trunk Locks, Padlocks, Cylinder Night Latches,Cylinder Dead Locks, Post Office Lock Boxes and Signs, Special Hardware, Wood Screws, Keys & Key Blanks
63100: HAWTHORN LESLIE & CO, - Our Ships at Work A Pictorial Review of Some of Our Post War Products 1946 1952
80784: GREENLEE TOOL CO, - Greenlee Tools for the Electrician, Carpenter and Plumber (Catalo No.33E)
61977: THE WICKES BOILER CO., - Steam Boilers. Feed-Water Heaters.
81346: MARION & CO, - Price List of Photographic Dry Plates
59752: A.V.ROE & CO., - A Brochure Advertising AVRO Aircraft and the Achievements of the Company ..
25205: CROSBY & CO. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN KNIBBS), - Souvenir of Storm and Freshet October 10 1905
84425: CATERPILLAR TRACTOR CO., - D8 Tractor Parts Catalog Serial Numbers 8R1 to 8R9999 Inclusive
64802: CHURCHILL MACHINE TOOL CO., - Workshop Precision Grinding: Factors Governing Production with practical hints on care and operation of MacHines
71079: ATKINSON & CO., - The Atkinson Saws
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30092: COASE, R.H., - British Broadcasting. A Study in Monopoly
75000: COATES, JAMES, - Photographing the Invisible: Practical Studies in Spirit Photography, Spirit Portraiture, and Other Rare by Allied Phenomena
75923: COATES, AUSTIN, - Macao and the British, 1637-1842 : Prelude to Hongkong

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