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77096: WARREN, D. / BROODRYK, M., - Merchants, Commissioners and Wardmasters: Municipal and Colonial Politics in Cape Town 1840-1854 (AND) Die Kaapse Noordgrensoorloe 1868-1879
50103: VON WARTBURG, WALTHER, - Evolution et Structure De La Langue Francaise.
69697: WARWICK, PETER (EDITED BY), - The South African War : The Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
52612: WARWICK, PETER, - Black People and the South African War 1899 - 1902
51296: WARWICK, HELEN, - The New Complete Labrador Retriever
63363: WARWICK-CHING, TONY, - The International Gold Trade
58130: WASHBURNE, CARLETON AND HELUIZ, - The Story of the Earth and Sky.
12017: WASHINGTON, M. BUNCH, - The Art of Romare Bearden. The Prevalence of Ritual
84090: WASSERMANN, JACOB, - Columbus
71208: WASSERMANN, JAKOB, - H. M. Stanley Explorer
70609: WASSERSTEIN, B., - Gypsum in the Union of South Africa
56106: WASSERSTEIN, B., - Gypsum in the Union of South Africa
56385: WASSERSTEIN, BERNARD, - Britain and the Jews of Europe 1939-1945
50108: WASSERZUG, H., - Schirei Mikdosch. Ancient and Modern Synagogue Music
67454: WASSING, R.S., - African Art: Its Background and Traditions.
62204: WATANABE, SATOSI (EDITED BY), - Methodologies of Pattern Recognition
56873: AFRICA WATCH, - Evil Days. 30 Years of War and Famine in Ethiopia
57813: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Shattered Lives. Sexual Violence During the Rwandan Genocide and Its Aftermath.
71537: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Human Rights in Post Communist Albania
71538: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Children in Confinement in Louisiana
71536: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Prison Conditions in South Africa
71535: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Civilian Pawns: Laws of War Violations and the Use of Weapons on the Israel-Lebanon Border
71539: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Weapons Transfers and Violations of the Laws of War in Turkey
71549: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - All Too Familiar: Sexual Abuse of Women in U.S. State Prisons
71496: AFRICA WATCH, - The Killings in South Africa: The Role of the Security Forces and the Response of the State (An Africa Watch Report)
47879: WATCHMAN, THE, - Coast Causerie No. 1 Vol.1 December 1944
47078: WATERER, JOHN W., - Leather (Reprinted for the Museum of Leathercraft, from SINGER & HOLMYARD History of Technology II)
72028: WATERFIELD, ROBIN, - Rene Guenon and the Future of the West: The Life and Writings of a 20th Century Metaphysician
52714: WATERHOUSE, R. DENNE, - A Short Account of Mullion Church Cornwall
61198: WATERHOUSE, KEITH (INTRODUCTION BY), - Alan Lowndes (1921-1978). A Retrospective
61054: WATERHOUSE, GILBERT (EDITED BY), - Simon van der Stel’s Journal of his Expedition to Namaqualand, 1685-6.
62982: WATERHOUSE, KEITH, - Jubb
5506: WATERHOUSE, ELLIS, K, - Reynolds
80909: WATERHOUSE, LT. COL. RONALD, - A Two Page Typed Letter on Prime Minister's 10 Downing Stret Letterhead, to Sir Frederick Wise, Signed and Dated 13th November 1926
58615: WATERMAN, JILL, - 20 Years Moving Into Dance. Mophatong. 20 Years of Perfomance and Education 1978-1998
74623: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting. A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing
65650: WATERMEYER, E. B., - `selections from the Writings of the Late E. B. Watermeyer, with A Brief Sketch of His Life.
53654: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting: A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing.
47872: WATERMEYER, G.A., - Atlantis, or the Crying of the Waters.
65648: WATERMEYER, E.B., - Three Lectures on the Cape of Good Hope Under the Government of the Dutch East India Company., Delivered at the Cape Town Mechanics Institute.
37702: WATERMEYER, E.B., - Selections from the Writings of the Late E.B.Watermeyer with a Brief Sketch of His Life.
74458: WATERMEYER, BASSIL, - Diamond Cutting: A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing.
52588: WATERMEYER, E.B., - Three Lectures on the Cape of Good Hope Under the Government of the Dutch East India Company., Delivered at the Cape Town Mechanics Institute.
61591: WATERMEYER, C.; NIEUWOUDT, A.I. AND OTHERS, - Volksang- En Volkspelevereniging Pretoria 1941-1955
63085: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting: A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing.
59144: WATERMEYER, G.A., - Atlantis, or the Crying of the Waters
62215: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting. A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing
45813: WATERMEYER, G.A., - Atlantis or the Crying of the Waters.
39527: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting. A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing.
68275: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing
81052: WATERMEYER, G.A., - A Blank Book Containing Approx. 75 Drawings and 28 Pages of Manuscript Verse and Notes for His Long Poem Atlantis: Or the Crying of the waters
1011: WATERS, SYDNET D, - Clipper Ship to Motor Liner.
69157: WATERSON, ROXANNA, - The Living House. An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia.
52106: WATKIN, H., (ENLARGED BY PRAGNELL, T.W. ), - A Short History of the IV Queen's Own Hussars
48935: WATKIN, DAVID, - The English Vision. The Picturesque in Architecture, Landscape and Garden Design
49356: WATKIN, DAVID, - The Royal Interiors of Regency England, from Watercolours First Published By W H Pyne in 1817-1820.
81617: WATKIN, DAVID, - Sir John Soane: Enlightenment Thought and the Royal Academy Lectures.
12281: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, D.J. "B.B.", - Ramblings of a Sportsman Naturalist
69454: WATKINS, MARTYN B., - Tuning Stromberg CD Carburetters
53711: WATKINS, NICHOLAS, - Christopher Couch Recent Work.
83001: WATKINS, JOHN, - Life, Poetry, And Letters Of Ebenezer Elliott, The Corn-Law Rhymer, With An Abstract Of His Politics
81695: WATKINS, SID, - Life at the Limit: Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One
62393: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, D.J., - The Countryman's Bedside Book
64820: WATKINSON, HAROLD, - Turning Points. A Record of Our Times
49710: WATSHAM, ANTHONY (TEXT BY GERHARD PRINSLOO), - Ink Drawings and Watercolours of African Chalcid Wasps
63602: WATSON, H.B., - Modern Theories of Organic Chemistry.
83331: WATSON, ROY, - Bush Pilots Do it in Fours. A Flying Autobiography
54754: WATSON, FRANCIS (INTRODUCTION BY), - The History of Furniture
53257: WATSON, GRAHAM, - It's Not All Bull. Biography of Colin Pearce of Yarragadee and Family Back to 1830.
52125: WATSON, ERNEST W. & KENT, NORMAN, - Watercolor Demonstrated.
47981: WATSON, DOUG & GLASSPOOL, BARRY, - Not Without Bias: Watson on Bowls
48320: WATSON, MALCOLM, - African Highway: The Battle for Health in Central Africa.
37799: WATSON, RICHARD, - A Defence of the Wesleyan Methodist Missions in the West Indies, Including a Refutation of the Charges in Mr. Marryat's "Thoughts On the Abolition of the Slave Trade, &c." & in Other Publications; with Facts and Anecdotes ...Moral State...Slaves....
37798: WATSON, RICHARD, - The Religious Instruction of the Slaves of the West Indian Colonies Advocated and Defended. A Sermon Preached Before the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in the New Chapel City Road London April 28 1824
80850: WATSON, ROBERT & THOMSON, WILIAM, - The History of the Reign of Philip the Third, King of Spain. The first four books by Robert Watson, Principal of the United College in the University of St. Andrews, and the last two books by William Thomson.
58325: WATSON, JACK, - Sikelele Afrika. World Premiere By Intimate Theatre Group of W.V.A. Of C.A. At Reps Theatre Salisbury
73643: WATSON, ABRIE; WATSON, JOHN; PRETORIUS, QUARTA, - Boereoorlogstories Van Heilbron. Verhale Oor Die Anglo Boereoorlog Van 1899-1902
24866: WATSON, COLIN, - The Puritan
80464: WATSON, STANLEY A. & RAMSTAD, PAUL E. (EDITED BY), - Corn Chemistry and Technology
59014: WATSON, CECIL JAMES; HIRST, GEORGE K.; LIPMANN, FRITZ; SCHMIDT, CARL F.; SONNEBORN, T.M.; KREBS, H.A.; RITTENBERG, D.; GRANICK, S., - The Harvey Lectures Delivered Under the Auspices of the Harvey Society of New York 1948-1949 (Series XLIV)
59023: WATSON, JAMES D., - The Molecular Biology of the Gene
62098: WATSON, G.N., - A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions
37120: WATSON, COLIN, - Snobbery with Violence
65425: WATSON, W., - Tribal Cohesion in a Money Economy - a Study of the Mambwe People of Northern Rhodesia
62934: WATSON, HUGH W., - The Deltic Years: From Prototype to Preservation
78587: WATSON, FRANCIS (WRITTEN AND NARRATED BY) (GANDHI, MAHATMA), - Gandhi. His Life and Philosophy as Told By Gandhi Himself
62944: WATSON, J.N.P., - Millais. Three Generations in Nature, Art and Sport.
76044: WATSON, JAMES D., - The Double Helix
76464: WATSON, STEPHEN, - Return of the Moon: Versions from the /Xam
76820: WATSON, ALAN, - Roman Law and Comparative Law
76823: WATSON, ALAN, - International Law in Archaic Rome: War and Religion
44758: WATSON, ROBERT SPENCE, - The History of English Rule and Policy in South Africa
60998: WATSON, DAVID, - Arendt (Fontana Modern Masters)
70939: WATSON, E.R. (EDITED BY), - Trial of Thurtell and Hunt.
85938: WATSON, WILLIA, - Wordsworth's Grave
84589: WATSON, I.; WATSON, I. ; RALL, ELSABE, - Die Houtsnyer Se ABC
69641: WATSON, J. STEVEN, - A History of the Salters' Company
74194: WATSON, ALBERT, - The Vienna Album
84238: WATT, RONNIE, - The Helderberg, Death Flight SA295
55256: VAN DER WATT, P.B., - John Murray 1826-1882. Die Eerste Stellebosse Professor.
54931: WATT, JILL, - Granny Loosley's Kitchen Album
49900: WATT, ELIZABETH PARIS (RESEARCH BY PATRICK AND ELIZABETH GOODERHAM), - Febana. The True Story of Frances George Farewell, Explorer, Pioneer and Founder of Natal.
68280: WATT, JOHN MITCHELL & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, MARIA GERDINA, - The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa; Being an Account of Their Medicinal Uses, Chemical Composition, Pharmacological Effects and Toxicology in Man and Animal
14891: WATT, J.M. & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, MARIA, - The Forensic and Sociological Aspects of the Dagga Problem in South Africa.
69889: VAN DER WATT, J.S., - Het Leven Der Boeren Krijgsgevangenen Op Ceylon
56238: WATT, RONNIE & DE KOCK, SERVAAS, - Living Jewels. Koi Keeping in South Africa
67888: WATT, RONNIE, - Helderberg Death Flight SA295
79099: WATT, JOHN MILLAR, - The POP Annual 1946
69229: WATT, JOHN MITCHELL & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, M.G., - Medicinal and Posionous Plants of Southern and Eastern Africa
79785: WATT, NIGEL, - Burundi: The Biography of a Small African Country
78713: WATT, JOHN MITCHELL & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, MARIA GERDINA, - The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa; Being an Account of Their Medicinal Uses, Chemical Composition, Pharmacological Effects and Toxicology in Man and Animal
56824: WATTER, LOLA, - Insights and Idylls. Poems.
79572: WATTER, LOLA, - Insights and Idylls: Poems.
82648: WATTER, LOLA, - Images from Africa
76933: WATTERS, MICK, - Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair
55942: WATTERSON, BILL, - It's a Magical World
55943: WATTERSON, BILL, - The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book
55944: WATTERSON, BILL, - The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
55948: WATTERSON, BILL, - Something Under the Bed is Drooling
55949: WATTERSON, BILL, - Yukon Ho!
55951: WATTERSON, BILL, - Weirdos from Another Planet
68890: WATTERSON, LORE, - Standard Bank Youn Artist Awards 25 Years
68453: WATTERSON, R., - The Practical Course of Cardboard Modelling
47605: DE WATTEVILLE, VIVIENNE, - Out in the Blue
77311: WATTJES, J.G., - Nieuw-Nederlandsche Bouwkunst. Een Verzameling van fotografische Afbeeldingen van nederlandsche moderne Bouwwerken met Plattegronden.
53438: WATTS, ALARIC A. (EDITED BY), - The Literary Souvenir.
53543: WATTS, C.C., - Dawn in Swaziland.
77743: WATTS, HARRIETT (TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION BY), - Three Painter Poets: Arp, Schwitters, Klee
66186: WATTS, BARRY H., - Gold Mining in the Eastern Transvaal. A Bibliography.
84556: WAUGH, HARRY, - Bacchus on the Wing A Wine Merchant's Travelogue
53564: WAUGH, ALEC, - Merchants of Wine, Being a Centenary Account of the House of Gilbey.
48747: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The Sword Of Honour Trilogy: Men at Arms; Officers and Gentlemen; Unconditional Surrender.
50070: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Mr Loveday's Little Outing and Other Sad Stories.
46987: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Waugh in Abyssinia
63580: WAUGH, ALEC, - Leap Before You Look.
12632: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The Holy Places
65953: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Brideshead Revisited. The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder.
57937: WAUGH, ALEC, - In Praise of Wine
73506: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The Loved One, An Anglo-American Tragedy
65954: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Brideshead Revisited. The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder.
71834: WAUGH, EVELYN (EDITED BY DONAT GALLAGHER), - Essays Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh
66295: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Unconditional Surrender
61210: WAUGH, JOSEPH LAING, - Thornhill and Its Worthies
77159: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Robbery Under Law: The Mexican Object Lesson
80869: WAUGH, NORAH, - The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930
81751: WAUGH, RICHARD J. (EDITED BY), - Electra Flying ; The Lockheed 10 Electra in New Zealand and The Pioneering of the Main Trunk Air Service
82458: WAUGH, EVELYN (EDITED BY DONAT GALLAGHER), - The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh
37728: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Scoop
55766: WAVELL, STEWART, - The Lost World of the East. An Adventurous Quest in the Malayan Hinterland.
65325: WAVELL, GENERAL (FOREWORD JOHN DILL), - Generals and Generalship
51832: WAVKS, DAVID (EDITED BY), - The First 80 Years of Hebrew Order of David.
49884: WAXMAN, MEYER, - A History of Jewish Literature from the Close of the Bible to Our Own Days.
84681: WAY, PETER (EDITED BY), - Eyewitness NAM Nos. 1-25 (Lacking No.19)
10235: WAY, PETER, - Belkshazzrs Feast
80140: WAY, ARTHUR S. (VIRGIL), - The Eclogues of Virgil in English Verse
82182: WAYNICK, A.H. (EDITED BY), - Geomagnetism and Aeronomy; Studies in the Ionosphere, Geomagnetism and Atmospheric Radio Noise
80132: WEATAWAY, S. SQUIRE & OTHERS, - The Port Elizabeth Coronation Souvenir
82803: WEATHERSTONE, JOHN, - Tea -- a Journey in Time: Pioneering and Trials in the Jungle
27812: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - English Leadwork. Its Art and History
57523: WEAVER, RANDY & SARA, - The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge
35548: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - Memorials and Monuments. Old and New.
66176: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - The Story of the Royal Scots (The Lothian Regiment) Formerly the First or the Royal Regiment of Foot.
16439: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - The "Country Life" Book of Cottages
72743: WEBB, VICTOR N. (EDITED BY), - L;anguage in South Africa: An Input Into Language Planning for a Post Apartheid South Africa. The LICCA (SA) Report.
61167: WEBB, JOHN, - Rudyard Kipling. Man, Poet, Mason
48400: WEBB, PETER, - Kilimanjaro December 1970. Peter Webb's Notes
61986: WEBB, C. DE B., - A Guide to the Official Records of the Colony of Natal.
76010: WEBB, J.B., - The Dedication of Trinity Methodist Church Johannesburg.....on 14th August 1964
76011: WEBB, J.B., - "Farewell to Dr. & Mrs. J.B. Webb". A Recording of the Service in the City Hall Johannesburg December 1964, By Derek Worman.
5345: WEBB, H.S, - Oorzaken Van De Rebellie
84091: WEBB, C. DE B. & WRIGHT, J.B. (EDITED BY), - A Zulu King Speaks: Statements Made by Cetshwayo KaMpande on the History and Customs of His People
69818: WEBB, PETER, - Portrait of David Hockney
72150: WEBB, BEATRICE (EDITED BY NORMAN AND JEANNE MACKENZIE), - The Diary of Beatrice Webb: Volume 1 1873-1892 Glitter around and Darkness Within; Volume 2 1892-1905 All the Good Things of Life
54516: WEBB, VIC & KEMBO-SURE(EDITED BY), - African Voices. An Introduction to the Languages and Linguistics of Africa
73955: WEBB, AUDREY & WEBB, MARTYN, - Kondinin-Karlgarin-Hyden. Community, Time and Place.
83858: WEBB, STEVEN, - Ops Medic : A National Serviceman's Border War
42303: WEBB, MARION ST. JOHN, - The Littlest One
78779: WEBB, DENVER A., - A Survey of Fortifications in the Province of Queen Adelaide and British Kaffraria 1835-1864
68253: WEBB, V.N. (EDITED BY), - Afrikaans Na Apartheid
74620: WEBB, J.A., - Diamonds are Devious
53661: WEBBER, H. O'KELLY, - The Grip of Gold. A Life Story of a Dominion.
64493: WEBER, ADOLF, - In Defence of Capitalism
52705: WEBER, OTTO VON, - Schweiz-Liechtenstein. An Den Brucken Ubern Den Rhein.
51737: WEBER, CARL MARIA VON, - Aufforderung Zum Tanz /invitation a La Danse / Invitation to the Dance Op.65 (Orchestrated By Berlioz)
1810: VON WEBER, OTTO., - Geschichte Des Schurgebiketes Deutsch-Suidwest Afrika.
85797: WEBER, NICHOLAS FOX & DANILOWITZ, BRENDA, - The Prints of Anni Albers: A Catalogue Raisonné 1963-1984
79291: DE WEBER, ERNEST, - Quatre Ans Au Pays Des Boers
41322: WEBER, ADOLF., - Uber Pathologische Veranderungen Welche Dem Glaucom Vorhergehen Oder Dasselbe Verursachen. Vortrag Gehalten in Der Ophthalmologischen Section Des Internationalen Medicinschen Congresses Zu London 1881.
77471: WEBER-BAULER, DR., - From Orient to Occident. Memoirs of a Doctor
65426: WEBER, OTTO VON, - Geschichte Des Schutzgebietes Deutsch Sudwest Afrika.
77221: WEBSTER, CHARLES, - The Foreign Policy of Palmerston, 1830-1841: Britain, the Liberal Movement, and the Eastern Question. 2 Volumes.
78627: ND MANY OTHERS INCLUDING DAVID WEBSTER), - Education and Development. a Collection of Papers Presented at the Education and Development Conference Held at the University of Caope Town 16-20 July 1979
78075: WEBSTER, DAVID (INTRODUCTION BY), - Five Freedoms Forum Conference Proceedings September 1987
56336: WEBSTER, NESTA H., - World Revolution. The Plot Against Civilization.
56336: WEBSTER, NESTA H., - World Revolution. The Plot Against Civilization.
71719: WEBSTER, DAVID, - Migrant Labour, Social Formations and the Proletarianization of the Chopi of Southern Mozambique
54745: WEBSTER, MARY MORISON, - The Silver Flute
48643: WEBSTER, NESTA H., - Secret Societies and Subversive Movements.
48858: WEBSTER, JEAN, - Vader Langbeen (Afrikaans Translation of Daddy Long Legs)
78642: WEBSTER, E. & SITAS, A., - Stoppages in East Rand Metal Factories
38086: WEBSTER, DAVID, - Bodybuilding. An Illustrated History.
35677: WEBSTER, JOHN (EDITED LUCAS, F.L.), - The Complete Works of John Webster. A New Text with Commentary and Introductions.
66054: WEBSTER, C.C.; WIEHE, P.O.; SMEE, COLIN, - The Cultivation of the Tung Oil Tree (Aleurites Montana) in Nyasaland (A Practical Guide for Growers)
79449: WEBSTER, SANDY, - "If You Can Dream It You Can Do It" The Early Days of Somerset College
84067: WEBSTER, EDWARD & VON HOLDT, KARL (EDITED BY), - Beyond the Apartheid Workplace: Studies in Transition
85916: WEBSTER, W.A., - Real Union in South Africa A Record and a Plea
74999: WEBSTER, F. A. M. (EDITED BY), - British Olympic Association. The official report of the Xth Olympiad Los Angeles 1932
83766: WEBSTER, EDWARD & VON HOLDT, KARL (EDITED BY), - Beyond the Apartheid Workplace: Studies in Transition
77220: WEBSTER, CHARLES, - The Foreign Policy of Castlereagh, 1812-1822., ( Vol. 1 : 1812 - 1815 * Vol. 2: 1815 - 1822 ) Britain and the Reconstruction of Europe.
82983: WEBSTER, CHARLES & FRANKLAND, NOBLE, - The Strategic Air Offensive Against Germany 1939-1945. THREE VOLS OF FOUR : Vol. 1: Preparation; Vol. 2: Endeavour; Vol. 3: Victory:
75079: WEBSTER, ROBERT, - Gems: Their Sources, Descriptions & Identification
74825: WEBSTER, DAVID & HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D. (EDITED BY), - Agnates and Affines: Studies in African Marriage, Manners and Land Allocation, (AFRICAN STUDIES Vol.34 #4)
81929: WEBSTER, NESTA & KERLEN, KURT, - Boche and Bolshevik. Being a Series of Articles from the Morning Post of London, Reprinted for Distribution in the United States
41515: DE WECKER, L. / MASSELON, DR., - Clinique Ophthalmologique De Dr. De Wecker a Paris. Releve Statistique ....des Operations Pratiques Pendant L'annee 1874
41414: DE WECKER, L., - Quaglino et Sa Sclerotomie ((Extrait Des Annales d'Oculitique Mai 1894)
76684: WEDD, C.B.; SMITH, B.; KING, W.B.R.; WRAY, D.A., - The Country Around Oswestry
49905: WEDDERBURN, LESLIE, - Death Between Drinks.
74175: WEDGWOOD, ALEXANDRA, - A.W.N. Pugin and the Pugin Family (Catalogues of Architectural Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum)
78323: WEDGWOOD, C.V., - Literature and the Historian
48906: WEDGWOOD, C.V., - The Trial of Charles I
61813: WEDGWOOD, J.I., - The Distinctive Contribution of Theosophy to Christian Thought. The Blavatsky Lecture 1926.
83740: WEDMORE, E.B., - A Manual of Beekeeping for English-Speaking Beekeepers
28233: WEEBER, E.J., - Op Die Transvaalse Front
48270: WEEKES, A.R. & R.K., - A Brother for Richard
42964: WEEKES, H.E. AND OTHERS; (FOREWORD BY IAN HAMILTON), - History of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles (Frontier Force) 1858-1928
72366: WEEKES, HENRY (1807-1877), - A 1page Autograph L;etter to W R Dickinson, Signed and Dated March 19, 1846
55558: WEEKS, JEFFREY, - Coming Out. Homosexual Politics in Britain, from the Nineteenth Century to the Present.
47169: WEEKS, JOHN H., - Among the Primitive Bakongo. A Record of Thirty Years Close Intercourse with the Bakongo and Other Tribes of Eqiotorial Africa, with a Deescription of Their Habits, Customs & Religious Beliefs.
61724: WEEKS, GERALD R. (EDITED BY), - Promoting Change Through Paradoxical Therapy.
65427: WEEKS, GEORGE, - W. Spencer Walton: "Approved of God to be intrusted with the Gospel"
79498: WEELEN, GUY, - Oiseaux solaires, oiseaux maris. Tapisseries de Robert Wogensky 12 Mai - 6 Juin 1970
82501: WEERAMANTRY, C. G., - Apartheid the Closing Phases?
79419: WEGE, D., - Hail Liberty: March for the Pianoforte
79416: WEGE, D., - Officers' Waltz
63895: WEGELIN, MAIMI, - The Pattern-Cutting Book - "Pattern Cutting, Designing and Dressmaking made Easy with the "Basic Pattern"
85211: WEGELIN, HANS, - Construction Primer for Southern Africa
58037: WEGELIN, MAIMI, - The Pattern-Cutting Book. Pattern-cutting, Designing and Dressmaking Md Easy with the "Basic Pattern"
50134: WEGENER, ROBBIE, - South African Anglers Guide: A Guide to Sea and Freshwater Fishing.
81816: WEGERIF, MARK; RUSSELL, BEV; GRUNDLING, IRMA, - Still Searching for Security: The Reality of Farm Dweller Evictions in South Africa
49527: WEHLTE, KURT, - The Materials and Techniques of Painting. With a Supplement on Color Theory.
63654: WEHRFRITZ, B.A.F., - Infinite linear groups: an account of the group-theoretic properties of infinite groups of matrices (Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete 76)
79167: WEICHER, THEODOR, - Zehn lyrische Selbst-Porträts. Ferdinand von Saar. Felix Dahn, J. Trojan, Martin Greif, Ernst von Wildenbruch, Detlev von Liliencron, Gustav Falke, Arno Holz, R. Dehmel, Otto Julius Bierbaum [Mit den Porträts der Dichter nach der Natur auf den Stein......
52298: WEICK, FRED E. & HANSEN, JAMES R., - From the Ground Up. The Autobiography of an Aeronautical Engineer.
47019: WEIDEMAN, GEORGE, - Horea Hoera Die Ysman (1970-1976)
54559: WEIDER, JOSEPH E. (EDITOR IN CHIEF), - Your Physique, VOL IV No.3 - VOL.5 No.6
48326: WEIDER, JOSEPH (EDITED BY), - Mr. America: The Magazine of Champions VOL.1 No.1
48332: WEIDER, BEN (EDITED BY), - Your Physique: A Magazine for Men Who Want to Improve Their Bodies. Vol.17 No.3 June 1952
48333: WEIDER, BEN (EDITED BY), - Your Physique: A Magazine for Men Who Want to Improve Their Bodies. Vol.10 No.1 October 1948
48334: WEIDER, BEN (EDITED BY), - Your Physique: A Magazine for Men Who Want to Improve Their Bodies. Vol.14 No.1 October 1950
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48125: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Denmark Including Its German Dominions
48126: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The Russian Empire in Europe and Asia
48127: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Russia in Europe with Its Dismemberments from Poland in 1773, 1793 1nd 1795.
48128: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Poland
48129: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Prussia.
48130: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Germany
48131: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Upper Saxony
48132: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Lower Saxony
48133: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Westphalia
48134: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Lower & Upper Rhine with Franconia.
48135: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Swabia
48136: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Bavaria Divided Into Ots Respective Sovereign States.
48137: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Austria
48138: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Bohemia Including Moravia, Austrian Silesia, Eger & Glatz.
48139: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Silesia
48141: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Hungary and Transilvania.
48142: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The Seven United Provinces with Their Dependencies.
48143: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The Netherlands Including Liege
48144: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - France Divided Into Governments as it Was Before the Revolution M DCC XC
48145: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - France Divided Into Departments Including the Dismemberments from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.
48146: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Spain and Portugal
48147: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Switzerland
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48149: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Dominions of the King of Sardinia
48150: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The North East Part of Italy, Comprising the Estates of Venice, the Duchies of Milan, Mantua, Modena & Parma; with Part of the Estates of Genoa.
48151: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Estates of the Church, Grand Duchy of Tuscany, Republic of Lucca &c.
48152: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Naples and Sicily, from the Latest Observations.
48153: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Turkey in Europe
48154: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Asia
48155: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - Hindoostan Divided Into Soubahs According to the Ayin Acbaree.
48156: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The Southern Provinces of Hindoostan
48157: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - China. Contains 15 Subject Provinces, Including the 2 Islands of Hainan Formosa and the Tributary Kingdoms of Corea Tonkin.
48158: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The Islands of the East Indies with the Channels Between India, China & New Holland.
48160: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - North America
48163: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - South America
5408: WILKINSON, WYNYARD, T, - Indian Colonial Silver; European Silversmiths In India (1790-1860) and their Marks
48159: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - New Holland or Australia
48162: WILKINSON, ROBERT, - The West Indies and Coast Adjacent.
40000: WILKINSON, WALTER, - The Peep Show
40176: WILKINSON, SAMUEL H., - The Life of John Wilkinson the Jewish Missionary
58254: WILKINSON, HERBERT, - The G.H.S. Queenstown (Queenstown Girls High School)
72315: WILKINSON-LATHAM, ROBERT, - From Our Special Correspondent Victorian War Correspondents and Their Campaigns
62463: WILKINSON, ALICIA, - The Complete South African Fish & Seafood Cookbook.
73513: WILKINSON, HERBERT, - Queen's College (Queenstown, C. P. )
35130: WILKINSON, J. GARDNER, - A Second Series of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, Including Their Religion, Agriculture Etc.
83205: WILKINSON, C. EDGAR (AND MANY OTHER AUTHORS ), - Christian Responsibility Toward Areas Of Rapid Social Change; Report of the Multi-racial Conference Held at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, from 7 to 10 December, 1959
74370: WILKINSON, NEVILE R., - To All And Singular.
82875: WILKINSON, ROBYN & KRAGOLSEN-KILLE, ASTRID, - Bo-Kaap. Inside Cape Town's Malay Quarter
75670: WILKS, TERRY, - For the Love of Natal, the Life and Times of the Natal Mercury 1852-1977
36750: WILKS, TERRY, - Douglas Mitchell
73839: WILKS, TERRY, - One Hundred Golden Years. A History of the Natal Building Society 1882-1982
39600: WILLANS, GEOFFREY, - Admiral on Horseback
78153: WILLBORG, J.P., - 1980-1990 "Ten Years" Jubilee Exhibition
70419: WILLCOCK, JOHN, - Sir Thomas Urquhart of Cromartie
70493: WILLCOCKS, WILLIAM, - Sixty Years in the East
50016: WILLCOCKS, W., - Report on Irrigation in South Africa
54945: WILLCOX, A.R., - So You Want to Build. A Guide to Building in South Africa.
49664: WILLCOX, A.R, - The Drakensberg Bushmen and Their Art. With a Guide to Rock Painting Sites.
66349: WILLCOX, A.R., - Great River. The Story of the Orange River.
69950: WILLCOX, A.R., - The Rock Art of South Africa
85536: WILLCOX, WALTER TEMPLE, - The Fifth (Royal Irish) Lancers in South Africa 1899-1902. A Facsimile Reprint drawn from 'The Historical Records of the Fifth (Royal Irish) Lancers from their Foundation as Wynne's Dragoons (in 1689) to the Present Day.
69147: WILLCOX, A.R., - Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg, Natal and Griqualand East
80840: WILLEMENT, THOMAS (1786–1871), - A 1pp Autograph Letter to Mr Lepard, Signed and Dated 16th Novr. 1836, with Integral Address Leaf.
55660: WILLEMS, ALPHONSE & BERGHMAN, G., - Les Elzevier. Histoire et Annales Typographiques. Impression anastatique. Bruxelles 1880. [AND] Supplément a l'ouvrage su les Elzevier.
80798: WILLEMS, P., - Le droit public romain ou les institutions politiques de Rome depuis l'origine de la ville jusqu'à Justinien.
79803: WILLEMSE, J., - The Gold Occurrences South-West of Pietersburg
72526: WILLEMSE, HEIN, - Angsland
70718: WILLEMSE, W.A., - The Road to the Reformatory
22287: WILLERS, D.J. (EDITOR), - Aspects of Black Housing in South Africa
75555: WILLERS, DAVID, - In Search of the Waratah. The Titanic of the South.
54717: WILLETT, JOHN, - Brecht in Context. Comparative Approaches.
50027: WILLETT, ANDREW, - Synopsis Papismi, That is a Generall Viewe of Papistrie, Wherein the Whole Mysterie of Iniquitie, and Summe of the Antichristian Doctrine is Set Downe, .. (AND) Tetrastylon Papisticum, That is the Foure Principal Pillers of Papistrie....
29271: WILLETT, PETER, - The Thoroughbred
75805: WILLHOFT, E. M. A. (EDITED BY), - Aseptic Processing and Packaging of Particulate Foods
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12141: WILLIAMS, OWEN, - Who's Who in Tennis 1980
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82560: WILLIAMS, WALTER E., - South Africa's War Against Capitalism
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54997: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE, - Sweet Bird of Youth
55008: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE, - Period of Adjustment. High Point Over a Cavern.
55182: WILLIAMS, SUSAN, - The People's King. The True Story of the Abdication.
55338: WILLIAMS, W. MATTHIEU, - A Vindication of Phrenology
54243: WILLIAMS, W. MATTHIEU, - Personal Reminiscences of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
52549: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, - The Region of the Summer Stars
53448: WILLIAMS, ARTHUR, - Sculpture. Technique. Form. Content,.
53459: WILLIAMS, LEONARD, - Toledo and Madrid. Their Records and Romances.
53584: WILLIAMS, NIGEL, - W.C.P.C.
53783: WILLIAMS, CHARLES (INTRODUCTION BY ANNE RIDLER), - The Image of the City and Other Essays.
53916: WILLIAMS-ELLIS, CLOUGH, - Royal Festival Hall
71130: WILLIAMS, PETER J. & WARWICK, ROGER (EDITED BY), - Gray's Anatomy 35th Edition
52033: WILLIAMS, C.K., - Poems 1963-1983
61163: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, - The Long Saturday Night
50956: WILLIAMS, MONIER, - Hinduism (Non Christian Religious Systems)
50972: WILLIAMS, L.F. RUSHBROOK, - India
51005: WILLIAMS, A.T.P., - The Churches in Britain
51010: WILLIAMS, ERIC, - The Wooden Horse
48907: WILLIAMS, ETHEL CARLETON, - Anne of Denmark
49005: WILLIAMS, STREPHON KAPLAN, - The Dreamwork Manual. A Step-By-step Introduction to Working with Dreams.
49948: WILLIAMS, NAIL ALWYN / JOHENNESSE, FHAZEL, - Just a Little Stretch of Road / the Rainmaker
47582: WILLIAMS, L. PEARCE, - Michael Faraday. A Biography.
72934: WILLIAMS, WHEELER, - Wheeler Williams (American Sculptors Series )
31760: WILLIAMS, ROGER, - Reed in the Wind
662: WILLIAMS, VALENTINE, - The Clue of the Rising Moon.
61252: WILLIAMS, BRYN & D'ALESSIO, PAOLO, - F1 99 : Behind the Scenes : World Championship Photographic Review
56562: WILLIAMS, BASIL, - Record of the Cape Mounted Riflemen
27863: WILLIAMS, EDGAR (EDITOR), - The Compact Edition of the Dictionary of National Biography: The Complete Text Reproduced micrographically
36475: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE, - Steps Must be Gentle. A Dramatic Reading for Two Performers
56834: WILLIAMS, SYLVIA H., - Mohammed Omar Khalil Etchings / Amir I.M. Nour Sculpture
73798: WILLIAMS, W. D., - Nietzsche and the French: a Study of the Influence of Nietzsche's French Reading on His Thought and Writing
10222: WILLIAMS, NEVILLE, - Royal Homes of Great Britain from Medieval to Modern Times
63396: WILLIAMS, LAMBERT, - The Heart of the Furnace
57688: WILLIAMS, RHODRI, - Defending the Empire. The Conservative Party and British Defence Policy 1899-1915.
79980: WILLIAMS, HUGO, - Dock Leaves
52940: WILLIAMS, ALPHEUS F., - Some Dreams Come True, Being a Sheaf of Stories Leading Up to the Discovery of Copper, Diamonds and Gold in Southern Africa, and of the Pioneers Who Took Part in The Excitement of Those Early Days.
65739: WILLIAMS, CARO, - Journey from the Depths of Zimbabwe. The Stone Sculptures.
12302: WILLIAMS, L.M. (BILL), - Austin '7' Specials. Building Maintenance and Tuning
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84914: WILLIAMS, A. (EDITED BY), - Breadmaking the Modern Revolution
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44877: WILLIAMS, HOWARD, - Paradise Precarious
76737: WILLIAMS, B.J.; WHITTAKER, A, - Geology of the Country Around Stratford - Upon - Avon and Evesham
65435: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM C., - Motoring Mascots of the World
79400: WILLIAMS, DAVID (AND OTHERS), - Central Banking and the World's Financial System
61512: WILLIAMS, CHANCELLOR, - The Re-Birth of African Civilization
77903: WILLIAMS, RICHARD, - Enzo Ferrari A Life
73983: WILLIAMS, GARDNER F., - The Diamond Mines of South Africa
84932: WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER, - Adrift in the Ether. The Current State of the British Underground
75905: WILLIAMS, ROGER; PORTMANN, BERNARD; TAN, KAI-CHAH (EDITED BY), - The Practice of Liver Transplantation
70517: WILLIAMS, H., - Specimens of Printing Types Borders, Ornaments &c.
66682: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, - Shadows of Ecstacy
16847: WILLIAMS, HOWARD, - Paradise Precarious
82877: WILLIAMS, ROGER, - King of Sea Diamonds: The Saga of Sam Collins
27463: WILLIAMS, R.O., - The Useful and Ornamental Plants in Zanzibar and Pemba
44378: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, - Hushed Up! A Case for Inquiry Into Some Suppressed Facts Concerning the Conduct of the War in South Africa.
80018: WILLIAMS, NEIL ALWYN // JOHENNESSE, FHAZEL, - Just A Little Stretch of Road, // The Rainmaker
72344: WILLIAMS, GARDNER F., - The Diamond Mines of South Africa Some Account of Their Rise and Development
75847: WILLIAMS, D.F. & SCHMITT, W.H. (EDITED BY), - Chemistry and Technology of the Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry
7905: WILLIAMS, L.F RUSHBROOK, - India in 1921-22
70321: WILLIAMS, GWYNETH & HACKLAND, BRIAN, - The Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Southern Africa
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80305: WILLIAMS, ROGER, - Bob Williams: His Personal Story
33344: WILLIAMS, HAL, - Mechanical Refrigeration, Being a Practical Introduction to the Study of Cold Storage, Ice-Making and Other Purposes to Which Refrigeration is Being Applied
71416: WILLIAMS, CHARLES, - Charles Blomfield: His Life and Times
76978: CRWYS-WILLIAMS (EDITED BY) (MANDELA, NELSON), - In the Words of Nelson Mandela
71129: WILLIAMS, PETER J. & WARWICK, ROGER (EDITED BY), - Gray's Anatomy 36th Edition
73895: WILLIAMS, A. (EDITED BY), - Breadmaking the Modern Revolution
71715: WILLIAMSON, HARCOURT F., - The Book of Beauty (Era King Edward VII.) A Collection of Beautiful Portraits with Literary, Artistic, and Musical Contributions by Men and Women of the Day
55244: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS, - The Cardinal in England
68836: WILLIAMSON, ANDREW (EDITED BY PARKER, DEBORAH AND OTHERS), - Voyage to a New Millennium. Thomas Cook... a Journey.
48451: WILLIAMSON, HENRY, - Devon Holiday
16787: WILLIAMSON, ROBERT W., - The Social and Political Systems of Central Polynesia
24855: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE & ENGLEHEART, HENRY L.D., - George Engleheart (1750 - 1829) Miniature Painter to George III
56537: WILLIAMSON, C.N. & A.M., - A Soldier of the Legion
29616: WILLIAMSON, HENRY, - The Wet Flanders Plain
39037: WILLIAMSON, HUGH, - Methods of Book Design. The Practice of an Industrial Craft
22965: WILLIAMSON, GEORGE HUNT, - Road in the Sky
1900: WILLIAMSON, HENRY, - Lucifer Before Sunrise
57793: WILLIAMSON, JENNY & PARKER, PAT, - Quilts on Safari
58701: WILLIAMSON, ROBIN, - Home Thoughts from Abroad
72021: WILLIAMSON, FREDERICK, - The Wolf and Hirsch Hillman Building. University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg. A Brochure Published on the Occasion of the Official Opening of the Building By the Prime Minister of the Union of South Africa....J. C. Smuts 18th June 1940
29615: WILLIAMSON, HENRY, - The Flax of Dream: Book 1: The Beautiful Years; Book 2: Dandelion Days; Book 3: The Dream of Fair Women
7410: WILLIAMSON, GRAHAM, - The Orchids Of South Central Africa
64554: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS, - Pavane for a Dead Infanta
81530: WILLIAMSON, HENRY (JEFFERIES, RICHARD), - Richard Jefferies. Selections of his Work, with details of his Life and Circumstance, his Death and Immortality.
73343: WILLIAMSON, SUE, - Resistance Art in South Africa
21041: WILLIAMSON, SUE, - Resistance Art in South Africa
7946: WILLIAMSON, J.W, - In a Persian Oil Field: A Study in Scientific and Industrial Development
62533: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS, - Historical Whodunits
83819: WILLIAMSON, JENNY & PARKER, PAT, - Quilt the Beloved Country
76367: WILLIAMSON, JENNY & PARKER, PAT, - Quilt the Beloved Country
66232: WILLIAMSON, THORA (EDITED BY ANTHONY KIRK-GREENE), - Gold Coast Diaries: Chronicles of Political Officers in West Africa 1900-1919.
71964: WILLIAMSON, CLAUDE C. H., - Readings on the Character of Hamlet, compiled from over three hundred sources.
26515: WILLICH, A.F.M. (ADELUNG, JOHN CHRISTOPHER), - Three Philological Essays, Chiefly Translated from the German of John Christopher Adelung, Aulic Counsellor and First Librarian to the Elector of Saxony
63206: WILLINGHAM, CALDER, - Providence Island
71052: WILLIS, MICHAEL, - Tibet : Life, Myth and Art
50206: WILLIS, J.C., - A Dictionary of the Flowering Plants and Ferns
40170: WILLIS, ROY, - The Interpretation of Symbolism
66224: WILLIS, R.G., - Kamcape: An Anti-Sorcery Movement in South West Tanzania
80138: WILLIS, M.B., - The German Shepherd Dog. Its History, Development and Genetics.
71099: WILLIS, R.A., - The Borderland of Embryology and Pathology
28452: WILLISON, JOHN, - The Afflicted Man's Companion or, a Directory for Persons and Families Afflicted with Sickness or Any Other Distress.

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