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70227: VENTER, E.A., - De Aar Town of the Future (1902-1952)
73214: VENTER, AL. J. (EDITED BY), - Challenge. Southern Africa Within the African Revolutionary Context
80533: VENTER, E.A., - Ons Geskiedenisalbum. Bakens op die Pad van Blank Suid-Afrika Aangebied in Woord en Beeld
70150: VENTRESCA, PETER, - Shoto-Kan Karate: The Ultimate in Self Defense
73924: VENTURI, LIONELLO, - The Sixteenth Century from Leonardo to El Greco.
75576: VENTURI, FRANCO, - Roots of Revolution A History of the Populist and Socialist Movements in Nineteenth Century Russia
56652: VENTURINO, MIKE, - Shooting Lever Guns of the Old West
55622: VERBURGH, C., - The Competition of South African Harbours and Lourenco Marques for the Ocean-Borne Imports of the Transvaal 'Competitive Area'
69719: VERCORS, - Le Silence De La Mer
50646: VERDAM, J. (REVISED C H EBBINGE WUBBEN), - Middelnederlandsch Handwoordenboek
3424: VERDCOURT, BERNARD & TRUMP, E.C., - Common Poisonous Plants Of East Africa.
57982: VERDI, GIUSEPPE, - Otello in Full Score
57983: VERDI, GIUSEPPE, - Falstaff in Full Score
63928: VERDI, GIUSEPPE (ASSOCIATION COPY JACO VAN DER MERWE), - Falstaff. Lyrical Comedy in Three Acts. Complete Arrangement for Voice and Pianoforte.
53269: VERDOORN, INEZ C., - The Genus Fagara as Represented in the South African Herbaria
61879: VERDOORN, I. C., - An Introduction to Botany and to a Few Transvaal Veld Flowers.
61241: VERDUYN DEN BOER, J.H., - Schetsen Uit Het Kaapse Leven Van De 18e En 19e Eeuw.
65923: VERESTCHAGIN, VASSILI, - "1812": Napoleon I in Russia
42299: VERGIL (TRANSLATED BARRETT, UNWIN S. & JOHNSTON, J.H.O.), - The Aeneid of Vergil
80511: VERGIL (P. VERGILI MARONIS) (COMMENTARY BY R. G. AUSTIN), - Aeneidos Liber Sextus
51249: VERGO, PETER, - Art in Vienna 1898-1918
50359: VERGROESEN, A.J. (EDITED BY), - The Role of Fats in Human Nutrition.
63587: VERITY, FRANK, - Guilty Men of Suez
54784: VERLAINE, PAUL, - Quinze Jours En Hollande. Lettres a Un Ami.
5488: VERLET, PIERRE, - French Furniture And Interior Decoration Of The 18th Century
58684: VERLET, PIERRE, - La Maison Du XVIII Siecle En France. Societe Decoration Mobilier
25346: VERLOREN VAN THEMAAT, ELSA, - Pranas Domsaitis
84022: VERLOREN VAN THEMAAT, J.P., - Die Deelneme Van Verskillende Dele Van Die Bevolking Van Die Unie Aan Sy Staatsregtelike Instellings
48635: VERMAAK, CHRIS, - The Red Trap. Communism and Violence in South Africa
77696: VERMAAK, C.F., - The Platinum-Group Metals: a Global Perspective
60079: VERMAAK, CHRIS, - Braam Fischer. The Man with Two Faces.
68167: VERMAAK, CHRIS, - Manskap Nr.7801. Die Verhaal Van 'n Knap Speurder.
66518: VERMAAK, S.J., - A Chronology of the Postal Slogans of South Africa
48640: VERMAAT, J.A. EMERSON, - The World Council of Politics & Politics.
57854: VERMES, GEZA, - The Dead Sea Scrolls
79852: VERMEULEN, DIRK J., - Living Amongst the Stars at the Johannesburg Observatory
63892: VERMEULEN, IRMA, - Man En Monument. Die Lewe En Werk Van Gerard Moerdijk.
79122: VERNE, JULES (ADAPTED BY DR. MARION KIMBERLY), - Around the World in Eighty Days
25414: VERNE, JULES, - The Lottery Ticket
25417: VERNE, JULES, - The Vanished Diamond
25418: VERNE, JULES, - North Against South Part 1: Burbank the Northerner. A Tale of the American Civil War
64736: VERNE, JULES, - The Mysterious Island
41736: VERNE, JULES., - A Floating City
40354: VERNE, JULES, - The Ice Desert
33793: VERNE, JULES, - A Long Vacation
32738: VERNE, JULES, - For the Flag
32784: VERNE, JULES, - The Wilderness of Ice. Part Two of the Adventures of Captain Hatteras
32785: VERNE, JULES, - Drama in Livonia
25892: VERNE, JULES, - The City in the Sahara (Part Two of the Barsac mission)
76345: VERNE, JULES, - The Mystery of the " Franklin " Mistress Branican
17121: VERNE, JULES, - A Floating City
53347: VERNER, WILLOUGHBY, - My Life Among the Wild Birds in Spain
22154: VERNER, WILLOUGHBY, - Sketches in the Soudan
55258: VERNER, WILLOUGHBY (EDITED BY), - The Rifle Brigade for 1900 (Eleventh Year). CENTENARY NUMBER
47252: VERNEY, MICHAEL, - Practical Conversions and Yacht Repairs
63908: VERNEY, JOHN, - John Verney's Farnham
50765: VERNI, MARIA, - Modern Beauty Culture. A Complete Guide to Beauty Including Diet, Health Exercises, Baths and All Modern Methods Relating to the Art of Beauty Culture.
79271: VERNON, H. R. W. (EDITED BY), - The Kenya Regiment (T.F.) Newsletter NO.13 December 1961
81961: VERNON, KEN, - Penpricks: The Drawing of South Africa's Political Battlelines
61510: VERNON, H.M., - Accidents and Their Prevention
82432: VERNON, C.J., - Birds of the Zimbabwe Ruins Area, Rhodesia
72892: VERONESI, GIULIA, - Into The Twenties Style and Design 1909-1929
53451: LE VERRIER, URBAIN JEAN-JOSEPH, - Memoire Sur La Determination Des Inegalites Seculaires Des Planetes (AND) Recherches Sur Les Mouvements De La Planete Herschel
47373: VERRILL, A. HYATT, - The Real Story of the Whaler
39759: VERRYN, T.D. (EDITED BY), - Church and Marriage in Modern Africa
30217: VERRYN, T.D., - A History of the Order of Ethiopia
79314: VERSFELD, MARTIN, - Food for Thought
47845: VERSFELD, MARTHINUS, - 'N Handleiding Tot Die Republiek Van Plato
57373: VERSFELD, MARTHINUS; SCHOLTZ, MERWE; I.L. DE VILLIERS, - Wine and Wisdom. Four Reflections.
61283: VERSFELD, MARTHINUS, - Persons
85304: VERSFELD, MARTHINUS, - Die Neukery Met Die Appelboom
60787: VERSVELD, MARTHINUS & DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Berge Van Die Boland.
51043: VERVLIET, HENDRIK D.L., - Liber Librorum. 5000 Jahre Buchkunst
73934: VERWEY, E.J., - New Dictionary of South Africa Biography: Vol 1
72627: VERWOERD, W.J. (EDITED BY), - Mineralization in Metamorphic Terranes: Geological Society of South Africa Special Publication #4, Geokongres 75, Sixteenth Congress of the GSAS at University of Stellenbosch 1975
82078: VERWOERD, W.J., - The carbonatites of South Africa and South West Africa;: A nuclear raw materials investigation primarily for the Atomic Energy Board
81491: VERWOERD, H.F., - State Funeral of the Late Prime Minister Dr. The Honourable H.F. Verwoerd Amphitheatre Union Buildings Pretoria Saturday 10th Seoptember at 2.15p.m. // Staatsbegrafnis Van Wyle Die Eerste Minister Sy Edele Dr. H. F. Verwoerd.......
63567: VERWOERD, WILHELM & MABIZELA, MAHLUBI 'CHIEF', - Truths Drawn in Jest: Analysing the TRC Through Cartoons
76199: VERWOERD, H.F., - .Dr. H. F. Verwoerd
55141: VERWOERD, H.F., - Onttrekking Van Die Staatebond. Statebondkonferensie 17.3.61 / Address to the South Africa Club London 17.3.61
55142: VERWOERD, H.F., - Nuwejaarsboodskap 1.1.1961 / Verwelkoming Op Jan Smuts Lughawe Onttrekking Aan Die Statebond 20.3.1961
55143: VERWOERD, H.F., - Unieskou. Openingsrede Deur Sy Edele Dr. H.F. Verwoerd 9 April 1960
55144: VERWOERD, H.F., - Toespraak Meyerton 26 Maart 1960
59518: VERWOERD, H.F., - Die Republiek. Laaster Tree Daarheen. Verklaring Deur Sy Edele Dr. H.F. Verwoerrd, Eerste Minister Van Suid Afrika. Toespraak Gelewer in Die Volksraad Kaapstad Op 20 Januarie 1960
58722: VERWOERD, H.F., - Die Keuse: Rasvermengde Vaderland of Blanke Suid-Afrika?
61142: VERWOERD, H.F., - Suid Afrika Vorentoe / Our View to the Future
59519: VERWOERD, H.F., - Suid Afrika Vorentoe / Our View to the Future.
70954: VERWOERD, S. A. JOUBERT, - Wilhelm Johannes Verwoerd
80725: VERWOERD, WILHELM, - Viva Verwoerd?: Kronieke van 'n Keuse
42801: VEUILLOT, LOUIS., - Corbin D'aubecourt.
42802: VEUILLOT, LOUIS., - Dialogues Socialistes
78452: EDWARD VI, - The First and Second Prayer Books of Edward VI
53486: VIALE, MERCEDES FERRERO, - Arazzi Del Cinquecento
72258: VIALL, JEANNE; JAMES, WILMOT; GERWEL, JAKES, - Grape - Stories of the Vineyards in South Africa
84207: VICENTE, GIL, - Obras de Gil Vicente.
14937: VICKERS, BRIAN, - Francis Bacon and Renaissance Prose
67792: VICKERS, MICHAEL, - Sophocles And Alcibiades: Athenian Politics In Ancient Greek Literature
49641: VICTORIN, J.F., - Travels in the Cape. The Years 1853-1855
40829: VIDAL, GORE, - Three Plays. Visit to a Small Planet. The Best Man. On a March to the Sea.
53228: VIDAL, GORE, - Williwaw
73941: VIDAL, PEDRO RIERA, - Jews in Toledo, and their Synagogues
69690: VIEIRA, JOSE LUANDINO, - Luuanda: Short Stories of Angola
40720: VIEIRA, JOSE LUANDINO, - The Real Life of Domingos Xavier
60673: VIERA DA SILVA, CARLOS ALBERTO (CARLOS VELLO), - The City of Lourenco Marques Guide Authorized By the Municipality
74667: VIERA DA SILVA, CARLOS ALBERTO (CARLOS VELLO), - The City of Lourenco Marques Guide Authorized By the Municipality
64770: VIERENDEEL, A, - Cours De Stabilite Des Constructions
8016: VIEUCHANGE, MICHEL, - Smara The forbidden City
70630: VIEYRA, MAURICE, - Hittite Art, 2300-750 B.C.
78054: VIGGIANI, DONATELLA & WATANABE, SHIGEHIRO M., - Oriental Techniques of China Painting
35190: VIGILANT, - Richthofen the Red Knight of the Air
52634: VIGNARD, M. EDMOND, - Une Nouvelle Industrie Lithique Le "Sebilien"
70810: VIGNE, RANDOLPH, - Liberals Against Apartheid: A History of the Liberal Party of South Africa, 1953-68
47289: MARK VII (PSEUDONYM MAX PLOWMAN), - A Subaltern on the Somme
62725: VIILMANN, VIIVI, - Arnold Akberg
60511: VIJAYATUNGA, J., - Grass for My Feet. Vignettes of Village Life in Sri Lanka
66220: VIJN, CORNELUS, - Cetshwayo's Dutchman: Being the Private Journal of a White Trader in Zululand During the British Invasion
67114: VILAKAZI, ABSOLOM; MTHETHWA, BONGANI; MPANZA, MTHEMBENEI., - Shembe. The Revitalization of African Society.
5103: VILAKAZI, B.W, - Zulu Horizons
4450: VILAKAZI, B.W, - Zulu Horizons
10096: VILIMKOVA, MILADA, - Egyptian Jewellery
83930: VILJOEN, GERRIT, - Ideaal en Werklikheid . Rekenskap deur 'n Afrikaner
80149: VILJOEN, STEPHEN, - The Economics of Primitive Peoples.
65595: VILJOEN, DEON & RABE, PIER, - Cape Furniture and Metalware
47619: VILJOEN, N.J., - An Investigation Into the Composition of the Soybean in South Africa
16082: VILJOEN, WILHELM JACOB, - Beitrage Zur Geschichte Der Cap Hollandischen Sprache
25454: VILJOEN, D.J., - Die Diamantnywerheid Van Suid Afrika
57282: VILJOEN, STEPHAN, - Economic Systems in World History.
57828: VILJOEN, STEPHAN, - Capitalism
78099: VILJOEN, G. VAN N., - Bantoe Buite Die Tuislande: Riglyne Vir Die Toekoms
82207: VILJOEN, J. H. A., - Piroklastiese Afsettings Van Perm-ouderdom in Die Hoof Karookom, Met Spesiale Verwysing Na Die Collingham Formasie , ECCA Groep
66130: VILJOEN, DEON (EDITED BY), - Rugby World Cup 1995
79865: VILJOEN, ADRIENNE, - Thirty Years of South African Design Excellence
30818: VILJOEN, P.J.J., - "Tot Die Ander Kant Uit" -= Die Pad Van Die Trekboer in Die Geskiedenis Van Suidelike Afrika
80049: VILJOEN, G VAN N.; SCHOLTZ, G.D.; AND NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS, - Die Jeug se Aandeel in Rasse- en Volksverhoudinge
71370: VILJOEN, BEN, - My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War
71905: VILJOEN, BEN, - My Reminiscences of the Anglo-Boer War
74966: VILJOEN, DION, - Bead by Bead: Reviving an Ancient African Tradition: The Monkeybiz Bead Project
80020: VILJOEN, M.J. & REIMOLD, W.U., - An Introduction to South Africa's Geological and Mining Heritage
53079: VILLA-VICENCIO, CHARLES & NIEHAUS, CARL (EDITED BY), - Many Cultures, One Nation. Festschrift for Beyers Naude.
51410: VILLARD, HENRY SERRANO, - Contact! The Story of the Early Birds
81794: VILLARS, JEAN BEREAUD, - T.E. Lawrence or The Search for the Absolute
53190: VILLE, M. GEORGES (REVISED BY WILLIAM CROOKES & JOHN PERCIVAL), - Artificial Manures. Their Chemical Selection and Scientific Application to Agriculture.
83377: DE VILLE, J.R., - Constitutional and Statutory Interpretation
71137: VILLEGAS, LILIANA & VILLEGAS, BENJAMIN, - Artefactos : Colombian Crafts from the Andes to the Amazon
66553: DE VILLIERS, LES, - South Africa Drawn in Colour. The Smuts Years 1945-1946
74288: VILLIERS, ALAN, - The War with Cape Horn
68655: DE VILLIERS, H. H. W., - Rivonia, Operation Mayibuye; a Review of the Rivonia Trial
69228: DE VILLIERS, MEYER, - Afrikaanse Klankleer. Inleiding tot de Fonetiek en die Fonologie.
66986: DE VILLIERS, SUSAN (EDITED BY), - Truth and Reconciliation Commission of South Africa Report COMPLETE SET DF FIVE VOLUMES
85574: DE VILLIERS, PIERRE, - Travel and Holiday: A Guide to the Cape Province of South Africa
81565: DE VILLIERS, MEYER, - Die Semantiek van Afrikaans
75200: DE VILLIERS, J. A|. J. (EDITED BY), - The East and West Indian Mirror (being an Account of Ioris Van Speilbergen's Voyage Round the Worlds 1614-1617) and the Australian Navigations of Jacob Le Maire
55145: (MALAN, D.F.) DE VILLIERS, J.H.; MEYER, P.J.; THOM, H.B.; GRAAFF, DE VILLIERS; VERWOERD, H.F.;, GERICKE, J.S.; VAN RHYN, A.J.R., - Huldeblyke By Die Heengan Van Wyle Sy Edele Dr. D.F. Malan
76303: DE VILLIERS, BERTUS, - Land Reform: Issues and challenges,.A comparative overview of experiences in Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and Australia
52999: DE VILLIERS, SUSAN, - A Tale of Three Cities
51651: VILLIERS, ALAN, - The War with Cape Horn
50631: VILLIERS, ALAN, - The Western Ocean. The Story of the North Atlantic.
65644: DE VILLIERS, C. G. (COMPLETELY REWRITTEN AND AUGMENTED BY C> PAMA), - Genealogies of Old South African Families / Geslagsregisters van die Ou Suid-Afrikaanse Families (2 Vol. set)
61315: DE VILLIERS, A.O., - Rapport Van De Gouvernments Inspecteur Te Koffiefontein Over Her Dienst-jaar 1894-5
2335: DE VILLIERS, SIMON, A., - Robben Island. Out of Reach, Out of Mind
81998: DE VILLIERS, DIV & COSTELLO, JOHN, - Mkambati and the Wild Coast
77339: DE VILLIERS, MARQ, - Water Wars: Is the World's Water Running Out?
84840: DE VILLIERS, WILLEMIEN, - Jane Eppel Sanctum
78787: DE VILLIERS, KARIEN, - 'N Kritiese Ondersoek Na Die Argitektuur Van Vier Van Die Oorspronklike Hugenoteplase in Die Franschhoekvallei
78487: DE VILLIERS, LINDA (EDITED BY), - Constantia Uitsig The Cookbook
70122: DE VILLIERS, SIMON, - Otto Landsberg 1803-1905. 19th Century South African Artist.
72532: DE VILLIERS, ANDRE (EDITED BY) (PLAATJE, SOLOMON T), - Plaatje Centenary Issue (English in Africa VOLUME 3 No.2, September 1976)
85327: DE VILLIERS, BERTUS (EDITED BY), - Crossing the Line: Dealing with Cross-Border Communities
10453: DE VILLIERS, D.P, - A History of the De Villiers Family
70910: DE VILLIERS, DIV & COSTELLO, JOHN, - Mkambati and the Wild Coast. South Africa and Pondoland's Unique Heritage
59295: VILLIERS, ALAN, - Vanished Fleets. Sea Stories from Old Van Diemen's Land
43443: VILLIERS, FREDERIC, - The African Theatres Trust Ltd. Present Mr. Frederic Villiers the Famous War Artist-Correspondent in a Stirring Illustrated Lecture "With Joffre and French"
66475: DE VILLIERS, C.G. (REVISED AND REWRITTEN BY C. PAMA), - Genealogies of Old South African Families / Geslagsregisters van die Ou Suid-Afrikaanse Families (3 Vol. set)
74502: DE VILLIERS, JOHANNA, - Jean Welz
70583: DE VILLIERS, JACQUES & DE VILLIERS, RENA, - Marloth 25. 1977-2002
81518: DE VILLIERS, RIAAN (EDITED BY), - South Africa's New World
82770: DE VILLIERS, M., - Herinnering Aan Het Leven En De Werkzaamheden Van Den Wel-eerw. Zeer Gel. Heer Goth. Wilh. Ant. Van Der Lingen, in Leven Herder En Leeraar Der Nederd. Geref. Gemeente Aan De Paarl
76562: DE VILLIERS, SUE (EDITED BY), - Johannesburg:An African City In Change
35432: VILLIERS, FREDERIC, - Port Arthur. Three Months with the Besiegers
85566: DE VILLIERS, MEYER, - Werkwoordsvorme in Afrikaans in Die Verlede Tyd
59512: VILLIERS, ALAN & PICARD, HENRI, - The Bounty Ships of France
65552: DE VILLIERS, ANNA, - Barrevoets Oor Die Drakensberg. Pioneersvroue Van Die Neentiende Eeu.
79079: DE VILLIERS, MEYER, - Die Semantiek Van Afrikaans
71621: DE VILLIERS, INGRID (EDITED BY), - Collective bargaining, deregulation & democracy :proceedings of the Labour Law Conference 1990
71108: DE VILLIERS, HERTHA, - The Skull of the South African Negro: A Biometrical and Morphological Study
67310: DE VILLIERS, S. J. A., - Cook and Enjoy it
62987: DE VILLIERS, J.E., - Mineralogy of the Barberton Gold Deposits / Mineralogie Van Die Barbertonse Goudafsettings
73840: DE VILLIERS, DIRKIE (EDITOR IN CHIEF), - Nuwe F.A.K. Sangbundel
62390: DE VILLIERS, J. L. (INTRODUCTION BY J. L. DE VILLIERS), - Hoe Ek Ontsnap Het. 'n Verhaal Van 'n Merkwaardige Ontsnapping Van 'n Boer Uit Engels-Indie
26297: DE VILLIERS, JOHN, - The Transvaal
61948: DE VILLIERS, ANNA J.D., - Die Hollandse Taalbeweging in Suid Afrika
60356: DE VILLIERS, C.F.; METROWICH, F.; DU PLESSIS, J.A., - Die Kommunisme in Aksie
65689: DE VILLIERS, J.F., - The Origins of Passions: A personal inquiry into the differing inborn passions and values of Africans and Europeans
73439: VILLIERS, ALAN, - Give Me a Ship to Sail
84078: DE VILLIERS, W.B., - The Place of the I-Thou Scheme in Modern Christian Anthropology
81985: DE VILLIERS, HELENE, - Die Sprokiesboom
19368: VILNAY, ZEV, - Steimatzky's Palestine Guide
73113: VINCE, C. A., - Mr. Chamberlain's Proposals, What They Mean And What We Shall Gain By Them
81776: VINCENDEAU, GINETTE, - Stars and Stardom in French Cinema
52403: VINCENT, S.F., - Flying Fever
52749: VINCENT, W.D.F., - Vincent's Systems of Cutting All Kinds of Tailor-made Garments (AND) Vincent's Systems of Breast Measure and Other Simple Methods.
35267: VINCENT, WILLIAM, - The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea Part the First, Containing an Account of the Navigation of the Ancients
22129: VINCENT, MRS. HOWARD, - China to Peru Over the Andes. A Journey Through South America
73593: VINCENT, W. D. F., - The Cutter's Guide and Pocket Album
65986: VINCENT, W; THOMAS, R.G.; STAPLES, R.E., - An Agricultural Survey of Southern Rhodesia,. Part I The Agro-Ecological Survey. Part II, Agro-Economic Survey
75858: VINCENT, DAVID, - Poor Citizens: The State and the Poor in Twentieth-Century Britain.
37388: VINCENT-BRECHIGNAC, COMMANDANT, - Les Flottes De Combat 1931
37389: VINCENT-BRECHIGNAC, COMMANDANT, - Les Flottes De Combat 1936
49685: VINDEX, - Light Invisible. The Freemasons Answer to Darkness Visible.
62847: VINE-HALL, A., - The Submarine and The Aeroplane
35616: VINE, FREDK. T., - Practical Pastry. A Handbook for Pastrybakers, Cooks and Confectioners
36282: VINET, A. (TRANSLATED BY CHARLES THEODORE JONES), - An Essay on the Profession of Personal Religious Conviction, and Upon the Separation of Church & State Considered with Reference to the Fulfil;ment of That Duty.
75928: VINEY, CLIVE; PHILLIPPS, KAREN; YING, LAM CHU, - Birds of Hong Kong and South China
52325: VINEY, GRAHAM & SIMONS, PHILLIDA BROOKE, - The Cape of Good Hope 1806 to 1872. Aspects of the Life and Times of British Society in and Around Cape Town.
48797: VINEY, GRAHAM, - Colonial Houses of South Africa
57843: VINEY, GRAHAM, - Colonial Houses Of South Africa
70354: VINEY, GRAHAM, - Colonial Houses of South Africa
56307: VINKEN, P.J. & BRUYN, G.W. (EDITED BY), - Diseases of the Basal Ganglia
82719: VON VINKLER, P. P. (FON VINKLER), - Gerby gorodov, gubernij, oblastej i posadov Rossijskoj Imperii, Gerby gorodov, gubernij, oblastej i posadov Rossijskoj Imperii. S1649-po 1900goda
44952: VINNICOMBE, PATRICIA, - People of the Eland. Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg Bushmen as a Reflection of Their Life and Thought
83963: VINNICOMBE, PATRICIA, - People of the Eland: Rock Paintings of the Drakensberg Bushmen as a Reflection of Their Life and Thought
73375: VINNICOMBE, PATRICIA, - People of the Eland, Rock Painitngs of the Drakensburg Bushmen as a Reflection of Their Life and Thought
55439: VINOGRADOFF, PAUL, - Villainage in England. Studies in English Mediaeval History.
55440: VINOGRADOFF, PAUL, - English Society in the Eleventh Century. Essays in English Mediaeval History.
55480: VINOGRADOFF, P., - The Growth of the Manor.
37209: VINTCENT, P.C., - Six Addresses Theological and Religious
52912: "VIOLETTE" (TRANSLATED BY A. HOPAS), - A Practical Course on the General Management of Pigeons
82847: VIOLLET-LE-DUC, E.E., - Dictionnaire raisonné de l?architecture Française du XIe au XVIe siècle. (LACKING VOL.6)
55246: VIPONT, ELFRIDA, - The Lark in the Morn
41232: VIRCHOW, HANS, - Beitrage Zur Vergleichende Anatomie Des Auges.
59643: VIRGIL (TRANSLATED C. DAY-LEWIS), - The Aeneid of Virgil
76249: VIRGIL & DAY LEWIS, C., - The Georgics of Virgil, Translated and Read By C. Day Lewis
74900: VISAGIE, J.C., - Willem Fredrik Hertzog 1792-1847
23048: VISIAK, E.H., - The Haunted Island. A Pirate Romance
83551: VISSER, E.E., - Breiboek No. 1. 'n Versameling Van 240 Verskillende Patrone Geillustreer Met 300 Foto's
51035: VISSER, H.F.E., - Asiatic Art in Private Collections of Holland and Belgium
51170: DE VISSER, HARRIET & HAGENBERG, ROLAND, - Karel Appel the Complete Sculptures 1936-1990
82009: VISSER, N.W. & SMITH, M. VAN WYK (EDITED BY), - Athol Fugard at Fifty (English in Africa Volume 9 No.2)
30037: VISSER, COENRAAD (EDITED BY), - Essays in Honour of Ellison Kahn
34587: VISSER, COENRAAD (EDITED BY), - Essays in Honour of Ellison Kahn
83552: VISSER, E.E., - Die Breiboek Vir Die Huisgesin. Breiboek No.2
62573: VISSER, GEORGE CLOETE, - O B Traitors or Patriots?
13138: VISSER, E.E., - Crochet and Fine Knitting.
83553: VISSER, E.E., - Brei En Hekelboek Nr.3
5868: VISSER, JOHN & CHAPMAN, DAVID, S, - Snakes And Snake Bite : Venomous Snakes And Management Of Snakebite In Southern Africa
85095: VISSER, A.G. (TRQNSLATED BY J. PODBREY), - Selected Verse of A. G. Visser
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25316: WARE, FRANCIS M., - Driving
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73426: VAN WARMELO, N.J., - Notes on the Kaokoveld (South West Africa) and its People.
55871: WARNER, PHILIP, - The Secret Forces of World War II
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54295: WARRACK, JOHN, - Carl Maria Von Weber
47584: WARRACK, JOHN, - Carl Maria Von Weber.
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52383: WARREN, CHARLES MARQUIS, - On the Veldt in the Seventies
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63694: WARREN, VERNON, - The Blue Mauritius
73040: WARREN, MARK D. & HUNTER, SWAN, - The CunardTurbine-Driven Quadruple-Screw Atlantic Liner "Mauretania". Constructedby Messrs. Swan, Hunter, and Wigham Richardson, Limited,Wallsend-On-Tyne. Engined by The Wallsend Slipway and EngineeringCompany, Limited, Wallsend-On-Tyne. Reprinted from "E
63852: WARREN, F.E., - The Liturgy and Ritual of the Ante Nicene Church
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71537: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Human Rights in Post Communist Albania
71538: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Children in Confinement in Louisiana
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71539: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - Weapons Transfers and Violations of the Laws of War in Turkey
71549: HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, - All Too Familiar: Sexual Abuse of Women in U.S. State Prisons
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58615: WATERMAN, JILL, - 20 Years Moving Into Dance. Mophatong. 20 Years of Perfomance and Education 1978-1998
74623: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting. A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing
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59144: WATERMEYER, G.A., - Atlantis, or the Crying of the Waters
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68275: WATERMEYER, BASIL, - Diamond Cutting A Complete Guide to Diamond Processing
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69157: WATERSON, ROXANNA, - The Living House. An Anthropology of Architecture in South-East Asia.
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81617: WATKIN, DAVID, - Sir John Soane: Enlightenment Thought and the Royal Academy Lectures.
12281: WATKINS-PITCHFORD, D.J. "B.B.", - Ramblings of a Sportsman Naturalist
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83001: WATKINS, JOHN, - Life, Poetry, And Letters Of Ebenezer Elliott, The Corn-Law Rhymer, With An Abstract Of His Politics
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53257: WATSON, GRAHAM, - It's Not All Bull. Biography of Colin Pearce of Yarragadee and Family Back to 1830.
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37799: WATSON, RICHARD, - A Defence of the Wesleyan Methodist Missions in the West Indies, Including a Refutation of the Charges in Mr. Marryat's "Thoughts On the Abolition of the Slave Trade, &c." & in Other Publications; with Facts and Anecdotes ...Moral State...Slaves....
37798: WATSON, RICHARD, - The Religious Instruction of the Slaves of the West Indian Colonies Advocated and Defended. A Sermon Preached Before the Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society in the New Chapel City Road London April 28 1824
80850: WATSON, ROBERT & THOMSON, WILIAM, - The History of the Reign of Philip the Third, King of Spain. The first four books by Robert Watson, Principal of the United College in the University of St. Andrews, and the last two books by William Thomson.
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62944: WATSON, J.N.P., - Millais. Three Generations in Nature, Art and Sport.
76044: WATSON, JAMES D., - The Double Helix
76464: WATSON, STEPHEN, - Return of the Moon: Versions from the /Xam
76820: WATSON, ALAN, - Roman Law and Comparative Law
76823: WATSON, ALAN, - International Law in Archaic Rome: War and Religion
60998: WATSON, DAVID, - Arendt (Fontana Modern Masters)
70939: WATSON, E.R. (EDITED BY), - Trial of Thurtell and Hunt.
84589: WATSON, I.; WATSON, I. ; RALL, ELSABE, - Die Houtsnyer Se ABC
69641: WATSON, J. STEVEN, - A History of the Salters' Company
74194: WATSON, ALBERT, - The Vienna Album
84238: WATT, RONNIE, - The Helderberg, Death Flight SA295
55256: VAN DER WATT, P.B., - John Murray 1826-1882. Die Eerste Stellebosse Professor.
54931: WATT, JILL, - Granny Loosley's Kitchen Album
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68280: WATT, JOHN MITCHELL & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, MARIA GERDINA, - The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa; Being an Account of Their Medicinal Uses, Chemical Composition, Pharmacological Effects and Toxicology in Man and Animal
14891: WATT, J.M. & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, MARIA, - The Forensic and Sociological Aspects of the Dagga Problem in South Africa.
69889: VAN DER WATT, J.S., - Het Leven Der Boeren Krijgsgevangenen Op Ceylon
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67888: WATT, RONNIE, - Helderberg Death Flight SA295
79099: WATT, JOHN MILLAR, - The POP Annual 1946
69229: WATT, JOHN MITCHELL & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, M.G., - Medicinal and Posionous Plants of Southern and Eastern Africa
79785: WATT, NIGEL, - Burundi: The Biography of a Small African Country
78713: WATT, JOHN MITCHELL & BREYER-BRANDWIJK, MARIA GERDINA, - The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of Southern Africa; Being an Account of Their Medicinal Uses, Chemical Composition, Pharmacological Effects and Toxicology in Man and Animal
56824: WATTER, LOLA, - Insights and Idylls. Poems.
79572: WATTER, LOLA, - Insights and Idylls: Poems.
82648: WATTER, LOLA, - Images from Africa
76933: WATTERS, MICK, - Mechanical and Quartz Watch Repair
55942: WATTERSON, BILL, - It's a Magical World
55943: WATTERSON, BILL, - The Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book
55944: WATTERSON, BILL, - The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
55948: WATTERSON, BILL, - Something Under the Bed is Drooling
55949: WATTERSON, BILL, - Yukon Ho!
55951: WATTERSON, BILL, - Weirdos from Another Planet
68890: WATTERSON, LORE, - Standard Bank Youn Artist Awards 25 Years
68453: WATTERSON, R., - The Practical Course of Cardboard Modelling
47605: DE WATTEVILLE, VIVIENNE, - Out in the Blue
77311: WATTJES, J.G., - Nieuw-Nederlandsche Bouwkunst. Een Verzameling van fotografische Afbeeldingen van nederlandsche moderne Bouwwerken met Plattegronden.
53438: WATTS, ALARIC A. (EDITED BY), - The Literary Souvenir.
53543: WATTS, C.C., - Dawn in Swaziland.
77743: WATTS, HARRIETT (TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION BY), - Three Painter Poets: Arp, Schwitters, Klee
66186: WATTS, BARRY H., - Gold Mining in the Eastern Transvaal. A Bibliography.
84556: WAUGH, HARRY, - Bacchus on the Wing A Wine Merchant's Travelogue
53564: WAUGH, ALEC, - Merchants of Wine, Being a Centenary Account of the House of Gilbey.
48747: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The Sword Of Honour Trilogy: Men at Arms; Officers and Gentlemen; Unconditional Surrender.
50070: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Mr Loveday's Little Outing and Other Sad Stories.
46987: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Waugh in Abyssinia
63580: WAUGH, ALEC, - Leap Before You Look.
12632: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The Holy Places
65953: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Brideshead Revisited. The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder.
57937: WAUGH, ALEC, - In Praise of Wine
73506: WAUGH, EVELYN, - The Loved One, An Anglo-American Tragedy
65954: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Brideshead Revisited. The Sacred and Profane Memories of Captain Charles Ryder.
71834: WAUGH, EVELYN (EDITED BY DONAT GALLAGHER), - Essays Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh
66295: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Unconditional Surrender
61210: WAUGH, JOSEPH LAING, - Thornhill and Its Worthies
77159: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Robbery Under Law: The Mexican Object Lesson
80869: WAUGH, NORAH, - The Cut of Women's Clothes, 1600-1930
81751: WAUGH, RICHARD J. (EDITED BY), - Electra Flying ; The Lockheed 10 Electra in New Zealand and The Pioneering of the Main Trunk Air Service
82458: WAUGH, EVELYN (EDITED BY DONAT GALLAGHER), - The Essays, Articles and Reviews of Evelyn Waugh
37728: WAUGH, EVELYN, - Scoop
55766: WAVELL, STEWART, - The Lost World of the East. An Adventurous Quest in the Malayan Hinterland.
65325: WAVELL, GENERAL (FOREWORD JOHN DILL), - Generals and Generalship
51832: WAVKS, DAVID (EDITED BY), - The First 80 Years of Hebrew Order of David.
49884: WAXMAN, MEYER, - A History of Jewish Literature from the Close of the Bible to Our Own Days.
84681: WAY, PETER (EDITED BY), - Eyewitness NAM Nos. 1-25 (Lacking No.19)
10235: WAY, PETER, - Belkshazzrs Feast
80140: WAY, ARTHUR S. (VIRGIL), - The Eclogues of Virgil in English Verse
82182: WAYNICK, A.H. (EDITED BY), - Geomagnetism and Aeronomy; Studies in the Ionosphere, Geomagnetism and Atmospheric Radio Noise
80132: WEATAWAY, S. SQUIRE & OTHERS, - The Port Elizabeth Coronation Souvenir
82803: WEATHERSTONE, JOHN, - Tea -- a Journey in Time: Pioneering and Trials in the Jungle
27812: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - English Leadwork. Its Art and History
57523: WEAVER, RANDY & SARA, - The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge
35548: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - Memorials and Monuments. Old and New.
66176: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - The Story of the Royal Scots (The Lothian Regiment) Formerly the First or the Royal Regiment of Foot.
16439: WEAVER, LAWRENCE, - The "Country Life" Book of Cottages
72743: WEBB, VICTOR N. (EDITED BY), - L;anguage in South Africa: An Input Into Language Planning for a Post Apartheid South Africa. The LICCA (SA) Report.
61167: WEBB, JOHN, - Rudyard Kipling. Man, Poet, Mason
48400: WEBB, PETER, - Kilimanjaro December 1970. Peter Webb's Notes
61986: WEBB, C. DE B., - A Guide to the Official Records of the Colony of Natal.
76010: WEBB, J.B., - The Dedication of Trinity Methodist Church Johannesburg.....on 14th August 1964
76011: WEBB, J.B., - "Farewell to Dr. & Mrs. J.B. Webb". A Recording of the Service in the City Hall Johannesburg December 1964, By Derek Worman.
5345: WEBB, H.S, - Oorzaken Van De Rebellie
84091: WEBB, C. DE B. & WRIGHT, J.B. (EDITED BY), - A Zulu King Speaks: Statements Made by Cetshwayo KaMpande on the History and Customs of His People
69818: WEBB, PETER, - Portrait of David Hockney
72150: WEBB, BEATRICE (EDITED BY NORMAN AND JEANNE MACKENZIE), - The Diary of Beatrice Webb: Volume 1 1873-1892 Glitter around and Darkness Within; Volume 2 1892-1905 All the Good Things of Life
54516: WEBB, VIC & KEMBO-SURE(EDITED BY), - African Voices. An Introduction to the Languages and Linguistics of Africa
73955: WEBB, AUDREY & WEBB, MARTYN, - Kondinin-Karlgarin-Hyden. Community, Time and Place.
83858: WEBB, STEVEN, - Ops Medic : A National Serviceman's Border War
42303: WEBB, MARION ST. JOHN, - The Littlest One
78779: WEBB, DENVER A., - A Survey of Fortifications in the Province of Queen Adelaide and British Kaffraria 1835-1864

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