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81004: SOLOMON, D.H. (EDITED BY), - Goue Jubileum Kollege / Golden Jubilee College 1913 - 1963 (S. A. Police College)
11012: SOLOMON, W.E.G GLADSTONE, - Essays on Moghul Art
60372: SOLOMON, ELJRA, - Century of South African Art / Eeu Van Suid Afrikaanse Kuns 1869-1969
48736: SOLOMON, LINDY, - Khula Udweba. A Handbook About Teaching Art to Children.
68761: SOLOMONS, JACK, - Jack Solomons International Boxing Annual 1949
57151: SOLOVIEV, VLADIMIR, - The Antichrist
81096: SOLTIS, ANDREW, - Chess Mistakes: How to Detect and Avoid Them
54779: SOLTYNSKI, ROMAN, - Glimpses of Polish Architecture
73414: SOMANI, ARUN K., - Survivability And Traffic Grooming In WDM Optical Networks
78895: SOMAYYA, A.E. & CABRAL, ZAFRICA (INTRODUCTION BY DON MATTERA), - Gold in Graphite. Jozi Sketchbook
52515: SOMBART, WERNER, - Les Juifs et La Vie Economique.
69816: SOMERVELL, D.M., - My Life Was a Ranch
51587: SOMERVELL, ARTHUR, - Song Cycle from 'A Shropshire Lad' By A E Housman
64203: SOMERVILLE-LARGE, PETER, - The Irish Country House: A Social History
75800: SOMERVILLE, G. (EDITED BY), - The Design Life of Structures
80195: SOMERVILLE, D.M., - My Life Was a Ranch
51301: SOMMERFELD, VERNON, - Speed Space and Time
47674: SOMNER, GRAEME, - Fifty Years of Shipowning. A Brief History and Fleet List of A.F. Henry & MacGregor Ltd.
60652: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXXI January - December 1973
60647: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXVI January - December 1968
60646: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXV January - December 1967
60643: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXII January - December 1964
60644: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXIII January - December 1965
60655: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXXIV January - December 1976
81944: GUEST AND SON, - Souvenir of Grahamstown. A Health and Holiday Resort.
60645: (PERIODICAL) SPINK & SON, - The Numismatic Circular VOL. LXXIV January - December 1966
71749: WILLIAM PALMER & SON, - Souvenir of the Opening of Palmer House
49155: SONG, MI-SOOK, - Toh Yun-Hee
81550: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - The Mail Coach, Sung By Mr. Mathewas, with Unbounded Applause, in the Farce of "The Three and the Deuce".......(Tune "The Country Club")
81551: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET (BY J. ASHLEY OF ATH), - The Lads of the Ocean, Sung with the Greatest Applause By Mr. Taylor of the Theatre Royal Covent Garden.
81556: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - Henry Augustus Mug, A Witty Cockney. Sung with Unbounded Applause By Mr. Liston, in the New Play Called "The Africans" Written By George Colman the Younger
81554: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - Huzza, for Old England, with Hubbaboo Whack!
81555: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - Bound Prentice to a Waterman, Sung with Unbounded Applause By M
81549: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - The Sailor's Will and His Power, or A Picture of Portsmouth Point
81552: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - Paddy Shannon Courting the Widow Wilkins, Written By an Amateur Expressly for Mr. Johnstone, and Sung By Him at the Theatre Royal Drury Mr. Cumberland's New Opera "The Jew of Mogadore", the Music By Mr. Kelly
81557: LAURIE & WHITTLE SONGSHEET, - The Tilted Wagon
70299: SONIUS, H.W.J., - Rhodesia Een Dilemma Van Ras En Grond
49942: SONNE, WOLFGANG, - Representing the State. Capital City Planning in the Early Twentieth Century
52416: SONNTAG, CHRISTOPH, - My Friend Maleboch. Chief of the Blue Mountains.
79693: SONO, THEMBA, - Reflections on the Origins of Black Consciousness in South Africa
85116: JOHN WALKER & SONS, - Around the World "We sailed wherever ship could sail"
23060: VALENTINE & SONS, - Grand Photographic View Album of Dinas Mawddwy
80359: SOOBBEN, NANDA, - Witness to a Decade
84328: SOOBRAYAN, VENITHA, - Yusuf Dadoo
76324: SOODYALL, HIMLA (EDITED BY), - The Prehistory of Africa. Tracing the Lineage of Modern Man.
73386: SOOTHILL, ERIC & WHITEHEAD, PETER, - Wildfowl: A World Guide
72182: SOPA, GESHE LHUNDUP & HOPKINS, JEFFREY, - Practice And Theory Of Tibetan Buddhism
59722: SOPER, TONY, - Antarctica. A Guide to Wildlife
64688: SOPHOCLES, - Oedipus the King
72004: SOPHOCLES (TRANSLATED BY WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS), - Oedipus Rex (Film Soundtrack, Directed By Tyrone GUTHRIE)
69317: SOPHOCLES (EDITED BY RICHARD JEBB), - The Plays and Fragments. Part II: The Oedipus Coloneus
66478: SOPPER, WILLIAM E. & LULL, HOWARD W. (EDITED BY), - Forest Hydrology.
75803: SORBIE, KENNETH S., - Polymer-Improved Oil Recovery
77741: SOREF, HAROLD, AND GREIG, IAN, - The Puppeteers
68150: SOREL, CHARLES, - Divers Traitéz sur les Droits et les Prérogatives des Roys de France, Tirez des Memoires Historiques & Politiques De M. C. S. S. D. S.
53403: SORELL, WALTER, - The Story of the Human Hand
76193: SORIA, MARTIN, - The Paintings of Zurbaran
55598: SORLEY, W.R., - Moral Values and the Idea of God
71547: SORLIER, CHARLES, - The Ceramics And Sculptures Of Chagall.
60448: SORMANY, LEO (TRANSLATED BY), - Records from Natal, Lesotho, Orange Free State and Mozambique, Concerning the History of the Catholic Church in Southern Africa. BOOK TWO: 18664-1866
75921: SORRELL, JENNIFER (EDITED BY) (GOLDBLATT, DAVID CONTRIBUTES), - A D A Art Design Archiecture #10 (Special Johannesburg Issue)
83152: SORRELL, JENNIFER (EDITED BY), - Jo Noero: The Everyday and the Extraordinary. Three Decades of Architecture
81050: SORRELL, JENNIFER (EDITED BY) (GOLDBLATT, DAVID CONTRIBUTES), - A D A Art Design and Architecture Issue #14 (Special Johannesburg issue)
62490: SOTHEBY'S, - Catalogue of Important South African, British and Continental Paintings, Watercolours, Prints and Sculpture, Which Will be Sold By Public Auction By Sotheby Parke Bernet South Africa Pty Ltd. Thursday 26th November 1981
52362: SOTHERN, J.W.M., - Notes and Sketches on Marine Diesel Oil Engines. A Manual of Marine Oil Engine Practice.
69516: SOUHAMI, DIANA, - Selkirk's Island
48793: SOUILLARD, J., - B.E.S.L. (S.A.) Battlefields Pilgrimage 1934
7824: SOULE, ALAN & DIXON, GARY & RICHARDS, RENE, - The Wynand Du Toit Story
73231: SOULE, ALLAN; DIXON, GARY; RICHARDS, RENE, - The Wynand Du Toit Story
46915: TIMES OF INDIA AND OTHER SOURCES, - The Land of the Rupee. A Comprehensive Description of British India and Burma, Copiously Illustrated from Photographs of Views and Buildings in the Principal Cities, Scenes of Natural Beauty and Ruins of Sacred and Historical Interest.
61873: SOUSA, MARIA IMELDA & DIAS, MARGARIDA, - Catalogo De Peixes De Mocambique. Zona Sul
75907: SOUTAR, DAVID S. & TIWARI, RAMMOHAN (EDITED BY), - Excision and Reconstruction in Head and Neck Surgery
79904: SOUTER, ALEXANDER, - A Glossary of Later Latin to 600 A.D.
73138: SOUTER, KEITH, - Homoeopathy for the Third Age: Treatment for People in Middle and Later Life
53540: SOUTH, S.W. (FILMED BY); REES, DAVID (NARRATED BY), - The Magic of Steam: Steam Power in Poland in the 1980's
74234: SOUTHALL, RAYMOND, - The Courtly Maker: An Essay on the Poetry of Wyatt and his Contemporaries.
62308: SOUTHALL, AIDAN (EDITED BY), - Social Change in Modern Africa: Studies presented and discussed at the First International African Seminar, Makerere College, Kampala, January 1959
70866: SOUTHALL, ROGER (EDITED BY), - Opposition and Democracy in South Africa (DEMOCRATIZATION Vol.8 No.1 Spring 2001)
48261: SOUTHERN, R.W., - Western Views of Islam in the Middle Ages.
71145: SOUTHERN, JOHN, - Thorburn's Landscape: The Major Natural History Paintings
65220: SOUTHERN, SYDNEY J. (EDITED BY), - John Wisden's Cricketers Almanck for 1935. Full Scores and Bowling Analyses of All Important Matches Played in 1934
73282: SOUTHERN, CHARLES, - Wyksdorp. A Study of a South African Village
54153: SOUTHEY, T., - The Rise, Progress and Present State of Colonial Wools;
60594: SOUTHEY, W., - Utilisation of Flood Water. The Southey Case
60824: SOUTHEY, ROBERT, - Roderick the Last of the Goths
618: SOUTHEY, ROBERT, - The Poets Pilgrimage to Waterloo
57058: SOUTHEY, JOAN, - Footprints in the Karoo. A Story of Farming Life.
49683: SOUTHWELL, B.C., - Making and Decorating Pottery Tiles.
81011: SOUTHWELL, R.V., - An Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity for Engineers and Physicists
57472: SOUTHWORTH, JAMES, - Walking the Roman Roads of Cumbria
84014: DE SOUZA, BERNARD JOHN, - Lost Trails in the Makhonjwa Mountains
56135: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - The King of High Street
53167: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - Poems with Flute
51830: SOWDEN, DORA (AND OTHERS), - The South African Jewish Board Ofdeputies. The Story of Fifty Years 1903-1953.
66059: SOWDEN, HARRY (EDITED AND PHOTOGRASPHED BY), - Sydney Opera House Glass Walls
47951: SOWDEN, DORA LEAH (AND OTHERS), - The Jew in South Africa. A Record of What Individual Jews are Doing in the Various Sphere's of the Country's Life.
23435: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - The Charmed Fabric
4483: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - The Charmed Fabric
59969: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - The Charmed Fabric. Poems.
80810: SOWDEN, DORA; SARON, GUS (ET AL.), - The South African Jewish Board of Deputies. The Story of Fifty Years 1903-1953
62491: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - Both Sides of the Mask. The World of Muriel Alexander.
79344: SOWDEN, LEWIS, - Tomorrow's Comet
67208: SOWERBY, BENN, - The Disinherited. The Life of Gerard De Nerval
20689: SOWERBY, JOHN E. & JOHNSON, CHARLES, - The Ferns of Great Britain (AND) the Fern Allies: a Supplement to the Ferns of Great Britain
83715: CONSUMER BOYCOTT SOWETO, - Boycott White Shops. Asithengi Edolobheni
83714: RENT BOYCOTT SOWETO, - Stop Evictions 3 Day Stayaway.
28257: SOYINKA, WOLE, - The Interpreters
69800: SOYINKA, WOLE, - Death and the King's Horseman
73681: SPACKS, PATRICIA MEYER, - The Insistence of Horror. Aspects of the Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Poetry.
48107: SPADA, JAMES, - Judy & Liza
56670: SPAIGHT, J.M., - War Rights on Land
76489: SPALDING, FREDERICK, - A Fine Carte De Visite Photograph of Brigadier Gen. Sir Evelyn Wood
63859: SPALDING, M.J., - The History of the Protestant Reformation, in Germany and Switzerland, and in England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, France and Northern Europe.
74816: SPALDING, FRANCES, - Vanessa Bell
68970: SPAMER, C. H., - The Marketing of Poultry and Poultry Products
73127: SPANNAGEL, FRITZ, - Der Möbelbau. Ein Fachbuch für Tischler, Architekten und Lehrer. Auch ein Beitrag zur Wohnkultur.
55684: SPARGER, CELIA, - Anatomy and Ballet
59474: SPARGO, JOHN, - Covered Wooden Bridges of Bennington County
56217: SPARK, MURIEL;, - The Mandelbaum Gate
49561: SPARK, MURIEL, - The Girls of Slender Means
47809: SPARK, WILLIAM, - Musical Memories
47088: SPARK, MURIEL, - A Far Cry from Kensington.
57754: SPARK, MURIEL & STANFORD, DEREK (EDITED BY), - Tibute to Wordsworth. A Miscellny of Opinion for the Centenary of the Poet's Death.
83243: SPARKS, ALLISTER, - First Drafts: South African History in the Making
49540: SPARKS, ALLISTER, - The Mind of South Africa. The Story of the Rise and Fall of Apartheid.
1641: SPARLING, H. HALIDAY., - The Kelmscott Press and WilliamMorris Master Craftsman.
37208: SPARRMAN, ANDRE (TRANSLATED M. LE TOURNEUR), - Voyage Au Cap De Bonne-Esperance et Autour Du Monde Avec Le Capitaine Cook, et Principalement Dans Le Pays Des Hottentots et Des Caffres
83565: SPARRMAN, ANDERS (EDITED BY VERNON S FORBES), - A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope, Towards the Antarctic Polar Circle, Round the World and to the Country of the Hottentots and the Caffres, from the Year 1772 - 1776. Based on the English Editions of 1785 - 1786 Published by Robinson, London [Van Riebeec
71138: SPATE, VIRGINIA, - Tom Roberts
14008: SPATE, VIRGINIA, - Tom Roberts
82237: SPATH, L.F., - On Cretaceous Cephalopoda from zululand, IN: Annals of the South African Museum VOLUME XII Part VII
69781: SPEAIGHT, ROBERT, - William Rothenstein - The Portrait of an Artist in His Time
51929: SPEAKER, LAWRENCE M., - The Investment Trust
58151: SPEAR, THOMAS & WALLER, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - Being Maasai. Ethnicity & Identity in East Africa
48930: SPEARMAN, C. & WYNN JONES, LL., - Human Ability: A Continuation of "The Abilities of Man"
60533: SPEARS, ROSS & CASSIDY, JUDE, - Agee. His Life Remembered.
62807: PHARMACIA MEDICAL SPECIALTIES, - Pollen & Mould Allergens in Southern Africa
69921: TYPE SPECIMEN, - Specimens of Book and Jobbing Types, Borders, Etc.
68520: SPECTOR, JACK J., - Delacroix The Death of Sardanapalus
75743: SPECTRE, JAY, - Point of View: Design by Jay Spectre
57909: SPEED, H. FIENNES & SPOEED, MAUD, - Cruises in Small Yachts (and) More Cruise
79920: SPEEL, ERIKA, - Dictionary of Enamelling
47080: SPEKE, JOHN HANNING, - Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile.
68158: SPEKE, JOHN HANNING, - Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile
70830: SPENCE, LEWIS, - The Mysteries of Britain,: The secret rites and traditions of ancient Britan Restored
76482: SPENCE, ROBERT & SPENCE, PHILIP, - Struwwelhitler. A Nazi Story Book By Doktor Schrecklichkeit
7734: SPENCE, BASIL & SNOEK, HENK, - Out of the ashes : A progress in pictures through Coventry Cathedral
45633: SPENCE, C.F., - The Portuguese Colony of Mocambique
66714: SPENCE, LEWIS, - Myth and Ritual In Dance, Game, and Rhyme
68000: SPENCE, J.E., - Republic Under Pressure: A Study of South African Foreign Policy
35429: SPENCER, BALDWIN & GILLEN, F.J., - The NativeTribes of Central Australia
54760: SPENCER, ROBIN (EDITED BY), - Whistler. A Retrospective
56588: SPENCER, BRIAN, - Pilgrim Souvenirs and Secular Badges (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London)
19043: SPENCER, H.A., - Lightning, Lightning Stroke and Its Treatment
72889: SPENCER, CHARLES, - Cecil Beaton Stage and Film Designs
71187: SPENCER, JEFFREY, - Aspects of Early Egypt
59176: SPENCER, EDMUND, - Sketches of Germany and the Germans, with a Glance at Poland, Hungary & Switzerland in 1834, 1835 and 1836.
58989: SPENCER, DAVID J., - Knitting Technology
62075: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Typographica 2 (NEW SERIES)
426: SPENCER, ELIZABETH., - The Light in the Piazza.
34981: SPENCER, EDMUN, - Travels in Circassia, Krim Tartary, &c., Including a Steam Voyage Down the Danube, from Vienna to Constantinople and Round the Black Sea in 1836
62072: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Typographica 13
62073: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Typographica 15
62068: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Typographica 9
1642: SPENCER, W.T., - Forty Years in my Bookshop.
62067: SPENCER, HERBERT, - Typographica 2
72873: SPENCER, S.A. (INTRODUCTION BY), - The Old Marist Magazine NO.3 1937
74786: SPENCER, ALFRED (EDITED BY), - Memoirs of William Hickey.: Vol. I (1749-1775), Vol. II (1775-1782), Vol. III (1782-1790), Vol. IV (1790-1809).
4556: SPENCER, ELIZABETH, - The Light In The Piazza
67414: SPENCER, HERBERT (EDITED BY), - Designers in Britain - Volume 4 of a Biennial review of Industrial and Commercial Design
53147: SPENDER, STEPHEN, - Collected Poems
63755: SPENDER, BRENDA E., - Mock Uncle
65895: SPENDER, STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION BY HENRY MOORE), - Henry Moore; Sculptures in Landscape
66869: SPENDER, STEPHEN, - Poems of Dedication
62726: SPENDER, STEPHEN, - The Generous Days
71968: SPENDER, STEPHEN, - The Creative Element.A Study of Vision, Despair and Orthodoxy among some Modern Writers
71213: SPENDER, HAROLD, - General Botha. The Career and the Man.
82169: SPENS, MICHAEL (AND OTHERS), - William Alsop And Jan Störmer ('Architectural Monographs No 33).
34825: SPENSER, EDMUND, ILLUSTRATED BY WILLIAM KENT, - The Faerie Queene, with and Exact Collation of the Two Original Editions Published By Himself at London in Which is Added a New Life of the Author and Also a Glossary.
72049: SPENSER, EDMUND (INTRODUCTION W B YEATS), - Poems of Spenser selected and with an Introduction by W. B. Yeats.
70275: SPERLING, HARRY G., - Catalogue of a Loan Exhibition of Flemish Primitives in Aid of the Free Milk Fund for Babies
49807: SPERRY, LEN, - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy of DSM-IV-TR Personality Disorders.
84154: SPETH, G.W. (EDITED BY), - Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Being the Transactions of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge No.2076 London VOLUME IV
67499: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.18 1941
67431: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.25 1948
84644: SPICER, N. H. D., - Sunshine and Shadow
50443: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.15 1938
67500: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.19 1942
83562: SPICER, NEWTON; BARNES, RICHARD; TIMBERLAKE, JONATHAN, - Acacia Handbook: Growing and Managing Acacias in South Central Africa
84659: SPICER, N.H.D. & SPICER, JOHN, - Sabi Legend and Other Poems
84660: SPICER, N.H.D, - Dust Devils
67498: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.17 1940
84783: SPICER, LANCELOT DYKES (EDITED BY), - Letters from my son, 1942-1944, Roger Lancelot Spicer.
50444: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.28 1951
67501: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.20 1943
60996: SPICER, BART, - Act of Anger
67432: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.26 1949
67562: SPICER, N.H.D. (EDITED BY), - NADA. The Southern Rhodesian Native Affairs Department Annual No.16 1939
74336: SPICER, N. H. D., - The Conquerors
78386: SPIEGEL, H.L. // VERWER, ADRIAEN, - Kort begrip leerende recht Duidts spreken. Oock waarheit van valsheit te Scheyden PART 1 ONLY: .Twéespraack vande Nederduytsche letterkunst. (BOUND WITH) Linguae Belgicae Idea, grammatica, poetica, rhetorica; deprompta Ex Adversariis Anonymi Batavi...
73110: SPIEGEL, ANDREW D. AND MCALLISTER, P.A. (EDITED BY), - Tradition and Transition in Southern Africa. Festschrift for Philip and Iona Mayer.
85096: SPIELMANN, ISIDORE, - Royal Commission. Paris International Exhibition, 1900. The Royal Pavilion
54838: SPIELMANN, HEINZ, - HAP Grieshaber
5350: SPIELMANN, M.H, - Henriette Ronner The Painter Of Cat Life And Cat Character
62927: SPIELMANN, M.H. & LAYARD, G.S., - Kate Greenaway
47958: SPIERS, DEREK, - Troopships. The Story of Calais as a Military Port from 1944 to 1947, and the Ships Which Served it.
79714: SPIERS, EDWARD (EDITED BY), - Letters from Ladysmith: Eyewitness Accounts from the South African War
83487: SPIES, G.M. (EDITED BY), - Sexual Abuse: Dynamics, Assessment, Healing
70850: SPIES, F.J. DU T., - Angola - Operasie Savannah 1975-1976
61749: SPIES, CHRIS, - Die Geskiedenis Van 'n Voel / the History of a Bird. Seven Wood Engravings.
49565: SPIES, WERNER, - Andy Warhol: Cars
78514: SPIES, JAN, - Spieserye: Versamelde Vertellings
47648: SPIES, F.J. DU T., - 'N Nederlander in Diens Van Die Oranje-Vrystaat . Uit Die Nagelate Papiere Van Dr. Hendrik P.N. Muller Oud Konsul-generaal Van Die Oranje-Vrystaat
70597: SPIES, WERNER & REWALD, SABINE (EDITED BY), - Max Ernst A Retrospective
59601: SPIES, LINA, - Kaffie Pretorius En Haar Wereld.
64086: SPIES, S.B. (EDITED BY), - A Soldier in South Africa 1899 to 1902
38162: SPIES, F.J. DU T., - Briewe Uit Transvaal Van G.A.A. Middelberg. Voormalige Direkteur Van Die N.Z.A.S.M.
74421: SPIES, S.B., - The Origins of the Anglo-Boer War
59978: SPIESER, CLARA & LEGNAZZI, MILO E., - La Broderie Dans La Mode / Die Stickerei Im Wandel Der Mode
53877: SPILHAUS, M. WHITING (EDITED BY), - Arnold Wilhelm Spilhaus. Reminiscences and Family Records
62302: SPILHAUS, M. WHITING, - They Planted the Cape. The Story of the Introduction of Agriculture to the Cape; of European Forest Trees, Fruits and Viticulture 1652-1662
8297: SPILHAUS, M.W, - The Background of Geography
39767: SPILHAUS, KARL, - From Lisbon Via Lubeck to Cape Town (Memoirs of Karl Spilhaus)
60900: SPILLANE, MICKEY, - The Delta Factor
60899: SPILLANE, MICKEY, - The Big Kill
60898: SPILLANE, MICKEY, - The Deep
60893: SPILLANE, MICKEY, - The Snake
82971: SPILLER, NEIL, - Visionary Architecture: Blueprints of the Modern Imagination
55744: SPINDEN, HERBERT JOSEPH, - Maya Art and Civilization.
54254: SPINK, KATHRYN, - Black Sash. The Beginning of a Bridge in South Africa.
69533: SPINK, - Postage stamps and postal history of the Cape of Good Hope the Grand Prix collection offered on behalf of Mrs. Ad Indhusophon
76528: SPINK, JOHN, - Paper Currency of the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902
84229: SPINSANTE, VITTORIO & PERRUCCI, MAURIZIO, - Ankon: Una Civilta Tra Oriente Ed Europa Volume I
69251: SPIRO, LESLEY, - Gerard Sekoto Unsevered Ties
73635: SPIRO, SOLOMON J., - Tapestry for Designs. Judaic Allusions in the Second Scroll & the Collected Works of A.M. Klein
72291: SPITZ, WERNER U. & FISHER, RUSSELL S. (EDITED BY), - Medicolegal Investigation of Death: Guidelines for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigation
80114: SPITZY, REINHARD, - How We Squandered the Reich
77636: SPIVAK, MICHAEL, - Calculus on Manifolds: A Modern Approach to Classical Theorems of Advanced
77553: SPIVEY, NIGEL, - Understanding Greek Sculpture: Ancient Meanings, Modern Readings
82816: SPLIID, LONE (EDITED BY), - Sted // Place
40643: SPOELSTRA, C., - Bouwstoffen Voor De Geschiedenis Der Nederduitsch-Gereformeerde Kerken in Zuid Afrika: I. Brieven Van De Kaapsche Kerken Aan De Classis Amsterdam 1655-1804; II. Brieven Van De Classis Amsterdam E.a. Aan De Kaapsche Kerken 1651-1804
61755: SPOELSTRA, C., - Teedere Zaken. Open Briefaan Dr. F. Vredenrijk Engelenburg. Editeur Van "De Volkstem"
43031: SPOHR, O.H., - Zacharias Wagner. Second Commander of the Cape.
36226: SPOHR, O.H. (TRANSLATED WITH NOTES BY), - The Natal Diaries of Dr. W.H.I. Bleek 1855-1856
72319: SPONG, BERNARD, - Sticking Around
14415: THE SPORTSMAN, ED. (INTRO: HORACE G. HUTCHINSON), - British Sports and Sportsmen. Sportsmen of the Past
77241: SPORTSMAN, THE (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - British Sports and Sportsmen: Past and Present
77242: SPORTSMAN, THE (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - British Sports and Sportsmen: Racing
79967: SPRAGUE DE CAMP, L., - Lovecraft: A Biography
65984: SPRAGUE, T.A., - The Herbal of Leonhardt Fuchs (in The Journal of the Linnean Society VOL. XLVIII No.325)
65983: SPRAGUE, T.A., - The Herbal of Otto Brunfels (in The Journal of the Linnean Society VOL. XLVIII No.320)
68412: SPRAY, ARTHUR, - The Mysterious Cobbler
62237: SPRENT, PETER, - Models in Regression.
58875: SPRIGG, JUNE & LARKIN, DAVID, - Shaker Life Work and Art
69485: SPRING, IVAN, - Squadron and Special Markings of the Postwar South African Air Force: Covering the period 1946 to 1959
69486: SPRING, IVAN, - Winged springboks, 1934 to 1996: the aircraft of South African Airways through sixty-two years as Africa's premier air Carrier
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67745: STORRAR, PAT, - George Rex: Death of a Legend
56281: STORRAR, PAT, - Plettenberg Bay and the Paradise Coast
54399: STORRS, RONALD, - Dunlop in War and Peace
35214: STORY-MASKELYNE, N., - Crystallography. A Treatise on the Morphology of Crystals
81437: PHOTO STORY (FOTONOVELA), - Tessa No.29
81438: PHOTO STORY (FOTONOVELA), - Tessa No.30
81439: PHOTO STORY (FOTONOVELA), - Tessa No.31
51813: STORY, R., - A Botanical Survey of the Keiskammahoek District.
81454: PHOTO STORY (FOTONOVELA), - Tessa No.52
81455: PHOTO STORY (FOTONOVELA), - Tessa No.56
68678: STORY, LEE, - A Terminus Place
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81464: PHOTO STORY (FOTONOVELA), - Tessa No.93
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44833: STOUT, REX, - Bad for Business
59297: STOUT, NEIL R., - The Royal Navy in America 1760-1775. A Study of Enforcement of British Colonial Policy in the Era of the American Revolution.
70222: STOUT, J. ANTHONY, - Modern Makonde Sculpture
69319: STOVER, ERIC, - Land Mines in Cambodia. The Coward's War
73672: STOW, RANDOLPH (SELECTED BY), - Australian Poetry 1964
48528: STOW, G., - The Native Races of South Africa
46381: STOWE, H. BEECHER, - The Minister's Wooing
75968: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER (ADAPTED FROM), - Uncle Tom's Cabin: A Story of the Slave Days in America
16271: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER, - A Key to Uncle Tom's Cabin, Presenting the Original Facts and Documents Upon Which the Story is Founded, Together with Corroborative Statements Verifying the Truth of the Work
50791: STOWERS, RICHARD, - First New Zealanders to the Boer War 1899. History of the First Contingent of New Zealand Mounted Rifles in the Boer War, Followed By a Description of Each Member.
53027: STOYANOVSKY, J., - The Mandate for Palestine. A Contribution to the Theory and Practice of International Mandates.
56523: STOYANOVSKY, J., - The Mandate for Palestine. A Contribution to the Theory and Practice of International Mandates.
50810: VAN STRAADEN, A., - Der Depeschenreiter. Eine Erzahlung Aus Dem Heldenkampf Der Buren.
76460: VAN STRAATEN, ZAK (EDITED BY), - Basic Concepts in Philosophy
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50784: STRACHAN, HAROLD, - Way Up Way Out
66557: STRACHE, GABI & ROSENAU, ANNO, - Durch Wusten, Steppen Und Urwald. 65 000km Durch Afrika. Erlebnisbericht Einer 2 1/2 Jahrigen Abenteuer Fahrt Durch Den Schwarzen Kontinent.
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76728: STRAHAN, AUBREY; TIDDEMAN, R.H.; GIBSON, WALCOT, - The Geology of the South Wales Coalfield. PART IV: The Country Around Pontypridd and Maesteg
76715: STRAHAN, AUBREY; GIBSON, WALCOT, - The Geology of the South Wales Coalfield. PART II: Abergavenny
76661: STRAHAN, AUBREY, - The Geology of the South Wales Coal-Field. PART I The Country Around Newport, Monmouthshire
58032: STRAKER, JEAN, - Nudes. Akte. Nus.
78897: STRAKER, GILL; MOOSA, FATIMA; BECKER, RISE; NKWALE, MADIYOYO, - Faces in the Revolution: The Psychological Effects of Violence on Township Youth in South Africa
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58588: STRAND, MARK, - Mr. & Mrs. Baby
48752: STRANDH, SIGVARD, - A History of the Machine.
53405: STRANGE, JOHN STEPHEN, - Make My Bed Soon
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48298: STRANGE, OLIVER, - Sudden Makes War
48302: STRANGE, OLIVER, - Sudden Gold Seeker.
62526: STRANGE, W.L., - The Design and Construction of Small Reservoirs for Irrigation and Stock (BOUND WITH) the Design and Construction of Small Irrigation Canals.
66880: STRANGEWAYS, IAN, - Precipitation: Theory, Measurement and Distribution
40654: STRANGMAN, EDWARD, - Early French Callers at the Cape
78397: STRASMAN, PETER G., - Jaguar XJ12, XJS and Daimler Sovereign Double Six Owner's Workshop Manual
79365: STRASSBERGER, ELFRIEDE, - Ecumenism in South Africa 1936-1960
50540: STRASSER, OTTO, - History in My Time
49135: STRATEGICUS, - From Dunkirk to Benghazi
68380: STRATEGICUS, - To Stalingrad and Alamein
65432: STRATFORD, DENNIS O. & COLLINS, HAZEL M., - Military Nursing in South Africa 1914-1994
14746: STRATHCONA, LORD (INTRO. BY), - Bonnie Scotland Portfolio of Scottish Scenery
61560: THE SOUTH AFRICAN COMMITTEE FOR STRATIGRAPHY (COMPILED BY L.E. KENT), - Stratigraphy of South Africa.Handbook 8. Part 1: Lithostratigraphy of the Republic of South Africa, South West Africa/Namibia and the Republics of Bophuthatswana, Transkei and Venda
57280: STRATIL-SAUER, G, - From Leipzig to Cabul: An Account of My Motor-Cycle Ride to Afghanistan and My Nine Months' Imprisonment in That Country
28883: STRATTON, THOMAS, - Aureae Sententiae: Select Sentences Transcribed from Sundry Eminent Divines and Other Writers with Some Suitable Texts of Scripture
75068: STRAUBE, HELMUT, - Die Tierverkleidungen der afrikanischen Naturvölker.
54799: STRAUSS, RITA, - The Parents' Book. A Book Which Answers Children's Questions.
79652: STRAUSS, TERESA, - War Along the Orange. The Korana and the Northern Border Wars of 1868/9 and 1878/9
57988: STRAUSS, RICHARD, - Der Rosenkavalier in Full Score
70049: STRAUSS, PETER, - The Owl and the Moon
76135: STRAUSS, GERTRUD, - The Blood Sport and Other Stories
66899: STRAUSS, LEO, - Xenophon's Socrates
73147: STRAUSS, PETER, - Bishop Bernward's Door, and Other Poems
28692: STRAUSS, PAMELA, - Africa Style. Pondokkies Khayas Castles
67627: STRAUSS, F.J., - S.W.A. Vir Die Wolwe?
82194: STRAUSS, C. A., - The Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Potgietersrus Tin-Fields.
60354: STRAUSZ-HUPE, ROBERT; KINTNER, WILLIAM R.; DOUGHERTY, JAMES E.; COTTRELL, ALVIN J., - Protracted Conflict. A Challenging Study of Communist Strategy.
73597: STRAVINSKY, IGOR & ROERICH, NICOLAS, - The Rite of Spring: Le Sacre du Printemps Pictures from pagan Russia in two parts. Full Orchestral Score
63147: STRAVINSKY, VERA & CRAFT, ROBERT, - Stravinsky in Pictures and Documents.
51687: STRAWINSKY, IGOR, - Symphonie De Psaumes
51726: STRAWINSKY, IGOR, - Petrouchka. Revised 1947 Version.
79309: STRAWSON, P.F., - The Bounds of Sense. An Essay on Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.
76755: STREAK, M., - The Afrikaner as Viewed by the English, 1795-1854.:
46245: STREATFIELD, FRANK, - Reminiscences of an Old 'Un
36487: STREATFIELD, NOEL, - Wintle's Wonders
55248: STREATFIELD, NOEL, - Wintle's Wonders
32763: STREATFIELD, FRANK N., - Reminiscences of an Old 'Un
72075: STREET-PORTER, TIM, - Casa Mexicana: The Architecture, Design, and Style of Mexico
78347: STREET, JULIAN, - Table Topics: A Personal Compendium of Cuisine Lore
75879: STREET, C.A., - Flour Confectionery Manufacture
66270: STREET, NOEL, - Pathway to Spiritual Healing
16323: STREETER, EDWARD, ILLUSTRATED BY G. WILLIAM BRECK, - Dere Mable. Love Letters of a Rookie
83498: STREETER, TAL, - The Art of the Japanese Kite
80535: STREETER, EDWIN W., - Precious Stones and Gems, Their History, Sources, and Characteristics
60287: STREHLOW, WIGHARD, - Die Edelstein-Heilkunde Der Hildegard Von Bingen
27198: STRELE, KARL, - Theorie Und Praxis in Der Fabrikation Des Weissen Feldspath-Porzellans Und Dessen Dekorirung Mit Starkseuer-Farben
83625: STREN, RICHARD E. & WHITE, RODNEY R. (EDITED BY), - African Cities in Crisis: Managing Rapid Urban Growth
81154: EDITOR OF HEALTH AND STRENGTH, - The Muscles of the Body. Their Uses and Development
60096: STRIBLEY, MIRIAM (COMPILED BY), - The Calligraphy Sourcebook
37632: STRICKLAND, EDWARD, - Lecture on Our South African Colonies: How the Recent Wars with the Gaikas, Galekas and Zulus Arose and Ended
55148: STRIJDOM, J.G., - Teraardebestelling Van Wyle Sy Edele J.G. Strijdom
47549: STRIJDOM, J.G., - De Soedan. Ons Meest Behoeftige Arbeidsveld.
48076: STRINDBERG, AUGUST, - Easter and Other Plays
67850: STRINDBERG, AUGUST, - The Road to Damascus: A Trilogy
80728: STRINDBERG, AUGUST, - The Son of a Servant
74714: STRINGFELLOW, ROBERT B. (AND) TUTTLE, BRUCE R. (EDITED BY), - Sportsmen's Pictorial Encyclopedia of guns and Hunting
50935: STROBL, KARL HANS, - Beelzebubs Meerschaumkopf. Phantastische Novellen.
52945: STROM, GABRIELE WINAI, - Development and Dependence in Lesotho the Enclave of South Africa.
40125: STROMSOE, AAGOT, - Aagot Stromsoe's Fish Book
52472: STRONG, JOHN H., - Foundations of Fabric Structure
53117: STRONG, BARBARA M.H., - A History of English
51074: STRONG, L.A.G., - Shake Hands and Come Out Fighting
41451: STRONG, RICHARD P. (EDITED BY), - The African Republic of Liberia and the Belgian Congo, Based on the Observations Made and Material Collected During the Harvard African Expedition 1926-1927
66048: STRONG, KENNETH, - Intelligence at the Top. The Recollections of an Intelligence Officer.
69151: STRONG, ROY, - Splendour at Court : Renaissance Spectacle and Illusion
58155: STROUD, JOHN, - Annals of British and Commonwealth Air Transport 1919-1960
49915: STRUBEN, H.W., - Recollections of Adventures. Pioneering and Development in South Africa 1850-1911
83034: STRUBEN, ROY, - Taken at the Flood : The Story of Harry Struben
69186: STRUCK, HERMANN, - Die Kunst Des Radierens. Ein Handbuch
1368: STRUDWICK, HERBERT, - 25 Years Behind The Stumps.
70775: STRUTHER, JAN, - The Glass Blower and Other Poems
82309: STRUTHERS, JOHN, - The Life and Death of a Pool
63845: STRUTT, DAPHNE, - Royal Natal Yacht Club. A Brief History of 100 Years of Yachting on Durban Bay. 1858 - 1958
78655: STRYDOM, C. J.; KRUGER, D.W.; TRUMPELMANN, G.P.J., - Afrikaners in Die Vreemde
76541: STRYDOM, C. J. SCHEEPERS, - Bellville Wordingsjare van 'n Stad - Growth of a City
80299: STRYDOM, LAURITZ, - Rivonia Unmasked!
48820: STRYDOM, C. J. SCHEEPERS, - Black and White South Africans. A Factual Account of South African Race Politics in the Verwoerd Era.
40944: STRYDOM, C.J.SCHEEPERS, - Kaapland En Die Tweede Vryheidsoorlog
76379: STRYDOM, C. J. SCHEEPERS, - Black and White Africans. A Factual Account of South African Race Policies in the Verwoerd Ers.
78770: STRYDOM, LAURITZ, - Rivonia Unmasked!

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