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49945: SEGAL, HELEN (EDITED BY JACK COPE), - Lacking a Label
56602: SEGAL, RONALD & FIRST, RUTH (EDITED BY), - South West Africa. Travesty of Trust
83020: SEGAL, LAUREN; MARTIN, KAREN; CORT, SHARON, - Number Four: The Making of Constitution Hill
82060: SEGAL, LOUIS, - The Conquest of the Arctic
68211: SEGAL, ABE, - Hey Big Boy
69390: SEGAL, RONALD (EDITED BY), - Africa South VOL.1 No.1
69380: SEGAL, RONALD (EDITED BY), - Africa South VOL.3 No.2
84080: SEGALL, MARSHALL H.; CAMPBELL, DONALD T.; HERSKOVITS, MELVILLE J., - The Influence of Culture on Visual Perception
50093: SEGANTINI, GOTTARDO, - Giovanni Segantini
75940: SEGAR, JULIA, - Fruits of Apartheid: Experiencing Independence in a Transkeian Village
59195: SEGHERS, ANNA, - Das Siebte Kreuz. Roman Aus Hitlerdeutschland
75386: SEGHERS, PIERRE, - Clave. Pintura. Col lage. Tapisseria. Escultura. Litografia. Barcelona, Junio 1970
59583: SEIDEL, ORTRUD, - Mut Zur Erinnerung. Geschichte Der Gmundner Juden
24646: SEIDENFADEN, ERIK, - Guide to Bangkok with Notes on Siam
48990: SEIDLER, FRITZ, - The Bloodless Pogrom
49488: SEIDLER, TOR, - The Dulcimer Boy
47713: SEIDLER, GREGORZ L., - Soziale Ideen in Byzanz
81051: SEIDMAN, JUDY, - Facelift Apartheid: South Africa After Soweto
70972: SEIDMAN, JUDY & MAKGETLA, NEVA, - Hlanganani Basebenzi. A Brief History of COSATU. Celebrating Twenty Years of the Congress of South African Trade Unions
71679: SEIDMAN, JUDY, - Red on Black: The Story of the South African Poster Movement
50929: SEIFERT, JAROSLAV, - An Umbrella from Piccadilly
57064: SEIFERT, HOWARD S. (EDITED BY), - Space Technology
63040: SEIJIRO, SAITO; HIROICHI, YAMAGUCHI; TAKAO, YOSHINAGA (ADAPTED BY ROY ANDREW MILLER), - Masterpieces of Japanese Puppetry. Sculptured Heads of the Bunraku Theater.
81827: SEIKE, KIYOSI & TERRY, CHARLES S., - Contemporary Japanese Houses
81642: SEILER, PAUL, - Zarah Diva Das Portrat Eines Stars
78279: SEILER-BALDINGER, ANNEMARIE, - Systematik der Textilen Techniken.
61684: SEIM, TURID KARLSEN, - The Double Message. Patterns of Gender in Luke-Acts
65874: SEIXAS, VIC, - Prime Time Tennis. Tennis for Players Over 40.
27574: SEKESE, AZARIELE, - Mekhoa Le Maele a Ba-Sotho.
53102: SEKINE, MASARU (EDITED BY), - Irish Writers and Society at Large
68639: SELAMOLELA, SELEBELO, - You Don't Fool Around with Mountains
76323: SELAMOLELA, SELEBELO, - You Don't Fool Around with Mountains[ Conquering Everest - & other mountains of the mind]
67574: SELBY, BETTINA, - Beyond Ararat. A Journey Through Eastern Turkey
71848: SELBY, JOHN, - Shaka's Heirs
69078: SELBY, GEORGE & VAN VELDEN, LILLIAN, - The Memoirs of George Selby. A Journey Through Rhodesia to Zimbabwe.
78998: SELIG, ERNEST T. & WATERS, JOHN M., - Track Geotechnology and Substructure Management
61746: SELIGMAN, C.G., - Egypt and Negro Africa. A Study in Divine Kingship. The Frazer Lecture for 1933.....
1201: SELIGMAN, GERMAIN., - Roger de la Fresnauye
60720: SELIGMANN, KURT, - The History of Magic
62794: DE SELINCOURT, ERNEST, - Wordsworthian and Other Studies.
35551: SELL, EDWARD, - The Faith of Islam
55489: SELLARS, JOHN, - Stoicism
73190: SELLERS, HEATHER, - Chapter After Chapter: Discover the Dedication & Focus You Need to Write the Book of Your Dreams
79827: SELLEY, RON, - West of the Moon: Early Zululand and a Game Ranger at War in Rhodesia
73675: SELLICK, W. S. J., - Uitenhage, Past and Present Souvenir of the Centenary, 1804-1904
66207: SELLICK, N.P. (COMPILED BY); (EDITED L.C.P.ENDEMANN), - John Parkin of Baakens River Farm and his family, 1820-1970
54131: SELLNOW, LES, - Understanding Equine Lameness
49098: SELLS, ARTHUR LYTTON, - The Early Life and Adventures of Jean Jacques Rousseau 1712-1740 from the Latest Sources.
10113: SELLS, A LYTTON, - The Paradise of Travellers; the Italian Influence on Englishmen in the Seventeenth Century
83829: SELLS, E.L. & MAITLAND-STUART, J., - Umtali 1897 - 1957
55051: SELLSCHOP, J.P.F., - The Atomic Nucleus Its Structure and Behaviour.
55210: SELLSCHOP, SUSAN; GOLDBLATT, WENDY; HEMP, DOREEN, - Craft South Africa. Traditional. Transitional. Contemporary
62416: VAN SELM, R. (COMPILED BY), - History of the South African Mutual Life Assurance Society 1845-1945
60812: SELOUS, F.C., - A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa
79280: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENAY, - African Nature Notes and Reminiscences
75223: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY, - Travel and Adventure in South East Africa, Being the Narrative of the Last Eleven Years Spent By The Author on the Zambesi and Its Tributaries: With an Account of the Colonisation of Mashunaland and the Progress of the Gold Industry in That Country.
53011: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY, - A Hunter's Wanderings in Africa, Being a Narrative of Nine Years Spent Amongst the Game of the Far Interior of South Africa
60754: SELOUS, F.C, - African Nature Notes and Reminiscences
60753: SELOUS, F.C., - A Hunter's Wanderings In Africa Being A Narrative Of Nine Years Spent Amongst The Game Of The Far Interior Of South Africa
45715: SELOUS, F.C., - Sunshine & Storm in Rhoidesia
58333: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY, - A Hunter's Wanderings In Africa Being A Narrative Of Nine Years Spent Amongst The Game Of The Far Interior Of South Africa
76977: SELOUS, F.C., - Travel and Adventure in South East Africa
75218: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY, - A Hunters Wanderings In Africa Being A Narrative Of The Years Spent Among The Game Of The Far Interior Of South Africa
59108: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY, - Travel and Adventure in South-East Africa Being the Narrative of the Last Eleven Years Spent By the Author on the Zambesi and Its Tributaries; with an Account of the Colonisation of Mashunaland and the Progree of the Gold Industry in Tha
79142: SELOUS, EDMUND, - Bird Watching
80095: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENAY (EDITED BY CASADA, JAMES A.), - Africa's Greatest Hunter: The Lost Writings of Fredrick C. Selous
81330: SELOUS, F.C., - A Hunter's Wanderings in
66834: SELWYN, A., - The Retail Jeweller's Handbook and Merchandise Manual for Sales Personnel
66908: SELZER, MICHAEL; CLARKE, STEPHANIE; COHEN, LEONARDO; DUNCAN, PAMELA & GAGE, FRED, - Textbook of Neural Repair and Rehabilitation Volume 1: Neural Repair and Plasticity ; Volume 2: Medical Neurorehabilitation.
50961: SEMERAU, ALFRED (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Liebesbriefe Aus Dem Rokoko
56514: SEMERDJIEV, S., - Metal to Metal Adhesive Bonding
79279: SEMPE, JEAN JACQUES, - Women and Children First!
63662: SEMPER, C., - Reisen im Archipel der Philippinen, ZWEITHER THEIL Wissenschaftliche Resultate. ERSTER BAND: Holothurien
75141: SEMPLE, ROBERT (AND) FAIRBROTHER, MARY ANNE (AND) FLOWERDEW, A., - Walks and Sketches at the Cape of Good Hope; (TOGETHER WITH) Poems Chiefly Moral and Pastoral (TOGETHER WITH) Poems n Moral and Religious Subjects
69027: SEMPLE, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION BT FRANK BRADLOW), - Walks and Sketches at the Cape of Good Hope
51232: SEMPLE, D.W., - Emgwali Girls' Institution 1861-1961. A Century's Appraisement
71116: SEN, ASHISH & SRIVASTAVA, MUNI, - Regression Analysis: Theory, Methods and Applications
73849: SENDAK, MAURICE, - Where the Wild Things Are.
69338: SENECA (EDITED BY I. LIPSIUS & I. F. GRONOVIUS), - Philosophi Epistolae Quae Exstant
70338: SENECA, L. ANNAEUS, - L. Annaeus Seneca on Benefits, Addressed to Aebutius Liberalis
82244: SENEKAL, JAN (COMPILED BY), - Donker Weerlig Litterere Opstelle oor die Werk van Andre P Brink
82761: SENELLE, ROBERT, - Commentaar Op De Belgische Grondwet
62609: SENETA, E., - Non-Negative Matrices. An Introduction to Theory and Applications
47190: SENIOR, PAT, - Henry Moore Olifantskedel / Elephant Skull
81283: SENIOR, DEREK (EDITED BY), - The Regional City: An Anglo-American Discussion of Metropolitan Planning
73979: SENIOR, NASSAU WILLIAM, - Journals, Conversations and Essays Relating to Ireland.
60196: SENN, PAUL, - Bauer Und Arbeiter
57299: SENN, G. HERMAN, - Recherche Entrees. A Collection of the Latest and Most Popular Dishes
80213: SENNA, AYRTON, - Ayrton Senna's Principles of Race Driving
80242: SENNA, AYRTON, - Ayrton Senna's Principles of Race Driving
63015: SEPAMLA, SIPHO, - Children of the Earth
68247: SEPAMLA, SIPHO, - The Blues is You in Me
56826: SEPAMLA, SYDNEY SIPHO, - Hurry Up to it!
56827: SEPAMLA, SYDNEY SIPHO, - Hurry Up to it!
66653: SEPAMLA, SYDNEY (AND NUMEROUS OTHER CONTRIBUTORS), - Sketsh Winter 1979 South Africa's Magazine for Theatre and Entertainment.
66652: SEPAMLA, SYDNEY (AND NUMEROUS OTHER CONTRIBUTORS), - S'ketsh Summer 1973. South Africa's Magazine for Popular Theatre and Entertainment.
72534: SEPAMLA, SIPHO (EDITED BY), - New Classic No.5 (Short Story Special)
73460: SEPAMLA, SIPHO (EDITED BY), - New Classic NUMBER TWO 1975
20871: SEPAMLA, SIPHO, - The Blues is You in Me
20873: SEPAMLA, SIPHO, - A Ride on the Whirlwind
73528: SEPHTON, JAMES H., - The Friars Aylesford
58357: SEPULCHRE, JEAN, - Gens et Choses De L'Afrique Du Sud
71699: SERAGELDIN, ISMAIL & TABOROFF, JUNE (EDITED BY), - Culture and Development in Africa: Proceedings of an International Conference Held at the World Bank, Washington, D.C., April 2 and 3, 1992
60715: SEREBRIAKOFF, VICTOR, - A Mensa Analysis and History
75572: SEREBRO, HAROLD & SELLSCHOP, JACQUES, - Beyond Redemption?
85031: SEREBRO, HQROLD & SELLSCHOP, JACQUES, - Beyond Redemption? How SS Col Kurt Becher Saved Thousands of Jews and Plundered Their Wealth
74256: SERENY, GITTA, - Albert Speer. His Battle with Truth.
78043: SERFONTEIN, DOT, - Keurskrif Vir Kroonstad
83974: SERFONTEIN, J.H.P., - Namibia?
69073: SERFONTEIN, DOT, - Systap Onder Die Juk
70246: SERFONTEIN, ANNEEN & SNYMAN, H.W., - Gedenkboek H. F. Verwoerd-Hospitaal Pretoria 1927-1977
66004: SERFONTEIN, J.H.P., - Die Verkrampte Aanslag
64130: SERGEANT, PHILIP W., - The Princess Mathilde Bonaparte
77539: SEROFF, VICTOR, - Sergei Prokofiev - A Soviet Tragedy
81102: SEROFF, VICTOR I., - Rachmaninoff. A Biography
66657: SEROKE, JAKI (EDITED BY), - The Classic Volume 3 Number 1 1984.
83437: SEROKE, JAKI (EDITED BY), - The Classic: A Journal of Creative Writing and Art. VOLUME 1 No. 1
63016: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - No Baby Must Weep
56795: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - Gods of Our Time
43338: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - Yakhal 'Inkomo. Poems
20872: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - Behold Mama Flowers.
73188: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - Tsetlo
80010: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - Yakhai'inkomo. Poems.
77300: SEROTE, WALLY (AND SEVERAL OTHER WRITERS CONTRIBUTE TO), - Arekopaneng Journal, Vol. 1, No. 3
40758: SEROTE, MONGANE WALLY, - On the Horizon
35305: SERPA PINTO, ALEXANDRE ALBERTO DA (TRANSLATED H. V. WOBESER), - Wanderung Quer Durch Afrika Vom Atlantischen Zum Indischen Ocean Durch Bisher Grossentheils Ganzlich Unbekannte Lander Die Entdeckung Der Grossen Rebenflusse Des Zambesi
71503: SERRA, ANTONIO, - Legitimacy of local institutions for natural resource management in Manica, Mozambique
62224: SERRA, J., - Enchantillonage et Estimation Locale Des Phenomenes De Transition Miniers
49235: SERRAILLIER, IAN, - Everest Climbed
84764: SERRATS, MARTA, - Modern Ethno Interiors
40136: SERREBRENIKOV, NICOLAI & LAWSON, JOAN, - The Art of Pas De Deux
61515: VAN SERTIMA, IVAN (EDITED BY), - African Presence in Early Europe
60846: SERTON, P., - Suid Afrika En Brasilie. Sosiaal Geografiese Vergelyking
9574: SERULLAZ, MAURICE, - Delacroix
54140: SERVER, DEAN, - The Majesty of the Horse
73204: SERVICE, JAMES (JOHN BUNYAN), - The Pilgrim of John Bunyan: Paraphrased in Verse
48757: SERVICE, ALASTAIR, - London 1900
79362: SOUTH AFRICAN RESEARCH SERVICE, - South African Review: ONE, Some Foundations New Facades.
79363: SOUTH AFRICAN RESEARCH SERVICE, - South African Review: 2
79364: SOUTH AFRICAN RESEARCH SERVICE, - South African Review: 3
55586: ELDER DEMPSTER SERVICES, - Colonial West Africa 1926
48020: GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICES, - Rural Architecture in Hong Kong
81931: SESHADRI, R.V. AND OTHERS, - Yogadhara; In Commemoration of the 80th Birthday Celebration of Yocarya B.K.S. Lyengar
49011: SESSA, ALDO, - Magica Buenos Aires
49012: SESSA, ALDO, - Patagonia Argentina El Lejano Sur
82569: SESSA, ALDO, - Patagonia Panorama
54061: SESSIONS, RON, - Lust, Then Love. The Story of the New Z.
61337: SETBON, RASYMOND, - Libertes D'une Ecriture Critique Charles Nodier
67354: SETH, RONALD, - Jackals of the Reich The Story of the British Free Corps
5905: SETH, VIKRAM, - From heaven lake: Travels Through Sinkiang And Tibet
81837: SETILOANE, GABRIEL M., - The Image of God Among the Sotho Tswana
77675: SETON, B.G. & GOULD, J., - The Indian Medical Service, Being a Synopsis of the Rules and Regulations Regarding Pay, Promotion, Pension, Leave, Examination, Etc. In the Indian Medical Service, Both Military and Civil
55819: SETON-WATSON, HUGH, - Neither War Nor Peace. The Struggle for Power in the Post-war World
52129: SETON, HILARY, - The Stonemason's Boy
68140: SETON-WATSON, HUGH, - The Russian Empire 1801-1917
69682: SETON, ERNEST THOMPSON, - The Arctic Prairies: a Canoe Journey of 2000 Miles in Search of the Caribou: Being the Account of a Voyage to the Region North of Aylmer Lake
69368: SETON-WATSON, HUGH, - The Pattern of Communist Revolution: A Historical Analysis.
65277: SETRIGHT, L.J., - The Grand Prix Car 1954/1966
80306: SETRIGHT, L.J.K., - The Power to Fly : The Development of the Piston Engine in Aviation
62578: SEUPHOR, MICHEL (AND OTHER AUTHORS), - Quadrum 12 (XII) Revue Internationale D'art Moderne, International Magazine of Modern Art, Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Moderne kunst
30979: SEUSS, DR., - Hop on Pop
8799: SEUTTER, MATTHEW, - Novissima et accuratisima regnorum Hipaniae et portugalliae mappa geographica
58609: SEUTTER, MATTHEW, - Le Royaume De France
51864: SEVE, LUCIEN, - Man in Marxist Theory and the Psychology of Personality.
66778: CORONATION EDWARD SEVENTH, - The Ceremonies to be Observed at the Royal Coronation of Their Most Excellent Majesties King Edward the Seventh and Queen Alexandrain the Abbey Church of Westminster on Saturday the 9th Day of August 1902
49161: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY, - Explorers of the Mississippi
54458: SEWARD, A.F., - The Zodiac and Its Mysteries. A Study of Planetary Influences Upon the Physical, Mental and Moral Nature of Mankind.
58086: SEWARD, DESMOND, - The Monks of War. The Military Orders.
72687: SEWARD, A. C., - Darwin and Modern Science: Essays in Commemoration of the Centenary of the Birth of Charles Darwin and of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Publication of the Origin of Species
68934: SEWELL, ELIZABETH, - he Orphic Voice: Poetry and Natural History
44990: SEWELL, ANNA, - Swart Glorie (Black Beauty)
76288: SEWELL, JOHN F. (EDITED BY C. D. STORRAR), - The Private Diary of The Village Harbour-Master 1875-1897
63360: SEWITZ, MORRIS (COMPILED BY), - Journal of Concise Information on the Total Solar Eclipse. 1st October 1940
83488: SEWPAUL, VISHANTHIE & HOLSCHER, DOROTHEE, - Social Work in Times of Neoliberalism: A Postmodern Discourse
77952: SEWTER, A.C., - A Lecture on the Relationship Between Painting and Architecture in Renaissance and Modern Times
52035: SEXTON, ANNE, - The Complete Poems
7810: SEXTON, R.W, - American Commercial Buildings Of Today
57889: SEXTON, R.W., - The Logic of Modern Architecture. Exteriors and Interiors of Modern American Buildings.
72088: SEY, JAMES, - Finding the High Road. Celebrating 50 Years of Cargo Carriers
55105: SEYMOUR, H.D., - Russia on the Black Sea and Sea of Azof, Being a Narrative of Travels in the Crimea and Bordering Provinces
52198: SEYMOUR, S.M., - Native Law in South Africa
59170: SEYMOUR, S.M., - Bantu Law in South Africa
66562: SEYMOUR, J.B., - The Stamps of Great Britain Two Volumes: Part I The Line Engraved Issues 1840-1853; Part II Addenda and Corrigenda to Part I, the Remainder of the Line Engraved Issues, The Embossed Adhesive and Surface Printed Issues up to 1865 [2 Volumes]
66570: SEYMOUR, J.B., - The Stamps of Great Britain, Part One, the Line-Engraved issues
65349: SEYMOUR, RAYMOND B., - Hot Organic Coatings
68304: SEYMOUR, M.C. (EDITED BY), - Mandeville's Travels
18238: SGARBI, VITTORIO, - Stella Magni Castellaneta, Scultura
74127: SHA, DOMEI TSUSHIN (EDITED BY), - Japan Trade Guide 1938 with a Compregensive Mercantile Directory.
12074: SHAARA, MICHAEL, - The Killer Angels
79645: SHABAN, SARAH, - Bread and Peacocks
78663: SHABAN, - Forced Disappearance Between International Law and Arab Reality. Mansur Al-Kikhia as Example.
62509: SHABAN, SARAH, - The Golden Corn. A Memoir.
83701: SHABAN, SARAH, - Bread and Peacocks
65863: SHACKLADY, EDWARD, - The Gloster Meteor
30097: SHACKLE, G.L.S., - Uncertainty in Economics and Other Reflections
54246: SHACKLETON, ROBERT, - The Book of New York
24686: SHACKLETON, ERNEST, - South. The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914 - 1917
63356: SHACKLETON, EDWARD, - Nansen the Explorer
68162: SHACKLETON, ERNEST H., - South. The Story of Shackleton's Last Expedition 1914-1917
12579: SHACKLETON, C.W., - East African Experiences 1916
75569: SHAFFER, N. MANFRED, - The Competitive Position of the Port of Durban
80900: SHAFTESBURY ANTHONY ASHLEY COOPER, 7TH EARL.(1801-1885), - A 2pp Autgraph Signed Letter to Miss Webber, Signed and Dated June 5 1866
80899: SHAFTESBURY ANTHONY ASHLEY COOPER, 7TH EARL.(1801-1885), - A 2pp Autgraph Signed Letter to Miss Webber, Signed and Dated May 25 1866
48655: SHAH, IDRIES, - Kara Kush
57062: SHAH, SAYED IDRIES, - Destination Mecca
81760: SHAH, AHMED, - Four Years in Tibet
52032: SHAIN, MILTON, - The Jewish Population and Politics in the Cape Colony 1898 - 1910
72186: SHAIN, MILTON, - Jewry and Cape Society. The Origins and Activities of the Jewish Board of Deputies for the Cape Colony.
71264: SHAIRP, PRINCIPAL, - Burns
79987: SHAIRP, J.C., - Studies in Poetry and Philosophy
54331: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - Romeo and Juliet
54378: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
52202: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (EDITED A L ROWSE), - The Annotated Shakespeare. Complete Works Illustrated. I. Comedies; II. Histories and Poems. II. Tragedies and Romances.
83335: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (NOTES BY MRS. INCHBALD), - King Henry IV, The First Part, an Historical Play in Five Acts. As Performed at the Theatres Royal, Drury Lane and Covent Garden.
47443: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Works of William Shakespeare with Life and Glossary (Lansdowne Pocket Shakespeare India Paper edition)
57021: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Complete Works
33307: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (ADAPTED RICHARD VALPY), - King John an Historical Tragedy (Altered from Shakespeare) as it Was Acted at Reading School for the Subscription to the Naval Pillar to be Erected in Honor of the Naval Victories of the War; and is Now Performing at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden...
57879: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (EDITED W J CRAIG), - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.
81792: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (EDITED BY ALOIS BRANDL), - Shakespeares Dramatische Werke, Übersetzt von August Wilhelm von Schlegel und Ludwig Tieck,
59177: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - Der Sturm (The Tempest)
55101: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (TEXT ESTABLISHED BY HERBERT FARJEON, WITH NEW INTRODUCTION BY IVOR BROWN), - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, the Text and Order of the First Folio with Quarto Variants & a Choice Opf Modern Readings Noted Marginally; to Which are Added Pericles and the First Quartos of Six of the Plays, with Three Plays of Doubtful ....
64779: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - As You Like it
82792: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Winter's Tale
71726: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM, - The Art of Singing Based on the Principles of the Old Italian Singing-Masters, and Dealing with Breath-Control and Production of the Voice, Together with Exercises
82641: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (EDITED BY W J CRAIG), - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
72005: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIASM, - Richard III (Laurence Olivier soundtrack)
81839: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM ( COMPILED/EDITED BY CHARLTON HINMAN), - The First Folio of Shakespeare. The Norton Facsimile
71896: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (EDITED BY W. J. CRAIG; INTRODUCTORY STUDIES BY EDWARD DOWDEN), - Complete Works. Comedies; Histories and Poems; Tragedies ( Large Type Edition ).
72436: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM (TREE, H. BEERBOHM), - Souvenir of Shakespeare's Fairy Comedy "A Misummer Night's Dream" Produced at Her Majesty's Theatre By Herbert Beerbohm Tree on the 10th of January 1900
53427: SHAKSPEARE, WILLIAM (NOTES BY OTTO FIEBIG), - Julius Caesar. A Tragedy. With Notes
48432: SHAKSPEARE (SHAKESPEARE), WILLIAM, - The Handy Volume Edition of the Works
52242: SHALIMAR (F.C.HENDRY), - The Yomah - and After
63679: SHALLIT, JOSEPH, - Kiss the Killer
69708: , SHAMIM, - Divide and Profit, Indian Workers in Natal
60508: SHAMUYARIRA, NATHAN M., - Crisis in Rhodesia.
50475: SHAND, S. JAMES, - Eruptive Rocks. Their Genesis, Composition, Classification and Their Relation to Ore Deposits with a Chapter on Meteorites.
74771: SHAND, G. B. (EDITED BY), - Teaching Shakespeare: Passing It On
48073: SHANKEN, MARVIN R. (EDITED BY), - Cigar Afficionado's World of Cigars.
69024: SHANKLAND, PETER, - The Phantom Flotilla. The Story of the Naval Africa Expedition 1915-1916
82633: SHANKLAND, PETER, - The Phantom Flotilla, The Story of the Naval Africa Expedition 1915-16
47767: SHANKS, HERSHEL (PREFACE BY YIGAL YADIN), - Judaism in Stone. The Archaeology of Ancient Synagogues.
40240: SHANNON, DELL, - Deuces Wild
40241: SHANNON, DELL, - No Holiday For Crime
40242: SHANNON, DELL, - Death of a Busybody
40243: SHANNON, DELL, - Appearances of Death
12051: SHAO-YANG, LIN, - A Chinese Appeal to Christendom Concerning Chinese Missions
72346: SHAPIRO, DAVID, - Jim Dine: Painting What One Is.
56196: SHAPIRO, KARL, - Edsel
49951: SHAPIRO, H.L., - The Heritage of the Bounty. The Story of Pitcairn Through Sic Generations.
84290: SHAPIRO, H. A. (EDITED BY I. GORDON), - Medico-Legal Mythology and Other Forensic Contributions
73153: SHAPIRO, STEVE, - In a Borrowed Tent. Ninety Nine Haiku.
70205: SHAPIRO, H. A. (EDITED BY I. GORDON), - Medico-Legal Mythology and Other Forensic Contributions
72079: SHARF, ANDREW, - The British Press and Jews Under Nazi Rule
82446: SHARK, PETER, - Swaziland Shared Secrets
56210: SHARMAN, MIRIAM, - The Law of Probability
67330: SHARON, YOSEF, - The Supreme Court Building Jerusalem
52477: SHARP, R.R., - En Prospection Au Katanga Il y a Cinquante Ans.
53146: SHARP, WILLIAM AND ELIZABETH, - Literary Geography
10110: SHARP, JOHN CAMPBELL & TAIT, PETER, GUTHRIE & ADAMS-REILLY, A, - Life and Letters of James David Forbes, F.R.S
80456: SHARP, R.R., - Early Days in Katanga
78275: SHARP, THOMAS / FREDERICK GIBBERD / W.G. HOLFORD., - Design in Town and Village
80975: SHARPE, NORMAN & WALKER, MURRAY, - Stars of Speed: BOB McINTYRE EP 302
57041: SHARPE, JAMES, - Instruments of Darkness. Witchcraft in England 1550-1750
76043: SHARPE, TOM, - Wilt
23425: SHARPE, TOM, - Wilt on High
59995: SHARPE, HENRIETTA, - A Solitary Woman. A Life of Violet Trefusis
69321: SHARPE, MARGY P. (EDITED BY), - The Collection of Mr and Mrs David Kreeger
35830: SHARPEY-SCHAFER, EDWARD ALBERT (EDITED BY), - Text-book of Physiology
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48249: SMITH, GOLDWIN, - On Some Supposed Consequences of the Doctrine of Historical Progress. A Lecture.
47277: SMITH, ELEANOR, - Ballerina

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