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64868: RYAN, VINCENT W., - Mauritius and Madagascar: Journals of an Eight Years' Residence in the Diocese of Mauritius, and of a Visit to Madagascar
25930: RYAN, JOHN (EDITED BY), - A Bash in the Tunnel. James Joyce By the Irish
16442: RYAN, RAY, - Memories of Italy World War Ll
66170: RYAN, COLLEEN, - Beyers Naude - Pilgrimage of Faith
50542: RYAN, CIARAN, - McGregor's Dictionary of Stock Market Terms.
47281: RYAN, CORNELIUS, - The Longest Day
74876: RYAN, P.F., - Queen Anne and Her Court
59956: RYAN, CORNELIUS, - The Longest Day
60848: RYBCZYNSKI, T.M. (EDITED BY), - The Economics of the Oil Crisis
54952: RYCROFT, A.; BOULLE, L.J.; ROBERTSON, M.K.; SPILLER, P.R. (EDITED BY), - Race and the Law in South Africa. A Volume of Essays By Members of the School of Law, Howard College, University of Natal, Durban, to Commemorate the Sixtieth Anniversary of The Durban School.
63384: RYCROFT, ALAN (EDITED BY), - The Private Regulation of Industrial Conflict. Proceedings Of The Labour Law Conference 1989.
20704: RYDER, ALAN, - Benin and the Europeans 1485 - 1897
38649: RYFF, G. H., - Omnium Humani Partium Descriptio. M D XLI
62600: RYFF, G. H. (TEXT BY ARNOLD PFISTER), - Omnium Humani Partium Descriptio. M D XLI
77944: RYKWERT, JOSEPH, - The First Moderns: The Architects of the Eighteenth Century
27182: RYLAND, CLIVE, - Murder on the Cliff
14628: RYLANDS, GEORGE, - Poems
68937: RYLANDS, GEORGE, - Words and Poetry
74665: RYLE, GILBERT (EDITED BY RENE MEYER), - Aspects of Mind
50613: RYLE, JOHN A., - The Natural History of Disease.
56922: RYLE, GILBERT, - Dilemmas. Tarner Lectures
69999: RYLEY, M. BERESFORD, - Queens of the Renaissance
79317: RYMES, T.K., - On Concepts of Capital and Technical Change
81091: RYPSTRA, UDO (COMPILED BY), - R F A: The Voice of the Road Freight Agency
60214: VAN SAANEN, PAUL & GREENHALGH, PETER, - From Court to Confectionary Des courtisans aux artisans (
70884: SAARI, DONALD G., - Geometry of Voting
46663: SAAYMAN, WILLEM A., - A Man with a Shadow. The Life and Times of Professor Z K Matthews.
70648: SAAYMAN, JAAP & VENTER, PEET, - Namibia Mirror, Independence: 21 March 1990
59210: SABAHI, TAHER, - Qashqai. Tappeti Tribali Persiani
59256: SABAHI, TAHER (EDITED BY), - Cavalieri d'Oriente, Coperte da cavallo e da sella dal XVII al XX secolo (Horsemen from the Orient, Horse and Saddle Covers)
59265: SABAHI, TAHER, - Shahsavan Jajim
64328: SABATINI, RICHARD, - Kimberley Tramways. A History of Kimberley's Tramways 1887-1985
82106: SABATINI, RAFAEL, - The Tyrant : An Episode in the Career of Cesare Borgia. in Four Acts.
56926: SABBATUCCI, NUNZIO, - Il Linguaggio Dei Politici Glossario
16314: SABBE, MAURICE, - L'Oeuvre De Christophe Plantin et De Ses Successeurs
62633: SABEV, DIMITER, - For a Better and Fairer World VOLS 1-3 (?of4)
57750: SABINE, EDWARD (TYNDALL, JOHN: ASSOCIATION ITEM), - Observations Made at the Magnetical and Meteorological Observatory at the Cape of Good Hope. VOLUME I: Magnetical Observations 1841 to 1846, with Abstracts of the Observations from 1841 to 1850 Inclusive.
51351: SABINO, CATHERINE, - Italian Country Living
71150: SABLOFF, JEREMY A. (EDITED BY), - Tikal: Dynasties, Foreigners and Affairs of State: Advancing Maya Archaeology
46577: SABOURAUD, R, - Pelades et Alopecies En Aires
58043: SACERDOTI, MIRA, - Italian Jewish Cooking
66658: SACHED, - Upbeat Number 4 1986
66659: SACHED, - Upbeat Number 5 1986
66661: SACHED, - Upbeat Number 8 1986
66663: SACHED, - Upbeat Number 1 1987
66660: SACHED, - Upbeat Number 7 1986
84377: SACHIKONYE, LLOYD, - When a State Turns on its Citizens. 60 years of Institutionalised Violence in Zimbabwe
9251: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter
73801: SACHS, ALBIE, - Images of a Revolution: Mural Art in Mozambique
32739: SACHS, EDWIN, - Sleight of Hand. A Practical Manual of Legerdemain for Amateurs and Others.
59572: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Free Diary of Albie Sachs
83178: SACHS, ALBIE, - Justice in South Africa
85194: SACHS, ALBIE, - Advancing Human Rights in South Africa
83190: SACHS, E.S., - Suppression of Liberty in South Africa // Onderdrukking Van Vryheid in Suid Afrika
59041: SACHS, ERNEST, - The Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumors
84490: SACHS, ALBIE, - Protecting Human Rights in New South Africa
74414: SACHS, A., - South Africa: The Violence of Apartheid
80458: SACHS, ALBIE, - Advancing Human Rights In South Africa
67775: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
69713: SACHS, WULF, - Black Hamlet
76827: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
71071: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
68755: SACHS, NELLY, - O the Chimneys; Selected poems, Including Eli, a Verse Play
46098: SACHS, WULF., - The Vegetative Nervous System: a Clinical Study.
41387: SACHS, M., - Uber Die Kosmetischen Operationen in Der Augenheilkunde. Vortrag Gehalten am 28 November 1904 Im Wiener Medizinischen Doctorenkollegium
46174: SACHS, WULF, - Psychoanalysis Its Meaning and Practical Applications
66765: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Soft Vengeance of a Freedom Fighter
82776: SACHS, BERNARD, - The Road to Sharpeville
71381: SACHS, ALBIE & WELCH, GITA HONWANA, - Liberating the Law: Creating Popular Justice in Mozambique
71090: SACHS, MENDEL, - Ideas of the Theory of Relativity General Indications from Physics to Problems of Society
46639: SACHS, HANS, - Ein Tisch-Zucht 1534
46173: SACHS, WULF, - Black Hamlet the Mind of an African Negro Revealed By Psychoanalysis.
74379: SACHS, ALBIE, - The Strange Alchemy of Life and Law
51063: SACHSENS, HANS, - Ausgewahlte Werke. 1: Gedichte; 2: Dramen
63748: SACK, STEVEN, - The Neglected Tradition. Towards a New History of South African Art 1930-1988
54444: SACK, STEVEN (CURATED BY), - The Neglected Tradition. Towards a New History of South African Art 1930-1988
69967: SACK, STEPHEN (CURATED BY), - The Neglected Tradition. Towards a New History of South African Art 1930-1988
69412: SACK, STEPHEN (CURATED BY), - The Neglected Tradition. Towards a New History of South African Art 1930-1988
48802: SACKS, JONATHAN, - Faith in the Future
58344: SACKS, BORIS & SILVERMAN, BELLA, - Before Memories Grow Dim .... The Story of a Family Business
80677: SACKS, LESLIE, - David Hockney: Two Decades
51266: SACKVILLE-WEST, VICTORIA, - Del Giardino
66618: SACKVILLE-WEST, EDWARD, - Graham Sutherland
80720: SADAT, MUHAMMAD ANWAR EL (1918-1981), - A Fine Black and White Photograph, Signed in English and Arabic, with a Typewritten Covering Letter.
62922: EL SADAT, ANWAR, - Revolt on the Nile
60884: DE SADE, MARQUIS, - Eugenie De Franval and Other Stories.
65192: SADIE, J.L., - Die Afrikaner in Die Landsekonomie
75170: SADIE, STANLEY (EDITED BY), - The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (20 Volumes Complete)
84056: SADL:ER, HENRY, - Illustrated History of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, No. 256: 1823 to 1903
54631: SADLEIR, RANDAL, - Tanzania. Journey to the Republic
79127: SADLEIR, RANDAL, - Tanzania Journey to Republic
14546: SADLER, JULIUS TROIUSDALE, JR. & JACQUELIN D.J . SADLER, - American Stables An Architectural Tour
41576: SADLER, JULIUS TROUSDALE & SADLER, JACQUELIN D.J., - American Stables. An Architectural Tour.
59605: SADLER, MICHAEL E. (EDITED BY), - Arts of West Africa (Excluding Music)
3796: SADLER, CELIA, COMP, - Never A Young Man: Extracts from the Letters And Journals Of the Rev William Shaw
78870: SAEKS, DIANE DORRANS, - Seaside Interiors
41235: SAEMISCH, TH., - Das Ulcus Corneae Serpens Und Seine Therapie. Ein Klinische Studie.
77812: SAER, XAVIER, - Bleeding Heart (A Timeless Fable About Living Life With Passion)
77385: UNION CASTLE SAFMARINE, - List of Passengers "Edinburgh Castle" from Cape Town 12th July 1967
77384: UNION CASTLE SAFMARINE, - List of Passengers R.M.S. Windsor Castle from Southampton 28th December 1973
49209: SAFRAN, ALEXANDRE, - Wisdom of the Kabbalah
51537: LE SAGE, ALAIN RENE, - Der Hinkende Teufel
50438: LE SAGE (TRANSLATED TOBIAS SMOLLETT), - The Adventures of Gil Blas De Santillane.
51771: SAGGERSON, E.P., - Identification Tables for Minerals in Thin Sections.
53798: SAGGS, H.W.F., - Babylonians (Peoples of the Past)
70023: SAGITTARIUS, - Everybody's Book of Self-Defence
70217: SAHER, P.J., - Happiness and Immortality George Grimm's Investigations Into the Secrets of Buddhism
79501: SAHN, SEUNG, - Only Doing it for Sixty Years
70158: SAHOTA, GURSHURAN, - The Shotokan Karate Handbook Beginner to Black Belt:
70151: SAHOTA, GURSHARAN, - The Advanced Shotokan Karate Handbook
83110: SAINSAULIEU, MARIE CAROLINE, - Henri Manguin (1874-1949): Paintings, Pastels, Watercolours and Drawings, Wednesday 7th March - Thursday 12th April 1990
47530: SAINSBURY, PETER, - Suicide in London. An Ecological Study.
73340: DE SAINT-EXUPERY, ANTOINE, - Le Petit Prince. Interprete Par Gerard Philipe et Georges Poujouly
65909: SAINT-MANDE, WILFRID, - Halcyon Days in Africa
74795: SAINT-EXUPERY, ANTOINE DE, - The Wisdom of the Sands
71454: SAINT, WILLIAM S., - Universities in Africa. Strategies for Stabilization and Revitalization
71272: SAINTSBURY, GEORGE, - Dryden
67031: SAINZ DE ROBLES, F.C., - Ensayo de un Diccionario Español de Sinónimos y Antónimos .
56542: SAITO, K. & WADA, S., - Magic of Trees & Stones. Secrets of Japanese Gardening.
67230: SAITO, GEN T., - American Restaurant Design
59613: SAITO, EIKO, - Die Frau Im Alten Japan
76003: SAITO, KATSUO, - Japanese Gardening Hints : The Romance of Gleaming Sand, Rugged Stones, and Shady Trees in Your Garden
51209: SAKAGAMI, RYUSHU, - The Basic Formal Exercise of Tonfa of Hamahiga (Antient Martial Arts of the Ryuku Islands Series III)
40334: SAKAGAMI, RYUSHO, - Nunchaku and Sai. Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts
48544: SAKALOVSKY, LOUIS, - Louis Sakalovsky. The Reverse Side. Sculptures 1978-1999
82879: SAKS, DAVID, - Boerejode : Jews in the Boer Armed Forces 1899 - 1902
73161: SALAFRANCA, ARJA, - The Fire in Which We Burn
55268: SALAMAN, MALCOLM, - The Woodcut of Today at Home and Abroad
16441: SALAMAN, MALCOLM C. (EDITED CHARLES HOLME), - Shakespeare in Pictorial Art
60314: SALAMANCA, J.R., - Embarkation
34196: SALAR, TANJO, - The Book of Spells, Charms & Entertainments
53583: SALAZAR, OLIVEIRA, - Goa and the Indian Union. Legal Aspects. Speech Delivered Through the National Broadcast ....on August 10th 1954
47409: DE SALAZAR, FRANCISCO, - Afectos y Consideraciones Devotas Sobre Los Quatro Novissimos Anadidas a Los Exercicios De La Primera Semana De N.P.S. Ignacio De Loyola Fundador De La Compana De Jesus.
58934: SALCMAN, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Neurobiology of Brain Tumors
14951: SALDAU, ERNST, - Die Chocolade-Fabrikation. Eine Darstellung.... Mit 34 Abbildungen
62563: SALDO, A,M,, - How to Excel at Games and Athletics
67299: SALES, JANE M., - The Planting of Churches in South Africa
2641: SALESKI, GDAL, - Famous Musicians of a Wandering Race
49009: SALINGER, PIERRE & VANOCUR, SANDER (EDITED BY), - A Tribute to John F. Kennedy
592: SALINGER, J.D., - For Esme With Love and Sqalor
85114: SALINGER, J.D., - De Daumier-Smith's Blue Period (in World Review May 1952)``
85046: SALL, ALIOUNE (EDITED BY), - The Future Competitiveness of African Economies : Proceedings of the Dakar Forum, March 1999.
58954: LA SALLE, A. (ATTRIBUTED TO), - Les Quinze Joyes De Mariage
44989: SALLEN, JOHN, - Le Mans Porsche
49470: SALLIS, JAMES, - Death Will Have Your Eyes
64796: SALLUST (C. SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS), - Catilinae Coniuratio / Bellum Iugurthinum
9581: SALLUST, CAIUS CRIPIUS & PALMER, J.M ED, - Opera Omnia Commentaris Integris Joh Rivii, Aldu Manutu Etc.
62331: SALMI, MARIO, - Eglises Romanes De Toscane
37147: SALMON, W. SALMON, - Modern Manual for Drivers of Steam Road Vehicles.
54641: SALMON, ROBERT (TRANSLATED BY LARRY COHEN), - The Future of Management. All Roads Lead to Man
75954: SALMON, ANDRE (EDITED BY BETH S. GERSH-NESIC), - Andre Salmon on French Modern Art
15471: SALMOND, J.B., - The Muster-Roll of Angus South African War4 1899 - 1900. A Record and a Tribute
38147: SALMOND, J.B., - The History of the 51st Highland Division 1939-1945
79228: SALOMON, LUDWIG; BROCKE, MICHAEL; SCHWARZ, EDITED BY), - Feuer an Dein Heiligtum gelegt: Zerstorte Synagogen 1938, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Gedenkbuch der Synagogen Deutschland 1938)
79849: SALOMON, MICHAEL G., - Freshwater Fishing in South Africa: The Complete Guide to Fresh Water Fishing
56001: VON SALOMON, ERNST, - The Answers of Ernst Von Salomon to the 131 Questions in the Allied Military Government 'Fragebogen'
52259: SALOMON, EMILE, - Les Ex-Libris De Charles Favet, Graveur Sur Bois.
79821: SALOMON, MICHAEL G., - Freshwater Fishing in South Africa: The Complete Guide to Fresh Water Fishing
78863: SALOMON, KATHRYN, - Jewish Ceremonial Embroidery
59955: VON SALOMON, ERNST (TRANSLATED JAMES KIRKUP), - The Captive. The Story of an Unknown Political Prisoner
36907: SALT, J.S.A., - A Simple Method of Surveying from Air Photographs (Professional Papers of the Air Survey Committee No.8)
69289: SALT, HENRY S., - The Life of James Thomson ("B.V.")
27224: SALT, HENRY, - A Voyage to Abyssinia, and Travels Into the Interior of That Country, Executed Under the Orders of the British Government in the Years 1809 and 1810; in Which are Included an Account of the Portuguese Settlements on the East Coast of Africa... Etc.
62945: SALUS, HUGO, - Die Harfe Gottes
61206: SALVADORI, MARIO & LEVY, MATTHYS, - Structural Design in Architecture
61207: SALVADORI, MARIO & HELLER, ROBERT, - Structure in Architecture
58584: SALVADORI, ROY & PRITCHARD, ANTHONY, - Roy Salvadori Racing Driver
78002: SALVADORI, MARIO & HELLER, ROBERT, - Structure in Architecture
82377: SALVIN, FRANCIS HENRY & BRODRICK, WILLIAM, - Falconry in the British Isles
79366: SALWAY, LANCE, - The Darkness Under the Stairs and Other Ghost Stories
41311: SALZER, FRITZ, - Uber Den Kunstlichen Hornhautersatz.
55369: SAMARIAN, SERGIU, - Queen's Gambit Declined
51922: SAMBROOK, PAMELA`, - Country House Brewing in England 1500 - 1900
41254: SAMISCH (SAEMISCH), THEODOR, - Beitrage Zur Normalen Und Pathologischen Anatomie Des Auges.
61878: SAMKANGE, STANLAKE, - Origins of Rhodesia
6333: SAMKANGE, STANLAKE, - Origins Of Rhodesia
56863: SAMKANGE, STANLAKE, - Year of the Uprising
56531: LUCIANUS SAMOSATENSIS, - Dialogi Selecti Cum Nova Versione et Notis Ab Uno et Patribus Societatis Jesu
76818: SAMPAIO, JORGE, - A Signed Photograph of Sampaio as President of Portugal
61304: SAMPSON, RICHARD (COMPILED BY), - They Came to Northern Rhodesia Being a Record of Persons Who Entered What is Now the Territory of Northern Rhodesia By 31st December 1902
26072: SAMPSON, VICTOR, - My Reminiscences
67677: SAMPSON, ANTHONY, - The Anatomist. The Autobiography of Anthony Sampson.
68952: SAMPSON, H.F., - The Language of Poetry
43013: SAMPSON, RICHARD, - So This Was Lusakas. The Story of the Capital of Zambia to 1964
38602: SAMPSON, H.F., - The White-Faced Huts. Witchcraft in the Transkei
26926: SAMPSON, C.G., - The Smithfield Industrial Complex: Further Field Results
26925: SAMPSON, C.G., - The Stone Age Industries of the Orange River Scheme and South Africa
42211: SAMPSON, VICTOR, - Collected Poems
41134: SAMPSON, VICTOR, - My Reminiscences
72370: SAMS, JOSEPH, - A 1page Third Person Letter to Mr. Lepard, Inviting Him to View His Collection of Egyptian Artefacts, 30th August 1836
73191: SAMSEL, JON & WIMBERLEY, DARRYL, - Writing for Interactive Media: The Complete Guide
54587: SAMSON, GEORGE GORDON, - Every Man His Own Builder. A Book for Everyone Who Owns a Piece of Land.
10214: SAMSON, GORDON, - How to Plan a House : a Book for All About to Build
73862: SAMSON, JANE (EDITED BY), - The British Empire
78314: SAMUEL, VISCOUNT, - On Style
48317: SAMUEL, RAPHAEL (EDITED BY), - People's History and Socialist Theory.
66890: SAMUEL, GEOFFREY, - The Origins of Yoga and Tantra: Indic Religions to the Thirteenth Century
72917: SAMUELS, L.E., - Metallographic Polishing By Mechanical Methods
60183: SAMUELSON, L.H., - Zululand Its Traditions Legends Customs and Folklore
33931: SAMUELSON, JAMES, - Roumania Past and Present
81893: DI SAN LAZZARO, G. (EDITED BY), - Homage to Henri Matisse
69133: SANCEAU, ELAINE, - Good Hope. The Voyage of Vasco Da Gama
73942: SAND, GEORGE, - Francois Le Champi
70283: SANDBROOK, RICHARD, - The Politics of Africa's Economic Stagnation (African Society Today)
75943: SANDEMAN, E.F., - Eight Months in an Ox-Waggon : Reminiscences of Boer Life
52219: SANDEMAN, E.F., - Eight Months in an Ox-Waggon
7450: SANDEMAN, FRASER, - Angling Travels In Norway
54568: SANDER, C.G., - The Riddle of the Ether
81890: SANDER, IVOR, - Development, Diamonds, Gold and Platinum the Story of the Johannesurg Consolidated Investment Company
77062: SANDER, IVOR, - The Absa Group Johannesburg Head Office Campus Precinct: Heritage of the Rainbow Nation,
76847: SANDER, I.F., - Rand Club Centenary Album 1887 - 1987
71844: SANDERCOCK, LEONIE (EDITED BY), - Making the Invisible Visible. A Multicultural Planning History
57245: SANDERS, PETER, - Moshweshwe of Lesotho
73481: SANDERS, MARK, - Complicities: The Intellectual and Apartheid
53792: SANDERSON, TESSA, - My Life in Athletics
28109: SANDERSON, EDGAR, - The British Empire in the Nineteenth Century. Its Progress and Expansion at Home and Abroad, Comprising a Description and History of Thye British Colonies and Dependencies
38578: SANDERSON, WILLIAM TERROT, - The Diary of William T. Sanderson
81791: SANDFORD, CHRISTOPHER; NEWBERY, FRANCIS J.; RUTTER, OWEN, - Here is Printed for the Exhibition a Biography of the Golden Cockerel Press to Which is Added a List of Books in Print
75736: SANDHAM, MARK, - A|lan Sandhm's Cookery Collection. A Bibliography
7605: SANDILANDS, G.S, - Famous Water colour painters II: W.Russell Flint A.R.A
68276: SANDLER, DAVID SOLLY, - 100 Years of ARC Memories. Celebrating the Centenary of Arcadia (South African Jewish Orphanage) 1906 - 2006
54016: SANDON, JOHN, - The Dictionary of Worcester Porcelain 1751 - 1851
51823: SANDOW, EUGEN, - Curative Physical Culture.
28191: SANDOW, EUGEN ( COMPILED AND EDITED BY G. MERCER ADAM), - Sandow on Physical Training. A Study in the Perfect Type of the Human Form
28189: SANDOW, EUGEN, - Strength and How to Obtain it
41549: SANDOW, EUGEN, - Strength and How to Obtain it, with an Anatomical Chart Ullustrating Exercises for Physical Development.
40271: SANDVED, K.V. (COMPILED BY), - The World of Music. A Treasury for Listener and Viewer.
80000: SANDWEISS, MARTHA A., - Print the Legend: Photography and the American West
45160: SANDYS, CELIA, - Churchill Wanted Dead or Alive
53471: SANG-SOO, AHN, - Lotus Patterns (Asian Art Motifs from Korea 6)
53993: SANG-SOO, AHN, - Floral Patterns (Asian Art Motifs from Korea 2)
58617: SANGA, G., - Thapong International Artists' Workshop. Mahalapye Botswana 1992
55544: SANGER, MARJORY BARTLETT, - Billy Bartram and His Green World
69812: SANGIRARDI, HELENA B., - Nova Alegria de Cozinhar
41542: SANI, GABRIELE, - History of the Italians in South Africa 1489-1989
76995: SANI, GABRIELE, - Storia degli Italiani in Sud Africa, 1489-1989
57055: SANNES, G.W., - African 'Primitives'. Function and Form in African Masks and Figures.
66501: SANNING, WALTER N., - The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry
71647: SANPAD, - Cooperating For Science: An Inventory Of Research And Education Partnerships Between South Africa And The Netherlands
79172: SANSALVADORE, SERGIO & IRENE (COMPILED BY), - Photographic Course of Dress Designing & Dressmaking // Fotografiese Kursus in Ontwerp En Maak Van Klere
69095: SANSALVADORE, GIOVANNA (EDITED BY), - Italian Dressmaking School. Teach Yourself Course in Designing and Dressmaking
50978: SANSOM, GEORGE, - Japan
74649: SANSOM, GEORGE, - A History of Japan to 1334 / a History of Japan 1334-1615 (2 Vols of 3)
63632: SANTA-RITA, AUGUSTO DE, - O Mundo Dos Meus Bonitos. Poemas
65947: SANTANGELO, MARIA, - Musées et Monuments étrusques. Etruscan Museums and Monuments.
54817: SANTAYANA, GEORGE, - Egotism in German Philosophy
78199: SANTORO, CESARE, - Hitler Germany as Seen By a Foreigner
84183: SANTOS, JOSE DE ALMEIDA, - Luanda D'outros Tempos
61926: SANTRY, DENIS, - War Cartoons
24495: VAN SANTVOORD, G., - Life of Algernon Sidney with Sketches of Some of His Contemporaries and Extracts from His Correspondence and Political Writings
84777: SAPIRE, HILARY & DOOLING, WAYNE (EDITED BY), - Liberation Struggles, Exile and International Solidarity (Journal of Southern African Studies Volume 35 Number 2 June 2009)
61499: SAPPER, - Jim Maitland
78120: SARABIANOV, D.B., - Russian Art - From Neoclassism to the Avant Garde - Painting Sculpture Architecture
81731: SARDANIS, ANDREW, - Africa: Another Side of the Coin: Northern Rhodesia's Final Years and Zambia's Nationhood
28168: SARGENT, DUDLEY ALLEN, - Anthropometric Apparatus with Directions for Measuring and Testing the Principal Characteristics of the Human Body
57355: SARGENT, H.N., - The Servant Nation
59363: SARIF, SHAMIM, - Despite the Falling Snow
50107: SARKONAK, RALPH (EDITED BY), - The Language of Difference: Writing in QUEBEC(ois)
40496: SARON, GUSTAV, - Morris Alexander. Parliamentarian and Jewish Leader. A Memorial Lecture on the 20th Anniversary of His Death.
71743: SARRAZIN, MARC (EDITED BY), - Durant Sihlali : Mural Retrospective - Les Murales
47236: SARRIS, ANDREW (EDITED BY), - Hollywood Voices
76725: SARRUTHERS, R.G. & DINHAM, C.H., - The Economic Geology of the Central coalfield of Scotland, area VIII: East Kilbride and Quarter
71696: SARTORI, GIOVANNI, - Comparative Constitutional Engineering: An Inquiry into Structures, Incentives and Outcomes
55089: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL, - Three Plays: Crime Passionel; Men Without Shadows; The Respectable Prostitute.
49617: SARTRE, JEAN-PAUL, - Les Mots
72161: SARTRE, JEAN PAUL, - In the Mesh
77051: SARUP, MADAN, - Marxism / Structuralism/ Education: Theoretical Developments in the Sociology of Education
81880: SARZIN, ANNE & SARZIN, LISA MIRANDA, - Hand In Hand: Jewish And Indigenous People Working Together
71633: SACHED / EWE STUDY PROGRAMME / BLACK SASH, - Staying Strong in Detention
81891: SASSOON, VIDAL, - Sorry I Kept You Waiting Madam
67512: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED, - The Old Century and Seven More Years
59771: SASSOON, GEORGE (TRANSLATED BY); DALE, RODNEY (EDITED BY), - The Kabbalah Decoded. A New Translation of the 'Ancient of Days' Texts
30046: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED., - The War Poems
64269: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED (EDITED BY RUPERT HART-DAVIS), - Siegfried Sassoon Letters to Max Beerbohm: With a Few Answers
60293: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED, - Collected Poems 1908 - 1956
62470: SASSOON, SIEGFRIED, - The Path to Peace. Selected Poems.
11636: SASTRI, HIRANANDA, - A Guide to Elephanta
61842: SASTRI, K. A. NILAKANTA, - The Culture and History of the Tamils
72869: SATMAR, - The SATMAR Book of Picnic Spots Around Johannesburg
53999: SATO, SHOZO, - The Art of Arranging Flowers: A Complete Guide to Japanese Ikebana.
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53743: SCHUON, FRITHJOF, - Light on the Ancient Worlds
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24334: SCHURMANN, ULRICH, - Caucasian Rugs
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70871: SCHUSTER, FRANZ, - Ein Mobelbuch
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66085: SCHWAB, ULRICH, - Grand Prix 1971. Die Rennen Zur Automobilweltmeisterschaft.
66084: SCHWAB, ULRICH, - Grand Prix 1970. Die Rennen Zur Automobilweltmeisterschaft.
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53823: COMMITTEE APPOINTED BY THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR SCOTLAND, - School Buildings for Scotland (Post War Building Studies No.21)
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83677: SCOTT, R.F., - Scott's Last Expedition in two Volumes. Vol. 1: The Journals of Captain R. F. Scott, R.N., C.V.O. Vol. 2: Being the Reports of the Journeys and the Scientific Work untertaken by Dr. E. A. Wilson and the surviving members of the Expedition.
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59633: SCREECH, TIMON, - The Shogun's Painted Culture. Fear and Creativity in the Japanese States 1760-1829
56934: SCRIVANO, RICCARDO, - La Narrativa Di Giovanni Verga
81470: SCULATTI, GENE (EDITED, - Cool. A Hipster's Directory
53591: SCULL, CHRISTINA & HAMMOND, WAYNE G., - The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide: Reader's Guide (AND) Chronology
82321: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES (COMPILED BY), - Sir J. H. Meiring Beck. A Memoir.
84167: SCULLY, W.C., - The White Hecatomb and Other Stories
75778: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - A Vendetta of the Desert
75273: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer (AND) Further Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer
49938: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - Between Sun and Sand. A Tale of an African Desert.
74993: SCULLY, W.C., - Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer (AND) Further Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer
62813: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES (COMPILED BY), - Sir J. H. Meiring Beck. A Memoir.
76180: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - Daniel Vananda : The life story of a human Being
49898: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - Between Sun and Sand. A Tale of an African Desert.
65579: SCULLY, W.C., - A Vendetta of the Desert
65867: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - The Ridge of The White Waters (Witwatersand) Impressions of a visit to Johannesburg with some notes of Durban, Delagoa Bay and the Low Country
78760: SCULLY, VINCENT, - American Architecture & Urbanism
82741: SCULLY, W.C., - The Wreck of the Grosvenor and Other South African Poems
1959: SCULLY, WILLIAM CHARLES, - Daniel Vananda : The life story of a human being
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51412: SCUTTS, JERRY, - Lion in the Sky. US 8th Air Force Fighter Operations 1942-45
80478: SCXHOLTZ, G.D., - Generaal Hertzog En Smuts En Die Britse Ryk
8738: SDUK, - London 1846
8748: SDUK, - A set of star maps
8741: SDUK, - New York
8783: SDUK, - Dresden
8776: SDUK, - Warsaw (Warszawa)
8789: SDUK, - Antwerp (Antwerpen/ Anvers)
8787: SDUK, - Bordeaux
8786: SDUK, - Brussels (Bruxelles)
8782: SDUK, - Dublin
8778: SDUK, - Toulon
69557: SEAFORTH, SYBIL, - Growing Up with Miss Molly
63734: SEAGO, EDWARD, - Sons of the Sawdust, with Paddy O'Flynn's Circus in Western Ireland
66784: SEAGO, EDWARD, - Tideline: The Ebb and Flow of Memory and Experience.
73128: SEAGO, EDWARD, - With Capricorn to Paris
63856: SEAGO, EDWARD, - Circus Company
60221: SEAGRIEF, S.C., - The Seaweeds of the Tsitsikama Coastal National Park,: Die Seewiere van die Tsitsikama-Seekus Nasionale Park,
14503: SEAMAN, LOUIS LIVINGSTON, - The Real Triumph of Japan. The Conquest of the Silent Foe
57556: SEAMAN, HARRY, - The Battle at Sangshak Burma March 1944
62369: SEARELLE, LUSCOMBE, - Tales of the Transvaal
45410: SEARLE, R., - Kitty.
50466: SEARLE, THOMAS, - The Story of Great Brak River and Its Founders
84097: SEARLE, CHARLOTTE, - Aspects Of Selected Nursing Issues
62595: SEARLE, C., - The South African Nursing Association Presents Testimony to Fifty Years of Service. An Outline of the History of the South African Trained Nurses Association (1st October 1914 - 7th November 1944) and of the South African Nursing Association 1944-1964
79635: SEARLE, JHN R., - Speech Acts: An Essay in the Philosophy of Language
84937: SEARLE, BERNI & BESTER, RORY, - Float. Berni Searle Standard Bank Young Artist 2003
75692: SEARLE, RONASLD, - To the Kwai - and Back : War Drawings 1939-1945
85020: SEARLE, JOHN R., - Rationality in Action
71853: SEARLE, RICK, - Kitson Kitty 1879-1990
64803: SEATON, A.E. & ROUNTHWAITE, H.M., - A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering Rules and Tables for the Use of Marine Engineers, Naval Architects , Designers, Draughtsmen, Superintendents, and All Engaged in the Design and Manufacture of Marine Machinery, Naval and Mercantile.
62359: SEAVER, GEORGE (INTRODUCTION BY APSLEY CHERRY-GARRARD), - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic Naturalist and Friend
64344: SEAVER, GEORGE, - Edward Wilson Nature Lover
62061: SEAVER, GEORGE (INTRO. BY APSLEY CHERRY-GARRARD), - Birdie Bowers of the Antarctic
24335: SEBALD, W.G., - The Emigrants
66889: SEBBA, MARK, - Spelling and Society: The Culture and Politics of Orthography Around the World
72266: SEBBA, FELIX, - Ion Flotation
37665: SEBE, L L W, - Challenges
62663: SEBER, G.A.F., - The Linear Hypothesis: A General Theory.
70837: SEBUDUBUDU, DAVID & OSEI-HWEDIE, BERTHA Z., - Democratic Consolidation in SADC. Botswana's 2004 Elections.
50717: SECCOMBE, N.T., - Official Programme of the Election Race Card, Under the Rules and Regulations of the National Convention.
65853: SECCOMBE, THOMAS (INTRODUCTION BY), - The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen
56275: SECHEFO, JUSTINUS, - Customs and Superstitions in Basutoland
60545: SECHEFO, JUSTINUS, - The Twelve Lunar Months Among the Basuto
60546: SECHEFO, JUSTINUS, - The Old Clothing of the Basotho
54624: SECREST, MERYLE, - Being Bernard Berenson
54335: THE ORGANISING SECRETARY, - The Sons of South Africa. A Movement for the United Greater South Africa.
59609: THE ETHNOLOGICAL SECTION (EDITED BY), - Ethnological and Linguistic Studies in Honour of N.J. Van Warmelo. Essays Contributed on the Occasion of His Sixty-Fifth Birthday 28 January 1969
66696: SEDAKA, NEIL, - Laughter in the Rain. My Own Story.
54400: SEDGWICK, F.R., - The Russo-Japanese War on Land. A Brief Account of the Strategy and Grand Tactics of the War.
47433: SEDGWICK, MICHAEL, - Vauxhall. A Pictorial Tribute.
60367: SEDLEY, CHARLES (PSEUD. CHARLES BATTERSBY ELRINGTON), - The Barouche Driver and His Wife: A Tale for Haut Ton. Containing a Curious Biography of Living Characters, with Notes Explanatory.
66694: SEDUMEDI, PERCY, - Travels of the Free Spirit: The Prisoner.
8255: SEEBOHM, FREDERIC, - The tribal system in Wales
79276: SEED, JIMMY, - The Jimmy Seed Story Forty -Three Years in First-Class Football as Player and Manager
71247: SEED, JENNY, - The Bushman's Dream
81817: SEEDAT, RASHID & SALEH, RAZIA (EDITED BY), - Men of Dynamite. Pen Portraits of MK Pioneers
76611: SEEDAT, RASHID & SALEH, RAZIA (EDITED BY), - Men of Dynamite: Pen Portraits of MK Pioneers
41455: SEEFELDER, R., - Beitrage Zur Entwickelung Des Menschlichen Auges Mit Besonderer Berucksichtigung Des Verschlusses Der Fotalen Augenspalte. (Sonderabdruck Aus Den Anatomischen Heften, 48 Band Heft 146)
55518: SEEGERS, ANNETTE, - The Military in the Making of Modern South Africa.
84942: SEELY, MARY, - The Namib: Natural History of an Ancient Desert
82038: SEFERIS, GEORGE (EDITED BY ROY MACNAB), - George Seferis South African Diaries, Poems and Letters
64415: SEFTEL, ADAM (EDITED BY), - Uganda. The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin

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