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52466: PINDER, WILHELM, - Deutsche Wasserburgen
71753: PINDER-WILSON, R.H., - Persian Painting of the Fifteenth Century
55646: PINE, L.G. (EDITED BY) (BURKE), - They Came with the Conqueror. A Study of the Modern Descendants of the Normans.
70527: PINERO, ARTHUR WING (1855-1934), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to Henry Irving, Written from the Haymarket Theatre, Signed and Dated 31st December 1881
62956: PINGAO, JIA, - Old Xi'an. Eve4ning Glow of an Imperial City.
73321: PINGET, ROBERT, - Recurrent Melody (Passacaille)
52973: PINHEY, ELLIOT, - Some Well Known African Moths.
77536: PINHEY, E., - Introduction to Insect Study in Africa
81821: PINHEY, ELLIOT, - A New Approach to African Orthetrum (Odonata)
1971: PINHEY, ELLIOT, - Hawk Moths of Central and Southern Africa
75780: PINK, KERRY, - And Wealth for Toil - A History of North-West and Western Tasmania 1825-1900
83507: PINKER, STEVEN, - The Better Angels of Our Nature: The Decline of Violence in History and Its Causes
61353: PINKNEY, ROBERT, - Ghana Under Military Rule 1966-1969
72280: PINNELL, C. R. R., - Who's Who in South African Racing 1981 / 82
72282: PINNELL, C. R. R., - Who's Who in South African Racing 1985/86
72281: PINNELL, C. R. R., - Who's Who in South African Racing 1983/84
59250: PINNER, ROBERT, - The Rickmers Collection. Turkoman Rugs.
67223: PINNER, ROBERT (EDITED BY), - Hali: The International Journal of Oriental Carpets and Textiles Vol 4 No. 1 1981
78154: PINNER, ROBERT & FRANSES, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Turkoman Studies I: Aspects of the Weaving and Decorative Arts of Central Asia
66277: PINNOCK, DON, - The Brotherhood. Street Gangs and State Control in Cape Town
74142: PINNOCK, DON, - Ruth First
83894: PINTER, HAROLD, - The Dwarfs
77292: PINTER, HAROLD, - Betrayal
70873: PINTER, HAROLD, - The Dwarfs
82102: PIO OF PIETRELCINA, PADRE, - Correspondence with Raffaelina Cerase, Noblewoman (1914-1915) (Letters, Volume II)
82104: PIO OF PIETRELCINA, PADRE, - Correspondence with His Spiritual Daughters (1915-1923) (LETTERS VOL. III)
82103: PIO OF PIETRELCINA, PADRE, - Correspondence with His Spiritual Directors (1910-1922). (LETTERS VOL. 1)
79817: RAND PIONEERS, - Rand Pioneers. Third Annual Report with Apppendices.
71013: PIOTROVSKY, BORIS, - The Ancient Civilization of Urartu
84477: PIOVENE, GUIDO, - Le grandi raccolte d'arte contemporanea la raccolta Feroldi
41514: PIPER, H., - Uber Dunkeladaptation. Sonderabdruck Aus Der Zeitschrift Fur Psychologie Ubd Physiologie Der Sinnesorgane Bd.31
63955: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Harrow on the Hill from Sudbury Court Farm. Original Drypoint Etching.
63953: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - "Ducker". Original Drypoint Etching.
51902: PIPER, WILLIAM BOWMAN, - The Heroic Couplet
49426: PIPER, MYFANWY (CHOSEN BY), - Sea Poems
63956: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Byron's View from Harrow on the Hill. Original Drypoint Etching.
63957: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Museum Schools from the Terrace Harrow. Original Drypoint Etching.
63958: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Speech Room Harrow. Original Drypoint Etching.
63959: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Chapel and Speech Room From Head Master's House Harrow. Original Drypoint Etching.
63960: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Old Schools (Harrow). Original Drypoint Etching.
63961: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Chapel Harrow School. Original Drypoint Etching.
63962: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Old Fourth Form Room Harrow. Original Drypoint Etching.
63954: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Sixth Form Cricket Ground Harrow. Original Drypoint Etching.
63952: PIPER, ELIZABETH, - Harrow Church. Original Drypoint Etching.
70985: PIPER, LAURENCE (EDITED BY), - South Africa's 2004 Election. The Quest for Democratic Consolidation.
77842: PIROVANO, CARLO, - ARTE e Arti. Attualitá e storia. XLI Esposizione Internationale d'Arte. La Biennale di Venezia. Catalogo generale.
48311: PIROW, OSWALD, - Mnr. Pirow Se Verantwoording. Hoe Sy Op Vrae Antwoord. 'n Kwessie Van Frontverandering.
85104: PIROW, OSWALD, - Sikororo. Avonture in Die Spookland Van Die Bantu
41237: PIRQUET, CLEMENS FRH. VON, - Allergie
80758: PIRSIG, ROBERT M., - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
63130: DU PISANI, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Divided or Undivided Power. Views on the New Constitutional Dispensation By Prominent South African Political Leaders.
75525: DU PISANI, J.A., - John Vorster en die verlig/verkrampstryd:
66754: DU PISANI, ANDRE, - SWA/Namibia: The Politics of Continuity and Change
79606: DU PISANI, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Divided or Undivided Power. Views on the New Constitutional Dispensation By Prominent South African Political Leaders.
2264: PISSARO, LUDOVIC & VERNTURI, LIONELLO, - Camille Pissarro, Son Art - Son Devre Catalogue Raissonne
53921: PISSARRO, CAMILLE (EDITED BY JOHN REWALD), - Letters to His Son Lucien
79424: PISTON, WALTER, - Counterpoint
72831: PISTON, WALTER, - Harmony
48221: PISTONE, DANIELE, - Nineteenth Century Italian Opera from Rossini to Puccini.
53161: PISTORIUS, P.V., - Plotinus and Neoplatonism
47738: PISTORIUS, JULIUS C, - Molokwane an Iron Age Bakwena Village. Early Tswana Settlement in the Eastern Transvaal.
68787: PISTORIUS, R.A., - Natal North Coast Survey (Natal Town and Regional Planning Reports VOLUME 8)
45983: PISTORIUS, P.V., - Die Misteries Van Kybele-Attis En Die Christelike Sacramente.
45235: PITCH, ANTHONY, - Inside Zambia - and Out.
63271: PITKIN, HANNA FENICHEL, - Fortune Is a Woman : Gender and Politics in the Thought of Nicollo Machiavelli
57016: PITMAN, DICK, - You Must be New Around Here
77176: PITMAN, DICK, - Rhinos: Past Present and Future
28574: PITMAN, DICK, - Wild Places of Zimbabwe
4366: PITON, CAMILLE, - Le Costume Civil En France Du xiiie au xixe Siecle
66774: PITOT, GENEVIEVE, - The Mauritian Shekel: The Story of Jewish Detainees in Mauritius, 1940-1945
50310: PITOT, R.M. (COMPILED BY), - L'Ile Maurice Vue Par Les Artists / Mauritius Seen By the Artists 1800 - 1900
35713: PITT RIVERS, LIEUTENANT GENERAL, - Antique Works of Art from Benin
70622: PITT, FRANCES, - Hounds Horses and Hunting
75788: PITT, JOHN I. & HOCKING, AILSA D, - Fungi and Food Spoilage
71156: PITTENBURG, J, - Nasionale 1924 Andenking, Eerste Nasiobale Kabinet Ministers Van Suid Afrika. A Large Mounted Photograph 440 x 350mm
42364: PITYANA, BARNEY; RAMPHELE, MAMPHELA; MPUMLWANA, MALUSI; WILSON, LINDY (EDITED BY), - Bounds of Possibility. The Legacy of Steve Biko and Black Consciousness
79239: PIVIN, JEAN LOUP AND OTHERS, (EDITED BY), - Revue Noire. African Contemporary Art. Art Contemporain Africain No.15 (Janvier - Fevrier 1995) MOCAMBIQUE PHOTOGRAPHIES
71332: PIVIN, JEAN LOUP; AND OTHERS (EDITED BY), - Revue Noire. African Contemporary Art. Art Contemporain Africain No.19 Dec 95 Jan 96 Fev 1996 (Les Artistes Africains et Le Sida / Aids and African Artists )
71329: PIVIN, JEAN LOUP; AND OTHERS (EDITED BY), - Revue Noire. African Contemporary Art. Art Contemporain Africain No.16 Mars Avril Mai 1995 (Indian Ocean)
71331: PIVIN, JEAN LOUP; AND OTHERS (EDITED BY), - Revue Noire. African Contemporary Art. Art Contemporain Africain No.18 Sept Oct Nov 1995 (Benin)
71330: PIVIN, JEAN LOUP; AND OTHERS (EDITED BY), - Revue Noire. African Contemporary Art. Art Contemporain Africain No.17 Juin Juillet Aout 1995 (Mali Burkina Faso Niger)
77499: PIVIN, JEAN LOUP; AND OTHERS (EDITED BY), - Revue Noire. African Contemporary Art. Art Contemporain Africain No.29 (Juin Juillet Aout 1998) ANGOLA
70701: PIVNIC, H.L., - Railway Dining Cars in South Africa. History and Development
70916: PIVNIC, LES, - Of Railways and People. A Series of Essays.
57851: PIVNIC, H.L., - Railway Dining Cars in South Africa: History & Development (
56279: PLAATJE, SOL, - Native Life in Africa, Before and Since the European War and the Boer Rebellion
84865: PLAATJE, SOL, - Mhudi: An Epic of South African Native Life a Hundred Years Ago.
66590: PLAATJE, SOL (EDITED BY BRIAN WILLAN), - Selected Writings
47097: PLAATJE, SOL. T., - Mhudi. An Epic of South African Native Life a Hundred Years Ago.
56563: PLAATJE, SOL T. (EDITED JOHN L. COMAROFF), - The Boer War Diary of Sol T. Plaatje. An African at Mafeking
81822: PLAATJE, SOL T. (EDITED BY JOHN L. COMAROFF), - Mafeking Diary : A Black Man's View of a White Man's War
78414: PLAATJES, DANIEL (EDITED BY), - Protecting the Inheritance. Governance and Public Accountability in Democratic South Africa
82293: PLACENTINIO, GREGORIO, - Epitome Graecae Palaeographiae et de recta graeci sermonis pronunciatione Dissertatio
62137: PLACKETT, R.L., - Principles of Regression Analysis
48670: PLAIDY, JEAN, - Mary Queen of Scots. The Fair Devil of Scotland.
78569: PLAIDY, JEAN, - Caroline the Queen
78559: PLAIDY, JEAN, - Queen in Waiting
78560: PLAIDY, JEAN, - The Third George
78558: PLAIDY, JEAN, - The Prince and the Quakeress
16301: PLANCHE, J, - History of British Costume (The Library of Entertaining Knowledge)
16302: PLANCHE, J.R., - History of British Costume from the Earliest Period to the Close of the Eighteenth Century
59193: PLANCK, MAX, - Das Prinzip Der Erhaltung Der Energie.
32171: PLANCK, MAX, - Kausalgesetz Und Willensfreiheit. Offentlicher Vortrag Gehalten in Der Preussischen Akademie Der Wissenschaften am 17 Februar 1923
30453: PLANGGER, ALBERT, - Serima. Towards an African Expression of Christian Belief / Ein Versuch in Afrikanisch-Christlicher Kunst
77276: PLANT, ROBERT, - The Zulu in Three Tenses. Being a Forecast of the Zulu's Future in Light of His Past and Present.
70729: PLANT, MARGARET, - Paul Klee Figures and Faces
30098: PLANT, ARNOLD, - Selected Economic Essays and Addresses
29440: PLANTE, DAVID, - Slides
11201: PLANTE, DAVIS, - Slides
84520: PLASS, MARGARET WEBSTER, - African Miniatures The Goldweights of the Ashanti
84906: PLASTER, JOHN, - The Ultimate Sniper: An Advanced Training Manual for Military & Police Snipers
64771: PLASTOW, H.R., - The Building and Running of Steam Traction Engine and Roller Models
58095: PLATANOV, ANDREI, - The Fierce and Beautiful World
77671: PLATE, - Cities of the Moguls. Being a Selection of Views of Delhi, Agra & Fatehpur Sikri
77593: PLATH, SYLVIA, - Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams and Other Prose Writings
72149: PLATH, SYLVIA, - Winter Trees
72156: PLATH, SYLVIA (TRANSLATED BY ERICH FRIED), - Ariel. Gedichte Englisch Und Deutsch
82866: PLATH, SYLVIA, - Letters Home. Correspondence 1950 - 1963. Selected and Edited with Commentary by Aurelia Schober Plath.
73992: PLATH, DAVID W., - Long Engagements: Maturity in Modern Japan
55504: PLATNAUER, E.J.L. (EDITED BY), - Sport and Pastime in the Transvaal Including Biographical Sketches of Transvaal Sportsmen.
73874: PLATO (TRANSLATED MARTINUS VERSFELD), - Die Simposium of Die Drinkparty
48647: PLATT, MAURICE, - Automobile Brakes and Brake Testing.
48391: PLATT, COLIN, - The Atlas of Medieval Man
68353: PLATT, CHARLES (SELECTED AND EDITED BY), - Tales from the Arabian Nights
79096: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Platter's Book of South African Wines REVISED EDITION 1982
79119: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Platter's South African Wine Guide 1986
83778: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Platter Se Suid Afrikaanse Wyngids
79092: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Platter's Book of South African Wines
79097: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Platter's South African Wine Guide 1984
79118: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Platter's South African Wine Guide 1983
69979: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Paltter's Book of South African Wines 1983
69980: PLATTER, JOHN, - John Paltter's Book of South African Wines 1986
47489: PLATTS, W. CARTER, - Modern Trout Fishing
62779: PLATTS, W. CARTER, - Modern Trout Fishing
51037: PLATZ, GUSTAV ADOLF, - Die Baukunst Der Neuesten Zeit.
72027: PLATZKY, LAURINE & WALKER, CHERYL, - The Surplus People: Forced Removals In South Africa
51038: PLAUT, JAMES S. (EDITED BY), - Oskar Kokoschka. Forty Eight Plates in Photogravure. Eight Plates in Color. With Two Original Lithographs.
84595: PLAUTUS (EDITED BY A.S. GRATWICK), - Menaechmi
76448: PLAYER, IAN, - Zululand Wilderness Shadow and Soul
76495: PLAYER, J.W., - Watch Repairing
54546: PLAYER, IAN (EDITED BY), - Voices of the Wilderness. Proceedings of the First World Wildlife Congress in Johannesburg
51941: PLAYER, GARY (WITH CHRIS WHALES & DUNCAN CRUICKSHANK), - Top Golf Courses of the World
57816: PLAYER, IAN, - Men Rivers & Canoes
13275: PLAYER, IAN, - Men, Rivers and Canoes
67113: PLAYER, GARY, - To be the Best. Reflections of a Champion.
69679: PLAYER, IAN, - More From the Wilderness
20003: PLAYFAIR, CHARLES S., - Kid Cartoons
57117: PLAYFAIR, GILES & SINGTON, DERRICK, - The Offenders. Society and the Atrocious Crime.
68413: PLAYFAIR, GUY LYON, - This House is Haunted : An Investigation of the Enfield Poltergeist
15310: PLAYFAIR, CHARLES, - "Shot!". Charles Playfair's Bowls Cartoons
68410: PLAYFAIR, GUY LYON, - The Indefinite Boundary. An Investigation Into The Relationship Between Matter And Spirit
83818: PLAYNE, SOMERSET (COMPILE AND EDITED BY), - Cape Colony (Cape Province): Its History Commerce Industries and Resources.
56925: PLEBE, ARMANDO, - Termini Della Filosofia Contemporanea
52839: PLEE, H.D., - Karate Beginner to Black Belt
52840: PLEE, H.D., - Karate in Pictures. The Science of Self-Defence By the Empty Hand Lucidly Explained and Illustrated.
63478: PLEE, H.D., - Karate By pictures : The science of self defence by the Empty Hand
7773: PLEE, H.D, - Karate By pictures : The science of self defence by the Empty Hand
41386: PLEHN, F., - Brillen Und Brillenbestimmung (Sonderabdruck Aus Deutsche Medizinal Zeitung Heft 67)
64557: PLESCH, ARPAD, - The Magnificent Botanical Library of the Stiftung fur Botanik, Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Collected by the Late Arpad Plesch. Parts 1-3 Complete.
70851: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Die Silwervaring 'n Rugby-Verhaal (Vervolg Van "Die Springbok")
77345: DU PLESSIS, PHILIP, - Die Du Plessis's Van Aggenbagskraal
84499: DU PLESSIS, KARENA & CLEARY, MELANIE, - The Overberg: Inland from the Tip of Africa
52503: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Gevreesde Vriend
52185: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Die Mag Van Die Woord. Vyftig Essays.
5090: DU PLESSIS, I.D, - The Cape Malays
48767: DU PLESSIS, OTTO, - The New South Africa. Social-Economic Reform Scheme of the Reunited National Party.
49454: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Mens En Ster. Verse 1925-78
80407: DU PLESSIS, GEZINA, - Laslap-herinneringe aan die Driejarige Oorlog.
49958: DU PLESSIS, J.S. (TRANSLATED BY), - President Kruger Aan Die Woord. Verkiesingsmanifeste, Intree-Redes En Toesprake.
61461: DU PLESSIS, J., - The Life of Andrew Murray of South Africa
50420: DU PLESSIS, L.J.; DIEDERICHS, N.; LOMBARD, I.M.; VAN HEERDEN, W.; SCHWELLNUS, O.; MEYER, P.J. (EDITED BY), - 'N Halfeeu Afrikaner Prestasie 1900 - 1950
50614: DU PLESSIS, NEIL & DUNCAN, GRAHAM, - Bulbous Plants of Southern Africa.
47208: DU PLESSIS, J. (AND OTHERS), - Munchiland. Ons Nieuw Arbeidsveld in De Soudan.
60442: DU PLESSIS, J., - Thrice Through the Dark Continent: A Record of Journeyings Across Africa During the Years 1913-16
81006: DU PLESSIS, ISAK DAWID, - Die Rol Van Willem Cornelis Janse Van Rensburg in Die Geskiedenis Van Die Suid Afrikaanse Republiek
4364: DU PLESSIS, A.J, - The Umvoti Mounted Rifles 1864-1975
61595: DU PLESSIS, P.J.J., AND SEVERAL OTHERS (EDITED BY), - Feesbundel Aangebied Aan Doktor Barend Frederick Nel.....
78059: DU PLESSIS, L.J. (AND SEVERAL OTHERS), - "Uit Een Bloed": 'n Rapport Aan En 'n Besluit Van Die Algemeene Sinode Van Die Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid Afrika Oor Rasseverhoudinge
62385: DU PLESSIS, I. D., - The Cape Malays.
40943: DU PLESSIS, PH. J., - Oomblikke Van Spanning.
78079: DU PLESSIS, J. (ASSOCIATION COPY NICO SMITH), - Evangelisation of Pagan Africa : A History of Christian Missions to the Pagan Tribes of Central Africa.
37914: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Poltergeists of the South
59505: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Song of Venus
64414: DU PLESSIS, P.G., - Kooperasie-Stories, Die Omnibus
62374: DU PLESSIS, E., - The Pilchard of South West Africa (Sardinops Ocellata). Seasonal Occurrence of Thermoclines Off Walvis Bay, South West Africa 1959-1965
84064: DU PLESSIS, I.D. (OMAR KHAYYAM), - From a Persian Garden New Quatrains of Omar Khayyam
62372: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - The Passing Show
61351: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Mens En Ster. Verse 1925-1978
78061: DU PLESSIS, J., - Een Toer Deur Afrika
28723: DU PLESSIS, HUBERT, - Dagboek Van Die Dans Van Die Reen
69170: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Report of the Commissioner for Coloured Affairs for the Year Ended 31st March 1952
79716: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - Aantekeninge uit Tuynstraat; herinneringe en Beskouings
67810: DU PLESSIS, J.H., - Diamonds are Dangerous
17651: DU PLESSIS, J., - A History of Christian Missions in South Africa
77008: DU PLESSIS, J.C., - The Life Of Andrew Murray Of South Africa
76389: DU PLESSIS, MORNE, - Springbokke Teen Die Britse Leeus. Die 1980 Toets Reeks.
71926: DU PLESSIS, I. D. (OMAR KHAYYAM), - New Quatrains of Omar Khayyam
70428: DU PLESSIS, A. ST. (INTRODUCTION BY), - Ter Gedachtenis Aan Hester Aletta Du Plessis
80664: DU PLESSIS, I.D., - A Signed Picture Postcard, Addressed to J.H. Pierneef, Signed I. D. Du Plessis and Dated Nov.11, 1950
69849: DU PLESSIS, HANS & DU PLESSIS, THEO (EDITED BY), - Afrikaans En Taalpolitiek
80764: DU PLESSIS, JACQUES & LUBBE, GERHARD (EDITED BY), - A Man of Principle / 'n Man van Beginsel, The Life and Legacy of JC de Wet / Die Lewe en Nalatenskap van JC de Wet
67171: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 6 July 1982
67170: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 5 June 1982
67169: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 4 May 1982
67168: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 3 April 1982
67167: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 2 March 1982
67165: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 11 December 1982
67166: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 1 February 1982
67164: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXVIII No 11 December 1981
67163: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXVIII No 10 November 1981
67162: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXVIII No 9 October 1981
67175: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 10 November 1982
67172: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 7 August 1982
67173: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 8 September 1982
67174: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXIX No 9 October 1982
67183: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXI No 6 July 1984
67177: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXX No 2 March 1983
67176: VAN PLETSEN, DINA (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXX No 1 February 1983
77872: PLEVY, HARRY, - Battleship Sailors : The Fighting Career of HMS Warspite Recalled By Her Men
80422: PLEWES, JOHN, - Repairing and Restoring Pendulum Clocks
67206: PLIMPTON, GEORGE A., - The Education of Chaucer. Illustrated from the Schoolbooks in Use in his Time
50696: PLINIUS, BASILIUS (BASILIJA PLINIJA), - Slavas Dziesma Rigai 1595 / Der Ruhmgesang Auf Riga / Oditscheskaja Pesne Rigje / the Encomium to Riga
54696: PLOEGER, JAN & BOTHA, H.J., - The Fortification of Pretoria. Fort Klapperkop Yesterday and Today.
44613: PLOEGER, J., - Die Lotgevalle Van Die Burgerlike Bevolking Gedurende Die Anglo-Boereoorlog 1899-1902
60237: PLOEGER, JAN (EDITED BY), - The Trial of Andries Botha Field Cornet of the Upper Blinkwater in the Kat River Settlement, for High Treason.......12th May 1852 and Subsequent Days
57907: PLOEGER, J. & SMITH, A.H., - Pictorial Atlas of the History of the Union of South Africa / Plateatlas Van Di Geskiednis Van Di Unie Van Suid Afrika.
71249: PLOEGER, JAN; BOSMAN, F.C.L.; PUNT, W.H.J.; BAGNALL, A. GORDON (EDITORIAL BOARD);, - Conservation of Our Heritage. Part 1 - Preservation of old buildings and historic Relics
1114: PLOMER, WILLIAM, - A Shot in the Dark
5561: PLOMER, HENRY, R, - English Printers Ornaments
82672: PLOMER, WILLIAM, - Taste and Remember
67187: DU PLOOY, DEON (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXIII No 5 June 1986
67186: DU PLOOY, DEON (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXIII No 3 April 1986
67185: DU PLOOY, DEON (EDITED BY), - Informa Vol XXXIII No 2 March 1986
65773: PLOTINUS (TRANSLATED BY THOMAS TAYLOR), - Collected Writings of Plotinus
75362: PLOTZ, JANE (CHILVERS, HEDLEY), - A Fine Sepia Photograph of Noted South African Author Hedley Chilvers, Approx. 280 x 150mm, Ca. 1930
76749: PLUG, I., - An Analysis of Witchdoctor Divining Sets
58321: PLUMB, R.T. & THRESH, J.M., - Plant virus epidemiology: The spread and control of insect-borne viruses
62232: PLUMER, HERBERT, - An Irregular Corps in Matabeleland
73484: PLUMLY, STANLEY, - The Marriage in the Trees
69830: PLUMMER, JOHN & GODWIN, GEORGE NELSON, - Silchester, or, the "Pompeii of Hampshire" : how to get there and what to see.
79093: PLUMPTRE, GEORGE, - Royal Gardens of Europe
67356: PLUNKET, IRENE L., - The Dadlingford Mystery
54643: PLUNKETT, JOHN & ROSSETTO, LOUIS, - Mind Grenades. Manifestos from the Future.
77073: PLUNKETT, JOHN & ROSSETTO, LOUIS, - Mind Grenades: Manifestos from the Future,
69293: PLUTARCH, - Vitae Parallelae VOL.1 FASC.1
81247: PLYMOUTH, - Plymouth De Luxe 1935 Lubrication Chart
72578: PMEROY, LAURENCE, - The Grand Prix Car (2 volumes)
73700: PO =-CH'IEN, CHU, - Report on the Excavation of Lung-Ch'uan Celadon Kiln Sites in Chekiang : Chinese Translations No. 2
34904: LI-PO (TRANSLATED SHEGEYOSHI OBATA), - The Works of Li-po the Chinese Poet.
48234: POCKNEE, C.E., - Cross and Crucifix in Christian Worship and Devotion.
76649: POCOCK, R. W. & WRAY, D. A., - The Geology of the Country around Wem:
51527: POCOCK, TOM, - Rider Haggard and the Lost Empire. A Biography.
83000: POCOCK, JONATHAN DOUGLAS, - Jonathan Douglas Pocock. 12th-30th June 2001. An Exhibition of Recent Paintings.
76696: POCOCK, R.W.; WHITEHEAD, T.H.; WEDD, C.B.; ROBERTSON, T., - Shrewsbury Disrtrict Including the Hanwood Coalfield.
72708: PODLASHUK, PAULINE (EDITED BY NASATYR, JUDY & SCHULTZ, EFFIE), - Adventure of Life: Reminiscences of Pauline Podlashuk.
72173: PODMORE, FRANK, - Modern Spiritualism: a History and a Criticism
79318: PODOLSKI, T.M., - Socialist Banking and Monetary Control: The Experience of Poland
57438: PODRAZA, REG, - Where Elephants go to Die
74492: PODRO, MICHAEL, - A Circle : Portraits And Self - Portraits By Arikha, Auerbach, Kitaj , Freud.
57535: POE, RICHARD, - The Seven Myths of Gun Control
11963: VAN DER POEL, JEAN, - The Jameson Raid
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35213: PRINSEP, HENRY T., - Tibet Tartary and Mongolia Their Social and Political Condition and the Religion of Boodh as There Existing, Compiled from the Reports of Ancient and Modern Travellers...
71794: PRINSLOO, PAUL, - Soutpansbergmense.
49510: PRINSLOO, DAAN, - United States Foreign Policy and the Republic of South Africa.
50547: PRINSLOO, KAREL; PEETERS, YVO; TURI, JOSEPH; VAN RENSBURG, CHRISTO (EDITORS), - Language, Law and Equality. Proceedings of the Thrid International Conference of the Ninternational Academy of Language Law (IALL) Held in South Africa April 1992.
73066: PRINSLOO, M.P. & KRUGER, D.A. (EDITED BY), - Gedenkblad By Een-En-Twintigste Uniale Toernooi Suid Afrikaanse Jukskeiraad Kroonstad 17-21 Qpril 1961
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75530: PRINSLOO, W. J. DE V., - Potchefstroom 150. Grepe Uit Die Geskiedenis Van Potchefstroom By Geleentheid Van Die Viering Van Die 150e Bestaanjaar Van Die Dorp in 1988
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74231: PRINZ, JOACHIM, - Wir Juden.
63451: PRIOR, MATTHEW, - The Poetical Works of Matthew Prior
38119: PRIOR, ANDREW (EDITED BY), - Catholics in Apartheid Society
35134: PRIOR, EDWARD S., - A History of Gothic Art in England
58278: PRISHVIN, MIKHAIL, - The Black Arab and Other Stories.
47339: PRISKE, LEO, - Die Deutsche Volkwerdung. Wesen Und Ausgabe Deutsche Art.
59371: PRITCHARD, WM. H. AURET, - A Parable. How Gold Was Discovered on the Witwatersrand in 1886. Adapted to the Gospel.
79026: PRITCHETT, V.S. & HOFER, EVELYN, - London Perceived
75703: PRITCHETT, V.S., - Chekhov A Spirit Set Free
55846: PRITZKE, HERBERT, - Bedouin Doctor. The Adventures of a German in the Middle East
22704: PROBERT, WILLIAM, - The Ancient Laws of Cambria: Containing the Institutional Triads of Dyvnwal Moelmud, the Laws of Howel the Good, Triadical Commentaries, Code of Education, and the Hunting Laws of Wales; to Which are Added, the Historical Triads of Britain.
57658: PROBERT, HENRY, - Bomber Harris His Life and Times.
74349: SPACE PROBES, - Venus Space Probes
53694: PROBST, VOLKER G., - Der Bildhauer Gregor Kruk. Betrachtungen.
65770: PROCLUS (TRANSLATED BY THOMAS TAYLOR), - Essays and Fragments
65771: PROCLUS (TRANSLATED BY THOMAS TAYLOR), - Elements of Theology
68795: PROCTER, JOHN, - Boers and Little Englanders. The Story of the Conventions.
75959: PROCTOR, MICHAEL & YEO, PETER, - The Pollination of Flowers
22493: PROCTOR, R.A., - Watched By the Dead. A Loving Study of Dickens' Half Told Tale
58259: BOXING PROGRAM, - Rocky Marciano Vs. Roland La Starza. Polo Grounds September 24 1953. Official Program.
60116: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Transvaal Soccer League Official Programme Saturday May 29 1954
60115: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Final Souvenir Programme Rand Stadium Saturday 15th October 1960
75022: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Dundee F.C. Versus Eastern Transvaal Willowmoore Park Benoni June 13 1953
68594: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Welsh Rugby Union Official Programme South Africa V. Wales Cardiff Arms Park Saturday December 22nd 1951
68570: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Suid Afrike Vs. Suid Amerika Wanderers Johannesburg 1ste Toets 1st Test 26 April 1980. Official Programme
60120: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Rand Stadium Wolverhampton Wanderers Versus South Africa 18th May 1957.. Souvenir Programme.
60121: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Rand Stadium Leicester City Vs. Combined Transvaal 3rd June 1961. Souvenir Programme.
60117: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Rand Stadium Southern Transvaal Football Association Official Soccer Programme Saturday 23rd April 1955
60119: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Rand Stadium Preston North End - Southern Transvaal. 17th May 1958. Souvenir Programme.
83102: MOTOR RACING PROGRAMME, - Kyalami Asseng Highveld 100 April 24 1976
81121: MOTOR RACING PROGRAMME, - Second South African Grand Prix...prince George Circuit East London January 1st 1936
76630: PROGRAMME, - Buddy Greco Souvenir Programme
68572: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - British Isles / Britse Eilande Vs. Transvaal Ellis Park Johannesburg 23 July 1955 Official Programme
72445: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Der Fliegende Hollander June 2 1925
80129: PROGRAMME (ATHOL FUGARD), - Playland
72460: PROGRAMME, - The Dave Mills Show
72441: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Die Meistersinger (Wagner) June 9 1925
72459: PROGRAMME, - Clive Calder and Ralph Simon Proudly Present Richard Jon Smith, South Africa's Greatest Entertainer with Star Studded Supporting Cast. NATIONAL TOUR
72462: PROGRAMME, - The Vic Oliver Show, Starring Vic Oliver ("Mr. Showbusiness")
72463: PROGRAMME, - Richard Tucker South African Tour August-September 1968
62951: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - England Versus Southern Transvaal . Souvenir Programme. Willowmoore Park Saturday 7th July, 1956
78912: PROGRAMME, - International Rugby League Great Britain V. France, Willowmoore Park Benoni July 20 1957
68574: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Britain Versus South Africa Souvenir Programme / Brittanje Teen S. Africa Gedenkprogram Ellis Park Sat. Aug 6 1955
68575: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - British Isles Vs. South Africa / Britse Eilande Teen Suid Afrika 3rd Test. 3 Sept 1955 Loftus Versveld Pretoria. Amptelike Program / Official Programme.
58020: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Rand Stadium Union Day Tuesday 31st May STANLEY MATTHEWS. Ex-Professionals Vs. Southern Trnsvaal. Official Souvenir Programme.
65205: BOXING PROGRAMME (DENNIS SANTRY COVER ), - Rand Daily Mail Boxing and Wrestling Tourney, for the British East Africa Nurses, At the Wanderers on Saturday March 11th 1916
77786: PROGRAMME, - Tabarin Paris 1939
51780: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Manchester City V. Tottenham Hotspur. Final Tie. Wembley Stadium 9th May 1981.
77238: PROGRAMME, - Great Synagogue Cape Town. Centenary Service 1841-1941 5002-5702. Sunday 2nd November 1941
61134: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - 1st International Match. England Versus South Africa Rand Stadium June 23rd 1956. Souvenir Programme.
81611: ALFRED HERBERT PROGRAMME, - Alfred Herbert's African Follies: The Cream of South Africa's Non European Talent
68576: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - 2de Toets Suid Afrika Vs. Britse Eilande 2nd Test South Africa Vs. British Isles Loftus Versfeld 22.6.1974 Pretoria.
80130: PROGRAMME, - Anthony and Cleopatra By William Shakespeare, Directed By Leon Gluckman. University Great Hall May 2nd to 7th 1949.
68577: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Souvenir Programme 4th Test Australia Versus South Africa // Aandenkingsprogram 4de Toets Australie Teen Suid Afrika. 26 September 1953 Crusader Ground / Veld Portelizabeth
65208: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Boxing Tourney Under the Distinguished Patronage of His Excellency the Governor General of Wanderers 26th December 1916
65207: BOXING PROGRAMME (DENNIS SANTRY COVER ), - Boxing Tourney , Under the Auspices of the Rand Sporting Bodies War Funds Organisation, for the Governor General's Fund (...For Disabled South African Soldiers) at the Palladium May 24th 1917.
65206: BOXING PROGRAMME (DENNIS SANTRY COVER ), - Amateur Boxing, Wrestling and Fencing Tournament for the Governor General's Fund (Proceeds to be Set Aside for Disabled South African soldiers) at the Wanderers Sept.2nd 1916
68019: PROGRAMME, - Boswell Wilkie Circus 1970-1971
68596: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - England V. South Africa Twickenham Saturday 5th January 1952. Official Programme.
70231: ROYALTY PROGRAMME, - Souvenir Programme of the Visit of His Royal Highness Prince George to Pietermaritzburg on 3,4 and 5 March 1934
72430: PROGRAMME, - 8th International Veteran and Vintage Car Rally South Africa 1968
77794: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Second Internationasl South Africa V. Australia Kings Park Durban Sat. 12 July 1969
68578: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Official Souvenir Programme / Amptelike Gedenkprogram Barbarians Vs. Gekombineerde / Combined Transvaal Ellis Park 24 Mei '58
68569: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Official Souvenir Programme S. A. Versus U.K. Ellis Park Johannesburg 1962 First International Match June 23rd; Lions Versus Transvaal July 28th.
58023: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Souvenir Pogramme. A South African Tour XI Versus Combined Transvaal. Rand Stadium Saturday 15th October
58160: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Czechoslovakia Versus Southern Tv. Johannesburg Festival 1956. Rand Stadium Sept 22nd 1956
64599: OLYMPIC GAMES HELSINKI PROGRAMME, - XVth Olympic Games Helsinki Finland 1952. 19th July - 3rd August.
72457: PROGRAMME, - Rouvaun. South African Tour 1968
84330: THEATRE PROGRAMME (ATHOL FUGARD), - My Children My Africa
78776: PROGRAMME, - The Lucky Strike Grand Prix of South Africa. Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. 30th March 1974
78777: PROGRAMME, - The Lucky Strike Grand Prix of South Africa. Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. 1st March 1975
61139: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Final. Durban City Versus Jewish Guild Rand Stadium 10th October 1964
68604: BASEBALL PROGRAMME, - Transvaal Baseball Association ... Australian Cricketers versus TBA Invitation Side, Balfour Park, 12th January 1958
68571: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Junior Springboks Vs. British Lions Wanderers Johnnesburg . British Lions Rugby Union Tour 1980
61136: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Stanley Mathews Exhibition Match the Wanderers Club Illovo. Souvenir Programme 8th June 1957
58158: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Israel F.A. Versus Southern Transvaal. Rand Stadium Johannesburg April 3 1954
60740: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Official Souvenir South African Tour 1947
60738: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Final. Souvenir Programme. Rand Stadium Saturday 12th October 1963. Southern Suburbs Vs. Addington
60739: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Official Soccer Programme Vol.5 No.2. Saturday 4th April 1959; Monday 6th April 1959. 1958 Springboks Vs. Sourthern Transvaal; 1958 Springboks Vs. Combined Transvaal XI
72134: PROGRAMME (H. TH WIJDEVELD), - Iphegenie En Tauride. Opera En 4 Actes GLUCK. Wagnervereeniging N. V. Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam ...20...en 22 November 1930
76788: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Charity International Boxing Tournament Ellis Park Tennis Stadium 2nd November 1963
76789: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Gerrie Coetzee Vs. Mike Koranicki. Rand Stadium 19 April 1980
68616: PROGRAMME, - Jazz Tribute Souvenir Programme University Great Hall March 1st and 2nd 1957
68573: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - British Isles / Britse Eilande Vs. Northern Universities / Noordelike Universiteite Ellis Park Johannesburg 29th June 1955 Official Programme
60737: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Souvenir Programme. 1959 Cup Final. Rangers F.C. Vs. Germiston Callies F.C. Sat 10th Oct. Rand Stadium
64601: OLYMPIC GAMES HELSINKI PROGRAMME, - XV Olympia Helsinki 1952. Yleisrheilu. Athletisme. Athletics. Fri-Idrott. Olympia Stadion. Helsinki. MONDAY 21.7
58026: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Germiston Callies A.F.C. Driehok Germiston 1964. Redy Reference Guide to the National Football League and Score Card for the 1964 Season.
58022: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - 1906-1956. Germiston Caledonin Society Football Club Golden Jubilee Souvenir Programme.
58157: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - DJURGARDENS I.F. (Sweden) Vs.Southern Transvaal. Rand Stadium Saturday 18th June, 1955
82717: PROGRAMME, - Montserrat Caballe (Sopraan/Soprano) Hennie Joubert (Klavier / Piano) Opera Staatsteater / State Theatre Pretoria 4-4-1982
72434: PROGRAMME. WILLEMETZ, ALBERT; SAINT-GRANIER; LE SEYEUX, JEAN, - Les Ailes De Paris (Casino De Paris SAISON 1927-1928)
75024: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Rangers Football Club ....present Billy Wright. Souvenir Programme 5th Sept 1959
68568: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Lions / Leeus /// W. Tvl. 2 VI 1962
61137: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - A South African Tour XI Versus Combined Transvaal. Rand Stadium Saturday 15th October
61138: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Semi Final. Jewish Guild Versus Bloemfontein City. Rand Stadium Sept 17th 1964
64602: OLYMPIC GAMES HELSINKI PROGRAMME, - XV Olympia Helsinki 1952. Yleisrheilu. Athletisme. Athletics. Fri-Idrott. Olympia Stadion. Helsinki. TUESDAY 22.7
76880: PROGRAMME, - South Africa House, Opened By His Majesty the King Accompanied By Her Majesty the Queen on 22nd June 1933
76787: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Proboks Presents Freddy Lopez Hernandez, Peter 'Terror' Mathebula; Peet Bothma; Eddie Mileham; Harold Volbrecht; Rolly Xipu. Wembley Stadium 21 May 1977
72458: PROGRAMME, - Max Bygraves. South African Tour 1969
78785: PROGRAMME (SIGNED BY TYRRELL TEAM), - 1963 Rand Grand Prix Official Programme. Kyalami 14th December 1963
76790: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Kosie Smith Vs. Len Hutchins. Ellis Park Tennis Stadium 14 February 1976
68579: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Official Souvenir Programme / Amptelike Gedenkprogram Barbarians Vs. Transvaal Ellis Park 10 Mei '58
58159: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - England Verus South Africa. Rand Stadium June 23rd 1956. Souvenir Programme.
21548: BOXING PROGRAMME, - The White City Sporting Club Presents the Bantamweight Championship of the World Rand Stadium Johannesburg September 3 1955 ROBERT COHEN Vs Willie Toweel
80310: PROGRAMME, - SAGA International Baloon Fiesta November 22-27 1984 / Hot Air Balloon '84 Japan Championships
82713: PROGRAMME, - Yango John Presents LOVELACE WATKINS
75603: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Official Test Programme South Africa Vs. British Isles Ellis Park July 27 1968
68587: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Willie Toweel Versus Al. Nevarez International Lightweight Contest. Rand Stadium Johannesburg November 30, 1957
60127: ATHLETICS PROGRAMME, - Union Defence Sports Club. First Annual Inter-Command Championship Athletics Meeting, ..... Held at the Garrison Recreation Club Grounds Roberts Heights on Saturday 24th October 1936
72429: THEATRE PROGRAMME (SMITH, DODIE), - Dear Octopus: A Comedy
68603: PROGRAMME, - .C. Schoolboys XI Official Tour of South Africa 1965/1966
72461: PROGRAMME (H.G.WELLS), - Half a Sixpence; Souvenir Programme [Based on the Novel 'Kipps' by H. G. Wells]
67471: TENNIS PROGRAMME, - The Tenth Anniversary Annual Ladies International Team Competition The Federation Cyp / Die Federasiebeker ELLIS PARK Johannesburg March 20-25 1972
84139: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Final / Beker Eindwedstryd. 1973 Souvenir Programme Saturday 29 September
84140: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Final / Beker Eindwedstryd. 1974 Souvenir Programme Saturday 28 September
64600: OLYMPIC GAMES HELSINKI PROGRAMME, - XV Olympia Helsinki 1952. Yleisrheilu. Athletisme. Athletics. Fri-Idrott. Olympia Stadion. Helsinki. SUNDAY 20.7
68617: PROGRAMME, - Union Artists Present 'In Township Tonite'
66740: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Mainstay Cup Final 1978. Rand Stadium 2 December 1978
77792: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Natal v All Blacks. Kings Park Durban Sat 22 August 1970
77793: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Natal V. Australia Kings Park Durban Sat. 12 July 1969
76786: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Curtis Cokes Vs. Joe Ngidi. Wembley Stadium Souvenir Programme
68567: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Springbooke Teen Res / Springboks Vs. Rest 13 Okt 1956 / Oct 13th 1956. Official Programme
72432: PROGRAMME, - Coon Carnival The Golden City Dixies 1968
62841: CORONATION PROGRAMME (GEORGE VI), - The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, Official Souvenir Programme, May 12th, 1937
70647: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Currie Beker Finaal / Currie Cup Final Loftus Versfeld Pretoria Western Province Vs Northern Tvl. 28 September 1946
58025: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Official Programme Transvaal Soccer League Saturday 21st August 1954
72455: QUEEN'S HALL PROGRAMME, - Myra Hess and Jelly D'Aranyi Sonata Recital June 9th 1928
72456: QUEEN'S HALL PROGRAMME, - Myra Hess and Jelly D'Aranyi Sonata Recital June 9th 1928
68595: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Stradey Park Llanelly Souvenir Programme South Africa V. Llanelly Tuesday October 23 1951
68618: PROGRAMME, - Alfred Herbert's African Jazz and Variety (1958 Edition)
64604: OLYMPIC GAMES HELSINKI PROGRAMME, - XV Olympia Helsinki 1952. Yleisrheilu. Athletisme. Athletics. Fri-Idrott. Olympia Stadion. Helsinki. THURSDAY 24.7
65474: MOTORING PROGRAMME, - Ninth Total International South African Rally Official Programme 31st Aug - 3rd Sept 1966
65475: MOTOR RACING PROGRAMME, - Kyalami. Fifth S.A. Republic Trophy Motor Races May 28 1966.
75604: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Official Programme Transvaal Vs. Wallabies Ellis Park 13 September 1969
80301: PROGRAMME, - Souvenir Programme of Royal Visit to Rhodesia 1953
64603: OLYMPIC GAMES HELSINKI PROGRAMME, - XV Olympia Helsinki 1952. Yleisrheilu. Athletisme. Athletics. Fri-Idrott. Olympia Stadion. Helsinki. WEDNESDAY 23.7
76791: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Happy Pieterse Vs. Ernie Field AND Herby Clark Vs. Andries Steyn City Hall Johannesburg 18th March 1968
76792: BOXING PROGRAMME, - Happy Pieterse Vs. Daniel Leulleir (AND) Pirre Fourie Vs. Assane Fakh. Olympia Ice Rink Johannesburg May 20th 1968i
79069: PROGRAMME, - The TOTAL Music Collection // Sie TOTAL Musiekbundel 1991 GALA PREMIERE Great Hall University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg Sunday February 9 1992.
78775: PROGRAMME, - The Citizen and Asseng Grand Prix of South Africa 4th March 1978. Souvenir Programme
78221: BOXING PROGRAMME, - British Empire Title Fight. Jack "Kid" Berg Vs. Laurie Stevens. Wanderers Ground Johannesburg Saturday 11th January 1936
72446: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Der Fliegende Hollander (Wagner) June 5 1925
72447: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Der Fliegende Hollander (Wagner) June 11 1925
82718: PROGRAMME, - Victoria De Los Angeles in South Africa / in Suid Afrika 1977
75026: FOOTBALL PROGRAMME, - Castle Cup Final Cape Town City Versus Durban City Rand Stafium Johannesburg September 25 1971
75605: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Official Programme Transvaal Vs. All Blacks Ellis Park 11 July 1970
72438: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - La Boheme (Puccini) June 12 1928
72439: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Carmen (Bizet) June 1, 1928
77795: RUGBY PROGRAMME, - Seconf Internationasl South Africa V. British Isles Kings Park Durban Sat. 21 July 1962
72448: PROGRAMME, - The London Symphony Orchestra Twenty First Anniversary Concert Tuesday June 9th 1925. Conductors Sir Edward Elgar, O.M.; Serge Koussevitsky
78778: PROGRAMME, - The Lucky Strike Grand Prix of South Africa. Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. 1st March 1975
72442: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Die Meistersinger (Wagner) June 12 1925
72443: COVENT GARDEN PROGRAMME, - Die Walkure June 3 1925
78784: PROGRAMME (SIGNED BY NINETEEN INTWERNATIONAL GRAND PRIX DRIVERS), - Fifth / Vyfde Suid Afrikaanse / Grand Prix of South Africa. Yalami Grand Prix Circuit 6 March 1971
74693: ROYAL PROGRAMME, - Programme. Visit of His Royal Highness the Prince George to the Union of South Africa / Program Besoek Van Sy Koninklike Hoogheid Die Prins George Aan Die Unie Van Suid Afrika
64274: SURPLUS PEOPLE PROJECT, - Forced Removals in South Africa. THE TRANSVAAL (The SPP Reports Vol.5)
64273: SURPLUS PEOPLE PROJECT, - Forced Removals in South Africa. NATAL (The SPP Reports Vol.4)
71684: LEGAL EDUCATION ACTION PROJECT, - Working for Justice: The Role of Para-legals in South Africa
71377: WOMAN AND LAW IN SOUTHERN AFRICA PROJECT, - Women and Law in Southern Africa Project: Maintenance Rights and Women in Mozambique (Case Studies in the Southern Region)
53590: PROKOFIEFF, SERGEI O., - The Spiritual Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of the Holy Grail.
78933: PROKOFIEFF, SERGEI O., - The Occult Significance of Forgiveness
19018: PROPERT, J.L., - Burlington Fine Arts Club Illustrated Catalogue of Portrait Miniatures
51825: DE PROROCK, BYRON KHUN, - Digging for Lost African Gods. The Record of Five Years Archaeological Excavation in North Africa.
84500: PROSKAUER, CURT & WITT, FRITZ, - Bildgeschichte der Zahnheilkunde, Zeugnisse aus 5 Jhdt.; Pictorial History of Dentistry; Histoire de la médicine par l'image; Storia illustrata dell'arte dentaria; Historia ilustrada de la odontologia.
83412: PROTASIA, NTOMBENHLE & TORKINGTON, KHOTI, - Community Health Needs in South Africa
23422: BECHUANALAND PROTECTORATE, - High Commissioner's Proclamations and the More Important Government Notices. Volume XVI From 9th January 1931 to 8th January 1932
23424: BECHUANALAND PROTECTORATE, - High Commissioner's Proclamations and the More Important Government Notices. 1933 Volume XVIII
57495: PROTHERO, WALT, - Safari: A Dangerous Affair
84449: PROUD, HAYDEN, - Harry Trevor the South African Years
51957: PROUST, ALAIN & KNOX, GRHAM, - Cape Wines Body and Soul
50744: PROUST, ALAIN, - A Portraiture of Cape Town
72262: PROUST, ALAIN & KNOX, GRAHAM, - Wines of South Africa: Exploring the Cape Winelands
65936: PROUST, MARCEL (TRANSLATED C.K. SCOTT MONCRIEFF), - Remembrance of Things Past (Complete Set 12 Volumes)
60285: PROUST, MARCEL (TRANSLATED BY GERARD HOPKINS), - A Selection from His Miscellaneous Writings
69116: PROUT, EBENEZER, - Fugue
73329: PROUT-JONES, DESMOND, - Of Sharks and Men
10066: PROUT-JONES, D.V, - An Introduction to the Birds of Prey of South Africa
69265: PROUT, EBENEZER, - Double Counterpoint and Canon
69266: PROUT, EBENEZER, - Musical Form
69267: PROUT, EBENEZER, - Counterpoint Strict and Free
69115: PROUT, EBENEZER, - Harmony Its Theory and Practice.
69114: PROUT, EBENEZER, - Applied Forms
82052: PROUT-JONES, DESMOND, - Cracking the Sky: A History of Rocket Science in South Africa
68191: PROUTY, L. FLETCHER, - The Secret Team. The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World.
84307: EDITORIAL COMMITTEE OF THE CHURCH OF THE PROVINCE, - The Centenary of the Church of the Province of South Africa 1847-1947
16204: PROWSE, RUTH (INTRODUCTION BY), - Leng Dixon (Cape and Malay Sketches)
30244: PROZESKY, MARTIN & DE GRUCHY, JOHN, - Living Faiths in South Africa
79534: PRTER, PHILIP, - Jaguar Sports Racing Cars. C-type. D-type. XKSS. Lightweight E-type.
71849: PRUITT, BETTTYE & THOMAS, PHILIP, - Democratic Dialogue A Handbook for Practitioners
66080: PRULLER, HEINZ, - Grand Prix Story 80. Die Jungen Lowen.
66079: PRULLER, HEINZ, - Grand Prix Story 79. Franzosen, Araber, Ferrari, Lauda.
66078: PRULLER, HEINZ, - Grand Prix Story 78. Andretti Nummer 1
66077: PRULLER, HEINZ, - Grand Prix Story 77. Ferrari Addio

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