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45151: MENTZEL, O.F. (TRANSLATED BY MANDELBROTE, H.J.), - A Geographical and Topographical Description of the Cape of Good Hope
74748: MENTZEL, O.F., - Life at the Cape in the mid-eighteenth century, being the biography of Rudolph Siegfried Allemann, Captain of the Military Forces at the Cape of Good Hope
47542: MENUHIN, YEHUDI, - Life Class
69141: MENZIES, JACKIE (EDITED BY), - Buddha. Radiant Awakening
6688: MENZIES, G.H, - The Otjivasandu Base -Line Measurement South West Africa (July 1953)
52012: MENZSHITSKY, MORIS [MAURICE MENDJIZKI], ELUARD, PAUL, - Dem Andenk fun di Martirer un Kemfer fun Varshaver Geto Ein-un-Dreisik Tzeikhenungen fun Moris Mendzshitzki Poeme fun Paul Eluard
52486: MERARI, ARIEL & ELAD, SHLOMI, - The International Dimension of Palestinian Terrorism.
79329: MERARI, ARIEL (EDITED BY), - On Terrorism and Combating Terrorism: Proceedings of an International Seminar, Tel-Aviv, 1979
56872: MERCER, CAVALAIE (INTRODUCTION MICHAEL GLOVER), - Journal of the Waterloo Campaign
66146: MERCER, CHRIS & PERVAN, BEVERLEY, - Canned Lion Hunting: A National Disgrace
83183: MERCER, DENNIS (RECORDED AND EDITED BY), - Breaking Contract. The Story of Vinnia Ndadi
57132: MERCIER, ANDRE, - Analytical and Canonical Formalism in Physics
83821: NATAL MERCURY, - Natal Mercury Souvenir Special June 6 1900: The War. A Crowning Event. Pretoria Taken. Occupied By British Troops.
54603: MEREDITH, MARTIN, - The Past is Another Country. Rhodesia 1890 - 1979
16861: MEREDITH, D.B.D., - The Effect of Fertilisers on Grasses in Certain Areas of South Africa with Special Reference to Nitrogen
64704: MEREDITH, GEORGE (FOREWORD BY), - The Queen's Carol. An Anthology of Poems, Stories, Essays, Drawings and Music by British Authors, Artists and Composers.
67998: MEREDITH, MARTIN, - South Africa's New Era. The 1994 Election
59586: MEREDITH, MARTIN, - Diamonds Gold and War. The Making of South Africa
72898: MEREDITH, MARTIN, - Fischer's Choice: A Life of Bram Fischer
82536: MEREDITH, MARTIN, - The Past is Another Country: Rhodesia, Zimbabwe
84588: MEREDITH, TOM, - Sky Trek, Pioneering Days of Low-Fare Leisurely Air travel between South Africa and Europe
10146: MERENSKY, A, - Errinerungem Aus Dem Missionleben in Transvaal 1859-1882
80167: MERENSKY, HANS, - A 2pp. Autograph Letter to Hans Pirow, Dated Johannesburg 20th April 1934, Together with a Telegram Related to the Content, and the Original Envelope Addressed in Merensky's Hand.
84792: MERIMEE, PROSPER, - Carmen
54511: MERLEAU-PONTY, M., - Phenomenology of Perception
77085: MERLIN, PIERRE & GUERTIN, PIERRE, - Cahiers de l'Institut d'aménagement et d'urbanisme de la région parisienne. N°8.: Urbanisme en région de Londres et aménagement du territoire; Villes nouvelles en Grande-Bretagne
80323: MERLO, LORENZO, - New Dutch photography / Hedendaagse fotografie in Nederland.
7473: MERMEIX, - Le transvaal et La Chartered
81653: MERNISSI, FATIMA, - Women and Islam: An Historical and Theological Enquiry
75482: MERRETT, CHRISTOPHER, - The Significance of the Political Boundary in the Apartheid State, with Particular Reference to the Transkei (IN: The South African Geographical Journal Vol. 66 No.1)
76590: MERRETT, CHRISTOPHER, - A Culture of Censorship: Secrecy and Intellectual Repression in South Africa
8253: MERRIAM, GEORGES, - The Negro and the nation : a history of American slavery and enfranchisement
83480: MERRICK, CATHERINE AND DAY, REBECCA., - The Curtain Design Directory -- Third Edition -- Including New Quick Style Guide
53758: MERRIFIELD, MR. (BABBAGE, CHARLES) (AND NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS), - Report of the Committee to Consider the Advisability and to Estimate Expense of Constructing Mr. Babbage's Analytical Machine.IN: Report of the Forty Eighth Meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science Held at Dublin in August 1878
55368: MERRILL, GEORGE P., - A Treatise on Rocks, Rock-Weathering and Soils
64093: MERRILL, ELMER DREW, - Merrilleana. A Selection from the General Writings. (Chronica Botanica Volume 10 #3/4)
74743: MERRIMAN, J.X. (INTRODUCTION BY), - The Reports of Chavonnes and His Council and of Van Imhoff, on the Cape (VAN RIEBEECK SOCIETY #1)
66704: MERRIMAN, RAYMOND A., - The Gold Book: Geocosmic Correlations to Gold Price Cycles
55855: MERRIOTT, JACK, - Drawing and Painting in Pastel
10701: HAMILTON-MERRITT, - A Meditator's Diary : A Western Woman's Unique Experiences in Thailand's Monastries
56667: MERRYMAN, JOHN HENRY, - The Civil Law Tradition
64459: MERTENS, ALICE & BROSTER, JOAN, - African Elegance
49813: MERTON, THOMAS, - No Man is an Island
77627: MERTZ, BARBARA (PETERS, ELIZABETH), - Red Land, Black Land: The World of the Ancient Egyptians
76289: DE MERVELEC, PATRICK, - The South African Ballet Theatre
84896: DE MERVELEC, PATRICK, - Nude Landscape
71856: DE MERVELEC, PATRICK, - Looking at South Africa 1994-2004
63741: DE MERVELEC, PATRICK, - Cul de Sac My Pilgrimage with Johnny Clegg
64161: VAN DER MERWE, KOOS, - My Mense. Hoogtepunte Uit Die Foto-Joernalistiek Van Koos Van Der Merwe.
71417: VAN DER MERWE, THYS, - Hendrik Cloete En Die Argitektuur Van Groot Constantis.
21055: VAN DER MERWE, F.Z., - Suid-Afrikaanse Musiekbibliografie 1787 - 1952
77350: VAN DER MERWE, P.J., - Die Trekboer in Die Geskiedenis Van Die Kaapkolonie
80245: VAN DER MERWE, SAREL & SMITH, STEVE, - SuperVan & I : The Memoir of SA's Greatest Driver & his Alter Ego
64283: VAN DER MERWE, J.M.; PRICE, ALAN; VALKHOFF, M., - Parapsychology and Modern Science. Three Essays.
65656: VAN DER MERWE, F.J.G. & SCHOLTZ, G.J.L., - Suid Afrika Se Deelname Aan Die Britse Ryks- En Statebondspele 1930-1958
66005: VAN DER MERWE, H.J.J.M. (EDITED BY), - Vroeë afrikaanse woordelyste.
52625: VAN DER MERWE, W.J., - Sendinggenade in Mashonaland
52631: VAN DER MERWE, F.J.G. & SCHOLTZ, G.J.L., - Suid Afrika Se Deelname Aan Die Britse Ryks- En Statebondspele 1930-1958
53374: VAN DER MERWE, H.J.J.M., - Goties. Kommentaar En Annotasies.
50771: VAN DER MERWE, J.H. (EDITED BY), - National Atlas of South West Africa (Namibia) /Nasionale Atlas Van Suidwes-Afrika (Namibie)
56751: VAN DER MERWE, CHRIS & RICE, MICHAEL (SELECTED AND INTRODUCED BY), - A Century of Anglo-boer War Stories.
82336: VAN DER MERWE, A. P., - 'N Kort Geskiedenis van Belfast en Distrik
78448: VAN DER MERWE, MERWEDE, - Meditation a Path to Consciousness
48973: VAN DER MERWE, HENDRIK (EDITED BY), - Looking at the Afrikaner Today
79549: VAN DER MERWE, GERDRIE, - Deur Dit Alles Het Die Here Ons Gedra. N.G. Gemeente Glen Lynden (BEDFORD) 1829-1979
72954: VAN DER MERWE, C.N., - Breaking Barriers. Stereotypes and the Changing of Values in Afrikaans Writing 1875-1990.
70194: VAN DER MERWE, J. NIELEN & MADDEN, BERNARD J., - Rock Engineering For Underground Coal Mining
82322: VAN DER MERWE, N.J., - Die Nasionale Vrouemonument
41943: VAN DER MERWE, J.H. (EDITOR), - National Atlas of South West Africa (Namibia) /Nasionale Atlas Van Suidwes-Afrika (Namibie)
21725: VAN DER MERWE, NIKOLAAS J. & HUFFMAN, T.N., - Iron Age Studies in Southern Africa
79015: VAN DER MERWE, J.P., - Die Kaap onder die Bataafse Republiek, 1803-1806.
79016: VAN DER MERWE, P.J,., - Die Kafferoorlog Van 1793
59991: VAN DER MERWE, P.J., - Studies on the Representational and Lineasr B Documentary Evidence for the Existence and Technology, and the Military Use of the Chariot in Mainland Greece Snd Crete During the Late Hellasdic and Late Minoan Period
61001: VAN DER MERWE, FLORIS J G, - Matie Atletiek 1885-1985
60364: VAN DER MERWE, FLORIS, - S.A. Soldate En Hul Sport 1939-1945
84017: VAN DER MERWE, H. J. J. M., - Segregeer of Sterf - 'n Diepdringende Beligting van ons Blank-Nieblank-Verhoudinge teen die Agtergrond van Kontak, Integrasie en/of Segregasie van die Kleurgroepe
71497: VAN DER MERWE, C.R., - Soil groups and subgroups of South Africa ... Second and revision edition, etc. With plates and a map (Republic of South Africa. Department of Agricultural Technical Services. Science Bulletin. no. 356.)
68796: VAN DER MERWE, A.J., - Environment and Economic Behaviour. Purchasing Patterns Among Afrikaners in Cape Town
73710: VAN DER MERWE, ROMI, - Plaisir De Merle
68767: VAN DER MERWE, I,.J., - Die Stad En Sy Omgewing
77415: VAN DER MERWE, P.J., - The Migrant Farmer in the History of the Cape Colony, 1657-1842
74168: VAN DER MERWE, H.W. (FOREWORD BY NELSON MANDELA), - Peacemaking in South Africa A Life in Conflict Resolution
52581: MERZ, JOHN THEODORE, - Leibniz
50769: MES, G.M., - Mundus Cognobilis and Mundus Causalis
59084: MES, G.M. (PSEUD. MR. EVERYMAN), - We Want a Just State.
79266: MES, G. M., - Mr. White Man What Now?
75574: MESATYWA, E. W. M., - Izaci namaqhalo esiXhosa [Xhosa idioms and proverbs]
57626: MESSENGER, CHARLES, - The Art of Blitzkrieg
82242: MESSENGER, A. W. B., - The Heraldry of Canterbury Cathedral, Volume 1, The Great Cloister Vault
80176: MESSER, THOMAS M., - The Emergent Decade Latin American Painters And Painting in the 1960's
63491: MESSIMER, DWIGHT R., - Stock Image In the Hands of Fate. The Story of Patrol Wing Ten 8 December 1941 - 11 May 1942.
50343: MESSMER, FRANSPETER, - Ein Leben in Der Renaissance. Orlando Di Lasso. Musik Zwischen Mittelalter Und Neuzeit.
72329: MESSNER, REINHOLD, - Everest Expedition to the Ultimate
61195: MESTHRIE, RAJEND, - English in Language Shift: The History, Structure and Sociolinguistics of South African Indian English
77036: MESTHRIE, RAJEND, - Language and Social History: Studies in South African Sociolinguistics
61194: MESTHRIE, RAJEND, - Language in Indenture: A Sociolinguistic History of Bhojpuri-Hindi in South Africa
67318: MESZAROS, I., - Beyond Capital: Towards A Theory Of Transition
51856: MESZAROS, ISTVAN, - The Work of Sartre; VOLUME 1: Search for Freedom
35644: METCALFE, CHARLES THEOPHILUS (TRANSDLATED FROM THE ORIGINALS BY), - Two Native Narratives of the Mutiny in Delhi. Translated from the Originals.
35054: METCALFE, FREDERICK, - The Oxonian in Norway or, Notes of Excursions in That Country in 1854-1855
74384: METELERKAMP, SANNI, - George Rex of Knysna
47626: METELERKAMP, SANNI, - Outa Karel's Stories: South African Folklore Tales.
58004: METELERKAMP, SANNI, - George Rex of Knysna. The Authentic Story
72667: METELMANN, HENRY, - Through Hell for Hitler: The Dramatic First-hand Account of Fighting on the Eastern Front with the Wehrmacht in World War II
35664: METHUEN, HENRY H., - Life in the Wilderness or Wanderings in South Africa.
55767: METRAUX, ALFRED, - Easter Island. A Stone Age Civilization of the Pacific.
82404: METROWICH, F. R. (EDITED BY), - Towards Dialogue and Detente
82406: METROWICH, F. R. (EDITED BY), - African Freedom Annual 1979
79203: METROWICH, F.R., - Africa and Communism : a Study of Successes, Set-backs and Stooge States
47115: METROWICH, RED, - Africa Survey. Essays on Contemporary African Affairs.
70715: METROWICH, F.R., - Rhodesia Birth of a Nation.
17191: METZ, R, - Precious Stones and Other Crystals.
69166: METZ, CHRISTIAN, - Psychoanalysis and Cinema : The Imaginary Signifier
72343: METZGER, FRITZ, - Narro and His Clan
40327: METZKES, J., - Otjimbingwe. J.Metzkes Aus Alten Tagen Einer Rheinischen Missionsstation Im Hererolande Sudwestafrika 1849-1890.
67273: METZLER, JOST, - The Laughing Cow. A U-boat Captain's Story
41261: METZNER, R., - Einiges Vom Bau Und Von Den Leistungen Des Sympathischen Nervensystems
73834: VAN DER MEULEN, D., - The Wells Of Ibn Sa'ud
48464: MEULENBELT-NIEUWBURG, ALBARTA, - Embroidery Motifs from Dutch Samplers.
77352: MEURANT, L.H., - Sixty Years Ago; or, Reminiscences of the Struggle for the Freedom of the Press in South Africa, and the Establishment of the First Newspaper in the Eastern Province
74059: MEURANT, GEORGE, - Shoowa Design. African Textiles from the Kingdom of Kuba
50451: MEURANT, LOUIS HENRI, - Zamenspraak Tusschen Klaas Waarzegger En Jan Twyfelaar Over Het Onderwerp Van Afscheiding Tusschen De Oostelyke En Westelyke Provincie
69729: MEURGER, MICHEL & GAGNON, CLAUDE, - Lake Monster Traditions: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
81630: MEURLING, JOHN & JEANS, RICHARD, - The Ericsson Chronicle: 125 Years in Telecommunications
76041: DE MEURON, GUY, - Le Régiment Meuron 1781-1816
20393: MEW, FRED, - Back of the Wight. Yarns of Wrecks and Smuggling
60771: VAN DER MEY, S.J., - The Johannesburg School of Art Ballet and Music. A Proposal. A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Architectury of the Witwatersrand.
55991: MEYBURG, B.U. & CHANCELLOR, R.D. (EDITED BY), - Raptors in the Modern World
77031: MEYER, P.J.; VILJOEN, GERRIT; DIEDERICHS, NICO (AND OTHERS), - Gedenkalbum Randse Universiteit
79669: MEYER, ANTHONY J P., - Oceanic Art / Ozeanische Kunst / Art Océanien
54382: MEYER, GORDON, - Exiles. Stories.
54681: MEYER, MICHAEL, - Henrik Ibsen. Vol 1- The Making of a Dramatist 1828-1864. Vol 2 - The Farewell to Poetry 1864-1882. Vol 3 - The Top of a Cold Mountain 1883 - 1906.
82333: MEYER, C.M., - Is Chernobyl Dead? Essays on Energy: Renewable and Nuclear
52926: MEYER, RUDOLF, - Der Gral Und Seine Huter.
52049: MEYER, HENRY C., - Steam Power Plants. Their Design and Construction
46907: MEYER, SUSAN E. & KENT, NORMAN, - Watercolorists at Work.
72261: MEYER, STEPHENIE, - Breaking Dawn
40165: MEYER, WERNER, - Den Freunden Ein Schutz, Den Feinden Zum Trutz. Die Deutsche Burg.
63541: MEYER, HERMANN (EDITED BY), - Soncino-Blatter, Beitrage zur Kunde des Judischen Buches. Soncino-Blatter, Beitrage zur Kunde des Judischen Buches 3 No.1
63542: MEYER, HERMANN (EDITED BY), - Soncino-Blatter, Beitrage zur Kunde des Judischen Buches. Vol.3 Nos.2-4: Festschrift Heinrich Brody
58749: MEYER, P.J., - Die Hand Van Moskou in Suid-Afrika
65456: MEYER, A., - 'N Interpretasie Van Argeologiese Terreine in Die Nasionale Krugerwildtuin
32002: MEYER, A.B., - The Distribution of the Negritos in the Philippine Islands and Elsewhere
61216: MEYER, CARL (TRANSLATED VERENA MATTER; INTRODUCTION AND EDITING FEBE VAN NIEKERK), - Days of Horror During the Siege of Kimberley 1899 / 1900
60910: MEYER-BOHE, OLINDE & WALTER, - Neue Wohnhauser
70247: MEYER, F. (PREFACE BY), - Steel in South Africa, 1928 - 1953. Published on the Occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the South African Iron and Steel Corporation
60114: MEYER, MARJORIE (AND OTHER AUTHORS ), - The South African Academy 1947. The Twenty-Eighth Annual Exhibition Held at the Municipal Art Gallery Joubert Park Johannesburg.....10th to 26th October 1947
41380: MEYER, FR., - Zur Anatomie Der Orbitalarterien
84162: MEYER, I.A., - Die Ervarings van 'n Veldkornet in die Engelse Oorlog, 1899-1902.
67709: MEYER, P.J., - Trek Verder Die Afrikaner in Afrika
38543: MEYER, F.B., - A Winter in South Africa
74174: MEYER, A.; WASTLUND, PROFESSOR; OLADAPO, I. O. (CHAIRMEN OF SECTIONS), - R.I.L.E.M. International Symposium on Concrete and Reinforced Concrete in Hot Countries Part 1 Materials; Part 2 Structures and Foundations and Pavements;
71348: MEYER, A., - The Archaeological Sites of Greefswald : Stratigraphy and chronology of the sites and a history of Investigations
82987: MEYER, FRANZ, - Henri Matisse., Zwanzig auserlesene Werke. Twenty Important Paintings.
30094: MEYER.F.V., - Britain's Colonies in World Trade
72734: MEYER, FRANZ & BOLLIGER, HANS, - Marc Chagall: The Graphic Work
81940: MEYEROWITZ, EVA L. R., - The Akan of Ghana
58916: MEYERS, WAYNE M. (EDITED BY), - Pathology of Infectious Disease. VOLUME 1: Helminthiases
79150: MEYERS, CAROL L>, - The Tabernacle Menorah: A Synthetic Study of a Symbol from the Biblical Cult
56206: MEYNELL, LAWRENCE, - Week-end in the Scampi Belt
51311: MEYNELL, VIOLA (EDITED BY), - Friends of a Lifetime: Letters to Sydney Carlyle Cockerell
50938: MEYRINK, GUSTAV, - Golmachergeschichten
50939: MEYRINK, GUSTAV, - Orchideen
72768: MEYRINK, GUSTAV, - Der Weisse Dominikaner
44620: MEYSEY-THOMPSON, HENRY, - The Transvaal Crisis. Remarks on the Present Condition of Affairs. Together with a Reprint of an Article By Bhim......"Real Grievances of the Uitlander"
18059: MEZ-MANGOLD, LYDIA, - A History of Drugs
22141: MEZO, FERENC, - The Modern Olympic Games
79732: MEZZANOTTE, PAOLO & NEVIANI, ALESSANDRO, - Never give up! Ermanno Bazzocchi Vita e Progetti Attraverso La Storia Del'aeronautica Italiana
63530: 'MFOHLOZA, - The Southern White Rhinoceros. Its History, Peculiarities, Habits and Behaviour.
84816: MGXASHE, MXOLISI "BRA ACE", - Are You with Us?: The Story of a PAC Activist
65305: MHAHLELE, ES'KIA, - Over My Dead Body (in "STAFFRIDER" Volume 4 No 4 )
69685: MHLABA, RAYMOND (NARRATED TO THEMBEKA MUFAMADI), - Raymond Mhlaba's Reminiscing from Ruanda and Uganda
78789: MHLABA, DUMISANI, - The Indigenous Architecture of Kwazulu Natal in the Late 20th Century.
2519: MHLAGAZANHLANSI (PSEUD. NEVILLE JONES), - My Friend Kumalo: Sidelights On Matabele Tradition.
49163: MICHAEL, GEORGE, - African Fury
50003: MICHAEL OF GREECE, PRINCE, - Crown Jewels of Europe
56571: MICHAEL, RICHARD P. & CROOK, JOHN H. (EDITED BY), - Comparative Ecology and Behaviour of Primates.
54767: VON MICHAELIS, H, - Birds of Prey. A Kinship
48019: MICHAELIS-JENA, RUTH, - The Brothers Grimm
68972: MICHAELS, LEONARD, - Contemporary Structure in Architecture
78941: MICHAUD, ROLAND & MICHAUD, SABRINA, - Caravans to Tartary
71952: MICHAUX, HENRI (IRASNSLATED BY RICHARD ELLMANN), - Selected Writings: The Space Within
55543: MICHEL, CLAUDE, - Birds of Mauritius
54882: MICHEL, JULIUS, - Das Verhalten Des Auges Bei Storungen Im Circulationsgebiete Der Carotis.
50947: MICHEL, WILHELM, - Das Teuflische Und Groteske in Der Kunst
25951: MICHEL, BENNY, - Footnote to a Dream. Memories of a Musician's Journey Through Adversity
59000: MICHEL, HENRI, - Scientific Instruments in Art and History
36870: MICHEL, EMILE (TRANSLATED ELIZABETH LEE), - Rubens. His Life, His Work and His Time
41359: MICHEL, V., - Pathologisch-Anatomische Befunde Bei Spontan Oder Traumatisch Erworbenen Linsenverschiebungen
79683: MICHEL, THIERRY, - Congo River
64173: MICHELET, JULES, - The Bird
53287: MICHELET, JULES, - Satanism and Witchcraft. A Study in Medieval Superstition.
57640: MICHELETTI, ERIC, - After the Storm. Iraqui Wrecks and Fortifications
74126: MICHELI, SILVIO, - Mongolia: In Search of Marco Polo and Other Adventures.
61411: MICHELL, LEWIS, - The Life of the Rt. Hon. Cecil J. Rhodes
69906: MICHELL, LEWIS, - The Life and Times of the Rt. Hon Cecil J. Rhodes - 1853-1902
62882: MICHELL, E.B., - The Art and Practice of Hawking.
59109: MICHELL, F.BICE, - Michell A Cornish Family of Engineers 1740-1910
65811: MICHELL, JOHN, - At the Centre of the World: Polar Symbolism Discovered in Celtic, Norse and Other Ritualized Landscapes
24094: MICHELSON, TRUMAN, - Contributions to Fox Ethnology
49734: MICHENER, JAMES A., - Centennial
49735: MICHENER, JAMES A., - Texas
50224: MICHENER, JAMES A., - The Quality of Life
48472: MICHENER, JAMES, - The Bridges at Toko-ri
63863: MICKLEM, PHILIP ARTHUR, - The Secular and the Sacred. An Enquiry Into the Principles of a Christian Civilization. Bampton Lectures 1946
60206: MICLEA, ION, - Curtisoara. Die Dorfer Rumaniens
63063: MIDDLEBROOK, J. E. M., - Original Sepia Photograph of a Zulu Faction Fight
56034: MIDDLEMAS, KEITH, - Cabora Bassa. Engineering and Politics in Southern Africa.
59533: MIDDLEMISS, N.L., - Gathering of the Clans. History of the Clan Line Steamers Ltd.
66419: MIDDLETON, JEAN, - Convictions. A Woman Political Prisoner Remembers
56236: MIDDLETON, STANLEY, - Cold Gradations
54477: MIDDLETON, E.W., - Lifeboats of the World. A Pocket Encyclopeadia of Sea Rescue.
52989: MIDDLETON, DOROTHY, - Victorian Lady Travellers
10197: MIDDLETON, G.F., - Build Your House Of Earth : A Manual of Pise and Adobe Construction
84676: MIDDLETON, JOHN & WILLIAMS, HUW, - Industrial Locomotives of South Africa 1991
62936: MIDGLEY, JOHN FRANKLIN, - Midgleyana. A Midgley Miscellany
83825: MIDGLEY, JOHN F., - Kommetjie C.P. - Its Story
73413: VAN MIEGHEM, PIET, - Performance Analysis of Communications Networks and Systems
82658: MIELZINER, JO, - The Shapes of Our Theatre
83483: MIENY, C.J. (AND OTHERS) (EDITED BY D. H. HEYDENRYCH), - UP Geneeskunde 50. 'n Geskiedenis Van Dir Fakulteit Geneeskunde Van Die Universiteit Van Pretoria 1943-1992
77209: MIENY, C.J., - Leipoldt in Londen Die Vormingsjare
80147: MIERAS, J.P. & YERBURY, J.P. (EDITED BY), - Dutch Architecture of the XXth Century
64122: MIEVILLE, WALTER, - Under Queen and Khedive: The Autobiography of an Anglo-Egyptian Official.
71690: MIFTAH (INTRODUCTION BY YASSER ARAFAT), - The Palestinian Expert Conference on Final Status Issues: Papers and Proceedings - Ramallah Palestine, September 16 - 18, 1999 --
21827: MIFUNE, K., - Canon of Judo. Principle and Technique
54602: MIGDOLL, IVOR, - Field Guide to the Butterflies of South Africa.
63087: MIGDOLL, IVOR, - Field Guide to the Butterflies of Southern Africa
57834: MIGDOLL, IVOR, - Field Guide to the Butterflies of Southern Africa
59353: MIGEOD, DREDERICK WILLIAM HUGH, - Across Equatorial Africa
59354: MIGEOD, DREDERICK WILLIAM HUGH, - Through British Cameroons
73133: MIGUNA, MIGUNA, - Afrika's Volcanic Song
56724: MIHAILOVIC, MILICA, - Judaica in Jugoslavia
54222: MIJATOVICH, CHEDOMIL, - Constantine the Last Emperor of the Greeks or the Conquest of Constantinople By the Turks (A.D. 1453) After the Latest Historical Researches.
53989: MIKAMI, TAKAHIKO, - Sumi Painting. Study of Japanese Brush Painting
52087: MIKAMI, TSUGAMI, - The Art of Japanese Ceramics
54551: MIKHELSON, ANDRE, - Kings and Knaves in the Cameroons
82059: MIKKELSEN, EJNAR, - Mirage in the Arctic
68215: MIKRO (PSEUD CHRISTOFFEL HERMANUS KUHN), - Hy Koop Toe Vir Hom 'N Pen;C. H. Kuhn ;'N Outobiografie
79023: MIKRO; VAN BLERK, H.S.; VAN NIEKERK, DOLF, - Drielaag
83052: MIKRO (PSEUD: CHRISTOFFEL HERMANUS KÜHN ), - Kompartement 1001E
78102: MIKRO (PSEUD. CHRISOFFEL HERMANUS KAHN), - Huisies teen die Heuwel (en) Stille Uur
82696: MIKRO (PSEUD. CHRISTOFFEL HERMANUS KÜHN (1903–1968)), - Sias En Mias
82697: MIKRO (PSEUD. CHRISTOFFEL HERMANUS KÜHN (1903–1968)), - Sias Se Spoetnik
83417: MIKRO, - Die Weduwee Meraai
83415: MIKRO, - Vreemdelinge
83416: MIKRO, - Mattewis En Merai: Die Vroee Jare
83048: MIKRO (PSEUD: CHRISTOFFEL HERMANUS KÜHN ), - Huisies Teen Die Heuwel
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60854: MOORE, THOMAS (EDITED BY WILLIAM MICHAEL ROSSETTI), - The Poetical Works of Thomas Moore
75807: MOORE, C.A. (EDITED BY), - Automation in the Food Industry
55252: MOORE, ELIZABETH H., - Early Landscapes of Myanmar
4369: MOORE, DORIS LANGLEY, - Fashion Through fashion plates 1772-1970
54558: MOORE, GEORGE, - Celibates
52863: MOORE, LORRIE, - Self-Help
63119: MOORE, H.C., - Omnibuses and Cabs; Their Origin and History
49190: MOORE, GERALD, - Singer and Accompanist. The Performance of Fifty Songs.
50350: MOORE, GEORGE, - Modern Painting
50767: MOORE, CHARLES A. (EDITED BY), - Philosophy - East and West
47717: MOORE, WILLIAM C. & KEMBLE, JOHN H., - Our Navy's Fighting Ships (The Ships and Siling Albums Book 3)
47994: MOORE, PATRICK, - The Voices of Mars
48069: MOORE, ROWAN (EDITED BY), - Structure Space and Skin. The Work of Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners
64444: MOORE, PATRICK, - The Master of the Moon
21919: MOORE, H, - A Collection of 6 Aquatint / Chalk Engraved Views of Scenery Near Matlock: Willersley Castle; Matlock Church Derbyshire; Scenery from the Alcove Walks at Matlock Derbyshire; Matlock High Tor ; View on the Derwent at Matlock; Cavern in the Alcove Walks
60875: MOORE, HARRISON, - The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia
57857: MOORE, DENNIS, - The Himmer of Steel
77168: MOORE, PATRICK, - The Astronomy of Birr Castle
70623: MOORE, GERALD, - Seven African Writers
55824: MOORE, DERMOT & BAGSHAWE, PETER, - South Africa's Flying Cheetahs in Korea
66065: MOORE, WAYNE R, - Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy
69857: MOORE, DENNIS, - The Sunset of Steam. A Tribute in Colour to the Golden Years of Steam Locomotives in South Africa
81921: MOORE, DOROTHEA, - When the Moon is Green
53879: MOORE, A.F., - Walter Froembling Ph.D. Pharmacist and Man
70577: MOORE, THOMAS STURGE (1870-1944), - A Fine and Important One Page Autograph Letter to M.A. BAYFIELD, Signed and Dated 28.5.1918
82387: MOORE, PATRICK & CATTERMOLE, PETER, - The Craters of the Moon: An Observational Approach
60125: MOORE, GEOFFREY, - Pickman's Progress in the City Imperial Volunteers in South Africa--1900, Based on the Diary of Cyclist Fred James Pickman (13th Middlesex Rifle Volunteer Corps)
59792: MOORE, PAUL B.; DUNN, JOHN C.E.; NETTLETON, FRANK, - King Khaled International Airport
63487: MOORE, ALAN, - Tomorrow Stories Book 1
80042: MOORE, THOMAS & STEVENSON, JOHN, - A Selection of Irish Melodies, with Symphonies and Accompaniments.
62435: MOORE, DENNIS, - The Shimmer of Steel. An All Colour Celebration of South African Steam Locomotives in the 1990's
68548: MOORE, JERROLD NORTHROP, - A Voice in Time: The gramophone of Fred Gaisberg 1873-1951
70708: MOORE, JOSEPH, - Empire Problems and Travel
75063: MOORE-KING, BRUCE, - White Man Black War
77574: MOORE, HENRY, - Mother and Child
74173: MOORE, JACKIE, - Rich and Rare: The Story of Dawson International
3361: MOORE, GEORGE EDWARD, - Principia Ethica
84244: MOORE, HENRY, - Henry Moore Sculptures Drawings and Graphics
71799: MOORE, HENRY & CLARK, KENNETH, - Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook
78216: PHELON & MOORE, - The Latest Panther 1929 Models
69123: MOORE, ELIZABETH; MAYER, HANSJORG; PE, U WIN, - Shwedagon: Golden Pagoda of Myanmar
73084: MOORE, A.F., - Walter Froembling Ph.D. Pharmacist and Man
40964: MOOREN, A., - Die Sehstorungen Und Entschadigungsanspruche Der Arbeiter.
41233: MOOREN, ALBERT, - Ophthalmologische Mittheilungen Aud Dem Jahre 1873
69954: MOORHEAD, ALAN, - The Fatal Impact: The invasion of the South Pacific 1767-1840.
80435: MOORHEAD, ALAN, - The Blue Nile (AND) the White Nile
77028: MOORREES, A.; DE BEER, EDM.; VILJOEN, W.J.; STUCKI, M.J.; DE VOS, F.J.G. (EDITED BY), - Ons Tijdschrift Geillustreerd Familieblad Voor Zuid Africa. 2e JAARGANG
45064: MOORREES, A., - Die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Suid Afrika 1652-1873.
17507: MOORTGAT, ANTON, - The Art of Ancient Mesopotamia
61041: MOORTGAT, ANTON, - The Art of Ancient Mesopotamia. The Classical Art of the Near East.
78648: MOPELI, PAULUS, - Die Sending Te Witsieshoek En Andere Sake Rakende Sie Sending Aldaar
48746: MORAES, DOM, - Collected Poems 1957-1987
69879: DE MORAES, VICTOR M., - Sementes Do Odio
76453: MORAES, DOM, - Poems
84220: MORALES, DARIO, - Dario Morales Sculpture, Paintings, Pastels, Drawings, October Thru December, 1982
82356: MORAN, MARTIN, - The Munros in Winter: 277 Summits in 83 Days
62117: MORAN, P.A.P., - An Introduction to Probability Theory.
72897: MORAN, LORD, - Winston Churchill The Struggle for Survival UNCORRECTED PROOF
6325: MORAN, PAT, - The Tokens of Natal: Part 1 Durban Tokens (All published)
61696: MORAND, PAUL, - Montociel. An Historical Fantasy
26677: MORANT, GEORGE C., - Chili and the River Plate in 1891. Reminiscences of Travel in South America
27218: MORASSI, ANTONIO, - A Complete Catalogue of the Paintings of G.B.Tiepolo Including Pictures By His Pupils and Followers Wrongly Attributed to Him
56170: MORAVIA, ALBERTO, - The Time of Indifference
56171: MORAVIA, ALBERTO, - Two Women
49733: MORAY, HELGA, - The Harvest Burns
61208: MORDIN, R., - The Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange
35099: MORE, HANNAH, - The Works of Hannah More. A New Edition with Additions and Corrections in Eleven Volumes
72220: MOREAU, R.E., - The Bird Faunas of Africa and Its Islands.
71088: MORECKI, A., - Biomechanics of Motion
80382: MOREE, P.J., - A Concise History of Dutch Mauritius, 1598-1710: A Fruitful and Healthy Land
59247: MOREHOUSE, BRIAN, - Yastiks. Cushion Covers and Storage Bags of Anatolia
47563: MOREIRA, EDUARDO, - The Significance of Portugal. A Survey of Evangelical Progress
12249: MOREL, S.W., - The Geology of the Middle Shire Area
33323: MOREL, E.D., - Africa and the Peace of Europe
19026: MOREL, E.D. (INTRO. BY A. CONAN DOYLE), - Great Britain and the Congo. The Pillage of the Congo Basin
10062: MORELAND, CARL & BANNISTER, DAVIS, - Antique Maps
35450: MORELL, J.D., - On the Philosophical Tendencies of the Age; Being Four Lectures Delivered at Edinburgh and Glasgow in January 1848
29414: MORELL, J.D., - The Analysis of Sentences Explained and Systematised with an Exposition of the Fundamental Laws of Syntax
51041: MORET, ALEXANDRE, - Mysteres Egyptiens
78484: MORETTI, FRANCO, - Signs Taken For Wonders: On the Sociology of Literary Forms
61849: MORETTI, UGO (TRANSLATED BY WILLIAM WEAVER), - A Street in Rome. Tales of the Babuino
60902: MORGAN, STANLEY, - The Debt Collector
35378: DE MORGAN, SOPHIA ELIZABETH, - Memoir of Augustus De Morgan, with Selections from His Letters.
70303: MORGAN, M. NORBET, - Bronze Napoleon
54701: MORGAN, SONNY, - Ski-boat Boatmanship Navigation and Survival at Sea.
54715: MORGAN, SONNY, - Ski-boat Boatmanship Navigation and Survival at Sea.
49653: MORGAN, DAVE, - My Feeing for Fauna
50084: MORGAN, PHILIP (EDITEWD BY), - Cheshire (Domesday Book)
27197: MORGAN, W.E.C. & COOPER, F.W. (INTRO. BY JOHN BETJEMAN), - The Thatcher's Craft
34840: MORGAN, W.E.C. & COOPER, F.W., - The Thatcher's Craft
61432: MORGAN, W.E.C. & COOPER, F.W., - The Thatcher's Craft
35445: DE MORGAN, AUGUSTUS, - A Budget of Paradoxes
38952: MORGAN, N.J., - Early Gothic Manuscripts I: 1190-1250; II: 1250-1285 (A Survey of Manuscripts Illuminated in the British Isles Volume 4)
73533: MORGAN, LAWRENCE, - Flute of sand: Experiences with the mysterious Ouled Nail
10121: DE MORGAN, AUGUSTUS, - Newton, His Friend : And His Niece
61704: MORGAN, ELAINE, - The Aquatic Ape: A Theory of Human Evolution
44478: MORGAN, CLIFF, - Rugby Characters
74708: MORGAN, PETER, - Rural Water Supplies and Sanitation: A Text from Zimbabwe's Blair Research Laboratory
78321: MORGAN, CHARLES, - On Learning to Write
73605: MORGAN, BILL, - Old Friends: Great Texas Courthouses
72838: MORGAN, GEOFFREY & LASOCKI, W.A., - Soldier Bear
80951: MORGAN, RUTH; MARAIS, CHARL; WELLBELOVED, JOY ROSEMARY (EDITED BY), - Trans: Transgender Life Stories from South Africa
75494: MORGAN, W. T. W., - East Africa : Its Peoples and Resources
84379: MORHARD, ROBERT C., - Explosives and Rock Blasting
55017: MORIARTY, AUDREY, - Outeniqua, Tsitsikamma & Eastern Little Karoo (South African Wild Flower Guide 2)
46138: MORIARTY, AUDREY, - Wild Flowers of Malawi
79590: MORICE, GERGE T., - English and Roman Dutch Law Being A Statement of the Differences Between the Law of England and Roman Dutch Law as Prevailing in South Africa and Some Other British Colonies.
50525: MORICE, BERNARD, - Le Palais Du Luxembourg et Ses Metamorphoses
73749: MORIKAWA, HIDEMASA, - Zaibatsu: The Rise and Fall of Family Enterprise Groups in Japan
15682: MORIN-HUMPHREYS, H (LATE CAPTAIN H.M. 'CAPE MOUNTED RIFLEMEN"), - 'Boot and Saddle" Bits of South African Life in Bush and Barracks
82644: MORISHITA, ITTETSU, - Hibakusha
71266: MORISON, J. COTTER, - Gibbon
16309: MORISON, STANLEY, - On Type Designs Past and Present
68537: MORITZ, WALTER, - Uit Die Ou Dae in Suidwes: BOEK I: Die Ossewa Vertel
70750: MORITZ, C.P. (TRANSLATED BY REGINALD NETTEL), - Journey of a German in England in 1782
81904: MORKEL, BILL & JORDAAN, DIRK, - Grondbeginsels Van Die Duiwesport
79157: MORKOT, ROBERT G., - The Black Pharaohs: Egypt's Nubian Rulers
67348: MORLEY, JOHN (EDITED BY), - English Men of Letters. Volumes 1 - 13 (complete).
47583: MORLEY, SIMON & FRIEND, DAVID, - Puppetry of the Penis. The Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami.
71275: MORLEY, JOHN, - Burke
28334: MORLEY, SIMON & FRIEND, DAVID, - Puppetry of the Penis. The Ancient Australian Art of Genital Origami
75761: MORLEY, JOHN, - Death, Heaven, and the Victorians.
71253: MORLEY, JOHN, - Burke
67654: MORLEY, JOHN, - The Life of Richard Cobden
35090: MORLEY, CLAUDE, - A Revision of the Ichneumonidae Based on the Collection in the British Museum (Natural History) with Descriptions of New Genera and Species.
78653: MORNA, COLLEEN LOWE (EDITED BY), - Ringing Up the Changes. Gender in South African Politics
55405: MOROPOULOU, A. (EDITED BY), - Innovative Technologies and Materials for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. Industry, Research, Education: European Acts and Perspectives. ITECOM European Conference December 16-17, 2003 Athens Greece
38678: MORPHY, H. (EDITED BY), - Animals Into Art
61121: MORREAU, PATRICK (AND OTHERS), - Ove Arup 1895-1988
79017: MORRELL, ROBERT (EDITED BY), - White But Poor. Essays on the History of Poor Whites in Southern Africa 1880-1940
65286: MORRIS, HERBERT, - Modern Lifting
61269: MORRIS, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Poetry South. Collection Three
82301: MORRIS, R. O., - Charts and Surveys in Peace and War - The History of the Royal Navy's Hydrographic Service 1919-1970
55763: MORRIS, E.R., - The South African "Red Book" Second Year's Issue 1st January 1899
54664: MORRIS, BENNY, - The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem 1947-1949
52633: MORRIS, JOHN (EDITED BY), - From The Third Program. A Ten Years Anthology.
53865: MORRIS, DESMOND (EDITED BY), - Primate Ethology
38664: MORRIS, JAMES, - The Hashemite Kings
52094: MORRIS, MICHAEL, - Lament: A Selection of the War Poetry
52181: MORRIS, NATHAN, - The Jewish School from the Earliest Times to the Year 500 of the Present Era.
8162: MORRIS, KEITH, - A Great Soldier of the Empire ; Botha's Wonderful Conquests
48552: MORRIS, - The Morris Eight Series "E" Workshop Manual.
48756: MORRIS, BARBARA, - Liberty Design 1874-1919
74369: MORRIS, H.H., - The First Forty Years
48068: MORRIS, DESMOND, - Cat World. A Feline Encyclopedia
48476: MORRIS, ALAN, - Bleakness & Light: Inner City Transition in Hillbrow Johannesburg.
12529: MORRIS, KEITH, - A Great Soldier of The Empire. Botha's Wonderful Conquests
64278: MORRIS, MICHAEL, - Fuzzversus, Police and Students in South Africa, Another View
83578: GOSCINNY & MORRIS, - Lucky Luke the Stage Coach
40128: MORRIS, A.E.J., - Precast Concrete Cladding
75594: MORRIS, ARTHUR (CRICKET POSTCARD), - An Advertising Postcard "Lindwall, Smith, Brown, Morris, Robertson Discbat Cricket Enthusiasts" SIGNED By Arthuir MORRIS
69268: MORRIS, R.O., - Foundations of Practical Harmony and Counterpoint
57635: MORRIS, ERIC, - Churchill's Private Rmies. Bitish Special Forces in Europe 1939-1942
57938: MORRIS, DENIS, - The French Vineyards
58194: MORRIS, T.N., - Princviples of Fruit Preservation. Jam Making, Canning and Drying
83594: MORRIS, ALAN G., - Missing & Murdered: A Personal Adventure in Forensic Anthropology
65848: MORRIS, WILLIAM (INTRODUCTIONS BY MAY MORRIS), - The Collected Works of William Morris. (22 of 24 VOLS)
81480: MORRIS, MARGARET (INTRODUCED BY), - Cafe Drawings in Edwardian Times, from the Sketch-Books of J D Fergusson 1874-1961
20486: MORRIS, JEAN & LEVITAS, BEN, - South African Tribal Life Today
32008: MORRIS, PAULINE, - A History of Black Housing in South Africa
79410: MORRIS, DONALD R., - The Washing of the Spears: a History of the rise of the Zulu nation under Shaka & its fall in the Zulu War of 1879
68321: CAR SALES BROCHURE MORRIS, - About Ourselves...
34872: MORRIS, H.H., - The First 40 Years: Memoirs
61270: MORRIS, MICHAEL, - Lament. A Selection of the War Poetry of Michael Morris. A Poetry South supplement,.
61268: MORRIS, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Poetry South. Collection One Summer 1971/2
70041: MORRIS, PAULINE, - Soweto: A Review of Existing Conditions and Some Guidelines for Change
82523: MORRIS, ALAN G., - A Master Catalogue: Holocene Human Skeletons from South Africa
79067: MORRIS, MICHAEL, - Armed Conflict in Southern Africa: A Survey of Regional Terrorisms from Their Beginnings to the Present, with a Comprehensive Examination of the Portuguese Position
64549: MORRIS, ANN, - The Private Press in Leicestershire.
74632: MORRIS, JAN & WINCHESTER, SIMON, - Stones of Empire: The Buildings of the Raj
81888: MORRIS, PAUL, - Back to Angola: A Journey from War to Peace
75937: MORRIS, ALAN G., - Skeletons of Contact. A Study of Protohistoric Burials from the Lower Orange River Valley, South Africa,
79545: MORRIS, H.H., - In My Anecdotage
67264: MORRIS, BRIAN, - The Epiphytic Orchids of Malawi
68361: MORRIS, - The Morris Mini-Minor Driver's Handbook
73451: MORRIS, ALAN G., - The Skeletons of Contact. A Study of Protohistoric Burials from the Lower Orange River Valley, South Africa,
82521: MORRIS, BRIAN, - Anthropology of the Self: The Individual in Cultural Perspective
48662: MORRIS, MARGARET (INTRODUCED BY) (GEDDES, JEAN, ARRANGED BY), - Cafe Drawings in Edwardian Times, from the Sketch-Books of J D Fergusson 1874-1961
76812: MORRIS, WILLIAM, - Early Romances in Prose and Verse.
42785: MORRIS, JOHN, - From the Third Programme. A Ten-Years' Anthology.
73892: MORRIS, MICHAEL, - Dreams of War
73861: MORRIS, JAN, - A Venetian Bestiary
72272: MORRISH, ALLAN H., - The Physical Principles of Magnetism
68779: MORRISON, ALEXANDER, - Silent Invader : A Glider Pilot's Story of the Invasion of Europe in World War II
54245: MORRISON, ARTHUR, - A Child of the Jago
50324: MORRISON, ALEX J., - A New Way to Better Golf
2004: MORRISON, ARTHUR, - The Painters of Japan
12225: MORRISON, ARTHUR, - Martin Hewitt Investigator
70738: MORRISON, ARTHUR, - Chronicles of Martin Hewitt
65194: MORRISON, JOHN & BURDEKIN, HAROLD, - London Night
71840: MORRISON, MOLLIE N., - The Silversmiths and Goldsmiths of the Cape of Good Hope 1652 - 1850
63443: MORRISON, J.S> (AND OTHER AUTHORS), - Aspects of the History of Wooden Shipbuilding
81850: MORRISON, KEN, - Marx, Durkheim, Weber: Formations of Modern Social Thought
74131: MORRISON, PEARSE, - Rambling Recollections
66990: MORRONI, ANTONIO, - Serramenti in legno. Progettazione e costruzione.
66544: MORSE, ROGER & HOOPER, TED, - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping
57136: MORSE, PHILIP M., - Queues, Inventories and Maintenance. The Analysis of Operational Systems with Variable Demand and Supply.
57585: MORSE, D.R. & M.T., - Production Statistics: U.S. Arms Makers from Armalite to Winchester.
46601: MORSE, STANLEY J. & ORPEN, CHRISTOPHER (EDITED BY), - Contemporary South Africa. Social Psychological Perspectives.
53647: MORSE JONES, E., - Roll of the British Settlers in South Africa.
68757: MORSE, ROGER & HOOPER, TED (EDITED BY), - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Beekeeping
29684: MORSHEAD, O.F. (ABRIDGED AND EDITED BY), ILLUSTRATED BY ERNEST H. SHEPHERD, - Everybody's Pepys. The Diary of Samuel Pepys 1660 - 1669
49727: MORTENSEN, WILLIAM, - Flash in Modern Photography
22150: MORTENSEN, PAUL, - Monsters & Madonnas. A Book of Methods
70632: MORTENSEN, WILLIAM, - Outdoor Portraiture : Problems of Face and Figure in Natural Environment
60922: MORTIMER, PENELOPE, - The Home
57920: MORTIMER, BARRIE (EDITED BY), - HFO. Some Personal Perspectives on Harry Frederick Oppenheimer by his Colleagues and Friends
58068: MORTIMER, CHARLES, - Brooklands. Behind the Scenes.

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