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40577: MARE, B.J. & SANDS, G.W. (JOINT EDITORS); DE VILLIERS, F.E. (COMPILED UNDER THE DIRECTION OF), - In the Valley of the Berg, or the Romance of a South African Town
51175: MAREE, D.R., - Bicycles During the Boer War 1899-1902
64465: MAREE, W.L., - Uit Duisternis Geroep. Die Sendingwerk Van Die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk Onder Die Bakgatlavolk Van Wes Transvaal En Betsjoeanaland.
72875: MAREE, BERNA, - In Tribute to S A Forces
71626: MAREE, CHARLES (EDITED BY), - The Independent Trade Unions, 1974-1984: Ten Years of the South African Labour Bulletin (Ravan Labour Studies, 2)
68505: MARENHOLTZ-BULOW, BERTHA VON, - Das Kind und sein Wesen. Beiträge zum Verständnis der Fröbelschen Erziehungslehre
16567: MARES, F.H., - Sunny Memories of Ireland's Scenic Beauties Photographically Illustrated: WICKLOW
81728: MARESCOTTI, GIANCARLO, - The Land of Gods and Fragrances
62938: MARET, FRANCOIS, - Emile Claus
82168: MCGOWAN. MARGARET M., - Dance in the Renaissance: European Fashion, French Obsession
70897: DE MARGERIE, LAURE, - Facing the Other 1827 - 1905 : Charles Cordier : Ethnographic Sculptor
72888: MARGO, C.S. (AND OTHERWS), - Report of the Board of Inquiry Into the Loss of South African Airways Boeing 747 - 244B Combi Aircraft "Helderberg" in the Indian Ocean on November 28th 1987
76139: MARGO, CECIL, - Final Postponement
71132: MARGO, CECIL, - Final Postponement: Reminiscences of a Crowded Life
50332: MARGOLIES, HANK (EDITOR); BERRY, ABE (ART EDITOR), - Blimey. Complete Year January - December 1941.
47595: MARGOLIES, DAVID., - Novel and Society in Elizabethan England.
35112: MARGOLIOUTH, D.S., - The Early Development of Mohammedanism, Lectures Delivered in the University of London May and June 1913. (Hibbert Lectures)
62252: MARGRIE, W., - A Cockney's Pilgrimage in Search of Truth.
71668: MARI, PETE (EDITED BY), - Look at Me: Women Artists and Poets Advocate Children's Rights
79684: MARI, CARLO & CROZE, HARVEY, - The Serengeti's Great Migration
53488: MARIACHER, GIOVANNI, - Ambienti Del Cinquecento
69684: MARIANI, PAUL, - Deaths And Transfigurations: Poems
74474: MARILYN, MARTIN (COMPILED BY), - Vita Art Now 29.4.86 - 31.5.86 Johannesburg Art Gallery
75934: MARINETTI, FILIPPO (EDITED BY R. W. FLINT), - Marinetti - Selected Writings
80229: MARINOVICH, GREG, - Prospects of Babel : New Imagery From the Congo
56403: MARINOVICH, GREG & SILVA, JOAO, - The Bang-bang Club. Snapshots from a Hidden War.
70905: MARINOVICH, GREG, - Prospects of Babel : New Imagery From the Congo
77308: MARINOVICH, GREG & SILVA, JOAO, - The Bang-bang Club: Snapshots From A Hidden War
48195: MURRAY MARISCHAL, - Under Lion's Head. Early Days at Green Point and Sea Point.
65594: MARITAIN, RAISSA, - Chagall ou l'orage enchante.
62289: MARITAIN, RAISSA, - Arbre Patriarche - Patriarch Tree: Thirty Poems in French with an English Translation by a Benedictine of Stanbrook. Preface by Robert Speaight.
62330: MARITAIN, RAISSA, - Marc Chagall
41301: MARITZ, MANIE, - Bloed En Sweet
10148: MARITZ, MANIE, - My Lewe En Strewe
37753: MARITZ, MANIE, - Bloed En Sweet
5337: MARIUS, G.H & MARTIN, W, - Johannes Bosboom
76994: MARK, WILLIAM (1782-1849), - A 2pp. Handwritten Document Signed By William Mark, Together with a Drawing, Concerning a Property Near Stirling Castle Scotland.. SIGNED AND DATED Malaga 30th April 1847
58063: MARK, JOHN ATKINS, - A Lett's Diary for 1864, Belonging to John Atkins Mark, with Numerous Pen Manuscript Entries
76783: MARK, JOHN A., - John A. Mark. Pure Montilla Wines. Depot in Malaga. A 1page Printed Advertisement
58018: MARK, JOHN ATKINS, - John A Mark. Pure Montilla Wines Depot in Malaga
58091: MARK-WARDLAW, WILLIAM PENROSE (PREFACE BY), - At Sea With Nelson Being the Life of William Mark, a Purser Who Served Under Admiral Lord Nelson
60905: MARK, EDWINA, - My Sister My Bride
60081: MARK, LEONARD PORTAL, - More Reminiscences of Boyhood Spent at Marseilles
82993: MARKAKIS, JOHN, - National and Class Conflict in the Horn of Africa
79520: MARKGRAAF, G., - Sangbundel SAW
74323: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R., - Major James Rennell and the Rise of Modern English Geography
55833: MARKHAM, BERYL, - The Splendid Outcast
54737: MARKHAM, BERYL, - The Illustrated West With the Night
61965: MARKHAM, CAPTAIN ALBERT HASTINGS, - The Great Frozen Sea. A Personal Narrative of the Voyage of the "Alert" During the Arctic Expedition of 1875-6.
33302: MARKHAM, CLEMENTS R. (TRANSLATED, WITH NOTES, PREFACE ETC), - Narrative of the Embassy of Ruy Gonzalez De Clavijo to the Count of Timour at Samarcand A.D.1403-6
35072: MARKHAM, ALBERT H., - Northward Ho!, Including a Narrative of Captain Phipps's Expedition By a Midshipman.
55414: MARKHAM, CHRISTOPHER A., - Pewter Marks and Old Pewter Ware. Domestic and Ecclesiatical.
82056: MARKHAM, C.A., - The "New" Pewter Marks and Old Pewter Ware Domestic and Ecclesiastical, Including Sections on the History of the Pewterer's Craft, Statutes, Ordinances, etc., relating to Pewterers from A.D. 1348. The manufacture and Composition of Pewter Ware as well as
63875: MARKHAM, VIOLET R., - The New Era in South Africa with an Examination of the Chinese Labour Question
62775: MARKHAM, J. DAVID, - Imperial Glory, The Bulletins of Napoleon's Grande Armee, 1805-1814
73261: MARKHAM, VIOLET R., - Past and Present. An Account of Its History, Politics and Native Affairs. Followed by Some Personal Reminiscences of African Travel During the Crisis Preceding the War.
80077: MARKMANN, CHARLES LAM & SHERWIN, MARK, - The Book of Sports Cars
79220: MARKOS, ANTONIUS, - Come Across . and Help Us. The Story of the Coptic Church in Africa at the Present Time. Book One: In Ethiopia and East Africa. Book two: In Kenya, Zaire, South & West Africa
61949: MARKOTTER, E.I., - Die Lewensgeskiedenis Van Sekere Geslagte Van Die Amaryllidaceae.
56306: MARKOWITSCH, HANS J. (EDITOR), - Information Processing By the Brain. Views and Hypotheses from a Physiological-Cognitive Perspective
66935: MARKOWITZ, ARTHUR, - With Uplifted Tongue - Stories, Myths & Fables of the South Afican Bushmen
78812: MARKOWITZ, ARTHUR, - This is Your Dog
71241: MARKOWITZ, ARTHUR, - The Rebirth of the Ostrich: And Other Stories of the Kalahari Bushmen Told in Their Manner
71162: MARKS, SHULA & TRAPIDO, STANLEY (EDITED BY), - The Politics of Race Class and Nationalism in Twentieth Century South Africa:
71157: MARKS, SHULA & RATHBONE, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - Industrialisation and Social Change in South Africa. African Class Formation, Culture and Consciousness 1870 - 1930.
4093: MARKS,SHULA & ATMORE, ANTHONY (EDITED BY), - Economy And Society In Pre Industrial South Africa
58440: MARKS, BERNARD, - Our South African Army Today
61898: MARKS, J. LEONARD (EDITED BY), - The Illustrated Guide to South Africa, Incorporating the South African Hotel Guide, Embracing Sections Dealing with the Union of South Africa, Rhodesia, Portuguese East Africa and Nyasaland. 1930.
79932: MARKS, SHULA, - Divided Sisterhood: Race, Class and Gender in the South African Nursing Profession
70574: MARKS, HENRY STACY (1829-1898), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to C. Horsburgh, Signed and Dated June 30 1891.
60021: MARKS, SHULA, - The Ambiguities of Dependence in South Africa. Class, Nationalism and the State in Twentieth Century Natal.
54839: MARLOTH, RUDOLF, - Dictionary of the Common Names of Plants, with List of Foreign Plants Ciltivated in the Open.
74978: MARLOTH, RAIMUND H., - The Litchi in South Africa
76251: MARLOTH, RUDOLF, - The Flora of South Africa. LETTER PRESS to Vols. 1 and 4
33321: MARLOTH, R., - Stone-Shaped Plants
56032: MARLOWE, JOHN, - Mission to Kahartum. The Apotheosis of General Gordon.
81077: MARLOWE, JOHN, - Anglo-Egyptian Relations 1800 - 1953.
58895: MARMOT, MICHAEL (AN NUMEROUS OTHERS), - Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer. A Global P;erspective.
76915: MARNITZ, HEINRICH, - Irish 1981 Iere
84575: MAROEVIC, TONKO, - Contemporary Croatian Graphic Art
69028: MAROIS, ANDRE, - Les Discours du Docteur O'Grady
71687: MARONGWE, NELSON, - Conflicts over land and other natural resources in Zimbabwe
69656: MARONIER, J.H>, - Pictures of the Tropics. A catalogue of drawings, watercolours, paintings and sculptures in the collection of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology in Leiden
59840: MARPLES, THEO. & MARPLES, ARTHUR E., - Show Dogs Their Points and Characteristics Illustrated.
69912: MARPLES, PETER NTRODUCTION BY), - The Fourth South African International Corrosion Conference. CONFERENCE PAPERS
73420: MARQUARD, L.M. & STANDING, T.G., - The Southern Bantu
67421: MARQUARD, LEO, - South Africa's colonial policy; Presidential address delivered at the annual meeting of the Council of the South African Institute of Race Relations in the Hiddingh Hall, Cape Town, on January 16, 1957.
58139: MARQUES, ALFREDO PINHEIRO, - Portugal E O Descobrimento Do Atlantico Sintese e Cronologia / Portugal and the Discovery of the Atlantic. A Summary and a Chronology
58140: MARQUES, ALFREDO PINHEIRO, - Portugal and the European Discovery of America. Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese
72530: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA, - The Autumn of the Patriarch
57181: MARQUIS, DON, - Archy and Mehitabel
40319: MARRIC, J.J. (JOHN CREASEY), - Gideon's Risk
2861: MARRIC, J.J (JOHN CREASEY), - Gideon's Lot
75969: MARRYAT, CAPT (ADAPTED FROM), - The Children in the New Forest
75136: MARRYAT, CAPTAIN FREDERICK, - The Mission :Or, Scenes in Africa. Written for Young People.
11805: MARS, - Paris Brillant
51319: MARS, ALASTAIR, - Unbroken: The Story of a Submarine
77337: MARSCHALL, SABINE, - Community Mural Art In South Africa
70885: MARSCHALL, SABINE & KEARNEY, BRIAN, - Opportunities for Relevance Architecture in the New South Africa:
63060: MARSCHNER, HORST, - Mineral Nutrition of Higher Plants
56334: MARSDEN, VICTOR E. (TRANSLATED BY), - The Protocols of Zion
56334: MARSDEN, VICTOR E. (TRANSLATED BY), - The Protocols of Zion
73984: MARSDEN, KATE, - On Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers.
49554: MARSDEN, C., - Mammillaria Cultivation and Characteristics
49847: MARSDEN, PHILIP, - In Peril Before Parliament.
76343: MARSDEN, J.B., - History of Christian Churches and Sects from the Earliest Ages of Christianity
50278: MARSH, PAUL, - The Refurbishment of Commercial and Industrial Buildings.
5378: MARSH, W, LOCKWOOD, - Aeronautical Prints And Drawings
45861: MARSH, A.E.W., - Holiday Wanderings in Madeira.
60887: MARSH, JOHN, - Skeleton Coast
66360: MARSH, JOHN & ANSON, LYMAN, - Skeleton Coast
19607: MARSH, ROB, - Karate SA
81332: MARSH, M.C. & VALKHOFF, M., - Two Experiments in Paranormal Cognition
79137: MARSH, MARCUS, - Racing with the Gods
68533: MARSH, ARNOLD, - Smoke. The Problem of Coal and the Atmosphere.
57450: MARSHALL, EVAN P. & SANOW, EDWIN J, - Stopping Power. A Practical Analysis of the Latest Handgun Ammunition
66680: MARSHALL, BRUCE, - High-Brows: An Extravaganza of Manners - Mostly Bad
34145: MARSHALL, A.J., - Darwin and Huxley in Australia
47515: MARSHALL, RAYMOND., - I a Vain Shadow
48658: MARSHALL, FRANK J., - My Fifty Years of Chess
54219: MARSHALL, FRANK J., - My Fifty Years of Chess
60826: MARSHALL, MICHAEL W., - The Art and Science of Racehorse Training. The 'Bill' Marshall Guide
24689: MARSHALL, T.W.M., - Christian Missions. Their Agents and Their Results
56729: MARSHALL, PAUL (EDITED BY), - Raparapa Kularr Martuwarra. Stories from the Fitzroy River Drovers. Eric Lawford, Jock Shandley, Jimmy Bird, Ivan Watson, Peter Clancy, John Watson, Lochy Green, Harry Watson and Barney Barnes.
41797: MARSHALL, H.E., - A History of France.
57451: MARSHALL, EVAN P. & SANOW, EDWIN J, - Street Stoppers. The Latest Handgun Stopping Power Street Results
57725: MARSHALL, KIT, - Frog in the Reeds
57838: MARSHALL, BRUCE, - Th Bank Audit
59055: MARSHALL, BILL, - Guy Hocquenghem. Theorising the Gay Nation.
59226: MARSHALL, LOGAN, - The Tragic Story of the Empress of Ireland
82756: MARSHALL, ALFRED, - The R.S.V. Interlinear Greek English New Testament.
82755: MARSHALL, ALFRED, - The Interlinear Greek-English New Testament: The Nestle Greek Text with a Literal English Translation
82210: MARSHALL, C. G. A., - Lithostratigraphy of the Marianhill Formation (Natal Group) Including the Tulini, Newspaper and Westville Members
16215: MARSHALL, JOHN, - A Guide to Taxila
77965: MARSHALL-BALL, ROBIN, - The Sporting Rifle, a User's Handbook
67298: MARSHALL-CORNWALL, JAMES, - Napoleon as a Military Commander
70180: MARSHALL, J.D., - Old Lakeland - Some Cumbrian Social History
63674: MARSHALL, RAYMOND, - The Sucker Punch
70208: MARSHALL, EVAN P. & SANOW, EDWIN J., - Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study
75819: MARSHALL, A. L., - Marine Concrete
72216: MARSHALL, JIM (EDITED BY DAVID FAHEY), - Not Fade Away: The Rock & Roll Photography of Jim Marshall
78612: MARSHALL, A.B., - The Book of Ices, including Cream & Water Ices, Sorbets, Mousses, Iced Souffles, and Various Iced Dishes, with Names in French & English. Revised & Enlarged Edition.
60890: MARSHE, SURREY, - The Girl in the Centrefold
54263: MARSTON, A. & FLEMING, THOMAS, - Sewers and Drains
82139: MARTEAU, ROBERT, - The Stained Glass Windows of Chagall 1957-1970
69278: MARTEAU, ROBERT & GUICHARD'MEILI, JEAN, - Albert Marquet: Peintures, Aquarelles, Pastels, Dessins: Exposition Présentée Du 24 Avril Au 30 Juin 1985
49102: MARTELLI, GEORGE, - Agent Extraordinary. The Story of Michel Hollard.
74286: MARTELLI, FABRIZIO G., - Twin Screw Extruders: A Basic Understanding
60322: MARTIAL, - The Epigrams of Martial, Translated Into English Prose.
78509: MARTIAL, - The Epigrams of Martial
84994: LADAME (SOPHIE) & MARTIAL (YVAN), - Maritius Sketchbook
55048: MARTIENSSEN, HEATHER & OTHERS, - Knowledge and the Fine Arts
48385: MARTIENSSEN, HEATHER (INTRODUCED AND EDITED BY SHIRLEY G. KOSSICK), - Insights. Selected Essays of Heather Martienssen.
74274: MARTIENSSEN, REX, - The Idea of Space in Greek Architecture, with special reference to the Doric Temple and its Setting
63261: MARTIENSSEN, REX D., - "Evolution of an Architect's house" (in The South African Architectural Record February 1942)
77719: MARTIENSSEN, REX, - Greek Cities: Reprinted from the South African Architectural Record
77717: MARTIENSSEN, REX D., - Some Aspects of Doric Temple Architecture
77716: MARTIENSSEN, REX D., - Space Construction in Greek Architecture, with Special Reference to Sanctuary Planning
61820: MARTIN, JOHN, - `group Administration in the Gold Mining Industry of the Witwatersrand.
60093: MARTIN, JUDY, - The Complete Guide to Calligraphy. Techniques and Materials
79855: MARTIN, PETE, - Marilyn Monroe
77590: MARTIN, MARILYN; MAURICE, EMILE; DUGGAN, JO ANNE;, - Picturing Our World: Contemporary Images of the Western Cape
84799: MARTIN, MARILYN, - Louis Jansen Van Vuuren
79662: MARTIN, CLAUDE, - The Rainforests of West Africa: Ecology, Threats, and Protection
54991: MARTIN, CLAUDE, - The Rainforests of West Africa. Ecology. Threats. Conservation.
54758: MARTIN, HENRI-JEAN, - Livre Pouvoirs et Societe a Paris Au XVIIe Siecle (1598-1701)
51417: MARTIN, W.A., - Railway Policy and Railway Rates. What Political Control Has Cost Railway Users.
51418: MARTIN, W.A., - Railway Policy and Railway Rates. How Railway Users Have Been Cheated.
51704: MARTIN, H.G., - Sundet from the Main
45601: MARTIN, HENNO, - The Sheltering Desert
48512: MARTIN, JOHN, - Andrew Gifford: The Limehouse Series.
64437: MARTIN, A.C., - Durban Light Infantry - Volume 1 (1854-1934) (AND) Volume 2 (1935-1960)
50642: MARTIN, DAVID, - General Amin
35559: MARTIN, R. MONTGOMERY, - History of the British Colonies
61228: MARTIN, GEORGE M, - British Masonic Miscellany VOL.17
6572: MARTIN, J. RUPERT, - The Ceiling Paintings For The Jesuit Church In Antwerp
3128: BRADY & MARTIN, - Catalogue Of Chemical Physical and Photographic Apparatus.
13448: MARTIN, K.S. ED, - Records of Maidstone, Being Selections from Documents in the Possession of the Corporation
57321: MARTIN, R.D.; DOYLE, G.A.; WALKER, A.C. (EDITED BY), - Prosimian Biology. Part 1: Prosimian Behaviour; Part II: Prosimian Anatomy, Biochemistry and Evolution
41760: MARTIN, EDWARD A., - A Bibliography of Gilbert White of Selborne
65701: MARTIN, JAMES J., - The Man Who Invented Genocide: The Public Career and Consequences of Raphael Lemkin
58834: MARTIN, FRANK, - Rogues' River. Crime on the River Thames in the Eighteenth Century.
5336: MARTIN, W, - Albert Neuhuys
80503: MARTIN, ANNIE, - Home Life on an Ostrich Farm
61539: MARTIN, HENNO, - The Sheltering Desert
71663: MARTIN, LINDA, - Crisis in crossroads: A report on human rights in South Africa
63311: MARTIN, BOB, - Highlights & Footlights: A Tribute to South African Stage and Screen
62437: MARTIN, TONY, - The Jewish Onslaught. Despatches from the Wellesley Battlefront
82043: MARTIN, ANNIE, - Home Life on an Ostrich Farm
60799: MARTIN, J.WALLIS, - The Bird Yard
60800: MARTIN, J.WALLIS, - A Likeness in Stone
73162: MARTIN, JULIA, - Writing Home
80307: MARTIN, H.J. & ORPEN, NEIL, - Eagles Victorious: The Operations of the South African Forces over the Mediterranean and Europe, Italy, the Balkans.
80706: MARTIN, BOB, - Highlights & Footlights: A Tribute to South African Stage and Screen
77392: MARTIN, COLIN, - Corporal Haussmann Goes to War: Armed with Motor-Cycle and Camera
85197: MARTIN, RICHARD & KODA, HAROLD, - Jocks and Nerds: Men's Styles in the Twentieth Century
70267: MARTIN, GASTHOPE, - A Day at the Fair. Four Songs
71093: MARTIN, DEBRA L. & BUMSTED, M. PAMELA (EDITED BY), - Biocultural Adaptation Comprehensive Approaches to Skeletal Analysis
82978: MARTIN, B.G., - Muslim Brotherhoods in Nineteenth-Century Africa.
68377: MARTIN, HENNO, - The Precambrian Geology of South West Africa and Namaqualand.
72919: MARTIN, L.C. & JOHNSON, B.K., - Practical Microscopy
84849: MARTIN, MINNIE, - Legendes Uit Basoetoland
80875: MARTINDALE, ANDREW, - Simone Martini Complete Edition
60471: MARTINEAU, GILBERT, - Napoleon Surrenders
65803: MARTINEAU, JOHN, - The Transvaal Trouble and How it Arose.
69233: MARTINEAU, JANE & HOPE, CHARLES (EDITED BY), - The Genius of Venice 1500 - 1600
49751: MARTINET, ANDRE, - Le Langage (Encyclopedie De La Pleiade Vol. XXV)
53708: MARTINEZ-NOVILLO, ALVARO, - Museo Espanol De Arte Contemporaneo Catalogo Tomo I / Tomo II
19546: MARTINI, JOSEPH, - Bibliotheque Joseph Martini. Livres Rares et Precieux D'autres Provenances....galerie Fischer Grand Hotel National Lucerne
49548: MARTINS, HARPER, - Nongalazi of the Bemba.
74878: MARTINS, MANUEL, - Base Aerea das Lajes (Contribuicao para a sua historia) Lajes Air Base
83842: MARTINS, FERREIRA, - Joao Albasini e a Colónia de S. Luís
53067: MARTYR, WESTON, - The 'Southseaman'. The Life Story of a Schooner
63701: MARUYAMA, G. & PROKHOROV, YU. V., - Proceedings of the Second Japan-USSR Symposium on Probability Theory (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
72411: MARVELL, ANDREW (EDITED BY H M MARGOLIOUTH), - The Poems & Letters of Andrew Marvell
53578: MARWICK, M.G., - The Modern Family in Social-Anthropological Perspective
51491: MARWICK, M.G., - Sorcery in Its Social Setting. A Study of the Northern Rhodesian Cewa
82610: MARWICK, B.A., - The Swazi: An Ethnographic Account of the Natives of the Swaziland Protectorate
71450: MARWICK, M.G., - Sorcery in Its Social Setting : A Study of the Northern Rhodesian Cewa
71717: MARWICK, M.G., - The Kinship Basis of Cewa Social Structure
69440: MARX, BEATRICE, - She Shall Have Music
55234: MARX, KARK (TRANSLATED BY EDEN & CEDAR PAUL), - Capital. A Critique of Political Economy. The Process of Capitalist Production.
56216: MARX, KARL, - A World Without Jews
51106: MARX, KARL, - Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
83197: MARX, KARL & ENGELS, FREDERICK, - The German Ideology.
76048: MARX, ROELF, - Klerksdorp. Groeiende Reus 1837-1987
40003: MARX, KARL, - Value Price and Profit Addressed to the Working Man
78461: MARX, BEATRICE, - She Shall Have Music: The Memoirs of Beatrice Marx
80487: MARX, ROELF, - Klerksdorp. Groeiende Reus 1837-1987
63378: MARX, BENNO, - Genade En Waarheid. 31 Overdenkingen.
73898: MARX, KARL, - Capital a Critique of Political Economy or [ Das Kapital ] Three Volume Set in English With Dust Jackets One: The Process of Production of Capital VolTwo: The Process of circulation of Capital Vol Three The Process of Capitalist Production as a Whole
73291: SECULAR INSTITUTE OF THE SCHOENSTATT SISTERS OF MARY, - Father Kentenich in South Africa/ To Mark the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the South Africa...1947
77920: MARZOTTO, - An Episode and a History- The Centenary of a Woolen Mill- Marzotto 1836-1936.
72894: MASAULI, S.E., - My Life & My Aeroplanes
54299: MASCALL, E.L., - He Who Is. A Study in Traditional Theism.
48319: MASCHERPA, GIORGIO, - Giuseppe Luzzana
54035: MASEFIELD, JOHN & SEAGO, EDWARD, - Tribute to Ballet
56595: MASEFIELD, JOHN, - John M. Synge: A Few Personal Recollections, with Biographical Notes
1159: MASEFIELD, JOHN., - Victorious Troy
74835: MASEKO, LEN, - Sowetan Celebrating 25 Years of the Soul Truth
73968: MASER, WERNER, - Nuremberg, A Nation on Trial
47475: MASEREEL, FRANS, - Mein Stundenbuch
64681: MASEREEL, FRANS, - Danse Macabre
65385: MASEY, FRANCIS EDWARD, - Cecil John Rhodes : A Chronicle of the Funeral Ceremonies from Muizenberg to the Matopos, March - April, 1902
62239: MASHABELA, HARRY, - Townships of the PWV
49927: MASHABELA, HARRY, - Mekhukhulu. Urban African Cities of the Future
36806: MASHABELA, HARRY & NARSOO, MONTY, - The Boksburg Boycott
63646: MASHABELA, HENRY, - Fragile Figures? The 1988 PWV Township Elections
63645: MASHABELA, HENRY, - Mekhukhu. Urban African Cities
71638: MASHAVA, LAWRENCE V (COMPILED BY), - A Compilation of Essential Documents on the Right to Education
76112: MASHEANE, NAPO, - Caves Speak in Metaphors
83521: MASHELE, JULIA MASEFAKO, - Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
56862: MASILELA, JOHNNY, - We Shall Not Weep
72310: MASKE, JANINE, - All The Rage; Poems Inspired By The War In Iraq
66147: MASKEW, MARGARET, - A Portrait of Uys Krige
80352: MASKEW, MARGARET, - A Portrait of Uys Krige
80861: MASLEOD, ROBERT, - Charles Rennie Mackintosh Architect and Artist
76509: MASON, L. C., - Building 'Mastiff': A 4-Cylinder Petrol Engine
55708: MASON, R.J., - Prehistoric Man in Johannesburg. The Archaeology and Human Ecology of Melville Koppies Nature Reserve Johannesburg.
76500: MASON, L.C., - Model four cycle gasoline engines: Designing, building, Running
67261: MASON, REVIL, - Prehistory of the Transvaal. A record of human activity.
52304: MASON, FRANCIS K., - The Hawker Typhoon and Tempest.
53093: MASON, HILDA, - Western Cape Sandveld Flowers
53913: MASON, F. VAN WYCK, - Captain Nemesis
51999: MASON, FINCH, - Sporting Recollections. Hunting, Shooting, Cricket, Steeplechasing, Racing Etc. Etc.
49094: MASON, PHILIP, - The Borth of a Dilemma: The Conquest and Settlement of Rhodesia.
49861: MASON, DANIEL, - The Piano Tuner
64354: MASON, F. VAN WYCK, - Golden Admiral
6271: MASON, HERBERT B (EDITED BY), - Encyclopaedia Of Ships And Shipping
57545: MASON, FRANCIS K., - German Warplanes of World War II
57578: MASON, FRANCIS K, - Tornado
60693: MASON, STUART, - Oscar WIlde Art and Morality: A Record of the Discussion Which Followed the Publication of "Dorian Gray"
59479: MASON, BERNARD, - Clock and Watchmaking in Colchester. A History of Provincial Clockmaking from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries in the oldest recorded town in Great Britain
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60719: MENDEL, ALFRED O., - Personality in Handwriting. A Handbook of American Graphology.
71148: MENDELL, EDWARD, - Tribal Odyssey: A Photographic Journey Among Tribes
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83898: MENDES, VALERIE, - Black in Fashion
78193: MENDES, A.P., - Service for the First Nights of Passover according to the custom of the German and Polish Jews
82626: MENDL, WOLF, - Japan's Asia Policy: Regional Security and Global Interests
70781: MENELL, IRENE (COMPILED BY CLIVE MENELL), - A Voice of Reason South Africa 1978 - 1986
56194: MENEN, AUBREY, - The Abode of Love
69296: VAN MENGDEN, LIDA, - Jan Van Muster Werken 1980-1987
75461: MENICONZI, ALESSANDRA, - Hidden China. On the Trail of Old Traditions
61344: MENON, KRISHNA, - Delhi-Chungking. A Travel Diary.
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81942: MENPES, MORTIMER, - War Impressions, Being a Record in Colour
79981: DE MENT, JACK & DAKE, H.C., - Uranium and Atomic Power with Appendix on the Atomic Bomb
79964: MENTZEL, O.F., - The Cape in Mid-Eighteenth Century. Being the Biography of Rudolph Siegfried Allemann, Captain of the Military Forces and Commander of the Castle in the Service of the Dutch East India Company at the Cape of Good Hope.

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