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72764: KEMP, ARTHUR, - Victory or Violence: The Story of the AWB
72201: KEMP, ALAN & MEG, - SASOL Birds of Prey of Africa and Its Islands
76236: KEMP, CYNTHIA (EDITED BY), - Brenthurst Archives Footnotes to History from the Brenthurst Library Johannesburg the Private African Collection of Mr H. F. Oppenheimer Volume Two Number One
83304: KEMP, CYNTHIA (EDITED BY), - Brenthurst Archives Footnotes to History from the Brenthurst Library Johannesburg the Private African Collection of Mr H. F. Oppenheimer Volume One Number One
36333: KEMP, ALAN (INTRODUCTION BY), - The Bird Paintings of C.G. Finch-davies
83305: KEMP, CYNTHIA (EDITED BY), - Brenthurst Archives Footnotes to History from the Brenthurst Library Johannesburg the Private African Collection of Mr H. F. Oppenheimer Volume One Number Two
76234: KEMP, CYNTHIA (EDITED BY), - Brenthurst Archives Footnotes to History from the Brenthurst Library Johannesburg the Private African Collection of Mr H. F. Oppenheimer Volume One Number One
82735: KEMP, CECILE, - Kom Ons Eet Boerekos. 'n Keur Uit Ons Kos-Erfenis
76235: KEMP, CYNTHIA (EDITED BY), - Brenthurst Archives Footnotes to History from the Brenthurst Library Johannesburg the Private African Collection of Mr H. F. Oppenheimer Volume One Number Two
66527: KEMP, ROBERT, - The Englishmean's Watch
72226: KEMP, A.C. & CALBURN, SIMON, - The Owls of Southern Africa
71484: KEMP, A.C., - The Biography of Claude Gibney Finch-Davies. 1875-1920. Observer, Student and Highly Skilled Illustrator of Southern African Birds.,
58365: KEMPEN, W., - Samestelling, Afleiding en Woordsoortelike Meerfunksionaliteit in Afrikaans
60278: KEMPF, CHRISTIAN, - A Journey to Svalbard Polar Territory
79252: KEMPFF, DION, - Die Skeppingsleer Van Karl Barth
47227: A KEMPIS, THOMAS (TRANSLATION BY C. BIGG), - The Imitation of Christ, Called Also the Ecclesiastical Music
63021: A KEMPIS, THOMAS (TRANSLATED BY A. S. GEYSER), - Die Navolging Van Christus
72389: KEMPIS, THOMAS A', - L'Imitation de Jésus - Christ. Traduction du R. P. de Gonnelieu de la Compagnie de Jésus, avec une pratique et une prière a la fin de chaque chapitre. Nouvelle édition ornée de figures d'après les dessins de M. Horace Vernet. Dédiée au Roi.
26736: KENCH, JOHN, - Cottage Furniture in South Africa
67343: KENDALL, FRANCES, - The Heart of the Nation: Regional and Community Government in the New South Africa
62083: KENDALL, M.G., - Time Series
62673: KENDALL, M.G., - A Course in Multivariate Analysis
64092: KENDALL, F.K., - The Restoration of Groot Constantia
80792: KENDALL, F.K., - The Restoration of Groot Constantia
81337: KENDIG, M. (EDITED BY), - General Semantics Bulletin Numbers 32 and 33
81336: KENDIG, M. (EDITED BY), - General Semantics Bulletin Numbers 20 and 21
81333: KENDIG, M. (EDITED BY), - General Semantics Bulletin Numbers 16 and 17
81334: KENDIG, M. (EDITED BY), - General Semantics Bulletin Numbers 18 and 19
81335: KENDIG, M. (EDITED BY), - General Semantics Bulletin Numbers 22 and 23
38852: KENDON, FRANK, - Tristram
53706: KENDRICK, A. F., - Catalogue of Samplers Victoria and Albert Museum. Department of Textiles.
49389: KENDRICK, T.D., - The Lisbon Earthquake
66825: KENDRICK, A.F., - English Needlework
68556: KENDRICK, A.F. & TATTERSALL, C.E.C., - Hand Woven Carpets Oriental and European
68555: KENDRICK, A.F. & TATTERSALL, C.E.C., - Hand-Woven Carpets Oriental and European
29581: KENEALY, MAURICE EDWARD, - The Tichborne Tragedy, Being the Secret and Authentic History of the Extraordinary Facts and Circumstances Connected with the Claims, Personality, Identification, Conviction and Last Days of the Tichborne Claimant.
65631: KENMUIR, DALE, - Fishes of Kariba
51100: KENNAN, KENT WHEELER, - Counterpoint Based on Eighteenth Century Practice.
70922: KENNEDY, JOHN F., - Why England Slept
77356: KENNEDY, R.F., - Africana Repository. Notes for a Series of Lectures Given to the Hillbrow Study Centre From March to May 1964.
55537: KENNEDY, NEIL, - Surveying with the Tacheometer. A Practical Manual for the Use of Civil and Military Engineers and Surveyors.
52547: KENNEDY, MARGARET, - The Mechanized Muse
52553: KENNEDY, CHARLES RANN (DEMOSTHENES), - Translation of Select Speeches of Demosthenes, with Notes.
52797: KENNEDY, JAMES, - Modern Poets and Poetry of Spain
51139: KENNEDY, A.L., - Old Diplomacy and New 1876-1922. From Salisbury to Lloyd-George
48960: KENNEDY, PAUL (EDITED BY), - The War Plans of the Great Powers.
49492: KENNEDY, MICHAEL, - Portrait of Elgar
69642: KENNEDY, R.F., - Artists' Impressions of Johannesburg / Kunstenaarsindrukke Van Johannesburg 1886 - 1956
56800: KENNEDY, JEAN, - New Currents, Ancient Rivers: Contemporary African Artists in a Generation of Change
39998: KENNEDY, HOWARD ANGUS, - New Canada and the Nes Canadians
76009: KENNEDY, ROBERT F., - Senator Robert F. Kennedy's Speech on the Day of Affirmation of Academic Freedom Cape Town S.A.
57895: KENNEDY, ANDREW, - Shoreleave
65628: KENNEDY, BART, - A Tramp in Spain from Andalusia to Andorra
65439: KENNEDY, R.F., - The Government Notes of the South African Republic
57894: KENNEDY, ANDREW, - Shoreleave
19090: KENNEDY, R.F., - Africana Repository
85254: KENNEDY, W.P.M. &, - The Law and Custom of the South African Constitution
60712: KENNEDY, KERRY, - Speak Truth to Power. Human Rights Defenders Who are Changing Our World
77575: KENNEDY, ROBERT F., - Senator Robert F. Kennedy's Speech on the Day of Affirmation of Academic Freedom Cape Town S.A.
71787: KENNEDY, WILLIAM JAMES, - Late Cenomanian and Turonian Ammonite Faunas from North-east and Central Texas Special Papers in Palaeontology 39.
77357: KENNEDY, R.F., - Catalogue of Pictures in the Africana Museum VOLS1-5
68826: KENNETT, VICTOR AND AUDREY, - The Palaces of Leningrad
52569: KENNEY, R.U., - Piet Retief: The Dubious Hero
66598: KENNEY, HENRY, - Power, Pride & Prejudice The Years of Afrikaner Nationalist Rule in South Africa
62197: KENNEY, J.F. & KEEPING, E.S., - Mathematics of Statistics. Parts One and Two
7769: KENNEY, HENRY, - Architect Of Apartheid ; H.F Verwoerd An Appraisal
78538: KENNION, R.L., - Sport and Life in Further Himalaya
78542: KENNION, R.L., - By Mountain, Lake, and Plain: Being Sketches of Sport in Eastern Persia
72163: KENNY, ELIZABETH, - Infantile Paralysis and Cerebral Diplegia: Methods Used for the Restoration of Function
73543: KENNY, MICHAEL, - A Typed .Letter.Signed., I Page, 4th March 1984, with theTwo Signed Items Mentioned in the Letter.
60864: KENRICK, TONY, - The Only Good Body's a Dead One
11953: KENT, ALERXANDER, - With All Despatch
604: KENT, ALEXANDER., - Success To The Brave
607: KENT, ALEXANDER, - The Inshore Squadron
3939: KENT, ALEXANDER, - Command A King's Ship
600: KENT, ALEXANDER., - Command a Kings Ship
40499: KENT, ALEXANDER (PSEUD DOUGLAS REEMAN), - Command a King's Ship
65430: KENT, L.E. & ROGERS, A.W., - Diatomaceous Deposits in the Union of South Africa with Special Reference to Kieselguhr. Part 1: The Geology and Economic Aspects. Part 2: The Diatom Flora.
76037: KENT, ALEXANDER, - To Glory We Steer
599: KENT, ALEXANDER., - Sloop of War
52847: KENT, ALEXANDER, - The Only Victor
75438: KENT, KATIE PECK, - Prehistoric Textiles of the Southwest
64625: KENT, ALEXANDER, - Captain Richard Bolitho, RN : Three Complete and Unabridged Novels: 1778 Sloop of War, 1782 To Glory We Steer, and 1784 Command A King's Ship
27490: KENT, RAYMOND K., - Early Kingdoms in Madagascar 1500-1700
27358: KENTISH, EDWARD, - Essay on Warm and Vapour Baths, with Hints for a New Mode of Applying Heat and Cold, for the Cure of Disease, and the Preservation of Health, Illustrated By Cases. With an Appendix Containing Observations on Scrophula and on Pulmonic Complaints....
51235: KENTRIDGE, MATTHEW, - Housing in South Africa from Political Privelege to Basic Right.
38186: KENTRIDGE, MATTHEW, - An Unofficial War. Inside the Conflict in Pietermaritzburg
77048: KENWAY, JANE & WILLIS, SUE, - Answering Back: Girls, Boys and Feminism in Schools
61073: KENYON, MAX, - Harpsichord Music - A Survey of the Virginals, Spinet and Harpsichord and Their Continental Equivalents; the People Who Played Upon Them; the Composers for Them; and the Music They Wrote
71210: KENYON, ROBERT LLOYD, - The Gold Coins of England, Arranged and Described; Being a Sequel to Mr. Hawkins' Silver Coins of England
76892: KEOGH, ALFRED, - A 2pp. Letter to Mrs Carter, Imperial College of Science, , Signed and Dated Oct 14 1919
76891: KEOGH, ALFRED, - A 2pp. Letter to Mrs Carter, War Office, Signed and Dated Dec.24th 1917,
49821: KEOHANE, MARK, - Springbok Rugby Uncovered. The Inside Story of South Africa's Rugby Controversies.
82055: KEOHANE, MARK, - Monty
71190: KEOHANE, ALAN, - Bedouin: Nomads of the Desert
49574: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR, - When Smuts Goes
65542: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR, - Bias in the Presentation of South African History
35347: KEPPEL, THOMAS, - The Life of Augustus Viscount Keppel Admiral of the White and First Lord of the Admiralty in 1782-3
77781: VAN KERCKHOVEN, GIL, - Claw of Gold
67549: KERENSKY, A.F., - The Prelude To Bolshevism, The Kornilov Rebellion
74044: KERIMOV, LATIF, - Azerbaijan Carpet III
74043: KERIMOV, LATIF, - Azerbaijan Carpet II
78161: KERIMOV, LIATIF; STEPANIAN, NONNA; GRIGOLIYA, TATYANA; TSITSISHVILI, DAVID, - Rugs & Carpets From the Caucasus: The Russian Collections
78047: NEDERSUITSE GEREFORMEERDE KERK, - Ras, Volk En Nasie En Volkereverhoudinge in Die Lug Van Die Skrif.
81686: KERN, ERICH, - Dance of Death
55920: KERNER VON MARILAUN, ALFRED & OLIVER, F.W., - The Natural History of Plants. Their Forms, Growth, Reproduction and Distribution.. VOL.1: Biology and Configuration of Plants. VOL.2: The History of Plants
79529: KEROUAC, JACK, - On the Road
60530: KEROUAC, JACK (EDITED DOUGLAS BRINKLEY), - Windblown World. The Journals of Jack Kerouac 1947-1954.
2385: KEROUAC, JACK, - Big Sur
310: KEROUAC, JACK, - Desolation Angels.
57167: KEROUAC, JACK, - Vanity of Duluoz
32120: KEROUAC, JACK, - The Subterraneans
57651: KEROUAC, JACK, - The Dharma Bums
57652: KEROUAC, JACK, - Lonsome Traveller
57653: KEROUAC, JACK, - Desolation Angels
81209: KEROUAC, JACK, - On the Road: The Original Scroll
26599: KEROUAC, JACK, - Desolation Angels
80171: KEROUAC, JACK, - Mexico City Blues. (242 Choruses)
67922: KEROUAC, JACK, - On the Road
69992: KERR, RUTH S., - Confidence & Tradition. A History of Esk Shirwe
41167: KERR, A.J., - The Native Law of Succession in South Africa, with Special Reference to the Nguni Tribes of the Ciskeian and Transkeian Territories and Natal.
53256: KERR, ROSE, - The Story of the Girl Guides
51337: KERR, J. LENNOX & JAMES, DAVID (EDITED BY), - Wavy Navy, By Some Who Served.
65976: KERR, RUTH S., - Confidence and Tradition A History Of The Esk Shire
21664: KERR, MARK, - Land, Sea and Air. Reminiscences
59189: KERR, ALFRED, - Yankee-land
75851: KERR, ROGER & SZELKE, ELIZABETH (EDITED BY), - Artificial Intelligence In Reactive Scheduling
34566: KERR, PAUL, - Optical Mineralogy
66560: KERR, COLIN, - Tanks in the East. The Story of an Australian Cavalry Regiment.
72653: KERR, W.M., - The History of Royal Durban Golf Club 1892-1992
76384: KERR, A.J., - The Native Law of Succession in South Africa, with Special Reference to the Nguni Tribes of the Ciskeian and Transkeian Territories and Natal.
71600: KERR, WALTER, - How Not to Write a Play
81500: KERR, GREGORY, - Philippa Hobbs
47074: KERRIGAN, EVANS E., - American War Medals and Decorations. Revised and Expanded Edition
40051: KERRIGAN, JOHN, - Vermin (SBS3)
21112: KERSH, GERALD, - Men Without Bones
55161: KERSH, GERALD, - An Ape, A Dog and a Serpent
54269: KERSH, GERALD, - The Brighton Monster and Other Stories.
48628: KERSH, GERALD, - Neither Man Nor Dog
43726: KERSH, GERALD, - The Ugly Face of Love
68997: KERSH, GERALD, - Sad Road to the Sea
18631: KERSH, GERALD, - The Horrible Dummy
43889: KERSH, GERALD, - A Long Cool Day in Hell
66460: KERSH, GERALD, - I Got References
21651: KERSH, GERALD, - The Brighton Monster
51953: KERSHAW, KENNETH A., - Quantitative and Dynamic Plant Ecology
49206: KERSTEMAN, FRANCISCUS LIEVENS, - Hollandsch Rechtsgeleert Woorden-Boek (&) Aanhangzel.
14487: KESHAVJEE, HABIB V., - The Aga Khan and Africa. His Leadership and Inspiration. An Illustrated Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of His Imamate and His Visits to Lourenco Marques and South Africa
44811: KESHAVJEE, HABIB, - The Aga Khan and Africa. His Leadership and Inspiration. An Illustrated Souvenir of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of His Imamate and His Visits to Lourenco Marques and South Africa
64611: KESS, JOSEPH F., - Psycholinguistics: Psychology, Linguistics, and the Study of Natural Language (Amsterdam Studies in the Theory and History of Linguistic Science. Series IV, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, V. 86)
55980: KESSLER, LEO, - Sink the Scharnhorst! (The Sea Wolves I)
49228: KESSLER, JON, - The Freckles on My Back
12428: KESSLER, L., - The Gold Mines of the Witwatersrand and the Determination of Their Value
24548: KESSLER, DAVID, - The Falashas
51420: KESTELL, TRUDIE, - Wat Het Hulle Gedra?
50899: KESTELL, J.D., - Through Shot and Flame
17007: KESTELL, J.D., - Het Leven Van Professor N.J.Hofmeyr
20573: KESTELL, J.D. & VAN VELDEN, D.E., - The Peace Negotiations Between Boer and Briton in South Africa
75950: KESTELL, J.D., - Through Shot and Flame
4226: KESTELL, J.D & VAN VELDEN, D.E, - Die Vredesonderhandelingen Tusschen Boer En Brit In Zuid Afrika
15436: KESTELL, J.D., - Christiaan De Wet. 'N Lewensbeskrywing
73885: KESTELL, J.D. & VAN VELDEN, D.E., - De Vredesonderhandelingen Tusschen de regeeringen der twee Zuid-Afrikaansche republieken en de vertegegen-woordigers der Britische regeering, welke uitliepen op den vrede, op 31 Mei 1902 te Vereeniging Gesloten
77529: KESTELOOT, LILYAN (COMPILED BY), - L'epopee Traditionelle
84380: KETCHUM, MILO SMITH, - The Design of Walls, Bins, and Grain Elevators
76056: KETELHODT, GERHARDT FREIHERR VON, - Von Westpreussen Nach Sudafrika. Lebenserinnerungen
47354: KETLEY, A.J. (EDITED BY), - Textbook of Ironmongery and Hardware
53049: KETTELL, BRIAN, - Gold
85092: KETTLEWELL, JOHN (AND OTHERS), - Our Coastal Treasure: The Greater St. Francis Area
68356: KETTLEWELL, MIKE (EDITED BY), - Autocourse. International Motor Racing and Rallying 1975 - 76
84250: KEVERNE, ROGER, - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and ceramics Winter Exhibition 2002
84251: KEVERNE, ROGER, - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and ceramics Winter Exhibition 1999
84248: KEVERNE, ROGER, - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and ceramics Winter Exhibition 2003
84249: KEVERNE, ROGER, - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and ceramics Winter Exhibition 2000
84246: KEVERNE, ROGER, - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art. Summer Exhibition 2003
84247: KEVERNE, ROGER, - Fine and Rare Chinese Works of Art and ceramics Winter Exhibition 2006
35852: KEW, HARRY WALLIS, - The Dispersal of Shells. An Inquiry Into the Means of Dispersal Possessed By Fresh-Water and Land Mollusca
78426: KEY, CLYDE J., - The Maestro VOLUMES 6 and 7. 1974-1975
78424: KEY, CLYDE J., - The Maestro VOL.3. January - December 1971
78425: KEY, CLYDE J., - The Maestro VOLUMES 4 and 5. 1972-1973
78423: KEY, CLYDE J., - The Maestro VOL. II January - December 1970
54948: KEYES, MARIAN, - Under the Duvet
51477: KEYES, ELIZABETH, - Geoffrey Keyes M.C., V.C. , Croix De Guerre....
2013: KEYES, ROGER, S & MIZUSHIMA, KEIKO., - The Theatrical World Of Osaka Prints
73225: KEYNES, J.M., - A Treatise on Money. VOL.1: The Pure Theory of Money. VOL.2: The Applied Theory of Money
62695: KEYNES, JOHN MAYNARD, - The Means to Prosperity
73224: KEYNES, J.M., - A Tract on Monetary Reform
54879: KEYSER, PETER D., - Blepharoplastics
67072: KEYTER, CARL (COMPILED BY), - The South African Holiday Guide Especially for Africans, Indians and Coloured 1968
59952: KEYWORTH, SAMUEL, - Form-Growth A Practical Handbook on the Human Figure for Tailors and Clothiers.
71585: KHALATNIKOV, I. M. (EDITED BY), - `Landau, the Physicist and the Man: Recollections of L.D. Landau
75691: IBN KHALDUN, - The Muqaddimah. An Introduction to History. Translated from the Arabic by Franz Rosenthal VOLUME 1 ONLY
62771: AL KHALIFA, HAMAD BIN ISA, - First Light. Modern Bahrain and Its Heritage.
73091: KHAMA, SERETSE & MOI, DANIEL ARAP, - Dr. Moi in botswana/
71616: KHAMINWA, ANGELA M. & NYAMBURA, SIMON, - Violence in Kenya's Public Universities.
68718: KHAN, FIROZ & THRING, PETAL (EDITED BY), - Housing Policy and Practice in Post-Apartheid South Africa
49032: KHAN, NOOR INAYAT, - Twenty Jataka Tales
31258: KHAN, HAZRAT INAYAT, - In an Eastern Rose Garden
47159: KHAN, AMAN U., - Neurochemistry of Schizophrenia and Depression
83933: KHAN, SHAFA'AT AHMAD, - The Indian in Natal
73589: KHAN, HASAN-UDDIN, - Charles Correa. Architect in India.
68856: KHAN, HASHIM, - Squash Racquets: The Khan Game
75867: KHAN, RIAZ (EDITED BY), - Low-Calorie Foods and Food Ingredients
55165: KHANTIPALO, PHRA, - Tolerance. A Study from Buddhist Sources.
2269: KHANWEILER, DANIELLE- HENRY, - Juan Gris His Life and Work.
82934: KHATCHATOURIAN, CHAHEN (KHACHATURIAN, SHAHEN), - Peintres Armeniens, Armenian Artists 19th-20th Centuries
76963: KHATCHATOURIAN, ARAM ( KHACHATURIAN), - A Fine Signed Photograph, Head and Shoulder,profile Half Turned to the Left, SIGNED
75074: EL-KHAWAS, MOHAMED & KORNEGAY, FRANCIS A. (EDITED BY), - American-Southern African Relations: Bibliographic Essays
50205: OMAR KHAYYAM, - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
82844: KHAYYAM, OMAR (TRANSLATED BY EDWARD FITZGERALD), - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam; and the Salaman and Absal of Jami; Rendered into English Verse.
59836: KHAYYAM, OMAR (TRANSLATED BY HAN VAN DER BURGH), - De Rubaiyat Van Omar Khayyam
62846: `KHAYYAM, OMAR (TRANSLATED E. FITZGERALD), - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: A Calendar for the Year 1912
16633: KHAYYAM, OMAR (TRANSLATED CURTIS, ELIZABETH ALDEN; INTRODUCTION BY RICHARD BURTON), - One Hundred Quatrains from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. A Rendering in English Verse....
78651: KHAYYAM, OMAR (ILLUSTRATED BY FRANK BRANGWYN), - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
70836: KHEMBO, NIXON S. (EDITED BY), - Elections and Democratisation in Malawi: An Uncertain Process
70549: KHERUMIAN, R., - Les Armeniens. Race Origines Ethno-Raciales
67507: KHOAPA, B. (EDITED BY), - Black Review 1972
79784: KHOSA, MESHACK M. (EDITED BY), - Empowerment Through Economic Transformation
66023: KHOTA, ASLAM, - Across the Great Divide. Transvaal Cricket's Joys, Struggles and Triumphs
56075: KHOURY, P.G. & GROOTENBOER, MARJAN (EDITED BY), - Artlook Vol.6 No.3
56077: KHOURY, P.G. & GROOTENBOER, MARJAN (EDITED BY), - Artlook Vol.6 No.5
56078: KHOURY, P.G. & GROOTENBOER, MARJAN (EDITED BY), - Artlook Vol.6 No.6
56079: KHOURY, P.G. & GROOTENBOER, MARJAN (EDITED BY), - Artlook Vol.6 No.7
56080: KHOURY, P.G. & GROOTENBOER, MARJAN (EDITED BY), - Artlook Vol.6 No.8
56081: KHOURY, P.G. & GROOTENBOER, MARJAN (EDITED BY), - Artlook Vol.6 No.12
70906: KHOZA, REUEL J. (FOREWORD BY NELSON MANDELA), - Let Africa Lead (African Transformational Leadership for 21st century Business)
83923: KHOZA, REUEL & ADAM, MOHAMED, - The Power of Governance: Enhancing the Performance of State-Owned Enterprises
79737: KHOZA, REUEL J., - Attuned Leadership: African Humanism as Compass
54916: KHUL, DJWHUL (COMPILED BY A STUDENT ), - Ponder on This. From the Writings of the Tibetan Teacher
67822: KHUMALO, FRED, - Zulu Boy Gone Crazy
74855: KHUMALO, FRED, - Touch My Blood: The Early Years
64081: KHUMALO, BUTHO, - If These Hands Could Make Time.
42098: KI-ZERBO, J. (EDITED BY), - Methodology and African Prehistory (General History of Africa VOL.I)
25154: KIBEL, FREDA AND DUBOW, NEVILLE, - Wolf Kibel: A Brief Sketch of His Life and Work, and a Critical Assessment of His Work
34348: KIBEL, FREDA & DUBOW, NEVILLE, - Wolf Kibel. A Brief Sketch of His Life and Work; ..and a Critical Assessment of His Work
79768: KIBREAB, GAIM, - Eritrea. A Dream Defered
68893: KICHENSIDE, GEOFFREY, - The Restaurant Car : A Century of Railway Catering.
75193: KIDD, DUDLEY, - The Essential Kafir
46168: KIDD, DUDLEY, - Savage Childhood. A Study of Kafir Children.
28271: KIDD, DUDLEY, - Kafir Socialism and the Dawn of Individualism. An Introduction to the Study of the Native Problem
52953: KIDSON, HAYWARD, - The History of Transvaal Cricket
47992: KIEDROWSKI, DAN, - The New Miniature Schnauzer. The Breed Since Ch. Dorem Display.
67521: KIEHNLE, HERMINE, - Kiehnle - Kochbuch. Große illustrierte Ausgabe für die bürgerliche und feine Küche.
60499: KIERKEGAARD, SOREN, - Two Ages. The Age of Revolution and the Present Age. A Literary Review.
54290: KIERNAN, R.H., - Captain Albert Ball V.C., D.S.O., M.C.
53975: KIERNAN, THOMAS P. (EDITED B Y), - Aristotle Dictionary
28352: KIESER, P.J., - The Costs of Administration, Supervision and Services in Urban Bantu Townships
50114: KIESLER, CHARLES A; COLLINS, BARRY E.; MILLER, NORMAN, - Attitude Changes: A Critical Analysis of Theoretical Approaches.
1532: DE KIEWIET, C, - The Imperial Factor in South Africa.
56734: DE KIEWIET, C.W., - America's Role in Africa
55629: DE KIEWIET, CORNELIS, - The Imperial Factor in South Africa
18794: DE KIEWIET, C.W., - The Imperial Factor in South Africa. A Study in Politics and Economics
47464: KIHARA, JAMES, - Ngai, We Belong to You. Kenya's Kikuyu and Meru Prayer
56328: KIJIMA, TAKASHI, - Orchids (Wonders of Nature)
56328: KIJIMA, TAKASHI, - Orchids (Wonders of Nature)
61502: KILDARE, MAURICE, - Rio Guns
10185: KILHAM, WALTER, H, - Raymond Hood Architect Form Through Function in the American Skyscraper
47795: KILLANIN, LORD, - My Olympic Years
70801: KILLEARN, LORD (EDITED BY TREFOR EVANS), - The Killearn Diaries, 1934-46. The Diplomatic and Personal Record of Lord Killearn (Sir Miles Lampson) High Commissioner and Ambassador, Egypt
63492: KILLEN, JOHN, - The Luftwaffe. A History.
71037: KILLICJK, DONALD, - A Field Guide to the Flora of the Natal Drakensberg
76885: KILLICK, D.J.B. (EDITED BY), - Bothalia VOLUME 15 No.3 & 4 August 1985
55600: KILLICK, D.J.B. (EDITED BY), - Bothalia VOLUME 12 No.3 April 1978.
55601: KILLICK, D.J.B. (EDITED BY), - Bothalia VOLUME 12 No.4 June 1979
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48048: KOZLOFF, MAX, - Jasper Johns
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80678: KRUGER, LOREN, - Post-Imperial Brecht: Politics and Performance, East and South
82462: KRUGER, GERDUS, - Denksprong Vir Die Regse Beweging in Suid Afrika
82480: KRUGER, NELLIE, - Die Geskiedenis Van Die Voortrekker Muurtapisserie
73403: KRUGER, LE RICHE, - Anna Vorster. A Biography
68448: KRUGER, J.S., - Along Edges: Religion in South Africa Bushman, Christian, Buddhist
76572: KRUGER, STEPHANUS PAULUS JOHANNES ("PAUL"), - A 2pp 4to Letter in a Secretarial Hand, Signed By Kruger and Dated Pretoria 19 Mei 1899
70953: KRUGER, KOBIE, - All Things Wild and Wonderful
56598: KRUGMAN, PAUL, - The Great Unraveling. Losing Our Way in the New Century.
56604: KRUGMAN, PAUL, - The Age of Diminished Expectations. U S Economic Policy in the 1990s
56605: KRUGMAN, PAUL, - Peddling Prosperity. Economic Sense and Nonsense in the Age of Diminished Expectations
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71488: KRUSS, GLENDA, - Chasing Credentials and Mobility: Private Higher Education in South Africa
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41293: KRUUK, HANS, - The Spotted Hyena. A Study of Predation and Social Behavior
48680: KRUUK, H. AND NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS, - Proceedings of a Symposium on Endangered Wildlife in Southern Africa, Organized By the Endangered Wildlife Trust at University of Pretoria 22-23 July 1976
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73838: KUHLMAN, ERIKA, - A to Z of Women in World History
10019: KUHLWEITER, FREDERICH, VON, - Skagerak! Der Ruhmestag Der Deutschen Flotte

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