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67671: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Something of Myself
1623: KIPLING, RUDYARD., - They.
65200: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - The Jungle Book
61375: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - The Jungle Book
61363: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Life's Handicap
61364: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Wee Willie Winkie
61368: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Rewards and Fairies
61369: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Many Inventions
61367: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Captains Courageous. A Story of the Grand Banks.
61362: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - The Day's Work
61372: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Soldiers Three / Story of the Gadsbys / in Black and White
61370: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Traffics and Discoveries
61371: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Stalky & Co
61361: KIPLING, RUDYARD, - Kim
67090: KIPNIS, LEVIN, - Maharozet: Zemirot u-mishakim Legan-Hayeladim Ulevet Hasefer
51566: KIPPIS, A., - A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World Performed By Captain James Cook, with an Account of His Life During the Previous and Interveni9ng Periods
79304: KIRBY, DONALD (EDITED AND COMPILES BY J. B. BULLOCK), - Peddie. Settlers' Outpost. Issued by the 1820 Settlers' Commemoration Committee, of Grahamstown, to mark the fifth annual pilgrimage on 5th September, 1960
74760: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R. (EDITED BY), - The Diary of Dr. Andrew Smith Director of the "Expedition for Exploring Central Africa"
52071: KIRBY, P.R., - The True Story of the Grosvenor East Indiaman Wrecked on the Coast of Pondoland South Africa on 4 August 1782.
20976: KIRBY, FREDERICK VAUGHAN, - In Haunts of Wild Game. A Hunter-Naturalist's Wanderings from Kahlamba to Libombo
62545: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - Autograph Letter, 1p. On University of the Witwatersrand Letterhead, Signed and Dated 20.6.1939, to Noted Medical Figure Charles Berman.
69290: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - The Musical Practices of the Auni and Khomani Bushmen
72367: KIRBY, P.R., - Sir Andrew Smith, M. D., K. C. B His Life Letters and Works
71837: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - The Musical Instruments of the Native Races of South Africa.
78117: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - Wits End: An Unconventional Autobiography
66135: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R. (EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY), - Robert Moffat's Visit to Mzilikazi in 1835
71602: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - The Heerenlogement and Its Visitors: The Story of One of South Africa's Historical Monuments
28009: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - Jacob Van Reenen and the "Grosvenor" Expedition of 1790 - 1791
59070: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R. (EDITED BY), - The Diary of Dr. Andrew Smith Director of the "Expedition for Exploring Central Africa"
15661: KIRBY, PERCIVAL R., - The Musical Instruments of the Native Races of South Africa
44569: KIRBY, W.H., - Hunting the Hun in British South West Africa. A Series of Sketches on the Humorous Side of the G.W.S.A. Campaign (By One Who Was There)
48862: KIRCHBERG, PETER; ERDMANN, THOMAS; PLAGMANN, RALPH, - History of Progress. Chronicle of Audi AG
29675: KIRCHHAN, ELHANAN (INTRODUCTION BY JOSEPH SHATZKY), - Simhath Hanefesh (The Delight of the Soul). An Exact Facsimile Reproduction of the First and Only Edition Published in Furth in the Year 1727
61920: KIRCHNER, RAPHAEL, - The Kirchner Album. Twelve Prints in Colour
61919: KIRCHNER, RAPHAEL, - The Kirchner Album. Twelve Prints in Colour
75856: KIRK, ROGER E., - Experimental Design: Procedures for the Behavioral Sciences
83959: KIRK-GREENE, ANTHONY, - On Crown Service A History of HM Colonial and Overseas Civil Services, 1837-1997
59008: KIRK, D.N. & HARTSHORN, M.P., - Steroid Reaction Mechanisms
63848: KIRK, K. E., - The Vision of God - The Christian Doctrine of the Summum Bonum
26786: KIRK, JOHN, - The Economic Aspects of Native Segregation in South Africa
62774: KIRKBY, KENNETH MICHAEL, - Isumataq
39716: KIRKE, BETTY, - Madeleine Vionnet
83013: KIRKEBY, WILLY A., - English Swahili Dictionary
66684: KIRKMAN, JAMES S., - Men and Monuments on the East African Coast.
82621: KIRKMAN, JAMES, - The Well By the Gate (Gedi National Park Interim Report 1)
62691: KIRKPATRICK, DIANE, - Eduardo Paolozzi
74027: KIRKUP, THOMAS, - A History of Socialism
60107: KIRKWOOD, JAMES, - Good Times / Bad Times
77134: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare at the Zoo - A Book of Drawings.
77137: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare at the Kennels - A Book of Drawings.
77135: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare with the pets - A Book of Drawings.
77136: KIRMSE, PERSIS, - Shakespeare and the Birds - A Book of Drawings.
69074: KIRSCH, OLGA, - Ruie Tuin
47444: KIRSCHBAUM, ENGELBERT, - The Tombs of St. Peter & St. Paul
70002: KIRSCHENMANN, JORG C. & MUSCHALEK, CHRISTIAN, - Residential Districts
68446: KIRSCHKE, LINDA, - Broadcasting Genocide : Censorship, Propaganda & State-Sponsored Violence in Rwanda 1990-1994
56975: KIRSTEIN, LINCOLN, - Ignacio Zuloaga in America 1909 - 1925
69344: KISCH, D.M. & CO, - Patents
59417: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - China Geheim
59418: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - "Schreib Das Auf Kisch!"
59419: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Paradies Amerika
59625: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Entdeckungen in Mexiko
59626: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Landung in Australien
59627: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Asien Grundlich Verandert
59629: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Kisch Kalender
59630: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Kriminalistisches Reisebuch
59631: KISCH, EGON ERWIN, - Kriminalistisches Reisebuch
73223: KISCH, C.H. & ELKIN, W.A., - Central Banks A Study Of The Constitutions Of Banks Of Issue, With An Analysis Of Representative Charters.
78716: KISHIDA, TOM, - The Yasukuni Swords: Rare Weapons of Japan, 1933-1945
40190: KISHTAINY, KHALID, - The Prostitute in Progressive Literature
69859: KISS, AGNES (EDITED BY), - Living with Wildlife: Wildlife Resource Management with Local Participation in Africa
51303: KITAGAWA, MOMOO, - Cop Shooter
55443: KITCHEN, MARTIN, - The German Officer Corps 1890-1914
74671: KITCHIN, JOSEPH & GRAYDON, NEWENHAM, A.E., - The African Review map of the Witwatersrand district from Luipaardsvlei to Modderfontein.
59086: KITCHING, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Recent Developments in Cell Physiology
77250: KITCHING, GAVIN, - Class and Economic Change in Kenya: The Making of an African Petite-Bourgeoisie
56708: KITOV, ELIYAHU, - The Book of Our Heritage: The Jewish Year and Its Days of Significance, Vols. I, II, III: Tishrey Shavat, Adar-Nisan, Iyar-Elul
55375: KITSON, C.H., - Applied Strict Counterpoint
55396: KITSON, FRANK, - Low Intensity Operations. Subversion Insurgency & Peacekeeping.
74642: KITSON, A.E.; COOPER, W.G.G.; JUNNER, N.R.; JAMES, W.T.; HIRST, T.; (AND OTHER CO-AUTHORS), - Gold Coast Geological Survey. BULLETINS 1-16
22491: KITTON, F.G., - The Novels of Charles Dickens. A Bibliography and Sketch
67221: KITTREDGE, GEORGE LYMAN, - Chaucer and His Poetry
82421: KIVY, PETER, - Sound Sentiment: An Essay on the Musical Emotions Including the Complete Text of the Corded Shell
82033: KJEKSHUS, HELGE, - Ecology Control and Economic Development in East African History: Case of Tanganyika, 1850-1950
49307: KLAAREN, JONATHAN & WOOLMAN, STUART, - Public Hearings for Constitutional Court Judges. An Open and Transparent Memorandum to the Judicial Services Commission.
52918: KLADO, N., - The Russian Navy in the Russo-Japanese War
56917: KLAJN, IVAN, - Influssi Inglesi Nella Lingua Italiana
31688: KLAPHECK, RICHARD, - Siedlungswerk Krupp
50291: KLARER, ELIZABETH, - Beyond the Light Barrier
55502: KLARER, ELIZABETH, - Beyond the Light Barrier
81669: KLARIE, ANNE & SNYMAN, LANNICE, - Fine Dining in South Africa
84072: VON KLASS, GERT (TRANSLATED BY JAMES CLEUGH), - Krupps. The Story of an Industrial Empire
78182: KLASTORNIJ, S.G. (AND OTHERS), - Die Teppichkultur Der Turkmenen Und Ihre Glaubenswlt
26869: KLATZOW, PETER, - Composers in South Africa Today
70431: KLATZOW, PETER, - Concerto for Organ and Orchestra (1981)
52759: KLAWANS, ZANDER H., - Reading and Dating Roman Imperial Coins.
52458: KLEE, ERNST & MERK, OTTO, - Damals in Peenemunde. An Der Geburtsstatte Der Weltraumfahrt
37708: KLEFFEL, L.G., - Handbuch Der Praktischen Photographie. Vollstandiges Lehrbuch Zur Ausubung Dieser Kunst, Unter Besonderer Berucksichtigung Der Neuesten Ehrfahrungen Und Verbesserungen. Nebst Einer Ausfuhrlichen Abhandlung Uber Stereoskopie Und Panotypie
80858: KLEIHUES, JOSEF P.(EDITED BY SHKAPICH, KIM), - Josef P. Kleihues: The Museum Projects
84922: KLEIN, HARRY, - Stage Coach Dust. Pioneer Days in South Africa
84924: KLEIN, HARRY, - Winged Courier
74387: KLEIN, F., - Über die hypergeometrische Funktion. Vorlesung gehalten im Wintersemester 1893-94. Ausgearbeitet von E. Ritter. Göttingen 1894.
61532: KLEIN, CORNELIS & HURLBUT, CORNELIUS S., - Manual of Mineralogy
36953: KLEIN, RICHARD G. (EDITED BY), - Southern African Prehistory and Paleoenvironments.
69998: KLEIN, HERBERT S., - The Atlantic Slave Trade
47646: KLEIN, HARRY, - Springboks in Armour. The South African Armoured Cars in World War II
56963: KLEIN, LAWRENCE R., - The Economics of Supply and Demand
7516: KLEIN, HARRY, - Valley Of the Mists
57524: KLEIN, CHUCK, - Instinct Combat Shooting. Defensive Handgunning for Police and Personal Protection.
2571: KLEIN, HARRY., - Land Of The Silver Mist
64413: KLEIN, CELIA WEISSMANN, - All But My Life
84923: KLEIN, HARRY, - Light Horse Cavalcade The Imperial Light Horse 1899-1961
1588: KLEIN, HARRY., - The Land of the Silver Mist.
6328: KLEIN, HARRY, - Winged Courier
44704: KLEIN, HARRY, - Springboks in Armour. The South African Armoured Cars in World War II
83081: KLEIN, HARRY, - The Story of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange 1887 - 1947
83455: KLEIN, ANTONIO PAOLO, - Pontes & Viadutos Brasil Bridges & Viaducts
65856: KLEINHANS, SARAH (COMPILED BY), - Napier 150
33340: KLEINLOGEL, A., - Rigid Frame Formulas. Explicit Formulas of All Statical Quantities for Those Single-Panel Frames Which Occur in Practical Steel, Reinforced Concrete and Timber Construction.
19383: KLEINSCHMIDT, H .ED, - White Liberation
59428: KLEIST, HEINRICH VON, - Erzahlungen
40137: KLEMANN, GEORG, - Die Schwabische Alb
64617: KLEMANTASKI. LOUIS & FROSTICK, MICHAEL, - Le Mans. A Picture History.
69856: KLEMM, HORST & SMITH, DENIS, - African Journal
62735: KLENERMAN, PAULINE (EDITED BY ROSE MELZER & JESSICA BARNES), - Reminiscences of a Lady Doctor
46887: KLENERMAN, PAULINE (EDITED BY ROSE MELZER & JESSICA BARNES), - Reminiscences of a Lady Doctor
75566: DE KLERK, W.J., - Afrikanerdenke. Kontoere Van 'n Denkpunt
55363: DE KLERK, WILLEM (EDITED BY); COETZER, PIET (COMPILER), - Krugersdorp 100 Jaar / Years
54309: DE KLERK, A.J.B., - Leeuwenhof. Die Kronieke Van 'n Kaapse Herehuis.
48887: DE KLERK, WILLEM, - Die Tweede (R)evolusie. Afrikanerdom En Die Identiteitskrisis.
46965: DE KLERK, W.A., - O, Heilige Onrus
46966: DE KLERK, W.A., - Drie Swerwers Oor Die Einders
46967: DE KLERK, W.A., - Drie Swerwers in Die Suidwes.
46968: DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Gesel Van Namaland
46969: DE KLERK, W.A., - Kleinben Drink Die Bitterbloed.
46970: DE KLERK, W.A., - As Die Reier Noord Vlieg.
46971: DE KLERK, W.A., - The Thirstland
46973: DE KLERK, W.A., - The Thirstland
46975: DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Uur Van Verlange. Synde Annale Van Die Agterberg
46976: DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Skarlaken Eskader. 'n Vliegverhaal.
46977: DE KLERK, W.A., - Buite Die Raamwerk.
46978: DE KLERK, W.A., - Poens Die Swerfjaar
46979: DE KLERK, W.A., - Poens Die Penkopjare
46980: DE KLERK, W.A., - Poens Die Penkopjare
46981: DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Uur Van Verlange
46983: DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Verste Blou Einder
46984: DE KLERK, W.A., - Die Jaar Van Die Vuur-os
46985: DE KLERK, W.A., - Agtien Man En 'n Meisiekind
75356: DE KLERK, F.W., - The Last Trek - A New Beginning: The Autobiography
66609: DE KLERK, W.J. & PONELIS, F.A., - Gedenkbundel H. J. J. M. Van Der Merwe.
47257: DE KLERK, J.H., - Sterrekundewoordeboek / Dictionary of Astronomy
58180: DE KLERK, A.C., - Gemeenskapsverpleging in Kimberley. 100 Jaar in Perspektief / Community Nursing in Kimberley. 100 Years in Perspctive
58790: DE KLERK, W. A, - Drie Swerwers Oor Die Einders
59517: DE KLERK, F.W., - Address By the State President Mr. F.W. De Klerk at the Opening of the Second Session of the Ninth Parliament of the Republic of South Africa, Cape Town, 2 February 1990
77977: DE KLERK, W. J., - Afrikanerdenke. Kontoere Van 'n Denkpunt
74459: DE KLERK, P., - Geskiedenis as Kultuurontwikkeling
80978: KLEYNHANS, W.A., - Volksregering In Die Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek: Die Rol Van Memories
76380: KLEYNHANS, W.A., - Suid Afrikaanse Algemene Verkiesingsmanifeste // South African General Election Manifestos
51027: KLICKMAN, FLORA, - The Trail of the Ragged Robin
51028: KLICKMAN, FLORA, - Flower-Patch Neighbours
51029: KLICKMAN, FLORA, - Between the Larch Woods and the Weir.
51030: KLICKMAN, FLORA, - The Flower-Patch Among the Hills
83422: KLICKMANN, FLORA (EDITED BY)`, - The Little Girl's Fancy Work
54121: KLIMKE, REINER, - Basic Training of the Young Horse
55522: KLINE, M. FRANKLIN (EDITED BY), - Official Guide for Shippers and Travellers to the Principal Ports of the World, Osaka Mercantile Steamship Company . Twelfth Edition 1925-1926
78942: KLING, KEVIN, - Tibet
75981: KLING, A. (KOLLER-KLING, ANTOINETTE, TRANSLATED BY), - Pintoro's Chimpanzees
32753: KLINGER-KLINGERSTORFF, HUBERT, - Judo Self-Taught in Pictures
72828: KLINGER-KLINGERSTORFF, HUBERT, - Judo Self-Taught in Pictures
70033: KLINGER-KLINGERSTORFF, HUBERT, - Judo and Judo-do
81650: KLINZMAN, MARTY, - The South African Herb & Spice Cookbook
73283: KLOEKE, G. G., - Herkomst En Groei Van Het Afrikaans
83539: KLOPPERS, P.J., - "Alles Zal Recht Kom!" Schetsen Uit Den Strijd Tusschen Boer En Brit
49798: KLOPPERS, H P, - Native Divorce Courts. Guide to Practice and Procedure.
71941: KLOPPERS, HANNES, - Gee My 'n Man!. Die Verhaal Van Die Kalahari-Gemsbokpark
107: KLOPPERS, HANNES., - Game Ranger.
66317: KLOPPERS, JOHAN & VAN SON, G., - Butterflies of the Kruger National Park
80131: KLOTZER, WOLFGANG, - Frankfurt in Fotografien von Paul Wolff 1927-1943
66066: KLUDAS, ARNOLD, - Geschichte Der Deutschen Passasgierschiffahrt 1850-1990
48618: KLUGE, P.F., - Season for War. A Novel.
71608: KLUGMAN, BARBARA & BUDLENDER, DEBBIE (EDITED BY), - Advocating For Abortion Access Eleven Country Studies
71689: KLUGMAN, BARBARA & BUDLENDER, DEBBIE (EDITED BY), - Advocating For Abortion Access Eleven Country Studies
48175: KLUYSKENS, PIERRE, - Schelck of Het Groot Avontuur
50430: KLUYVER, A., - Proeve Eener Critiek Op Het Woordenboek Van Kiliaan
68239: KNAFLA, LOUIS A. & BINNIE, SUSAN W. S. (EDITED BY), - Law, Society, and the State; Essays in Modern Legal History
74184: KNAGGS, OLIVER, - Let the People Know.
66164: KNAGGS, MAY, - Mysteries and Memories
41356: KNAPP, H., - Ein Fall Von Carcinom Der Ausseren Sehnervenscheide Exstirpirt Mit Erhaltung Des Augapfels. Separat Abdruck Aus Dem Archiv Fur Augen Und Ohrenheilkunde IV Band.
76114: KNAPP, J. L., - Gramina Britannica; or, Representations of the British Grasses. With remarks and occasional Descriptions
78968: KNAPP, ARTHUR W., - Cocoa and Chocolate: Their History from Plantation to Consumer
84066: KNAPPE, K., - Durer: The Complete Engravings, Etchings and Woodcuts.
11549: KNEALE, WILLIAM & MARTHA, - The Development of Logic
54563: KNEIPP, SEBASTIAN, - My Will. A Legacy to the Healthy and the Sick.
35738: KNIGHT, CAHARLES, - The Pictorial Gallery of Arts. Useful Arts. Fine Arts
54798: KNIGHT, E.F., - Small Boat Sailing. An Explanation of the Management of Small Yachts, Half-Decked and Open Sailing Boats of Various Rigs; Sailing on Sea and River; Cruising Etc.
54234: KNIGHT, WILLIAM, - Through the Wordsworth Country
60679: KNIGHT, IAN, - The Sun Turned Black: Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift 1879
53934: KNIGHT, CHARLES (EDITED BY), - The Penny Magazine Vol. VI 1837
50917: KNIGHT, L.A., - The Paying Guest
49210: KNIGHT, GARETH, - A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism. Vol.1: On the Spheres of the Tree of Life. Vol.2: On the Paths and the Tarot.
68054: KNIGHT, THOMAS A., - The Strange Disappearance of William Morgan
48014: KNIGHT, CHARLES, - Knight's Cyclopaedia of the Industry of All Nations
47218: KNIGHT, E.F., - Albania. A Narrative of Recent Travel
25827: KNIGHT, E. CORNELIA, - Marcus Flaminius. An Historical Novel in a Series of Letters Written in the Life-time of Germanicus
9622: KNIGHT, E.F., - Rhodesia Of Today : A Description of the Present Condition and Prospects of Matabeleland and Mashonaland
57102: KNIGHT, E.F., - Rhodesia of Today. A Escription of the Present Condition and the Prospects of Mashonaland & Matabeleland.
26452: KNIGHT, CHARLES, - Old England. A Pictorial Museum of Regal, Ecclesiastical, Municipal, Baronial and Popular Antiquities
35918: KNIGHT, MICHAEL & JOYCE, PETER, - The Kalahari Survival in a Thirstland Wilderness
68213: KNIGHT, IAN, - Rorke's Drift 1879. "Pinned Like Rats in a Hole"
49143: KNIGHT, CHRISTOPHER & LOMAS, ROBERT, - The Hiram Key. Pharaohs Freemasons and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus.
19798: KNIGHT, C. MORLEY, - Hints on Driving
9842: KNIGHT, E.F., - The Union Castle And the War 1914-19919
74493: KNIGHT, IAN, - With His Face to the Foe, The Life and Death of Louis Napoleon, The Prince Imperial, Zululand 1879
71786: KNIGHT, M. FORSTER, - The Laughing Hour
41165: KNIGHT, STEPHEN, - The Killing of Justice Godfrey. An Investigation Into England's Most Remarkable Unsolved Murder.
52287: KNIGHT, GARETH, - A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism Volume 1 (AND) Volume 2
63847: KNIGHT, WILLIAM (EDITED BY), - Rectorial Addresses Delivered at the University of St. Andrews: Sir William Stirling-Maxwell to the Marquess of Bute 1863-1893
70895: KNIGHT, MICHAEL & JOYCE, PETER, - The Kalahari Survival in a Thirstland Wilderness
15686: KNIGHT-BRUCE, G.W.H., - Memories of Mashonaland
75997: KNIGHT, C. GREGORY, - Ecology and Change: Rural Modernization in an African Community
80387: KNIGHT, E.F., - South Africa After the War A Narrative of Recent Travel
71759: KNIGHT, NATALIE & PRIEBATSCH, SUZANNE, - Art of the Ndebele. The Evolution of a Cultural Identity.
42182: KNIGHT, IAN, - Zulu. Isandlwana & Rorke's Drift 22-23 January 1879.
47425: KNIGHTS, CHARLES C., - Printing: Reproductive Means and Materials.
77757: KNIPE, ALEXIS (CHIEF EDITOR), - South African Institute of Architects Awards for Excellence; Awards for Merit; Regional Awards for Architecture. 2009/2010
71806: KNIPP, PETER, - The Raffles Hotel Cookbook
58742: KNOBEL, F.M., - Van Teheran Naar Ispahan
55895: KNOBIL, MARCEL, - Images of the Carnival. The Official Lilt Notting Hill Carnival Book
80634: KNOLL, ARTHUR J., - Togo Under Imperial Germany, 1884-1914: A Case Study in Colonial Rule
84054: KNOOP, DOUGLAS; JAMES, G.P., - The Genesis of Freemasonry - An Account of the Rise and Development of Freemasonry in its Operative, Accepted and Early Speculative Phases
84055: KNOOP, DOUGLAS; JONES, G.P.; HAMER, (EDITED BY), - Early Masonic Pamphlets
47170: KNOP, W.G. (COMPILED BY), - Beware of the English! German Propaganda Exposes England.
16416: KNOPF, ALFRED A., - Portrait of a Publisher 1915 - 1965. 1: Reminiscences and Reflections. 2: Alfred A Knopf and the Borzoi Imprint: Recollections and Appreciations
63703: KNOPS, R.J. (EDITED BY), - Symposium on Non-Well-Posed Problems and Logarithmic Convexity: Held in Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh /Scotland, March 22 - 24, 1972
12594: KNOTEL, R, - L'Armee d'Allemagne
68630: KNOTT, KELLY (EDITED BY), - Ibundela: Stories from the Transkei
79305: KNOWLES, DAVID, - Saints and Scholars: Twenty-Five Medieval Portraits.
74408: KNOWLES-WILLIAMS, GWEN, - The Broederbond and the English-speakers
85125: KNOWLES, DAVID, - Bare Ruined Choirs The Dissolution of English Monasteries
58922: KNOWLES, DANIEL M. (EDITED BY), - Neoplastic Hematopathology
74637: KNOWLSON, JAMES & KNOWLSON, ELIZABETH (EDITED BY), - Beckett Remembering, Remembering Beckett. A Centenary Celebration
53585: KNOX, R.A., - A Spiritual Aeneid
64723: KNOX, MACGREGOR, - To the Threshold of Power, 1922/33, Volume I: Origins and Dynamics of the Fascist and Nationalist Socialist Dictatorships
15472: KNOX, E. BLAKE, - Buller's Campaign with the Natal Field Force 1900
83899: KNOX, GRAHAM, - Estate Wines of South Africa
76344: KNOX, JOHN, - Writings of the Rev. John Knox, Minister of God's Word in Scotland
76701: KNOX, J., - The Economic geology Of the Fife Coalfields Area III, Markinch, Dysart and Leven
27699: KNOX, RONALD, - The Hidden Stream. A Further Collection of Oxford Conferences
32052: KNOX, RONALD, - The Priestly Life
32053: KNOX, RONALD, - Lightning Meditations
38343: KNOX, RONALD, - Literary Distractions
75251: KNOX, PATRICIA & GUTSCHE, THELMA, - Do You Know Johannesburg?
63437: KNOX, E. BLAKE, - Buller's Campaign: with the Natal Field Force of 1900
76076: KNOX, E.V. (EDITED BY), - Mr. Punch on the Links
70417: KNOX, ISRAEL, - The Aesthetic Theories of Kant, Hegel, and Schopenhauer.
70991: KNOX, CATHERINE, - Victorian Life at the Cape 1870-1900
73989: KNOX, WILLIQAM J., - Decades of the Ulster Bank. 1836 - 1964.
48194: MARTNER KNUD (EDITED BY), - Selected Letters of Gustav Mahler.
48830: KNUDSEN, FRANKLIN, - I Was Quisling's Secretary.
27258: KNUFFEL, WERNER E., - The Construction of the Bantu Grass Hut
71390: KNUTSSON, KARL ERIC & O'DEA, PAULINE, - Supporting the Movement for Children's Rights and Development in South Africa
49977: KNYSTAUTAS, ALGIRDAS, - The Natural History of the USSR
79028: KOBAL, JOHN, - The Art of the Great Hollywood Portrait Photographers, 1925-1940
48111: KOCH, ALEXANDER, - Restaurants. Cafes. Bars.
77625: KOCH, RUDOLF, - Das Blumenbuch. Achtzig Zeichnungen, in Holz geschnitten von Fritz Kredel.
57603: KOCH, H.W., - History of Warfare
80294: KOCH, C., - Monograph of the Tenebrionidae of Southern Africa. Vol. I. (Tntyriinae, Molurini. - Trachynotina: Somaticus Hope)
8230: KOCH, ALEXANDER, - Dieter Ofsterlen Bauten Und Planungen 1946-1963
80615: KOCH, KENNETH, - Ko or a Season on Earth
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67821: LANDAU, JULIA (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Journey to Myself. Writings By Women from Prison in South Africa.
84580: LANDAU, J.L., - Judaism in Life and Literature
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61939: LANDELL-MILLS, P.L. & J. (JOINT EDITORS), - Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 5
61940: LANDELL-MILLS, P.L. & J. (JOINT EDITORS), - Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 4 1972
61941: LANDELL-MILLS, P.L. & J. (JOINT EDITORS), - Botswana Notes and Records, Volume 2
76328: LANDMAN, J.P.; NEL, PHILIP; VAN NIEKERK, ANTON, - Wat Kom ná Apartheid? Jong Afrikaners aan die Woord
81759: LANDON, PERCEVAL, - Opening of Tibet: An Account of Lhasa and the Country and People of Central Tibet and of the British Mission, 1903-04
27405: LANDON, PERCIVAL, - Lhasa. An Account of the country and People of Central Tibet and of the Progress of the Mission Sent There By the English Government in the Year 1903-4
61091: LANDON, H.C. ROBBINS, - Haydn. The Years of the 'Creation' 1796-1800
11345: LANDOR, WALTER, SAVAGE, - Pericles & Aspasia
68159: LANDOR, A. HENRY SAVAGE, - In the Forbidden Land. An Account of a Journey in Tibet, Capture by the Tibetan Authorities, Imprisonment, Torture, and Ultimate Release. 2 volumes in One
70575: LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE (1775-1864), - An Autograph Six-line Latin Poem,, Signed Landor
11344: LANDOR, WALTER SAVAGE, - Gebir, Count Julian and Other Poems
78252: LANDREAU, ANTHONY N. AND RALPH S. YOHE WITH DANIEL G. BATES AND ANITA LANDREAU, - Flowers of the Yayla: Yoruk Weaving of the Toros Mountains
59278: LANDREAU, ANTHONY N. & PICKERING, W.R., - From the Bosporus to Samarkand Flat-woven Rugs.
76476: LANDRY, DONNA & MACLEAN, GERALD, - Materialist Feminisms
77402: LANDSBERG, CHRIS, - The Diplomacy of Transformation. South African Foreign Policy and Statecraft
76390: LANDSEER, THOMAS, - Monkeyana or Men in Miniature
71098: LANDSMEER, JOHAN M. F., - Atlas of Anatomy of the Hand
51474: LANE, ARTHUR BLISS, - I Saw Freedom Betrayed
56555: LANE, KARL & LESLEY, - African Fly-Fishing Safari
20323: LANE, MICHAEL, - Burrell Showman's Road Locomotives
58348: LANE, PETER, - Studio Porcelain
37145: LANE, MICHAEL R., - Burrell Showman's Road Locomotives. The Story of Showman's Type Road Locomotives Manufactured By Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd.
35217: LANE-POOLE, STANLEY & DICKINS, F.V., - The Life of Sir Harry Parkes...sometime Her Majesty's Minister to China and Japan
68090: LANE, WHEATON J., - Commodore Vanderbilt. An Epic of the Steam Age
74805: LANE, F.C. (EDITED BY), - Fourth International Conference of Economic History. - Quatrième Conférence Internationale D'Histoire Économique. Bloomington, 1968.
68314: LANE, MICHAEL R., - The Story of the Steam Plough Works Fowlers of Leeds.
72363: LANE, RICHARD JAMES (1800-1872), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter in the Third Person to Messrs Creswick & Lepard, Postmarked June 24 1844
82375: LANG, JOHN DUNMORE, - An Historical & Statistical Account of New South Wales From the Founding of the Colony in 1788 to the Present Day. In two volumes. The History of the Last Twenty-five Years Entirely New.
55351: LANG, ANDREW (EDITED BY), - The True Story Book
55352: LANG, MRS. (EDITED BY ANDREW LANG), - The Red Book of Heroes
55353: LANG, MRS. (EDITED BY ANDREW LANG), - The All Sorts of Stories Book
14403: LANG, ANDREW, - Myth, Ritual and Religion
7989: LANG, ANDREW, - The lilac Fairy Book
79746: LANG, JOHN, - Probing the Frontiers The Story of Pinkie Hill
59136: LANG, SERGE, - Undergraduate Analysis
61055: LANG, JANE, - Rebuilding St. Paul's After the Great Fire of London
62460: LANG, ROBERT, - The Stage Door Cookbook
81979: LANG, ANDREW, - Modern Mythology
80067: LANG, JOHN, - Power Base: Coal Mining in the Life of South Africa
65796: LANG, JOHN, - Bullion Johannesburg. Men, Mines and the Challenge of Conflict
78417: LANG, GORDON, - Mr. Justice Avory
68368: LANG, CECIL Y. (EDITED BY), - The Swinburne Letters, Complete Set in 6 Vols (YALE EDITION)
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81208: DE LANGE, LEONE, - Wildsvleisgeregte & Kampvuurdisse
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70521: LANGENHOVEN, C.J., - Versamelde Werke VOLUMES I - XIV
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37909: LANGENHOVEN, P.H., - Sanger Van Die Suikerbosrand. Die Lewensverhaal Van Wyle Dr. A.G.Visser
79181: LANGENHOVEN, C.J., - Die Wandelende Geraamte En Ander Verskynings
79715: LANGER, WALTER, - The Mind of Adolph Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report
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77642: LANGERMAN, FRITHA, - Lexicons & Labyrinths. Iconography of the Genome
60164: LANGEY, OTTO, - The Saxophone
65907: LANGEY, OTTO, - Practical Tutor for the Oboe and Cor Anglais
65298: LANGFORD, K.E., - Analysis of Electroplating and Related Solutions
33199: LANGHAM-CARTER, R.R., - Old St. George's. The Story of Cape Town's First Cathedral
74338: LANGHAM-CARTER, R.R., - Inder the Mountain. The Story of St. Saviour's Claremont
73682: LANGLAND, WILLIAM (EDITED BY WALTER SKEAT), - The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman, in Three Parallel Texts, Together with Richard the Redeless, Edited from Numerous Manuscripts, with Preface, Notes, and a Glossary
35637: LANGLAND, WILLIAM (EDITED BY WALTER W. SKEAT), - The Vision of William Concerning Piers the Plowman, in Three Parallel Texts, Together with Richard the Redeless
63904: LANGLANDS, B.W., - The Chronicle of Dufile
63286: LANGLOTZ, E. & HIRMER, M., - The Art of Magna Graecia, Greek Art in Southern Italy and Sicily
71181: LANGLOTZ, E., - The Art of Magna Graecia : Greek Art in Southern Italy and Sicily.
77873: LANGMAID, KENNETH, - The Sea Raiders
77668: LANGRAND, OLIVIER, - Guide to the Birds of Madagascar
77341: LANGRIDGE, E.R.E., - Textbook of Model Millinery.
47263: LANGSTAFF, JOHN BRETT, - God and Man
67233: LANGTON, HARRY, - FIFA Museum Collection: 1000 Years of Football / 1000 ans de Football / 1000 anos de Futbol / 1000 Jahre Fußball
14047: LANGTRY, J, - History of the Church in Eastern Canada and Newfoundland
80823: SHONA LANGUAGE, - Vamatari Veafrika (Martyrs of Africa Shona)
80825: BIBLE AFRICAN LANGUAGE, - Buku Dzokutanga Dzamosesi Dzinonzi: Genesi Neeksodo (Genesis and Exodus in Shona)
67102: LANGUAGE, F.J. AND SEVERAL OTHERS., - Die Naturel in die Suid-Afrikaanse Nywerheidslewe.. Referate Gelewer op Die Tweede Jaarvergadering Van die Suid-Afrikaanse Buro Vir Rasse-Aangeleenthede (Sabra),
61063: LANGUI, EM (AND NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS), - QUADRUM 3 (III) - Revue Internationale D'art Moderne, International Magazine of Modern Art, Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Moderne Kunst
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50473: LANGWORTH, RICHARD M., - Illustrated Cadillac Buyer's Guide. All the Postwar Models.
70082: LANGWORTH, RICHARD M., - Hudson: The Postwar Years
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53125: LANHAM, RICHARD A., - A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms
65719: LANHAM, L.W. & PRINSLOO, K.P., - Language and Communication Studies in South Africa. Current Issues and Directions in Research and Inquiry.
80841: LANKESTER, EDWIN (1814-1864), - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to . Nicol, Signed and Dated May 24th 1844, with Integral Address Leaf.
77505: LANKESTER, E. RAY, - Extinct Animals
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66227: LANNING, G. & MUELLER, M., - Africa Undermined: Mining Companies and the Underdevelopment of Africa
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51996: LANSDOWN, RICHARD, - Byron's Historical Dramas
58176: LANTING, FRED L., - The Total German Shepherd Dog
48982: LAPIE, PIERRE OLIVIER, - My Travels Through Chad
57562: LAPIERRE, WAYNE, - Guns, Crime and Freedom
61597: LAPP, R.E., - Must We Hide?
53808: LAQUEUR, WALTER (EDITED BY)`, - Fascism. A Reader's Guide. Analyses, Interpretations. Bibliography.
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58838: LARCOMBE, FREDERICK A., - The History of Botany 1788-1970
26722: LARGE, E.C., - Sugar in the Air. A Romance
73445: LARGE, BRIAN, - Martinu
52243: LARISCH, COUNTESS, - My Past
52191: LARKIN, DAVID (EDITED BY), - The Land of Froud
50140: LARKIN, DAVID (EDITED BY), - The Fantastic Art of Sulamith Wulfing
77013: LARKIN, DAVID (EDITED BY), - The Marine Paintings of Chris Mayger
59381: LARKIN, DAVID (INTRODUCD BY), - The Marine Paintings of Chris Mayger
59688: LARKIN, PHILIP, - A Girl in Winter
21085: LARKMAN, BRIAN, - Metalwork Designs of Today
69693: LAROQUE, LUCINDA DE, - Paradise Found: The Story of the Mount Kenya Safari Club.
59468: LARSON, DEWEY D., - New Light on Space and Time
59469: LARSON, DEWEY D., - The Case Against the Nuclear Atom
37193: LARSON, THOMAS J., - Tales from Okavango
59270: LARSSON, LENNART, - Carpets from China. Xinjang & Tibet
74063: LARSSON, LENNART, - Carpets from China, Xinjiang and Tibet
59656: LARTEGUY, JEAN, - Die Legioen Van Eer (The Centurions)
82141: LARYMORE, CONSTANCE., - A Resident's Wife in Nigeria.
49925: DE LAS CASES, COUNT (INTRODUCTION AND MOTES BY O H SPOHR), - My Residence at the Cape, Being an Extract from Volume IV of the Journal of Count De Las Cases.
48894: LASKER, EDWARD, - Chess Secrets I Learned from the Masters.
51592: LASKI, HAROLD, - The Danger of Being a Gentleman.and Other Essays.
11479: LASKI, NEVILLE, - The Laws and Charities of the Spanish and Wportuguese Jews Congregation of London
57196: LASKI, HAROLD J., - Parliamentary Government in England. A Commentary.
66571: LASKO, PETER & MORGAN, N.J. (EDITED BY), - Medieval art in East Anglia, 1300-1520
73925: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES & ARGAN, GIULIO CARLO, - The Fifteenth Century from Van Eych to Botticelli
69250: LASSAIGNE, JACQUES, - Andre Masson 200 Dessins
12595: LAST, H.W. AND OTHERS, - Militaire Costumen Der Nederlandsche Land- en Zeemacht Naar De Natuur Geteekend En Gekleured. Opgedragen Aan Z.M. Den Koning Der Nederlanden
82977: LAST, MURRAY, - The Sokoto Caliphate
37198: LASTOVICA, ETHLEEN & AL, - Bottles and Bygones. A Guide for South African Collectors
78068: LATEGAN, BERNARD; KINGHORN, JOHANN; DU PLESSIS, LOURENS; DE VILLIERS, ETIENNE, - The Option for Inclusive Democracy. A Theological-Ethical Study of Appropriate Social Values for South Africa.
11659: LATHAM, CHARLES & PHILLIPPS, E. MARCH, - The Gardens of Italy
75094: LATHAM, M. H., - Some Eocene Ostracoda from North West India
40230: LATHEN, EMMA, - By Hook or By Crook
40231: LATHEN, EMMA, - Ashes to Ashes
40232: LATHEN, EMMA, - Sweet and Low
40233: LATHEN, EMMA, - Pick Up Sticks
40234: LATHEN, EMMA, - Murder Without Icing
40235: LATHEN, EMMA, - Double, Double Oil and Trouble
40236: LATHEN, EMMA, - Come to Dust
40237: LATHEN, EMMA, - Murder to go
33057: (ARBER, EDWARD: EDITED BY) LATIMER, HUGH / MORE, THOMAS, - Seven Sermons Before Edward VI / Utopia
74054: LATIMER, R.S., - Dr. Baedeker and His Apostolic Work in Russia
69828: LATROBE, G. & L., - Guide to the Coast, Caves and Bays of Sark
58641: LATS, - De Kaapsche Landverhuizers of Neerlands Fstammelingen in Zuid-Afrika
57859: LATTER, ELISE, - St Francis Links
61339: DE LATTRE, ALAIN, - Le Personnage Proustien
79627: LAU, BRIGITTE, - Namibia In Jonker Afrikaner's Time
70160: LAU, SIMON, - Masters' Kung-fu
41384: LAUBER, HANS, - Beitrage Zur Anatomie Vorderen Augenabschnittes Der Wirbeltiere. (Sonderabdruck Aus Dem I. Anatomischen Institute Der Universitat Wien, Anat.Heften, Heft LIX)
41370: LAUBER. H. & ADAMUK, V., - Uber Das Vorkommen Von Doppelbrechenden Lipoid in Der Netzhaut Bei Retinitis Albuminurica Nebst Bemerkungen Uber Die Pathologische Anatomie Dieser Erkrankung. (Sonderabdruck Aus "v.Graefe's Archiv Fur Ophthalmologie LXXI 3 Heft )
41385: LAUBER, HANS, - Anatomische Untersuchung Des Auges Von Cryptobranchus Japonicus. (Sonderabdruck Aus Dem I. Anatomischen Institute Der Universitat Wien, Anat.Heften, Heft LXIV/LXV)
5092: LAUBSCHER, B.J.F, - The Pagan Soul
63157: LAUBSCHER, JOAN (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Interfering Women: National Council of Women of South Africa 1909-1999
43546: LAUBSCHER, B.J.F., - The Philosophy of the Evolution of the Spirit.
82201: LAUBSCHER, S.A.B. & LUBBE, C., - The Geology of the Delmas Area
77752: LAUBSCHER, B. J. F., - The Philosophy of The Evolution of Spirit
80510: LAUBSER, J. N. W. (AND OTHERS), - Bethlehem Van Riebeeck Fees 2 to 5 Februarie 1952 // Bethlehem Van Riebeeck Tercentenary Celebrations 2nd to 5th February 1952
57432: LAUCK, DAVE M., - Advanced Tactical Marksman: More High-Performance Techniques for Police, Military, and Practical Shooters
57428: LAUCK, DAVE, - Tactical 1911: The Street Cop's And SWAT Operator's Guide To Employment And Maintenance
74241: LAUDA, NIKI, - Formula 1 The Art and Technicalities of Grand Prix Driving
78815: LAUDA, NIKI, - To Hell and Back: An Autobiography
48969: LAUDE, ANDRE, - Corneille Le Roi-Image
59604: LAUDE, JEAN, - African Art of the Dogon. The Myths of the Cliff Dwellers
53728: LAUF, DEETLEF I, - Geheimlehren Tibetischer Totenbucher. Jenseitwelten Und Wandlung Nach Dem Tode.
46960: LAUGHLIN, JAMES, - Pound as Wuz. Recollections and Interpretations.
55850: LAUGHRIDGE, PAT, - Let's Weave Color Into Baskets
50486: LAUGHTON, ROY, - TV Graphics
81912: LAUGHTON, JOHN KNOX (EDITED BY), - Letters and Dispatches of Horatio, Viscount Nelson, K.B. Duke of Bronte Vice - Admiral of the White Squadron
74507: LAUGIER, PAUL, - Laugier 2010
17368: LAUNAY, ADR., - Histoire Ancienne et Moderne De L'Annam. Tong King et Cochinchine. Depuis L'annee 2700 Avant L'ere Chretienne Jusqu'a Nos Jours
48998: LAUREN, PAUL GORDON, - Diplomats and Bureaucrats. The First Institutional Responses to Twentieth Century Diplomacy in France and Germany.
52102: LAURENCE, PATRICK, - The Transkei. South Africa's Politics of Partition.
29918: LAURENCE, PERCIVAL, - The Life of John Xavier Merriman
78336: LAURENCE, PATRICK & SLABBERT, F. VAN ZYL, - Towards an Open Plural Society
63381: LAURENCE, PATRICK, - The Transkei. South Africa's Politics of Partition.
80958: LAURENCE, PATRICK, - Death Squads
20490: LAURENCE, P.M., - On Circuit in Kafirland
62211: LAURENCE, PERCEVAL, - The Life of John Xavier Merriman
51649: LAURET, KARL, - Trois Poetes Reunionnais D'une Grande Generation. Iris Hoarau. Raoul Nativel. Guy Agenor.
83326: LAURITZEN, PTER & ROITIER, PETER, - Islands and Lagoons of Venice
65651: LAUTS, G., - Geschiedenis Van De Kaap De Goede Hoop. Nederlandsche Volksplanting 1652-1806
79617: LAUTS, ULRICH GERARD, - De Kaapsche Landverhuizers of Neerlands Afstammelingen in Zuid-Afrika.
54109: LAVATER, JOHANN KASPAR, - Reise nach Kopenhagen im Sommer 1793. Auszug aus dem Tagebuch. Durchaus bloß für Freunde.
81022: LAVELLE, DES, - The Skellig Story: Ancient Monastic Outpost
48760: LAVER, JAMES, - Adventures in Monochrome
64551: LAVER, JAMES, - Love's Progress, or the Education of Araminta.
84672: LAVERY, BRIAN, - The Ship of the Line: [Two Volumes] Volume I: The Development of the Battlefleet 1650-1850. Volume II Design, Construction and Fittings
84837: LAVERY, BRIAN (EDITED BY), - Deane's Doctrine of Naval Architecture, 1670
25747: LAVIN, MARY, - The House in Clewe Street
68519: LAVIN, MARILYN ARONBERG, - Piero Della Francesca The Flagellation
63609: LAVRIN, JANKO, - Studies in European Literature
37877: LAW, NORMAN R., - History of the Quantity Surveying Profession in South Africa
57667: LAW, JENNIFER, - Sympathetic Magic. Penny Sipis at the Gertrude Posel Gallery University of the Witwatersrand 2002

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