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78800: HERDEG, WALTER (EDITED BY), - Graphis Annual, 77/78 - the International Annual of Advertising and Editorial Graphics
72927: HERDER, J.G. (EDITED BY F. M. BARNARD), - J. G. Herder on Social & Political Culture
7499: HERFORD, OLIVER, - Excuse It Please
77940: HERHOLDT, A.D.; NESBIT, G.H.H.; STEENKAMP, H.E., - Eight Beautiful Gothic Revival Churches of Port Elizabeth
41228: HERING, EWALD, - Zur Lehre Vom Lichtsinne. Sechs Mittheilungen an Die Kaiserl. Akademie Der Wissenschaften in Wien
67524: HERING, C., - Analytical Repertory of the Symptoms of the Mind
82640: HERITAGE, - Famous American Illustrators Signature Auction #808
82639: HERITAGE, - Famous American Illustrators Signature Auction #807
66756: VAN HERK, ARITHA, - Audacious and Adamant: The Story of Maverick Alberta
51459: HERLING, GUSTAV, - A World Apart
68233: HERMAN, S.N. (WITH A FOREWORD BY I. D. MACCRONE ), - The Reaction of Jews to Anti-Semitism, a Social Psychological Study Based Upon the Attitudes of a Group of South African Jewish Students.
62793: HERMAN, SIMON N., - Jewish Identity. A Social Psychological Perspective
69933: HERMAN, CHAYA, - Prophets and Profits: Managerialism and the Restructuring of Jewish Schools in South Africa
51174: HERMANN, KURT, - Grusse Aus Dem Main-Kinzig-Kreis. Eine Auswahl Alter Ansichtspostkarten Der Jahre 1870 - Etwa 1930.
85013: HERMANN, ARNOLD, - The Illustrated to Think Like God: Pythagoras and Parmenides, the Origins of Philosophy
65460: HERMANN, BRUCE P. & SEIDENBERG, MICHAEL (EDITED BY), - Childhood Epilepsies: Neuropsychological, Psychosocial and Intervention Aspects.
62806: HERMANN, ROBERT E., - Manual of Surgery of the Gallbladder, Bile Ducts and Exocrine Pancreas
59389: HERMANS, HARRY H., - The Law - My Master
78103: HERMANSON, R.A. (COMPILED BY); LOMBARD, R.T.J. (EDITED BY), - The Moser Family in South Africa
74986: HERMER, MANFRED, - The Passing of Pageview
43509: HERMER, CAROL, - The Diary of Maria Tholo
62267: HERMER, CAROL, - The Diary of Maria Tholo
84227: HERMER, MANFRED, - The Passing of Pageview
77592: HERN, BRIAN, - Hern's Handbook on South African Coins.
81777: HERNANDEZ, ORLANDO (CURATED BY), - Without Masks. Contemporary Afro-Cuban Art. The Van Christierson Collection.
79895: HERODOTUS (EDITED BY CHARLES HUDE), - Historiae. Vol. I, Books I-IV; Vol. II, Books V-IX.
53991: HERON, JAMES, - The Celtic Church in Ireland. The Story of Ireland and Irish Christianity from Before the Time of St. Patrick to the Reformation.
75085: HERON, PATRICK, - Ivon Hitchens
67953: HERON-ALLEN, ED., - A Manual of Cheirosophy Being a Complete Practical Handbook of the Twin Sciences of Cheirognomy and Cheiromancy by means whereof the Past, the Present and the Future may be read in the Formations of The Hands. Preceded by an introductory Argument ........
83307: HERRIGEL, EUGEN, - Zen in the Art of Archery
15750: HERRING, GERALD, - The Pilgrim Diggers of the Seventies. A Short History of the Origin of Pilgrims Rest (1873 - 1881)
80839: HERRING, JOHN FREDERICK (1795-1865), - A 1 Page Letter, Signed and Dated Sept 1 1843
85110: HERRING, B., - Standard Bank of South Africa Limited Pretoria
83496: HERRINGTON, MIKE; KEW, JACQUI; KEW, PENNY, - Tracking Entrepreneurship in South Africa: A Gem Perspective
71776: HERRLIGKOFFER, KARL M., - Nanga Parbat : Incorporating the Official Report of the Expedition of 1953
28894: HERRMAN, LOUIS, - The Cape Town Hebrew Congregation 1841-1941. A Centenary History
62829: HERRMAN, LOUIS, - In the Sealed Cave: Being a Modern Commentary on a Strange Discovery Made By Captain Lemuel Gulliver in 1721 and Now Published from Manuscript Notes Recently Come to Light.
74089: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Von Uschak Bis Yarkand: Seltene Orientteppiche Aus Vier Jahrhunderten
74090: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Von Konya Bis Kokand: Seltene Orientteppiche III
74084: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche X
74088: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Von Lotto Bis Tekke: Seltene Orientteppiche Aus Vier Jahrhunderten
78164: HERRMANN, EBERHART & HERRMANN, ULRIKE, - Asiatische Teppich- und Textilkunst Band 2
74087: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche IV
74086: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche IV
74085: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche XI
74081: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche VI
73868: HERRMANN, GEORGINA, - The Making of the Past. The Iranian Revival
74083: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche VIII
74080: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche V
78163: HERRMANN, EBERHART & HERRMANN, ULRIKE, - Asiatische Teppich- und Textilkunst Band 1
74082: HERRMANN, EBERHART, - Seletene Orientteppiche VII
41436: HERRNHEISER, J., - Die Resultate Der Augenuntersuchung Der Pfleglinge in Den Beiden Blindeninstitutens Prags Im Jahre 1887 (Sonderabdruck Aus Der "Zeitschrift Fur Heilkunde" Bd.X)
50399: HERSCH, LIEBMAN, - Le Juif Delinquant.
50398: HERSCH, JEANNE, - L'illusion Philosophique
78195: HERSCH, LIBMAN, - Of Der Grenetz Fun Tzaitin (En El Limite De Tiempos)
56709: HERSCH, ITA (EDITED BY JOSHUA LEVY), - My Childhood in Trishik. The Writings of Ita Hersch (Melamed) Born Trishik 12 August 1871; Died Johannesburg 24 May 1958, in Hebrew Yiddish and English
80812: HERSCH, LIEBMANN, - Mein Judentum. Das Judentum vom Standpunkt eines jüdischen Positivisten gesehen. Vortragsreihe, gehalten am 2. und 16. November 1940 vor dem Verband jüdischer Studenten der Universität Genf.
61209: HERSEY, JOHN, - Letter to the Alumni
73820: HERSH, SEYMOUR, - The Dark Side of Camelot
47204: HERSHENSOHN, ALLAN C. (FOREWORD BY PATRICK DUNCAN), - A Great South Africa (Senate Closer Settlement Committee). Summary of Evidence and Conclusions.
80161: HERSHMAN, D. JABLOW & LIEB, JULIAN, - A Brotherhood of Tyrants: Manic Depression & Absolute Power
62824: HERSHOLT, JEAN (EDITED BY), - The Evergreen Tales; Or, Tales for the Ageless: Aladdin & The Wonderful Lamp; The Three Bears; Joseph & His Brothers
68679: HERSTEIN, I. N., - Topics in Algebra
82673: HERTSLET, JESSIE, - Bantu Folk Tales
78014: HERTSLET, LEWIS E., - The Native Problem: Some of Its Points and Phases
47383: HERTZ, J.H., - The Jew in South Africa
78196: HERTZ, J.S., - Die Gescichte Fun a Yungen ?The Story of a Youth
50352: HERTZBERG, G.F., - Geschichte Der Griechen Im Altertum
53725: HERTZKA, GOTTFRIED & STREHLOW, WIGHARD, - Handbuch Der Hildegard Medizin
72482: HERTZOG, GENERAL, - Die Mislukte Versoening Binne Die Nasionale Party
55150: HERTZOG, J.B.M.; MALAN, D.F.; STRIJDOM, J.G.; VERWOERD, H.F., - Ons Vir Jou Suid Afrika. Die Argitekte Van Die Republiek Aan Die Woord.
51802: HERTZOG, J.B.M. (EDITED BY SPIES, F.J. DU TOIT; KRUGER, D.W.; OBERHOLSTER, J.J., - Die Hertzogtoesprake
76796: HERTZOG, J.B.M.; CRESWELL, F.H.P.; HOY, W.W., - Three Addresses. Industrial Development and Protection / Labour Policy // Railway Rates. Delivered Before the Eighth Annual Convention of the S A Federated Chamber of Industries at Cape Town on 5th and 6th May 1925
76797: HERTZOG, J.B.M., - Toespraak Gehou Deur Generaal Hertzog Op Die Nasionale Party Kongress Te Pretoria Op 9 Augustus 1933
76798: HERTZOG, J.B.M., - National Status in the Empire and General Hertzog. Reprint of a Leading Article from the "Morning Post" London. With Quotation from General Hertzog as Reported in the "Cape Times".
60591: HERTZOGM J.B.M.; ROOS, TIELMAN; SPIES, A., - Toespraken Geleverd Door De Leiers Van De Nationale Partij Bij Het Gesamentlike Kongres Van De Nationale Partij Der Vier Provincies Te Bloemfontein Op 16 Januarie 1919
52780: HERVEY, MAURICE H., - The Trade Policy of Imperial Federation, from an Economic Point of View.
28884: HERVEY, JAMES, - Letters from the Late Reverend James Hervey, A.M. Rector of Weston Favell to the Right Honourable Lady Frances Shirley
53570: HERZ, DIETER & REESE, KARL, - Die NSU Renngeschichte 1904 - 1956
36875: HERZBERG, ALEXANDER, - The Psychology of Philosophers.
67809: HERZFELD, FRIEDRICH (EDITED BY), - Berliner Philharmonisches Orchester 1882 - 1942. Mit Beiträgen von Fred Hamel, Heinz Joachim und Friedrich Herzfeld. Herausgegeben im Auftrag des Berliner Philharmonischen Orchesters.
77846: HERZOG, BODO, - Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine im Kampf, 1939-1945. Eine Dokumentation in Bildern.
78596: HERZOG, CHAIM & MOYNIHAN, DANIEL P., - The U.N. Resolution on Racism. Speeches Delivered in the United Nations General Assembly on November 10, 1975
54930: HERZSTEIN, ROBERT EDWIN, - The War That Hitler Won. Nazi Propaganda
42140: HES, LEX, - The Leopards of Londolozi
83655: HESCHEL, ABRAHAM J. (EDITED BY SAMUEL H. DRESSNER), - The Circle of Baal Shem Tov Studies in Hasidism
48735: HESS, OLGA & ADOLF, - Wiener Kuche. Sammlung Von Kochrezepten.
41394: HESS, CARL & ROMER, P., - Experimentelle Untersuchungen Uber Antikorper Gegen Netzhautelemente. (Separat Abdruck Aus Dem Archiv Fur Augenheilkunde LIV Band Heft 1/2)
2253: HESS, HANS, - Feininger
2262: HESS, HANS., - Lyonel Feininger
82519: HESS, ALAN, - Some British Industries, Their Expansion And Achievements, 1936 - 1956
60316: HESSELGREN, SVEN, - Man's Perception of Man-made Environment
63077: HESSELING, D.C., - Het Afrikaansch Bijdrage Tot De Geschiedenis Der Nederlandsche Taal in Zuid-Afrka
43635: HESSELING, D.C., - Het Afrikaans. Bijdrage Tot Die Geschiedenis Der Nederlandse Taal in Zuid-Afrika
36352: HESSELING, D.C., - Het Afrikaansch Bijdrage Tot De Geschiedenis Der Nederlandsche Taal in Zuid-Afrka
57734: HESSELING, D.C., - Het Afrikaans. Bijdrge Tot De Gschiedenis Der Nederlndse Taal in Zuid Afrika.
62950: HETHERINGTON, IAN & STUBBS, GUY, - Heroes of the Struggle
72671: HETTASCH, A. G., - Afscheidspreek.....15 Juli 1894
55236: HETTEMA, H., - De Nederlandse Stam in Zuid Afrika
73485: HETTICH, MICHAEL, - Immaculate Bright Rooms
52236: HEUBERGER, RACHEL, - Bibliothek Des Judentums. Die Hebraica Und Judaica-Sammlung Der Stadt Und Universitatsbibliothek Frankfurt am Main. Entstehung, Geschichte Und Heutige Aufgaben
79561: HEULER, NORBERT, - Manner Aus Berlin
81836: HEUNIS, JAN, - Die Binnekring: Terugblikke Op Die Laaste Dae Van Blanke Regering
70940: HEUNIS, JAN, - The Inner Circle. Recollections from the Last Days of White Rule
70696: HEUVELMANS, BERNARD, - In the Wake of the Sea-Serpents
72747: HEWETT, JOHN R. (EDITED BY), - General Electric Review VOLUME XVII January - December 1914
36336: HEWISON, ROBERT, - Under Siege. Literary Life in London 1939-45
35393: HEWITT, J.F., - The Ruling Races of Prehistoric Times in India, South-Western Asia and Southern Europe
75601: HEWITT, PETER, - Kenya Cowboy: A Police Officer's Account of the Mau Mau Emergency in Kenya
49462: HEWITT, MARGARET, - Wives and Mothers in Victorian Industry. A Study of the Effects of the Employment of Marries Women in Victorian Industry.
48417: HEWITT, WILLIAM W., - The Art of Self Talk
16757: HEWITT, A.G., - Cape Cookery Simple Yet Distinctive
10775: HEWITT, A.G, - Cape Cookery Simple Yet Distinctive
16321: HEWITT, GRAILY, - Lettering for Students and Craftsmen
84284: HEWITT, ABRAM S., - The Great Breeders and Their Methods
64369: HEWITT, GWEN, - The Call of St John in the Transvaal
84302: HEWSON, LESLIE, - They Seek a City. Methodism in Grahamstown
55003: HEY, D., - Helene Smuts Arts Education Consultants,
81170: HEY, SYDNEY, - The Rapture of the River
83011: HEY, DOUGLAS, - A Nature Conservationist Looks Back
39336: HEY, DOUGLAS, - Water the Source of Life
79184: HEY, DOUGLAS, - Wildlife Heritage of South Africa
80629: HEY, JOY, - One Kind of Phoenix: The Story of Peter Hey.
76593: HEYBOER, ANTON. ; SLEGERS, MARK., - Signalen en symbolen/Signs and Symbols/Signaux et Symboles
45084: HEYDEMARCK, HAUPT, - Double-Decker C.666
38045: HEYDT, JOHAN WOLFFGANG (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY R. RAVEN-HART), - Scenes of the Cape of Good Hope in 1741
59532: HEYE, ARTUR, - Vitani. Kriegs Und Jagderlebnisse Im Ostafrika 1914-1916
13131: HEYER, GEORGETTE, - The Talisman Ring
55746: HEYERDAHL, THOR, - Sea Routes to Polynesia. American Indians and Early Asiatics in the Pacific
41417: HEYMANN, BRUNO, - Trachom (Abdruck Aus: Handbuch Der Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Zweite Vermehrte Auflage Achter Band )
59449: HEYMER, KAY & VIGNOLD, HEINRICH, - Die Afrika-Sammlungen Der Essener Museen.
38084: HEYNEKE, THEKLA, - Bilder Aus Der Vergangenheit Der Familien Volker Lutz Ebert
51997: HEYNS, HERNICE, - Wupperthal 150 Jaar 1830-1980. Evangeliese Broederkerk in Suid Afrika Feesalbum.
71544: HEYNS, CHRISTOF; VAN DER WESTHUIZEN; MAYIMELE-HASHATSE, TSHIDI (EDITED BY), - Discrimination and the Law. A Multidisciplinary Enquiry Into De Facto Racial Discrimination VOLUME I
71613: HEYNS, CHRISTOF, - Where is the Voice of Africa in Our Constitution?
78036: HEYNS, J.A.; MANGOPE, L. M. (ET AL. ), - Geregtigheid in Die Suid Afrikaanse Samelewing
79663: DUNLOP HEYWOOD, - Proposed Indian Commercial Centre Fordsburg Johannesburg
59408: HEYWOOD, ANNEMARIE, - The Cassinga Event. An Investigation of the Records
85674: HEYWORTH, PETER (EDITED BY), - Conversations with Klemperer
51422: HEZLET, ARTHUR, - Aircraft and Sea Power
12073: HIAASEN, CARL, - Double Whammy
4034: HIAASON, CARL, - Double Whammy
42777: HIBBARD, M.G., - Boer War Tribute Medals
63683: HIBBARD, M.G., - Boer War Tribute Medals
70153: HIBBARD, JACK, - Karate Breaking Techniques: With Practical Applications to Self-Defense
85696: HIBBARD, M.G., - Boer War Tribute Medals
81934: HIBBERT, B. GASCOIGNE, - The Tale of the Three Mysterious Trees
52058: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER, - No Ordinary Place. Radley College and the Publoic School System 1847 - 1997
57121: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHRER, - The Road to Tryburn. The Story of Jack Sheppard and the 18th Century Underworld
11583: HICHTUM, N. VAN, ILLUSTRATED BY RIE CRAMER, - Vertellingen Uit De Duizend En Een Nacht
50955: HICKEY, D.J. & DOHERTY, J.E., - A Dictionary of Irish History Since 1800
68408: HICKEY, DES & SMITH, GUS, - The Prince: Being the Public and Private Life of Larushka Mischa Skikne, a Jewish Lithuanian Vagabond Player, Otherwise Known as Laurence Harvey
77834: HICKEY, W.A. (EDITED BY), - Brits: Gedenkalbum / Souvenir Album 1924-1974
77070: HICKEY, LISA, - Designs That Stand Up, Speak Out, and Can't Be Ignored: Promotions
80437: HICKEY, D.E., - Rolling Into Action, Memoirs of a Tank Corps Section Commander
72711: HICKLING, JAMES E., - Jewellery Making for Profit
53894: HICKMAN, JOHN, - Horse Management
19338: HICKMAN, MONEY L. & SATO, YASUHIRO, - The Paintings of Jakuchu
28572: HICKMAN, A.S., - Men Who Made Rhodesia. A Register of Those Who Served in the British South Africa Company's Police
74334: HICKMAN, A. S., - Rhodesia Served the Queen. Rhodesian Forces in the Boer War. 1899-1902 VOLUME 1
27133: HICKS, DAVID, - On Living - With Taste
37769: HICKS, DAVID, - On Living - With Taste
78945: HICKS, AMY MALI, - The Craft of Hand-Made Rugs
81502: HICKS, DAVID, - Living with Design
53960: HICKS, DAVID (INTRODUCTION JULIA CLEMENTS), - The David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging.
54030: HICKS, ALISTAIR, - New British Art in the Saatchi Collection
50186: HICKS, JOHN, - Capital and Growth.
56382: HICKS, DAVID, - Garden Design
53960: HICKS, DAVID (INTRODUCTION JULIA CLEMENTS), - The David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging.
56397: HICKS, DAVID (INTRODUCTION BY JULIA CLEMENTS), - The David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging
56381: HICKS, DAVID, - David Hicks on Decoration 5
56965: HICKS, JOHN, - A Market Theory of Money
40059: HICKS, G. DAWES, - The Philosophical Bases of Theism. The Hibbert Lectures
33111: HICKS, DAVID, - On Bathrooms
66760: HICKS, URSULA K., - Public Finance
64788: HICKS, DAVID, - My Kind of Garden
75953: HICKS, DAVID, - On Living - With Taste
67860: HICKS, DAVID (INTRODUCTION BY JULIA CLEMENTS), - The David Hicks Book of Flower Arranging
60056: HICKS, ROGER, - Jaguar Clasic Cars
66761: HICKS, URSULA K., - Public Finance
49644: HICKSON, SYDNEY J., - An Introduction to the Study of Recent Corals
67669: HICKSON, SIDNEY J., - The Fauna of the Deep Sea
42173: HICKSON, JAMES MOORE, - Heal the Sick
51980: HIDDINGH, JOHN (EDITED BY), - Reminiscences of the Late Michiel Hiddingh F C S, F I C.
62511: HIDEN, JOHN & SALMON, PATRICK, - The Baltic Nations and Europe: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in the Twentieth Century
52040: HIEMSTRA, V.G. & GONIN, H.L., - Drietalige Regswoordeboek / Trilingual Legal Dictionary Latin-Afrikaans-English
76285: HIEMSTRA, V.G., - Uiteensetting Van Die Wet Op Groepsgebiede 1950
30400: HIEMSTRA, V.G., - The Group Areas Act
64406: HIEMSTRA, V.G. & GONIN, H.L., - Drietalige Regswoordeboek / Trilingual Legal Dictionary Latin-Afrikaans-English
35990: HIEMSTRA, V G. & GONIN, H.L., - Drietalige Regswoordeboek / Trilingual Legal Dictionary Latin-Afrikaans-English
70026: HIGAONNA, MARIO, - Traditional Karate-Do: Okinawa Goju Ryu Performances of the Kata
55079: HIGGINS, JACK, - The Violent Enemy
51171: HIGGINS, JACK, - East of Desolation
46047: HIGGINS, JACK, - A Prayer for the Dying
47198: HIGGINS, ROSALYN, - United Nations Peacekeeping 1946-1967 Documents and Commentary VOLUME I: The Middle East
2050: HIGGINS, JACK, - The last place God Made
78611: HIGGINS, STEPHEN, - Building BankCity
56664: HIGGINS, ROSALYN, - The Development of International Law Through the Political Organs of the United Nations.
68701: HIGGINS, R.A., - Greek and Roman Jewellery
1899: HIGGINS, JACK., - The Last Place God Made.
11525: HIGGINS, JACK, - In The Hour Before Midnight
14791: HIGGINS, JACK, - In the Hour Before Midnight
59477: HIGGINS, JACK, - In the Hour Before Midnight
59478: HIGGINS, JACK, - Night Judgement at Sinos
6759: HIGGINS, JACK, - The Savage day
80970: HIGGINS, L.R., - 50 Years of T.T. History: Isle of Man 1907-1956
84081: HIGGS, PHILIP (EDITED BY), - Metatheories in Philosophy of Education
29112: HIGH, DERRICK (EDITED BY), - Sports Personalities South Africa / Suid Afrika Sportpersoonlikhede 1971
14652: HIGH, DERRICK (ED.), - Sports Personalities of South africa/ Suid Afrika Sportspersoonlikhede 1971
50664: HIGHAM, ROBIN, - The British Rigid Airship. 1908-1931. A Study in Weapon Policy.
66900: HIGHET, GILBERT, - Juvenal the Satirist.
79187: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA, - A Suspension of Mercy
60376: HIGHSMITH, PATRICIA, - The Tremor of Forgery
85141: AL-HIJJI, YACOUB, - The Voyage of Al-Ghazeer
84794: AL-HILALI, MUHAMMAD TAQI-UD-DIN & KHAN, MUHAMMAD MUHSIN, - The Noble Qur'An Transliteration in Roman Script: With Original Arabic Text (Mushaf Al-Madinah) and English Translation of the Meanings
66907: HILBE, JOSEPH M., - Negative Binomial Regression
72308: HILBERG, RAUL, - Perpetrators, Victims, Bystanders: The Jewish Catastrophe, 1933-1945.
62085: HILDEBRAND, FRANCIS B., - Finite-Difference Equations and Simulations
62201: HILDEBRAND, DAVID K.; LAING, JAMES D.; ROSENTHAL, HOWARD, - Prediction Analysis of Cross Classifications
79264: HILDEBRAND, KARL GUSTAF, - Swedish Iron in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: Export Industry before the Industrialization
74641: HILDER, ROWLAND, - Painting Landscapes in Watercolour
62814: HILDITCH, T.F., - The Industrial Chemistry of the Fats and Waxes
71780: HILDITCH, GEOFFREY, - Halifax Passenger Transport 1897-1963 Trams-buses-trolleybuses:
2075: HILDYARD, CHRISTOPHER, - A List Or Catalogue of all the mayors and bayliffs lord mayors and sheriffs of the most ancient honourable noble and loyall city of Yorke
71328: HILDYARD, JOHN; DART, JOHN; DRAKE, FRANCIS, - An Accurate Description and History of the Metropolitan and Cathedral Churches of Canterbury and York, from Their First Foundation to the Present Year: Illustrated with One Hundred and Seventeen Copper-plates, Consisting of Different Views, Plans,........
65632: HILEY, W.E., - Economics of Plantations
49149: HILEY, W.E., - Conifers. South African Methods of Cultivation.
62373: HILKEN, T.J.N., - Engineering at Cambridge University 1783-1965
70689: HILL, NAPOLEON (NARRATED BY EARL NIGHTINGALE), - Think and Grow Rich (SMI 1313)
76889: HILL, OCTAVIA (1838-1912), - A 2 1/2pp Autograph Letter to Dr. Carter, Written from 190 Marylebone Road, SW, Signed and Dated Jan 3rd 1904
56140: HILL, NAPOLEON, - Think and Grow Rich
47523: HILL, LORNA, - More About Mandy
47140: HILL, WELDON, - Onionhead. The Story of a Sailor
47270: HILL, ADRIAN, - Adventures in Line and Tone
47396: HILL, GRAHAM (FOREWORD BY DAMON HILL), - Life at the Limit
56389: HILL, LES R. (COMPILED BY), - Eighty Not Out. The Story of Arthur Richardson of Sevenhills, A Former International Cricketer.
24851: HILL, REGINALD, - A Clubbable Woman
28582: HILL, JOHN, - Eden, or a Compleat Body of Gardening, Containing Plain and Familiar Directions for Raising the Several Usefgul Products of a Garden, Fruits, Roots and Herbage; From the Practice of the Most Successful Gardeners and the Result of a Long Experience.....
72566: HILL, LORNA, - Back Stage
15619: HILL, SUSAN, - Do Me a Favour
56575: HILL, W.C. OSMAN, - Evolutionary Biology of the Primates.
12041: HILL, REGINALD, - Ruling Passion
15146: HILL, F.T., - The Materials of Aircraft Construction for the Designer, User and Student of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines
38348: HILL, LORNA, - Dancer in the Wings
57659: HILL, J.R., - Air Defence at Sea
77568: HILL, HELEN & MAXWELL, VIOLET, - The Saintons Go to Bethlehem
61025: HILL, W. OSMAN, - Primates, Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy VOL. 5: Cebidae - Part B
62823: HILL, W.F., - Landscape Handbook For The Tropics
83043: HILL, LORNA, - Rosanna Joins the Wells
67737: HILL, MALCOLM, - The Roots of Protectionism
66192: HILL, LORNA, - A Dream of Sadler's Wells
76861: HILL, DEREK & GRABAR, OLEG, - Islamic Architecture and Its Decoration AD 800-1500.
83908: HILL, ROBERT (INTRODUCTION BY) (RODNEY, WALTER), - Walter Rodney Speaks. The Making of an African Intellectual
67605: HILL, WILLIAM THOMASON, - Buried London. Mithras to the Middle Ages
81769: HILL, HEADON (PSEUD. FRANCIS EDWARD GRAINGER), - The Divinations of Kala Persad and Other Stories.
75034: HILL, J.B. & MACALISTER, D.A., - The Geology of Falmouth and Truto and of the Mining District of Cambourne and Redruth
68500: HILL, W. OSMAN, - Primates Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. 1: STREPSIRHINI
68501: HILL, W. OSMAN, - Primates Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. 2: HAPLORHINI TARSIOIDEA
68502: HILL, W. OSMAN, - Primates Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. 3: PITHECOIDEA Platyrrhini-Hapalidae
68503: HILL, W. OSMAN, - Primates Comparative Anatomy and Taxonomy. 4: CEBIDAE Part A
53081: HILLARY, EDMUND, - Schoolhouse in the Clouds
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83803: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - List of Persons Convicted of High Treason in Military and Martial Law Courts
51581: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (THE ADVERTISER AND MAIL), - The Advertiser and Mail's Parliamentary Debates in the First Session of the First Parliament of the Cape of Good Hope Appointed To Meet 30th June 1854. Volume 1
45056: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (RAILWAYS), - Reports of the Committees of the Legislative Council Session 1864. 1. On Banking, Railway and Other Companies; 2: On Wynberg Railway Act Amendment Bill; 3: On Priveleges; 4: On Lunatic Asylum Eastern Province; ....7: On Railway Surveys
82051: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee on Langberg Campaign
57272: HOPE, ANTHONY (PSEUD. ANTHONY HOPE HAWKINS), - The Indiscretion of the Duchess
64185: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Memorial of Certain Inhabitants, Landowners, Farmers, Traders and Others, of Lower Albany.
79084: HOPE, JOHANNES; FINBORUD, BJORN; FREDERIKSEN, ULF; OVERLAND, OLAV (EDITED BY), - Norwegian Urban Tunnelling. The Exploitation of the Oslo Underground
64320: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the General Manager of Railways for the Year 1902, with Appendices.
64321: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the General Manager of Railways for the Year 1901, with Appendices.
64322: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the General Manager of Railways for the Year 1898, with Appendices.
64184: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Petition of Certain Holders of Land in the Field Cornetcy of New England, Division of Aliwal North.
60524: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Meteorological Commission for the Year 1877
71339: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Railway Convention Between the Cape Colony and the Orange Free State.
71340: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the General Manager of Railways for the Year 1895 (with appendices)
76494: HOPE-JONES, F., - Electric Clocks and How to Make Them
80987: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee Appointed ... to Consider and Report on the Bill for Amending the Laws Relating to the Practice and Sale of Medicine in This colony
66302: HOPE, ANTHONY, - The Prisoner of Zenda Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
79763: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee on the Fishing Industry
67065: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Lyst Van Alle Collegien, Civile En Kerkelyke Ambtenaaren, in De Bataafsche Volkplanting Aan Den Zuidpunt Van Afrika, 1806 (AND) Almanak Van Den Kaap De Goede Hoop Voor Het Jaar MDCCCVI
72524: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER, - Cape Drives
80418: HOPE-JONES, FRANK, - Electrical Timekeeping
64183: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Petition of the Members of the Divisional Council of Peddie
59793: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE (BAIRD, DAVID), - Proclamation By His Excellency Major General Sir David Baird.....5th Day of March 1806
60123: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee on Vryburg and Mafeking Railway
80986: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report from the Select Committee Appointed to Consider and Report on the Arrangements for Providing for Lunatics, Lepers & Chronic Sick Throughout the Colony
69936: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Return of the Number of Natives Located or Residing Within the Several Divisions of the Eastern Province and in British Kaffraria
80992: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee Appointed to Consider and Report on the Central Railways Company Bill
80993: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee Appointed to Inquire Into the Present Working of the Gunpowder Ordinance, and Further to Consider the Expediency of Confining the Sale of That Article Exclusively to Government
60017: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Council. First Session June 30 - September 26, 1854
77247: HOPE, MARITH (CURATED BY), - Samtidskunst Fra Sor Afrika. Contemporary Art from South Africa
80991: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee Appointed to Consider the Paarl Railway Petitions
84551: HODGSON. WILLIAM HOPE, - Carnacki the Ghost-Finder
84963: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER, - Private Parts & Other Tales.
65981: RAILWAYS CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee on Railway Reports
71341: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the General Manager of Railways for the YEAR 1903 (with appendices)
79764: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee on the Guano Islands.
80988: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Select Committee Appointed ... to Consider and Report Upon the Dispatch and Correspondence Relative to the Contribution to be Paid By the Colony for Steam Communication with England.
71342: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Report of the Commission Appointed By His Excellency the Governor to Inquire Into and Report Upon the Railways of the Colony, Presented to Both Houses of Parliament.....1878
68470: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, - Ordinances Enacted By the Legislative Council of the Cape of Good Hope. VOL. IV: 1845-1847
84948: HOPE, CHRISTOPHER, - Kruger's Alp
7482: HOPFINGER, K.B, - Beyond Expectation "The Volswagen Story
56134: HOPKINS, H.E., - Paddy the Next Best Thing. A Story of a Little Boy Who Grew Up.
52470: HOPKINS, H.C., - Maar Een Soos Hy: Die Lewe Van Kommandant C.A. Van Niekerk.
70229: HOPKINS, HENRY T., - California Painters New York
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57467: HOPKINS, A.G., - An Economic History of West Africa.
77001: HOPKINS, PAT, - Ghosts of South Africa
59300: HOPKINS, A.E., - A History of Wreck Covers
78409: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL & HALSTEAD, MURAT, - South Africa and the Boer-British War, Volumes 1 and 2
66666: HOPKINSON, TOM (INTRODUCTION BY), - Photographs By Jurgen Schadenberg
31951: HOPKINSON, TOM & DOROTHY, - Much Silence. Meher Baba: His Life and Work
72720: HOPKIRK, PETER, - Trespassers on Roof of World. The Race for Lhasa
52375: HOPPE, HEINZ C., - Serving the Star Around the World. From the Simple Life in East Prussia to the Daimler-benz Board of Management
41208: HOPPE, J.I., - Der Stereoskopische Sehen. Erklarung Der Erscheinungen Und Vorgange Im Stereoskop.
74695: HOPPE, - Eine Christenhochzeit in Emmaus
76364: HOPTMAN, LAURA, - Drawing Now: Eight Propositions
71495: HOPWOOD, GRAHAM (EDITED BY), - Tackling Corruption; Opinions on the Way Forward in Namibia
47643: HOPWOOD, DAVID, - South African English Pronunciation
71683: HOPWOOD, GRAHAM, - Guide to Namibian Politics 2006 Edition : Including A-z of Political Personalities
34769: HOPWOOD, DAVID, - South African English Pronunciation
71863: HORACE (RENDERED BY ZEREGA, RICHARD A.), - The Odes of Horace Rendered Into English Prose
73614: HORE, PETER, - Seapower Ashore - 200 Years of Royal Navy Operations on Land
49400: HORGAN, PAUL, - Encounters with Stravinsky. a Personal Record.
49846: HORLER, SYDNEY, - They Thought he Was Dead
60809: HORLER, SYDNEY, - The Man in the Shadows
81674: HORLER, SYDNEY, - Murderer at Large
660: HORLER, SYDNEY., - They Called Him Nighthawk.
62165: HORMANDER, LARS, - An Introduction to Complex Analysis in Several Variables
55203: HORN, ANNETTE; MABIE, SUSAN; DUARTE, JESSIE; MCCLENNAN, SUE & HARMON, KITTY (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - Like a House on Fire. Contemporary Women's Writing, Art and Photography.
41608: HORN, PETER, - My Voice is Under Control Now
52037: HORN, PETER, - Voices from the Gallows Tree
68872: HORN, EMMA, - Murray Stamregister 1794-1954
74229: HORN, PETER, - Voices from the Gallows Tree. SIGNED Edition of 24 Copies
66530: HORNADGE, BILL, - The Pitcairn Islands Stamp Catalogue
73518: HORNBOSTEL, E.M. VON, - African Negro Music
71640: HORNBY, DONNA (EDITED BY), - Traditional Leaders. A KwaZulu-Natal Study 1999-2001
50748: HORNE, ALISTAIR, - A Savage War of Peace. Algeria 1954-1962
58056: HORNE, J. TEMPLER, - Map of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope and Neighbouring Territories Compiled from the Best Available Information,
78119: HORNE, CHARLES, - Salt Water Fishing in South Africa
84996: HORNER, JOSEPH, - Practical Metal Turning
73962: HORNER, JOSEPH, - Plating and Boiler Making. A Practical Handbook for Workshop Operations, Including an Appendix of Tables,
53606: HORNEY, KAREN, - Neurosis and Human Growth. The Struggle Toward Self-Realization.
79113: HORNGREN, K.) (DIRECTOR SAISC), - South African Steel Construction Handbook (Limit States Design)
69909: HORNGREN, K.O., - Southern African Steel Construction Handbook (Limit States Design)
47324: HORNIBROOK, F.A., - Physical Fitness in Middle Life
78868: HORNSBY, A.H., - The South African Diamond Fields A Matter of Fact Account
21369: HORNUNG, E.W., - Raffles: The Black Mask
21370: HORNUNG, E.W., - Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman
20034: HORODISCH-GARMAN, ALICE, - Book Plates in Pen and Ink. Twenty One Ex Libris and a Monogram for a Bibliographer's Library
75734: HOROWITZ, DAVID, - The Free World Colossus, A Critique of American Foreign Policy in the Cold War
36928: HOROWITZ, I.A., - Chess Openings Theory and Practice
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59677: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY, - Day of the Dragon.
79050: HOROWITZ, DAVID (EDITED BY), - Isaac Deutscher the Man and His Work.
84283: HOROWITZ, ANTHONY, - Public Enemy No.2
82892: HORRELL, MURIEL, - Action, Reaction and Counter-Action. A Review of Non-White Political Movements in South Africa
43952: HORRELL, MURIEL, - South African Trade Unionism.
48312: HORRELL, MURIEL, - South Africa's Non-White Workers
47356: HORRELL, MURIEL, - Bantu Education to 1968
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58946: HORRELL, MURIEL, - Action, Reaction and Counter-Action. A Brief Review of Non-White Political Movements in South Africa
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43250: HORRELL, MURIEL, - South Africa's Workers. Their Organizations and the Patterns of Employment.
82889: HORRELL, MURIEL, - The African Reserves of Southern Africa
82890: HORRELL, MURIEL, - The African Reserves of Southern Africa
82888: HORRELL, MURIEL, - South Africa Basic Facts and Figures
61760: HORRELL, MURIEL, - The Report of the 1969 Conference on Bantu Education
82887: HORRELL, MURIEL, - The African Homelands of South Africa
82721: HORRELL, MURIEL (EDITED BY), - A Survey of Race Relations in South Africa 1981
74278: HORRELL, MURIEL, - Economic Development of the Reserves: The extent to which the Tomlinson Commission's recommendations are being implemented.
82886: HORRELL, MURIEL, - A Decade of Bantu Education
82891: HORRELL, MURIEL, - The Education of the Coloured Community in South Africa 1652-1970
10778: HORSBRUGH, BOYD ROBERT & DAVIES, CLAUDE GIBNEY, - The Gamebirds and Waterfowl of South Africa
54184: HORSBRUGH, BOYD ROBERT & DAVIES, CLAUDE GIBNEY, - The Gamebirds and Waterfowl of South Africa.
49870: HORSFALL, D.W., - Specimens of Types Available at the Canal Press. Quotations Chosen By D W Horsfall.
39866: HORSFIELD, THOMAS WALKER, - The History, Antiquities And Topography of the County of Sussex
78141: HORSFIELD, DEBBIE, - The Red Devils Trilogy : Red Devils, True Dare Kiss and Command Or Promise.
65583: HORSLEY, VICTOR, - Description of the Brain of Mr. Charles Babbage F.R.S.
65749: VAN DER HORST, J.G., - The Price of Prosperity
70251: VAN DER HORST, SHEILA T, - The Economic Implications of Political Democracy: The Road To Economic Progress.
10159: HORSTMAN, C ED, - Richard Rolle of Hampole an English Father of the Church and His Followers
49297: HORSTMANN, ROSEMARY, - Writing for Radio
53709: HORTON, MERVYN, - Queensland Art Gallery Retrospect and Prospect.
75017: HORTON, A., - Geology of the Peterborough District: Memoir for 1: 50,000 Geological Sheet 158 (England and Wales) (Geological Memoirs & Sheet Explanations (England & Wales))
80017: HORTON, J.W., - 1895-1965. Being An Account Of The Growth Of The Council Of Education, Witwatersrand.
60638: HORTOR, W.E., - Hortor's Legal Diary and Directory for South Africa 1906, Containing Extracts from the Laws of General Interest; Tables of Government Fees; Government Offices and Names of Officials; Sittings of the Various Courts ...; Directory Solicitors...; Maps Etc.,
70959: HORWITZ, ALLAN KOLSKI, - Out of the Wreckage
60587: HORWITZ, RALPH, - South Africa's Business
76099: HORWITZ, ALLAN KOLSKI, - There are Two Birds at My Window
76087: HORWITZ, ALLAN KOLSKI, - Sections of Six. Contemporary South African Poetry
76086: HORWITZ, ALLAN KOLSKI, - Meditations of a Non-White White
67253: HORWITZ, RALPH B., - Communication and Democratic Reform in South Africa
83932: HORWITZ, RALPH, - Expand or Explode: Apartheid's threat to South African Industry
49895: HORWOOD, O.P.F. (GENERAL EDITOR), - The Port of Durban (Natal Regional Survey VOL.15)
9470: HORWOOD, WILLIAM, - Duncton Wood
43065: HOSKEN, IDA & F.W., - A Catalogue of Books on Africa Mainly South of the Equator
16410: HOSKING, HERBERT (INTRODUCTION BY), - On Conjugal Felicity. An Inquiry Into the Marital State for the Delectation of the Faithful, Written By T.M. For Atkinson's Saturday Evening Post of April 19 1834
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47086: HOSTEN, W.J.; EDWARDS, A,B.; NATHAN, CARMEN; BOSMAN, FRANCIS, - Introduction to South Africam Law and Legal Theory.
48543: HOTINE, F.M., - Practice Strokes at Billiards for Tables of All Sizes
82002: HOTZ, PAUL, - Muzukuru: A Guerilla's Story
83115: HOUCK, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - Hindu Astrology Lessons: 36 Teachers Share Their Wisdom
73263: HOUFE, SIMON, - Sir Albert Richardson the Professor
75016: HOUGH, S.S., - Results of Meridian Observations of Stars, made at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, in the Years 1909 And 1911
75015: HOUGH, S.S., - Results of Meridian Observations of Stars, made at the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, in the Years 1912 And 1917
50223: HOUGH, RICHARD, - The Fleet That Had to Die
47593: HOUGH, GRAHAM, - The Dream and the Task. Literature and Morals in the Culture of Today.
13667: HOUGH, RICHARD & FROSTICK, MICHAEL, - Rover Memories. An Illustrated Survey of the Rover Car
73166: HOUGH, BARRY, - Skilpoppe
12297: HOUGH, RICHARD & SETRIGHT, L.J.K., - A History Of the World's Motorcycles
18071: HOUGH, RICHARD & FROSTICK, MICHAEL, - A History of the World's High Performance Cars
83087: HOUGH, RICHARD, - British Grand Prix
51835: HOUGHLAND, MASON, - Gone Away
82912: HOUGHTON, D. HOBART, - The Tomlinson Report: A Summary of the Findings and Recommendations in the Tomlinson Commission Report
52546: HOUGHTON, WALTER E., - The Art of Newman's 'Apologia'
66685: HOUGHTON, MICHAEL, - S.S.M. At T.Y. (1904-1975). A History of the Society of the Sacred Mission at St. Agnes' Teyateyaneng, a Mission Parish in the Kingdom of Lesotho.
63557: HOUGHTON, D. HOBART & WALTON, EDITH M., - The Economy of a Native Reserve (Keiskammahoek Rural Survey VOLUME II)
66596: HOUGHTON, D. & DAGUT, JENIFER, - Source Material on the South African Economy- 1860-1970: Volume One 1860-1899; Volume Two 1899-1919; Volume Three 1920-1970
3091: HOULDER, J.A., - Among The Malagasy : An Unconventional Record Of Missionary Experience.
64445: HOUNAM, PETER & MCQUILLAN, STEVE, - The Mini-Nuke Conspiracy - Mandela's Nuclear Nightmare
80296: HOUSE, DONALD H. & BREEN, DAVID E., - Cloth Modeling and Animation
1747: HOUSE, DEREK & SANDERSON, MICHAEL., - The Sea Chart.
66359: HOUSE, JOHN & MARGARET; SALT, BERYL, - Zimbabwe A Handbook
81995: HOUSE, ADRIAN, - The Great Safari - The Lives of Joy and George Adamson
47438: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY, - Red Anger
59142: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY, - The Third Hour
73043: HOUSEHOLD, GEOFFREY, - Sabres on the Sand
68669: HOUSEMAN, LAURENCE, - Possession: A Peepshow in Paradise
47796: HOUSEMAN, LAURENCE, - John Jingalo: The Story of a Monarch in Difficulties
84651: HOUSEMAN, LAWRENCE, - Ploughshare and Pruning Hook. Ten Lectures on Social Subjects.
72141: HOUSMAN, LAURENCE, - Cornered Poets. A Book of Dramatic Dialogues.
47869: HOUSMAN, .E., - Introductory Lecture Delivered Before the Faculty of Arts and Laws in University College London October 3, 1892
71778: HOUSTON, CHARLES ^ BATES, ROBERT, - K2. The Savage Mountain
74740: HOUSTON, MAY, - Ancient Greek Roman and Byzantine Costume and Decoration
41635: HOUSTON, MARY, - Ancient Greek Roman and Byzantine Costume and Decoration
68441: HOUSTON, JOHN P., - Joyce and Prose : An Exploration of the Language of Ulysses
5340: VAN HOUTEN, ALIDA, - Gerrit Van Houten
80083: HOUWELING, JAN, - 700 Centenboek, Uitgegeven Door De Gemeentegiro Ter Gelegenheid Van Het 700-Jarige Bestaan Van De Stad Amsterdam.
80459: HOVE, CHENJERAI, - Shadows
76629: HOVIS, ARTHUR & FREED, EDGAR, - ITA Sports Year Book 1959-1960
52431: HOW, JAMES, - Epistolary Spaces. English Letter Writing from the Foundation of the Post Office to Richardson's 'Clarissa'
79896: HOW, W.W. & WELLS, J., - A Commentary on Herodotus. With introduction and appendixes. In two volumes. Vol.I (books I-IV), Vol.II (books V-IX).
27697: HOWARD, TONY, - Diamond Year. A Celebration of the Boart Longyear Group
55277: HOWARD, HARTLEY, - Deadline
47806: HOWARD, PATRICIA, - The Operas of Benjamin Britten. An Introduction.
48072: HOWARD, RED, - Cigars
10187: HOWARD, F.E & CROSSLEY, P.H, - English Church Woodwork : A Study in Craftmanship During the Mediaeval Period AD1250-15550
63692: HOWARD, HARTLEY, - The Other Side of the Door
85437: HOWARD, N.E., - Handbook for Telescope Making
84008: HOWARD, DICK, - From Marx to Kant
73130: HOWARD, TONY, - Diamond Year A Celebration pf the Boart Longyear Group
84640: HOWARTH, ANNA, - Stray Thoughts in Verse
54560: HOWARTH, STEPHEN, - A Century in Oil. The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company 1897-1997.
53265: HOWARTH, W.D., - Moliere. A Playwright and His Audiece

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