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85077: HALL, GRACE H., - No Time to Die
77002: HALL, STUART & JEFFERSON, TONY (EDITED), - Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Post-War Britain
70335: HALL, LYNN BEDFORD, - More Food with Flair: Or, How to Give Dinner Parties Confidently on a Nice Big Batch of Reliable Recipes That Won't Explode, Collapse or Fall Over
65224: HALL, LYNN BEDFORD, - Fig Jam and Foxtrot. Tales of life, love and food in the Karoo
68544: HALL, ELSIE, - The Good Die Young; The Autobiography of Elsie Hall
81616: HALL, LYNN BEDFORD, - Shaka Koning Van Die Zoeloes
60446: HALL, DOUG & BLACK, DON, - Die Suid-Afrikaanse Bonsai-boek
60871: HALL, MANLEY PALMER, - Adventures in Understanding
76987: HALL, MARY, - A Woman's Trek from the Cape to Cairo
71105: HALL, MICHAEL C., - The Locomotor System: Functional Anatomy
6913: HALL, JU.P, - Caer Llugwy Excavation Of The Roman Fort Between Capel Curig And Bettys -Y-Coed
61610: HALL, SIAN & MARSH, ROB, - Beyond Belief: Murders and Mysteries of Southern Africa
62980: HALL, ANGUS, - The Late Boy Wonder
77283: HALL, MARY, - A Woman in the Antipodes and in the Far East
60915: HALL, NORMAN (EDITED BY), - Gallery
60444: HALL, DOUG, - Growing Bonsai in South Africa
84000: HALL, MARTIN, - The Changing Past: Farmers, Kings and Traders in Southern Africa, 200-1860
60872: HALL, MANLEY PALMER, - First Principles of Philosophy
84978: HALL, STUART & JEFFERSON, TONY (EDITED BY), - Resistance Through Rituals: Youth Subcultures in Post-War Britain
63047: HALL, A.L., - Asbestos in the Union of South Africa
42571: HALL, TOM, - The Cup Romance of Newcastle United. The Greatest Story in Modern Football
75854: HALL, ANTHONY, - Igneous Petrology
69391: HALL, RICHARD N., - Pre-Historic Rhodesia. An Examination of the Historical, Ethnological and Archaeological Evidences as to the Origin and Age of the Rock Mines and Stone Buildings, with a Gazetteer of Mediaeval South East Africa 915 AD to 1760 AD,.
76515: HALL, HAROLD, - Tool & Cutter Sharpening (Workshop Practice #38)
85302: HALL, WILLIAM EDWARD, - A Treatise on International Law
79918: HALL, EDWARD T., - The Hidden Dimension: Man's Use of Space in Public and Private.
70090: HALL, BERT & NILES, J.J., - One Man's War
77573: HALL, DONALD & FINN, DAVID, - As the Eye Moves. a Sculpture by Henry Moore
34169: HALL, A.L., - A Bibliography of South African Geology for the Years 1931 to 1935 (Inclusive) Authors Index.
80687: HALL, EDITH; MACINTOSH, FIONA; WRIGLEY, AMADA (EDITED BY), - Dionysus Since 69: Greek Tragedy at the Dawn of the Third Millennium
81651: HALL, LYNN BEDFORD, - The Best of Vegetarian Cooking
78858: HALL, LYNN BEDFORD, - 101 Puddings with Flair
52044: HALLAM, T.D., - The Spider Web. The Romance of a Flying-boat Flight in the First World War.
81325: HALLAM, M. G., - The Topaz Introduction to Practical Ostrich Farming
73171: APOTHEKER DES WAYSEN-HAUSES ZU GLAUCHA AN HALLE, - Ausführlicher Bericht von der Artzney Essentia dulcis genannt: durch welche unter dem Seegen Gottes allerley schwere Kranckheiten, Gicht, Epilepsie, Stein, allerley Gebrechen an Augen, auch wenn sich Felle angesetzet, Mangel am Gehör, Contractur, u. d. Gl
8702: HALLEMA, A, - The Cape in 1776-177 : Aquarelles by Johannes Schumacher from the Swellengrebel collection at Breda
66335: HALLEMA, A., - The Cape in 1776-177 : Aquarelles by Johannes Schumacher from the Swellengrebel collection at Breda
85206: HALLEN, BARRY, - A Short History of African Philosophy
80849: HALLENDORFF, CARL AND ADOLF SCHÜCK., - History of Sweden
77080: HALLER, LYNN, - Creative Edge: Letterhead + Business Card Design
70818: HALLETT, ROBIN (INTRODUCTION BY), - Essays in African History 1974.
75796: HALLETT, GEORGE, - Images of Change
83454: HALLETT, GEORGE, - Portraits of African Writers
11372: HALLETT, ROBIN, - Records of the African Association
70062: HALLEWELL, KIT., - Blackpool, My Blackpool. One Man's Chronicle of the Blackpool Dance Festival Over the Years 1931-1978
82440: HALLEY, PATRICE, - Sentinels of the St. Lawrence: Along Quebec's Lighthouse Trail
57936: HALLGARTEN, S.F., - Alsace and Its Wine Grdens
53789: HALLIDAY, RICKY DENE, - Military Transport Fleets 1981/82
48690: HALLIDAY, F.E., - Shakespeare and His Critics
48909: HALLIDAY, F.E., - The Excellency of the English Tongue
63690: HALLIDAY, BRETT, - What Really Happened!
43451: HALLIER, JAMES B., - Lessen Van Twee Letters / Lessen Van Drie Letters / Lessen Van Vier, Vyf En Zes Letters.
82936: HALLIS, ADOLPH, - Let the Piano Speak
60339: HALLIWELL, DAVID, - A Who's Who of Flapland
53845: O'HALLORAN, J.S. (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute Vol. XIX 1887-8
53846: O'HALLORAN, J.S. (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute Vol. XXI 1889-90
53847: O'HALLORAN, J.S. (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute Vol. XXII 1890-91
53848: O'HALLORAN, J.S. (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute Vol. XXX 1898-99
53849: O'HALLORAN, J.S. (EDITED BY), - Proceedings of the Royal Colonial Institute Vol. XXIX 1897-88
73089: HALLOWES, D.P., - Aberrant English. An Error Analysis of the Mistakes in the Written English of 49 Bantu Students of Standard VI Level.......
71678: HALLOWES, DAVID & MUNNIK, VICTOR, - Poisoned Spaces: Manufacturing Wealth, Producing Poverty
74827: HALLYN, FERNAND, - The Poetic Structure of the World: Copernicus and Kepler
62129: HALMOS, PAUL R., - Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces
19964: HALPIN, WARREN T, - Hoofbeats
76280: HALSE, A.R.D. & HALSE, JANE (EDITED BY), - Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game XXVI Edition, Vol. 1 (Africa).
68802: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE, - The Frenchman: A Photographic Interview With Fernandel
74751: HALSMAN, PHILIPPE & HALSMAN, YVONNE, - Halsman at Work
47184: HALTENORTH, THEODOR & DILLER, HELMUT, - A Field Guide to the Mammals of Africa, Including Madagascar.
51154: HAMAKER, JOHN D., - The Survival of Civilization. Three Problems Threatening Our Existence.
55838: HAMANN, HILTON, - Days of the Generals
73116: HAMANN, HILTON, - A Town Like No Other. Randfontein
62930: HAMANN, BRIGITTE, - Hitler's Vienna: A Dictator's Apprenticeship
73211: HAMANN, HILTON, - Days of the Generals: The Untold Story of South Africa's Apartheid-Era Military Generals
22371: HAMBIDGE, JAY, - The Parthenon and Other Greek Temples. Theor Dynamic Symmetry
84941: HAMBLING, MAGGI (INTRODUCTION BY JOHN BERGER), - Maggi and Henrietta: Drawings of Henrietta Moraes
54934: HAMBLOCH, ERNEST, - His Majesty the President: A Study of Constitutional Brazil
71299: HAMBLY, GAVIN, - Cities of Mughal India : Delhi Agra and Fatehpur Sikri
50125: HAMBROCK, R.S., - Die Vrou in Die Religie Onder Die Manala-Ndebele
52487: STAATSARCHIV DER FREIEN UND HANSESTADT HAMBURG (HRSG.), - Die Judischen Opfer Des Nationalsozialismus in Hamburg
77497: HAMBURG, ALICE SACHS, - Grass Roots : From Prairie to Politics : The Autobiography of Alice Sachs Hamburg
77498: HAMBURG, ALICE S., - Sam Hamburg: Agricultural Pioneer in California and Israel.
80211: HAMBURGER, LAURENCE, - Frozen Chicken Train Wreck
25701: HAMBURGER, J, - Real Encyclopadie Fur Bibel Und Talmud. Worterbuch Fur Handgebrauch Fur Bibelfreunde, Theologen, Juristen, Gemeinde.... ABTEILUNG II: Die Talmudischer Artikel A - Z (Bound with) Supplement Zur Abteilung I & II
54431: HAMEL, JURGEN, - Nicolaus Copernicus. Leben, Werk Und Wirkung.
66364: HAMER, E.D., - Steam Locomotives of Rhodesia Railways. The Story of Steam 1892-1979
58094: HAMER, MALCOLM, - Sudden Death
74762: HAMER, A. HANDEL (JAN SMUTS ASSOCIATION COPY), - Wild Flowers of the Cape. A Floral Year.
50412: HAMERSMA, A. & CZYPIONKA, N. (EDITED BY), - Essays on the South African Financial Structure
64052: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 5 February 1963
83069: HAMILTON, DUNCAN, - Touch Wood
64049: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 2: June / July 1962
64053: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY) (EMPSON, WILLIAM), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 6 and 7. June 1963
55799: HAMILTON, PATRICK, - The Slaves of Solitude
56042: HAMILTON, IAN, - A Life of General Sir Ian Hamilton
52752: HAMILTON, DAVID, - The Monkey Gland Affair
53419: HAMILTON-EDWARDS, GERALD, - In Search of Scottish Ancestry.
64630: HAMILTON, RUSSELL G., - Voices From an Empire: A History of Afro-Portuguese Literature
49639: HAMILTON, J. ANGUS, - The Siege of Mafeking.
49722: HAMILTON, W.H., - John Masefield: A Critical Study.
49729: HAMILTON, JAMES, - The Lamp and the Lantern, or Light for the Tent and the Traveller
49998: HAMILTON, NIGEL, - The Brothers Mann
60328: HAMILTON, JOHN & LAWRENCE, J.F., - Men and Mining on the Quantocks
9390: HAMILTON, DAVID & ROBBE-GRILLET, ALAIN, - Dreams Of Young Girls
24653: HAMILTON, ANGUS, - Somaliland
64061: HAMILTON, IAN, - Pretending Not to Sleep. Poems.
7942: HAMILTON, ANGUS, - Korea
863: HAMILTON, ANGUS., - Korea.
10115: HAMILTON, A.M, - Road Through Kurdistan : The Narrative of an Engineer in Iraq
57742: HAMILTON, MARGARET, - The Mango Tree
58047: HAMILTON, W.R. & ZAHN, WERNER C. (EDITED BY), - Jubilee souvenir of the South African College Debating Society in commemoration of its 50th anniversary: April 21st, 1865-April 21st, 1915
80287: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, - Wings of Night : The Secret Missions of Group Captain Charles Pickard, DSO and Two Bars, DFC
78391: HAMILTON, DAVID, - A Summer in Saint Tropez
64056: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 11-12.
64055: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY) (PLATH, SYLVIA), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 9. October 1963
64054: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 8. August 1963
64051: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 4 November 1962
65732: HAMILTON, CAROLYN, - Terrific Majesty: Powers of Shaka Zulu and the Limits of Historical Invention
69829: HAMILTON, T. F. W., - Holmesdale Towns: A Handbook for Reigate, Redhill, and Neighbouring Districts
64050: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 3: August / September 1962
64058: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 15. April 1965.
63737: HAMILTON, ROBERT, - British Fishes (Naturalist's Library Icthyology Vols IV & VI)
79492: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, - A New Account of the East Indies Now Edited with Introduction and Notes by Sir William Foster
64060: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 17. April 1967.
64057: HAMILTON, IAN (EDITED BY), - The Review: A Magazine of Poetry and Criticism: No. 14. December 1964.
60985: HAMILTON, GEORGE ROSTREVOR, - The Greek Portrait
63042: HAMILTON, GENESTA, - A Stone's Throw. Travels from Africa in Six Decades.
70088: HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, - Wings of Night - The Secret Missions of Group Captain pickard, DSO and Two bars, DFC
78465: HAMILTON, CAROLYN, - The Mfecane Aftermath: Reconstructive Debates in Southern African History
64393: HAMLEY, RICHARD, - The Regiment: A History and the Uniforms of the British South Africa Police
59125: HAMLIN, ARTHUR T., - The University Library. Its Origins and Development
47945: HAMMACHER, A.M., - Marino Marini. Sculpture. Painting. Drawing.
47946: HAMMACHER, A.M., - Magritte
83751: HAMMAN, D.S. (FOREWORD BY), - Revolusionere Oorlogvoering teen die RSA / Revolutionary Warfare against the RSA
44578: HAMMAN, KEZIA, - Dagboek Van 'n Bethulie Kampdogter
51189: HAMMER, CARL, - Goethe and Rousseau: Resonances of the Mind.
63092: HAMMERSLEY, MARTYN & ATKINSON, PAUL, - Ethnography: Principles in Practice
49277: HAMMERTON, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Wonders of the Past
49278: HAMMERTON, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Peoples of All Nations. A Colourful Pageant of the Races of the Modern World.
67901: HAMMERTON, JOHN (EDITED BY), - The World's Famous Pictures
64400: HAMMERTON, J.A. (EDITED BY), - Universal History Of The World Written By One Hundred And Fifty Of The Foremost Living Authorieties In All Branches Of Historical Knowledge. Complete Eight Volume Set
17120: HAMMERTON, J.A. & GHILCHIK, D.L., - The Rubaiyat of a Golfer
58271: HAMMETT, DASHILL, - The Adventure of Sam Spade
270: HAMMETT, DASHIELL (EDITED AND INTROD BY LILLIAN HELLMAN.), - The Dashiell Hammett Story Ominibus.
85222: HAMMITT, FREDERICK G., - Cavitation and Multiphase Flow Phenomena
79368: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - In Search of the Sacred A Problem in the Anthropological Study of Religion.
85388: HAMMOND, MRS. JOHN H., - A Woman's Part in a Revolution
43332: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - The Tribes of Umtata District.
43333: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - The Tribes of Mount Frere District.
56028: HAMMOND-TOOKE, DAVID+NETTLETON, ANITRA, - The Roots of Black South Africa
52795: HAMMOND, N.G.L., - A History of Greece to 322 B.C.
52802: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - Creed and Confession in South African Ancestor Religion.
48924: HAMMOND, PETER, - Mozambique Report. Eyewitness Testimonies of Persecution and Atrocities.
49920: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - Patrolling the Herms: Social Structure, Cosmology and Pollution Concepts in Southern Africa
50078: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D. (EDITED BY), - The Journal of William Shaw
1555: HAMMOND-TOOKE, DAVID+NETTLETON, ANITRA, - Ten Years of Collecting 1979-1989
77419: HAMMOND, LES & YELD, JOHN, - Cape Town Images A Collection of Photographic Highlights from the Argus
82158: HAMMOND, NICHOLAS G. L., - The Miracle That Was MacEdonia
81690: HAMMOND, C. S., - Hammond's Popular Atlas of the World
79178: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - The Tribes of King William's Town District.
26959: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D.(EDITED BY), - The Bantu-Speaking Peoples of Southern Africa
12305: HAMMOND, MAURICE A., - Motorcade. a Dictionary of Motoring History
4845: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D, - The Tribes Of Willowvale District
20811: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - Command or Consensus. The Development of Transkeian Local Government
80113: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - Imperfect Interpreters: South Africa's Anthropologists 1920-1990
62324: HAMMOND-TOOKE, W.D., - Patrolling the Herms: Social Structure, Cosmology and Pollution Concepts in Southern Africa
70629: HAMMOND, LES & YELD, JOHN, - Cape Town Images A Collection of Photographic Highlights from the Argus
69560: HAMMOND, JENNY, - Sweeter Than Honey. Testimonies of Tigrayan Women
28266: HAMNETT, IAN, - Chieftainship and Legitimacy. An Anthropological Study of Executive Law in Lesotho
80903: HAMOND, ANDREW SNAPE (1738-1828), - A Fine 3pp. Letter to William Proctor Smith, Signed and Dated London 22 August 1799
75873: HAMOUDA, O. F., - John R. Hicks: The Economist's Economist
62889: HAMPTON, CHRISTOPHER, - When Did You Last See My Mother?
84631: HAMSI (PSEUDONYM KATHLEEN MARIE JEFFREYS), - Summer Rain. The Songs of Hamsi
70347: HAMSUN, KNUT, - The Road Leads on
57336: HANAN, DENIS & ALDERSMITH, H., - British-Israel Truth
73407: ALLEN & HANBURYS, - A Catalogue of Surgical Instruments and Medical Appliance. Operation Tables. Sterilizers. Hospital Equipment. Sterilized Surgical Dressings. Surgical Sutures and Ligatures
52117: HANCE, WILLIAM A. (EDITED BY); KUPER, LEO; MCKAY, VERNON; MUNGER, EDWIN S., - Southern Africa and the United States.
60136: HANCOCK, KEITH, - "Are There South Africans? "
29832: HANCOCK, H. IRVING & HIGASHI, KATSUKUMA, - The Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu. Jiudo. The Official Jiu-Jitsu of the Japanese Government
11920: HANCOCK, H. IRVING, - Japanese Physical Training. The System of Exercise, Diet and General Mode of Living That Has Made the Mikado's People the Healthiest, Strongest and Happiest Men and Women in the World.
57392: HANCOCK, DALE, - a Time with Leopards
83275: HANCOCK, J.D., - Practical Refractories
56007: HANCOCK, H. IRVING & HIGASHI, KATSUKUMA, - The Complete Kano Jiu-Jitsu (Jiudo). The Official Jiu Jitsu of the Japanese Government, with Additions By Hoshino and Tsutsumi, and Chapters on the Serious and Fatal Blows and on Kuatsu the Japanese Science of the Restoration of Life.
5785: HANCOCK, W.K, - Smuts 1.The Sanguine Years 1870 - 1919 2. The Fields Of Force 1919 -1950
50072: "OLD HAND", - The Collected Works of "Old Hand": The Six Principles of Pigeon Racing; The Racing Pigeon & Pigeon Racing for All; the Pigeon Fancier; the Pigeon Racer; the Strain Makers; the Secrets of the Racing Ace; the Technique of Breeding; & 5 Other Titles
56510: HAND, WAYLAND D., - Magical Medicine: The Folkloric Component of Medicine in the Folk Belief, Custom, and Ritual of the Peoples of Europe and America Selected Essays
71820: HAND, A. (EDITED BY), - Elvis Monthly 6th Year No. 3 March 1965
71819: HAND, A. (EDITED BY), - Elvis Monthly 6th Year No. 4 April 1965
71818: HAND, A. (EDITED BY), - Elvis Monthly 6th Year No. 1 January 1965
61284: OLD HAND, - The Racing Pigeon and Pigeon Racing for All. A Handbook and Guide for Beginners. VOLUME ONE
71815: HAND, A. (EDITED BY), - Elvis Monthly 5th Year No. 1 January 1964
71816: HAND, A. (EDITED BY), - Elvis Monthly 5th Year No. 2 February 1964
71817: HAND, A. (EDITED BY), - Elvis Monthly 5th Year No. 3 March 1964
59960: HANDBOOK, - The MG Magnette (Mark III) Driver's Handbook
51719: HANDEL, GEORG FREDERICK, - Water Music in F
51720: HANDEL, GEORG FREDERICK, - Music for the Royal Fireworks
61811: HANDISYDE, CECIL C., - Hard Landscape in Brick
39760: HANDLER, SARAH, - Austere Luminosity of Chinese Classical Furniture
69327: HANDLEY, CLEMENT, - Briton Boer and Black, or Ten Years' Hunting, Trading and Propecting in South Africa.
79423: HANDLEY, TOMMY, - Tommy Handley's Album of War Time Songs and Monologues
65929: HANDLEY, J. R. F., - Historic Overview of the Witwatersrand Goldfields 1887-2004. A review of the discovery, geology, geophysics, development, mining, production & future of the Witwatersrand Goldfields as seen through a geological and financial association spanning 50 Years
72676: HANDLEY, J. R. F., - Historic Overview of the Witwatersrand Goldfields 1887-2004. A review of the discovery, geology, geophysics, development, mining, production & future of the Witwatersrand Goldfields as seen through a geological and financial association spanning 50 Years
71389: HANDMAKER, JEFF & BERKHOUT, REMKO (EDITED BY), - `mobilising Social Justice in South Africa: Perspectives from Researchers and Practitioners
27356: COLLECTED BY SEVERAL HANDS, - The Contents, Virtues, and Uses of Nevil-holt Spaw-Water Further Proved, Illustrated and Explained from Experiments and Reason. With Some Histories of Its Signal Effects in Various Diseases
14197: HANEKOM, T.N., - Helperus Ritzema Van Lier. Die Lewensbild Van 'n Kaapse Predikant Uit Die 18de Eeu
72481: HANEKOM, H.A. (CHAIRMAN), - Program Van Die Volksfees Te Meisiesfontein, Die Plaas Van Piet Retief 14-16 1923
63879: HANEKOM, T.N., - Die Gemeente Namakwaland 'n Eeufees-Gedenkboek (1850-1950)
78007: HANEKOM, T.N., - Die Liberale Rigting in Suid-Afrika. 'n Kerkhistoriese Studie. EERSTE DEEL (?all published)
17014: HANEKOM, J.N., - Die Liberale Rigting in Suid Afrika, 'n Kerkhistoriese Studie. Eerste Deel (?? All published)
59063: HANFF, HELENE, - Q's Legacy
79644: HANISH, OTOMAN ZAR-ADUSHT, - Yehoshua Nazir (Jesus the Nazarite) : Life of Christ
41512: HANKE, VICTOR, - Zur Kenntniss Der Intraocularen Tumoren (Separatabdruck Aus vGraefe's Archive F. Ophthalm. XSLVII 3 1899)
50803: HANKINSON, C.F.J. & HESILRIGE, ARTHUR G M (EDITED BY), - Debrett's Peerage and Titles of Courtesy 1936
46990: HANLEY, JAMES, - A Dream Journey
82522: HANLEY, JAMES, - Half an Eye. Sea Stories.
73736: HANLEY, SUSAN B. & YAMAMURA, KOZO, - Economic and Demographic Change in Preindustrial Japan 1600-1868
82531: HANLON, JOSEPH, - Peace Without Profit How the IMF Blocks Rebuilding in Mozambique
82431: HANMER, D.B., - Birds of the Lower Zambezi
67534: HANN, JAMES, - A Rudimentary Treatise on Analytical Geometry and Conic Sections
79417: HANN, ALFRED HENRY, - From Cape to Cairo
51089: HANNA, ARCHIBALD, - A Brief History of the Thimble Islands in Branford Connecticut.
80150: HANNAH, THOMAS, - Medical Practice in the British Empire: A Herculean Struggle for Fredom
39602: HANNAH, WALTON, - Darkness Visible. A Revelation and Interpretation of Freemasonry
70141: HANNAH, W.H., - Bobs, Kipling's General. the Life of Field-Marshall Earl Roberts of Kandahar, VC
71010: HANNAN, M., - Standard Shona Dictionary
56386: HANNAY, MARGARET P. (EDITOR), - Philip's Phoenix. Mary Sidney Countess of Pembroke
76608: HANNAY, R.N., - Dennis Buses in Camera
62497: HANNEMAN, L.J., - Bakery Bread and Fermented Goods
56859: HANNINGTON, WAL, - Black Coffins and the Unemployed (FACT #26)
48922: HANNON, PETER, - Southern Africa What Kind of Change?
55293: HANON, C.L., - Le Pianiste Virtuose En 60 Exercises
80488: BORNMAN. HANS, - Carolina 1886-1986
81843: HANSARD, PETER, - Wild Portraits The Wildlife Art of Raymond Harris-Ching
8544: HANSARD, PETER & HARRIS-CHING, RAYMOND, - Wild Portraits : The Wildlife Art of Raymond Harris-Ching
58700: HANSBERRY, WILLIAM LEO (EDITED BY JOSEPH E. HARRIS), - Africa and Africans as Seen By Classical Writers
56603: HANSEN, ALVIN H., - The Dollar and the International Monetary System
10075: HANSEN, V. GOTTFRIED, - Nauticus: Jahrbuch Fur Deutschlands Seeinteressen 1944
57943: HANSEN, HANS & WUNDSHAMMER, BENNO, - Windjammerparade
5391: HANSEN, HANS JURGEN, - Kunstgeschichte Des Backwerks
33535: HANSEN, DEIDRE D., - The Life and Work of Benjamin Tyamzashe. A Contemporary Xhosa Composer
83425: HANSEN, STEPHEN A., - Thesaurus of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Terminology and Potential Violations
69722: HANSFORD-STEELE, BILL, - African Fly-fishing Handbook : A Guide to Freshwater and Saltwater Fly-Fishing in Africa
59585: HANSFORD-STEELE, BILL, - African Fly-fishing Handbook : A Guide to Freshwater and Saltwater Fly-Fishing in Africa
10037: HANSFORD, S, HOWARD, - Jade Essence of Hills And Streams
57576: HANSON, STEVE, - A Varmint Hunter's Odyssey
66453: HANSON, T.W., - The Story of Old Halifax
70390: HANSON, EARL PARKER, - Stefansson Prophet of the Nort
78652: HANSTROM, BERTIL; BRINCK, PER; RUDEBECK, GUSTAF (EDITED BY), - South African Animal Life; Results Of The Lund University Expedition In 1950-1951 Volume 2
59608: HANYU, GAO, - Chinese Textile Designs
52036: O'HARA, FRANK (EDITED BY DONALD ALLEN), - The Collected Poems.
47232: O'HARA, ELIOT, - Making Watercolor Behave
55245: O'HARA, MARY, - My Friend Flicka
74854: O'HARA, GERARD, - Father Joseph Gerard. Oblate of Mary Immaculate
58286: O'HARA, JOHN, - Hellbox
59018: O'HARA, C.W. & WARD, D.R., - An Introduction to Projective Geometry
82774: HARADA, JIRO, - A Glimpse of Japanese Ideals. Lectures on Japanese Art and Culture
67802: HARAND, IRENE, - His Struggle. An Answer to Hitler
79297: HARARI, GUIDO, - Fotografie in Musica
62612: HARARY, FRANK, - Graph Theory
68683: HARBAGE, ALFRED, - Conceptions of Shakespeare
72076: HARBER, ANTON, - Diepsloot
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50391: VAN HEERDEN, EUGENE, - 'n Beeld Van Philipstown Oor 100 Jaar 1863-1963
47008: VAN HEERDEN, ERNST, - Kwadratuur Van Die Sirkel.
71521: VAN HEERDEN, MARIE, - Stokkiesdraai: Die Verwoerdversameling in Beeld en Dokument
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79040: VAN HEERDEN, ETIENNE, - My Kubaan
83278: VAN HEERDEN, ERNST (EDITED BY), - Smal Swaard En Blink: Bundel Aangebied Aan N. P. Van Wyk Louw By Geleentheid Van Sy Sestigste Verjaardag 11 Junie 1966
83353: VAN HEERDEN, ETIENNE, - 30 Nagte in Amsterdam
79221: VAN HEERDEN, ETIENNE, - Toorberg
60026: VAN HEERDEN, CARL (EDITOR), - Ons Volspele-Erfenis. 'n Volkspelehandleiding.
78529: VAN HEERDEN, JACOBUS JOHANNES // STANDER, H., - Die Kommandant Generaal in Die Geskiedenis Van Die Suid Afrikaanse Republiek // Dier Verhouding Tussen Die Boere En Zoeloe Tot Die Dood Van Mpande in 1872
74625: VAN HEERDEN, ERNST, - Sportgedigte
76277: VAN HEERDEN, JANNIE, - Zulu Basketry. The Definitive Guide to Contemporary Zulu Basket Weaving
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67519: HEESE, J.A., - Die Herkoms Van Die Afrikaner 1657-1867
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31459: VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M. & PIENAAR, P. DE V., - Die Kultuurgeskiedenis Van Die Afrikaner. Die Eerste Beskrywing Van Die Boere-Volkslewe In Al Sy Verklaringe
57256: VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M., - Versamelde Gedigte
72067: VAN DEN HEEVER, J.A., - Regsetnologiese Aspekte van Toordoktery
75666: VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M., - Langs Die Grootpad
59657: VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M., - Groei
76177: VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M. (TRANSLATED BY T J HAARHOFF), - Harvest Home (Somer)
77518: VAN DEN HEEVER, C.M., - Die Stryd om Ewewig. Opstelle oor ons strewe na kulturele Selfstandigheid
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52619: HEFER, N. F & BASSON, G.C. (COMPILED BY), - Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd : Fotobiografie/ Pictorial Biography 1901-1966
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59061: HEFTMANN, ERICH & MOSETTIG, ERICH, - Biochemistry of Steroids
22384: HEGEMANN, WERNER, - Facades of Buildings. Fronts of Old and Modern Business and Dwelling Houses. 500 Illustrations Collected By Werner Hegemann
78440: HEGEMANN, WERNER & PEETS, ELBERT, - The American Vitruvius: An Architects' Handbook of Civic Art
59261: HEGENBART, - Seltene Webtaschen Aus Dem Orient / Rare Oriental Woven Bags.
75061: HEGY, REGINALD, - A Witness Through the Centuries
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59048: HEILBRUNN, L.V., - The Dynamics of Living Protoplasm
77005: HEILMAN, ELIZABETH E. (EDITED BY), - Critical Perspectives on Harry Potter
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61179: HEINDEL, MAX, - Freemasonry and Catholicism an Exposition of the Cosmic Facts Underlying These Two Great Institutions as Determined By Occult Investigation.
60142: HEINDEL, MAX & HEINDEL, AUGUSTA FOSS, - Astro-Diagnosis A Guide to Healing
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82286: HEINLEIN, ROBERT, - The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag
78986: HEINZ, THOMAS A., - Dana House Frank Lloyd Wright
63411: HEINZ, H.J., - Tensions and Fights Among the !ko of the Kalahari
65707: HEINZ, HEINZ A., - Germany's Hitler
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12094: HEISE, F., - Sprengstoffe Und Zundung Der Sprengschusse
59036: HEISENBERG, WERNER, - Nuclear Physics
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40638: HEITMAN, HANS-ROMER, - South African Armed Forces
76983: HEITMAN, HELMOED ROMER, - War in Angola. The Final South African Phase
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72504: HEJDUK, JOHN, - Mask of Medusa: Works 1947-1983
78250: VANDERPLANK< HELEN J., - Wildflowers of the Port Elizabeth Area. Gamtoos to Swartkops Rivers (The Coastal Bush and the Fynbos Region)
58060: ST HELENA, - Souvenir of St. Helena
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79971: HELLER, JOSEPH, - Closing Time
50925: HELLER, DAVID, - A History of Cape Silver 1700-1870
15100: HELLER, JOSEPH, - Catch 22
2474: HELLER, DAVID., - A History Of Cape Silver (AND) Further Researches In Cape Silver.
78546: HELLER, STEVEN, - Merz to Emigre and Beyond: Avant-Garde Magazine Design of the Twentieth Century
32090: HELLER, DAVID, - In Search of V.O.C. Glass
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3777: HELLMAN, ELLEN, - Problems Of Urban Bantu Youth
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83192: HELLMANN, ELLEN, - Racial Laws Versus Economic and Social Forces
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68001: HELLMANN, ELLEN & LEVER, HENRY (EDITED BY), - Conflict and Progress. Fifty Years of Race Relations in South Africa
73693: HELLWIG, L. CHRISTOPH, - De vera solutione auri, oder: Bericht von der wahren Solutione Auri, dass solche ... gantz ohne Feur ... zu machen: nebst einem Sendschreiben vom Lapid. Philosophorum
55492: HELME, ELEANOR E., - Family Golf
42243: HELME, NIGEL, - Thomas Major Cullinan
35312: HELMHOLTZ, HERMANN L.F., - On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music
70339: HELMORE, THOMAS & MORLEY, THOMAS, - Music of the Appendix to the Hymnal noted. Containing nearly 250 tunes ... together with several Gregorian hymns and antiphons, etc. .
48871: HELMS, JESSE (AND OTHERS), - Red Locusts. Soviet Support for Terrorism in Southern Africa.
71363: HELMSING, A.H.J.; MUTIZWA-MANGIZA, N.D.; GASPER, D.R.; BRAND, C.M.; WEKWETE, K.H., - Limits to decentralization in Zimbabwe: essays on the decentralization of government and planning in the 1980s
80670: HELPMANN, ROBERT, - A Signed Photograph, with a Compliments Slip.
54880: HELPS, STUART, - British Imperialism
47210: HELY-HUTCHINSON, WALTER, - Citizenship: An Address Delivered at Stellenbosch Wednesday 20th October 1909
78902: HELY'S, - Northlights: A Review 1950-51
80942: HELYER, PATRICK J., - A Guide to Christ Church Cathedral Port Stanley
57090: HEMANS, H.N., - The Log of a Native Commisioner
65843: HEMIGWAY, ERNEST, - The Green Hills of Africa
68044: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - The Old Man and the Sea
72039: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - "The Next Outbeak of Peace" In Ken Magazine. Vol. 3 No. 1., January 12th 1939
56220: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - The Old Man and the Sea
51875: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST (SLEEVE NOTES BY A E HOTCHNER), - Ernest Hemingway Reading: The Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech; Second Poem to Mary; in Harry's Bar at Venice; the Fifth Column; Work in Progress; Saturday Night at the Whorehouse in Billings Montana.
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79798: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - For Whom the Bell Tolls
56987: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - The First 49 Stories
15784: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - Across the River and Into the Trees
1684: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST., - The First Forty Nine Stories.
77621: HEMINGWAY, ERNE4SDT, - The Green Hills of Africa
72038: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - United We Fall Upon." In Ken Magazine. Vol. 1 No. 5., June 2nd, 1938.
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68821: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST, - A Farewell to Arms
83978: HEMMY, GYSBERT (TRANSLATED BY K. D. WHITE), - Oratio Latina De Promontorio Bonae Spei 1767 a Latin Oration Delivered in the Hamburg Academy, 10 April 1767
81935: HEMPHREY, MALCOLM, - The Clerk and the Planter and Other Poems
67758: HEMSON, JOAN, - The Best of Both Worlds - The Autobiography of Joan Hemson
65956: HENCKEN, HUGH, - Tarquinia and Etruscan Origins
80003: HENDERSON, LESLEY, - Alien Weeds and Invasive Plants. A Complete Guide to Declared Weeds and Invaders in South Africa
54393: HENDERSON, W.O., - The Industrial Revolution on the Continent. Germany, France, Russia 1800-1914
52711: HENDERSON, ARTHUR E., - Fountains Abbey Then and Now
53679: HENDERSON, WILLIAM (EDITED BY), - Trial Of William Gardiner (The Peasenhall Case)
51935: HENDERSON, EBENEZER, - Iceland; or the Journal of a Residence in That Island During the Years 1814 and 1815. VOLUME II ONLY
52003: HENDERSON, WILLIAM DARRYL, - Why the Vietcong Fought. A Study of Motivation and Control in a Modern Army in Combat.
50999: HENDERSON, H.D., - Colonies and Raw Materials
47702: HENDERSON, LAWRENCE W., - Angola. Five Centuries of Conflict
76929: HENDERSON, IASN, - Imperialism and the British Labour Movement. Two Views Considered
59296: HENDERSON, JAMES, - The Frigates. An Account of the Lesser Warships of the Wars from 1793 to 1815
84318: HENDERSON, K. D. D., - The Making of the Modern Sudan. The Life and Letters of Sir Douglas Newbold, K.B.E. of the Sudan Political Service, Governor of Kordofan 1932-1938, Civil Secretary 1939-1945
63548: HENDERSON, M.S. & SMIT, J.T. (CHIEF INVESTIGATORS), - AARL Project No. R/92/013 Report No.1. Chloride Leach. Uitkomst Leach Response. Chloride Leach Flowsheet
66916: HENDERSON, PATRICIA, - Waaihoek
72162: HENDERSON, W.P. & PAY, FRANCIS G., - Official South African Municipal Year Book 1914
77562: HENDERSON, PATTI, - Under the Marula Tree
49663: HENDLER, PAUL, - Paths to Power
85465: HENDRICKS, KATE, - The Bend in Tghe Road
23301: HENDRIE, MRS. ROY, - Ouma's Cookery Book
67626: HENDRIKS, P.G., - Gewapende Protes
47449: HENDRY, ROBERT, - A Century of Manx Transport.
75875: HENDRY, G. A. F. & HOUGHTON, J.D. (EDITED BY), - Natural Food Colorants, Second Edition
75820: HENDRY, G.A.F. & HOUGHTON, J.D. (EDITED BY), - Natural Food Colorants
66621: HENDY, PHILIP, - Matthew Smith
76319: HENIG, MARTIN, - Religion in Roman Britain.
71942: HENINGWAY, ERNEST, - The Old Man and the Sea
19070: HENKEL, CAESAR C., - History, Resources and Productions of the Country Between Cape Colony and Natal, or Kaffraria Proper, Now Called the Native or Transkeian Territories, with Large Map.
57215: HENKEL, M.D., - De Houtsneden Van Mansion's Ovide Moralise Bruges 1484
12567: HENKEL, J.S., - A Field Book of the Woody Plants of Natal and Zululand. Being a Key for the Identification of Woody Plants Based on Leaf Characters.
66010: HENKEL, MARGOT & SKAWRAN, KARIN, - Irmin Henkel
72761: HENKEL, ARTHUR & SCHONE, ALBRECHT, - Emblemata Supplement der Erstausgabe
85023: HENLEY, WILLIAM, - The Violin: Solo Playing, Soloists and Solos
73875: HENLEY, DOROTHY, - Rosalind Howard Countess of Carlisle
20881: HENLEY, WILLIAM ERNEST, - A Book of Verses
53159: HENN, T.R., - Shooting a Bat and Other Poems.
49719: HENN, T.R., - The Lonely Tower. Studies in the Poetry of W B Yeats
75872: HENNEL, JACEK W. & KLINOWSKI, JACEK, - Fundamentals of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.
12847: POPE-HENNESEY, - Raphael : The Wrightsman Lectures
63266: HENNESSY, R.W., - Bishop Gray's Educational Work.
70697: HENNING, C.G., - Graaff Reinet A Cultural History
83489: HENNING, ELIZABETH; VAN RENSBURG, WILHELM; SMIT, BRIGITTE, - Finding Your Way in Qualitative Research
84485: HENNING, MICHIEL WILHELM, - The Calf in Health and Disease
76153: HENNING, C.G. (AND OTHERS) (ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF COMPILED BY), - Die Oop Deur: Gedenkboek Uitgereik Tydens Die Eeufees Van Die Middellandse Hospitaal Graaff-Reinet Op 5 November '75 // The Ever Open Door - Memorial Book Issued at the Centenary Celebrations of the Midland Hospital Graaff-Reinet on 5 November '75

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