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58748: DIEDERICHS, N, - Die Kommunistiese Bedreiging
73276: DIEDERICHS, NICO; TOTIUS; DONGES, T.E. (AND NUMEROUS OTHERS), - Feesbrosjure Uitgegee Op Gesag Van Die Uitvorende Raad Van Die Reddingsdaadbond Ter Herdenking Van Die Vyfjarige Bestaan Van Die Bond.
10455: DIEDRICHS, N AND OTHERS, ED, - Die Afrikaner-Personeregister 1942
33925: DIEFFENBACH, ERNEST., - Travels in New Zealand, with Contributions to the Geography, Geology, Botany, and Natural History of That Country.
68231: DIEMONT, MARIUS (EDITED BY), - The Brenthurst Baines
54192: DIEMONT, MARIUS & JOY, - The Brenthurst Baines. A Selection of the Works of Thomas Baines in the Oppenheimer Collection Johannesburg.
40191: DIEMONT, MARIUS, - Brushes with the Law
83409: DIENER, PABLO, - Rugendas 1802-1852
62678: DE DIENES, ANDRE, - `sun-Warmed Nudes
71344: DIERKS, KLAUS, - Khauxa!nas
85242: DIESCHO, JOSEPH, - The Namibian Constitution in Perspective
66352: DIETERLEN, H., - Meqoqo
65738: DIETERS, MICHELE, - Michel Dieters
80534: DIEULAFAIT, LOUIS, - Diamonds And Precious Stones, A Popular Account Of Gems Containing Their History, Their Distinctive Properties And A Description Of The Most Famous Gems Etc.
33168: DIEZ, F.M. (AFTER STIELER, ADOLF), - Deutschland, Konigr. Der Niederlands, Konigr. Belgien Und Die Schweiz nebst Theilen der angränzenden Länder bis Oxford, Portsmouth, Havre, Tours, Lyon, Genua, Bologna, Pesth, Warschau, Königsberg, Odense etc. Nach Adolf Stieler's Entwurf. ........
59557: DIEZ, ERNST, - Shan Shui. Die Chinesische Lanschaftsmalerei.
68597: DIFFORD, I.D., - The M.C.C. Team in South Africa 1922-23, with a Special Sketch of South Africa's International Cricket History.
85328: DIFFORD, IVOR, - The History Of South African Rugby Football (1875-1932)
70713: DIFFORD, I.D., - Supplement to the First Edition of The History of South African Rugby Football
55055: DIGBY, GEORGE WINGFIELD, - Elizabethan Embroidery
74687: DIGBY, PETER, - Pyramids and Poppies: The 1st SA Infantry Brigade in Libya, France, and Flanders, 1915-1919
80666: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - A Fine Sepia Photograph, 170 x 120mm, Head and Shoulders, Inscribed on the Back Signed and Dated 17.4.62.
80912: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - Veronica: Lullaby Waltz
48251: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP (SIGNED PHOTOGRAPH), - An Original Sepia Photograph, Head and Shoulders, 17 x 12 Cm.
47216: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - Worthwhile Journey: The Autobiography of Tromp Van Diggelen
79176: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - Worth While Journey
59530: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - Health Through Common Sense
31982: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - Worthwhile Journey. The Autobiography.
65988: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - Stel Voorligtinge Boeke 1-9
32029: VAN DIGGELEN, TROMP, - AUTOGRAPH LETTER, 2pp. Medium 8vo, Written from Trompsrust, Kalk Bay (no Date, But Ca. 1954)
62138: DIGGLE, PETER J., - Statistical Analysis of Spatial Point Patterns
81585: DIGNE, JEAN, - Art Africain Dans La Collection Pierre Guerre // African Art from the Collection of Pierre Guerre
67345: VAN DIJK, EVERT, - Manderla the First Year of Freedom.
77052: VAN DIJK, TEUN, - Discourse as Structure and Process (Discourse Studies: A Multidisciplinary Introductio) (v. 1)
77041: VAN DIJK, TEUN A, - Communicating Racism: Ethic Prejudice in Thought and Talk
77057: VAN DIJK, TEUN A., - Text and Context: Explorations in the Semantics and Pragmatics of Discourse
75556: VAN DIJK, RIJK; REIS, RIA; SPIERENBERG, MARJA (EDITED BY), - The Quest for Fruition Through Ngoma: The Political Aspects of Healing in South Africa
84396: DIJKSTERHUIS, E.J., - Die Mechanisierung des Weltbildes. Mit einem Geleitwort zur Reprintausgabe von Heinz Maier-Leibnitz.
18279: DIKE, K. ONUKWA, - Trade and Politics in the Niger Delta 1830 - 1885
78707: DIKENI, SANDILE, - Soul Fire: Writing the Transition
72527: DIKENI, SANDILE, - Guava Juice
63012: DIKOBE, MODIKWE, - Dispossessed
77050: DIKOBE, MODIKWE, - The Marabi Dance
72520: DIKOBE, MODIKWE, - The Marabi Dance
70441: DILKE, CHARLES WENTWORTH (1789-1864), - A 2pp. Autograph Letter, Signed and d Ated 1 July (no Year, But Ca. 1830)
67597: DILLON, E.J., - The Eclipse of Old Russia
81055: DILLWYN, LEWIS WESTON (1778-1855), - A1 Page Autograph Letter, to an Unnamed Recipient, Signed and Dated Cheltenham Sept.15 1841
47410: DILMAN, ILHAM, - Studies in Language and Reason
77476: DILMAN, ILHASM & PHILLIPS, D.Z., - Sense and Delusion
15892: DIMAND, MAURICE S., - The Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs in the City Art Museum of St. Louis
50691: DIMBLEBY, RICHARD & BURTON, GRAEME, - More Than Words. An Introduction to Communication
76559: DIMBLEBY, KENNETH, - Hostilities Only
41280: DIMMER, FRIEDRICH, - Beitrage Zur Anatomie Und Physiologie Der MacUla Lutea Des Menschen
69432: DIMOND, JOHN T. (EDITED BY GABRIEL & NIKOLAI ATHIROS), - Wrecked Under The Green Point Light
48766: DIN, F. & COCKETT, A.H., - Low-Temperature Techniques.
76735: DINES, H.G.; BUCHAN, S.; BRISTOW, C.R., - Geology of the Country Around Sevenoaks and Tonbridge
76705: DINES, H.G. & EDMUNDS, F.H., - The geology of the country around Reigate and Dorking
76690: DINES, H.G.; HOLMES, S.C.A.; ROBBIE, J.A., - Geology of the Country Around Chatham
76686: DINES, H.G.; EDMUNDS, F.H.; CHATWIN, C.P., - The Geology Of The Country Around Aldershot And Guildford
53797: DINESEN, ISAK, - Carnival Entertainment and Posthumous Tales
58376: DINESEN, ISAK, - Last Tales
53689: DINGLER, HUGO, - Die Methode Der Physik
76716: DINHAM, C.H. & HALDANE, D., - The Economic Geology of the Stirling and Clackmannan Coalfield,
80777: DION, EMANUEL, - Josef Adam Moser Variationen Quadrat. Arbeiten 1980-1990
48978: DIOP, CHEIKH ANTA, - The African Origin of Civilization. Myth or Reality.
77524: DIOP, BIRAGO, - Birago Diop Ecrivain Senegalais
85121: DIOSCORIDES (TRANSLATED T.A. OSBALDESTON & R.P.A. WOOD), - De Materia Medica, Being an Herbal with Many Other Medicinal Materials, Written in Greek in the First Century of the Common Era
7892: DIOSY, ARTHUR, - The New Far East
71374: DIOUF, MAMMADOU & MAMDAMI, MAHMOOD (EDITED BY), - Liberte Academique En Afrique.
69860: DIPPENAAR, ADRIAAN, - Africa Without the 4 x 4
44581: DIPPENAAR, MARIUS DE WITT, - The History of the South African Police 1913-1988 / Die Geskiedenis Van Die Suid-Afrikaanse Polisie 1913-1988
84583: DIPPENAAR, MATTHYS A., - Pretoria's Fountains – Arteries of Life.
68154: DIPPENAAR, N.J, - Staatsmuseum 100
48573: DIRAN, RICHARD K., - The Vanishing Tribes of Burma
60374: DIRAN, RICHARD, - The Vanishing Tribes of Burma
66377: DUTCH DIRECTORIES (COLLECTION 14 VOLS BOUND TOGETHER), - Naamregister van alle de Heeren Leden der Regeering in de Vereenigde Provincien met derzelver Gedeputeerden in de Generaliteits Collegien (AND 11 Other Titles as Listed below)
85514: INSTITUTE OF DIRECTORS, - The Handbook of International Corporate Governance: A Definitive Guide
81082: DIRECTORY, - Instructional Guide to Modern Living, Incorporating the African's Directory to Bottle Stores (Issued in Anticipation of the Promulgation of the New Liquor Act)
84216: DIRECTORY, - Rhodesia Directory Including Beira, P.E.A. 1930
74252: DIRECTORY, - Special Edition of the Maine Section of the New England Business Directory and Gazetteer for 1928-9
1643: DIRINGER, DAVID., - The Hand Produced Book.
12044: DISCH, THOMAS, - 334
6637: DISCH, THOMAS, - 334
73096: DISCHL, MARCEL, - Two Missionary Bishops: Emmanuel Hanisch and Joseph Grueter
56666: DISON, L.R. & MOHAMED, I., - Group Areas and Their Development Including Land Tenure and Occupation.
76143: DISSEL, PHILIPPA (EDITED BY), - Zebra Register of South African Artists & Galleries 2002
7062: DISSTON, HENRY & SONS, - Saws, Tools, Files , Knives, Steel
70408: DISTANT, WILLIAM LUCAS, - An Autograph Letter to Henry Eeles Dresser, Signed and Dated March 17 1901.
15737: DISTANT, W.L., - Insecta Transvaaliensa. A Contribution to a Knowledge of the Entomology of South Africa. Vol 1 (ALL PUBLISHED)
63239: DITTRICH, EITEL (AND OTHERS), - Dittrich Album. 10.02.1845 - 31.12.1995
71442: DIVERSITY AND QUALITY : ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT AT SOUTH AFRICAN TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS : A COMPARATIVE CASE STUDY CONDUCTED BY CASEAVLICH, GEORGE & ORKIN, MARK, - Diversity and Quality : Academic Development at South African tertiary institutions : a comparative case study conducted by CASE
72867: INFORMATION DIVISION, - Desecration/ Profanation/ Profanacion Nineteen Years of Jordanian 'Guardianship'
68696: ADMIRALTY WAR STAFF INTELLIGENCE DIVISION, - A Handbook of Mesopotamia. Prepared on behalf of the admiralty and the War Office. VOLUME I: GENERAL
68697: ADMIRALTY WAR STAFF INTELLIGENCE DIVISION, - A Handbook of Mesopotamia. Prepared on behalf of the admiralty and the War Office. VOLUME IV: Northern Mesopotamia and Central Kurdistan.
43464: DIXEY, F., - An Outline of the Physiography, Geology and Mineral Resources of Nyasaland. (Reprinted from the Nyasaland Handbook)
58725: DIXEY, F., - The Geology of the Lower Shire-Zambezi Area
68963: DIXEY, F., - Some Aspects of the Geomorphology of Central and Southern Africa.
2240: DIXIE, LADY FLORENCE, - In The Land Of Misfortune
76652: DIXON, E. E. L., - The Geology of the South Wales Coal Field. Part XIII: The Country Around Pembroke and Tenby
52906: DIXON, W. MACNEILE, - Hellas Revisited
52965: DIXON, FRANKLIN W., - Hardy-Hulle. Die Mummie Saak
52966: DIXON, FRANKLIN W., - Hardy-Hulle. Skelmstreke in Smokkelaarsbaai
52967: DIXON, FRANKLIN W., - Hardy-Hulle. Die Silwerbuit.
47259: DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH, - The Holy Land
24027: DIXON, R.M. (EDITED BY), - Grammatical Categories in Australian Languages
26282: DIXON, R.M.W. & GODRICH, J, - Recording the Blues
35571: DIXON, WILLIAM HEPWORTH, - Free Russia
72646: DIXON, C.M., - The Leaguer of Ladysmith. Nov. 2nd 1899 to Feb. 28th 1900.
71002: DIXON, JOHN, - Social Welfare in Africa
34634: DIXON, W. HEPWORTH ( TO BISHOP COLENSO), - A 3pp. Autograph Letter to Bishop Colenso, on Athenaeum Letterhead, Signed and Dated Feb.24 1863
72645: DIXON, C.M., - The Leaguer of Ladysmith. Nov. 2nd 1899 to Feb. 28th 1900.
41035: DIXON, CHARLES, - Parachutes for Airmen
22886: DIXON, R.M.W. & GODRICH, J., - Recording the Blues
73292: DIXON, FRANKLIN W. & LINK, SHEILA, - The Hardy Boys Survival Handbook
82867: DJELANTIK, A.A.M., - Birthmark: Memoirs of a Balinese Prince
51415: DJILAS, MILOVAN, - Montenegro
81230: DJURIC, DUBRAVKA & SUVAKOVIC (EDITED BY), - Impossible Histories: Historic Avant-Gardes, Neo-Avant-Gardes, and Post-Avant-Gardes in Yugoslavia, 1918-1991
76136: DLADLA, ANGIFI (COMPILED BY), - Wa Lala, Wa Sala
74705: DMITH, CYRUS (EDITED BY), - Paratus VOL.25 No.12 December 1974
56997: DMITRIEV-MAMONEV, A.I. & ZDZIARSKI, A.F. (EDITED BY), - Guide to the Great Siberian Railway (1900)
40194: DMOCHOWSKI, Z.R., - An Introduction to Nigerian Traditional Architecture. VOLUME 1: Northern Nigeria; VOLUME 2: South-west and Central Nigeria; VOLUME 3: South-Eastern Nigeria The Igbo-speaking areas
74165: DO LAGO, ANDRE ARANHA CORREA, - Palacio Itamaraty, Brasilia, Rio De Janeiro
13261: DOBB, MAURICE, - Wages
30102: DOBB, MAURICE, - Welfare Economics and The Economics of Socialism
54465: DOBBS, BRIAN, - The Last Shall Be First : The Colourful Story of John Lobb the St James's Bootmakers
50148: DOBELL, ANNE (EDITED BY), - Stanley Spencer R.A.
74712: DOBKIN, MONTY, - More Tales of Manchester Jewry
76027: DOBLER, PAUL (EDITED BY), - 75 Jahre Basellandschaftlicher Schwingerverband 1908-1983
50941: DOBLIN, ALFRED, - Aufsatze Zur Literatur
51447: DOBSON, CHRISTOPHER & MILLER, JOHN, - The Day We Almost Bombed Moscow. The Allied War in Russia 1918-1920
75442: DOBSON, PAUL & BOTHA, AMANDA, - Larger Than Life - A Biography of Jan Bull Pickard
66128: DOBSON, PAUL, - 1995 Rugby World Cup Review
66131: DOBSON, PAUL, - World Cup 1995 the Definitive Guide
11619: DOBSON, JESSIE & WAKELY, CECIL, - Sir George Buckston Brown
80158: DOBSON, PAUL; HAMILTON, TOM; KNIGHT, MATTHEW, - Derby day : South African Schoolboy Rugby
85237: DOBSON, RICHARD MARK & MOWZOWSKI, RUBEN, - Karoo Moons: A Photographic Journey
71259: DOBSON, AUSTIN, - Fielding
80227: DOBSON, RICHARD; SKINNER, CAROLINE; NICHOLSON, JILIAN, - Working in Warwick: Including Street Traders in Urban Plans
81858: DOBSON, RICHARD & MOWSZOWSKI, RUBEN, - Karoo Moons: A Photographic Journey
58375: DOCHERTY, MARY, - A Miner's Lass
74078: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J., - The Song of the Loom: New Traditions of Navajo Weaving
53834: INSTITUT NATIONAL DE RECHERCHES ET DE DOCUMENTATION, - Recherches Africaines Etudes Guineenes Nouvelle Serie) No.3. Juil. - Sept. 1962
53835: INSTITUT NATIONAL DE RECHERCHES ET DE DOCUMENTATION, - Recherches Africaines Etudes Guineenes Nouvelle Serie) No.4. Oct. - Decr. 1962
68396: DODD, ALFRED, - The Martyrdom of Francis Bacon
54349: DODD, ALFRED, - The Immortal Master
51195: DODD, C.H. & SALES, MARY, - Israel and the Arab World
73126: DODD, EDWARD, - Polynesian Seafaring : A Disquisition on Prehistoric Celestial Navigation and the Nature of Seagoing Double Canoes .
65191: DODD, A.D. & CORDINGLEY, W.A., - South African Citizenship
35144: DODD, GEORGE, - British Manufactures: Metals; Chemical; Textile; 9Series IV (Miscellaneous); Series V; Series VI
71929: DODD, ALEX, - Kim Lieberman Human Currents
71102: DODD, HAROLD & COCKETT, FRANK B., - Pathology and Surgery of the Veins of the Lower Limb
59203: DODDS, DENNIS R. & EILAND, MURRAY L. (EDITORS), - Oriental Rugs from Atlantic Collections. Eighth International Conference on Oriental Carpets Philadelphia 1996
5678: DODGE, ERNEST, S, - Beyond the Capes : Pacific Exploration From Captain Cook To The Challenger (1776-1877)
74863: DODGE, VENUS & DODGE, MARTIN, - The Doll's House Do-It-Yourself Book
72365: DODGSON, GEORGE HAYDOCK (1811=1880),, - A 1 Page Autograph Letter, to W. R. Dickinson, Signed and Dated April 28, 1849.
63862: DODS, MARCUS, - Mohammed. Buddha and Christ. Four Lectures on Natural and Revealed Religion.
75908: DODSON, MELVIN G/ (EDITED BY), - Transvaginal Ultrasound
48967: DODWELL, G.T., - The Lizard Canary and Other Rare Breeds
82403: DODWELL, G. T. & HILLS, JOHN W., - Canary Standards in Colour. An Exhibitor's Guide to the Canary Fancy.
70816: DOE, JOHN (PSEUD. VICTOR SAMPSON), - Desires a poem of main Things
84452: DOEPEL, RORY, - 'Pataphysics. Massimo Schuster. Marcel Duchamp. Enrico Baj
61065: DOEPEL, R. T. (NOTES BY), - Giuseppe Cattaneo. Retrospective Exhibition Gertrude Posel Gallery University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg 19 April - 25 May 1977
47342: DOHLHOFF, GUNTHER S. & SCHNEEFUSS, WALTER, - Handbuch Der Gemeinschaftspflege.
85485: DOHNALOVA, MARIE, - Alfred Justitz
51647: VON DOHNANYI, ERNST, - Vfier Rhapsodien Fur Pianoforte Op.11
62835: DOI, TSUGIYOSHI, - Momoyama Decorative Painting (The Heibonsha Survey of Japanese Art, Vol. 14)
66399: DOIDGE, ETHEL M., - South African Microthyriaceae
51816: DOIDGE, E.M. & BOTTOMLEY, A.M. (COMPILED BY), - A Revised List of Plant Diseases in South Africa.
46081: DOIDGE, E.M., - Potato Diseases
33886: DOIDGE, ETHEL M., - The South African Funfi and Lichens to the End of 1945 (Bothalia Vol.5)
65332: DOIZE, RENEE L., - Les Boules de Pierre et les Pierres Perforees des Collections de Prehistoire (Annales du Musee du Congo Belge. Serie I, Anthropologie et Prehistoire, Tome I., Fascicule 3.)
26007: DOKE, CLEMENT M., - Text Book of Lamba Grammar
27088: DOKE, C.M. (COMPILED BY), - Zulu-English Vocabulary
62886: DOKE, CLEMENT M., - An Outline of the Phonetics of the Language of the Chu: Bushmen of North-west Kalahari
52367: DOKE, C.M. & VILAKAZI, B.W., - Zulu-English Dictionary
52636: DOKE, C.M. & COLE, D.T., - Trekking in South Central Africa 1913 - 1919
16200: DOKE, CLEMENT M., - Report on the Unification of the Shona Dialects, Carried Out Under the Auspices of the Government of Southern Rhodesia and the Carnegie Corporation.
49642: DOKE, C.M.; MALCOLM, D.M.; SIKAKANA, J.M.A.; VILAKAZI, B.W. (COMPILED BY), - English-Zulu Zulu-English Dictionary.
82579: DOKE, C.M. & VILAKAZI, B., - Zulu-English Dictionary
46083: DOKE, C.M. & COLE, D.T., - Contributions to the History of Bantu Linguistics.
67789: DOLAN, CHRIS, - Social Torture: The Case of Northern Uganda, 1986-2006 (Human Rights in Context)
47943: DOLBEY, ROBERT V., - Sketches of the East African Campaign
7991: DOLINGER, JANE, - Gypsies Of The Pampa : The story of a civilisation
52680: DOLITTLE, HILDA (HD), - Hedylus
64485: DOLLIE, NA-IEM (EDITED BY), - A Political Review of Namibia: Nationalism in Namibia
35091: DOLLMAN, J.G., - Catalogue of the Selous Collection of Big Gane in the British Museum (Natural History)
18512: DOLLMAN, J.G & BURLACE, J.B., - Rowland Ward's Records of Big Game with Their Distribution, Characteristics, Dimensions, Weights and Horn and Tusk Measurements.
62038: PAPER DOLLS., - Fashion Paper Dolls
2730: DOLMAN, ALFRED, - In The Footsteps of Livingstone Being the Diaries and Travel Notes made by Alfred Dolman.
15572: DOLMETSCH, MABEL, - Dances of Spain and Italy from 1400 to 1600
69832: DOMENIQUE, - Art in Physique Photography. Volume 1
57670: DOMENJOZ, LUC, - Jean Alesi Red Missiles
58219: DOMINGUES, ANGELA, - Portugal e Brazil. Contactos, Confrontos e Econtros Duranto Os Primeiros Anos Da Presenca Portuguesa No Novo Mundo / Portugal and Brazil. Contacts, Confrontations and Meetings During the First Years of the Portuguese Presence in the New World.
60407: DOMINICUS, F.C., - Het huiselik en maatschappelik leven van de Zuid-Afrikaner in de eerste helft der 18de eeuw.
21861: DOMINY, ERIC, - Judo Throws and Counters
70014: DOMINY, ERIC, - The Art of Judo
49534: DOMMISSE, HERMIEN, - Long Journey of the Heart: A Memoir.
52782: DOMMISSE, HERMIEN / VAKTAALBURO VAN DIE SUID-AFRIKAANSE AKADEMIE VAN WETENSKAP EN KUNS, - Teaterwoordeboek. Theatrical Dictionary. Afrikaans - Engels. English - Afrikaans.
81173: DOMMISSE, JAN & DOMMISSE, TIENEKE, - Familia Dommisse
70927: DOMMISSE, EBBE, - Sir David Pieter De Villiers Graaff First Baronet De Grendel
55177: DOMMISSE, EBBE, - Anton Rupert
63976: DOMMISSE, HERMIEN, - Long Journey of the Heart. A Memoir.
78396: DOMMISSE, BOET & WESTBY-NUNN, TONY, - Simon's Town an Illustrated Historical Perspective
78262: DOMVILLE-FIFE, C.W., - World Travels Volume III: "Journeys and Explorations in Africa and South America"
73198: DOMVILLE-FIFE, CHARLES W., - The Great States of South America: A Concise Account of Their Condition and Resources with the Laws Relating to Government Concessions
80630: K, DON EDWARD & COWAN, CHRISTOPHER C., - Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change
104: WALKER CLIVE + RICHARDS DON., - Walk Through the Wilderness.
67284: DON, R.S. (EDITED BY), - Wine List Decorations 1961 - 1963
61162: DONAGAN, ALAN, - The Later Philosophy of R.G. Collingwood
53565: DONALD, IAN; PLATZKY, LAURINE; SHIER, JUDITH (EDITED BY), - Removals and the Law. Transcript of a Workshop Held in Grahamstown July 1982.
49498: DONALD, ANNE, - David Donaldson. Painter and Limner to Her Majesty the Queen in Scotland.
64204: DONALD, ALLAN, - White Lightning
73316: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who Social and Business 1939. An Illustrated Biographical Sketch Book of South Africans and South African Business.
53650: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who 1911. An Illustrated Biographical Sketch Book of South Africans.
52200: DONALDSON, MARGARET, - Minors in Roman-Dutch Law
56540: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who Social and Business 1937. An Illustrated Biographical Sketch Book of South Africans and South African Business.
57143: DONALDSON, LOIS, - One Hundred Fairy Tales.
85144: DONALDSON, - Donaldson's Port Elizabeth Street Map
49694: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who (Social and Business) 1933
73522: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who Social and Business 1939. An Illustrated Biographical Sketch Book of South Africans and South African Business.
67311: DONALDSON, WILLIAM, - The Highland Pipe and Scottish Society 1750-1950. Transmission, Change and the Concept of Tradition.
84006: DONALDSON, ROGER (EDITED BY), - The Complete Guide to Bass Fishing Southern Africa 2007 - 2008
79543: DONALDSON, ROGER, - Complete Guide to Bass Fishing in Southern Africa 2007/2008
68423: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who 1952
71321: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - Who's Who in Southern Africa 1960
71320: DONALDSON, KEN (EDITED BY), - South African Who's Who 1954
80923: DONCASTER, L., - Heredity in the Light of Recent Research
41225: DONDERS, F.C., - Nog Eens: De Kleurstelsels Naar4 Aanleiding Van Hering's Kritiek.
83913: DONGES, T.E.; GERDENER, G.B.A.; DU PLESSIS, I.D.; THERON, ERIKA; SADIE, J.L.; YELD, R.W.A.; EISELEN, W.W.M., - Die Kleurling in die Suid-Afrikaanse Samelewing - Referate gelewer op die Sesde Jaarvergadering van die Suid-Afrikaanse Buro vir Rasse-Aangeleenthede (SABRA)
72479: DONGES, T.E., - Die Afrikaanse Gedagte En Die Draers Daarvan.
70948: DONGES, EBEN, - A 2pp Autograph Letter to Colonel Meyer, Signed Eben and Billie Donges, Dated 6 April (1953)
68131: DONINGTON, ROBERT, - Performer's Guide to Baroque Music
56186: DONLEAVY, J.P., - A Singular Man
54886: DONNE, JOHN (EDITED BY RIVERS SCOTT), - No Man is an Island: A Selection from the Prose.
72125: DONNE, JOHN (EDITED BY HERBERT J. C. GRIERSON), - The Poems of John Donne, Edited from the Old Editions and Numerous Manuscripts, with Introductions and Commentary by Herbert J. C. Grierson. Volume 1: The Text of the Poems, with Appendixes. Volume 2: Introduction and Commentary.
61020: DONNE, JOHN (EDITED BY EVELYN MARY SIMPSON), - Donne's Sermon of Valediction at His Going into Germany Preached at Lincoln's Inn April 18, 1619
62292: DONNE, JOHN, - Anatomie of the World Wherein By occasion of the Untimely death of Mistris Elizabeth Drury the Frailtie and the decay of This Whole World is Represented
82292: DONNE, JOHN (EDITED BY SIMON LAWRENCE), - Mud Walls: Excerpts from the Sermons of John Donne
34285: O'DONNELL, PETER, - A Taste for Death
42072: O'DONNELL, PETER, - The Black Pearl (AND) Vikings
11652: O'DONNELL, PETER, - The Night of Morningstar
12292: O'DONNELL, PETER, - Modesty Blaise Baasspioen
19689: O'DONNELL, PETER, - Last Day in Limbo
57921: DONNELLY, P.J., - Blanc De Chine. The Porcelain of Tehua in Fukien.
62821: DONNELLY, JOHN J., - The Handloader's Manual of Cartridge Conversions
5307: DONNELY, P.J, - Blanc De Chine: The Porzelain Of Tehua In Eukien
54445: DONNER, ETTA, - Hinterland Liberia
60921: DONOSO, JOSE, - The Obscene Bird of Night
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17193: EBERLEIN, HAROLD DONALDSON, - Villas of Florence and Tuscany
68248: EBERSOHN, WESSEL, - A Lonely Place to Die
73412: EBERSOHN, C., - Mense Van Suid Afrika 1 // People of South Africa 1
70919: EBERT, NIKOLAUS (PSEUD. DR. NIK), - Nation of Champions: How Team SA Won the World Cup
78504: EBR.-VALLY, REHANA, - Kala Pani Caste and Colour in South Africa
70862: EBRAHIM, HASSEN, - The Soul of a Nation: Constitution-making in South Africa
61271: VAN ECK, G.J., - Huldingsfees Ter Ere Van Anton Van Wouw. Gereel Deur Die Pretoriase Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniging. Nuwe Stadhuis Pretoria 8 Desember 1943
83743: VAN ECK, KOOS, - A River Runs Through. A History of Henley on Klip
77948: ECKER, SUZANNE, - Rudolf Scharpf. Holzschnitte Und Holztafeln. Eine Retrospektive 1947-1994. Pfalzgalerie Kasiserslautern
73864: ECLIPSE (TRADE CATALOGUE), - Eclipse Hack Saw Blades and Frames; Engineers Tools; Tool Bits
64464: ECO, UMBERTO, - Il Pendolo Di Foucault
56933: ECO, UMBERTO, - Lector in Fabula. La Cooperazione Interpretativa Nei Testi Narrativi
48625: ECONOMIC, FINANCIAL AND TRANSIT DEPARTMENT LEAGUE OF NATIONS, - International Currency Experience. Lessons of the Inter-war Period.
66617: EDDINGTON, ARTHUR, - The Philosophy of Physical Science
60384: EDDY, JOHN & SCHREUDER, DEREK (EDITED BY), - The Rise of Colonial Nationalism
83550: EDE, D.J., - The Golden Spoon; A History Of St. Andrew's School for Girls 1902-2002
68682: EDE, CHARLES, - The Art of the Book, Some Record of Work Carried out in Europe and the U.S.A. 1939-1950.
82623: EDELHEIM, MARGARETE, - Sudafrikanische Impressionen: Reiseberichte Fur Die C.-V.-Zeitung Mai-juli 1936
53503: EDELMAN, BERNARD, - Ownership of the Image. Elements For a Marxist Theory of Law
68957: EDELSTEIN, CYRIL, - Mystery Adorns the World
29275: EDELSTEIN, MELVILLE LEONARD, - What Do Young Africans Think? An Attitude Survey of Urban African Matric Pupils in Soweto with Special Rederence to Stereotyping and Social Distance. A Sociological Study.
80896: EDEN, GEORGE (FIRST EARL OF AUCKLAND) 1784-1849, - A 1 Page Autograph Letter to Capt Eastwick, Signed and Dated June 23 1846
22192: EDGAR, ROBERT, - Prophets with Honour. A Documentary History of Lekhotla La Bafo
9464: WALLACE EDGAR, - Unnoficial Dispatches Of The Anglo Boer War 1899-1902
84774: EDGAR, M. G., - A Treasury of Verse for Little Children
10171: EDGELL, G.H, - The American Architecture of Today
37416: EDGEWORTH, MARIA, - Rosamond. A Sequel to Early Lessons. In Two Volumes.
37417: EDGEWORTH, MARIA, - Continuation of Early Lessons in Two Volumes. Vol.1, Containing Frank, and the Beginning Of Rosamond; Vol.II, Containing the Conclusion of Rosamond, and Harry and Lucy.
9840: EDGEWORTH, RICHARD LOVELL & MARIA, - Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth Esq Begun By Himself And Concluded By His Daughter Maria Edgeworth
60391: EDGEWORTH, MARIA, - Lazy Lawrence and Simple Susan. Two Stories for Young Persons.
78840: EDIGHEJI, OMANO (EDITED BY), - Constructing a Democratic Developmental State in South Africa: Potentials and Challenges
78401: EDINBURGH, DUKE OF, - Communication
58815: PIOBAIREACHD SOCIETY (COMUNN A PIOBAIREACHD) (EDITED BY, - Piobaireachd. A Fifth Book of 16 Tunes.
58816: PIOBAIREACHD SOCIETY (COMUNN A PIOBAIREACHD) (EDITED BY, - Piobaireachd. A Second Book of 12 Tunes.
58817: PIOBAIREACHD SOCIETY (COMUNN A PIOBAIREACHD) (EDITED BY, - Piobaireachd. A Third Book of 12 Tunes.
70858: GROUP EDITORS, - Hunt Leuchards & Hepburn Limited 125 Years of Progress 1850-1975
17342: EDLER, FRIEDRICH, - The Dutch Republic and the American Revolution
50033: EDLIN, HERBERT L., - Broadleaves.
76006: EDLIN, H. L., - Trees, Woods and Man
74824: EDMAIER, BERNHARD, - Patterns of Earth
78476: EDMOND, JOHN, - Bushcat Minstrel of the Wild
65294: EDMOND, JOHN (WRITTEN AND SUNG BY), - Baden Powell. Boy Scouts of South Africa 75th Anniversary Commemorative Record. 1907-1982
30341: EDMOND, JOHN, - Bushcat. Minstrel of the Wild.
76731: EDMONDS, E.A.; POOLE, E.G.; WILSON, V., - Geology of the Country Around Banbury and Edge Hill
20656: EDMONDS, JOHN MAXWELL, - Fragments of Attic Comedy VOLUME II
76730: EDMONDS, E.A. & DINHAM, C.H., - Geology Of The Country Around Nantwich And Whitchurch.
59268: EDMUNDS, HENRY (COMPILED BY), - Extracts from Several Treaties Subsisting Between Great Britain and Other Kingdoms and States, of such Articles and Clauses, as relate to the Duty and Conduct of the Commanders of His Majesty's Ship of War
78940: EDMUNDS, TOM OWN, - Bhutan : Land of the Thunder Dragon
47401: EDMUNDSON, GEORGE, - History of Holland
80436: KRUGER NATIONAL PARK // JACANA EDUCATION, - Make the Most of Kruger
71924: EDWARD, DUKE OF WINDSOR, - The Crown and the people: 1902-1953
38478: EDWARDES, R. DES ANGES (COMPILED BY), - The African Building and Engineering Manual, 1943, in Which is Incorporated the South African Building and Allied Trades Manual . VOLUME VIII
68800: EDWARDES, MICHAEL, - The Myth of the Mahatma : Gandhi, the British and the Raj
74778: EDWARDES, CHARLES (AND SEVERAL OTHERS), - Historic Houses of the United Kingdom Descriptive Historical Pictorial
77413: EDWARDS, DENNIS, - The Gold Fields of South Africa, Comprising the History, Extent, Locality and Geological Formation of the Various Gold Fields....Containing Full Particulars Relating to Gold Mining Companies.......
85689: EDWARDS, LIONEL, - My Irish Sketchbook
85690: EDWARDS, LIONEL, - My Hunting Sketchbook
55445: EDWARDS, ISOBEL E., - Towrds Emancipation. A Study in South African Slavery
52963: EDWARDS, PHILIP; EWBANK, INGA-STINA; HUNTER, G.K. (EDITED BY), - Shakespeare's Styles. Essays in Honour of Kenneth Muir.
53149: EDWARDS, RUTH DUDLEY, - An Atlas of Irish History
54141: EDWARDS, ELWIN HARTLEY, - The Encyclopedia of the Horse
52010: EDWARDS, JOHN, - Reminiscences of the Early Life and Missionary Labours of the Rev John Edwards, Fifty Years a Wesleyan Missionary in South Africa
48806: EDWARDS, D.C. & BOGDAN, A.V., - Important Grassland Plants of Kenya
50311: EDWARDS, ELWYN HARTLEY (EDITED BY), - A Standard Guide to Horse & Pony Breeds
30443: EDWARDS, DENZIL, - A Plant Ecological Survey of the Tugela River Basin (Natal Town and Regional Planning Reports #10; Botanical Survey of South Africa Memoir No.36)
29630: EDWARDS, LIONEL, - My Hunting Sketch Book Volume II
74325: EDWARDS, AMELIA, - A Midsummer Ramble In The Dolomites
58616: EDWARDS, VERYAN, - Thapong International Artists' Workshop. Mahalapye Botswana 1993
57131: EDWARDS, A. CECIL, - The Persian Carpet. A Survey of the Carpet-Weaving Industry of Persia.
67956: EDWARDS, JOHN & WOOD, RICHARD, - The History and Register of Aldenham School, Twelfth Edition 1997 for the Four Hundredth Anniversary of the Foundation.
40116: EDWARDS, TRYSTAN, - Styler and Composition in Architecture
81540: EDWARDS, RALPH, - The Shorter Dictionary of English Furniture from the Middle Ages to the Late Georgian Period
58214: EDWARDS, PAM (COMPILED ND EDITED BY), - Easy Cooking. The Dutch Influence on South African Cooking
69332: EDWARDS, J.G., - William Stubbs
74381: EDWARDS, LOVETT FIELDING, - A Wayfarer in Yugoslavia
64005: EDWARDS, CLARE KELLY (COMPILED BY), - 1965-1979. A Cartoon History of Rhodesia
59274: EDWARDS, A. CECIL, - The Persian Carpet. A Survey of the Carpet-Weaving Industry of Persia.
66269: EDWARDS, HASRRY, - Spirit Healing
59324: EDWARDS, A. CECIL, - The Persian Carpet. Asurvey of the Carpet-Weaving Industry of Persia.
75667: EDWARDS, T. J. (INTRODUCTION BY), - Badges of H.M. Services
62168: EDWARDS, A.W.F., - Likelihood: An account of the statistical concept of likelihood and its application to scientific Inference
66434: EDWARDS, JOHN, - Reminiscences of the Early Life and Missionary Labours of the Rev John Edwards, Fifty Years a Wesleyan Missionary in South Africa
75258: EDWARDS, DENNIS, - Picturesque South Africa - An Album of 250 Choice Photographic Engravings Consisting of Beautiful Views of Colonial Scenery, Interesting Phases of Colonial Life, & Characteristic Pictures of the Chief Cities & Towns in South Africa
81291: EDWARDS, JULIE ANNE MARGARET, - Hokoyo : Silent Spoors & Parting Blades
70698: EDWARDS, HILTON, - Rhodesian Independence Justified
85329: EDWARDS, ISOBEL EIRLYS, - The 1820 Settlers in South Africa A Study in British Colonial Policy
66267: EDWARDS, HASRRY, - A Guide to Spirit Healing
66268: EDWARDS, HASRRY, - The Truth About Spiritual Healing
85691: EDWARDS, LIONEL, - Huntsmen Past and Present
85692: EDWARDS, LIONEL, - Sketches in Stable and Kennel
83504: EDWARDS, LIONEL, - Sketches in Stable and Kennel
71297: VAN EEDEN, ELISE S. (EDITED BY), - New Contree VOLUME 52
48972: VAN EEDEN, GUY, - The Crime of Being White
73641: VAN EEDEN, JOHAN H., - Parys 1876-1976..Die Geskiedenis Van Parys
35387: VAN EEDEN, B.I.C., - The Grammar of Soli (Annals of the University of Stellenbosch Volume XIV Section B No.1 October 1936)
77267: VAN EEDEN, B.I.C., - Zoeloe-Grammatika
76431: VAN EEDEN, ELIZE SONJA, - Die Geskiedenis Van Die Gatsrand Vanaf Die Vestiging Van Die Trekkergemeenskap Omstreeks 1839 Tot Die Proklamerung Van Carletonville in 1948
82193: VAN EEDEN, O. R., - Geological Map, to Accompany Geological Survey Memoir No. 33. The Geology of the Country Around Bethlehem and Kestell with special reference to oil Indications
72000: VAN EEDEN & DU PREEZ, AMANDA (EDITED BY), - South African Visual Culture
80097: VAN EEDEN, ELIZE S., - Time Cultivates Winners: SENWES A Century of Agriculture
82995: VAN EEKELEN, YVONNE (EDITED AND COMPILED BY), - The Magical Panorama. The Mesdag Panorama, an experience in spcace and time.
79169: VON EELKING, BARON, - Gestiefelt Und Gespornt; 300 Jahre Reiteretikette
28188: EELS, ROGER (EDITED BY), - VIM the Vital Magazine Vol 1 No. 2 March 1940
54366: EEMAN, L.E., - The Technique of Conscious Evolution, Incorporating Self and Superman.
40238: EGAN, LESLEY, - Motive in Shadow
40239: EGAN, LESLEY, - Paper Chase
61540: EGAN, BERESFORD, - Epitaph
62478: EGAN, VAN GORMAN, - Tyee : The Story of the Tyee Club of British Colombia
73523: EGAN, DAVID, - Coal Society: A History of the South Wales Mining Valleys 1840-1980
19023: EGELAND, LEIF, - Bridges of Understanding. A Personal Record in Teaching, Law, Politics and Diplomacy
68003: EGELAND, LEIF, - Bridges of Understanding, A Personal Record in Teaching, Law, Politics and Diplomacy
67178: EGEN, HENNIE (EDITED BY), - Informa VOL XXXI No 7 August 1984
58623: EGERSDORFER, HEINRICH, - Sketche of South African Life SERIES 1-6 (36 postcards)
72796: CHARLES PENSTONE; HEINRICH EGERSDORFER, - A Bound Volume Containing 23 Issues of THE OWL: Wit and Wisdom Weekly
72795: CHARLES PENSTONE; HEINRICH EGERSDORFER, - A Bound Volume Containing 23 Issues of THE OWL: Wit and Wisdom Weekly
14114: EGERTON, H.E. & GRANT, W.L., - Selected Speeches and Despatches Relating to Canadian Constitutional History
30106: EGERTON, R.A.D., - Investment Decisions Under Uncertainty
57561: EGGAR, ROBIN, - Shooting in 8 Days
6437: EGGLESTON, GEORGE, T, - Virgin Islands
8445: EGGS, GEORGE JOSEPH, - Purpura Docta, seu vitae Legationes res geastae, obitus..... S.R.E Cardinalium
55321: EGGS, GEORG JOSEPH, - Pontificium Doctum, seu, Vitae, res gestae, obitus, aliaque scitu ac memoratu digna summorum pontificum Romanorum
71884: EGGUM, ARNE, - Munch and Photography
78711: EGGUM, ARNE, - Edvard Munch Paintings, Sketches, and Studies
64428: EGLIN, COLIN, - Crossing the Borders of Power: The Memoirs of Colin Eglin
62884: EGLINGTON, CHARLES, - Maud Sumner
55237: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook #49 December 1970
56063: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook 47
56065: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook 51
56066: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook 52
56067: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook 53
56068: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook 61
56069: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook 62
28971: EGLINGTON, HOPE (EDITED BY), - Artlook #26 January 1969
57801: EGLINTON, EDMUND, - The Last of the Sailing Coasters.
77314: EHMIG, PAUL, - Das Deutsche Haus: I (Frühzeit, Kloster- und Feudalwohnbau + Bauernhaus und städtischer Wohnbau): II (Entwicklungsprobleme und Grundlagen + Gesinnungswerte und Ziele): III (Bedingungen der Anlage und des Aufbaues + Die Gestaltung des Hauskorpers, .......
54373: EHRENWALD, JAN, - Telepathy and Medical Psychology
79777: EHRET, CHRISTOPHER, - An African Classical Age: Eastern and Southern Africa in World History, 1000 B.C. to A.D.400
66534: EHRHARDT, ROY E., - American Pocket Watch Identification and Price Guide. BOOK 2
63751: EHRLICH, PAUL R.; DOBKIN, DAVID S.; WHEYE, DARRYL, - Birds in jeopardy: the imperiled and extinct birds of the United States and Canada, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
68541: EHRLICH, A., - Berühmte Klavierspieler der Vergangenheit und Gegenwart. Eine Sammlung von 116 Biographien und 114 Porträts.
49810: EHRMAN, BART D., - The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot. A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed.
80328: VON EICHBORN, REINHART, - Der Grosse Eichborn. Wirtschaft, Recht, Verwaltung, Verkehr, Umgangssprache. Englisch - Deutsch (AND) Deutsch-Englisch
75956: EICHER, JOANNE B. & ROSS, DORAN H. (EDITED BY), - Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion . VOLUME 1: Africa
79404: EICHER, CARL K. & STAATZ, JOHN M. (EDITED BY), - International Agricultural Development
78996: EIGELAAR, JOHNNIWE, - As Die Skipper Op Die Voorstewe Staan!
59249: EILAND,MURRAY (ITED BY), - A World of Carpets and Textiles
74079: EILAND, MURRAY L., - Chinese and Exotic Rugs
25780: EILAND, MURRAY L., - Oriental Rugs. A Comprehensive Guide
84817: EILERSEN, GILLIAN STEAD, - Bessie Head. Thunder Behind Her Ears. Her Life and Writing.
54652: EILERSON, GILLIAN STEAD, - Bessie Head. Thunder Behind Her Ears. Her Life and Writing.
83817: EINHORN, ELSABE, - The William of Orange Epics, aka The Heroic Deeds of Count William of Orange and His Kin
77547: EINS, ANNALEEN (CURATED BY), - Sharing Four Years of Independence: Namibia Arts Initiative Standard Bank National Arts Festival 1994
53522: EINSPRUCH, HENRY (TRANSLATED BY), - The American Translation of the New Testament Into the Yiddish Language.
75366: EINSTEIN, A., - Die formale Grundlage de allgemeinen Relativitatstheorie (IN: KONIGLICH PREUSSISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN, XXVIII, 1914, Pp. 1030-1085)
66643: EINZIG, PAUL, - Currency After the War
61933: EINZIG, PAUL, - World Finance 1935-1937
56608: EINZIG, PAUL, - The Theory of Forward Exchange
56688: EINZIG, PAUL, - Hitler's 'New Order' in Europe.
61945: EISELEN, W., - Nuwe Sesoeto Tekste Van Volkekundige Belang
75668: EISELEN, G T S (EDITED BY), - The Johannesburg Bar. 100 Years in Pursuit of Excellence
71775: EISELIN, MAX, - The Ascent Of Dhaulagiri
81493: EISEMAN, FRED, - Bali, Sekala and Niskala, Volume 1: Essays on Religion, Ritual, and Art; Volume 2, Essays on Society, Tradition and Craft
61007: EISENMAN, R. & WISE, M., - The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered
71973: EISENSTADT, A.S., - Charles McLean Andrews: A Study in American Historical Writing.
50221: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED, - Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt
58970: EISENSTAEDT, ALFRED (INTRODUCTION BY PETER ADAM), - Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt : a Self-Portrait
83122: EISENSTEIN, SERGEI, - The Film Sense
50106: EISENZWEIG, URI., - Les Jeux De L'ecriture Dans "L'Etranger" De Camus
48235: EISLER, COLIN (INTRODUCTION BY), - The Prayer Book of Michelino Da Besozzo
72713: EISSLER, M., - The Cyanide Process for the Extraction of Gold and Its Practical Application on the Witwatersrand Goldfields and Elsewhere
80241: EIZENBERG, JULIE, - Architecture Isn't Just for Special Occasions: Koning Eizenberg Architecture
82647: EKELOF, GUNNAR, - Selected Poems
82304: EKEROLD, JON, - The Privateer
20171: EKKENSTEIN, JEAN, - Guide De La Ville De Dresde Ou Tableau Topographique De La Capital De Saxe et Voyage Pittoresque De Ses Environs
47635: EKUNDARE, R. OLUFEMI, - An Economic History of Nigeria 1860-1960
83374: EKUNDARE, D. OLUFEMI, - An Economic History of Nigeria 1860-1960
53166: EKWALL, EILERT, - Historische Neuenglische Laut- Und Formenlehre
80200: D'ELBE, FRANCOIS, - Busanga. The Northern Plains of the Kafue National Park Zambia
59089: ELBOGEN, ISMAR, - Der Judische Gottesdienst in Seiner Geschichtilchen Entwicklung
52727: ELDRIDGE, J.E.T., - Industrial Disputes. Essays in the Sociology of Industrial Relations.
67959: ELDRIDGE, RUSSELL (EDITED BY), - Tennis : The South African Story. Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the South African Tennis Union
74967: POLITICAL FLYER SOUTH AFRICA 1983 ELECTIONS, - Oppose Prior (Special?) Votes Bill
80314: ENGLISH ELECTRIC, - English Electric House Opened By the Lady Nelson of Stafford October 25th 1960
80345: ELERT, H., - The Material Culture of Zimbabwe
67074: ELFFERS, HUBERTUS, - The Englishman's Guide to the Speedy and Easy Acquirement of Cape Dutch
67075: ELFFERS, HUBERTUS, - The Commercial Dutch Grammar
55376: ELGAR, EDWARD, - Scenes from the Saga of King Olaf
47802: ELGAR, EDWARD, - A Future for English Music and Other Lectures.
73686: ELGAR, EDWARD (SELECTED, EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY PERCY M. YOUNG), - Letters Of Edward Elgar and Other Writings
67693: ELIADE, MIRCEA, - Images and Symbols
30239: ELIADE, MIRCEA & KITAGAWA, JOSEPH M. (EDITED BY), - The History of Religions. Essays in Methodology.
56989: ELIAS, E.L., - The Book of Polar Exploration
75816: ELIAS, NORBERT, - Time: An Essay
80801: ELIAS, JOSEPH, - Social Order: The Jewish View
78990: ELIASTAM, PETER, - Out of a Dead Sleep
65957: ELIENS, T. & MEYER, M., - Marc Chagall Keramiek / Ceramics
57499: ELIOPULOS, LOUIS N., - Death Investigator's Handbook
74425: ELIOT, ELIZABETH, - Portrait of a Sport. The Story of Steeplechasing in Great Britain and the United States.
50957: ELIOT, CHARLES, - Japanese Buddhism
50290: ELIOT, J., - Instructions to Observers Ofn the India Meteorological Department.
2607: ELIOT, GEORGE, - Felix Holt the Radical.
72037: ELIOT, T.S., - Four Quartets Read By the Author
81196: ELIOT, GEORGE, - Romola
59705: ELIOT, GEORGE, - Romola
72194: ELIOT, T.S., - A Song for Simeon
80341: ELIOT, T.S. (EDITED BY FRANK KERMODE), - Selected Prose of T.S. Eliot
24540: ELIOT, T.S., - The Three Voices of Poetry
80561: ELIOTT, R.N. (EDITED BY ROBERT R. PRECHTER), - R.N. Elliott's Masterworks: The Definitive Collection

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