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12122: ALDINGTON, RICHARD, - Images (1910 - 1915)
84639: ALDINGTON-HUNT, E., - Poems of Southern Africa and Other Verse
56188: ALDISS, BRIAN W., - A Soldier Erect, or Further Adventures of the Hand-Reared Boy.
13103: ALDISS, BRIAN, - The Brightfount Diaries
15609: ALDISS, BRIAN, W, - The Brightfount Diary
70942: ALDRED, CYRIL, - Jewels of the Pharaohs: Egyptian Jewelry of the Dynastic Period
54539: ALDRED, CYRIL, - The Development of Ancient Egyptian Art from 3200 to 1315 B.C.
58341: ALDRED, CYRIL, - Akhenaten and Nefertiti.
74405: ALDRICH, WINIFRED, - Metric Pattern Cutting for Menswear Including Unisex Clothes and Computer Aided Design
49955: ALDRICH, THOMAS BAILEY, - The Stillwater Tragedy
10080: ALDRICH, HENRY, - The Elements of Civil Architecture According to Vitruvius and Other Ancients and the Most Approved Practice of Modern Authors Especially Palladio
73747: ALDRICH, NELSON W., - Tommy Hitchcock: An American Hero
68662: ALDRICH, PUTNAM, - Rhythm in Seventeenth-Century Italian Monody with an Anthology of Songs and Dances
60272: ALDRICH, WINIFRED, - Metric Pattern Cutting
61884: ALDRICH, WINIFRED, - Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear: From Birth to 14 Years
68626: ALDRIDGE, RON (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - South African Rugby Annual 1953
84460: ALDRIDGE, SALLY, - The Peoples of Zambia
68627: ALDRIDGE, RON (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - South African Rugby Annual 1955
1432: ALDRIDGE, RON. ED., - 1950 South African Rugby Annual.
1433: ALDRIDGE, RON, ED., - 1951 South African Rugby Annual.
68624: ALDRIDGE, RON (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - South African Rugby Annual 1950
68625: ALDRIDGE, RON (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - South African Rugby Annual 1952
81814: ALDRIDGE, RON (COMPILED AND EDITED BY), - South African Rugby Annual Suid Afrikaanse Rugby Jaarboek 1954
1434: ALDRIDGE, RON. ED., - 1955 South African Rugby Annual.
69843: ALEXANDER, H.R., - Special Order Of The Day. Soldiers,Sailors and Airmen of the Allied Forces in the Mediterranean Theatre. Allied Force Headquarters 2 May 1945.
65488: ALEXANDER, MARY AND FRANCES, - A Handbook on Chinese Art Symbols
71467: ALEXANDER, KARIN & KABOYAKGOSI, GAPE (EDITED BY), - A Fine Balance. Assessing the Quality of Governance in Botswana
84118: ALEXANDER, F. MATTIAS, - Man's Supreme Inheritance
55882: ALEXANDER, PETER F., - Alan Paton A Biography.
53047: ALEXANDER, JAMES EDWARD, - An Expedition of Discovery Into the Interior of Africa Through the Hitherto Undescribed Countries of the Great Namaquas, Boschmans and Hill Damaras.
53450: ALEXANDER, JEFFREY C., - Positivism, Presuppositions and Current Controversies. (Theoretical Logic in Sociology VOLUME ONE)
61488: ALEXANDER, LUCY & COHEN, EVELYN, - 150 South African Paintings - Past and Present
4162: ALEXANDER, NEVILLE, - Sow the Wind: Contemporary Speeches.
56580: ALEXANDER, RICHARD D., - The Biology of Moral Systems
61489: ALEXANDER, LUCY & COHEN, EVELYN, - 150 South African Paintings - Past and Present
77132: ALEXANDER, GILCHRIST, - Tanganyika Memories: A Judge in the Red Kanzu
60750: ALEXANDER, E.G.M,.; BARRON, G.K.B.; BATEMAN, A.J., - South African Orders, Decorations and Medals
57787: ALEXANDER, NEVILLE (FOREWORD BY HELEN SUZMAN), - Robben Island Dossier 1964-1974
10056: ALEXANDER, MICHAEL, - S-O-S Thetis
10215: ALEXANDER, MORRIS, - The Comrades Marathon Story
72819: ALEXANDER, CHARLES P., - New or little-known crane-flies from Portuguese East Africa (Tipulidae). (Annals of Natal Museum XV Part 1)
68212: ALEXANDER, KIRSTEN, - Made of Africa. Conservation By Design.
7048: ALEXANDER, DOUGLAS, - Holiday In Mozambique
67830: ALEXANDER, PETER; DAWSON, MARCELLE C.; ICHHARAM, MEERA (EDITED BY), - Globalisation and New Identities: A View from the Middle
61624: ALEXANDER, LOUIS C. (OMAR KHAYYAM), - The Testament of Omar Khayyam (The Wasiyyat)
78281: ALEXANDER, CHRISTOPHER, - Notes on the Synthesis of Form
83545: ALEXANDER, SAM, - Photographic Scenery of South Africa
71697: ALEXANDER, AMANDA & PITHOUSE, RICHARD (EDITED BY), - yonk' Indawo Umzabalazo Uyasivimela. New Work from Durban (Centre for Civil Society Research Reports 2006 VOL i)
62898: ALEXANDER, JOHN, - The Conquest of the Air. The Romance of Aerial Navigation
63270: ALEXANDER, DOUGLAS, - Holiday in the Islands. A Guide to Comores, Reunion, Rodrigues and Madagascar.
71670: ALEXANDER, AMANDA (EDITED BY), - Articulations: A Harold Wolpe Memorial Lecture Collection
79516: ALEXANDER OF TUNIS, VISCOUNT, - Report by the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean, Field-Marshal the Viscount Alexander of Tunis, to the Combined Chiefs of Staff on the Italian Campaign, 12th December 1944 to 2nd May 1945.
82330: ALEXANDER, NORMAN, - The Farmer's Handy-Book // Die Boek vir die Boer 1954
60708: ALEXANDER, LUCY & HARDY, PATRICIA (COMPILED BY), - Natale Labia Museum. An Account of the History of 'The Fort' & Its Conversion to a Museum and Cultural Centre.
80080: ALEXANDER, JULES; VENTURI, KEN (AND OTHERS), - The Hogan Mystique: Classic Photographs of the Great Ben Hogan by Jules Alexander
37674: ALEXANDER, DAVID, - Sani Pass Riding the Dragon
84657: ALEXANDER, ROBT., - Dingaan's Day. A Poem
25965: ALEXANDER, LUCY; BEDFORD, EMMA & COHEN, EVELYN, - Paris and South African Artists 1850-1965
71233: ALEXANDER, J. J. G., - Italian Renaissance Illuminations
84776: ALEXANDER, NEVILLE, - Language Policy and National Unity in South Africa/Azania
82989: ALEXANDER, LUCY, - Kathe Kollwitz. Afdrukmaker, Beeldhouer. Printmanker, Sculptor
35251: ALEXANDER, JAMES EDWARD, - Bush Fighting Illustrated By Remarkable Actions and Incidents of the Maori War in New Zealand
83402: ALEXANDER, NEVILLE, - An Ordinary Country: Issues in the Transition from Apartheid to Democracy in South Africa
74939: ALEXANDER, CHRITOPHER; ISHIKAWA, SARA; SILVERSTEIN, MURRAY, - A Pattern Language. Towns - Buildings - Construction
53856: ALEXANDRE, PIERRE, - An Introduction to Languages and Language in Africa.
56921: ALEXANDRE, PIERRE, - An Introduction to Languages and Language in Africa
68418: ALEXIE, SHERMAN, - One Stick Song
67551: ALEXINSKY, GREGOR, - Russia and Europe
51549: ALFANGE, DEAN, - The Supreme Court and the National Will
50731: ALFIERI, BRUNO (EDITED BY), - ZODIAC 9: International Magazine of Contemporary Architecture / Revue Internationale D'architecture Contemporaine / Revista Internazionale D'architectura Contemporanea / Internationale Zeitschrift Fur Moderne Architektur.
54489: ALFORD, ROBERT R. & FRIEDLAND, ROGER, - Powers of Theory. Capitalism, the State, and Democracy.
70901: ALFORD, CHARLES J., - Geological Features of the Transvaal, South Africa
38260: ALFORD, VIOLET, - Pyrenean Festivals. Calendar Customs, Music and Magic, Drama and Dance
16551: ALFORD, CHARLES J, - Geological Features of the Transvaal South Africa
77933: ALFRED, MIKE, - Life in the Suburbs. Poems.
77934: ALFRED, MIKE, - Poetic Licence
72265: ALGER, RAYMOND S., - Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Techniques and Applications
82642: ALGOTSSON, SHARNE & DAVIS, DENYS, - The Spirit of African Design
78893: ALGOTSSON, SHARNE, - African Style: Down To The Details
47629: ALGREN, NELSON, - The Neon Wilderness
3176: ALGREN, NELSON, - A Walk on The Wild Side
84434: ALI, SALIM, - The Book of Indian Birds
71644: ALI, TARIQ, - The Clash Of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity
64308: ALIGHIERI, DANTE (TRANSLATED HENRY FRANCIS CARY), - The Vision: Or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise of Dante Alighieri. Authors Corrected Edition
71409: DANTE ALIGHIERI (TRANLATED BY CHARLES LANCELOT SHADWELL), - The Purgatory.(Purgatorio I-XXVII) An Experiment in Literal Verse Translation by Charles Lancelot Shadwell with an Introduction by Walter Pater
14328: ALINARI (???), - ROMA: 60 Original Photographs
159: LURIE ALISON., - Love and Friendship.
56470: ALLAGOA, L.. (EDITED BY), - Nigeria. A Quarterly Magazine . No. 100
15813: ALLAN, CECIL J., - Titans of the Track. L.M.S. No. 2
15814: ALLAN, IAN (EDITED BY), - Titans of the Track. London Midland and Scottish Railway
15815: ALLAN, IAN (EDITED BY), - Titans of the Track. Southern Railway No. 2
15816: ALLAN, CECIL J., - Titans of the Track. Great Western Railway. A Miscellany of GWR Photographs from the Cameras of H.C.Casserley, M.W.Earley, N.F.Ingram, H.M.Madgwick
15817: ALLAN, CECIL J., - Titans of the Track. Great Western Railway.
15818: ALLAN, IAN (EDITED BY), - Titans of the Track. London and North Eastern Railway
15819: ALLAN, CECIL J., - Titans of the Track. London and North Eastern Railway No. 2
58185: ALLAN, ROY & CLARISSA, - The Essential German Shepherd Dog
76699: ALLAN, J.K. & KNOX, J., - Economic Geology Of The Fife Coalfields Area II- Cowdenbeath and Central Fife, Including Fordell, Lochgelly, Cadham, and Kirkcaldy
59483: ALLAN< JOHN; MATTINGLEY, HAROLD; ROBINSON, E.S.G. (EDITED BY), - The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society 1946 Parts I-II
60334: ALLAN, MEA, - The Tradescants. Their Plants, Gardens and Museum 1570-1662
67703: MUNN. ALLAN M., - Free-will and Determinism
72286: ALLAN, KEVIN; GOTZ, GREME; JOSEPH, CARMEL, - Johannesburg:An African City In Change
59271: ALLANE, LEE, - Chinese Rugs. A Buyer's Guide.
51967: ALLARD, PAUL; STOKES, IAN A.F.; BLANCHI, JEAN-PIERRE, - Three Dimensional Analysis of Human Movement.
78186: ALLARD, MARY, - Rug Making: Techniques and Design
51263: ALLARDYCE, W.L., - The Story of the Falkland Islands. Being an Account of Their Discovery and Early History 1500-1842
62045: ALLDRIDGE, T.J., - The Sherbro and Its Hinterland
84986: ALLDRITT, KEITH, - Churchill the Writer: His Life as a Man of Letters
83926: ALLEN, ISOBEL, - Structure As Design: 23 Projects That Wed Structure and Interior Design
75846: ALLEN, R.T.L. ; EDWARDS, S.C.; SHAW, J.D.N. (EDITED BY), - The Repair of Concrete Structures
55795: ALLEN, LOUIS, - Burma. The Longest War 1941-45
56189: ALLEN,JOHANNES, - It's a Swinging Life
56240: ALLEN, RICHARD, - Skinhead
40068: ALLEN, JEANNE, - Designer's Guide to Japanese Patterns 2
54687: ALLEN, ELIZABETH, - A Woman's Place in the Novels of Henry James
52303: ALLEN, RICHARD SANDERS, - The Northrop Story 1929 - 1939
51481: ALLEN, W.E.D. & MURATOFF, PAUL, - The Russian Campaigns 1944-45
33343: ALLEN, HORACE, - Modern Power Gas Producer Practice and Applications. a Practical Treatise Dealing with the Gasification of Various Classes of Fuels By the Pressure and Suction Systems of Producer
29741: ALLEN, GRANT, - An African Millionaire. Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay
34618: ALLEN, VIVIEN, - Kruger's Pretoria. Buildings and Personalities of the City in the Nineteenth Century
76919: ALLEN, JOHN L., - Opus Dei : Secrets and Power Inside the Catholic Church
22894: ALLEN, H. WARNER, - A History of Wine
57930: ALLEN, GEOFFREY & DAVID, - The Guns of Sacramento
44586: ALLEN, VIDA, - Early Kimberley. A Photographic Souvenir.
59164: ALLEN, JAMES S., - The Negro Question in the United States
24898: ALLEN, GERALD, - Charles Moore
65434: ALLEN, VIVIEN, - Du Val Tonight! The Story of a Showman.
11383: ALLEN, WILLIAM, - The Life of William Allen with Selections from His Correspondence
80295: ALLEN, THOMAS, - Uniflow, Back-Pressure and Steam Extraction Engines : a complete treatise for designers, works engineers and Students
65948: ALLEN, JEANNE, - Designer's Guide to Japanese Patterns 3
79927: ALLEN, GEORGE & RITGER, DICK, - The Complete Guide to Bowling Principles (The Encyclopedia of Principles)
69943: ALLEN, CHARLES (EDITED BY), - Tales from the Dark Continent. Images of British Colonial Africa in the Twentieth Century
66546: ALLEN, R.D., - Maritime Marks of South Africa Including German, Italian and Dutch Usages
81010: ALLEN, CARLETON KEMP, - Law in the Making
67494: ALLEN, W.E.D. (EDITED BY), - Russian Embassies to the Georgian Kings 1589 - 1605
66642: ALLEN, TREVOR, - Ivar Kreuger. Match King Croesus and Crook
72342: ALLEN, CHARLES, - The Savage Wars of Peace: Soldiers Voices, 1945-1989
62840: ALLEN, J. ROMILLY, - Celtic Art in Pagan and Christian Times
73320: ALLEN, JOHN, - Ford GT40 Super Profile
72923: ALLEN, R.M., - Photomicrography
66173: ALLENTUCK, MARCIA (EDITED BY), - The Achievement of Isaac Bashevis Singer
57066: ALLER, L.H., - Gaseous Nebulae
78354: ALLIER, G., - The Mind of the Savage
51198: ALLINGHAM, CEDRIC, - Flying Saucer from Mars: The Facts.
63416: ALLISON, NANCY (EDITED BY), - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body - Mind Disciplines
9549: ALLISON, MIKE, - The Magic Of MG
52709: ALLISON, FRANCIS D., - The Fitzalan Chapel Arundel
52716: ALLISON, FRANCIS, - The Story of Arundel
52182: ALLISON, GEORGE F., - Allison Calling. A Galaxy of Football and Other Memories
85126: ALLISON, LOUISE, - Shigaraki: Potters' Valley
66222: ALLITT, JOHN STEWART, - J.S. Mayr: Father of 19th Century Italian Music
61808: ALLIX, CHARLES, - Carriage Clocks. Their History and Development.
85118: ALLOM, THOMAS & WRIGHT, G.N., - China, in a Series of Views, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture, and Social Habits, of that ancient empire. Drawn, from original and authentic sketches, by Thomas Allom VOLUME.3 ONLY
85119: ALLOM, THOMAS & WRIGHT, G.N., - China, in a Series of Views, Displaying the Scenery, Architecture, and Social Habits, of that ancient empire. Drawn, from original and authentic sketches, by Thomas Allom VOLUME.4 ONLY
73714: ALLON, YIGAL, - Shield Of David: The Story Of Israel's Armed Forces.
55915: ALLOTT, KENNETH, - The Ventriloquist's Doll
15854: ALLOTT, ANTONY, - Essays in African Law with Special Reference to the Law of Ghana
53024: ALLPORT, GORDON W., - Becoming. Basic Considerations for a Psychology of Personality.
10223: ALLSOP, BRUCE & BOOTON, HAROLD & CLARK, URSULA, - The Great Tradition of Western Architecture
79195: ALLSOPP, K. (COMPILER), - Comrade Lost: Life to Inspire Us.
78606: ALLSOPP, BRUCE, - A Modern Theory of Architecture
84819: ALLY, RUSSELL, - Gold and Empire: The Bank of England and South Africa's Gold Producers 1886-1926
79295: ALMANAC, - The Natal Almanac, Directory and Register 1876
80786: ALMANAC, - Almanak voor de Kaap de Goede Hoop voor het skrikkeljaar MDCCCIV
80108: ALMANAC, - Wells' New Romney, Littlestone and Lydd Almanac and Guide 1900
58019: ALMANACK, - Illustrierter Sud-Afrikanischer Volks-Kalender 1913
74652: ALMANDOZ, ARTURO (EDITED BY), - Planning Latin America's Capital Cities, 1850-1950
38851: ALMEDINGEN, E.M., - Out of Seir
28107: DE ALMEIDA, ANTONIO (EDITED P.V.TOBIAS & JOHN BLACKING), - Bushmen and Other Non-Bantu Peoples of Angola. Three Lectures.
60147: ALMOND, MARK, - The Rise and Fall of Nicolae & Elena Ceaucescu
63708: ALO, RICHARD A.; HEATH, ROBERT W.; NAGATA, JUN-ITI (EDITED BY), - TOPO 72 - General Topology and its Applications: Second Pittsburgh International Conference, December 18-22, 1972 (Lecture Notes in Mathematics)
13892: ALOI, GIAMPIERO, - Alberghi Motel Ristoranti (Hotels Motels Restaurants)
81290: ALOI, ROBERTO, - Ville in Italia/Villas in Italy
75793: ALOI, ROBERTO, - Mobili Tipo: Presentazione Dell'Arch. Agnoldomenico Pica
52402: ALPERS, ANTONY, - Katherine Mansfield. A Biography.
6573: ALPERS, SVETLANA, - The Decorations Of the Torre De La Parada
71629: ALPERSON, MYRA, - Foundations for a New Democracy Corporate Social Investment in South Africa
74481: ALPHA, - Horse and Saddle in South Africa
8397: ALPHA, - Horse and Saddle in South Africa
16250: ALPHEN, WILLEM VAN, - Papegaey Ofte Formulier Boeck
61154: VAN ALPHEN, ISAAC (POSTMASTER), - Postgids Der Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek. No.14 Juli 1899
48191: ALSOP, M.H., - The Population of Natal (Natal Regional Survey Volume 2)
73719: ALSOT, GEORGES, - Changing Japan Seen Through the Camera. Image Du Japon
72548: ALSPACH, RUSSELL K., - Yeats and Innisfree
47499: ALT, ALBRECHT, - Essays on Old Testament History and Religion.
72942: ALTBEKER, ANTONY, - Fruit of a Poisoned Tree A True Story of Murder and the Miscarriage of Justice:
71783: ALTER, ROBERT, - The Invention of Hebrew Prose, Modern Fiction and the Language of Realism.
64403: ALTERMAN, L.; DOYLE, GERALD A; IZARD, M. KAY (EDITED BY), - Creatures of the Dark. The Nocturnal Prosimians.
68759: ALTHAM, H.S.; SWANTON, E.W. (AND OTHER AUTHORS), - Hampshire County Cricket Club Illustrated Handbook 1960
13774: ALTHEIM, FRANZ, - A History of Roman Religion
60813: ALTHUSSER, LOUIS & BALIBAR, ETIENNE, - Reading Capital
60233: ALTMANN, H. (IN COLLABORATION WITH ERIC ROSENTHAL), - Overdrafts and Overwork. Memories of a South African Banker.
63660: D'ALTON, LOUIS, - Death is So Fair
85108: ALTON, ROBERT, - Violin Making and Repairing
74604: ALUKO, OLAJIDE, - Ghana and Nigeria, 1957-70: A Study in Inter-African Discord
73901: ALUWIHARE, RICHARD, - The Kandy Esala Perahera with a reference to the Raja Perahera to be held in Kandy in connection with The Royal Visit
64115: DE ALVARADO, MARITHE, - Arte Mexicano Del Azucar
64064: ALVAREZ, A., - Twelve Poems
60213: ALVAREZ EMPARANZA, JOSÉ MARÍA, - Origen y evolución de la pintura vasca. Euskal pinturaren sorrera eta eboluzioa.
51469: ALVARO, CORRADO, - Man is Strong
50719: ALVERSTONE, LORD & ALCOCK, C.W., - Surrey Cricket Its History and Associations.
58200: ALVES, JORGE MANUEL DO SANTOS, - Portugal e a Missionacao No Seculo XVI. O Oriente e o Brasil. / Portugal and Its missions in the 16th Century. Asia and Brazil (
72087: ALVIM, FERNANDO; MUNDER, HEIKE; WUGGENIG, ULF (EDITED BY), - Next Flag: The African Sniper Reader
51289: ALVISI, ALESSANDRO, - Horse and Man. Aphorisms and Paradoxes.
76480: AMADIUME, IFI, - Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African Society
78947: AMAMOO, JOSEPH GODSON, - Ghana: 50 Years of Independence
81064: AMBASZ, EMILIO, - Italy: The New Domestic Landscape: Achievements and Problems of Italian Design
43362: AMBLER, G. GIFFORD, - Zoolyricks
78362: AMBLER, ERIC, - The Mask of Dimitrios
57020: AMBLER, ERIC, - Here Lies Eric Ambler
84279: AMBLER, ERIC, - Here Lies
70785: AMBLER, ERIC, - The Story So Far. Memories and Other Fictions
70732: AMBLER, ERIC, - Judgment on Deltchev
34247: AMBROSE, DAVID, - Maseru an Illustrated History.
66101: AMBROSE, A.J. (EDITED BY), - Jane's Merchant Shipping Review; First year of issue.
24798: ST. JOHN AMBULANCE, - The History of The Witwatersrand and Southern Transvaal Centre and District St. John Ambulance. Diamond Jubilee 1893 - 1953
52568: AMER, HENRY (AND NUMEROUS OTHER AUTHORS), - Hommage a Albert Camus 1913-1960 (La Nouvelle Revue Francaise #87)
73264: ANGLO AMERICAN, - The Story of Anglo American Corporation of South Africa Limited in South Africa
51217: VAN AMERINGEN, MARK (EDITED BY) (INTRODUCTION NELSON MANDELA), - Building a New South Africa. VOL. 2: Urban Policy
57668: AMERINGER, WILL (INTRODUCTION BY), - David Smith. Sprays from Bolton Landing
78316: AMERY, L.S., - Thought and Language
84950: AMERY, L.S. (EDITED BY), - The Times History of the War in South Africa 1899-1900
74177: AMERY, L.S., - The Empire in the New Era: Speeches Delivered during an Empire Tour 1927-1928
43599: AMES, DELANO, - The Man with Three Chins
54912: AMES, JENNIFER, - Cruise
61245: AMES, DELANO, - Crime, Gentlemen, Please.
60881: AMES, CLYDE, - Bang the Doll Slowly
75962: AMIET, A. (AND OTHERS), - Sous Le Soleil d'Afrique. Annuaire De La Mission Suisse Dans L'Afrique Du Sud. 1933
8502: AMIN, MOHAMED & WILLETTS, DUNCAN & TETLEY, BRIAN, - On Gods's Mountain : The story of Mount Kenya
74401: AMIN, MOHAMED, - Pilgrimage to Mecca
82410: AMIN, MOHAMED; WILLETTS, DUNCAN; SHAH, TAHIR, - Journey Through Namibia
28700: AMIN, MOHAMED; WILLETTS, DUNCAN; TETLEY, BRIAN`, - Journey Through Zimbabwe
70831: AMIN, SAMIR, - Neo-Colonialism in West Africa
70896: AMIN, MOHAMED; WILLETTS, DUNCAN; EAMES, JOHN, - The Last of the Maasai
1929: AMIN, MOHAMED & WIILLETS, DUNCAN & TETLEY, BRIAN, - Journey Through Kenya
84240: AMINI, IRADJ, - The Koh-i-noor Diamond
52979: AMIS, MARTIN, - Invasion of the Space Invaders
65266: AMIS, KINGLSLEY / BLACKBURN, THOMAS, - Poets Reading (No.7): The Big Store; A.E.H.; from The Evans Country / An Invitation; Felo De Se; for a Child; Oedipus.
22994: AMIS, MARTIN, - Invasion of The Space Machines
78140: AMIS, KINGSLEY & CONQUEST, ROBERT, - The Egyptologists
77184: AMMANN, KARL, - Maasai Mara Kenyas Great Game Reserve
72247: AMMANN, KARI, - Maasai Mara : Kenya's Great Game Reserve
68846: AMMANN, KARL & KATHRINE, - The Hunters and the Hunted
80275: AMMEN, C.W., - Recovery and Refining of Precious Metals
48223: AMMER, CHRISTINE, - Unsung. A History of Women in American Music.
80532: AMOILS, EUGENIE, - Golden Years;Parktown High School For Girls Through Fifty Years
49688: AMOS, ALDEN, - The Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning
35729: AMSINCK, PAUL, ILLUSTRATED BY LETITIA BYRNE, - Tunbridge Wells and Its Neighbourhood Illustrated in a Series of Etchings and Historical Descriptions.
63489: TYPEFOUNDRY "AMSTERDAM", - Some Examples Of Typography Set In Our New Type Series: De Roos Roman And De Roos Italic
30679: AMUCHASTEGUI, AXEL (TEXT BY LES LINE), - Some Birds and Mammals of North America
3430: ANACREON, - Anacreon Done Into English Out Of The Original Greek By Abraham Cowley
48453: ANAND, ULK RAJ (INTRODUCTORY ESSAY ERIC GILL), - The Hindu View of Art, with an Introductory Essay on Art and Reality, and a Drawing By Eric Gill.
67735: ANDELSON, R.V., - Commons Without tragedy
67725: ANDELSON, ROBERT V. (EDITED BY), - Land Value Taxation Around the World.
51406: ANDERS, W., - An Army in Exile. The Story of the Second Polish Corps.
51514: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN (TRANSLATED BY MARIE OPPERMAN), - Sprokies. 1: Dumelize; 2: Die Lelike Eendjie; 3: Holger Die Deen; 4: Die Wind Vertel; 5: Die Biskop Van Borglum; 6: Die Skurwepadda; 7: Tante Tandpyn
63390: ANDERSEN, HANS, - Stories from Hans Andersen.
19554: ANDERSEN, JOHANNES C., ILLUSTRATED BY RICHARD WALLWORK, - Myths &Legends of the Polynesians
68066: ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN, - Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales
68732: ANDERSEN, H.C.P. (COMPILED AND DESIGNED BY), - Seventy Five Proud Years - Pioneers and Progress of Rhodesia 1890 - 1965
11019: ANDERSON, R.H & BUYS, - Beekeeping in South Africa
70046: ANDERSON, P.R., - Litany Bird
61887: ANDERSON, J.W., - The Prospector's Handbook: A Guide for the Prospector and Traveller in Search of Metal-Bearing or Other Valuable Materials
68752: ANDERSON, POUL, - Guardians of Time
83806: ANDERSON. A.T, - St. George's Club 1892-1967
55591: ANDERSON, C.F., - Hymns for Little Children
55807: ANDERSON, IRENE, - Rock Paintings and Petroglyphs of South and Central Africa 1959-1970. A Bibliography
72190: ANDERSON, MARK (PREFACE BY), - Some Fly Fishing Waters of the Cape
52692: ANDERSON, WILLIAM, - Practical Mercantile Letter-Writing. A Collection of Modern Letters of Business...
53410: ANDERSON, EDWIN P. (COMPILED BY), - Sheet Metal Pattern Layouts. A Practical Illustrated Traetise Covering All Phases of Sheet Metal Work Including Pattern Cutting.
54011: ANDERSON, M.D., - Misericords. Medieval Life in English Woodcarving
51551: ANDERSON, JAMES, - An Account of the Present State of the Hebrides and Western Coasts of Scotland, in Which an Attempt is Made to Explain the Circumstances That Have Hitherto Repressed the Industry of The Natives; and Some Hints are Suggested for Encouraging the Fisheries..
49086: ANDERSON, MOSA, - St. Ninian Light of the Celtic North.
50012: ANDERSON, ELIZABETH, - A History of the Xhosa of the Northern Cape 1795-1879
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67448: ATKINSON, ELEANOR, - Challenge to Lassie. Story of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Technicolor Film "Challenge to Lassie", Based on "Greyfriars Bobby" By Eleanor Atkinson
49026: ATKINSON, WILLIAM WALKER, - Practical Psychomancy and Crystal Gazing
50687: ATKINSON, MARTIN, - Explanations in the Study of Child Language Development
73435: ATKINSON, T. (AND OTHERS), - Lovedale's Centenary. A Record of the Celebrations July 19th to 21st 1941
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70928: ATKINSON, A,.D. S., - Modern Fluorescent Lighting, Dealing with the principles and practice of fluorescent lighting, for electrical engineers, illuminating engineers, and architects
65828: ATKINSON, WILLIAM WALTER, - Memory Culture The Science of Observing, Remembering and Recalling
67033: ATKINSON, BRENDA, - Jo Ractliffe. Artuist's Book (AND) Educational Supplement
77996: ATKINSON, DAVID J. & FIELD, DAVID H. (EDITED BY), - New Dictionary of Christian Ethics and Pastoral Theology
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72277: ATKINSON, BRENDA & BREITZ, CANDICE (EDITED BY), - Grey Areas: Representation, Identity and Politics in Contemporary South African Art
65888: ATLAS, - Atlas Geografico La Republica Argentina
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54547: ATTWELL, MICHAEL, - South Africa Background to the Crisis
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82493: ATWOOD, JANE EVELYN, - Too Much Time: Women In Prison.
34580: AUBOYER, JEANNINE, - The Art of Afghanistan
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79012: AUCAMP, HENNIE, - Dooierus
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66522: ANTIQUORUM AUCTIONEERS, - Antiquorum in Love; An Important Collection of Horology, Jewelry and Objects of Vertu, Celebrating Love's Symbolisms Throughout History
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30343: "AURIGA" (THE WAR TIME WORKSHOPS OFFICER AND PEACE TIME FLEET ENGINEER), - A Collection of His Works as Follows: Synopsis of the Edible Fishes of the Cape of Good Hope (AND) Florae Capensis Medicae Prodromus,(AND) Synopsis Filicum Africae Australis (AND) Sylva Capensis
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21421: AUROBINDO, SRI, - The Life Divine. Vol. 1: Book One and Book Two Part One. VOL 2: Book Two Part Two
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68405: AUSTEN, JANE, - Complete Novels: Pride and Prejudice; Northanger Abbey; Persuasion; Mansfield Park; Sense and Sensibility; Emma
48869: AUSTER, LAWRENCE, - The Path to National Suicide. An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism
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52453: AUSTIN, BRIAN, - Schonland Scientist and Soldier
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80816: FEDERAL CHANCELERY AUSTRIA, - The Events of September 28th and 29th 1973: A Documentary Report
77966: AUSTYN, CHRISTOPHER, - Gun Engraving
70643: BRISTOL PORT AUTHORITY, - The Port of Bristol; Official Handbook of the Port of Bristol Authority, 1933
70644: BRISTOL PORT AUTHORITY, - The Port of Bristol; Official Handbook of the Port of Bristol Authority, 1931
48511: THE AUTOCAR, - Complete Hints and Tips for Automobilists.
81257: PARLIAMENTARY POSTAL HISTORY / AUTOGRAPHS, - Acollection of 114 Free Frank Fronts, Dating from 1798 to 1836, Mounted in a Contemporary Blabk Notebook. Signatures Include Palmerston, William Cobbett
48743: AVALLONE, MICHAEL, - The Living Bomb.
85223: AVDEYEV, VLADIMIR TRANSLATED PATRICK CLOUTER), - Raciology: the Science of the Hereditary Traits of Peoples
79376: AVE, JOOP (EDITED BY), - The Crafts of Indonesia
35859: AVEBURY, LORD, - Ants Bees and Wasps. A Ecord of Observations on the Habits of the Social Hymenoptera
59165: AVEDON, RICHARD, - In the American West
59975: AVEDON, JOHN F., - In Exile from the Land of Snows
63081: AVERY, DAVID, - Not on Queen Victoria's Birthday: The Story of the Rio Tinto Mines
48723: AVI-HAI, AVRAHAM, - Ben Gurion State Builder. Principles and Pragmatism 1948-1963
72151: AVI-YONAH, M.; AVIGAD, N.; AHARONI, Y.; DUNAYEVSKY, I.; GUTMAN, S., - Masada: Survey and Excavations, 1955-1956.
65698: AVIATION, - Aircraft Of The Aces: Men & Legends VOLS1 - 60
61787: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.3 NO.6 MARCH 1944
61786: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.3 NO.2 NOVEMBER 1943
61785: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.2 NO.7 MAY 1943
61784: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.12 SEPTEMBER 1942
61783: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.11 AUGUST 1942
61782: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.10 JULY 1942
61781: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.9 JUNE 1942
61779: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.7 APRIL 1942
61780: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.8 MAY 1942
61778: PERIODICAL AVIATION, - The Woodpecker 42 Air School South Africa VOL.1 NO.6 MARCH 1942
68240: AVINERI, SHLOMO, - Hegel's Theory of the Modern State (Cambridge Studies in the History and Theory of Politics)
71444: AVIRGAN, TONY; BIVENS, JOSH; GAMMAGE, SARAH (EDITORS), - Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs: Labor Markets and Informal Work in Egypt, El Salvador, India, Russia, and South Africa
74977: AVNI, WOLF, - Bitch-Creek Nymphing & The Millennium Bug
61852: VAN DE AVOIRD, THEO (EDITED BY), - Khoi Khoin Mensen Der Mensen
77262: AWOONOR, KOFI & ADALI-MORTTY, G. (EDITED BY), - Messages: Poems from Ghana
82367: AXELROD, HERBERT R., - Freshwater Fishes Book 1
82370: AXELROD, HERBERT R., - Koi of the World: Japanese Colored Carp
82605: AXELSON, ERIC, - Vasco Da Gama: The Diary of His Travels Through African Waters 1497-1499
46806: AXELSON, ERIC, - Portuguese in South-east Africa 1488-1600
64171: AXELSON, E. (EDITED BY), - Dias and His Successors
37110: AXELSON, ERIC A, - Portuguese in South-east Africa 1600-1700
68295: AXELSON, ERIC, - Portugal and the Scramble for Africa 1875-1891
59433: AXELSON, ERIC, - South East Africa 1488-1530
60829: AXELSON, ERIC, - Portuguese in South-East Africa, 1600-1700
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41331: AXENFELD, THEODOR, - Das Trachom (Conjunctivitis Granulosa, Aegyptische Augentzundung ). Kurze Darstellung Der Differentialdiagnose, Therapie and Prophylaxe.
41403: AXENFELD, TH. & BUSCH, FR., - Ein Beitrag Zur Klinische Syptomatologie Und Zur Histologie Des Primaren Myxosarkoms Des Sehnerven Sowie Zur Operativen Entfernung Desselben Nach Der Kronlein'schen Methode. ((Separat Abdruck Aus Dem Archiv Fur Augenheilkunde XXXIX Heft I)

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