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EW3477: SCHOENBERGER, MICHAEL (EDITOR) - Geophysics Vol. 53 No. 5 May 1988
SJ7626: SCHOFIELD, VICTORIA - Bhutto Trial and Execution
12761: SCHOLL, WM. M. - A Course of Study in Scientific Shoe Fitting and Salesmanship
SB249: SCHOLZ, ARNO - Amerikaner in Berlin: Americans in Berlin
DC948: SCHOM, ALAN MORRIS - The Eagle and the Rising Sun: The Japanese-American War, 1941 1943 Pearl Harbor Through Guadalcanal
SAS3939: SCHONING, HEINZ-HERBERT - Die Kleinbahn Des Kreises Norderdithmarschen
LR153: HERITAGE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL - Heritage Home Cooking: Fort Collins, Colorado
07556A: COMMITTEE ON RESEARCH OF THE AMOS TUCK SCHOOL - DARTMOUTH COLLEGE - Manual of Research and Reports (Social Sciences) - a Guidebook of Procedures Helpful in Conducting Investigations and Presenting Reports on Subjects in the Fields of the Social Sciences
05776: COLORADO SPRINGS SCHOOL, MIDDLE SCHOOL - Historical Impressions (... Old Colorado City)
SB6135: SCHOOLLAND, J. B. - Boulder: Then and Now
SJ929: INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS - The Mechanics' Handbook; a Convenient Refrence Book
SJ9702: MUGHAL AND RAJASTHANI SCHOOLS - Miniature Paintings on Display in the Lahore Museum: Mughal and Rajasthani Schools
SJ1638: INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS - The Advertiser's Handbook; a Book of Refrence Dealing with Plans, Copy, Typography, Illustration, Mediums, Management, and Other Details of Advertising Practice
20646: INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS (ICS) - Electrical Handbook: A Convenient Book for Reference for Electrical Engineers and Electricians
FICT133: SCHOONOVER, LAWRENCE - The Spider King : A Biographical Novel of Louis XI of France
SAS2191A: SCHOPPE, ROBERT J. - Colorado Rail Bibliography
EW10: SCHNOEKER-SCHORK, YVETTE A.; SHORB TERRIL L. - Blessed "Pests" of the Beloved West: An Affectionate Collection on Insects and Their Kin
23325: SCHORR, MARTYN (EDITOR) - Hi-Performance Cars: The Automotive Magazine (September 1968)
SB7768: SCHORSCH, SUZANNE (EDITOR); FOSDICK, LUCY (SPECIAL EXTRA FEATURE: WRITTEN ACCOUNT OF TRAVELING IN COLORADO IN 1861, DAUGHTER OF HENRY FOSDICK-ENGINEER WHO SURVEYED COLORADO CITY IN 1859) - Remembering West Word: 25 Years of Historic Research and Remembrances of Old Colorado City: Old Colorado City Historical Society: Special Extra Feature: Written Account of Traveling in Colorado in 1861 by Lucy Fosdick, Daughter of Henry Fosdick
CS811: SCHOYEN, DAVID M.; GUITEAU, CHARLES J. - President Garfield, Intressant Skildring Af Hans Lefnad Och Det a Honom Forofvade Lonnmordet
SB4119: SCHRAGER, ADAM - The Principled Politician: The Ralph Carr Story
SAS2024: SCHRATZ, PAUL R. (ED.) - Evolution of the American Military Establishment Since World War II
SAS2057: SCHREINER, BETTE A.; SCHREINER, KAMM Y. - Genealogical and Local History Books in Print (Supplement 2, Volume 5) - 4th Edition
EW1196: SCHRIFTEN, KRITISCHE - Strum Und Drang
SB8585: SCHROEDER, JOHN FREDERICK (COLLECTED AND ARRANGED BY) - Maxims of Washington: Political, Social, Moral, Religious
AC1088: SCHROEDER, WILLIAM (ED.) - Speed Mechanics: June-July 1955, Vol. 3; No. 4
SB8668: SCHROEDER, HENRY A.; PETERS, LAURANCE A. - Shirt-Tail and Pigtail: Nonchalant Adventures in Central Asia
SAS0760: SCHUCH, KATE KACZMAREK - The Path from Farmville: Years Remembered 1898-1989
SB4771: SCHUETZ, A. D. HANS - Tell 'Em: Memoir of a Greman Prisoner of World War II in the Soviet Union
EW2174: SCHULER, ROBERT M. - Francis Bacon and Scientific Poetry (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 82, Part 2, 1992)
SB6739: SCHULLERY, PAUL - Royal Coachman: The Lore and Legends of Fly-Fishing
IB01: SCHULTZ, JOHN (ED.) - F1 Here We Begin Again with the Story, Image, Word and People...
SB3482: SCHULTZ, LEE (EDITOR); FRANK, PAM (ASSISTANT) - Real West: Re Arts and Letters {Real}: A Liberal Arts Forum: Volume XVII, No. 1: Spring 1991
EW2211: SCHULZ, ANNE MARKHAM - The Sculpture of Giovanni and Bartolomeo Bon and Their Workshop (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 68, Part 3, 1978)
EW125: SCHULZ, PAUL E. - Geology of Lassen's Landscape: The Story of the Formation of the Area As Told by the Rocks: The Geology of Lassen Volcanic National Park
SJ3598: SCHUMACHER, MICHAEL - Dharma Lion; a Biography of Allen Ginsberg
C044: SCHUMAN, JULIAN - China: An Uncensored Look
SJ39: SIMON AND SCHUSTER - Target: Germany - the Army Air Forces' Official Story of the VIII Bomber Command's First Year over Europe
09883: SCHWARTAU, WINN, NO ILLUSTRATIONS - Chaos on the Electronic Superhighway; Information Warfare
SAS1932: SCHWARTZ, JIM - Poor Fishermen with Boats
SB3802: SCHWARTZ, S. - Jazz Instructor (Step by Step): For Piano: The Tenth Book: A Jazz Original
SB6791: SCHWARTZ, RONALD - The Great Spanish Films: 1950-1990
SJ718: SCHWARTZ, JOHN S. - Missouri Speleology; Cathedral Cave; a Biographical Study; Volume 16; Number 4
SJ7545: SCHWARTZ, HERMAN S. - The Art of Relaxation
13960: SCHWARTZ, BERNARD - From Confederation to Nation: The American Constitution, 1835-1877
12528: SCHWARTZ, NANCY B. (COMPILER) - Historic American Buildings Survey: District of Columbia Catalog
SJ4410: SCHWEBACH, GERHARD H. - A Practical Guide to Microbial and Parasitic Diseases
06377: DE SCHWEINITZ, KARL - People and Process in Social Security
SAS1337: SCHWEYER, HERBERT E. - Analytic Models for Managerial and Engineering Economics
SB7895: SCHWIEDER, ELMER; SCHWIEDER, DOROTHY - A Peculiar People: Iowa's Old Order Amish
21962: SCIARDELLI, FRANCO - L'Abbattimento Della Basilica Di Baggio
SJ8310: SCIBELLI, GINO; NAZZARO, AMEDEO; NOTHAFT JR., FRANK - Gino's Guide to Wig Techniques
SB4176: SCLAFER, JACQUELINE - Manuscrits Du Moyen Age Et de la Renaissance: Enrichissements Du Departement Des Manuscrits 1983-1992
SB545: SCLATER, WILLIAM LUTLEY - A History of the Birds of Colorado
13935: SCOFIELD, VERN (ED.) - The Nebraska Newspaper: Vol. 13, No. 4, April 1961
07096: SCOON, R.N.; MITCHELL, A. A.; CHAROY, B.; RAIMBAULT, L.; DEMPSTER, T.J.; JENKIN, G.R.T.; ROGERS, G.; MARTIN, H.; BONIN, B.; CAPDEVILA, R.; JAHN, B.; LAMEYRE, J.; WANG, Y.; BARLING, J.; GOLDSTEIN, S.; NICHOLLS, I.A.; BELL, B.R.; CLAYDON, R.V.; ROGERS, G. - Journal of Petrology, Vol 35, Number 4, August 1994
24160: THE HIGHLAND SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND (COMPILED BY) - Dictionarium Scoto-Celticum: A Dictionary of the Gaelic Language; Comprising an Ample Vocabulary of Gaelic Words... And Vocabularies of Latin and English Words, with Their Translation Into Gaelic [Two-Volume Set, Complete]
SB8744: SCOTLAND, TONY - The Empty Throne: The Quest for an Imperial Heir in the People's Republic of China
SB3815: SCOTT, SIR WALTER; ANDERSON, IAIN F. (LIFE OF SCOTT, STORY OF POEM AND NOTES BY) - The Lady of the Lake: A Souvenir Edition with Life of Scott, Story of the Poem and Notes on Place-Names
SB3611: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Quentin Durward
EW15: SCOTT, RAY W. - Big Bend National Park: Land of Dramatic Contrasts and Scenic Grandeur
06347: SCOTT, HAROLD W. - The Sugar Creek Saga: Chronicles of a Petroleum Geologist
SB3614: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Talisman
SB3612: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Guy Mannering
SB9971: SCOTT, SIR WALTER (POETICAL WORKS) - Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott: Including Introduction and Notes: The Chandos Poets
EW70: SCOTT, WINFIELD W. JR. - New Mexico Military Institute: Duty-Honor-Achievement
22209: SCOTT, CATHERINE D. (EDITOR) - Aeronautics and Space Flight Collections {Special Collections Quarterly - Volume 3, Nos. 1/2 Fall 1985/Winter 1985/86
EW3681: SCOTT, REBECCA J.; HOLT, THOMAS C.; COOPER, FREDERICK, AND MCGUINNESS (EDITORS) - Societies After Slavery: A Select Annotated Biography of Printed Sources on Cuba, Brazil, British Colonial Africa, South Africa, and the British West Indies
SB2041: SCOTT, MARY HURLBURT - The Oregon Trail Through Wyoming: "a Century of History 1812-1912"
DC2675: SCOTT, THOMAS; JONES, THOMAS - Esboniad Ar Lyfrau Y Prophwydi Sanctaidd; Gyda'r Gyfran Honno O'r Ysgrythyrau Cyssegr-Lan Yn Ol Y Cyfieithiad Awdurdodedig; Yn Nghyd a Sylwadau Ymarferol a Nodau Cyfeiriol Helaethlawn Gan Thomas Scott ; Wedi Ei Gyfieithu... Gan Thomas Jones.
SJ1180: SCOTT, TEMPLE; NEWTON, A. EDWARD (INTRODUCTION) - Oliver Goldsmith: Bibliographically and Biographically Considered; Based on the Collection of Material in the Library of W.M. Elkins, Esq.
DC1741: SCOTT, MICHAEL - Tom Cringle's Log (Heart of Oak Sea Classics)
SB7979: SIR WALTER SCOTT - Lady of the Lake and Other Poems
EW3945: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Ivanhoe
20168: SCOTT, MARY HURLBURT - The Oregon Trail Through Wyoming: "a Century of History 1812-1912"
SB3613: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - Kenilworth
DC004: SCOTT, WILLIAM R. (MANAGING EDITOR) - The Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, Volume 14, No. 1,Winter 1984
DC2008: SCOTT, ROBERT N., LT. COL., THIRD U.S. ARTILLERY - The War of the Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies; Series I, Volume XII, Part II - Supplement; Serial No. 17
AC1060: SCOTT, LAURA - Under the Lawman's Protection (Large Print)
EW400: SCOTT, DAVID L. - Wall Street Words: An Essential a to Z Guide for Today's Investor
SB5617: SCOTT, DAVID; HANIC, EDNA H. - East Kootenay Saga
SB6526: SCOTT, LOUISE BINDER; THOMPSON, J. J. - Talking Time: For Speech Correction and Speech Improvement
SJ9799: GIRL SCOUTS, INCORPORATED - Girl Scout Handbook for the Intermediate Program
SB4973: SCOVILLE, ORLINE - Remittance Men, Second Sons, and Other Gentlemen of the West: Great Western Series, No. 16
EW2092: SCRANTON, ROBERT - The Architecture of the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates at Kourion (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 57, Part 5, 1967)
SB10112: SCRIBNER, G. HILTON (BY) - Where Did Life Begin? a Brief Enquiry As to the Probable Place of Beginning and the Natural Courses of Migration Therefrom the Flora and Fauna of the Earth: A Monograph
23334: SCRIVNER, CHARLES L.;SCARBOROUGH, W. E. - Lockheed Pv-1 Ventura in Action
08565A: ROGERS, W. P., L. R. LADWIG, A. L. HORNBAKER, S. D. SCHWOCHOW, S. S. HART, D. C. SHELTON, D. L. SCROGGS & J. M. SOULE - Guidelines and Criteria for Identification and Land-Use Controls of Geologic Hazard and Mineral Resource Areas, Special Publication No. 6
EW3553: SCULLY, VINCENT J. JR. - The Shingle Style and the Stick Style: Architectural Theory and Design from Downing Too the Origins of Wright
EW2350: SCUTTS, J.C. - F-105 Thunderchief
EW2287: SCUTTS, JERRY - Air War over Korea (Warbirds Illustrated No. 11)
SJ4381: SEABY, HERBERT ALLEN - The British Imperial Silver Coinage of the English Silver Coinage 1649-1949
C081: SEAGRAVE, STERLING - Lords of the Rim: The Invisible Empire of the Overseas Chinese
C002: SEAGRAVE, STERLING - The Soong Dynasty
JR42: SEAGRAVES, ANNE - Daughters of the West
AC439: WILLIAMS, SEAN AND DIX, SHANE - Star Wars the New Jedi Order
AC436: WILLIAMS, SEAN AND DIX, SHANE - Star Wars: The New Jedi Order
EW3859: SEARLE, RONALD - Slightly Foxed-But Still Desirable: Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Book Collecting
SB7209: SEASOLTZ, R. KEVIN - The House of God: Sacred Art and Church Architecture
SB3745: SEAVER, GEORGE - Edward Wilson: Nature-Lover
SB5291: SEAVER, GEORGE (BY); CHERRY-GARRARD, APSLEY (INTRO. BY) - Edward Wilson of the Antarctic Naturalist and Friend
SB9485: SEBENICK, JOSEPH U. - The Fbi Academy U.S. Department of Justice: 185th Year
EW3746: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1995 Spring
EW3747: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage Autumn 1992
EW3741: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1996 Winter
EW3742: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1994 Autumn
EW3744: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage Autumn 1990
EW3745: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1995 Winter
EW3743: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1992 Winter
EW3748: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1995 Winter
EW3752: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1991 Spring
EW3753: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1999 Spring
EW3739: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage Summer 2000
EW3740: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1991 Winter
EW3749: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1995 Winter
EW3750: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage 1993 Autumn
EW3751: SECREST, CLARK (EDITOR) - Colorado Heritage Autumn 1990
SB9349: THE DIVISION PUBLIC RELATIONS SECTION - The 6th Infantry Division in World War II 1939-1945
EW680: SEDDON, RICHARD - Philosophy As an Approach to the Spirit: An Introduction to the Fundamental Works of Rudolf Steiner
SAS1394: SEDGWICK, RHONDA COY - Prairie Trails of Miz Mac: From Canada to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame
SAS4052: SEDGWICK, ANNE DOUGLAS - The Little French Girl
SJ6540: SEDWICK, S. N. - The ABC of Nature; for Children 4 to 7 Years Old
EW1720: SEDWICK, FRANK - The Practical Book of Cobs: History, Identification, Shipwrecks, Value, Market, Coin Photos
C474: SEE, LISA - Flower Net
C029: SEE, LISA - Flower Net
C014: SEE, LISA - On Gold Mountain: The One-Hundred-Year Odyssey of a Chinese-American Family
01936: SEELEY, J. - High Contrast
11817: SEGAL, MURIEL - Painted Ladies: Models of the Great Artists
06880A: ULF HARD AF SEGERSTAD - Scandinavian Design
C033: DE SEGONZAC, A. - Visa for Peking
SJ7454: SEIBERT, RAYMOND WALTER - Goin' Up to Cripple Creek
CCD20: A CURA DI MARCO CIATTA E MAX SEIDEL - Giotto la Croce Di Santa Maria Novella
SB722: SEIGMEISTER, DR. WALTER (BY) - Apollonius the Nazarene: The Life and Teachings of the Unknown World Teacher of the First Century (a God Among Men)
EW2511: SEITZ, DON C. - Lincoln the Politician: How the Rail-Splitter and Flatboatman Played the Great American Game
EW1131: SEKUNDA, NICK - The Persian Army 560-330 Bc (Elite 42)
EW1104: SEKUNDA, NICK - The Ancient Greeks (Elite 7)
EW940: SEKUNDA, NICK - Republican Roman Army 200-104 Bc (Men-at-Arms Series 291)
EW1019: SEKUNDA, NICHOLAS - Macedonian Armies After Alexander 323-168 Bc (Men-at-Arms 477)
EW1018: SEKUNDA, NICK; NORTHWOOD, SIMON - Early Roman Armies (Men-at-Arms 283)
EW1111: SEKUNDA, NICHOLAS - Marathon 490 Bc the First Persian Invasion of Greece (Campaign 108)
EW1345: SEKUNDA, NICK - The Army of Alexander the Great (Men-at-Arms 148)
EW1354: SELBY, JOHN - U.S. Cavalry (Men-at-Arms)
EW1075: SELBY, JOHN - United States Marine Corps (Men-at-Arms)
DC823: SELBY, JOHN - Jesus for the Rest of Us
SJ2253: SELDEN, HOWARD - The Pariah Stigma
02666C: SELINGER, ELIAS M.D. - Office Treatment of the Eye
07122: SELLIN, THORSTEN (ED.) - Lessons from Asia, the Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 276, July 1951
SB1846: SELLON, EMILY B. - The Pilgrim and the Pilgrimage
SB6829: SELOUS, FREDERICK COURTENEY - Sport and Travel: East and West
10120: SELTZER, CHARLES ALDEN - A Son of Arizona
EW130: SELZ, WILLIAM A. - Medieval Drama: A Collection of Festival Papers, Volume III
SAS3077: SEMLER, TRACY C. - All About Eve: The Complete Guide to Women's Health and Well-Being
SJ7890: SEN, SIRDAR D. K. - The Indian States, Their Status, Rights, and Obligations
SB8097: SENCENBAUGH, LESLIE E. - Desert Beachhead: A Novel
05365: SENCIL, EDITH E. - The Famous Turkish Cookery (in English)
SB1885: SENNEFF, JOHN A.; WOLFE, DR. GIL I. (FOREWORD BY) - Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy: The Strange Affliction Which Causes Pain or Weakening Muscles for Millions. Possible Treatments with over 200 Patient Comments
033711: SENSHU, NORIKO - Sonny's Dream
SB8457: SEOANE, RHODA LOW - Uttermost East and Longest War
SAS3378: SERBIN, GLEN ROBERT (ED.) - California Image 93
PC428: SERGEANT, HOWARD - The Cumberland Wordsworth
SAS5157: SERGENT, EDMOND; SERGENT, ETIENNE - Histoire D'Un Marais Algerien
SJ7514: METROPOLITAN ART SERIES - Metropolitan Art Series; Needle and Brush: Useful and Decorative
00242: HARPERS EDUCATIONAL SERIES - Harper's Fifth Reader
C470: SERVATIA, M. SR. - A Cross in China: The Story of My Mission
SB8609: SERVEN, JAMES E. - Colt Firearms 1836-1954
SB10184: SERVEN, JAMES E. - Colt Firearms 1836-1954
SB9497: SERVEN, JAMES E. - Colt Firearms from 1836
EW676: SERVER, LEE - Asian Pop Cinema: Bombay to Tokyo
EW282: A BROTHER SERVER - An Offering to the Voice of the Silence
EW2630: SERVER, LEE - Danger Is My Buisness: An Illustrated History of the Fabulous Pulp Magazines 1896-1953
C031: SERVICE, JOHN S. (EDITOR) - Golden Inches: The China Memoir of Grace Service
SB5800: SERVICE, ROBERT - A History of Twentieth-Century Russia
SJ163: THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE - Glimpses of Historical Areas East of the Mississippi River
LR198: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE - Soldier and Brave: Indian and Military Affairs in the Trans-Mississippi West, Including a Guide to Historic Sites and Landmarks
EW117: SERVICE, ROBERT W. - Yukon Poems of Robert W. Service
07387A: SESSUMS, MILDRED W. - In Fact It's Fancy: Black Jack's Cottage Through the Centuries
SJ9351: SETHMAN, HARVEY T. (EDITED BY) - A Century of Colorado Medicine 1871-1971
IB357: SETON, GRACE GALLATIN - Nimrod's Wife
SB1943: SETON, GRACE THOMPSON - "Yes, Lady Saheb" a Woman's Adventurings with Mysterious India
SJ1743: SETTER, W. AUGUST - The View from Yucca Ridge
SJ2661: SETTLE, MARY LEE - Celebration
EW3006: SETZLER, FRANK M.; JENNINGS, JESSE D.; T.D. STEWART - Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 131: Peachtree Mound and Village Site, Cherokee County North Carolina; with Appendix - Skeletal Remains from the Peachtree Site, North Carolina
SJ7704: SEVER, ADRIAN - Documents and Speeches on the Indian Princely States Vol. I & Vol. II
EW2223: SEVERIN, GREGORY M. - The Paris Codex: Decoding an Astronomical Ephemeris (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 71, Part 5, 1981)
SB6863: SEWELL, GEORGE ALEXANDER; DWIGHT, MARGARET L. - Mississippi Black History Makers
SB8693: SEWELL, WILLIAM G. - The People of Wheelbarrow Lane
00461BRD: SEXTON, MIKE; REID, ANDY - Broadband Networking : Atm, Sdh & Sonet (Communications Engineering Ser. )
AC177: SEYMOUR, MARY JANE - Lineage Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol VII, 6001-7000, 1894
EW2356: SEYMOUR, ST. JOHN D. - Irish Witchcraft and Demonology
SB5734: SEYMOUR, MIRANDA - Medea: A Novel
AC187: SEYMOUR, MARY JANE - Lineage Book National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Vol VIII, 7001-8000, 1895
SJ3125: SGARLATO, NICO - Usaf Aircraft of Today
03441: SHACKLETON, ROBERT - Touring Great Britain
SJ604: SHADDUCK, LOUISE - Doctors with Buggies, Snowshoes, and Planes
SB7057: SHAFER, D. R.; DACUS, J. A. (REVISED & ENLARGED) - Foundations of Success and Laws of Trade: Public Business: Social Laws
14036: SHAFFER, EUGENE CARL - The Last Breath
SB6090: SHAFTESBURY, EDMUND (INTERPRETED BY) - Life Building Method of the Ralston Health Club "All Nature" Course: The One Hundred and Fifteenth Edition of the Ralston Health Club: Founded on the Newly Discovered Laws of Human Life
08937: SHAH, JAY - Vaxclusters, Architecture, Programming, and Management
SB7948: SHAH ISMAIL SHAHEED - Taqwiyat-Ul-Iman: Strengthening of the Faith
SJ1926: SHAHEEN, JACK G. - The Tv Arab
SB9853: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; CRAIG, W. J. (EDITED WITH A GLOSSARY BY) - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
SB9776: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - William Shakespeare: Six Tragedies
SB559: SHAKUR, M. (BY); KHAN, HON'BLE KHAN MUHAMMAD YAHY A (FOREWORD BY) - A Hand Book to the Inscriptions Gallery in the Peshawar Museum
SB3335: SHALES, TOM (BY); PECK, GREGORY (FOREWORD BY) - The American Film Heritage: Impressions from the American Film Institute Archives
SJ8949: SHALI, S.L. - Kashmir: History and Archaeology Through the Ages
EW4028: SHAMSUDDIN, SHEIKH - The Malay Art of Self-Defense
02141: SHANGE, NTOZAKE - Nappy Edges
LD103: SHANKS, EDWARD - My England
DC203: SHANKS, HENRY THOMAS (ED.) - The Papers of Willie Person Mangum (Five-Volume Set)
04128: SHANNON, ELIZABETH - I Am of Ireland : Women of the North Speak out
SB3035: SHANNON, JOHN (WORDS BY) - York: The Second City
EW1089: SHAPAKOVSKY, VIACHESLAV; NICOLLE, DAVID - Armies of the Volga Bulgars & Khanate of Kazan (Men-at-Arms 491)
C331: SHAPIRO, SIDNEY - An American in China: Thirty Years in the People's Republic
07655B: SHAPIRO, CHARLES (ED.) - The Lithographers Manual - Fifth Edition
SB2641: SHAPIRO, MICHAEL (PRESIDENT); HAUSMAN, CARL R. (VICE-PRESIDENT) - Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society: A Quartery Journal in American Philosophy: Volume XXVIII, No. 1-No. 4
20824: SHAPLEY, HARLOW - The View from a Distant Star: Man's Future in the Universe
20481: SHAPLEY, FERN RUSK - Catalogue of the Italian Paintings: National Gallery of Art: Volume I Text
EW1278: SHARF, FREDERIC A.; HARRINGTON, PETER - The Boxer Rebellion China 1990: The Artist's Perspective
SB7796: SHARMA, S. R. (BY) - Mughal Empire in India 1526-1761 Part III
SJ9544: SHARMA, L. P. - The Sultanate of Delhi (700-1526 A.D. )
SJ9432: SHARMA, S. R. - Mughal Empire in India (1526-1761) Part II
SJ7568: SHARMA, R. S. - In Defense of "Ancient India"
SJ7706: SHARMA, DR. BAIJNATH; PANDEY, DR. RAJ BALI (FOREWORD BY) - Harsa and His Times (Thesis Approved for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by the University of Jabalpur
SJ8196: SHARMA, Y. D. - Delhi and Its Neighborhood (Archaeological Survey of India)
02486D: SHARP, MARGERY - Cluny Brown
SB8759: SHARPE, WILLIAM - Brain Surgeon: The Autobiography of William Sharpe
LD128: SHARVY, ROBERT - Logic and Outline
SB7721: SHATTUCK, GEORGE CHEEVER (BY); BEQUAERT, JOSEPH C.; SANDGROUND, JACK H.; HILFERTY, MARGARET M.; CLARK, SAMUEL DRURY - A Medical Survey of the Republic of Guatemala (#499 in the Series)
23319: SHATTUCK, DENNIS (EDITOR) - Car Life: January 1967
23320: SHATTUCK, DENNIS (EDITOR) - Car Life: February 1967
DC456: SHAVIT, DAVID - The United States in Africa: A Historical Dictionary
SR42: SHAW, DALE (CHAIRMAN, EDITING COMMITTEE) - The Legacy of Daedalus: War Stories and Flying Tales
LD090: SHAW, DOROTHY STOTT - The Selected Poems of Dorothy Stott Shaw
09677: SHAW, DOROTHY STOTT (MRS. LLOYD) - The Selected Poems of Dorothy Stott Shaw
08580: SHAW, DOROTHY STOTT - Christmas Poems
SJ4487: SHAW, ROBERT H. (EDITED BY) - Ground Level Climatology: A Symposium Presented at the Berkeley Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science - December, 1965 (Publication No. 86)
SB2778: SHAW, ARCHER H. (PRESIDENT) - The Rowfant Club Year Book 1951
00140C: SHAW, ALVIN CURTIS - Poems of Alvin Curtis Shaw
MF378: SHAW, DOROTHY STOTT - Christmas Poems
SB8434: SHAW, YU-MING - An American Missionary in China: John Leighton Stuart and Chinese-American Relations
SJ535: SHAWN, ALLEN - Wish I Could Be There; Notes from a Phobic Life
AC1059: SHAYNE, MAGGIE - Innocent Prey
SB8788: SHE, LAO (BY); JAMES, JEAN M. (TRANSLATED BY) - Rickshaw: The Novel Lo-T'o Hsiang Tzu
LR449: SHEARING, JOSEPH - The Angel of the Assassination: Marie-Charlotte de Corday D'Armont, Jean-Paul Marat, Jean-Adam Lux; a Study of Three Disciples of Jean-Jacues Rousseau
SB8794: SHEEAN, VINCENT - Thomas Jefferson: Father of Democracy [Landmark Book No. 36]
00353MH4: SHEEHAN, BERNARD W. (EDITOR) - Indiana Magazine of History (Volume XCVI, Number 3, September 2000)
EW580: SHEEHAN, MICHAEL J.; DIMOND, MAG; WRIGHT, CATHY - By the Grace of Light: Images of Faith from Catholic New Mexico [Exhibition Catalog]
EW580A: SHEEHAN, MICHAEL J.; DIMOND, MAG; WRIGHT, CATHY - By the Grace of Light: Images of Faith from Catholic New Mexico [Exhibition Catalog]
23681: SHEEHAN, MOST REVEREND MICHAEL J. - Four Hundred Years of Faith
06720: SHEEHY, TERENCE - Ireland in Colour
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SJ1567: GREEN SR., JAY P. - The New Englishman's Hebrew Concordance; Coded to Strong's Concordance Numbering System Wigram
SJ2623: COFFEY SR., WILLIAM T.; COFFEY JR., WILLIAM T. (COMPILED & EDS.) - Patriot Hearts; an Anthology of American Patriotism
SJ2623A: COFFEY SR., WILLIAM T.; COFFEY JR., WILLIAM T. (COMPILED & EDS.) - Patriot Hearts; an Anthology of American Patriotism
SB4265: BATEMAN SR., ED - Rawhide Bound
SJ8258: SRIVASTAVA, KANHAIYA LALL; SINGH, DR. H.L. (FOREWORD BY) - The Position of Hindus Under the Delhi Sultanate 1206-1526
06050A: NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL STAFF - Ground Water Vulnerability Assessment : Predicting Relative Contamination Potential Under Conditions of Uncertainty
SJ8811: LINCOLN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF (PREPARED BY) - The Hydra-Matic Transmission Diagnosis, Repair, Adjustment
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SAS0748: RESEARCH AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION STAFF (EDITOR) - Advanced Methods for Solving Differential Equations
MF24: RESEARCH AND EDUCATION ASSOCIATION STAFF - Essentials of Algebra and Trigonometry I
SB9742: THE OSS ASSESSMENT STAFF - Assessment of Men: Selection of Personnel for the Office of Strategic Services
06409A: COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL COOPERATION IN AQUATICS STAFF - The New Science of Skin & Scuba Diving - Sixth Edition
DC114: CHILTON AUTOMOTIVE EDITORIAL STAFF - Chilton's Import Car Repair Manual : 1980-87 (Automotive Repair Manual Ser. )
JR153: THE HOWARD W. SAMS ENGINEERING STAFF - Transistor Substitution Handbook
SB7098: STAFFORD, TIM - John Porter in Big Trouble
EW2020: STAFFORD, GENE B. - Aces of the Eighth: Fighter Pilots, Planes & Outfits of the VII Air Force
SB3581: STAFFORD, HURLBURT - The Orange Grove and Other Poems of the Jamaica Peasantry
EW2021: STAFFORD, GENE B. - Aces of the Southwest Pacific
SB5869: STAHLE, WALTER; LINZ, ALFRED; KURZ, GOTTHILF - Die Urkunde: Entwurf, Schrift, Typographie, Einbandgestaltung
SJ4534: STAHNKE, HERBERT L. - Scorpions
09632: STALEY, JOHN D. - The Cost-Minded Manager
03017: STALLINGS, WILLIAM - Isdn and Broadband Isdn
06388: STALLMAN, ROBERT WOOSTER - The Critic's Notebook
EW2670: STANAWAY, JOHN C.; HICKEY, LAWRENCE J. - Attack & Conquer: The 8th Fighter Group in World War II
EW2330: STANAWAY, JOHN - Peter Three Eight: The Pilots Story
SJ9310: STANDISH, BURT L. - Frank Merriwell in Camp
C101: STANDISH, ROBERT - Gentleman of China
SJ9267: STANDISH, BURT L. - Frank Merriwell's Chums
SB4186: STANGE, ALFRED - Deutsche Spatgotische Malerei 1430-1500 [Die Blauen Bucher]
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DC578: STANLEY, F. - The Gardiner (New Mexico) Story
03285: GERSHOFF, STANLEY WITH CATHERINE WHITNEY (FOREWORD BY JEAN MAYER) - Total Nutrition, the Tufts University Guide to
DC586: STANLEY, F. - The Colmor (New Mexico) Story
SJ9814: STANLEY, RIGHT HON. LORD - The Rajah and Principality of Mysore: With a Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Stanley
EW3124: STANSBURY, MICHAEL; VANDIVIER, VAN - An Amateur's Guide to the King's Gambit
EW3865: STANSFIELD, JOHN - Writers of the American West: Multicultural Learning Encounters
EW441: STANSFIELD, JOHN - Enos Mills: Rocky Mountain Naturalist
SAS0463: STANTON, ELIZABETH CADY - The Woman's Bible (Part 1: The Pentateuch) (Part 2: Judges, Kings, Prophets and Apostles)
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08268A: STARK, DOLORES - The Story of the Historic Jackson House
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EW3687: STAUFFER, JEANNE; HATCH, SANDRA (EDITORS) - Quick Creative Quilting
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JD508: STERLING, DOROTHY - Ahead of Her Time: Abby Kelly and the Politics of Antislavery
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SB9075: STERMOLE, FRANKLIN J.; STERMOLE JOHN M. - Economic Evaluation and Investment Decision Methods
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EW4002: STERN, RENEE B. (EDITOR) - Book Trails to Enchanted Lands [Volume 3]
DC1397: STERN, PHILIP VAN DOREN - The Drums of Morning
EW3992: STERN, RENEE B. (EDITOR) - Book Trails to Turret Tops [Volume 5]
EW4003: STERN, RENEE B. (EDITOR) - Book Trails on the Highroad to Adventure [Volume 4]
EW3993: STERN, RENEE B. (EDITOR) - Book Trails at the Crossroads [Volume 6]
EW3994: STERN, RENEE B. (EDITOR) - Book Trails of Trail Blazers [Volume 8]
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EW2276: STERN, ROBERT C. - F-4 Phantom Volume II (Warbirds Illustrated No. 46)
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SJ6872: STERNBERGY, DICK - The Freshwater Angler, Trout; the Hunting and Fishing Library
13689: SLAVIN STEVE - All the Math You'LL Ever Need: A Self-Teaching Guide
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SB2287: STEVENS, PHILLIP - Search out the Land: A History of American Military Scouts
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CJR0000044: STEVENS, JAMES - Paul Bunyan
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SB4572: STEVENSON, JOHN D. (CHAIRMAN) - Specialty Conference on Structural Design of Nuclear Plan Facilites Vol. III
EW3278: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - A Child's Garden of Verses
SB4574: STEVENSON, JOHN D. (CHAIRMAN) - Structural Design of Nuclear Plant Facilities Volume II
EW1753: STEVENSON, JAMES PERRY - F-15 Eagle (Aero Series Vol. 28)
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SB10125: STEWARD, JULIAN H. (EDITOR) - Handbook of South American Indians: : Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 143: Volume 5: The Comparative Ethnology of South American Indians
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EW1735: STEWART, T.D. - Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin 126: Archeological Remains in the Whitewater District Eastern Arizona - Part II: Artifacts and Burials
SB1530: STEWART, C. S.; ELLIS, REV. WILLIAM (INTO. & NOTES BY) - A Residence in the Sandwich Islands
SB9802: STEWART, ANNA BIRD - Builder of Bridges
LR104: STEWART, GEORGE R. - Donner Pass
SB7941: STEWART, FRANK - River Rising: A Cherokee Odyssey
EW2764: STEWART, DAVID A. - American Sign Language the Easy Way
SB9044: STEWART, RODERICK - The Mind of Norman Bethune
SJ5266: STEWART, MICHAEL - Compulsion
SJ8820: JOUHER (WRITTEN IN THE PERSIAN LANGUAGE BY); STEWART, MAJOR CHARLES (TRANSLATED BY) - The Tezkereh Al Vakiat or Private Memoirs of the Moghul Emperor Humayun Written in the Persian Language
22692: STEWART, OMER C. (ED.) - Southwestern Lore: Official Publication the Colorado Archaeological Society Volume 15, December, 1949, No. 3

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