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SAS2350: LYONS, RICHARD - Men and Tin Kettles
SB5705: LYTTON, EDWARD BULWER - Rienzi: The Last of the Roman Tribunes
10647: PITTARO, JOHN M. & ALEXANDER GREEN - Beginners' Spanish
MF30: DREW, DENNIS M. AND SNOW, DONALD M. - Making Strategy
02153P: CHACE, WILLIAM M. AND COLLIER, PETER (EDITORS) - Justice Denied (the Black Man in White America)
05209: BALDWIN, R. W. M. & GILLIAN C. HANSON (EDITORS) - The Critically ILL Obstetric Patient
DC2318: KELLY, FRANCIS M. & SCHWABE, RANDOLPH - A Short History of Costume and Armour 1066-1800 (Two-Volumes-in-One)
11538: HAUSEN, DONALD M. & WON C. PARK - Process Mineralogy: Extractive Metallurgy, Mineral Exploration, Energy Resources
11519: TEMPLETON, JOHN M. & ROBERT L. HERRMANN - The God Who Would Be Known: Revelations of the Divine in Contemporary Science
20104: ROBERTS, HUGH M. & MELVILLE W. BARTLEY - Hydrothermal Replacement in Deep Seated Iron Ore Deposits of the Lake Superior Region
03413: FRANCK, IRENE M. AND DAVID M. BROWNSTONE - Manufacturers and Miners : A Volume in the "Work Throughout History" Series
SJ7349: MAZZULLA, FRED M. & JO - The First 100 Years; Cripple Creek and the Pikes Peak Region; a Photographic Account of the Riproaring, Gold-Plated Days in World's Greatest Gold Camp, Including Views of the Best Fires, Labor Wars, Murders, Parlor Houses and Politicians in
00186: TERMAN, LEWIS M. & MERRILL, MAUD A. - Measuring Intelligence (a Guide to the Revised Stanford-Benet Tests of the Time)
SJ8724: CHRISTESON, H.M. & F.M.; MIX, TOM (CHAPTER BY) - Tony and His Pals
SB10070: DUNCAN, F.M. & L.T. - Land and Water Plants: Wonders of Plant Life
SB8027: MA, Y. W.; LAU, JOSEPH S. M. (EDITORS) - Traditional Chinese Stories: Themes and Variations
SJ2663: MAAS, PETER - The Terrible Hours; the Man Behind the Greatest Submarine Rescue in History
00025H: MACALVAY, NORA TULLY - Cathie Stuart
21016: MACAULAY, ROSE - Letters to a Friend: The Spiritual Autobiography of a Distinguished Writer: 1950-1952
SB9122: MACCHESNEY, NATHAN WILLIAM (EDITED BY) - Abraham Lincoln: The Tribute of a Century 1809-1909: A Commemorative of the Lincoln Centenary and Containing the Principal Speeches Made in Connection Therewith
SB5586: MACDONALD, GOLDEN - The Little Island
EW4225: MACDONALD, ELISABETH - The House at Gray Eagle
SB4935: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind
09808: MACDONALD, ANN-MARIE - Fall on Your Knees
SB10104: MACDONALD, GEORGE - At the Back of the North Wind
SJ7611: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - Mequiteer Mavericks
SJ7608: MACDONALD, WILLIAM COLT - Stir Up the Dust [Texas Gunfighters Along the Abilene Trail]
DC12104: MACDONALD, CHARLES B.; MATHEWS, SIDNEY T. - United States Army in World War II - Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo, and Schmidt
SB5233: MACDONALD, J. RAMSAY - The Awakening of India
EW958: MACDOWALL, SIMON - Germanic Warrior 236-568 Ad (Warrior Series 17)
SJ3533: MACFADDEN, GARY - The Trans-America Trail; Volume IV Ste. Genevieve, Missouri to Berea, Kentucky
SB10062: MACFADDEN, BERNARR (EDITOR) - Physical Culture: Devoted to Health, Strength, Vitality, Muscular Development, and the Care of the Body: [ 1908 ] Vol. XIX-XX with 10 Issues
EW2194: MACFARLANE, KATHERINE NELL - Isidore of Seville on the Pagan Gods (Origines VIII. 11) (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 70, Part 3, 1980)
SB9709: MACFARQUHAR, A. - Punjab District Gazetteers: Amritsar District
SJ4404: MACGRATH, HAROLD - Hearts and Masks
07548: MACGREGOR, J. G. - Edmonton: A History
PC458: MACHEN, ARTHUR - The Gray's Inn Coffee House
SJ8231: MACHEN, ARTHUR - The Shining Pyramid
SAS3799: MACHOL, ROBERT E. (ED.) - System Engineering Handbook
EW1714: MACIVER, KATHI - Law & Order Early Teller County Colorado
EW4468: MACK, WILLIAM P. - Command at Sea
SJ5167: MACK, R. L. (NO.3.); SCIBIRD, G. H. (NO.3.); WARREN, EDWARD R. (NO.4.) - Colorado College Publication; General Series No. 33; Engineering Series Vol. I, Nos. 3,4; No. 3. The Roasting of Telluride Ores. No. 4. Further Notes on the Mammals of Colorado
SB8606: MACKAY, MARGARET - Mrs. Dale of Peking: A Novel
SJ9291: MACKAY, JAMES - Stamp Collecting
EW2118: MACKAY, PIERRE A. - Certificates of Transmission on a Manuscript of the Maqamat of Hariri (Ms. Cairo, Adab 105) (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 61, Part 4, 1971)
SB6992: MACKEL, KATHY - Mad Cat
02153L: MACKENDRICK, PAUL - The Mute Stones Speak (the Story of Archaeology in Italy)
SB1420: MACKENDRICK, PAUL; HOWE, HERBERT (EDITORS) - Classics in Translation: Volume I: Greek Literature
00463HCP: MACKENZIE, COMPTON - The House of Coalport 1750-1950
C281: MACKERRAS, COLIN (EDITOR) - Chinese Theater: From Its Origins to the Present Day
SB9291: MACKEY, FRANK J (BY).; JERNEGAN, MARCUS WILSON (ADVISORY EDITOR) - Forward-March! the Photographic Record of America in the World War and the Post War Social Upheaval: Volume I & II
SB1798: MACKEY, JAMES P. - Studies in World Christianity: Volume 2, Part 2: The Edinburgh Review of Theology & Religion; Volume 2. 2, 1996
SB1800: MACKEY, JAMES P. - Studies in World Christianity: Volume 3, Part 1: A Christian Morality Issue
SB1799: MACKEY, JAMES P. (EDITOR) - Studies in World Christianity: Volume 2, Part 1: A Methodology Issue
SAS3621: MACKEY, CHARLES OSBORN - Air Conditioning Principles
SB2121: MACKINNEY, LOREN C. - Early Medieval Medicine with Special Reference to France and Chartres: The Hideyo Noguchi Lectures: Third Series, Volume III
SB2267: MACKINTOSH, CHARLES HENRY - Reasonable Religion
SB5455: MACKSEY, KENNETH - Tank Versus Tank: The Illustrated Story of Armored Battlefield Conflict in the Twentieth Century
SJ5388: MACLAURIES, MR. - A Narrative or Journal of Voyages and Travels, Through the North-West Continent of America; in the Years 1789 and 1793
SAS3635: MACLEAN, NEIL (INTRODUCTION) - Food for All Seasons : The New Scottish Cooking
01216: MACLEAN, ALISTAIR - Captain Cook
SB9069: MACLEOD, NORMAN - The Bitter Roots: A Novel of Turbulent Youth Set in the Vast Distances of the Bitterroot Country of Montana
EW4362: MACLEOD, IAIN - Neville Chamberlain
EW4470: MACMANUS, SEUMAS - The Story of the Irish Race: A Popular History of Ireland
03115: MACMIILLAN, MIRIAM - Green Seas and White Ice
SB8133: MACMILLAN, MIRIAM (BY); THOMAS, LOWELL (INTRO. BY) - Green Seas and White Ice
C515: MACNAIR, HARLEY FARNSWORTH - Modern Chinese History: Selected Readings
SJ1458: MACNUTT, FRANCIS AUGUSTUS - Fernando Cortes His Five Letters of Relation to the Emperor Charles V; Volumes I and II
SJ6109: MACOY, ROBERT - Worshipful Master's Assistant; the Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Concerning the Duties, Responsibilities and Prerogatives of the Worshipful Master Also the Other Officers of the Lodge
SJ9446: MACPHERSON, MALCOLM - The Cowboy and His Elephant: The Story of a Remarkable Friendship
SJ3772: MACUALAY, T. BABINGTON - Biographical and Historical Sketches, Vol VI
SJ7621: MADAN, A. P. - The History of the Rastrakutas
DC991: MADDEN, FREDERICK - Privy Purse Expenses of the Princess Mary, Daughter of King Henry the Eighth, Afterwards Queen Mary: With a Memoir of the Princess, and Notes. (December 1536 to December 1544)
SAS2608: MADDEN, JOE - The Back Room
SJ4293: MADDOX, ROBERT; CHOATE, CURT; HAYNES, JOHN H. - Dodge Ram 50/D-50 Pick-Ups & Raider 1979 Thru 1993 [All Gasoline Engine Models, Also Includes Plymouth Arrow Models]
SB4584: MADDOX, RUSSELL W.; FUQUAY, ROBERT F. - State and Local Government
SJ7856: MADES, LEONARD - The Armor and the Brocade; a Study of Don Quixote and the Courtier
SB10487: JAFFREY'S MADHUR - Quick & Easy Indian Cooking
AC78: MADISON, JAMES H. (ED.) - Indiana Magazine of History Vol 81, 1981 (4 Issues)
AC80: MADISON, JAMES H. (ED.) - Indiana Magazine of History Vol 70, 1974 (4 Issues)
AC79: MADISON, JAMES H. (ED.) - Indiana Magazine of History Vol 74, 1978 (4 Issues)
AC77: MADISON, JAMES H. (ED.) - Indiana Magazine of History Vol 81, 1985 (4 Issues)
SB4365: MADISON, RAY - Sangre de Cristo and Other Poems
SAS0347: MADSEN, AXEL - Billy Wilder
SB7166: BENNETT, EDNA MAE AND JOHN F. - Turquoise Jewelry of the Indians of the Southwest
SB10748: BENNETT, EDNA MAE AND JOHN F. - Turquoise Jewelry of the Indians of the Southwest
06598A: MAEGRAITH, BRIAN, AND LEITHEAD, C.S. - Clinical Methods in Tropical Medicine
EW1992: MAESTRO, MARCELLO - Gaetano Filangieri and His Science of Legislation (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 66, Part 6, October 1976)
SB3136: THE FIRE TRUCK MAGAZINE - The Bell, Light & Siren
03979: EDITORS OF NEBRASKALAND MAGAZINE - Fort Robinson Illustrated : (Nebraskaland Magazine : Volume 64, Number 1)
01055: PREVENTION MAGAZINE (EDITORS) - Visual Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, the (a Step-by-Step Pictorial Guide to Solving 100 Everyday Health Problems)
EW4100: MAGER, N.H.; KATEL, JACQUES - Conquest without War: An Analytical Anthology of the Speeches, Interviews, and Remarks of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev, with Commentary by Lenin, Stalin, and Others
SB4005: MAGIC, MICHAEL - The Evolution of Asexual Reproduction in Plants
SB6809: MAGID, ANDY R. - The Separable Galois Theory of Cummutative Rings
SB6246: MAGILL, H. B. - Little Journeys to Ancient Sanctuaries
SAS5006: MAGILL, FRANK N. (ED.) - Survey of Science Fiction Literature (Vols. 1-5)
13669: MAGILL, FRANK N. (ED.) - Masterpieces of African-American Literature: Descriptions, Analyses, Characters, Plots, Themes, Critical Evaluations, and Significance of Major Works of Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama, and Poetry
SJ4234: MAGINLEY, C. J. - Trains and Boats and Planes and... Custom-Building Wooden Toys
EW1990: MAGLIO, VINCENT J. - Origin and Evolution of the Elephantidae (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 63, Part 3, June 1973)
SJ9692: MAGNUS, RALPH H. (ED.) - Afghan Alternatives: Issues, Options, and Policies
07368: MAGYAR, DR. KARL P., AND DR. CONSTANTINE P. DANOPOULOS (EDS.) - Prolonged Wars: A Post-Nuclear Challenge
C278: MAH, ADELINE YEN - Falling Leaves: The True Story of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter
00825: MAHARIDGE, DALE - The Coming White Minority (California's Eruptions and America's Future)
KM375: MAHER, KEVIN M. G. (EDITOR) - Chilton's Toyota Camry 1983-96 Repair Manual
SAS0934: MAHFOUZ, NAGUIB - The Beginning and the End
SJ6924: MAHNKEN, JAN; LAUBACH, RENE (FOREWORD BY) - The Backyard Bird-Lover's Guide; Attracting, Nesting, Feeding
LR35: MAHONEY, STANLEY C. - Mount Evans Above Timberline: A Hiker's Guide to Mountains and Lakes Above 11,000' in the Vicinity of Mount Evans, Colorado
CS640: MAHONEY, JAMES - James Mahoney 1862-1915: Biographical Sketch, Letters of Appreciation, Literary Productons
EW3245: MAIKEN, PETER T. - Night Trains: The Pullman System in the Golden Years of American Rail Travel
23962: MAILER, NORMAN - Tough Guys Don't Dance
SB10045: MAILER, NORMAN - Tough Guys Don't Dance
081511: MAILER, NORMAN - Barbary Shore
SB3629: MAINE, FLOYD SHUSTER - Lone Eagle... The White Sioux
SJ9955: MAIS, S. P. B. - The Best in Their Kind
SJ7709: MAITY, S. K. - The Imperial Guptas and Their Times
EW1986: MAJOR, J. RUSSELL - Bellievre, Sully, and the Assembly of Notables of 1596 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society Volume 64, Part 2, March 1974)
033514: MAJOR, J. RUSSELL - Representative Institutions in Renaissance 1421-1559
SB5679: MAJOR, HOWARD - The Domestic Architecture of the Early American Republic: The Greek Rivival
SJ2058: MAKANNA, PHILIP - Ghosts a Time Remembered
SB7138: HWUY-UNG; MAKEPEACE, J. A. (TRANSLATOR) - A Chinaman's Opinion of Us and of His Own People (As Expressed in Letters from Australia to His Friend in China)
01942: MAKOWER, JOEL (ED.) - The Air and Space Catalog (the Complete Sourcebook for Everything in the Universe)
SB1485: MALAMUD, BERNARD - The Magic Barrel: Idiots First
033707: MALESKA, EUGENE T. - A Pleasure in Words
SJ8944: MALIK, IKRAM ALI - History of the Punjab 1799-1947 [Complete and Unabridged]
07200: EL MALLAKH, RAGAEI - Kuwait: Trade & Investment
EW2822: MALLAN, LLOYD - Space Science
SB485: MALLETT, DANIEL TROWBRIDGE - Mallett's Index of Artists: Vol. I-International-Biographical: Including Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators, Engravers and Etchers of the Past and Present: Vol. II-Supplement to
C244: O'MALLEY, SIR OWEN - The Phantom Caravan
13066: MALMBERG, BERTIL - Phonetics
16105: MALMQUIST, MARIE - A Maiden's Prayer
SB1263: MALONE, MAGGIE - Treasury of Applique Quilt Patterns
06826A: MALONE, ALBERT S. - Dutton's Navigation and Piloting - Thirteenth Edition
EW1688: MALSCH, BROWNSON - "Lone Wolf Gonzaullas" Texas Ranger
MF274: MAMMANA, DENNIS - Star Hunters; the Quest to Discover the Secrets of the Universe
09478: MAMONOVA, TATYANA (ED.) - Women and Russia: Feminist Writings from the Soviet Union
EW630: MAN, JOHN - Genghis Kan: Life, Death, and Resurection
MF240: MANCHESTER, LORNE - Canada's Aviation Industry (Canada at Work Series)
SB880: MANDABACH, BRIAN - ... Or Not
DC1770: MANDEL, MARGARET FOX - Teddy Bears and Steiff Animals, Second Series
SB977: MANFULL, HELEN - Additional Dialogue: Letters of Dalton Trumbo, 1942-1962
SB6139: MANGRUM, MARION - Who's Who in Cocker Spaniels
SJ4339: MANIS, DARIN; SMITH, DR. MILTON - Spiritual Trusts; an Empowering System for Living with Eternity in Mind
SJ7643: MANKEKAR, D. R. - Mewar Saga; the Sisodias' Role in Indian History
EW2746: MANLY, WILLIAM LEWIS - Death Valley in '49: Important Chapter of California Pioneer History [Classics of the Old West]
05601: TEXTO DE GRACIELA MANN - Os Doze Profetas Do Aleijadinho
JRS340: MANN, EDWARD C., COLONEL - Thunder and Lightning: Desert Storm and the Airpower Debates (Vol. Two)
SJ9934: MANN, ALBERT W., HISTORIAN OF THE REGIMENT - History of the Forty-Fifth Regiment: Massachusetts Volunteer Militia: "the Cadet Regiment"
SB2667: MANN, E. B. - The Whistler
SJ3304: MANN, ARTHUR (EDITED BY) - The Progressive Era; Liberal Renaissance or Liberal Failure? (American Problem Studies)
EW1199: MANN, STELLA TERRILL - How to Analyze and Overcome Your Fears
DC353: MANN, A.T. - Das Wissen Uber Reinkarnation: Was Mythen, Christentum, Buddhismus, Anthroposophie Und Heutige Naturwissenschaftler Zur Wiedergeburt Sagen
20228: MANN, E. B. - With Spurs
SAS5378: MANNING, ANNE (ED.) - Valentine Duval : An Autobiography
SB8105: MANNING, JEANNE - A Time to Speak [a History of World War II]
SJ8412: MANOR, JAMES - Political Change in an Indian State; Mysore 1917-1955; Australia National University Monographs on South Asia No. 2
08647: MANRARA, LUIS V. - Betrayal Opened the Door to Russian Missles in Red Cuba
SJ4485: MANSELL, WILLIAM (TEXT BY) - North American Birds of Prey
SB9415: MANTO, SAADAT HASAN (BY); JALAL, HAMID (TRANSLATED FROM URDU BY) - Black Milk: A Collection of Short Stories
SB10057: MANUTIUS, ALDUS: LEMKE, ANTJE (TRANSLATED BY); BEAN, DONALD P. (INTRO. BY) - Adus Manutius and His Thesaurus Conrnucopiae of 1496: Containing the First Appearance in English of the Prologue in Which Aldus Announces His Plans to Publish the First Printed Edition of Aristotle's Works
SJ5489: MANWILL, MARION C. - How to Shoe a Horse
SJ9255: MAR, WALTER DEL - India During British Rule: What I Saw Then
C511: MAR, M. ELAINE - Paper Daughter: A Memoir
EW4448: MARANISS, DAVID - Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story
EW3627: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 4 May 1993
CS810: MARCH, DANIEL - Fran Morker Till Ljus
EW3650: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 39 Number 8 November 1991
EW3649: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 39 Number 7 October 1991
EW3648: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 39 Number 6 August 1991
EW3647: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 39 Number 5 July 1991
EW3646: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 39 Number 4 May 1991
EW3645: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 40 Number 6 August 1992
EW3644: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 40 Number 5 July 1992
EW3643: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 40 Number 4 May 1992
EW3642: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 40 Number 2 February 1992
EW3641: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 40 Number 1 January 1992
EW3640: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 40 Number 7 October 1992
EW3639: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 8 November 1994
EW3638: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 1 January 1994
EW3637: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 2 February 1994
EW3636: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 3 April 1994
EW3635: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 4 May 1994
EW3634: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 5 July 1994
EW3633: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 42 Number 7 October 1994
EW3632: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 8 November 1993
EW3631: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 7 October 1993
EW3630: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 1 January 1993
EW3629: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 2 February 1993
EW3628: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 3 April 1993
EW3625: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 6 August 1993
EW3626: MARCH, D.W. (EDITOR) - Geophysical Prospecting Volume 41 Number 5 July 1993
EW2725: MARCHINGTON, JOHN - The History of Wildfowling
19894: MARCHINI, GIUSEPPE - The Baptistery and the Cathedral of Florence
SB2439: MARCOSSON, ISAAC F. - Caravans of Commerce
EW602: MARCOVIC, D.; SUSIC I. - King Fianchetto Defences
AC143: MARCUS, ARTHUR A. - Post-Mark Homicide
SJ2380: MARCUS, JACOB RADER - Early American Jewry; the Jews of New York, New England, and Canada 1649-1794; Volume I
SB1517: MARCUS, LEONARD S. (EDITOR & INTRO.) - An Epinal Album: Popular Prints from Nineteenth-Century France
SB7006: MARDEN, PHILIP SANFORD - Egyptian Days
SB3684: MARDEN, ORISON SWEET - Character: The Grandest Thing in the World
SB7605: MARDEN, MORRIS - The Geometry of the Zeros of a Polynomial in a Complex Variable: Mathematical Surveys Number III
SB3725: DE LA MARE, WALTER - The Burning-Glass and Other Poems Including the Traveller
GF287: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Songs of Childhood
SAS3850: DE LA MARE, WALTER - Poems for Children
EW2394: WALTER DE LA MARE - O Lovely England and Other Poems
10453: MAREIN, SHIRLEY - Stitchery Needlepoint Applique and Patchwork
SB8508: KNIZKOVA, J. MAREK & H. (TEXT BY); KUTHANOVA, OLGA (TRANSLATED BY) - The Jenghiz Khan Miniatures from the Court of Akbar the Great
EW100: MARES, E.A.; WEIDMAN, BETTE S.; STEELE, THOMAS J, S.J. ; SMITH, PATRICIA CLARK; ARAGON, RAY JOHN DE - Padre Martinez: New Perspectives from Taos
SB9617: MARES, E. A. (TEXT BY) - Las Vegas, New Mexico: A Portrait
JD280: MARETT, R. H. K. : FELLOW OF THE ROYAL ANTHROPOLOGICAL INSTITUTE; FOREWORD BY T.A. JOYCE - Archaeological Tours from Mexico City: A Guide to the Principal Archaeological Sites of the Pre-Spanish Civilizations of Mexico That Can Conveniently Be Visited from the Capital
SB10561: MAREY, LE DR. E. J. - Physiologie Medicale de la Circulation Du Sang Basee Sur L'Etude Graphique Des Mouvements Du Coeur Et Du Pouls Arteriel Avec Application Aux Maladies de L'Appareil Circulatoire
21720: GILKES, MARGARET & MARILYN SYMONS - Calgary's Finest: A History of the City Police Force
IB377: MARIANO, THOMAS - Potshot Reviews of Southern Colorado Ghost Towns: Sequel to Western Tales of Southern Colorado
SAS2107: ROSS, MARILYN & TOM - The Encyclopedia of Self-Publishing
SJ7352: MARIS, JESSE C. - Remembering [the Spirit of 1898]
15208: SIMPSON, MARITA & MARTHA WHEELOCK - World of Light: A Portrait of May Sarton with Additional Poems and Comments
07118: MARK, EDUARD - Aerial Interdiction in Three Wars (Wwii; Korean; Vietnam)
21031: MARK, EDUARD - Defending the West: The United States Air Force and European Security: 1946-1998
SB4711: MARKOVNA, NINA - Nina's Journey: A Memoir of Stalin's Russia & the Second World War
08946: MARKOWSKI, STANISLAW - Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter of Cracow, 1870-1988
SJ1078: MARKS, F. - How to Draw and Paint
SJ355: MARKSBURY, TOM (ED.) - The Transylvanian, Vol. 86, Number One, Spring, 1979
01860b: MARLOWE, FRANCIS - The Secret of the Sandhills
03847: MARLOWE, FRANCIS - The Secret of the Sandhills
16716: MARLOWE, STEPHEN - The Death and Life of Miguel de Cervantes
SB6879: MARMION, ANTHONY - The Ancient and Modern History of the Maritime Ports of Ireland
LD161: MAROHN, STEPHANIE - The Natural Medicine Guide to Anxiety (Healthy Mind Guides Ser. )
09849: MAROHN, STEPHANIE, ILLUSTRATED BY B&W DRAWINGS - The Natural Medicine Guide to Depression
EW3284: MAROLD, RICHARD ( EDITOR ) - Cheyenne Mountain Kiva: Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center Cheyenne School Special Edition 2015, Cheyenne School-Looking Back
EW1452: MAROLD, RICHARD ( EDITOR ) - Cheyenne Mountain Kiva: Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center Vol. 17, No. 1, Summer 2015
EW589: MAROLD, RICHARD ( EDITOR ) - Cheyenne Mountain Kiva : Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center Vol. 16 No. 1, Summer 2014
EW3285: MAROLD, RICHARD ( EDITOR ) - Cheyenne Mountain Kiva : Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center Vol. 17, No. 2, Winter 2015, the Santa Fe Station
EW594: MAROLD, RICHARD ( EDITOR ) - Cheyenne Mountain Kiva: Journal of the Cheyenne Mountain Heritage Center Vol. 12 No. 2, Fall 2010
SAS5323: MARONA, CHRISTOPHER - Colorado Cowboys
KM377: MARPLES, MORRIS - White Horses and Other Hill Figures
23326: MARQUARDT, HANNE - Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet: A Textbook for Therapists
SB6724: MARQUEZ, ERNEST - Port Los Angeles: A Phenomenon of the Railroad Era
033702: MARQUEZ, GABRIEL GARCIA - News of a Kidnapping
15772: MARRIOTT, ALICE - Hell on Horses & Women
JD365: MARRIS, W. S. , (TRANSLATOR) - The Odes of Horace in English Verse: Books I - VI & the Saecular Hymn
TC203: MARRYAT, FRANK - Mountains and Molehills
EW2759: MARRYAT, FRANK - Mountains and Molehills or Recollections of a Burnt Journal
22157A: FOREWORD BY DAVID OWEN TRYBA; INTRODUCTION BY MICHAEL DE MARSCHE - Grandeur Restored: The Renovation and Expansion of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center
SJ5585: MARSDEN, GRAHAM; FURZER, BRIAN; DARLING, JOHN - The Complete Fisherman; a Guide to Fishing Throughout the Year
SB6376: MARSH, IRVING T.; EHRE, EDWARD (EDITORS) - Best Sports Stories of 1944
22277: MARSH, OLIVE - School Days at Big Holly
SB9239: MARSH, JAMES REID - The Charm of the Middle Kingdom
16908: MARSH, GORDON H. (ED.) - Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska: Vol. 4, No. 1, December 1955 (Alaskan Haidas; Family Among the Western Eskimo; Prehistoric Sea Mammal Hunters at Kaflia, Alaska)
16909: MARSH, GORDON H. (ED.) - Anthropological Papers of the University of Alaska: Vol. 4, No. 2, May 1956 (T1 Site at Native Point, Southampton Island, N.W. T. ; Engigstciak Site on the Yukon Arctic Coast; a Stone Lamp from Yukon Island, Alaska; "Pillows" and Other Rare Flints)
SB4582: MARSH, GEORGE - Under Frozen Stars
SB5881: MARSH, D. - Among Olive Groves and Minarets
23227: MARSHALL, EDISON - The Voice of the Pack
SB7322: MARSHALL, S. L. A. (BY); SANDBURG, CARL (PREFACE BY) - Night Drop: The American Invasion of Normandy
EW348: MARSHALL, WILL - Money Ain't Free: The True Cause of the Crisis in Corporate Responsibility
SB9218: MARSHALL, G. C. (CHIEF OF STAFF) - Handbook on Japanese Military Forces: United States War Department Technical Manual 15 September 1944: Tm-E 30-480
02118: MARSHALL, JAMES - Fox Be Nimble
SAS1333: MARSHALL, DAVID (ED.) - Model Railraod Engineering: A Manual of Design, Construction and Operation
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SB10311: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers' Kids or; Day an Night: A Sequel to "Billy Whiskers"
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SB10213: MONTGOMERY, FRANCES TREGO - Billy Whiskers out West
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CS128: EDITORS OF POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY - Popular Science Monthly, Do It Yourself Car Book
SB6290: MONTROSS, LYNN - Cavalry of the Sky: The Story of U.S. Marine Combat Helicopters
10008: MOODY, FRED, NO ILLUSTRATIONS - The Visionary Position, the Inside Story of the Digital Dreamers Who Are Making Virtual Reality a Reality
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SJ6367: MOODY, DAVID - Scottish Towns; Sources for Local Historians; Batsford Local History Series
REL020: MOODY, A.F. - Memories and Musings of a Moderator
23970: MOODY, KENTON J.;HUTCHEON, IAN D.;GRANT, PATRICK M. - Nuclear Forensic Analysis

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