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87945: JORDAN, RICHARD DOUGLAS. - Thomas Traherne and the Authorship of Daily Devotions. Extract from The Yearbook of English Studies Volume 12 1982.
95735: JORDAN, PAUL. - The Atlantis Syndrome.
59587: JORDAN, F.R. - Appreciations Preface by Lionel Lindsay. A memorial volume.
71525: JORDAN, TED. - Norma Jean : A Hollywood Love Story.
85326: JORDAN, JOHN O. (ED.) - The Cambridge Companion to Charles Dickens.
63223: JORGENSEN, MICHAEL. - The Murillo Murder Mystery. With illustrations by the author.
84326: JOSE, A.W. - The Royal Australian Navy The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914 - 1918. Volume IX.
87966: JOSEF. - Where to from Here? Spiritual Pathways. Sources of information for Spiritual Growth. Edited/compiled by Jacek Piesiewicz.
89134: JOSEPH, MICHAEL - The Adventure of Publishing
67172: 'JOSEPHINE' - The Storytellers Hour
73112: JOSEPHY JR., ALVIN M. - The Indian Heritage of America.
62509: JOSLIN, SESYLE - What Do You Say, Dear? A handbook of etiquette for young ladies and gentlemen to be used as a guide for everyday good manners. With pictures by Maurice Sendak
89280: JOY, DAVID. - Main Line Over Shap : The Story of the Lancaster-Carlisle Railway from Construction to Electrification.
88732: JOY, DAVID. - Main Line Over Shap : The Story of the Lancaster-Carlisle Railway from Construction to Electrification.
73551: JOY, WILLIAM - The Other Side of the Hill 200 years of Australian Exploration
92203: JOYAL, MARTIN - The Six - Hour Memorized Deck
87037: JOYCE, R.B. - Sir William MacGregor
67325: JOYCE, DONOVAN. - The Jesus Scroll. A Timebomb for Christianity?
67072: JOYCE, DONOVAN. - The Jesus Scroll. A Timebomb for Christianity?
95482: JOYCE, JAMES - Stephen Hero part of the first draft of 'A Portrait of the Artists as a Young Man'. Edited with an Introduction by Theodore Spencer. Revised edition with additional material and a Foreword by John J. Slocum and Herbert Cahoon.
67973: JOYCE, R.B. - Sir William MacGregor.
83068: JOYCE, DONOVAN. - The Jesus Scroll. A Timebomb for Christianity?
95486: JUDD, ANNIE (ED) - Ring of Praise Words and music.
93976: "JUDEX" - Anderson's Prisoners. Refugee Case-Book. Victory Books No. 7.
93441: JUDGE, ARTHUR W. - High Speed Diesel Engines with special reference to Automobile and Aircraft types. An elementary textbook for engineers, students and operators.
92624: JUDY, WILL - Don't Call A Man A Dog or Will Judy's Scrap Book on Dogs.
94373: JUERS, EVELYN. - The Recluse.
76960: JUILLERAT, BERNARD (ED.) - Shooting the Sun : Ritual and Meaning in West Sepik.
95756: JULIAN, PETER. - Fly Fishing for Trout Down Under.
53019: JUNG, C. G. - Flying Saucers. A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies. Trans by R F C Hull.
50194: JUNG, C. G. - Flying Saucers. A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies. Trans by R F C Hull.
90963: JUNG, C.G. - Psychology and Religion : West and East. Translated by R.F.C. Hull.
66431: JUNGERS, WILLIAM L. (ED) - Size and Scaling in Primate Biology Advances in Primatology: Series editors- W. Patrick Luckett and Charles R. Noback.
92832: JURGENSEN, MANFRED. - Shadows of Utopia. Painting by Cynthia Breusch.
77304: JUSTICE, JUDITH - Policies, Plans & People Culture and Health Development in Nepal
82765: JUSTINIAN. - Makings.
87713: JWING-MING, YANG. - Shaolin Chin Na : The Seizing Art of Kung-Fu.
58257: KAFFEY, DAVE - The Dreaming Fields Art work and calligraphy by Mary Firminger. Foreword by John Reid - ABC Radio 3LO
67574: KAFFEY, DAVE - The Dreaming Fields Art work and calligraphy by Mary Firminger. Foreword by John Reid - ABC Radio 3LO
67240: KAHAN, LOUIS - Australian Writers The Face of Literature
67077: KAHN, ARTHUR D. - Betrayal: Our Occupation of Germany.
74420: KAHN JR, E.J. - All in a Century : The First 100 Years of Eli Lilly and Company.
95312: KAKOURI, KATERINA J. - Dionysiaka Aspects of the Popular Thracian Religion of To-Day. Translated from the Greek by Helen Colaclides.
68777: ORTSAUSSCHUSS KALTENBACH - Kaltenbach Heimat im Bohmerwald
92080: KAMENSHCHIKOV, G.; KOLTUN, S.; NAUMOV, V.; AND CHERNOBROVKIN, B. - Forging Practice. Translated from the Russian by L. Zelikov.
78419: KAMILL, AGGHAZY & VALER, STEFAN - A Vilaghaboru
75060: KAMINSKY, KRISTY & DOMBOSKI, BRIAN - Pop Culture: A View from the Paparazzi - Ashlee and Jessica Simpson
70648: KAMM, JOSEPHINE. - Young Mother.
51744: KAN, DR. A.H. - Juppiter Dolichenus Sammlung der Inschriften und Bildwerke. Mit Einer Einleitung.
80544: KANARAKIS, GEORGE - Greek Voices in Australia : A Tradition of Prose, Poetry and Drama.
74751: KANDEL, DR. I.L. - The Strife of Tongues. Tenth John Smyth Memorial Lecture, Delivered in the Melbourne Town Hall on July 31st, 1937.
66170: KANE, KATHLEEN DUNLOP - Adventure in Faith The Presentation Sisters in Victoria. With 172 illustrations and 18 sketches.
64169: KANE, SAMUEL E. - Thirty Years with the Philippine Head-Hunters
63297: KANE, KATHLEEN DUNLOP - The History of Christian Brothers' College, East St. Kilda.
75296: KANE, KATHLEEN DUNLOP - The History of Christian Brothers' College, East St. Kilda.
60035: KANE, KATHLEEN DUNLOP - The History of Christian Brothers' College, St. Kilda, Volumes One and Two
88373: O'KANE, FRANCES - A Path is Set : The Catholic Church in the Port Phillip District and Victoria, 1839-1862.
78822: KANE, LUCILE M. - The Falls of St. Anthony: The Waterfall That Built Minneapolis.
76805: KANE, KATHLEEN DUNLOP. - The History of Christian Brothers' College, East St. Kilda : Volumes One and Two.
86288: KANNAGI, SATORU AND ODAGIRI, HOTARU. - Only the Ring Finger Knows.
94237: KARAGEORGHIS, VASSOS. - The Civilization of Prehistoric Cyprus.
93766: KARAKELLE, ISMAIL. - Rustem Pasha Mosque & Iznik Tiles. Translated by Mustafa Islamoglu.
94184: KARIG, WALTER; CAGLE, MALCOLM W.; AND MANSON, FRANK A. - Battle Report : The War in Korea.
94185: KARIG, WALTER; HARRIS, RUSSELL L.; AND MANSON, FRANK A. - Battle Report : Victory in the Pacific.
94332: KARNEY, MARY. - An Island Family : Cowes, Phillip Island.
78418: KAROLY, RAICS - Igazságok és Tanulságok a Nagy Háborubol (translates as 'Truth and lessons from the Great War')
78059: KARPMAN, MAURICE S. - Materials and Markets for Hybrid Circuit Substrates. Materials Systems Laboratory. Submitted to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Degree of Master of Science.
89504: KARTOMI, MARGARET J. & KASSLER, JAMIE CROY & SPEARRITT, GORDON - Musicology VII Articles, Reviews, Abstracts, 1982.
67482: KASE, TOSHIKAZU - Eclipse of the Rising Sun written by a former member of the Japanese Foreign Office, edited by David Nelson Rowe.
68066: ELIZABETH KATA - Elizabeth Kata: typed signed letter A letter dated 24-8-66 from Elizabeth Kata to a fan, responding to a letter (presumably about A Patch of Blue). She makes mention of the fact that her book 'Someone Will Conquer Them' had been purchased for filming by a Hollywood Production Company, with Rock Hudson to play the lead role. This film does not seem to have eventuated.
64993: KATCHA, VAHÉ. - The Hook and An Eye for an Eye.
92802: KATES, EDGAR J. - Diesel - Electric Plants. Practical text on the characteristics, installation, maintenance, and operation of diesel-driven generators, including voltage regulators, frequency and automatic controls. Diesel Cyclopedia. Volume 3.
92800: KATES, EDGAR J. - Diesel and High - Compression Gas Engines - Fundamentals. Diesel Cyclopedia. Volume 1.
74557: LADY KATHLEEN (ED) - Fairy Stories From France : No. 460 of Tales for Little People. Illustrated by Ernest Hazeldine.
74555: LADY KATHLEEN (ED) - The Sea-Giant and the Submarines No. 409 of Tales for Little People
74554: LADY KATHLEEN (ED) - The Little People's Holiday Number No. 400 of Tales for Little People
67200: KAUSMAN, LES - What's Golf? The first 50 years of the Cranbourne Golf Club. Foreword by Peter Thompson.
71926: KAUSMAN, LES - What's Golf? The first 50 years of the Cranbourne Golf Club. Foreword by Peter Thompson.
71403: KAUSMAN, LES - What's Golf? The first 50 years of the Cranbourne Golf Club. Foreword by Peter Thompson.
90720: KAVANAGH, MERLE - Rowing On with Leichhardt.
93874: KAVANAGH, P.J. - The Perfect Stranger.
67957: KAVANAGH, P.J. - Scarf Jack
72158: KAVANAGH, TED. - Tommy Handley's Last ITMA Script.
92158: KAY, ERNEST (ED.) - Arab Dictionary of Civil Engineering. English/Arabic Arabic/English.
90608: KAYE, MARVIN - The Handbook of Mental Magic
95086: KAYE, TERRY - Mad Max A novel based on the screenplay by George Miller and James McCauseland
81642: KEANE, JAYNE FENTON. - The Transparent Lung.
94117: KEANE, BERNADETTE AND DIXON, CAROLYN. - Caring for People with Problem Behaviours : A basic, practical text for nurses, health workers and others who are learning to manage difficult behaviours. 2nd Edition, including a chapter on dementia.
71867: KEANEY, LEONIE - St. Fidelis' Moreland The First Fifty Years. Written from data resarched and suppiled by Tom and Kath Bull.
86905: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Broken Hill: Volume I. 1883 - 1893 Discovery and Development.
78619: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Broken Hill: Volume 3. 1915 - 1939 New Horizons
88204: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Broken Hill: Volume 4. 1940 - 1983 The First Century
92503: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Broken Hill: Volume I. 1883 - 1893 Discovery and Development.
92507: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Silverton - A Brief History
92505: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Broken Hill: Volume 3. 1915 - 1939 New Horizons
92506: KEARNS, R.H.B. - Broken Hill: Volume 4. 1940 - 1983 The First Century
89049: KEATING, H.R.F. - The Bad Detective.
93616: KEATING, JOHN D. - Mind the Curve! A History of the Cable Trams.
83643: KEATING, ALLAN E. - Keatings off the Brankinmoor
77411: KEATING, MICHAEL & BLEIMAN, DAVID. - Labour and Scottish Nationalism.
76940: KEATING, PAULINE B. - Two Revolutions - Village Reconstruction and the Cooperative Movement in Northern Shaanxi 1934 - 1945
65469: KEATING, JOHN D. - Bells in Australia
91603: KEATING, CHRISTOPHER. - Surry Hills : The City's Backyard.
95388: KEAY, JOHN & JULIA (EDS.) - Collins Encyclopaedia of Scotland.
51326: KEEBLE, SIR F.W. - Polly and Freddie The Autobiography of Sir Frederick Keeble, formerly Director of the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Wisley.
66829: O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA - One Hundred Flowers edited by Nicholas Callaway.
78064: KEEFFE, KEVIN - From the Centre To the City : Aboriginal Education Culture and Power
95520: KEEFFE, KEVIN - Paddy's Road : Life Stories of Patrick Dodson
65368: KEELING, ANNE E. - What He Did for Convicts and Cannibals. Some account of the life and work of the Rev. Samuel Leigh.
68452: KEENAN, ADRIAN (ED.) - Catching the Vision : The Foundation of Canberra Grammar School. Photographs by William Mildenhall and William Hall.
82445: KEENEY, JOHN (ED.) - ABIE : Australian Business & Investment Explorer.
90723: KEENEY, JOHN (ED.) - Australia's Nobel Laureates : Adventures in Innovation
91673: KEENEY, JOHN (ED) - Waterfront Spectacular Creating Melbourne Docklands, the people's waterfront.
83896: KEESING, NANCY - Garden Island People Illustrated by Cedric Emanuel
87762: KEESING, ROGER M. & STRATHERN, ANDREW J. - Cultural Anthropology - A Contemporary Perspective
72990: KEESING, NANCY. - Three Men and Sydney.
78722: KEESING, FELIX M. - Social Anthropology in Polynesia : A Review of Research.
60759: DE KEGHEL, MAURICE - Traité Général de la Fabrication des Colles Des Glutinants et Matičres d'Appręts. Colles Animales, Colles Végétales, Colles Minérales, Colles Liquides, Colles Mixtes, Liants, Ciments mastics, Soudures, Luts, Agglomérants. Leur fabrication, leurs propriétés, leurs emplois. Avec 156 figures et photographies intercalées dans la texte.
70182: KEIGHLEY, CAPTAIN A.S. - Map Reading and Filed Sketching The Use of the Protractor and Field Compass and Reconnaissance for Battalion Intelligence.
70653: KEILLOR, GARRISON AND NILSSON, JENNY LIND. - The Sandy Bottom Orchestra.
68426: KEITH, B.R. - The Geelong College : 1861-1961. Story: G.C. Notman (1932) and B.R. Keith (1919). Records and Register: A.A. Gray (1921). Design and Illustration: R.R. Ingpen (1954).
93163: KEITH, AGNES - White Man Returns Illustrations by the author.
58029: KELAHER, TIP - The Digger Hat and Other Verses. Introductory note by H.J. Oliver; Illustrations by C.H. Percival.
70661: KELLAWAY, FRANK - The Quest for Golden Dan
60489: KELLER, PAUL - Nos Chants Suisses / Unsere Schweizerlieder 104 Volks-und National-Lieder für Klavier allein oder für Gesang und Klavier
93478: KELLER, GOTTFRIED - Spiegel, das Kätzchen. Ein Märchen. Mit Zeichnungen von Walter Herzberg.
94090: KELLER, PETER C. - Gemstones of East Africa. Foreword by John Sinkankas.
85303: KELLEY, PAGE H. - Biblical Hebrew : An Introductory Grammar.
78362: KELLEY, THOMAS P. - The Black Donnellys : The True Story of Canada's Most Barbaric Feud
91785: KELLEY, JOHN L. - Bringing the Market Back In The Political Revitalization of Market Liberalism.
86926: KELLOW, HENRY ARTHUR - Queensland Poets
91893: KELLY, FARLEY - Degrees of Liberation : A Short History of Women in the University of Melbourne.
69360: KELLY, WILLIAM - The Jinjindirribah
88231: KELLY, STAN. - Eucalypts. Volume II. Text by G.M. Chippendale and R.D. Johnston.
50747: KELLY, JAMES PAUL - Prince Izon
75664: KELLY, VINCE. - Achieving a Vision : The Life Story of P.W. Tewksbury.
91718: KELLY, FARLEY - Degrees of Liberation : A Short History of Women in the University of Melbourne.
91753: KELLY, S.M. - Proud Heritage.
89896: KELLY, JAMES - First Discovery of Port Davey and Macquarie Harbour.
71739: KELLY, VINCE. - Achieving a Vision : The Life Story of P.W. Tewksbury.
94715: KELLY, STAN. - Eucalypts. Volume I. Text by G.M. Chippendale and R.D. Johnston.
83507: KELLY, J.H. - Human Rights for Aborigines : Pre-Requisite for Northern Development.
84674: KELLY, MAX - Plague Sydney 1900 A photographic introduction to a hidden Sydney 1900
87572: KELLY, HEATHER (ED.) - The Story of a People of God : Growing Together in The Gardiner Parish 1911-1986. The former Burke Road Methodist, Gardiner Congregational and St. Andrew's Presbyterian Churches.
86998: KELSALL, E.M. 'MICK' - A Riverman's Story.
86864: KELSALL, E.M. 'MICK' - A Riverman's Story.
86516: KELSALL, E.M. 'MICK' - A Riverman's Story.
92589: KELSALL, E.M. 'MICK' - A Riverman's Story.
88067: KELSO, A.E. - Report concerning Water Supply Practice in the United States of America Foreword by J.C. Jessop.
73092: KELWAY, PHYLLIS - The Otter Who Came Back Illustrated by Len Fullerton.
52389: KEMP, RICHARD - Some Notes on the Ward of Aldgate its Neighbourhood and its Ancient and Modern History.
91556: KEMP, MARTIN (ED) - The Oxford History of Western Art
93542: KEMP, NORMAN - The Devices of War
77480: KEMP, GENE. - Jason Bodger and the Priory Ghost.
59445: KEMPE, HUMPHREY - Participation
92305: KEMPE, H.R. & HANNEFORD SMITH, W. (COMPILERS & EDITORS) - The Engineer's Year - Book of Formulae, Rules, Tables, Data & Memoranda for 1929. A compendium of the modern practice of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Marine, Gas, Aero, Mine, and Metallurgical Engineering.
73515: KENDALL, JOHN (MARGARET MAUD BRASH) - Unborn Tomorrow.
74546: KENDALL, ALICIA - The Conceited Christmas Pudding Illustrated by Maude Angell.
78821: KENEALLY, THOMAS. - American Scoundrel : The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles.
76227: KENEALLY, TOM. - Bettany's Book.
74639: KENIHAN, G.H. (ED.) - The Journal of Abel Jansz Tasman 1642. With documents relating to his exploration of Australia in 1644.
75591: KENNA, LEN. - Tal-am.
76109: KENNEDY, MARGARET - A Long Week-End
93910: KENNEDY, BRIAN. - Silver, Sin, and Sixpenny Ale : A Social History of Broken Hill, 1883-1921.
59452: KENNEDY, DANIEL L. & SOUTHWICK, JAMES D. (EDS) - The Political Economy of International Trade Law Essays in Honor of Robert E. Hudec.
92495: KENNEDY, BRIAN - A Passion to Oppose. John Anderson, Philosopher.
74796: KENNEDY, W.J. - "Unburied Dead" in which is included "The Parable of the Water Tank."
95752: KENNEDY, W.D. - The Story of Gilwell in Victoria.
74009: KENNEDY, VICTOR - Light of Earth
90463: KENNEDY, RANDALL - Race, Crime and the Law
91026: KENNEDY, BRIAN & BARBARA. - Sydney Tunnels.
90464: KENNEDY, RANDALL - Race, Crime and the Law
95002: KENNEDY, BRIAN. - Silver, Sin, and Sixpenny Ale : A Social History of Broken Hill, 1883-1921.
77100: KENNEMORE, TIM. - Wall of Words.
77288: KENNEMORE, TIM. - The Middle of the Sandwich.
77011: KENNY, IVOR. - Talking to Ourselves : Conversations with editors of the Irish news media.
94673: KENNY, JOAN M. - Aborigines. The Port Phillip Project.
72680: KENNY, TOM. - Who Wrote The Pickwick Papers: Dickens? The Answer. Pickwick in Sydney.
65974: KENT, ROCKWELL - N by E
64609: KENT-HUGHES, M.O. & FABB, WESLEY (EDS) - Fifth World Conference on General Practice: Proceedings, Melbourne Australia, 1972
66523: KENT, AGNES SCOTT. - Zonya : Daughter of Abraham.
89179: KENT, ALEXANDER - The Flag Captain
78800: KENT, ROCKWELL - Voyaging - Southward from the Strait of Magellan With illustrations by the author.
94877: KENT, N.L. - Technology of Cereals : An introduction for students of food science and agriculture. Third Edition.
75856: KENT, SIMON. - For the Love of Doc.
59724: KENTON, EDNA (ED) - Black Gown and Redskins The adventures and explorations of the first missionaries among the North American Indians. Adventures and travels of the Early Jesuit Missionaries in North America (1610 - 1791). With a new preface by David Quinn, Introduction by Reuben Gold Thwaites.
91962: KENYON, JR., CHARLES - Lugers at Random
91725: KEOGH, E.G. - The River in the Desert. Maps drawn and Illustrations arranged by Joan Graham.
93180: KEOGH, COLONEL E.G. - Shenandoah 1861 - 62. (Australian Army Journal. No. 56. January 1954.) With an introduction by Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell. Maps drawn and Illustrations arranged by Mr. Cyril Ross.
83350: KEOGH, COLONEL E.G. - Shenandoah 1861 - 62 With an introduction by Lieutenant-General Sir Sydney Rowell. Maps drawn and Illustrations arranged by Mr. Cyril Ross.
92174: KEOGH, E.G. - The River in the Desert. Maps drawn and Illustrations arranged by Joan Graham.
88419: KEOGH, GRAHAM. - History of Doncaster & Templestowe.
90330: KEON-COHEN, BRYAN. - Things - And Other Things.
56991: KEPPEL-JONES, ARTHUR. - When Smuts Goes : A History of South Africa from 1952- 2010. First published in 2015.
86305: KERDROYA (I.D. SPREADBURY, B.A.) - Fowey : A Brief History
93643: KERNAHAN, MARY - Nothing But Nonsense. Preface by Coulson Kernahan. Illustrated by Tony Ludovici.
92171: KERNOT, W.C. - On Some Common Errors in Iron Bridge Design.
75365: KERNOT, W.C. - On Some Common Errors in Iron Bridge Design.
66285: KEROUAC, JACK - The Subterraneans
65291: KEROUAC, JACK - Vanity of Duluoz An Adventurous Education, 1935-46
77074: KERR, RUTH S. - Confidence & Tradition : A History of Esk Shire
93117: KERR, JOHN - Pioneer Pageant A History of the Pioneer Shire
77190: KERR, MARGARET GOYDER. - Colonial Dynasty : The Chambers Family of South Australia.
82464: KERR, M.E. - Little Little.
75670: KERR, THE HONOURABLE MR JUSTICE J.R. - Law in Papua and New Guinea. Nineteenth Roy Milne Memorial Lecture, Townsville, Queensland, 27th November, 1968.
62007: KERR, ROSEMARY - St. Mark's in Time with contributions from Rev'd W.B. Peacock.
82462: KERR, M.E. - Fell.
77298: KERR, M.E. - Gentlehands
72067: MEDWAY. KERRY. - Bush Preacher Bites the Dust. Illustrated by Graham Wade.
91711: KERSH, GERALD - The Song of the Flea
76263: KERSHAW, ALISTER. - Hey Days : memories and glimpses of Melbourne's Bohemia 1937-1947.
76265: KERSHAW, ALISTER. - Collected Poems. A&R Modern Poets.
82438: KERSHAW, ALISTER. - Village to Village : Misadventures in France.
90312: KESSLER, DAVID - The Falashas : The Forgotten Jews of Ethiopia.
92838: KETCHUM, MILO S. - The Design of Walls, Bins and Grain Elevators.
84198: KETCHUM, MILO S. - The Design of Highway Bridges of Steel, Timber and Concrete. Second Issue Rewritten. Total Issue, 15,500.
80955: KETLINSKAYA, VERA. - Days of our Life.
67274: KEVIN, FRANCIS JEFFERY. - The Kevin Klan.
66890: KEVIN, FRANCIS JEFFERY. - The Kevin Klan.
57221: KEVIN, FRANCIS JEFFERY - The Kevin Klan
58955: KEVIN, FRANCIS JEFFERY. - The Kevin Klan.
76693: KEVIN, FRANCIS JEFFERY. - The Kevin Klan.
95242: KEWLEY, BRIAN. - Bays and Beaches : Portraits of Favourite Places Around Port Phillip and Westernport Bays.
84071: KEY, DAVID. - Earthquake Design Practice for Buildings. Civil Engineering Design.
64054: KEYS, CHAS - In Times of Crisis: The Story of the New South Wales State Emergency Service
58248: KHAN, HASHIM - Squash Rackets: The Khan Game written with Richard E. Randall
57810: KHAN, HASHIM - Squash Rackets: The Khan Game written with Richard E. Randall
95295: KI-RAK, HA - A History of Korean Anarchist Movement
83269: KIDD, SANDY WITH THOMPSON, RON - Beyond 2001 : The Laws of Physics Revolutionised
95006: KIDDLE, MARGARET. - Men of Yesterday : A Social History of the Western District of Victoria 1834-1890.
62357: KIDOSAKI, M. - Zamenhofa Legolibro
83763: KIELY, BENEDICT - Poor Scholar : a study of William Carleton.
68414: KIELY, D.G. - Dielectric Aerials Methuen's Monographs on Physical Subjects. Foreword by Professor H.M. Barlow.
84277: KIELY, BENEDICT. - Counties of Contention : A study of the origins and implications of the Partition of Ireland.
85440: KIERNAN, BRIAN. - David Williamson : A Writer's Career.
94769: KIERNAN, T.J. - The Irish Exiles in Australia.
71467: KIERNAN, THOMAS. - The Roman Polanski Story.
94105: KILDUFF, PETER (TRANSLATED AND EDITED BY) - Germany's Last Knight of the Air The memoirs of Major Carl Degelow.
91844: KIM, SE-YOUNG. - Devil's Bride Vol. I
76937: KIM, S.P. - Australian Lauxaniid Flies - Revision of the Australian Species of Homoneura Van Der Wulp, Trypetisoma Malloch, and Allied Genera (Diptera: Lauxaniidae) Monographs on Invertebrate Taxonomy. Volume 1.
87939: KINCH, LOUISE. - Stories of Adventure. Illustrated by Edith Grieve.
70422: KING-SMITH, DICK - Sophie is Seven Illustrated by David Parkins
70133: KING, CLIVE - Snakes and Snakes Illustrated by Richard Kennedy.
62691: KING, JESSIE M. - The Grey City of the North - Edinburgh A Book of Drawings.
87308: KING, NORMA - Ghost Towns of the North Country
89959: KING, MAX - Journeys In Paradise A Collection of Poems.
76414: KING, JESSIE M. - The Grey City of the North : A Book of Drawings.
76630: KING, JOCELYN - This and That... From Here and There
56102: KING, COLONEL E.J., KNIGHT OF GRACE OF THE ORDER - The Grand Priory of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England. A Short History. With a foreword by Major-Gen. The Earl of Scarborough, Sub-Prior of the Order.
84218: KING, MICHAEL. - Wrestling with the Angel : A Life of Janet Frame.
81495: KING-HELE, DESMOND. - Shelley : His Thought and Work.
83960: KING, CLIFFORD - The Orange and the Green
89832: KING, STEPHEN & STRAUB, PETER - The Talisman
87015: KING, NORMA. - The Fabulous Golden Mile. 7th Edition.
82807: KING, F.W. - Say Not Goodbye.
89984: KING, MAX - Mirrors and Reflections A collection of poems.
95429: KING, STEPHEN & STRAUB, PETER - Black House
86385: KING, HAZEL. - Elizabeth Macarthur and Her World.
81617: KING, BRUCE (COMPILER AND EDITOR) - Dryden's Mind and Art Essays old and new.
87007: KING, NORMA - Ghost Towns of the North Country
93755: KING, JONATHAN & JOHN. - Philip Gidley King : A Biography of the Third Governor of New South Wales.
79361: KING, NORMA - Ghost Towns of the North Country
89985: KING, MAX - Territorianity A collection of poems.
60716: KINGSFORD, R.J.L. - The Publishers Association 1896- 1946 With an epilogue.
65422: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Town Geology National Home Reading Union Edition.
88386: KINGSTON, RUSSELL. - A Complete Manual for the Keeping and Breeding of Finches.
72865: KINMONT, JOAN. - Comes Freedom.
72866: KINMONT, JOAN. - This My Son.
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84438: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Bohemians of the Bulletin
56419: LINDSAY, SIR LIONEL. - Comedy of Life. An Autobiography by Sir Lionel Lindsay. 1874-1961. With a Foreword by Peter Lindsay.
53957: LINDSAY, JACK - The Discovery Of Britain A Guide To Archaeology
94951: LINDSAY, DARYL. - The Leafy Tree : My Family.
52516: LINDSAY, PHILIP - I'd Live The Same Life Over being the Progress, or rather the Circumgyration, of Philip Lindsay
85411: LINDSAY, DARYL. - The Leafy Tree : My Family.
82624: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Paintings In Oil Fourteen reproductions in colour from original oil paintings, and 16 half-tone plates reproduced in black and white; with essays by Douglas Stewart and Norman Lindsay.
86986: LINDSAY, DARYL. - The Leafy Tree : My Family.
95195: LINDSAY, NORMAN - The Magic Pudding The Adventures of Bunyip Bluegum.
87619: LINDSAY, NORMAN. - Bohemians of the Bulletin.
67516: LINDSAY, SIR LIONEL. - Comedy of Life. An Autobiography by Sir Lionel Lindsay. 1874-1961. With a Foreword by Peter Lindsay.
86157: LINDSAY, ANDREW. - When Fish Had Feathers : Portraits of Collingwood's Older Men. Photographs by Ari Hatzis.
87610: LINDSAY, SIR LIONEL - Addled Art
87316: LINDSAY, NORMAN. - Rooms and Houses : An autobiographical novel.
82495: LINDSAY, NORMAN - Norman Lindsay - Water Colour Book Eighteen reproductions in colour from original watercolours with an appreciation of the medium by Norman Lindsay and a biographical survey of the artist's life and work by Godfrey Blunden.
87121: LINDSAY, NORMAN. - Rooms and Houses : An autobiographical novel.
90945: LINDSAY, NORMAN. - Bohemians of the Bulletin.
73647: LINDSAY, JACK. - Our Celtic Heritage. Our Heritage Series.
75361: LINDSAY, ROSE. - Ma and Pa : My Childhood Memories.
75362: LINDSAY, DARYL. - The Leafy Tree : My Family.
75366: LINDSAY, JACK. - The Roaring Twenties. Literary Life in Sydney New South Wales in the Years 1921-6.
76685: LINDSAY, ROSE. - Ma and Pa : My Childhood Memories.
95506: " LINESMAN " - Words By An Eyewitness - The Struggle In Natal. With a new preface.
70134: LINGARD, JOAN - The Reunion
70657: LINGARD, JOAN - The Clearance
77037: LINGARD, JOAN - Across the Barricades
77314: LINGARD, JOAN. - Tug of War.
77046: LINGARD, JOAN - Strangers in the House
74605: LINGENBERG, ROLF - Metric Planes and Metric Vector Spaces. A volume in Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Wiley-Interscience Series of Texts, Monographs, and Tracts - Richard Courant, Founder; Lipman Bers, Peter Hilton and harry Hochstadt, Advisory Editors.
73277: LINGHAM, HENRY CHARLES JOHN. - The Living Pillars of the Colosseum : A Dramatic Picture-Poem of the Roman Persecutions. With Lyrics from Catullus.
73258: LINGHAM, HENRY CHARLES J. - The Last Hours of a Lion Heart A Threnody
86094: LINKLATER, WILLIAM (STORIES) & MALLINSON, MAVIS (ILLUSTRATIONS AND ED.) - The Magic Snake being a group of stories for children concerning the habits, customs, beliefs, ceremonies, corroborees and legends of the Australian Aborigines.
91650: LINKLATER, ERIC - Our Men in Korea Prepared for the Admiralty, War Office, and Air Ministry by the Central Office of Information, London, 1952.
87929: LINN, ROB - Yalumba and Its People
83591: LINNELL, SHERIDAN. - Cutting room. Five Islands Press New Poets Program Series 8.
72458: LINSTEAD, E.P.B. - Disorderly Poems
91128: LINTON, THE LATE R.W. BRO. K. - Proceedings of the Lodge of Research No. 218. The Grand Lodge of the Ancients. Paper prepares by the late R.W. Bro. K. Linton P.S.G.W. Read on the 23rd August 1985.
92496: LIPOWSKI, ZBIGNIEW J. - Delirium : Acute Confusional States.
95167: LIPPLE, BARBARA M. - Bread and Purposes.
94549: LIPPMANN, HEINZ. - Honecker and the New Politics of Europe. Translated by Helen Sebba.
69197: LIPPMANN, JOHN & NATOLI, DAVID. - Ambulance Victoria First Aid Training Manual.
89911: LIPS, FERDINAND. - Gold Wars : The Battle Against Sound Money as Seen From a Swiss Perspective.
71462: LISLE, LAURIE. - Louise Nevelson : A Passionate Life.
92029: LISTER, RAYMOND - The Craftsman in Metal
76581: LISTON, MAUD RENNER - S. George for England and other poems.
90453: LISTON, JOSEPH - Aircraft Engine Design
69907: LISZT, FRANZ - Forest Murmurs (Concert Study) for the Pianoforte. Printed in Braille by kind permission of the Publishers, Messrs. G. Ricordi & Co., London. Method: Bar by bar.
92924: LITCHFIELD, LOIS - Marree and the tracks beyond in black and white. A History of the Birdsville Track. Commemorating the Centenary of Marree, 1883 - 1983.
50756: LITCHFIELD, MICHAEL & HAUSHERR, ROSMARIE. - Salvaged Treasures Designing and Building with Architectural Salvage.
89083: LITHGOW, SCOTT - Training and Working Dogs For Quiet Control of Stock. Artwork and Appendix by Don Morris.
93476: LITHGOW, GEOOFREY W. - Willa-Willyama...The Broken Hill - The Silver City - A History and Guide.
86909: LITHGOW, D.L. - As I Remember
59898: LITTLE, GEORGE WATSON - Dr. Little's Dog Book
89575: LITTLE, VIC. - The History of the Brunswick Progress Association 1905-2000.
92403: LITTLE, MILES. - Round Trip. Illustrated by Russell Drysdale.
73530: LITTLE, BRYAN - Crusoe's Captain Being the Life of Woodes Rogers, Seaman, Trader, Colonial Governor
52054: LITTLEJOHN, AGNES - Star Dust and Sea Spray Imaginative Stories written for Children, illustrated by Sydney Ure Smith and Percy Leason.
73532: LITTLEJOHN, AGNES - Lyrics and Lyrical Poetry Illustrated by Albert Collins and H.M. Burton.
93754: LITTLEWOOD, ROBERT C. - The Ex Libris of Sir Lionel Lindsay : 1874 - 1961
82502: LITTLEWOOD, ROBERT C. - The Ex Libris of Sir Lionel Lindsay : 1874 - 1961
81866: LITVAG, IRVING - Singer in the Shadows : The Strange Story of Patience Worth The first complete account of one of the most bizarre mysteries of this century : an uneducated St. Louis housewife (Mrs. Pearl Curran) receives a remarkable literary heriatge from the spirit of a 17th century Englishwoman through a ouija board.
75247: LIU, DANIEL AND SALES, SHAUN LE LACHEUR. - Virtools Fundamentals. "learn how to create amazing interactive 3D worlds in half the time!"
83925: TAURUSTAN OF LIVERPOOL. - The Power in My Hand.
93702: LIVINGSTON, W.P. - Laws of Livingstonia A narrative of Missionary adventure and achievement.
94961: LIVINGSTON, FLORA V. - Supplement to Bibliography of the Works of Rudyard Kipling (1927). Burt Franklin: Bibliography & Reference Series #181.
83374: LLOYD, STUART. - The Lightning Ridge Book.
74548: LLOYD, BRIAN & GILBERT, GEORGE - The Censorship and Public Morality
84387: LLOYD, VALERIE. - The Camera and Dr. Barnardo.
67610: LLOYD, BRIAN. - Tales of the Ten Mile: Ballybeg to the Bush. Histec Historical Series No 6.
93963: LLOYD, BRIAN - Gold at Harrietville Gold Mining at Harrietville 1852- 1982.
92761: LLOYD, BILLIE (COMPILER) - Reflecting on the Past A pictorial history of the Douglas Shire.
92030: LLOYD, B.E. - The Education of Professional Engineers in Australia Forewords by R.L. Aston and K.H. Hunt.
93451: LLOYD, BRIAN - Gold at the Ten Mile The Jamieson Goldfield. Illustrated by Ian Cole.
89768: LLOYD, THELMA - The Roads Travelled A History of the Pillar Valley Cream Run and Post Office.
89808: LLOYD, HENRY - London Humorous Readings
91568: LLOYD GEORGE, RT. HON. DAVID - The Great War Speech delivered by Lloyd George at the Queens' Hall, London, on September 19th, 1914.
59336: LOANE, MARCUS L. - Archbishop Mowll The Biography of Howard West Kilvington Mowll, Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of Australia
51585: LOANE, MARCUS L. - Archbishop Loane The Biography of Howard West Kilvinton Mowll, Archbishop of Sydney and Primate of Australia
78006: LOANE, MARCUS L. - Sons of the Covenant.
72222: LOCAL PUYALLUP, S.P. OF WASHINGTON. - Scientific Socialism Study Course.
74401: LOCKE, JOHN - On the Conduct of the Understanding with Other Pieces
90773: LOCKE, DON. - A Fantasy of Reason : The Life and Thought of William Godwin.
70571: LOCKE, SUMNER. - Mum Dawson, "Boss". With Thirteen full-page Illustrations by D.H. Souter.
53245: LOCKINGTON, REV. W.J. - The Ideals of the Irish People Foreword by His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Mannix
70997: LOCKLEY, RONALD M. - Eric Hosking's Seabirds
91996: LOCKRIDGE, FRANCES & RICHARD. - A Taste of Murder. No. 610.
85469: LOCKWOOD, RUPERT - No War for Oil Monopolies! Hands Off Middle East
78636: LOCKWOOD, ALLAN. - Nine Around the Table : 100 Years in the Shire of Arapiles.
85468: LOCKWOOD, RUPERT - Persian Oil
94701: LOCKWOOD, KIM. - Charles 'Bud' Tingwell's War Stories : The heroes, the battles, the tragedies and the triumphs of World War II. 70th Anniversary Special.
86497: LOCKWOOD, BRIAN. - Samoan Village Economy.
84495: VAN LODEN, ERLE. - Voyage into Space.
82434: LODER, JOHN - White Circles in Australia : Collins WWII Paperback Novels.
93032: LODER, JOHN - Webster Publications : A list of the pulps. Jason, Kane & Riot Pulps. Compiled and photographed by the author. Titles from the collections of the author , and Monash University Rare Books Library.
92133: LODER, JOHN. - James Bowden's Colonial Library Compiled and photographed by the author. Titles from the collection of the author and Monash University Rare Books Library.
64457: LODER, JOHN - Invincible Press Pulps: Crime and Mystery Series together with The Thriller Club, True Crime Series, Invincible Detective Magazine and American Sleuth. Based on the author's collection.
82433: LODER, JOHN. - Ward, Lock's Sixpenny Copyright Novels in Pictorial Chromolithographic Wrappers.
78046: LODER, JOHN. - Ward, Lock's 2/- Copyright Novels in Litho Boards & Cloth Spines Gilt. With notes on the 6d. series in litho paper wrappers & 'Detective & Adventure Stories' in two tints picture wrappers
86038: LODER, JOHN. - P.G. Wodehouse's Colonial Editions Continued with his Australian Sheet Music. Further titles from the collections of the author, Bill Mathews, and others. Compiled and photographed by the author.
72799: LODGE, DAVID. - Changing Places. A Tale of Two Campuses.
66963: LODWICK, JOHN - Twenty East of Greenwich or- a Barnum among the Robespierres. A novel.
81222: LOFTIE, THE REV. W.J. - Views in North Wales from Original Drawings by T.I. Rowbotham with archaeological, historical, poetical, and descriptive notes by the Rev. Loftie.
72776: LOFTS, W.O.G. & ADLEY, DEREK - The British Bibliography of Edgar Wallace Introduction by Penelope Wallace; Preface by Leslie Charteris.
86214: LOFTS, W.O.G AND ADLEY, D.J. (COMPILED BY) - Identification Guide to the D.C. Thomson & John Leng Children's Annuals 1921-64.
71395: LOFTS, W.O.G. & ADLEY, DEREK - The British Bibliography of Edgar Wallace Introduction by Penelope Wallace; Preface by Leslie Charteris.
92436: LOGAN, GREG & WATSON, TOM (EDS) - Soldiers of the Service Some Early Queensland Educators and their Schools.
92381: LOGIN, REV. W.S. & HARRISON, MRS H. & MONTGOMERY, MRS. W. - The Wind Still Blows... Extracts from the diaries of Rev. W. S. Login, Mrs. H. Harrison and Mrs. W. Montgomery.
72201: LOGUE, CHRISTOPHER - The Arrival of the Poet in the City A treatment for a film.
89551: LOH, MORAG (COLLECTED AND EDITED BY) - With Courage in Their Cases The experiences of thirty-five Italian immigrant workers and their families in Australia.
91648: LOMAX, JAMES - Textile Testing City of Nottingham Textile Testing Bureau.
63420: LOMBA, MARGARET - Just thought you'd like to know..."It's time to learn to fire".. China painting from the notebook of Margaret Lomba.
86790: LOMBARDI, FABRIZIO & HUANG, JING (EDS) - Design and Test of Digital Circuits by Quantum-Dor Cellular Automata
75392: LONDON, JACK. - War of the Classes.
55385: LONECK, ALINA. - Opals. Rivers of Illusions.
91739: LONEY, JACK. - Ships in Corio Bay, Geelong 1840-1980.
61408: LONEY, J.K. - Peterborough, Port Campbell, Princetown. Tourist, Historical and Fishing Guide.
92501: LONEY, JACK - Australian Shipwrecks Volume 4. 1901 - 1986.
81119: LONEY, J.K. - Wrecks on the Gippsland Coast.
91327: LONEY, J.K. - Victoria's West Coast Steamers
64268: LONEY, JACK. - Falls of Halladale.
82118: LONEY, J.K. - The Loch Ard Disaster. No. 1 in the Series of Famous Wrecks.
65173: LONEY, J.K. - Tall Ships and Sailormen A Concise Survey of Victoria's Early Maritime History.
87092: LONEY, J.K. - Wrecks on the Gippsland Coast.
87667: LONEY, J.K. (JACK) - Pioneering Days A collection of short articles prepared by the author during his years at Apollo Bay.
75458: LONEY, JACK - Victorian Shipwrecks All wrecks in Victorian Waters and Bass Starit, including King Island and the Kent Group.
91166: LONEY, JACK. - Wrecks in the Rip. Fourth Edition.
81376: LONEY, ALAN. - Fragmenta Nova.
92047: LONEY, ALAN - New Leaf Drawings by Miriam Morris
87738: LONEY, J.K. - Shipwrecks Along the Great Ocean Road. Wrecks around Cape Otway from Warrnambool to Barwon Heads.
95421: LONEY, J.K. AND MORRIS, E.W. - Twelve Decades : A Short History of Apollo Bay ( 1850-1969 )
87740: LONEY, JACK. - The Loch Ard Disaster. (Eighth Edition)
85288: LONEY, JACK. - Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle.
87090: LONEY, J.K. - Wrecks Around Cape Otway Shipwrecks and Strandings from Port Campbell to Anglesea.
92602: LONEY, J.K. - Wrecks Along The Great Ocean Road.
87089: LONEY, J.K. - Wrecks Along The Great Ocean Road Shipwrecks on the West Coast from Point Lonsdale to Portland.
94744: LONG, ANDREW - Aboriginal Scarred Trees in new South Wales. A Field Manual.
90940: LONG, GAVIN. - The Final Campaigns Australia in the War of 1939-1945. Series I- Army. Volume VII.
59261: LONG, WILLIAM STUART - The Exiles
93062: LONG, GAVIN. - To Benghazi : Australia in the War of 1939-1945. Series I- Army. Volume I.
88855: LONG, H.C. AND BRENCHLEY, WINIFRED E. - Suppression of Weeds by Fertilizers and Chemicals. Agricultural and Horticultural Series.
91527: LONG, CHARLES R. - Notable Deeds in Myth and History. Myths and World Stories for Grade III, Victoria - Children Aged 8 to 9. 17 Illustrations.
62261: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Courtship of Miles Standish. With an introduction by Ernest W. Longfellow. Illustrated by N.C. Wyeth.
84628: LONGFORD, THE EARL OF & O'NEILL, THOMAS P. - Eamon de Valera.
78005: LONGFORD, THE EARL OF & O'NEILL, THOMAS P. - Eamon de Valera.
64083: LONGHURST, ROBERT - The Heart of Paradise The History of Burleigh Heads.
92817: LONGHURST, ROBERT - Harvesting the Dream. The History of St. Vincent's Hospital, Toowoomba.
95371: LONGMATE, NORMAN. - Defending the Island : From Caesar to the Armada.
77997: LONGWORTH, JOHN W. & BROWN, COLIN G. & WALDRON, SCOTT A. - Beef in China Agribusiness Opportunities and Challenges
59043: LONSDALE, KATHLEEN (ED) - Quakers Visit Russia
71499: LOOS, ANITA. - Kiss Hollywood Good-bye.
91792: LOOS, NOEL. - Invasion and Resistance : Aboriginal-European Relations on the North Queensland Frontier 1861-1897.
94296: LOOSLI, MICHAEL. - Excursions.
95614: LOPEZ, MARK. - The Origins of Multiculturalism in Australian Politics 1945-1975.
78548: LOPSHIRE, ROBERT - Radio Control Miniature Aircraft 135 Illustrations.
86184: LÓRÁND, DOMBRÁDY - Hadsereg És Politika Magyarországon 1938 - 1944
78480: GEGEDUS LORANT - A Magyarsag Jovoje A Haboru Utan Politikai Tanulmany
90650: LORAYNE, HARRY (CONCEIVED, WRITTEN AND EDITED BY) - The Epitome Location (non-sleight-of-hand)
90646: LORAYNE, HARRY (ED) - Reputation - Makers Illustrated by William A. Morales.
85664: LORD, EVELYN - The Knights Templar in Britain
70533: LORD, RICHARD (COMPILED BY). - Inscriptions in Stone : St. David's Burial Ground 1804-1872. A Record of some Early History of Hobart Town from the Head Stones of Van Diemen's Land's First Cemetery.
78114: LORIMER, JOYCE (ED.) - Sir Walter Ralegh's Discoverie of Guiana. Hakluyt Society Series III Volume 15.
95013: LORIMER, JOYCE (ED.) - Sir Walter Ralegh's Discoverie of Guiana. Hakluyt Society Series III Volume 15.
84025: LORTZ, JOSEPH - The Reformation in Gemany. 2 volumes. Translated by Ronald Walls.
73496: LOUCAS, JASON. - Thirteen Strangers.
90090: LOUDON, MRS. - The Lady's Country Companion; or, How to enjoy a country life rationally. With an engraving on steel, and illustrations on wood.
95667: LOUDON, NANCY (ED.) - Handbook of Family Planning.
89512: LOUGHLIN, GEORGE F. - Cities of Departure : An Autobiography.
92043: LOUGHLIN, GEORGE F. - Cities of Departure : An Autobiography.
81775: LOUGY, ROBERT E. - Inaugural Wounds : The Shaping of Desire in Five Nineteenth-Century English Narratives.
81744: LOUIS, YVE. - The Yellow Dress.
62741: LOUKOMSKI, GEORGES - Charles Cameron (1740 - 1812) An illustrated monograph on his life and work in Russia, particularly at Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk, in Architecture, Interior Decoration, Furniture Design and Landscape Gardening. Adapted into English and edited by Nicholas De Gren; with a Foreword by the Princess Romanovsky-Pavlovsky (née Lady Mary Lygon); an Introduction by Prof. D. Talbot Rice; and historical notes and Bibliography.
73518: LOVE, ROSALEEN. - Darwin and Social Darwinism. HUW209 Nature and Human Nature.
77548: LOVE, HAROLD. - James Edward Neild : Victorian Virtuoso.
85364: LOVE, HAROLD. - James Edward Neild : Victorian Virtuoso.
73692: LOVECRAFT, HOWARD PHILLIPS AND SONIA HAFT GREENE. - Alcestis : Being an Holograph Copy of a Play.
71203: LOVELOCK, JAMES. - Climbing. With a chapter on Artificial Climbing by Trevor Jones.
69325: LOW, JAMES G. - The Church of Montrose. Memorials of the Church of St. John the Evangelist: being and account biographical, historical, Antiqurian, and traditionary of the Parish Church of Montrose and Clergy Thereof.
65537: LOW, DAVID - Europe At War A History in Sixty Cartoons with a Narrative Text.
76165: LOW. - Man : The Lord of Creation.
62516: LOW, DAVID - C'est La Guerre Carricatures par Low.
67765: LOW, JOHN AND SMITH, JIM. - The Prince of Whips : The Life and Works of the Blue Mountains Pioneer Harry Peckman.
77053: LOW, D.A. (ED) - Congress and the Raj Facets of the Indian Struggle 1917 - 47
78739: LOW. - Europe Since Versailles : A History in One Hundred Cartoons with a Narrative Text.
56577: LOWE, DAVID & MANN, RON - JA. A Steam Finale
83274: LOWENSTEIN, WENDY. - Weevils in the Flour. An oral history of the 1930's depression in Australia. Foreword by Manning Clark.
83425: LOWENSTEIN, WENDY & HILLS, TOM. - Under the Hook. Melbourne Waterside Workers Remember: 1900-1980.
88571: LOWENSTEIN, WENDY. - Weevils in the Flour. An oral history of the 1930's depression in Australia. Foreword by Manning Clark.
62086: LOWENSTEIN, WENDY & HILLS, TOM. - Under the Hook. Melbourne Waterside Workers Remember: 1900-1980.
94932: LOWER, LEN. - Here's Another
76329: LOWES, JOHN D. - Stenography, or Shorthand Writing; Without a Master.
82576: LOWRIE, ALLEN - Carnivorous Plants of Australia : Volume 3
84504: SIXTEEN MILLIMETRE (AUST.) PTY. LTD. - Your Film Library. Supplementary Listing.
84505: SIXTEEN MILLIMETRE (AUST.) PTY. LTD. - Sixteen Millimetre (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. Presents Your Film Library. Catalogue of 16 m.m. Feature Entertainment.
69773: LUBAC, H. DE - Le Dialogue sur le Sacerdoce de saint Jean Chrysostome.* *Article paru dans la Nouvelle Revue Théologique, année 1978, no 6, p822 s., reproduit avec l'aimable autorisation de l'auteur et de la direction de la Revue.
87175: LUBBOCK, BASIL - The Romance of the Clipper Ships Volume I. Pictured by J. Spurling.
64709: LUBBOCK, SIR JOHN - Mr Gladstone and the Nationalities of the United Kingdom. A Series of Letters to the "Times", with rejoinders by Prof. J. Bryce; and letters in support by the Duke of Argyll and Dr. John Beddoe. Followed by "Gyfla: The Scir of the Ivel valley" by Thomas Kerslake.
88668: DE LUCA, P.L. & SACCHETTINI, B. - Psychopathology and Pictorial Expression : Series 2. Painting as a means of psychodiagnostic research. relationship with the Rorschach Test. An International Iconographical Collection.
92631: LUCAS, F.J. - Popeye Lucas - Queenstown.
88083: LUCAS, ALAN. - Fitting Out Above Decks.
87179: LUCAS, ANTON - One Soul, One Struggle Region and revolution in Indonesia
69115: LUCAS, CELIA. - Prisoners of Santo Tomas. Based on the Diaries of Mrs Isla Corfield.
94253: LUCAS, FAY - Mallee : The Landscape of My Soul Selected Poems.
88079: LUCAS, ALAN. - The Tools and Materials of Boat Building.
76918: LUCAS, ALAN. - The Schooner.
95562: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - The Invented Eye Masterpieces of Photography, 1839-1914.
89941: LUDEKE, J.T. - The Line in the Sand : The long road to staff employment in Comalco.
91782: LUERS, MARGARET - Laureate of Labor : A Biography of J.K. McDougall, Socialist and Poet.
93906: LUGG, D.J. - ANARE Scientific Reports. Series B (40 Medical Science. Publication no. 126. Physiological Adaptation and Health of an Expedition in Antarctica, with Comment on Behavioural Adaptation.
72906: LUGTON, MARY E. AND MURPHY, MARGARET C. - Books by Women Graduates of the University of Melbourne, 1883-1983 : A Check List.
68071: LUKE, TOM CAW. - Diary Leaves.
78430: LUMB, WILLIAM V. & WYNN JONES, E. - Veterinary Anesthesia
95507: LUMSDEN, ROBIN - A Collector's Guide to Third Reich Militaria
68962: LUNDIN, JOHN PHILLIP - Ghosts of Venery A Psycho-erotic Self-analysis
92945: LUNDY-CLARKE, JOHN - The Dandenong volcano and settlement in its great forest.
90595: LUPER-FOY, STEVEN (ED.) - The Possibility of Knowledge : Nozick and His Critics.
86345: LUTYENS, MARY. - Millais and the Ruskins.
62932: LYALL, DAVID. - Bond Or Free.
94712: LYDON, JANE. - Eye Contact : Photographing Indigenous Australians.
62151: LYGHT, CHARLES E. (ED) - A Decade with Chlotride Chlorothiazide A Colloquium as Chlotride enters its second decade - commentary on ten years of clinical experience.
83522: LYLE, SAXON. - Lafitte the Pirate. Illustrated by E.H. Suydam.
50200: LYLE, R. C. - Royal Newmarket.
58353: LYLY, JOHN - Gallathea
77022: LYNCH, JOHN. - Pii Antistitis Icon, or, The Life of Francis Kirwan Bishop of Killala. Irish Manuscripts Commission. Collotype Facsimiles.
71670: LYON MIX, KATHERINE - A Study in Yellow The 'Yellow Book' and its contributors.
73260: LYON, RUBY SYKES - Stray Sunbeams
78286: LYON, PATRICIA J. (ED) - Native South Americans : Ethnology of the least known continent. with Tribal Distribution Map by John H. Rowe.
91951: LYONS, DAME ENID - Among the Carrion Crows
83164: LYONS, F.S.L. - The Fall of Parnell 1890-91. Studies in Irish History, Second Series, Volume I.
71593: LYONS, EUGENE - David Sarnoff A biography. The extraordinary story of an immigrant boy who became an industrial giant. As head of RCA and pioneer in electronics and communications, he has probably affected our daily lives more than anyone since Edison.
93741: LYONS, MARTYN AND ARNOLD, JOHN (EDS.) - A History of the Book in Australia 1891-1945 : A National Culture in a Colonised Market.
60873: LYTTELTON, DAME EDITH - Some Cases of Prediction. A Study.
67148: VAN DER MAAS, P.J. & VAN DELDEN, J.J.M. & PIJNENBORG, L. - Euthanasia and other Medical Decisions Concerning the End of Life. Health Policy Monographs An investigation performed upon request of the Commission of Inquiry into the Medical Practice concerning Euthanasia.
95573: MABY, J. CECIL. - Walls of Jericho.
84543: MAC LIAMMÓIR, MICHEÁL. - Enter a Goldfish : Memoirs of an Irish Actor, Young and Old.
92122: MAC. SMITH, BERTHA (ED.) - Quench Not the Spirit : Merino Heritage.

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