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71437: FREEMAN, GILLIAN - The Schoolgirl Ethic The Life and Work of Angela Brazil
94920: FREEMAN, HARRY. - Collingwood Coke.
77776: FREEMAN, PETER AND VULKER, JUDY (EDS.) - The Australian Dwelling.
82760: FREEMAN, SCOTT. - Mercury/Mariner Outboards : 1990-00 Repair Manual. 2.5-275 Horsepower, 1-6 Cylinder.
84284: FREEMAN, RALPH & ENNIS, LAWRENCE & PAIN, JOHN FREEMAN & ROBERTS, GILBERT & BRADFIELD, JOHN JOB CREW - Freeman on Sydney Harbour Bridge: Design of the Structure and Foundations; Freeman and Ennis on Sydney Harbour Bridge: Manufacture of the Structural Steelwork and Erection of the Bridge; Pain and Roberts on Sydney Harbour Bridge: Calculations for the Steel Superstructure; Bradfield on The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Approaches. By permission of the Council. Excerpt Minutes of Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Vol. 238. Session 1933 -1934. Part 2.
73417: FREESTONE, ROBERT (ED) - Spirited Cities : Urban Planning, Traffic and Environmental Management in the Nineties. Essays for Hans Westerman.
78208: FREESTONE, BASIL. - Harrap's Book of Nicknames and Their Origins : A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Nicknames in the English-speaking World.
93676: FREIBERG, DR. MARCOS. - Snakes of South America.
83779: FREMLIN, CELIA. - Possession.
57202: FREMLIN, BRYONY - A Wild Heritage of Western Australia Watercolours of Birds, Mammals and Wildflowers. With descriptive text by Pat Bourke, Dr. Neville Marchant
91569: FREMONT, CH. (TRANSLATED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GEORGE TAYLOR) - Files and Filing from the French 'La Lime'
89739: FRENCH, DOROTHY. - Land Ho! Australia! An English girl (1849-1938) makes Australia her home in 1867.
83017: FRENCH, CLIVE POLTON (ED) - Fields of Faith Sown in Red Earth : 50 Golden Years for St Francis in the Fields, Anglican Church, Mooroolbark 1954 - 2004
81387: FRENCH, ROBERT DUDLEY. - A Chaucer Handbook.
81604: FRENCH, ROBERT DUDLEY. - A Chaucer Handbook.
80720: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part II. with notes on the methods to be adopted to check and extirpate them.
94224: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part 1. with notes on the methods to be adopted to check and extirpate them.
85703: FRENCH, GREG. - Frog Call.
94225: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part II. with notes on the methods to be adopted to check and extirpate them.
94226: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part V. with notes on the methods of prevention and extirpation.
80719: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part 1. with notes on the methods to be adopted to check and extirpate them.
93743: FRENCH, ALISON. - Seeing the Centre : The Art of Albert Namitjira 1902-1959.
87362: FREUCHEN, PETER. - Vagrant Viking : My Life and Adventures. Translated from the Danish by Johan Hambro.
51581: FREUD, ANNA - The Psycho-Analytical Treatment of Children Technical Lectures and Essays by Anna Freud
51582: FREUD, PROF. SIGMUND - Massenpsychologie und Ich-Analyse
73482: FREUD, ERNST; FREUD, LUCIE; AND GRUBRICH-SIMITIS, ILSE (COMPILED BY) - Sigmund Freud : His Life in Pictures and Words. With a Biographical Sketch by K.R. Eissler. Translation by Christine Trollope. Design by Willy Fleckhaus.
55160: FREUND, MIRIAM & CHAGALL, MARC - Die Söhne Jakobs In Glasfenstern dargestellt von Marc Chagall. 2. Auflage.
93959: DE FREYNE BISHOP, MARJORIE - One Man In His Time Edward Bishop, Master Builder 1844-1902
95063: FRIDEMANIS, HELEN - Artists and Aspects of the Contemporary Art Society, Queensland Branch.
75835: FRIDRIKSSON, STURLA - Surtsey : Lifriki I Motun
75764: FRIEDMAN, BRUCE JAY. - Stern.
76950: FRIEDMAN, BARTON R. - Adventures in the Deeps of the Mind : The Cuchulain Cycle of W.B. Yeats.
86924: FRIEND, DONALD - Save Me From the Shark A Picaresque Entertainment.
86712: FRIENDLY, ALFRED. - Beaufort of the Admiralty : The Life of Sir Francis Beaufort 1774-1857.
90451: FRIER, JOHN D. - Aero Engines : An Elementary Treatise Volume 1. Thermodynamics, Combustion, Cooling, Testing. With Foreword by Frederick M. Green. With 75 illustrations.
79287: FRIES, ROB. E. - A Short History of Botany in Sweden. Seventh International Botanical Congress, Stockholm, 1950.
67304: FRINGS, KETTI. - Let the Devil Catch You. A novel.
57723: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - Himmler The evil genius of the Third Reich
94361: FRISEAL, AILEAN. - Eachunn nan cath : eachdraidh-beatha an Ridire Eachunn MacDhòmhnaill.
83342: FRITH, HENRY - How to Read Character in Features, Forms, & Faces. A Guide to the General Outlines of Physiognomy.
87182: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
71018: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
86663: FRITH, H.J. (ED.) - Birds in the Australian High Country. Illustrated by Betty Temple Watts.
76210: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
76450: FRITH, H.J. - The Japanese Snipe Gallinago hardwickii : A preliminary report. CSIRO Division of Wildlife Research Technical Memorandum No. 6, November 1970.
91273: FRITH, H.J. (ED.) - Birds in the Australian High Country. Illustrated by Betty Temple Watts.
73062: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
87455: FRITH, H.J. (ED.) - Birds in the Australian High Country. Fully Revised Edition. Illustrated by Betty Temple Watts.
73102: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
70049: FROGGATT, WALTER W. - Locusts in Australia and Other Countries. Department of Agriculture, New South Wales. Farmers' Bulletin, No.29.
78746: FROME, MICHAEL - Strangers in High Places : The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains Maps by Stephen Kraft.
85310: FROST, BRUNO - Brave Brian
92784: FROST, ALAN. - Botany Bay Mirages : The Real Story.
77457: FROST, ROBERT L. - Alternating Currents Nationalized Power in France 1946 - 1970
88991: FROST, LIONEL. - The Old Dark Navy Blues. A History of the Carlton Football Club.
92583: FRY, JOHN R. - Fire and Blackstone
95046: FRY, GAVIN AND COLLEEN. - Donald Friend : Australian War Artist 1945.
92864: FRY, GAVIN AND COLLEEN. - Donald Friend: Australian War Artist 1945.
91087: FRY, GAVIN AND COLLEEN. - Donald Friend: Australian War Artist 1945.
71040: FRY, CHRISTOPHER. - Can You Find Me : A Family History.
86466: FRY, CHRISTOPHER. - Can You Find Me : A Family History.
66067: FRYDMAN, GLORIA - Women of the Hills 20 Australian Women talk about their lifestyle choices.
92066: FRYER, PERCIVAL J. AND WESTON, FRANK E. - Technical Handbook of Oils, Fats and Waxes. Volume I: Chemical and General. With 33 illustrations and 36 plates.
81047: FUCHS, VICTOR R. - The Service Economy.
90316: FUCHS, EDUARD - Die Karikatur der Europäichen Völker vom Alterum bis zur Neuzeit. Mit 500 illustrationen und 60 Beilagen hervorragender und seltener Kunstblätter in Schwarze und Farbendruck.
65655: FÜHR, CHRISTOPH. - Das K.U.K. Armeeoberkommando und die Innenpolitik in Österreich, 1914-1917.
93576: SHIZUO FUKUI (ED) - Pictorial Recollection of the Japanese Fleet
57024: FULLER, JOHN W. (ED) - Regulation and Competition in Transportation Selected works of James C. Nelson
82411: FULLER, JOHN G. - The Great Soul Trial : The gripping story of the prospector who left a fortune to a study of the soul.
70216: FULLER, ROY. - The Father's Comedy.
93786: FULLILOVE, MICHAEL. - Rendezvous with Destiny : How Franklin D. Roosevelt and Five Extraordinary Men Took America into the War and into the World.
71034: FULTON, MARGARET. - I Sang For My Supper : Memories of a Food Writer.
85827: FUNK, ROBERT W. (TRANSLATED AND EDITED) - Greek Grammar of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature.
94476: FURPHY, JOSEPH ("TOM COLLINS") - A Boy of the Old Brigade : A Short Story. With Introduction and Notes by John Barnes.
84843: FURSE, MAJOR SIR RALPH. - Aucuparius : Recollections of a Recruiting Officer.
82418: FURST, JEFFREY. - The Return of Frances Willard : Her Case for Reincarnation.
73975: FYFE, CHRISTOPHER. - The Bale Fillers : Western Australian Wool 1826-1916.
85591: FYSH, ANN - The Early Days of the Sherwin Family of "Sherwood", Bothwell, Tasmania and "Alice Place", Launceston
92338: GABBEDY, J.P. - Yours Is The Earth The Life and Times of Charles Mitchell
66824: GABRIEL, HERMAN - The Camera Gadgeteer
56342: GABY, CAPT. JAMES. - Mate In Sail.
80509: GABY, CAPT. JAMES. - Mate In Sail.
76277: CUEY-NA-GAEL (REV. J. IRWIN BROWN) - The Further Adventures of O'Neill in Holland.
89139: GAFF-SMITH, MAVIS - Midwives of the Black Soil Plains
59787: GAGE, RICHARD L. (ED) - Arnold Toynbee and Daisaku Ikeda: Choose Life. A Dialogue.
89812: GAIMAN, NEIL & MCKEAN, DAVE - Mirrormask The Illustrated Film Script of the Motion Picture from the Jim Henson Company.
62630: GAINFORD, HENRY - The Sting of the Wafer God or, Papal Porcupine Points.
71335: GAIR, JONATHAN. - The Australian Masters 1979-1982.
56062: GAIR, JONATHAN. - The Australian Masters 1979-1982.
84246: GAITA, RAIMOND. - Romulus, My Father.
82111: GALBALLY, ANN - Frederick McCubbin
92533: GALBALLY, FRANK. - Galbally! The Autobiography of Australia's Leading Criminal Lawyer.
94142: GALBALLY, ANN & PLANT, MARGARET - Studies in Australian Art
89383: GALBALLY, ANN - Frederick McCubbin
72191: GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH. - The Triumph : A Novel of Modern Diplomacy.
60760: GALL, EDWARD. - The Yoga of the Serpent Fire. The Blavatsky lecture delivered at the Annual Convention of The Theosophical Society in England, at Besant Hall, London, June 5th, 1954.
92970: GALLAGHER, HECTOR. - We Got a Fair Go : A History of the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme 1945-1952.
53268: GALLAGHER, FRANK. - Days of Fear. A Diary of Hunger Strike.
94965: GALLAGHER, J. (COMPILED BY) - The Simplified Veterinary Guide.
85779: GALLAGHER, KATHERINE. - Passengers to the City.
77351: GALLAGHER, TOM & O'CONNELL, JAMES (EDS) - Contemporary Irish Studies
67793: GALLANT, ANN. - Principles and Techniques for the Electrologist.
69444: GALLIAN, OTTO - Opfergang bei Luck: Vom Heldenkampf der deutschen Österreicher im Volkenheer der morschen Donaumonachie. Mit 10 Karten.
88646: GALLICO, PAUL. - The Day Jean-Pierre went round the World. Illustrated by Gioia Fiammenghi.
87196: GALLO, MARICA M. - Different Daughters : A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and the Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement.
88078: GALLOWAY, JOSEPH H. - Farm Animal Health and Disease Control.
66831: GALSWORTHY, JOHN - Galsworthy in his Humour
83327: GALSWORTHY, JOHN. - Ex Libris. Selected by himself and by A.G.
69715: GALSWORTHY, JOHN. - Two Forsyte Interludes. A Silent Wooing. Passers by.
84518: GALTER, ALBERT - The Red Book of the Persecuted Church
67034: GALVIN, CLARE F. - The Holy Land A History of Ennismore Township, County of Peterborough, Ontario, 1825-1975.
60862: GALVIN, A.D. - On The Banks of the Baram
89373: GAMBIN, EDGAR - Surrealistic Voices on Paper Designed, written and illustrated by Edgar Gambin.
78112: GAMBLE, DAVID P. AND HAIR, P.E.H. (EDS.) - The Discovery of River Gambra by Richard Jobson 1623. Hakluyt Society Series III Volume 2.
70454: GAMBLE, BARBARA. - Out of Season.
83146: GAMMIE, ALEXANDER - A Romance of Faith : The Story of the Orphan Homes of Scotland and the Founder
82181: GAMMON, FREDERICK SIDNEY. - The Story of Keston in Kent.
76272: GAMMOND, PETER (ED.) - Duke Ellington : His Life and Music.
57096: GAMOW, GEORGE AND YCAS, MARTYNAS. - Mr. Tompkins Inside Himself. Adventure in the New Biology.
69387: GAMWELL, LYN - Bushells' Centenary 1883 - 1983 Calligraphy by Barbara Ryan; Research by Terri McCormack.
91156: GANGAROSA JR., GENE - P.38 Automatic Pistol : The First 50 Years.
58779: GANGHOFER, LUDWIG - Das Märchen vom Karfunkelstein Eine wunderliche Geschichte für kleine und große Kinder
71331: GANNON, G.R. - Distribution of the Australian Honeyeaters
90671: GANSON, LEWIS (COMPILER AND PHOTOGRAPHER) - Dai Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
90673: GANSON, LEWIS - Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic Photographs by Steve Young and Lewis Ganson. Line drawings by Dennis Patten.
90672: GANSON, LEWIS (COMPILER) - Dai Vernon's Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic
58172: GANZ, PAUL - Zwei Schreibbüchlein des Niklaus Manuel Deutsch von Bern Im Auftrag des Deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft herausgegeben von Paul Ganz.
68478: GANZEL, DEWEY. - Fortune and Men's Eyes : The Career of John Payne Collier.
63237: GARABEDIAN, HENRY L. - Analytic Criticality Studies Associated with Neutron Diffusion Theory. Review Series. Developments in the peaceful applications of nuclear energy No. 26.
89368: GARBETT, MIKE & GOULDING, BRIAN - Lancaster At War : 3
94827: GARCIA, IGNACIO. - Operacion Canguro : The Spanish Migration Scheme, 1958-1963.
72190: GARDAM, JANE. - Crusoe's Daughter.
92717: DU GARDE PEACH, L. - The Story of Captain Cook. An adventure from history. A Ladybird Book. Illustrated by John Kenney.
60757: GARDEN, DON - Braemar College The First Decade
60812: GARDEN, DON - The Melbourne Teacher Training Colleges. From Training Institution to Melbourne State College 1870 - 1982
93466: GARDEN, DON - Builders to the Nation The AV Jennings Story
81949: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book. Everyone's Household Hints.
85510: GARDENER, MARTHA - Martha Gardener's Book Everyone's Household Hints
82958: GARDENER, MARTHA - Martha Gardener's Book Everyone's Household Hints
78427: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book. Everyone's Household Hints.
76907: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book : Everyone's Household Help. Illustrations by J.R. Harris.
68379: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book. Everyone's Household Hints.
68523: GARDENER, MARTHA - Martha Gardener's Book Everyone's Household Hints
68209: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book : Everyone's Household Help. Illustrations by J.R. Harris.
83540: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book. Everyone's Household Hints.
78052: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book. Everyone's Household Hints.
84673: GARDENER, MARTHA - Martha Gardener's Book Everyone's Household Hints
77813: GARDENER, MARTHA. - Martha Gardener's Book. Household Hints.
75611: GARDENER, MARTHA - Martha Gardener's Book Everyone's Household Hints
91839: GARDI, RENE - Sepik Land der Sterbenden Geister. Bilddokumente aus Neuguinea. Einführender Text und Bildlegenden von Alfred Bühler.
59818: GARDINER, LYNDSAY. - Hospitals in Association. A History of the Country and Metropolitan Hospitals Associations 1918-1074.
59803: GARDINER, LYNDSAY - 'The Eye and Ear' The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Centenary History
81950: GARDINER, LYNDSAY - A Woman's Place : A History of the Homecraft Hostel Invergowrie
76558: GARDINER, D.N. AND MAHONEY, R. - Convent of the Good Shepherd, Beaconsfield Pde, Albert Park : Essay. History of Architecture 4 1965.
68743: GARDINER, LYNDSAY. - Janet Clarke Hall 1886-1986.
81802: GARDINER, LYNDSAY. - Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne 1870-1970.
89080: GARDINER, LESLIE. - Lunardi : The Story of Vincenzo Lunardi.
74335: GARDINER, LINDSAY. - Witness in Stone. : The Story of the Presbyterian Church in North Canberra. Illustrated by Nancy Parker.
89079: GARDINER, LESLIE. - Lunardi : The Story of Vincenzo Lunardi.
77716: GARDINER, LYNDSAY. - Tintern School and Anglican Girls' Education 1877- 1977.
56619: GARDNER, PETER (ED) - The Manchester City Football Book F.A. Cup Winners 1969
90615: GARDNER, MARTIN. - Gardner's Whys & Wherefores.
91933: GARDNER, J. STARKIE. - English Ironwork of the XVIIth & XVIIIth Centuries : An Historical & Analytical Account of the Development of Exterior Smithcraft.
81052: GARDNER, FRANK - Drive to Survive Illustrated by John Stoneham.
90626: GARDNER, MARTIN - Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic
83977: GARDNER, EDMUND G. (ED) - Italy : A Companion to Italian Studies.
87869: GARDNER, ALEXANDER. - Gardner's Photographic Sketch Book of the Civil War.
74411: GARFIELD, LEON & BLISHEN, EDWARD - The Golden Shadow Illustrated by Charles Keeping.
75699: GARFIELD, LEON & BLISHEN, EDWARD. - The Golden Shadow. Illustrated by Charles Keeping.
66204: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Automobile Illustrated by Elmer Rache.
92740: GARLING, JEAN - Australian Notes on the Ballet Studies by aryl Lindsay A.R.W.S. & William Constable. Decorations by Eugenie Crawford.
73126: GARNER, ALAN - Red Shift
81788: GARNER, HELEN - True Stories
88643: GARNER, HELEN. - Cosmo Cosmolino. Uncorrected Prebind Copy.
91909: GARNET, J. ROS. - The Vegetation of Wyperfeld National Park (North-West Victoria). A survey of its Vegetation and Plant Communities, together with a Check-list of the Vascular Flora as at December 1964.
94971: GARNET, J. ROS. (ED.). - Venomous Australian animals dangerous to man.
92271: GARNETT, MICHAEL P. - Tennis : Reflections in Time.
65619: GARNETT, WILLIAM - An Elementary Treatise on Heat.
77661: GARNETT, MICHAEL P. - The Garnett Family : A History
81712: GARNETT, RICHARD (CHOSEN BY) - Goldsmith : Selected Works.
70331: GARNSEY, MRS. ARTHUR H.(ANN STAFFORD BIRD) - Scarlet Pillows An Australian Nurse's Tales of Long Ago
94191: GARRATT, SALLY AND HAMILTON-SMITH, ELERY (EDS.) - Rethinking Dementia : An Australian Approach. Foreword by Rosemary West.
90307: GARRATT, JOHN G. - Model Soldiers : A Collector's Guide.
89573: GARRATT, JOHN G. - Model Soldiers : An Illustrated History.
72605: GARTNER, JOHN - Premier Victorian Pamphlet
53354: GASQUET, RIGHT REV. ABBOT - Christian Family Life in Pre-Reformation Days H 49
69375: GASSNER, E. AND SCHUTZ, W. (EDS.) - Fatigue Design Procedures : Proceedings of the 4th Symposium of the International Committee on Aeronautical Fatigue held in Munich, 16-18 June 1965.
81726: DE GASZTOLD, CARMEN BERNOS. - Prayers from the Ark. Translated from the French and with a Foreword and Epilogue by Rumer Godden. Illustrations by Jean Primrose.
93588: DE GASZTOLD, CARMEN BERNOS. - Prayers from the Ark. Translated from the French and with a Foreword and Epilogue by Rumer Godden. Illustrations by Jean Primrose.
86008: GATES, MERRYN (ED.) - National Sculpture Prize & Exhibition 2003.
94642: GATES, JODY - Kangaroo Island on Foot A guide to the walking trails in Kangaroo Island's parks.
77366: GATEWARD, FRANCES (ED) - Zhang Yimou - Interviews Conversations with Filmmakers Series.
77469: GATHORNE-HARDY, JONATHAN. - Jane's Adventures in a Balloon. Illustrated by Nicolas Hill.
90407: GATLIFF, IAN C. (COMPILER) - A History of Carry On (Victoria) 1932 - 1998
77742: GATLIFF, IAN C. (COMPILER) - A History of Carry On (Victoria) 1932 - 1998
93735: GATLIFF, IAN - Playing A Round on the Hill : Mornington Golf Club 1904 - 2004.
71038: GAUGUIN, PAUL. - The Writings of a Savage. Edited by Daniel Guérin. With an Introduction by Wayne Andersen. Translated by Eleanor Levieux.
94944: GAULT, E.W. AND LUCAS, ALAN. - A Century of Compassion. A History of the Austin Hospital.
67840: GAULT, PROFESSOR E.W. - The History of Austin Hospital, Heidelberg
60359: GAULT, E.W. AND LUCAS, ALAN. - A Century of Compassion. A History of the Austin Hospital.
82861: GAUQUELINE, MICHEL. - Cosmic Influenences on Human Behaviour.
66940: GAUR, GANESH - Catalogue of Panjabi Printed Books added to The India Office Library 1902 - 1964
63701: GAUTIER, THÉOPHILE - A Night of Cleopatra With illustrations by Paul Avril, preface by Anatole France.
87876: GAWTHORP, DANIEL. - The Trial of Pope Benedict : Joseph Ratzinger and the Vatican's Assault on Reason, Compassion, and Human Dignity.
78228: GAY, WILLIAM & WILLIAMSON, FRANK S. - The Complete Poetical Works of William Gay; & Purple and Gold - Poems and Lyrics, by Frank S. Williamson.
92687: R. GAYRE OF GAYRE. - Miscellaneous Racial Studies 1943-1972. Volume I 1946-1956 and Volume II 1957-1972.
52558: GEARHART, CLIFFORD ROSS. - Pity The Poor Fish, Then Man. Reflects on Fifty Years in Michigan's Commercial Fish Industry.
53636: GEARON, REV. P.J. - The Truth About Ireland.
82026: GEARON, P.J. - Spiritism : Its Failure
65881: GEDDES, HUGH. - The Pyjama Girl Case.
57208: GEDDES, HUGH. - The Pyjama Girl Case.
64620: GEDDES, HUGH. - The Pyjama Girl Case.
61767: GEE, DEAN HENRY AND THURLOW, DEAN GILBERT. - Gloucester Cathedral. An account of its history, architecture and life.
85905: GEE, H.L. - Wartime Pilgrimage Some Account of a Hopeful Journey. With b&w illustrations.
65503: GEE, LIONEL C.E. - The Occurrence of Uranium (Radio-Active) Ores and other rare metals and minerals in South Australia, with illustrations and map.
72762: GEE, HELEN & FENTON, JANET - The South West Book : A Tasmanian Wilderness
60429: GEEN, PHILIP - What I Have Seen While Fishing
93410: GEERLINGS, GERALD K. - Wrought Iron in Architecture An Illustrated Survey.
71458: GELLER, LARRY AND SPECTOR, JOEL; WITH ROMANOWSKI, PATRICIA. - "If I Can Dream" : Elvis's own story. Based on the secret diary kept by Larry Geller, his close friend, confidant and spiritual advisor.
93615: GELLERMAN, ROBERT F. - The American Reed Organ... Its History; How It Works; How to Rebuild It. A Treatise on its History, Restoration and Tuning, with Descriptions of some Outstanding Collections, including a Stop Dictionary and a Directory of Reed Organs.
72964: GELLERT, LEON. - Beastly Australians : Some faunographic data compiled for Students of Australian Wild Life. Illustrated by Bernard Hesling.
61543: GELMAN, MANUEL - Reflections a selection from the non-academic writings of Manuel Gelman. Published by Sylvia Gelman to mark their 20th wedding anniversary.
89630: GENDALL, R.R.M. (ED) - A Students' Dictionary of Modern Cornish. Part 1 : English - Cornish
69933: GENICOT, L. - Typologie Des Sources Du Moyen Age Occidental (in French, English and German languages)
92073: GEORGE, ALEX S. - William Dampier in New Holland : Australia's First Natural Historian.
78332: GEORGE, DAVID AND TAYLOR, JOHN C. (EDS.) - Copper Smelting - An Update. Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by the Pyrometallurgical Committee of The Metallurgical Society of Aime, at the 111th AIME Annual Meeting, Dallas, Texas, February 14-18, 1982.
94831: GERAGHTY, TONY. - The Irish War : The Military History of a Domestic Conflict.
59405: GERRARD, LAYNE - Rock Gear Everybody's Guide to Rock Climbing Equipment
92146: GERRITSEN, JOHN - Tibooburra Corner Country.
86505: GERRITSEN, JOHN. - Tibooburra. Corner Country.
66951: GERSHON, DUDLEY. - Aston Martin 1963-1972.
90306: GERSHWIN, LISA-ANN. - Stung! On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean. With a foreword by Sylvia Earle.
66408: GESENIUS, WILLIAM. TRANS BY EDWARD ROBINSON. - A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament with an appendix containing the Biblical Aramaic
86346: GETZLER, ISRAEL. - Martov : A Political Biography of a Russian Social Democrat.
78421: GEZA, VITEZ VARADY - A Kozos Hadseregtol A Nemtezi Hadseregig Egy Tabori Pap Visszaemlkezese
78606: GIBBNEY, H.J. & SMITH, ANN G. - A Biographical Register 1788-1939 Notes from the name index of the Australian Dictionary of Biography. Volume I: A-K; Volume II: L-Z.
87122: GIBBNEY, H.J. - Eurobodalla : History of the Moruya District.
67270: GIBBON, DONALD L. (ED.). - Aeration of Activated Sludge in Sewage Treatment.
72064: GIBBON, GUY (ED.) - Archaeology of Prehistoric Native America : An Encyclopedia.
70667: GIBBONS, BRIAN. - Jacobean City Comedy. A Study of Satiric Plays by Jonson, Marston and Middleton.
86127: GIBBS, CARLTON. - Neighbors and Lovers.
92856: GIBBS, MAY - Mr & Mrs Bear and Friends.
89238: GIBBS, R.M. - A History of Prince Alfred College.
74782: GIBBS, ROWAN AND WILLIAMS, RICHARD (COMPILED BY) - Ngaio Marsh : A Bibliography of English Language Publications in Hardback and Paperback with a Guide to The Value of the First Editions.
85190: GIBLIN, L.F.; LEWIS, A.N.; AND LORD, CLIVE (EDS.) - Handbook to Tasmania : Prepared for the Members of the Australian Association for the Advancement of Science on the occasion of its Meeting in Hobart, January,1928.
63114: GIBSON, ROBERT. - The Quest of Alain-Fournier.
73120: GIBSON, TED (ED) - Great Faithfulness : A Centenary Publication of the Diocese of Gippsland 1902 - 2002
65880: GIBSON, RALPH. - Socialist Melbourne.
93653: GIBSON, A. BOYCE. - The Philosophy of Descartes.
91833: GIBSON, NEIL - Fallen Idols of the Graft Empire
60031: GIBSON, RALPH. - The People Stand Up.
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64477: HALSALL, C.W. - A History of Sport in Euroa and District
70587: HALSTED, REAR-ADMIRAL - The Navy Unarmed Still An appeal to both Houses of Parliament, in a series of letters to The Daily News by Rear-Admiral Halsted. 'With the author's compliments'.
83400: HALSTOCK, MAX. - Rats : The Story of a Dog Soldier.
93177: HAM, PAUL - Vietnam : The Australian War The Illustrated Edition.
94025: HAM, PAUL. - Vietnam : The Australian War.
93885: HAM, PAUL. - Vietnam : The Australian War.
57068: HAMELE, OTTAMAR - When Destiny Called A story of the Doniphan Expedition in the Mexican War
60982: HAMES, E.W. - Walter Lawry and the Wesleyan Mission in the South Seas.
64682: HAMILL, JOHN & GILBERT, R.A. - World Freemasonry An Illustrated History
76798: HAMILTON, ROBERT - A Jubilee History of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria or, The Rise and Progress of Presbyterianism from the Foundation of the Colony to 1888.
82821: HAMILTON, T. GLEN - Intention and Survival Psychical Research Studies and the Bearing of Intentional Actions by Trance Personalities on the Problem of Human Survival. Edited by James D. Hamilton. Second edition edited by Margaret Lillian Hamilton.
93690: HAMILTON-PATERSON, JAMES AND ANDREWS, CAROL. - Mummies : Death and Life in Ancient Egypt.
94188: HAMILTON, WALTER. - Serendipity City : Australia, Japan and the Multifunction Polis.
87770: HAMILTON, LUCY. - Junior Red Cross Presents: "The Food Fairies" Illustrations by Margery Luth.
86554: HAMILTON, K.G. - John Dryden and the Poetry of Statement.
74992: HAMILTON, ELAINE - Peril at Midnight
81765: HAMILTON, K.G. (ED.) - Studies in the Recent Australian Novel.
70406: HAMILTON-WILKES, MONTY. - The Australian Terrier.
83142: HAMILTON, M. LYNN (HAMILTON-LEWIS) - The Hidden Kingdom
88510: HAMILTON, REG. - Colony : Strange Origins of One of the Earliest Modern Democracies.
69729: HAMILTON, J.W. - Design Examples for Young Draughtsmen.
81332: HAMILTON, K.G. - The Two Harmonies : Poetry and Prose in the Seventeenth Century.
77069: HAMILTON, G. ROSTREVOR. - Death in April & Other Poems.
71400: HAMILTON, ALASTAIR. - The Appeal of Fascism : A Study of Intellectuals and Fascism, 1919 - 1945. Foreword by Stephen Spender.
86596: HAMILTON, JAMES. - London Lights : The Minds that Moved the City that Shook the World, 1805-51.
56292: HAMLIN, BENSON - Flight Testing Conventional and Jet-Propelled Airplanes
66005: HAMMERSTEIN II, OSCAR - Lyrics Preface by Richard Rodgers.
53641: HAMMERTON, J.A. (ED.). - Holidays & Travel. As pictured by Fred Barnard, George Cruikshank, Richard Doyle, Charles Keene, John Leech, George du Maurier, Phil May, Mat Morgan, "Phiz", Francis S. Walker, John Hassall, Charles Pears, Gordon Thomson, and many other humorists.
94096: HAMMOND, ALEX. - The Book of Chessmen.
66338: HAMMOND, CATHERINE (ED) - Creation Spirituality & the Dreamtime. Matthew Fox, Joanna Macy, Veronica Brady, Kevin Treston, Elizabeth Cain, Eddie Kneebone.
82449: HAMMOND, VICTORIA (ED.) - Australian Ceramics.
88256: HAMMOND, JOYCE. - History of the Waranga Basin.
94084: HAMMOND, VICTORIA & PEERS, JULIET. - Completing the Picture : Women Artists and the Heidelberg Era.
56788: HAMPSON, CHARLES P. - Salford Through the Ages The 'Fons et Origo' of an Industrial City. Introduction by the Rev. Canon Peter Green, M.A.
81737: HAMPTON, SUSAN. - The Kindly Ones.
89908: HANCOCK, PETER. - Green & Gold : Sustaining mineral wealth, Australians and their environment.
89376: HANCOCK, DAVID - A Vision Fulfilled. The Adelaide to Darwin Railway. Laying the Track from Alice Springs to Darwin.
88475: HANCOCK, DAVID. - A Vision Fulfilled : The Adelaide to Darwin Railways. Laying the Track from Alice Springs to Darwin.
68662: 'OLD HAND' - The Ailments and Diseases of the Racing Pigeon and how to treat them.
81306: HANDMER, JOHN AND HAYNES, KATHARINE (EDS.) - Community Bushfire Safety.
68023: HANDOVER, P.M. - Printing in London from 1476 to modern times. Competitive practice and technical invention in the trade of book and bible printing, periodical production, jobbing &c.
84244: HANFF, HELENE. - Underfoot in Show Business.
84242: HANFF, HELENE. - Underfoot in Show Business.
84243: HANFF, HELENE. - Q's Legacy.
74851: HANGER, THOMAS - Sixty Years in Queensland Schools
90793: HANJALIC, KEMAL (ED) - Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Processes in Energy Systems.
78196: HANKEL, VALMAI - Sir Thomas Phillipps & Australia An address to the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand in 1982; now expanded, and published for the first time.
93215: HANKEY, MURIEL. - J. Hewat McKenzie : Pioneer of Psychical Research. A Personal Memoir.
82543: HANKEY, MURIEL. - J. Hewat McKenzie : Pioneer of Psychical Research. A Personal Memoir.
56628: HANKINSON, J.T. - Squash Rackets Photographs taken by Y.E.S. Kirkpatrick.
74419: HANKS, ELIZABETH (COMPILED BY) - Australian Art and Artists to 1950 : a bibliography based on the holdings of the State Library of Victoria.
91695: HANLEY, LUCEILLE (ED.) - Brian McKay : Painter. With a critical assessment by Nick Waterlow OAM.
84280: O'HANLON, THOMAS J. - The Irish : Portrait of a People.
85318: HANNAFORD, S. - The Wild Flowers of Tasmania or, Chatty Rambles Afloat and Ashore, Amidst the Seaweeds, Ferns, and Flowering Plants; with a complete list of indigenous ferns, and instructions for their cultivation. Illustrated.
63460: HANNAH, HELEN. - The Mountain Speaks. A Folk History of the Bulga Plateau.
74523: HANNAN, BILL. - Fifty Years of Naval Tugs.
66289: HANSARD, GEORGE AGAR - The Book of Archery, being the Complete History of Practice of the Art, Ancient and Modern, interspersed with numerous interesting anecdotes and an account of the existing toxophilite societies.
60285: HANSARD, PETER. - Wild Portraits. Paintings & Drawings by Raymond Harris-Ching.
83907: HANSEL, C.E.M. - ESP : A Scientific Evaluation.
72917: HANSELL, HAROLD - The Everlastin' Ballad Ballads of Empire
92556: HANSELL, HAROLD. - The Plum Street Brethren.
67149: HANSEN, D.E. & I.V. - St. Catherine's: A Centenary Celebration 1896-1996
66642: HANSEN, I.V. - By Their Deeds. A Centenary History of Camberwell Grammar School 1886-1986.
64734: HANSEN, BRIAN - The Magpies The Official Centenary History of the Collingwood Football Club 1892- 1992
83583: HANSEN, CLAYTON. - The Ventriloquist's Child. Emerging Writers Series.
69694: HANSEN, I.V. - By Their Deeds. A Centenary History of Camberwell Grammar School 1886-1986.
85575: HANSEN, ERIC. - Orchid Fever : A Horticultural Tale of Love, Lust, and Lunacy.
89830: HANSEN, D.E. AND I.V. - Feminine Singular A history of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls' Schools of Australia.
60544: HANSEN, D.E. AND I.V. - Feminine Singular A history of the Association of Heads of Independent Girls' Schools of Australia.
92020: HANSEN, D.E. & I.V. - St. Catherine's: A Centenary Celebration 1896-1996
88830: HANSEN, D.E. & I.V. - St. Catherine's: A Centenary Celebration 1896-1996
62743: HANSEN, I.V. - By Their Deeds. A Centenary History of Camberwell Grammar School 1886-1986.
92742: HANSEN, D.E. & I.V. - St. Catherine's: A Centenary Celebration 1896-1996
73697: HANSEN, SOREN & JENSEN, JASPER. - The Little Red Schoolbook. Australian Edition. Translated from Danish by Berit Thornberry. Edited and revised for New Zealand conditions by a diverse group of teachers, etc..
76644: HANSLOW, HAROLD. - Better Irrigation. State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, Victoria, 1945.
77530: HANSON, PHILIP AND KIRKWOOD, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Alexander Zinoviev as Writer and Thinker : An Assessment.
67344: O'HARA, P.K. - The Maid of Millewa: An Australian Poem.
56687: O'HARA, M.M. - The Little Corporal His Rise, Decline and Fall. Chapters in Napoleonic History and Literature
58995: O'HARA, JOHN. - The Horse Knows The Way. A collection of 28 new stories.
68095: O'HARA, JOHN. - The Horse Knows The Way. A collection of 28 new stories.
86118: HARARI, JOSEPH. - Small Animal Surgery. The National Veterinary Medical Series for Independent Study.
71676: HARBIN, ROBERT - Party Lines Illustrated by Tom Davies, Photographs by Anne Bolt.
73287: HARBINSON, JAMES W. - Love Lyrics : and other poems
72946: HARBINSON, JAS.W. - Poems.
73662: HARBINSON, JAS.W. - Poems.
94694: HARCOURT, REX & MULVANEY, JOHN - Cricket Walkabout - The Aboriginal Cricketers of the 1860s
93716: HARCOURT, REX. - Southern Invasion, Northern Conquest : Story of the Founding of Melbourne.
63106: HARDIE, SONIA. - The Little Lad.
72088: HARDIE, MARTIN - English Coloured Books With an introduction by James Laver.
72565: HARDIE, MARTIN. - Samuel Palmer : Being a lecture delivered to the Print Collectors' Club on Wednesday November 16th, 1927.
71860: HARDING, BRUCE - Windows of Fame A Heroic Chronicle of Australians at War
81525: HARDING, MARIA - Doveton - A Brief History
85330: HARDING, BRUCE. - Windows of Fame : A Heroic Chronicle of Australians at War.
94629: HARDING, LESLEY & MORGAN, KENDRAH - Sunday's Kitchen - Food & Living at Heide Foreword by Stephanie Alexander.
94573: HARDING, LESLIE & MORGAN, KENDRAH. - Sunday's Garden : Growing Heide. Foreword by Mirka Mora.
92958: HARDING, ALAN. - JP Campbell : Pictorialist photographer at home and at war.
86420: HARDING, LEE (ED) - The Altered I An encounter with science fiction by Ursula K. Le Guin and others. Introduction by Ursula K. Le Guin.
77750: HARDING, LIZ & RYAN, DEBBIE - Searching for Silver-Grey : The Weimaraner in Australia. The First 50 Years.
82558: HARDINGE, EMMA. - Modern American Spiritualism : A Twenty Years' Record of the Communion Between Earth and the World of Spirits. New introduction by E.J. Dingwall.
91585: HARDWICK, MICHAEL & MOLLIE. - The man who was Sherlock Holmes.
79074: HARDWICK, MOLLIE - The Duchess of Duke Street. Volume 1 : The Way Up. Volume 2 : The Golden Years. Volume 3: The World Keeps Turning.
87102: HARDWICK, MICHAEL AND MOLLIE - The Sherlock Holmes Companion Illustrations by Sidney Paget.
74445: HARDWICKE, ELIZABETH - Numbers for the Old Land and the New Poems by Mrs. Hardwicke.
76153: HARDY, FRANK J. - The Man from Clinkapella and other prize-winning stories. Foreword by Alan Marshall. Illustrated by Ambrose Dyson.
66331: HARDY, THOMAS - Jude the Obscure Two volumes. Tauchnitz Edition, Collection of British and American authors. Vols. 3105 & 3106.
86622: HARDY, FRANK - Reise in die Zukunft (Journey Into the Future- first German edition).
71217: HARDY, OLIVE - Island in the Sun Kangaroo Island in Verse & Sketches. Sketches by Norm Mitchell.
71664: HARDY, THOMAS (EDITED BY DALE KRAMER) - The Woodlanders edited by Dale Kramer.
90985: HARDY, SARA. - The Unusual Life of Edna Walling.
91419: HARDY-RIX, SHIRLEY & STAVELY, RALPH - True Blue : Stories of Bravery from Victorian Police
81727: HARDY, THOMAS. - The Darkling Thrush and other poems. Pictures by Gordon Beningfield.
91453: HARDY, JOHN & FROST, ALAN (EDS) - Studies From Terra Australis to Australia Occasional Paper No. 6
94410: HARE, C.E. - The Language of Sport (Sport here means field sports)
75745: HARFORD, LESBIA. - The Poems of Lesbia Harford.
93943: HARGITTAI, ISTVAN. - Judging Edward Teller : A Closer Look at One of the Most Influential Scientists of the Twentieth Century.
62220: HARGREAVES, HIS HONOUR JUDGE SIR GERALD - Atalanta: A Story of Atlantis A Fantasy with Music. With music and illustrations by the author.
60692: HARGROVE, ETHEL C. - Wanderings in the Isle of Wight
66413: HARING, DON - Larry Kent: Nightmare for a Nymph She searched for heaven... and found hell!
94076: HARKER, JACK S. - Soldier Sailor Priest. Biography of the Rev. G.T. Robson, OBE MC RNZN 1887 - 1979.
63404: HARLEY, NOEL - The Wild Months of Darwin.
71869: HARLEY, NOEL - The Wild Months of Darwin.
81719: HARLIN, THOMAS. - Selections from Milton, Dryden, Gray, Keats, Addison, and De Quincey, as prescribed for the Matriculation Examinations at the Melbourne University, with notes and other help for students.
72330: HARLOW, LOUIS K - May-Flower Memories of Old Plymouth
86762: HARMAN, G.W. (ED.) - This Fair City.
75415: HARMAN, GLORIA AND BROWNLIE, JOHN. - Bright and District by Road and Track.
84437: HARMAN, GLORIA AND BROWNLIE, JOHN. - Bright and District by Road and Track.
51599: HARNACK, ADOLF - Das Wesen des Christentums. Sechzehn Vorlesungen vor Studierenden aller facultaten im Wintersemester 1899/1900 an der Universitat Berlin.
75762: HARNEY, W.E. - The Significance of Ayers Rock for Aborigines
90500: HARPER, DAVID A. - Entrepreneurship and the Market Process. Foundations of the Market Economy Series.
93764: HARPER, J. RUSSELL - Krieghoff.
85311: HARPER, J.B. - What Matter I. The Founding of a School.
69340: HARPER, ENA (ED.) - Annie Hutcheson : A Keepsake.
82649: HARPER, EDITH K. - Stead the Man Personal Reminiscences.
91547: HARPER, PHILIP - The Wonthaggi Coalfields A story of the men and the mines.
95068: HARPER, PHILIP - The Wonthaggi Coalfields A story of the men and the mines.
58447: HARRAP, CHARLES - Metalography Text book of metalography (printing from metals), being a full consideration of the nature and properties of zinc and aluminium and their treatment as planographic printing surfaces.
87701: HARRER, HEINRICH. - Beyond Seven Years in Tibet : My Life Before, During and After. Translated by Tim Carruthers.
94772: HARRIGAN, L.J. - Victorian Railways Centenary 1854-1954. 100 Years of Service. Condensed from a history of the Victorian Railways.
76042: HARRINGTON, ANNE - Reenchanted Science Holism in German Culture from Wilhelm II to Hitler.
93860: HARRINGTON, PETER - Plassey 1757 - Clive of India's Finest Hour
95028: HARRINGTON, EDWARD - The Kerrigan Boys and Other Australian Verses.
72504: HARRIOTT, JOHN F.X. - Farewell to True Bookshops With an introduction and poem by John Arlott and drawings by Pamela Franklin.
71923: HARRIS, MAX - Ockers : Essays on the Bad Old New Australia
59740: HARRIS, CHARLES - Islington
94257: HARRIS, NICK (ED) - Rothmans Grand Prix Motorcycle Yearbook 1988-89
93161: HARRIS, GRAHAM - Seeking Sustainability in an age of complexity.
93506: HARRIS, MAX - Ockers : Essays on the Bad Old New Australia
81944: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - Was It Yesterday? The Autobiography of Pixie O'Harris.
94141: O. HARRIS, PIXIE - The Pixie O. Harris Fairy Book Stories and Verse. By Lynette Yardley, Eva Lawton, Gwen M. Cock & Pixie O. Harris. Illustrations in Color, Half-Tone and Line by Pixie O. Harris.
94657: HARRIS, JOHN. - We wish we'd done more : Ninety years of CMS and Aboriginal issues in north Australia.
92582: HARRIS, DAVID - What A Line! The story of the people who made the hoist an Australian icon. Fifty Years of Hills.
83041: HARRIS, CLIVE (ED) - The History of the Birmingham Gun - Barrel Proof House With notes on the Birmingham Gun Trade. With an introduction by C.E. Green.
93510: HARRIS, MAX - Poetic Gems
87398: HARRIS, MARTIN C. - Homes of British Ice Hockey
94681: HARRIS, MARGARET (ED) - Dearest Munx : The Letters of Christina Stead & William Blake
92344: O'HARRIS, PIXIE - Our Small Safe World Recollections of a Welsh Childhood
70199: HARRIS BOOTH, MRS. W. (ASSISTED BY MRS. A.B. MARCHANT) - Middlesex Historical Pageant in eight scenes.
78815: HARRIS, STEPHEN. - Two Way Aboriginal Schooling : Education and Cultural Survival.
90399: HARRIS, JAMES F. - Against Relativism : A Philosophical Defense of Method.
90490: HARRIS, MAX - A Window at Night Selected with an Introduction by Robert Clark.
86292: HARRIS, MARGARET (ED) - Dearest Munx : The Letters of Christina Stead & William Blake
93288: HARRIS, MICHELE - In the Absence of Treaty
92380: HARRIS, DOUGLAS - Drovers of the Outback
58326: HARRISON, ANTHONY AND GRETTON, JOHN (EDS.). - Transport UK 1985. An economic, social and policy audit. Administration: Chris Le and Shirley Bruscini.
64306: HARRISON, R.N. AND HOOPER, FREDA (EDS.) - Dyslexia Syposium Proceedings.
76866: HARRISON, TERRY (ED) - Neogene Paleontology of the Manonga Valley, Tanzania A Window into the Evolutionary History of East Africa.
83623: HARRISON, KEITH - Changes : New and Collected Poems 1962 - 2002 with 15 prints by Karen Calley
79137: HARRISON, KEITH. - Points in a Journey and other poems.
70618: HARRISON, JOE (COMPILED BY). - Poems Arrive From Anywhere... Illustrated by Susie Waller.
92608: HARRISON, WING COMMANDER H.C. - The Story of Sprowston Mill With decorations & diagrams by Graham R. Nisbet.
76698: HARRISON, RUTH - The Sydney Kindergarten Teachers College 1897 - 1981 A Pioneer in Early Education and Care in Australia
76727: HARRISON, WALTER A. - Electronic Structure and the Properties of Solids : The Physics of the Chemical Bond.
80760: HARRISON, MARCUS - The Memoirs of Jesus Christ Uncorrected Proof.
74863: HARRISSON, T.H. - Letter to Oxford
78846: HARROD, FREDERICK S. - Manning the New Navy : The Development of a Modern Naval Enlisted Force, 1899-1940. Contributions in American History, Number 68.
65357: HARRY, RALPH - No Man Is A Hero Pioneers of Australian Diplomacy
70455: HARRY, PHYLLIS. - Gone Children. Illustrations by Elizabeth Honey.
93214: HARRY - Spare Moments
76779: HARRY, E.S. - Janet's Move Illustrated by Adrien Truscott.
77237: HART, LYNDA - Fatal Women Lesbian Sexuality and the Mark of Aggression.
71475: HART, A.F. (ARRANGED AND COMPILED BY) - Masonic Music containing Music for Masonic Ceremonies, also Toasts for The South. Revised edition.
93815: HART, KEVIN. - The Lines of the Hand : Poems 1976-79.
55785: HART, J.N. (ED) - The Culture of Roses Eight plates in colour and eight pages of illustrations from photographs and numerous diagrams.
77052: HART, E.J. - The Brewster Story - From pack train to tour bus
67918: HART, GRAHAM. - Land rent revenue in lieu of taxes : An exposure of the ever increasing burden of taxation - the power to destroy. A practicable alternative which would reduce government spending by half, restore incentive, destroy monopoly and benefit all who perform useful work.
94369: HART, DEBORAH. - John Olsen.
65195: HART, DAVID - Pro Hart: Dying to be Heard. A life of success, betrayal and tragedy.
94444: HART, DEBORAH (ED) - Imants Tillers : One World Many Visions.
83878: HART, A.L. (COMPILED AND ANNOTATED BY) - Australasian Hospital Directory and Nurses' Year Book 1963
81261: HARTE, NEGLEY - The University of London 1836 - 1986 An Illustrated History. With a foreword by HRH The Princess Anne, The Chancellor.
64090: HARTLAUER, WALTER. - Letter Cutting With Routers...According to Hartlauer.
90866: HARTLEY, W. (COMPILED BY) - A Checklist of Economic Plants in Australia.
82442: HARTLEY, ROBYN; HARTNELL-YOUNG, ELIZABETH; AND MAUNDERS, DAVID. - Opting in to active citizenship : A discussion paper on a national youth civic service scheme for Australia.
68337: HARTLEY (LYON), MARION. - The Truth Shall Prevail : The Rev. Cr Francis John Hartley, B.A., B.D. A biography by his wife Marion Hartley.
69952: HARTMAN, ALAN AND KREISCHE, DAVID (EDS.) - Model Driven Architecture - Foundations and Applications. First European Conference, ECMDA-FA 2005, Nuremberg, Germany, November 2005, Proceedings.
91724: HARTNETT, L. J. (AS TOLD TO JOHN VEITCH) - Big Wheels and Little Wheels This edition edited with new chapters written in conjunction with William S. Parsons.
90712: HARTSHORNE, CHARLES. - The Divine Relativity: A Social Conception of God.
90713: HARTSHORNE, CHARLES AND REESE, WILLIAM L. (EDS.) - Philosophers Speak of God: Readings in Philosophical Theology and Analyses of Theistic Ideas.
51370: HARTT, CORPL. CECIL L. - Humorosities by an Australian Soldier
81358: HARTWIG, LYN - The Slain Lamb Jacqui Mitelman & Monique Schwarz, Photographs.
81761: HARVEY, SIR PAUL (ED) - The Oxford Companion to English Literature Revised by Dorothy Eagle.
94926: HARVEY, ROY C. - Background to Beechworth From 1852. Fourth Edition.
85178: HARVEY, MARCUS (TEXT); - Tasmania : Classic Images Graeme Clennett - production and additional text.
55599: HARVEY, JOHN R. - Hangman's Clients True Australian Crime Series No. 6.
93421: HARVEY, BRUCE AND TRIXIE (EDS) - Waitakere Ranges : Ranges of Inspiration. Nature - History - Culture
78673: HARVEY, WILLIAM - Anatomical Exercitations, Concerning the Generation of Living Creatures.
94814: HARVEY, J.Y. - The Never-Never Line : The Story of the North Australia Railway.
75095: HARVEY, W.S. & DOWNS_ROSE, G. - William Symington : Inventor and Engine Builder
70854: HARVEY, F.R. (ED.) - Australian Theatre Year 1959/60.
65313: HARWOOD, RICHARD. - Did six million really die? The Truth At Last. 'Historical Fact No. 1'
84534: HARWOOD, RONALD (ED.) - The Ages of Gielgud : An Actor at Eighty.
79177: HARWOOD, RICHARD. - The True History of "The Holocaust" : Did Six Million Jews Really Die in WWII? Prepared by the Historical Review Press especially for British, Canadian, and American churches and schools.
90703: HARWOOD, A.C. - The Recovery Of Man in Childhood A study in the Educational work of Rudolf Steiner.
92017: TSUYOSHI HASEGAWA - Racing the Enemy Stalin, Truman, and the Surrender of Japan
90812: HASELDEN, G.G. (ED) - Cryogenic Fundamentals.
83659: HASLIP, JOAN. - Parnell : A Biography.
94046: HASLUCK, PAUL. - The Government and the People 1939 - 1941. Australia in the War of 1939-1945. Series Four (Civil) I.
83211: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED) - Practical Draughtsmen's Work with numerous engravings and diagrams.
71517: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA. - Georgiana Molloy : Portrait With Background.
92743: HASLUCK, PAUL - The Pattern Maker's Handybook. ( Handybooks for Handycrafts ) A Practical Manual on Patterns for Founders: Embracing Information on the Tools, Materials and Appliances employed in their construction. With upwards of one hundred illustrations.
71815: HASLUCK, PAUL - Crude Impieties
76984: HASLUCK, ALEXANDRA - Royal Engineer : A Life of Sir Edmund DuCane
92372: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED.) - The Metal Worker's Guide.
72989: HASLUCK, NICHOLAS. - Anchor and other poems.
92745: HASLUCK, PAUL N. (ED) - Practical Plumbers' Work With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams.
93082: HASLUCK, PAUL. - The Government and the People 1939 - 1941. Australia in the War of 1939-1945. Series Four (Civil) I.
90327: HASSALL, ANTHONY J. - Dancing on Hot Macadam : Peter Carey's Fiction.
76964: HASSALL, GRAHAM AND SAUNDERS, CHERYL. - Asia-Pacific Constitutional Systems.
88398: HASSAM, ANDREW. - No Privacy For Writing : Shipboard Diaries 1852-1879.
70540: HASSAN, E. - Control of Insect and Mite Pests of Australian Crops. Assisted by J.T. Swarbrick.
90863: HASSAN, E. - Control of Insect and Mite Pests of Australian Crops. Assisted by J.T. Swarbrick.
90873: HASSAN, E. - Major Insect and Mite Pest of Australian Crops. Edited by J.T. Swarbrick.
92300: HASSAN, E. - Control of Insect and Mite Pests of Australian Crops. Assisted by J.T. Swarbrick.
79336: HASSRICK, ROYAL B. - History of Western American Art
73976: HASTINGS, MICHAEL Y. - Ostrich Farming.
89118: HATTON, GEOFFREY - Secrets of Professional Turf Betting How to get started on small capital; How professionals use percentages; Over 40 super systems; How to win the daily double; How to win quinellas and quadrellas; the best staking systems; Progressive betting.
69084: HAUGHTON, S.M. - Living Waters: A Magazine Illustrative of Gospel Truth
87920: HAURWITZ, BERNHARD - Dynamic Meteorology.
95020: HAVERFIELD, E.L. - Queensland Cousins.
94344: HAVERSCHMIDT, FRANCOIS - Birds of Surinam Illustrated by Paul Barruel.
67503: HAWES, LORIN AND MARY. - All About Boomerangs. Illustrated by Rod Scott.

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