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86247: DENTON, ROBERT KNOX & ENDICOTT, KIRK & GOMES, ALBERTO G. & HOOKER, M.B. - Malaysia and the Original People : A Case Study of the Impact of Development on Indigneous Peoples. Cultural Survival Studies in Ethnicity and Change.
53230: DENVIR, J.M. - Irish Architecture and Antiquities Denvir's Monthly Irish Library. No. 21
87513: DENZIN, NORMAN K.; LINCOLN, YVONNA S.; AND SMITH, LINDA TUHIWAI (EDS.) - Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies.
51429: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH, STATE OF VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA. - Health Bulletin 1925-36 (Vols. I-XLVIII). With index.
78125: DEPASQUALE, PAUL. - A Footnote about Napier's Annotations to Torrens' Colonization of South Australia. Footnotes to South Australian History and Literature No. 2.
85015: DERBYSHIRE, JOHN. - Unknown Quantity : A Real and Imaginary History of Algebra.
72864: DERHAM, ENID. - The Mountain Road and Other Verses.
85260: AGUS DERMAWAN T. - Dede Eri Supria : Elegi Kota Besar - Elegy on Megacities.
76066: DERWENT, LAVINIA - Tammy Troot's Capers Illustrated by Florence E. Gorniot.
92750: DESAI, A.R. (ED.) - Agrarian Struggles in India after Independence.
68792: DESAI, A.R. (ED.) - Agrarian Struggles in India after Independence.
88353: DESMOND, SHAW. - Pilgrim to Paradise : An Autobiography.
93558: DESOUTTAR, D.M. - Aircraft & Missiles What they Are, What they Do and How they Work.
74099: DETTMAN, J.F. - Here Was Glory Illustrated by A.W. Hudson.
75566: DETTMAN, J.F. - Here Was Glory. Illustrated by A.W. Hudson.
83208: DETZER, DAVID - The Brink - The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962
92820: DEUCHAR, SEAFIELD - We Were the First
78586: DEUSHANE, LAWRENCE - Chest to Chest. Bond Industries : 1915 - 1990 A look at the people who have helped and who are helping build industry within Australia.
91590: DEUSHANE, LAWRENCE - Chest to Chest. Bond Industries : 1915 - 1990 A look at the people who have helped and who are helping build industry within Australia.
90895: DEUTCH, RICHARD. - The Australian Magician's Handbook.
81502: DEUTSCH, BABETTE. - Poetry Handbook : A Dictionary of Terms.
77003: DEUTSCH, RICHARD. - Mairead Corrigan, Betty Williams. Translated from the French by Jack Bernard. With a Foreword by joan Baez.
72210: DEUTSCHER, ISAAC - On Socialist Man
78828: DEVALLE, SUSANA B.C. - Discourse of Ethnicity : Culture and Protest in Jharkhand.
81441: DEVANE, WILLIAM CLYDE. - Browning's Parleyings : The Autobiography of a Mind.
88463: DEVAUX, BERNARD AND DE WETTER, BERNARD. - On the Trail of Sea Turtles. Illustrations by Mael Dewynter.
69934: DEVELIN, ROBERT - The Roman Command Structure and Spain 218-190 B.C. KLIO, 62, 1980,
69932: DEVELIN, ROBERT - Sonderdruck aus KLIO Beiträge zur Alten Geschichte. Tradition and the Development of Triumphal Regulations in Rome. Band 60/II, 1978.
87574: DEVLIN, JOHN. - True Colours 2 : More Football Kits from 1980 to the Present Day.
60535: DEW, SR. MILDRED (ED); WITH MARGARET BARRY. - From Ballarat to Broome One Hundred Years of Loreto in Australia
91693: DEW, ANTHONY. - Making Rocking Horses.
91183: DEWDNEY, ANDREW AND PHILLIPS, SANDRA. - Racism, Representation & Photography.
92497: BOERICKE & DEWEY - The Twelve Tissue Remedies of Shussler comprising of The Theory, Therapeutic Application, Materia Medica & a Complete Repertory of Tissue Remedies (Homeopathically and Bio-Chemically Considered).
78239: DEWEY, W.A. - Essentials of Homeopathic Therapeutics.
91907: DEWEY, HERB. - Psycho-Babble by the King of the Cold Readers. Edited by Roy Miller.
91905: DEWEY, HERB. - Mindblowing Psychic Readings. Edited by Marc Sky.
90644: DEXTER, WILL - Sealed Vision Illustrated by Jack Lamonte.
92423: DIAMOND, MARION - Creative Meddler : The Life and Fantasies of Charles St Julian.
93033: DIAMOND, MARION - Ben Boyd of Boydtown
93110: DIBIA, I WAYAN - Kecak : The Vocal Chant of Bali
91383: DICK, PHILIP K. - The Simulacra
92176: DICK, WILLIAM B. - Encyclopedia of Practical Receipts and Processes containing over 6400 receipts embracing thorough information, in plain language, applicable to almost every possible industrial and domestic requirement.
91405: DICK, PHILIP K. - Radio Free Albemuth A Newly Discovered Novel
89848: DICK, JILL. - Freelance Writing for Newspapers. Third Edition. Writing Handbooks.
92933: DICKENS, CHARLES. - A Christmas Carol in prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas. With by John Leech. The King Penguin Books 32.
77275: DICKENS, MONICA. - The Haunting of Bellamy 4. Illustrations by Glynis Overton.
86186: DICKENS, CHARLES - The Mudfog Papers, etc. Now first collected.
77261: DICKENSON, MARY. - An Unsentimental Union : The NSW Nurses Association 1931-1992.
91707: DICKINS, BARRY. - Ordinary Heroes : Personal Recollections of Australians at War.
68849: DICKINSON, PAGE L. - The Dublin of Yesterday.
82267: DICKINSON, WILLIAM - A Glossary of the Words and Phrases of Cumberland
77680: DICKINSON, LT. COL. R. J. - Officers' Mess : Being a history of mess origins and customs from a wealth of military records; enlivened anecdotes of mess times remembered from a host of one-time mess members; and the progress of Charles Oswald Littlewart from 2/Lieutenant to Major-General.
79199: DICKINSON, WILLIAM C. AND CHEREMISINOFF, PAUL N. (EDS.) - Solar Energy Technology Handbook : Part A - Engineering Fundamentals and Part B - Applications, Systems Design, and Economics.
82447: DICKMANN, SHARRON. - Visitor Research Made Easy : For Museums, Galleries and Exhibition Spaces.
83935: DICKSON, CHARLES. - Revolt in the North : Antrim and Down in 1798.
78645: DICKSON, T.C. - Gold. Illustrations by Len Annois.
78530: DICKSON, B.T. - The Work of the Division of Economic Botany for the Year 1928-29. Commonwealth of Australia, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pamphlet No. 14.
69960: DICKSON, GREG. - A Parish Carved from the Bush : The Centenary History of the Dandenong Parish (St. Mary's) 1883-1983.
85627: DICKSON, T.C. - Gold. Illustrations by Len Annois.
85055: DICKSON, BRENDAN (CONTRIBUTING EDITOR) - The Family of Matthew and Mary Hayes at Rosalie 1898 to 1948
88705: DICKSON CARR, JOHN - The Bride of Newgate
92591: DIDION, JOAN - Slouching Towards Bethlehem
69233: DIEHL, CHARLES VIDAL - Poker Patience and Progressive Poker Patience
88178: DILDY, DOUGLAS C. - Battles of World War II 3. Denmark and Norway 1940. Hitler's boldest operation. Illustrated by John White.
59135: DIMBLEBY, RICHARD - The Frontiers Are Green A story of the men who fought their way to Europe through the deserts, the mountains and the valleys of fourteen countries.
93956: DIMMACK, MAX - Signals of the Silent Seventh. A Short History of Signals 7th Australian Division, 2nd AIF, 1940-1945.
65586: THE KHWAJA KAMAL-UD-DIN - The Religion of Jesus and The Traditional Christianity Some Chapters from the "Sources of Christianity"
65549: SADR-UD-DIN - The Holy Prophet's Revelation & its Nature
76632: DINESEN, ISAK - Carnival Entertainments and Posthumous Tales
90065: DINGLE, TONY. - Aboriginal Economy : Patterns of Experience. Themes in Australian Economic and Social History.
66370: DINNIS, ENID M. - Mystics All.
83588: DIONYSIUS, B.R. - Fatherlands. Five Islands Press New Poets Program Series 7.
81740: DIONYSIUS, B.R. - Bacchanalia.
62191: DIPLOCK, W.J.K. - Isis or The Future of Oxford.
76515: THE UNKNOWN DIPLOMAT - Britain in Spain : A Study of the National Government's Spanish Policy.
71212: DISNEY, WALT - Sketch Book: Snow White
64755: DITLEVSEN, KNUD H. & JEPSEN, JORGEN GRUNNET - Discography of Duke Ellington 3 vols. 1925-37; 1937-47; 1947-59.
55383: DIVINE, J.A.F. & BLACHFORD, G. - Pottery Craft.
58492: DIXON, REV. WILLIAM GRAY. - The Romance of the Catholic Presbyterian Church.
59179: DIXON, ALAN & WILSON, DONALD - Stockbook The Locomotives and Stock of the Kent and East Sussex Railway
60707: DIXON, H.P. (COMPILED BY) - Early Gisborne: Early Settlement of the Gisborne "Bush Inn" District. 1802 to the Gold Rushes.
77963: DIXON, JOHN MORRIS (ED.) - The Master Architect Series IV : The Enthusiasms of Centerbrook.
92741: DIXON, JOAN M. & HUXLEY, LINDA (EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY) - Donald Thomson's Mammals and Fishes of Northern Australia
88540: DIXON-JENKINS, JOHN. - The Unified Theory of Existence (A Love Story) Vol. I.
92792: DIXON, JOAN M. & HUXLEY, LINDA (EDITED AND ANNOTATED BY) - Donald Thomson's Mammals and Fishes of Northern Australia
79327: DOBIASCH, SEPP - Kaiserjäger im Osten Karpathen - Tarnow - Gorlice 1915
61616: DOBSON, E. PHILIP. - The Garnett Story 1831-1962. The History of a Yorkshire Worsted and Woollen Business through Four Generations.
60379: DOBSON, AUSTIN (ED.). - Steele. Selections from The Tatler, Spectator and Guardian. Edited with introduction and notes by Austin Dobson.
71178: DOBSON, AUSTIN - Proverbs in Porcelain to which is added "Au Revoir", a dramatic vignette. With twenty-five illustrations by Bernard Partridge.
72394: DOCZY, DR. FRANK A. - Australian Women : A condensed study based on comparative analysis. Edited by Dr. G. Todoroff.
58429: DODD, EDWARD - Polynesia's Sacred Isle The Ring of Fire. Volume Three in a series on the Culture of Polynesia.
88602: DODD, ANDREW - JJ Clark : Architect of the Australian Renaissance
59385: DODGSON, CAMPBELL (ED) - The Print Collector's Quarterly Vol. 9, No. 3.
93687: DOE, BRIAN. - Southern Arabia. New Aspects of Antiquity. Edited by Mortimer Wheeler.
85135: DOERR, STEPHEN. - Exorcisms and Pogo Sticks 1.
90232: DOHERTY, ROSEMARY. - St Augustine's Parish, Coffs Harbour, 1906-2006.
86025: DOLEZAL, WOLFGANG ALEXANDER - I Forti Dimenticati La Linea Italiana Di Difesa tra Val Brenta e Val Cismon e i combattimenti del tardo autunno 1917. Monte Lisser; Tagliata Tombion; Tagliata della Scala di Primolano; Tagliata delle Fontanelle; Cima di Campo; Cima di Lan; Covolo di San Antonio.
71532: DOLIN, ANTON. - Markova : Her Life and Art.
92009: DOMAHIDY, ANDRÁS. - Shadows and Women. Translated from the Hungarian by Elizabeth Windsor.
92810: DOMBROWSKI, EILEEN & ROTENBERG, LENA & BICK, MIMI - IB diploma programme. Theory of Knowledge 2013 edition. Course companion.
57724: DOMBROWSKI, ROMAN - Mussolini Twilight and Fall
80519: O' DOMNAILL, NIALL. - Seancas Na Feinne. An Cead Cuid: Padraig Agur Caoilte.
71901: M'DONALD, CHARLES. - An Address on the Fiftieth Anniversry of New South Wales and other poems. Colonial Poets Series No. 4.
93003: DONALD, KEITH & SELTH, DONALD - Olympic Saga : The Track and Field Story Melbourne, 1956.
68460: DONALDSON, WALTER - Recollections of an Actor
61947: DONALDSON, REV. DR. ROBERT E. - The Shadow of a Mighty Rock. The Light that Shatters, The Rock That Shades. 4 volumes. A Trilogy on Christian Apologetics with 12000 word Glossary defining and explaining terms and 4300 unit Scriptural Index. With 1996 Supplement.
92475: DONALDSON, JAMES - Shears, Sheds & Strikes. Australian Sheep Shearing in the Golden Days of Wool 1860 - 1890.
53233: DONARD, SLIEVE - How Ned Joyce Went to His Own Funeral Denvir's Monthly Irish Library. No. 23
85514: DONIACH, N.S. (ED.) - Concise Oxford English-Arabic Dictionary of Current Usage.
70453: DONKIN, NANCE. - The Maidens of Pefka. Illustrated by Bruce Treloar.
65865: DONLEAVY, J.P. - What They Did In London, with The Ginger Man. A play.
56004: O'DONNELL, G.C. - Time Expired
88384: DONNELLY, PATRICIA. - Migrant Journeys or 'What the hell have we done?'
86358: O'DONOGHUE, FRANCES. - The Bishop of Botany Bay : The Life of John Bede Poling, Australia's First Catholic Archbishop.
86115: DONOVAN, PETER. - Johnson & Johnson : 75 Years of Caring. Australia & New Zealand.
79266: DONOVAN, PETER & TWEDDELL, ED - The Faulding Formula : A History of F.H. Faulding & Co. Ltd.
92168: DONOVAN, VAL - St Martin's Hospital - A History: "Take Heed Lest Ye Forget"
91504: O'DONOVAN, ANNE. - Edna Walling's Year. Ideas and Images from All Seasons.
82797: DOOLEY, ANNE. - Every Wall a Door : Exploring Psychic Surgery and Healing.
88080: DOOLEY, BILL. - Racing Hints for Dinghy Sailors. Illustrated by Bill Dooley.
57567: DORFMAN, ELSA. - Elsa's Housebook. A Woman's Photojournal.
93211: DORMER, MARION & STARR, JOAN - Settlers on the Marthaguy in Western New South Wales.
91157: DORNBERGER, MAJOR-GENERAL WALTER - V 2 With 26 Photographs. Translated from the German by James Cleugh and Geoffrey Halliday.
89018: DOS PASSOS, JOHN - Number One
75945: DOUBLEDAY, F.N. - The Memoirs of a Publisher
66754: DOUGLAS, ALAN L.M. - The Construction of Amateur Valve Stations.
78831: DOUGLAS-HOME, JESSICA. - Violet : The Life and Loves of Violet Gordon Woodhouse.
78394: DOUGLAS, GILLESPIE. - Leaves of Gold.
80607: DOUGLAS, JOHN A. - Stories of Kananook Creek
81798: DOUGLAS, J. OSHOLTO - Hydroponics : The Bengal System With Notes on Other Methods of Soilless Cultivation.
91137: DOUGLAS, M.H. & O'BRIEN, L. (EDS) - The Natural History of Western Victoria Proceedings of a symposium held in Horsham, Victoria, in 1971.
92700: DOUMANI, GEORGE A. (ED) - Antarctic Bibliography Volume 2. 1966
68308: DOUST, JAN. - The Nhill Hospital : First Hundred Years 1882-1982.
88501: DOW, DEREK A. - Far and Sure : The Auckland Golf Club 1894-1994.
88794: DOW, GWYNETH M. - Samuel Terry : The Botany Bay Rothschild.
84740: DOW, GEORGE FRANCIS AND EDMONDS, JOHN HENRY. - The Pirates of the New England Coast 1630-1730.
83821: DOW, GWYNETH M. - Samuel Terry : The Botany Bay Rothschild.
71278: DOW, DEREK A. - Far and Sure : The Auckland Golf Club 1894-1994.
76143: O'DOWD, BERNARD. - The Bush.
92268: DOWD, B.T. AND FOSTER, WILLIAM (EDS.) - The History of the Waverley Municipal District.
87485: O'DOWD, KEVIN - Geelong's Blazing Century : Runs & Wickets Since 1862. Foreword by Sir Donald Bradman.
86035: DOWLING, GRAHAME. - Creating Corporate Reputations : Identity, Image, and Performance.
91489: DOWLING, GEORGE P. - The North Story. The North Melbourne Football Club.
88898: DOWLING, GERARD - When You're Feeling That Way Foreword by Dr. Ainslie Meares.
89592: DOWNER, MARTYN. - Nelson's Purse : An extraordinary historical detective story shedding new light on the life of Britain's greatest naval hero.
69090: DOWNES, M.C. - A Bibliography of the Bustards : First Working Draft. October 1975.
89106: DOWNES, JIM AND DAUM, BERTHOLD. - Australia by Rail : The Indian Pacific From Coast to Coast.
74442: DOWNEY, RICHARD - Some Errors of H.G. Wells : A Catholic's Criticism of the "Outline of History"
92119: DOWNEY, L.A. - Pig-Raising. Agricultural and Livestock Series.
92259: DOWNIE, JAMES M. - The Rocket Range Plot
92039: DOWNING, DAVID MALCOLM. - Quality Indices for Robot Manipulators. A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
92288: DOWNS, IAN - The Australia Trusteeship : Papua New Guinea 1945 - 75
81542: DOYLE, WILLIAM T. - The Biology of Higher Cryptogams. Current Concepts in Biology Series.
80622: DOYLE, JEFF & VAN DER HEIDE, BILL & COWAN, SUSAN (EDS) - Our Selection on : Writings on Cinemas' Histories Selected Papers from The 7th Australian History and Film Conference; National Film and Sound Archive and ANU, Canberra, 30 November - 2 December 1995
58770: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN. - A Visit to Three Fronts. June 1916.
78538: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Final Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Collected and introduced by Peter Haining.
67684: DOYLE, JOHN W. - Adam : A Play. Translated from the Anglo-Norman.
87423: DOYLE, BROTHER ALBAN. - The Story of the Marist Brothers in Australia 1872-1972.
70433: DOYLE, JOHN W. - Adam : A Play. Translated from the Anglo-Norman.
93768: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN. - The Complete Sherlock Holmes. With illustrations by Sidney Paget.
71619: DRABBLE, MARGARET - Angus Wilson : A Biography
76125: DRABBLE, MARGARET. - A Natural Curiosity.
51592: DRACHMANN, A.E. - Atheism in Pagan Antiquity
93529: DRAFFIN, NICHOLAS. - Australian Woodcuts and Linocuts of the 1920s and 1930s.
93295: DRAKE, MISS LUCY (COMPILER); REVISED BY MISS DOROTHY M. GILES. - Miss Drake's Student's Text Book 3rd edition for Sweets Making (Confectionery). Invaluable to the New or Experienced Sweets Maker.
62023: DRAKE, JOHN - Hit For Six! There's brighter cricket with a Vengeance in this smashing big hit story.
74571: DRAKE-BROCKMAN, H. - On the North-West Skyline.
92803: DRANEY, JOHN (REVISED BY THE STAFF OF THE AMERICAN TECHNICAL SOCIETY). - Diesel Locomotives. Mechanical and Electrical Fundamentals. Diesel Cyclopedia. Volume 4.
68841: DRAPER, WARWICK. - Chiswick.
72199: DRAPER, MICHAEL (ED) - The Wellsian : The Journal of The H.G. Wells Society Summer 1986, No. 9.
65864: DRAYTON, MICHAEL - Nimphidia The Court of Fayrie
68283: DREW, G.J. - Discovering Historic Burra, South Australia.
85959: DREWERY, ROBERTA - Streets of History - Broken Hill
66488: DRIESCH, PROF. HANS - Psychical Research with a Foreword by Sir Oliver Lodge.
84111: DRISCOLL, GEORGE C. ET AL. - Plastic Design of Multi-Story Frames. Lecture Notes. Fritz Engineering Laboratory Report No. 273.20.
82906: O'DRISCOLL, E.P.D. - Geological Survey of South Australia Bulletin No. 35. The Hydrology of the Murray Basin Province in South Australia. Vol. 1.
55800: O'DRISCOLL, E.P.D. - Geological Survey of South Australia Bulletin No. 35. The Hydrology of the Murray Basin Province in South Australia. Vol. 2.
90420: DRIVER, BOB - To Cessnock and Beyond
71024: DRIVER, PETER M. - In Search of the Eider. Illustrations by David Bygott.
69366: DRONKE, PETER. - Poetic Individuality in the Middle Ages : New Departures in Poetry 1000-1150.
73909: DRONKE, PETER. - The Medieval Lyric. Modern Languages and Literature.
71564: 'THE DRUID' (H.H. DIXON) - Saddle and Sirloin Revised and re-edited. With steel engravings.
76884: DRUMMOND, NEVILLE - Love So Amazing - A History of the Parish of St. Agnes Glen Huntly 1888 - 1993
91474: DRURY, NEVILL (ED) - New Art One : New Directions in Contemporary Australian Art.
89074: DRURY, NEVILL AND VOIGHT, ANNA. - Fire and Shadow : Spirituality in Contemporary Australian Art.
70285: DRURY, NEVILLE (ED) - New Art One New Directions in Contemporary Australian Art
93782: DRURY, NEVILL (ED.) - New Art Six : Profiles in Contemporary Australian Art.
71714: VAN DRUTEN, JOHN. - The Widening Circle.
84614: DUDLEY, UNDERWOOD. - Elementary Number Theory. Second Edition.
84924: DUELLMAN, WILLIAM E. & TRUEB, LINDA - Biology of Amphibians Illustrated by Linda Trueb.
71052: DUFF, DAVID. - Eugenie and Napoleon III.
75164: DUFFIE, JOHN A. & BECKMAN, WILLIAM A. - Solar Energy Thermal Processes.
81512: DUFFIN, HENRY CHARLES. - Amphibian : A Reconsideration of Browning.
92376: DUFFY, JOSEPH. - Statics and Kinematics with Applications to Robotics.
91594: DUFFY, JOHN - Pass the Betel Nut The crazy adventures of the 99th Australian Divvy.
90233: DUFFY, PAUL J. - Portrait of a Parish : Immaculate Conception Parish, Hawthorn.
92618: DUFFY, JOSEPH. - Analysis of Mechanisms and Robot Manipulators.
93101: DUGARD, MARTIN - Farther Than Any Man : The Rise and Fall of Captain James Cook.
83702: DUGGAN, CHRISTOPHER. - The Force of Destiny : A History of Italy Since 1796.
81741: DUGGAN, JACK. - Dance of the Stranger.
81731: DUGGAN, JACK. - Stranger Surviving : Poems.
81275: DUGUID, DR. CHARLES. - Ernabella Re-Visited : The Diary of a Pilgrimage.
58645: DUHIG, ARCHBISHOP - Occasional Addresses
92101: DULAC, ROGER (ENGLISH TRANSLATION BY JOSEPH L. ROSENBAUM). - Industrial Cold Adhesives A Practical Handbook for the Maker and User.
84164: DUMAS, FERNAND - Materials : Their Specifications and Use Reprint from Trevaux
91653: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE (TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY G.J. KNOX) - George; or The Planter of the Isle of France Volume XIII of The Parlour Novelist. A Series of Works of Fiction by the most celebrated authors.
76512: DUMMER, G.W.A. - Electronic Components, Tubes and Transistors.
75230: DUNBAR, ANDREW AND LAHN, DEAN. - Body Piercing.
82845: DUNCAN, THE REV. V.G. - Proof Foreword by Sir Oliver Lodge.
93155: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Rose
69950: DUNCAN, JANE. - My Friend the Swallow.
63452: DUNCAN, LELAND L. - The History of Colfe's Grammar School 1652-1952. Edited by H. Beardwood. Published for the Governors The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers.
60782: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friends The Miss Boyds
93145: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Annie
93151: DUNCAN, JANE - Letter from Reachfar
93148: DUNCAN, JANE. - My Friends From Cairnton.
93146: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Martha's Aunt
93147: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friends The Miss Boyds
93149: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Cousin Emmie
93150: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Flora
93152: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Sandy
57166: DUNCAN, BARRY - The St. James's Theatre Its strange and complete history 1835-1957. Foreword by Allardyce Nicoll.
69663: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friends The Miss Boyds
93153: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friend Madame Zora
84006: DUNCAN, ALASTAIR. - Leaded Glass : A Handbook of Technique.
93154: DUNCAN, JANE - My Friends the Hungry Generation
85076: DUNCAN - KEMP, A.M. - Where Strange Gods Call
62022: DUNDEE, DOUGLAS - Monty Mayne- The batsman who broke bowlers' hearts
78987: DUNIN, VICTOR J. - When It's All Boiled Down... Memories of a Lifetime
77075: DUNK, WILLIAM - They Also Serve
91931: DUNKERLEY, S. - Robert Bakewell : Artist, Blacksmith.
78035: DUNMORE, PROFESSOR JOHN (ED) - Fragments From the Last Voyage of La Pérouse. Facsimile edition in two volumes. Volume Two : Translation and Commentary (Fragmens du Dernier Voyage De La Pérouse)
73241: DUNN, MAX. - Random Elements. Poems of War and Peace. New Edition.
70241: DUNN, MATTHEW - How They Made 'Sons of Matthew'
81371: DUNN, E.J. - The Buffalo Mountains : A Geological Survey.
81349: DUNN, STAN - Ripples on the Wannon
82123: DUNN, MAX - Time of Arrival With Foreword by Professor A.R. Chisholm.
92192: DUNNE, TOM - Gerard Manley Hopkins : A Comprehensive Bibliography
83136: DUNNETT, ALASTAIR M. - Land of Scotch being an account of the topography and history of Scotland with some mention of the products of that country. Together with an anthology. Illustrations by Dennis Flanders and Lennox Paterson; wood engravings and decorations by William Randell and Cecil Keeling. Introductory Poems by H.S. Stewart.
67359: DUNSANY, LORD. - Mr. Faithful. A Comedy in Three Acts. French's Acting Edition. No: 1779.
53900: DUNSANY, LORD - The Donnellan Lectures 1943 delivered at Trinity College, Dublin on March 2nd, 3rd & 4th
50856: DUNSAY, LORD - The Donnellan Lectures 1943 Delivered at Trinity College, Dublin.
82068: DUNSHEATH, PERCY & MILLER, MARGARET. - Convocation in the University of London : The First Hundred Years.
77752: DUNSTAN, KEITH - The Amber Nectar A Celebration of beer and brewing in Australia.
89224: DUNSTAN, KEITH. - Brown Brothers : Not a Bad Drop.
92272: DUNSTAN, KEITH. - Saint Ned : The Story of the Near Sanctification of an Australian Outlaw.
87259: DUNSTAN, KEITH. - The Tapestry Story : Celebrating 150 Years of the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Illustrations by Robert Ingpen.
84544: DUNSTAN, KEITH. - No Brains At All : An Autobiography.
88693: DUNSTAN, MARK (COMPILER) - In the Subbie Spirit : 100 Years of the Victorian Sub-District Cricket Association.
73107: DUNSTAN, KEITH. - Informed Sources : A history of the Melbourne Press Club 1971-2001.
90379: DUPAIN, MAX - Old Colonial Buildings of Australia
92238: DURACK, ELIZABETH. - Seeing Through Papua New Guinea. An artist's impressions of the Territory.
92955: DURACK, MARY. - To Ride a Fine Horse. Illustrated by Elizabeth Durack.
71665: DURAN-REYNALS, M.L. - The Fever Bark Tree The pageant of quinine.
61787: DURHAM, JOHN. REVISED BY BLEWETT, P R W - A Short History of All Hallows by-the-Tower
90904: DURING, SIMON - Modern Enchantments : The Cultural Power of Secular Magic.
92078: DURRANT, LAWRENCE. - The Seawatchers : The Story of Australia's Coast Radio Service.
84245: DURRANT, LAWRENCE. - Hayes Gordon : The Man and his Dream.
78166: DURRANT, LAWRENCE. - The Seawatchers : The Story of Australia's Coast Radio Service.
65868: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Vega and other poems
89861: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Antrobus Complete With drawings by Marc
75094: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - Sebastian, or Ruling Passion
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58629: FLEISCHER, LEONORE - The Lords of Flatbush based on a screenplay by Stephen F. Verona, Gayle Gleckler and Martin Davidson
80977: FLEMING, PETER - The Gower Street Poltergeist
87834: FLEMING, IAN - Agent 007 contra Goldfinger (Dřden Mĺ Vente)
87502: FLEMING, JUSTIN. - All That Brothers Should Be : A Celebration of 100 years of the Old Ignatians' Union.
80792: FLEMING, CHRIS (ED.) - Local Heroes : An Oral History of World War Two.
54563: FLEMING, CHRIS (ED) - Local Heroes: An Oral History of World War Two
53239: FLEMING, WILLIAM CANON. - The Life of St. Patrick. Apostle of Ireland.
88771: FLEMING, FERGUS - Killing Dragons : the Conquest of the Alps.
87332: FLEMING, SIR AMBROSE - Memories of a Scientific Life Foreword by Sir Oliver Lodge.
73693: FLEMING, W.M. - Australia in Peace and War. With an introduction by Sir John Forrest, P.C., G.C.M.G., LL.D., M.H.R., etc.
80976: FLEMING, PETER - The Flying Visit Drawings by Low.
90260: FLESCH, JULIET - Love Brought to Book A bio-bibliography of 20th century Australian romance writers.
63771: FLETCHER, JIM (ED) - River, Road and Rail A History of Kogarah Municipality. Published to commemorate the centenary of the incorporation of Kogarah as a municipality.
78910: FLETCHER, JOHN. - Biblionews and Australian Notes & Queries : Index 1979-1983 Numbers 246-260.
84546: FLETCHER, J.S. - The Reformation in Northern England Six Lectures.
88438: FLETCHER, R.S. - Single Track : The Construction of the North Island Main Trunk Railway.
78775: FLETCHER, JOHN - The Novels of Samuel Beckett
70228: FLETCHER, JOHN - Demetrius and Enanthe being the Humorous Lieutenant, a play. Published from a manuscript dated 1625 and containing passages never before printed. Edited by The Rev. Alexander Dyce.
78087: FLETCHER, HARRIS FRANCIS. - Contributions to a Milton Bibliography 1800-1930 : Being a List of Addenda to Stevens's Reference Guide to Milton.
72812: FLETCHER, IFAN KYRLE & ROOD, ARNOLD - Edward Gordon Craig : A Bibliography
77801: FLETCHER, HAROLD. - Antarctic Days With Mawson : A personal account of the British, Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition of 1929-31.
78111: LA FLEUR, J.D. (ED.) - Peter van den Broecke's Journal of Voyages to Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola 1605-1612. Hakluyt Society Series III Volume 5.
84696: FLEURON, SVEND & ALDIN, CECIL - The Wild Horses of Iceland Translated from the Danish by E. Gee Nash. Illustrations by Cecil Aldrin.
52649: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS. - Lord der Mohawks. Sir William Johnson - Mittler zwischen Indianern und WeiBen.
84104: FLICK, ALEXANDER CLARENCE. - The Decline of the Medieval Church, Volume One and Two.
89363: FLINT, MCHARDY - Natural Elocution in Speech and Song
90264: Ó FLOINN, DONNCHADH. - The Integral Irish Tradition.
86910: FLOOD, JOSEPHINE - Moth Hunters of the Australian Capital Territory Aboriginal Traditional Life in the Canberra Region.
77736: FLORENCE, WILLIAM JAMES - The Handbook of Poker The Oval Series.
54233: FLOWER, DESMOND & MUNBY, A.N.L. (EDS) - English Poetical Autographs A Collection of Facsimiles of Autograph Poems from Sir Thomas Wyat to Rupert Brooke.
81718: FLOWER, DESMOND (ED.) - The Poetical Works of Ernest Christopher Dowson.
66267: FLOWERS, GEORGE W. - Aboard the Bombay The Diary of Richard Moffat. En route from Plymouth to Melbourne, 12 Sept to 24 Dec 1852.
56511: FLUCK, R.E. & SAMPSON, R. - On Shed at Mile End
83604: O'FLYNN, MARK. - The Good Oil.
76105: FLYNN, DENNIS O. & FROST, LIONEL, & LATHAM, A.J.H. - Pacific Centuries : Pacific and Pacific Rim history since the sixteenth century.
76591: FLYNN, BRENDAN. - A History of Wicklow Golf Club 1904-2004.
81666: FLYNN, GWEN. - Touch Me.
86980: FLYNN, PEG - Peg's Diary - Sister Peg Flynn's Record of her 4 Years with the Nyoongah People of Western Australia Foreword by Veronica Brady.
73862: FOARD, PATSY - Rabbit Blue: Autobiography of a Painter
60011: FOGARTY, MICHAEL. - My Life And Ours.
91656: FOGEL, MAURICE - Fogel's Top Secrets: The Fortune Formula. No. 2.
83727: FOGEL, ROBERT WILLIAM & ENGERMAN, STANLEY L. - Time on the Cross : The Economics of American Negro Slavery.
88387: FOLEY, CAPT. JOHN C.H. - Reef Pilots : The History of the Queensland Coast and Torres Strait Pilot Service.
93870: FOLLETT, KEN. - The Pillars of the Earth.
90581: FOLLETT, KEN - The Pillars of the Earth
93464: VAN FOORT, JUDY - Verses From the Vortex Inspirational Poetry from Meditation.
74919: FORBES, JOHN - The Stunned Mullet and other poems Cover and drawings by Frank Littler.
90318: FORBES, DUNCAN - A Grammar of the Arabic Language : intended more especially for the use of young men preparing for the East India Civil Service; and also for the use of self-instructing students in general.
83427: FORBES, J.R.S. - Justice in Tribunals
93311: FORBES, CAMERON - The Korean War Australia in the Giants' Playground.
88108: DOCKLANDS TASK FORCE - Melbourne Docklands : Strategic Options.
86314: AUSTRALIAN MILITARY FORCES. - Note Book. For use by Officers and N.C.O.'s.
82898: FORD, HENRY IN COLLABORATION WITH SAMUEL CROWTHER. - The Great Today and Greater Future
89399: FORD, OLWEN - Harvester Town : The making of Sunshine 1890 - 1925
70757: FORD, HENRY SR. - The International Jew : The World's Foremost Problem. Abridged from the original as published by the world renowned industrial Leader Henry Ford, Sr. Appearing originally in the periodical published by the Ford Motor Co. "The Dearborn Independent."
89930: FORDHAM, S. - High Explosives and Propellants The Commonwealth and International Library of Science Technology Engineering and Liberal Studies.
93518: VON FORELL, FRITZ - Mölders und seine Männer
60032: FOREST, ANTONIA. - The Players and the Rebels.
90019: FORESTER, C.S. - The Good Shepherd The story of an allied convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic.
69190: FORESTER, C.S. - The Gun
78879: FORESTER, C.S. - The Happy Return.
55199: FORESTER, C.S. - The Sky and the Forest
68947: FORESTER, C.S. - The Sky and the Forest
76172: FORGAN SMITH, MRS. E.M. - Gum Trees.
69369: FORGE, JOHN (ED.) - Measurement, Realism and Objectivity : Essays on Measurement in the Social and Physical Sciences. Australasian Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Volume 5.
61135: FORREST, PETER - Springvale's Story and Early Years at the Katherine
79245: FORREST, PETER AND SHEILA. - Federation Frontline : A people's history of World War II in the Northern Territory.
86710: FORREST, D.W. - Francis Galton : The Life and Work of a Victorian Genius.
80983: FORREST, DAVID - The Last Blue Sea
65783: FORSTER, SANDY - "A Place of Love" Kingston Centre- A Living History
61132: FORSYTH, IDA - He Came From Ireland The Life Story of the Rev. Samuel Forsyth, O.B.E.
90237: FORSYTH, W.D. - Captain Cook's Australian Landfalls : Eyewitness Accounts by members of the ship's company of HMS "Endeavour" 1770. Extracted for Visitors to the East Coast of Australia.
81773: FORSYTH, R.A. - The Lost Pattern : Essays on the Emergent City Sensibility in Victorian England.
83287: FORSYTH, TOM (ED) - Bocce - Coaching and Skills Illustrations: Vasja Chuck; Research and Photographs: Raymond Cher. Produced by Raymond Cher for the Bocce Federation of Australia
92579: FORSYTH, BENJAMIN - Unified Design of Reinforced Concrete Members Including Biaxial Bending in conformity with ACI Building Codes 1971 - 1963, A.A.S.H.O. Specifications, 1969, A.R.E.A. Current Specifications.
69673: FORSYTH, W.D. - Captain Cook's Australian Landfalls : Eyewitness Accounts by members of the ship's company of HMS "Endeavour" 1770. Extracted for Visitors to the East Coast of Australia.
69675: FORSYTH, W.D. - Captain Cook's Australian Landfalls : Eyewitness Accounts by members of the ship's company of HMS "Endeavour" 1770. Extracted for Visitors to the East Coast of Australia.
58421: FORTEY, RICHARD - Fossils: The Key to the Past
90789: FOSS, CHRISTOPHER (ED) - Jane's Armour and Artillery 1986 - 87
70481: DE FOSSARD, ESTA. - The Alien.
84096: FOSTER, R.F. - Modern Ireland 1600-1972.
75212: FOSTER, GLENYS - A Latin Life : 100 Years of Hospitality 55 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria
88796: FOSTER, S.G. - Colonial Improver : Edward Deas Thomson 1800-1879.
76235: FOSTER, DAVID. - The Glade within the Grove.
87812: FOSTER, PETER - Heathens. Cradley Heath Speedway 1977 - 1996.
59115: FOSTER, DAVID - The Pure Land
81625: FOSTER, R.F. - Foster's Bridge Tactics : A Complete System of Self-Instruction. Second Edition.
87443: FOSTER, PETER - A History of the Speedway Ashes
83649: FOSTER, R.F. (ED) - The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland
86849: FOSTER, D.M. & LYALL, D.K. - The Empathy Experiment.
81624: FOSTER, R.F. - Foster's Whist Manual : A Complete System of Instruction in the Game. Fifth Edition.
70982: FOSTER, MALCOLM. - Joyce Cary : A Biography.
82261: FOSTER, THOMAS. - The Antichrist! Who is he?
76985: FOTHERINGHAM, RICHARD - In Search of Steele Rudd Author of the classic Dad & Dave stories.
64787: FOUCAULT, MARCEL - La Mesure de L'Intelligence chez les Écoliers.
74030: FOULCHER, JOHN. - Light Pressure.
81094: FOULGER, NEVILLE. - Coventry : The Complete History of the Club.
63817: ALAIN-FOURNIER - Meaulnes- The Lost Domain translated from the original French by Sandra Morris.
57043: FOWLER, DONALD H. - Guns or God This is the story of Caledon Bay Peace Expedition 1933-34
89212: FOWLER, LAURENCE AND HELEN (EDS) - Cambridge Commemorated An Anthology of University Life
83584: FOWLER, LESLEY. - Crossing the sky. Five Islands Press New Poets Program Series 8.
56046: FOWLER, FRANK - Southern Lights and Shadows With an introduction by R.G. Geering
55687: FOWLER, LAURENCE AND HELEN (EDS) - Cambridge Commemorated An Anthology of University Life
92613: FOWLER, HON. JAMES MACKINNON (R.H. FOWLER, ED.) - False Foundations of British History : A New Study of British Origins.
80895: FOWLER, JAMES (ED) - Images of Show Business from the Theatre Museum, V&A
72810: FOWLES, E.W.H. (ED) - The Poems of Alfred Midgley
68165: FOX, RICHARD & FREIBERG, ARIE - Sentencing: State and Federal Law in Victoria
69078: FOX, ROBERT. - Antarctica and the South Atlantic : Discovery, Development and Dispute.
81523: FOX, LEN - Eureka and Its Flag Introduction and notes by C.E.Sayers.
72357: FOX, ROBERT. - Antarctica and the South Atlantic : Discovery, Development and Dispute.
89019: FOY, CHARLES - Pigeons for Pleasure and Profit. A complete guide to Pigeon Raising.
67748: FRADKIN, PHILIP L. - Magnitude 8 Earthquakes and Life along the San Andreas Fault.
74141: FRAENKEL, PETER L. - Food From Windmills : A report on the wind mill irrigation project initiated by the American Presbyterian Mission at Omo Station in Ethiopia.
93513: DE FRAGA, CHRIS - 100 Years of Yachting on Port Phillip Bay A History of the Royal Brighton Yacht Club.
58472: FRAME, T.R; GOLDRICK, J.V.P.; AND JONES, P.D. - Reflections on The Royal Australian Navy.
59396: FRAME, T.R. & GOLDRICK, J.V.P. & JONES, P.D. - Reflections on the Royal Australian Navy
79013: FRAME, TOM. - A Church for a Nation. : A History of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.
55440: FRAME, JANET - Daughter Buffalo
78857: FRAME, T.R. & GOLDRICK, J.V.P. & JONES, P.D. - Reflections on the Royal Australian Navy
89735: FRAME, TOM. - HMAS Sydney : Loss & Controversy.
64644: FRANCE, MABEL A.R. - The Second Book of "Aunt Maria" Sketches.
64643: FRANCE, MABEL A.R. - The "Aunt Maria" Sketches.
86474: FRANCE, ANATOLE - The Human Tragedy A translation by Alfred Allinson, with sixteen illustrations by Michel Sevier.
60498: FRANCE, ANATOLE - Marguerite Translated from the French by J. Lewis May. Woodcuts by Siméon.
71516: FRANCIS, BASIL. - Fanny Kelly of Drury Lane.
89744: FRANCIS, FRANCIS. - Eric and Ethel : An Old-Fashioned Fairy Tale.
92974: FRANCIS, F.C. - Columbus Journeyed South
93403: FRANCIS, DICK - High Stakes
58424: FRANCK, FREDERICK - African Sketchbook Preface by Graham Greene
71342: FRANK, GEROLD. - Zsa Zsa Gabor : My Story. Written for me by Gerold Frank.
71049: FRANK, GEROLD. - Judy.
78829: FRANKEL, EDGAR. - Bibliography of the Great Barrier Reef Province. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.
87905: FRANKENSTEIN, ALFRED - The Reality of Appearance The Trompe L'Oeil Tradition in American Painting. For an exhibition organised by University Art Museum, Berkeley, in conjunction with National Gallery of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, California Palace of the Legion of Honor, The Detroit Institute of Arts.
61771: FRANKLIN, ALAN V. - May I Show You Round? A Tour of Ely Cathedral under the guidance of Alan V. Franklin, Senior Verger and Sub-Sacrist.
90127: FRANKLIN, NEVILLE & SCARBOROUGH, GERALD - Lancaster : Classic Aircraft No.6 Their history and how to model them.
87047: FRANKLIN, MILES - My Brilliant Career Leisure Time Big Type Library
81781: FRANKOVITS, ANDRE (ED.) - Seduced and Abandoned : The Baudrillard Scene.
93726: FRANQUIN. - Open Your Mind : A Course on Hypnotism.
70367: FRASER, COLIN S. AND MAHLOOK, RAYMOND E. (COMPILED BY) - Joe White Maltings Limited 1858-1989. 'He conquers who takes care'
81041: FRASER, W.I. (ED.) - Key Issues in Mental Retardation Research : Proceedings of the Eighth Congress of the International Association for the Scientific Study of Mental Deficiency (IASSMD).
62371: FRASER, PROFESSOR W.R. & OLDBURY, DEREK & TINSLEY, DR MARGARET & WISWELL, TOM - International Draughts and Checkers
69518: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD. - Black Ajax.
91102: FRASER, V. WOR. BRO. THE REV. ALEC - Lecture At Lodge of Research No. 218. " Archaeology and the Volume of the Sacred Law ". A lecture given by V. Wor. Bro. The Rev. Alec Fraser, P.G. Chap. on 25th May 1984.
91526: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD. - Flashman. From The Flashman Papers 1839-1842.
69482: FRASER, MALCOLM A.C. - Notes on the Natural History, etc., of Western Australia, being Extracts from the Western Australian Year Book for 1900-01.
84878: FRASER, JOSEPH - Faces & Heads or How To Read Men as Open Books. Synopsis of Contents: Man and Nature; A Study of Animal Forms; Temperarments; Quality and Activity; A Study of Heads; Skulls; Phrenological Readings; Geometrical Phrenology; Studies and Examples; Facts about faces; Hands; Voice and Laughter; China; Health Signs. Illustrated with Portraits and Diagrams.
72065: FRASER, ARTHUR JAMES ALEXANDER. - I Remember, I Remember : An autobiography of a nonagenarian (commenced in ninety-fifth year). Some memories of the life and ministry of Arthur James Alexander Fraser, more than seventy years a clergyman of the Anglican Church of Australia.
93434: FRAZER, MICHAEL - Nasho
93139: FRAZER, SIR JAMES GEORGE. - The Golden Bough : A Study in Magic and Religion. 13 volumes.
71937: FRAZER, GEORGE. - Poems of Life and Time.
75760: FRAZER, GEORGE. - Poems of Life and Time.
78206: FRAZIER, ADRIAN. - Behind the Scenes : Yeats, Horniman, and the Struggle for the Abbey Theatre. The New Historicism: Studies in Cultural Poetics.
85096: FRECKELTON, IAN AND SELBY, HUGH. - Appealing to the Future : Michael Kirby and his Legacy.
72443: FREDMAN. L.E. (ED.) - Sir John Quick's Notebook.
64443: FREE, PETER AND PATTISON, JOHN. - Our Lady of Mt Carmel Primary School (St Mary's) 134 Years (1860-1994) Reunion 26th-27th March, 1994.
66135: FREEDMAN, KEITH - Our Fathers' Harvest : A History of the Komisaruk (Komesaroff) Family.
83719: FREELAND, J.M. - Architect Extraordinary : The Life and Work of John Horbury Hunt: 1838-1904.
69430: FREELING, NICOLAS - Tsing-Boom A Harper Novel of Suspense
78320: FREEMAN, CHRISTOPHER (ED.) - Output Measurement in Science and Technology : Essays in Honor of Yvan Fabian.
81843: FREEMAN, WILLIAM. - Dictionary of Fictional Characters.
74138: FREEMAN, GILLIAN. - The Schoolgirl Ethic : The Life and Work of Angela Brazil.
58900: FREEMAN-GRENVILLE, G.S.P. - The Medieval History of the Coast of Tanganyika with special reference to recent archaeological discoveries.
71437: FREEMAN, GILLIAN - The Schoolgirl Ethic The Life and Work of Angela Brazil
77776: FREEMAN, PETER AND VULKER, JUDY (EDS.) - The Australian Dwelling.
82760: FREEMAN, SCOTT. - Mercury/Mariner Outboards : 1990-00 Repair Manual. 2.5-275 Horsepower, 1-6 Cylinder.
84284: FREEMAN, RALPH & ENNIS, LAWRENCE & PAIN, JOHN FREEMAN & ROBERTS, GILBERT & BRADFIELD, JOHN JOB CREW - Freeman on Sydney Harbour Bridge: Design of the Structure and Foundations; Freeman and Ennis on Sydney Harbour Bridge: Manufacture of the Structural Steelwork and Erection of the Bridge; Pain and Roberts on Sydney Harbour Bridge: Calculations for the Steel Superstructure; Bradfield on The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Approaches. By permission of the Council. Excerpt Minutes of Proceedings of the Institute of Civil Engineers. Vol. 238. Session 1933 -1934. Part 2.
73417: FREESTONE, ROBERT (ED) - Spirited Cities : Urban Planning, Traffic and Environmental Management in the Nineties. Essays for Hans Westerman.
78208: FREESTONE, BASIL. - Harrap's Book of Nicknames and Their Origins : A Comprehensive Guide to Personal Nicknames in the English-speaking World.
93676: FREIBERG, DR. MARCOS. - Snakes of South America.
83779: FREMLIN, CELIA. - Possession.
57202: FREMLIN, BRYONY - A Wild Heritage of Western Australia Watercolours of Birds, Mammals and Wildflowers. With descriptive text by Pat Bourke, Dr. Neville Marchant
91569: FREMONT, CH. (TRANSLATED UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF GEORGE TAYLOR) - Files and Filing from the French 'La Lime'
89739: FRENCH, DOROTHY. - Land Ho! Australia! An English girl (1849-1938) makes Australia her home in 1867.
83017: FRENCH, CLIVE POLTON (ED) - Fields of Faith Sown in Red Earth : 50 Golden Years for St Francis in the Fields, Anglican Church, Mooroolbark 1954 - 2004
81387: FRENCH, ROBERT DUDLEY. - A Chaucer Handbook.
81604: FRENCH, ROBERT DUDLEY. - A Chaucer Handbook.
80720: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part II. with notes on the methods to be adopted to check and extirpate them.
85703: FRENCH, GREG. - Frog Call.
80719: FRENCH, C. - Handbook of the Destructive Insects of Victoria. Part 1. with notes on the methods to be adopted to check and extirpate them.
76921: FRENCH, EDGAR - The Miracle at Scott's Shed - A History of the Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron 1952 - 82
93743: FRENCH, ALISON. - Seeing the Centre : The Art of Albert Namitjira 1902-1959.
87362: FREUCHEN, PETER. - Vagrant Viking : My Life and Adventures. Translated from the Danish by Johan Hambro.
51581: FREUD, ANNA - The Psycho-Analytical Treatment of Children Technical Lectures and Essays by Anna Freud
51582: FREUD, PROF. SIGMUND - Massenpsychologie und Ich-Analyse
73482: FREUD, ERNST; FREUD, LUCIE; AND GRUBRICH-SIMITIS, ILSE (COMPILED BY) - Sigmund Freud : His Life in Pictures and Words. With a Biographical Sketch by K.R. Eissler. Translation by Christine Trollope. Design by Willy Fleckhaus.
55160: FREUND, MIRIAM & CHAGALL, MARC - Die Söhne Jakobs In Glasfenstern dargestellt von Marc Chagall. 2. Auflage.
93959: DE FREYNE BISHOP, MARJORIE - One Man In His Time Edward Bishop, Master Builder 1844-1902
75835: FRIDRIKSSON, STURLA - Surtsey : Lifriki I Motun
75764: FRIEDMAN, BRUCE JAY. - Stern.
76950: FRIEDMAN, BARTON R. - Adventures in the Deeps of the Mind : The Cuchulain Cycle of W.B. Yeats.
86924: FRIEND, DONALD - Save Me From the Shark A Picaresque Entertainment.
86712: FRIENDLY, ALFRED. - Beaufort of the Admiralty : The Life of Sir Francis Beaufort 1774-1857.
90451: FRIER, JOHN D. - Aero Engines : An Elementary Treatise Volume 1. Thermodynamics, Combustion, Cooling, Testing. With Foreword by Frederick M. Green. With 75 illustrations.
79287: FRIES, ROB. E. - A Short History of Botany in Sweden. Seventh International Botanical Congress, Stockholm, 1950.
67304: FRINGS, KETTI. - Let the Devil Catch You. A novel.
91075: FRISCH, COLIN. - Heroes Denied : The Malayan Harrier Conspiracy. Foreword by Chris Hill.
57723: FRISCHAUER, WILLI - Himmler The evil genius of the Third Reich
83342: FRITH, HENRY - How to Read Character in Features, Forms, & Faces. A Guide to the General Outlines of Physiognomy.
87182: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
71018: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
86663: FRITH, H.J. (ED.) - Birds in the Australian High Country. Illustrated by Betty Temple Watts.
76210: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
76450: FRITH, H.J. - The Japanese Snipe Gallinago hardwickii : A preliminary report. CSIRO Division of Wildlife Research Technical Memorandum No. 6, November 1970.
91273: FRITH, H.J. (ED.) - Birds in the Australian High Country. Illustrated by Betty Temple Watts.
73062: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
87455: FRITH, H.J. (ED.) - Birds in the Australian High Country. Fully Revised Edition. Illustrated by Betty Temple Watts.
73102: FRITH, H.J. - Waterfowl in Australia.
70049: FROGGATT, WALTER W. - Locusts in Australia and Other Countries. Department of Agriculture, New South Wales. Farmers' Bulletin, No.29.
78746: FROME, MICHAEL - Strangers in High Places : The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains Maps by Stephen Kraft.
85310: FROST, BRUNO - Brave Brian
93463: FROST, ROBERT - Selected Poems
92784: FROST, ALAN. - Botany Bay Mirages : The Real Story.
77457: FROST, ROBERT L. - Alternating Currents Nationalized Power in France 1946 - 1970
92539: FROST, ALAN. - Botany Bay Mirages : Illusions of Australia's Convict Beginnings.
88991: FROST, LIONEL. - The Old Dark Navy Blues. A History of the Carlton Football Club.
92583: FRY, JOHN R. - Fire and Blackstone
92864: FRY, GAVIN AND COLLEEN. - Donald Friend: Australian War Artist 1945.
91087: FRY, GAVIN AND COLLEEN. - Donald Friend: Australian War Artist 1945.

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