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81583: CAM, HEATHER. - The Majestic Rollerink.
81575: CAMBON, GLAUCO - Dante's Craft - Studies in Language and Style
74184: "URBS CAMBORITUM" (W.R. BROWN) - Leaflets of Local Lore
89878: CAMENSON, BLYTHE. - How to Sell Then Write Your Nonfiction Book : A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Published - from Crafting a Proposal to Signing the Contract and More.
74121: CAMERON, W.J (COMPILED BY) - Bourke : A Pictorial History Volume 2.
87240: CAMERON, H.C. - Mr Guy's Hospital 1726 - 1948
75070: CAMERON, W.J. (COMPILED BY) - A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in Britain and British Books Printed Abroad from 1641-1700 Held in Australian Libraries. With an Introduction by W.J. Cameron on the development of rare book collections and research facilities in Australian and New Zealand libraries. Studies in Australian Bibliography - No. 11.
86977: CAMERON, BILL (RESEARCHER AND EDITOR) - The History of Bourke Vol. X The papers presented by the members of the Bourke and District Historical Society 1985.
67549: CAMERON, ISABEL. - Tattered Tartan. A sequel to The But and Ben.
67638: CAMERON-KENNEDY, D.F. - "A Guide To Foxhunting In Australia"
77380: CAMERON, QUENTIN. - Love Affair With Black Gold. A frank account of an often directionless and wasted career culminating in the creation of a long running newsletter devoted to the wildly fluctuating fortunes of Australia's junior oil explorers.
78368: CAMERON, OLIVER D. - Music in the Country : A history of Harmony in Mornington (c1874-1974)
70490: CAMERON-KENNEDY, D.F. - The Oaklands Hunt 1888 - 1988 "A Chronicle of Events". Foreword by Thady Ryan, M.F.H.
93376: CAMERON, DEBORAH. - Verbal Hygiene.
91191: CAMIER, WENDYE E. - " Ups and Downs " - Pioneers of Land and Air. A story of the early settlement by the Johnston, Clifton and Butcher families who helped to develop Australia on land and in Aviation.
84229: CAMINA, A.R. & JANACEK, G.J. - Mathematics for Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation.
68155: CAMMACK, WILLIAM F. - The Australian Artist S. Woodward-Smith
72244: CAMPBELL, PATRICK - A Long Drink of Water With drawings by Ronald Searle
57317: CAMPBELL, P.N. AND SARGENT, J.R. (EDS.). - Techniques in Protein Biosynthesis. Volume 3.
75589: CAMPBELL, DAVID. - Selected Poems.
94747: CAMPBELL, A.H. & CAMERON, L. & KEATS, J.A. & POULTER, M.W. & POULTER, B. - The Aborigines and Torres Islanders of Queensland
71822: CAMPBELL, GORDON. - Song of the Snowy River.
55342: CAMPBELL, JEAN. - George Lawrence. An illustrated biography with text by Jean Campbell.
91936: CAMPBELL, MARIAN. - Decorative Ironwork.
93742: CAMPBELL, PETER - The Observer's Book of Sailing Craft of Australia and New Zealand New Zealand section by Jenny Green.
81586: CAMPBELL, JILL (COMPILED BY) - Verse from the Nullarbor.
75562: CAMPBELL, ROY (TRANSLATED BY) - Baudelaire. Pocket Poets.
93694: CAMPBELL, PETER - The Observer's Book of Sailing Craft of Australia and New Zealand New Zealand section by Jenny Green.
71811: CAMPBELL, GORDON. - For Friend and Fireside. Verse by Gordon Campbell, Author of "Song of the Snowy River" and "Song Unending".
94436: CAMPBELL, JOHN LORNE - Fr. Allan McDonald of Eriskay, 1859-1905 Priest, Poet, and Folklorist. Based upon a broadcast talk recorded at Antigonish, Nova Scotia, in May 1953, and printed to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of Eriskay Church, built by Fr. Allan.
66851: CAMPION, EDMUND (ED) - Living Here Short Stories from Australasia 1938 - 1988
59190: CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL - A New Land Speaking An essay on the importance of a national literature.
71748: CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL. - A New Land Speaking : An essay on the importance of a national literature.
73487: CANNET, HERVÉ. - Le grand 20e : Angoulême. Avec la collaboration de Gilles Ratier (pour les carnets de bord), Christian TUA et la médiathèque du CNBDI. Préface de Will Eisner.
83428: CANNON, MICHAEL (ED) - Richard Egan - Lee's Police News Introduction by Michael Cannon.
68320: CANNON, TERESA & DAVIS, PETER. - Aliya : Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka. With a foreword by Dr Arthur C. Clarke.
95656: CANNON, MICHAEL. - The Human Face of the Great Depression.
86170: CANNON, MICHAEL (ED.) - Hold Page One : Memoirs of Monty Grover, Editor.
93811: CANNON, MICHAEL (ED) - The Victorian Gold Fields 1852-3 : An original album by S.T. Gill. Introduction by Michael Cannon.
88269: CANNON, ENID S. - Golden Opportunities : A History of Perenjori, Western Australia
94163: CANNON, TERESA & DAVIS, PETER - Aliya : Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka with a foreword by Dr. Arthur C. Clarke.
86454: CANNON, TERESA & DAVIS, PETER - Aliya : Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka with a foreword by Dr. Arthur C. Clarke.
81403: CANNON, TERESA & DAVIS, PETER - Aliya : Stories of the Elephants of Sri Lanka with a foreword by Dr. Arthur C. Clarke.
95737: CANTOR, NORMAN F. - The Sacred Chain : The History of the Jews.
81764: CANTRELL, LEON (ED.) - Bards, Bohemians, and Bookmen : Essays in Australian Literature.
93692: CAPON, EDMUND & MACQUITTY, WILLIAM. - Princes of Jade.
85700: CAPONE, GIOVANNA. - Incandescent Verities : The Fiction of Hal Porter.
88126: CARDEN, F.G. - Along the Canning : A history of the Shire of Canning district, Western Australia.
71035: CARDOZO, NANCY. - Maud Gonne : Lucky Eyes and a High Heart.
71346: CARDUS, NEVILLE (ED.) - Kathleen Ferrier 1912-1953 : A Memoir.
89919: CAREW, EDNA - The Language of Money
88559: CAREY, PETER. - Illywhacker.
75600: CAREY, PETER. - The Fat Man In History. Short stories by Peter Carey.
91147: CAREY, ELSPETH (ED) - Eustace Halley Coghill's Diaries. Vol. I 1916 - 1918. The First World War.
91149: CAREY, ELSPETH (ED) - Eustace Halley Coghill's Diaries. Vol. III 1924 - 1928. The Young Lawyer.
86210: CAREY, PETER. - The Unusual Life of Tristan Smith.
91148: CAREY, ELSPETH (ED) - Eustace Halley Coghill's Diaries. Vol. II 1919 - 1923. Student Days.
80975: CAREY, PETER. - Oscar and Lucinda.
85295: CAREY, JOHN (ED.) - William Golding : The Man and his Books. A Tribute on his 75th Birthday.
84497: CAREY, PETER. - Jack Maggs.
76260: CAREY, PETER. - The Tax Inspector.
84961: CAREY, BRIAN TODD & ALLFREE, JOSHUA B. & CAIRNS, JOHN - Warfare and the Medieval World
74483: CAREY, ALFRED EDWARD - War's Aftermath
95003: CAREY, PETER. - War Crimes. Short Stories.
73465: CAREY, PETER. - The Fat Man In History. Short stories by Peter Carey.
89089: CAREY, JOHN (ED) - William Golding : The Man and his Books. A Tribute on his 75th birthday.
73759: CARLETON JUN., WILLIAM - The Warden of Galway: A Metrical Tale. In Six Cantos. ('An Australia Night's Entertainment' also included.)
67860: CARLILE, FORBES. - Training for All Sports.
74582: CARLINE, RICHARD. - Pictures in the Post : The Story of the Picture Postcard and its Place in the History of Popular Art.
59440: CARLON, PATRICIA - Crime of Silence
86323: CARLOS, VICTORIA P. - I'd Like to Speak Filipino 2. Gusto Kong Mag-Filipino 2 Introduction to Grammar with Exercises Featuring Filipino Culture.
79186: CARLYON, NORMAN D. - I Remember Blamey
81231: CARMICHAEL, HOAGY. - The Stardust Road.
62103: CARMICHAEL, JENNINGS. - Hospital Children. Sketches of life and character in the Children's Hospital, Melbourne.
82132: CARMICHAEL, DOROTHY. - Tales of Beecroft.
64627: CARMICHAEL, HOAGY & LONGSTREET, STEPHEN - Sometimes I Wonder The Story of Hoagy Carmichael.
85331: CARNE, W.M. - Australian Apples : A Guide to Picking for Export or Local Storage and to the Best Shipping Periods for Export Varieties.
84699: CARNEGIE, D.M. - The Other Side of the Counter The History of Ritchies Stores.
77372: CARNEY, JAMES (ED) - Poems on the Butlers of Ormond, Cahir and Dunboyne (A.D. 1400 - 1650)
77404: CARNEY, JAMES (ED.) - Poems on the Butlers of Ormond, Cahir and Dunboyne (A.D. 1400 - 1650).
74960: CAROLAN, JANE MAYO. - Head, Heart & Soul : The Making of St Leonard's College.
81001: CAROLAN, JANE MAYO - For the Green and the Gold and the Mitre: A Centenary History of Trinity Grammar School, Kew 1 volume. Trinity Grammar School , 1903- 2003.
85428: CAROLAN, JANE - St. Columb's Hawthorn 1883 - 1983 A history.
78094: CAROLAN, NICHOLAS. - A Short Discography of Irish Folk Music.
85451: CAROLAN, JANE - St. Columb's Hawthorn 1883 - 1983 A history.
58260: CARPENTER, S.C. - Winnington-Ingram The biography of Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram, Bishop of London, 19011-1939
64081: CARPENTER, L.G. - Vacuum Technology
86731: CARPENTER, ANDREW (ED.) - My Uncle John : Edward Stephens's Life of J. M. Synge.
59325: CARPENTER, R. & BLACKMAN, R.V.B. (EDS) - The Dumpy Pocket Book of Ships General editor: Henry Sampson.
94924: CARR, VIRGINIA SPENCER. - Paul Bowles : A Life.
94895: CARR, VIRGINIA SPENCER. - Paul Bowles : A Life.
89266: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Ghosts' High Noon
87054: CARR, D.J. & S.G.M. (EDS) - Plants and Man in Australia
89858: CARRADINE, DAVID. - Endless Highway.
81780: CARRAZZA, DONATA & KANE, PAUL (EDS.) - Vintage : Celebrating Ten Years of the Mildura Writers' Festival.
94159: LE CARRE, JOHN. - The Naive and Sentimental Lover. A New Novel
84221: CARRERAS, LUIS - The Glory of Martyred Spain Notes on the Religious Persecution. Translated from the Spanish.
67282: CARRICK, R.; KEITH, NOEL; AND KEITH, K. - Third Annual Report of the Australian Bird-banding Scheme, July 1956 to June 1957. Reprinted from the C.S.I.R.O. Wildlife Research Volume 2, Number 2, pages 145-163, 1957.
68545: CARRICK, R. AND TURNBULL, NOEL. - Second Annual Report of the Australian Bird-banding Scheme, July 1955 to June 1956. Reprinted from the C.S.I.R.O. Wildlife Research Volume 1, Number 2, pages 114-130, 1956.
82193: CARRINGTON, HEREWARD - Personal Experiences in Spiritualism Including the official account and record of the American Palladino séances. Illustrated.
82800: CARRINGTON, HEREWARD. - The Case for Psychic Survival.
82858: CARRINGTON, HEREWARD. - The Coming Science.
64647: CARROLL, BRIAN. - Sirocredit. The First 40 Years 1957-1997.
79298: CARROLL, JOHN. - Token Soldiers.
85112: CARROLL, JAMES - House of War The Pentagon and the disastrous rise of American power.
69606: CARROLL, RAY. - The Fields are Green : Assumption College, Kilmore. Chronicles of a Country Boarding School.
76833: CARROLL, LYNDA. - The Grand Old Flag : The History of the Melbourne Football Club.
80767: CARROLL, RAY - In Sun and Shadow Foreword by Max Walker.
77717: CARROLL, BRIAN. - A Decade of Achievement : Phillip Institute of Technology.
85171: CARROLL, ROBERT - The Rise of Amphibians 365 Million Years of Evolution.
82572: CARROLL, LEWIS - Alice's Adventures Under Ground being a facsimile of the original ms. book afterwrads developed into "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland". With thirty-seven illustrations by the author.
74105: CARROLL, BRIAN. - Sirocredit. The First 40 Years 1957-1997.
80932: CARROLL, LYNDA. - The Grand Old Flag : The History of the Melbourne Football Club.
81015: CARROLL, BRIAN. - Forging a Nation : A Celebration of Australia's Minerals and Energy Sector.
75827: CARROLL, JOHN. - Token Soldiers.
69513: CARROLL, BRIAN. - Sirocredit. The First 40 Years 1957-1997.
78016: CARROLL, JOHN. - Token Soldiers.
61522: CARRUTHERS, STEVEN L. - Australia Under Siege. Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942.
64312: CARRUTHERS, STEVEN L. - Australia Under Siege. Japanese Submarine Raiders 1942.
86895: DES CARS, GUY. - The Brute. Translated from the French by Michael Luke.
74076: CARSTAIRS, JAMES L. - Little Pictures
95658: CARSTAIRS, JOAN & LANE, MAUREEN. - Pubs, Punts and Pastures : The Story of Pioneer Irish Women on the Salt Water River.
81256: CARTER, WILLIAM J. - Trust the Dreams A memoir of the last five years of the life and times of Anne Staniforth Carter, (nee Ricketson) born Christmas Day 1925, died Ash Wednesday 1983.
62223: CARTER, HUNTLY - The New Spirit in Drama & Art
66064: CARTER, JIMMY - Why Not The Best?
68687: CARTER, RUTH. - Saints by the Sea : St Peter's Anglican Church in Mornington.
89759: CARTER, JENNY - The Story of John Currie and Janet Hutton - their Ancestors and Descendants. From Ballymena to Bombala & Beyond,
93541: CARTER, L.J. (ED) - Realities of Space Travel Selected papers of the British Interplanetary Society.
88133: CARTER, JENNIE. - Bassendean : A Social History 1829-1979.
70462: CARTER, PETER. - The Gates of Paradise. Illustrated by Fermin Rocker.
76503: CARTER, ROBERT E. - Arson Investigation. Glencoe Fire Science Series.
85145: CARTER, RUTH AND PENNICOTT, ALISON. - The Anglican Church of St John the Evangelist, Flinders 1892-1992.
72824: CARTER, JOHN AND SPARROW, JOHN. - A.E. Housman : A Bibliography. Second edition. Revised by William White.
69565: CARTER, RUTH. - Saints by the Sea : St Peter's Anglican Church in Mornington 1861-2001.
75029: CARTER, ANNE - Cis's Child : A Menzies Creek Story
86135: CARTER, JESSE LEE. - Tami.
70863: CARTER, RUTH; BLAXLAND, PATRICIA; AND HUNTLEY, MARJORIE. - Trio : A Collection of Verse and Stories by Three Residents of the Mornington Peninsula. With Illustrations by Patricia Blaxland.
93577: CARTER, TOM - No Sundays in the Bush An English Jackeroo in Western Australia 1887 - 1889. From the Diaries of Tom Carter.
92715: CARTER, H.B. - His Majesty's Spanish Flock : Sir Joseph Banks and the Merinos of George III of England.
75543: CARTER, BRIAN A. - Just Hangin' Around : For the Love of Australia.
83117: CARTER, MARGARET A. - Australian Fairy Stories Drawings by I.G. Hill
70744: CARTER, RUTH. - Saints by the Sea : St Peter's Anglican Church in Mornington 1861-2001.
80530: CARTER, RUTH WITH PENNICOTT ALISON - The Anglican Church of St. John the Evangelist, Flinders 1892 - 1992
94215: CARTER, THOMAS (RETOLD BY) - Stories from Shakespeare with sixteen full-page colour illustrations by Gertrude Demain Hammond.
88395: DE CARTERET, PHOENIX (ED.) - Bubbles on the Surface...more than a catalogue. Margaret Somerville, Chrissiejoy Marshall, Daphne Wallace, Badger Bates, Phoenix de Carteret.
85199: CARTLAND, BARBARA - We Danced All Night
93562: CARTON, BERNARD. - Conjuring for Connoisseurs. The Magic Wand "Shilling Series" No. 1.
82568: CARTY, REV. CHARLES MORTIMER - Padre Pio, the Stigmatist
86193: CARTY, WILLIAM WITH GABRIELLE CHAN. - Flickers of History A newsreel cameraman's story.
85070: CARVAJAL, CAROL STYLES AND HORWOOD, JANE (EDS.) - The Oxford Spanish Dictionary. Third edition. Spanish-English. English-Spanish.
61715: CARY, JOYCE - A Fearful Joy
86418: CARY, JOYCE. - Not Honour More.
75295: CARY, JOYCE - The Case for African Freedom Foreword by George Orwell
74385: CARY, JOYCE. - Britain and West Africa.
74191: CARY, JOYCE. - The Drunken Sailor. Illustrated by the author.
74192: CARY, JOYCE. - Marching Soldier.
70865: CARY, JOYCE. - The Moonlight.
85286: CARY, M. & NOCK, A.D. & DENNISTON, J.D. & ROSS, W.D. & WIGHT DUFF, J. & SCULLARD, H.H. (EDS) WITH ASSISTANCE FROM H.J. ROSE, H.P. HARVEY & A. SOUTER. - The Oxford Classical Dictionary
60984: CASANOVA DE SEINGALT, JACQUES. - La Jeune Comtesse. Récit orné d'aquarelles de Jacques de Villeneuve-Allix.
68108: CASEY, MAIE. - From the Night.
94470: O'CASEY, SEAN - The Silver Tassie A Tragi-Comedy in Four Acts. With a portrait of the author by Evan Walters.
68000: O'CASEY, SEAN. - I Knock at the Door. Swift Glances Back at Things That Made Me.
77185: O'CASEY, SEAN. - Sunset and Evening Star.
73822: CASEY, GAVIN. - Snowball.
89988: CASH, JOHN D. & MARTIN G. - Producer Gas for Motor Vehicles
82382: CASHEL, DOREEN M. - Phenomena. Experienced by Doreen M. Cashel.
85910: CASHMAN, RICHARD - The Bitter-Sweet Awakening The Legacy of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.
93935: CASSAB, JUDY. - Judy Cassab : Diaries.
88262: CASSON, MARJORY R. & HIRST, W.R.C. - Loxton : District and Town.
72665: CASTILLA, ETHEL - The Australia Girl and other verses Preface by Rolf Boldrewood.
81605: CASTLE, JESS. - Through Castle Casements : Verse and Prose.
87849: CASTLEDINE, GEORGE AND MCGEE, PAULA (EDS.) - Advanced and Specialist Nursing Practice.
72428: CASTNER, PETER. - The Irresistible Theatre. An examination of some of the problems of the theatre.
69886: CASTRITIUS, HELMUT - Sonderdruck aus Historische Zeitschrift Neue Historische Literatur. Das Romische Kaisertum Als Struktur und Prozess
78700: CASTRO, PACIFICO A. (ED.) - Agreements on US Military Facilities in Philippine Military Bases 1947-1982.
90726: CATALANO, GARY - An Intimate Australia : The landscape & recent Australian art.
73510: CATERER, HELEN. - Australians Outback : 60 Years of the Bush Church Aid Society.
85191: CATERER, HELEN. - People, Places and Blankets Galore : Fifty Years of Memorable Encounters.
81689: CATERSON, REECE - Span of Living
51980: CATLIN, GEORGE L. - Over the Alps Via The Saint Gothard Railway Revised and enlarged from the pamphlet.
88276: CATO, CATHERINE & CHARLES, CATHERINE & SMITH, JUNE & FLYNN, JENNY (ED) - A Pocketful of Acorns The History of Canterbury Primary School: 1908 to 2008.
71955: CATTAN, HENRY. - Dimensions of the Palestine Problem, 1967. Monographs Series No. 6.
85808: CAUNTER, JULIEN - How To Do Tricks in Amateur Films
63737: CAVALIER, HEINZ - Sportler erzählen mit 83 Bildern.
62364: CAVANAGH, BERNARD - Esperanto: A First Foreign Language For All Mankind
61796: CAVE, PAUL - The History of the Hospital of St. Cross (Britain's Oldest Charitable Institution)
57085: CAVENDISH, WILLIAM - Dramatic Works by William Cavendish
69213: CAWCUTT, SUE AND VIRTUE, THERESE. - All Seats Free : A History of the Parish of St. Andrew, Clifton Hill.
61800: CAWLEY, DAVID - St. Thomas Becket, Fairfield, Kent.
60584: CAWLEY, EVONNE GOOLAGONG & JARRATT, PHIL - Home! The Evonne Goolagong Story
60321: CECIL, K.L. - Lorne: The Founding Years (to 1888).
71237: CECIL, MIRABEL - Heroines in Love 1750 - 1974
75749: CECIL, MIRABEL. - Heroines in Love 1750-1974.
79149: CECILLE, L. AND TOUSSAINT, J.-C. (EDS.) - Future Industrial Prospects of Membrane Processes.
92211: KIMBERLEY LANGUAGE RESOURCE CENTRE. - Moola Bulla : In the Shadow of the Mountain.
71378: CERF, BENNETT. - At Random : The Reminicences of Bennett Cerf.
95379: CERMAK, MICHAEL - Spectacular Snakes of Australia
55648: CERNY, P. & TRUEMAN, D.L. & ZIEHLKE D.V. & GOAD, B.E. & PAUL, B.J. - The Cat Lake-Winnipeg River and The Wekusko Lake Pegmatite Fields, Manitoba
87756: CERUTTY, PERCY WELLS. - Athletics. How to become a Champion. A discursive textbook. Photographs by M.A. Stratton, Melbourne.
91326: CERUTTY, PERCY - Middle-Distance Running
63839: CERVER, FRANCISCO ASENSIO (ED) - New Architecture: Sports Facilities 3
77486: CERVON, JACQUELINE. - The Day the Earth Shook. Translated from the French by John Buchanan-Brown. Illustrated by Barry Wilkinson.
64899: CHABOD, FREDERICO - Machiavelli and the Renaissance translated from the Italian by David Moore; with an introduction by A.P. D'Entreves.
61775: CHADWICK, THE REV. PERCIVAL S. - St. Batholomew the Great, Smithfield Notes on Famous Churches and Abbeys No. 7
92116: CHAHLY, A.T. - Descriptive Geometry. Translated from the Russian by A.E. Tchernukhin and Th. Botting. Second Edition.
70864: CHALKLEY, ALAN. - The Book of Hong. Excerpts from the ancient manuscripts of the Hong Dynasty (1842-1984).
69964: CHALLINGSWORTH, NELL. - Dancing down the Years : The Romantic Century in Australia.
86405: CHALLMAN, OSCAR. - Tributes in Verse.
93269: CHALMERS, OLIVER. - The Observer's Book of Rocks and Minerals of Australia.
55907: CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN - Knitting Mathematics and Mechanisms. With a chapter on the treatment of statistical data.
69216: CHAMBERS, DAVID WADE. - Worm in the Bud : Case Study of the Pesticide Controversy. HUW/X108/208 Knowledge and Power.
72926: CHAMBERS, JILL. - Rebels of the Fields : Robert Mason and the convicts of the Eleanor. Bibliography & Index.
73108: CHAMBERS, WILLIAM. - Memories of the Chambers Brothers. An account by William Chambers of the early struggles of himself and his brother Robert in Edinburgh 1813-22.
58626: CHAMBERS, JOE & LYN - It's On at the Union : The Wonthaggi Miners' Union Theatre 1925-1978
59948: CHAMBON, ALBERT & MEINESZ, PROFESSOR VENING - 100,000 Zeemijl Per Onderzeeboot
66323: CHAN, MARY - Music in the Theatre of Ben Jonson
62785: CHAN, ROMAN PIÑA. - Jaina: la casa en el aqua.
80988: CHANCE, JOHN NEWTON - Bunst and the Secret Six Illustrated by Haworth.
95476: CHANCE, CAMILLA - Wisdom Man. Banjo Clarke. The compassionate life and beliefs of a remarkable Aboriginal Elder. As told to Camilla Chance.
66845: CHANDIVERT, M.G. - Aerodynamics Technical Memorandum 157. An alphabetical list of some French terms used in Aeronautics and their English equivalents.
93416: CHANDLER, RAYMOND. - Playback.
86890: CHANDLER, RAYMOND. - Playback.
95694: CHANDLER, DAVID G. - Battles and Battlescenes of World War Two.
82726: CHANDLER, RAYMOND. - Playback.
94395: CHANDLER, GEOFFREY. - So You Think I Did It.
77089: CHANEY, JILL. - Angel Face.
95514: CHANG, ESTHER & DALY, JOHN - Transitions in Nursing 2e Preparing for professional practice. Second edition.
94902: CHANIN, EILEEN; MILLER, STEVEN; WITH PUGH, JUDITH. - Degenerates and Perverts : The 1939 Herald Exhibition of French and British Contemporary Art.
58949: CHANT-SEMPILL, STUART. - St Nazaire Commando.
85057: CHANT, CHRISTOPHER - The History of the RAF 1939 - 1989
58624: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - A Brennan Collection An annotated catalogue of first editions, inscribed copies, letters, manuscripts and associated items. Collected and collated by Harry F. Chaplin.
85599: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - Norman Lindsay : His Books, Manuscripts and Autograph Letters in the library of, and annotated by Harry F. Chaplin. Foreword by Norman Lindsay. Studies in Australian and Pacific Bibliographies. General editor : Walter W. Stone.
87495: CHAPLIN, JOHN. - Ove Fundin : Speedway Superstar.
87607: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - A Lindsay Miscellany Norman, Lionel, Ruby, Philip & Mary and other members of the family. First editions, inscribed copies, autograph letters, manuscripts and other material associated with their lives and work based on the Collection of and Annotated by Harry F. Chaplin.
87216: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - The Fanfrolico Press : A Survey by Harry F. Chaplin based upon books in his collection. Preface by Jack Lindsay. Studies in Australian Bibliography No. 23. General editor : Walter W. Stone.
90258: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - C.J. Dennis - Hal Gye A collection of the work of both poet and artist comprising their first editions, inscribed and extra-illustrated copies, autograph letters and manuscripts, in the library of, and annotated by Harry F. Chaplin.
85601: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - A Lindsay Miscellany Norman, Lionel, Ruby, Philip & Mary and other members of the family. First editions, inscribed copies, autograph letters, manuscripts and other material associated with their lives and work based on the Collection of and Annotated by Harry F. Chaplin.
80568: CHAPLIN, PETER. - Circumnavigating Terra Australis : For Soprano, Narrator, Four Speakers, Chorus and Orchestra.
90204: CHAPLIN, HARRY F. - Henry Lawson : His Books, Manuscripts, Autograph Letters and Association Copies. Together with Publications by Louisa Lawson. Studies in Australia Bibliography - No. 21. General editor : Walter W. Stone.
64239: CHAPMAN, DR. J. WILBUR - 'Received Ye The Holy Ghost?' Power and Its Secret
59283: CHAPMAN, ABRAHAM. - Steal Away. Slaves Tell Their Own Stories. Edited with an Introduction by Abraham Chapman.
73192: CHAPMAN, R.W. - Johnsonian and Other Essays and reviews
53663: CHAPMAN, ARTHUR W. - The Story of a Modern University A History of the University of Sheffield
88207: CHAPMAN, B. BURGOYNE. - The Compleat Anti-Semite : An Innoculation Against Infection. With a preface by Professor Walter Murdoch.
82339: CHAPMAN, BARBARA. - The Rural and Industries Bank of Western Australia Art Collection.
82242: CHAPPELL, EDGAR L. - Cardiff's Civic Centre : A Historical Guide.
91373: CHARLES, HAROLD - New Nursery Rhymes
90788: CHARLESWORTH, MAX & STEPHANIE (EDS.) - Large Families : A Symposium
79389: CHARLTON, WARWICK. - The Voyage of Mayflower II.
87747: CHARLWOOD, DON. - Settlers Under Sail.
87751: CHARLWOOD, DON. - Settlers Under Sail. with the Loch Ard Centenary Commemoration Committee. Foreword by the Hon. R.J. Hamer, then Premier of Victoria.
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50930: DAVISON, FRED - Public Enemy No.1
82503: DAVISON, PETER (ED) - George Orwell : Nineteen Eighty-Four. The Facsimile with a preface by Daniel G. Siegel.
95180: DAVISON, JON & ALLIBONE, TOM. - Beneath Southern Seas : The Silent Service.

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