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93064: SHARELL, RICHARD - The Tuatara Lizards and Frogs of New Zealand Introduction by Gerald Durrell.
74885: SHARKEY, L. - Australia Marches On Documents: Marx - Eureka Stockade; Lenin - The Labor Government in Australia; The Statute of Westminster; Extracts from the Soviet Constitution.
74877: SHARKEY, L.L. - The Trade Unions. Communist Theory and Practice of Trade Unionism,
70258: SHARLAND, MICHAEL - Tasmanian Birds How To Identify Them. A field guide to the Birds inhabiting Tasmania and adjacent islands, including the sea birds.
71013: SHARLAND, MICHAEL. - A Territory of Birds.
91051: SHARLAND, MICHAEL - These Verdant Plains A history of the Shire of East Loddon.
79138: SHARLAND, MICHAEL ('PEREGRINE') - A Pocketful of Nature : An Anthology of notes and articles by the natural history columnist of The Mercury, Hobart, 'Peregrine' [Michael Sharland] during the past half-century. Photographs by the author.
66172: SHARP, NOLA - No Ordinary Life A Hamilton Family Tradition.
92831: SHARP, ANN. - The Koala Book. Australian Koala Foundation.
83787: SHARP, ANDREW. - The Discovery of Australia.
84880: SHARP, CECIL & MACILWAINE, HERBERT C. - The Morris Book with a description of dances as performed by The Morris Men of England. Part III.
93620: SHARPE, ALTON C. - Expert Hocus Pocus Pure Feats of Skill with Sleight-of-Hand singly explained and photographed.
68446: SHARPE, DAVID & KATHLEEN - Pharmacy Families Henry Francis in Australia 1849 - 1999
62243: SHARPLESS, ISAAC. - The American College. The American Books.
69802: SHARPLEY, ANNA. - Australian Horsesports 1999. 1998-1999 Season - Dressage - Showjumping - Eventing - Royal Shows - Breed Shows. Photographs by Julie Wilson.
92025: O'SHAUGHNESSY, DESMOND - Music and Medicine
93459: SHAW, DOROTHY - Bright Stars and Dark Matter Polonius Poets. First selection series.
61034: SHAW, W. HUDSON & RUHEN, OLAF - Lawrence Hargrave: Explorer, Inventor & Aviation Experimenter
67057: SHAW, E.D. - Utilization of the Water Resources of the Goulburn River: Eildon Reservoir Enlargement Construction Water Resources Investigations.
74277: SHAW, BERNARD. - The Sanity of Art : An Exposure of the Current Nonsense about Artists being Degenerate.
80797: SHAW, BILL. - 100 Years of Brass : A History of Thompsons Foundry Band 1885-1985.
95490: SHAW, E.M. - Fire Surveys or, A Summary of the Principles to be Observed in Estimating the Risk of Buildings.
75246: SHAW, LOUISE. - Making a Difference : A History of the Auckland College of Education 1881-2004.
74278: SHAW, BERNARD. - Geneva : a fancied page of history in three acts. Illustrated by Feliks Topolski.
73168: SHAW, H. - A Guide to the Principal Manuscripts, Early Printed Books, Autograph Letters, etc. contained in the Auckland Free Public Library.
76987: SHAW, R. DANIEL - Kandila : Samo Ceremonialism and Interpersonal Relationships
71240: SHAW, BRUCE - My Country of the Pelican Dreaming The life of an Australian Aborigine of the Gadjerong, Grant Ngabidj, 1904 - 1977, as told to Bruce Shaw
95126: SHAW, HETTY - Lucinda, North Queensland : Yesterday and Today. An affectionate history of a port community from the 1890's on to 1978.
74285: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - What Bernard Shaw Told the Americans about Soviet Russia His famous broadcast.
93471: SHAW, W. HUDSON & RUHEN, OLAF. - Lawrence Hargrave : Explorer, Inventor & Aviation Experimenter.
88878: SHEARMAN, HUGH. - Desire and Fulfilment.
74309: SHEARMAN, REV. THOMAS. - Hymns and Verses on Saint Agnes, V.M. "Mary's Waiting-Maid".
90795: SHEARMUR, JEREMY - Hayek and After Hayekian liberalism as a research programme. Routledge Studies in Social and Political Thought.
85813: SHEARSTON, TREVOR - Sticks That Kill A Novel.
63982: SHECKLEY, ROBERT - Immortality Inc.
76433: SHEEHAN, MARY - Victories in Camberwell : A History of Catholics in Camberwell.
76797: SHEEHAN, MARY - Victories in Camberwell : A History of Catholics in Camberwell.
62712: SHEEHAN, MARY. - Victories in Camberwell : A History of Catholics in Camberwell.
80546: SHEEHAN, DANNY WITH LAMOTTE, WAYNE. - Head and Tails : The Story of The Kalgoorlie Two-Up School.
72113: SHEEHAN, DANNY WITH LAMOTTE, WAYNE. - Head and Tails : The Story of The Kalgoorlie Two-Up School.
87056: SHEEHAN, DANNY WITH LAMOTTE, WAYNE. - Head and Tails : The Story of The Kalgoorlie Two-Up School.
85444: SHEEHY, THOMAS. - Sandringham : A Sketchbook History. Illustrated by Judith Wells.
94841: SHEEHY, TOM - Battlers Tamed a Sandbelt Moorabbin 50 Years A City.
87995: SHEEHY, TOM. - A Shire Preceded Three Cities : Moorabbin, Sandringham, Mordialloc.
74254: SHEEHY, TOM. - A Hospital for Bayside : Mordialloc-Cheltenham History.
85419: SHEEHY, THOMAS - Sandringham A Sketchbook History Illustrated by Judith Wells.
62288: SHELDON, A.B. - Co-operative Building Societies and the War An address to the Institute of Building Societies' Secretaries. Delivered on 29th September 1939
65471: SHELDON LEWIS, WILMARTH (ED) - History of the Class of Nineteen Eighteen 1918 Yale College
63987: SHELDON, RICHARD - Harsh Evidence
94953: SHELLAM, TIFFANY. - Shaking Hands on the Fringe : Negotiating the Aboriginal World at King George's Sound.
70413: SHELLEY, NOREEN - Cat on Hot Bricks Illustrated by Robert Gibson.
70414: SHELLEY, NOREEN - Faces in a Looking-Glass Illustrated by Astra Lacis
85181: SHELLEY, HEATHER AND PAUL (EDS.). - Summing Up: John Harold McCracken (1906-1999).
67499: SHELLEY, HEATHER AND PAUL (EDS.). - Summing Up: John Harold McCracken (1906-1999).
91937: SHELLEY, HEATHER AND PAUL (EDS.) - Summing Up : John Harold McCracken (1906-1999).
85523: SHELLEY, NOREEN. - Family at The Lookout. Illustrated by Robert Micklewright.
91293: SHELTON, GILBERT - Fat Freddy's Cat and the War of the Cockroaches
92752: SHEMMELD, W.P. - Kruger Jars 'n' Fencing Wire : Stories about the Barossa Germans, the Barossa Aborigines and local characters. Drawings by Grant Kraft.
91303: SHENNAN, ANTHONY & PENTLAND, GEOFFREY - Focke-Wulf Fw 190 & Ta 152 Described. Part 2. Series I. No. 9.
95146: SHEPARD, RICHMOND. - Mime : The Technique of Silence. An Illustrated Workbook. Illustrated by E.M. Louise Sandoval.
95556: SHEPHARD, MARK - The Great Victoria Desert North of the Nullarbor South of the Centre.
95326: SHEPHARD, SUE. - Seeds of Fortune : A Gardening Dynasty. Foreword by Roy Lancaster.
68770: SHEPHERD, WINSOME AND COOK, WALTER. - The Botanic Garden Wellington : A New Zealand History 1840-1987.
87730: SHEPHERD, DAVID - A Brush With Steam David Shepherd's Railway Story.
85842: SHEPPARD, COLONEL A.W. - An Australian Officer in Greece
58696: SHEPPARD, L.W. - The Practical Guide to Paper Hanging
86110: SHEPPARD, A.W. - The Nazis Rise Again : The story of the first rise of Nazism, its temporary eclipse, and its resurgence in recent times.
72697: SHERIDAN, LYNETTE. - University Ski Club : 1929-1979. With illustrations. Edited by Elaine Counsell.
93627: SHERIDAN, LYNETTE. - University Ski Club : 1929-1979. With illustrations. Edited by Elaine Counsell.
88949: SHERIDAN, LYNETTE. - University Ski Club : 1929-1979. With illustrations. Edited by Elaine Counsell.
77935: SHERIDAN, T. - Mindful Militants : The Amalgamated Engineering Union in Australia 1920-72.
59765: SHERINGTON, GEOFFREY. - Rheumatology in Australia. The role and development of the Australian Rheumatism Association.
68830: SHERINGTON, GEOFFREY. - Shore : A history of Sydney Church of England Grammar School.
68559: SHERINGTON, GEOFFREY. - Shore : A history of Sydney Church of England Grammar School.
95339: SHERLOCK, A.B. - Galleon Treasure Frontispiece by B. Jepson.
90294: SHERLOCK, MEREDITH; MCMULLIN, BRIAN; AND KIRSOP, WALLACE (EDS.) - Superior in his profession : Essays in memory of Harold Love. Script & Print Special Issue Volume 33 Numbers 1-4 2009.
82557: SHERMAN, HAROLD. - "Wonder" Healers of the Philippines.
84689: SHERRARD, H.M. - Australian Road Practice An Introduction to Highway Engineering
86691: SHERRINGTON, ALISON J. - Mystical Symbolism in the Poetry of Thomas Traherne.
84247: SHERRY, NORMAN. - The Life of Graham Greene : Volume One 1904-1939.
70973: SHEVELOW, KATHRYN. - Charlotte.
78763: SHI, DAVID E. - Facing Facts : Realism in American Thought and Culture 1850 - 1920
66428: SHIEL, M.P. - The Yellow Wave Illustrations by Henry Austin.
71885: SHIEL, DES. - Charles Jardine Don : The People's Man. Australian Labour's First Parliamentarian.
54037: SHIELDS, SAMUEL - The Cause of the Rotation of the Earth, Planets, etc. The Physical Cause of the Rotary Movement of the Earth and other bodies; The Cause of the Internal Heat of the Earth and the Light and heat of the Sun and Stars; The Causation of Oceanic and Aerial Currents; The Incidence and Direction of the Forces producing the Tides and Causation of the Procession of the Equinoxes
82390: SHIMIZU, YOSHIHARU; KOJIMA, TAKASHI; TANO, MASAZO; AND MATSUDA, SHINJI. - Models & Prototypes : Clay, Plaster, Styrofoam, Paper.
76420: SHINE, DENISE TOBIN. - The Undertaker's Mother.
78737: SHINEBERG, DOROTHY (ED.) - The Trading Voyages of Andrew Cheyne 1841-1844. Pacific History Series: No. 3.
87022: SHINGLES, RHONDA. - Triumph over the Heartbreak Hills : personal reminiscences from the 1880s to the present.
93543: BRISTOL JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND SHIPPING. - The S.S. "Great Britain" : History band Return Salvage Operation.
82805: SHIRLEY, RALPH. - The Problem of Rebirth : An Enquiry into the Basis of the Reincarnationist Hypothesis.
90753: SHORES, CHRISTOPHER & RING, HANS - Fighters Over the Desert The Air Battles in the Western Desert, June 1940 to December 1942. Foreword by Air Vice Marshal Raymond Collishaw.
93076: SHORT, DOUGLAS J. & WOODNOTT, DOROTHY P. (EDS) - The I.A.T. (Institute of Animal Technicians) Manual of Laboratory Animal Practice and Techniques.
88889: SHORT, J.W. AND POTTER, D.G. - Shells of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef : Marine Gastropods.
87723: SHOU-YU, MASTER LIANG AND JWING-MING, YANG. - Hsing Yi Chuan: Theory and Applications. Chinese Internal Martial Art.
77810: THE SHROFF (J.H. WHITE) - The Box Seat : or Medicus and the Shroff
64699: SHULMAN, SANDRA - Nightmare with 16 lithographs by John Spencer.
63768: SHUTTLEWOOD, ARTHUR - UFOs Key to the New Age.
73549: SHUTTLEWOOD, ARTHUR - UFOs Key to the New Age.
81042: SHYE, SAMUEL; ELIZUR, DOV; WITH HOFFMAN, MICHAEL. - Introduction to Facet Theory: Content Design and Intrinsic Data Analysis in Behavioral Research.
85641: SIDNEY, SAMUEL - The Three Colonies of Australia : New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia; their pastures, copper mines & gold fields. With numerous engravings.
62177: SIDNEY, NEILMA - The Return
55561: SIEMEISTER, GÜNTER - Primärparagenese und Metamorphose des Ronnenberglagers nach Untersuchungen im Grubenfeld Salzdetfurth Mit 17 Abbildungen, 12 Fototafeln und 4 Falttafeln. Beihefte zum Geologischen Jahrbuch, Heft 62.
92301: SIEVERS, LEO - Juden in Deutschland Die Geschichte einer 2000 jährigen Tragödie.
81213: SILER, JULIA FLYNN. - The House of Mondavi : The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty.
89023: SILK, W.H. - Bantams and Miniature Fowl Revised by Dr. J. Batty assisted by other Poultry Fanciers.
90275: SILKE, REV. J.J. - Ireland and Europe 1559 - 1607 Irish History Series No. 7.
91541: SILLITOE, ALAN - A Tree On Fire
86425: DE SILVA, G.P.S.H. & URAGODA, C.G. (EDS) - Sesquicentennial Commemorative Volume of the Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka 1845 - 1995.
77549: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. - Valentine Pontifex.
90000: SILVERBERG, ROBERT - The Man Who Found Nineveh The story of Austen Henry Layard
76328: SILVESTER, VICTOR. - Theory and Technique of Ballroom Dancing.
88701: SIMMONS, MARION. - Acacias of Australia Volume Two. Photographs by John G. Simmons.
67822: SIMMONS, A.L. - Production Problems in the Use of Copper Alloy Sheet and Strip. Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Supply and Development.
90266: SIMMS, J.G. - The Treaty of Limerick. Irish History Series, No. 2.
79093: SIMMS, WILLIAM GILMORE - Life in America, or the Wigwam and the Cabin
83499: SIMMS, MARIAN. - From the Hustings to Harbour Views : Electoral Institutions in New South Wales, 1856 - 2006.
85204: SIMON, LINDA - Genuine Reality : A Life of William James
86129: SIMON, GEORGE. - Sex Off Limits.
85028: SIMON, KATE - A Renaissance Tapestry : The Gonzaga of Mantua
90761: SIMON, JULIAN L. - The Ultimate Resource
86088: SIMON, GEORGE - Girls Without Men.
76782: SIMON, F.E. & KURTI, N. & ALLEN, J.F. & MENDELSSOHN, K. - Low Temperature Physics - Four Lectures
94660: SIMON, BILL; MONTGOMERIE, DES; AND TUSCANO, JO. - Back on the Block : Bill Simon's Story.
94607: SIMONS, JOHN - Prisoners in Arcady. German Mariners in Berrima 1915 - 1919.
77639: SIMPSON, ROSEMARY - Do It Now: The Life of Charles Richard Herschell 20.0.1877 - 25.5.1962.
74916: SIMPSON, R.A. - Words for a Journey - Poems 1970 - 1985
81758: SIMPSON, DAVID - Fetishism & Imagination Dickens, Melville, Conrad
75584: SIMPSON, EILEEN. - Poets in their youth : a memoir.
80663: SIMPSON, HELEN - The Woman on the Beast Viewed from three angles.
95683: SIMPSON, KEN & DAY, NICOLAS. - Field Guide to the Birds of Australia. With Peter Trusler.
81705: SIMPSON, R.A. - The Midday Clock : Selected Poems and Drawings.
75545: SIMPSON, R.A. (SELECTED BY) - Poems from 'The Age' 1967-79.
71019: SIMPSON, KEN. - Birds in Bass Strait.
66115: SIMS. H.J. AND WEBB, C.G. - Mallee Sand to Gold. The Mallee Research Station, Walpeup 1932-82.
90865: SIMS. H.J. AND WEBB, C.G. - Mallee Sand to Gold. The Mallee Research Station, Walpeup 1932-82.
82221: SIMS, ALBERT E. - The Witching Weed : A Smokers' Anthology. The Choice Books.
62083: SIMS. H.J. AND WEBB, C.G. - Mallee Sand to Gold. The Mallee Research Station, Walpeup 1932-82.
94783: SIMS, GRAEM - Why Die? The Extraordinary Percy Cerutty, 'Maker of Champions'.
76794: SIMS, EDITH A. - Gore Hill Cemetery 1868 - 1974 A History.
91551: SINCLAIR, J.P. - Behind the Ranges : Patrolling in New Guinea.
78484: SINCLAIR, JOHN & CORRIS, PETER - Fighting for Fraser Island
91835: SINCLAIR, JAMES - Wigmen of Papua
95320: SINCLAIR, JAMES - The Outside Man : Jack Hides of Papua
70008: SINCLAIR, DAVID - The Second Bunker Book Illustrated by Bernard Richardson.
62025: SINCLAIR, UPTON - Dragon's Teeth
50244: SINCLAIR, KEITH (ED.) - A Soldier's View of Empire : The Reminiscences of James Bodell 1831-92.
71085: SINCLAIR, PETER. - The Hodgkiss Mysteries. Hodgkiss and the Fatal Trap. Hodgkiss and the Telltale Eyes. Hodgkiss and the Unsafe Safe.
71086: SINCLAIR, PETER. - The Hodgkiss Mysteries : Volume Two. Hodgkiss and the Mayoral Stakes. Hodgkiss Hits the Sales. Hodgkiss and the Two Musketeers.
71087: SINCLAIR, PETER. - The Hodgkiss Mysteries : Volume Three. Hodgkiss and the Selwyn Bequest. Hodgkiss and the Injured Possum. Hodgkiss and the Telescope.
87943: SINDALL, MARJORIE A. - The Children of The Warren. Illustrated by T.R. Freeman.
67080: SINDEN, J.A. (ED) - The Natural Resources of Australia Prospects and Problems for Development
64715: SINGER, JEROME L. (ED) - Repression and Dissociation Implications for Personality Theory, Psychopathology, and Health
89838: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS - The Fools of Chelm and Their History translated by the author and Elizabeth Shub. Illustrated by Uri Shulevitz.
69400: SINGER, ISAAC BASHEVIS. - Gimpel the Fool and other stories.
77349: SINGH, K.S. (ED) - Economies of the Tribes & Their Transformation
82364: SINNETT, A.P. - Collected Fruits of Occult Teaching
66089: SINSHEIMER, HERMANN - Shylock The History of a Character or The Myth of the Jew.
75352: SIPOSS, GEORGE G. - Building and Racing Radio Control Cars and Motorcycles.
88160: DI SISTO, PETER AND MURRAY, JOHN (EDS.) - An Illustrated History of Essendon Football Club.
72261: SITWELL, EDITH. - Poor Men's Music. Key Poet 1.
66272: SITWELL, NIGEL AND RITCHIE, TOM. - Antarctic Primer.
60165: SITWELL, EDITH - The Song of the Cold
87606: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Golden Wall and Mirador. From England to Peru
86969: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - The Homing of the Winds and other passages in prose.
71742: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL. - For Want of the Golden City.
81701: SITWELL, EDITH - Collected Poems
81717: SKEAT, WALTER (ED.) - The Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Oxford Standard Authors.
85184: SKEGGS, BRUCE. - St. George's Anglican Church, East Ivanhoe : A Golden Jubilee History 1929-1979.
95103: SKELTON, RUSSELL - King Brown Country : The Betrayal of Papunya.
91880: SKENNERTON, IAN D. - Australian Service Longarms.
72998: SKERRY, HUMPHREY. - Hallowed House and other verses.
65496: SKETCHLEY, ARTHUR - Mrs. Brown on the Alabama Claims.
60465: SKEWES, EDNA M. (SISTER M. AGNES) - Life Comes To Newness Mount Olivet Hospital, Brisbane.
94276: SKIDMORE, SHEILA - The Red Hill
87941: SKILLER, DOROTHY AND ALAN. - The Sand-Man & other Fairy Stories. Illustrations by Norman T. Hope.
95383: SKINNER, JAN. - Allura's Australia in Cross-Stitch.
88518: SKINNER, JAN. - Allura's Australia in Cross-Stitch.
94921: SKLANSKY, DAVID AND MILLER, ED. - No Limit Hold 'Em : Theory and Practice.
94073: SKOCHINSKY, A. & KOMAROV, V. - Mine Ventilation Translated from the Russian by John S. Scott, edited by Dmitri A. Telyakovsky.
87698: SKOVRON, ALEX. - The Rearrangement.
92477: SKOVRON, ALEX. - The Rearrangement.
51343: SLADEN, DOUGLAS. - Germany's Great Lie. The Official German Justification of the War.
78231: SLADEN, DOUGLAS B.W. (ED) - A Century of Australian Song Centenary Edition.
94622: SLATER, MONTAGU. - Who Rides a Tiger : A Novel.
88292: SLATTERY, RAY. - Mountain Attack.
89881: SLOANE, ROB. - Fly Fishing Fundamentals : An Introduction to Fly Fishing for Trout.
74569: SLOWACKI, JULIUSZ. - In Switzerland. Translated into English verse by Kenneth Mackenzie.
71315: SMALL, KEN WITH ROGERSON, MARK - The Forgotten Dead Why 946 American servicemen died off the coast of Devon in 1944 - and the man who discovered their true story.
62215: SMALLEY, LIONEL & MCCULLOCH, ALAN - Ballet Bogies with decorations by Wilfred McCulloch.
90635: SMART, NINIAN. - Reasons and Faith : An Investigation of Religious Discourse, Christian and Non-Christian.
78646: SMART, CHRISTOPHER. - A Song to David and other poems. With an introduction and notes by Percival Serle.
82770: SMEDLEY, REV. EDWARD & TAYLOR, W. COOKE & THOMPSON, REV. HENRY & RICH ELIHU - The Occult Sciences : Sketches of the Traditions and Superstitions of Past Times, and the Marvels of the Present Day.
56421: SMERK, GEORGE M. (ED) - Readings in Urban Transportation
94847: SMILES, SAMUEL - Lives of the Engineers. Harbours - Lighthouses - Bridges. Smeaton and Rennie.
94846: SMILES, SAMUEL - Lives of the Engineers. Early Engineering. Vermuyden - Myddleton - Perry - James Brindley.
85565: SMILES, SAMUEL - A Boy's Voyage Round the World including A Residence in Victoria, and A Journey by Rail Across North America. With illustrations.
91877: SMILEY, LAVINIA - A Nice Clean Plate Recollections 1919 - 1931.
80957: SMITH, DODIE. - The Town in Bloom.
80956: SMITH, DODIE. - The New Moon with the Old.
87260: SMITH, SIMON. - Looking After the Little Ones : The First 90 Years of the St. Kilda and Balaclava Kindergarten 1911-2001.
94894: SMITH, BRUCE. - Highbury : The Story of Arsenal Stadium.
94200: SMITH, P. MCD. - The Strenuous Saint : Being an Account of the Longest Journey of William Magney Wilkinson, Mission Priest of the Diocese of Carpentaria, 1909-1918. With a Preface by The Right Rev. S.H. Davies.
66980: SMITH, SYDNEY URE & STEVENS, BERTRAM & LLOYD JONES, C. (EDS) - The Art of Arthur Streeton Special Number of 'Art in Australia'
70634: SMITH, ALEX - Encores: Forty Pieces for all Occasions
66251: SMITH, DAVID W. & WILSON, ANN ASPER. - The Child with Down's Syndrome (Mongolism) : Causes, Characteristics and Acceptance for Parents, Physicians and Persons connected with his education and care.
94408: SMITH, PATSY ADAM - The Rails Go Westward
84082: SMITH, L.H. - The Lyrebird.
82079: SMITH, ALBERT - The Struggles and Adventures of Christopher Tadpole at Home and Abroad Illustrated by John Leech.
59862: SMITH, NEVILLE - Animal Talk and other stories. Illustrated by Alison Forbes.
82643: SMITH, JACK. - Silver Top : The First 60 Years. A Lifetime of Community Service.
85940: SMITH, RUSSELL G. & GRABOSKY, PETER & URBAS, GREGOR - Cyber Criminals on Trial
69989: SMITH, D.M. - The Spectrographic Analysis of Tin. Technical Publications of the International Tin Research and Development Council Series A Number 46.
90222: SMITH, L. RICHARD. - The Resolution & Adventure Medal.
84488: SMITH, HERMANN - The Art of Tuning the Pianoforte A new and comprehensive treatise, to enable the musician to tune his pianoforte upon the system founded on the theory og equal temperament.
87334: SMITH, VIVIAN - Vance and Nettie Palmer Twayne's World Authors Series. A Survey of the World's Literature. Sylvia Bowman, Indiana University (general editor). Australia - Joseph Jones (editor). TWAS 332.
86061: SMITH, SUSAN BRADLEY. - Friday Forever : Memoirs of Madness.
77489: SMITH, JOAN. - The Gift of Umtal.
91925: SMITH, CHUCK - " What If " Chuck Smith Lecture Notes
90322: SMITH, L.H. - The Lyrebird.
95711: SMITH, CHARLES HAMILTON. - Ancient Costumes of Great Britain and Ireland. From the Druids to the Tudors. Introduction by Doreen Yarwood.
91398: SMITH, TREVOR (CURATOR) - Archives & the Everyday
80886: SMITH, BRUCE R. - Ancient Scripts & Modern Experience on the English Stage 1500 - 1700
93767: SMITH, BRADLEY & WENG, WAN-GO. - China : A History in Art.
53132: SMITH, JOSEPH. - The Art of Metal Working Amongst the Early Irish People.
69990: SMITH, D.M. - The Spectrographic Analysis of Tin and Tin-Lead Solders. Tin Research Institute, February 1948.
52002: SMITH, PAUL - Pound Revisited
90220: SMITH, L. RICHARD. - The Royal Society Cook Medal.
67496: SMITH, J. ALLISTER. - Zulu Crusade. Foreword by Field-Marshal the Rt. Hon. J.C. Smuts.
94271: SMITH, GEOFFREY - Russell Drysdale 1912 - 81 For an exhibition at the N.G.V. from 19 December 1997 - 9 March 1998 and touring around Australia until late 1998.
89529: SMITH, PHILIP H. - Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems with the co-operation of John C. Morrison.
75316: SMITH, ANDREW. - Building the 'OCLE' Open Column Launch Engine : Constructional Details.
88779: SMITH, THORNE - Rain in the Doorway Illustrated by Herbert Roese.
61874: SMITH, ROY - John Lee Archer Tasmanian Architect & Engineer
85363: SMITH, IVAN AND JOCELYN. - The Die-Hard. Images by Albert Tucker.
81588: SMITH, T.R. (ED.) - Poetica Erotica : A collection of rare and curious amatory verse.
94830: SMITH, TIM. - Corruption : The abuse of entrusted power in Australia.
95030: SMITH, A.H. (ED) - The Parker Chronicle ( 832 - 900 )
72050: SMITH, NAOMI ROYDE. - The State of Mind of Mrs. Sherwood.
76636: SMITH-PEARSE, T.L.H. - Past Present and Future : being an account of and plan for The Rajkumar College, Raipur, C.P. 1882 - 1970
86072: SMITH, HEIDE - Tiwi : the Life and Art of Australia's Tiwi People Introduction by Lionel Hudson.
78942: SMITH, NICK. - The Complete Book of Rowing and Sculling from Beginner to Champion.
91604: SMITH, FRANCES. - Yarraville : Village and Club, Class and Community.
70196: SMITH, W.R. - State School Object & General Lessons for Victorian State Schools (Adapted to the New programme)
91192: SMITH, ROY - Early Tasmanian Bridges
95285: SMITH, DENIS MACK. - Mussolini.
84063: SMITH, R.A.B. AND GRIGSON, T.R. - Design and Construction of Concrete Roads. Second Edition.
92294: SMITH, R.A.B. - Design and Construction of Concrete Roads.
88860: SMITH, WILLIAM M'COMBIE. - Memoir of the Family of M'Combie, A Branch of the Clan M'Intosh. Compiled from History and Tradition.
95278: SMITH, STEPHEN D. - Making Memory : Creating Britain's First Holocaust Centre.
92199: SMITH, HARRY (ED.) - Commentaries in Plant Science.
85971: SMITH, PAUL. - Impressionism. The Everyman Art Library.
85381: SMITH, JEREMY J. - Old English : A Linguistic Approach Cambridge Introductions to the English Language.
95341: SMITH, WALTER C. - North Country Folk : Poems.
93095: SMITH, DENIS MACK - Mussolini
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93836: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - Sandbar Sinister An Asey Mayo Mystery.
74991: TAYLOR, G. & EASTER, K. & HEGNEY, R. - Enhancing Safety - An Australian Workplace Primer
90006: TAYLOR, GEOFF - Return Ticket
74085: TAYLOR, ANDREW. - Parabolas : Prose Poems. Gargoyle Poets, No. 19.
95416: TAYLOR, PETER - Thoroughbred Studs of Australia and New Zealand.
90790: TAYLOR, JOHN W R - Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1982 - 83. The annual record of aviation development and progress. Seventy-third year of issue.
94447: TAYLOR, MARY. - Baked Beans in the Outback and Curry in Kashmir : Scenes from a grandmother's scrapbook.
74896: TAYLOR, GRAEME; KRUGER, IAN; AND FERRIER, MEAGHAN. - Australian Pig Housing Series : Plan It - Build It.
74340: TAYLOR, JAMES (ED.) - Wayzgoose : The Australian Journal of Book Arts. Number One. Sydney 1985.
93837: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - The Deadly Sunshade. An Asey Mayo Mystery.
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75620: TAYLOR, ANDREW. - Folds in the Map.
81569: TAYLOR, DENNIS - Hardy's Poetry 1860 - 1928
90566: TAYLOR, ALISTER (ED) - The Australian Roll of Honour Honoured by the Queen 1952 - 1998. Including recipients of National Honours 1997 & 1998.
84059: TAYLOR, C. PERCY AND TURNER, LESLIE. - Reinforced Concrete Chimneys.
68928: TAYLOR, ALISTER. - The Australian Roll of Honour : National Honours & Awards 1975-1996.
89763: TAYLOR, KEN (TRANSCRIBED AND EDITED BY) - The Lancashire Parish Register Society : The Registers of Leigh Parish Church 1701 - 1753 Incorporating the registers of Astley Chapel and Atherton Chapel 1724 - 1753.
93839: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - Spring Harrowing. An Asey Mayo Mystery.
83581: TAYLOR, ANDREW. - Götterdämmerung Café.
72435: TAYLOR, ANNE - Visions of Harmony : A Study in Nineteenth-Century Millenarianism.
81868: TAYLOR, MARY. - Baked Beans in the Outback and Curry in Kashmir : Scenes from a grandmother's scrapbook.
93838: TAYLOR, PHOEBE ATWOOD - The Six Iron Spiders. An Asey Mayo Mystery.
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80744: TAYLOR, J.R.W. - Gold from the Sea : Epic Story of the Recovery of "Niagara's" Bullion.
91135: TAYLOR, M.J. & DUMSDAY, R.G. & BRUYN, P.A. (EDS) - Salinity in Victoria The Proceedings of a conference held at LaTrobe University, Melbourne, October 1, 1982.
79385: TAYLOR, STEPHEN. - Storm & Conquest : The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1809.
88929: TCHERNE, OLEG & LAZARO, ELENA - Taoistisches Yoga Für Frauen
56505: TEAGUE, DENNIS C. - Discovering Modelling for Wargamers
85136: INSANITY TEAM. - Prisoner of the Immortal.
78018: TEGNER, BRUCE. - Judo, Karate & Jukado Belt Degrees : Requirements, Rules, Regulations.
91259: TEICHERT, C. & TALENT, J.A. - Geology of the Buchan Area, East Gippsland Geological Survey of Victoria: Memoir No. 21.
55014: TELL, ROLF. - The Eternal Ger-Maniac. Hitler and his Spiritual Ancestors.
72179: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Our Need of a Catholic Church Second Series: Papers for War Time. No. 19
82791: TEMPLE, LAURENCE. - The Shining Brother.
72176: TEMPLE, WILLIAM - Christianity and War Papers for War Time. No. 1
64927: TEMPLETON, JACQUELINE. - Prince Henry's. The Evolution of a Melbourne Hospital 1869-1969.
90829: TENNANT, CHERRY - Path : Poetry and Drawings.
78264: TENNYSON JESSE, F. - The Happy Bride
72092: TENNYSON JESSE, F. - The White Riband or A Young Female's Folly.
68669: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD. - The Death of Œnone, Akbar's Dream, and other poems.
86194: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD. - The Foresters : Robin Hood and Maid Marion.
82837: TEODOROWICZ, MOST REVEREND JOSEF - Mystical Phenomena in the Life of Theresa Neumann.
95606: TERRILL, GREG. - Secrecy and Openness : The Federal Government from Menzies to Whitlam and Beyond.
92153: TERRINGTON, J.S. - Design of Domes
92154: TERRINGTON, J.S. - Design of Arch Roofs
93458: TERRY, MARTIN - Maritime Paintings of Early Australia 1788 - 1900
91086: TERRY, FRANCES - They Came to the Margaret
85300: TESTRO, REX. - The Testro Story 1811-1970.
85796: TESTRO, REX. - The Testro Story 1811-1970.
68544: VAN TETS, GERARD FREDERICK. - A Comparative Study of Some Social Communication Patterns in the Pelecaniformes. Ornithological Monographs No. 2.
95299: THACKER, RON. - Dowst Revisited : The Evolution of a Handicapper.
64570: FROM THE DIARIES OF GASTON B. MEANS AS TOLD TO MAY DIXON THACKER - The Strange Death of President Harding
92390: THANANJAYARAJASINGHAM, S. - A Critical Study of A Seventeenth Century Tamil Document Relating to a Commercial Treaty.
73737: THAYER, JOHN ADAMS. - Astir : A Publisher's Life-Story.
64183: THEOBALD, BERTRAM G. - Exit Shakespeare.
95568: THEOBALD, MARJORIE R. - Ruyton Remembers 1878 - 1978
81640: THESING, WILLIAM B. - The London Muse : Victorian Poetic Responses to the City.
95749: THIELE, JOHN AND LANGE, ROSS. - Thanks for the Memory. 1991. TOSA (S.A.) Celebrates...Capri Theatre 50th Birthday, TOSA (S.A.) 25th Birthday, Wyatt Hall Wurlitzer 21st Birthday.
89148: THIELE, COLIN. - Heysen's Early Hahndorf. Illustrated with early works by Sir Hans Heysen, including drawings from his sketchbooks, selected by David Heysen.
77289: THIRABUTANA, PRAJAUB. - Little Things. Drawings by Jamlong Busadee.
65583: THOBY-MARCELIN, PHILIPPE & MARCELIN, PIERRE - The Pencil of God Translated by Leonard Thomas.
84958: THOM, CAPTAIN TREVOR - Flight Radio Handbook for Visual Flight Rules Operations Illustrated Self-Study Manual.
75340: THOM, CAPTAIN TREVOR - Private Pilot : Basic Aeronautical Knowledge 1. Principles of Flight.
61698: THOMAS, W.J. - The Man Japan Calls God Emperor Worship, Morality, Labor Conditions, Corrupt Politics. Facts you must know about the enemy.
89226: THOMAS, EDWARD - Celtic Stories
90235: THOMAS, DAVID AND MCANDREW, MARK. - Born in the Hour of Victory : Cranbrook School, 1918-1993.
86833: THOMAS, LEILA - The Development of the Labour Movement in the Sydney District of New South Wales being a discussion of the relation between the Labour Movement and current politics from 1788 - 1848
83514: THOMAS, SUPERINTENDENT H.S. - Learning Pidgin : Listeners' notes for a series of ABC Radio broadcasts.
62868: THOMAS, REV. RUPERT C. - British-Israelite Questions Christian
65928: THOMAS, DYLAN - Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog
69014: THOMAS, LAURIE. - The Most Noble Art Of Them All. The Selected Writings of Laurie Thomas.
69239: THOMAS, JOHN JONES - Britannia Antiquissima, or A Key to the Philology of History (Sacred and Profane)
81533: THOMAS, NED. - The Welsh Extremist.
82093: THOMAS, F.W. - Windfalls.
78372: THOMAS, W.J. - Death Comes to the Fuehrer Illustrations by Stan Clements.
56514: THOMAS, REV. C. DRAYTON - Precognition and Human Survival A New Type of Evidence
82530: THOMAS, REV. C. DRAYTON. - Precognition and Human Survival : A New Type of Evidence.
80733: THOMAS, DAVID. - Royal Admirals 1327-1981.
82829: THOMAS, J.J. - Psychic Surgeon
92256: THOMAS, ANABEL - Illustrated Dictionary of Narrative Painting
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92607: THOMAS, DAVID AND MCANDREW, MARK. - Born in the Hour of Victory : Cranbrook School, 1918-1993.
68653: THOMAS, LEILA - The Development of the Labour Movement in the Sydney District of New South Wales being a discussion of the relation between the Labour Movement and current politics from 1788 - 1848
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62443: THOMAS, ELSPETH - The Story of Kelsall with illustrations by Anne Saul.
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83432: THOMAS, JOAN - The Sea Journals of Annie and Amy Henning Illustrated by Lee McKay.
93668: THOMAS, DONALD. - Charge! Hurrah! Hurrah! A Life of Cardigan of Balaclava.
77418: THOMPSON, LAURENCE - The Enthusiasts : A Biography of John & Katharine Bruce Glasier
75931: THOMPSON, JOHN. - Thirty Poems.
70964: THOMPSON, CHARLES. - Bing : The Authorized Biography.
66612: THOMPSON, WILLIAM N. - Legalized Gambling A Reference Handbook.
65841: THOMPSON, DR. HUNTER S. - Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail. With illustrations by Ralph Steadman.
64652: THOMPSON, PAUL (ED) - Close To The Wind The Early Memoirs (1866-1879) of Admiral Sir William Creswell K.C.M.G., K.B.E.
94039: THOMPSON, (PADRE) BILL - The God Botherer
92720: THOMPSON, J.E. AND WINZENRIED, A.P. - Along the Line to Gembrook : A nostalgic view of the Puffing Billy train and line from 1899 to 1962.
89801: THOMPSON, DOUGLAS M. - Turbulence over Tyabb A History of Airports and Aviation in the Shire of Hastings
86137: THOMPSON, JOHN B. - Sinful Virgin.
77894: THOMPSON, PAUL, WITH WAILEY, TONY AND LUMMIS, TREVOR. - Living the Fishing. History Workshop Series.
93979: THOMPSON, JANE DEE - The Great St. Bernard Pass & Hospice and the Life of Saint Bernard de Menthon.
79097: THOMPSON, V. (ED) - Island Church 1870 - 1970 : A Short History of St. Philips Church of England, Cowes, Phillip Island. This history os based on material collected from Minute Books, Preachers' Books, Registers of Service, Documents, and memories of those who have been closely associated with the Church over many years.
91947: THOMPSON, LINDA - Out of the Deep Blue
91153: THOMPSON, JULIAN - The Imperial War Museum Book of Victory in Europe : the North-West European Campaign 1944 - 1945
81752: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. AND STEADMAN, RALPH. - The Curse of Lono.
94731: THOMPSON, LIZ (COMPILER) - Aboriginal Voices Contemporary Aboriginal Artists, Writers and Performers.
94120: THOMPSON, STANBURY (ED) - The Journal of John Gabriel Stedman 1744-1797, Soldier and Author, including an authentic account of his expedition to Surinam, in 1772
91946: THOMPSON, LINDA - Out of the Deep Blue
85595: THOMPSON, DON & LUPOFF, DICK (EDS) - The Comic-Book Book
68335: THOMPSON, BERT. - 80 : With Bert at the Milepeg.
90562: THOMPSON, JOHN B. - 38 - The C38 Class Pacific Locomotives of the New South Wales Government Railways
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68467: THOMPSON, G.T. - The Surveyor's Part in Combating Erosion reprinted from Australian Surveyor, Vol.7, No.8, December 1939
85207: THOMPSON, DAVE. - Industrial Revolution.
76936: THOMPSON, THOMAS L. & FELLOWS, L.D. - Stratigraphy and Conondont Biostratigraphy of Kinderhookian and Osagean Rocks of Southwestern Missouri & Adjacent Areas. Report of Investigations Number 45.
92295: THOMPSON, ROBERT - No Exit from Vietnam
85069: THOMPSON, DELLA (REVISED AND UPDATED) - Oxford Russian Dictionary. Fourth edition.
77102: THOMPSON, MORRIS M. (ED.) - Manual of Photogrammetry : Third Edition. In two volumes.
68353: THOMS, PATIENCE R. - The First 25 years : B.P.W. Australia. The history of the Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs compiled from official records.
92053: THOMSON, W.R. - Acceleration in Linkwork
93745: THOMSON, M.M. - 75 Delicious Recipes Made with Bread.
76199: THOMSON, JAMES. - The Seasons. With his life and notes. Embellished with fourteen plates.
72468: THOMSON, GEORGE. - Marxism and Poetry. Marxism Today Series 6. Edited by Professor Benjamin Farrington, M.A.
72161: THOMSON, A.A.M. - The World of Billiam Wissold.
78626: THOMSON, ANN - N.T.Dreaming... The Story of the Catholic Church in the Northern Territory.
87700: THOMSON, DAVID. - The Loneliest Boy in New York. Selected Poems.
61784: THORESBY JONES, P., REVISED BY A B WHITTINGHAM - The Story of the Cathedral Church of Norwich
93496: " THORMANBY " - The Spice of Life : A Medley of Memories.
61333: THORNDIKE, G.H. & RICHARDS, R.T.D. & JOWETT, P.D. - Woollen Carding
61736: THORNDIKE, DAME SYBIL (ED) - Favourites, A Personal Selection.
74973: THORNDIKE, RUSSELL - David Copperfield A Charles Dickens Story told for children
93123: THORNE, LES G. - North Shore Sydney from 1788 to today. Edited by Leslie Jillett.
75355: THORNE, PETER J. - Practical Electronic Projects for Model Railroaders.
75770: THORNE, TIM. - Tense mood and voice.
92837: THORNTON, JOCELYN. - The Field Guide to New Zealand Geology : An introduction to rocks, minerals and fossils.
88030: THORNTON, GEOFFREY H. - 'Eureka'
78149: THORNTON, GREGORY - Sonnets of Shakespeare's Ghost The words procured by Gregory Thornton, the ornaments made by Willem Blaeu.
69095: THORNTON, GREGORY - Sonnets of Shakespeare's Ghost The words procured by Gregory Thornton, the ornaments made by Willem Blaeu.
64635: THORPE, JAMES - Edmund Sullivan English Masters of Black-and-White. General editor: Graham Reynolds.
66683: THORPE, M.W. (BILL) & AKERS, MARY - An Illustrated History of Buninyong
93397: THORPE, DAVID - Vin Rude : An Alcoholic Alphabet. Photographed by David Thorpe, written by Pierre Le Poste. Designed by Martin Reavley.
93396: THORPE, DAVID - More Rude Food Photographed by David Thorpe, written by Pierre Le Poste.
93395: THORPE, DAVID - Rude Food Photographed by David Thorpe, written by Pierre Le Poste. Designed by Martin Reavley.
71091: THORPE, JOHN G. - The Worshipful Company of Makers of Playing Cards of the City of London This History of the Company was commissioned by the Court to celebrate and commemorate the Millennium.
87927: THORPE, LOUISA - Bonbons and Simple Sugar Sweets. With a foreword
76673: THROSSELL, HARRY - Where the Beech Trees Grow The Story of Binna Burra
55234: THURBER, JAMES & NUGENT, ELLIOTT - The Male Animal A Play. With drawings by James Thurber.
94958: THURGOOD, NOEL. - The Gold Escort Robbery Trials.
75567: THURLEY, GEOFFREY. - The Turbulent Dream : Passion and Politics in the Poetry of W.B. Yeats.
81767: THURLEY, GEOFFREY. - The Psychology of Hardy's Novels : The Nervous and the Statuesque.
93477: THWAITES, PENELOPE (ED) - The New Percy Grainger Companion
81709: THWAITES, MICHAEL. - The Jervis Bay and Other Poems.
73889: VADNAY TIBOT DR. - A Magyar Jövö Közgazdaság - és Szociálpolitikai Tanulmány
77614: TIDSWELL, QUINTON. - Sydney of Yesterday. Ten Drypoint Engravings (Reproduced in Facsimile). With a Foreword by Thomas Dunbabin.
63972: TIEMPO, EDILBERTO K. - Watch In the Night
83710: TIERNEY, MICHAEL (ED.) - Daniel O'Connell : Nine Centenary Essays.
95389: TIERNEY, PATRICK. - The Highest Altar : The Story of Human Sacrifice.
85823: TIFFEN, RODNEY AND GITTINS, ROSS. - How Australia Compares.
89829: TILEY, ROBERT - Australian Navigators - Picking Up Shells and Catching Butterflies in an Age of Revolution.
61083: TILKE, MAX - Kostümschnitte und Gewandformen Eine Übersicht der Kostümschnitte unde Gewandformen aller Zeiten und Völker vom Alterum bis zur Neuzeit, 128 talfeln, von Denen 112 in vierfarbendruck Wiedergegeben Sind.
89965: TILLYARD, STELLA. - Citizen Lord : Edward Fitzgerald, 1763-1798.
78525: TILLYARD, DR. R.J. - The Work of the Division of Economic Entomology for the Year 1928-29. Commonwealth of Australia, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Pamphlet No. 15.
77002: TILTON, JOHN E. - The Future of Nonfuel Minerals.
77493: TIMMERHAUS, K.D.; REED, R.P.; AND CLARK, A.F. (EDS.) - Advances in Cryogenic Engineering : Volume 24.
93832: TINDALE, NORMAN B. AND GEORGE, BERYL. - The Australian Aborigines.
86339: TINDALE, NORMAN B. AND LINDSAY, HAROLD A. - Rangatira (The High-born) : A Polynesian Saga. Illustrated by Douglas F. Maxted.
95523: TIPPING, MARJORIE - Eugčne von Guérard's Australian Landscapes with a preface by Joseph Burke.
94306: TIPPING, MARJORIE (ED) - Ludwig Becker Artist & Naturalist with the Burke & Wills Expedition
92847: TIPPING, MARJORIE. - An Australian Song : Ludwig Becker's Protest. With a Commentary and Free Translation into English Verse.
69119: TISDALL, CONSTANCE. - Forerunners : The Saga of a Family of Teachers.
78295: TISDALL, CONSTANCE. - Forerunners : The Saga of a Family of Teachers.
62253: TITLESTAD, R.M. - Salmagundi. A Clerk's Vacation.
78021: TODA, KATSUMI. - Revenge of the Shogun's Ninja.
57534: TODD, RUTHVEN. - Tracks in the Snow. Studies in English Science and Art.
72068: TODD, RUTHVEN. - Tracks in the Snow. Studies in English Science and Art.
90935: TODD, FRANK S. - The Natural History of the Waterfowl.
73399: TODD, H.E. - Bobby Brewster's Conker Illustrated by Lilian Buchanan
92258: TODD, BARBARA EUPHAN - Hither & Thither With a frontispiece by Margaret W. Tarrant.
81779: TODOROV, TZVETAN (ED.) - French Literary Theory Today : A Reader.
71133: TOFTS, DARREN. - Interzone : Media Arts in Australia. New Art Series.
92900: TOHEI, KOICHI. - Book of Ki : Co-ordinating Mind and Body in Daily Life.
91612: TOLKIEN, J.R.R. - The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship of the Ring - The Two Towers - The Return of the King.
69198: TOLLEY, J.C. - South Coast Story A History of Goolwa, Port Elliot, Middleton and the Murray Mouth.
86434: TOLLEY, MICHAEL J. & SINGH, KIRPAL (EDS.) - The Stellar Gauge : Essays on Science Fiction Writers.
60774: TOLLEY, A.H. - Mr. A.H. Tolley's Reply to the Toast of his Health, Proposed by Mr. K.B. Myer and supported by Mr. Stanley Hunt, Mr. Lee Byrne and Mr. Vivian Bromley. Athenaeum Club, 4th November 1966.
87997: TOLLEY, J.C. - South Coast Story : A History of Goolwa, Port Elliot, Middleton and the Murray Mouth.
74615: TOLSTOY, LEO & CROSBY, ERNEST H. & BERNARD SHAW, G. - Tolstoy on Shakespeare 1. Shakespeare and the Drama, by Leo Tolstoy; 2. Shakespeare and the Working Classes by Ernest H. Crosby; Mr. G. Bernard Shaw on Shakespeare; 4. The Press Against Shakespeare
72820: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Cote d'Or. Criterion Miscellany - No. 2.
86770: TOMLINSON, NORMAN - Louis Brennan - Inventor Extraordinaire
89771: TOMLINSON, GEOFFREY WILLIAM - South Australian Paper Currency of the Banks of Issue 1837 - 1910 and Private Note Issues 1836 - 1875
85640: TOMLINSON, H.M. - Illusion : 1915
85203: TOMPKINS, PETER (ED) - To A Young Actress : the Letters of Bernard Shaw to Molly Tompkins. The correspondence between Bernard Shaw and an American artist from 1921 through 1949. Illustrated with photographs. Introduction by Peter Tompkins.
70543: TOMPKINS, JANE. - Moo-Wee the Musk-Ox. Illustrated by Kurt Wiese.
59646: TOMPKINS, E.S. - Speed Camera The Amateur Photography of Motor Racing. Illustrated with photographs by the author.
93657: TOMS, ERIC. - Being, Negation and Logic.
64618: TONGE, W.L. & JAMES, D.S. & HILLAM, SUSAN M. - Families Without Hope A Controlled Study of 33 Problem Families. British Journal of Psychiatry Special Publication No. 11
62344: TONKIN, HUMPHREY (ED) - A Research Bibliography on Esperanto and International Language Problems
68421: TONKINSON, ROBERT AND HOWARD, MICHAEL (EDS.) - Going It Alone? Prospects for Aboriginal Autonomy. Essays in Honour of Ronald and Catherine Berndt.
94074: TOOHILL, IAN. - Dr Phillip Garth Law : His Extraordinary Life and Times. An Oral History.
75692: TOPLADY, A.M. - Rock of Ages.
93724: TOPLISS, HELEN. - The Artists' Camps : Plein Air Painting in Melbourne 1885-1898.
85556: TOPOLSKI, DANIEL. - Boat Race : The Oxford Revival.
81379: TORCHIANA, DONALD T. - W.B. Yeats and Georgian Ireland. Critical Studies in Irish Literature Volume 2.
92242: TORRE, STEPHEN. - The Australian Short Story 1940-1980 : A Bibliography.
91523: TORRENT, ANDREW. - A 'Day' In The Army.
62257: DE LA TOUR DU PIN, PATRICE - The Dedicated Life in Poetry, and The Correspondence of Laurent De Cayeux. Translated by G.S. Fraser. With an introduction by Stephen Spender.
68903: TOURVILLE, ANNE DE. - Jabadao.
79240: TOVEY, DOREEN. - Cats in the Belfry. Illustrated by Michael Wilson. Introduction by Michael Joseph.
95230: TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS. - Essays in Musical Analysis Volume III - Concertos.
79309: TOVEY, DOREEN - Cats in May Illustrated by Maurice Wilson
95229: TOVEY, DONALD FRANCIS. - Essays in Musical Analysis Volume VI - Supplementary Essays, Glossary and Index.
79308: TOVEY, DOREEN. - Cats in the Belfry. Illustrated by Maurice Wilson. Introduction by Michael Joseph.
77144: TOWNSEND, JOHN ROWE - The Summer People Illustrated by Robert Micklewright.
77095: TOWNSEND, MOLLY - Not by Bullets and Bayonets Cobbett's Writings on the Irish Question 1795 - 1835.
70682: TOWNSEND, JOHN ROWE - Forest of the Night
68162: TOWNSEND, SUE. - Adrian Mole : The Wilderness Years.
94639: TOWNSEND, J.A.B. - Index to Saga - Book Vols. I - XVI.
71737: TOWNSEND, PETER. - Time and Chance : An Autobiography.
81839: TOWNSEND, JOHN ROWE. - Written for Children : An Outline of English-language Children's Literature.
85226: TOY, MAGGIE. - The Architect : Women in Contemporary Architecture.
84015: TRAHAIR, N.S. AND KITIPORNCHAI, S. - Buckling of Inelastic I-Beams Under Uniform Moment. Research Report No. R187.
84133: TRAHAIR, N.S. & WOOLCOCK, S.T. - Effect of Major Axis Curvature on I-Beam Stability. Research Report No. R190
74471: TRAILL, H.D. - Literature Vol. I. October 23 1897, to January 1, 1898.
72012: TRANTER, JOHN. - Under Berlin : New Poems 1988.
74457: TRANTER, JOHN & MITCHELL, DAVID. - "Moon Rocket Z.13" HSV Channel 7. 22.3.60.
91812: TRAPP, JACOB - Sixteen (16) Poems
72230: TRASK, MARGARET (ED.) - Picture Books. Papers presented at the course offered by the School of Librarianship throught the division of Postgraduate Extension Studies, University of New South Wales, 15th-18th May 1973.
87206: TRAVERS, ROBERT - Australian Mandarin : The Life and Times of Quong Tart
81846: TREASE, GEOFFREY. - Tales out of School : A Survey of Children's Fiction.
92270: TREASURE, LYNETTE (ED.) - The Gap : The Pioneer Elementary School Magazine. A Special Edition compiled as East Gippsland's contribution to Victoria's 150th Celebrations from the Education Department and school communities of the region.
72962: TREDINNICK, EDNA. - Wind from Caribbee.
85624: TREECE, HENRY - Red Settlement
83302: TREECE, HENRY. - Know About the Crusades.
62806: TREGELLES, S. PRIDEAUX. - Notes of a Tour in Brittany.
53794: TRELAWNY, EDWARD JOHN. - Adventures of a Younger Son. A New Illustrated Edition. With an Introduction by Edward Garnett.
83711: TRENCH, CHARLES CHENEVIX. - The Great Dan : A Biography of Daniel O'Connell.
77820: TRENGOVE, ALAN. - The Story of the Davis Cup.
69440: TRENKER, LUIS - Sperrfort Rocca Alte Der Heldenkampf eines Panzerwerkes. Mit 10 Abbildungen.
95137: TREVELYAN, MRS. G.M. - The Life of Mrs. Humphry Ward
76287: TREVOR-ROPER, H.R. - History : Professional and Lay. An Inaugural Lecture Delivered before the University of Oxford on 12 November 1957.
68435: TRICKETT, JOYCE. - The Light Shines. Short Stories and Poems by Joyce Trickett with Line Drawings by Helen Cameron.
68436: TRICKETT, JOYCE. - Pool of Quiet. With Line Drawings by Helen Cameron.

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