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037802: TSE, HELEN - Sweet Mandarin: The Courageous True Story of Three Generations of Chinese Women and Their Journey from East to West
034081: MAO TSETUNG - Selected Readings from the Works of Mao Tsetung
028397: TSOURAS, PETER - Disaster at D-Day: The Germans Defeat the Allies, June 1944
031482: TSOURAS, PETER; WATSON, BRUCE W.; WATSON, SUSAN M. - United States Army: A Dictionary
039324: YORIKO TSUTSUI - Before the Picnic
038840: TUCCILLO, JOHN; WEST, BETSY; WEST, BUDDY - Targeting the over 55 Client: Your Guide to Today's Fastest Growing Market
014311: TUCHMAN, MAURICE (EDITOR) - American Sculpture of the Sixties
034162: TUCKER, WILLIAM - The Excluded Americans: Homelessness and Housing Policies
018591: TUCKER, J.L. - Another Look at the Christian Sabbath
034428: TUCKER, WALLACE;TUCKER, KAREN - The Cosmic Inquirers: Modern Telescopes and Their Makers
027756: TUFTE, EDWARD R. - Envisioning Information
027712: TULLY, NOLA (EDITOR) - Yes I Said Yes I Will Yes: A Celebration of James Joyce, Ulysses, and 100 Years of Bloomsday
031514: TUOHY, FRANK - Yeats
034702: TURGEON, CHARLOTTE (EDITOR) - Creative Cooking Course
033238: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - The Mountain People
026908: TURNER, GLADYS DAVIS & ST. CLAIR, MAE GIMBERT - 123 Questions and Answers from the Edgar Cayce Clairvoyant Readings
020555: TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - Colonization: Second Contact
030314: TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - Opening Atlantis; a Novel of Alternate History
040506: TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - Supervolcano: All Fall Down
040491: TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - Worldwar: In the Balance (Worldwar Series)
040508: TURTLEDOVE, HARRY - Supervolcano: All Fall Down
016091: TUTTLE, MERLIN D. - America's Neighborhood Bats, Understanding and Learning to Live in Harmony with Them
036794: TWAIN, MARK - Huckleberry Finn.
031451: TWINING, CHARLES E. - Phil Weyerhaeuser: Lumberman
038564: TYLER, STEVEN - Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? : a Rock 'N' Roll Memoir.
034077: TYRMAND, LEOPOLD - The Rosa Luxemburg Contraceptives Cooperative. A Primer on Communist Civilization
028396: UFFINDELL, ANDREW - The Eagle's Last Triumph: Napoleon's Victory at Ligny, June 1815
033989: ULAM, ADAM BRUNO - The Communists: The Story of Power and Lost Illusions, 1948-1991
035469: ULANOV, ANN BELFORD - Receiving Woman: Studies in the Psychology and Theology of the Feminine
012498: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter :1. The Bridal Wreath.
019462: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter III: The Cross
039404: UNDSET, SIGRID. - Kristin Lavransdatter;( the Bridal Wreath; the Mistress of Husaby; the Cross ).
026566: UNGER, DEBI - The Guggenheims: A Family History
031914: UNGERSMA, AARON J. - Escape from Phoniness
034804: UNITED STATES;POLMAR, NORMAN - Soviet Naval Developments
031649: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 74, No.4. Winter 1999
031648: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 74, No.2. Summer 1999
031647: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 74, No.1. Spring 1999
031661: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 66, No.4. Winter 1991
031662: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 67, No.4. Winter 1992
031659: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 72, No.2. Summer 1997
031660: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 68, No.1. Spring 1993
031651: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 73, No.3. Fall 1998
038184: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 66, No.1. Spring 1991
038185: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 66, No.3. Fall 1991
038183: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 66, No.2. Summer 1991
031670: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 67, No.1. Spring 1992
031669: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 71, No.4. Winter 1996
031668: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 72, No.1. Spring 1997
031667: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 72, No3. Fall 1997
031666: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 72, No.4. Winter 1997
031665: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 73, No.1. Spring 1998
031664: DUKE UNIVERSITY (EDITORS) - American Speech: a Quarterly of Linguistic Usage. Volume 73, No.2. Summer 1998
039546: AUTHOR UNSTATED. - Ne Russian -English, English-Russian Dictionary. 40, 000 Words.
035215: UNTERMEYER, BRYNA AND UNTERMEYER, LOUIS - The Golden Treasure Chest: 4 volume Set, Tales & Legends, Favorite Classics, Animal Stories & Adventure Stories
034512: UNTERMEYER, JEAN STARR - Re-Creations : Translations By Jean Starr Untermeyer
019680: UPDIKE, JOHN - Toward the End of Time
037650: UPDIKE, JOHN - Self-Consciousness, Memoirs By John Updike
025130: UPTON, ROLLAND H. ET AL - Tom Travels the Trail
032309: URBAN, JOHN T. - A.M.C. White Water Handbook for Canoe and Kayak
021535: URVATER, MICHELE - Fine Fresh Food, Fast
023851: URVATER, MICHELE - Fine Fresh Food, Fast
035503: URVATER, MICHELE - Monday-To-Friday Chicken
038173: URY, WILLIAM - Getting Past No: Negotiating with Difficult People
033607: USTON, KEN - Ken Uston on Blackjack
035752: UTLEY, FREDA - Odyssey of a Liberal
034165: VAITHEESWARAN, VIJAY - Power to the People: How the Coming Energy Revolution Will Transform an Industry, Change Our Lives, and Maybe Even Save the Planet
039236: VALADES, ADRIAN GARCIA - Teotihuacan, The City of the Gods.
038824: VALENS, EVAN G. - Wildfire
035143: VALENTINE, RANDALL - The Next Great Depression; the Future of the Coming Economic Storm
019250: VALLANCE, ROSA - Gardening with the Experts, Herbs
030660: VALLAUX, CAMILLE ET AL - Visges De La Bretagne
021670: VANDERBILT, GERTRUDE - Those Early Years
037774: VANDERHAEGHE, GUY - The Englishman's Boy
029410: VANDERLIP, GEORGE - Discovering a Christian Life-Style: Guidelines from the New Testament
013324: VANZANT, IYANLA - In the Meantime; Finding Yourself and the Love You Want
039457: VARIOUS. - Victorian Erotic Tales
038007: VARIOUS - Under Cover, 60 Afghans to Knit and Crochet.
037245: VARIOUS - Jump Swing Fever: Clarinet
024847: VARLEY, JOHN - Superheroes
031474: VAUGHAN, THOMAS - Incredible Lies; Stories of Old-Fashioned Golf
039481: VAUGHAN, ROBERT & LYNCH, MONROE - Brandywine's War
038253: VAUGHN, MARCIA - Riddle By the River.
034863: VAULTONBURG, THOMAS - Concave Buddha and Other Public Disservice Announcements
031787: VEAL, JANICE AND ASHBACH, DAWN - San Juan Classics Cookbook
033344: VEGA, SUZANNE - The Passionate Eye; the Collected Writing of Suzanne Vega
038444: VEGLAHN, NANCY - The Spider of Brooklyn Heights
034383: VENABLES, STEPHEN - Everest: Alone at the Summit ( a Survival Story )
034037: VENN, GEORGE - Sunday Afternoon : Grande Ronde
034808: VEREY, ROSEMARY - The Scented Garden
022250: VERGNE, ELISE - Café Marocain; 76 Recettes Marocaines Simples et Savoureuses
037772: VERMA, NIRMAL - The Crows of Deliverance
037811: VERMA, NIRMAL - The World Elsewhere and Other Stories
030611: VETTERLING-BRAGGIN, MARY (EDITOR) - Femininity, Masculinity and Androgyny: A Modern Philosophical Discussion.
033665: VETTERLING-BRAGGIN, MARY ET AL (EDITORS) - Feminism and Philosophy
037773: VICE, LISA - Reckless Driver
016172: VICKERY, DONALD M. & FRIES, JAMES F. - Take Care of Yourself. a Consumers' Guide to Medical Care
026860: VICKERY, OLIVER - Harbor Heritage
031800: HANDWEAVERS AND SPINNERS GUILD OF VICTORIA - Dyemaking with Australian Flora
025530: HENRY FORD MUSEUM AND GREENFIELD VILLAGE. - Made in America; the Permanent Exhibition of American Industry, Past, Present, and Future
039459: VILLEFRANCHE, ANNE-MARIE - Souvenir D'Amore; Erotic Memoirs of Paris in the 1920's.
033788: VILLIARD, PAUL - Wild Animals Around Your Home
030129: VILLIERS, ALAN - Wild Ocean; the Story of the North Atlantic and the Men Who Sailed it.
039393: VILLIERS, ALAN - The Way of a Ship: Being Some Account of the Ultimate Development of the Ocean-Going Square-Rigged Sailing Vessel, and the Manner of Her Handling, Her Voyage-Making, Her Personnel, Her Economics, Her Performance, and Her End
030977: DE VILLIERS, MARC; HIRTLE, SHEILA - Sahara _ The Extraordinary History of the World's Largest Desert
040300: VINCE, JOHN - Old Farms : An Illustrated Guide
036027: VINCENT, JEAN ANNE - College Outline Series: History Art # 95 A survey of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture In The Western World With Examination Questions and Answers.
028363: VINCENT, ISABEL - Hitler's Silent Partners: Swiss Banks, Nazi Gold, and the Pursuit of Justice
038621: VINCENT, JIM; LODGE, G. E. - A Season of Birds : A Norfolk Diary, 1911
035744: VINOGRAD, JULIA - Cannibal Crumbs. Street Selections 1982 - 1986.
040691: VINZ, MARK; TAMMARO, THOM (EDITORS) - Imagining Home: Writing from the Midwest
003185: VIPONT, ELFRIDA. - Towards a High Attic. The Early Life of George Eliot, 1819 - 1880.
040493: HAVILAND VIRGINIA - Children and Literature - Views and Reviews
037275: VIRKUS, FREDERICK - Immigrant Ancestors. a List of 2, 500 Immigrants to America Before 1750.
029213: VISCONTI, GUIDO - The Enchanted Kingdom
036003: VISSER, JILL;FLINN, MICHAEL - Stenciling: How-To Techniques
028483: VISTICA, GREGORY L. - Fall from Glory: The Men Who Sank the U.S. Navy
033581: VITALI, KEITH & MITCHELL, KENT. - Karate for Beginners
030835: VITVAN - Teachings for the New Age, Fundamentals of the Wisdom Teaching Correlated with Semantic Science: Clear Thinking, a Treatise on Conscious Thinking
031809: VITZ, PAUL C. - Psychology As Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship
004766: VIVAS, ELISEO - D.H. Lawrence. The Failure and the Triumph of Art.
029283: VLACH, JOHN MICHAEL - Plain Painters: Making Sense of American Folk Art
035327: VAN VLEET, LAURA A. & NORRIS, G.L. - Playing With the Big Boys; a Woman's Guide to Poker
017678: VOCE, JO & CONARD, CANDACE N. - The Joys of Christmas 1982
034050: VOGEL, ILSE-MARGRET - The Rainbo Dress and Other Tollush Tales.
034511: VOGEL, CAROLINE (EDITOR) - Love from Women Poets
021874: VOGLIOTTI, GABRIEL R. - The Girls of Nevada
030810: VON OGDEN VOGT - Art and Religion
034227: VOLE, ZENOBIA N. - Osten's Bay
034667: VOLKAN, VAMIK D.;VOLKAN, VAMIK - What Do You Get When You Cross a Dandelion With a Rose? : The True Story of a Psychoanalysis
023175: VOLKOV.M. ET AL (EDITORS) - Economie Politique; Dictionnaire
008313: VOLLERS, MARYANNE - Ghosts of Mississippi
014833: VOLLERS, MARYANNE - Ghosts of Mississippi
040369: VOLLMANN, WILLIAM T. - Poor People
023606: VORSE, MARY HEATON - The Very Little Person
017371: VOS SAVANT, MARILYN - Growing Up, a Classic American Childhood
023265: VREDEVELT, PAM - Angel Behind the Rocking Chair: Stories of Hope in Unexpected Places
026830: VRIENDS, MATTHEW M. - Cage and Aviary Birds
027411: VRIENDS, MATTHEW M. - The Cockatiel Handbook
033667: VUKELICH, GEORGE - North Country Notebook
038594: WABER, BERNARD - Lyle at the Office
040329: WABUN WIND; REED, ANDERSON. - Lightseeds: A Compendium of Ancient and Contemporary Crystal Knowledge
013441: WADE, JEAN ( CONSULTANT) - Arizona cookin'
033602: WADE, ALLEN; FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION (ENGLAND) - Coach Yourself Association Football
024032: WADE, CARLSON - Inner Cleansing: How to Free Yourself from Joint-Muscle-Artery-Circulation Sludge
023733: WADSWORTH, NELSON - Utah
033589: WAGENVOORD, JAMES - Flying Kites in Fun, Art and War
029248: WAGER, WALTER (EDITOR) - The Playbill, the Magazine of the Theatre. Biltmore Theatre. Barefoot in the Park
023630: WAGNER, PAT (EDITOR) - Frontier Times ; Non-Fiction. November 1968
023632: WAGNER, PAT (EDITOR) - Frontier Times ; The True West. November 1970
023633: WAGNER, PAT (EDITOR) - Frontier Times ; Non-Fiction. May 1967
023641: WAGNER, PAT (EDITOR) - Old West : No Fiction. Spring 1974
033294: WAGNER, LINDA W. - Ellen Glasgow. Beyond Convention.
040458: WAGNER, C. PETER - Hard-Core Idolatry: Facing the Facts
031390: WAGONER, DAVID - Dry Sun, Dry Wind
033458: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-one, Number Four. Winter 1990-91
016493: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-One, Number Two
016494: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-five Number Two
016495: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-one, Number One. Spring 1990
016497: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-one, Number Three. Autumn 1990
016498: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-two, Number Four. Winter 1991-92
016499: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-two, Number Three. Autumn 1991
016500: WAGONER, DAVID (EDITOR) - Poetry Northwest. Volume Thirty-two, Number Two. Summer 1991
033502: WAGSTAFF, LIZ - The Gilding Book; Techniques, Designs and Inspirations Using Gold, Silver and Metal Leaf
029801: WAKEFIELD, PAT - Artistic Impressions
030772: WALD, ELIJAH;JUNKERMAN, JOHN;PELLETIER, THEO - River of Song: A Musical Journey Down the Mississippi
022249: WALDEN, HILAIRE - La Cuisine Marocaine; Saveurs Traditionnelles D'afrique Du Nord
034331: WALDEN, HOWARD TALBOT - The Last Pool :Upstream and Down, and Big Stony: Upstream and Down, and Big Stony
039274: WALDMAN, MICHAEL - Potus Speaks: Finding the Words That Defined the Clinton Presidency
040597: WALKER, HERB ( SPECIAL CONSULTANT ) - Mormon Cookin'
030338: WALKER, ALICE - Possessing the Secret of Joy.
033289: WALKER, ALICE. - Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful.
033411: WALKER, SCOTT (EDITOR) - The Graywolf Annual Nine: Stories from the New Europe
016324: WALKER, HERB (CONSULTANT) - Colorado Cookin'
033449: WALKER, SCOTT (EDITOR) - The Graywolf Annual Eight. The New Family
035120: WALKER, MATTHEW - Down Below: Aboard the World's Classic Yachts
020926: WALKER, LIZ; HAYNSWORTH, JOHN; LEVY, BONNIE SKINNER - Top Dog: Canines and Their Companions
035471: WALKER, SPIKE - Working on the Edge : Surviving in the World's Most Dangerous Profession
027900: WALKER, DALE L. - Pacific Destiny: The Three Century Journey to the Oregon Country
037788: WALKER, ALICE - The Same River Twice : Honoring the Difficult
033010: WALL, STEVE - Wisdom's Daughters: Conversations With Women Elders of Native America
037782: WALLACE, AMY - Desire.
028893: WALLACE, ERIC E. - Uniting Church & Home: A Blueprint for Rebuilding Church Community
026814: WALLACE, DAN (EDITOR) - The Natural Formula Book for Home & Yard.
029353: WALLACE, DANIEL J. AND HAHN, BEVRA HANNAHS - Dubois' Lupus Erythematosus. Fourth Edition
034104: WALLACH, JANET & WALLACH, JOHN - Arafat. In the Eyes of the Beholder
033110: WALLACH, DONALD F. HOELZL - The Plasma Membrane : Dynamic Perspectives, Genetics and Pathology
028583: WALLIS, MICHAEL - Route 66: The Mother Road
037787: WALSER, ROBERT - Selected Stories
019349: WALSH, MEL - Guerrilla Cooking: The Survival Manual for People Who Don't Like to Cook or Don't Have Time to Cook
032889: WALSH, TOMMY - Ground Force: Practical Garden Projects
038089: WALSH, KENNETH T. - Air Force One: A History of the Presidents and Their Planes
038395: WALSH, FRANK K. AND HALLIDAY, WILLIAM R. - Oregon Caves: Discovery & Exploration. Oregon Caves National Monument.
026524: WALTER, EUGENE - Hints and Pinches: A Concise Compendium of Herbs, Spices, and Aromatics With Illustrative Recipes and Asides on Relishes, Chutneys, and Other Such Concerns
026953: WALTER, EUGENE - Speaking to Inform and Persuade
018516: WALTERS, GINNY GORDON - Well Aged; Dining with Dignity
013516: WALTON, STEWART AND SALLY - The Complete Home Decorator
019224: WALTON, RUS - One Nation Under God
026087: WALTON, DONALD - A Rockwell Portrait An Intimate Biography
034113: WALVOORD, JOHN F. - Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis. Revised
039332: WANGERIN, WALTER JR. - The Book of the Dun Cow
039266: WANGERIN, WALTER JR. - The Book of Sorrows
005629: WARD, JOHN WILLIAM - Andrew Jackson - Symbol for an Age.
030598: WARD, ANDREW - The Blood Seed: A Novel of India
038296: WARD, F. KINGDON - Plant Hunter's Paradise
018672: WARD, HARRIET - Gold Saga of the Umpqua; an Historical Novel 0f Southwestern Oregon
023023: WARD, ANDREW - Out Here: A Newcomer's Notes from the Great Northwest
032344: WARD, BARBARA MCLEAN & WARD, GERALD W.R. - Silver in American Life : Selections from the Mabel Brady Garvan and Other Collections at Yale University
036243: WARGIN, KATHY-JO - The Legend of Mackinac Island
024503: WARING, JANET - Early American Stencils on Walls and Furniture
036951: WARNER, KEN & VOYLES, BRUCE (EDITORS) - Knives Digest 1. The Knife Book for the 21st Century
039343: WARNER, GERTRUDE CHANDLER - The Boxcar Children
037815: WARNER, WILLIAM W. - Knute, and Knute Again: A Novel
011645: WARNOCK, G.J. - English Philosophy Since 1900
038717: WARREN, LARRY & HAYNES, JOHN H. - Chrysler Mid-Size Models 1982 Thru 1993: Front Wheel Drive
034896: WARREN, MURIEL PRINCE - Behavioral Management Guide: Essential Treatment Strategies for the Psychotherapy of Children, Their Parents, and Families.
005536: WARREN, LARRY & HAYNES, JOHN H. - Ford Fairmont, Mercury, Zephyr Automotive Repair Manual. 1978 Thru 1983. 2 - Door, 4 - Door, Coupe, Station Wagon.
025192: WARREN, RICK; BAKER, JOHN - Getting Right With God, Yourself, And Others, Participant's Guide 3
036168: WARREN, CATHY - Victoria's ABC Adventure
040737: WARREN, WILLIAM - Balinese Gardens
036651: WARSHAW, JENNIFER L. - The Parrot Training Handbook
037781: WASH, SONYA SENELL - R.I.P ... 'Til We Meet Again
037001: WASHBURN, MARK - When I Was Your Age: An Irreverent Guide To Who Did What and When, At Every Age
034406: WASHBURN, MARK - In the Light of the Sun: From Sun Spots to Solar Energy
039048: WASHBURN, DOROTHY K.;CROWE, DONALD W. - Symmetries of Culture: Theory and Practice of Plane Pattern Analysis
032260: WASHBURNE, RANDEL; GERSTEN, R. CAREY - Kayaking Puget Sound, the San Juans, and Gulf Islands: 50 Trips on the Northwest's Inland Waters
037941: WASHINGTON, BOOKER T. - Booker T. Washington : Up from Slavery : An Autobiography. Sons of Liberty Series
027571: THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON - The C. Frank Brockman Memorial Campus Tree Tour. The University of Washington.
028148: WASHINGTON, ELSIE B. - Uncivil War: The Struggle Between Black Men and Women
037335: THE DAIRY FARMERS OF WASHINGTON (EDITORS) - Essential Indulgence: Washington's Best Chef's & the Sinful Art of Cooking With Butter
033880: WASHINGTON, TOM - Resume Power: Selling Yourself on Paper
037780: WASSMO, HERBJORG - The House With the Blind Glass Windows
032950: WEIGHT WATCHERS (STAFF) - Weight Watchers Fast and Fabulous Cookbook
032948: WEIGHT WATCHERS (STAFF) - Weight Watchers Healthy Life-Style Cookbook
032949: WEIGHT WATCHERS (STAFF) - Weight Watchers Party & Holiday Cookbook
030650: WEIGHT WATCHERS (STAFF) - Weight Watchers Healthy Life-Style Cookbook: Over 250 Recipes Based on the Personal Choice Program
037916: WATER, MARK - Bible Study Made Easy, an Easy-to-Understand Pocket Refernce Guide.
034003: WATERMAN, ROBERT H., JR. - What America Does Right. Learning from Companies That Put People First
034470: WATERMAN, JONATHAN - A Most Hostile Mountain: Re-Creating the Duke of Abruzzi's Historic Expedition on Alaska's Mount St. Elias
034451: WATERMAN, CHARLES F. - The Fisherman's World.
012951: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 47; Number 1
012952: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 48; Number 2
012953: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 48; Number 3
012954: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 46; Number 3
012955: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 50; Number 4
012972: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 50 Number 3
012973: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 50 Number 1
012974: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 49; Number 2
012975: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 53; Number 2
013073: WATERS, W. GEORGE - Pacific Horticulture Volume 46; Number 3
034908: WATERS, ALICE - The Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook
015720: WATERS, CATHERINE ( DESIGNER ) - Rietveld
028395: WATERS, HAROLD - Smugglers of Spirits; Prohibition and the Coast Guard Patrol
036482: WATERS, SARAH - Tipping the Velvet
031773: WATKIN, WILLIAM WARD. FAIA - Planning and Building the Modern Church
037786: WATKINS, MEL; TARG, ROZ - Dancing With Strangers: A Memoir
031849: WATKINS, WILL;GOFFE, TONI - Sid Seal, Houseman
027387: WATKINS, MEL; TARG, ROZ - On the Real Side: Laughing, Lying, and Signifying the Underground Tradition of African-American Humor That Transformed American Culture, from Slaver
037785: WATKINS, MEL; TARG, ROZ - Dancing With Strangers: A Memoir
021551: WATKINS (EDITORS) - Pepper : The Watkins Kitchen Collection
034193: WATKINS, RONALD J. - High Crimes and Misdemeanors; the Term and Trials of Former Governor Evan Mecham
031457: WATKINS, GWEN - Dylan Thomas and Vernon Watkins: Portrait of a Friendship
038782: WATSON, JANE WERNER - The True Story of Smokey the Bear.
031319: WATSON, VIRGINIA; COLE, J. DAVID - Prehistory of the Eastern Highlands of New Guinea.Volume III
031483: WATSON, BRUCE W.; WATSON, SUSAN M. (EDITORS) - United States Navy: A Dictionary
030302: WATSON, LARRY - Justice
016826: WATSON, E.H. & LOWREY, G.H. - Growth and Development of Children. Second Edition
037820: WATSON, LARRY - White Crosses
034489: WATSON, GENNEVA DICKEY - On Other Hills
038121: WATSON, LARRY - Montana 1948
031611: WATSON, JAMES B. - Tairora Culture: Contingency and Pragmatism
029375: WATT-EVANS, LAWRENCE - The Spriggan Mirror
031678: WATTS, PETER - A Dictionary of the Old West
039401: WATTS, MABEL - The Story of Zachary Zween
037818: WATTS, TIMOTHY. - The Money Lovers.
039402: WATTS, MABEL - The Story of Zachary Zween
023443: WAUER, ROLAND H. - The Visitor's Guide to the Birds of the Rocky Mountain National Parks: United States and Canada
028101: WAUGH, TERESA; WAUGH, AUBERON - The Entertaining Book
037873: WAUGH, ALEC. - In Praise of Wine, and Ceratin Noble Spirits
030794: WAYNE, JENIFER - Sprout's Window Cleaner
035115: WAYNE, JENIFER - Sprout and the Helicopter
038691: WEAD, R.DOUGLAS - Tonight They'll Kill a Catholic
024690: WEAKLAND, REMBERT - Walking on the Wings of the Wind
029003: WEALE, ANNE - That Man Simon. A Harlequin Romance, Number 51512
023131: WEATHERFORD, CAROLYN & MASSEY, BARBARA - My Life More Fit for Him; a Spiritual and Physical Fitness Journal
032964: WEATHERFORD, JACK - Native Roots: How the Indians Enriched America
037798: WEATHERS, LARRY (EDITOR) - The Sou'wester. Winter 1983, Volume XVIII, Number 4. Ocean Park Centennial, 1883 - 1983
038470: WEATHERSTONE, LUNAEA (EDITOR). - Sage Woman, A Quarterly Magazine of Women's Spirituality. Issue Nos. 18, 19, 20, and 21.
040470: WEAVER, HELEN - The Daisy Sutra
031192: WEBB, EUGENE - Philosophers of Consciousness: Polanyi, Lonergan, Voegelin, Ricoeur, Girard, Kierkegaard
034440: WEBB, THOMAS W. - Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes.Volume Two : The Stars
031642: WEBB, WALTER PRESCOTT - The Great Plains
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037943: WITT, DORIS - Black Hunger, Soul Food and America
034494: WITTIG, JUDITH - Sun-Roots
026187: WITTKOWER, RUDOLF - Art and Architecture in Italy 1600 - 1750
037315: WITTY, HELEN; WOLF, BURTON - Mrs. Witty's Home-Style Menu Cookbook
038176: WITWER, J.B. (BRUCE) - Don't be Afraid to be the First to Wave.
034386: WIXON, HARTT - Elk and Elk Hunting: Your Practical Guide to Fundamentals and Fine Points
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037814: WODIN, NATASCHA - Once I Lived
021657: WOHL, JACK - The Conformers
034482: WOJAHN, DAVID - Glassworks
037829: WOJNICKI, TADEUSZ; WOJNICKI, TAD - Lie Under the Fig Trees: A Novel
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034860: WOLCHONOK, LOUIS - Design for Artists and Craftsmen
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011278: WOLF, NAOMI - Die Starke Der Fruen. Gegen Den Falsch Verstandenen Feminismus
033853: WOLF, NAOMI - Promiscuities. The Secret Struggle for Womanhood.
013889: WOLF, BURT - The Best of What's Cooking
037002: WOLF, BURT - Burt Wolf's Menu Cookbook
014995: WOLFE, TOM - The Bonfire of the Vanities
034805: WOLFE, BERTRAM D. - Three Who Made a Revolution; a Biographical History.
035026: WOLFF, THEODORE F. - Morris Graves: Flower Paintings
011360: WOLFF, TOM - A Man in Full
034033: WOLFF, MICHAEL ET AL - Where We Stand. Can America Make it in the Global Race for Wealth, Health, and Happiness?
034169: WOLFF, R. - Styles of Political Action in America
030036: WOLFF, TOBIAS. - In the Garden of the North American Martyrs
040417: WOLFF, GEOFFREY - The Art of Burning Bridges: A Life of John O'Hara
038474: WOLFHEIM, JACLYN - Primates of the World: Distribution, Abundance and Conservation
037033: WOLFRAM, HERWIG - The Roman Empire And Its Germanic Peoples
040371: WOLKE, ROBERT L. - What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained
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029307: WOLPERT, BEVERLY J. (EDITOR) - Stedman's Pediatric Words: Includes Neonatology
029309: WOLPERT, BEVERLY J. (EDITOR) - Stedman's Medical Speller. Third Edition
039209: WOLTERS, RICHARD A. - Water Dog:Revolutionary Rapid Training Method: Revolutionary Rapid Training Method
030703: WOMACK, JACK. - Let's Put the Future Behind Us
029540: RIVIERA WOMEN'S CLUB - Cooking Along the Colorado River:
032696: WONG, JADE SNOW - Fifth Chinese Daughter
040438: WONG, SHAWN - American Knees
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038315: HAN YOUNG WOO - A Review of Korean History. Volume Two. Joseon Era.
034091: WOOD, JOHN (EDITOR) - Days of Reckoning : Young Canadians Discover How Decisions By the Older Generation Have Jeopardized the Country's Future.
021593: WOOD, JANE - Elegant Fare from the Weber Kettle: New Dimensions in Outdoor Cooking
023856: WOOD, BARBARA - Our World Gods World
024390: WOOD, FRANCES - Brushed By Feathers ; a Year of Bird Watching in the West
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037629: WOODIN, G.B. - All You Need to Know about Herbs and Spices
034469: WOODMAN, RICHARD - A King's Cutter
037115: WOODMAN, RICHARD - The Victory of Seapower: Winning the Napoleonic War 1806-1814
026156: WOODREW, GRETA - Memories of Tomorrow
025472: WOODRUFF, WILLIAM - Vessel Of Sadness
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013918: WOODWARD, BOB - The Agenda : Inside the Clinton White House
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039370: WOODWARD, BOB - The Agenda : Inside the Clinton White House
023225: VINTAGE WOODWORKS - Architectural Details By Vintage Wood Works. Master Reference Catalogue No. 21
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027266: WOODYARD, CHRIS - Haunted Ohio III: Still More Ghostly Tales from the Buckeye State
018400: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Captain's Death Bed and Other Essays
025313: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Passionate Apprentice: The Early Journals, 1897-1909
027707: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - A Moment's Liberty : The Shorter Diary
006585: WOOLLEY, BRYAN. - Mythic Texas. Essays on the State and Its People.
022078: WOOLLIAMS, NINA G. - Cattle Ranch: The Story of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company
034507: WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM - Selected Poems
034035: WORKMAN, LARRY J.;STORM, JACQUELINE M.;QUINAULT INDIAN NATION - Land of Trees: Scannings from Quinault Country, the Grays Harbor Region, and Beyond, 1774-1997
033595: WORKS, PAT AND JAN - Parachuting: The Art of Freefall Relative Work
013432: SEATTLE WORLD'S FAIR - Northwest Art Today, Adventures in Art
027072: WORMSER, RICHARD. - Southwest Cookery, or, at Home on the Range.
025811: WORTH, HELEN - Damnyankee in a Southern Kitchen
026540: WORTHEN, MARY - Journey Not Chosen...Destination Not Known: Living With Bipolar Disorder
031310: WRIGHT, ANNE (EDITOR) - The Delicacy and Strength of Lace: Letters Between Leslie Marmon Silko & James Wright
040682: WRIGHT, HAROLD BELL - The Shepherd of the Hills
030186: WRIGHT, MARY EILEEN - The Captain's Wife: A Story of the Great Lakes
030774: WRIGHT, ANGUS - The Death of Ramon Gonzalez: The Modern Agricultural Dilemma
040701: WRIGHT, HOWARD E. - Both Sides of the River ; Western Poetry By Howard E. Wright
011926: WRIGHT, WENDELL W. & PARKINSON, NELL - Work and Play with Words
033285: WRIGHT, GORDON - Insiders & Outliers, a Procession of Frenchmen
034495: WRIGHT, CAROLYNE - From a White Woman's Journal
013135: WRIGHT, FRANCES FITZPATRICK - Lucy Ellen's Heyday
034491: WRIGHT, JOHN L. - Through an Old Wooden Bowl.
037067: WRIGHT, DONALD R. - African Americans in the Colonial Era: From African Origins Through the American Revolution (American History Series)[
039554: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - The Story of the Tower; the Tree That Escaped the Crowded Forest
040531: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD - . The Story of the Tower: The Tree That Escaped the Crowded Forest
035232: WRIGHT, ROBIN B. - The Last Great Revolution: Turmoil and Transformation in Iran
040172: WRIGLEY, LYNETTE AND GERSTEIN, MARC. - The Complete Stained Glass Course.; How to Master Every Major Glass Work Technique, With Thirteen Stunning Projects to Create.
035386: SHANGHAI WRITER'S ASSOCIATION - The City, The People-Essays by Shanghai Writers by Shanghai Writers
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018214: FEDRAL WRITERS' PROJECT - New England Hurricane; a Factual, Pictorial Record.
018215: FEDRAL WRITERS' PROJECT - New England Hurricane; a Factual, Pictorial Record.
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038797: VAN WYK, HELEN - Portraits in Oil the Van Wyk Way
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032136: GAO XINGJIAN - The Other Shore: Plays by Gao Xingjian
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016263: YAMBURA, BARBARA S. & BODINE, EUNICE WILLIS - A Change and a Parting
036636: YAN, MARTIN - Martin Yan's Culinary Journey Through China
022802: YANCEY, PHILIP - Insight; The NIV New Testament
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032389: YATES, ELIZABETH CRAWFORD - Wind Carvings
034506: YAU, EMILY - Dandelion
031161: YAWAZAKI, TOMOKO - Story of Yamada Waka: From Prostitute to Feminist Pioneer
036459: YEATS, W.B. - The Collected Plays of W.B. Yeats. New Edition.
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040412: YEE, PAUL - Ghost Train
024391: YEIDE, HARRY - The Longest Battle: September 1944 to February 1945 - from Aachen to the Roer And Across
029657: YENNE, BILL - The History of the Southern Pacific
025029: YEO, BONNIE - Out Montana Way; a Collection of Recipes, Old Time Remedies, and Montana Cartoons
038098: YEOMANS, MATTHEW - Oil: A Concise Guide to the Most Important Product on Earth
038973: YEOVIL, JACK - The Vampire Genevieve: Drachenfels, Genevieve Undead, Beasts in Velvet, Silver Nails
017472: YEPSEN, ROGER B. - The Encyclopedia of Natural Insect & Disease Control
034505: YEVTUSHENKO, YEVGENY - Poems Chosen By the Author, Yevgeny Yevtushenko. Bilingual Edition.
029850: YGLESIAS, HELEN - Isabel Bishop
034551: WAI-LIM YIP - Modern Chinese Poetry. Twenty Poets from the Republic of China 1955 - 1965
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028943: YOGANANDA;YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda
023456: PARAMAHANSA YOGANANDA - How You Can Talk with God
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038844: YOLEN, JANE - The Girl Who Loved the Wind
034105: YON, MICHAEL - Moment of Truth in Iraq: How a New 'Greatest Generation' of American Soldiers is Turning Defeat and Disaster Into Victory and Hope.
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021785: YOUNG, DAVID (EDITOR) - Shakespeare's Middle Tragedies: A Collection of Critical Essays
032781: YOUNG, ANNE VAN WAGNER (EDITOR) - Holiday Touches for the Country Home
024081: YOUNG-EISENDRATH, POLLY - You're Not What I Expected: Learning to Love the Opposite Sex
032776: YOUNG, ERNEST F. - Picture Book of Things Unseen: Breakthroughs in Understanding Our Codes, in Award Winning Art, Rediscovering Meaning
034369: YOUNG, GAVIN - Halfway Around the World: An Improbable Journey
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038232: YOUNG, JOSEPH L. - Mosaics: Principles and Practice.
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037834: YOURCENAR, MARGUERITE - Two Lives and a Dream
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030116: YUNGEN, RAY - A Time of Departing: How a Universal Spirituality Is Changing the Face of Christianity
026973: YUTANG, LIN. - Between Tears and Laughter
039341: ZACHARY, HUGH - The Beachcomber's Handbook of Seafood Cookery
029232: ZACKS, RICHARD - The Pirate Hunter: The True Story of Captain Kidd
039439: ZACZEK, IAIN; BROWN, JULIA - The Art of the Icon
033823: ZAHAVA, IRENE - Finding Courage: Writings by Women
037171: ZALOGA, STEVEN J. - M3 & M5 Stuart Light Tank 1940-1945
027583: ZAMORANO, ANA - Let's Eat
020581: ZANGWILL, ISRAEL - The Grandchildren of the Ghetto
039222: ZAUNER, PHYLLIS - Virginia City Its History ... Its Ghosts
034014: ZEIGLER, L. HARMON; PEAK, G. WAYNE - Interest Groups in American Society
025006: ZERBST, RAINER - Gaudi: 1852-1926 Antoni Gaudi I Cornet-A Life Devoted to Architecture
036817: ZESMER, DAVID M. - Guide to English Literature, from Beowulf Through Chaucer and Medieval Drama -
037157: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Omdurman
026669: ZIFF, SAM & ZIFF, MICHEAL F. - The Hazards of Silver/mercury Dental Fillings: Mercury Detoxification
035973: ZIFF, LINDA - The Responsible Reader
031657: ZIGROSSER, CARL & GAEHDE, CHRISTA - A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints
024258: ZIGTOSSER, CARL & GAEHDE, CHRISTA M. - A Guide to the Collecting and Care of Original Prints
027597: ZIMA, GORDON - Sun Birds and Evergreens: The Nuk-Chuck Stories
036771: ZIMBARDO, PHILIP G. - Shyness: What It Is, What to Do About It
016567: ZIMMERMANN, HANS-JOACHIM - Der Akadeische Affe. Die Geschichte Einer Allegorie Aus Cesare Ripas - Iconologia
033416: ZINSSER, WILLIAM - On Writing Well: An Informal Guide to Writing Nonfiction
032718: ZINSSER, HANS. - As I Remember Him; the Biography of R.S.
038070: ZINSSER, WILLIAM (EDITOR). - Inventing the Truth The Art and Craft of Memoir: Russell Baker; Annie Dillard; Alfred Kazin; Toni Morrison; Lewis Thomas .
030428: ZINSSER, JUDITH P. - History and Feminism: A Glass Half Full. The Impact of Feminism on the Arts and Sciences
039268: ZINSSTAG, LOU - UFO ... George Adamski Their Man on Earth
038976: ZION, GENE - Harry and the Lady Next Door
037990: ZMIJEWSKY, BORIS & PFEIFFER, LEE - The Films of Clint Eastwood. Revised and Updated Edition.
034528: ZNAMIEROWSKI, ALFRED - World Encyclopedia of Flags; the Definitive Guide to International Flags, Banners, Standrds and Ensigns
037830: ZOBEL, JOHN H. - A Slight Change of Plans
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032650: ZRALY, KEVIN - Windows on the World; Complete Wine Course,
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022631: ZUMBO, JIM - Calling All Elk
033070: ZWECK, DINA VON & SMITH, JAYE - Venus Unbound : a Guide to Actualizing the Power of Being Female
014926: ZWEIG, PAUL - The Heresy of Self-Love. a Study of Subversive Individualism
034967: ZWINGER, ANN;ZWINGER, HERMAN H. - A Desert Country Near the Sea: A Natural History of the Cape Region of Baja California

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