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037247: KRYZA, FRANK T. - The Race for Timbuktu: In Search of Africa's City of Gold
029160: KUGLER, A.N. - Oxyacetylene Welding and Oxygen Cutting Instruction Course : Book I (Lectures) ; Book II (Exercises)
026051: KUHLEWIN, B. - Stages of Consciousness: Meditations on the Boundaries of the Soul
033366: KULL, STEVEN - Burying Lenin. The Revolution in Soviet Ideology & Foreign Policy.
036524: KUMIN, MAXINE - Why Can't We Live Together Like Civilized Human Beings?
036525: KUMIN, MAXINE - Women, Animals, and Vegetables. Essays and Stories.
032150: KUNDERA, MILAN. - Jacques and His Master: An Homage to Diderot in Three Acts
036169: KUNHARDT, DOROTHY - The Scarebunny
012146: KUNSTLER, JAMES HOWARD - The Halloween Ball
009543: KURATA, RYUKICHI (TRANSLATOR) - The Harvest of Leisure
039158: KURATH, HANS - A Word Geography of the Eastern United States (Studies in American English I)
025882: KURENBERG, JOACHIM VON - The Kaiser; a Life of Wilhelm II, Last Emperor of Germany
033355: KURLAND, MICHAEL - How to Try a Murder: The Handbook for Armchair Lawyers
024665: KURTAK, JOSEPH - Of Rock and Ice; an Explorer's Guide to the Geology of Prince William Sound, Alaska
040313: KURTZ, PAUL - The Transcendental Temptation; A Critique of Religion and the Paranormal
032645: KUSHI, MICHIO; BLAUER, STEPHEN - The Macrobiotic Way: The Complete Macrobiotic Diet & Exercise Book
030649: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - When Children Ask About God: A Guide for Parents Who Don't Always Have All the Answers
031250: KUSPIT, DONALD - Joseph McDonnell
022339: KYLE, CAROLYN - Glass Patterns in Color
039468: LACHMAN, BARBARA - The Journal of Hildegard of Bingen: Inspired by a Year in the Life of the Twelfth-Century Mystic
036155: CHODERLOS DE LACLOS - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
040694: LACLOS, CHODERLOS DE - Les Liaisons Dangereuses (New York Public Library Collector's Edition)
030342: LACY, ALLEN - The Garden in Autumn
033499: LAD, VASANT - Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing A Practical Guide
003575: LAFFAN, R.G.D. - The Serbs. The Guardians of the Gate.
026360: LAFONT, GHISLAIN - Imagining the Catholic Church: Structured Communion in the Spirit
025155: LAFRAY, JOYCE - Seafood!: Famous Seafood Recipes from Famous Places
035041: T.C. LAI - Chinese Calligraphy: An Introduction
027961: LAIDMAN, HUGH - The Complete Book of Drawing and Painting
036528: LAING, B. KOJO - Search Sweet Country
034471: LAING, ALEXANDER - Matthew Early
034029: LAL, BRIJ V. (EDITOR) - Politics in Fiji: Studies in Contemporary History
036302: LALANNE, JACK AND ELAINE - Celebrating 90 Years of Healthy Living
040688: LAMAR, ASHTON - the Stolen Aeroplane or How Bud Wilson Made Good. The Aeroplane Boys Series
024186: LAMB, ANDY - Coastal Fishes of the Pacific Northwest : A Field Guide
037242: LAMBERT, ANDREW - War at Sea in the Age of Sail: 1650-1850
018665: LAMING, TIM & FLACK, JEREMY - 80 Years of Air to Air Combat
036221: LAMMON, CINDY - Flowers All Around. Garden-Inspired Quilts.
025399: LAMONT, CORLISS; LAMONT, LANSING; MASEFIELD, JOHN; LAMONT, FLORENCE CORLISS - Letters of John Masefield to Florence Lamont
034827: LAMPMAN, BEN HUR - At the End of the Car Line
021145: LANCASTER BROWN, PETER - Star and Planet Spotting: A Field Guide to the Night Sky
031723: LANCHESTER, JOHN - The Debt to Pleasure
023032: LAND, MYRICK - The Fine Art of Literary Mayhem. a Lively Account of Famous Writers and Their Feuds
038783: LANDAY, JERRY M. - Dome of the Rock
023234: LANDGRAF, SUSAN - What the Wind Knows
033695: LANE, ANN J. - To Herland and Beyond: The Life and Work of Charlotte Perkins Gilman/10977
033775: LANE, MICHAEL - Pink Highways; Tales of Queer Madness on the Open Road.
014620: LANE, ELLERY - Lenten Worship for Young Adults
020616: LANE, THOMAS - Floors
033959: LANE, DAVID - Soviet Society Under Perestroika
033958: LANE, DAVID - Soviet Society Under Perestroika
025510: LANE, MAGGIE - Chinese Rugs Designed for Needlepoint
040490: JUDIE BOPP; MICHAEL BOPP; LEE BROWN; PHIL LANE JR. - Sacred Tree: Reflections on Native American Spirituality
028768: LANE, ROUMELIA, - Cafe Mimosa. A Harlequin Romance, Number 1547
038993: LANE, ADAM - Monsters Party All Night Long
031306: LANG, WILLIAM L. (EDITOR) - Centennial West: Essays on the Northern Tier States Papers from a Conference Held in Billings, Mont., in June 1989
029800: LANGE, DELANE - DeLane Paints Pretty Things
034192: LANGFUR, STEPHEN - Confession from a Jericho Jail
035145: LANGSETH-CHRISTENSEN, LILLIAN - The Modern Blend and Serve Cookbook
036642: LANHAM, PETER & MOPELI-PAULUS, A.S - Blanket Boy's Moon
028132: LANIGAN, CATHERINE;BLANCO, JODEE - The Evolving Woman
030869: LANNING, MICHAEL LEE - Senseless Secrets ; the Failures of U.S. Intelligence from George Washington to the Present
030406: LANSING, ALFRED - Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
017424: LANSKY, VICKI - The Taming of the C.A.N.D.Y. Monster
033440: LAPE, JAMES - America in Literature : The Northeast
038573: LAPLACE, VIANA;KLEIMAN, EVAN - Pasta Fresca
030710: LAQUEUR, WALTER; BREITMAN, RICHARD - Stalin: The Glasnost Revelations
021715: LAQUEUR, WALTER; BREITMAN, RICHARD - Breaking the Silence
028403: LAQUEUR, WALTER; BREITMAN, RICHARD - Black Hundred: The Rise of the Extreme Right in Russia
026096: LAQUEUR, WALTER;BREITMAN, RICHARD - Breaking the Silence
036535: LARDO, VINCENT - The Hampton Connection
034079: LARDY, NICHOLAS R. - China's Entry into the World Economy: Implications for Northeast Asia and the United States
028349: LARKIN, P.J. - The Ancient World
028122: LARRISON, PATRICK - Mammals of the Northwest: Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia
029083: LARSEN, JACK LENOR - Jack Lenor Larsen: A Weaver's Memoir
004606: LARSEN, AGNESSA. - Graffiti on My Heart, An Autobiography, 1926 - 1937.
028819: LARSEN, MICHAEL - How to Write a Book Proposal
017195: LARSON, BRUCE - There's a Lot More to Health Than Not Being Sick
024467: LARSON, ERIK - Thunderstruck
028533: LARSON, T.A. - History of Wyoming
028930: LARSON, CRAIG BRIAN (EDITOR) - Contemporary Illustrations for Preachers, Teachers, and Writers
039213: LARSON, EDWARD J. - Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion
013871: LASKY, VICTOR - Jimmy Carter; the Man and the Myth
031301: LASLO, ALEXANDER J. - A Glossary of Terms Used in Phaleristics: The Science, Study, and Collecting of the Insignia of Orders, Decorations, and Medals
034272: LATHAM, JOHN - Adventures of Hebe
032078: LATHROP, GORDON - Proclamation 6, Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year,Series A, Easter
039117: LAUBACH, FRANK C. - The Inspired Letters, in Clearest English
017294: LAUBACH, EUGENE E. - World Without End. Pupils Book
031115: LAUBIN, REGINALD - Indian Dances of North America: Their Importance in Indian Life
028003: LAUCELLA, LINDA - The Hormone Decision: Seven Things to Ask Yourself and Your Doctor About Hormone Replacement Therapy and Other Options
014282: LAUERSEN, NIELS H. & DE SWAAN, CONSTANCE - The Endometriosis Answer Book ; New Hope, New Help.
027433: LAUGHLIN, CLARA E. - The Heart of Her Highness
023655: LAURIE, SANDERS G.; TUCKER, MELVIN J. - Centering: A Guide to Inner Growth
037214: LAVERY, BRIAN - The 74-Gun Ship Bellona (Anatomy of the Ship)
036738: LAVIN, MARY - Mary Lavin, Collected Stories
033462: LAW, RICHARD (EDITOR) - Jeopardy Magazine. 30th Anniversary Edition. Volume 31 Spring 1995
030187: LAWLOR, LAURIE - Horseback on the Boston Post Road 1704
030188: LAWLOR, LAURIE - Adventure on the Wilderness Road, 1775
030189: LAWLOR, LAURIE - American Sisters: West Along the Wagon Road 1852
036333: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Sons and Lovers ( The Unexpurgated Text )
031858: LAWRENCE, IAIN - Ghost Boy
034778: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious and Fantasia of the Unconscious
040752: LAWRENCE, T.E. - Seven Pillars of Wisdom. A Triumph. Foreword by Wilfred Thesiger. Introduction by Michael Asher. [Folio Society edition][Buy it!]
036534: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Erotic Works of D. H. Lawrence
032710: LAWTHER, GAIL - Gifts from Your Scrap Basket. 25 Patchwork, Applique and Quilting Projects for Special Occasions
029230: LAY, JENNY - 40! Let's Count 'Em! (Pine Cove 1967-2007)[
031874: LAZO, CAROLINE EVENSEN - Missing Treasure
033890: LEAB, DANIEL J. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Labor History. Volume 26, Number 2. Spring 1985
033887: LEAB, DANIEL J. (MANAGING EDITOR) - Labor History. Volume 26, Number 4. Fall 1985
035860: LEACH, MACEDWARD AND COFFIN, TRISTAM P. - The Critics & the Ballad: Readings
039355: LEADBEATER, C. W. - Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites
039350: TANIKA DISTRICT LEADERS' ASSOCIATION - Tanika (Island People) Recipes
034573: LEAKEY, RICHARD & LEWIN, ROGER - Origins : What New Discoveries Reveal About the Emergence of Our Species and Its Possible Future
024219: LEAMER, LAURENCE - Three Chords and the Truth : Hope, Heartbreak and Changing Fortunes in Nashville
039465: LEAMING, BARBARA - Marilyn Monroe
040348: LEAR, EDWARD - Edward Lear's The Scroobious Pip
027642: LEARY, DANIEL - Shaw; the Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies, Volume Three.
028510: O'LEARY, K. DANIEL & O'LEARY, SUSAN G. - Classroom Managment, the Successful Use of Behavior Modification
032442: O'LEARY, BRIAN - Exploring Inner and Outer Space: A Scientist's Perspective on Personal and Planetary Transformation
034578: LEAVITT, DAVID - While England Sleeps
032053: LEAVITT, DAVID - Equal Affections
030736: LEBER, H. - Northwest Tugboat Captain: The Life and Times of Captain Martin Guchee 1905 & His Adventures on Our Northwest Waters
038174: LEBLANC, ADRIAN NICOLE - Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx
038380: LEBOVITZ, DAVID - The Sweet Life in Paris: Delicious Adventures in the World's Most Glorious-and Perplexing-City
034233: LEDDICK, DAVID - The Sex Squad
031243: LEDERER, RICHARD M. JR. - Place Names of Westchester County, New York
037290: LEDERER, CHLOE - Where are the Tuktu?
039159: LEDERER, RICHARD - Anguished English: An Anthology of Accidental Assaults upon Our Language
038245: LEE, ANDREA - Interesting Women
029398: LEE, W. STORRS ( EDITOR ) - Washington State, a Literary Chronicle
030610: LEE, ROBERT (EDITOR) - The Church and the Exploding Metropolis
031971: LEE, KAI N. - Electric Power and the Future of the Pacific Northwest
029397: LEE, W. STORRS (EDITOR) - Washington State, a Literary Chronicle
034389: LEE, BRUCE - The Tao of Gung Fu: A Study in the Way of Chinese Martial Arts
032408: LEE, DEANNA - Exposing Casey
035858: LEE, RICHARD B. - The Dobe !Kung
033235: LEE, RICHARD B. - The Dobe ! Kung.
020176: LEE, WITNESS - Christ Vs. Religion
036536: LEE, LAURIE - The Edge of Day
021461: LEE, HAROLD B. - Teachings of Presidents of the Church
025309: LEE, HERMIONE - Virginia Woolf
025592: LEE, CHRISTOPHER - This Sceptred Isle : The Dynasties:Britain's Most Powerful Families
026612: LEE, GARY - The Wok; a Chinese Cookbook
031261: LEE, T.D. - Symmetries, Asymmetries, and the World of Particles
029570: LEE, ALEX - Force Recon Command: A Special Marine Unit in Vietnam, 1969-1970
032224: LEE, MARSHALL - Quality; Its Image in the Arts
038207: LEECH, W.L. - Calendar of the Papers of Franklin Pierce: Prepared From the Original Manuscripts in the Library of Congress
036531: LEECH, MARGARET. - Tin Wedding
010351: LEECH, MARGARET. - Reveille in Washington 1860 - 1865
013932: LEECH, MARGARET. - In the Days of McKinley
033727: LEELAND, JEFF - One Small Sparrow/the Remarkable, Real-Life Drama of One Community's Compassionate Response to a Little Boy's Life
039020: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Prophesying Peace
036529: LEES, RICHARD - Out of Sync
020568: LEES-MILNE, JAMES - Ancestral Voices
039497: LEFANU, SARAH - Colors of a New Day: Writing for South Africa
025839: LEFEBURE, MOLLY - Samuel Taylor Coleridge: A Bondage of Opium
039058: RENE-YVON LEFEBVRE D'ARGENCE - Avery Brundage Collection Chinese Ceramics
036737: LEFEVER, ERNEST - Ethics and United States Foreign Policy
033708: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - Corvette: America's Sports Car
025721: LEFFINGWELL, RANDY - The American Farm Tractor
037251: LEGG, STUART (EDITOR) - Jutland, an Eye-Witness Account of a Great Battle
012025: LEGG, A.K. - Audi Owners Workshop Manual
005538: LEGG, A.K; WARREN, LARRY ; MADDOX, ROBERT ; HAYNES, JOHN H. - VW Automotive Repair Manual. VW Rabbit, Golf, Jetta, Scirocco, Pick-up. 1975 Thru 1992. All Gasoline Engine Models.
031671: LEGMAN, G. (EDITOR) - The Limerick: 1700 Examples With Notes Variants And Index
033301: LEHMANN, JOHN - Christopher Isherwood. A Personal Memoir.
033447: LEHMANN, JOHN (EDITOR) - London Magazine. 1957, Volume 4, No. 12
026081: LEHMANN, JOHN - 3 Literary Friendships: Byron and Shelley, Rimbaud and Verlaine, Robert Frost and Edward Thomas
040656: LEHRER, JIM - Fine Lines
034961: LEHRMAN, FREDERIC - Sacred Landscape
023216: LEIBER, JERRY & STOLLER, MIKE - Loving You; Sung By Elvis Presley
033446: LEIBOWITZ, HERBERT - Parnassus : Poetry in Review. Volume 16, No. I
012996: LEIGH, DAVID - The Wilson Plot : How the Spycatchers and Their American Allies Tried to Overthrow the British Government
013123: LEIGH, DAVID - The Wilson Plot : How the Spycatchers and Their American Allies Tried to Overthrow the British Government
027483: LEIGHTON, MARGARET - Lady with a Lamp. Book 55
033957: LEIKEN, ROBERT S. (EDITOR) - Central America: Anatomy of Conflict
035304: LEINBACH, ESTHER V. - Planets and Asteroids
037098: LEINER, FREDERICK - The End of Barbary Terror: America's 1815 War Against the Pirates of North Africa
003590: LEISNER, TONY. - The Official Guide to Country Dance Steps.
031557: LEISSLER, FREDERICK - Roads and Trails of Olympic National Park
027988: LEISURE ARTS, INC.;OXMOOR HOUSE - In Love with Quilts
039018: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY - Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling: Illustrated by Incantations, Specimens of Medical Magic, Anecdotes, Tales
032833: LELEN, KENNETH - Add Ons : Imaginative and Resourceful Designs for Expanding Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and Living Space
038473: LELONG,BERNARD ; LAVAL,JEAN-LUC - The Stars Weep
035071: LELY, GILBERT (EDITOR) - Marquis De Sade; Selected Letters
024873: LEMCKE, GESINE - Chafing-Dish Recipes
040340: LEMKE, ANTJE (TRANSLATOR). BEAN, DONALD P. (INTRODUCTION. - Aldus Manutius & His Thesaurus Cornucopiae of 1496.
008996: LEMM, RICHARD - A Difficult Faith
040169: LENIN, V.I. - " Left Wing" Communism, An Infantile Disdorder
040168: LENIN, V.I. - The State and Revolution; : the Marxist Teaching on the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution
034063: LENIN, V.I. - On the National Question and Proletarian Internationalism
036967: LENIN, V.I. - The State and Revolution; the Marxist Teaching on the State and the Tasks of the Proletariat in the Revolution.
034053: LENINE - L'Etat et La Revolution
034068: LENINE - Lenine, De L'intelligentsia
034067: LENINE - Questions De La Politique Nationale et De L'internationalisme Proletarien
034989: LENNOX-BOYD, ARABELLA - Traditional English Gardens
032489: LENZ, LEE W. - Native Plants for California Gardens.
038369: LEON-PORTILLA, MIGUEL AND SHORRIS, EARL. - In the Language of Kings: An Anthology of Mesoamerican Literature, Pre-Columbian to the Present
033145: LEON, WARREN; BROWER, MICHAEL; UNION OF CONCERNED SCIENTISTS - The Consumer's Guide to Effective Environmental Choices: Practical Advice from the Union of Concerned Scientists
038829: LEONARD, ELIZABETH - Painting Flowers
036827: LEONARDO, KAREN - Art Bead Jewelry: Seasons in Glass
031715: LERER, SETH.(STANFORD UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR) - THE HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, PARTS 1-2-3. (18 Cassette Audio tape Set). The Great Courses on Tape.
010427: LERNER, MAX - America as a Civilization. The Basic Frame. Volume One.
010428: LERNER, MAX - America as a Civilization. Culture and Personality. Volume Two.
035843: LERNER, MICHAEL - Choices in Healing: Integrating the Best of Conventional and Complementary Approaches to Cancer
022295: LERNER, BETSY - The Forest for the Trees: An Editor's Advice to Writers
025392: LERNER, MICHAEL - Jewish Renewal: A Path to Healing and Transformation
013116: LESBERG, SANDY - Great Classic Recipes of the World. a Collection of Recipes from the Great Dining Places of the World
035562: LESLAU, CHARLOTTE AND WOLF - African Poems and Love Songs
034399: LESLIE, ANITA - Francis Chichester: A Biography
026743: LESSER, WENDY - Pictures at an Execution
032866: LESSER, WENDY - Pictures at an Execution
036575: LESSING, DORIS - Ben, in the World
036572: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Fifth Child
036571: LESSING, DORIS MAY - The Good Terrorist
035152: LESTER, JULIUS - And All Our Wounds Forgiven
038388: LEUCK, LAURA - My Monster Mama Loves Me So
015940: LEUNIG, MICHAEL - Introspective
034837: LEVENKRON, STEVEN - Cutting: Understanding and Overcoming Self-Mutilation
025595: LEVENSON, JOSEPH R.; SCHURMANN, FRANZ - China-An Interpretive History : From the Beginnings to the Fall of Han
034247: LEVENTHAL, STAN. - A Herd of Tiny Elephants and Other Short Fictions.
035325: LEVEQUE, JEAN-JACQUES - Manet Artists and Their Work
038736: LEVI, PRIMO - The Sixth Day and Other Tales
031138: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE - The Way of the Masks
034923: LEVI, PRIMO - The Monkey's Wrench.
036775: LEVI, JEAN - Dream of Confucius
025419: LEVIE, ELEANOR;SEARS, MARY SEEHAFER - Country Living Handmade Country
039498: LEVIN, BOB - Most Outrageous The Trials and Trespasses of Dwaine Tinsely and Chester the Molester
008794: LEVIN, HARRY - Memories of the Moderns
010919: LEVIN, KAREN A. - Light & Easy Chinese with Quick Wok Cooking
038675: LEVIN, BOB - The Best Ride to New York
034824: LEVIN, DAN - Stormy Petrel: The Life and Work of Maxim Gorky
034010: LEVINE, LAWRENCE W. - The Opening of the American Mind: Canons, Culture, and History
022254: LEVINE, LAURIE LEAH - Spiritual Medicine: Transform Your Health, Life and Relationships
023415: LEVINE, ELLEN - If You Lived at the Time of Martin Luther King
027670: LEVINE, HEDI - Good Health Low-Fat Low-Sodium Clay Pot Cookbook
034791: LEVINSON, HARRY - Psychological Man
034141: LEVITAS, GLORIA B. EDITOR. - Culture and Consciousness. Perspectives in the Social Sciences.
032184: LEVITT, PETER - Bright Root, Dark Root
036577: LEVY, DEBORAH - Ophelia and the Great Idea
026512: LEVY, FAYE. - Sensational Pasta
031296: LEWARNE, CHARLES P. - Washington State
029526: LEWI, MAURICE J.; SCHEIMBERG, HERMAN - Foot Orthopaedics. Second Edition
038360: LEWIN, TED; LEWIN, BETSY - Gorilla Walk
023071: LEWIN, ROBERT - The Chief; Field Marshal Lord Wavell Commander-in-Chief and Viceroy 1939 - 1947
038402: LEWIN, TED; LEWIN, BETSY - Touch and Go: Travels of a Children's Book Illustrator
035165: LEWIS, BERNARD - What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response
034859: LEWIS, JAMES R. - The Astrology Encyclopedia
029271: LEWIS, ADRIAN R. - Omaha Beach: A Flawed Victory
031502: LEWIS, TRACY R. - Stochastic Modeling of Ocean Fisheries Resource Management
012393: LEWIS, ARTHUR H. - Murder By Contract. The People V. "Tough Tony" Boyle
015629: LEWIS, GEORGE CORNEWALL & SMITH, ADAM - Government of Dependancies. Essay on Colonies.
020706: LEWIS, G.; PISANO, BEVERLY - Miniature Shnauzers
040282: LEWIS, MATTHEW G. - The Monk
024252: LEWIS, DAVID & GREENE, JAMES - Thinking Better.
024876: LEWIS, HEATHER - House Rules
038952: LEWIS, EMMANUEL - Seacoast Fortifications of the United States: An Introductory History
028814: LEWIS, BERNARD - Assassins : A Radical Sect in Islam
039146: LEWIS, C. S. - The Siver Chair
039296: LEWISON, WENDY CHEYETTE - The Rooster Who Lost His Crow
012109: LEYMARIE, JEAN - The Spirit of the Letter in Painting
039539: LIANG, SHOU-YU; WEN-CHING, WU - Tai Chi Chuan: 24 And 48 Postures With Martial Applications
005923: LIANG, CECILIA. - Chinese Folk Poetry.
031290: LIBEN, MEYER - New York Street Games and Other Stories and Sketches
032709: SINGER SEWING REFERENCE LIBRARY (EDITORS) - Sewing for the Home ; Singer Sewing Reference Library
034073: LICHTHEIM, GEORGE. - Marxism in Modern France.
016200: LIDSTONE, ALAN & BARBARA - RVs : Getting Out and Staying Out ---
034786: LIDZ, THEODORE - The Person; His Development Throughout the Life Cycle
035524: LIEBERMAN, WILLIAM S. - Seurat to Matisse: Drawing in France-Selections from the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art[
032397: LIEFER, GREGORY - Broken Wings: Disaster in Alaska Civil Aviation
035738: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - Fury of the Northmen: Time Frame, Ad 800-1000
032764: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - The Alternative Advisor: The Complete Guide to Natural Therapies & Alternative Treatments
032752: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - Fix it Yourself; Porches, Decks & Fences
014775: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - Fix it Yourself; Lawn and Garden
032669: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - Fresh Ways With Vegetables
033055: TIME LIFE (EDITORS) - Bulbs
007932: LIFSHIN, LYN - Black Apples. Enlarged Second Edition.
033130: COOKING LIGHT (EDITORS) - Cooking Light, Quick and Easy Cookbook
023382: LIGHTLE, CHERYL; MACDONALD, SHARI; ANDERSON, RHONDA - The Creative Memories Way: Creating Keepsake Albums and Building Your Family Legacy
036573: LIGHTMAN, ALAN - Good Benito
040602: PETER LIK - Hawaii: The Aloha Spirit
038674: LILLARD, CHARLES - Discovering Nanaimo
005078: LILLIE, JANET MARSH. - Learn to Cook. Cakes.
036581: LIM, CATHERINE - The Bondmaid
032568: LIMA, PATRICK - The Harrowsmith Perennial Garden
034452: GOLDEN HINDE LIMITED - The Golden Hinde
016966: MARLBOROUGH FINE ART LIMITED - Contemporary Spanish Painting and Sculpture
032642: THE BELLEEK POTTERY LIMITED - Belleek, Parian China, Est 1857
035230: LIN, MAYA YING - Boundaries
037205: LINCOLN, W. BRUCE (INTRODUCTION) - Moscow: Treasures and Traditions
029173: LINCOLN, R. B. AND KRAUS, R. - Gas Welding; Gas Welding of Pipe, Gas Welding of Non-Ferrous Metals and Overlaying, Gas-Welding Examples
029171: LINCOLN, R. B. AND KRAUS, R. - Gas Welding and Cutting; Gas Welding Equipment, Gas Welding of Carbon Steels, Gas Welding of Cast Iron and Alloy Steels, Gas Cutting
030451: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858
031766: LIND, CAROL J. - Big Timber : Big Men
040534: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. - The Georgia Review Volume L, No. 3: , Fall 1996
033426: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (EDITOR) - The Georgia Review Spring 1988. Volume XLII Number 1
033430: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. - The Georgia Review. Fall 1988. Volume XLII, Number 3
033429: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (EDITOR) - The Georgia Review. Winter 1987
033428: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. - The Georgia Review; Winter 1988. Volume XLII, Number 4
033427: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. - The Georgia Review; Winter 1989. Volume XLIII, Number 4
033425: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (EDITOR) - The Georgia Review. Summer 1988. Volume XLII Number 2
033424: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (EDITOR) - The Georgia Review. Summer 1989. Volume XLIII Number 2
033423: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (EDITOR) - The Georgia Review. Spring 1989. Volume XLIII Number 1
036931: LINDBERG, STANLEY W. (EDITOR) - The Georgia Review, Spring 1994, Volume XLVIII, Number 1
034400: LINDEN, EUGENE - The Parrot's Lament: And Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity
013618: LINDERMAN, JOAN M. & FUNK, VIRGINIA - The Complete Akita
016130: LINDERMAN, FRANK BIRD - Recollections of Charley Russell
040378: LINDLEY, KENNETH - Woodblock Engravers
023439: LINDNER, AL - Walleye Wisdom
033611: LINDRUM, HORACE - Pool, Snooker & Billiards
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024686: MACMANIMAN, GEN - Dry it - You'll Like it!
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040570: MAHAR, MAGGIE - Money-Driven Medicine: The Real Reason Health Care Costs So Much
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029483: MAILER, NORMAN - Of Women and Their Elegance
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030162: MAKINE, ANDREI;STRACHAN, GEOFFREY - Dreams of My Russian Summers
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032757: MEHL-MADRONA, LEWIS - Coyote Medicine
034945: MEHTA, VED - All for Love: Continents of Exile
025406: MEHTA, VED - Remembering Mr. Shawn's New Yorker; the Invisible Art of Editing
031829: IDA LEE MEI - Chinese Womanhood ; a Small Gallery of Chinese Women
036254: MEIDAV, EDIE - The Far Field: A Novel of Ceylon
038605: MEIER, SUSAN L. AND WATNEMO, ROSALYN K. - Hardanger Embroidery Favorites with Complete Instructions (Book 1)
034019: MEIER, KENNETH (EDITOR) - American Journal of Political Science. Volume 41, Number 4, October 1997
029689: MEIER, JORG - Die Wurde Dieser Menschen St. Pauli-Portraits
017162: MEISEL, PERRY & KENDRICK, WALTER (EDITORS) - Bloomsbury/Freud. The Letters of James and Alix Strachey 1924 - 1925
038767: MEISLE, CHARLES - Porsche Story
031783: MEISS, MILLARD - The Great Age of Fresco; Discoveries, Recoveries and Survivals
009789: MELCHINGER, SIEGFRIED - Anton Chekhov
036921: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Special Double Issue. Number 47, Winter, 2004-05
036920: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Special Double Issue. Number 46, Autumn, 2004
036919: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Special Double Issue. Number 44-45, Spring/Summer, 2004
036918: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 43, Winter, 2003-2004
036917: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 42, Autumn, 2003
036916: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Special Double Issue. Number 40-41, Spring/Summer, 2003
036915: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Special Gavin Ewart Issue. Number 39, Winter 2002-2003
036914: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Special Classic Jokes Issue. Number 38, Autumn, 2002
036913: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Double Issue. Number 36-37, Spring/Summer, 2002
036912: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Winter Wonderlands. Number 35, Winter, 2001-2002
036911: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Harvest Moons. Number 34, Autumn, 2001
036910: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Summer Moonshine. Number 33, Summer, 2001
036909: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Spring Fever. Number 32, Spring, 2001
036908: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Winter Wassails. Number 31, Winter, 2000/2001
036907: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Fall Fancies. Number 30, Autumn, 2000
036906: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. A Summer Garden. Number 29, Summer, 2000
036905: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Garden Fancies. Number 28, Spring 2000
036904: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Robert Wallace Memorial Issue. Number 26, Autumn, 1999
036903: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 25, Summer, 1999
036902: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 24, Spring, 1999
036901: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 23, Winter, 1998.
036900: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 22, Autumn, 1998.
036899: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 21, Summer, 1998.
036898: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 20, Winter 1997-98.
036897: MELLA, JOHN (EDITOR) - Light; a Quarterly of Light Verse. Number 19, Summer 1997.
027825: MELLIN, JEANNE - Illystrated Horseback Riding for Beginners
032737: MELLY, GEORGE - Great Lovers
030401: MUHAMMAD UMAR MEMON (EDITOR) - The Tale of the Old Fisherman: Contemporary Urdu Short Stories
037987: MENAKER, DANIEL - The Old Left and Other Stories.
033328: MENCKEN, H. L. - A Choice of Days: Essays from Happy Days, Newspaper Days, and Heathen Days
038756: MENCKEN, H. L. - My Life As Author and Editor
037899: MENDEL, JANET - Cooking is Spain
014334: MENDELOWITZ, DANIEL - A History of American Art. Second Edition1970
033966: MENDELSOHN, HAROLD & CRESPI, IRVING - Polls, Television, and the New Politics
015721: MENDEZ, CHRISTOPHER - Old Master Prints
031613: MENG, WANG - Bolshevik Salute: A Modernist Chinese Novel
039054: WANG MENG - Selected Stories By Wang Meng.

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