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36638: NALY, ROBERT. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 31, 1956: Robert Naly 1900.
37628: LEXIER, MICAH. TOUSLEY, NANCY & MARNIE FLEMING (ESSAYS). - Micah Lexier: Book Sculptures.
35608: DILLOW, NANCY ET AL. - Saskatchewan: Art and Artists.
35458: [MOPPETT, RON]. TOUSLEY, NANCY & MAYO GRAHAM (ESSAYS) - Ron Moppett. Walter Phillips Gallery, June 7-Jul 6, 1982.
36721: NAPOLEON. - Napoléon à Joséphine.
40017: KNOWLES, DOROTHY. ROALD NASGAARD & TERRY FENTON (TEXTS). - Dorothy Knowles: Woven Beauty: Paintings / Tableaux.
36734: NASGAARD, ROALD. - The Mystic North: Symbolist Landscape Painting in Northern Europe and North America, 1890-1940.
39747: ROWLAND, GAY. JOANNA NASH & JODY GOLICK, CURATORS. - Gay Rowland: Perspectives.
35165: NASON, ELIAS. - The Lives of the Eminent American Evangelists Dwight Lyman Moody and Ira David Sankey, Together with an Account of Their Labors in Great Britain and America; and Also a Sketch of the Lives of Philip P. Bliss and Eben Tourjée.
39756: BOIRE, NATHALIE ET AL, EDITORS. - Saint-Charles-Sur-Richelieu, 1695-1995.
31515: [NATIVELLE, CLAUDE-ADOLPHE]. CAHUET, ALBÉRIC. - Claude-Adolphe Nativelle 1812-1889: Histoire D’Une Vie Dans L’Histoire D’Une époque.
34360: NAVARRETE, CARLOS. - The Chiapanec History and Culture.
39032: NEARING, SCOTT. - Economics for the Power Age: A Statement of First Principles. [Signed by the Author].
38004: NELSON, CHARMAINE. - Through an-Other's Eyes: White Canadian Artists - Black Female Subjects / le Regard de L'Autre: Artistes Canadiens Blancs - Sujets Féminins Noirs.
39908: GONZALO DE BERCEO. NELSON, DANA ARTHUR, EDITOR. - El Libro de Alixandre. Reconstrucción Crítica de Dana Arthur Nelson.
33871: [COCTEAU, JEAN]. PAINI, DOMINIQUE; FRANÇOIS NEMER & BERNARD MINORET, EDITORS. - Jean Cocteau, Sur le Fil Du Siècle. Centre Pompidou, Galerie 1, Paris, 25 September 2003 - 5 January 2004. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 6 May - 29 August 2004.
37279: NEMES, ENDRE. - Endre Nemes.
32500: NERDINGER, WINFRIED, EDITOR. - Die Architekturzeichnung Vom Barocken Idealplan Zur Axonometrie: Zeichnungen Aus Der Architektursammlung Der Technischen Universität München.
39958: NERVAL, GÉRARD DE. - Sylvie.
39260: NETTLAU, MAX. - Bibliographie de L'Anarchie. Préface D'Elisée Reclus.
39443: NEUGEBAUER, ROSAMUNDE. - Zeichnen IM Exil - Zeichen Des Exils? Handzeichnung Und Druckgraphik Deutschsprachiger Emigranten Ab 1933.
39039: NEUSNER, JACOB, - Aphrahat and Judaism: The Christian-Jewish Argument in Fourth-Century Iran.
32526: [NEUTRA, RICHARD]. NEUMANN, DIETRICH, EDITOR. - Richard Neutra's Windshield House.
33684: NEVITT, JOYCE. - White Caps and Black Bands: Nursing in Newfoundland to 1934.
35647: NEWMAN, BERNARD. - The Red Spider Web: The Story of Russian Spying in Canada.
32512: [NEWMAN, FREDERICK H.]. LEACH, ANDREW. - Frederick H. Newman: Lectures on Architecture Vienna 1900 - Wellington 1964.
30899: NEWMAN, GEORGE. - The Rise of Preventive Medicine.
30162: NEWSOME, DAVID. - Two Classes of Men: Platonism and English Romantic Thought.
38303: NEZO, ISTVÁN. - A Kisvárdai Zsidósag Története.
37220: OLDSBERG, NICHOLAS & RICARDO L. CASTRO. - Arthur Erickson: Critical Works. With Essays by Edward Dimendberg, Laurent Stalder and Georges Teyssot.
39906: NICHOLSON, G.W.L. - Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1919: Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War.
39378: NICHOLSON, BEN. HAMILTON, CHARLES, CURATOR. - Ben Nicholson: The Tate Gallery, 19 June - 27 July, 1969.
34633: [NICHOLSON, CHRISTOPHER]. BINGHAM, NEIL. - Christopher Nicholson.
26440: NICHOLSON, J. SHIELD - A Project of Empire: A Critical Study of the Economics of Imperialism, with Special Reference to the Ideas of Adam Smith.
33724: NICHOLSON, G.W.L. [GERALD WILLIAM LINGEN]. - The White Cross in Canada: A History of St. John Ambulance.
29650: NICHOLSON, H. J. B. - The Abbey of Saint Alban. Some Extracts from Its Early History and a Description of Its Conventual Church
38140: DANZIGER, NICK (PHOTOGRAPHS) & FRÉDÉRIC JOLI (TEXT). - Onze Femmes Face à la Guerre. [Presentation Copy Signed by the Photographer].
33242: NICOLAI, FRIEDRICH. - Friedrich Nicolais Volkslieder-Almanach, 1777-1778. Wiedergabe Der Reichsdruckerei. 3 Volumes.
35277: NICOLIN, PIERLUIGI, EDITOR. - Lotus International 42: Architettura E Grande Stile / Architecture and Grand Style.
31027: NICOLLE, CHARLES. - Destin Des Maladies Infectueuses Suivi de L'Expérimentation Dans L'étude Des Maladies Infectueuses.
30548: NICULESCU, I. - An Atlas Concerning Morphological Aspects of Visceral Nerve Endings: Contribution to the Study of Th Problem of Interoceptors.
39035: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE. LYNN MCDONALD, EDITOR - Florence Nightingale's Suggestions for Thought. Volume 11 of the Collected Works of Florence Nightingale.
35077: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE. SUE M. GOLDIE, EDITOR. - "I Have Done My Duty": Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War 1854-56.
33688: [NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE]. MONICA E. BALY. - Florence Nightingale and the Nursing Legacy.
37261: NIGHTINGALE, FLORENCE. - Letters from Egypt: A Journey on the Nile 1949-1850.
39608: KOMELOVA, GALINA NIKOLAEVNA & GALINA ALEKSANDROVNA PRINSEVA. - Portretnaja Miniatjura V Rossi XVIII-Nacala XX Veka: Iz Sobranija Gosudarstvennogo Ermitaza / Portrait Miniature in Russia XVIII-Early XX Century: From the Collection of the Hermitage.
35279: WAGG, SUSAN, ROBERT NISBET & BRENDAN GILL. - Money Matters: A Critical Look at Bank Architecture.
40030: NIXON, VIRGINAI. - Mary's Mother: Saint Anne in Late Medieval Europe.
38035: NIXON, C.P. - A River in September: A Sketch of the Life and Times of H.M. C.S. Chaudière, a Canadian Destroyer, 1943-1945, As Told by Her Captain, C.P. Nixon, D.S. C.
33974: NIXON, W.M. - Howth: A Centenary of Sailing.
37070: NIZAN, PAUL. - Chronique de Septembre.
36299: WEGMANN, KARL JAKOB. BAUMANN, FELIX; PAUL NIZON & KARL JAKOB WEGMANN (TEXT). - Karl Jakob Wegmann: Werke 1959-1983: Helmhaus Zürich, Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft. 15. Oktober - 4. Dezember 1983.
35512: NOBBS, PERCY E. - Architecture in Canada.
31361: NOBECOURT, P. [PIERRE]. - Clinique Médicale Des Enfants: Affections de L'Appareil Respiratoire.
34707: NOGUEZ, DOMINIQUE. - Lénine Dada: Essai.
33158: [NOLDE, EMIL]. - Emil Nolde: Woodcuts, Lithographs, Etchings.
35221: NOLEN, STEPHANIE, ET AL. - Shakespeare's Face.
35579: NOPPEN, LUC. - Les églises Du Québec (1600-1850).
28775: NOPPEN, LUC. - Du Chemin Du Roy à la Rue Notre-Dame: Mémoires Et Destins D'Un Axe Est-Ouest à Montréal.
37750: MORISSET, LUCIE K.; LUC NOPPEN & PATRICK DIEUDONNE. - Patrimoines Modernes: L'Architecture Du Vingtième Siècle à Chicoutimi.
38572: DINIWELL, NORMA & TOM HILL CURATORS. - From Masks to Maquettes.
37804: THOMPSON, NORMAN & J.H. EDGAR. - Canadian Railway Development from the Earliest Times.
32808: THOMAS, NORMAN & EARL BROWDER. - Which Road for American Workers - Socialist or Communist? Norman Thomas Vs. Earl Browder. Madison Square Garden, New York, November 27, 1935.
32300: LE NORMAND, MICHELLE. - Dans la Toile D'Araignée.
31073: NOVACK, EMIL. - Menstruation and Its Disorders.
39803: NYFFELER, FRANÇOIS. - Le Regime Hydrodynamique de la Lagune de Venise: Incidence Sur Les Phenomenes de Transport.
31542: REID, DOUGLAS ARTHUR. BAYLEN, JOSEPH O. & ALAN CONWAY, EDITORS - Soldier-Surgeon: The Crimean War Letters of Dr. Douglas A. Reid 1855-1856. Edited by Joseph O. Baylen and Alan Conway.
40063: OATES, WILLIAM C. - The War between the Union and the Confederacy and Its Lost Opportunities with a History of the 15th Alabama Regiment and the Forty-Eight Battles in Which It Was Engaged... The War between the United States and Spain,
34903: OATES, J.C.T. - Cambridge Univesity Library: A Historical Sketch.
37075: OBER, WILLIAM B. - Boswell's Clap and Other Essays: Medical Analyses of Literary Men's Afflictions.
30641: OBERMAYER, MAXIMILIAN E. - Psychocutaneous Medicine.
32521: OCON, FERNÁNDEZ, MARÍA. - Ornament Und Moderne: Theoriebildung Und Ornamentdebatte IM Deutschen Architekturdiskurs (1850-1930).
29691: IMBERT, LÉON; C. ODDO & P. CHAVERNAC. - Accidents Du Travail: Guide Pour L'évaluation Des Incapacités.
39252: OERTEL, HORST. - Outlines of Pathology in Its Historical, Philosophical, and Scientific Foundations: A Guide for Students and Practitioners of Medicine.
33629: [OERTEL, HORST]. KINSMAN, J.M. - Notes on Special Pathology from the Lectures of Professor Horst Oertel. By J.M. Kinsman; Revised and Edited by C.J. Tidmarsh; Assisted by B.C. Leech.
36674: INTERNATIONAL LABOUR OFFICE. - The Health of Children in Occupied Europe.
36705: WAR OFFICE. - Royal Army Medical Corps Training. 1911.
30863: THE WAR OFFICE. - Memoranda on Medical Diseases in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Areas.
38267: OGILVIE, WILL H. - Galloping Shoes: Verses.
30761: OHNGREN, L. GEORG. - Malignant Tumours of the Maxillo-Ethmoidal Region: A Clinical Study with Special Reference to the Treatment with Electrosurgery and Irradiation.
37860: PRINCE, RAYMOND; SAMUEL O. OKPAKU & LARRY MERKEL. - Transcultural Psychiatry: A Note on Origins and Definitions.
34414: OLDFIELD, PHILIP, EDITOR. - An Architect's Library of 1890: An Exhibition in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto, 23 January to 29 March 1991.
37924: [OLDS, JOHN MCKEE]. SAUNDERS, GARY L. - Dr. Olds of Twillingate: Portrait of an American Surgeon in Newfoundland.
35357: OLIVER, RICHARD, EDITOR. - The Making of an Achitect 1881-1981: Columbia University in the City of New York.
38062: OLIVER, RICHARD B. - The Oceanliner: Speed, Style, Symbol.
35600: OLIVER, MICHAEL. - The Passionate Debate: The Social and Political Ideas of Quebec Nationalism 1920-1945.
39118: EVANS, OLIVER & THOMAS P. JONES. - The Young MILL-Wright and Miller's Guide. And a Description of an Impreved Merchant Flour-MILL, with Engravings.
38281: BUITRON-OLIVER, DIANA, EDITOR. - New Perspectives in Early Greek Art.
32763: ONA, PEDRO DE. - Arauco Domado: Obra Impresa En Lima, Por Antonio Ricardo de Turin En 1596, Y Ahora Editada En Facsimil.
36458: ONLEY, TONI. - Toni Onley: A Partial Retrospective.
38536: OOSTERHUIS, KAS. - Kas Oosterhuis: Architecture Goes Wild.
36397: OPIE, AMELIA ALDERSON. - The Collected Poems of Amelia Alderson Opie.
30746: OPIE, EUGEN L., ET AL. - Tuberculosis in Public School Children.
39998: OPPENHEIMER, AGNÈS. - Kohut Et la Psychologie Du Self.
39409: ORTNER, NATAN. - Sefer Zikaron LI-Kehilat Hivniv (Uhnov) Veha-Sevivah / Uhnow Memorial Book.
37229: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS W., EDITOR. - The Canada Medical Record. Montreal, September, 1879.
36389: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - Osler's Pathological Collections and His Literary Output.
37232: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS W., EDITOR. - The Canada Medical Record. Montreal, February, 1879.
37231: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS W., EDITOR. - The Canada Medical Record. Montreal, December, 1878.
37216: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS W., EDITOR. - The Canada Medical Record. Montreal, May, 1879.
37217: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS W., EDITOR. - The Canada Medical Record. Montreal, June, 1879.
37228: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. CAMPBELL, FRANCIS W., EDITOR. - The Canada Medical Record. Montreal, August, 1879.
39897: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. GOLDEN, RICHARD L. - The Lessons of Greek Medicine: William Osler's Cardinal Ethic.
30216: OSLER, WILLIAM. - Note on the Occurrence of Ascites in Solid Abdominal Tumors.
32367: OSLER, WILLIAM. GEOFFREY KEYNES. - Selected Writings of Sir William Osler 12 July 1849 - 29 December 1919. With an Introduction by G.L. Keynes.
32826: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - The Pathological Collections of the Late Sir William Osler at Mcgill University - Early Academic Influences - Mcgill' Heroic Past. II: Personal Reminiscences.
32827: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - The Pathological Collections of the Late Sir William Osler and His Relations with the Medical Museum of Mcgill University.
30214: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. ABBOTT, MAUDE E. - The Osler Pathological Collection in the Medical Historical Museum of Mcgill University.
35956: [OSLER, WILLIAM]. HUNTER, ROBERT J. - Sir William Osler: Osler at Blockley.
34523: OSMOND, EDMUND C. - Call of the Labrador.
35562: [OSTELL, JOHN]. JAMES, ELLEN. - John Ostell: Architecte, Arpenteur / Architect, Surveyor.
30907: OSTERHOUT, W.J.V. - Injury, Recovery, and Death, in Relation to Connductivity and Permeability.
35327: OSTIGUY, JEAN-RENÉ. - Les Esthétiques Modernes Au Québec de 1916 à 1946.
32384: OTOREPEC, BOZO. - Srednjeveski Pecati in Grbi Mest in Trgov Na Slovenskem.
36747: OTTER, A.A. DEN. - Irrigation in Southern Alberta 1882-1901.
39245: [PIENE, OTTO & HEINZ MACK, EDITORS]. - Zero. [Three Volumes in One].
34330: [OWENS, NINA M.]. NADEAU-SAUMIER, MONIQUE. - Nina M. Owens (1869-1959).
34386: BENSON, ELIZABETH P. & ELIZABETH HILL BOONE, EDITORS - The Art and Iconography of Late Post-Classic Central Mexico. A Conference at Dumbarton Oaks, October 22nd and 23rd, 1977.
40177: P., PAUL. DAVID VELASCO (TEXT). - Paul P. : Place Names the Place.
33438: PACE, ANTHONY. - Maltese Prehistoric Art 5000 - 2500 Bc.
37272: PACEY, ELIZABETH, EDITOR. - The Prince and Hollis Buildings.
30667: PACKARD, FRANCIS R. - Text-Book of Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear for the Use of Students and General Practitioners.
39793: PACKARD, RANDALL M. - The Making of a Tropical Disease: A Short History of Malaria.
39006: PAGE, P,K. - Poems: Selected and New. [Inscribed by the Poet].
39005: PAGE, P,K. - Hologram. [Inscribed by the Poet].
30496: PAGE, HERBERT W. - Hygiene of the Brain and Nerves and the Cure of Nervousness. With Twenty-Eight Original Letters from Leading Thinkers and Writers Concerning Their Physical and Intellectual Habits
32980: ELLIOT, K.A.C.; IRVINE H. PAGE & J.H. QUASTEL, EDITORS. - Neurochemistry: The Chemical Dynamics of Brain and Nerve.
39679: PAIKOWSKY, SANDRA, CURATOR. - Nova Scotian Pictures: Art in Nova Scotia, 1940-1966 / Images Néo-écossaises: L'Art de la Nouvelle- Ecosse de 1940 à 1966.
35639: PALMER, JOHN MCCAULEY. - General Von Steuben.
36696: PAN, IMRE. RENÉ BERTHOLO. - Morphèmes: Cahiers de Imre Pan. 1. Janvier-Février 1963.
33350: PANNETON, J.E. [JOSEPH ELIE]. - Les Rayons X Et le Radium Dans le Traitement de Quelques Maladies de la Femme: La Tumeur Fibreuse Et Les Hemorragies Utérines.
40244: PANTANELLA, MARC. - Typographie Inusuelle: D'Aucune Aide Pour Les Gens Qui Rédigent & Fabriquent Des Imprimés de Toutes Sortes.
39879: PAPUS (GÈRARD ENCAUSSE). - La Cabbale: Tradition Secrète de L'Occident.
33351: PAQUIN, ELZEAR. - La Cité Du Mal Contre la Cité Du Bien, Ou, le Droit de la Force Contre la Force Du Droit à Propos de la Question Universitaire
38980: VENTURE DE PARADIS, JEAN-MICHEL; JEAN GAULMIER. - La Zubda Kachf Al-Mamalik de Khalil Az-Zahirí. Traduction inédite de Venture de Paradis Avec Une Notice Du Traducteur.
33080: PARADIS, J.G. [J. GAUDIOSE]. - Feuilles de Journal: Souvenirs D'Un Médecin de Campagne.
31825: PARE, AMBROISE. GEOFFREY KEYNES, EDITOR. - The Apologie and Treatise of Ambroise Paré: Containing the Voyages Made Into Divers Places with Many of His Writings Upon Surgery. Edited and with an Introduction by Geoffrey Keynes.
38264: PARENT, ALAIN. - Entre Empire Et Nation: Les Représentations de la Ville de Québec Et de Ses Environs, 1760-1833.
38938: [PARENT, LÉONARD DIT BASQUE]. BOULIZON, GUY. - Basque. [Signed by the Artist].
37870: PARENT, ANDRÉ. - Histoire Du Cerveau de L’Antiquité Aux Neurosciences.
31308: PARGETER, WILLIAM. - Observations on Maniacal Disorders.
16920: LE COMTE DE PARIS, - De la Situation Des Ouvriers En Angleterre: Memoire Presente a la Commission D'Enquete Sur Les Conditions Du Travail.
29043: PARISEAU, LEO. - The Story of Electricity Told by One Hundred Old Books Taken from the Library of Dorctor Leo Pariseau a Radiologist of Montreal in Canada and Brought to Chicago on the Occasion of the American Congress of Radiology.
32940: PARISEAU, LÉO. - L'Histoire Médicale Du Castor Racontée Par Des Vieux Livres Tirés de la Bibliothèque Du Docteur Leo-E. Pariseau Et Exposès Au Xiie Congrès de Mèdecins de Langue Française de L’Amerique Du Nord, à Ottawa, Les 6-7-8 Septembre, 1932.
35129: PARISEAU, LÉO. - En Marge Du Récit de la "Grosse Maladie" Du Capitaine Cartier.
37038: [PARISEAU, LÈO]. - Catalogue Léo-Pariseau: Catalogue D'Histoire Des Sciences Et de la Médecine. Tome I: Description Bibliographique Complète. Index Chronologique. Tome 2: Index: A-Auteurs, B-Titres, C-Thématique. 2 Volumes.
40124: [PARIZEAU, MARCEL]. COUTURIER, M.A. - Marcel Parizeau, Architecte.
34713: PARK, ROSWELL. - The Evil Eye, Thanatology, and Other Essays.
31537: [PARK, WILLIAM HALLOCK]. OLIVER, WADE W. - The Man Who Lived for Tomorrow: A Biography of William Hallock Park, M.D.
29685: PARKER, CHARLES ARUNDEL. - The Ancient Crosses at Gosforth, Cumberland.
34849: PARKER, A.C. - The Code of Handsome Lake, the Seneca Prophet.
39322: PARMLY, LEVI SPEAR. - The Summum Bonum. By Levi S. Parmly, and Medical Electrician.
28617: GEOFFREY OF VINSAUF. PARR, ROBERT P., EDITOR. - Geoffrey of Vinsauf: Documentum Et Modo Et Arte Dictandi Et Versificandi (Instruction in the Method and Art of Speaking and Vesifying).
32746: [GIMON, GUSTAVE]. PARRINE, MARY JANE, ET AL. - Before the Dismal Science: Selections from the Gustave Gimon Collection of French Political Economy.
38421: PARRY, JOHN T. - The Sigatoka Valley: Pathway Into Prehistory.
40002: PARSONS, BRUCE. - Bruce Parsons: A Model of Reality / Un Modèle de la Réalité.
36881: PARSONS, SAMUEL. - Extract from a Report Made to the Yearly Meeting of Friends Held in Philadelphia, in the 4th Month, 1815 by Its Committee for Promoting the Improvement and Gradual Civilization of the Indian Natives. [with] Report to the Yearly Meeting of Friends Fo
36480: CZERKINSKY, STEFAN, JEAN-JACQUES PASSERA & GILLES DELEUZE. - S. Czerkinsky, J.J. Passera: 16 Soit 32 Travaux Ou Moins Violets Et Ustensiles. [Faces Et Surfaces].
31517: [PASTEUR, LOUIS]. SIMONNET, HENRI. - L'Oeuvre de Louis Pasteur.
38464: BORNIQUEL, N.; A. PASTOR & A. SIERRA, EDITORS. - Domènech Estapà, Domènech Mansana
32137: VERROUST JACQUES, MICHEL PASTOUREAU & RAYMOND BUREN. - Le Cochon: Histoire, Symbolique Et Cuisine Du Porc.
33449: PATENAUDE, É.-L. [ESIOFF-LÉON]. - Laval-Sur-le-Lac.
35204: PATERSON, ALEX K. - My Life at the Bar and Beyond.
29987: PATINKIN, DON. - Essays on and in the Chicago Tradition.
38292: CADY, PATRICK & SUZANNE JACOB. - Le Bal Des Humains. [Inscribed by the Artist].
35752: PATTERSON, DONALD WRIGHT, JR., EDITOR. - Contemporary Photographer, Vol. II, No. 2, Fall, 1961: Bongé, Garrod, Maund, Meatyard, Metzker, Van Sickle, Worth.
35755: PATTERSON, DONALD WRIGHT, JR., EDITOR. - Contemporary Photographer, Fall 1962: Two Young Philadelphians: Don Donaghy, George Krause.
35756: PATTERSON, DONALD WRIGHT, JR., EDITOR. - Contemporary Photographer, Winter 1962.
39300: PAUL, EWALD. - Neue Wege Zur Verjüngung. Wertvolle Entdeckungen Auf Dem Gebiete Innerster Zellenbelebung Mit Genauen Behandlungs-Vorschriften.
35287: HIRSHORN, PAUL & STEVEN IZENOUR. - White Towers.
35661: BUREAU, PAUL ET AL. - Repentigny: Répertoire Des Immeubles Traditionnels. Eté 1975.
39952: DUMOUCHEL PAULL & JEAN-PIERRE DUPUY, EDITORS. - L'Auto-Organisation de la Physique Au Politique.
36521: PAULO, JEAN-ALPHONSE. - Jean-Alphonse Paulo: Humanité Et Nature.
31242: PAULY, ALPHONSE. - Bibliographie Des Sciences Médicales: Bibliographie, Histoire, épidemies, Endémies, Histoire Des écoles Et Des Hôpitaux, Litterature Médicale, Histoire Professionelle.
32848: PAVY, F.W. [FREDERICK WILLIAM]. - The Harveian Oration Delivered at the Royal College of Physicians, October 18th, 1886.
38518: PAYETTE, JACQUES. - Jacques Payette.
35213: PAYETTE, JACQUES. - Jacques Payette 1998.
29152: [PAYNE, WILLIAM]. - A Discourse Concerning the Adoration of the Host, As It Is Taught and Practiced in the Church of Rome. Wherein an Answer Is Given to T.G. On That Subject, and to Monsieur Boileau’S Late Book de Adoratione Eucharistiæ. Paris 1685.
31297: PAZZINI, ADALBERTO. - Elementi Propedeutici Di Storia Della Medicina.
33964: PEARLSTEIN, PHILIP. - Philip Pearlstein: New Watercors.
37523: PEDRALS, D. P. DE. - Manuel Scientifique de L'Afrique Noire: Anthropologie, Préhistoire, Archéologie, Cultures Et Arts, Institutions Sociales Et Politiques, Histoire.
24734: [PEEL, JOHN]. MACHELL, HUGH. - John Peel: Famous in Sport and Song.
36657: PELAYO, ORLANDO. - Les Cahiers D'Art-Documents. Numéro 59, 1957: Orlando Pelayo 1920.
36137: PELIKAN, JAROSLAV. - Obedient Rebels: Catholic Substance and Protestant Principle in Luther's Reformation.
39131: [PELLAN, ALFRED]. LEFEBVRE, GERMAIN (TEXT). - Pellan. [Inscribed by Germain Lefebvre].
32448: [PELLAN, ALFRED]. GREENBERG, REESA. - Les Dessins D'Alfred Pellan.
40166: PELLERIN, J.-ALIDE. - Yamachiche Et Son Histoire, 1672-1978.
30657: PENDE, NICOLA. - Constitutional Inadequacies: An Introduction to the Study of Abnormal Constitutions.
35787: [PENFIELD, WILDER]. - Prospect and Retrospect in Neurology: Second Foundation Volume. Published for the Staff, to Commemorate the Opening of the Mcconnell Wing and the Second Foundation of the Montreal Neurological Institute of Mcgill University.
37598: PENFIELD, WILDER. - Some Problems of Wartime Neurology.
38618: [PENFIELD, WILDER]. RASMUSSEN, THEODORE. - Wilder Penfield, 1891-1976.
29122: PENFIELD, WILDER, EDITOR. - Neurological Biographies and Addresses: Foundation Volume Published for the Staff, to Commemorate the Opening of the Montreal Neurological Institute, Mcgill University.
28960: PENFIELD, WILDER. - The Scope of Neurology.
27819: PENFIELD, WILDER. - Intracerebral Vascular Nerves.
27821: PENFIELD, WILDER. - Tumors of the Sheaths of the Nervous System.
27822: PENFIELD, WILDER. - Tumors of the Sheaths of the Nervous System.
33668: [PENFIELD, WILDER GRAVES]. FEINDEL, WILLIAM. - Wilder Penfield (1891-1976: The Man and His Work.
33670: [PENFIELD, WILDER GRAVES]. FEINDEL, WILLIAM. - The Montreal Neurological Institute.
40045: [PENNY, MARGARET]. ROSS, W. GILLES. - This Distant and Unsurveyed Country: A Woman's Winter at Baffin Island, 1857-1858.
33994: [SMITH, JORI]. PEPALL, ROSALIND M., ET AL. - Jori Smith: A Celebration / Une CéLébration.
39953: PEPIN, JACQUES. - The Origins of Aids.
34419: PEPIN, MICHEL.. - Histoire Et Petites Histoires Des Vétérinaires Du Québec.
36944: PEPYS, SAMUEL. J.R. TANNER, EDITOR. - Private Correspondence and Miscellaneous Papers of Samuel Pepys 1679-1703 in the Possession of J. Pepys Cockerell. 2 Volumes.
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36871: SPARGO, JOHN. - A Memorandum on Trade with Soviet Russia: Submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations of the United States Senate, January, 1921, in Connection with the Hearing Upon the Resolution of the Hon. Joseph I. France, Relating to the Resumption of Trad
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35159: SZABADFALVI, JOZSEF. - Hungarian Black Pottery
32169: SZEDLECKI, ANN. - Album of My Life.
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36399: TAUBEN, SARA FERDMAN. - Traces of the Past: Montreal's Early Synagogues. With a Portfolio of Photographs by David Kaufman.

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