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6612: GUIGUET, C.J. - The Birds of British Columbia 3 the Shorebirds
5725: GULICK, SIDNEY L. (EDITOR) - Two Burlesques of Lord Chesterfield's Letters. The Graces (1774); the Fine Gentleman's Ettiquette (1776)
4886: GURR, ELIZABETH - Pope
3104: SCHWAB GUSTAV - Deutsche Volksbücher
5307: ADRIANCE, GUY AND FRED BRISON - Propagation of Horticultural Plants
8671: HEPTING, GEORGE H. AND MARVIN E. FOWLER - Tree Diseases of Eastern Forests and Farm Woodlands
9288: TIESSEN, H. AND M. DICKSON - Beets
5603: PAMMEL, L. H. AND CHARLOTTE M. KING - The Weed Flora of Iowa
9724: HATCH, MELVILLE H AND SAMUEL BELLER - A Preliminary Catalogue of the Chrysomelidae of Oregon
5583: NASSAR, AHMED H. AND PERRY CRANDALL - Tunnel Grower’S Handbook for Egypt
7694: DOLL, E.H. AND D. L. GROSS - Brome Grass for Erosion Control
5021: PLUMB, J.H. AND VINTON A. DEARING - Some Aspects of Eighteenth-Century England
5302: CROSBY, HARRY H. AND GEORGE R. BOND - The Mcluhan Explosion; a Casebook on Marshall Mcluhan and Understanding Media
9024: HATCH, MELVILLE H AND A. I. ORTENBURGER - Records and New Species of Coleoptera from Oklahoma; Records and New Species of Coleoptera from Oklahoma and Western Arkansas with Susbsidiary Studies; the Collection and Preparation of Coleoptera
8151: NEUNZIG, H.H. AND K. A. SORENSON - Insect and Mite Pests of Blueberry in North Carolina
8350: HILL, H. AND M.B. DAVIS - Studies in Strawberry Bud Differentiation
8361: SCOTT, D. H. AND G. M. DARROW - Growing Strawberries in the Southeastern and Gulf Coast States
8117: HALL, F. H. AND L. L. VAN SLYKE - Sugar Beet Success for the Season
92: COX, E. M. H. AND P. A. COX - Modern Rhododendrons
5336: SEARS, O.H. AND W.L. BURLISON - Sweet Clover for Illinois
5342: SIDDOWAY, F.H. AND H.C. MCKAY - Tillage of Sweetclover Under Dryland Conditions
9758: HADDOCK, JAY L. - Soil and Water Management in Irrigated Sugar Beet Fields
4959: HADOW, W. H. - A Comparison of Poetry and Music
6777: HAHN, PAUL D. - A Reformation of New Criticism; "Burnt Norton" Revisited
4547: HAHN, HARRY - The Rape of Labelle
10069: HALDA, JOSEF J. - The Genus Gentiana
8738: HALL, F. - Dahlias and Their Culture
2961: HALL, A.D. - Species of Tulipa for the Garden
4635: HALL, LAWRENCE SARGENT - A Grammer of Literary Criticism. Essays in Definition of Vocabulary, Concepts, and Aims
8594: HALL, I.V. - Growing Cranberries
8504: HALL, H. F. - Strawberries for New Hampshire. Culture - Varieties
8900: HALLIGAN, C. P. - Celery Culture in Michigan
7640: HALLIWELL, BRIAN - The Propagation of Alpine Plants and Dwarf Bulbs
1536: HALSHAM, JOHN - Every Man’S Book of Garden Flowers. With Short Directions for Their Culture
151: HAMÉL, ESTHER VERAMAE - Creative Designs with Dried Flowers and Contrived Flowers
9629: HAMPDEN, MARY - Rose Gardening. How to Manage Roses and Enjoy Them
10139: HANDY, R. B. - Asparagus Culture
10110: HANLEY, KEN - Guide to Fly Fishing in Northern California: A Quick, Clear Understanding of Fly Fishing Northern California's Finest Rivers, Lakes, Reservoirs and Bays
10160: ZAUGG, HANS AND HANS COAZ - Decorative Trees and Shrubs
4403: HANSEN, N. E - Flowers Every Day in the Year
4542: HANSEN, HANNY HARALD - Klaededragtens Kavalkade I Farver
4037: HANSON, BEA - Bromeliads for Everyone
53: HARDEGG, DOMINIK GRAF - Einiges über Das Pferd
5095: HARDEN, EDGAR F. - Thackeray's English Humourists and Four Georges
8398: HARDIN, N. C. - Strawberry Growing Tips for the Home Gardener
3547: HARDING, WINTON - Saxifrages
4763: HARDING, DAVIS P. - The Club of Hercules. Studies in the Classical Background of Paradise Lost
5722: HARDINGE, GEORGE - Rowley and Chatterton in the Shades or, Nugae Antiquae Et Novea (1782)
2367: HARKNESS, BERNARD E. - Seedlist Handbook. A Guide to the Plants Offered in the Major Plant Societies’ Seed Exchanges
10149: HARKNESS, PETER; FARINO, TERESA - The Photographic Encyclopedia of Wildflowers
9787: COLLISON, R. C.; J. D HARLIN AND L. R. STRREETER - High-Nicotine Tobacco
187: HARPER, M. W. - Horse Breeding
3440: HARPER, PAMELA J. - Designing with Perennials
188: HARPER, M. W - How to Judge Horses
9751: HARPER, HORACE J. - Experiments on Fertilization of Cotton, Alone and in Rotation and with Green Manure Crops, on Three Central Oklahoma Soils, 1927-1958
8902: HARRIS, FRANK S. - The Commercial Production of Sugar Beet Seed in Utah
5779: HARRIS, JOSEPH - The City Bride (1696)
5177: HARRISON, G.B. - Shakespeare at Work, 1592-1603
6930: HARRISSE - Notes Pour Servir a L'Histoire, a la Bibliographie Et a la Cartographie de la Nouvelle-France Et Des Pays Adjacents 1545-1700
1822: HARTENFELS, A.F.V. - Neuer Garten-Saal
5804: HARTLEY, DAVID - Various Conjectures on the Perception, Motion, and Generation of Ideas (1746)
3409: HARTMANN, FR. J - Was Hat Die Welt Zu Fürchten Von Dem Kometen Des Jahres 1834?
9619: LOWSON ;E.W. SIMON; K. J. DORMER; J.N. HARTSHORNE - Lowson's Textbook of Botany
6232: HARTZELL, F.Z. - Methods of Estimating Foliage Area Injured by Grape Leafhoppers
96: HARVEY, N.P. - The Rose in Britain
5536: HARVEY, N. P. - Indoor Gardening As a Pastime
6507: HARVEY, LORI THOMSON - A Guide to Agricultural Spray Adjuvants Used in the United States
115: TUCKER, J. M.; M. E. FOWLER; W. A. HARVEY AND K. J. BERRY - Poisonous Hemlocks and Their Identification and Control
8712: WHITSON, A.R, E.P. SANDSTEN, L.P HASKINS AND H. RAMSAY - Report on Cranberry Investigations
9715: HATCH, MELVILLE H. - Notes on the Classification of Nearctic Coleoptera
9775: HATCH, MELVILLE H. - Homas Lincoln Casey As a Coleopterist
9771: HATCH, MELVILLE H. - Studies on the Carrion Beetle of Minnesota, Including New Species
9773: HATCH, MELVILLE H. - Studies on the Silphinae
9711: HATCH, MELVILLE H. - The Nearctic and European Species of the Subgenus Phaedon (Chrysomelinae)
5905: HAUPTMANN, GERHART - Hauptmann, Till
9148: SAVAGE, E. F; R.A. HAYDEN AND W.E WARD - The Effet of Type and Season of Pruning on Growth and Yield of Dixigem Peach Trees
6668: HAYDN, JOSEPH - Symphony No. 2 (London) in D Major
40001: HAYES, DORSHA - Bell-Branch, Ring Again
5755: HEADLEY, HENRY - Poems (1786)
2785: HECKER, W. R. - Auriculas & Primroses
9149: BUKOVAC, GASTON, HEDDE AND LEVIN - Fruit Thinning of Peaches with Machines
6826: HEDGCOCK, GEORGE G. - Some Stem Tumors or Knots on Apple and Quince Trees
8728: HEDRICK, U.P. - Dwarf Apples
9317: HEDRICK, U. P. - New or Noteworthy Fruits 1,3,4,8,9
543: HEDRICK, U.P.; STURTEVANT - Sturtevant’S Notes on Edible Plants
4386: HEITZ, HALINA - Roses. Mini Fact Finders
9686: HELM, C. A. - Sweet Clover
9894: HELM, P. J. - Jeffreys
682: HENDERSON, PETER - Garden and Farm Topics
1546: HENDERSON, PETER - Practical Floriculture; a Guide to the Successful Cultivation of Florists' Plants, for the Amateur and Professional Florist
9720: HENDERSON, CHARLES F. - Overwintering, Spring Emergence and Host Synchronization of Two Egg Parasites of the Beet Leafhopper in Southern Idaho
9576: HENKEL, ALICE - Wild Medicinal Plants of the United States
9972: HENKEL, ALICE - Golden Seal
9933: HENREY, BLANCHE - British Botanical and Horticultural Literature Before 1800
4696: HENRYSON, ROBERT - The Testament of Cresseid
7714: HENSLOW, M.A. - Darwin As Ecologist
8279: HEPLER, PAUL, JOHN SMAGULA ND AMR ISMAIL - Frost Injury and Frost Protectants for Lowbush Blueberries
6415: HERRICK, ROBERT - Some Poems of Robert Herrick
3330: WELCH, D.S., G.W. HERRICK AND R. W. CURTIS - The Dutch Elm Disease
8772: HERRMANN, HANS; ERICH DEHLER; HEINRICH GAMRINGER; HERMANN KASTL - Agrarwirtschaft Fachstufe Landwirt Plfanzenproduktion Tierproduktion Landtechnik
750: VITTUM AND HERVEY - Relation of Marion Market Cabbage Yield and Bursting to Rates of Application and Sources of Fertilizer Nutrients and Insect Control.
8837: HERWIG, ROB - Growing Beautiful Houseplants: An Illustrated Guide to the Selection and Care of over 1,000 Varieties
9942: HIBBERD, SHIRLEY - The Amateur's Rose Book
700: HIBBERD, WILLIAM F. - The Five-Leaved Roses
10172: HIGGINS, VERA - The Cactus Grower's Guide
7132: HIGGINS, J.E. - Citrus Fruit in Hawaii
9146: HIGGINS, B.B. - The Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization on Cold Injury of Peach Trees
5426: HIGGINSON, FRED H. - A Bibliography of the Works of Robert Graves
7645: PELLETIER AND HILBORN - Blossom and Twig Blight of Low-Bush Blueberries
8269: BRIERLEY AND HILDRETH - Some Studies on the Hardiness of Certain Species of Vaccinium
5869: HILL, JOHN - Hypochondriasis. A Practical Treatise (1766)
587: HILL, ARTHUR W. - Pelargoniums
9507: HILL, LEWIS - Secrets of Plant Propagation. Starting Your Own Flowers, Vegetables, Fruits, Berries, Shrubs, Trees, and Houseplants
4306: HILL, ROBERT G. - Bramble Fruit Culture
3537: HILLIER, H. G. - Late-Flowering Trees and Shrubs
3708: HILLIER, MALCOLM; HILTON, COLIN - The Book of Dried Flowers
704: HILLS, LAWRENCE D. - The Propagation of Alpines
1103: HILTON, R.J. - Home Vegetable Growing
7057: HIND, STEVEN - Familiar Ground
8142: SHUTAK, VLADIMER; ROBINSON HINDLE AND EVERETT CHRISTOPHER - Growth Studies of the Cultivated Blueberry
6909: WHARTON, PETER, BRENT HINE AND DOUGLAS JUSTICE - The Jade Garden. New & Notable Plants from Asia
4144: HINKLEY, DANIEL J. - The Explorer's Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials
5554: JAMAIN, HIPPOLYTE AND EUGENE FORNEY - Les Roses. Histoire - Culture - Description
8400: HITZ, C.W. - Chemical Control of Plant Populations in Strawberries
2764: HOARE, CLEMENT - A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine on Open Walls
252: HOARE, CLEMENT - A Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Grape Vine on Open Walls
2998: HOARE, A. H. - Commercial Apple Growing
8377: HOBHOUSE, PENELOPE - The Country Gardener
10201: HOCKER,SALLY HAINES - Herbals and Closely Related Medico-Botanical Works
3279: HOFER, GEORGE - The Aspen Borer and How to Control It
9513: HOFER, REBECCA - Removing the Hutterite Kerchief
30207: HOFFER, JEFFREY A.; JOEY F. GEORGE; JOSEPH VALACICH - Modern Systems Analysis and Design
8425: HOFFMAN, M. B. - Strawberry Culture
9792: HOFFMANN, CLARENCE H. - Annotated List of Elm Insects in the United States
5379: HOGAN, ROBERT - Arthur Miller
9992: HOGG, THOMAS - A Concise and Practical Treatise on the Growth and Culture of the Carnation, Pink, Auricula, Polyanthus, Ranunculus, Tulip, Hyacinth, Rose and Other Flowers & a Supplement to the Treatise on the Culture of Florist's Flowers
9980: HOLE, S. REYNOLDS - A Book About Roses 3rd Edition
9982: HOLE, S. REYNOLDS - A Book About the Garden and the Gardener
2756: HOLLIS, LEONARD - Roses
86: HOLLIS, LEONARD - Roses. A Selected List of Varieties.
2347: HOLLIS, LEONARD - Collingridge Standard Guide to Roses
10177: HOLM, LYDIA - Jane in Nicaragua
7432: HOLMES, JOHN - Map of My Country
925: HOLMES, EBER - Rose Garden Primer
8465: HOLMES, E. - The Maine Farmer and Journal of the Useful Arts Devoted to Agriculture , Mechanics and General News
9048: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Yard & Garden Owners Manual: Your Complete Guide to the Care and Upkeep of Everything Outdoors
3360: BETTER HOMES & GARDENS - Roses You Can Grow
2911: BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - Complete Guide to Gardening
4873: HOPKINS, KENNETH - Portraits in Satire
951: HOPKINS, J. C. F. - Tobacco Diseases with Special Reference to Africa
8376: BOYCE, B. R., R. J. HOPP AND G. B. MACCOLLUM - Strawberries in Vermont
10039: AKIRA HORINAKA - The Pictorial Book of Iris Laevigata
5042: HÖRMANN, BERNHARD - Die Sanddornbeere (Hippophae Rhamnoides L. Die Beste Natürliche Vitamin C Spenderin ( Sea-Buckthorn )
4670: HORNE, COLIN J. - Swift on His Age. Selected Prose and Verse
8870: HORNIBROOK, MURRAY - Dwarf and Slow Growing Conifers
9753: HOSKINSON, P.E. - The Hancock Cotton Variety
8888: HOTSON, J.W. - Key to the Rusts of the Pacific Northwest.
3442: HOTTES, ALFRED CARL - Climbers and Ground Covers
1551: HOTTES, ALFRED C. - The Book of Perennials
1589: HOTTES, ALFRED C. - The Book of Shrubs
4644: HOUGH, GRAHAM - The Dream and the Task
7394: HOUGHTON, ARTHUR DUVERNOIX - A Monograph of the Begoniaceae of North America
3619: HOWARD, FRANCES - Landscaping with Vines
5762: HOWARD, JAMES - The English Mounsieur. A Comedy (1674)
8739: HOWE, G. H. - Pear Growing in New York
7713: HUDSON, J. - Present-Day Water Lilies
8424: HUFFINGTON, M. J. - Strawberries and Grapes
9772: DARBY, HUGH AND E. M. KAPP - Studies on the Mexican Fruit Fly, Anastrepha Ludens (Loew)
8169: LINER, HUGH AND EDWIN PROCTOR - Blueberry Harvesting and Packing Costs - Machine Versus Hand Systems. A Case Study
4937: HUGHES, JOHN - Poems on Several Occasions with Some Select Essays in Prose (2 Volume Set)
4939: HUGHES, JOHN - Letters, by Several Eminent Persons Deceased
3953: HUGHES, CLEDWYN - Making an Orchard
8716: HULBERT, H.W. - Field Pea Production in North Idaho
2370: HULL, GEORGE F. - Bonsai for Americans. A Practical Guide to the Creation and Care of Miniature Potted Trees
10083: HULTEN, ERIC - Outline of the History of Arctic and Boreal Biota During the Quaternary Period
9465: HUMBOLDT, WILHELM - The Limits of State Action
9640: HUME, A.N. - Trials with Sweet Clover As a Field Crop in South Dakota
7137: HUME, HAROLD H. - The Mandarin Orange Group
7138: HUME, HAROLD H. - Kumquats
9639: HUME, A.N. - Some Tentative Statements Concerning Fowlds Hulless Oats
7136: HUME, HAROLD H. - Packing Citrus Fruits
9648: HUME, A. N. - Barley Culture in South Dakota
7133: HUME, HAROLD H. - Some Citrus Troubles
7134: HUME, HAROLD H. - Pomelos
7135: HUME, HAROLD H. - Cultivation of Citrus Groves
4986: HUME, ROBERT D. - Dryden's Criticism
9606: HUME, A. N.; MANLEY CHAPLIN, J.D. MORRISON - Winter Grain in South Dakota
5968: HUNTER, BYRON - Bean Growing in Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon
9677: HUNTER, BYRON - Increasing the Production of Wheat on Washington Dry Farms by Better Cultural Methods
5741: HUNTLEY, FRANK L (INTRODUCTION) - Two Funeral Sermons (1635)
6218: HUSMANN, GEORGE C. - Grape Propagation, Pruning and Training
2248: HUTCHINS, A.E. - Vegetable Gardening.
6911: HUTCHISON, MISS I.W. - Greenland's Flowery Valleys
8419: BELL, MANDIGO, CARLSON, HUTSON AND FULTON - Commercial Strawberry Production in Michigan. Culture, Insects, Diseases
6827: HUTT, H. L. - Apple Culture
3795: HYAMS, EDWARD - Ornamental Shrubs for Temperate Zone Gardens. March and April Flowering
3796: HYAMS, EDWARD - Ornamental Shrubs for Temperate Zone Gardens. Winter
1553: HYAMS, EDWARD - Ornamental Shrubs for Temperate Zone Gardens
7826: HYDE, ALEXANDER - Twelve Lectures on Agricultural Topics Delivered Before the Lowell Institute, Boston, Ma
3356: HYLANDER, NILS - The Genus Hosta
3701: LEWIS, C. I. AND H. A. VICKERS - Economics of Apple Orcharding
8742: LEWIS, C. I. AND C. A. COLE - Culture of Small Fruits
8494: FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY - The Maritime Berry Processing Industry
9537: INGLE, MORRIS - Studies on the Maturity and Storage Behaviour of Red Delicious Budsports
6358: INGWERSEN, WILL - Classic Garden Plants
5191: INNES, MICHAEL - There Came Both Mist and Snow
9877: INNES, JOCASTA; TWORT, ANDREW - Painted Furniture
8101: US DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR - Oregon Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement Volumes 1-4
2099: M'INTOSH, CHARLES ( MCINTOSH ) - The New and Improved Practical Gardener and Modern Horticulturist
8603: IQBAL, MUHAMMAD (EDITOR) - Growth Patterns in Vascular Plants
5026: EHRENPREIS, IRVIN AND ROBERT HALSBAND - The Lady of Letters in the Eighteenth Century
9739: PHILLIPS, W. J. AND F. W. POOS - The Wheat Strawworm and Its Control
5645: REID, W. J. AND F. P. CUTHBERT - Aphids on Leafy Vegetables
1853: MACSELF A.J. & ARTHUR TURNER - The Collingridge Handbook of Greenhouse Gardening
4399: FLOOR, J. & W. S. ROGERS - Key for the Identification of the Commonly Cultivated of Commercial Varieties of Strawberries
7695: BURGER, O.J. AND F.W. GLOVER - Smooth Brome Grass Varieties for West Virginia
7705: PIERRE, J.J. AND J.A. JACKOBS - Growing Birdsfoot Trefoil in Illinois
3670: TAUBENHAUS, J. J. AND FRED W. MALLY - The Culture and Diseases of the Onion
9532: MORSE, W. J. AND C. E. LEWIS - Maine Apple Diseases
4162: HUTCHINSON, J. AND J. M. DALZIEL - Flora of West Tropical Africa ( Volume 3 Part 1 )
2578: SHEEHAN, T.J. AND S.A. ROSE - Garden Chrysanthemums
1588: RAYMOND J. - Flowers and Flowering Plants
8420: BRAUD, HARRY J. AND P. L. HAWTHORNE - Cold Protection for Louisiana Strawberries
8371: GREEN, W. J AND E. C. GREEN - Strawberries. Cultural Notes. Comparison of Varieties
8411: GREEN, W. J. AND F. H. BALLOU - Varieties of Strawberries
8412: GREEN, W. J. AND F. H. BALLOU - The Newer Strawberries
8713: FRANKLIN, J.J. AND F.W. MORSE - Reports on Experimental Work in Connection with Cranberries
7565: GREEN, W.J. AND F.H. BALLOU - Peaches for Home and Market
5320: JACK, IAN - Augustan Satire: Intention and Idiom in English Poetry, 1660-1750
8396: JACK, ROBERT L. - Marketing West Virginia Strawberries in out-of-State Markets
10106: JACOBS, DON L.; JACOBS, ROB L. - Trilliums in Woodland and Garden American Treasures: American Treasures
9225: KIGER, ROBERT W; T.D. JACOBSEN AND ROBERTA M. LILLY - International Register of Specialists and Current Research in Plant Systematics
7270: JACOBSON, JAY - Recognition of Air Pollution Injury to Vegetation: A Pictorial Atlas
8910: HERITEAU, JACQUELINE AND H. MARC CATHEY - The National Arboretum Book of Outstanding Garden Plants. The Authoritative Guide to Selecting and Growing the Most Beautiful, Durable, and Care-Free Garden Plants in North America
5420: SMITH, ORLIE; H.D. JACQUOT AND ROBERT BROWN - Stabilization of Sand Dunes in the Pacific Northwest
7058: JADERBORG, ELIZABETH - Why Lindsborg?
9194: JALBERT, BRAD;PETERS, LAURA - Roses for Washington and Oregon
1264: JAMES, MARGUERITE - How to Make a Garden
8555: JAMIESON, D. G. - Bits of Beauty Found Along the Way
9497: GLIMN-LACY, JANICE AND PETER B. KAUFMAN - Botany Illustrated. Introduction to Plants. Major Groups. Flowering Plant Families
8612: JANICK, JULES - The National Plant Germplasm System of the United States. Plant Breeding Reviews Volume 7
8822: JANSON, ARTHUR - Kern-, Stein- Und Schalenobst. Ein Lehr- Und Nachschlagebuch über Den Gesamten Baumobstbau
10040: COX, JEFF & MARILYN - Landscape with Roses: Gardens Walkways Arbors Containers
1506: COX, JEFF & MARILYN - The Perennial Garden. Color Harmonies Through the Seasons
9284: JEFFERSON, LORIAN P. - The Connecticut Valley Onion Industry
4579: JEFFREY, FRANCIS - Contributions to the Edinburgh Review
9841: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden
9630: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Wall & Water Gardens
10194: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Gardens for Small Country Houses
4324: JEKYLL, GERTRUDE - Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden
10230: JELITTO, LEO; SCHACHT, WILHELM; FESSLER, ALFRED - Hardy Herbaceous Perennials (Gardener's Guide) Volume 2
6491: LILY, J. PAUL, VAN JENKINS AND MAINLAND - Investigation of Soil and Other Factors Influencing Plant Failure of North Carolina Highbush Blueberry
155: JENKINS, DOROTHY - The Weekend Gardener
156: JENKINS, E.H. - The Rock Garden
6937: JENNINGS, B. A. - Repairing the Spring-Tooth Harrow
9747: JENSEN, I. J. - Sunflowers Under Irrigation in Montana
2832: JESSEN, KARL F. W. - Botanik Der Gegenwart Und Vorzeit in Culturhistorischer Entwicklung. Ein Beitrag Zur Geschichte Der Abendländischen Völker
9516: JESSETT, THOMAS E. - Clamshell Railroad. America's Westernmost Line 1888-1930
89: SYMONS-JEUNE, B.H. B. - Phlox
10020: LOTZ, JIM & MACKENZIE, KEITH - Railways of Canada
10169: JIMENEZ, ANTONIO - Loving Devotion to Jesus Through Mary
8832: JOANELLI, GUSTAV VON - Jacob Casanova's Memoiren. Vollständige Mit Kunstvoll Ausgeführten Illustrationen Versehene Prachtausgabe Neu Bearbeitet Von Gustav Von Joanelli. 9 Bände.
8414: SCHUH, JOE AND S. M. ZELLER - Insect Pests and Diseases of Strawberries in Oregon
8685: JOHANSEN, CARL - Insect Management and Control for Crops Grown for Seed
9310: JOHANSON, DONALD - Lucy: The Beginnings of Humankind
8691: DODGE, JOHN AND JOHN SNYDER - Growing Raspberries in Washington
8160: BAILEY, JOHN AND HENRY FRANKLIN - Blueberry Culture in Massachusetts
2523: JOHNS, GLENN F (COMPILER) - Lawn Beauty. The Organic Way. A Complete Guide to an Attractive Lawn without Poison Sprays or Chemical Fertilizers
9495: JOHNSON, WILLIAM S.;RICE, MARK;WILLIAMS, CARLA - Photography from 1839 to Today: George Eastman House, Rochester, Ny
5716: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Deformities of Dr. Samuel Johnson. Selected from His Works (1782)
9828: SAXTON'S AND LOUISA JOHNSON - The American Rose Culturist; and Every Lady Her Own Flower Gardener, Addressed to the Industrious and Economical. Simple and Practical Directions for Cultivating Plants and Flowers in the Garden and in Rooms
5954: JOHNSON, CLARENCE D. - A Revision of the Genus Sennius of North and Central America ( Coleoptere Bruchidae )
2303: JOHNSTON, JAMES - Lectures on the General Relations Which Science Bears to Practical Agriculture,
9743: AFANASIEV; FRAHM; MORRIS; JOHNSTON - Physiology of Growth, Sugar Accumulation and Mineral Intake of Sugar Beets in Montana
9883: JOHNSTON, INGEBORG M. - The Unbelievable Adventures of a Wwii German War Bride: Collections of Acts of Kindness in War and Peace
8530: JOHNSTON, S. C. - Vegetable Growing
8781: JONES, DAVID L. - Exotic Orchids in Australia
8986: JONES, JAMES L. - Lychnis and Silene in the Garden
9768: JONES, T. H. - Cankerworms
8701: JONGMANNS, W. J. - Die Palaeobotanische Literatur. Bibliographische ûbersicht über Die Arbeiten Aus Dem Gebiete Der Palaeobotanik
7498: DORR, JOSEPH AND E.C.MARTIN - Pollination Studies on the Highbush Blueberry Vaccinium Corymbosum L
9876: JOYCE, DAVID - The Complete Guide to Pruning and Training Plants
5781: JOYNE, JOHN - A Journal (1769)
9868: JULIAN, JOHN (EDITOR) - Super Yachts: An Illustrated Tour of Some of the World's Most Luxurious Yachts
9544: CLAYTON, C.N.; A. J. JULIS AND T. B. SUTTON - Root Tot Disease of Apple in North Carolina
8771: JUNG, CARL GUSTAV - Der Mensch Und Seine Symbole
10198: JUNK, W. - Bibliographiae Botanicae Supplementum
6774: JUNK, W. - Rara: Historico-Naturalia Et Mathematica
9794: RIPLEY H. K. - The Greenhouse Centipede
9333: MASTERMAN, NANCY K. AND FRAN A. LEE - The Home Freezing of Farm Products
4893: KALLICH, MARTIN - Heav'n's First Law. Rhetoric and Order in Pope's Essay on Man
6659: KALMEY, ROBERT P. - Pope's Eloisa to Abelard and Those Celebrated Letters
6793: KAMES, HENRY HOME OF - Elements of Criticism
4773: KAMES - Sketches of the History of the Man
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3806: PRICE, BOB - Today’S Guide to Greenhouse Gardening
8784: PRIDGEON, A. - Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids
6442: PRINCE, WILLIAM ROBERT - Manual of Roses
10215: PRINGLE, JAMES S. - Taxonomy and Distribution of Clematis, Sect Atragene (Ranunculaceae), in North America
5984: PRIOR, SOPHIA - Mistletoe and Holly
856: PRIOR, W. D. - Roses and Their Culture
7390: PUGNETTI, G. - Comment Cultiver Les Roses
9666: PUGSLEY, C. W. - Bean Culture
4303: PULTENEY, RICHARD - Geschichte Der Botanik
6614: PURCELL, HENRY - Dido and Aeneas an Opera
5920: PURNEY - A Full Enquiry Into the True Nature of Pastoral
4612: PURVIS, CANNON J. S. - Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Terms
7745: CHAMBERLAIN, G.C.; W.L. PUTMAN AND BOLTON - Diseases and Insect Pest of Raspberries and Other Cane Fruits
1334: PUTTOCK, A.G. - Lovely Fuchsias
1073: PUTTOCK, A.G. - Greenhouse Plants for Pleasure
8126: PUTTOCK, A. G. - Primulas
2678: PUTTOCK, A. G. - Primulas
9140: QUAINTANCE, A. L. - The Principal Insect Enemies of the Peach
3712: QUAINTANCE, A. L. - The Peach Borer
9797: QUAINTANCE, A. L. - The San Juan Scale and Its Contol
7142: QUAYLE, H.J. - The Red or Orange Scale
7143: QUAYLE, H.J. - Citrus Fruit Insects
3101: QUENSEL, HEINRICH - Geht Es Aufwärts?
4925: DE QUNINCY, M. QUATREMERE - An Essay on the Nature, the End, and the Means of Imitation in the Fine Arts
9717: BROWN, CARL R. AND MELVILLE H. HATCH - Orientation and Freight Reactions of Whirligig Beetles ( Gyrinidae )
9649: TAFT, L. R. AND H. P GLADDEN - Eighty New Strawberries
8831: DYKES, W.R. AND E. KATHERINE - Notes on Tulip Species
9315: PHILLIPS, W.R. AND J. G. ARMSTRONG - Handbook on the Storage of Fruits and Vegetables for Farm and Commercial Use
6505: FURTICK, W.R. AND R. R. ROMANOWSKI - Weed Research Methods Manual. A Handbook or Weed Control Research Techniques and Methods with Emphasis on Establishing New Programs
8895: HALE, CHARLES R. AND ROBERT J. WEAVER - The Effect of Developmental Stage on Direction of Translocation of Photoynthate in Vitis Vinifera
7727: STANTON, T.R. AND F.A. COFFMAN - Oats in the Northeastern States
7391: LAUBERT, R. AND MARTIN SCHWARTZ - Rosenkrankheiten Und Rosenfeinde
9582: TAFT, L. R. AND M. L. DEAN - Small Fruits for 1904: Notes on the Strawberry, Blackberries, Cherries, Tomatoes and Potatoes
8513: CHRISTIE, J. R. AND A. L. TAYLOR - Controlling Nematodes in the Home Garden
8645: STANTON, T.R. AND F. A COFFMAN - Oats in the North-Central States
7733: STANTON, T.R. AND F. A COFFMAN - Grow Disease-Resistant Oats
3909: RABAN, JONATHAN - The Technique of Modern Fiction. Essays in Practical Criticism
2283: RABATÉ, EDMOND - La Taille de Plein Vent Des Fruitiers à Noyau.
5993: RAJAN, B. - T.S. Elioit. A Study of His Writings by Several Hands
10003: RAMSDEN, H. A. - Siamese Porcelain and Other Tokens
4730: RAMSEY, PAUL - The Lively and the Just. An Argument for Propriety
5190: RAMUS, PETER - The Logike 1574
8416: RANE, F. WM - Growing Strawberries in New England
5919: RAPIN - Essays on Poetry. No 3: Rapin's de Carmine Pastorali, Prefixed to Thomas Creech's Translation of the Idylliums of Theocritus (1684)
4099: RASMUSSEN, A. O - Rose Culture
9301: RASMUSSEN, KARL - The Trail Blazers of Canadian Agriculture : A History of Agricultural Pioneering and Development in Canada
9473: RAY, SUSAN A.;WILKE, SUE - Easy Beaded Jewelry
6271: RAY, JOHN (JOANNE RAIO) - Synopsis Methodica Stirpium Britannicarum, in Qua Tum Notae Generum Characteristicae Traduntur, Tum Species Singulae Breviter Describuntur: Ducentae Quinquaginta Plus Minus Novae Species Pertim Suis Locis Inseruntur, Partim in Appendice Searsim Exhibentur
9781: RAY, EUGENE - Two New Beetles of the Family Mordellidae from Orchids
4626: REA, JOHN - Flora: Seu de Florum Cultura or a Complete Florilege Furnished with All Requisites Belonging to a Florist
3676: RECTOR, CAROLYN - How to Grow African Violets
9879: REDD, TRUE - La Rose: An Intimacy of Roses
4274: E. VON REDERN - Bismarck 1888-1898
9920: REDGROVE, HUGH - An Illustrated Handbook of Bulbs & Perennials
5150: REESING, JOHN - Milton's Poetic Art. A Mask, Lycidas, and Paradise Lost
3074: SAUNDERS, W. WILSON; H. G. REICHENBACH AND W. H. FITCH - Refugium Botanicum or Figures and Descriptions from Living Specimens of Little Known or New Plants of Botanical Interest. Volume 2
2106: REILLY, ANN - Park’S Success with Seeds
3103: REINKE, J. - Die Welt Als Tat
7159: DELILAH-RENE - Patchwork Quilts a Collection of Poems and Illustrations
2997: RENSE, PAIGE (EDITOR) - Gardens
4069: RENTOUL, J.N. - Growing Orchids: The Australasian Families
5003: REYNOLDS, E.E. - Edmund Burke. Christian Statesman
6137: REYNOLDS, ERNEST - Modern English Drama. A Survey of the Theatre from 1900
7023: REYNOLDS, G.W. - Les Aloes de Madagascar. Revision
3631: RICE, GRAHAM - Hardy Perennials
3026: RICHARD, ACHILLE - Nouveux éLémens de Botanique Et de Physiologie Végétale - Elemens Vegetale
8252: MCLEAN, RICHARD AND RODGER MCLEAN - A Manual for the Repair of Fiberglass Boats Suffering from Osmotic Blisters
9959: BIRD, RICHARD & JOHN KELLY - The Complete Book of Alpine Gardening
6847: WOODBURY AND RICHARDS - Commercial Apple Growing
2554: RICHARDS, A. A. - Tomatoes & Cucumbers

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