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013716: BREE, GERMAINE - Gide
017194: BREEN, JON L. - What About Murder? : A Guide to Books About Mystery and Detective Fiction
42749: BREEN, JON L. - Murder in Los Angeles
011555: BRELIS, DEAN - The Face of South Vietnam
015841: BREMNER, ROBERT H - From the Depths: The Discovery of Poverty in the United States
006162: BRENDON, PIERS - Eminent Edwardians
37253: BRENGLE, RICHARD L., EDITOR - Arthur, King of Britain: History, Romance, Chronicle & Criticism, with Texts in Modern English, from Gildas to Malory. Edited by Richard L. Brengle
37555: BRENMAN-GIBSON, MARGARET - Clifford Odets, American Playwright : The Years from 1906 to 1940
005708: BRENNAN, JOSEPH GERARD - The Education of a Prejudiced Man
29041: BRENNAN, DONALD G., EDITOR - Arms Control, Disarmament, and National Security
38725: BRENNAN, JENNIFER - The Cuisines of Asia : Nine Great Oriental Cuisines by Technique
012618: BRENNER, MARIE - House of Dreams: The Bingham Family of Louisville
24538: BRENT, PETER - Captain Scott and the Antarctic Tragedy
33163: BRENT, C. H. - In Whom Was No Guile, a Sermon Preached in Memory of Henry Martyn Torbert, Minister of Saint Stepehn's Church, Boston
37762: BRENT, CAROL D. - Barbeque; the Fine Art of Charcoal, Gas, and Hibachi Cooking. Editor: Carol D. Brent. Art Director: Dick Collins. Photography by Bill Miller Gourmet international
004814: BRESKIN, DAVID - The Real Life Diary of a Boomtown Girl
007246: BRESLIN, JIMMY - Damon Runyon
22008: BRESLIN, JIMMY - Table Money
22516: BRESLIN, JIMMY - World without End, Amen
24695: BRESLIN, CATHERINE - Unholy Child
24696: BRESLIN, HOWARD - The Tamarack Tree
37894: BRESLIN, JIMMY - The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight
22697: BRETT, JAN - The Wild Christmas Reindeer
24273: BRETTELL, RICHARD R. & MCCULLAGH, SUZANNE FOLDS - Degas in the Art Institute of Chicago
26819: BREW, J. O., EDITOR - One Hundred Years of Anthropology. Edited with an Introd. By J.O. Brew
27387: BREWER, E. COBHAM - Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama. A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook
39996: BREWER, E. COBHAM - Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama. A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook
1914: BREWINGTON, M. V. - Chesapeake Bay: A Pictorial Maritime History
25988: BREWINGTON, M. V. - Chesapeake Bay Log Canoes and Bugeyes
41846: BRIAN, DENIS - Jeane Dixon : The Witnesses
013832: BRIAN, DENIS - Tallulah, Darling: A Biography of Tallulah Bankhead
017096: BRIAN, DENIS - The True Gen: An Intimate Portrait of Ernest Hemingway by Those Who Knew Him
34438: BRICE, A. H. M. - Look Upon the Prisoner : Studies in Crime
39656: BRIDENBAUGH, CARL - Vexed and Troubled Englishmen, 1590 - 1642
015864: BRIDGE HEADQUARTERS, INC. - The Official System of Contract Bridge, Simplified, Concise
24692: BRIDGE, ANN - The Portuguese Escape
014769: BRIDGES, ROBERT - Overheard in Arcady
31205: BRIDGMAN, HOWARD A. - New England in the Life of the World; a Record of Adventure and Achievement
012779: BRIER, HOWARD M - Skyblazer
003466: BRIERLEY, DAVID - Skorpion's Death
28820: BRIFFAULT, ROBERT - Europa in Limbo
003476: BRIGGS, KEN & JANET - Yin and Yang Come Home: A Picture Book of Being There
25154: BRIGGS, PETER - Men in the Sea
26138: BRIGGS, A. D. P. - Alexander Pushkin : A Celebration of Russia's Best-Loved Writer
26592: BRIGGS, ELLIS ORMSBEE - Shots Heard Round the World; an Ambassador's Hunting Adventures on Four Continents. Illustrated by Rudolf Freund
30003: BRIGGS, GEOFFREY & TAYLOR, FREDERIC - The Cambridge Photographic Atlas of the Planets
25217: BRIGHT, MICHAEL - The Wildlife Year
26868: BRIGHT, WILLIAM - A Coyote Reader
012249: BRIN, DAVID - Glory Season
39320: BRIN, DAVID - Heaven's Reach The Second Uplift Trilogy #3
2033: BRINDZE, RUTH - Seamanship Below Deck
23408: BRINDZE, RUTH - Seamanship Below Deck
010485: BRINE, MARY D - The Little Twin Roses; a Story for Little Girls and Boys
24701: BRINIG, MYRON - You and I
017271: BRINK, ANDR‚ - A Chain of Voices
22527: BRINK, CAROL RYRIE - Caddie Woodlawn
27379: BRINK, CAROL - Harps in the Wind : The Story of the Singing Hutchinsons
011478: BRINKLEY, WILLIAM - Don't Go Near the Water
24698: BRINKLEY, WILLIAM - Don't Go Near the Water
37390: BRINKLEY, WILLIAM - The Ninety and Nine
41866: BRINKLEY, DAVID - David Brinkley : 11 Presidents, 4 Wars, 22 Political Conventions, 1 Moon Landing, 3 Assassinations, 2,000 Weeks of News and Other Stuff on Television and 18 Years of Growing Up in North Carolina
008375: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM - Sextet: T.S. Eliot & Truman Capote & Others
33054: BRINNIN, JOHN MALCOLM - The Third Rose : Gertrude Stein and Her World.
41914: BRINTON, JASPER YEATES - The Mixed Courts of Egypt
44204: BRION, MARCEL - Michelangelo, by Marcel Brion; Translated from the French by James Whitall
29777: BRISCOE, JILL & STUART, EDITORS - Desert Songs : Selections from the Psalms in the New King James Version
24699: BRISKIN, JACQUELINE - Dreams Are Nor Enough
24700: BRISKIN, JACQUELINE - Paloverde
28321: BRISKIN, ALAN - The Stirring of Soul in the Workplace
004387: BRISTER, BOB - Moss, Mallards and Mules; and Other Hunting and Fishing Stories
24868: BRITISH MUSEUM - Warfare British Museum pocket treasury
26128: BRITISH MUSEUM - Romans British Museum pocket treasuries
28069: BRITTAIN, BILL - The Ghost from Beneath the Sea
24703: BRITTON, CHRISTOPHER - Paybacks
43095: BRNARD, ROBERT - Fête Fatale
27409: BROADBENT, MICHAEL. - The Great Vintage Wine Book
27354: BROBECK, FLORENCE - Cook It in a Casserole with Chafing Dish Recipes and Menus
27355: BROBECK, FLORENCE - Cook It in a Casserole with Chafing Dish Recipes and Menus
37789: BROBECK, FLORENCE - Cooking with Curry
015774: BROCH, THEODOR - The Mountains Wait
43552: BROCHMANN, GEORG - Humanity and Happiness; Translated from the Norwegian by Frank G. Nelson. Introd. By Lewis Mumford
33618: BROCK, EMMA - Surprise Balloon
40648: BROCK, LYNN - The Stoke Silver Case
21365: BRODER, BILL - The Sacred Hoop A cycle of earth tales
21389: BRODER, BILL - The Sacred Hoop A cycle of earth tales
21636: BRODER, DAVID S. - Behind the Front Page
24704: BRODER, GLORIA KURIAN & BRODER, BILL - Remember This Time
013554: BRODIE, FAWN M - Thomas Jefferson; an Intimate History
35515: BRODSKY, JACK - The Cleopatra Papers, a Private Correspondence by Jack Brodsky and Nathan Weiss
27359: BRODY, JANE - Jane Brody's Nutrition Book: A Lifetime Guide to Good Eating for Better Health and Weight Control by the Person Health Columnist Ot the New York Times
36663: BRODY, DAVID S. - The Wrong Abraham
44329: BRODY, JANE E. - Jane Brody's Good Food Book : Living the High-Carbohydrate Way
42607: BROEG, BOB - Signals -- the Secret Language of Baseball : In Finger-Tip Movies, Featuring Paul Richards in a Gillette Exclusive
23459: BRØGGER, SUZANNE - Deliver Us from Love
43692: BROHAUGH, MELISSA AND WILLIAM (EDITOR) MILAR - 1978 Photographer's Market
7968: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Mrs. Parkington
015157: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The World We Live in
018695: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - What Became of Anna Bolton
22126: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Wild Is the River
24683: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Colorado
24684: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Mrs. Parkington
24685: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - A Few Brass Tacks
24687: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Night in Bombay
24689: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - The World We Live in
26231: BROMFIELD, LOUIS - Pleasant Valley,
30214: BROMFIELD, LOUIS. - The Farm.
39589: BRONOWSKI, JACOB - Science and Human Values
32591: BRONSON-HOWARD, GEORGE - God's Man : A Novel
763: BRONSTEIN, L‚O - Five Variations on the Theme of Japanese Painting.
24706: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights
24707: BRONTE, EMILY - Wuthering Heights
41966: BRONTË, EMILY - Wuthering Heights; an Authoritative Text with Essays in Criticism. Edited by William M. Sale, Jr A Norton critical edition
018160: BRONZ, RUTH ADAMS - Miss Ruby's Cornucopia: The Best Recipes from America's Natural Harvest
010491: BROOKE, ROSALIND AND CHRISTOPHER - Popular Religion in the Middle Ages: Western Europe, 1000-1300
011062: BROOKE, L. LESLIE - The Golden Goose Book: Being the Stories of the Golden Goose, the Three Bears, the 3 Little Pigs, & Tom Thumb
011230: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems of... With an Introduction by George Edward Woodberry & a Biographical Note by Margaret Lavington
011369: BROOKE, JOCELYN - The Crisis in Bulgaria; or, Ibsen to the Rescue!
29754: BROOKE, IRIS - English Costume from the Fourteenth Century Through the Nineteenth Century, Drawn by Iris Brooke, Described by Iris Brooke and James Laver
38082: BROOKE, RUPERT - The Collected Poems... With an Introduction by George Edward Woodberry and a Biographical Note by Margaret Lavington
40075: BROOKE, TUCKER - Shakespeare of Stratford : A Handbook for Students The Yale Shakespeare
43863: BROOKE, RUPERT - Song of Love : The Letters of Rupert Brooke and Noel Olivier, 1909-1915
014841: BROOKES, JOHN - The Indoor Garden Book
27582: BROOKFIELD, FRANCES M. - The Cambridge Apostles
007343: BROOKLINE. - Proceedings at the Dedication of the Town Hall, Brookline, February 22, 1873
007348: BROOKLINE. TOWN MEETING. - Muddy River and Brookline Records, 1634-1838
007349: BROOKLINE. TOWN ENGINEER. - Reports of the Town Engineer of Brookline, Massachusetts 1834-1918
011865: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society at the Annual Meeting: Jan. 26, 1916, Jan. 24, 1917, Jan. 24, 1918 & Jan. 1919
28846: BROOKLINE, MASS. ASSESSORS' DEPT. - List of Polls and Property Assessed... For the Year 1944
28891: BROOKLINE, MASS. ASSESSORS' DEPT. - List of Polls and Property Assessed... For the Year 1951
28892: BROOKLINE, MASS. ASSESSORS' DEPT. - List of Polls and Property Assessed... For the Year 1938
28930: BROOKLINE. TOWN MEETING. - Muddy River and Brookline Records, 1634-1838
30849: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society at the Annual Meeting: Jan. 22, 1950, Meeting, March 19, 1950; Spring Meeting, May 19, 1950
30850: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1959 - 1963
30851: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1967 - 1969
30853: BROOKLINE, MASS. BOARD OF SELECTMAN. - Central Village Rehabilitation Program
30854: BROOKLINE, MASS. PLANNING DEPT. - Fixing Up Older Houses
30855: BROOKLINE, MASS. BOARD OF SELECTMAN. - Manuscript Granting the Metropolitan Railroad Co. A Permit to Build a Street Railway on Longwood Ave. From the Boston Border to Coolidge Corner.
30857: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1963 - 1966
30858: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1959 - 1963
30859: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1969 - 1974
30860: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1975 - 1978
30861: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1979 - 1984
30862: BROOKLINE HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Proceedings of Brookline Historical Society for 1951 - 55
30916: BROOKLYN BOTANIC GARDEN - Handbook on Bonsai : Special Techniques. Plants & gardens, v. 22, no. 2
30917: BROOKLYN BOTANIC GARDEN - Handbook on Dwarfed Potted Trees : The Bonsai of Japan Plants & gardens, v. 9, no. 3
23603: BROOKNER, ANITA - Brief Lives Vintage contemporaries
33413: BROOKNER, ANITA - Brief Lives
43209: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The Writer in America
005850: BROOKS, A. G., ED. - North Country Stories
006177: BROOKS, AMY - Dorothy's Playmates
006659: BROOKS, AMY - Dorothy Dainty at School
006660: BROOKS, AMY - Dorothy Dainty's Winter
009547: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The Flowering of New England, 1815-1865
009548: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - New England: Indian Summer, 1865-1915
009549: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The World of Washington Irving
012281: BROOKS, AMY - Dorothy Dainty at Home
012282: BROOKS, AMY - Dorothy Dainty at the Shore
012283: BROOKS, AMY - Dorothy Dainty's Gay Times
012657: BROOKS, PAUL - The People of Concord: One Year in the Flowering of New England
016074: BROOKS, MEL & REINER, CARL - The 2000 Year Old Man
016616: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The Times of Melville and Whitman
016764: BROOKS, DAVID - Bobos in Paradise: The New Upper Class and How They Got There
018699: BROOKS, PAUL - Roadless Area. Drawings by the Author.
24265: BROOKS, CHARLES S. - Chimney-Pot Papers
24705: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The World of Washington Irving
24840: BROOKS, KENNETH F. - Run to Leeward
26099: BROOKS, WALTER - The Art of Drawing
26100: BROOKS, WALTER - The Art of Landscape Painting; Oils, Water Color, Casein, Polymer
26101: BROOKS, WALTER - The Art of Seascape Painting: Oils, Watercolor, Acrylic
26139: BROOKS, WALTER - The Art of Drawing Trees
26140: BROOKS, WALTER - The Art of Still Life Painting
26141: BROOKS, WALTER - The Art of Color Mixing
28070: BROOKS, BRUCE - Asylum for Nightface
31290: BROOKS, MEL - The 2000 Year Old Man
32975: BROOKS, C. WAYLAND - Typed Letter Signed to Williard L. Morrison on the War Production Board's Problems with the Motor Products Corp.
33121: BROOKS, PAUL - Two Park Street : A Publishing Memoir
34439: BROOKS, CHARLES S. (CHARLES STEPHEN) - Roundabout to Canterbury, by Charles S. Brooks; with Pictures by Julia Mccune Flory.
34614: BROOKS, CLEANTH & WARREN, ROBERT PENN, EDITORS - Stories from the Southern Review
36901: BROOKS, DAVID - On Paradise Drive : How We Live Now (and Always Have) in the Future Tense
39648: BROOKS, CHARLES S. (CHARLES STEPHEN) - A Thread of English Road, by Charles S. Brooks; with Pictures by Julia Mccune Flory.
39718: BROOKS, TERRY - The Scions of Shannara
39719: BROOKS, TERRY - The Druid of Shannara Book two of The Heritage of Shannara
26506: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - The Flowering of New England, 1815-1865
41513: BROOKS, VAN WYCK - Opinions of Oliver Allston, by Van Wyck Brooks
43510: BROOKS, STEWART M. - Our Assassinated Presidents: The True Medical Stories
42632: BROOKS, ELBRIDGE S. (ELBRIDGE STREETER) - The Master of the Strong Hearts; a Story of Custer’S Last Rally, by Elbridge S. Brooks... Illustrated by Wm. M. Cary
39901: BROOKS, JOE - Trout Fishing. Drawings by Tom Beecham
29081: BROPHY, WILLIAM A. & ABERLE, SOPHIE D., COMPILERS - The Indian: America's Unfinished Business. Report of the Commission on the Rights, Liberties and Responsibilities of the American Indian
011327: BROSNAN, JOHN - The Horror People
31291: BROSNAN, JIM - Great Baseball Pitchers
013500: BROTHERHOOD OF LOCOMATIVE FIREMEN AND ENGINEMEN - Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen's Magazine: Volumes 108 and 109, 1940 [Bound]
26822: BROTHERSTON, GORDON - Image of the New World : The American Continent Portrayed in Native Texts
42836: BROUGHTON, LEN G. (LEN GASTON). - The Representative Women of the Bible and the Representative Women of to-Day
43256: BROUN, HEYWOOD - It Seems to Me, 1925-1935, by Heywood Broun
25826: BROUSSON, JEAN JACQUES - Anatole France Himself: A Boswellian Record. Translated by John Pollock
016669: BROWER, KENNETH - A Song for Satawal
31393: BROWER, KENNETH - A Song for Satawal
44099: BROWN, ANTHONY CAVE - C" : The Secret Life of Sir Stewart Graham Menzies, Spymaster to Winston Churchill
41455: BROWN, SANDRA - Charade
43072: BROWN, GORDON STANLEY & CAMPBELL, DONALD PIERCE - Principles of Servomechanisms; Dynamics and Synthesis of Closed-Loop Control Systems [by] Gordon S. Brown [and] Donald P. Campbell
460: BROWN, HENRY COLLINS, ED. - Valentine's Manual of Old New York, 1927
610: BROWN, JERY ELIJAH - Roy Blount, Jr. Twayne's United States Authors Series 567
002918: BROWN, JOE E. - Your Kids and Mine
003477: BROWN, RAY - They Talk and Walk
003489: BROWN, THEODORE - Extracts from the Letters of
003757: BROWN, RITA MAE - Bingo
003942: BROWN, THERON - The Birds of God. Parallels of Man in the Feathered Creation: A Portfolio of Anecdotes
004637: BROWN, RITA MAE - High Hearts
006324: BROWN, EMMA E - In the Orchard and Other Stories
008257: BROWN, JOHN MASON - Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness
008830: BROWN, CASSIE - A Winter's Tale: The Wreck of the Florizel
008849: BROWN, RITA MAE - Wish You Were Here
010359: BROWN, ALICE - Rose Macleod
011044: BROWN, JOHN - Two Against the Amazon
011662: BROWN, JOHN MASON - Many a Watchful Night
013444: BROWN, ABRAM ENGLISH - John Hancock, His Book
014793: BROWN, MICHAEL - The Black Douglases: War and Lordship in Late Medieval Scotland, 1300-1455
015261: BROWN, ALEXANDER CROSBY - Juniper Waterway: A History of the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal
015588: BROWN, BOB - The Complete Book of Cheese. Introduction by Clifton Fadiman
016185: BROWN, MARGARET WISE - Three Little Animals
016369: BROWN, FREDERICK - Theater and Revolution: The Culture of the French Stage
016883: BROWN, CHARLES HENRY - The Correspondents' War; Journalists in the Spanish-American War
017060: BROWN, JOHN MASON - Many a Watchful Night
017211: BROWN, PETER H. & BARHAM, PATTE B. - Marilyn: The Last Take
017287: BROWN, ALICE - Old Crow
17704: BROWN, WILLIAM F. - Retriever Gun Dogs: History, Breed Standards and Training Upland Game and Waterfowl Specialists
17718: BROWN, DALE - Chains of Command
17772: BROWN, LARRY - On Fire
018646: BROWN, ROSEL GEORGE - The Waters of Centaurus
21939: BROWN, E. K. - Willa Cather
22950: BROWN, HOWARD - Familiar Faces, Hidden Lives : The Story of Homosexual Men in America Today
23604: BROWN, ROBERT M. - The Spirit of Protestantism
23740: BROWN, RICHARD - Moments in Eden: Garden Photographs
24710: BROWN, DALE - Hammerheads
24711: BROWN, DALE - Day of the Cheetah
24732: BROWN, HARRY - A Walk in the Sun
24733: BROWN, RITA MAE - Venus Envy
24757: BROWN, JOHN MASON - To All Hands: An Amphibious Adventure. Foreword by Alan G. Kirk
24758: BROWN, JOHN MASON - To All Hands: An Amphibious Adventure. Foreword by Alan G. Kirk
25152: BROWN, ALAN - Invitation to Sailing
25341: BROWN, ROSELLEN, EDITOR - Ploughshares, V. 4, No. 2, 1978. Men Portray Women
25349: BROWN, LLOYD ARNOLD - The Story of Maps
25851: BROWN, JOHN MASON - Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness Landmark Books 21
25852: BROWN, JOHN MASON - Daniel Boone: The Opening of the Wilderness Landmark Books 21
26145: BROWN, LESLIE - Africa, a Natural History The Continents We Live On
26700: BROWN, MARC TOLON - Arthur, It's Only Rock 'n' Roll
26788: BROWN, MICHAEL HAROLD - The Search for Eve
27630: BROWN, VINSON - The Amateur Naturalist's Handbook
28071: BROWN, ALAN & FORSBERG, GRANT - Lost Boys Never Say Die
28072: BROWN, JANE CLARK - George Washington's Ghost
28455: BROWN, LESTER RUSSELL AND OTHERS - The Earth Policy Reader
29365: BROWN, A. G. - Speech of the Hon. A.G. Brown of Mississippi on the Ewing Investigation Delivered in the House of Representatives, Wednesday, September 28, 1850
29439: BROWN, RICHARD - Moments in Eden : Garden Phtotgraphs
29556: BROWN, ROBERT MCAFEE - Observer in Rome: A Protestant Report on the Vatican Council
29965: BROWN, JOE E. - Your Kids and Mine
30162: BROWN, WILLIAM GARROTT. - Stephen A. Douglas Riverside Biographical Series, no. 13
30988: BROWN, DEE ALEXANDER - The Westerners
44271: BROWN, RITA MAE - Sudden Death
32292: BROWN, J. DOUGLAS - The Liberal University: An Institutional Analysis
32735: BROWN, THOMAS N. - The Life and Times of Hugh Miller
32912: BROWN, SAMUEL GILMAN - A Discourse Commemorative of the Hon. George Perkins Marsh
34419: BROWN, HERBERT ROSS - Sills of Bowdoin : The Life of Kenneth Charles Morton Sills, 1879 - 1954
35592: BROWN, DAN - Angels & Demons
36902: BROWN, DAVID J. (DAVID JOSEPH) - The Home House Project : The Future of Affordable Housing
36985: BROWN, JOE E. - Your Kids and Mine
37352: BROWN, DAN - Decption Point
37857: BROWN, HELEN EVANS & PHILIP S. - The Cookout Book...
38004: BROWN, ELLEN - Southwest Tastes : From the Pbs Television Series Great Chefs of the West
38205: BROWN, EDWARD ESPE - The Tassajara Bread Book
39395: BROWN, SAM, EDITOR - The Boat Book. Everything of Interest to the Amateur Boatman, Including Complete Plans for Building Outboard, Inboard, Sailing and Hand-Propelled Craft
41417: BROWN, CURTIS F. - Star-Spangled Kitsch : An Astounding and Tastelessly Illustrated Exploration of the Bawdy, Gaudy, Shoddy Mass-Art Culture in This Grand Land of Ours
40016: BROWN, NORMAN D. - Daniel Webster and the Politics of Availability [by] Norman D. Brown
40191: BROWN, MAURICE J. E. - Schubert Songs
40439: BROWN, DAN - The Da Vinci Code. Special Illustrated Edition
42717: BROWN, LEONARD - Our Own Columbia That Is to Be, by Leonard Brown... Ye Old Schoolmaster of Ye Olden Time
002905: BROWNE, CECIL - Suez to Singapore
015658: BROWNE, WILLIAM HAND & HALDEMAN, S. S. - The Clarendon Dictionary: A Concise Handbook of the English Language, in Orthography, Pronunciation and Definition
22393: BROWNE, GERALD A. - 19 Purchase Street
24731: BROWNE, LEWIS - See What I Mean?
26466: BROWNE, LEWIS - See What I Mean
28215: BROWNE, LEWIS - That Man Heine; a Biography by Lewis Browne, with the Collaboration of Elsa Weihl
29742: BROWNE, MALCOLM W. - The New Face of War
30377: BROWNE, LEWIS. - Something Went Wrong: A Summation of Modern History.
43891: BROWNE, LEWIS - That Man Heine; a Biography by Lewis Browne, with the Collaboration of Elsa Weihl
2088: BROWNELL, HENRY HOWARD - The Eastern, or Old World: Embracing Ancient and Modern History
009510: BROWNELL, HERBERT & BURKE, JOHN P - Advising Ike: The Memoirs of Attorney General Herbert Brownell
24791: BROWNING, MARY ELEANOR, PHOTOGRAPHER - Washington, D.C. In Color : A Collection of Color Photographs. With Text and Notes... Barbara Neville Stewart Profiles of America
28963: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Sonnets from the Portuguese. With an Introduction by Louis Untermeyer & with Decorations Made for This Edition by Valenti Angelo
30004: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Pied Piper of Hamelin
31108: BROWNING, ROBERT - Rabbi Ben Exra & Abt Vogler
34511: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Elizabeth Barrett to Mr. Boyd. Unpublished Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Hugh Stewart Boyd. Introduced and Edited by Barbara P. Mccarthy
35986: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Poems and Plays. Vol. 1, 1833-1844; Vol. 2, 1844-1864 Everyman's Library
37883: BROWNING, ROBERT - Poetical Works, 1833-1864. Edited by Ian Jack
43327: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Poems and Plays of Robert Browning, 1844-1864 Everyman's Library No. 42
41531: BROWNING, ELIZABETH BARRETT - Sonnets from the Portuguese : A Celebration of Love
40728: BROWNING, ELIZABETH LOWRY - With Love & Elbow Grease : A Guide to Antiquing, Decorating and Finishing Practically Anything
44166: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Complete Poetic and Dramatic Works of Robert Browning. Cambridge Edition.
43328: BROWNING, ROBERT - The Poems and Plays of Robert Browning, 1833-1844 Everyman's Library No. 41
856: BROWNLOW, WILLIAM G. - Sketches of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Secession; with a Narrative of Personal Adventures Among the Rebels.
011377: BROWNLOW, KEVIN - The Parade's Gone by
23231: BROWNLOW, W. G. - Sketches of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Secession; with a Narrative of Personal Adventures Among the Rebels
23674: BROWNLOW, LOUIS - A Passion for Politics: The Autobiography of Louis Brownlow, First Half
23328: BROWNSTONE, DAVID M. - The Irish-American Heritage
38032: BROWNSTONE CECILY - Associated Press Cook Book
30593: BROX, JANE. - Clearing Land : Legacies of the American Farm.
013874: BROYLES, MICHAEL - Music of the Highest Class : Elitism and Populism in Antebellum Boston
33000: BRUCCOLI, MATTHEW JOSEPH - Ross Macdonald HBJ album biographies.
005208: BRUCE, ERROLL - Deep Sea Sailing
17498: BRUCE, ERROLL - Deep Sea Sailing
17499: BRUCE, ERROLL - Deep Sea Sailing
17500: BRUCE, ERROLL - Deep Sea Sailing
27480: BRUCE, ERROLL - Cape Horn to Port
36230: BRUCE, WALLACE - The Hudson
42056: BRUCE, J. M. (JOHN MCINTOSH) - War Planes of the First World War : Fighters, Volume One : Great Britain
36639: BRUEL, NICK - Who Is Melvin Bubble?
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017098: BUFORD, BILL, EDITOR - Granta 28: Birthday Special
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008422: BURGLON, NORA ET AL - Around the Caribbean
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012713: BURKE, JAMES LEE - Dixie City Jam
013853: BURKE, THOMAS, ED. - Life and Art
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14: BURNETT, FRANCES HODGSON - The Land of the Blue Flower
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003084: BURROS, MARIAN - You'Ve Got It Made
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014078: BURROS, MARIAN - Pure & Simple: Delicious Recipes for Additive-Free Cooking
014079: BURROS, MARIAN - 20-Minute Menus
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011840: BURROUGHS, JOHN - Fresh Fields
011841: BURROUGHS, JOHN - Winter Sunshine
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34475: BURROUGHS, JOHN - In the Catskills
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36188: BURROUGHS, JOHN - The Light of Day : Religious Discussions and Criticisms from the Nathuralist's Point of View
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42807: BURROUGHS, AUGUSTEN X. - Dry : A Memoir by Augusten X. Burroughs (2004, Paperback, Revised)
018441: BURROW, BARBARA - American Landmarks
014800: BURROWS, DONALD - Handel
27826: BURSTEIN, ANDREW - America's Jubilee
29668: BURSTEIN, DANIEL - Yen! : Japan's New Financial Empire and Its Threat to America
24813: BURT, STRUTHERS - Along These Streets
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2346: BURTON, WILLIAM E. - Cyclopedia of Wit and Humor;... From the Writings of the Most Eminent Humorists of America, Ireland, Scotland, and England
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43836: BURTOON, SIMON DE - The New Motorcycle Yearbook 2: The Definitive Annual Guide to All New Motorcycles Worldwide New Motorcycle Yearbook (Book 2)
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747: BUSH-BROWN, JAMES & LOUISE - America's Garden Book
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017261: BUSH, VANNEVAR - Modern Arms and Free Men: A Discussion of the Role of Science in Preserving Democracy
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30336: BUSH-BROWN, JAMES & LOUISE. - America's Garden Book.
30337: BUSH-BROWN, JAMES & LOUISE. - America's Garden Book.
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017064: BUSSELLE, MICHAEL - The Encyclopedia of Photography
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24208: BUTCHER, SAMUEL J., AND OTHERS - Precious Moments Bedtime Stories
29069: BUTCHER, HARRY C. (HARRY CECIL) - My Three Years with Eisenhower; the Personal Diary of Captain Harry C. Butcher, Usnr, Naval Aide to General Eisenhower, 1942 to 1945
29279: BUTCHER, HARRY C. (HARRY CECIL) - My Three Years with Eisenhower; the Personal Diary of Captain Harry C. Butcher, Usnr, Naval Aide to General Eisenhower, 1942 to 1945
011266: BUTLER, ELLIS PARKER - Mike Flannery on Duty and Off
012691: BUTLER, WILLIAM F - The Light of the West with Some Other Wayside Thoughts, 1865-1908
013087: BUTLER, PAUL AND MARYA - Fine Yacht Finishes for Wood and Fiberglass Boats
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24845: BUTLER, SAMUEL - The Way of All Flesh Classics Club
24846: BUTLER, SAMUEL - The Way of All Flesh Classics Club
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32970: BUTLER, WILLIAM M. - Typed Letter Signed to Harold Marshall Thanking Him for Letter Concerning Postal Increase
38295: BUTLER, NICHOLAS MURRAY - Typed Letter Sigined to George S. Johns on Having Read His Critical Article on the Treaties of Trianon & Versailles with Interest.
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24853: BYRNE, DONN - Destiny Bay
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22646: BYRON, GEOGE GORDON - Poems of Lord Byron. Selected & Arranged in Chronological Order with a Preface by H.J. C. Grierson
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31285: BYRON, GEORGE GORDON, LORD - Childe Harold's Pilgrimage
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27844: CABANNE, PIERRE - Outlaws of Art
17555: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - The Cream of the Jest. Introduction by Harold Ward
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24954: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Jurgen, a Comedy of Justice
41788: CABEZAS, OMAR - Fire from the Mountain : The Making of a Sandinista
015266: CABLE, GEORGE WASHINGTON - Bonaventure: A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana
17652: CABLE, GEORGE WASHINGTON - The Cavalier
23722: CABLE, GEORGE WASHINGTON - Bonaventure: A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana
38172: CABLE RAILWAY COMPANY - The Cable Railway Company's System of Traction Railways for Cities and Towns
011722: CABOT, THOMAS D - Beggar on Horseback: The Autobiography of Thomas D. Cabot
015363: CADFRYN-ROBERTS, JOHN, ED. - British Sporting Prints
28074: CADNUM, MICHAEL - Zero at the Bone
34146: CADUTO, MICHAEL J. - In the Beginning : The Story of Genesis and Earth Activities for Children Stewards of creation series
36665: CADUTO, MICHAEL J. - Abraham's Bind & Other Bible Tales of Trickery, Folly, Mercy and Love
8023: CADWALADER, GEORGE - Castaways: The Penikese Island Experiment
25093: CADWALLADER, SHARON - In Celebration of Small Things. Illustrated by Anita Walker Scott
27351: CADWALLADER, SHARON - In Celebration of Small Things. Illustrated by Anita Walker Scott
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013878: CADY, EDWIN HARRISON - Stephen Crane
38956: CAE, PAUL FOSTER - The Great Seal of the United States : Its History, Symbolism and Message for the New Age
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003563: CAFFIN, CHARLES H - The Story of Dutch Painting
28378: CAGAN, JOANNA - Field of Schemes : How the Great Stadium Swindle Turns Public Money Into. .
38718: CAGGIANO, BIBA - From Biba's Italian Kitchen
7633: CAGIN, SETH & DRAY, PHILIP - Hollywood Films of the Seventies: Sex, Drugs, Violence, Rock 'n' Roll & Politics
004885: CAGLE, GERRY - Payola
016790: CAHAN, CLAUDIA LYN - Manet
23478: CAHILL, MARY - Carpool
28235: CAIDIN, MARTIN - Let's Go Flying! Drawings by Dennis Mcmains
34664: CAIDIN, MARTIN - Zero Fighter Ballantine's Illustrated History of World War II, Weapons book, 9
24891: CAILLOU, ALAN - Rampage
24949: CAILLOU, ALAN - The Walls of Jolo
26277: CAILLOU, ALAN - South from Khartoum; the Story of Emin Pasha [by] Alan Caillou. Drawings by Ian Smythe
010622: CAIN, JAMES M - Past All Dishonor
015128: CAIN, JAMES M - Love's Lovely Counterfeit
40689: CAIN, JAMES M. (JAMES MALLAHAN) - The Postman Always Rings Twice
010356: CAINE, HALL - The Manxman
23507: CAINE, MICHAEL - What's It All About? : An Autobiography
007263: CALAHAN, HAROLD AUGUSTIN - Gadgets and Wrinkles: A Compendium of Man's Ingenuity at Sea
25267: CALAHAN, H. A. (HAROLD AUGUSTIN) - Learning to Sail
25268: CALAHAN, H. A. (HAROLD AUGUSTIN) - Learning to Sail
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38035: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - The House That Jack Built
38049: CALDECOTT, RANDOLPH - Sing a Song for Sixpence
2439: CALDER-MARSHALL, ARTHUR - The Sage of Sex: A Life of Havelock Ellis
005836: CALDER, NIGEL - Einstein's Universe
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24064: CALDERÓN DE LA BARCA, PEDRO AND OTHERS - Seleccion de Obras Maestras Dramáticas Por Calderon de la Barca, Lope de Vega, Y Moreto. Con Notas, índice Y Reglas Esenciales; Al Uso de Los Colegios Y de Las Universidades de Los Estos Estados Unidos. Preparado, Revisado, Y Corregido Conforme á la Decisiones Mas Recientes de la Academia Española Sobre la Ortografía, Por F. Sales
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018057: CALDWELL, JOSEPH R., ED. - New Roads to Yesterday: Essays in Archaeology
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24904: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Answer As a Man
24905: CALDWELL, TAYLOR - Answer As a Man
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33063: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - God's Little Acre
33497: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - With All My Might : An Autobiography
37436: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - With All My Might : An Autobiography
41003: CALDWELL, ERSKINE - This Very Night
26553: CALHOUN, MARY - Henry the Sailor Cat
27948: CALHOUN, BRUCE - Northwest Passages, Volume II: A Collection of Northwest Cruising Stories
27949: CALHOUN, BRUCE - Cruising the San Juan Islands
22535: CALIFANO, JOSEPH A. - The Triumph & Tragedy of Lyndon Johnson : The White House Years
018216: CALISHER, HORTENSE - Queenie, a Novel
33375: CALISHER, HORTENSE - Kissing Cousins : A Memory
44169: CALISHER, HORTENSE - Herself
24915: CALKINS, FRANK - The Tan-Faced Children
30323: CALKINS, CARROLL C., EDITOR. - Off the Beaten Path : A Guide to More Than 1,000 Scenic and Interesting Places Still Uncrowded and Inviting.
015333: CALLAHAN, DANIEL - What Kind of Life: The Limits of Medical Progress
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43388: CALLIHAN, JOHN C - Voices from an Earlier America : An Anthology of Poetry, Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries
44219: CALLOW, SIMON & SNOWDON, ANTONY ARMSTRONG-JONES, EARL OF - Snowdon on Stage : With a Personal View of the British Theatre 1954 - 1996 by Simon Callow.
011181: CALTHROP, DION CLAYTON - English Costume (3 Volumes of 4)
28076: CALVERT, PATRICIA - Bigger
28077: CALVERT, PATRICIA - Glennis, Before and After
23963: CALVERTON, VICTOR FRANCIS, EDITOR - The Making of Man; an Outline of Anthropology, Edited by V.F. Calverton The Modern library of the world's best books
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012064: CAMBRIDGE LIBRARY OF ORNAMENTAL ART - Arabian Ornament from the 12th to the 18th Century
40172: CAMBRIDGE, MASS. - The Records of the Town of Cambridge (Formerly Newtowne) Massachusetts. 1630-1703
44220: CAMBRIDGE PUBLIC LIBRARY (CAMBRIDGE, MASS.). FRIENDS. - Cambridge Voices : A Literary Celebration of Libraries and the Joy of Reading. Illustrations by: Sage Stossel
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43643: CAMERON, ROBERT & SALINGER, PIERRE - Au-Dessus de Paris : Un Album de Vues aériennes inédites de Paris, Photographiées Par Robert Cameron ; Textes de Pierre Salinger
22209: CAMERON, JULIA - Supplies
25949: CAMERON, ANNE R. - The Cooks' Book
42398: CAMERON, LOUISA PRINGLE - The Charleston Gardener
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42120: CAMERON, AVERIL - The Later Roman Empire, Ad 284-430
24955: CAMP, WILLIAM MARTIN - Skip to My Lou
26166: CAMP. WILLIAM MARTIN - San Francisco: Port of Gold
30005: CAMP, RAYMOND R. (RAYMOND RUSSELL) - The Fireside Book of Fishing; a Selection from the Great Literature of Angling. Illus. By William K. Plummer
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34697: CAMP, RAYMOND R., EDITOR - The New Hunter's Encyclopedia
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010585: CAMPBELL, JOHN - In Darwin's Wake: Revisiting Beagle's South American Anchorages
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012970: CAMPBELL, STAFFORD - Passagemaking
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016670: CAMPBELL, DAVID G. - The Crystal Desert: Summers in Antarctica
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23606: CAMPBELL, KEITH - Body and Mind
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25141: CAMPBELL, GORDON - My Mystery Ships
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27427: CAMPBELL SOUP COMPANY - The International Cook
31363: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH & MOYERS, BILL - The Power of Myth. Betty Sue Flowers, Editor.
31365: CAMPBELL, JOSEPH & MOYERS, BILL - The Power of Myth. Betty Sue Flowers, Editor.
32982: CAMPBELL, THOMAS E. - Typed Letter Signed to John L. Macvicar, Thanking Him for the Copy of Arthur Nash's "the Golden Rule in Business"
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34625: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - Letters from the South Written During a Journey to Algiers, Etc.
35621: CAMPBELL, J. F. (JOHN FRANCIS) - Frost and Fire : Natural Engines, Tool-Marks and Chips : With Sketches Taken at Home and Abroad by a Traveller
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37286: CAMPBELL, ROBERT - Nibbled to Death by Ducks
37772: CAMPBELL SOUP CO. - The Creative Cook
37773: CAMPBELL SOUP CO. - Campbell's 100 Best Recipes Plus 157 Other Family Favorites and Party Dishes
39408: CAMPBELL, GORDON - My Mystery Ships
39504: CAMPBELL, REGINALD - Tiger Valley
40523: CAMPBELL, THOMAS - Gertrude of Wyoming, and Other Poems. By Thomas Campbell...
41710: CAMPBELL, LISA D - Michael Jackson: The King of Pop
27787: CAMPION, JANE & PULLINGER, KATE - The Piano, a Novel
016615: CAMRASS, ZO” - The Only Cookbook You'LL Ever Need
008541: CAMUS, ALBERT - Resistance, Rebellion, and Death
013002: CANADAY, JOHN - The Lives of the Painters [in 4 Volumes]
26083: CANADAY, JOHN - What Is Art? : An Introduction to Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture
43319: CANADAY, JOHN - Mainstreams of Modern Art
41266: CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL - Walt Whitman : An American
41267: CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL - Walt Whitman : An American
018119: CANETTI, NICOLAI, PHOTOGRAPHER - The Landmarks of Boston
22485: CANETTI, ELIAS - The Torch in My Ear
43809: CANFIELD, JACK & HANSEN, MARK VICTOR - The Aladdin Factor
43382: CANHAM, ERWIN D. - Commitment to Freedom; the Story of the Christian Science Monitor. Illustrated with Photos
39800: CANHAM, ERWIN D. - Commitment to Freedom; the Story of the Christian Science Monitor. Illustrated with Photos
8051: CANIN, ETHAN - Emperor of the Air. Stories by...
009500: CANIN, ETHAN - The Palace Thief
43293: CANIN, ETHAN - For Kings and Planets : A Novel
25462: CANKAR, IVAN - The Bailiff Yerney and His Rights
28173: CANNELL, DOROTHY - The Widows Club
003086: CANNON, POPPY - The New New Can-Opener Cookbook
25463: CANNON, LE GRAND - Look to the Mountain
25465: CANNON, LE GRAND - Come Home at Even
41078: CANOT, THEODORE & MAYER, BRANTZ - Captain Canot, or, Twenty Years of an African Slaver : Being an Account of His Career and Adventures on the Coast, in the Interior, on Shipboard, and in the West Indies / Written out and Edited from the Captain’S Journals, Memoranda and Conversations, by Brantz Mayer
30469: CANTER, JONATHAN. - Lucky Leonardo.
40460: CANTOR, NORMAN F. - Medieval Lives : Eight Charismatic Men and Women of the Middle Ages
29042: CANTRIL, ALBERT HADLEY - Hopes and Fears of the American People [by] Albert H. Cantril and Charles W. Roll, Jr.
007324: CANTWELL, ROBERT - Nathaniel Hawthorne: The American Years
018171: CANZONERI, ROBERT - Potboiler: An Amateur's Affair with la Cuisine
39807: CAPA, CONELL - The Concerned Photographer : The Photographs of Werner Bischof [and Others]
43379: CAPA, CORNELL - Israel, the Reality: People, Places, Events in Memorable Photographs; Edited by Cornell Capa. Preface by Nelson Glueck; Foreword by Karl Katz. Introduction by Moshe Shamir; Translated by Hillel Halkin. Consulting Editor, Micha Bar-Am; Designed by Arnold Saks.
36251: CAPABLANCA, JOSE RAOUL - Chess Fundamentals
36329: CAPALDI, NICHOLAS - John Stuart MILL : A Biography
36292: CAPEK,THOMAS - The Cechs (Bohemians) in America : A Study of Their National, Cultural, Political, Social, Economic and Religious Life
005281: CAPEK, KAREL - The Makropoulos Secret
28305: CAPER, ROBERT - Immaterial Facts : Freud's Discovery of Psychic Reality and Klein's. .
28822: CAPES, W. W. (WILLIAM WOLFE) - Scenes of Rural Life in Hampshire Among the Manors of Bramshott, by W.W. Capes
30192: CAPLAN, PAULA J. - The Myth of Women's Masochism.
39585: CAPLAN, ARTHUR L. - Sociobiology Debate: Readings on Ethical and Scientific Issues
43862: CAPON, ROBERT FARRAR - Der Göttliche Fuchs ; Pirschgänge IM Theologischen Revier
29593: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences
34519: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Other Voices, Other Rooms
37355: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences
39472: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences
43277: CAPOTE, TRUMAN - Answered Prayers
009017: CAPP, AL - The Hardhat's Bedtime Story Book
41473: CAPRA, FRANK - The Name Above the Title; an Autobiography
003389: CAPRA, FRANK - The Name Above the Title: An Autobiography
35661: CAPRA, FRANK - The Name Above the Title: An Autobiography
27513: CAPUTO, PHILIP - A Rumor of War
29740: CAPUTO, PHILIP - A Rumor of War
25426: CARAS, ROGER A. - Sarang: The Story of a Bengal Tiger and of Two Children in Search of a Miracle, a Novel, by Roger A. Caras
28117: CARAS, ROGER A. - A Cat Is Watching : A Look at the Way Cats See Us
37938: CARAS, ROGER A. - A Celebration of Cats
33821: CARCATERRA, LORENZO - Apaches
28456: CARCOPINO, JÉRÔME - Daily Life in Ancient Rome : The People and the City at the Height of the Empire
007417: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Treasure Box
24462: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Earthborn Homecoming ; v. 5
24463: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - Earthfall Homecoming ; v. 4
42750: CARD, ORSON SCOTT - How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre writing series
32158: CARELESS, J. M. S. & BROWN, R. CRAIG, EDS. - The Canadians 1867-1967
010361: CAREY, ROSA NOUCHETTE - Aunt Diana
017101: CAREY, GARY - Anita Loos: A Biography
22211: CAREY, LISA - In the Country of the Young
23199: CAREY, MARY - Alaska Not for a Woman
25427: CAREY, PETER - The Tax Inspector
30095: CAREY, NADINE C. - Statements and Avowals.
43289: CAREY, PETER - Parrot and Olivier in America
22310: CARGAS, HARRY JAMES - When God and Man Failed : Non-Jewish Views of the Holocaust
25461: CARHART, ARTHUR HAWTHORNE - Drum Up the Dawn
42909: CARISELLA, P. J. - The Dance of the Twelve Apostles
013307: CARISELLA, P. J. - The Dance of the Twelve Apostles
011026: CARLETON, WILL - Farm Festivals
011027: CARLETON, WILL - City Ballads
011028: CARLETON, WILL - City Legends
011029: CARLETON, WILL - City Festivals
011030: CARLETON, WILL - City Ballads
018703: CARLETON, FANNY E., SUPPOSED AUTHOR - Operas: Their Writer and Their Plots, by 'Notelarc
29867: CARLETON, PAUL - Magician's Handy Book of Cigarette Tricks
34560: CARLETON, WILL AND OTHERS, COMPILERS - Famous Paintings of the World. A Collection of Photographic Reproductions of Great Modern Masterpieces... Introduction by General Lew Wallace
37059: CARLETON, WILL - City Legends
44163: CARLETON, WILL - Farm Festivals
009451: CARLISLE, NORMAN & NELSON, EUGENE - The Modern Wonder Book of Ships
23330: CARLISLE, OLGA ANDREYEV - Under a New Sky : A Reunion with Russia
25428: CARLISLE, HENRY C. - Ilyitch Slept Here
26221: CARLISLE, FRED - Journey with Caravel, We Ran Away to Sea. With an Appendix on Celestial Navigation
44435: CARLISLE, NORMAN - The Wonder Book of Trains
36264: CARLISLE, NORMAN - The Modern Wonder Book of Trains and Railroading
009604: CARLSON, JOHN ROY - Cairo to Damascus
36174: CARLSON, LORENTZ - Here Come the Littles
009845: CARLYLE, THOMAS - Letters of Thomas Carlyle to His Youngest Sister, Edited with an Introductory Essay by Charles Townsend Copeland
010664: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The Letters of Thomas Carlyle to His Brother Alexander with Related Family Letters
22277: CARLYLE, ALEXANDER, ED. - The Love Letters of Thomas Carlyle and Jane Welsh
29141: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution;
31298: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The Life of John Sterling
39226: CARLYLE, JANE WELSH - I Too Am Here : Selections from the Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle. Edited by Alan and Mary Mcqueen Simpson
44161: CARLYLE, JANE WELSH - New Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle; Annotated by Thomas Carlyle and Ed. By Alexander Carlyle, with an Introduction by Sir James Crichton-Browne... With Sixteen Illustrations.
44162: CARLYLE, THOMAS - New Letters of Thomas Carlyle, Edited and Annotated by Alexander Carlyle
43185: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution Everyman's Library No. 31 - 32
43186: CARLYLE, THOMAS - The French Revolution Everyman's Library No. 752 - 753
23157: CARLZON, JAN - Moments of Truth
012506: CARMAN, BLISS - By the Aurelian Wall and Other Elegies
015371: CARMICHAEL, PETER S. - Lee's Young Artillerist: William R.J. Pegram
17570: CARMICHAEL, A. W. - Practical Ship Production
31777: CARMICHEL, JIM - Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing, by Jim Carmichel ; with Photos by the Author
22394: CARMODY, JOHN & OTHERS - Exploring the Hebrew Bible
44101: CARNACINA, LUIGI - Great Italian Cooking. La Grande Cucina Internazionale. Edited by Michael Sonino
25423: CARNAHAN, PETER - Schnooner Master: A Portrait of David Stevens
42555: CARNEGIE, DAVID - Among the Matabele, by the Rev. D. Carnegie, for Ten Years Resident at Hope Fountain, Twelve Miles from Bulawayo ; with Portraits of Lobengula and Khama, and Map and Illustrations
012183: CARNES, MARK C., ED. - Past Imperfect: History According to the Movies. Edited by Ted Mico, John Miller-Monzon, and David Rubel
24527: CARNEY, JAMES & GREENE, DAVID, EDITORS - Celtic Studies : Essays in Memory of Angus Matheson, 1912 - 1962
25430: CARNEY, OTIS - Good Friday - 1963; a Journey Into the Heart of One Man - and Into the Soul of America
34591: CARO, ROBERT A. AND OTHERS - Extraordinary Lives : The Art and Craft of American Biography. Edited by William Zinsser
7824: CARPENTER, TERESA - Missing Beauty: A True Story of Murder and Obsession
011490: CARPENTER, ALFRED & BARKER, DAVID W. - Nature Notes for Ocean Voyagers; Being Personal Observations Upon Life in "the Vasty Deep," and Fishes, Birds, and Beasts...
013709: CARPENTER, EDMUND JANES - A Woman of Shawmut: A Romance of Colonial Times
24173: CARPENTER, HENRY BERNARD - A Poet's Last Songs. With an Introduction by James Jeffrey Roche
28027: CARPENTER, WILLIAM HENRY - The Regicide's Daughter : A Tale of Two Worlds
42058: CARPENTER, ALFRED FRANCIS BLAKENEY - The Blocking of Zeebrugge, by Captain A.F. B. Carpenter... With an Introduction by Admiral Earl Beatty and Appreciations by Marshall Foch, Rear-Admiral Sims and Count Visart
38939: CARPENTERS' COMPANY, PHILADELPHIA - Carpenters' Hall and Its Historic Memories
38940: CARPENTERS' COMPANY, PHILADELPHIA - Carpenters' Hall and Its Historic Memories
43917: CARPINETO, JANE F. - The Don Juan Dilemma : Should Women Stay with Men Who Stray
010047: CARR, CLARK E - The Illini: A Story of the Prairies
013293: CARR, ANN - Recipe Collection
013456: CARR, M. L. WITH BOB SCHRON - Don't Be Denied: My Story. With an Introduction by Red Auerbach.
013659: CARR, CALEB - The Alienist
016791: CARR, DAVID - David Carr: The Discovery of an Artist
018617: CARR, TERRY, EDITOR - Universe 10
018626: CARR, TERRY, EDITOR - The Best Science Fiction of the Year, #6
018632: CARR, JAYGE - Navigator's Sindrome
23508: CARR, CALEB - The Angel of Darkness
27262: CARR, BESSIE & OBERMAN, PHYLLIS - The Gourmet's Guide to Jewish Cooking
30172: CARR, J. COMYNS. - Some Eminent Victorians : Personal Recollections in the World of Art and Letters.
32669: CARR, ELMENDORF L., COMPILER - John C.R. Kelton: A Boy's Life, 1911-1927
38962: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Demoniacs
39017: CARR, FRANK G. G. - The Story of the Cutty Sark
39225: CARR, H. GRESHAM - Flags of the World
41028: CARR, JOHN DICKSON - The Third Bullet and Other Stories
41847: CARRETTO, CARLO - In Search of the Beyond
013645: CARRICK, DONALD - Morgan and the Artist
29493: CARRICK, ALICE VAN LEER - Collector's Luck in France
003409: CARRICK, ALICE VAN LEER - The Next-to-Nothing House
2376: CARRIE, COUSIN, PSEUD. - Keep a Good Heart. A Story for the Merry Christmas Time, by Cousin Carrie
011186: CARRIER, RICK - Fly: The Complete Book of Sky Sailing
26782: CARRIGHAR, SALLY - The Twilight Seas
41934: CARRINGTON, RICHARD - Mermaids and Mastodons; a Book of Natural & Unnatural History. With Illus. By Maurice Wilson and Others
016168: CARRISON, DANIEL J. - The Navy from Wood to Steel, 1860-1890
44362: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - West of the Hill
010486: CARROLL, LEWIS, PSEUD. OF DODGSON, CHARLES L. - Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There, by Lewis Carroll
013617: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - The Light Here Kindled
013815: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - Man on the Mountain
017033: CARROLL, JOHN B. - The Study of Language: A Survey of Linguistics and Related Disciplines in America
24916: CARROLL, JAMES - Fault Lines
24917: CARROLL, JAMES - Mortal Friends : A Novel
24918: CARROLL, JAMES - Prince of Peace
24919: CARROLL, JAMES - Supply of Heroes
24924: CARROLL, JAMES - Mortal Friends : A Novel
24925: CARROLL, JAMES - Prince of Peace
25951: CARROLL-ABBING, JOHN PATRICK - Journey to Somewhere
42404: CARROLL, YVONNE - Irish Legends for Children. Illustrated by Lucy Su
29623: CARROLL, JAMES - An American Requiem: God, My Father, and the War That Came between Us
29624: CARROLL, JAMES - An American Requiem: God, My Father, and the War That Came between Us
29749: CARROLL, WALLACE - We'Re in This with Russia
30345: CARROLL, JAMES. - Firebird.
31113: CARROLL, GLADYS HASTY - To Remember Forever : The Journal of a College Girl 1922-1923

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