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36623: TOMKINSON, CONSTANCE - Les Girls. With Drawings by David Knight
005977: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Norman Douglas
7838: TOMLINSON, EVERETT T - Ward Hill at College
009870: TOMLINSON, H. M. - The Trumpet Shall Sound
011679: TOMLINSON, H. M. - London River
013097: TOMLINSON, H. M. - The Sea and the Jungle
014724: TOMLINSON, H. M. - The Snows of Helicon
24897: TOMLINSON, H. M., ED. - Great Sea Stories of All Nations
39124: TOMLINSON, H. M. - The Wind Is Rising
007008: TOMPKINS, PTOLEMY - This Tree Grows out of Hell: Mesoamerica and the Search for the Magical Body
011572: TOMPKINS, PETER - Secrets of the Great Pyramid, with an Appendix by Livio Catullo Stecchini
013383: TOMPKINS, PTOLEMY - Paradise Fever: Growing Up in the Shadow of the New Age
36632: TOMPKINS, JULIET WILBOR - Doctor Ellen
37974: TOMS, AGNES - The Joy of Eating Natural Foods. Forward by W. Coda Martin
245: TONER, RAYMOND J. - Midshipman Davy Jones: Being the Log of His Adventures Aboard Divers Frigates... Of the United States Navy...
43134: TONEY, ANTHONY - Creative Painting and Drawing
24367: TONG, WILLABEL L., DESIGNER - Harry Potter Hogwarts School : A Magical 3-D Carousel Pop-Up
21774: TONKINSON, CAROLE - Wake Up and Cook : Kitchen Buddhism in Words and Recipes
41200: TONNA, CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH - The Wrongs of Woman. By Charlotte Elizabeth. Part III. The Little Pin-Headers
21488: TONNER, LESLIE - Nothing But the Best: The Luck of the Jewish Princess
38976: TOOKER, ELISABETH - An Ethnography of the Huron Indians, 1615 - 1649
41668: TOOLAN, DAVID - Facing West from California's Shores : A Jesuit's Journey Into New Age Consciousness
009356: TOOLE, JOHN KENNEDY - The Neon Bible
17951: TOOLEY, R. V. - Some English Books with Coloured Plates: Their Points, Collations, & Values
25767: TOOMBS, ALFRED - Raising a Riot
017225: TOPEROFF, SAM - Queen of Desire: A Novel
22436: TORNABENE, LYN - Long Live the King, a Biography of Clark Gable
37295: TORRÈS, TERESKA - The Dangerous Games; a Novel
015917: TORREY, TONI - Wisdom for Widows
34203: TORTI, SYLVIA - The Scorpion's Tail
43010: TOSCANA, LUISE VON - My Own Story, by Louisa of Tuscany, Ex-Crown Princess of Saxony
42447: TOSHII, RYUICHI - Sushi
24378: TOTH, EMILY - Kate Chopin
27573: TOTH, SUSAN ALLEN - Blooming: A Small-Town Girlhood
34215: TOUGER, HALLIE EPHRON - Writing and Selling Your Mystery Novel : How to Knock 'Em Dead with Style
34204: TOUGIAS, MIKE - Ten Hours Until Dawn : The True Story of Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do
43906: TOUGIAS, MIKE - There's a Porcupine in My Outhouse : Misadventures of a Mountain Man Wannabe [by] Michael J. Tougias
39367: TOURGÉE, ALBION WINEGAR - A Fool's Errand
39368: TOURGÉE, ALBION WINEGAR - Bricks without Straw; a Novel, by Albion W. Tourgée
39374: TOURGÉE, ALBION WINEGAR - Figs and Thistles : A Romance of the Western Reserve, by Albion W. Tourgée
015466: TOURNEY, LEONARD - The Bartholomew Fair Murders
39614: TOURNIER, PAUL - To Resist or to Surrender ?
012622: TOURTELLOT, ARTHUR BENSON - Benjamin Franklin: The Shaping of Genius, the Boston Years
43439: TOURTELLOT, ARTHUR BERNON - Benjamin Franklin : The Shaping of Genius : The Boston Years
34216: TOWLER, KATHERINE - Evening Ferry
27215: TOWNE, MORGAN - Treasures in Truck & Trash. Introduction by Carl B. Drepperd
29495: TOWNE, MORGAN - Treasures in Truck & Trash. Introduction by Carl W. Drepperd
43756: TOWNLEY, SUSAN MARY KEPPEL, LADY - 'Indiscretions' of Lady Susan [Lady Susan Townley]
016311: TOWNSEND, CHARLES BARRY - World's Trickiest Puzzles
23720: TOWNSEND, DORIS, EDITOR - This Great Game
27031: TOWNSEND, GEORGE FYLER - The Arabian Nights' Entertainment
43757: TOWNSEND, PETER - Time and Chance : An Autobiography
36344: TOWNSEND, VIRGINIA F. (VIRGINIA FRANCES) - The Mills of Tuxbury, by Virginia F. Townsend American Girl's Series
009100: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD - The German Terror in France
24117: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - A Study of History. Abridgements of [Original] Vol. I-VI
29932: TOZZETI, LUIGI, ARRANGER - The Mark Stern Mandolin, Guitar and Piano Folio, No. 5
29933: TOZZETI, LUIGI, ARRANGER - The Mark Stern Mandolin, Guitar and Piano Folio, No. 9
003168: TRACY, MARIAN - New Casserole Cookery
004421: TRACY, LOUIS - Minkie
006353: TRACY, HONOR - A Season of Mists
22874: TRACY, MARIAN - More Casserole Cookery
30684: TRACY, LOUIS. - The King of Diamonds : A Tale of Mysttery and Adventure.
35073: TRACY, HONOR - The Prospects Are Pleasing
35929: TRACY, LOUIS - The Wings of the Morning
36742: TRACY, HONOR - The First Day of Friday; a Novel
36743: TRACY, DON - Crimson Is the Eastern Shore
36744: TRACY, DON - The Hated One
36745: TRACY, DON - The Last Boat out of Cincinnati
36757: TRACY, DON - Crimson Is the Eastern Shore
36758: TRACY, LOUIS - The Wings of the Morning
36761: TRACY, LOUIS - The Wheel O' Fortune
37133: TRACY, HONOR - In the Year of Grace
37134: TRACY, HONOR - A Season of Mists
016343: TRAGER, JAMES - The Enriched, Fortified, Concentrated, Country-Fresh, Lip- Smacking, Finger-Licking, International Unexpurgated Foodbook
36746: TRAHEY, JANE - Thursdays 'Til 9 : A Novel
010522: TRAILL, DAVID A - Schliemann of Troy: Treasure and Deceit
43213: TRAILL, H. D (HNERY DUFF) - Sterne
961: TRAIN, ARTHUR - The Needle's Eye
962: TRAIN, ARTHUR - The Blind Goddess
963: TRAIN, ARTHUR - Mr. Tutt Finds a Way
1430: TRAIN, ARTHUR - From the District Attorney's Office: A Popular Account of Criminal Justice
013502: TRAIN, ARTHUR - My Day in Court
013503: TRAIN, ARTHUR - Ambition
014464: TRAIN, ARTHUR - Puritan's Progress: An Informal Account of Certain Puritans & Their Descendants from the American Revolution to the Present...
015807: TRAIN, ARTHUR CHENEY, SUPPOSED AUTHOR - The Goldfish, Being the Confessions of a Successful Man
24166: TRAIN, JOHN - True Remarkable Occurrences
24972: TRAIN, JOHN - Most Remarkable Occurrences. Foreword by George Plimpton
24974: TRAIN, JOHN - Valsalva's Maneuver: Mots Justes and Indispensable Terms
24975: TRAIN, JOHN - Famous Financial Fiascos. Foreword by C. Northcote Parkinson
43759: TRAIN, ARTHUR CHENEY - Yankee Lawyer, the Autobiography of Ephraim Tutt
30164: TRAIN, JOHN. - Remarkable Relatives.
35925: TRAIN, ARTHUR - His Children's Children
35926: TRAIN, ARTHUR - The Earthquake
42721: TRAIN, ARTHUR - Mr. Tutt Finds a Way
28286: TRAKL, GEORG - Twenty Poems Translated by James Wright and Robert Bly
43624: TRAPP, MARIA AUGUSTA - Maria, by Maria Von Trapp
24680: TRAPP, MARIA AUGUSTA & MURDOCH, RUTH T. - A Family on Wheels: Further Adventures of the Trapp Family Singers
21821: TRAPROCK, WALTER E., PSEUD. OF CHAPPELL, GEORGE SHEPARD - The Cruise of the Kawa; Wanderings in the South Seas
36800: TRASK, PARKER D. (PARKER DAVIES) - Origin and Environment of Source Sediments of Petroleum
39921: TRAUBNER, RICHARD - Operetta : A Theatrical History
24542: TRAVERS, LOUISE ALLDERDICE - The Romance of Shell in Nature and Art
007475: TREASE, GEOFFREY - The Phoenix and and Flame: D.H. Lawrence, a Biography
31041: TREASE, GEOFFREY - The Phoenix and and Flame: D.H. Lawrence, a Biography
012537: TREAT, ERATUS B., SUPPOSED COMPILER - Curiosities of the Bible, Pertaining the Scripture Persons, Place and Things... By a New York Sunday-School Superintendent
34359: TREAT, PAYSON J. - The Far East, a Political and Diplomatic History
36748: TREAT, IDA - In France It Was Spring. Illustrated by Mircea Vasiliu
011789: TREECE, HENRY - The Magic Wood
23648: TREECE, HENRY - The Magic Wood : A Poem
24242: TREEN, ALFRED & ESMERELDA - The Dalmatian: Coach Dog, Firehouse Dog
43477: TREFOUSSE, HANS L. (HANS LOUIS) - Andfrew Johnson : A Biography
011540: TREGASKIS, RICHARD - John F. Kennedy and Pt-109
014353: TRELAWNY, E. J. - Recollections of the Last Days of Shelly and Byron
31242: TREMBLAY, HELENE - Families of the World: Family Life at the Close of the Twentieth Century Vol. 1 The Americas and the Caribbean
011960: TREMP, DIETER - Drawn Around the World: Watercolor Miniatures from a Journey Around Our Planet
28545: TRESIDDER, JACK, EDITOR - Taking Better Travel Photos The Kodak Library of Creative Photography
28546: TRESIDDER, JACK, EDITOR - Mastering Color The Kodak Library of Creative Photography
28547: TRESIDDER, JACK, EDITOR - Extend Your Range The Kodak Library of Creative Photography
17589: TREVANIAN - The Summer of Katya
008517: TREVELYAN, GEORGE MACAULAY - The Life of John Bright
23473: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - Rome '44, the Battle for the Eternal City
40379: TREVELYAN, RALEIGH - The Golden Oriole
011926: TREVES, SIR FREDERICK - The Cradle of the Deep. An Account of a Voyage to the West Indies
21714: TREVOR, WILLIAM - Felicia's Journey
24329: TRIADÓ, JUAN-RAMÓN - The Key to Baroque Art. The Key to art
24330: TRIADÓ, JUAN-RAMÓN - The Key to Painting. The Key to art
011804: TRIDENT SOCIETY OF THE U.S. NAVAL ACADEMY, ED. - The Book of Navy Songs
012320: TRIGG, LIZ - Fabulous Fish
29558: TRILLIN, CALVIN - If You Can't Say Something Nice
23416: TRILLING, DIANA - We Must March My Darlings: A Critical Decade
009184: TRILLING, LIONEL - The Opposing Self : Nine Essays in Criicism
016974: TRINITY CHURCH, BOSTON - Trinity Church in the City of Boston, Massachusetts, 1733-1933
17710: TRINITY CHURCH, NEWTON, MASS. - A Collection of Selected Recipes from Trinity Church, Newton, Mass.
24677: TRIPLETT, JUNE - Salt Water Taffy; or, Twenty Thousand Leagues Away from the Sea. The Almost Incredible Autobiography of Capt. Ezra Triplett's Seafaring Daughter
36751: TRIPLETT, WILLIAM - Flowering of the Bamboo
456: TRIPP, ALONZO - Crests from the Ocean World; or, Experiences in a Voyage to Europe, Principally in France, Belgium, and England, in 1847...
25250: TRIPP, ALONZO - Crests from the Ocean World; or, Experiences in a Voyage to Europe, Principally in France, Belgium, and England, in 1847...
017255: TROCHECK, KATHY HOGAN - Strange Brew: A Callahan Garrity Mystery
010032: TROITZKY, A. A. - Chess Handbook of 360 Brilliant and Instructive End Games. With an Introduction by Fred Reinfeld
005913: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Men and the Girls
015032: TROLLOPE, JOANNA - The Best of Friends
25130: TROLLOPE - The Warden
43180: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Doctor Thorne Everyman's Library No. 360
43163: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - A Small House at Allington Everyman's Library No. 361
43183: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Last Chronicle of Barset Everyman's Library No. 392 - 393
43161: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers Everyman's Library No. 30
43181: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Warden Everyman's Library No. 182
43162: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Framley Parsonage Everyman's Library No. 181
41419: TROOP, MIRIAM - The Limerick Book; a Collection for Young People
40219: TROTTER, JAMES M - Music and Some Highly Musical People; Containing Brief Chapters on I. A Description of Music. II. The Music of Nature. III. A Glance at the History of Music. IV. The Power, Beauty, and Uses of Music. Following Which Are Given Sketches of the Lives of Remarkable Musicians of the Colored Race. With Portraits, and an Appendix Containing Copies of Music Composed by Colored Men
35064: TROTZKY, LEON - Lenin, by Leon Trotzky. Authorized Translation.
25725: TROUP, KENNETH D., ED. - Second International Tug Conference
014813: TROUT, ROBERT J., ED. - With Pen and Saber: The Letters and Diaries of J.E. B. Stuart's Staff Officers
36706: TROWARD, THOMAS - The Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science
005096: TROWBRIDGE, J. T. (JOHN TOWNSEND) - Darius Green and His Flying-Machine
010053: TROWBRIDGE, J. T. (JOHN TOWNSEND) - The Pocket-Rifle
35917: TROWBRIDGE, J. T. (JOHN TOWNSEND) - Neighbor Jackwood
21517: TROYAT, HENRI - Tolstoy. Translated from the French by Nancy Amphoux
44115: TROYAT, HENRI - Gorky
014789: TRUAX, CAROL - The Art of Salad Making
014790: TRUAX, CAROL - The Art of Salad Making
25117: TRUAX, CAROL - Woman's Day Simply Delicious Cold Dishes
21772: TRUDEAU, G. B. - The People's Doonesbury : Notes from Underfoot, 1978-1980
29917: TRUDEAU, G. B. - Doonesbury Deluxe : Selected Glances Askance
43907: TRUDEAU, NOAH ANDRE - Gettysburg : A Testing of Courage
35775: TRUDEAU, G. B. - The Doonesbury Chronicles. With an Introduction by Garry Wills
25967: TRUE, WEBSTER PRENTISS - The Smithsonian: America's Treasure House
25968: TRUE, WEBSTER PRENTISS, ED. - Smithsonian Treasury of Science
44319: TRUMAN, HARRY S. - Mr. President; the First Publication from the Personal Diaries, Private Letters, Papers, and Revealing Interviews of Harry S. Truman, Thirty-Second President of the United States of America. By William Hillman. Pictures by Alfred Wagg.
28803: TRUMAN, HARRY S - Memoirs. Vol. 1: Year of Decisions & Vol. 2: Years of Trial and Hope 1946-1952
003660: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Bess W. Truman
015467: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Murder in the Cia
17939: TRUMAN, HARRY S - Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman. Edited by Robert H. Ferrell
29170: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Harry S Truman
32028: TRUMAN, CHARLES - An Introduction to English Glassware to 1900 V & A introductions to the decorative arts
43754: TRUMAN, HARRY S - Strictly Personal and Confidential : The Letters Harry Truman Never Mailed, Edited by Monte M. Poen.
36594: TRUMAN, MARGARET - Murder at the Fbi : A Novel
36184: TRUMBALL, HENRY CLAY - The Knightly Soldier: A Biography of Major Henry Ward Camp, Tenth Conn. Vols. By Chaplain H. Clay Trumbull
25185: TRUMBULL, ROBERT - The Raft
37261: TRUNGPA, CHOGYAM - Shambhala : The Sacred Path of the Warrior
36759: TRUSS, SELDON - The Other Side of the Wall
014074: TRYCKARE, TRE - The Lore of Ships
017278: TRYON, THOMAS - The Other
36741: TRYON, THOMAS - Crowned Heads
36752: TRYON, THOMAS - All That Glitters
37451: TRYON, THOMAS - Lady; a Novel
34490: TRZEBINSKI, ERROL - The Lives of Beryl Markham : Out of Africa's Hidden Free Spirit and Denys Finch Hatton's Last Great Love
41999: TSAI, MING - Blue Ginger : East Meets West Cooking with Ming Tsai
28451: TSCHUMI, BERBARD & BERMAN, MATTHEW, EDITORS - Index Architecture : A Columbia Book of Architecture D: Columbia Documents of Architecture and Theory, volumes 7 / 8 / 9
41545: TSE, LINDA - Families of East Vancouver : Our Multicultural Neighborhood
003729: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W - The First Salute
7515: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W - Practicing History: Selected Essays
010678: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Stilwell and the American Experience in China, 1911-1945
012433: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W - A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century
014486: TUCHMAN, BARBARA - The Proud Tower: A Portrait of the World Before the War, 1890 - 1914
014493: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W - The March of Folly, from Troy to Vietnam
30761: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - A Distant Mirror: The Calamitous 14th Century.
31562: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Practicing History: Selected Essays
32907: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W. - Practicing History: Selected Essays
34651: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W - The March of Folly, from Troy to Vietnam
39531: TUCHMAN, BARBARA W - The First Salute
010750: TUCILLE, JEROME - Rupert Murdoch
004278: TUCKER, GEORGE F - The Boy Whaleman
016626: TUCKER, BARBARA D - Cooking with a Food Processor
17619: TUCKER, TERRY - Bermuda's Story
34558: TUCKER, ELIZABETH S. - Leaves from Juliana Horatia Ewing’S "Canada Home". Gathered and Illustrated by Elizabeth S. Tucker. Together with Facsmilies of Eight Water-Color Drawings by Mrs. Ewing’S Own Hand.
36753: TUCKER, HELEN - The Sound of Summer Voices
24933: TUDGE, COLIN - Future Food: Politics, Philosophy and Receipes for the 21st Century.
015829: TUER, ANDREW W - Bartolozzi and His Works. A Biographical and Descriptive Account of the Life and Career of Francesco Bartolozzi
011691: TUFNELL, ROBERT - The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railway Locomotives
013147: TUGGLE, WILLIAM ORRIE - Shem Ham & Japheth: The Papers of W.O. Tuggle Comprising His Indian Diary... In the Territory & at the Capital, 1879-1882
010009: TUKESBURY, T. F. - The Book of Essays
012325: TULLY, TOM - Mother
26377: TULLY, ANDREW - Era of Elegance
36754: TULLY, ANDREW - Supreme Court : A Novel
27091: TUMULTY, JOSEPH P. (JOSEPH PATRICK) - Woodrow Wilson As I Know Him, by Joseph P. Tumulty
27140: TUMULTY, JOSEPH P. (JOSEPH PATRICK) - Woodrow Wilson As I Know Him, by Joseph P. Tumulty
31436: TUNNARD, CHRISTOPHER - The City of Man
012771: TUPPER, HARMON - To the Great Ocean: Siberia and the Trans-Siberian Railway
38879: TUPPER, MARTIN FARQUHAR - A Thousand Lines Now First Offered to the World We Live in
1512: TURBERVILLE, A. S. - English Men and Manners in the Eighteenth Century: An Illustrated Narrative...
010882: TURGEON, CHARLOTTE - Charlotte Turgeone's Summer Cookbook
018182: TURGEON, CHARLOTTE, ED. - The Creative Cooking Course
30253: TURGEON, CHARLOTTE, ED. - The Creative Cooking Course.
41946: TURGEON, CHARLOTTE - The Saturday Evening Post All American Cookbook
24490: TURKIN, HY & THOMPSON, S. C. - The Official Encyclopedia of Baseball. Revisions of Pete Palmer
25911: TURNBULL, COLIN M. - The Mountain People
36756: TURNBULL, AGNES SLIGH - The Golden Journey
010390: TURNER, STEVE - Angelheaded Hipster: A Life of Jack Kerouac
017052: TURNER, STANSFIELD - Secrecy and Democracy: The Cia in Transition
21526: TURNER, LANA - Lana: The Lady, the Legend, the Truth
23093: TURNER, GINNY, EDITOR - North Carolina Traveler : A Vacationer's Guide to the Mountains, Piedmont, and Coast
23335: TURNER, TONY - All That Glittered : My Life with the Supremes
24345: TURNER, TED & JOBSON, GARY - The Racing Edge
26817: TURNER, ANN WARREN - Houses for the Dead
30297: TURNER, STEVE. - Van Morrison : Too Late to Stop Now.
30720: TURNER, J. M. W. (JOSEPH MALLORD WILLIAM),. - Fac-Similes of Thirty-Three Etchings by Turner : For the Plates of the Liber Studiorum. Reproduced from Copies in the Possession of Mr. Ruskin and of the Editor.
32029: TURNER, ERIC. - An Introduction to English Silver from 1660 ( V & A introductions to the decorative arts)
32475: TURNER, CHARLES W. - Ruy Barbosa : Brazilian Crusader for the Essential Freedoms
33793: TURNER, LUTHER WESTON - The Basket Maker
33804: TURNER, E. S. (ERNEST SACKVILLE) - A History of Courting
34217: TURNER, MEGAN WHALEN - The King of Attolia
34341: TURNER, WALTER JAMES - A Panorama of Rural England. Introduction by Edmund Blunden. Edit by W.J. Turner
36964: TURNER, FREDERICK - Natural Classicism : Essays on Literature and Science
41367: TURNER, W. J. (WALTER JAMES), EDITOR - The Romance of English Literature; Introduction by Kate O’Brien; Edited by W.J. Turner. With 48 Plates in Colour and 125 Illustrations in Black and White
44307: TURNER, NANCY BYRD - The Mother of Washington, by Nancy Byrd Turner, in Collaboration with Sidney Gunn
44182: TURNER, STEVE - The Man Called Cash : The Life, Love, and Faith of an American Legend
44318: TURNER, NANCY BYRD - In the Days of Young Washington, by Nancy Byrd Turner, with Illustrations by Arthur Becher
37296: TURNEY, CATHERINE - The Other One
015968: TUROW, SCOTT - Burden of Proof
30686: TUROW, SCOTT. - Presumed Innocent.
34491: TUROW, SCOTT - The Laws of Our Fathers
34652: TUROW, SCOTT - Pleading Guilty
43292: TUROW, SCOTT - Pleading Guilty
25592: TURPIN, JAMES W. & HIRSHBERG, AL - A Faraway Country : The Continuing Story of Project Concern
29842: TURPIN, JAMES W. - A Faraway Country; the Continuing Story of Project Concern, by James W. Turpin with Al Hirshberg
015394: TUSHNET, MARK V. - Making Constitutional Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1961-1991
014760: TUTEIN, PETER - The Sealers. Translated [from the Danish] by Eugene Gay-Tifft
1965: TUTTLE, FRANCIS - Report of the Cruise of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear and the Overland Expedition for the Relief of Whalers in the Arctic...
38194: TUTTLE, ROBERT D. - A Tradition of Achievement : The Story of Sealed Power Corporation
016694: TVER, DAVID F. - The Norton Encyclopedic Dictionary of Navigation
2241: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Mark Twain's Autobiography...
003141: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Christian Science, with Notes Containing Corrections to Date
005306: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Mark Twain's West. The Author's Memoirs About His Boyhood, Riverboats and Western Adventures. Edited by Walter Blair Lakeside Classics 81
007328: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - English As She Is Taught by Mark Twain with Biographical Sketch of Author by Matthew Irving Lans
39143: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Life on the Mississippi
008955: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Extracts from Adam's Diary Tranlated from the Original Ms. By Mark Twain
008960: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
010305: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - The Works of Mark Twain in 10 Volumes
013583: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - The Prince and the Pauper: A Tale for Young People of All Ages
22446: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Saint Joan of Arc by Mark Twain
24390: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain. Abridged, Edited & Illustrated by Charles Neider.
26303: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven. Foreword - Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Introduction - Frederik Pohl, Afterword - James A. Miller
31382: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Is Shakespeare Dead? from My Autobiography
43447: TWAIN, MARK - Mark Twain's Book for Bad Boys and Girls, Edited by R. Kent Rasmussen
41678: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Is Shakespeare Dead? from My Autobiography
013765: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Tom Sawyer Detective and Other Stories
42220: TWAIN, MARK, PSEUD. OF CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE - Mark Twain’S Sketches New and Old
39557: TWISS, HORACE - The Public and Private Life of Lord Chancellor Eldon, with Selections from His Correspondence
40711: TWYMAN, MICHAEL - Early Lithographed Books : A Study of the Design and Production of Improper Books in the Age of the Hand Press, with a Catalogue
33570: TYERMAN, CHRISTOPHER - Fighting for Christendom : Holy War and the Crusades
005012: TYLER, SANDRA - Blue Glass
27103: TYLER, DAVID BUDLONG - The Bay & River Delaware: A Pictorial History
27793: TYLER, ANNE - Ladder of Years
29433: TYLER, MABS - The Big Book of Soft Toys
30687: TYLER, ANNE. - The Clock Winder.
33535: TYLER, ANNE - Breathing Lessons
36957: TYLER, ANNE - Breathing Lessons
43245: TYLER, ANNE - Digging to America : A Novel
42817: TYLL, AL - The Complete Beginner's Guide to Water Skiing. Foreword by James G. Sylvester
011496: TYNAN, KENNETH - Show People: Profiles in Entertainment
36965: TYNAN, KATHLEEN - Agatha
39272: TYNDALE, WILLIAM - A Medieval Christmas
41807: TYNDALL, JOHN - Faraday As a Discoverer
24668: TYRMAND. LEOPOLD - Notebooks of a Dilettante
26818: TYRMAND, LEOPOLD - Notebooks of a Dilettante
009741: TYRRELL, CHAS. A. - The Royal Road to Health; or, the Secret of Health without Drugs
43348: TYRRELL, R. EMMETT - Public Nuisances
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23575: WAKEFIELD, RUTH GRAVES - Toll House Tried and True Recipes
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015076: WAKEMAN, FREDERIC - The Fabulous Train
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39821: WAKEMAN, FREDERIC - Deluxe Tour
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37933: WALDO, MYRA - The Complete Round-the-World Meat Cookbook
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21817: WALEY, ARTHUR - More Translations from the Chinese
43375: WALKER, J. B. R. (JAMES BRADFORD RICHMOND) - The Comprehensive Concordance to the Holy Scriptures, by Rev. J.B. R. Walker; a Practical, Convenient, Accurate Text Finder... Based on the Authorized Version.
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37222: WALLACE, IRVING - The Second Lady
37223: WALLACE, IRVING - The Second Lady
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37229: WALLACE, IRVING - Miracle
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37231: WALLACE, IRVING - The Plot, a Novel
37480: WALLACE, IRVING - The Plot, a Novel
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37195: WALLACH, ANNE TOLSTOI - Women's Work
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018680: WALLER, HORACE - The Last Journals of David Livingstone, in Central Africa from 1865 to His Death...
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009185: WALPOLE, HORACE - A Selection of the Letters of Horace Walpole. Edited by W.S. Lewis
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22793: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf : Three Little Pigs
23802: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Mickey Mouse's Joke Book
23812: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - The Rescuers Disney's wonderful world of reading
23814: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney Productions Presents the Black Hole Disney's wonderful world of reading
23815: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney's Cinderella Disney's wonderful world of reading, 16
23816: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Disney's wonderful world of reading
23817: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney's the Sorcerer's Apprentice Disney's wonderful world of reading, no. 12
23818: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Great Moments in Fiction. With Illus. By the Walt Disney Studio The Walt Disney parade of fun, fact, fantasy, and fiction
25835: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Walt Disney's Cinderella
31020: WALT DISNEY COMPANY - Walt Disney's Dumbo Little Golden Books D 3
42535: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - The Adventures of Mickey Mouse... 50th Birthday Edition
37626: WALT DISNEY PICTURES - The Return to Oz Storybook Oz Series
011863: WALTER, ELLERY - The World on One Leg
018528: WALTER, RICHARD - Canary Island Adventure: A Young Family's Quest for the Simple Life
23205: WALTER, ELLERY - The World on One Leg
013270: WALTERS, DEREK - Chinese Mythology: An Encyclopedia of Myth and Legend
015156: WALTHERS, W. K. - Handbook for Model Railroaders
016234: WALTON, FRANK - The Flying Machine Boys on Duty; or, the Clue Above the Clouds
29935: WALTON, HARRY - Popular Science Standard Guide to Economy Cars
30923: WALTON, PERRY - Devonshire Street, 1630 - 1912 : A Collection of Facts and Incidents Together with Reproductions of Illustrations Pertaining to an Old Boston Street
34263: WALTON, D. L. - Choices for Youth : Character Education Reader for Critical Thinking...
42967: WALTON, MARY - Car : A Drama of the American Workplace
008338: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The Golden Orange
015969: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - Lines and Shadows
35483: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The Secrets of Harry Bright
35499: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - Echoes in the Darkness
37342: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The Secrets of Harry Bright
37644: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The Blue Knight
37645: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The Choirboys
37646: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The New Centurions
39544: WAMBAUGH, JOSEPH - The New Centurions
34218: WANG, ANNIE - The People's Republic of Desire
012557: WANGERIN, WALTER, JR. - Thistle
012540: WARD, CHRISTOPHER - The Saga of Cap'n John Smith
013672: WARD, GEOFFREY C., BURNS, RIC, & BURNS, KEN - The CIVIL War: An Illustrated History
016713: WARD-THOMAS, PAT, EDITOR - The New World Atlas of Golf
018135: WARD, BALDWIN H., EDITOR - Year: Mid-Century Edition: 1900-1950. The Dramatic Story of 50 Turbulent Years in 2,000 Pictures, 100,000 Words...
018137: WARD, BALDWIN H., EDITOR - Year: The Annual Picture-History. The Complete Exciting Record of the Year's News. [1954] Foreword by Earl Warren
018138: WARD, BALDWIN H., EDITOR - Year: The Complete Exciting Picture Record of the Year's News. [1955] Foreword by Harold C. Urey
24183: WARD, A. C. [ALFRED CHARLES] - Illustrated History of English Literature
25564: WARD, BARBARA - The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations
25713: WARD, BARBARA - The Lopsided World
27945: WARD, BARBARA - An Urban Planet? by Barbara Ward. Watercolors by Howard Watson
30326: WARD-THOMAS, PAT, EDITOR. - The World Atlas of Golf.
31010: WARD, MAISIE - Young Mr. Newman
35939: WARD, HUMPHRY, MRS. (MARY AUGUSTA) - The Coryston Family
35940: WARD, HUMPHRY, MRS. (MARY AUGUSTA) - The Marriage of William Ashe; a Novel, by Mrs. Humphry Ward, with Illustrations by Albert Sterner
37325: WARD, ANDREW - The Blood Seed : A Novel of India
38113: WARD, MAISIE - Robert Browning and His World : The Private Face [1812-1861]
39203: WARD, BARBARA - Policy for the West
43994: WARD, DON - Cowboys and Cattle Country, by the Editors of American Heritage. Narrative by Don Ward, in Consultation with J.C. Dykes American heritage junior library
44215: WARDE, FREDERICK B. - The Fools of Shakespeare; an Interpretation of Their Wit, Wisdom and Personalities
43515: WARDE, FREDERICK B. - Fifty Years of Make-Believe, by Frederick Warde
009811: WARDMAN, ALAN - Religion and Statecraft Among the Romans
32932: WARE, HENRY - The Vision of Liberty : Recited Before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard University, August 26, 1824.
36234: WARE, JOHN D. - George Gauld, Surveyor and Cartographer of the Gulf Coast by John D. Ware ; Revised and Completed by Robert R. Rea.
37270: WARE, HARLAN - Come, Fill the Cup
39846: WARE, MARY G. (MARY GREENE) - Thoughts in My Garden
37271: WARING, M. W. - The Witnesses; a Novel, by M.W. Waring
005432: WARNER, OLIVER - Admiral of the Fleet: Cunningham of Hyndhope: The Battle for the Mediterranean. A Memoir
011575: WARNER, SAM BASS, JR. - Province of Reason
014872: WARNER, ANN SPENCE - Days of Gold
015095: WARNER, WILLIAM W - Distant Water: The Fate of the North Atlantic Fisherman
015699: WARNER, EMILY SMITH & DANIEL, HAWTHORNE - The Happy Warrior: A Biography of My Father Alfred E. Smith
26607: WARNER, KEN, EDITOR - Gun Digest, 1985
28655: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - In the Levant The Atlantic Monthly Library of Travel, vol. six.
31577: WARNER, SAM BASS - The Way We Really Live : Social Change in Metropolitan Boston Since 1920 : . .
33537: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - Scenes of Childhood
36136: WARNER, THOMAS EVERETT - Indications of Performance Practice in Woodwind Instruction Books of the 17th and 18th Centuries
36984: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - Backlog Studies
38558: WARNER, SYLVIA TOWNSEND - The Flint Anchor, a Novel
43939: WARNER, SAM BASS - Greater Boston : Adapting Regional Traditions to the Present Metropolitan portraits
43876: WARNER, ANNA BARTLETT - Up and Down the House. Every Wise Woman Buildeth Her House, But the Foolish Plucketh It Down with Her Hands
016853: WARRELL, IAN - Turner, the Fourth Decade: Watercolours, 1820-1830
002862: WARREN, KATHERINE - Early and Late
7939: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Who Speaks for the Negro?
42775: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - World Enough and Time
009571: WARREN, CHARLES - Congress, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court
014636: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - The Cave
014814: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Portrait of a Father
17869: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - The Flood
25227: WARREN, ROSALIND, EDITOR - Kitty Libber : Cat Cartoons by Women
28775: WARREN, DAVID B. - Bayou Bend : American Furniture, Paintings, and Silver from the Bayou Bend Collection / by David B. Warren ; with a Foreword by Miss Ima Hogg.
31053: WARREN, AUSTIN - New England Saints
32953: WARREN, MARY SCHÄFFER - Manuscript: Typed and Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs. Dunbar Thanking Her for Book on China, on Plans to Photograph Dollls & China and Suggesting She Get a Copy of Her Old Indian Trails from G.P. Putnam
37272: WARREN, JOYCE - Peacocks and Avarice. With Illus. By Tony Walton
37278: WARREN, GEORGE A. - The Musket Boys Under Washington; or, the Tories of Old New York
37282: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - World Enough and Time
37376: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Meet Me in the Green Glen
39537: WARREN, GRETCHEN OSGOOD - The Sword, Poems Written by G.O. Warren...
39660: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - Selected Essays
39662: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - All the King's Men
39790: WARREN, M - Creation : A Poem
42517: WARSHOFSKY, FRED - The Chip War : The Battle for the World of Tomorrow
34568: WARSHOW, ROBERT IRVING - Alexander Hamilton, First American Business Man
009629: WASHBURN, ROBERT M - Footprints on the Sands of Time
38331: WASHBURN, R. M. - Calvin Coolidge : His First Biography. A Brief Biography of Calvin Coolidge from Cornerstone to Capstone
40524: WASHBURN, WILLIAM TUCKER - Fair Harvard: A Story of American College Life
38959: WASHINGTON, GEORGE - Washington's Farewell Address
28216: WASSERMANN, JACOB - The Goose Man. Authorized Translation by Allen W. Porterfield.
41361: WASSON, DAVID ATWOOD - Beyond Concord; Selected Writings... Edited with an Introduction by Charles H. Foster
24498: WATANABE, HIROSHI - Amazing Architecture from Japan

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