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25452: DURRANT, LAWRENCE. - Hayes Gordon: The Man and His Dream.
24682: DURRANT, LAWRENCE. - The Seawatchers: The Story of Australia's Coast Radio Service.
25368: DURRANT, MICHAEL. - Creative Strategies for School Problems.
13360: DURRELL, GERALD. - Catch Me a Colobus.
27378: DURSCHMIED, ERIK. - The Hinge Factor: How Chance and Stupidity Have Changed History.
25356: DUSTY, SLIM; MCKEAN, JOY. - Slim Dusty: Another Day, Another Town.
27864: DUTTON, GEOFFREY. - Frederick Mccubbin 1855 - 1917 [Australian Bicentennial Year Art Series: Famous Australian Art].
26023: DUTTON, NINETTE. - Home: A Journey of Discovery and Fulfilment.
22018: DUTTON, GEOFFREY. - New Poems to 1972.
24939: DUTTON, GEOFFREY. - Founder of a City: The Life of Colonel William Light First Surveyor-General of the Colony of South Australia: Founder of Adelaide 1786 -1839.
15560: DUYKER, EDWARD &; YOUNGER, CORALIE. - Molly and the Rajah: Race, Romance and the Raj.
26531: DWYER, T. RYLE. - Michael Collins: The Man Who Won the War.
13176: DWYER, BOB. - The Winning Way.
22770: DYE, MOLLY. - Molly Dye's Treasury of Craft.
12914: DYSON, SIMON; BROWN, BRIAN. - Social Theory and Applied Health Research [Understanding Social Science Series].
4813: EADIE, BETTY J. - Embraced by the Light (What Happens When You Die?).
11976: EAGLESON, ROBERT D. - Australianisms in Early Migrant Handbooks, 1827 - 1830 [Occasional Paper].
13621: EAGLESON, ROBERT D.; THREADGOLD, TERRY; COLLINS, PETER C. - Inside Language [Inside English Series].
22724: EAMES, JIM. - Reshaping Australia's Aviation Landscape: The Federal Airports Corporation 1986 - 1998.
22646: EARLE, SARAH (EDITOR); LLOYD, CATHY E. (EDITOR); SIDELL, MOYRA (EDITOR); SPURR, SUE (EDITOR). - Theory and Research in Promoting Public Health [Promoting Public Health: Skills, Perspectives and Practice Series].
14275: EARNSHAW, JOHN. - Early Sydney Cabinetmakers 1804 - 1870: A Directory with an Introductory Survey [Cabinet-Makers].
10881: EASDOWN, GEOFF; WILMS, PETER. - Ansett: The Collapse.
20951: EASOM SMITH, H. - Bantams [Pet and Fancy Series].
28852: EATHER, STEVE. - Target Charlie: The Exciting Story of Australia's Air War in Vietnam 1964 - 1972.
28396: EATON, JENNY (EDITOR); ETUE, KATE (EDITOR). - The Awake Project: Uniting Against the African Aids Crisis.
28075: EAVIS, SID (EDITOR); CAREY, GEORGE (FOREWORD). - A Healing Ministry: My Recollections of Canon Jim Glennon.
23946: EBON, MARTIN. - Psychic Discoveries by the Russians.
26379: EBURY, SUE. - The Many Lives of Kenneth Myer.
10716: ECCLESTONE, ERIC. - Sir Walter Ralegh [Sir Walter Raleigh: Biography Series].
13754: EDELMAN, GERALD M.; TONONI, GIULIO. - Consciousness: How Matter Becomes Imagination.
21210: EDEN, JOHN. - Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Woman's Guide to Identifying & Managing Pcos.
27969: EDENS, COOPER; WEINBERG-HARTER, GEORGE (CALLIGRAPHY). - If You'Re Afraid of the Dark Remember the Night Rainbow.
22494: EDGAR, DON. - The Patchwork Nation: Re-Thinking Government, Re-Building Community.
15045: EDGAR, ALFRED; CRITCHLOW, M. (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Schoolboy Airmen [Warne's Pearl Library].
23137: EDGECOMBE, JEAN. - Flinders Island and Eastern Bass Strait.
11713: EDGECOMBE, JEAN. - Phillip Island and Western Port.
12214: EDGELL, GORDON & SONS. - Chef's Suggestions from Gordon Edgell & Sons Ltd: Recipes Based on the Use of Edgell Quality Products.
15423: EDHLUND, BENGT M. - Manuscript Writing Using Endnote and Word.
26803: EDIBLE OIL, INDUSTRIES. - What Shall I Cook Today? 100 Copha Recipes.
6789: EDITORIAL STAFF, GLEANINGS IN BEE CULTURE; ROWE, H. G.; ROOT, JOHN A. (INTRODUCTION). - Starting Right with Bees: A Beginner's Handbook on Beekeeping.
28703: EDMANSON, JANE. - Jane Edmanson's Favourite Plants: A Personal and Practical Selection for Australian Gardeners.
28002: EDMANSON, JANE; LAWRENCE, LORRIE. - The Australian Garden: A Classic Guide to Design, Planting and Care.
4736: EDMENTS. - Shop by Post Direct from Edments Cash Stores.
25347: EDMONDSON, RAY; PIKE, ANDREW. - Australia's Lost Films: The Loss and Rescue of Australia's Silent Cinema.
25381: EDUCATION, DEPARTMENT OF. - Domestic Science Handbook 1938.
28913: EDWARDS, HUGH. - Port of Pearls: Broome's First 100 Years.
28498: EDWARDS, CHRIS; MONEGHETTI, STEVE (FOREWORD). - The Untold Story of the City2surf: Begin with the End in Mind.
28140: EDWARDS, HUGH. - Dead Men's Silver: The Story of Australia's Greatest Shipwreck Hunter.
10811: EDWARDS, RON. - Cats.
25702: EDWARDS, RON. - Sailing Ships of Cairns: Past and Present.
16119A: EDWARDS, GEORGE; BINGHAM, MISS (LORNA). - The Lost Tribe (from the Golden Boomerang Serial).
28786: EDWARDS, BENJAMIN. - Wasps Tykes and Ecumaniacs: Aspects of Australian Sectarianism 1945 - 1981.
25701: EDWARDS, RON. - Cairns: A Historical Sketchbook.
15736: EDWARDS, DEBORAH; MIMMOCHI, DENISE (WITH); BUNNY, RUPERT. - Rupert Bunny: Artist in Paris.
27405: EDWARDS, HAZEL. - General Store.
28319: EDWARDS, GEOFFREY; JOHNSON, COLONEL K. T. (FOREWORD). - The Road to Prevelly.
25191: EDWARDS, PAT (EDITOR). - Squeaks Snuffles and Grunts [Eureka Treasure Chest, Stage 4].
6776A: EDWARDS, HUGH. - The Remarkable Dolphins of Monkey Mia (Wild Dolphins Meet People at the Shark Bay Shore).
25325: EDWARDS, ZENY. - The Grecian Pagoda and the Architecture of Eryldene.
10363: EDWARDS, IAN; TONKIN, RACHEL (ILLUSTRATOR). - Papa and the Olden Days.
23631: EFFENDI, SHOGHI; HASSALL, GRAHAM (EDITOR). - Messages to the Antipodes: Communications from Shoghi Effendi to the Baha'i Communities of Australasia.
28604: EGAN, JACK; O'REILLY, BILL. - The Bradman Era.
21530: EGG MARKETING BOARD, N.S.W. - Let's Have Eggs: A Recipe Book of Delightful Egg Dishes for Every Meal.
10062: EGGER, GARRY. - The Sport Drug.
28223: EGGERS, WILLIAM D.; MACMILLAN, PAUL. - The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government, and Social Enterprises Are Teaming Up to Solve Society's Toughest Problems.
22340: EGGERT, PAUL (EDITOR). - Editing in Australia [Occasional Paper, No. 17].
4086: EHRENWALD, JAN; MURPHY, GARDNER (FOREWORD). - Telepathy and Medical Psychology.
13259: EISENBERG, LAURA ZITTRAIN. - My Enemy's Enemy: Lebanon in the Early Zionist Imagination, 1900 - 1948.
27440: EKLUND, ERIK. - Mining Towns: Making a Living, Making a Life.
5329: ELDER, BRUCE. - And When I Die, Will I Be Dead? from the ABC Radio Program.
24079: ELDER, BRUCE. - Remember When: Reflections on a Changing Australia.
4105: ELDERSHAW, M. BARNARD. - A House Is Built.
25909: ELECTRIC RAILWAY, SOUTH PACIFIC. - The Ryde Tramway: 1910 to 1949.
27646: ELECTRIC RAILWAY, SOUTH PACIFIC. - Sydney "R" Class: Bogie Corridor Car [Tramcar Guides].
27647: ELECTRIC RAILWAY, SOUTH PACIFIC. - Sydney & Newcastle "L/P" Class: Bogie Crossbench Car [Tramcar Guides].
27648: ELECTRIC RAILWAY, SOUTH PACIFIC. - Brisbane Dropcentre Type Cars: Bogie Combination Cars [Tramcar Guides].
16418: ELEY, BEVERLEY. - Ion Idriess.
24769: ELIADE, MIRCEA. - Yoga: Immortality and Freedom.
13499: ELIEZER, YAFFA; ELIEZER, SHALOM. - The Fourth State of Matter: An Introduction to the Physics of Plasma.
7912: ELIOT, T. S.; BENTLEY, NICOLAS (ILLUSTRATOR). - Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.
3462: ELIOT, MARC. - Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince: A Biography.
13763: ELIOTT, LYDIA S. - Little Teddy Bear.
15528: ELLINGSEN, PETER. - A History of Psychoanalysis in Australia: From Freud to Lacan.
20730: ELLIOT, RODGER. - An Introduction to the Grampians Flora.
16845: ELLIOTT, DI; SILVER, LYNETTE. - A History of the 2/18th Infantry Battalion: Based on the Original Book Against All Odds.
25184: ELLIOTT, TIM. - Spain by the Horns: A Trip to the Heart of the World's Most Colourful Nation.
23436: ELLIOTT, J. H. - Imperial Spain 1469 - 1716.
23469: ELLIOTT, BARBARA. - Containing the Uncontainable: Alcohol Misuse and the Personal Choice Community Programme.
24693: ELLIOTT, PAUL. - Brotherhoods of Fear: A History of Violent Organizations.
25228: ELLIOTT, ANTHONY (EDITOR); FROSH, STEPHEN (EDITOR). - Psychoanalysis in Contexts: Paths between Theory and Modern Culture.
27559: ELLIS, R. F. - Rails to the Tableland: The Story of the Cairns Railway.
26853: ELLIS, PETER BERRESFORD. - The Celtic Revolution: A Study in Anti-Imperialism.
16363: ELLIS, BOB; RAMSEY, STEPHEN (WITH); SPRUCE, DAMIEN (WITH). - The Year It All Fell Down.
3754: ELLIS, M. H. - Lachlan Macquarie: His Life, Adventures and Times [Famous Australian Lives].
5895: ELLIS, ALBERT; YEAGHER, RAYMOND J. - Why Some Therapies Don't Work: The Dangers of Transpersonal Psychology.
3530: ELLIS, M. H. - A Saga of Coal: The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company's Centenary Volume.
14000: ELLIS, VIVIAN. - Vivian Ellis Song Album from His Famous Musical Plays [Plate: 42562].
21868: ELLIS, MARY. - People & Plants: A History of Gardening in Victoria.
14489: ELLIS, IAN C. - Book Finds: How to Find, Buy, and Sell Used and Rare Books.
2739: ELLIS, ALBERT. - Anger: How to Live with and without It.
25998: ELLIS, M. H. - John Macarthur [Famous Australian Lives].
3640: ELLISON, ARTHUR (ARTHUR J.). - Paranormal: The Reality of the Paranormal.
28445: ELLMANN, RICHARD. - Four Dubliners: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Samuel Becket.
23561: ELLSWORTH, E. E. - Doctor Noreen [Crown Library, No 5].
13365: ELLWOOD, ROBERT. - The Sixties Spiritual Awakening: American Religion Moving from Modern to Postmodern [60s Spiritual Awakening].
23932: ELLWOOD, WAYNE. - The No-Nonsense Guide to Globalization.
28641: ELLYARD, DAVID; WRAXWORTHY, RICHARD. - The Proud Arch: The Story of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
25846: ELLYARD, DAVID. - Weatherwise: Fact, Fiction and Folklore.
16705: ELSTON, GLENN; HOCKING, GREG; WOODS, TIM. - Hair: The Tribal Love Rock Musical.
28711: ELWELL, THOS. D. - An Official Guide to the National Park of New South Wales.
13112: ELWELL, J. B. - The Principles, Rules and Laws of Auction Bridge, Stated, Explained, and Illustrated (Elwell on Auction Bridge).
13613: EMBRETSON, SUSAN E. (EDITOR); HERSHBERGER, SCOTT L. (EDITOR). - The New Rules of Measurement: What Every Psychologist and Educator Should Know.
21877: EMMETT, PETER. - Fleeting Encounters: Pictures & Chronicles of the First Fleet.
1526: EMMOTT. - Mechanical World Year Book 1946 [Mechanical World Yearbook 1946].
2478: EMMOTT. - Electrical Year Book 1937: A Collection of Electrical Engineering Notes, Rules, Tables and Data [Electrical Yearbook 1937].
12063: EMPIRICUS, SEXTUS; BURY, R. G. (TRANSLATOR). - Outlines of Pyrrhonism [Great Books in Philosophy].
25763: ENGLE, DAVID E.; HAL, ARKOWITZ. - Ambivalence in Psychotherapy: Facilitating Readiness to Change.
24880: ENGLEBERG, ISA N.; WYNN, DIANNA R. - Working in Groups: Communication Principles and Strategies.
9769: ENNIS, HELEN (ET AL.). - Photography 150 Years 1839 - 1989.
16017: ENOCH, YVONNE. - Play the Piano: A Tutor for Adults and Late Beginners.
21979: EPSTEIN, JUNE. - Giving Voice: The Story of the Shepherd Centre.
28455: EPSTEIN, E. L. (EDITOR); JOYCE, JAMES. - A Starchamber Quiry: A James Joyce Centennial Volume 1882 - 1982.
12940: EPSTEIN, JUNE; CLARK, GRAEME M. (FOREWORD). - The Story of the Bionic Ear.
15391: ERICKSON, RICA. - Triggerplants.
23741: ERICKSON, RICA. - A Naturalist's Life.
15391A: ERICKSON, RICA. - Triggerplants.
21956: ERICKSON, CAROLLY. - The Girl from Botany Bay: The True Story of the Convict Mary Broad and Her Extraordinary Escape.
24259: ERICKSON, B. H.; NOSANCHUK, T. A. - Understanding Data.
22163: ERLANDE-BRANDENBURG, ALAIN. - The Lady and the Unicorn: A Study (la Dame a la Licorne).
22671: ERNST, CARL W.; LAWRENCE, BRUCE B. - Sufi Martyrs of Love: The Chishti Order in South Asia and Beyond.
12778: ERREY, ELLEN; PLIMER, ELIZABETH. - William Swann and Elizabeth Swann of Elizabeth Farm House, Parramatta, 1904 - 1968.
16699: ERRINGTON, WAYNE; VAN ONSELEN, PETER. - Battleground: Why the Liberal Party Shirt-Fronted Tony Abbott [Battle Ground].
16541: ERRINGTON, WAYNE; VAN ONSELEN, PETER. - John Winston Howard: The Biography.
15416: ERSKINE, JOHN ELPHINSTONE; MACKANESS, GEORGE (EDITOR). - A Short Account of the Late Discoveries of Gold in Australia: With Notes of a Visit to the Gold District [Australian Historical Monographs (New Series)].
10189: ERTZ, SUSAN. - Madame Claire.
27182: ERWIN, EDWARD. - Philosophy & Psychotherapy [Perspectives on Psychotherapy].
22344: ESACK, FARID. - Qur'an Liberation & Pluralism: An Islamic Perspective of Interreligious Solidarity Against Oppression.
13440: ESKINAZI, LISA. - Out of the Well: My Battle with School Bullying and Severe Depression.
24192: ESPOSITO, JOHN L. - Islam and Politics.
24030: ESSEX. - Essex Album of Hits, No. 2.
21533: ESSEX. - Essex Spotlight Songster No. 3: Containing 50 Hit Songs.
25573: ESSINGTON, MICHAEL E. - Soil and Water Chemistry: An Integrative Approach.
25514: ESSLIN, MARTIN. - The Theatre of the Absurd.
25727: L'ESTRANGE, JAN; MONCUR, CATHRYN (EDITOR). - Jan's Country Kitchen Recipes: 80th Anniversary Commemorative Cook Book.
3474: EUSTACE, MAY. - 100 Years of Siamese Cats.
28208: EUSTIS, NELSON. - Aggie Grey of Samoa.
3552: EVANS, IAN. - The Complete Australian Old House Catalogue: Where to Get Absolutely Everything to Restore and Old Building.
28638: EVANS, PETER. - Billie Holiday: The Songbook (Piano Vocal Guitar).
13904: EVANS, IAN. - Furnishing Old Houses: A Guide to Interior Decoration.
24765: EVANS, POLLY. - On a Hoof and a Prayer: Around Argentina at a Gallop.
1190: EVANS, IAN; MCCOWAGE, MICHAEL (ILLUSTRATOR). - Caring for Old Houses.
15848: EVANS, LINDLEY. - Merrythought: For Piano [Plate: B3917].
17454A: EVANS, IAN. - Restoring Old Houses: A Guide to Authentic Restoration.
10365: EVANS, HILARY. - The Evidence for Ufos (Physical - Photographic - Visual) [Evidence Series].
1055: EVANS, IAN. - The Australian Old House Catalogue: The Complete "Where to Get It" Guide for the Home Restorer.
23478: EVANS, STEVE (EDITOR); DELLER-EVANS, KATE (EDITOR). - Best of Friends: The First Thirty Years of the Friendly Street Poets.
12346A: EVANS, DYLAN. - Placebo: Mind over Matter in Modern Medicine.
12230: EVANS-PRITCHARD, E. E. - Theories of Primitive Religion.
15646: EVANS, LINDLEY. - Tally Ho! Piano Solo by Lindley Evans [Pat's Piece: Plate 21912].
15810: EVANS, LINDLEY. - Lavender Time: For Piano [Plate: B4975].
25969: EVANS, HELEN. - Reluctant Heroes.
28601: EVANS, PETER. - Motown Classics.
12932: EVANS, JOHN. - Insect Delight: A Life's Journey.
13904A: EVANS, IAN. - Furnishing Old Houses: A Guide to Interior Decoration.
17454: EVANS, IAN. - Restoring Old Houses: A Guide to Authentic Restoration.
18990: EVANS, IAN. - The Australian Home.
23116: EVANS, MALCOLM. - Edna Volume Three.
17719: EVANS, MALCOLM. - Edna Volume Two.
24892: EVANS, MARGARET. - History of the Bega Show.
8347: EVANS, HILARY (EDITOR); STACY, DENNIS (EDITOR). - A World History of Ufos.
27881A: EVANS, IAN; DEPARTMENT OF PLANNING, NSW (DRAWINGS). - Getting the Details Right: Restoring Australian Houses 1890s - 1920s.
7037: EVATT, H. V.; WRAN, NEVILLE (FOREWORD). - William Holman: Australian Labour Leader [Famous Australian Lives].
17109: EVATT, H. V. - Rum Rebellion: A Study of the Overthrow of Governor Bligh by John Macarthur and the New South Wales Corps [a & R Classics].
3247: EVERETT, J. D. (JOSEPH DAVID). - Elementary Text-Book of Physics [Elementary Textbooks].
15962: EVERINGHAM, SAM. - Gordon Barton: Australia's Maverick Entrepreneur.
27636: EVERITT, BRIAN; HAY, DALE. - Talking About Statistics: A Psychologist's Guide to Design & Analysis.
2774: EVOLA, JULIUS. - The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way.
20561: EWALD, CONNIE. - Chromium: Environmental and Health Concerns [Chast Publication].
20561A: EWALD, CONNIE. - Chromium: Environmental and Health Concerns [Chast Publication].
23414: EWAN, ELIZABETH (EDITOR); MEIKLE, MAUREEN M. (EDITOR). - Women in Scotland: C. 1100 - C. 1750.
22604: EWART, ELIZABETH (EDITOR); O'HANLON, MICHAEL (EDITOR). - Body Arts and Modernity.
27904: EWER, PETER. - The Long Road to Changi: Australia's Greatest Military Defeat and How It Broke the Bonds of Empire.
14505: EXAMINATION BOARD, AUSTRALIAN MUSIC. - Scales and Arpeggios for the Pianoforte.
24007: EXAMINATIONS BOARD, AUSTRALIAN MUSIC. - Brass E Flat Version - First and Second Grades.
26607: EYERS, KERRIE; PARKER, GORDON. - Tackling Depression at Work: A Practical Guide for Employees and Managers.
23781: EYERS, KERRIE; PARKER, GORDON. - Mastering Bipolar Disorder: An Insider's Guide to Managing Mood Swings and Finding Balance.
26624: EYERS, KERRIE (EDITOR). - Tracking the Black Dog: Hairy Tales and Historical Legwork from the Black Dog Institute's Writing Competition.
28458: EYERS, KERRIE; PARKER, GORDON; BRODATY, HENRY. - Managing Depression Growing Older: A Guide for Professionals and Carers.
4024: EYRE, EDWARD JOHN. - Journals of Expeditions of Discovery Into Central Australia, and Overland from Port Adelaide to King George's Sound, in the Years 1840 - 1 [Etc] (2 Volumes) [Australiana Facsimile Editions, No. 7].
27638: EYSENCK, MICHAEL W. - Simply Psychology.
17994: EYSENCK, MICHAEL W.; KEANE, MARK T. - Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook.
24444: EYSENCK, H. J. (HANS J.). - The Psychology of Politics [International Library of Psychology].
27089: EYSENCK, H. J. - Genius: The Natural History of Creativity [Problems in the Behavioural Sciences].
24870: EYSENCK, HANS J. - Rebel with a Cause: The Autobiography.
16815: EYSENCK, H. J. - Sense and Nonsense in Psychology.
10598: EYSENCK, H. J. [HANS J.]. - Crime and Personality.
23335: EZELL, ALLEN; BEAR, JOHN. - Degree Mills: The Billion-Dollar Industry That Has Sold over a Million Fake Diplomas.
24675: EZRA, MARK; ROWE, GAVIN (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Frightened Little Owl.
15650: FABER, REV. F.; WADE, J. A. (ARRANGED). - The Pilgrims of the Night: Sacred Song.
20584: FAGAN, BRIAN. - Grahame Clark: An Intellectual Biography of an Archaeologist.
28558: FAGAN, SEAN. - Pioneers of Rugby League: The True History of League's Birth in Australia and Its Dramatic First Seasons: The Rugby Rebellion Centenary Edition.
23791: FAGAN, SEAN; MESSENGER III, DALLY. - The Master: The Life and Times of Dally Messenger: Australia's First Sporting Superstar.
24832: FAHEY, WARREN. - Tucker Track: The Curious History of Food in Australia.
14098: AL-FAHIM, MOHAMMED. - From Rags to Riches: The Story of Abu Dhabi.
27343: FAINGES, MARJORY. - Australian Costume for Teen Dolls 1788 - 1988.
22871: FAIRBANKS KERR, JOHN. - Discriminate or Be Damned!
20653: FAIRLEY, ALAN. - Seldom Seen: Rare Plants of Greater Sydney.
9770: FAIRLEY, ALAN. - The Observer's Book of Wildflowers of Australia [Australian Observer's Series, A8].
9770A: FAIRLEY, ALAN. - The Observer's Book of Wildflowers of Australia [Australian Observer's Series, A8].
25730: FALCONER, COLIN. - Aztec.
26864: FALCONER, DELIA. - Sydney [Cities Series].
12506: FALK, RICHARD. - Religion and Humane Global Governance.
15622: FALKENBERG, ASLAUG; FAKENBERG, JOHANNES. - The Affinal Relationship System: A New Approach to Kinship and Marriage Among the Australian Aborigines at Port Keats [Oslo Studies in Social Anthropology].
14781: FALKNER, HEATHER. - Up All Night.
23273: FALLA, MOLLY. - A Pocketful of Penguins.
20177: FALLON, JENNIFER. - Treason Keep [the Demon Child Trilogy: Book Two].
27263: FALLON, MAUREEN. - The Road to Dharamsala: My Unexpected Life.
28124: FANCHER, LOU; JOHNSON, STEVE (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Velveteen Rabbit [Atheneum Books for Young Readers].
15012: FANTINI, ALVINO E. - Language Acquisition of a Bilingual Child: A Sociolinguistic Perspective (to Age Ten).
13824: FARBEN. - Pocket Manual for the Dyeing of Cotton and Other Vegetable Fibres.
1084: FARBER, SUSAN L. - Identical Twins Reared Apart: A Reanalysis.
15605: FARJEON, B. L. - Grif: A Story of Australian Life.
22387: FARMAN, CHRISTOPHER. - The General Strike May 1926.
24994: FARNHAM, JOHN. - John Farnham Songbook [Plate: 26524].
14616: FARNOL, JEFFERY. - The Jade of Destiny.
25505: FARNSWORTH, MARJORIE; ZIEGFELD, BILLIE BURKE (INTRODUCTION). - The Ziegfeld Follies: A History in Text and Pictures.
28099: FAROOKI, ROOPA. - The Flying Man.
27894: O'FARRELL, TERRY. - Behind Enemy Lines: An Australian Sas Soldier in Vietnam.
10519: O'FARRELL, PATRICK. - The Irish in Australia.
28527: FARRELL ODGERS, SALLY; HINCH, JENNIFER (MAPS). - Tasmania - a Guide.
21769: FARRER, FRANCES. - Sir George Trevelyan and the New Spiritual Awakening.
21966: FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN. - Greek Science: Its Meaning for Us.
24118: FARROW, DAMIAN; KEMP, JUSTIN. - Run Like You Stole Something: The Science Behind the Score Line.
14056: FARWELL, BYRON. - The Great Boer War [Wordsworth Military Library].
12035: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - The Reivers: A Reminiscence [Penguin Modern Classics].
20518: FAULKNER, WILLIAM. - As I Lay Dying [Penguin Modern Classics].
25439: FAULKNER, SAMANTHA; DRUMMOND, ALI (WITH). - Life B'Long Ali Drummond: A Life in the Torres Strait.
28882: FAVENC, ERNEST. - The History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888: Compiled from State Documents, Private Papers and the Most Authentic Sources of Information.
27942: FEATHER, JOHN. - A History of British Publishing.
22326: FEATHERSTONE, NIGEL. - Remnants [Sullivan's Creek Series].
1840: FELDMAN, WILLIAM. - Learning and Attention Disorders: A Guide for Parents and Teachers.
21393: FELDMAN, DAVID HENRY; GOLDSMITH, LYNN T. (WITH). - Nature's Gambit: Child Prodigies and the Development of Human Potential.
14556: FELDMAN, NOAH. - After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy.
28232: FELDTMANN, ARTHUR. - Swan Hill.
26448: FELLOWS, WARREN; MARX, JACK (WITH). - The Damage Done: Twelve Years of Hell in a Bangkok Prison.
7239: FELSENSTEIN, FRANK. - Anti-Semitic Stereotypes: A Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture, 1660 - 1830 [Johns Hopkins Jewish Studies].
15248: FELTHAM, COLIN; DRYDEN, WINDY. - Brief Counselling: A Practical Integrative Approach.
27192: FENWICK, ELIZABETH; FENWICK, PETER. - The Art of Dying.
2393: FENWICK, PETER; FENWICK, ELIZABETH. - Living with Epilepsy: A Guide to Taking Control.
15595: FERGUSON, NIALL. - The Pity of War: Explaining World War 1.
15615: FERGUSON, ADELE. - Gina Rinehart (the Untold Story of the Richest Woman in the World).
27133: FERGUSON, JENNY. - A Garden, a Pig and Me: A Year at Torryburn.
28460: FERGUSSON, LYN M. - Fitzroy, Beyond the Rumours: Tenth Governor of New South Wales, First Governor-General of Australia.
23822: FERNS, ANN; KASEPUU, ESTER (ILLUSTRATOR). - Sacha the Fur Seal [Australian Golden Book].
22059: O'FERRALL, AUDREY; POUND, PETER (SKETCHES). - Mount Wilson: A Potted History.
16364: FERRIER, SUSANNE. - Lola: A Doubtful Documentary of Her Doings at the Diggings.
12125: FERRIER, VAL. - Friendship Near Dromedary Mountain.
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12731: HAEBICH, ANNA. - Broken Circles: Fragmenting Aboriginal Families 1800 - 2000.
15095: HAGER, NICKY; WARING, MARILYN (FOREWORD). - The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception.
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27964: HALL, RITA. - The Goanna and the Crane Fly.
23545: HALLER, RUDOLF. - Questions on Wittgenstein.

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