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BBP-17418: GARFIELD, JAMES R. - Hawaii's Basic Reasons for Contesting the Costigan-Jones Amendments to the Agricultural Adjustment Act.
BBC-0K44252: GARGARN, JOHN J. ED. - Handbook of Local Government Administration
BBC-0K44132: GARGI, BALWANT - Folk Theater of India
BBC-0K44168: GARGI, BALWANT - Theatre in India
BBC-0K44169: GARGI, BALWANT - Theatre in India
BBC-0K49818: GARINGER, ALAN K. - Jeremiah Stokely Naturalist
SEA-02551: GARLAND, LTC ALBERT N. - A Distant Challenge: The U.S. Infantrymen in Vietnam, 1967-1972.
SEA-02514: GARLAND, ALBERT N., ED. - Infantry in Vietnam: Small Unit Action in the Early Days 1965-66.
SEA-07026: GARNAUT, ROSS. - Asian Market Economies: Challenges of a Changing International Environment.
BBC-0K39437: GARNER, P - The Amazing Bugattis
BBC-0K60663: GARNETT, T. R. - Stumbling on Melons: A Selection of Articles Published in the Age
SEA-02258: GARNIER, GRACE P. - Paddylands: A Story of Malaya.
BBC-0K27670: GARNIER, B. J. - Climate of New Zealand
BBC-0K36887: GARRAWAY, MICHAEL O.; EVANS, ROBERT C. - Fungal Nutrition and Physiology
SEA-01670: GARRETT, STEPHEN A. - Bangkok Journal: A Fulbright Year in Thailand.
BBC-0K43688: GARRETT, MITCHELL B. - The French Colonial Question, 1789-1791
BBP-02463: GARRETT, JOHN. - To Live Among the Stars: Christian Origins in Oceania.
BBC-0K60230: GARRETT, DON - Cognition and Commitment in Hume's Philosophy
SEA-06181: GARRIDO, WILFREDO, JR. - Stolia.
BBC-0K36770: GARRISON, CHESTER A. - Vast Venture: Hardy's Epic Drama "the Dynasts"
BBC-0K22045: GARRISON, MARTHA L. - Martha, Child of the Prairie (Signed)
BBC-0K54324: GARRITY, CARLA B.;PORTER, WILLIAM;BARIS, MITCHELL A. - Bully-Proofing Your Child: A Parent's Guide
BBC-0K31209: GARROWAY, WILL - Pianism
BBC-0K34700: GARY, ROMAIN - Education Europeenne
BBC-0K34037: GASHWILER, JAY S. - Bird Populations in Four Vegetational Types in Central Oregon
SEA-05004: GASPAR, KARL. - How Long? Prison Reflections from the Philippines.
BBC-0K25205: GASSER, HENRY - Techniques of Painting the Waterfront
BBP-02471: GAST, ROSS H. - Don Francisco de Paula Marin: A Biography. [with] the Letters and Journal of Francisco de Paula Marin.
BBC-0K56492: GASTMAN, ROGER; NEELSON, CALEB; ZIO - Saber: Mad Society
SEA-05996: GATBONTON, JUAN T. - Little Reports.
BBC-0K53235: GATES, FRANK C. - Weeds on Kansas
BBP-02472: GATES, E.H. - In Coral Isles.
BBC-0K60365: GATEWOOD, MASTER RON - Kung Fu San Soo's Vasic 45 Lessons
BBC-0K56834: GATEWOOD, CHARLES - Badlands: Charles Gatewood Photographs
BBC-0K27122: GATHORNE, H. J. - Cyril Bonhamy and Operation
BBC-0K49266: GATLIN, GEORGE - Some Must Wander
BBC-0K57873: GATTO, JOHN TAYLOR - Weapons of Mass Instruction: A Schoolteacher's Journey Through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling
BBC-0K50367: GAUCH, J. M.; JAIN, R. C. (EDITOR) - Multiresolution Image Shape Description
BBC-0K51634: GAUDUEL, YANN - Ultrafast Reaction Dynamics and Solvent Effects: Royaumont, France 1993
BBC-0K33942: GAUGHRAN, GEORGE R. L. - A Comparative Study of the Osteology and Myology of the Cranial and Cervical Regions of the Shrew, Blarina Brevicauda, and the Mole, Scalopus Aquaticus
BBP-02477: GAUGUIN, PAUL. - Noa Noa.
BBP-16009: [GAUGUIN, PAUL] MARC LE BOT. - Gauguin's Noa Noa
BBC-0K17982: GAUL, ROY D., ET AL EDS. - Marine Sciences Instrumentation
BBC-0K50342: GAUSMAN, HAROLD W. - Plant Leaf Optical Properties in Visible and Near-Infrared Light
BBC-0K54591: GAUTHIER, PAUL S. - "Quest for Utopia" the Icarians of Adams County Iowa
BBC-0K47349: GAUTIER, DONALD L., EDITOR - Roles of Organic Matter in Sediment Diagenesis
SEA-06867: DAWS, GAVAN AND MARTY FUJITA. - Archipelago: The Islands of Indonesia.
SEA-06531: GAVIN, TRAUDE. - The Women's Warpath: Iban Ritual Fabrics from Borneo.
BBC-0K41783: GAVRILOV, N. - The Road Chosen
BBP-02481: GAY, FLORENCE. - In Praise of Australia: An Anthology in Prose and Verse.
BBC-0K46166: GAY, PETER - Freud : A Life in Our Time
BBP-02484: GAY, ROLAND L. - Hawaii Tales of Yesteryear: A Collection of Legends and Stories.
BBC-0K50757: GAYLORD, NORMAN G. - Linear and Stereoregular Addition Polymers: Polymerization with Controlled Propagation
BBC-0K53019: GEBERT, HELGA - Zwerge Marchen
SEA-05054: GEDATUS, GUS. - World Myths and Legends Ii.
SEA-02930: GEDDES, W.R. - Nine Dayak Nights: The Story of a Dayak Folk Hero.
SEA-05248: GEDDES, W.R. - Nine Dayak Nights: The Story of a Dayak Folk Hero.
BBP-15712: GEDDES, W.R. - Deuba: A Study of a Fijian Village.
BBC-0K43939: GEE, JAMES PAUL - Social Linguistics and Literacies: Ideology in Discourses
BBC-0K23598: GEE, HELEN - Photography of the Fifties: An American Perspective
BBC-0K21534: GEE, HENRY (EDITOR) - Shaking the Tree : Readings from Nature in the History of Life
BBC-0K33148: GEERLINGS, MIRJAM I. - Depression, Memory Complaints,, Education and Alzheimer's Disease
SEA-01421: GEERTZ, CLIFFORD. - The Religion of Java.
SEA-04155: GEERTZ, HILDRED. - The Javanese Family: A Study of Kinship and Socialization.
SEA-04106: GEERTZ, CLIFFORD. - Peddlers and Princes: Social Change and Economic Modernization in Two Indonesian Towns.
SEA-04062: GEERTZ, CLIFFORD. - Negara: The Theatre State in Nineteenth-Century Bali.
SEA-02513: GEERTZ, CLIFFORD. - Peddlers and Princes: Social Change and Economic Modernization in Two Indonesian Towns.
SEA-05299: GEERTZ, CLIFFORD. - Agricultural Involution: The Processes of Ecological Change in Indonesia.
SEA-02820: GEERTZ, HILDRED. - Images of Power: Balinese Paintings Made for Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead.
BBC-0K60423: GEHRY, FRANK O. - Frank Gehry, Architect
BBC-0K30403: GEIGER, W. TRANSLATOR - Culavamsa 2-Vols.
BBC-0K48289: CIBA-GEIGY - Tropical and Subtropical Weeds
BBC-0K33918: GEISSLER, MAX - Das Moordorf
BBC-0K21307: GEISSMAN, T. A. - Principles of Organic Chemistry
BBC-0K58981: GELDREICH, EDWIN E. - Microbial Quality of Water Supply in Distribution Systems
BBP-02489: GELETT, CHARLES WEATHERBY. - A Life on the Ocean: Autobiography of Captain Charles Weatherby Gelett, a Retired Sea Captain Whose Life Trail Crossed. . . .
BBC-0K23957: GELFAND, DONALD E. - Aging and Ethnicity : Knowledge and Services
BBC-0K38417: SHIH, GENE AND KESSEL, RICHARD; KESSEL, RICHARD - Living Images: Biological Microstructures Revealed By Scanning Electron Microscopy
BBC-0K50631: NEON GENESIS - Evangelion 3-Dvd Set
BBC-0K51209: GENOVES, SANTIAGO - Ra I and Ra Ii: Twice Across the Atlantic on a Papyrus Raft As an Anthropological and Behavioral Experiment
BBC-0K22169: GENOVES, SANTIAGO T. - Homologia de Terminos Anatomicos de Uso Antropologico En El Hueso Coxal
BBC-0K21659: GENOVES, SANTIAGO T. - Introduccion Al Diagnostico de la Edad Y Del Sexo En Restos Oseos Prehistoricos
BBP-08849: GENUNG, FRANKLIN. - Stevenson's Attitude to Life: With Readings from His Essays and Letters.
BBP-09625: WHITE, GEOFFREY AND LAMONT LINDSTROM, EDITORS. - Chiefs Today: Traditional Pacific Leadership and the Postcolonial State.
SEA-07803: MARRISON, GEOFFREY AND LEWS HILL [EDITORS]. - A Catalogue of the South-East Asian History Collection of Dr. D.K. Bassett in the Brynmore Jones Library in the Univ. Of Hull.
BBC-0K57966: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - In the Womb Collection
SEA-06540: [NO AUTHOR] OFFICE OF GEOGRAPHY. - Hong Kong, Macao Sinkiang, Taiwan, and Tibet: Official Standard Names Approved By the U.S. Board on Geographic Names.
BBC-0K60926: INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GRAVITY, GEOID AND MARINE GEODESY (1996 TO (COR);INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON GRAVITY, GEOID AND MARINE GEODESY (1996 : TOKYO, JAPAN) - Gravity, Geoid and Marine Geodesy: International Symposium No. 117 Tokyo, Japan, September 30-October 5, 1996
BBC-0K21891: BUSCHAN GEORG - Im Anfang War Das Weib
BBC-0K39974: GEORGE, HENRY - Protection Or Free Trade
BBP-10120: GEORGE, ELISABETH. - Two at Daly Waters.
SEA-06985: KENT, GEORGE AND MARK J. VALENCIA [EDITORS]. - Marine Policy in Southeast Asia.
BBC-0K25443: GEORGE, PAT; PALMER, LINDA; REED, PEG; ROTHERMEL, BETTY - New Techniques for Trapunto
BBP-14331: IKEDA, GEORGE ET AL. - Tourism Development in the Federated States of Micronesia.
BBP-14249: GEORGE, SAM, ED. - The Perfect Day: 40 Years of Surfer Magazine.
BBP-13672: RADFORD, GEORGIA AND WARREN. - Sculpture in the Sun: Hawaii's Art for Open Spaces.
BBP-08016: GERAGHTY, PAUL A. - The History of the Fijian Languages.
SEA-03734: CUBITT, GERALD AND JUNAIDI PAYNE. - Wild Malaysia: The Wildlife and Scenery of Peninsular Malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah.
BBC-0K25484: FITZ-GERALD, S. J. ADAIR - How to "Make-Up"
BBC-0K50923: GERASIMOV, I.P., EDITOR - Recent Crustal Movements: Collection of Articles No. 1 (Results of Researches of International Geophysical Projects)
BBP-10077: GERBAULT, ALAIN. - In Quest of the Sun: The Journal of the "Firecrest".
BBC-0K50712: GERBER, STEVE; SKRENES, MARY - Omega the Unknown Classic
BBC-0K33776: GERBER, T. D.; BUZARD, R. W. - Soil Survey of Carroll County, Ohio
BBC-0K52031: GERBERICH, W.; GAO, H.; SUNDGREN, J.; BAKER, S.; EDS. - Thin Films: Stresses and Mechanical Properties
BBC-0K31596: GERKING, SHELBY D. - The Biological Basis of Fish Production
BBC-0K33033: GERO, JOHN S.; EDITOR - Design Optimization
BBP-02497: GEROULD, KATHARINE FULLERTON. - Hawaii: Scenes and Impressions.
BBP-18324: GEROULD, KATHARINE F. - Honolulu: The Melting-Pot [Article in Scribner's Magazine, Vol. Lix, No. 5, May 1916].
SEA-07254: GERRETSON, DR. C. - Indie Onder Dictatuur: De Ondergang Van Het Koninkrijk Uit de Beginselen Verklaard.
BBC-SF00442: GERROLD, DAVID - When Harlie Was One
BBC-SF00507: GERROLD, DAVID - When Harlie Was One
BBC-SF00508: GERROLD, DAVID - When Harlie Was One
BBC-0K19300: GERSH, HARRY - The Animals Next Door
BBC-0K54568: GERSHWIN, GEORGE - George Gershwin Piano Concerto in F Rhapsody in Blue Cuban Overture
BBC-0K45753: GERSON, ROSELYN - Vintage Vanity Bags and Purses: An Identification & Value Guide
BBC-0K27582: GERSTER, GEORG - Der Mensch Auf Seiner Erde Ein Flugbild
BBP-02499: GERSTLE, DONNA. - Gentle People; Into the Heart of Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga, 1781-1973.
BBC-0K57208: GERTLEY, JAN;GERTLEY, MICHAEL - The Art of the Kitchen Garden
BBC-0K44194: GESSAMAN, DON - Understanding the Budget of the United States Government
BBC-0K47165: GESSANI, S.; BELARDELLI; EDS. - The Biology of Dendritic Cells and Hiv Infection
BBP-10550: GESSLER, CLIFFORD. - Tropic Earth.
BBP-02505: GESSLER, CLIFFORD. - Tropic Landfall: The Port of Honolulu.
BBP-19032: GESSLER, CLIFFORD. - Slants.
BBP-02501: GESSLER, CLIFFORD. - Kanaka Moon.
BBP-09097: GESSLER, CLIFFORD. - Tropic Landfall: The Port of Honolulu.
BBP-02500: GESSLER, CLIFFORD. - Hawaii, Isles of Enchantment.
BBC-0K38194: GETCHES, DAVID H.; MACDONNELL, LAWRENCE J. - Searching out the Headwaters: Change and Rediscovery in Western Water Policy
BBC-0K19807: GETTES, BERNARD C. ED. - Refraction
BBC-0K21612: GETTLEMAN, MARVIN E.; MERMELSTEIN, DAVID; EDS. - The Failure of American Liberalism
BBC-0K46872: GEVIRTZ, ELIEZER - Shemittah: What It's All About
BBP-02507: GEWERTZ, DEBORAH B. - Sepik River Societies: A Historical Ethnography of the Chambri and Their Neighbors.
BBC-0K55551: GEYER, RICHARD A. - Crc Handbook of Geophysical Exploration at Sea: Hydrocarbons
BBC-0K35881: GEYMONAT, LUDOVICO - Galileo Galilei a Biography and Inquiry Into His Philosophy of Science
BBC-0K40235: GEYSSE, A.; BAGUE, E. - Los Autores Hispanoamericanos
BBC-0K27616: GHAREEB, EDMUND - The Kurdish Question in Iraq (Contemporary Issues in the Middle East Ser. )
BBC-0K17257: GHEZZI, CARLO; JAZAYERI, MEHDI; MANDRIOLI, DINO - Fundamentals of Software Engineering
BBC-0K48282: GHIGLIONE, RODOLPHE - Les Metiers de la Psychologie
BBC-0K53077: GHOSH, MANTU K. - Hplc Methods on Drug Analysis
SEA-06561: GHOSH, PARIMAL. - Brave Men of the Hills: Resistance and Rebellion in Burma, 1825-1932.
BBC-0K41008: GIAMMATTEO, MIKE - The Intimidators
BBC-0K41006: GIAMMATTEO, MIKE - Hear It Straight
BBC-0K41009: GIAMMATTEO, MIKE - The Thin Fine Line a Guide to Balanced Emotional Health
BBC-0K41012: GIAMMATTEO, MIKE - The Power Seekers a Look at Us . . .
BBC-0K41010: GIAMMATTEO, MIKE - The Box, the Amoeba & the Egg the Flow to Self-Discovery
SEA-04735: GIAP, GENERAL VO NGUYEN. - "Big Victory, Great Task," North Viet-Nam's Minister of Defense Assesses the Course of War.
BBP-90549: GIAU, TROUNG NGOC; WOODRUFF, LLOYD W. - The Delta Village of My Thuan Some Adminstrative and Financial Aspects
BBC-0K17865: GIBALDI - Drug Therapy 1999
BBP-08432: GIBBINGS, ROBERT. - A True Tale of Love in Tonga.
BBP-02516: GIBBINGS, ROBERT. - Over the Reefs.
BBP-02511: GIBBINGS, ROBERT. - Blue Angels and Whales: A Record of Personal Experiences Below and Above Water.
BBC-0K54500: GIBBINGS, DAVID - Fairey Rotodyne
BBP-18361: GIBBINGS, ROBERT. - Over the Reefs and Far Away.
BBP-13399: GIBBINGS, ROBERT. - Over the Reefs.
BBC-0K60207: GIBBONS, DAVE - Batman Versus Predator: The Collected Edition
BBP-09819: GIBBONS, RECHUCHER CHARLIE. HERA WARE OWEN, EDITOR. - Rechucher Charlie Gibbons: Primitivistic South Pacific Watercolorist. Retrospective Exhibition.
BBC-0K37075: GIBBS, R. - The Aborigines
BBP-09598: GIBBS, JIM. - West Coast Windjammers, in Story and Pictures.
BBC-0K51357: GIBBS, JAMES A. - Tillamook Light
BBC-0K48683: GIBBS, JAMES P.;HUNTER, MALCOLM L.;STERLING, ELEANOR J. - Problem-Solving in Conservation Biology and Wildlife Management: Exercises for Class, Field, and Laboratory
BBC-0K44761: GIBRAN, G. KAHLIL - Il Profeta
BBC-0K61098: GIBSON, JOHN G. - Old and New World Highland Bagpiping
BBC-0K53251: GIBSON, CLAY - Age of Ruin
BBC-0K51400: GIBSON, C. G. - Elementary Geometry of Differentiable Curves: An Undergraduate Introduction
BBP-02524: GIBSON, WALTER MURRAY. - The Diaries of Walter Murray Gibson: 1886, 1887.
SEA-00465: GIBSON, ASHLEY. - The Malay Peninsula and Archipelago.
BBC-0K21790: GIBSON, GEORGE H. - People's Hour and Other Themes
BBC-0K18707: GIBSON, JAMES P - Reflections
BBC-0K50331: GIESE, ARTHUR C.; ED. - Photophysiology Vol. I General Principles: Action of Light on Plants
BBC-0K43605: GIESE, H.; SCHWEIGER, H. - Weiner Kunst Auktionen the Vienna Art Auctions
BBP-02525: GIFFORD, E.W. & D.S. - Archaeological Excavations in Yap.
BBP-15280: GIFKINS, MICHAEL, ED. - Through the Looking Glass: Recollections of Childhood from 20 Prominent New Zealanders.
BBP-03160: HERDT, GILBERT AND MICHELE STEPHEN, EDITORS. - The Religious Imagination in New Guinea.
BBP-19687: HERDT, GILBERT AND STEPHEN C. LEAVITT, EDITORS. - Adolescence in Pacific Island Societies.
BBC-0K38477: GILBERT, RODNEY - Genocide in Tibet
BBC-0K30358: GILBERT, ALFRED C. - Gilbert Sound Experiments
BBC-0K17379: GILBERT, LAWRENCE E. ED. - Coevolution of Animals and Plants
BBC-0K21385: GILBERT, MIRIAM - Eli Whitney: Master Craftsman
BBC-0K56141: GILCHRIST, J. D. - Extraction Metallurgy
BBC-0K21976: GILDEMEISTER, JERRY - A Letter Home (Signed)
BBP-90587: GILDING, SIMEON; AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY - Agrarian Reform and Counter-Reform Under the Aquino Administration a Case Study in Post-Marcos Politics
BBC-0K34322: GILES, ROBERT H. - The Ecology of a Small Forested Watershed Treated with the Insecticide Malathion-S 35
BBC-0K17660: GILES, MINDY - Really the Blues
BBC-0K53981: GILFOY, VANESSA N. - Healing Wounds
BBC-0K47385: GILICHINSKY, D.; ED. - Viable Microorganisms in Permafrost
BBC-0K36778: GILKEY, H. M.; PACKARD, P. L. - Winter Twigs Nw Oregon and Western Washington
BBP-18095: GILL, CHARLES C. - Princess Kinau and Her Family [Article in Clinical Pediatrics, November 1964 Vol. 3, No. 11].
BBC-0K33681: GILL, J. D.; HEALY, W. M.; COMPILERS - Shrubs and Vines for Northeastern Wildlife
BBP-90145: GILL, THOMAS & OSMOND, GLEN - Bibliography of South Australia 1886
BBP-02546: GILL, WILLIAM WYATT. - Cook Islands Custom.
BBP-02536: GILL, WILLIAM. - Gems from the Coral Islands. Western Polynesia: Comprising the New Hebrides Group, the Loyalty Group, New Caledonia Group.
BBC-0K58201: GILLESPIE, JANET - With a Merry Heart
BBC-0K11176: GILLESPIE, J. H.; TIMONEY, J. F. - Hagan and Bruner's Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals
BBP-02549: GILLETT, KEITH. - The Australian Great Barrier Reef in Colour.
BBC-0K60343: GILLETT, H.W. - Impact Resistance and Tensile Properties of Metals at Subatomospheric Temperatures
BBC-0K52359: GILLEY, JEREMY - Peace One Day
BBP-02553: GILLILLAND, CORA LEE C. - The Stone Money of Yap: A Numismatic Survey.
SEA-00579: GILLIN, DONALD, EDITH EHRMAN, AND WARD MOREHOUSE. - East Asia: A Bibliography for Undergraduate Libraries.
BBP-19721: GILLION, K.L. - Fiji's Indian Migrants: A History to the End of Indenture in 1920.
BBP-14505: GILLISON, SAMANTHA. - The Undiscovered Country.
BBP-16378: GILLISON, DAVID. - New Guinea Ceremonies.
BBC-0K32100: GILLMOR, FRANCES - The King Danced in the Marketplace (Signed)
BBC-0K58911: GILMAN, JUDITH - Voyage of the Capricorn Lady: The Shadow of His Smile- Book 3
BBC-0K39832: GILMAN, TED - The Flight
BBP-02557: GILMAN, PETER. - Diamond Head.
BBP-02558: GILMORE, FLORENCE. - The Martyr of Futuna: Blessed Peter Chanel of the Society of Mary.
BBC-0K50903: GILMORE, L. O.; GREGORY, R.R.; ED. - Dairy Cattle Breeding
BBC-0K55514: GILMORE, BOB - Harry Partch: A Biography
BBC-0K52560: GILPIN, REBECCA; FEARN, K. - Fairy Things to Make and Do
BBP-02561: GILSON, RICHARD, EDITED BY RON CROCOMBE. - The Cook Islands: 1820-1950.
SEA-04407: GIN, OOI KEAT. - Malaysia.
BBC-0K30681: GINDBURG, ETHEL L. - Public Health Is People
BBC-0K55815: GINDIKIN, SIMON (ED) - Applied Problems of Radon Transform
BBC-0K52888: GINGERICH, O.; ED. - Astrophysics and Twentieth Century Astronomy to 1950, Part a: The General History of Astronomy
BBP-19522: BALDWIN, GINI ET AL. - Maui Cooks Again
SEA-04058: GINSBURG, HENRY. - Thai Art and Culture: Historic Manuscripts from Western Collections.
SEA-03868: GIOGLIO, GERALD R. - Days of Decision: An Oral History of Conscientious Objectors in the Military During the Vietnam War.
BBC-0K57600: GIORGI, ROSA;ZUFFI, STEFANO - Saints in Art
BBC-0K35196: GIRARD, XAVIER - Bauhaus
SEA-02648: GIRARD-GESLAN, MAUD, MARIJKE J. KLOKKE, ET AL. - Art of Southeast Asia.
BBC-0K18358: GIRARD, RAFEL - El Popol-Vuh, Fuente Historica Tomo 1
BBP-90615: GIRIDHAR, P. P. - On the Word in Angami Naga
BBC-0K27920: GIRIFALCO, L. A. - Statistical Mechanics of Solids (Monographs on the Physics and Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 58)
BBC-0K24431: KUMAR, GIRJA AND MACHWE, V. - Documentation on Asia, V. 1
BBP-14344: GIRRARD, KENNETH M., PREPARER. - College of Micronesia: Teaching Technology Center Development Project.
BBP-02565: GIRVIN, JAMES W., WITH NOTES BY LEVERETT H. MESICK. - The Master Planter, Or, Life in the Cane Fields of Hawaii.
BBC-0K34285: GISBOURNE, H. T. - Measuring Forest-Fire Danger in Northern Idaho
BBP-02567: GITLOW, ABRAHAM L. - Economics of the Mount Hagen Tribes, New Guinea.
BBP-02566: GITLOW, ABRAHAM L. - Economics of the Mount Hagen Tribes, New Guinea.
BBP-03640: GITTINS, ANNE. - Tales from the South Seas.
BBC-0K53326: PHAN VAN GIUONG - Tieng Viet Vietnamese for Beginners 1
BBP-02569: GIZYCKI, RENATE VON. - Haku Mele; Der Poet in Polynesien. Ein Sozialanthropologischer Beitrag Zur Rolle Des Kunstlers.
BBC-0K27393: GJESSING, GUTORM - Studies: Honouring the Centennial of Universitetets Etnografiske Museum Oslo 1857 - 1957 (Signed)
BBP-02570: GLADWIN, THOMAS. - East Is a Big Bird: Navigation and Logic on Puluwat Atoll.
BBC-0K30578: GLASS, E. R. - Blue Book of Diesel and Internal Combustion Engines
BBP-14858: GLASSMAN, SIDNEY F. - The Flora of Ponape.
BBC-0K44394: GLASSNER, ANDREW S.; ED. - An Introduction to Ray Tracing
BBC-0K50312: GLASSTONE, SAMUEL - The Fundamentals of Electrochemistry and Electrodeposition
BBC-0K17618: GLATZ, REINHOLD - General Iteration Method for Translatory Rigid Frames
BBP-02576: GLEASON, JAMES HENRY. - Beloved Sister: The Letters of James Henry Gleason, 1841-1859, from Alta California and the Sandwich Islands.
BBC-0K22902: GLEDHILL, DAVID - The Names of Plants
SEA-02739: GLEECK, LEWIS E. - Nueva Ecija in American Times.
SEA-01936: GLEECK, LEWIS E. JR. - The Third Philippine Republic 1946-1972.
SEA-06437: GLEECK, LEWIS E. JR. - President Marcos and the Philippine Political Culture.
BBC-0K23135: GLEESON, GEORGE W. - The Return of a River: The Willamette River, Oregon
BBP-18305: GRANT, GLEN AND BENNETT HYMER. - Hawai'i Looking Back: An Illustrated History of the Islands.
BBC-0K57050: GLENNON, PAUL - Bookweird
BBC-0K52866: GLIKIN, BRUCE - Distant Runner
BBC-0K57363: GLISCHINSKI, STEVE - Santa Fe Railway
BBC-0K47122: GLOCKNER, P.; VARGA, N.; EDS. - Encylopaedia Hungarica Vol. A - G
BBC-0K38737: GLUCK, SHERNA BERGER - Rosie the Riveter Revisited: Women, the War, and Social Change
BBC-0K52546: GLUCKLICH, ARIEL - The Strides of Vishnu Hindu Culture in Historical Perspective
BBC-0K35755: GLUECK, NELSON - Deities and Dolphins [Signed]
BBC-0K33564: GLUESING, ERNEST A.; BALPH, DAVID F. - Sheep Behavior and Vulnerability to Coyote Predation
BBC-0K19961: GLYN,MARGARET H. - Analysis of the Evolution of Musical Form
SEA-02732: GLYN, ALAN. - Witness to Viet Nam: The Containment of Communism in South East Asia
BBC-0K28694: GLYNN, HARRY A. - Gems from Red Pepper
SEA-07092: GO, STELLA P. - Community Participation in the Family Planning Program of the Philippines: Some Organizational Issues (Rc-Dlsu Research Report N
BBC-0K57901: GOBERMAN, D. N. - Wooden Architectural Monuments of Trans-Carpathia
BBC-0K53004: GOD - The New Testament in Khmer
BBC-0K47490: GOD - Boken
BBC-0K47930: GOD - Welsh Language Bible
BBC-0K47953: GOD - The Holy Bible Hankul and Revised
BBC-0K48254: GOD - Bibelen Eller de Hellige Skrift
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