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323859: KIRKPATRICK, JOHN IRVIN - Timothy Flint
320518: KIRSCHENBAUM, LISA A. - The Legacy of the Siege of Leningrad, 1941-1995: Myth, Memories, and Monuments
321697: PEDLER, KIT AND GERRY DAVIS - Mutant 59: The Plastic Eaters
312176: PEDLER, KIT AND GERRY DAVIS - The Dynostar Menace
331267: KITCHEN, GEORGE - Prisoner of the Ogpu
327117: KITCHENS, BEN EARL - Rosecrans Meets Price: The Battle of Iuka, Mississippi
315582: KITTRIE, NICHOLAS N. - The War Against Authority: From the Crisis of Legitimacy to a New Social Contract
328878: KJELLBERG, BO - On Certain Integral and Harmonic Functions: A Study in Minimum Modulus
338821: ERIC KJELLGREN - Oceania: Art of the Pacific Islands in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
323771: KJERSMEIER, CARL - Afrikanske Negerskulpturer/African Negro Sculptures
323091: KLABUND - Moreau
319296: KLAGES, RAYMOND, LYRIC BY; MUSIC BY J. FRED COOTS - Doin' the Raccoon, Song with Ukulele Arrangement
302681: KLANS, PAVILS - Karsta Dzelz: Latvija Tautu Liktenu Kaltuve
322410: KLASS, MORTON - East Indians in Trinidad: A Study of Cultural Persistence
301593: KLAUSS, ULDIS; KRADZINS, JURIS; LACIS, INDULIS - Ebenveileriesi 1945-1949: Rakstu Un Atminu Krajums
308608: KLAW, IRVING - Bizarre Katalogs, Cartoon and Model Parade, 36th Edition
338742: KLEBER, JOHN E. [EDITOR] - The Kentucky Encyclopedia
302969: KLEIFTS, H.D. - H.D. Kleifts Werke
319394: KLEIN, ANITA E. - Child Life in Greek Art
316858: KLEIN, JOANNE - Making Pictures: The Pinter Screenplays
329864: KLEIN, JERRY - A Century of Music: Peoria Symphony Orchestra, 1897-1997
317655: KLEIN, CHARLES - The Music Master, Novelised from the Play As Produced by David Belasco
331492: KLEIN, HERMAN - The Reign of Patti
320364: KLEINMAN, H.H. - The Religious Sonnets of Dylan Thomas
322290: KLEINMAN, ARTHUR M., ED. - Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, Volume 1, Number 1, 1977
302923: VON KLEIST, HEINRICH - Der Zerbrochene Krug
307749: KLEPPER, M.R., F.S. HONKALA, O.A. PAYNE, AND E.T. RUPPEL - Stratigraphic Sections of the Phosphoria Formation in Montana, 1948
301515: KLINE, MILTON V. - Short-Term Dynamic Hypnotherapy and Hypnoanalysis: Clinical Research and Treatment Strategies
301554: KLIVE, ADOLFS - Latvijas Neatkaribas Gadi, Latvijas Politiska Veidosanas Un Augsana
307008: KLOBUCHAR, JIM - Heroes Among Us: Uncommon Minnesotans
330970: KLOCK, J.N. - Recollections After Fifty Years
328879: KLOOSTERMAN, H.D. - Ein Staz Uber Potenzreihen Unendlich Vieler Variabeln Mit Anwendung Auf Dirichletsche Reihen
322014: ANTONINA KLOSKOWSKA - National Cultures at Grass-Root Level
305448: KLUSKA, EDWARD J. - Astrological Megatrends 1996
303714: KMOCH, HANS - Die Kunst Der Verteidigung
327203: KNELLER, GEORGE F. - Higher Learning in Britain
330382: KNIGHT, E.F. - Rhodesia of to-Day: A Description of the Present Condition and the Prospects of Matabeleland & Mashonaland
320730: KNIGHT, JOHN H., ED. - Sixth Circle, Volume 4, Number 1,
011598: KNIGHT, WILLIAM ALLEN - At the Crossing with Denis Mcshane
330035: KNIGHT, JESSE WILLIAM - The Jesse Knight Family: Jesse Knight, His Forebears and Family
320731: KNIGHT, JOHN H., ED. - Sixth Circle, Volume 3, Number 1, 1967
329827: KNIGHT, GERALD - Man This Reef
328880: KNILL, R.J., M. KALKA, AND H.C.J. SEALEY, EDS. - Harmonic Maps: Proceedings, New Orleans 1980
319924: KNOEPFLE, JOHN - The Chinkapin Oak: Poems 1993-1995
306728: BIKLEN, SARI KNOPP AND DIANE POLLARD, EDS. - Gender and Education: Ninety-Second Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part I
318450: KNORR, ALBERT SCOFIELD - A Harvest of Reflections
338376: KNOWLTON, HELEN M. - Art-Life of William Morris Hunt
307050: KNOWLTON, F.H. - Evolution of Geologic Climates
318138: KNOX, KATHLEEN - Queen Dora: The Life and Lessons of a Little Girl
326357: KNOX, ROSE B. - Footlights Afloat
307734: KNOX, JOHN - Philemon Among the Letters of St. Paul: A New View of Its Place and Importance
338547: KOBAYASHI, IWAO - 20 Keys to Workplace Improvement, Revised Edition
303716: KOBLENZ, ALEXANDER - Schach Training: De Weg Zum Erfolg
303642: KOBLENZ, ALEXANDER - Lehrbuch Der Schachtaktik Band 2
318815: KOCH, PETER - Utilization of Hardwoods Growing on Southern Pine Sites, in Three Volumes: I. The Raw Material; II. Processing; III. Products and Perspective
325786: KOCHANEK, STANLEY A. - Business and Politics in India
327857: DE KOCK, PAUL - Memoirs of Paul de Kock
330597: KOCKELMAN, PAUL - The Chicken and the Quetzal: Incommensurate Ontologies and Portable Values in Guatemala's Cloud Forest
320851: KOEB, BILL; STEVE JACKSON, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF - Rememory: The Art of Bill Koeb
325592: KOELLA, RUDOLPH - Odilon Redon
309547: KOESTER, HELMUT - Introduction to the New Testament, Volume 2: History and Literature of Early Christianity
331076: KOESTER, FRANK - The Price of Inefficiency
318541: KOHLS, ERNST-WILHELM - Luther Oder Erasmus: Luthers Theologie in Der Auseinandersetzung Mit Erasmus, Band II
331114: KOLBE, ROBERT, WITH BRIAN BADE - They Captured the Moment: Dakotas Photographers 1853-1920
303673: KOLBERGS, ANDRIS - Pasu Puikas: Humoreskas
303679: KOLBERGS, ANDRIS - Pasu Puikas: Humoreskas
329766: KOLYER, JOHN - Seductions of Time
329762: KOLYER, JOHN - Engaged to Be Dead
329763: KOLYER, JOHN - Fall without Gold
329764: KOLYER, JOHN - Contra Bellum
329765: KOLYER, JOHN - The Spotted Cup
329505: KONANYKHIN, ALEX - Defiance: Or How to Succeed in Business Despite Being Hounded by the Fbi, the Kgb, the Ins, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, Interpol and Mafia Hit Men
330055: KONIG, RENE - Emile Durkheim Zur Diskussion: Jenseits Von Dogmatismus U. Skepsis
306234: KONIKOWSKI, JERZY; SCHULENBURG, PIT - Kombiniere Wie Ein Gross Meister
328886: KONKLE, GAIL S. - Shapes and Perceptions: An Intuitive Approach to Geometry
315801: KONSALIK, HENIZ G. - Russische Sinfonie
311155: KOOMEN, THEO - Samen an de Reed...
328109: KOON, GEORGE WILLIAM, ED. - Old Glory and the Stars and Bars: Stories of the CIVIL War
302369: KOPEC, DANNY; TERRIE, HAL - Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess
001878: KOPIT, ARTHUR - Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad
320262: KORMAN, GORDON - Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood
319955: KORNBLUM, ALLAN - Awkward Song
330572: KORNETIS, KOSTIS, EIRINI KOTSOVILI, AND NIKOLAOS PAPADOGIANNIS, EDS. - Consumption and Gender in Southern Europe Since the Long 1960s
323652: KORNFELD, EBERHARD W. - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Nachzeichnung Seines Lebens --Katalog Der Sammlung Von Werken Von Ernst Ludwig Kirchner IM Kirchner-Haus Davos (German Edition)
326994: GALERIE KORNFIELD - Moderne Kunst Des Neunzehnten Und Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts: Bilder - Aquarelle - Zeichnungn - Graphik - Skulpturen - Illustrierte Bucher
338825: KORR, IRVIN M.; BARBARA PETERSON, ED. - The Collected Papers of Irvin M. Korr, Presented by the American Academy of Osteopathy in Honor of Dr. Korr's Seventieth Birthday
325189: KOSCHATZKY, WALTER, ED. - Horst Janssen: Zeichnungen
323467: KOSCHATZKY, WALTER, WITH THE COLLABORATION DE JANINE KERTESZ - Friedensreich Hundertwasser: Catalogue Raisonne de L'Oeuvre Grave, 1951-1986
307913: KOSTOVA, ELIZABETH - The Historian
306135: KOTOW, ALEXANDER - Ohne Bauern Lauft Nichts
306383: KOTOW, ALEXANDER - Lehrbuch Der Schachstrategie, Band 1
329263: KOTUS, JANINA, MICHAL KRYCH, AND ZBIGNIEW NITECKI - Global Structural Stability of Flows on Open Surfaces
320154: KOUNDOURA, MARIA - Transnational Culture, Transnational Identity: The Politics and Ethics of Global Culture Exchange
319951: KOVACIK, KAREN - Beyond the Velvet Curtain
328888: KOWALEWSKI, GERHARD - Einfugrung in Die Determinantentheorie: Einschlieblich Der Fredholmschen Determinanten, Zweite, Verkurzte Auflage.
338662: KOZEE, WILLIAM C. - Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky
327832: KRAFT, LOUIS - Ned Wynkoop and the Lonely Road from Sand Creek
321101: KRAMER, AARON - The Tune of the Calliope: Poems and Drawings of New York
307101: KRAMER, VICTOR A. - Thomas Merton: Monk & Artist
313996: KRAMER, AARON - On the Way to Palermo, and Other Poems
305644: KRARUP, PER - Fra Mit Livs Rejse: Erindringsglimt Og Refleksioner
302919: KRASNOW, P.N. - Vom Zarenadler Zur Roten Fahne
329783: KRAUS, H.P. - Catalogue 85: Distinguished Books and Manuscripts
307287: KRAUS, PAMELA - The St. John's Review, XL, Number One, 2007
304535: KRAUS, BERTRAM, RONALD JORDAN, AND LEONARD ABRAMS - Dental Anatomy and Occlusion: A Study of the Masticatory System
323881: KRAUSS, ROSALIND, JANE LIVINGSTON, AND DAWN ADES - Explosante-Fixe: Photographie Et Surr„É‚©Alisme
306833: KRECKER, MISS ADA MARIE - The Beautiful Life of Elizabeth Krecker
303694: KREICERS, HERMANIS - Atspidumi: Atmina--Verojumi--Pardomas, in Two Volumes
331414: KREISCHER, LOUISE - The Stars Tell the Story Too: An Interpretation of the Bible Prophecies As They Are Illustrated by the Constellations and Depicted in Stone by the Great Pyramid of Gizeh
326095: KRETCHMAN, HERBERT F. - The Story of Gilsonite
323319: KRETSHMER, ERNST - Medizinische Psychologie
338083: KREYMBORG, ALFRED, ED. - Others: An Anthology of the New Verse
328005: KRICK, ROBERT K. - Neale Books: An Annotated Bibliography
319832: KRIEGER, MURRAY - A Window to Criticism: Shakespeare's Sonnets and Modern Poetics
326875: KRING, WALTER DONALD - Liberals Among the Orthodox: Unitarian Beginnings in New York City, 1819-1839
330525: SWAMI RAM KRISHNANADA - Classical Hindu Erotology
330571: CELELLO, KRISTIN AND HANAN KHOLOUSSY, EDS. - Domestic Tensions, National Anxieties: Global Perspectives on Marriage, Crisis, and Nation
303514: KROLLS, O. - Latvijas Prese Un Vinas Darbinieki
308795: KROTOV, SERGEI S. - Geograffity: Explorations of Physical, Cultural, and Intellectual Landscapes
307009: KRUITHOF, BASTIAN - Instead of the Thorn
329259: KRUMBEIN, W.C. - Shales and Their Environmental Significance
328140: KRUMWIEDE, JOHN F. - Old Waddy's Coming" the Military Career of Brigadier General James S. Wadsworth
329092: KRUSE, ARTHUR H. - Souslinoid and Analytic Sets in a General Setting
331303: KRUSI, HERMANN - Pestalozzi: His Life, Work, and Influence
305590: KRUUSE, JENS - Min Lykkelige Barndom
305498: KRUUSE, JENS - Min Kone Sidder Pa Kassen
305996: KRYNINE, DIMITRI - Soil Mechanics: Its Principles and Structural Applications
329277: KUC, M. - Fossil Statoblasts of Cristatella Mucedo Cuvier in the Beaufort Formation and in Interglacial and Postglacial Deposits of the Canadian Arctic
325219: KUCHLING, HEIMO - Expressionisme
309921: KUEBLER, MILDRED - Soliloquy at Midnight
338156: KUHLMAN, CHARLES - Legend Into History: The Custer Mystery, an Analytical Study of the Battle of the Little Big Horn
319469: KUHNEMANN, EUGEN - Herders Leben
325726: KUIN, ROGER - Chamber Music: Elizabethan Sonnet-Sequences and the Pleasure of Criticism
317433: KUINOEL, D. CHRISTIANUS THEOPHILUS - Commentarius in Libros Novi Testamenti Historicos, Volumen II, Evangelia Marci Et Lucae
303719: KULIGOWSKI, ADAM - Eroffnungsstudium Mit Grossmeister Adam Kuligowski!
306312: KULIGOWSKI, ADAM - Eroffnungsstudium Mit Grossmeister Adam Kuligowski!: Neuerungen IM Retisystem
306379: KULIGOWSKI, ADAM - Eroffnungsstudium Mit Grossmeister Adam Kuligowski!
007240: KULTERMANN, UDO - Architecture of Today, a Survey of New Building Throughout the World
328890: KUMPERA, ANTONIO - Modulos de Tipo Finito Sobre Um Anel Principal, Volume 2
328891: KUNTZMANN, J. - Methodes Numeriques: Interpolation, Derivees
317735: KUPRIAN, HERMANN - Die Peitsche Der Worte: Gedichte
301581: KURATS, FRIIS - Latvijas Geografija, Latviesu Skolam Trimda
006794: KURLAND, PHILIP (EDITOR) - The Supreme Court and the Judicial Function
330490: KURODA, TAIZO, MELINDA TAKEUCHI, AND YUZO YAMANE - Worlds Seen and Imagined: Japanese Screens from the Idemitsu Museum of Arts
303560: KURSITES, JANINAS, ED. - Suitu Identitate
317687: KURTZ, CARL HEINZ (HERSG./ED.) - Das Grosse Buch Der Haiku-Dichtung / Renga-Dichtung / Senku-Dichtung, Das Klein Buch Der Haiku-Dichtung / Renga-Dichtung, Das Zweit Buch Der Senku-Dichtung, Das Dritte Buch Der Haiku-Dichtung / Renga-Dichtung / Senku-Dichtung, Das Buch Der Tanka-Dich...
306785: KUSIN, P. EBERHARD, ED. - The Family Crypt of the Habsburgs in Vienna
319254: KUTLER, STANLEY I., ED. - Dictionary of American History, Third Edition, Volume 2: Cabeza to Demography
338563: KUWAYAMA, K.; LOS ANGELES MUSEUM OF ART - The Golden Age of Japanese Screen Painting
338431: KWANT, REMY C. - Philosophy of Labor
306856: KY, CHUNG TU - Tuoi Theiu Nien Va Truong Thanh (Autism: Adolescence and Adulthood)
325182: MELAS-KYRIAZI, JEAN - Van Dongen Et le Fauvisme
306588: WALTON, PRISCILLA L. AND TUCKER BRUCE - American Culture Transformed: Dialing 9/11
328007: MINGUS, SR., SCOTT L. AND JAMES MCCLURE - CIVIL War Voices from York County, Pa. : Remembering the Rebellion and the Gettysburg Campaign
308799: RUIZ, VICKI L. AND ELLEN CAROL DUBOIS, EDS. - Unequal Sisters: A Multi-Cultural Reader in U.S. Women's History, Second Edition
328782: COLTON, D.L. AND R.P. GILBERT, EDS. - Constructive and Computational Methods for Differential and Integral Equations
325847: BERGER, PETER L. AND RICHARD JOHN NEUHAUS - Movement and Revolution: On American Radicalism
306850: BATCHELOR, R.C.L. AND MARJORIE MURRELL - A Short Manual of Venereal Diseases and Trepanematoses, Second Edition
318406: MERRILL, WILLIAM L. AND IVES GODDARD, EDS. - Anthropology, History, and American Indians: Essays in Honor of William Curtis Sturtevant
325958: MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - Heliogabalus
326698: MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - Heliogabalus
327803: RHOADES, NANCY L.AND LUCY E. BAILEY, EDS. - Wanted--Correspondence: Women's Letters to a Union Soldier
320642: DAHLBERG, BURTON L. AND RALPH C. GUETTINGER - The White-Tailed Deer in Wisconsin
328544: BOGER, DALE L. AND STEVEN M. WEINREB, EDS. - Hetero Diels-Alder Methodology in Organic Synthesis
329081: WAIN, R.L. AND F. WIGHTMAN, EDS. - The Chemistry and Mode of Action of Plant Growth Substances
326512: MCCORMICK, R.L. AND W.H. GILSTRAP - Commemorative Celebration at Sequalitchew Lake, Peirce County, Washington, Second Edition
318051: HERMAN, STEPHEN L. AND CRAWFORD G. GARRARD - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians, Sixth Edition
317421: QUIVIK, FREDERIC L. AND LON JOHNSON - Historic Bridges of South Dakota
319935: WILEY, PAUL L. AND HAROLD OREL, EDS. - British Poetry, 1880-1920: Edwardian Voices
307440: SHANKER, JAMES L. AND ELDON E. EKWALL - Locating and Correcting Reading Difficulties, Seventh Edition
308309: NELSON, CARL L. AND CARL B. ESSELSTYN, JR., GUEST EDITORS - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 51, Number 5
329896: LACARRIERE, JACQUE, ET AL. - La Face Cach„É‚©E de la France: Tome 2
303916: LACHMAN, BARBARA - The Journal of Hildegard of Bingen, Inspired by a Year in the Life of the Twelfth-Century Mystic, Uncorrected Proof
302685: LACIS, VISVALDIS - Latviesu Legions: Arzemju, Verotaju Skatijuma
300638: LACIS, VISVALDIS - Latvie
300771: LACKEY, MERCEDES; DIXON, LARRY - The Silver Gryphon
325230: LACLOTTE, MICHEAL - Larousse Dictionary of Painters
321009: LACY, NORRIS J. - 26 Chansons D'Amour de la Renaissance (Bibliotheque Francaise Et Romane) (French Edition)
307124: LADD, JOHN - Archeological Investigations in the Parita and Santa Maria Zones of Panama
12766: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY; GOLDHAMMER, ARTHUR - The Beggar and the Professor, a Sixteenth-Century Family Saga
318672: LAEDERACH, JURG - In Hackensack: Vier Minimale Stucke
321017: LAFFIN, JOHN - Combat Surgeons
326596: LAFLIN, ELLEN P. - Poems
320352: LAFLIN, DUANE - Effective Gospel Magic: Entertaining Routines to Help You Effectively Share the Gospel
329876: LAFOND, ANDRE - Impressions of America (Impressions D'Amerique)
012493: LAGARDE, J. - Sophie Fait Du Camping
322144: LAGE, GERALD M., RONALD L. MOOMAW, AND LARKIN WARNER - A Profile of Oklahoma: Economic Development 1950-1975
317363: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Christus Legenden
330531: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Oeuvres: La Saga de Gosta Berling; Jerusalem En Dalecarlie; Jerusalem En Galilee; L'Empereur de Portugal; L'Anneau Des Lowenstrold; Les Ecus de Messire Arne; L'Anneau de Pecheur, Complete in Two
329971: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Gosta Berling
007826: DE LAGNY, GERMAIN - The Knout and the Russians; or the Muscovite Empire, the Czar, and His People
308512: DE LAGUNA, FREDERICA - Voyage to Greenland: A Personal Initiation Into Anthropology
307021: DE LAGUNA, FREDERICA, ED. - Selected Papers from the American Anthropologist, 1888-1920
338306: LAING, ALEXANDER - Fool's Errand
308481: LAIT, ANGELA - Telling Tales: Work, Narrative and Identity in a Market Age
319462: DERDA, TOMASZ, ADAM LAJTAR AND JAKUB URBANIK, EDS. - The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, Vol. XLI (2011)
319953: LAKER, MARCIA - Recent Sightings
004691: MENZEL, DONALD H., BHATNAGAR, PRABHU LAL AND HARI K. SEN - Stellar Interiors, the International Astrophysics Series, Volume 6
329935: LALANDE, FRANçOISE - Madame Rimbaud
326292: LAMAR, J.E. - Geology and Mineral Resources of the Carbondale Quadrangle
324570: LAMB, EDWARD - No Lamb for Slaughter: An Autobiography
309939: LAMB, DANA S. - Where the Pools Are Bright and Deep
330114: LAMB, CHARLES; MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare (the Riverside Bookshelf)
331385: LAMB, MARGARET - Colorado High Country
307062: LAMBERT, GEORGE - Indien, Das Schwer-Heimgesuchte Reich
327615: LAMBERT, REVEREND L.A. - Notes on Ingersoll, Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged
303665: LAMBERTS, JURIS - Navei Nolemtie Brali: No Zviedrijas Aizvesto Latviesu Zenus Pieminai
318373: LAMONT, CORLISS, ED. - The Thomas Lamonts in America
327785: LA LANCETTE, THOMAS E. - A Noble and Glorious Cause: The Life, Times and CIVIL War Service of Captain Elijah W. Gibbons
328894: LANDAU, EDMUND - Grnudlagen Der Analysis: Das Rechnen Mit Ganzen, Rationalen, Irrationalen, Komplexen Zahlen, with a Complete German-English Vocabulary, Third Edition
303250: LANDAU, ROM - Hassan II: King of Morocco
319650: LANDESMAN, PETER - Blood Acre
321503: LANDESMAN, PETER - Blood Acre
326843: LANDOWSKA, WANDA - Music of the Past
325829: LANDRUM, CARL - Historical Sketches of Quincy: The First 100 Years
318567: LANE, DOROTHY GLENN; ILL. BY BARBARA RUBIN - Bears and More Bears
323809: LANE, MICHAEL, ED. - Introduction to Structuralism
320012: LANG, JAMES - Conquest and Commerce: Spain and England in the Americas
303485: LANGAARD, JOHAN H. - Veileder IV E. Munch
338288: LANGE, D. - The Lure of the Black Hills: A Story of Tankaheeta, the Sioux Hunter
319760: LANGE, JOHN (MICHAEL CRICHTON) - Scratch One
309392: LANGE, FREDERICK W., ED. - Costa Rican Art and Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Frederick R. Mayer
303813: BAIRD-LANGE, LORRAYNE Y.; HILDEGARD SCHNUTTGEN - A Bibliography of Chaucer 1974-1985
325837: LANGHOFF, WOLFGANG - Rubber Truncheon: Being an Account of Thirteen Months Spent in a Concentration Camp
325907: LANGLAND, WILLIAM - The Vision of Piers Plowman
318784: LANGLOIS, CHARLES VICTOR - Manuel de Bibliographie Historique
304841: LANGS, ROBERT - Resistances and Interventions: The Nature of Therapeutic Work
318655: LANGSTAFF, JOHN BRETT - The American Communion Service: Its Order and History
323710: LANIER, SIDNEY - The Poems of Sidney Lanier
319559: LANIER, SIDNEY - The English Novel: A Study in the Development of Personality, Revised Edition
300913: LANKTON, STEPHEN R.; ERICKSON, KRISTINA K. - The Essence of a Single-Session Success
300948: LANKTON, STEPHEN R.; ZEIG, JEFFREY K. - Extrapolations, Demonstrations of Ericksonian Therapy
326215: LANMAN, CHARLES R., ED. - The Whitney Memorial Meeting: A Report of That Session of the First American Congress of Philologists, Which Is Devoted to the Memory of William Dwight Whitney
306401: LANZMANN, CLAUDE, ED. - Education National Les Faits Et Les Mythes
306402: LANZMANN, CLAUDE, ED. - Une Autre Serbie
331271: LAPHAM, ALICE GERTRUDE - The Old Planters of Beverly in Massachusetts and the Thousand Acre Grant of 1635
331270: LAPHAM, ALICE GERTRUDE - The Old Planters of Beverly in Massachusetts and the Thousand Acre Grant of 1635
326071: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome II, Fascicule 1, 1962
326055: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome XIII, Fascicule 2, 1973
326060: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome II, Fascicule 2, 1962
326059: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome III, Fascicule 3, 1963
326062: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome XIII, Fascicule 3, 1973
326070: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome II, Fascicule 4, 1962
326051: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee Du L'Homme Tome VI, Fascicule 2, 1966
326053: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee Du L'Homme Tome XV, Fascicule 2, 1975
326068: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome IV, Fascicule 1, 1964
326049: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee Du L'Homme Tome XIV, Fascicule 1, 1974
326052: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee Du L'Homme Tome IV, Fascicule 4, 1964
326058: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome III, Fascicule 2, 1963
326063: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome XII, Fascicule 3, 1972
326072: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome XIII, Fascicule 1, 1973
326054: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome XIV, Fascicule 3, 1974
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305967: MANN, KEITH - Forging Political Identity: Silk and Metal Workers in Lyon, France 1900-1939
322031: MANN, SUSAN, ED. - Women and Gender Relations: Perspectives on Asia : Sixty Years of the Journal of Asian Studies (Resources for Teaching About Asia)
306163: MANN, EDWARD C., III - Thunder and Lightning: Desert Storm and the Airpower Debates
325113: MANNERING, DOUGLAS - Art of Toulouse Lautrec
307227: MANNERS, ROBERT A., ED. - Process and Pattern in Culture: Essays in Honor of Julian H. Steward
308284: MANNICK, JOHN A., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 59, Number 4
308317: MANNICK, JOHN A., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 59, Number 4
328920: MANNING, ANTHONY - Dynamical Systems
308325: MANOLO, NATHANIEL M., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 58, Number 5
317384: MANROOT - Manroot, New Voices, 1972-76, No. 11, Spring-Summer, 1977
329782: MANSFIELD, EDGAR, INTRODUCTION - British Bookbinding Today
329780: MANSFIELD, EDGAR, INTRODUCTION - British Bookbinding Today
329781: MANSFIELD, EDGAR, INTRODUCTION - British Bookbinding Today
305059: MANSFIELD, STEPHEN - Japan: Islands of the Floating World
314799: MANTELL, LAURIE - A Murder or Three
306973: MANYUK, PAULA - Language Development: Knowledge and Use
329237: PETERSON DEL MAR, DAVID - Beaten Down: A History of Interpersonal Violence in the West
329510: DEL MAR, NORMAN - Richard Strauss, Volume Two
322370: DAUTY, DENISE, AVEC LA COLLABORATION DE MARIE CLAUDE MARANGET AND NICOLE DE CARDAILLAC - Cahiers D'Anthropologie, Numero Special 1978, Roger Bastide Bibliographie, 1921-1974
338526: MARBLE, ANNIE RUSSELL - The Women Who Cam in the Mayflower
322314: LAVRILLIER, CAROL MARC AND MICHEL DUFET - Bourdelle: Et la Critique de Son Temps
322726: CHAGALL, MARC AND KLAUS MAYER - Je Mets Mon Arc Dans la Nuee: Les Vitraux de Chagall En L'Eglise Saint-Etienne de Mayence
325302: BRION, MARCEL ET AL. - Art Since 1945
326096: MARCO, ANGELA - Fair Captive: A Colonial Story
338363: MARCOU, JULES - A Geological Map of the United States and the British Provinces of North America; with an Explanatory Text, Geological Sections, and Plates of the Fossils Which Characterize the Formation
320305: MARCUS, JACOB R. - Israel Jacobson: The Founder of the Reform Movement in Judaism, Second Edition, Revised
330312: MARCY, ELIZABETH E. - In Memoriam: Oliver Marcy, L.L. D. (Mdcccxx-Mdcccxcix)
330150: MARCY, RANDOLPH B. - The Prairie Traveler: A Handbook for Overland Expeditions with Maps, Illustrations and Itineraries of the Principal Routes between the Mississippi and the People
330630: CLEGG HYER, MAREN AND GALE R. OWEN-CROCKER, EDS. - The Material Culture of the Built Environment in the Anglo-Saxon World
323172: MCBURNEY, MARGARET AND MARY BYERS - Tavern in the Town: Early Inns and Taverns of Ontario
307264: MACKENZIE, MARY MARGARET AND CHARLOTTE ROUECHE, EDS. - Images of Authority: Papers Presented to Joyce Reynolds on the Occasion of Her 70th Birthday
331220: MARGOLIES, JOSEPH A., ED. - Strange and Fantastic Stories: Fifty Tales of Terror, Horror and Fantasy
329264: PEET, MARGUERITE AND MYRA M. SAMPSON - Loss of Contractility of the Uterus and Partial Atrophy of the Uterus and Ovaries in Albino Rats Fed Choline-Deficient Diets
322236: BLUNDEN, MARIA AND GODFREY BLUNDEN - Journal de L'Impressionnisme
308092: MIES, MARIA AND VANDANA SHIVA - Ecofeminism
331358: TALMADGE, MARIAN AND IRIS GILMORE - Norad: The North American Air Defense Command
327520: MARIANO, NICKY - Forty Years with Berenson
326638: HANSEN-TAYLOR, MARIE AND HORACE E. SCUDDER, EDS. - The Life and Letters of Bayard Taylor, Complete in Two Volumes, Fifth Edition
325347: MARIEN, M.E. - L'Empreinte de Rome: Belgica Antiqua
330456: FU, MARILYN AND SHEN FU - Studies in Connoisseurship: Chinese Painting from the Arthur M. Sackler Collection in New York and Princeton
318526: MARIVAUX - Theatre Complet, Tome 1 (French Edition)
323856: MARJORIBANKS, EDWARD - For the Defence: The Life of Sir Edward Marshall Hall
325888: ANTHONY, MARK AND NANNIE L. MARSH ANTHONY; HAROLD GORDON ANTHONY, ED. - A True Romance, Revealed by a Bag of Old Letters, Being the Love, Courtship and Marriage of Mark Anthony and Nannie L. Marsh Anthony
309934: MARKHAM, EDWIN - New Poems: Eighty Songs at 80, the Fifth Book of Verse
338198: MARKS, MABEL HATTON - Let Song Take Form
318551: MARKSTEIN, DAVID. L. - How to Chart Your Way to Stock Market Profits
010487: MARLATT, DAPHNE - Leaf Leaf/S
329845: MARLAY, REV. JOHN F. - The Life of Rev. Thomas A. Morris, D.D. , Late Senior Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church
321246: MARON, MONIKA - Pawels Briefe: Eine Familiengeschichte (German Edition)
324351: MARQUAND, JOHN - Mr. Moto's Three Aces, a Limited Edition
317585: GARCIA MARQUEZ, GABRIEL - Del Amor Y Otros Demonios
326045: MARQUIS, DON - Chapters for the Orthodox
338448: MARQUIS, DON - Sons of the Puritans
318433: MARR, BR. ANDREW - The Duke of Oker and the Healing Garden
001399: MARRANCA, BONNIE - Theatrewritings
322421: MARRETT, MONTE - Smoke Up the Valley: An Historical Novel of Texas in the '70s
327584: MARRIOTT, ALICE - The Ten Grandmothers
328921: MARSDEN, J.E., P.S. KRISHNAPRASAD, AND J.C. SIMO, EDS. - Dynamics and Control of Multibody Systems
306642: MARSDEN, PETER V., ED. - Social Trends in American Life: Findings from the General Social Survey Since 1972
326925: MARSH, EDWARD S., COMPILER - Stephen A. Douglas, a Memorial
326145: MARSH, EDWARD S., COMPILER - Stephen A. Douglas, a Memorial
12940: MARSHALL, JACK - Bits of Thirst: & Other Poems & Translations
325981: MARSHALL, JOHN DAVID, ED. - The Library in the University: The University of Tennessee Library Lectures 1949-1966
322535: MARSHALL, GLORIA ALBERTHA - Women, Trade, and the Yoruba Family
328094: MARSHALL, BRUCE - Uniforms of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution and the Men Who Wore Them, 1835-1836 (Schiffer Military History)
329663: MARSHALL, WILLIAM I. - History Vs. The Whitman Saved Oregon Story
338346: MARSHALL, THOMAS MAITLAND, ED. - Early Records of Gilpin County, Colorado 1859-1861
307552: ROJAS, MARTA AND MIRTA RODRIQUEZ CALDERON, EDS. - Tania: The Unforgettable Guerrilla
330469: MARTER, JOAN, ED. - Off Limits: Rutgers University and the Avant-Garde, 1957-1963
323951: MARTIN, KURT - Edouard Manet: Watercolors and Pastels
309210: MARTIN, HERBERT WOODWARD - Escape to the Promised Land
317619: MARTIN, RAY - Island in a Strange Sea: Narrative Prophecy
329959: MARTIN, AQUINATA - The Catholic Church on the Nebraska Frontier
326310: MARTIN, EDWARD SANDFORD - The Life of Joseph Hodges Choate, As Gathered Chiefly from His Letters, Complete in Two Volumes
320203: MARTIN, STODDARD - California Writers: Jack London, John Steinbeck, the Tough Guys
325456: MARTIN, JEAN-HUBERT - Gilbert & George: Un Entretien Avec Jean-Hubert Martin, Publie a L'Occasion de L'Exposition, 16 Avril-1er Juin 1981, Musee National D'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou (French Edition)
313747: GARDNER, MARTIN & RUSSEL B. NYE, EDITORS - The Wizard of Oz and Who He Was
306566: MARTIN, DOLORES MOYANO - Handbook of Latin American Studies: No. 47, Social Sciences
327066: MARTIN, I.T. - A Voice from the West
327808: MARTIN, DANIEL MCKINLEY; ALAN I. WEST, ED. - Remember Me: Letters Home from a Hospital Steward During the CIVIL War 1862-1864
328437: MARTIN, E.L. - Randy's World: The "Marauders
316167: MARTIN, ROSCOE - Grass Roots
324554: MARTIN, HERBERT WOODWARD - The Forms of Silence
330442: OLIVEIRA MARTINS, FRANCISCO ERNESTO - Subsidios Para O Inventario Artistico Dos Acores
308004: MARTONE, MICHAEL - A Place of Sense: Essays in Search of the Midwest
317820: MARTONE, MICHAEL - At a Loss, Poems
319890: MARTONE, MICHAEL - The Flatness and Other Landscapes
319773: MARTONE, MICHAEL - At a Loss
308787: SYMES, MARTY AND AL KAUFMAN - How Many Hearts Have You Broken (with Those Great Beautiful Eyes)
302819: MARVEL, WILLIAM - Tarnished Victory: Finishing Licoln's War
330956: MARVELL, ANDREW - Miscellaneous Poems
319299: MARVIN, LLOYD - Superior Accordion Method
310915: STENDER, MARGARET MARY AND THE UNKNOWN POET - Behold the Daybreak: A Silent Sound & in Prophet's Truth
314232: HAMMOND, MARY AND LUTHER M. TALBERT, EDS. - Infertility: A Practical Guide for the Physician, Third Edition
331413: LAMERS, MARY AND WILLIAM LAMERS - Star Spangled Stories
316885: SISTER MARYANNA - The Littlest Angel and Other Legends: Storie of the Birth and Childhood of Jesus
326017: MASANI, M. R. - Congress Misrule and the Swatantra Alternative
325693: MASON, EDWARD G. - Chapters from Illinois History
338181: MASON, DANIEL GREGORY - Contemporary Composers
338378: MASON, JEREMIAH; G.J. CLARK, ED. - Memoirs of Jeremiah Mason
329137: MASON, DAVID J., ED. - Proceedings of the Conference on Stochastic Differential Equations and Applications
324798: MASON, OTIS TUFTON - Woman's Share in Primitive Culture
327373: MASON, PHILIP P., ED. - Schoolcraft, the Literary Voyager or Muzzeniegun
329974: MASON, CHARLES FIELD - A Complete Handbook for the Sanitary Troops of the U.S. Army and Navy and National Guard and Naval Militia, Fourth Edition
329586: MASON, AMELIA GERE - Memories of a Friend
326750: MASSENET, JULES - My Recollections
325086: MASSETT, STEPHEN C. - Drifting About," or What "Jeems Pipes of Pipesville" Saw-and-Did
327797: MASSEY, MARY ELIZABETH - Refugee Life in the Confederacy
307795: MASSIE, TROY - An Infestation in Spanner
325293: MASSIN - Les Celebrites de la Rue
325292: MASSIN - Les Cris de la Ville: Commerces Ambulants Et Petits Metiers de la Rue
338287: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Mirage
330074: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Domesday Book
311147: MASTERS, HILARY - Last Stands: Notes from Memory
338178: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Jack Kelso, a Dramatic Poem
331056: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Vachel Lindsay: A Poet in America
319845: MASTERS, MARCIA LEE - Intent on Earth
325734: MASTERS, EDGAR LEE - Illinois Poems
318191: MATEJKA, L., ED. - Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer Nanocomposites: Selected Contributions from the Conference: "46th Microsymposium Prague Meetings on Macromolecules: Nanostructured Polymers and Polymer Nanocomposites", Prague, Czech Republic, July 8-12, 2007
328792: DEPARTEMENT DE MATHEMATIQUES - Travaux de Mathematiques [Mathematics Works]
330891: MATHEWS, JOHN JOSEPH - Talking to the Moon
338410: R. DUNCAN MATHEWSON, III - Treasure of the Atocha: A Four Hundred Million Dollar Archaeological Adventure
323468: MATHEY, FRANCOIS - Hundertwasser
324731: MATHIEU, PIERRE-LOUIS - Gustave Moreau: Aquarelles
322908: MATHUR, K.S. - Caste and Ritual in a Malwa Village
319431: LACY, MATILDA AND OTHERS - Matilda's Poems
324686: MATISSE, HENRI - Matisse, Ajaccio-Toulouse, 1898-1899: Une Saison de Peinture : Une Exposition Du Musee D'Art Moderne de Toulouse Au Musee Paul-Dupuy, Toulouse,1987 (French Edition)
324688: MATISSE, HENRI - Henri Matisse, L'Art Du Livre: Exposition, 4 Juillet-30 Septembre 1986 (Cahiers Henri Matisse) (French Edition)
330610: CROWLEY-MATOKA, MEGAN - Domesticating Organ Transplant: Familial Sacrifice and National Aspiration in Mexico
308313: MATOLO, NATHANIEL M., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 61, Number 4
317358: MATSON, CLIVE - Equal in Desire
304135: MATSON, FLOYD - Walking Alone and Marching Together: A History of the Organized Blind Movement in the United States, 1940-1990
318343: BRAY, MATT AND ERNIE EPP, EDS. - A Vast and Magnificent Land: An Illustrated History of Northern Ontario
319870: MATTE, JR., ROBERT - Eating the English Army
338837: MATTERA, JOANNE - The Art of Encaustic Painting: Contemporary Expression in the Ancient Medium of Pigmented Wax
13005: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM - The Cloud
317807: MATTHEWS, JACK - Dubious Persuasions
300849: MATTHEWS, DAVID - The Feel of Feeling
010326: MATTHEWS, WILLIAM - Ruining the New Road
319231: MATTHIESSEN, PETER - On the River Styx and Other Stories, Unrevised Proofs
322674: MATTINA, ANTHONY, ED. - The Golden Woman: The Colville Narrative of Peter J. Seymour
323866: MATTSON, OFVERSTE H. - Minnen
329410: MATTUCK, RICHARD D. - A Guide to Feynman Diagrams in the Many-Body Problem
338798: OAKES, MAUD AND JOSEPH CAMPBELL, EDS. - Where the Two Came to Their Father: A Navaho War Ceremonial Given by Jeff King
317641: MOORE, MAUDE AND HARRY B. WILSON - Across the Rainbow Bridge, Third Grade
331241: MAUGE, GILBERT - The Unknown Quantity
321128: MAUPASSANT, GUY DE - The Necklace
13835: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Bel Ami, the Story of a Scoundrel (Motion Picture Edition)
303039: DE MAUPIN, MADEMOISELLE - The Works of Theophile Gautier, Volume One
330545: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Oeuvres Romanesques, Complete in Two Volumes
307824: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - The Loved and the Unloved
323037: MAURIAC, FRANCOIS - Oeuvres Romanesques, Tome I, Tome II
325623: DROUZY, MAURICE AND MORTON PIIL - Le Cinema Danois
303517: MAURINA, ZENTA - Dzintargraudi: Milestibas Stasti Un Pardomas
327499: MAUROIS, ANDRE - Tragedy in France
329941: MAUROIS, ANDR√ɬ© - Prom„É‚©Th„É‚©E Ou la Vie de Balzac
319989: MAXFIELD, HELEN A. - The Auction Director's Manual
326178: MAXWELL, ALICE S., DUNLEVY, MARION B. - Virago!: The Story of Anne Newport Royall (1769-1854)
325892: MAXWELL, W.B. - Time Gathered: An Autobiography
338164: MAY, GEORGE OLIVER - Twenty-Five Years of Accounting Responsibility 1911-1936: (Volumes I & II)
318172: MAY, SOPHIE - Little Prudy's Captain Horace
331571: MAY, MAX B. - Isaac Mayer Wise: The Founder of American Judaism--a Biography
321627: MAY, JULIAN - Blood Trillium
317864: MAYER, MELANIE J. - Klondike Women: True Tales of the 1897-98 Gold Rush
323140: MAYER, FRANK BLACKWELL; BERTHA L. HEILBRON, ED. - With Pen and Pencil on the Frontier in 1851: The Diary and Sketches of Frank Blackwell Mayer
005533: MAYER, JOSEPH - The Making of a Rebel
320005: MAYNARD, JOYCE - At Home in the World: A Memoir
305573: MAYO, JAMES - Manden Med de to Stemmer
316539: MAYR, E.W., ED. - Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science
330568: MAYRL, DAMON - Secular Conversions: Political Institutions and Religious Education in the United States and Australia, 1800-2000 (Cambridge Studies in Social Theory, Religion and Politics)
15206: MAYS, DANIEL T.; FRANKS, CYRIL M. - Negative Outcome in Psychotherapy and What to Do About It
307627: MAYS, JAMES, ED. - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology, January 1966
307614: MAYS, JAMES, ED. - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology, October 1966
307615: MAYS, JAMES, ED. - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology, July 1966
325591: MAZAL, OTTO - Buchkunst Der Romanik (Buchkunst IM Wandel Der Zeiten) (German Edition)
302760: MAZUKEWITSCH, ANATOLI - Verflixte Fehler
338650: MCADAMS, MRS. HARRY KENNETT - Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records: Abstracts of Early Wills, Deeds and Marriages from Court Houses and Records of Old Bibles, Churches, Grave Yards, and Cemeteries Copied by American War Mothers, Genealogical Material Collected from Authentic Sources
318378: MCAHREN, RAYMOND - Looking at the World from My Chair with Wit, Wisdom, and Humor
319885: MCALLISTER, TERESA - The Diamond Years of Delta Theta Tau
325089: MCATHY, GEORGE - New Laff-Tested Dialogues
321635: MCAULEY, PAUL J. - Shrine of Stars: The Third Book of Confluence (Confluence Trilogy)
327335: MCCAFFERTY, REGIS - The Sherlock Holmes Adventure
329582: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Freedom's Landing
321630: ROBERT R. MCCAMMON - Gone South
326873: MCCANDLESS, MARION - Family Portraits: History of the Holy Cross Alumnae Association of Saint Mary's College Notre Dame Indiana
330342: MCCANN, JAMES C. - People of the Plow: An Agricultural History of Ethiopia, 1800-1990
327695: MCCANN, B.H., ED. - Delegates' Manual of the Fifth Constitutional Convention of the State of Illinois 1920
325993: MCCARTER, THOMAS N. - One Phase of a Jerseyman's Activities, Supplemental Volume.
303914: MCCARTER, MARGARET HILL - The Peace of the Solomon Valley
303913: MCCARTER, MARGARET HILL - The Corner Stone
318638: MCCARTHY, JOE, WORDS; MUSIC BY JAMES V. MONACO - Al Jolson's Terrific Winter Garden Hit You Made Me Love You: I Didn't Want to Do It
326776: MCCAUSLAND, ELIZABETH - Charles W. Hawthorne: An American Figure Painter

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