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300063: HOKINSON, HELEN E. - My Best Girls
307005: HOLBORN, HAJO - A History of Modern Germany, Complete in Three Volumes
327595: HOLCROFT, THOMAS - The Theatrical Recorder Vol. I and II
325651: HOLDEN, W.W. - Memoirs of W.W. Holden
309320: HOLE, FRANK, KENT V. FLANNERY, AND JAMES A. NEELY - Prehistory and Human Ecology of the Deh Luran Plain: An Early Village Sequence from Khuzistan, Iran
323131: HOLL, ADOLF - Die Zweite Wirklich Keit: Esoterik, Parapsychologie, Okkultismus, Grenzerfahrunge, Magie, Wunder
307031: HOLLAHAN, EUGENE - Studies in the Literary Imagination: Centenary Revaluation of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Spring 1988
317505: HOLLANDER, JOHN - Movie-Going and Other Poems
331049: HOLLANDSWORTH, JR., JAMES G. - Pretense of Glory: The Life of General Nathaniel P. Banks
321846: HOLLEY, MARIETTA (JOSIAH ALLEN'S WIFE) - My Wayward Pardner; or, My Trials with Josiah, America, the Widow Bump, and Etcetery,
339032: CANTINE, HOLLEY AND DACHINE RAINER, ED. - Prison Etiquette: The Convict's Compendium of Useful Information
317855: HOLLIDAY, F. C., - Indiana Methodism: Being an Account of the Introduction, Progress, and Present Position of Methodism in the State; and Also a History of the Literary Institutions Under the Care of the Church
323329: HOLLIMAN, JEANNETTA, ED. - Works in Process: Women over 50 Reflecting
005536: MCNEIL, HOLLY AND STURMANIS, DONA (EDITORS) - Okanagan Secrets & Surprises
327201: HOLMAN, FRANK E. - The Life and Career of a Western Lawyer 1886-1961
326391: HOLMES, JACK E. - Politics in New Mexico
327218: HOLMES, WILLIAM H. - The National Gallery of Art: Catalogue of Collections II
326493: HOLMES, ANNE MIDDLETON - Mary Mildred Sullivan (Mrs. Algernon Sydney Sullivan): A Biography
319562: HOLMES, THOMAS J. - The Pre-Historic Lake and the Bed-Rock of Chicago
330940: HOLMES, LOUIS B. - Fort Mcpherson, Nebraska, Fort Cottonwood, N.T. : Guardian of the Tracks and Trails
324910: HOLMES, WILLIAM HENRY - Anthropological Studies in California
326902: HOLMES, FRED L. - Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way: The Log Book of a Pilgrim to the Lincoln Country
338304: HOLMES, EDMOND - The Silence of Love
331441: HOLMES, WILLIAM C. - Opera Observed: Views of a Florentine Impresario in the Early Eighteenth Century
327142: HOLMES, ANNE MIDDLETON - Algernon Sydney Sullivan
317876: HOLMGREN, FLORENCE DEPPE - The Mystery of Bent Cove
323784: SINGER, CHARLES, E.J. HOLMYARD AND A.R. HALL, EDS. - A History of Technology, Complete in Five Volumes
325095: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Lytton Strachey: The New Biography
012241: HOLSCHER, EBERHARD - Deutsche Illustratoren Der Gegenwart
338856: VON HOLST, H. - John C. Calhoun
322704: HOLT, A.J. - Pioneering in the Southwest
328165: HOLT, A.J. - Pioneering in the Southwest
321466: HOLTHE, TESS URIZA - When the Elephants Dance: A Novel
338121: HOLTHUSEN, HENRY F. - James W. Wadsworth, Jr. : A Biographical Sketch
330896: HOLTHUSEN, HENRY F. - James W. Wadsworth, Jr. : A Biographical Sketch
326277: HOLTHUSEN, HENRY F. - James W. Wadsworth, Jr. : A Biographical Sketch
325835: HOLTZCLAW, R. FULTON - William Henry Holtzclaw, Scholar in Ebony, Founder of Utica Junior College
326842: HOLYOAKE, G. JACOB, ED. - The Movement: Anti-Persecution Gazette and Register of Progress, a Weekly Journal of Republican Politics, Anti-Theology and Utilitarian Morals, 1843-1845
328433: HOLYOKE, SAMUEL - Log City Days, Two Narratives on the Settlement of Galesburg, Illinois: The Diary of Jerusha Loomis Farnham; Sketch of Log City
330430: HOLYOKE, SAMUEL - Log City Days, Two Narratives on the Settlement of Galesburg, Illinois: The Diary of Jerusha Loomis Farnham; Sketch of Log City
325742: HOLYOKKE, SAMUEL - Log City Days: Two Narratives on the Settlement of Galesburg, Illinois, Being the Diary of Jerusha Loomis Farnham, and Sketch of Log City
330803: HOLZWORTH, JOHN M. - The Twin Grizzlies of Admiralty Island
321427: HOMES, A. M. - Music for Torching
338085: HOMMELL, PAULINE - Teacup Tales: Folklore of the Hudson Valley
325962: HONE, JOSEPH - The Life of George Moore
318532: HONG, GI-BUM - The National Atlas of Korea, Concise Edition, in Slipcase
301076: HOOD, ROBERT ALLISON - Ballads of the Pacific Northwest, Its Discovery and Settlement
322645: HOOG, MICHEL - Cezanne: Collection Etablie Et Dirigee Par Henri Screpel Dans le Cadre Du Cabinet Du Dessin
327445: HOOK, THOM - Sky Ship: The Akron Era
322434: HOOKER, NANCY HARVISON, ED. - The Moffat Papers: Selections from the Diplomatic Journals of Jay Pierrepont Moffat
006673: HOOKER, FORRESTINE C. - Star, the Story of an Indian Pony
326655: HOOPES, ALBAN W. - The Road to the Little Big Horn--and Beyond
327163: HOOTMAN, G.W. - Writings of a Roadman: A Collection of Selected Letters and Poems from the Author's Writings, Some of Which First Appeared in the Woodford County Republican, Eureka, Illinois, Volume Two
331483: HOOTMAN, G.W. - A Collection of Letters, First Published in the Woodford County Republican, at Eureka, Illinois
318763: HOOVER, DWIGHT W. - Middletown Revisited
012464: HOPKINS, EDWARD SCOTT; BEAN, ELWOOD L. - Water Purification Control [Fourth Edition]
315164: HOPKINS, J. CASTELL - Queen Victoria, Her Life and Reign: A Study of British Monarchical Institutions and Th Queen's Personal Career, Foreign Policy, and Imperial Influence
304796: HOPPELER, D' JEAN - D'Ou Viennent Les Petits Enfants
319074: HOPPENTHALER, JOHN - Lives of Water: Poems by John Hoppenthaler
330785: HORAN, JAMES D. - Across the Cimarron: Marshal George Bolds' Own Story of His Life and Adventures in the Cow Towns of the Wild West
307844: HORE, R.A. - Advanced Studies in Electrical Power System Design
331427: HORGAN, PAUL - Great River, the Rio Grande in North American History: Volume I Indians and Spain
330266: HORN, H. HARCOURT - An English Colony in Iowa
305541: HORN, JOAN - Playing on All the Keys: The Life of Walter F. Anderson
339113: HORNA, KATI - Fotografias de la Guerra CIVIL Espanola, 1937-1938 (Spanish Edition)
321021: GEORGE HORNBY, ED. - Great Americana Scrapbook
330945: VAN HORNE, JAMES - Narrative of James Van Horne... On the Plains of Michigan
326600: HORNER, JOHN B. - Oregon Literature, Second Edition
327795: HORNER, DAVE - The Blockade Runners
324839: HORNER, JOHN B. - Days and Deeds in the Oregon Country: Ten-Minute Stories Offered As Sidelights on Pacific Northwest History
316827: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Supplement to the Blood-Horse, Stakes Winners of 1943
327418: THE BLOOD-HORSE - The Blood-Horse, Stallion Register for 2011
309014: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1982, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309013: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1983, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309012: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1983, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309009: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1980, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309010: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1984, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309006: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1975, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309007: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1974, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
309005: THE BLOOD-HORSE - Stakes Winners of 1976, a Supplement to the Blood-Horse
330418: VAN DER HORST, SHEILA T. - Native Labour in South Africa
330898: HORSTMANN, LALI - We Chose to Stay
320040: HORTON, MERVYN, ED. - Australian Painters of the 70's
325781: HORTON, SARAH BRONWEN - The Santa Fe Fiesta, Reinvented: Staking Ethno-Nationalist Claims to a Disappearing Homeland
327112: HORWITZ, LESTER V. - The Longest Raid of the CIVIL War: Little-Known & Untold Stories of Morgan's Raid Into Kentucky, Indiana & Ohio
326307: HOTSON, LESLIE - Mr. W.H.
320850: HOUDE, FRANCOIS - Glass Work
338442: HOUGH, EMERSON - The Story of the Outlaw: A Study of the Western Desperado
331150: HOUGH, EMERSON - The Story of the Outlaw: A Study of the Western Desperado, with Historical Narratives of Famus Outlaws; the Stories of Noted Border Wars; Vigilante Movements and Armed Conflicts on the Border
010990: HOUGH, LINDY - Outlands & Inlands
319950: HOUGHTON, TIMOTHY - Riding Untouched
323244: HOUGHTON, WALTER R. - Early Life and Public Career of H. James G. Blaine, Patriot, Statesman, and Historian, and General John A. Logan
330877: HOUK, ELIZA P.T. - A Tribute to General Gates Phillips Thruston
322567: HOURS, MADELEINE - Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
313121: HOUSE, GLORIA SEMAJ BROWN, AND WILLIE WILLIAMS - Poet in the House!: The Poet-in-Residence Program
320341: OCTOBER HOUSE - The Drawing Society National Exhibition
319908: CONCORDIA PUBLISHING HOUSE - Der Kleine Gebets-Schab
331328: HOUSTON, JOHN A. - Latin America in the United Nations
010995: HOUSTON, PEYTON - Occasions in a World
328179: HOUT, MICHAEL - Mobility Tables
306914: HOUTS, MARSHALL - From Arrest to Release
322776: HOW, NEHEMIAH; VICTOR HUGO PALTSITS, INTRODUCTION - A Narrative of the Captivity of Nehemiah How in 1745-1747 (Narratives of Captivity)
339189: HOWARD-HOWARD, MARGO, WITH ABBE MICHAELS - I Was a White Slave in Harlem
006393: HOWARD, MAUREEN - Facts of Life
338539: HOWARD, MAJOR-GENERAL O.O. - Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known
329115: HOWARD, VISTOR B. - Conscience and Slavery: The Evangelistic Calvinist Domestic Missions, 1837-1861
306000: BARTLEY, S. HOWARD AND ELOISE CHUTE - Fatigue and Impairment in Man
317785: HOWARTH, THOMAS - Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Modern Movement
005432: HOWE, ROGER L. - Doing Interesting Things with Interesting People in Interesting Places, the Building of U.S. Precision Lens
326353: HOWE, E. W. - A Moonlight Boy
317805: HOWE, JEFFERY - The Houses We Live in: An Identification Guide to the History and Style of American Domestic Architecture
15119: HOWE, TINA - Pride's Crossing
330121: HOWE, IRVING - Sherwood Anderson
330403: HOWE, E.W. - The Story of a Country Town
326245: HOWE, OCTAVIUS THORNDIKE - Argonauts of '49: History and Adventures of the Emigrant Companies
330626: HOWE, NICHOLAS, ED. - Ceremonial Culture in Pre-Modern Europe
307899: HOWE, HENRY - Franklin Co. , Ohio Historical Collections
326559: HOWELL, JAMES - Epistolae Ho-Elianae, or the Familiar Letters of James Howell
319316: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN; THOMAS WORTHAM, ED. - The Early Prose Writings of William Dean Howells 1853-1861
338301: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - A Chance Acquaintance
321368: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Coast of Bohemia
321672: HOWELLS, W.D. (WILLIAM DEAN) - Poems by W.D. Howells
321366: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Shadow of a Dream
319856: HOWELLS, W.D. (WILLIAM DEAN) - Poems by W.D. Howells
319858: HOWELLS, W.D. (WILLIAM DEAN) - Poems by W.D. Howells
338197: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - New Leaf Mills: A Chronicle
321370: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Mother and the Father: Dramatic Passages
338931: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Their Silver Wedding Journey, Complete in Two Volumes
319860: HOWELLS, W.D. - Poems
321471: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Ragged Lady
321369: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Coast of Bohemia
327658: HOWELLS, W.D. (WILLIAM DEAN) - The Son of Royal Langbrith
321372: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Ragged Lady
321373: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - A Chance Acquaintance
321374: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - A Chance Acquaintance
321375: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - A Chance Acquaintance
321431: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Heroines of Fiction
007295: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Their Silver Wedding Journey [Two-Volume Set]
320718: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - The Parlor Car: A Farce
319361: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - Modern Italian Poets: Essays and Versions, with Portraits
319362: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - An Open-Eyed Conspiracy: An Idyl of Saratoga
323064: HOWET, MARIE - Histoire Naturelle D'Une Peinture
322342: HSU, F.L.K. - Clan, Caste & Club
307890: HUANG, CHUN-SIN - Alice in Manialand
009478: HUBBARD, EDWARD - The Baltimore Century Plant, History of Eutaw Street Methodist Episcopal Church and the Relation of Eutaw Church to the Downtown Problem
322649: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Mintage: Being Ten Stories & One More
326363: HUBBARD, HESKETH - Simple Colour Block Print Making from Linoleum Blocks
301100: HUBBARD, ELBERT - The Olympians, a Tribute to Tall Sun-Crowned Men
329886: HUBBELL, JAY B., ED. - The Last Years of Henry Timrod 1864-1867
323936: HUBERT, JR., PHIILP G. - The Merchants' National Bank of the City of New York: A History of Its First Century Compiled from Official Records at the Request of the Directors
305073: HUDSON, JOHN R. - Tables for Calculating the Cubic Contents of Excavations and Embankments
322026: HUDSON, PATRICIA, ED. - Living Economic and Social History Historians Explain Their Interest in and the Nature of Their Subject
330870: HARPER, WILLIAM HUDSON AND CHARLES H. RAVELL - Fifty Years of Banking in Chicago
329295: HUDSON, DEREK - An Unrepentant Victorian: The Rise and Fall of Martin Tupper
321207: V. HUECK, WALTER (HAUPTBEARBEITER) - Genealogisches Handbuch Des Adels: Adelige Hauser a Band XX
318292: HUFF, STANLEY H. - Unforgettable Journey: A World War II Memoir
330485: HUFFMAN, DONALD M. L.H. TIFFANY, AND G. KNAPHUS - Mushrooms and Other Fungi of the Midcontinental United States
338162: HUFSMITH, GEORGE W. - The Wyoming Lynching of Cattle Kate, 1889
317477: HUGGINS, PETER - Blue Angels, Poems
322453: DAVIES, HUGH AND SALLY YARD - Francis Bacon (Modern Masters)
322280: HUGHES, CHARLES C., MARC-ADELARD TREMBLAY, ROBERT N. RAPOPORT, ALEXANDER H. LEIGHTON - People of Cove and Woodlot: Communities from the Viewpoint of Social Psychiatry, Volume II
331577: HUGHES, KATHERINE - Father Lacombe: The Black-Robe Voyageur
309465: HUGHETT, BARBARA - The CIVIL War Round Table: Fifty Years of Scholarship and Fellowship
323803: HUGO, VICTOR - Ecrits de Victor Hugo Sur la Peine de Mort (Collection Espace-Temps) (French Edition)
327611: PALTSITS, VICTOR HUGO AND OTHERS - Bibliographical Essays: A Tribute to Wilberforce Eames
323458: MAISON DE VICTOR HUGO - Dessins de Victor Hugo
327510: HUGO, VICTOR; TRANSLATED BY ELIZABETH W. LATIMER - The Love Letters of Victor Hugo 1820-1822, with Comment by Paul Meurice
325414: HUISMAN, M. - 20 Ans Du Theatre Royal de la Monnaie 1959-1979
326556: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER - Frontiers: The Genius of American Nationality
338309: HULBERT, ARCHER BUTLER - Pilots of the Republic: The Romance of the Pioneer Promoter in the Middle West
327290: HULL, JACOB B. - Fridtjof Nansen: A Book for the Young
319771: DROSTE-HULSOFF, ANNETTE VON - Samtliche Werke
325673: HULTEN, PONTUS, ED. - Paris-Paris, 1937-1957
325404: HULTEN, PONTUS, MAURICE ESCHAPASSE, AND ALAIN JOUFFROY - Gerard Fromanger 1978--1979, Tout Est Ilume
325377: HULTEN, PONTUS - Damian, Project de San Francisco
325371: HULTEN, PONTUS - Seny I Rauxa, 11 Artistes Catalans
325455: HULTEN, PONTUS - O'Euvres Futuristes Du Museum of Modern Art, New York: Pompidou (French Edition)
331563: HULTEN,PONTUS, ET AL. - Paris-Berlin, 1900-1933: Rapports Et Contrastes France-Allemagne, 1900-1933, Annexe
330178: HULTON, FRANK T. - The Story of the Heart Station at the Rhode Island Hospital
323948: HUME, EDGAR ERSKINE - La Fayette in Kentucky
324599: HUME, DAVID - The History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Revolution in 1688
319873: HUMESKY, ASSYA - Majakovskij and His Neologisms
328105: HUMPHREY, ALBERT S. - The Wooing of a Violin: A Drama in Four Acts
338218: HUNEKER, JAMES; H.L. MENCKEN, ED. - Essays by James Huneker
328856: HUNEYCUTT, JR., JAMES E. - Introduction to Probability
326321: HUNGERFORD, EDWARD - The Genesee Country: & the Western New York Through Which the Genesee So Proudly Flows-Being a Brief Discourse on an Exceedingly Fair & Gentle Land, Keepsake No. 80
327608: HUNGERFORD, EDWARD - Pathway of Empire
327860: HUNT, ROBERT E. - The Good Men Who Won the War: Army of the Cumberland Veterans and Emancipation Memory
331448: HUNT, GAILLARD - The First Forty Years of Washington Society, Portrayed by the Family Letters of Mrs. Samuel Harrison Smith (Margaret Bayard)
322689: HUNT, ROCKWELL D. - California in the Making: Essays and Papers in California History
315641: HUNT, SWANEE - This Was Not Our War: Bosnian Women Reclaiming the Peace
318776: HUNTER, GEORGE LELAND - Italian Furniture and Interiors, with Text by George Leland Hunter, 200 Plates, Second Edition in Two Volumes (Bound As One)
324722: HUNTER, SAM - Joan Miro: His Graphic Work
321033: HUNTER, WILLIAM B., ED. - The English Spenserians: The Poetry of Giles Fletcher, George Wither, Michael Drayton, Phineas Fletcher, and Henry More
325775: HURD, CHARLES - Washington Cavalcade
327796: HURN, ETHEL ALICE - Wisconsin Women in the War between the States
326496: HURST, SAMUEL H. - Journal-History of the Seventy-Third Ohio Volunteer Infantry
329149: HUSSAIN, MOHAMMED FAZIL - A Class of Set Covering Algorithms Using Knapsack Approach
330683: HUSSEIN, TAHA - Le Livre Des Jours
327505: HUSSEY, MARK - The Singing of the Real World: The Philosophy of Virginia Woolf's Fiction
001137: HUSSEY, PAMELA - Free from Fear: Women in El Salvador's Church
329078: HUSTON, JAMES A. - Counterpoint: Tecumseh Vs. William Henry Harrison
321465: HUTCHINS, MAUDE - Victorine Victorine Victorine Victorine
338703: HUTSLAR, DONALD A. - Log Construction in the Ohio Country, 1750-1850
323341: HUTT, WOLFGANG, ED. - Albrecht Durer, 1471 Bis 1528: Das Gesamte Graphische Werk Handzeichnungen; Albrecht Durer, 1471 Bis 1528: Das Gesamte Graphische Werk Druckgraphik
303865: HUTTAR, CHARLES A., ED. - Imagination and the Spirit: Essays in Literature and the Christian Faith Presented to Clyde S. Kilby
318320: HUTTEMANN, ADOLF - Katholische Dichter Des Neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Proben Aus Ihren Werken.
325967: HUTTON, JOHN A. - A Golden Book of Francis Thompson
13011: HUTTON, G. - Naples and Environs [Griebens Guide Books]
320908: HUXHOLD, WAYNE GRAY - From Roots to Branches: A Journey Through the Tree of Life
301273: HUXLEY, ELSPETH JOSCELIN GRANT - Scott of the Antarctic
325190: HUYGHE, RENE - L'Univers de Watteau
323406: HUYGHE, RENE - Gauguin
329891: HUYSMANS, J.-K. - Croquis Et Eaux-Fortes
331000: HYDE, LAURENCE - Southern Cross: A Novel of the South Seas
12631: HYETT, BARBARA HELFGOTT - The Double Reckoning of Christopher Columbus 3 August-12 October 1492
315335: DR. ALBERT HYMA - Albertus C. Van Raalte and His Dutch Settlements in the United States
330659: YAWATA, I. AND Y.H. SINOTO, EDS. - Prehistoric Culture in Oceania: A Symposium
319604: JAMES I, KING OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Essayes of a Prentyse (Edinburgh 1584)
320090: TATTERSALL, IAN AND ROB DESALLE - Race?: Debunking a Scientific Myth
309268: THOMPSON, IAN AND MARINA VAIZEY - Colin Rose: Edge to Edge
330582: BROWN, IAN AND FRANK DIKöTTER, EDS. - Cultures of Confinement: A History of the Prison in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
305551: IAP - Powerplant Mechanics Faa Exam Book
305543: IAP - Ac 43. 13-1a, Change Three: Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices
329146: IARROBINO, ANTHONY A. - Punctual Hilbert Schemes
322122: MARTI-IBANEZ, FELIX - Ariel: Essays on the Arts and the History of Philosophy of Medicine
307821: IBIETA, GABRIELLA, ED. - Latin American Writers: Thirty Stories
009526: IBSEN, HENRIK - The Pretenders and Two Other Plays (Everyman's Library)
012330: ICAZA, FRANCISCO; MICHAEL, CHRISTOPHER DOMINQUEZ; PAREDES, HILDA - Llegando a Puerto En Sentido Contrario, Opera En Cuatro Actos
328859: ICHIHARA, KANJI - A Liouville Property for Difference Operators
328147: IDE, HORACE KNIGHT; HOFFMAN, ELLIOTT W., ED. - History of the First Vermont Cavalry Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion
306304: MILLER-IDRISS, CYNTHIA - Blood and Culture: Youth, Right-Wing Extremism, and National Belonging in Contemporary Germany
307036: IEPAZISIMIES - Let Us Get Acquainted
010471: IGNATOW, DAVID - Living Is What I Wanted: Last Poems
317492: IGNATOW, DAVID - Shadowing the Ground
328324: ALBAUGH, WILLIAM S., III AND RICHARD D. STEUART - The Original Confederate Colt: The Story of the Leech & Rigdon and Ridgon-Ansley Revolvers (William Albaugh Collection)
306866: IKSTENS, JANIS - Karogs: Literaturas Menesraksts--Dzejas Dienu Fenomens Latviesu Kultura
301020: ILARDI, VINCENT - Italianita' Among Some Italian Intellectuals in the Early Sixteenth Century [an Offprint from Traditio: Studies in Ancient and Medieval History, Thought and Religion, Volume XII]
14863: ILICKI, JULIAN - Den Foranderliga Identiteten, Om Identitetsforandringar Hos Den Yngre Generationen Polska Judar Som Invandrade Till Sverige Under Aren 1968-1972 : En Rapport... For Judaistisk Forskning)
321360: ILLICK, JOSEPH E. - At Liberty: The Story of a Community and a Generation : The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, High School Class of '52
323252: ILLING, RICHARD - L'Art Erotique Japonais Ou la Vie D'Une Courtisane
330763: THE STATE OF ILLINOIS - Final Report of the State Council of Defense of Illinois 1917--1918--1919
330730: SOCIETY OF MAYFLOWER DESCENDANTS IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS - Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois, Publication Number Two
329788: THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS - The Illio of Nineteen Thirty Five
303731: UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS - Mass Transportation Demonstration Projects ILL . Mtd . 3,4
325473: ILLOUZ, CLAIRE - Les Sept Tresors Du Lettre: Les Materiaux de la Peinture Chinoise Et Japonaise
309358: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA, ILLUST. AND TRANS.; JOHN RUSKIN, ED. - Roadside Songs of Tuscany, Part III: Ballad of the Madonna and the Rich Man. The Story of Paolina, Notes on the Priest's Office, by the Editor.
309361: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA, ILLUST. AND TRANS.; JOHN RUSKIN, ED. - Roadside Songs of Tuscany, Part VI
309359: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA, ILLUST. AND TRANS.; JOHN RUSKIN, ED. - Roadside Songs of Tuscany, Part II: The Ballad of Santa Zita
309360: ALEXANDER, FRANCESCA, ILLUST. AND TRANS.; JOHN RUSKIN, ED. - Roadside Songs of Tuscany, Part V
012494: LIDA; ROJAN [ILLUSTRATOR] - Froux le Lievre
323032: IMANSE, GEURT, TILMAN OSTERWOLD, JOHN STEEN, AND ANDREAS VOWINCKEL - Van Gogh Bis Cobra: Hollandische Malerei 1880-1950
306935: IMIS, ROBERT E., ED. - Semiotics: An Introductory Anthology
14832: MARY WHITNEY INC. - Helfinstines Across America
326778: INGALLS, JEREMY - The Metaphysical Sword
327728: VAN INGEN, PHILIP - The New York Academy of Medicine: Its First Hundred Years
327512: INGLIS, WILLIAM - George F. Johnson and His Industrial Democracy
338303: INGLOW, JEAN - The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire 1571
339187: INGRAM, DAVID, ED. - Language Disorders in Children
330481: VARIAKOJYTE-INKENIENE, M. - Lithuanian Self-Taught, by the Natural Method, with the English Phonetic Pronunciation, Fifth Edition
327852: INMAN, MYRA; WILLIAM R. SNELL, ED. - Myra Inman: A Diary of the CIVIL War in East Tennessee
12606: WIRE REINFORCEMENT INSTITUTE (WRI) - Building Design Handbook, Welded Wire Fabric
338574: PASADENA ART INSTITUTE - The Arts of Persia from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Centuries, Including Mohammedan India
305472: DAYTON ART INSTITUTE - Genoese Masters: Cambriaso to Magnasco 1550-1750
306150: AIRPOWER RESEARCH INSTITUTE - Essays on Air and Space Power, Volume I and Volume II
329475: LUNAR AND PLANETARY INSTITUTE - Proceedings of the Ninth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference: Volume 1: Petrogenetic Studies, the Moon and Meteorites; Volume 2: Lunar and Planetary Surfaces; Volume 3: The Moon and the Inner Solar System
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339038: KOLTSOV, MIJAIL - Diario de la Guerra de Espana: Traduccion Del Ruso (Espana Contemporanea)
329766: KOLYER, JOHN - Seductions of Time
329762: KOLYER, JOHN - Engaged to Be Dead
329763: KOLYER, JOHN - Fall without Gold
329764: KOLYER, JOHN - Contra Bellum
329765: KOLYER, JOHN - The Spotted Cup
330055: KONIG, RENE - Emile Durkheim Zur Diskussion: Jenseits Von Dogmatismus U. Skepsis
306234: KONIKOWSKI, JERZY; SCHULENBURG, PIT - Kombiniere Wie Ein Gross Meister
315801: KONSALIK, HENIZ G. - Russische Sinfonie
311155: KOOMEN, THEO - Samen an de Reed...
328109: KOON, GEORGE WILLIAM, ED. - Old Glory and the Stars and Bars: Stories of the CIVIL War
302369: KOPEC, DANNY; TERRIE, HAL - Test, Evaluate and Improve Your Chess
001878: KOPIT, ARTHUR - Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad
320262: KORMAN, GORDON - Macdonald Hall Goes Hollywood
319955: KORNBLUM, ALLAN - Awkward Song
330572: KORNETIS, KOSTIS, EIRINI KOTSOVILI, AND NIKOLAOS PAPADOGIANNIS, EDS. - Consumption and Gender in Southern Europe Since the Long 1960s
323652: KORNFELD, EBERHARD W. - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: Nachzeichnung Seines Lebens --Katalog Der Sammlung Von Werken Von Ernst Ludwig Kirchner IM Kirchner-Haus Davos (German Edition)
326994: GALERIE KORNFIELD - Moderne Kunst Des Neunzehnten Und Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts: Bilder - Aquarelle - Zeichnungn - Graphik - Skulpturen - Illustrierte Bucher
325189: KOSCHATZKY, WALTER, ED. - Horst Janssen: Zeichnungen
323467: KOSCHATZKY, WALTER, WITH THE COLLABORATION DE JANINE KERTESZ - Friedensreich Hundertwasser: Catalogue Raisonne de L'Oeuvre Grave, 1951-1986
307913: KOSTOVA, ELIZABETH - The Historian
306135: KOTOW, ALEXANDER - Ohne Bauern Lauft Nichts
306383: KOTOW, ALEXANDER - Lehrbuch Der Schachstrategie, Band 1
329263: KOTUS, JANINA, MICHAL KRYCH, AND ZBIGNIEW NITECKI - Global Structural Stability of Flows on Open Surfaces
320154: KOUNDOURA, MARIA - Transnational Culture, Transnational Identity: The Politics and Ethics of Global Culture Exchange
319951: KOVACIK, KAREN - Beyond the Velvet Curtain
328888: KOWALEWSKI, GERHARD - Einfugrung in Die Determinantentheorie: Einschlieblich Der Fredholmschen Determinanten, Zweite, Verkurzte Auflage.
338662: KOZEE, WILLIAM C. - Pioneer Families of Eastern and Southeastern Kentucky
327832: KRAFT, LOUIS - Ned Wynkoop and the Lonely Road from Sand Creek
321101: KRAMER, AARON - The Tune of the Calliope: Poems and Drawings of New York
313996: KRAMER, AARON - On the Way to Palermo, and Other Poems
305644: KRARUP, PER - Fra Mit Livs Rejse: Erindringsglimt Og Refleksioner
302919: KRASNOW, P.N. - Vom Zarenadler Zur Roten Fahne
329783: KRAUS, H.P. - Catalogue 85: Distinguished Books and Manuscripts
307287: KRAUS, PAMELA - The St. John's Review, XL, Number One, 2007
323881: KRAUSS, ROSALIND, JANE LIVINGSTON, AND DAWN ADES - Explosante-Fixe: Photographie Et SurrAlisme
306833: KRECKER, MISS ADA MARIE - The Beautiful Life of Elizabeth Krecker
303694: KREICERS, HERMANIS - Atspidumi: Atmina--Verojumi--Pardomas, in Two Volumes
331414: KREISCHER, LOUISE - The Stars Tell the Story Too: An Interpretation of the Bible Prophecies As They Are Illustrated by the Constellations and Depicted in Stone by the Great Pyramid of Gizeh
323319: KRETSHMER, ERNST - Medizinische Psychologie
338083: KREYMBORG, ALFRED, ED. - Others: An Anthology of the New Verse
328005: KRICK, ROBERT K. - Neale Books: An Annotated Bibliography
319832: KRIEGER, MURRAY - A Window to Criticism: Shakespeare's Sonnets and Modern Poetics
326875: KRING, WALTER DONALD - Liberals Among the Orthodox: Unitarian Beginnings in New York City, 1819-1839
330525: SWAMI RAM KRISHNANADA - Classical Hindu Erotology
339010: KRISTEVA, JULIA - Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection (European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought & Cultural Ctiticism)
330571: CELELLO, KRISTIN AND HANAN KHOLOUSSY, EDS. - Domestic Tensions, National Anxieties: Global Perspectives on Marriage, Crisis, and Nation
303514: KROLLS, O. - Latvijas Prese Un Vinas Darbinieki
308795: KROTOV, SERGEI S. - Geograffity: Explorations of Physical, Cultural, and Intellectual Landscapes
307009: KRUITHOF, BASTIAN - Instead of the Thorn
329259: KRUMBEIN, W.C. - Shales and Their Environmental Significance
328140: KRUMWIEDE, JOHN F. - Old Waddy's Coming" the Military Career of Brigadier General James S. Wadsworth
329092: KRUSE, ARTHUR H. - Souslinoid and Analytic Sets in a General Setting
331303: KRUSI, HERMANN - Pestalozzi: His Life, Work, and Influence
305590: KRUUSE, JENS - Min Lykkelige Barndom
305498: KRUUSE, JENS - Min Kone Sidder Pa Kassen
329277: KUC, M. - Fossil Statoblasts of Cristatella Mucedo Cuvier in the Beaufort Formation and in Interglacial and Postglacial Deposits of the Canadian Arctic
325219: KUCHLING, HEIMO - Expressionisme
309921: KUEBLER, MILDRED - Soliloquy at Midnight
319469: KUHNEMANN, EUGEN - Herders Leben
325726: KUIN, ROGER - Chamber Music: Elizabethan Sonnet-Sequences and the Pleasure of Criticism
317433: KUINOEL, D. CHRISTIANUS THEOPHILUS - Commentarius in Libros Novi Testamenti Historicos, Volumen II, Evangelia Marci Et Lucae
303719: KULIGOWSKI, ADAM - Eroffnungsstudium Mit Grossmeister Adam Kuligowski!
306312: KULIGOWSKI, ADAM - Eroffnungsstudium Mit Grossmeister Adam Kuligowski!: Neuerungen IM Retisystem
306379: KULIGOWSKI, ADAM - Eroffnungsstudium Mit Grossmeister Adam Kuligowski!
328890: KUMPERA, ANTONIO - Modulos de Tipo Finito Sobre Um Anel Principal, Volume 2
328891: KUNTZMANN, J. - Methodes Numeriques: Interpolation, Derivees
317735: KUPRIAN, HERMANN - Die Peitsche Der Worte: Gedichte
301581: KURATS, FRIIS - Latvijas Geografija, Latviesu Skolam Trimda
006794: KURLAND, PHILIP (EDITOR) - The Supreme Court and the Judicial Function
303560: KURSITES, JANINAS, ED. - Suitu Identitate
317687: KURTZ, CARL HEINZ (HERSG./ED.) - Das Grosse Buch Der Haiku-Dichtung / Renga-Dichtung / Senku-Dichtung, Das Klein Buch Der Haiku-Dichtung / Renga-Dichtung, Das Zweit Buch Der Senku-Dichtung, Das Dritte Buch Der Haiku-Dichtung / Renga-Dichtung / Senku-Dichtung, Das Buch Der Tanka-Dich...
306785: KUSIN, P. EBERHARD, ED. - The Family Crypt of the Habsburgs in Vienna
319254: KUTLER, STANLEY I., ED. - Dictionary of American History, Third Edition, Volume 2: Cabeza to Demography
338563: KUWAYAMA, K.; LOS ANGELES MUSEUM OF ART - The Golden Age of Japanese Screen Painting
338431: KWANT, REMY C. - Philosophy of Labor
306856: KY, CHUNG TU - Tuoi Theiu Nien Va Truong Thanh (Autism: Adolescence and Adulthood)
325182: MELAS-KYRIAZI, JEAN - Van Dongen Et le Fauvisme
306588: WALTON, PRISCILLA L. AND TUCKER BRUCE - American Culture Transformed: Dialing 9/11
339041: GREEN, JUDITH L. AND CYNTHIA WALLAT, EDS. - Ethnography and Language in Educational Settings
328007: MINGUS, SR., SCOTT L. AND JAMES MCCLURE - CIVIL War Voices from York County, Pa. : Remembering the Rebellion and the Gettysburg Campaign
308799: RUIZ, VICKI L. AND ELLEN CAROL DUBOIS, EDS. - Unequal Sisters: A Multi-Cultural Reader in U.S. Women's History, Second Edition
328782: COLTON, D.L. AND R.P. GILBERT, EDS. - Constructive and Computational Methods for Differential and Integral Equations
325847: BERGER, PETER L. AND RICHARD JOHN NEUHAUS - Movement and Revolution: On American Radicalism
306850: BATCHELOR, R.C.L. AND MARJORIE MURRELL - A Short Manual of Venereal Diseases and Trepanematoses, Second Edition
318406: MERRILL, WILLIAM L. AND IVES GODDARD, EDS. - Anthropology, History, and American Indians: Essays in Honor of William Curtis Sturtevant
325958: MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - Heliogabalus
326698: MENCKEN, H.L. AND GEORGE JEAN NATHAN - Heliogabalus
327803: RHOADES, NANCY L.AND LUCY E. BAILEY, EDS. - Wanted--Correspondence: Women's Letters to a Union Soldier
320642: DAHLBERG, BURTON L. AND RALPH C. GUETTINGER - The White-Tailed Deer in Wisconsin
328544: BOGER, DALE L. AND STEVEN M. WEINREB, EDS. - Hetero Diels-Alder Methodology in Organic Synthesis
329081: WAIN, R.L. AND F. WIGHTMAN, EDS. - The Chemistry and Mode of Action of Plant Growth Substances
326512: MCCORMICK, R.L. AND W.H. GILSTRAP - Commemorative Celebration at Sequalitchew Lake, Peirce County, Washington, Second Edition
318051: HERMAN, STEPHEN L. AND CRAWFORD G. GARRARD - Practical Problems in Mathematics for Electricians, Sixth Edition
317421: QUIVIK, FREDERIC L. AND LON JOHNSON - Historic Bridges of South Dakota
319935: WILEY, PAUL L. AND HAROLD OREL, EDS. - British Poetry, 1880-1920: Edwardian Voices
307440: SHANKER, JAMES L. AND ELDON E. EKWALL - Locating and Correcting Reading Difficulties, Seventh Edition
308309: NELSON, CARL L. AND CARL B. ESSELSTYN, JR., GUEST EDITORS - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 51, Number 5
329896: LACARRIERE, JACQUE, ET AL. - La Face CachE de la France: Tome 2
303916: LACHMAN, BARBARA - The Journal of Hildegard of Bingen, Inspired by a Year in the Life of the Twelfth-Century Mystic, Uncorrected Proof
302685: LACIS, VISVALDIS - Latviesu Legions: Arzemju, Verotaju Skatijuma
300638: LACIS, VISVALDIS - Latvie
300771: LACKEY, MERCEDES; DIXON, LARRY - The Silver Gryphon
325230: LACLOTTE, MICHEAL - Larousse Dictionary of Painters
321009: LACY, NORRIS J. - 26 Chansons D'Amour de la Renaissance (Bibliotheque Francaise Et Romane) (French Edition)
307124: LADD, JOHN - Archeological Investigations in the Parita and Santa Maria Zones of Panama
12766: LADURIE, EMMANUEL LE ROY; GOLDHAMMER, ARTHUR - The Beggar and the Professor, a Sixteenth-Century Family Saga
318672: LAEDERACH, JURG - In Hackensack: Vier Minimale Stucke
321017: LAFFIN, JOHN - Combat Surgeons
326596: LAFLIN, ELLEN P. - Poems
320352: LAFLIN, DUANE - Effective Gospel Magic: Entertaining Routines to Help You Effectively Share the Gospel
329876: LAFOND, ANDRE - Impressions of America (Impressions D'Amerique)
012493: LAGARDE, J. - Sophie Fait Du Camping
322144: LAGE, GERALD M., RONALD L. MOOMAW, AND LARKIN WARNER - A Profile of Oklahoma: Economic Development 1950-1975
317363: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Christus Legenden
330531: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Oeuvres: La Saga de Gosta Berling; Jerusalem En Dalecarlie; Jerusalem En Galilee; L'Empereur de Portugal; L'Anneau Des Lowenstrold; Les Ecus de Messire Arne; L'Anneau de Pecheur, Complete in Two
329971: LAGERLOF, SELMA - Gosta Berling
007826: DE LAGNY, GERMAIN - The Knout and the Russians; or the Muscovite Empire, the Czar, and His People
339126: LAGRONE, OLIVER - Footfalls: Poetry from America's Becoming
308512: DE LAGUNA, FREDERICA - Voyage to Greenland: A Personal Initiation Into Anthropology
307021: DE LAGUNA, FREDERICA, ED. - Selected Papers from the American Anthropologist, 1888-1920
338306: LAING, ALEXANDER - Fool's Errand
308481: LAIT, ANGELA - Telling Tales: Work, Narrative and Identity in a Market Age
319462: DERDA, TOMASZ, ADAM LAJTAR AND JAKUB URBANIK, EDS. - The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, Vol. XLI (2011)
319953: LAKER, MARCIA - Recent Sightings
004691: MENZEL, DONALD H., BHATNAGAR, PRABHU LAL AND HARI K. SEN - Stellar Interiors, the International Astrophysics Series, Volume 6
329935: LALANDE, FRANçOISE - Madame Rimbaud
326292: LAMAR, J.E. - Geology and Mineral Resources of the Carbondale Quadrangle
324570: LAMB, EDWARD - No Lamb for Slaughter: An Autobiography
309939: LAMB, DANA S. - Where the Pools Are Bright and Deep
330114: LAMB, CHARLES; MARY LAMB - Tales from Shakespeare (the Riverside Bookshelf)
331385: LAMB, MARGARET - Colorado High Country
307062: LAMBERT, GEORGE - Indien, Das Schwer-Heimgesuchte Reich
327615: LAMBERT, REVEREND L.A. - Notes on Ingersoll, Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged
303665: LAMBERTS, JURIS - Navei Nolemtie Brali: No Zviedrijas Aizvesto Latviesu Zenus Pieminai
318373: LAMONT, CORLISS, ED. - The Thomas Lamonts in America
327785: LA LANCETTE, THOMAS E. - A Noble and Glorious Cause: The Life, Times and CIVIL War Service of Captain Elijah W. Gibbons
328894: LANDAU, EDMUND - Grnudlagen Der Analysis: Das Rechnen Mit Ganzen, Rationalen, Irrationalen, Komplexen Zahlen, with a Complete German-English Vocabulary, Third Edition
303250: LANDAU, ROM - Hassan II: King of Morocco
319650: LANDESMAN, PETER - Blood Acre
321503: LANDESMAN, PETER - Blood Acre
326843: LANDOWSKA, WANDA - Music of the Past
325829: LANDRUM, CARL - Historical Sketches of Quincy: The First 100 Years
318567: LANE, DOROTHY GLENN; ILL. BY BARBARA RUBIN - Bears and More Bears
323809: LANE, MICHAEL, ED. - Introduction to Structuralism
320012: LANG, JAMES - Conquest and Commerce: Spain and England in the Americas
303485: LANGAARD, JOHAN H. - Veileder IV E. Munch
338288: LANGE, D. - The Lure of the Black Hills: A Story of Tankaheeta, the Sioux Hunter
319760: LANGE, JOHN (MICHAEL CRICHTON) - Scratch One
309392: LANGE, FREDERICK W., ED. - Costa Rican Art and Archaeology: Essays in Honor of Frederick R. Mayer
303813: BAIRD-LANGE, LORRAYNE Y.; HILDEGARD SCHNUTTGEN - A Bibliography of Chaucer 1974-1985
325837: LANGHOFF, WOLFGANG - Rubber Truncheon: Being an Account of Thirteen Months Spent in a Concentration Camp
325907: LANGLAND, WILLIAM - The Vision of Piers Plowman
318784: LANGLOIS, CHARLES VICTOR - Manuel de Bibliographie Historique
304841: LANGS, ROBERT - Resistances and Interventions: The Nature of Therapeutic Work
318655: LANGSTAFF, JOHN BRETT - The American Communion Service: Its Order and History
323710: LANIER, SIDNEY - The Poems of Sidney Lanier
319559: LANIER, SIDNEY - The English Novel: A Study in the Development of Personality, Revised Edition
326215: LANMAN, CHARLES R., ED. - The Whitney Memorial Meeting: A Report of That Session of the First American Congress of Philologists, Which Is Devoted to the Memory of William Dwight Whitney
306401: LANZMANN, CLAUDE, ED. - Education National Les Faits Et Les Mythes
306402: LANZMANN, CLAUDE, ED. - Une Autre Serbie
331271: LAPHAM, ALICE GERTRUDE - The Old Planters of Beverly in Massachusetts and the Thousand Acre Grant of 1635
331270: LAPHAM, ALICE GERTRUDE - The Old Planters of Beverly in Massachusetts and the Thousand Acre Grant of 1635
326071: LAPLAZE, YVETTE, ED. - Objets Et Mondes: La Revue Du Musee de L'Homme Tome II, Fascicule 1, 1962

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