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330620: COX, JEFFREY - Imperial Fault Lines: Christianity and Colonial Power in India, 1818-1940
323357: CRAFTON, ALLEN - Free State Fortress: The First Ten Years of the History of Lawrence, Kansas
326434: CRAIG, FRANK H. - Vermont Sketches
323323: CRAIG, ROBERT L. - Symposium on the Prevention of Obesity, Bulletin of the New York Academy of Medicine
326370: CRAIG, FRANK H. - Verses
304100: CRAIG, MAUDE M.; SELMA J. GLICK - A Manual of Procedures for Application of the Glueck Prediction Table
326566: CRAIG, EDWARD GORDON - Index to the Story of My Days: Some Memoirs of Edward Gordon Craig
327946: CRAIG, TOM MOORE; - Upcountry South Carolina Goes to War: Letters of the Anderson, Brockman, and Moore Families, 1853-1865
303895: CRAIK, T.W. - The Comic Tales of Chaucer
331180: CRAIN, JOSEPH E. - Historical Abridgment of Essenes and Antiquity of Free Masonry: Its Decadence and Revival, Introduction in America, Its Establishment in Indiana, and Induction in Logansport, Cass County
318013: CRAISSON, D. - Elementa Juris Canonici Ad Usum Galliae Seminariorum, Editio Sexta, Two Volumes Bound As One
331226: CRAM, RALPH W., ED. - History of the War Activities of Scott County Iowa 1917-1918
324749: CRAMER, GERALD, ALISTAIR GRANT, AND DAVID MITCHINSON - Henry Moore, Catalogue of Graphic Work, 1931-1972
324751: CRAMER, PATRICK, ALISTAIR GRANT, AND DAVID MITCHINSON - Henry Moore, Catalogue of Graphic Work, Volume II, 1973-1975
324750: CRAMER, GERALD, ALISTAIR GRANT, AND DAVID MITCHINSON - Henry Moore, Catalogue of Graphic Work, Volume II, 1973-1975
304794: CRANE, RONALD S. - An Irish Analogue of the Legend of Robert the Devil
324896: CRANE, STEPHEN - 3 Stories of Peacetime
323861: CRANE, AIMEE - Thomas Eakins
324894: CRANE, STEPHEN - Whilomville Stories
305537: CRANE, DALE - Airframe Section Textbook, Chapters One Through Nine
305542: CRANE, DALE - Powerplant Section Textbook, Books One Through Eight
305546: CRANE, DALE - General Section Workbook
007134: CRANWELL, JOHN PHILIPS - Spoilers of the Sea, Wartime Raiders in the Age of Steam
330398: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - Saracinesca, Complete in Two Volumes
327862: CRAWFORD, FRANKLIN R. - Proud to Say I Am a Union Soldier: The Last Letters Home from Federal Soldiers Written During the CIVIL War, 1861-1865
327035: CRAWFORD, CHARLES HOWARD - Scenes of Earlier Days in Crossing the Plains to Oregon, and Experiences of Western Life
006743: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - Paul Patoff
006744: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - Zoroaster and Marzio's Crucifix
008466: CRAWFORD, F. MARION - Fair Margaret, a Portrait
318926: CRAWFORD, FRED E. - The Life and Times of Oramel Crawford, a Vermont Farmer 1809-1888
329367: CRAWFORD, JAMES H. JR, AND LAWRENCE M. SLIFKIN, EDS. - Point Defects in Solids: Volume 1 General and Ionic Crystals
320018: CREELEY, ROBERT - The Collected Prose
323953: CREMONA, ITALO - Felice Casorati
011237: CRENNE, HELISENNE DE; ARCHAMBAULT, PAUL J.; MUSTACCHI, MARIANNA M. - A Renaissance Woman: Helisenne's Personal and Invective Letters
325306: CRESPELLE, J.P. - Montparnasse Vivant
324729: CRESPELLE, JEAN-PAUL - Monet: Les Chefs D'Oeuvre
322836: CASO, PAUL, JEAN-PAUL CRESPELLE AND ANDRE DE RACHE, ED. - Dubrunfaut: Au Rythme de la Vie: Dessins 1938-1980
324768: CRESPELLE, J.P. - Montmartre Vivant
323892: CRESPI, GABRIELE - L'Europe Musulmane
322728: CREUZ, SERGE - Serge Creuz: Les Couleurs de la Vie
329984: CRING, HENRY, WITH THE ASSISTANCE OF C.T. ARMS, J.A. UNDERWOOD, J.A. HOWDEN, P.L. MASON, W.J. KERSTETTER - Caldwell's Illustrated, Historical, Centennial Atlas of Greene County, Pennsylvania: From Actual Surveys by & Under the Directions of Henry Cring
320419: CRISLER, CURTIS - Pulling Scabs
320868: CRISLER, CURTIS L. - Dreamist: A Mixed Genre Novel
319181: CRISP, J. DOUGLAS, CAPTIONS BY - The Pike's Peak Region
306352: CRISTANTE, F., A. LUCCA, AND M. SAMBIN - Complementi E Problemi Di Statistica Psicometrica
303019: CRITCHFIELD, LEANDER J. - Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Ohio
308014: CRITTENDEN, S.W.; REVISED BY S.H. CRITTENDEN - An Inductive and Practical Treatise on Book-Keeping by Single and Double Entry, Designed for Commercial Institutes, Private Students, and Practical Accountants
323830: CROCKETT, W.S. - The Scott Originals: An Account of Notables & Worthies, the Originals of Characters in the Waverly Novels
326908: CROCKETT, S.R. - The Stickit Minister's Wooing
330654: CROCOMBE, RON - Land Tenure in the Pacific
323780: DE LA CROIX, JEAN - Iconographie Generale
323781: DE LA CROIX, JEAN - Oeuvres Completes de Jean de la Croix
14993: CROLL, MIKE - The History of Landmines
329927: CROMMELYNCK, F. - Le Sculpteur de Masques: Drama En 3 Actes En Prose
327264: CROMMELYNCK, FERNAND - Les Amants Puerils: Piece En Trois Actes
327304: CROMMELYNCK, FERNAND - Carine Ou la Jeune Fille Folle de Son Ame; Tripes D'or
327265: CROMMELYNCK, FERNAND - Une Femme Qu'a le Coeur Trop Petit
321601: CROMPTON, ANNE ELIOT - Gawain and Lady Green
010088: CROMWELL, JEFF: LABYS, WALTER C.; TERRAZA, MICHEL - Univariate Tests for Time Series Models
329366: CRONIN, JEREMIAH A., DAVID F. GREENBERG, AND VALENTINE L. TELEGDI - University of Chicago Graduate Problems in Physics with Solutions
330126: CROSBY, FRANCIS - The Complete Guide to Fighters & Bombers of the World: Features 1200 Wartime and Modern Identification Photographs, an Illustrated History of the World's Greatest Military Aircraft, from Pioneering Days of Air Fighting in World War I Through to the Jet Fighters and Stealth Bombers of the Present Day
329252: CROSS, WHITMAN - Problems of Petrographic Classification Suggested by the "Kodurite Series" of India, the Journal of Geology, Volume XXII, No. 8
325819: SISTERS OF THE HOLY CROSS - A Story of Fifty Years, from the Annals of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross, 1855-1905
327325: CROSS, WILBUR - Zeppelins of World War I: The Dramatic Story of Germany's Lethal Airships
321603: CROSS, RONALD ANTHONY - The White Guardian (Eternal Guardians)
315352: CROSS, CARLENE - Fleeing Fundamentalism: A Minister's Wife Examines Faith
300099: CROUCH, HOWARD E.; AUGUSTINE, SISTER MARY - Once over and Lightly, the Sergeant and the Nun
321423: CROUTER, NATALIE; LYNN Z. BLOOM, ED. - Forbidden Diary: A Record of Wartime Internment, 1941-1945
330359: CROW, CARL, ED. - Japan's Dream of World Empire: The Tanaka Memorial
317694: CROWE, EYRE - With Thackeray in America
316506: CROWE, JOHN - Close to Death
309364: CROWE, EYRE - With Thackeray in America
328143: CROWNINSHIELD, BENJAMIN W. - A History of the First Regiment of Massachusetts Calvary Volunteers
328631: CROZIER, WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, ED. - Virginia County Records, Volume VII
304166: CRUICKSHANK, ALLAN D. - Birds Around New York City: Where and When to Find Them
317260: CRUMPLER, GUS H. - Under the Burmese Pagoda
329694: CRUMRINE, BOYD, ED. - History of Washington County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men
330665: CRUZ, JUAN LUIS OSSA SANTA - Armies, Politics and Revolution: Chile, 1808-1826
328520: HORVáTH, CSABA AND LESLIE ETTRE, EDS. - Chromatography in Biotechnology (Acs Symposium Series)
308731: ROHAN-CSERMAK, GEZA, ED. - Sturgeon Hooks of Eurasia
322561: CUEVAS, JOSE LUIS - Jose Luis Cuevas: Self-Portrait with Model
303537: CUIBE, MIRDZA - Grek Aboli
319967: CULLEN, PATRICK - Spenser, Marvell, and Renaissance Pastoral
319004: CULLUM, RIDGWELL - Sheets in the Wind
323163: CULLUM, RIDGWELL - The Law-Breakers
321568: CUMMING, ALAN - Tommy's Tale
330775: CUMMINGS, CYNTHIA - Christmas Ribbons
306196: CUNNINGHAM, PETER - The Career of a Super-Sexual Woman
326555: CUNNINGHAM, ALLAN - Traditional Tales of the English and Scottish Peasantry
328313: CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL - Specimen Days
316345: CUNNISON, IAN - Baggara Arabs: Power and the Lineage in a Sudanese Nomad Tribe
300539: CURLEY, SYLVIA - A Long Journey, Duntroon, Mugga Mugga and Three Careers
328360: CURRY, GEORGE - George Curry 1861-1947: An Autobiography
324693: CURRY, LARRY - John Marin/1870-1953: A Centennial Exhibition Organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
326148: CURSITER, STANLEY - Scottish Art to the Close of the Nineteenth Century
329185: CURTAIN, RUTH F., ED. - Stability of Stochastic Dynamical Systems
318250: CURTIS, ALICE TURNER - A Little Maid of Old New York
330939: CURTISS, MINA - Bizet and His World
317183: CURWOOD, JAMES OLIVER - God's Country
327905: CUSTER, ELIZABETH BACON; ARLENE REYNOLDS, ED. - The CIVIL War Memories of Elizabeth Bacon Custer: Reconstructed from Her Diaries and Notes
318510: BUSBY, CYLIN AND RONALD L. BAKER, EDS. - This Is a True Story: Roles of Women in Contemporary Legend: Midwestern Folklore: Journal of the Hoosier Folklore Society, Volume 20, Number 1, Spring 1994
328854: HOCHSTADTER, D. AND G. UEBE - Okonometrische Methoden
306836: ASQUITH, PETER D. AND IAN HACKING, EDS. - Psa 1978: Proceedings of the 1978 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association, Volume One
329399: LANDAU, L.D. AND E.M. LIFSHITZ - Statistical Physics
328344: FUNKHOUSER, W.D. AND W.S. WEBB; WEBB, W.S. AND W.D. FUNKHOUSER - The Ricketts Site in Montgomery County Kentucky; Ricketts Site Revisited Site 3, Montgomery County Kentucky
330810: STEMMONS, JOHN D. AND E. DIANE STEMMONS - The Vital Record Compendium, Comprising a Directory of Vital Records and Where They May Be Located
304291: HOFMANN, ADELE D. AND DONALD E. GREYDANUS - Adolescent Medicine, Second Edition
316528: ETIEMBLE, D. AND J.-C. SYRE, EDS. - Parle '92, Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe, 4th International Parle Conference, Paris, France, June 1992
320495: RUSSELL, SUSAN D. AND CLARK E. CUNNINGHAM, EDS. - Changing Lives, Changing Rites: Ritual and Social Dynamics in Philippine and Indonesian Uplands
321051: ADAMS, FRANCIS D. AND BARRY SANDERS - Alienable Rights: The Exclusion of African Americans in a White Man's Land, 1619-2000
326999: STRAUSBAUGH, P.D. AND EARL L. CORE - Flora of West Virginia, Part II
329129: STRAUSBAUGH, P.D. AND EARL L. CORE - Flora of West Virginia, Part II
317747: MARTIN, JEFFREY D. AND RICHARD A. CRAIG - Effects of Storm Runoff on Water Quality in the White River and Fall Creek, Indianapolis, Indiana, June Through October 1986 and 1987
328881: KODAIRA, D. AND D.C. SPENCER - On Deformations of Complex Analytic Structures
329131: HU, GUANG-DA AND TAKETOMO MITSUI - Simple Estimations of Numerically Stable Step-Size for Neutral Delay-Differential Systems
328108: DABNEY, ROBERT L. - A Defense of Virginia (and Through Her, the South,) in Recent and Pending Contests Against the Sectional Party
330468: DABNEY, JOSEPH - Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, and Scuppernong Wine: The Folklore and Art of Appalachian Cooking
012369: DACEY, PHILIP - The Condom Poems II
012368: DACEY, PHILIP - The Man with the Red Suspenders
318657: DAHL, MIKKEL - Clouds, Storm & Sunshine!
318662: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Prophetic Sea of Galilee
318740: DAHL, MIKKEL - The 'Nameless'!
318741: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Coming New Society
318742: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Coming of Great Kahoutek: God's Messenger Unto Man? with Kahoutek Addenda
318658: DAHL, MIKKEL - Clouds, Storm & Sunshine! Series No. 2
318659: DAHL, MIKKEL - Pounds and "Talents
318660: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Queen of Heaven, Transposed to Modern Times
318661: DAHL, MIKKEL - Signs & Omens Foreshadow Tomorrow
318663: DAHL, MIKKEL - Health, Retained or Regained
330417: DAHL, MARK V. - Common Office Dermatology
318737: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Day After (Christ Calls)
318738: DAHL, MIKKEL - Shomeron's Blind Beggar
318739: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Kremlin's Plan for World Domination, Based on Ancient Prophecies
318743: DAHL, MIKKEL - The Day After (Christ Calls)
318736: DAHL, MIKKEL - Truth Combined with "Age-Lasting" Vs. "Forever
322198: DAIX, PIERRE - Journal Du Cubisme
324872: DAIX, PIERRE - Picasso
324843: DAIX, PIERRE - Picasso: Der Maler Und Seine Modelle le Peintre Et Ses Modeles
319077: DAKHIL, FAHD H., OKTAY URAL, AND MONEER F. TEWFIK, EDS. - Housing Problems in Developing Countries: Proceedings of Iahs International Conference 1978, in Two Volumes
301701: DALE, CHARLES W. - Familiar Laws, As Adapted Prinically from the Ohio Supreme Court Decisions, and Embracing a Synopsis of Those Laws Useful to the Business Man, the Farmer, the Mechanic and Others, with Practical Forms
328712: BADE, W. G., H.G. DALES & K.B. LAURSEN - Multipliers of Radical Banach Algebras of Power Series
328787: DALTRY, C. T. CHAIRMAN OF THE COMMITTEE. - The Teaching of Mathematics.
328343: DALY, LOUISE HASKELL - Alexander Cheves Haskell: The Portrait of a Man
326667: DALY, JOSEPH FRANCIS - The Life of Augustin Daly
306891: DAMAS, DAVID - Igluligmiut Kinship and Local Groupings: A Structural Approach
005874: DAMON, C. M. - Sketches and Incidents, or Reminiscences of Interest in the Life of the Author...
318359: BAILEY, DAMON WITH WENDELL TROGDON - Damon: Beyond the Glory
306105: DAMSKI, JAKOW - Schwerfiguren Griefen Ein
307750: DAMSTE, P.H. - Beitrage Zur Hydrographie Der Ardennen
325285: CAMERON, DAN ET AL. - New York Art Now: The Saatchi Collection
325757: DANA, MARSHALL N. - A Newspaper Story: The First Fifty Years of the Oregon Journal
323233: DANA, MARSHALL N. - A Newspaper Story: The First Fifty Years of the Oregon Journal
325698: DANESI, MARCEL - The History of the Kiss: The Birth of Popular Culture
308765: DURHAM, WILLIAM H., ED.; E. VALENTINE DANIEL AND BAMBI B. SCHIEFFELIN, ASS. EDS. - Annual Review of Anthropology, Volume 27, 1998
308766: DURHAM, WILLIAM H., ED.; E. VALENTINE DANIEL AND BAMBI B. SCHIEFFELIN, ASS. EDS. - Annual Review of Anthropology, Volume 25, 1996
308767: DURHAM, WILLIAM H., ED.; E. VALENTINE DANIEL AND BAMBI B. SCHIEFFELIN, ASS. EDS. - Annual Review of Anthropology, Volume 26, 1997
312845: DANIEL, CLARENCE - The Story of Eyam Plague with a Guide to the Village. Revised and Enlarged Edition.
304837: SILVER, DANIEL AND MICHAEL ROSENBLUTH, EDS. - Handbook of Borderline Disorders
301687: DANIEL, HAWTHORNE - Islands of the Pacific
325452: GIRAUDY, DANIELE ET AL. - L'Audiovisuel a L'Ateleir Des Enfants: Les Chemins de L'Image
322652: ELISSEEFF, DANIELLE AND VADIME ELISSEEFF - Nouvelles Decouvertes En Chine: L'Histoire Revue Par L'Archeologie
317751: DANIELS, MITCH, ET AL.; HOWARD K. NIXON, JR. , ED. - Twenty-Two Young Indiana Writers: Winners of the National Council of Teachers of English 1966 Achievement Awards
007859: DANIELS, GEORGE H. - American Science in the Age of Jackson
329112: DANILJUK, I.I. - On Integral Functionals with a Variable Domain of Integration
011796: DANILOVA, IRINA - The Frescoes of St. Pherapont Monastery
302696: DANKERE, IRMA - Maz Tu Man Soliji
316544: DANTHINE, A., ED. - The Osi95 Transport Service with Multimedia Support
330343: DANTICAT, EDWIDGE - After the Dance: A Walk Through Carnival in Jacmel, Haiti
320646: DANTO, ARTHUR C. - The Body/Body Problem: Selected Essays
330651: DARD, MICHEL - Les Sentiers de L'Enfance
308536: DARK, SIDNEY - Paris
317219: DARLOW, T.H. - At Home in the Bible
327025: DARMESTETER, JAMES; JASTROW, JR., MORRIS, ED. - Selected Essays of James Darmesteter
324662: DASNOY, ALBERT - Paul Maas; Catalogue Raisonne de Son Oeuvre Peint, Etabli Avec la Collaboration de Madame Denise Hartog
306152: DASO, DIK - Architects of American Air Supremacy: General Hap Arnold and Dr. Theodore Von Karman
318780: DAU, W.H.T., ED. - Ebenezer. Reviews of the Work of the Missouri Synod During Three Quarters of a Century, 1847-1922, Augmented Edition
321476: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHERTY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 88, Number 1, 1979
321475: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHERTY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 88, Number 2, 1979
321474: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHERTY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 88, Number 1, 1979
321515: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHERTY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 88, Number 4, 1979
328539: DAUGHERTY, JACK - Assessment of Chemical Exposures: Calculation Methods for Environmental Professionals
321493: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHERTY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 93, Winter/Spring, 1984
321487: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 89, Number 2, 1980
321486: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 89, Number 3, 1980
321485: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 93, Winter/Spring, 1984
321484: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 90, Number 3, 1981
321483: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 89, Number 1, 1980
321482: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 90, Number 4, 1981
321481: OHIO HISTORICAL SOCIETY; ROBERT L. DAUGHTERY, ED. - Ohio History, Volume 92, Annual, 1983
323950: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - Auguste Renoir: Watercolors and Pastels
325265: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - Unesco: 40 Artistes, 40 Ans, 40 Pays
325267: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - L'Aquarelle Francaise Au Xxe Siecle
325266: DAULTE, FRANCOIS - L'Aquarelle Francaise Au Xixe Siecle
322238: DAVAL, JEAN LUC - Journal Des Avant-Gardes: Les Annees Vingt, Les Annees Trente
322233: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC - Modern Art, 1884-1914: The Decisive Years
323300: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC - Histoire de la Peinture Abstraite
322197: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC - Journal de L'Art Moderne 1884 1914
325566: DAVAL, JEAN-LUC - La Peinture a L'Huile
320024: DAVENPORT, DAVID K. - My Little Wagon
327073: DAVEY, WILLIAM - Arms Epitaphs & Bones
322788: DAVID, EDWARD - Antoinette of Illinois: A Story of Early America
325618: YASHA, DAVID AND JEAN-PIERRE MOREL - Le Siecle de Kafka
322985: LEVINSON, DAVID AND MELVIN EMBER, EDS. - Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology, Complete in Four Volumes
305810: ELTIS, DAVID & FRANK D. LEWIS & KENNETH L. SOKOLOFF - Human Capital and Institutions: A Long-Run View
317761: WRIGHT, DAVID AND PATRICK SWIFT, EDS. - X, a Quarterly Review, 1959
323311: DAVID, FRANCIS - Guide de L'Art Insolite: Nord/Pas-de-Calais, Picardie
329138: DAVID, F.N., ED. - Research Papers in Statistics: Festschrift for J. Neyman
313358: BARTHOLOMAE, DAVID AND ANTHONY PETROSKY - Ways of Reading: An Anthology for Writers--Resources for Teaching
323462: HOCKNEY, DAVID AND NIKOS STANGOS - Martha's Vineyard and Other Places: My Third Sketchbook from the Summer of 1982
317001: KNOKE, DAVID AND JAMES H. KUKLINSKI - Network Analysis
306721: PEARSON, P. DAVID AND ASHGAR IRAN-NEJAD, EDS. - Review of Research in Education, Volume 23
305812: DAVID, THOMAS - Nationalisme Economique Et Industrialisation L'Experience Des Pays de L'Est (1789-1939) (Publications D'Histoire Economique Et Sociale Internationale) (French Edition)
305664: DAVIDSEN, LEIF - Den Russiske Sangerinde
305665: DAVIDSEN, LEIF - Den Russiske Sangerinde
325232: DAVIDSON, MARSHALL B. - The American Wing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art
305796: DAVIDSON, JOEL R. - Armchair Warriors: Private Citizens, Public Press, and the Rise of American Power
330931: DAVIES, RICHARD - An Account of the Convincement, Exercises, Services, and Travels, of That Ancient Servant of the Lord, Richard Davies: Comprising Some Information Relative to the Spreading of the Truth in North Wales, from the Sixth Edition
306827: DAVIES, WILLIAM C. - New Zealand Native Plant Studies, Second Revised Edition
325159: DAVIES, MARTIN - Rogier Van Der Weyden
322114: DAVIES, HOWARD P. - British Parachute Forces 1940-45
317371: DAVIES, W.H. - Collected Poems: Second Series
326852: FFRANGCON-DAVIES, DAVID - The Singing of the Future
306781: DAVILA, MARCOS REYES, ED. - Guajana Tres Decadas de Poesia, 1962-1992
330782: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - The West from a Car-Window
322113: DAVIS, BRIAN L. - German Parachute Forces: 1935-45
323501: DAVIS, LARRY - P-51 Mustang in Action - Aircraft No. 45
323505: DAVIS, LARRY - U-2 Spyplane in Action - Aircraft No. 86
330149: DAVIS, CHARLES BELMONT, ED. - Adventures and Letters of Richard Harding Davis
318992: DAVIS, W. W. H. - The Fries Rebellion, 1798-99: An Armed Resistance to the House Tax Law, Passed by Congress, July 9, 1798, in Bucks and Northampton Counties, Pennsylvania
322132: DAVIS, ROBERT MURRAY - Playing Cowboys: Low Culture and High Art in the Western
303949: DAVIS, THADIOUS M.; TRUDIER HARRIS, EDS. - Dictionary of Literary Biography: Afro-American Writers After 1955, Dramatists and Prose Writers
322133: DAVIS, ROBERT MURRAY - Playing Cowboys: Low Culture and High Art in the Western
327564: DAVIS, CLYDE BRION - The Arkansas
327578: DAVIS, OSCAR KING - Released for Publication: Some Inside Political History of Theodore Roosevelt and His Times, 1898-1918
327907: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Union That Shaped the Confederacy: Robert Toombs and Alexander H. Stephens
330978: DAVIS, THOMAS F. - An Address Delivered Before the Two Literary Societies, of the University of North Carolina in Gerard Hall, on the Day Preceding the Annual Commencement in June, 1845, Under the Appointment of the Dialectic Society
302640: DAVIS, KENNETH C. - Don't Know Much About History: Everything You Need to Know About American History But Never Learned
307364: DAVIS, BARBARA GROSS, MICHAEL SCRIVEN, AND SUSAN THOMAS - The Evaluation of Composition Instruction, Second Edition
323168: DAVIS, HARRIET EAGER - Elmira: The Girl Who Loved Edgar Allan Poe
323187: DAVIS, STEPHEN CHAPIN; BENJAMIN B. RICHARDS - California Gold Rush Merchant: The Journal of Stephen Chapin Davis
326181: DAVIS, OSCAR KING - Released for Publication: Some Inside Political History of Theodore Roosevelt and His Times, 1898-1918
317396: DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING - Ranch Life in Texas
329452: DAVIS, WILLIAM C. - The Orphan Brigade: The Kentucky Confederates Who Couldn't Go Home
326648: DAVIS, OSCAR KING - Released for Publication: Some Inside Political History of Theodore Roosevelt and His Times, 1898-1918
012372: DAVISON, PETER - The City and the Island
012371: DAVISON, PETER - The Breaking of the Day
328789: DAVYDOV, A. A. - Qualitative Theory of Control Systems
331159: DAWES, RUFUS R. - Service with the Sixth Wisconsin Volunteers
328459: DAWKINS, RICHARD - The Selfish Gene
328120: DAWSIN, ANDREW ERSKINE; WISCHMANN, LESLEY, ED. - This Far-Off Wild Land: The Upper Missouri Letters of Andrew Dawson
330145: DAWSON, SAMUEL EDWARD - The Saint Lawrence, Its Basin & Border Lands, the Story of Their Discovery, Exploration, and Occupation
321907: DAWSON, S.J. - Report on the Exploration of the Country between Lake Superior and the Red River Settlement, and between the Latter Place and the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan
330000: DAY, A. GROVE - Coronado's Quest: The Discovery of the Southwestern States
002409: DAY, CLINTON D. - Baptizing, Biblical and Classical
325749: DAY, THOMAS - A Historical Discourse Delivered Before the Connecticut Historical Society and the Citizens of Hartford, on the Evening of the 25th Day of December, 1843
328146: DAY, W.A. - A True History of Company I, 49th Regiment North Carolina Troops
003878: DAY, JOHN - Trains (a Grosset All-Color Guide)
329756: DAYANT, CHARLES - Plaidoyer Pour Une Anti Medecine: L'Art Et la Maniere D'Etre Malade...
329473: DAYTON, RUTH WOODS - Lewisburg Landmarks
330198: DAYTON, GEORGE DRAPER - George Draper Dayton: An Autobiography
324763: MONTHERLANT, HENRY DE AND PIERRE SIPRIOT - Dessins (French Edition)
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308304: ENTIN, MARTIN A., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 61, Number 2
318386: ENTRIKIN, F. W. - Woman's Monitor
312571: ENZELINS, H. - Skati Valmieras Pilsetas, Draudzes Un Novada Pagatne
303068: EPSTEIN, MARCIA JENNETH - Prions En Chantant': Devotional Songs of the Trouveres
003404: EPSTEIN, RICHARD A. - Medical Malpractice: The Case for Contract
318628: ERB, EWALD - Geschichte Der Deutschen Literatur Von Den Anfangen Bis 1160, One Volume in Two Parts
308664: ERBEN, WALTER - Joan Miro 1893-1983: His Life and Work
303648: ERGLIS, DZINTARS - Latvijas Centralas Padomes Vestures Nezinamas Lappuses
321505: FLINT, ERIC AND DAVID DRAKE - The Tide of Victory
321439: FLINT, ERIC AND DAVID DRAKE - Fortune's Stroke
306124: SCHILLER, ERIC AND BILL COLIAS - How to Play Black Against the Staunton Gambit
325106: FRANZ, ERICH AND BERND GROWE, - Georges Seurat: Dessins
320337: BARNOUW, ERIK AND PATRICIA ZIMMERMAN, EDS. - Wide Angle, Volume 17, Nos. 1-4--the Flaherty
328732: BEST, ERNEST AND OLGA TAUSSKY - A Class of Groups
327801: ERNST, KATHLEEN A. - Too Afraid to Cry: Maryland Civilians in the Antietam Campaign
330506: ERNST, TIM - Arkansas Portfolio: Twenty Years of Wilderness Photography
308855: DRAKE, ERVIN AND JIMMY SHIRL - Come to the Mardi Gras (Nao Tenho Lagrimas)
323146: ERWIN, RACHEL MELISSA - Her Garden
322143: ERWIN, A.W. - Hooves & Horns: Jus' Horsin'-Round
323283: ESCHOLIER, RAYMOND - Eug. Delacroix
327752: ESDAILE, ARUNDELL, ED. - Daniel's Delia and Drayton's Idea
305593: ESKELUND, KARL - Min Far Traekker Taender Ud
326685: ESLING, DEAN ARTHUR - My Black Hills Story
305005: ESPEJEL, CARLOS - Olinala
326503: ESPENSHADE, A. HOWRY - Pennsylvania Place Names
307943: ESPINOSA, GILBERTO - Heroes, Hexes and Haunted Halls
318639: ESROM, D. A., WORDS; MUSIC BY THEODORE MORSE - Who's Going to Love You When I'm Gone?
330649: ESTABAN, CLAUDE - Traces, Figures, Traversees: Essais Sur la Peinture Contemporaine
322683: ESTABROOK, EMMA FRANKLIN - Givers of Life: The American Indian As Contributors to Civilization
320192: L'ESTRANGE, SIR ROGER - Selections from the Observator
302999: ESTRIN, J.B.; N. KALINITSCHENKO - D4-D5 de Angriff Mit Dem Damenisolani: Tips Fur Angriff Und Abwehr
306381: ESTRIN, J.B.; N. KALINITSCHENKO - D4-D5 de Angriff Mit Dem Damenisolani: Tips Fur Angriff Und Abwehr
322653: MINISTRE D'ETAT, AFFAIRES CULTURELLES REUNION DES MUSEES NATIONAUX - Marc Chagall: Grand Palais, Decembre 1969 - Mars 1970
328040: HERRING, ETHEL AND CAROLEE WILLIAMS - Fort Caswell: In War and Peace
323322: SOCIETE D'ETHNOGRAPHIE - L'Ethnographie: Voyages Chamaniques Deux, Nos. 87-88, 1982
304901: STATE MUSEUM OF ETHNOGRAPHY AND CRAFTS UNDER THE UKR.SSR ACADEMY OF SCIENCES - State Museum of Ethnography and Crafts Under the Ukr. Ssr Academy of Sciences
307173: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY - Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 157, Anthropological Papers 43-48
307175: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY - Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin 196, Anthropological Papers 75-80
307176: SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION BUREAU OF AMERICAN ETHNOLOGY - Bureau of American Ethnology, Bulletin, 186, Anthropological Papers 63-67
325868: ETIENNE, GILBERT - Food and Poverty: India's Half Won Battle
011533: ETTER, DAVE - Cornfields
326615: EUNSON, DALE - Up on the Rim
327714: EUSTIS, MORTON - War Letters of Morton Eustis to His Mother
303713: EUWE, M; W.J. MUHRING - Neue Schach-Teste
300631: EUWE, M. - Die Endspiellehre Und Ihre Praktische Anwendung
327984: EVANS, CLEMENT A. - Confederate Military History, Complete in 12 Volumes
331063: EVANS, MAX - Long John Dunn of Taos
320702: EVANS, MIRIAMA, HARVEY MCQUEEN, AND IAN WEDDE, EDS. - The Penguin Book of Contemporary New Zealand Poetry: Nga Kupu Titohu O Aotearoa
331043: SCHULTES, RICHARD EVANS AND SIRI VON REIS, EDS. - Ethnobotany: The Evolution of a Discipline
329245: EVANS, STERLING, ED. - The Borderlands of the American and Canadian Wests: Essays on Regional History of the Forty-Ninth Parallel
010929: EVERETT, DONALD E. - Adobe Walls to Stone Edifice, a Sesquintennial Pilgrimage of the First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, Texas 1846-1995
303465: EVERSON, WILLIAM [BROTHER ANTONINUS]; JERRY BURNS - If I Speak Truth: An Inter View-Ing with Brother Antoninus
004288: EVERZ, JOH. - The History and Legend of Schonburg Castle Near Oberwesal on the Rhine
306556: EYERMAN, RON - The Assassination of Theo Van Gogh: From Social Drama to Cultural Trauma
303650: EZERA, REGINA - Nodeviba: Vajadziga Gramata
303533: EZERA, REGINA - Vasara Bija Tikai
303520: EZERGAILIS, INTA MISKE - Nostalgia and Beyond: Eleven Latvian Women Writers
327054: BRYAN, W. F. AND GERMAINE DEMPSTER, EDS. - Sources and Analogues of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
308714: HEIZER, ROBERT F. AND SHERBURNE F. COOK, EDS. - The Application of Quantitative Methods in Archaeology
328850: HIRZEBRUCH, F. AND K. MAYER - O(N)-Mannifgaltigkeiten, Exotische Spharen Und Singularitaten
329357: MERRIAM, DANIEL F. AND WILLIAM W. HAMBLETON - Relation of an Airborne Magnetic Profile to the Geology Along the Kansas-Nebraska Border
002217: BUNN, RONALD F. AND ANDREWS, WILLIAM G. - Politics and CIVIL Liberties in Europe: Four Case Studies
305452: MURPHY, GARDNER F. AND BERNARD F. RIESS, EDS. - The Journal of Parapsychology, Volume Four, 1940
309850: EKHOLM, GORDON F. AND IGNACIO BERNAL, VOLUME EDITORS - Archaeology of Northern Mesoamerica, Part One
319257: FILGAS, JAMES F. AND L. L. WATERS - Yellow in Motion: A History of the Yellow Freight System, Incorporated
308861: HANLEY, JAMES F. AND EDDIE DOWLING - Little Log Cabin of Dreams
320151: GUENTHNER, F. AND M. GUENTHNER-REUTTER, EDS. - Meaning and Translation: Philosophical and Linguistic Approaches
306979: RIEGEL, KLAUS F. AND GEORGE C. ROSENWALD, EDS. - Structure and Transformation: Developmental and Historical Aspects
308130: HANDLER, JOEL F. AND LUCIE WHITE, EDS. - Hard Labor: Women and Work in the Post-Welfare Era
323713: ADAMS, CHARLES F. AND HENRY ADAMS - Chapters of Erie, and Other Essays
304801: STIEG, LEWIS F AND WALLACE NETHERY, EDS. - Coranto: Journal of the Friends of the Libraries, Spring
320821: DUWELIUS, RICHARD F. AND CHERYL A. SILCOX - Ground-Water Levels, Flow, and Quality in Northwestern Elkhart County, Indiana, 1980-1989
317748: DUWELIUS, RICHARD F. AND LEE R. WATSON - Ground-Water Levels and Directions of Flow in the Vicinity of a Well Field, Elkhart, Indiana, December 1989
304799: STIEG, LEWIS F AND WALLACE NETHERY, EDS. - Coranto: Journal of the Friends of the Libraries, Fall
317746: DUWELIUS, RICHARD F. AND THEODORE K. GREEMEN - Geohydrology, Simulation of Ground-Water Flow, and Ground-Water Quality at Two Landfills, Marion County, Indiana
321032: SCHMITT, MARTIN F. AND DEE BROWN - The Settlers' West
324779: PALAU I FABRE, JOSEP - Picasso: Dessins Pour Ses Enfants
324899: FABRE, JOSEP I - Picasso En Cataluna
331151: FAGAN, JAMES O. - Labor and the Railroads
318721: FAGNANI, ORLANDO - Five Piano Pieces--Valsa Romantica: Seresteira; Preludio No. 3 (in Extremis); Preludio No. 4; Ponteio; Homenagen a Ernesto Nazareth: Valsa Preludio
319081: FAHLING, ADAM - German Gospel Sermons with English Outlines
308281: FAIR, WILLIAM R. - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 62, Number 6
327055: FAIRBANK, JANET AYER - In Town & Other Conversations
318470: FAIRBRIDGE, RHODES W., ED. - The Encyclopedia of Oceanography, Volume 1
327173: FAIRCHILD, LUCIUS; JOSEPH SCHAFER, ED. - California Letters of Lucius Fairchild
328806: FAIRCHILD, BRUCE T., ED. - Simulators III
327407: FALCONER, PETER, ED. - Australia and New Zealand Sires '90
327410: FALCONER, PETER, ED. - Australia & New Zealand Sires '89
320146: FALEIRO, SONIA - Beautiful Thing: Inside the Secret World of Bombay's Dance Bars
305163: FALLA, MOLLY - A Sketchbook of New Zealand Birds
331141: FANIEL, STEPHANE, ED. - Le 18e Siecle Francais: Collection Connaissance Des Arts
317281: FANTUS, BERNARD - Candy Medication
321444: O'FAOLAIN, NUALA - My Dream of You
321497: O'FAOLAIN, NUALA - My Dream of You
316805: FARAONE, ETTORE - Catalogo Degli Annullamenti Sardo-Italiani Lombardi 1860-1863
330904: FARGA, FRANZ - Violins & Violinists
322772: LA FARGE, MABEL - Egisto Fabbri, 1866-1933, with a Memoir by Mabel la Farge
328807: FARIAS, ANTONIO OLIVEIRA - Orientation-Preserving Mappings, a Semigroup of Geometric Transformations, and a Class of Integral Operators
307369: FARMER, MARJORIE N., ED. - Consensus and Dissent: Teaching English Past, Present, and Future
329436: THE OHIO FARMER - The Ohio Farmer's Home Guide: A Complete Manual of Practical Instruction in Every Department of Household Economy, Including the Kitchen, the Laundry, the Dining-Room, the Parlor, the Sleeping Rooms, Fancy Work, Home Decoration, Parental Duty, Etc. , Etc.
306470: FARQUHAR, J.N. - Modern Religious Movements in India
313899: FARRELL, JOHN P. - Revolution As Tragedy: The Dilemma of the Moderate from Scott to Arnold
328251: FARRELL, JAMES T. - Studs Lonigan: A Trilogy (Young Lonigan, the Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan, Judgment Day)
317869: FATEMI, NASROLLAH S., FARAMARZ S. FATEMI, AND FARIBORZ S. FATEMI - Love, Beauty, and Harmony in Sufism
316672: FAUCHEREAU, SERGE - La Revolution Cubiste
324589: FAULCONER, MARY ELLEN - Joe Poems, or Love Doesn't Die
323367: FAURE, PIERRE - Le Kabuki, Et Ses Ecrivains, Suivi de la Traduction de la Piece de Kawatake Mokuami, Izayoi Et Seishin
323317: FAVAZZO, ARMANDO R. - Journal of Operational Psychiatry, 1980, Volume 11, No. 2
328148: FAVILL, JOSIAH - The Diary of a Young Army Officer
010886: FAWCETT, BRIAN - Tristram's Book (the Capilano Review, No. 19, 1981)
318001: FAY, EDWARD ALLEN - Concordance of the Divina Commedia, in Two Volumes
328351: FAY, ELIOT - Lorenzo in Search of the Sun: D.H. Lawrence in Italy, Mexico and the American Southwest
007036: FEAGLER, DICK; WALSH, EDWARD J.; OSBORNE, RICHARD J.; - Feagler's Cleveland
325018: FEBOLDSON, FEBOLD; PAUL R. BEATH, COMPILER - Febold Feboldson: Tall Tales from the Great Plains
318946: LAMERA, FEDERICA AND GIORGIO PIGAFETTA (EDS.) - IL Palazzo Dell'Universita Di Genova: IL Collegio Dei Gesuiti Nella Strada Dei Balbi
328809: FEICHTINGER, G. - Lernprozesse in Stochastischen Automaten
307144: FEIL, ERNST - Die Theologie Dietrich Bonhoeffers: Hermeneutik Christologie Welverstandnis
320304: FEIN, SUSANNA GREER, EDS. - Moral Love Songs and Laments
318222: FEININGER, ANDREAS - Feininger on Photography
330501: FEIREISS, KRISTIN - Ingenhoven Overdiek Und Partner: Energies
010887: FEIRSTEIN, FREDERICK - Walking Away
321692: FEIST, RAYMOND E. - Krondor, the Betrayal (Riftwar Legacy, Book 1)
321084: FELDMAN, ART, ED. - Art Tatum Improvfisations No. 2: Piano Interpretations of America's Outstanding Song Hits
303647: FELDMANIS, ANDREJS EDVINS - Maslenku Tragedija/Latvijas Tragedija
328724: BEHREND, FELIX AND A. MORGENSTERN - Form Und Abbildung: Lehrbuch Der Mathematik, Mittelstuffe
321134: FELIX, MONIQUE - Mouse Book: The Alphabet
321133: FELIX, MONIQUE - Numbers (Mouse Books)
321130: FELIX, MONIQUE - House (Mouse Books)
321131: FELIX, MONIQUE - Mouse Book: The Colors
321132: FELIX, MONIQUE - Numbers (Mouse Books)
011596: FELL, MARY - The Persistence of Memory
329084: FELL, J.M.G. - An Extension of Mackey's Method to Banach *-Algebraic Bundles
330675: FELLINI, FEDERICO - Propos (Aufsatze Und Notizen)
328353: FELLOWS, STEPHEN NORRIS - History of the Upper Iowa Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1856-1906
325594: FELS, FLORENT - Dessins de Pascin: Choix de Dessins, Maquette Et Mise En Pages D'Arielli
320315: FELT, EPHRAIM PORTER - New York State Museum Bulletin 68, Entomology 18, Aquatic Insects in New York State
307170: FENTON, WILLIAM N., ED. - Symposium on Local Diversity in Iroquois Culture
324906: FERACA, STEPHEN E. - Wakinyan: Lakota Religion in the Twentieth Century
308324: FERGUSON, JAMES A., GUEST EDITOR - The Surgical Clinics of North America, Volume 58, Number 3
002489: FERGUSSON, ERNA - New Mexico, a Pageant of Three Peoples
327301: FERNANDEZ, RAMON - A la Gloire de... Proust
318405: CAMARA, FERNANDO AND ROBERT VAN KEMPER, EDS. - Migration Across Frontiers: Mexico and the United States
317890: FERRA, BARTOMEU, TRANS. FROM THE SPANISH BY R. D. F. PRING-MILL - Chopin and George Sand in Majorca, Preceded by an Extract from the Memoirs of Aurore Sand
010889: FERRARI, MARY - Why the Sun Cannot Set: New & Selected Poems
323897: LAFUENTE FERRARI, ENRIQUE - Goya: The Frescos in San Antonio de la Florida
14925: DOMINGOS P.C. BRANCO FERREIRA - The Navy of Brazil, an Emerging Power at Sea
324929: FERRIER, JEAN-LOUIS - Pignon
323105: FERRISS, PAUL - La MTropole Du Futur
328811: FERUS, D., W. KUHNEL, U. SIMON, AND B. WEGNER, EDS. - Global Differential Geometry and Global Analysis
318646: FETTERS, PAUL R., ED. - Trials and Triumphs: A History of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ
319998: FETTERS, PAUL R., ED. - Trials and Triumphs: A History of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ
303008: FEUSTEL, BERND - Testbuch Der Schachtaktik
329817: FIALKOV, JOSHUA HALE - Tumor
319027: FICK, HERMANN: TRANSLATED BY M. LOY - Dr. Martin Luther, Second Edition
301498: FIELD, EUGENE - In Wink-a-Way Land
327856: FIELD, RACHEL - Hitty: Her First Hundred Years
303273: FIELDING, HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume Two, the Adventures of Tom Jones, Parts I and II
321414: FIELDING, HENRY; MARTIN C. BATTESTIN, ED. - Joseph Andrews, the Wesleyan Edition
319949: FIELDING, JOY - Grand Avenue
303276: FIELDING, HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume Five, Amelia, Part III and Jonathan Wild
303272: FIELDING, HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume Six, Miscellanies
303275: FIELDING, HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume One, the Adventures of Joseph Andrews
303274: FIELDING, HENRY - The Works of Henry Fielding, Volume Three, the Adventures of Tom Jones, Parts III and IV
316878: FIENE, DONALD M., COMPILER - Alexander Solzhenitsyn: An International Bibliography of Writings by and About Him
303803: FIFIELD, MERLE - Theoretical Techniques for the Analysis of Variety in Chaucer's Metrical Stress
330466: FIGONI, PAULA I. - How Baking Works: Exploring the Fundamentals of Baking Science, Second Edition
324560: FILLMORE, GRACE ETHEL - The Calm of Contentment
313788: FINAN, CHRIS - From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act: A History of the Fight for Free Speech in America
315396: JONES, JOHN FINBAR AND JOHN MIDDLEMIST HERRICK - Citizens in Service: Volunteers in Social Welfare During the Depression, 1929-1941
329344: FINCH, J. - The Wanganui-Wangaehu Ironsands
322846: FINGARETTE, HERBERT - The Self in Transformation: Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and the Life of the Spirit
304795: FINGEIN, AIRNE - Fingen's Night-Watch
004810: FINGER, CHARLES J. - Book of Real Adventures [Little Blue Book No. 516]
326139: FINGER, CHARLES J. - In Lawless Lands
328187: FINK, ARLENE G. - The Survey Kit, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
308961: FINKEL, DONALD - A Joyful Noise
322874: FINKELSTEIN, MARTIN J. - The American Academic Profession: A Synthesis of Social Scientific Inquiry Since Wwii
306653: FINLAYSON, CLIVE - A Birdwatchers' Guide to Southern Spain and Gibraltar
330508: FISCHER, HENRY GEORGE - Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs
330510: FISCHER, HENRY GEORGE - Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy: A Beginner's Guide to Writing Hieroglyphs
330663: FISCHER, S.R. - A History of the Pacific Islands
305072: FISCHER, MARTIN - William B. Wherry: Bacteriologist
327845: FISHEL, EDWIN C. - The Secret War for the Union: The Untold Story of Military Intelligence in the CIVIL War
321278: FISHER, ROY - Collected Poems 1968
324934: FISHER, A. HUGH - Jemshid in Exile, and Other Poems
327986: FISHER, SIDNEY GEORGE; JONATHAN W. WHITE, ED. - A Philadelphia Perspective: The CIVIL War Diary of Sidney George Fisher
326856: FISHER, HENRY W. - Abroad with Mark Twain and Eugene Field: Tales They Told to a Fellow Correspondent
331222: FISHER, VARDIS - Suicide or Murder?: The Strange Death of Governor Meriwether Lewis
309070: FISHER, VIRGINIA, ED. - The Turf Directory 1995
306259: FISHNER, STANLEY - A Report on Government Procurement Practices: What's Needed to Reverse the Trend
322576: FISHWICK, MARSHALL W. - American Heroes: Myth and Reality

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