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12576: KATCHA, VAHÉ - Se Réveiller Démon
32270: KATCHEN, CAROLE - Painting with Passion: How to Paint What You Feel
35382: KATCHOR, BEN - Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer the Beauty Supply District
24906: KATONA, STEVEN K. & DAVID T. RICHARDSON & VALERIE ROUGH - A Field Guide to the Whales, Porpoises and Seals of the Gulf of Maine and Eastern Canada Cape Cod to Newfoundland
134: KATOV, NORMAN - The Judas Kiss
42158: KATZ, JUDITH O. - A Painter's Guide to the Catskills of Rip Van Winkle
40353: KATZ, MICHAEL J. - The Big Freeze
40131: KATZEN, MOLLIE & ANN L. HENDERSON - Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes a Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up
44673: KATZEN, MOLLIE & ANN L. HENDERSON - Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes: A Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up
23715: KATZENBACH, JOHN - Hart's War
45455: KAUFFMAN, JESSE - Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of Poland in World War I
21490: KAUFFMAN, HENRY J. - Pennsylvania Dutch American Folk Art
18798: KAUFFMANN, JEAN-PAUL - The Black Room at Longwood: Napoleon's Exile on Saint Helena
26431: KAUFMAN, POLLY WELTS - National Parks and the Woman's Voice a History
31799: KAUFMAN, ROBERT R. - The Politics of Land Reform in Chile, 1950-1970 Public Policy, Political Institutions, and Social Change
35327: KAUFMANN, GEORG - Geschichte Der Deutschen Universitaten 1 & 2.
9377: KAUFMANN, HERBERT - Red Moon and High Summer
18721: KAUFMANN, EDGAR - 9 Commentaries on Frank Lloyd Wright
19609: KAUFMANN, THOMAS D. - Drawings from the Holy Roman Empire 1540-1680: A Selection from North American Collections
46674: KAVANAGH, ED - The Confessions of Nipper Mooney
1531: KAVANAGH, PATRICK - Gaff Topsails
1059: TERRY KAY - After Eli
4346: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - A Song for Arbonne
12887: KAY, JACKIE - Trumpet
15913: KAY, JACKIE - Trumpet
40081: KAY, PETER - Signalling Atlas and Signal Box Directory. Great Britain and Ireland
34571: KAY FAIRFAX, ISABELLA BEETON - Mrs Beeton's Household Book. An Entertaining Glimpse of Upstairs and Downstairs Life in the Victorian Home
34833: KAYE, SHARON - Lost and Philosophy the Island Has Its Reasons
12975: KAYE, JOHN - Stars Screaming
16561: KAYE, DANNY & TEDD KOLLEK (FOREWORDS) - Children of the World Paint Jerusalem
38693: KAYE, M. M. (EDITOR) - The Golden Calm: An English Lady's Life in Moghul Delhi: Reminiscences
41452: KAYE, SHARON - Lost and Philosophy: The Island Has Its Reasons
42712: KAYSER, ALEX; ANDY WARHOL - Artists' Portraits. Interview by Andy Warhol
30789: KAZIMI, ALI - Undesirables: White Canada and the Komagata Maru. An Illustrated History
20376: KAZIN, ALFRED (EDITOR) - Writers at Work: The Paris Review Interviews, Third Series
22258: KAZIN, ALFRED (EDITOR) - A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment from the Journals of Alfred Kazin
26155: KAZIN, ALFRED - A Writer's America Landscape in Literature
9700: KEANE, STEPHEN - Disaster Movies : The Cinema of Catastrophe (Short Cuts Ser. )
38109: KEAR, JON - The Treasures of the Impressionists
22694: KEATES, JONATHAN - Stendhal (Signed)
36645: KEATES, JONATHAN - Stendhal
1820: KEATING, H. R. F. - Doing Wrong
14394: KEATING, BERN - The Grand Banks
17129: KEATING, H. R. - Cheating Death
24296: KEATING, H.R.F.(EDITOR). - Whodunit? a Guide to Crime, Suspense and Spy Fiction
36885: KEATING, H. R. F. - Writing Crime Fiction
39650: KEATS, SUSAN E. - There Will Be Dancing: The History of a Johnson Family
26979: KEAY, CAROLYN - Henry Fuseli
41789: KEDOURIE, ELIE - The Jewish World: History and Culture of the Jewish People
26044: KEDWARD, H. R - The Anarchists the Men Who Shocked an Era
2338: O'KEEFE, M. TIMOTHY - Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year: Florida with Georgia and Alabama Coasts
41315: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - White of the Lesser Angels
22499: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - White of the Lesser Angels
26389: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Marrying the Sea (Signed)
27041: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - Under Eastern Eyes (Signed) a Critical Reading of Maritime Function
37720: KEEFER, RALPH - Grounded in Eire: The Story of Two Raf Fliers Interned in Ireland During World War II
37505: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK - White of the Lesser Angels
44310: O'KEEFFE, GEORGIA - Georgia o'Keeffe
21173: KEEGAN, JOHN; WHEATCROFT, ANDREW - Zones of Conflict: An Atlas of Future Wars
45887: KEEGAN, JOHN & FRANKLIN D. MARGIOTTA - Brassey's Encyclopedia of Military History and Biography
37908: KEEGAN, JOHN - The First World War
25727: KEEGAN, JOHN & RICHARD HOLMES & JOHN GAU; FORSYTH, FREDERICK - Soldiers a History of Men in Battle
18105: KEELEY, EDMUND - Wilderness Called Peace
39256: KEENE, JOHN - Pettibone's Law
43456: KEENE, BEN & GARRETT OLIVER & BETHANY BANDERA - The Great Northeast Brewery . Tap Into the Best Craft Breweries in New England and the Mid-Atlantic
39242: KEENE, DONALD - Twenty Plays of the No Theatre
3099: KEENEY, PATRICIA - Global Warnings
17414: KEENEY, PATRICIA - Swimming Alone
33684: BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; EDITED BY MICHAEL EARLEY & PHILIPPA KEIL - Soliloquy! : The Shakespeare Monologues (Men)
33683: BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; EDITED BY MICHAEL EARLEY & PHILIPPA KEIL - Soliloquy! : The Shakespeare Monologues (Men)
1417: KEILLOR, GARRISON - Me by Jimmy (Big Boy) Valente
42187: KEIM, KEVIN P. & CHARLES WILLARD MOORE - An Architectural Life Memoirs & Memories on Charles W. Moore
42929: KEIRSTEAD, JAMES LORIMER - Keirstead: My Art and Thoughts
12545: KEITH, W.J.; SHEK, BEN-ZION - The Arts in Canada, the Last Fifty Years
31517: KEITH, FELICITY - The Oakhill Guide Company
36404: KEIZER, BERT - Dancing with Mr. D.
43902: KELEHER, TERRY R. J - Saint John: More Postcard Memories
43903: KELEHER, TERRY R. J - Saint John in the Golden Age of Postcards 1900-1915
37796: KELEMEN, PAL - Baroque and Rococo in Latin America. Volume 1 & Volume 2
30588: KELEN, LESLIE & DAVID SUCEC; TELFORD, JOHN & CRAIG LAW & TOM TILL & PHILIP HYDE - Sacred Images: A Vision of Native American Rock Art
40979: KELLAWAY, WILLIAM - The New England Company 1649-1776: Missionary Society to the American Indians
11447: KELLEHER, VICTOR - The Beast of Heaven
1260: JANET KELLER - Necessary Risks
31736: KELLER, HANS & MILEIN COSMAN - Stravinsky Seen and Heard
18306: KELLER, GOTTFRIED - Samtliche Werke Und Ausgewahlte Briefe: Erster Band & Dritter Band (2 Volumes)
29880: KELLER, JANE EBLEN - Adirondack Wilderness: A Story of Man and Nature
30171: KELLER, DAVID N. - Cooper Industries, 1833-1983
45983: KELLER, EVA & REGULA MALIN - Audible Silence: Cy Twombly at Daros
39101: KELLEY, GEMEY (DIR. ) - Swan Pond, o Swan Pond.
7781: KELLEY, GEMEY (DIR.) - David Milne: Eliminating Sentiment
33670: DAVE KELLEY, - Chapman Living & Working Onboard
31748: KELLEY, KEVIN W. ; JERRY CORNELIUS - La Terre Vue Du Ciel: Les Plus Belles Photographies Prises Depuis L'Espace
21006: KELLMAN, STEVEN G. - The Plague: Fiction and Resistance
38255: JOY LITTELL AND KATHLEEN KELLMAN - Building English Skills : Skills Practice Book - Blue Level - Canadian Edition
13021: KELLOGG, GRACE - Windyjinn
44968: KELLOGG, STEVEN - Paul Bunyan
40089: KELLY, JOSEPH - Literature. Second Edition Poems / Stories / Plays (Three Volumes)
33046: LINDA KELLY - The Young Romantics: Victor Hugo, Sainte-Beuve, Vigny, Dumas, Musset, and George Sand and Their Friendships, Feuds, and Loves in the French Romantic Revolution
26831: KELLY, AMY RUTH - Eleanor of Aquitaine and the Four Kings
7802: KELLY, GEMEY (DIR.) - Elan Vitale: The Comedy of David Bobier and Terry Graff
18109: KELLY, MARY - The Twenty-Fifth Hour
20620: MORTON. RALPH KELLY - Behind the Headlines: Moose River to Shangri-la
20958: KELLY, JOHN FREDERICK - The Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut
25801: KELLY, STEPHEN F. & JUDITH JONES & KELLY STEPHEN - Forty Years of "Coronation Street"
41669: KELLY, WILLIAM; NORA HICKSON KELLY - Policing in Wartime: One Mountie's Story
41529: KELLY, AILEEN - Mikhail Bakunin: A Study in the Psychology and Politics of Utopianism
42478: KELLY, IAN - Beau Brummell the Ultimate Dandy
27393: KELLY, MARGARET - Imperial Surprises a Pop-Up Book of Fabergé Masterpieces
41104: KELLY, ALISON - The Book of English Fireplaces
41668: KELLY, NORA - My Mountie and Me: A True Story
43849: KELLY, IAN - Beau Brummell the Ultimate Dandy
2392: KELMAN, JAMES - The Good Times
12357: KELMAN, JAMES - How Late It Was, How Late
36251: KELSAY, ISABEL T. - Joseph Brant, 1743-1807, Man of Two Worlds
18877: KELSEY, ALBERT - Programme Et Regles Du Second Concours en Vue Du Choix D'Un Architecte Pour la Construction Du Phare Monumental Que Les Nations Du Monde Erigeront Dans la Republique Dominicaine a la Memoire de Christophe Colomb
27310: KELSO, WILLIAM M. - Jamestown, the Buried Truth
37651: KEMAL, YASHAR & EDOUARD RODITI - Memed, My Hawk
38804: KEMBLE, JOHN. M. ED. - Certaine Considerations Upon the Government of England, by Sir Roger Twysden.
19051: KEMBLE, FANNY; MAVOR, ELIZABETH - Fanny Kemble: The American Journals
23811: KEMBLE, JAMES - St. Helena During Napoleon's Exile
909: GENE KEMP - No Place Like
2592: KEMP, THOMAS JAY - The 1996 Genealogy Annual: A Bibliography of Published Sources
25075: KEMP, JIM - American Vernacular Regional Influences in Architecture and Interior Design
41875: GERALD VAN DER KEMP - A Visit to Giverny
46188: KEMPE, MARGERY B & LYNN STALEY - The Book of Margery Kempe
22298: KEMPEN, VLASTA VAN; EUGEN, IRENE - Rockanimals
16903: KEMPTON, ARTHUR - Boogaloo: The Quintessence of American Popular Music
11401: KEMSKE, FLOYD - The Virtual Boss
34785: KENDALL, ARTHUR W. JR. - Identification of Eggs and Larvae of Marine Fishes
15150: KENDALL, LAUREL; FREED, STANLEY A.; MILLER, THOMAS R.; MATHE, BARBARA - Drawing Shadows to Stones : The Photography of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, (1871-1902)
42340: KENDALL, CASSIE & JOEL SPECTOR - Laurel the Woodfairy
37488: KENDALL, ARTHUR W. JR. - Identification of Eggs and Larvae of Marine Fishes
40059: KENDALL, JANE - Nutcracker Coloring Book a Storybook to Be Colored in
33574: ALAN KENDALL - Music: Its Story in the West
41628: KENDALL, BRIAN - Northern Links: A Duffer's Unforgettable Journey Through the World of Canadian Golf
37958: KENDALL, RICHARD - Van Gogh's Van Goghs: Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
43285: KENDRICK, MARTYN; PETER USTINOV - Advantage Canada: A Tennis Centenary
46184: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Homebush Boy: A Memoir
17449: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Bettany's Book
37710: KENISON, KATRINA & JOHN UPDIKE - The Best American Short Stories of the Century
39995: KENNEDY, A L - Paradise
36960: KENNEDY, PAUL - The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers Economic Change and Military Conflict from 1500 to 2000
43751: KENNEDY, JOSEPH & AMANDA SMITH - Hostage to Fortune: The Letters of Joseph P Kennedy
1714: KENNEDY, PAGAN - Platforms: A Microwaved Cultural Chronicle of the 1970's
4917: KENNEDY, MARGARET - The Ladies Oflyndon
12901: KENNEDY, ADRIENNE - People Who Led to My Plays
13117: KENNEDY, LEIGH - The Journal of Nicholas the American
14463: KENNEDY, A. L. - Everything You Need
16909: KENNEDY, DORIS & GLASS, JOHN - The Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick.
18745: KENNEDY, DECLAN & MARGRIT (EDS.) - The Inner City. Architects Year Book XIV.
21415: KENNEDY, ROGER G. - Architecture, Men, Women, and Money in America, 1600-1860
23545: KENNEDY, JOHN C. - Island Voices Fisheries and Community Survival in Northern Norway
29264: KENNEDY, X. J.; YOUNG, MARIAN - The Kite That Braved Old Orchard Beach Year-Round Poems for Young People
46183: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - The Flaming Corsage
32080: KENNEDY, SISTER JEAN DE CHANTAL S. C. H. - Biography of a Colonial Town: Hamilton, Bermuda, 1790-1897 with Maps and Drawings by the Author
42364: KENNEDY, GAVIN & DAVID SHARMAN - The Perfect Negotiation & the Perfect Meeting
30995: KENNEDY, EDWARD M. - True Compass a Memoir
39000: KENNEDY, EDWARD M. - True Compass a Memoir
38509: KENNEDY, X. J. ; - The Eagle As Wide As the World
38626: KENNEDY, DIANA - From My Mexican Kitchen: Techniques and Ingredients
34339: KENNER, HUGH - Dublin's Joyce
46787: KENNETH, STEVEN & LILY MOON - The Bearer of Gifts
25323: KENNEY, MART - Mart Kenney and His Western Gentlemen (Signed)
7654: KENNY, JOHN B.; KENNY, CARLA - The Art of Papier Mache (Creative Crafts Ser. )
32174: KENNY, HERBERT A. - Dear Dolphin
37551: KENNY, HERBERT A - Literary Dublin: A History
34067: KENNY, MARY LORENA - Hidden Heads of Households Child Labor in Urban Northeast Brazil
38629: KENNY, KEVIN - Peaceable Kingdom Lost: The Paxton Boys and the Destruction of William Penn's Holy Experiment
40227: KENT, PRINCESS MICHAEL OF - The Serpent and the Moon Two Rivals for the Love of a Renaissance King
9549: KENT, DAVID A. (EDITOR) - Christian Poetry in Canada
17994: KENT, NORMAN - 100 Watercolor Techniques
24372: KENT, CHRISTOBEL - Florentine Revenge
35069: KENT, ROLAND G - The Textual Criticism of Inscriptions Language Monographs Published by the Linguistic Society of America, No. 2, December 1926
31519: KENT, PRINCESS MICHAEL OF - The Serpent and the Moon Two Rivals for the Love of a Renaissance King
42073: KENT, SARAH - The Creative Book of Kites: With Chapter on the History of Kite Designs and Flying Techniques Plus 9 Kites to Make
40190: KENT, ALEXANDER - Stand Into Danger / in Gallant Company / Passage to Mutiny / with All Despatch / Form Line of Battle / the Flag Captain / a Tradition of Victory / Success to the Brave / Colours Aloft! / the Only Victor / the Darkening Sea / Sword of Honour / Second to None / Man of War / Heart of Oak
41417: KENT, EARLE L. (EDITOR) - Musical Acoustics Piano and Wind Instruments
30616: KENYON, OLGA - 800 Years of Women's Letters
12895: KENYON, F. W. - The Duke's Mistress: The Story of Mary Ann Clarke
15016: KENYON, FRANK WILSON - My Brother Napoleon: The Confessions of Caroline Bonaparte
18085: KENYON, M. - Healthy Way to Die
32775: NICHOLAS KENYON - Simon Rattle: The Making of a Conductor
41572: KENYON, JOHN - The History Men: Mccaulay, Carlyle, Buckle, Acton, Stubbs, Namier, Tawney, Elton...
43657: KENYON, JANE - Otherwise: New and Selected Poems
41765: KEOUGH, PAT; ROBERT BATEMAN (INTRODUCTION) - The Niagara Escarpment: A Portfolio
35322: KEOUGH, PAT; ROBERT BATEMAN (INTRODUCTION) - The Niagara Escarpment: A Portfolio
37965: KEOUGH, PAT; ROBERT BATEMAN (INTRODUCTION) - The Niagara Escarpment: A Portfolio
45925: KEOWN, MICHELLE - Pacific Islands Writing: The Postcolonial Literatures of Aotearoa/New Zealand and Oceania
10287: KEPLER, THOMAS S. - Mystical Writing of Rulmer Merswin
35138: KEPLINGER, DAVID - The Prayers of Others
34852: KERANS, MARION DOUGLAS - Muriel Duckworth, a Very Active Pacifist. A Biography
31339: KERBER, LINDA K. & JANE SHERRON DE HART - Women's America Refocusing the Past
39980: KERBER, LINDA K. - Women of the Republic: Intellect and Ideology in Revolutionary America
6834: KERLOW, ISAAC V.; ROSEBUSH, JUDSON - Computer Graphics for Designers and Artists
17881: KERMAN, JOSEPH; TOMLINSON, GARY; KERMAN, VIVIAN - Listen. Brief Fourth Edition
31963: KERMODE, SIR FRANK & ANITA KERMODE - The Oxford Book of Letters
46825: KERNAN, ALVIN B. - Samuel Johnson and the Impact of Print
34836: KERNER, RUTH - Der Rattenfanger Von Hameln.
46853: KEROUAC, JACK & MATT DILLON - On the Road Cd. Unabridged
45272: KEROUAC, JACK - On the Road
33810: KEROUAC, JACK & PAUL MARION - Atop an Underwood
44219: KERR, JUDITH - The Tiger Who Came to Tea
15533: KERR, NIGEL&MARY - Guide to Anglo-Saxon Sites
15900: KERR, SOPHIE - As Tall As Pride
31456: KERR, JESSICA - Shakespeare's Flowers
43726: KERR, GORDON - Art Deco
44199: KERRIGAN, MICHAEL - The Ancients in Their Own Words: Ancient Writing from Tomb Hieroglyphs to Roman Graffiti
2295: KERS, MARTIN - Holland Book: Photographic Impressions of Holland
10702: KERS, MARTIN (MARIJKE KERS :TEKST) - Natuur in Holland. Natuurmonumenten in Beeld.
27182: KERSHAW, PROF. IAN - Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution
16039: KERSLAKE, SUSAN - Blind Date
32538: KERTZER, DAVID I. - The Popes Against the Jews: The Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern Anti-Semitism
8077: KERWIN, PASCHAL E. (O.F.M.) - Big Men of the Little Navy: The Amphibious Force in the Mediterranean 1943-1944
17777: KESEY, KEN - Demon Box
21106: KESWICK, MAGGIE & CHARLES JENCKS - The Chinese Garden: History, Art & Architecture
38373: KETCHELL, ROBERT - Japanese Gardens in a Weekend Projects for 1, 2 or 3 Weekends
8633: KETCHIN, SUSAN (EDITOR); GIORDANO, NEIL (EDITOR) - 25 and Under : Fiction
32306: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. ; DOUGLAS SCHAEFER, ET AL - The Smithsonian Illustrated Library of Antiques, in Fifteen Volumes (Complete)
20235: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C. - Simple Beauty: The Shakers in America
34316: KETCHUM, RICHARD M. (EDITOR) - American Heritage History of Colonial Antiques 1620-1785
36802: KETCHUM, WILLIAM C., JR. - 40's & 50's Collectibles for Fun & Profit
38665: KEVERNE, RICHARD - Tales of Old Inns
36482: KEYSERLINGK, ROBERT H. - Austria in World War II: An Anglo-American Dilemma
45424: AL-KHADER, OSAMA ALI - The Qur'an and the Universe : From the Big Bang to the Big Crunch
22330: KHAIAT, ROBERT (DIRECTEUR) - Architecture Méditerranéenne: Tunisie / 1997
40333: KHALSA, DAYAL KAUR - How Pizza Came to Queens
35791: KHANDRO - This Precious Life: Buddhist Teachings on the Path to Enlightenment
45460: KHATIB, PROFESSOR LINA & ELLEN LUST - Taking to the Streets: The Transformation of Arab Activism
2664: KHERA, KRISHAN LAL - Index to History of Dharmasastra by Pandurang Vaman Kane: Comprehensive Guide to Hindu Rites and Rituals
27193: KHERDIAN, DAVID - The Road from Home the Story of an Armenian Girl
43999: KHOO, JAMES C.M. - Art & Archaeology of Fu Nan
8445: KHORSANDI, HADI; JAVAN, EHSSAN (TRANSLATOR) - The Ayatollah and I : Iran's New Satire
21197: KI-ZERBO, J. (EDITOR) - General History of Africa I: Methodology and African Prehistory
41599: KIBUISHI, KAZU - Amulet Book One. The Stonekeeper
45384: KIBUISHI, KAZU - Amulet Book One. The Stonekeeper
18305: KIDD, FLORA - To Hell or Melbourne
140: KIDDER, TRACY - House
6605: KIDDER, TRACY - Old Friends
14783: KIDDER, TRACY - Old Friends
31262: KIDDER, TRACY - House
43096: KIDDER, TRACY - Old Friends
21792: KIDMAN, FIONA (ED) - New Zealand Love Stories: An Oxford Anthology
46196: KIECKHEFER, RICHARD - Magic in the Middle Ages
45296: KIECKHEFER, RICHARD - Magic in the Middle Ages
10700: KIELTY, BERNARDINE - Masters of Painting: Their Works, Their Lives, Their Times.
43728: KIELY, BENEDICT - Yeats' Ireland: An Illustrated Anthology
43455: KIELY, BENEDICT - Collected Stories of Benedict Kiely
31158: KIELY, DAVID M. - John Millington Synge a Biography
18998: KIERANS, ERIC - Globalism and the Nation-State (Cbc Massey Lectures 1984)
41926: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN & THOMAS C. ODEN - Parables of Kierkegaard
34701: KIERNAN, FRANCES - Last Mrs Astor
21550: KIEWERT, WALTER - Tore Und Türme Aus Vielen Ländern
25617: KIJOWSKI, ANDRZEJ, ED. - Contemporary Polish Short Stories
34081: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - Canada a Guide to the Peaceable Kingdom
38191: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - Toronto Remembered: A Celebration of the City
10465: KILBOURN, WILLIAM ED. & A.C. FORREST AND PATRICK WATSON - Religion in Canada: The Spiritual Development of a Nation
32054: KILBOURN, WILLIAM M. (INTRO) - The Confederation Life Gallery of Canadian History
12815: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - The Firebrand: William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada
22586: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - Intimate Grandeur One Hundred Years at Massey Hall
23717: KILBOURNE, JEAN; PIPHER, MARY - Can't Buy My Love How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel
31729: KILBY, SARAH (ED) - Experience the Tower of London
10857: KILCHER, JEWEL; HARPERCOLLINS STAFF - Chasing Down the Dawn : Life Stories
36402: KILLICK, ADAM - Racing the White Silence on the Trail of the Yukon Quest
16951: KILLIEN, CHRISTI - Fickle Fever
46564: KILMARTIN, TERENCE - A Readers Guide to Rememberance of Things Past
39224: KILMER, E. VICTOR - Candles Burning: Sonnets and Other Poems
42938: KILMURRAY, ELAINE; ORMOND, RICHARD - John Singer Sargent
39094: KILPATRICK, ALAN - The Night Has a Naked Soul: Witchcraft and Sorcery Among the Western Cherokee
1703: KILPATRICK, SARAH - Fanny Burney
16707: KILPATRICK, WILLIAM K. - Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong
21734: KILPATRICK, WILLIAM HEARD - Foundations of Method: Informal Talks on Teaching (Brief Course Series in Education)
44095: BOOTS; RUDYARD KILPING - "Thy Servant a Dog"
33273: KIM, YOUNG MI - Neoclassical
6327: KIM, CHOONG S. - A Korean Nationalist Entrepreneur : A Life History of Kim Songsu, 1981-1955 (Suny Series in Korean Studies)
19613: YOUNG-JOO KIM - Kyong-Ju, Old Capital of Shilla Dynasty Enlivened with 2000-Year History
35950: KIM, HEERAK CHRISTIAN & H. C. KIM - Hebrew, Jewish, and Early Christian Studies: Academic Essays
10709: KIMBER, DAVID - Lighting for Glamour Photography : A Complete Guide to Professional Techniques
36640: KIMBER, STEPHEN - More Than Just Folks
27482: KIMMEL, ERIC A.; LISKER, EMILY - A Hanukkah Treasury
31068: KIMMEL, ERIC A. - The Rolling Stone & Other Read Aloud Stories
40608: KIMMELMAN, REUVEN R. - The Hidden Poetry of the Jewish Prayerbook -- the What, How and Why of Jewish Liturgy
10609: KINCAID, JAMAICA - My Garden Book
17735: KINCAID, MRS. PAUL - Japanese Garden and Floral Art
21774: KINCAID, JAMAICA - My Brother
27208: KINCAID, CAPTAIN - Kincaid Adventures in the Rifle Brigade
44578: KINCAID, ERIC - Children's Book of Rhyme and Verse
35621: KINCAID, ERIC - The Tempest
46357: KINCAID, JAMAICA - Annie, Gwen, Lilly, Pam, and Tulip
21557: KINCH, RICHARD (FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT) - Wingspread the Building
18207: KINDER, HERMANN - Penguin Atlas of World History. Vol. 2 Fron the French Revolution to the Present
27169: KINDERMAN, WILLIAM - Beethoven
45572: KINDERSLEY, DORLING - Ultimate Food Journeys: The World's Best Dishes and Where to Eat Them
43941: KINDERSLEY, DORLING - Childrens Night Sky Atlas: The Essential Skywatching Guide Complete with Detailed Maps, Stunning Photography, and See-Through Pages.
37346: KINDERSLEY, DORLING - Back Roads Italy: 24 Leisurely Drives
20003: KINDILIEN, ARLIN T. - American Poetry in the Eighteen Nineties: A Study of American Verse, 1890-1899, Based Upon the Volumes from That Period Contained in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays in the Brown University Library
45796: KING, DEBORAH - Puffin
1860: KING, SUSAN - Treading the Maze: An Artist's Journey Through Breast Cancer
1997: KING, JAMES - The Life of Margaret Laurence
35705: KING, LARRY - The People's Princess: Cherished Memories of Diana, Princess of Wales, from Those Who Knew Her Best
7882: KING, WILLIAM L. MACKENZIE - Industry and Humanity
7902: KING, BERT (EDITOR); MCGINNIES, ELLIOT (EDITOR) - Attitudes, Conflict and Social Change
9073: KING, P. (EDITOR); PAREKH, B. C. (EDITOR) - Politics and Experience: Essays Presented to Michael Oakeshott
13798: KING, ROSS - Ex Libris
16161: KING, BRUCE - Seventeenth-Century English Literature (Macmillan History of Literature Series)
17450: KING, JAMES - Farley: The Life of Farley Mowat
18081: KING, FRANCIS - Frozen Music
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2950: LANGTON, H. M. - A Tale of Two Countries
12130: LANGTON, JANE - Divine Inspiration: A Homer Kelly Mystery
38249: LANHAM, URL N. - The Bone Hunters
9537: LANHAM, URL N. - The Bone Hunters
20606: LANIER, JEAN - The Wisdom of Being Human
4766: LANK, DAVID - Audubon's Wilderness Palette : The Birds of Canada
45922: LANNON, ROBERT - The Return of the Family Idiot
44717: LANSCOMBE, ISABELLE - Arts & Crafts Style
30003: LANSDOWNE, J.F. - Birds of the Forest: Birds of the Eastern Forest 1 & 2 and Birds of the Northern Forest (1 Volume Edition)
39399: LANSDOWNE, J.F. - Birds of the Forest: Birds of the Eastern Forest 1 & 2 and Birds of the Northern Forest (1 Volume Edition)
21640: RAYMOND GEORGE LANSING - Poetry As a Representative Art: An Essay in Comparative Aesthetics
38988: LANSKY, AARON - Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books
44792: LANTHIER, YVES - The Art of Trompe L'Oeil Murals
20095: LANTOS, JOHN D. - Do We Still Need Doctors?
2454: LAPHAM, LEWIS - The Agony of Mammon: The Imperial Global Economy Explains Itself to the Membership in Davos, Switzerland
38659: LAPHAM, LEWIS - Hotel America: Scenes in the Lobby of the Fin de Siecle
33856: LAPIDUS, IRA M. & FRANCIS ROBINSON - The Cambridge Illustrated History of the Islamic World
36996: LAPIERRE, LAURIER - The Apprenticeship: Canada from Confederation to the End of the First World War. Part 3 of a Four Part History
19697: LAPIERRE, LAURIER L. - 1759: The Battle for Canada
20801: LAPIERRE, MICHEL - La Venus Quebecoise Avec Ou Sans Fourrure: La Femme Dans le Roman Quebecois de 1880 a Nos Jours Essais
26888: LAPIERRE, LAURIER L. - Quebec a Tale of Love
25084: LAPIERRE, DOMINIQUE & JAVIER MORO - Five Past Midnight in Bhopal
43515: LAPIERRE, LAURIER - Quebec: A Tale of Love
43312: LAPIERRE, LAURIER - Quebec: A Tale of Love
26749: LAPIERRE, LAURIER L. - Quebec a Tale of Love
27659: LAPIERRE, DOMINIQUE & JAVIER MORO - Five Past Midnight in Bhopal the Epic Story of the World's Deadliest Industrial Disaster
42944: LAPLANTZ, SHEREEN - The Art & Craft of Handmade Books
4624: LAPOINTE, GATIEN - Ode Au Saint-Laurent Precedee par J'Appartiens a la Terre
19981: LAPOINTE, WILLIAM E. (BILL) - Forty Years of Gospel Music the Gospel Trio and the Gospelaires
42045: LAPOINTE, CLAUDE - Out of Sight
34624: LAPOINTE, WILLIAM E. (BILL) - Forty Years of Gospel Music the Gospel Trio and the Gospelaires
39960: LAPORTE, PIERRE - The True Face of Duplessis
42186: LAPPE, ANNA & BRYANT TERRY - Grub Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen
45275: LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE & ANNA LAPPE - Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet
41462: LAPPE, FRANCES MOORE - Democracy's Edge: Choosing to Save Our Country by Bringing Democracy to Life
12535: LAPROTTE, JEAN - 1866 - Centenaire - 1986 Les Freres de L'Instruction Chretienne en Amerique Du Nord
23951: LARABEE, ANN - The Dynamite Fiend the Chilling Story of Alexander Keith Jr. , Nova Scotian Spy, con Artist, & International Terrorist
45953: LARABEE, ANN - The Dynamite Fiend: The Chilling Story of Alexander Keith Jr. , Nova Scotian Spy, con Artist, & International Terrorist
44893: LARDNER, RING; ELDER, KAREN M. - You Know Me Al: A Busher's Letters
35535: LAREUSE, JEAN - Devils in the Castle
44147: LARGO, MICHAEL - God's Lunatics: Lost Souls, False Prophets, Martyred Saints, Murderous Cults, Demonic Nuns, and Other Victims of Man's Eternal Search for the Divine
27295: LARI, SAYYED MUJTABA MUSAVI - Hidden Truths in God's Word Some New Derivations from Qur'Anic Concepts
27294: LARI, SAYYED MUJTABA MUSAVI - Hidden Truths in God's Word Some New Derivations from Qur'Anic Concepts

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