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007620: STALL, GASPAR - Buddy Stall's New Orleans
007101: STALLARD, SCOTT - The Beauty of Bermuda
007309: STAMETS, PAUL - Mycomedicinals: An Informational Treatise on Mushrooms
007260: STANDING, KIM - Anita Goodesign Through the Years 2004 - 2013
005253: STANLEY, ARTHUR PENRHYN - Historical Memorials of Westminster Abbey. Vol 2
007067: STANTON, NORMA - Irving, Texas: Rails to Wings
007114: STAPLETON, ALAN - London Alleys, Byways and Courts
007096: STAPLETON, ALAN - London Lanes
007586: STARR, KEVIN - Golden Gate: The Life and Times of America's Greatest Bridge
006057: [NO AUTHOR STATED] - The Story of Real New England Inns; Showing Wherein the Weary Toiler May Enjoy the Beauty, Rest and Recreation of New England's Countryside at Moderate Cost.
005647: NO AUTHOR STATED - A Private View: American Paintings from the Manoogian Collection
005952: [NO AUTHOR STATED] - Intourist Map of the Soviet Union and Europe Showing Principle Transportation Connections
008283: STAUFFER, FRANK H. - The Queer, the Quaint, the Quizzical. A Cabinet for the Curious
006963: STEARN, WILLIAM T. - John Lindley (1799 - 1865)
008214: ALLEN STEELE - Spindrift
005048: STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR - Arctic Manual
007900: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Grapes of Wrath
007898: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Long Valley
005916: STENTZEL, JIM - EDITOR - More Than Witnesses: How a Small Group of Missionaries Aided Korea's Democratic Revolution.
006545: NEAL STEPHENSON - Reamde: A Novel
003563: MILTON R. STERN - The Fine Hammered Steel of Herman Melville
006232: MR YORICK [STERNE, LAWRENCE] - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
004527: MICHAEL STETTLER - Konigsfelden Farbenfenster Des XIV. Jahrhunderts [Stained Glass of the Early Fourteenth Century from the Church of Konigsfelden]
007609: STEVENS, WILLIAM OLIVER - The Shenandoah and Its Byways
006116: STEVENS, JOHN - Aikido: The Way of Harmony
005416: STEVENS, DOROTHY A. [COMPILED] - Table Talk and Tidbits: Stories and Recipes from Around the World
007213: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS - The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson in One Volume
008163: STEVENSON, GEORGE B. - Key Guide to Key West and the Florida Keys.
005125: BOLICK. JULIAN STEVENSON - The Return of the Gray Man and Georgetown Ghosts [Stories of the South Carolinian Low Country]
005127: BOLICK. JULIAN STEVENSON - Georgetown Ghosts [South Carolina Low Country]
001965: STEVENSON, ROBERT LEWIS - Treasure Island
003728: COURTNEY MCFARLANE; DEBBIE DOUGLAS; MAKEDA SILVERA; DOUGAS STEWART - Ma-Ka : Diasporic Juks: Contemporary Writing by Queers of African Descent
006114: FELLOWES, P.F.M.; BLACKER, L,V, STEWART; & ETHERTON, P.T.; (JOHN BUCHAN, FOREWORD) - First over Everest! : The Houston-Mount Everest Expedition, 1933. [Aviation]
005476: STILES, PAULINE - New Footprints in Old Places
006108: STINETORF, LOUISE A. - White Witch Doctor
007806: STIRLING, S. M. - The Sky People
005834: STOCKDALE, F. W. L. - Excursions in the County of Cornwall, Comprising a Concise Historical and Topographical Delineation of the Principal Towns and Villages, Together with Descriptions of the Residences of the Nobility and Gentry, Remains of Antiquity, and Every Other Interesting Object of Curiosity; Forming a Complete Guide for the Traveller and Tourist; Illustrated with Fifty Engravings, Including a Map of the County
002058: CHARLES FRANCIS STOCKING - The Identity of Douglas Bain
004119: STOCKTON, FRANK RICHARD. - The Adventures of Captain Horn
007319: STODDARD, JOHN L. - John L. Stoddard's Lectures [Complete Set]
006945: STONE, PAMELA - Opting out?: Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home
006334: STONE, DOUGLAS; PATTON, BRUCE; HEEN SHEILA - Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most
005827: STONE, IRVING - Lust for Life. A Novel Based on the Life of Vincent Van Gogh
006926: STONE, IRVING - Depths of Glory ; a Biographical Novel of Camille Pissarro
004602: STORTI, CRAIG - Speaking of India: Bridging the Communication Gap When Working with Indians
006800: REX STOUT - Fer-de-Lance and the League of Frightened Men (Large Print)
008065: STRACHEY, LYTTON - Eminent Victorians
007841: XENOPHON; EDITOR: ROBERT B. STRASSLER - The Landmark Xenophon's Hellenika
000248: STRAUSS, LEWIS L. - Men and Decisions
008208: STREETER, DANIEL W. - Denatured Africa
003914: STRICKLAND, WILLIAM J.;DUNNING, RAY H. - J.O. Mcclurkan: His Life, His Theology, & Selections from His Writings
007882: STRONG, JOHN - The Montaukett Indians of Eastern Long Island
001900: STROUSE, NORMAN H - The Lengthened Shadow
005505: STRUTT, JOSEPH (EDITED BY WILLIAM HONES) - The Sports and Pastimes of the People of England; Including the Rural and Domestic Recreations, May Games, Mummeries, Shows, Processions, Pegeants, and Pompous Spectacles, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time
008296: STUART, JAMES - Historical Memoirs of the City of Armagh: For a Period of 1373 Years, Comprising a Considerable Position of the General History of Ireland ; a... Antiquities, and Religion of the Irish Nation
005711: WORTH-STYLIANOU, VALERIE - Cassell's Contemporary French: A Handbook of Grammar, Current Usage, and Word Power
007559: SULLIVAN, A. M.; NUNAN, P. D.; JOYCE, P. W. - Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland
002518: FRANCIS WILLIAM SULLIVAN - Star of the North
006032: SULLIVAN, HARRY STACK - Conceptions of Modern Psychiatry . Part of the First William Alanson White Memorial Lectures
007352: JOHN SUMMERSON - Georgian London
006363: SUNUNU, JOHN H. - The Quiet Man: The Indispensable Presidency of George H.W. Bush
003738: SUSSEKIND, FLORA - Cinematograph of Words: Literature, Technique, and Modernization in Brazil
007854: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Yellow Phantom. A Judy Bolton Mystery #6
004713: SUTTON, MARGARET - A Shepherd Boy of Australia
007863: SUTTON, MARGARET - The Spirit of Fog Island #22
007606: SUTTON, ROBERT P. - Rivers, Railways, and Roads: A History of Henderson County, Illinois
003268: SUTTON, GEORGE - Glacier Island: The Official Account of the British South Georgia Expedition, 1954-1955
007425: SVEVO, ITALO - Zeno's Conscience (Everyman's Library)
004052: SWEARINGEN, JAMES E. - Reflexivity in Tristram Shandy: An Essay in Phenomenological Criticism
004197: SWENEY, JOHN R. - The Garner: Songs and Hymns for Sunday-Schools, Prayer Meetings, Temperance, and Gospel Meetings ; Together with Elementary Instruction and Exercises for Music Classes
001950: SWICK, THOMAS R. - Unquiet Days: At Home in Poland
003724: SWIFT, JONATHAN - Gulliver's Travels (Illustrated Junior Library)
007657: SWIFT, JONATHAN - The Poetical Works of Jonathan Swift [Volume 1 & 2 of 3]
003065: SWINTON, GEORGE - Sculpture of the Eskimo
004877: VIERECK, GEORGE SYLVESTER AND ELDRIDGE, PAUL - My First Two Thousand Years: The Autobiography of the Wandering Jew
007311: SYNAN, VINSON - Eyewitness Remembers the Century of the Holy Spirit
005729: KANE, HARNETT T. WITH HENRY, INEZ - Miracle in the Mountains: The Inspiring Story of Martha Berry's Crusade for the Mountain People of the South
007385: DELANEY, EDMUND T. & LOCKWOOD, CHARLES - Greenwich Village : A Photographic Guide
005373: TABIN, GEOFF [FORWARD SIR EDMUND HILLARY] - Blind Corners: Adventures on Seven Continents
007691: TALBOT, HAKE (PSEUDONYM OF HENNING NELMS) - Rim of the Pit: A Rogan Kincaid Story.
002294: TALLEY, SHARON - Ambrose Bierce and the Dance of Death
008179: TANIS, DAVID - A Platter of Figs and Other Recipes
007112: TAPERT, ANNETTE - The Power of Glamour: The Women Who Defined the Magic of Stardom
001828: TARKINGTON, BOOTH. - Claire Ambler
006672: TARSHINA, L YE - INTRODUCTION - Impressionists and Post-Impressionists
004505: TAURANAC, JOHN - Elegant New York: The Builders and the Buildings 1885-1915
005046: TAVENNER, BLAIR - Seeing California: A Guide to the State
005042: TAYLOR, BAYARD [PREFACE BY N. P. WILLIS] - Views a-Foot or Europe Seen with Knapsack & Staff
005846: TAYLOR, BAYARD [PREFACE BY N. P. WILLIS] - Views a-Foot or Europe Seen with Knapsack & Staff
007635: TAYLOR, ALICE - Book Arts of Isfahan: Diversity and Identity in Seventeenth Century Persia
002024: GILETTE ZIEGLER TRANSLATED BY SIMON WATSON TAYLOR - At the Court of Versailles Eyewitness Reports from the Reign of Louis XIV
008162: TEBEAU, CHARLTON W. - Man in the Everglades. 2000 Years of Human History
006878: TEEL, ROGER - This Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly, and Happily
007041: TEMPLE, SIR RICHARD CARNAC - The World Encompassed and Analogous Contemporary Documents Concerning Sir Francis Drake's Circumnavigation of the World with an Appreciation of Achievement by Sir Richard Carnac Temple.
003776: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Enoch Arden and Other Poems
000336: TENNYSON, ALFRED LORD - Enoch Arden and Other Poems
006376: TERRES, JOHN K. - Songbirds in Your Garden
006816: TERRY, WALLACE - Bloods: An Oral History of the Vietnam War by Black Veterans
005843: TEXIER, EDMOND - Voyage Pittoresque En Hollande Et En Belgique
007015: THEROUX, PAUL - O-Zone
008040: THEROUX, PAUL - Half Moon Street: Two Short Novels
007587: LOWELL THOMAS JR. - Famous First Flights That Changed History: Sixteen Dramatic Adventures (Explorers Club Classic) (2004 Facsimile of 1968 Edition)
008247: THOMAS, GEOFFREY - Ernest C. Reisinger: A Biography
005394: THOMPSON, A. M. - Japan for a Week (Britain for Ever)
005096: THOMPSON, MAURICE. - Alice of Old Vincennes.
006276: THOMPSON, HUNTER S. - The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman 1955-1967: Vol 1 (Fear and Loathing Letters/Hunter S. Thompson, Vol 1)
006921: THOMSON, WILLIAM P. L. - The New History of Orkney
005506: [A. THOMSON] - Border Reminiscences: Annals of Thornlea
005975: COMMISSIONER GENERAL VILHJALMUR THOR - Iceland in the New York World's Fair 1939
007277: THOREAU, HENRY DAVID - Thoreau: Walden / the Maine Woods / a Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers / CIVIL Disobedience
008098: THORPE, CARLYLE - A Journey to the Walnut Sections of Europe and Asia
006831: THULL, JEFF - Exceptional Selling: How the Best Connect and Win in High Stakes Sales
006265: THURSTON, BARATUNDE - How to Be Black
007725: THWAITE, ANN - A.A. Milne : The Man Behind Winnie-the-Pooh
006803: TILLYARD, ANGELA - The Land and People of Yugoslavia
007574: TILMAN, H. W. - Ice with Everything
007572: TILTON, ELEANER M. - Amiable Autocrat. A Biography of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes
005680: TINDAL, NICHOLAS - "a New Map of England, Scotland and Ireland"
003557: TINTEROW, GARY; LACAMBRE, GENEVIEVE; MUSEE D'ORSAY; ROLDAN, DEBORAH L. - Manet/Velazquez: The French Taste for Spanish Painting
002922: TODD, JANET M. - Women's Friendship in Literature
003109: TOLAND, JOHN - Gods of War
007578: TOLLEY, KEMP - Yangtze Patrol: The U.S. Navy in China
007694: TOLSON, JAY - Pilgrim in the Ruins: A Life of Walker Percy
007215: TOLSTOI, LEO - The Works of Leo Tolstoi: One Volume Edition
008124: TOLSTOY, LEO - War and Peace
001078: TOMKINS, CALVIN - Intermission
000534: TOMLINSON, H. M. - Waiting for Daylight
007415: TONE, JOHN LAWRENCE - The Fatal Knot: The Guerrilla War in Navarre and the Defeat of Napoleon in Spain
007598: TOOKER, HELEN V. - Tours Puerto Rico
005606: GEORGE TOPPING & JOHN J. POTTER - Memories of Old Carlisle
006417: TOROPOV, BRANDON; BUCKLES, FATHER LUKE - The Complete Idiot's Guide to World Religions, 3rd Edition
005273: TORR, CECIL - Small Talk at Wreyland [Devon, England] Third Series
002808: ARTHUR BERNON TOURTELLOT - The Charles [Rivers of America]
007887: TOURTILLOTT, SUZANNE J.E.(EDITOR) - 400 Polymer Clay Designs: A Collection of Dynamic & Colorful Contemporary Work (500 Series)
006726: TOWNSEND, CHARLES - San Antonio Rose: The Life and Music of Bob Wills
006656: TOYNBEE, ARNOLD J. - The German Terror in France
005530: TOZIER, JOSEPHINE - A Spring Fortnight in France
007874: PLUTARCH; [DRYDEN TRANSLATION] - Plutarch: Selected Lives
001140: MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE [IVES TRANSLATION] - The Essays of Michel de Montaigne - Handbook
006040: LUIS TRELLES - Trelles Cabarrocas Architects
004118: RICHARD CHENEVIX TRENCH - Synonyms of the New Testament "Being the Substance of a Course of Lectures Addressed to the Theological Students, King's College, London".
008012: TRIGEORGIS, LENOS - Real Options: Managerial Flexibility and Strategy in Resource Allocation
008051: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite
004263: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - Barchester Towers
007001: TROWELL, MARGARET; NEVERMANN, HANS - African and Oceanic Art
006855: TRUPP, PHILIP Z. - Sea of Dreamers: Travels with Famous Ocean Explorers
006941: TUCKER, TERRY - The Islands of Bermuda ; Each Isle and Islet's Indivigual Story.
007947: TUNG, ANTHONY MAX - Preserving the World's Great Cities: The Destruction and Renewal of the Historic Metropolis
005593: TUPPER, MARTIN F. - Proverbial Philosophy in Four Series Now First Complete Including the Fiftieth Edition of the Two Series.
008129: TURGENEV, IVAN - Fathers and Sons
006861: TURNER, W. J. - INTRODUCTION AND EDITOR. - A Pictorial Guide to Many Lands the British Commonwealth and Empire
007312: TURNER, RALPH - Gerald Coates Pioneer
007017: TUROW, SCOTT - Personal Injuries
000726: TUROW, SCOTT - Personal Injuries
007016: TUROW, SCOTT - Pleading Guilty
007828: TWELLS, ALISON - British Women's History: A Documentary History from the Enlightenment to World War I (International Library of Historical Studies)
006852: DAVID MEEK; TOM TYRELL - Manchester United in Europe : The Complete Journey 1956 - 2001
007329: ULLMAN, B. L.; HENRY, E.NORMAN - New Elementary Latin for Junior and Senior High Schools
004191: ULLMAN, JAMES RAMSEY. - Fia Fia a Novel of the South Pacific
000323: ULLMANN, LIV - EDITOR - Letter to My Grandchild
005750: ULMANN, ALBERT - A Landmark History of New York: Including a Guide to Commemorative Sites and Monuments
004789: AUTHOR UNCREDITED - The Tootle Bird and the Brontos
002025: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY - Christo Oceanfront
006162: [UNKNOW] - 24 Unused Postcards of Loches, France Attached in a Booklet Circa 1901
006159: [UNKNOWN] - Your Home in Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region
006065: [AUTHOR UNKNOWN] - Souvenir Views of Quebec City, Canada.
006477: [UNKNOWN] - Route of the Mayas (Knopf Guides)
005658: [UNKNOWN] - Manual of Seamanship Volume 1
007661: [UNKNOWN] - The Highway to the Orient
008133: [UNKNOWN] - Pictorial Guide of Fuji-Hakone National Park. (Map Title: Fuji (Huzi) - Hakone National Park, Japan).
004915: [AUTHOR UNKNOWN] - The Heart of Alaska: Fairbanks.
006181: [UNKNOWN] - How to Serve Fresh Pineapple
004310: [UNKNOWN] - The Groans of the Gallows! or a Sketch of the Past & Present Life of Wm. Calcraft the English Handman! Commonly Called Jack Ketch.
008134: [UNKNOWN] - Raymond Whitcomb Cruises: West Indies February 1917
006186: [AUTHOR UNKNOWN] - Rural London : The Chalfont Country and the Thames Valley. Their Historic Landmarks and Residential Advantages.
008136: {UNKNOWN] - Heart Island: Its Castle and Towers
005610: AUTHOR UNKNOWN. - Through the Trossachs [Scotland; Travel Guide. ]
006174: [AUTHOR UNKNOWN] - Maine Offers the Land of Remembered Vacations
007376: [UNKNOWN] - A Pictorial and Descriptive Guide to London and Its Environs
006062: [UNKNOWN] - For Your Trip to Italy [Pre-World War II Italy Travel Brochure and Color Map]
007391: [UNKNOWN] - Ricordo Di Firenze [Memory of Florence]
005327: [UNKNOWN] - Travel Tours Summer Vacation Trips 1938
006158: [UNKNOWN] - Ricordo Di Milano [Record of Milan, Italy]
006718: [UNKNOWN] - New York Album
008068: AUTHOR UNSPECIFIED - Seaside Watering Places: A Description of Holiday Resorts on the Coasts of England and Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, Including the Gayest and the Quietest Places.
004579: JOHN UPDIKE - "S" a Novel
007336: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Widows of Eastwick
004508: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Witches of Eastwick
004584: UPDIKE, JOHN - Rabbit at Rest
008035: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Widows of Eastwick
003768: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Widows of Eastwick
007014: UPDIKE, JOHN - Memories of the Ford Administration
004506: UPDIKE, JOHN - Bech Is Back
006643: UPDIKE, JOHN - The Early Stories: 1953-1975
005635: UPHAM, THOMAS C. - Life, Religious Opinions and Experience of Madame Guyon. Including an Account of the Personal History and Religious Opinions of Fenelon, Archbishop of Cambray. Edited and Revised by an English Clergyman. New Edition, with "Contents" Added.
005705: RENE GASCONNY; ALBERT URDEZO - Astérix - Asterix Et Latraviata (French Edition)
006667: VACHON, JOHN - Poland, 1946: The Photographs and Letters of John Vachon
006580: VALENTINE, JAMES - Florida: Images of the Landscape
007266: VALENTINE, J. MANSON - Discovery and Possible Significance of X-Kukican, Ancient Mayan Site
007690: VANCE, JACK - The Compleat Dying Earth
005362: VANSTORY, BURNETTE (LIGHTLE) - Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles
007256: VANZANT, IYANLA - Interiors: A Black Woman's Healing in Progress
007627: VARIOUS - The New English Bible. New Testament
007397: VARIOUS - The New English Bible. New Testament
006668: VEITH, GENE EDWARD; VEITH, GENE - Painters of Faith
007303: VELARDE, ROBERT - The Wisdom of Pixar: An Animated Look at Virtue
005020: VELHO, ÁLVARO. - Roteiro Da Primeira Viagem de Vasco de Gama (1497 - 1499).
006576: VELLA, MARK - Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training
007640: VERSCHOOR, GERD - Beyond Flowers: Collecting & Arranging Natural Objects
006975: VIELE, JOHN - The Florida Keys: A History of the Pioneers
007207: DE VIGNY, ALFRED; BOISSIER, GASTON - PREFACE - The Immortals Series. Cinq Mars, (Vol II)
007669: VILLIERS, ALAN - The Coral Sea
008077: VINING, ELIZABETH GRAY - Return to Japan
006443: VISKI, KAROLY - Hungarian Peasant Customs
005022: VLASTOS, GREGORY - Socratic Studies
003960: VOLAIRE - Candide or Optimism
005340: VOLKOGONOV, DMITRI - Lenin: A New Biography
007406: VONNEGUT, KURT; DANIEL SIMON (EDITOR) - A Man without a Country
007718: VORSE, MARY HEATON - The Breaking in of a Yachtsman's Wife
004501: MARION VUILLEUMIER - EDITOR - From the Vikings to Vonnegut: A Cape Cod Reader
006348: BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES - Australia for the Visitor
007164: WALFORD, MRS. L. B. - A Little Legacy & Other Stories
006886: WALKER, DANTON - Danton Walker's Guide to New York Nitelife
005112: WALLIS, NEVILE: EDITOR; HOLBROOK JACKSON: ESSAY - Fin de Siècle: A Selection of Late 19th Century Literature and Art Chosen by Nevile Wallace; with a Note on the Period by Holbrook Jackson
007696: WALSER, RICHARD GAITHER - Thomas Wolfe Undergraduate
007668: WALTER, ELLERY - The World on One Leg
008069: WALTHER, ING; WOLF, NORBERT - Masterpieces of Illumination: The World's Most Famous Manuscripts 400 to 1600
002770: MRS. HUMPHRY WARD - The Coryston Family
006141: WARNER, ESTHER - Seven Days to Lomaland
007374: WARNER, CHARLES F. : EDITOR - Picturesque Hampden: Part II West [Holyoke and the Western Half of the County]
005464: WARNER, ESTHER - New Song in a Strange Land. [Liberia, West Africa]
002286: ROBERT PENN WARREN - All the Kings Men
006979: WARREN, WILLIAM; INVERNIZZI, LUCA - The Tropical Garden
005987: WARREN, ROBERT PENN - A Place to Come to
007084: WASIK, JOHN F. - The Merchant of Power: Sam Insull, Thomas Edison, and the Creation of the Modern Metropolis
005433: WATERS, W. G. (TRANS.). - The Italian Novelists. Now First Translated Into English. Choicely Illustrated by E.R. Hughes. In Seven Volumes
007712: WATKINS, MARTYN BOURNE - British Sports Cars Siince the War
007032: WATSON, S. J. - Before I Go to Sleep
008130: WATSON, DON - Indians of the Mesa Verde
005833: WATT, MRS. STUART. - In the Heart of Savagedom
007967: WAUGH, JACK - Reelecting Lincoln: The Battle for the 1864 Presidency
006436: WAUGH, EVELYN - Put out More Flags
007790: WEBER, NICHOLAS FOX - The Bauhaus Group: Six Masters of Modernism
006356: WEIDENSAUL, SCOTT - Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year--Mid-Atlantic
003378: MARLI F. WEINER (EDITOR) - Of Place and Gender: Women in Maine History
006599: WEISER, JUDY - Phototherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums (Jossey Bass Social and Behavioral Science Series)
004133: DR. BERNHARD WEISS - The Life of Christ Vol 3 [of 3 Volume Set] Clark's Foreign Theological Library
005828: WEITENKAMPF, FRANK - Manhattan Kaleidoscope. A Genteel Rambling Account of the New York Scene 1870-1945.
005905: BRYAN WELCH - Beautiful and Abundant: Building the World We Want
006207: WELLER, ANTHONY - Days and Nights on the Grand Trunk Road
005897: WELLMAN, PAUL I. - Glory, God and Gold. A Narrative History
007501: WELLS, WALTER - The Water-Power of Maine
007848: WELTY, EUDORA - Losing Battles
006705: WELTY, EUDORA - On Writing
007849: WELTY, EUDORA - One Time, One Place: Mississippi in the Depression
007615: WELTY, EUDORA - Morgana: Two Stories from ˜the Golden Apples"
006983: WENNIGER, MARY ANN - Secrets of Buying Art: Original Prints and Reproductions
002916: EDWARD NOYES WESCOTT - David Harum; a Story of an American Life
001573: WESSEL, JOHN - Pretty Ballerina: A Novel
003681: WESTLING, LOUISE - Sacred Groves and Ravaged Gardens: The Fiction of Eudora Welty, Carson Mccullers, and Flannery O'Connor
006934: WEYGANDT, CORNELIUS - Tuesdays at Ten; a Recalling of Old Hours for Pennsylvania Men - Concrete Illustrations, Tangents & Asides
006058: OLIN DUNBAR WHEELER - Eastward Through the Storied Northwest [Northern Pacific Railway]
008081: ROLT-WHEELER, FRANCIS - The Polar Hunters
007029: WHITE, RANDY WAYNE - An American Traveler: True Tales of Adventure, Travel, and Sport
006209: WHITE, DAN - Crosscurrents in Quiet Waters: Portraits of the Chesapeake
007160: WHITE, GILBERT - The Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne
008019: WHITE, EDMUND - Our Paris: Sketches from Memory
007453: WHITE, GILBERT; BURROUGHS, JOHN: INTRODUCTION - Natural History of Selborne & Observations on Nature
006294: WHITE, MICHAEL - Acid Tongues and Tranquil Dreamers: Tales of Bitter Rivalry That Fueled the Advancement of Science and Technology
007351: WHITING, LILIAN - The Lure of London
002544: WHITNEY, A. D. T. MRS. [ADELINE DUTTON TRAIN] - Hitherto: A Story of Yesterdays
007510: WIBBERLEY, LEONARD - Toward a Distant Island: A Sailor's Odyssey.
001994: WIER, DARA - Hat on a Pond
003440: WIGGIN, KATE DOUGLAS - Susanna and Sue
008217: WILBERFORCE, ARCHIBALD - Spain and Her Colonies
007211: WILDE, OSCAR - The Works of Oscar Wilde
007955: WILDER, LAURA INGALLS ; HILL, PAMELA SMITH - EDITOR - Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography
004359: WILEY, JACK - Modifying Fiberglass Boats
008121: WILL, LAWRENCE E. - A Dredgeman of Cape Sable
008302: ROBERTSON WILLIAM & PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. - The History of the Emperor Charles the Fifth with an Account of the Emperor's Life After His Abdication, by W.H. Prescott (3 Volumes Complete)
004202: WILLIAMS, GUY R. - The World of Model Ships and Boats
000353: WILLIAMS, JAY - The Witches
006689: WILLIAMS, J. RODMAN - Renewal Theology: Salvation, the Holy Spirit, and Christian Living
006688: WILLIAMS, J. RODMAN - Renewal Theology: God, the World and Redemption : Systematic Theology from a Charismatic Perspective
003739: WILLIAMSON, THAD; IMBROSCIO, DAVID; ALPEROVITZ, GAR - Making a Place for Community : Local Politics in a Globalized World
007833: WILLIAMSON, JACK - Darker Than You Think
004672: WILMERDING, JOHN - The Artist's Mount Desert: American Painters on the Maine Coast
007726: WILSON, ANDREW - Beautiful Shadow: A Life of Patricia Highsmith
008267: WILSON, KENNETH M. - Mt. Washington and Pairpoint Glass: Encompassing the History of the Mt. Washington
000830: WILSTACH, PAUL - Tidewater Virginia
007946: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded
004696: WIND, JAMES P.; LEWIS, JAMES W. - American Congregations, Volume 1: Portraits of Twelve Religious Communities
007842: WINDHORN, STAN; LANGLEY, WRIGHT - Yesterday's Florida Keys
007738: WINSTON, ROBERT WATSON - It's a Far Cry
001168: WISHNIA, K. J. A. - 23 Shades of Black
008060: WISTRICH, ROBERT SOLOMON - Hitler and the Holocaust
008257: WOLF, ALLAN - New Found Land: Lewis and Clark's Voyage of Discovery
006724: WOLFE, R.J. - Early American Music Engraving and Printing: History of Music Publishing in America from 1787 to 1825 with Commentary on Earlier and Later Practices (Music in American Life)
004530: MARK WOLFF & TONY NOURMAND - Hitchcock Poster Art Hardcover
007444: WOOD, MICHAEL - Go an Extra Mile: The Adventures and Reflections of a Flying Doctor.
006506: WOOD, J.P. - Nose Art: 80 Years of Aviation Artwork
007353: WOODWARD, KATHLEEN - Jipping Street, Childhood in a London Slum.
007457: WOODWARD, DAVID R. - Lloyd George and the Generals
003837: WOOLDRIDGE, EMILY; FOREWORD BY LAURENCE IRVING. - The Wreck of the Maid of Athens Being the Journal of Emily Woolridge 1869 -1870
007496: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Three Guineas
007478: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Death of the Moth and Other Essays
007562: WOOLF, VIRGINIA; GUIGUET, JEAN: PREFACE - Contemporary Writers
007372: WORTLEY, LADY EMMELINE STUART - Travels in the United States, Etc. During 1849 and 1850.
006802: CHRIS WOTTON, JOHN HUGHES - Collectors Guide to Myth and Magic
008311: [WRIGHT, WILLIAM] DE QUILLE, DAN, PSEUD.TWAIN, MARK - History of the Big Bonanza: An Authentic Account of the Discovery, History, and Working of the World Renowned Comstock Silver Lode of Nevada...
001268: WRIGHT, EDWARD - The Silver Face
005930: WYETH, ANDREW; WILMERDING, JOHN - The Helga Pictures
008003: VAN WYK, HELEN - Color Mixing the Van Wyk Way: A Manual for Oil Painters
003213: FUMIHIKO MAKI, TSUKASA YAMASHITA AND YUKIO FUTAGAWA - Contemporary Architects Series: Paul Rudolph, Japanese Edition (Contemporary Architects Series)
005989: EDITED BY AVRAHIM YARMOLINSKY - The Poems, Prose and Plays of Puskin [Giant Modern Library, G-62]
006499: YEATMAN, TED P. - Frank and Jesse James
006868: YEE, CHIANG ; FORWARD BY VAN WYCK BROOKS - The Silent Traveller in New York
004038: YELIN, JOY - Recipes for Improvisation (Keyboard Games for Pianists of All Ages)
007486: YEO, MARGARET - The Greatest of the Borgias
007436: YIN, ROBERT - Beneath Philippine Seas
004138: YOUNG, DINSDALE T. - Neglected People of the Bible
005461: YOUNG, CHARLES V. P. [EDITOR]. - Cornell in Pictures: 1868-1954
002846: ZAFRAN, ERIC M.; ZAFRAN, ERIC; RESENDEZ, SYDNEY; RORHKOPF, KATHERINE - French Paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Artists Born Before 1790
007701: ZERLER, KATHRYN - Talk of the Towns: Stories from Southwest Michigan
003555: ZIMMERMAN, DALE A.; TURNER, DONALD A.; PEARSON, DAVID J. - Birds of Kenya and Northern Tanzania
002487: ZOLA, EMILE - Doctor Pascal

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