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006088: HERMAN, SARAH - A Million Little Bricks: The Unofficial Illustrated History of the Lego Phenomenon
007424: HERNANDEZ, RAFAEL - Looking at Cuba: Essays on Culture and CIVIL Society
008362: HERNDON, WILLIAM H.; WEIK, JESSE W. - Herndon's Lincoln (Knox College Lincoln Studies Center)
008541: HERRNSTEIN, RICHARD J. ; MURRAY, CHARLES - Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life (a Free Press Paperbacks Book)
005062: HERSEY, JOHN - The Child Buyer
007187: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Kon-Tiki
007146: HEYERDAHL, THOR - Aku-Aku
007348: HIBBERD, STUART - This Is London
007521: HIGGINS, IAIN MACLEOD - Writing East: The Travels of Sir John Mandeville
001279: HIJUELOS, OSCAR - Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love
004447: HILL, HERBERT - EDITOR - Soon One Morning. New Writing by American Negroes, 1940 - 1962
007099: HILL, IAN - Northern Ireland
008374: LAURA HILLENBRAND - Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
005758: HILLER, HERBERT L. - Florida... Beyond the Blue Horizon
008524: HILLS, GEORGE W. - John Bull, Limited
006910: HINKSON, PAMELA - Irish Gold
007999: HINTON, SAM - Seashore Life of Southern California
006512: HISCOCK, ERIC C. - Cruising Under Sail
006807: ERIC C. HISCOCK - Around the World in Wanderer III
004669: HITCHCOCK, BARBARA - Sanctuary: Anna Tomczak, Photographer
008378: HITCHCOCK, ALFRED - Portraits of Murder: 47 Short Stories Chosen by the Master of Suspense
008276: HOAGLAND, DEENA - Breaths That Count: The True Story of a Boy, a Dolphin and Their Remarkable Friendship
003269: SVEN HOFFMANN - Waterplaces: Aqua Globalis (Gebundene Ausgabe)
000330: HOFMANN, WERNER - Panorama Einer Vergangenheit: Die Ersten Dreibig Jahre 1840-1870. Photographie I
005420: JACKSON HOLBROOK, - The Eighteen Nineties: A Review of Art and Ideas at Close on 19th Century
006742: HOLCOMBE, CHARLES - Genesis of East Asia, 221 B.C. - A.D. 907
003228: HOLLANDER, MARTHA - The Game of Statues
001853: ROBERT CORTES HOLLIDAY - Walking Stick Papers
008597: RICHARD L. HOLM - The Craft We Chose: My Life in the Cia
007342: HOLMES, MARTIN - Elizabethan London
004435: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes. [Household Edition]
006810: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table Everyman's Library # 66
000453: HOLROYD, MICHAEL - Lytton Strachey. A Critical Biography. Vol 1: The Unknown Years, Vol 2: The Years of Achievement.
008200: HOMANS, JAMES E. - Self-Propelled Vehicles : A Practical Treatise on the Theory, Construction, Operation, Care and Management of All Forms of Automobiles
007577: HOPE, ANTHONY - The Prisoner of Zenda: Being the History of Three Months in the Life of an English Gentleman
008080: HOPKIRK, PETER - Trespassers on the Roof of the World: The Secret Exploration of Tibet
004299: HOPPEN, KELLY - In Touch: Texture in Design (Conran Octopus Interiors)
008448: HORNBY, JANE - What to Cook & How to Cook It
008405: HORNE, WILL - Tales of the Tamiami Trail
006335: HORNUNG, PAUL - Woody Hayes: A Reflection
002520: EDWARD A. HORTON - EDITOR - Noble Lives and Noble Deeds Forty Lessons by Various Writers Illustrating Christian Character
005162: HORTON, BYRNE J. - Dictionary of Modern Chess
001187: HOTCHNER, A. E. - Papa Hemingway: A Personal Memoir
008254: HOURANI, ALBERT - A History of the Arab Peoples
008382: KIMSEY-HOUSE, HENRY ; KAREN KIMSEY-HOUSE; LAURA WHITWORTH; PHILLIP SANDAHL - Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and, Life
007278: HOWARD, M. J. - New York: The Growth of the City
005953: ANGELA HOWELL - Finding the Gift: Daily Meditations for Mindfulness
007382: HOWGEGO, JAMES L. - The Victorian and Edwardian City of London from Old Photographs
005935: FENG-HSIUNG HSU - Behind Deep Blue: Building the Computer That Defeated the World Chess Champion
004030: HUBBARD, ELBERT. - Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Geniuses. 3 Issues. George Eliot; Parnell; John Ruskin.
004003: HUBBARD, ELBERT. - Little Journeys to Homes of Great Musicians. Volume Nine, New Series.
003416: HUBBARD, ETHAN - Journey to Ollantaytambo: In the Sacred Valley of the Incas
004865: HUBBARD, L. RON - An Alien Affair: Mission Earth, Vol 4 [Uncorrected Proof]
004013: HUBBARD, ELBERT. - Little Journeys to Homes of English Authors: Thomas B. Macaulay.
004994: HUDDLESTON, SISLEY - Europe in Zigzags, Social, Artistic, Literary, and Political Affairs on the Continent
007356: HUDSON, PARKER - Ten Lies and Ten Truths: Stories Illuminating America Today
004262: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions
004528: HUDSON, W.H. - Green Mansions
006307: SEBAG-MONTEFIORE HUGH - Enigma: The Battle for the Code
004894: THOMAS HUGHES, (AN OLD BOY) - Tom Brown at Oxford & Tom Brown's School Days at Rugby [Columbus Series]
007746: HUGHES, DAVID W. - The Star of Bethlehem: An Astronomer's Confirmation
007743: HUGHES, GERALD - Colorful Barbados
007216: HUGO, VICTOR - The Works of Victor Hugo: One Volume Edition
008056: HUGO, VICTOR - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
008320: HUMBOLDT, ALEXANDER - The Island of Cuba with Notes and a Preliminary Essay by J.S. Thrasher.
007206: HUME, H. HAROLD - The Cultivation of Citrus Fruits
005316: HUNT, JOHN - Our Everest Adventure. A Pictorial History from Kathmandu to the Summit
008001: HUNTER, DOUGLAS - Half Moon: Henry Hudson and the Voyage That Redrew the Map of the New World
001169: HUNTER, JESSIE - One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
008264: HUNTLEY, ELIZABETH VALENTINE - Peninsula Pilgrimage
005878: HURLEY, FRANK - Pearls and Savages: Adventures in the Air, on Land and Sea in New Guinea.
005041: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - Canada Tomorrow's Giant. A New Nation and People
005986: HUTCHISON, BRUCE - The Incredible Canadian. A Candid Portrait of Mackenzie King, His Works, His Times, and His Nation
007686: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Brave New World Revisited
006290: ELIZABETH I; ELIZABETH I. - Elizabeth I: Collected Works
007542: IAN, JANIS - Who Really Cares: Poems from Childhood and Early Youth
001538: IBSEN, HENRIK - Peer Gynt
007217: IBSEN, HENRIK - The Works of Henrik Ibsen: One Volume Edition
004947: LT. COL. ROBERT J. ICKS, EDITED BY PHILLIP ANDREWS - Tanks and Armored Vehicles, 1900-1945
004688: [EDITOR NOT IDENTIFIED] - Painters of Peconic: Edith Prellwitz (1864-1944) & Henry Prellwitz (1865-1940)
007043: IDRIESS, JON L. - Men of the Jungle
007958: INDELICATO, M.J. - Guitar Man: Six Strings of Separation
006312: INDRIDASON, ARNALDUR - Outrage: An Inspector Erlendur Novel (an Inspector Erlendur Series)
008526: INGALLS, J. F. - EDITOR - Ingalls' Home and Art Magazine. Volume III November 1889 to October 1890, Inclusive.
003167: INNES, HAMMON - The Doomed Oasis. A Novel of Arabia
008156: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Tales of the Alhambra
004488: [SHAKESPEARE] HENRY IRVING & FRANK A. MARSHALL - EDITORS - The Works of William Shakespeare. Volumes 1 - 4 [of 8]
004932: IRVING, LAURENCE - A Selection of Principal Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation by Richard Hakluyt 1552-1616 : Set out with Many Embellishments and a Preface
000691: IRVING, WASHINGTON - History of New York (Dietrich Knickerbocker's)
007960: ISAACSON, WALTER - Benjamin Franklin: An American Life
006570: ISRAELI, RAPHAEL - Green Crescent over Nazareth: The Displacement of Christians by Muslims in the Holy Lan
007253: IYER, RAGHAVAN - The Moral and Political Thought of Mahatma Gandhi
007359: LOFTIE W. J. - The Colour of London. Historical, Personal, & Local
008111: HANNA, ALFRED JACKSON & KATHRYN ABBY - Lake Okeechobee: Wellspring of the Everglades
001762: JACKSON, TONY E. - The Technology of the Novel: Writing and Narrative in British Fiction
006454: JACKSON, JULIAN - France: The Dark Years, 1940-1944
005707: JACOBS, MICHAEL - The Most Beautiful Villages of Provence (the Most Beautiful Villages)
006213: JAHODA, GLORIA - River of the Golden Ibis [Hillsborough River. Tampa]
006556: JAITLY, JAYA; SAHAI, KAMAL - Crafts of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh
006183: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - New Mexico : The Land of Delight Makers.
006450: JAMES, HENRY INTRODUCTION: HEYWOOD CROUN - The Turn of the Screw; Includes the Story: The Lesson of the Master.
006185: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - Arizona : The Wonderland
007781: JAMES, GEORGE WHARTON - In and Around the Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in Arizona
005527: JAMES, GEORGE WARTON - Our American Wonderlands
005845: JAMES, GEORGE WARTON - In and out of the Old Missions of California. An Historical and Pictorial Account of the Franciscan Missions
008479: JEDRZEJEWICZ, WACLAW - Pilsudski: A Life for Poland
007764: JENKINS, TAMARA - The Savages: The Shooting Script (Newmarket Shooting Scripts)
006393: JENKINS, SIMON - A Short History of England: The Glorious Story of a Rowdy Nation
005199: MICHAEL JENKINSON - Wild Rivers of North America : Running Our Magnificent Wilderness Rivers by Canoe, Kayak or Raft
005873: JENNER, THOMAS - That Goodly Mountain and Lebanon Being the Narrative of a Ride Through the Countries of Judea, Samaria, and Galilee Into Syria in the Month of August 1872 with Youhannah El Karey of Nablus
002354: R. SOAME JENYNS & WILLIAM WATSON - Chinese Art the Minor Arts: Gold, Sliver, Bronze, Cloisonne, Cantonese Enamel, Lacquer, Furniture, Wood
007124: JESSE, JOHN HENEAGE - Memoirs of the Court of England : Literary and Historical Memorials of London
005496: ST. JOHN, J.A. - Egypt and Nubia; Their Scenery and Their People. Being Incidents of History and Travel, from the Best and the Most Recent Authorities, Including J.L. Burckhardt and Lord Lindsay.
005344: DUKE OF SAINT-SIMON [TRANSLATION: BAYLE ST. JOHN] - Memoirs of Louis XIV and the Regency Volume II & III [of 3]
008031: HUNT, JOHN & HILLARY, SIR EDMUND - The Conquest of Everest
007339: JOHN, J. - Proclaiming Christmas: 40 Timeless Talks and Sermons
007338: JOHN, J. - Pilgrim: John Bunyan's the Pilgrim's Progress a Contemporary Retelling
004873: GLOAG, JOHN AND C.T. WALKER. - Home Life in History: Social Life and Manners in Britain 200 B.C. - A.D. 1926.
007337: JOHN, J. - The Natural Evangelism Course
007355: JOHN, J.; WALLEY, CHRIS - The Life: A Portrait of Jesus
005633: FOTHERGILL. JOHN - An Innkeeper's Diary
004114: JOHNS, CHRISTINA J.; JOHNSON, P. WARD - State Crime, the Media, and the Invasion of Panama (Praeger Series in Criminology and Crime Control Policy)
006094: JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. - Crane Music: A Natural History of Cranes
006187: JOHNSON, KIM "HOWARD - The First 28 Years of Monty Python, Revised Edition
005730: JOHNSON, DOROTHY M. (1905-1984) - The Bloody Bozeman: The Perilous Trail to Montana's Gold
006483: JOHNSON, PAUL - Art: A New History
005605: JOHNSON, CLIFTON - Highways and Byways of the Great Lakes.
006865: JOHNSON, CAPTAIN IRVING - Round the Horn in a Square Rigger
008581: ALEXA JOHNSTON - Reaching the Summit: Edmund Hillary's Life of Adventure (Dk Biography)
004173: JOHNSTON, RANDOLPH WARDELL - Randolph Wardell Johnston: Feel Intensely, Imagine Vividly, Control Precisely
008230: JOHNSTON, JAMES F. W. - The Use of Lime in Agriculture
004029: JONES, CHARLES P.; TUTTLE, DONALD L.; HEATON, CHERRILL, P. - Jones Essentials of Modern Investments.
007115: JONES, JAMES A. - The Romance of London's River
006011: JONES, JOHN PHILIP - How Advertising Works: The Role of Research
007966: JONES, PETER - Ove Arup: Masterbuilder of the Twentieth Century
007618: JONES, TRISTAN - Heart of Oak
002601: BRADLEY JONES - Elements of Practical Aerodynamics
004222: JONES, PHIL - The Horse People: A Social Documentary
007553: JONG, ERICA - Fear of Dying
006569: JORDAN, JENNIFER - Savage Summit: The True Stories of the First Five Women Who Climbed K2, the World's Most Feared Mountain
002395: JORDON, HUMFREY - Finished with Engines
002394: JORDON, HUMFREY - Not So Easy
002396: JORDON, HUMFREY - Broken Link Holds
002397: JORDON, HUMFREY - Spoiling for Mischief
004369: MONTANER, JOSEP & OLIVERAS, JORDI - Museums of the Last Generation
004542: JOSEPH, GILBERT M.; SZUCHMAN, MARK D. - I Saw a City Invincible: Urban Portraits of Latin America (Jaguar Books on Latin America)
008368: CONRAD JOSEPH - Nostromo (Everyman's Library)
008460: GATES JR., HENRY LOUIS - Colored People: A Memoir
007904: RESTON JR., JAMES - Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade
007543: STILL JR., WILLIAM N. - Crisis at Sea: The United States Navy in European Waters in World War I
008097: JUDD, ALFRED - The Conquest of the Poles
006104: JUNGE, WERNER; TRANSLATED BY BASIL CREIGHTON - Bolahun, an African Adventure. A Doctor Pits Science Against Jungle Witchcraft.
007742: COLLETT, ROSEMARY K. WITH CHARLIE BRIGGS - My Orphans of the Wild. Rescue and Home Care of Native Wildlife
007972: KAHN, ASHLEY - Kind of Blue: The Making of the Miles Davis Masterpiece
008421: KALTMAN, AL - Cigars, Whiskey & Winning: Leadership Lessons from Ulysses S. Grant
006942: KAMENETZ, RODGER - Burnt Books: Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav and Franz Kafka
008424: KANDEL, ERIC R - In Search of Memory: The Emergence of a New Science of Mind
006607: KANE, HARNETT T. - Plantation Parade the Grand Manner in Louisiana.
007522: KANE, JOE - Running the Amazon
005546: KANE, JOHN FRANCIS, EDITOR - Picturesque America: An Illustrated Volume with Descriptive Text, Especially Prepared for Park and Playground Sections, and Some Selections from Well Known Authors Expressing the Varied Appeal of out-Door Life in America.
008093: KANON, JOSEPH - The Good German: A Novel
006870: KANTNER, SETH - Ordinary Wolves
008010: KAPLAN, JUSTIN - Walt Whitman, a Life
006411: KATHERINE, ANNE - Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin
006429: KATZENBACH, JON R.; KHAN, ZIA - Leading Outside the Lines: How to Mobilize the Informal Organization, Energize Your Team, and Get Better Results
008553: KAWAGUCHI, YOKO - Butterfly's Sisters: The Geisha in Western Culture
008072: KAY, DON - Adventures in Santa Claus Land
008009: KEATON, DIANE - Then Again
006584: KEENEY, BRADFORD (EDITOR) - Ikuko Osumi, Japanese Master of Seiki Jutsu (Profiles in Healing)
005289: KEITH, ALEXANDER - The Land of Israel, According to the Convenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob
005726: KELLNER, ESTHER - Moonshine: Its History and Folklore
008285: KELSEY, VERA - Seven Keys to Brazil
006410: KENDALL, R. T. - Total Forgiveness
007727: KENEALLY, THOMAS - The Daughters of Mars: A Novel
004593: KENNEALLY, JAMES J. - The History of American Catholic Women
007030: KENNEDY, RAYMOND - The Flower of the Republic
006829: KENNEDY, HUGH - The Great Arab Conquests: How the Spread of Islam Changed the World We Live in
007749: KENNEDY, RANDALL - Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word
008523: KENT, CHARLES FOSTER - The Makers and Teachers of Judaism: From the Fall of Jerusalem to the Death of Herod the Great.
006720: KENT, ROCKWELL - N by E
003108: F.W. KENYON - The Naked Sword: The Story of Lucrezia Borgia
008603: KERR, PHILIP - Prussian Blue
008500: WORDS GUS KHAN AND MUSIC BY ELMER SCHOEBEL - Ten Little Miles from Town. [Includes Ukulele Arrangement. ]
008555: KIDD, SUE MONK - The Secret Life of Bees
003763: JOHN KIERAN - A Natural History of New York City. A Personal Report After Fifty Years of Study & Enjoyment of Wildlife Within the Boundaries of Greater New York.
005797: KILLINGTON, FREDERICK JAMES - A Monograph of the British Neuroptera Volume 1
005149: KINER, GRACE - Children of China
002392: KING, CAPTAIN CHARLES - Starlight Ranch and Other Stories of Army Life on the Frontier
006362: KING, FLORENCE - Stet, Damnit!: The Misanthrope's Corner: 1991 to 2002
005903: KING, B. B.; RITZ, DAVID - Blues All Around Me: The Autobiography of B.B. King
007007: KING, JONATHON - The Styx
007388: KING, STEPHEN - Song of Susannah (the Dark Tower, Book 6)
008022: KING, ROY; DAVIS, BURKE - The World of Currier & Ives
005418: KING, HENRY CHURCHILL, - How to Make a Rational Fight for Character.
005745: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho
006659: KINNEY, DAVID - The Big One: An Island, an Obsession, and the Furious Pursuit of a Great Fish
008588: KIPLING, RUDYARD - From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches: Letters of Travel (Cambridge Library Collection - Literary Studies)
008062: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Kim
007214: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Works of Rudyard Kipling: One Volume Edition
006320: ROYALTON-KISCH, MARTIN - Drawings by Rembrandt and His Circle in the British Museum
007241: KISSELOFF, JEFF - Generation on Fire: Voices of Protest from the 1960s, an Oral History
006357: KLEES, EMERSON - Persons, Places and Things in the Finger Lakes Region (2000 Edition)
000998: KLEIN, ADALBERT - Fayencen Europas
006683: AVIAD KLEINBERG (TEXT) - Panoramic Israel; Israel 360
008300: KLEIST, PETER - Auch Du Warst Dabei. Ein Beitrag Zur Verarbeitung Der Vergangenheit.
003553: KLINGMANN, ANNA - Brandscapes: Architecture in the Experience Economy
007325: KNIGHT, A. CHARLES - Cordwainer Ward in the City of London: Its History and Topography
005920: KNIGHT, IAN - Great Zulu Commanders
005765: KOCH, ALBERT C. - Journey Through a Part of the United States of North America in the Years 1844-1846 (Travels on the Western Waters)
007713: KOCH, HOWARD - Casablanca: The Complete Script and Legend Behind the Film
004216: KOENIGSBERG, LINDA - In the Shadow of Gleam
008539: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Darkness at Noon
004513: KOSYK, VOLODYMYR - Concentration Camps in the Ussr
006769: KOTZ, SUZANNE (EDITOR) - Dallas Museum of Art: A Guide to the Collection
004228: ABBA KOVNER - The Scrolls of Fire: A Nation Fighting for Its Life. 52 Chapters of Jewish Martyrology
003111: KRAUSS, NICOLE - Great House
008542: KREEFT, PETER(AUTHOR) - A Refutation of Moral Relativism: Interviews with an Absolutist [Refutation of Moral Relati]
002644: KREEMER, IRVIN C. - Kindled by Time; Poems
008591: KREPINEVICH, ANDREW F. JR. - The Army and Vietnam
008029: THEODORA KROEBER - Inland Whale Nine Stories Retold from California
003870: KUMAZAWA, MAKOTO - Portraits of the Japanese Workplace: Labor Movements, Workers, and Managers
004304: SUSAN DONAHUE KURETSKY AND OTHERS - Etchings by Rembrandt from the S. William Pelletier Collection
008371: WOOLEY L - Ur of Chaldees Cb
007358: GEROGE. W. L. - A London Mosaic
007869: LABRUCHERIE, ROGER - Bermuda a World Apart: An Island and Its People
008173: LACKY, MERCEDES - Winds of Fate: Book One of the Mage Winds.
004047: LAFUENTE, MODESTO; PEREZ GARZON, JUAN SISINIO. - Historia General de Espana Desde Los Tiempos Mas Remotos Hasta Nuestros Dias: Discurso Preliminar
008564: LAGERCRANTZ, DAVID [TRANSLATED FROM THE SWEDISH BY GEORGE GOULDING] - The Girl in the Spider's Web: A Lisbeth Salander Novel
008582: LAGERQVIST, LARS O. - A History of Sweden
005032: LAMBORN, EMMA TAYLOR - Reminiscences of My First Year in Europe
007315: LAND, RICHARD D. - Real Homeland Security: The America God Will Bless
006702: LANDOR, EDWARD WILSON - Adventures in the North of Europe: Illustrative of the Poetry and Philosophy of Travel
004724: LANG, ANDREW. - Ban and Arriere Ban: A Rally of Fugitive Rhymes
008512: LANGBEIN, PAUL - Bilder Aus Dem Heiligen Land
005898: LANGFORD, N.P. - Vigilante Days and Ways. The Pioneers of the Rockies; the Makers and Making of Montana and Idaho
007431: LANGHORNE, ELIZABETH; LAY, K. EDWARD; RIELEY, WILLIAM D. - A Virginia Family and Its Plantation Houses
005778: STAN WINDHORN; WRIGHT LANGLEY - Yesterday's Key West
008135: LANTIER, MARGARET MCCORMICK - The Thousand Islands : Vacation Paradise
007688: LANZA, JOSEPH - Phallic Frenzy: Ken Russell and His Films
006546: LAPHAM, LEWIS H. ; ROSENBUSH, ELLEN - An American Album: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Harper's Magazine
006400: LARSEN, LINDA - Easy Cuisine Meals for a Month: 300 Delicious Recipes That Save Time and Money
007643: ELIZABETH POMADA; MICHAEL LARSEN - Daughters of Painted Ladies: America's Resplendent Victorians
007642: ELIZABETH POMADA; MICHAEL LARSEN - Painted Ladies Revisited: San Francisco's Resplendent Victorians Inside and out
001125: HELWEG-LARSEN, KJELD - Columbus Never Came
005650: LARSEN, PAUL C - America's Cup 2000: Including the Louis Vuitton Cup
007011: LARSGAARD, CHRIS - The Heir Hunter
002659: LARSSON, STIEG - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
006657: LARSSON, LARS; ELIASSON, ROLF - Principles of Yacht Design
006291: LASBY, CLARENCE G. - Eisenhower's Heart Attack: How Ike Beat Heart Disease and Held on to the Presidency
007591: LASH, JOSEPH - Eleanor and Franklin
007880: LASKIN, DAVID - The Children's Blizzard
007865: LAWERENCE, D. H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
006919: LAWRENCE, D.H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover (Modern Library)
007674: LAWRENCE, AL - Knack Chess for Everyone: A Step-by-Step Guide to Rules, Moves & Winning Strategies (Knack: Make It Easy)
007773: LAWRENCE, JOE JR.;BRUCKER, ROGER W. - The Caves Beyond: The Story of Floyd Collins' Crystal Cave Exploration
006990: LAWSON, HENRY - A Fantasy of Man: Henry Lawson Complete Works 1901-1922
008571: NIGELLA LAWSON - Feast: Food to Celebrate Life
006574: LAYCOCK, GEORGE - The Shotgunner's Bible
005319: LAZARAKIS, KONSTANTINOS - The Wines of Greece (Mitchell Beazley Classic Wine Library)
008377: LEA, TOM - The Hands of Cantu
005012: LEA, JOHN [PSEUD. JOHN LEA BRICKNELL.] - In the Fairy's Garden
007181: LEACH, MARJORIE - Guide to the Gods
007802: LEAF, ALEXANDRA; LEEMAN, FRED - Van Gogh's Table at the Auberge Ravoux: Recipes from the Artist's Last Home and Paintings of Cafe Life
004142: LECKMAN, JAMES F.; COHEN, DONALD J. - Tourette's Syndrome - Tics, Obsessions, Compulsions: Developmental Psychopathology and Clinical Care
006636: LEE, HARPER - To Kill a Mockingbird
006124: LEE, BRUCE; UYEHARA, M. - Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: Self-Defense Techniques
006155: LEE, HELEN JOY - Traveling with Gran'Ma: Camping Around the World
007814: LEE, TANITH - The Claidi Collection: Books I-III - Wolf Tower; Wolf Star; Wolf Queen
007498: LEFF, CATHY - EDITOR - The Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts 1875-1945, Florida Theme Issue. No. 23
007952: LENIN, VLADIMIR - Essential Works of Lenin: "What Is to Be Done?" and Other Writings
008549: LENNON, CYNTHIA - John
006033: LEO, ALAN - Astrology for All
005982: LEON, RAFO - Chumbivilcas Golden Lassos
001743: LEON, LUIS DE;CUEVAS GARCIA, CRISTOBAL - Poesias Completas: Obras Propias En Castellano Y Latin Y Traducciones E Imitaciones Latinas, Griegas, Biblico-Hebreas Y Romances
006432: LEONARD, ELMORE - Get Shorty
004297: LEVER, CHARLES - Cornelius O'Dowd Upon Men and Women and Other Things in General. [First], Second, & Third Series. [3 Vol. Bound by Zaehnsdorf]
002147: PETER LEVI - The Light Garden of the Angel King: Journeys in Afghanistan
008016: LEVI, PETER - Tennyson
006832: LEVINE, STEPHANIE WELLEN - Mystics, Mavericks, and Merrymakers: An Intimate Journey Among Hasidic Girls
008007: SUSAN GRANT LEWIN - Formica & Design: From the Counter Top to High Art
007646: LEWIS, DAVID L. - The Race to Fashoda: European Colonialism and African Resistance in the Scramble for Africa
006787: SPENCE. LEWIS - Myth and Ritual in Dance, Game and Rhyme
008044: LEWIS, C. S. - Chronicles of Narnia Pop-Up
007580: LEWIS, DAVID L. - District of Columbia: A Bicentennial History (States and the Nation)
007633: LEWIS, C. S. - The Screwtape Letters and Screwtape Proposes a Toast
006573: LEWIS, MERIWETHER; CLARK, WILLIAM - Journals of Lewis and Clark
008544: LEYBURN, JAMES G. - The Scotch-Irish: A Social History
006331: LEYBURN, JAMES G. - The Scotch-Irish: A Social History
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008139: MATSCHAT, CECILE HULSE - Suwannee River Strange Green Land. [Rivers of America]
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008195: MILNER, SAMUEL - United States Army in World War II. The War in the Pacific: Guadalcanal: The First Offensive
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004437: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott . Containing: Lay of the Last Minstrel, Marmion, Lady of the Lake, Don Roderick, Rokeby Ballads, Lyrics, and Songs with a Life of the Author.
007978: CASSIN-SCOTT, JACK; GREEN, RUTH - The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Costume and Fashion, 1550-1920
007259: SCOTT, SIR WALTER - The Lay of the Last Minstrel. A Poem in Six Cantos. With Notes and an Appendix from the Latest Edinburgh Edition and a Biographical Sketch by William M. Rossetti
008430: SCRANTON, ROY - War Porn
007407: SEARS, CLARA ENDICOTT [COMPILIER] - Gleanings from Old Shaker Journals
005069: SECKER, MARTIN SECKER ; INTRODUCTION BY JOHN BETJEMAN. - Eighteen-Nineties: A Period Anthology in Prose and Verse
005655: ERNST HELMUT SEGSCHNEIDER - Das Alte Topferhandwerk IM Osnabrucker Land (Nordwestniedersachsische Regionalforschungen) (German Edition)
004226: SEHESTED, OVE H. - Basics of Astrology, Vol. 1
006714: SEHESTED, OVE H. - The Basics of Astrology, Vol. 2
006482: REGINE SCHULZ; MATTHIAS SEIDEL - Egypt: The World of the Pharaohs
006736: SELZNICK, BRIAN - The Invention of Hugo Cabret
007716: SENN, BRYAN - Drums of Terror: Voodoo in the Cinema
004704: SENS, MAURICE - Upgrading Sap® (Computer Science)
007885: SERAFINI, SHERRY - Sherry Serafini's Sensational Bead Embroidery: 25 Inspiring Jewelry Projects (Beadweaving Master Class Series)
005339: SERVICE, ROBERT - Stalin: A Biography
007663: [AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES] - The Blue Ridge Parkway: Virginia-North Carolina
003152: SEVERIN, TIMOTHY - The Golden Antilles.
002703: SEWARD, BARBARA - The Symbolic Rose
004056: SEYMOUR, FREDERICK H. A. - Saunterings in Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, Seville, Granada.
008484: SEYMOUR, FREDERICK H.A. - Saunterings in Spain. Barcelona, Madrid, Toledo, Cordova, Seville, Granada... .
005341: ARRANGED AS A NARRATIVE BY CHARLES SEYMOUR - The Intimate Papers of Colonel House [Volume 1 & 2 of 4]
005512: SHACKLETON, ELIZABETH - Touring Through France
007209: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM - The Works of William Shakespeare: Complete
006226: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; URE, PETER - EDITOR - The Arden Shakespeare: King Richard II
007500: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; WRIGHT, WILLIAM ALDIS - EDITOR - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare the Cambridge Edition Text : Including the Temple Notes
006225: SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM; RIDLEY, M. R. - EDITOR - The Arden Shakespeare: Antony and Cleopatra
007745: SHANOR, DONALD R. - Soviet Europe
006648: SHAPERO, RICH - The Hope We Seek with Songs from the Big Wheel
006077: SHAPIRA, KALONYMUS - A Student's Obligation: Advice from the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto
004685: SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD - Two Plays for Puritans [the Devil's Disciple & Casar and Cleopatra]
004890: SHAW, IRWIN - In the Company of Dolphins
008055: SHAW, IRWIN - Selected Short Stories
007430: SHAWCROSS, WILLIAM - The Queen Mother: The Official Biography
007733: SHECKLEY, ROBERT - Dimensions of Sheckley: The Selected Novels of Robert Sheckley
006967: SHEEHAN, JAMES - The Mayor of Lexington Avenue
005645: SHEN, ZHIYU; ZHIYU, SHEN - The Shanghai Museum of Art (Library of American Art)
007762: SHERMAN, WILLIAM TECUMSEH - Memoirs of General W.T. Sherman (Library of America)
007439: SHORE, MARCI - Caviar and Ashes: A Warsaw Generation'’S Life and Death in Marxism, 1918-1968
008027: SHORTER, CLEMENT KING - Highways and Byways in Buckinghamshire
002247: MARGARET SIDNEY - Five Little Peppers Grown Up
008360: ED SIKOV - Dark Victory: The Life of Bette Davis
008363: SIKOV, ED - On Sunset Boulevard: The Life and Times of Billy Wilder
001267: SILER, JENNY - Easy Money
004401: SILESKY, BARRY - Ferlinghetti: The Artist in His Time
006165: SILLIMAN, AUGUSTUS E. - A Gallop Among American Scenery: Or, Sketches of American Scenes and Military Adventure
006289: SILVAS, ANNA - Jutta and Hildegard: The Biographical Sources (Brepols Medieval Women Series)
007174: SILVER, NATHAN - Lost New York
008442: SILVERMAN, KENNETH - Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss : American Self-Liberator, Europe's Eclipsing Sensation, World's Handcuff King & Prison Breaker
008576: SHEL SILVERSTEIN - Where the Sidewalk Ends Special Edition with 12 Extra Poems: Poems and Drawings
008169: SILVERSTEIN, SHEL - Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems & Drawings
008119: SIMMONS, GLEN; OGDEN, LAURA - Gladesmen: Gator Hunters, Moonshiners, and Skiffers (Florida History and Culture)
007394: SIMPSON, LOIS - The Island of Key Largo, Florida 1872- 1983
007611: SINCLAIR, ANDREW - Death by Fame: A Life of Elisabeth, Empress of Austria
008578: SUSAN SINNOTT - Welcome to Addy's World, 1864: Growing Up During America's CIVIL War (American Girl)
008299: SIPLE, PAUL - 90 Degrees South the Story of the Americxan South Pole Conquest.
008259: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - A Book of Towers and Other Buildings of Southern Europe
005065: SITWELL, SACHEVERELL - Portugal and Madeira
006901: SKILTON, ANDREW - A Concise History of Buddhism
001130: SKLEPOWICH, EDWARD - Farewell to the Flesh: An Urbino Macintyre Mystery
006352: SKOLLE, JOHN - Azalai [Saharan Africa]
008232: SKUTCH, ALEXANDER F. - A Naturalist in Costa Rica
000094: SKWIRE, JESSICA; PORTLAND MUSEUM OF ART - Lasting Impressions: Contemporary Prints from the Bruce Brown Collection
003952: SLAPIN, BEVERLY; SEALE, DORIS - Through Indian Eyes: The Native Experience in Books for Children
008117: SLAUGHTER, FRANK - Fort Everglades
003915: JEFF SLAUGHTER - It's All True: Walking by Faith in a Funky World
007525: SLAWENSKI, KENNETH - J.D. Salinger: A Life
007753: SLIDE, ANTHONY - American Racist: The Life and Films of Thomas Dixon
007858: SLOAN, DAVID L. - The Havana Bucket List: 100 Ways to Unlock the Magic of Cuba's Capital City (the Bucket List Series)
007857: SLOAN, DAVID L. - Ghosts of Key West
006425: SLOAT, WARREN - The Battle for the Soul of New York
006336: SMALLEY, BERYL - English Friars and Antiquity in the Early Fourteenth Century
006806: SMILEY, NIXON - Subtropical Gardening in Florida
005189: SMITH, NIGEL J.H. - The Enchanted Amazon Rain Forest: Stories from a Vanishing World
006339: SMITH, REID - The Majesty of Natchez
008436: SMITH, SALLY BEDELL - In All His Glory: The Life of William S. Paley : The Legendary Tycoon and His Brilliant Circle
005748: SMITH, MAXWELL - East Coast Marine Shells. Descriptions of Shore Mollusks Together with Many Living Below Tide Mark, from Maine to Texas, Inclusive, Especially Florida.
008400: SMITH, F. HOPKINSON - Colonel Carter's Christmas
002509: SMITH, ARLO I. - A Guide to Wildflowers of the Mid-South: West Tennessee Into Central Arkansas and South Through Alabama and Into East Texas
003818: SMITH, MIRANDA - Backyard Fruits and Berries: Everything You Need to Know About Planting and Growing Fruits and Berries in Your Own Backyard
005518: SMITH, F. [FRANK] BERKLEY - The Real Latin Quarter
007641: LUCIE-SMITH, EDWARD - American Realism
007221: SMITH, F. BERKELEY - In London Town
006452: PATRICK D. SMITH - A Land Remembered
006374: MACDONALD-SMITH, IAN - A Scape to Bermuda
002090: H. ALLEN SMITH - Life in a Putty Factory
003917: SOGOLOW, LINDA - The Messiah and Me: How a Jewish Girl from New Jersey Survived the Sixties and Found Faith Where She Least Expected
007682: SOISTER, JOHN T. - Claude Rains: A Comprehensive Illustrated Reference to His Work in Film, Stage, Radio, Television and Recordings
003991: SOLIS, PEDRO XAVIER - El Movimiento de Vanguardia de Nicaragua: Analisis Y Antologia
008567: SOLOMON, ANDREW - Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity
007275: SOLOVIOVA, L.N. - Matryoshka Russian Souvenir
005909: SOMERVILL, BARBARA A. - Iceland (Enchantment of the World, Second Series)
006915: SOMMER, ROBIN LANGLEY - Frank Lloyd Wright: A Gatefold Portfolio
004394: SONTAG, SUSAN - The Volcano Lover
001626: SONTAG, SUSAN - In America
004102: SANDRA SOOKDEO - Indian Dance for the Caribbean
006066: SOON, TEOH E. - Orchids of Asia
008261: SORENSEN, SIGVART - Norway
007314: SORGE, BOB - Power of the Blood: Approaching God with Confidence
008250: ANN SPANGLER - EDITOR - The Names of God Bible [Duravella, Walnut Hebrew Name Design]
008304: [NOT SPECIFIED] - Victorian Trade Card Bell-Cap-Sic Plasters Pain Remedy School-Boy & Puppy

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