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251253: LIEBIG, JUSTUS VON. PH. ZOLLER (EDITOR). - Die Chemie in Ihrer Anwendung Auf Agricultur Und Physiologie: 1. Erganzungsband.
234456: LIEBOVITZ, DAVID. - Chronicle of an Infamous Woman.
272609: LIENHARD, S. J., JOSEPH T. (TRANSLATOR). - Homilies on Luke: Fragments on Luke (Fathers of the Church).
273870: LIGETI, GYORGY & MICHAEL MESCHKE. - Le Grand Macabre: Opera in Four Scenes to a Libretto By Michael Meschke and Gyorgy Ligeti, Freely Adapted from Michel de Ghelderode's Play la Balade Du Grande Macabre.
262299: LIGHT, SIDNEY. - Therapeutic Electricity and Ultraviolet Radiation.
272375: LIGHT, MICHAEL. - Michael Light: La Day/la Night.
225692: LIGHTNER, DAVID L. - Slavery and the Commerce Power: How the Struggle Against the Interstate Slave Trade Led to the Civil War.
274700: LILIENFELD, SCOTT O. AND STEVEN JAY LYNN AND JEFFREY M. LOHR (EDITORS). - Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology.
269256: LILLI, VIRGILIO. - L'opera Completa Di Giorgione.
262127: LILLICH, MEREDITH PARSONS. - The Stained Glass of Saint-Pere de Chartres.
271671: LILLICH, MEREDITH PARSONS. - Studies in Cistercian Art and Architecture, Volume 3.
256989: LILLY, EDWARD GUERRANT (EDITOR). - Historic Churches of Charleston.
247345: LIMA, ROBERT. - Dark Prisms: Occultism in Hispanic Drama.
132990: LIMA, FERNANDO DE CASTRO PIRES DE (EDITOR). - A Arte Popular Em Portugal; Ilhas Adjacentes E Ultramar: #1-12. 12 Issues (Complete Vol. L - of Iii)
222974: LIN, XIANNUAN. - China's Energy Strategy: Economic Structure, Technological Choices, and Energy Consumption.
217608: LINAREJOS CRUZ PÉREZ, M. - Necrópolis Ibérica de Los Nietos (Cartagena, Murcia): Metodología Aplicada Y Estudio Del Yacimiento. Excavaciones Arqueologicas En España
236040: LINCOLN, C. ERIC. - The Avenue, Clayton Cityc.
219550: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM. - Speeches and Writings, 1832-1858 + 1859-1865. 2 Vols.
266007: LINCOLN, KENNETH. - Cormac Mccarthy: American Canticles.
270467: LINDENBERG, PAUL (EDITOR). - Hindenburg-Denkmal Fur Das Deutsche Volk.
211001: LINDESAY, M. BATTERHAM. - The First Shearing.
252764: LINDNER, THOMAS. - Lyra Latina: Carmina Lx.
265295: LINDQUIST, GALINA. - Conjuring Hope: Magic and Healing in Contemporary Russia (Epistemologies of Healing).
220411: LINDQVIST, KARL. - Ferio Kun la Morto. Originala Kriminalromano
257701: ISIDORE: W. M. LINDSAY (EDITOR). - Isidori Hispalensis Episcopi Etymologiarum Sive Originum: Libri Xx: Tomus Ii, Libros Xi-Xx Continens.
262560: LINDSEY, SUE & BILL NEELY (EDITORS). - The 1952 Yackety Yack.
265773: LINDSEY, SUE & BILL NEELY (EDITORS). - The 1952 Yackety Yack.
255578: LINDSTRÖM, BO. - Roentgen Absorption Spectrophotometry in Quantitative Cytochemistry (Acta Radiologica Supplementum 125).
261634: LINER, AMON. - Rose, a Color of Darkness.
246634: RAPID TRANSIT LINES. - Chicago: What to See and How to Go.
269892: LINK, O. WILSON. THOMAS H. GARVER. - The Last Steam Railroad in America.
267679: LINK, WILLIAM. - Atlanta, Cradle of the New South: Race and Remembering in the Civil War's Aftermath.
268021: LINK, WILLIAM A. - William Friday: Power, Purpose, and American Higher Education.
264387: LINN, JAMES WEBER. - The Second Generation.
225551: LINN, JOHN B. & WILLIAM H.EGLE (EDITORS). - Pennsylvania Archives: Second Series: Vol. Vii. Published Under the Direction of Matthew S. Quay.
275067: LINROTHE, ROB. - Ruthless Compassion.
251211: DE LINT, GEORGE J. - The United Nations: The Abhorrent Misapplication of the Charter in Respect of South Africa.
235041: LINTILHAC, JEAN-PAUL & ALAIN DURAND. - Black Pearls of Tahiti.
246755: LINTON, JOAN PONG. - The Romance of the New World: Gender and the Literary Formations of English Colonialism.
267309: LINZEY, ANDREWW. - Animal Gospel.
189034: LIPINSKY, ANGELO. - The Vatican. With 40 Color Plates By L.V. Matt and B. Del Priore. Translated By Eamonn J. Doyle
240407: LIPMAN, ALAN. - Architecture on My Mind: Critical Readings in Design [Paperback].
234829: LIPPARD, VERNON W. - A Half-Century of American Medical Education: 1920 - 1970.
259698: LIPPY, CHARLES H.; CHOQUETTE, ROBERT; POOLE, STAFFORD. - Christianity Comes to America 1492-1776.
177625: LIPPY, CHARLES H. - Bibliography of Religion in the South.
246835: LIPSCOMB, TERRY W. (EDITOR). - The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly: November 20, 1755-July 6, 1757.
247141: LIPSCOMB, TERRY W. AND OLSBERG, R. NICHOLAS. - The Colonial Records of South Carolina : The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly (Series I) November 14, 1751 - October 7, 1752.
247142: LIPSCOMB, TERRY W. - The Colonial Records of South Carolina : The Journal of the Commons House of Assembly (Series I) November 21, 1752 - September 6, 1754.
271512: LIPSIUS, RICARDUS ADELBERTUS & MAXIMILIANUS BONNET (EDITORS). - Acta Apostolorum Apocrypha: Pars Prior: Acta Petri, Acta Pauli, Acta Petri Et Pauli, Acta Pauli Et Theclae, Acta Thaddaei + Partis Alterius, Volumen Prius: Passio Andreae, Ex Actis Andreae, Martyria Andreae, Acta Andreae Et Matthiae, Acta Petri Et Andreae, Passio Bartholomaei, Acta Ioannis, Martyrium Matthaei + Partis Alterius, Volumen Alterum: Acta Philippi Et Acta Thomae Accedunt Acta Barnabae. 3 Vols.
259962: LIPSKA, EWA. - White Strawberries. Biate Truskawki.
265125: LISSITZKY-KUPPERS, SOPHIE. - El Lissitzky: Life - Letters - Texts.
259352: LISSON, ALBERT ET AL. - The Happy Childhood Readers: Helen and Bob: First Reader.
262746: LISZT, FRANZ. - Ecologue.
267581: LITOFF, JUDY BARRETT & DAVID C. SMITH. - We're in This War, Too: World War Ii Letters from American Women in Uniform.
251006: LITOWITZ, DOUGLAS E. - Postmodern Philosophy and Law.
271587: LITTLE, M. RUTH. - The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1795-1975 (Distributed for the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill).
270268: LITTLE, M. RUTH. - Sticks and Stones: Three Centuries of North Carolina Gravemarkers.
222439: LITTLE, THOMAS & DAVID B. OGLE (EDITORS). - The Legislative Branch of State Government: People, Process, and Politics.
177242: LITTLE, CONSTANCE & GWENYTH. - The Black Smith.
275349: LITVAG, IRVING. - Commodore Levy: A Novel of Early America in the Age of Sail (Modern Jewish History).
269213: LITWICKI, ELLEN M. - America's Public Holidays: 1865-1920.
270093: LIU, CHRISTINE. - More Nutritional Chinese Cooking.
172774: LIU, X. DREW. - Gadflying China: A Democratic Perspective.
262176: HUNG LIU. - Hung Liu: A Ten-Year Survey, 1988-1998. An Exhibition Organized By the College of Wooster Art Museum.
236420: LIVERANCE, SARA VANDIVER (EDITOR). - Anderson County Honors the State of South Carolina on Her 300th Birthday. Souvenir Program
259494: LIVERSIDGE, MICHAEL & CATHARINE EDWARDS (EDITORS). - Imagining Rome: British Artists and Rome in the Nineteenth Century.
233295: LIVIGNSTON, NOEL. - Sketch Pedigrees of Some of the Early Settlers in Jamaica.
223527: LIVINGSTON, LUTHER S. - American Book-Prices Current: Vol. Viii.
234767: LIVINGSTON, RUTH. - Verse Tales. Child Life Adventures. Series One, Books One - Six. Six Volumes.
113638: LIVY. - Titi Livii: Historiarum Romanarum, Libri Qui Supersunt; Vol. I, Part I + Pars Ii. 2 Vols. Ex Recensione Io. Nic. Madvigii. Ediderunt Io. Nic. Madvigius Et Io. L. Ussingius.
119791: LIVY (TITE-LIVE). - Histoire Romaine, Tome Xxxi Livres Xli-Xlii. Edited By Paul Jal
265911: LIVY, TITUS. ALFRED C. SCHLESINGER (TRANSLATOR). - Livy in Fourteen Volumes: Xiii, Books Xliii-Xlv. Loeb Classical Library No. 396
273693: LLEWELYN, S. R. - New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: Review of the Greek Inscriptions and Papyri Published in 1980-81: Vol. 6.
273694: LLEWELYN, S. R. - New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: Review of the Greek Inscriptions and Papyri Published in 1982-83: Vol. 7.
273695: LLEWELYN, S. R. - New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: Review of the Greek Inscriptions and Papyri Published in 1984-85: Vol. 8.
234649: LLOYD, T. AND THOMAS O. SELFRIDGE. - Trial of Thomas O. Selfridge, Attorney at Law. Before the Hon. Isaac Parker, Esquire. For Killing Charles Austin, on the Public Exchange. . . Bound with a Correct Statement of the Whole Preliminary Controversy between Tho. O Selfridge and Benj. Austin. . .
246347: LLOYD, BENJAMIN. - The Primitve Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Sacred Poems.
254487: LLOYD, G. E. R. - The Revolutions of Wisdom: Studies in the Claims and Practice of Ancient Greek Science.
274644: LLOYD, JOHN WILLIAM. - Productive Vegetable Growing (Lippincott's Farm Manuals).
218174: LLOYD, C. G. - The Genera of Gastromycetes. Bulletin of the Lloyd Library of Botany, Pharmacy and Materia Medica Mycological Series, No. 1. Bulletin No. 3.
222184: LO, KENNETH H. C. - Peking Cooking. Foreword By William Empson
254748: LOADER, WILLIAM. - Jesus and the Fundamentalism of His Day.
252832: EUTROPIUS. MANOEL VAZ LOBO (TRANSLATOR). - Fl. Eutropii Breviarium Historiae Romanae Ab Urbe Condita Usque Ad Valentem Et Vaentinianum Augustos.
269149: LOCK, RON AND PETER QUANTRILL. - Zulu Victory: The Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-Up.
248443: LOCKE, JOHN. - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding: Vol. I + Vol. Ii. Collated and Annotated, with Prolegomena, Biographical, Critical, and Historical By Alexander Campbell Fraser. 2 Vols.
274100: LOCKE, JOHN. - Two Treatises of Government (Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought).
251493: LOCKE-ELLIOTT, SUMNER. - Interval.
247346: LOCKERT, LACY. - Studies in French-Classical Tragedy.
226417: LOCKLAIR, PAULA W. - Quilts, Coverlets, and Counterpanes: Bedcoverings from the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts and Old Salem Collections.
270482: NATIONAL LOCKSMITH. - Professional Locksmith Secrets Revealed.
224238: LOCKWOOD, HAZEL. - The Golden Book of Birds. Illustrated By Feodor Rojankovsky.
261430: LODGE, HENRY CABOT AND DANIEL WEBSTER. - Daniel Webster; and, Representative Speeches.
199676: LODGE, HENRY CABOT. - The Retention of the Philippine Islands. Speech of Henry Cabot Lodge, of Massachusetts, in the Senate of the United States, March 7, 1900.
191034: LOESCHER, BURT GARFIELD. - The History of Rogers Rangers: Volume Iii: Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers.
271794: LOEWENTHAL, NAFTALI. - Communicating the Infinite: The Emergence of the Habad School.
224867: LOFARO, MICHAEL A. - Davy Crockett: The Man, the Legend, the Legacy, 1786-1986.
273616: LOFARO, MICHAEL A. (EDITOR). - Agee Agonistes: Essays on the Life, Legend, and Works of James Agee.
260157: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Caravan.
260160: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Circus.
273389: LOFTING, HUGH. - Doctor Dolittle's Circus.
267958: LOFTON, JOHN. - Denmark Vesey's Revolt: The Slave Plot That Lit a Fuse to Fort Sumter.
274844: LOGAN, JOHN H. - History of the Upper Country of South Carolina Vol Ii: A Joural of Personalities, Reminiscences, Traditions and History of the Revolution in South Carolina.
242730: LOGAN, JAMES. - The Scottish Gael; Or, Celtic Manners, As Preserved Among the Highlanders, Being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National Peculiarities of Scotland.
266912: LOGSDON, DAVID R. - Eyewitnesses at the Battle of Franklin.
266633: LOGSDON, DAVID R. (EDITOR). - Eyewitness at the Battle of Franklin.
267548: LOH, VYVYANE. - Breaking the Tongue: A Novel.
251478: LOHMAN, JON. MORGAN MILLER (PHOTOGRAPHS). - In Good Keeping: Virginia's Folklife Apprenticeships.
251860: LOISY, ALFRED. - L'evangile Selon Marc.
272955: LONDON, LAWRENCE FOUSHEE & SARAH MCCULLOH LEMMON (EDITORS). - The Episcopal Church in North Carolina, 1701-1959.
263934: LONDON, JACK. - The Adventures of Captain Grief.
257080: LONDON, H. M. (EDITOR). - North Carolina Manual 1937.
273020: LONDON, LAWRENCE FOUSHEE. - Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire: His Life and Work.
219027: LONDON, JACK. - The Cruise of the Snark.
271220: EURIPIDES. W. E. LONG (EDITOR). - Cyclops . . . Part I. -Introduction and Text. Edited with Introduction and Notes By W.E. Long
262147: SALLUST. GEO. LONG (EDITOR). - C. Sallusti Crispi: Catalina Et Jugurtha.
256870: LONG, WALKER A. - Fetal and Neonatal Cardiology.
160918: LONG, VIRGINIA LOVE. - Hanging with Mary Jane.
275191: LONG, W. H. (EDITOR). - Naval Yarns of Sea Fights and Wrecks, Pirates and Privateers from 1616-1831, As Told By Men of War's Men, Many Now for the First Time Printed.
234282: LONG, ESMOND R. - History of the American Society for Experimental Pathology. A Record of Its Annual Meetings with Brief Biographical Sketches of Its Officers.
274462: LONG, HELEN. - The Edwardian House (Studies in Design).
267716: LONG, GRETCHEN. - Doctoring Freedom: The Politics of African American Medical Care in Slavery and Emancipation.
272975: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH. - The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Illustrated.
262156: LONGINUS, DIONYSIUS. ARTURUS OCTAVIUS PRICKARD (EDITOR). - Libellus de Suvlimitate Dionysio Longino Fere Adscriptus. Accedunt Excerpta Quaedam E Cassii Lonfini Operibus.
246673: LONGLEY, JUDY. - Rowing Past Eden.
246925: LONGNON, JEAN. - La Nouvelle Helene.
204910: LONGSTREET, AUGUSTUS. - An Oration Delivered in the City of Augusta, on the Centennial Birth-Day of George Washington.
273750: {LONGSTREET, AUGUSTUS BALDWIN}. - Georgia Scenes: Characters, Incidents, Etc. In the First Half-Century of the Republic, By a Native Georgian. A New Edition from New Plates.
244885: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN. - A Few Painted Feathers.
269684: LONGWORTH, BASIL NELSON. - Memorandum of Thoughts, Reflections, & Transactions, As Transcribed By Basil Nelson Longworth on His Journey from Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio, to Oregon in the Summer of 1853.
110069: LONN, ELLA. - Desertion During the Civil War.
227498: LOOMIS, HARVEY WORTHINGTON. - The Camel Driver.
234074: LOOMIS, ANDREW. - Figure Drawing for All It's Worth.
196395: LOOMIS, J. PAUL. - Up Saskatchewan Way: An Anthology of Short Stories.
266432: LOOMIS, KENT & ROBERT CRONIN (EDITORS). - The Golden Quiver: Class of 1925 United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md.
261493: LOONEY, BEN EARL. - Cajun Country.
193611: LOPES, ARTHUR RIBEIRO. - Politics: A Portuguese Statesman. Preface By Prof. Manuel Rodrigues
217354: LOPES, DAVID. - Expansão Da Lígua Portuguesa No Oriente Durante Os Séculos Xvi, Svii E Xviii. Edited & Annotated By Luís de Matos.
69875: LOPP, LUCILLE. - The Doctor Abel Anderson Family.
251366: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA; O'CONNELL, RICHARD L. AND JAMES GRAHAM L. (TRANSLATORS). - From Lorca's Theatre: Five Plays of Federico Garcia Lorca.
260990: ARISTOTLE. CARNES LORD (TRANSLATOR). - Aristotle: The Politics.
253727: LORD, GEORGE. - Homeric Renaissance: The Odyssey of George Chapman.
245964: LORD, FRANCIS A. - Civil War Sutlers and Their Wares.
271253: LORD, JAMES; KRAMER, HILTON. - Alberto Giacometti. Exhibition Catalog, Sept. 17-Nov. 2, 1985
269237: LORD, WILLIAM "BILL". - Rhe Red Ear of Corn: The Carroll County Courthouse Tragedy, March 14, 1912, Hillsville, Virginia.
215217: LORD, MAY CARLETON. - On a High Hill.
274667: LORE, ADELAIDE M. & EUGENIA W. LORE. - We Have Identified Thousands. Enough!: A Compilation of White and Allied Families.
274621: LORE, ADELAIDE AND EUGENIA AND ROBERT HALL MORRISON. - The Morrison Family of the Rocky River Settlement of North Carolina: History and Genealogy.
83590: LORENCE, JAMES J. - Gerald J. Boileau and the Progressive-Farmer-Labor Alliance.
245827: LORENTZEN, BENT. - Dragon's Moon.
261658: LORENZ, ELLEN JANE. - Up on Old Smoky: An Operetta, Based on Folk Songs and Folk Lore of the Southern Appalachians.
253399: LORENZIN, TOM. - 1000+: The Amateur Astronomer's Field Guide to Deep Sky Observing.
93558: LORING, JAMES. - First Steps to Thorough Base in Twelve Familiar Reasons.
246924: LORRAINE, JEAN. - Histoires de Masques.
245185: LORRY, ANNE-CHARLES. - Essai Sur Les Alimens, Pour Servir de Commentaire Aux Libres Dietetiques D'hippocrate: Tome Premier + Tome Second. Two Volume Set.
270804: HEIMAT- UND KULTURVEREIN LORSCH (EDITOR). - Beitrage Zur Geschichte Des Klosters Lorsch.
260045: LOSSING, BENSON J. JACK E. FRYAR, JR. (EDITOR). - Lossing's Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution in the Carolinas & Georgia.
201151: LOTI, PIERRE. - Pëcheur D'islande: Roman. Etchings By Daragnès
275047: LOTTERHAND, JASON C. - The Thursday Night Tarot: Weekly Talks on the Wisdom of the Major Arcana.
266093: LOTZ, CHRISTIAN. - From Affectivity to Subjectivity.
254080: LOUDEN, ROBERT B, & PAUL SCHOLLMEIER (EDITORS). - The Greeks and Us: Essays in Honor of Arthur W.H. Adkins.
225329: LOUDON, ARCHIBAL. - The Wonderful Magazine and Extraordinary Museum: Being a Complete Repository of the Wonders, Curiosities, and Rarities of Nature and Art, Comprehending a Valuable Collection (All Well Attested, and from Respectable Authorities) of Authentic and Entertaining Descriptions of the Most Monderful, Remarkable, and Surprising Volcanos, Cataracts, Caverns, . . .
265440: LOUGEE, GEORGE E., JR. - Durham, My Hometown.
229540: LOUIS DE ROUVROY, DUC DE SAINT-SIMON . - Memoirs: A Shortened Version: Vol. I: 1691-1709 + Vol. Ii: 1710-1715 + Vol. Iii: 1715-1723. 3 Volumes.
259643: LOURIA, MARGOT. - Triumph and Downfall: America's Pursuit of Peace and Prosperity, 1921-1933.
253866: LOUYS, PIERRE. - The Adventures of King Pausole.
255646: LOVATO, LEO. - Elvis Romero and Fiesta de Santa Fe Featuring Zozobra's Great Escape.
215995: LOVE, ROSE LEARY. - Plum Thickets & Field Daisies.
271420: LOVELACE, JR. KENT (EDITOR). - The Gulf Gourmet Presents Selected Recipes from the Mississippi Coast.
272793: LOVESEY, PETER. - Murder on the Short List.
269293: LOVETT, BOBBY L. - The African-American History of Nashville, Tennessee, 1780-1930: Elites and Dilemmas (Black Community Studies).
247723: LOVOLL, ODD SVERRE. - The Promise of America: A History of the Norwegian-American People.
271015: LOWDEN, JOHN. - The Octateuchs: A Study in Byzantine Manuscript Illustration.
275303: LOWE, EDITH. FRANCES ECKART (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Little Bear Who Wanted Friends.
256994: LOWE, BLANCE BEAL. - William Beal, Bucks County, Pa. An Incomplete Chronicle of One Family Line Descending from William Beal, Yeoman Presumably from Ross, Herefordshire, England.
264515: LOWE, DONALD M. - The Body in Late-Capitalist Usa (Post-Contemporary Interventions).
270441: LOWE, PETER. - The Whole Course of Chirurgerie.
179510: LOWE, JOANNA KIFF. - Sons of the Soil.
235374: LOWE, EDITH. - Friendly Farm. Illustrated By "Margie".
266620: LOWE, JOHN (EDITOR). - Bridging Southern Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Southern Literary Studies
256355: LOWELL, FREDERICK. - Jiu Jistu.
244981: LOWELL, ROBERT. - Robert Lowell: A Reading, As Originally Recorded on Dec. 8, 1976 at the Potty Center of the 92nd St. Y.
105709: LOWELL, JOHN. - Peace without Dishonour - War without Hope. Being a Calm and Dispassionate Enquiry Into the Question of the Chesapeake, and the Necessity and Expediency of War. By a Yankee Farmer.
209552: LOWENTHAL, ABRAHAM F. - The Dominican Intervention.
247465: LOWI, THEODORE J. - At the Pleasure of the Mayor: Patronage and Power in New York City, 1898-1958.
275197: LOWREY, JANETTE SEBRING. GUSTAF TENGGREN (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Poky Little Puppy (a Little Golden Book).
232804: LOWTH, B. ROBERT AND CALVIN E. STOWE. - Lectures on the Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews. A New Edition with Notes By Calvin E. Stowe.
272217: LOWTHER, GEORGE. - The Adventures of Superman. Based on the Cartoon Character Created By Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster
272526: LOWY, S. - The Principles of Samaritan Bible Exegesis (Studia Post-Biblica).
265081: LOXTON, MARGARET (ILLUSTRATOR) & PETER MAYLE. - Provence: Paintings By Margaret Loxton.
274840: LU, YUNG-CHEN. - Singularity Theory and an Introduction to Catastrophe Theory (Universitext).
271819: LUACES, JOAQUIN YARZA. - Estudios de Iconografia Medieval Espanola.
267270: LUBAR, ROBERT S. - Dali: The Salvador Dali­ Museum Collection.
274220: LUCAS, F. L. - The Woman Clothed with the Sun and Other Stories.
234718: LUCAS, RICHARD. - Religious Perfection: Or, a Third Part of the Enquiry After Happiness.
274611: LUCCHI, GABRIELE. - Crema Sacra.
226339: LUCCIONI, MASSIMO. - French Defence: Tarrasch Variation - 3 . . . A6 (C03).
223083: LUCEY, MICHAEL. - The Misfit of the Family: Balzac and the Social Forms of Sexuality.
266614: LUCHINAT, CRISTINA ACIDINI & ENRICA NERI LUSANNA (EDITORS). - Maso Di Banco. La Cappella Di San Silvestro.
258085: LUCIAN; HARMON, A. M. (TRANSLATOR). - Lucian. Volume Viii Only.
258084: LUCIAN; HARMON, A. M. (TRANSLATOR). - Lucian. Volume V Only.
258081: LUCIAN; HARMON, A. M. (TRANSLATOR). - Lucian. Volume Iii Only.
253416: LUCIAN. - Luciani: Samosatensis Opera, Vol. Iii.
229711: LUCIENNE. - Dialogues Des Courtisanes.
273677: LUCK, JAMES MURRAY. - A History of Switzerland the First 100,000 Years: Before the Beginnings to the Days of the Present.
242703: LUDDEN, DAVID E. - Peasant History in South India.
262490: LUDENDORFF, ERICH FRIEDRICH WILHELM. - The General Staff and Its Problems: The History of the Relations between the High Command and the German Imperial Government As Revealed By Official Documents: Vol. I + Vol. Ii. 2 Vols.
265684: LUDLAM, CHARLES; STEVEN SAMUELS (EDITOR). - Reinhold: Letters on the Kantian Philosophy (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy).
271302: LUDWIG, PETER (EDITOR). - Aachener Kunstblatter.
272006: LUHLBACH, LOUISA. W. BINET (TRANSLATOR). - The Empress Josephine.
247348: LUMIANSKY, R. M. & DAVID MILLS. - Chester Mystery Cycle: Essays and Documents.
212986: LUND, SØREN. - On Lithoderma Fatiscens Areschoug and L. Fatiscens Kuckuk: Treaarsexpeditionen Til Christian Den X's Land, 1931-34 Under Ledelse Af Lauge Koch. Meddelelser Om Grønland Bd. 116, Nr. 5
209594: LUND, JENNIFER S. (EDITOR). - Sensory Processing in the Mammalian Brain: Neural Substrates and Experimental Strategies.
240463: LUNSFORD, BASCOMB LAMAR & MANLY WADE WELLMAN. - Minstrel of the Appalachians: Prospectus for a Folklore Study in Form of a Biography; the Story of Bascom Lamar Lunsford + Related Ephemera.
240462: LUNSFORD, BASCOMB LAMAR & MANLY WADE WELLMAN. - Minstrel of the Appalachians: A Life in the Southern Mountains.
274823: LUPICA, MIKE. - The Underdogs.
261184: VON LUPKE, GESEKO. - Altes Wissen Fûr Eine Neue Zeit: Gespräche Mit Heilern Und Schamanen Des 21. Jahrhunderts.
254847: LUPPRIAN, HILDEGARD. - The Story Book of the Calico Pup and Ducky Drake.
243139: LURIE, ALISON. - Foreign Affairs.
244814: LUTHER, D. MARTIN . - Die Gantze Heilige Schrifft Deudsch. 3 Volumes
273880: LUTTIKHUIZEN, GERARD P. - The Revelation of Elchasai: Investigations Into the Evidence for a Mesopotamian Jewish Apocalypse of the Second Century and Its Reception By Judeo-Christian Propagandists. Texte Und Studien Zum Antiken Judentum 8
222976: LUTZ, ERNST (EDITOR). - Agriculture and the Environment: Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Development.
264798: LYCAN, WILLIAM G. - Consciousness and Experience.
264643: LYCAN, WILLIAM G. - Real Conditionals.
254756: LYDDON, SISTER EILEEN. - Door Through Darkness: John of the Cross and Mysticism in Everyday Life.
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