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244937: MACLEOD, FIONA (AKA WILLIAM SHARP). - Poems and Dramas.
259972: MACLEOD, NORMAN (EDITOR). - Good Works for 1869.
244936: MACLEOD, FIONA (AKA WILLIAM SHARP). - The Dominion of Dreams and Under the Dark Star.
269404: MACMANUS, THEODORE F. AND NORMAN BEASLEY. - Men, Money, and Motors: The Drama of the Automobile.
74654: MACMILLAN, DAVID PATRICK. - Keep My Money. Illustarted By Ailleen Phillips.
178752: {MACNAUGHTON, SHEILA B.}. - Cadder Cookery Book.
265955: MACNEIL, DENISE MARY. - The Emergence of the American Frontier Hero 1682-1826.
187026: MACNEIL, BEN DIXON. - The Neuse.
247004: MACON, SETH C. - Uphill Both Ways.
256563: MACPHERSON, MARIAN ACKER. - Glimpses of Old Mobile.
233960: OSSIAN. TOURNEUR. MACPHERSON. - Ossian, Fils de Fingal, Barde Du Troisieme Siecle: Poesies Galliques, Traduites Sur L'anglois de M. Macpherson. Two Volumes
253001: AMBROSIUS AURELIUS THEODOSIUS MACROBIUS. - Avr. Theodosii Macrobii V.C. Et Illustris Opera Cum Notis Integris Isacii Pontani, Io. Meursii, Iac. Gronovii Quibus Adiunxit Et Suas Io. Car. Zevnius.
157926: MACRUM, JAMES M. - The New Piano: A Lyric Poem. Etc.
260238: MACSWEEN, R.J. - Double Shadows.
248147: MACURA, P. - Elsevier's Russian-English Dictionary (4 Vol. ).
265656: MACY, JOHN. - The True Story of Santy Claus.
266071: MADDEN, DAVID. - Touching the Web of Southern Novelists.
224036: MADDEX, DIANE. - Historic Buildings of Washington, D.C. Foreword By Arthur Coton Moore
252739: MADDIN, ROBERT (EDITOR). - The Beginning of the Use of Metals and Alloys.
235190: MADDOCKS, COMRADE ELDEN B. - History of the Twenty-Sixth Maine Regiment.
218105: MADDOX, BRENDA. - Freud's Wizard: Ernest Jones and the Transformation of Psychoanalysis.
235532: MADOZ, JOSE. - San Isidoro de Sevilla: Semblanza de Su Personalidad Literaria.
202015: MADRID, RAMÓN JIMÉNEZ. - Narradores Murcianos de Antaño (1595-1936).
259249: MADRY, SARAH BRANDES. - Well Worth a Shindy: The Architectural and Philosophical History of the Old Well at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Foreword By William C. Friday
149591: MAGALHAES, LUIZ DE. - D. Sebastiao.
261229: MAGASICH-AIROLA, JORGE & JEAN-MARC DE BEER. - America Magica: When Europe Conquered Paradise (Anthem World History).
246680: MAGINNES, AL. - Outside a Tattoo Booth.
255103: MAGISTRALE, TONY (EDITOR). - The Films of Stephen King: From Carrie to Secret Window.
269637: MAGLIOLA, ROBERT. - Derrida on the Mend.
228965: MAGONET, JONATHAN (EDITOR). - Jewish Explorations of Sexuality.
211844: MAHAN, ALFRED THAYER. - Letters of Alfred Thayer Mahan to Samuel a'court Ashe (1858-59). Edited By Rosa Pendleton Chiles. Duke University Library Bulletin No. 4. Cover Title: The Mahan Letters.
104928: MAHAN, ALFRED THAYER. - Letters of Alfred Thayer Mahan to Samuel a'court Ashe (1858-59). Edited By Rosa Pendleton Chiles. Duke University Library Bulletin No. 4. Cover Title: The Mahan Letters.
94501: MAHAN, ALFRED THAYER. - Letters of Alfred Thayer Mahan to Samuel a'court Ashe (1858-59). Edited By Rosa Pendleton Chiles. Duke University Library Bulletin No. 4. Cover Title: The Mahan Letters.
252116: MAHLER, GREGORY S. (EDITOR). - Readings on the Israeli Political System: Structures and Processes.
250691: MAHMUD, SAYYID FAYYAZ. - A Short History of Islam.
239708: MAHN, HERBERT A. - Flags and Their Hisotry.
224917: MAHOMED, MIRZA & RICE, C. SPRING (TRANSLATORS). - The Story of Valeh and Hadijeh.
248226: MAHONEY, JOHN & JOHN ESTEN KELLER. - Mediaeval Studies in Honor of Urban Tigner Holmes, Jr.
249786: MAIGNE, W. - Dictionnaire Encyclopedique Des Ordres de Chevalerie Civils Et Militaires.
141696: MAILLY, CHEVALIER DE. - Histoire de la Republique de Genes, Depuis L'an 464. De la Fondation Rome, Jusqu'à Present. 3 Vols. Avec Privelege Du Roi.
265728: MAIRA, SHAKTI. - Twoards Ananda: Rethinking Indian Art and Aesthetics.
216998: MAISTRIAUX, ROBERT. - La Femme Et le Destin de L'afrique: Les Sources Psychologiques de la Mentalité Dite "Primitive" Preface By Edouard Morot-Sir.
243421: MAIURI, AMEDEO & LIONELLO VENTURO . - Painting in Italy: From the Origins to the Thirteenth Century.
268066: MAJEWSKI, JOHN. - A House Dividing: Economic Development in Pennsylvania and Virginia Before the Civil War.
211655: MAJOR, CLARENCE (EDITOR). - Juba to Jive: A Dictionary of African-American Slang.
263606: MAJOR, JUDITH K. - To Live in the New World: A.J. Downing and American Landscape Gardening.
236801: MAJUPURIA,TRILOK CHANDRA. - Sacred and Symbolic Animals of Nepal.
217424: MAKANNA, PHILIP. - Ghosts of the Skies; Aviation in the Second World War.
269136: CLANCY BROTHERS & TOMMY MAKEM. - The Irish Songbook: 75 Songs.
205431: MAKKAI, ADAM (EDITOR). - In Quest of the "Miracle Stag": The Poetry of Hungary. An Anthology of Hungarian Poetry in English Translation from the 13th Century to the Present.
268941: MAKSOUDIAN, KRIKOR H. - History of Armenia.
244989: MALAMUD, BERNARD & PHILIP ROTH. - Bernard Malamud Reading His Complete Short Story "the Mourners" and Philip Roth Reading from "Letting Go"
236689: MALAMUD, BERNARD. - Long Work, Short Life. The Bennington Chapbooks in Literature Series.
226583: MALCOLM, ANDREW H. - Unknown America.
258976: MALDEN, HENRY ELLIOT (EDITOR). - Magna Carta Commemoration Essays.
199688: MALHERBE, MICHEL & JEAN-MARIE POUSSEUR (EDITORS). - Francis Bacon Science Et Methode. De Pétrarque à Descartes
249554: MALIN, JAMES C. - The United States, 1865-1917: An Interpretation. Humanistic Studies, Vol. Iii, No. 2. Bulletin of the Univ. Of Kansas Vol. Xxv, No. 2.
249555: MALIN, JAMES C. - Indian Policy and Westward Expansion. Humanistic Studies, Vol. Ii, No. 3. Bulletin of the Univ. Of Kansas Vol. Xxii, No. 17
243252: MALINOWSKI, BRONISLAW. - Argonauts of the Western Pacific: An Account of Native Enterprise and Adventure in the Archipelagoes of Melanesian New Guinea. Preface By James George Frazer
232269: MALLALIEU, H. L. - The Dictionary of British Watercolour Artists Up to 1920. ( Three Volumes ).
263919: MALLARY, PETER . - A Redoute Treasury: 468 Watercolours from Les Liliacees of Pierre-Joseph Redoute.
253239: MALLOY, WILLIAM M. (COMPILER). - Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols and Agreements between the United States of America and Other Powers, 1776-1909.
216911: MALONE, WILLIAM HENRY. - A Treatise on Real Property Trials.
260607: MALONE, MICHAEL. - Time's Witness.
260718: MALONE, MICHAEL. - Handling Sin.
260721: MALONE, MICHAEL. - Painting the Roses Red.
260723: MALONE, MICHAEL. - Foolscap.
188608: MALONE, MICHAEL P. - Historians and the American West. Foreword By Rodman W. Paul.
234154: MALONE, NAN. - Occasions.
226388: {MALONE, EDMOND, EDITOR}. - Supplement to the Edition of Shakspeare's Plays Published in 1778 By Samuel Johnson and George Steevens, in Two Volumes, Containing Additional Observations By Several of the Former Commentators: To Which Are Subjoined the Genuine Poems of the Same Author, and Seven Plays That Have Been Ascribed to Him; with Notes By the Editor and Others. Two Volumes.
262116: MALORY, THOMAS. EUGENE VINAVER (EDITOR). - The Works of Thomas Malory: The Second Edition in Three Volumes: Vol. I - Iii. 3 Vols.
265522: MALORY, THOMAS. - Le Morte D'arthur.
270048: MALOUF, GREG AND LUCY. - Moorish: Flavours from Mecca to Marrakech.
234176: MALRAUX, ANDRE. - La Metamorphose Des Dieux.
264344: MALTONI, DAVIDE; MAIO, DARIO; JAIN, ANIL K.; PRABHAKAR, SALIL. - Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition.
259156: MALZBENDER, MATTHEW. - Praktischer Ratgeber Fur Conditoren, Cakebaker Und Brotbacker Und Candy-Macher. Practical Manual for Confectioners, Pastrycooks and Bakers and Candy Makers: Containing Detailed Directions for Pastry Cooks in Hotels.
245321: MANARIN, LOUIS H. - North Carolina Troops 1861-1865, a Roster: Vol. Ii, Cavalry.
223851: MANARIN, LOUIS H. (EDITOR) . - North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865, a Roster. Volume I: Artillery.
269830: MANARIN, LOUIS H. (EDITOR). - Richmond at War: The Minutes of the City Council, 1861-1865.
245324: MANARIN, LOUIS H. - North Carolina Troops 1861-1865, a Roster: Vol. Iii, Infantry.
259588: MANCINI, ALBERT N. AND DINO S. CERVIGNI. - Images of America and Columbus in Italian Literature. Annali D'italianistica, Volume 10
252247: MANCUSO, MAUREEN (EDITOR). - Leaders and Leadership in Canada.
244869: MANDELKOW, KARL ROBERT (EDITOR). - Goethe Im Urteil Seiner Kritiker. Dokumente Zur Wirkungsgeschichte Goethes in Deutschland Teil Iii 1870 - 1918.
237963: MANDELKOW, KARL ROBERT (EDITOR). - Goethe Im Urteil Seiner Kritiker. Dokumente Zur Wirkungsgeschichte Goethes in Deutschland Teil Iii 1870 - 1918.
246941: MANENSCHIJN, GERRIT. - Moraal En Eigenbelang Bij Thomas Hobbes En Adam Smith.
160692: MANEY, R. WAYNE. - Marching to Cold Harbor: Victory and Failure, 1864.
240758: MANEY, ARDITH L. - Still Hungry After All These Years: Food Assistance Policy from Kennedy to Reagan.
267594: MANGEL, MARK. - Decision and Control in Uncertain Resource Systems, Volume 172 (Mathematics in Science and Engineering).
263433: MANGO, MARLIA MUNDELL. - Silver from Early Byzantium: The Kaper Koraon and Related Treasures.
261648: MANGUM, WILLIAM. - North Carolina: Behold the Beauty. Text By Charlie Gaddy, Lee Kinard, & C.J. Underwood.
264025: MANIER, EDWARD. - The Young Darwin and His Cultural Circle: A Study of Influences Which Helped Shape the Language and Logic of the First Drafts of the Theory of Natural Selection. Studies in the History of Modern Science, Volume 2
240111: MANITIUS, MAX. - Geschichte Der Lateinischen Literatur Des Mittelalters: Erster Band.
262656: MANLEY, ELIZABETH P. - Alternative Disupte Resolution in North Carolina: A New Civil Procedure. Second Edition
252418: MANLY, CHARLES. - An Address Delivered Before the Alumni and the Senior Class, of the University of North Carolina: In Gerard Hall: On the Day Preceding the Annual Commencement, in June 1838. Under the Appointment of the Dialectic Society.
233316: MANN, THOMAS. - Der Junge Joseph.
263830: MANN, JUDITH WALKER. - Medieval Art. Winter Bulletin
257444: MANN, SALLY. - At Twelve: Portraits of Young Women.
249202: MANN, HORACE. - Lectures, and Annual Reports, on Education.
269498: MANN, BRUCE J. - Edward Albee: A Casebook.
257662: MANN, BRIAN. - The Secular Madrigals of Filippo Di Monte, 1521-1603.
241333: MANN, STEPHEN STAFFORD, JR. - The Journal of St. Mark.
218705: MANN, WILLIAM J. - Edge of Midnight: The Life of John Schlesinger.
187397: MANN, STEVEN. - Mayhem: A Boxer Novel.
235923: MANN, RICH. - North Beach 90291: Rich Mann . . . In Venice.
268790: MANN, JAMES A. - The Cotton Trade of Great Britain: Its Rise, Progress, and Present Extent.
223955: MANN, THOMAS. - La Mort a Venise. Translated By Philippe Jaccottet
102636: MURRAY GELL-MANN (EDITORS.). - Understanding Complexity in the Prehistoric Southwest (Santa Fe Institute Studies in the Sciences of Complexity, Vol 16).
262642: MANNING, BERNARD LORD. - The Protestant Dissenting Deputies.
247662: MANNING, SAMUEL. - Palestine Illustrated By Pen and Pencil.
231271: MANNING-SANDERS, RUTH. - A Book of Dragons. Drawings By Robin Jacques
95239: MANNING, JAMES S. - Republic of Cuba Vs. The State of North Carolina: Proceedings in Suit for Recovery on Certain Fraudulent Bonds, 1917.
268705: MANSEL, PHILIP. - Sultans in Splendor.
234622: MANSON, SIR PATRICK. - Tropical Diseases. A Manual of the Diseases of Warm Climates.
170950: MANTEIGA, ROBERT C. - The Poetry of Rafael Alberti: A Visual Approach.
263897: DER MANUELIAN, PETER. - Slab Stelae of the Giza Necropolis (Publications of the Pennsylvania-Yale Expedition to Egypt, No. 7).
259611: COMMITTEE ON HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS. - Calendar of the Correspondence Relating to the American Revolution of Brigadier-General George Weedon, Hon. Richard Henry Lee, Hon. Arthur Lee and Major-General Nathanael Greene, in the American Philosophical Society.
266168: MAPPLETHORPE, ROBERT. - Some Women.
267825: MAPPLETHORPE, ROBERT. - Ten By Ten.
267826: MAPPLETHORPE, ROBERT. - The Black Book.
266367: JUVENAL. RENE MARACHE (EDITOR). - Juvenal Saturae Iii, Iv, V (Erasme Collection de Textes Latins Commentes 15).
257503: MARAINI, FOSCO. - Japon. Translated By Angelique Levi
267401: MARCENAC, JEAN (PREFACE BY). - Anthologie Des Ecrits Sur L'art.
230083: MARCH-PHILLIPS, LISLE & BERTRAM CHRISTIAN (EDITORS). - Some Hawarden Letters, 1878-1913: Written to Mrs. Drew (Miss Mary Gladstone): Before and After Her Marriage.
244991: MARCH, FREDERIC (NARRATOR). - Hark! the Years! the Actual Recorded Voices of Outstanding Celebrities from Two Centuries.
270007: MARCHESANO, LOUIS & CHRISTIAN MICHEL. - Printing the Grand Manner: Charles le Brun and Monumental Prints in the Age of Louis Xiv.
212575: MARCUS, MELVIN G. - The High Mountain Environment Project, St. Elias Mountains, Yukon and Alaska, 1967-1971: Final Report, June 1971. Prepared for Army Research Office - Durham.
259033: MARCUS, ERIC. - Rational Causation.
268922: MARCUS CORNELIUS FRONTO; HAINES, C. R. (TRANSLATOR). - The Correspondence of Marcus Cornelius Fronto with Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Lucius Verus, Antoninus Pius, and Various Friends (Volumes I and Ii). Loeb Classical Library
104275: MARCUS, JUDITH T. (EDITOR). - Surviving the Twentieth Century: Social Philosophy for the Frankfurt School to the Columbia Faculty Seminars.
265648: DE LA MARE, WALTER. - The Nap and Other Stories (the Nelson Classics).
225387: MARÉCHAL, SYLVAIN & FRANÇOIS-ANNE DAVID. - Les Antiquités D'herculanum, Avec Leurs Explications. Engravings By François-Anne David. Seven Volumes.
259337: MARGOLIN, JEAN-CLAUDE. - Humanism in Europe at the Time of the Renaissance.
265123: MARGOLIOUTH, D. S. - Cairo, Jerusalem, and Damascus: Three Chief Cities of the Egyptian Sultans. With Illustrations in Colour By W.S. S. Tyrwhitt
252956: MARGUERITT, VICTOR. - The Frontiers of the Heart. Translated By Frederic Lees
228256: MARÍAS, JULIÁN. - Miguel de Unamuno. Translated By Frances M. López-Morillas
269529: FRISANO; MARIC. - Courtisanes, T. 2: Des Barricades Pour Eva.
269531: FRISANO; MARIC. - Courtisanes, T. 3: Une Palette Pour Eva.
269532: FRISANO; MARIC. - Courtisanes, T. 1: Tout Ce Sang Pour Eva.
248656: MARIE, PIERRE AND DR. SOUZA-LEITE. - Essays on Acromegaly.
257467: MARINCOLA, JOHN. - A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography, 2 Volume Set (Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World).
231754: MARINESCU, CONSTANTIN A. - Stories to Be Told. Ancient Marbles and Their Message to Posterity.
236258: MARIVAUX, PIERRE. - La Vie de Marianne, Ou Les Aventures de Madame la Comtesse de ***. 4 Vols.
254488: MARKOVITS, ANDREI S. & SIMON REICH. - The German Predicament: Memory and Power in the New Europe.
268170: MARKOVITZ, JONATHAN. - Legacies of Lynching: Racial Violence and Memory.
264716: MARKS, RICHARD & PAUL WILLIAMSON (EDITOR). - Gothic Art for England, 1400-1547.
254519: MARKS, R. & A. T. C. ROBINSON. - Principles of Weaving.
245789: MARKS, W. PARKER. - The Golden Doorstop.
241005: MARKS, KATE. - Circle of Song: Songs, Chants, and Dances for Ritual and Celebration.
244181: MARKS, JOHNNY. - Rudolph & Frosty: Music & Lyrics Piano/Vocal/Chords.
265108: VAN MARLE, RAIMOND. - The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting: Vols. I - Xix. 19 Volumes.
204457: MARLETTE, DOUG. - "I Feel Your Pain" Foreword By Pat Conroy.
180051: MARLETTE, DOUG. - "I Feel Your Pain" Foreword By Pat Conroy.
213711: MARLOWE, STEPHEN. - Peril Is My Pay.
257551: MARMONTEL, JEAN FRANCOIS. - Autobiography. Memoirs of Jean Francois Marmontel. Edited By W.D. Howells. 2 Vols.
193349: MAROWITZ, CHARLES. - Stage Dust: A Critic's Cultural Scrapbook from the. 1900s. Studies and Documentation in the History of Popular Entertainment, No. 1
239343: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - Wickford Point.
228267: MARQUARDT, JOACHIM. - Rômische Staatsverwaltung: Vols. I, Ii, & Iii. Handbuch Der Römischen Alterthümer. 3 Vols.
236130: MARQUES, OSWALDINO. - Videntes E Sonâmbulos, Coletânea de Poemas Norte-Americanos.
250697: MARQUIS, DON. - The Revolt of the Oyster.
206075: MARQUIS, DON. - Sonnets to a Red-Haired Lady (By a Gentleman with a Blue Beard) and Famous Love Affairs. Drawings By Stuart Hay
232021: MARR, PHEBE (EDITOR). - Egypt at the Crossroards: Domestic Stability and Regional Road.
244928: MARSALIS, WYNTON; STEWART, FRANK (PHOTOGRAPHER). - Sweet Swing Blues on the Road.
267154: MARSCHALL, SABINE. - Landscape of Memory: Commemorative Monuments, Memorials and Public Statuary in Post-Apartheid South-Africa.
267155: MARSCHALL, SABINE. - Landscape of Memory: Commemorative Monuments, Memorials and Public Statuary in Post-Apartheid South-Africa.
234644: MARSH, WILLIAM A. - 1880 Census of West Virginia. Volume 9. Compiled Alphabetically By Counties. Greengrier - Monroe - Summers - Mecer - Mcdowell.
258112: MARSH, JOHN ET AL. - Putnam and the Wolf: The Fools' Pence; the Poor Man's House Repaired; and Jamie.
247366: CHARLES ELLMS; JOHN MARSH. - People's Almanac. 1835. Vol. I. No. 2.
254786: MARSHALL, JOHN. - John Locke: Resistance, Religion and Responsibility.
225104: MARSHALL, CLAIRE. - William Langland: Piers Plowman.
242568: MARSHALL, WALTER. - The Gospel-Mystery of Sanctification, Opened, in Sundry Practical Directions. Suited Especially to the Case of Those Who Labor Under the Guilt and Power of Indwelling Sin. To Which Is Added a Sermon on Justification By Mr. Walter Marshall.
218241: MARSHALL, JOHN. - The Life of George Washington, Volume V.
172434: MARSHALL, HUMPHREY. - The History of Kentucky. Including an Account of the Discovery, Settlement, Progressive, Improvement, Political and Military Events, and Present States of the Country: Vol. I. Index By Oscar Rucker, Jr.
257125: MARSHALL, ROGER POWELL. - A Mythical Mayflower Competition: North Carolina Literature in the Half-Century Following the Revolution.
230275: MARTELL, H. M. - Jorvik: The Viking Kings.
257917: MARTI, JOSE LUIS & PHILIP PETTIT. - A Political Philosophy in Public Life: Civic Republicanism in Zapatero's Spain.
230100: MARTI, BERTHE M. - The Spanish College at Bologna in the Fourteenth Century: Edition and Translation of Its Statutes, with Introduction and Notes.
233045: MARTIJN, CHARLES A. (EDITOR). - Preliminary Bibliography: The Native Presence in the Strait of Belle-Isle, Eastern Canada.
241998: MARTIN, RANDY. - An Empire of Indifference: American War and the Financial Logic of Risk Management (a Social Text Book).
268857: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Vercingetorix (Les Aventures D'alix).
268859: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - Operation Thor (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
268856: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Les Proies Du Volcan (Les Aventures D'alix).
268855: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Les Legions Perdues (Les Aventures D'alix).
268860: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - La Crypte (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
268861: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Le Dieu Sauvage (Les Aventures D'alix).
268854: MARTIN, JACQUES. - La Tour de Babel (Les Aventures D'alix).
233377: MARTIN, FRAN. - No School Friday. Illustrated By Dorothy Mcentee
243321: MARTIN, F. X. AND F. J. BYRNE (EDITORS). - The Scholar Revolutionary: Eoin Macneill, 1867-1945, and the Making of the New Ireland.
268363: MARTIN, JOHN FREDERICK. - Profits in the Wilderness: Entrepreneurship and the Founding of New England Towns in the Seventeenth Century.
268827: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - L'oasis (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
268858: MARTIN, JACQUES. - La Grande Menace (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
264850: MARTIN, BENJAMIN F. - Count Albert de Mun: Paladin of the Third Republic.
260059: MARTIN, GEORGE R. R. - A Game of Thrones.
263442: MARTIN, PETER. - Pursuing Innocent Pleasures: The Gardening World of Alexander Pope.
183305: MARTIN, ROY. - Williamsburg; an Artist's & Writer's Sketchbook. Original Pen & Ink Drawings By John Charles Roach
257342: MARTIN, JESSICA. - Walton's Lives: Conformist Commemorations and the Rise of Biography.
257082: MARTIN, DANIEL HOFFMAN. - Concerning Them That Are Asleep.
255200: MARTIN, JOHN RUPERT. - The Farnese Gallery.
240936: MARTIN, DAVID (EDITOR). - La Sainte Bible, Qui Contient le Vieux Et le Nouveau Testament.
268835: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - L'ouragan de Feu (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
268850: MARTIN, JACQUES. - L'enfant Grec (Les Aventures D'alix).
248053: MARTIN, WILLIAM H. - Some Virginia Law Books in a Virginia Law Office.
245855: MARTIN, ERNEST MOORE (EDITOR). - James Henry Harris: Warren County, North Carolina: His Ancestors and Descendants.
251494: MARTIN, BARBARA BECK. - On Third Street.
268843: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Le Sphinx D'or (Les Aventures D'alix).
247724: MARTIN, CHARLES. - Room for Error.
269740: MARTIN-MARQUEZ, SUSAN. - Feminist Discourse and Spanish Cinema: Sight Unseen.
228945: MARTIN, PAUL. - Military Costume: A Short History. Le Costume Militaire. Der Bunte Rock.
241299: MARTIN, SCOTT C. - Devil of the Domestic Sphere: Temperance, Gender, and Middle-Class Ideology, 1800-1860.
268834: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - La Cible (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
268851: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Iorix le Grand (Les Aventures de Alix).
268828: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - L'apocalypse (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
217658: MARTIN, GOTTFRIED. - An Introduction to General Metaphysics. Foreword By David Ross.
196558: MARTIN, JOHN R. - Van Dyck As Religious Artist.
268833: MARTIN, J. & G. CHAILLET. - L'arme Absolue (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
268849: MARTIN, JACQUES. - L'ile Maudite (Les Aventures D'alix).
254677: MARTIN, JAMES. - Gramsci's Political Analysis: A Political Introduction.
231618: MARTIN, ISAAC PATTON. - Methodism in Holston.
236892: MARTIN, EDWIN A. (CURATOR). - Photographs of Science.
268848: MARTIN, J. & B. DE MOOR. - Le Repaire Du Loup (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
269155: MARTIN, JAMES. - Sing Not War: The Lives of Union and Confederate Veterans in Gilded Age America.
265691: MARTIN, JOHN & DENNIS ROMANO (EDITORS). - Venice Reconsidered: The History and Civilization of an Italian City-State, 1297-1797.
266961: MARTIN, PAUL S. & RICHARD G. KLEIN (EDITORS). - Quarternary Extinctions: A Prehistoric Revolution.
45703: MARTIN, WILLIAM D. - The Journal of William D. Martin; a Journey from South Carolina to Connecticut in the Year 1809. Prepared By Anna D. Elmore
267469: MARTIN, DAVID G. - Gettysburg, July 1.
268847: MARTIN, JACQUES. - Le Mystere Borg (Les Aventures de Lefranc).
257424: MARTINEAU, JAMES. - Faith the Beginning, Self-Surrender the Fulfilment, of the Spiritual Life.
269048: MARTINET, ANDRE. - Economie Des Changements Phonetiques: Traite de Phologie Diachronique (Bibliotheca Romanica X).
261398: MARTINEZ SIERRA, GREGORIO & JACINTO BENAVENTE. - El Palacio Triste By Gragorio Martinez Sierra and Ganarse la Vida By Jacinto Benavente. Edited By Medora Loomis Ray
259564: MARTINEZ, ROMEO. - Eugene Atget.
263080: MARTINEZ-BARBEITO, CARLOS. - La Coruna Inolvidable. Unforgettable la Coruna.
246039: MARTINS, OLIVEIRA. - Historia Da Republica Romana: I.
254788: DE MARTONNE, EMMANUEL. - Traite de Geographie Physique: Climat - Hydrographie - Relief Du Sol - Biogeographie . . . Deuxieme Edition, Revue Et Augmentee.
228517: MARTY, MARTIN E. - Faith of Our Fathers: Vol. 4: Religion, Awakening & Revolution.
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