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281138: LAVIN, MARILYN ARONBERG. - Il 60: Essays Honoring Irving Lavin on His Sixtieth Birthday.
280176: LAVIN, IRVING ET AL. - Drawings By Gianlorenzo Bernini from the Museum Der Bildenden Kunste Leipzig, German Democratic Republic.
136556: LAVOLLE, L. N. - Nhoti, Son of India. Translated By Hugh Shelley. Illustrated By J.P. Lequeret
211279: LAW, HENRY. - A Rudimentary Treatise on Logarithms.
206792: LAWES, HENRY. - Henry Lawes: Three Songs from "the Treasury of Musick" Edited By Antony Lewis. Miniature Song Series.
276712: LAWLER, PETER AUGUSTINE AND BRIAN A. SMITH (EDITORS). - A Political Companion to Walker Percy.
239862: LAWLESS, KELLIE & MAILI BROCKE. - Football Food.
174248: LAWRENCE, D. H. - Mr Noon. Edited By Lindeth Vasey. The Cambridge Edition of the Letters and Works of D.H. Lawrence.
262786: {LAWRENCE, WILLIAM. - Treatise on Diseases of the Eye}.
257529: LAWRENCE, T. E. ETIEMBLE & YASSU GAUCLERE (TRANSLATORS). - Lettres de T.E. Lawrence. Translated By Etiemble & Yassu Gauclere
206599: LAWRENCE, KATHERINE. - Laurence Yep. Library of Author Biographies
262683: LAWRENCE, LOUISE DE KIRILINE. - A Comparative Life-History Study of Four Species of Woodpeckers.
274960: LAWRENCE, VERA BRODSKY. - Strong on Music: The New York Music Scene in the Days of George Templeton Strong, 1836-1875: Volume I: Resonances, 1836-1850.
222224: LAWRENCE, CHARLES (COMPILER). - History of the Philadelphia Almshouses and Hospitals, from the Beginning of the Eighteenth to the Ending of the Nineteenth Centuries, Covering a Period of Nearly Two Hundred Years, Showing the Mode of Distributing Public Relief Through the Management of the Boards of Overseers of the Poor, Guardians of the Poor and the Directors of the Department of Charities and Correction, with an Appendix, Containing a List of Former Visiting and Resident Physicans.
274567: LAWRENCE, CHRISTOPHER AND PAUL LUCIER AND CHRISTOPHER C. BOOTH (EDITORS). - Take Time By the Forelock: Letters of Anthony Fothergill to James Woodforde, 1783-1813 (Medical History Supplement).
282400: LAWRENCE, MARC. - Long Time No See: Confessions of a Hollywood Gangster.
273685: LAWRENCE, BRUCE B. - Notes from a Distant Flute: Sufi Literature in Pre-Mughal India.
234462: LAWRENCE, WILLIAM. - Life of Amos A. Lawrence with Extracts from His Diary and Correspondence.
277280: LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE. JOHNNY GRUELLE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Man in the Moon Stories Told over the Radio-Phone.
73533: LAWRENCE, ABBOTT. - Letters from the Hon. Abbott Lawrence to the Hon. William C. Rives of Virginia.
233296: LAWSON, HARRIET ONDERO. - Olde Flushing.
233871: LAWSON, THOMAS AND RICHARD H. COOLIDGE. - Statistical Report on the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States, Compiled from the Records of the Surgeon General's Office; Embracing a Period. . . From January, 1839, to January, 1855. . . January 1855. Senate Ex. Doc. No. 96, 34th Congress, 1st Session.
283131: LAWTON, STEPHEN. - Santa Barbara's Flying a Studio.
269863: LAYARD, AUSTEN HENRY. - Nineveh and Its Remains: With an Account of a Visit to the ChaldÆan Christians of Kurdistan, and the Yezidis, Or Devil-Worshippers; and an Enquiry and Arts of the Ancient Assyrians. Volume 1.
277167: LAZAR, ZACHARY. - I Pity the Poor Immigrant.
196527: LAZARE, EDWARD J. (COMPILER). - The Celebrated Collection of Americana, Formed By the Late Thomas Winthrop Streeter, Index: A Dictionary Check-List of the Seven Sale Catalogues, October 1966 - October 1969.
255450: LAZARUS-BLACK, MINDIE & SUSAN F. HIRSCH (EDITORS). - Contested States: Law, Hegemony and Resistance.
281018: LEADER, ZACHARY. - The Life of Saul Bellow: To Fame and Fourtune, 1915-1964.
227737: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian '85: No. 17, 1985. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227738: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1984: No. 16, 1984. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227745: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1975: No. 7, 1975. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227743: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1978: No. 10, 1978. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227742: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1979: No. 11, 1979. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227741: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1980: No. 12, 1980. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227739: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1982: No. 14, 1982. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227740: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1981: No. 13, 1981. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227736: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian '86: No. 18, 1986. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
227744: LEADON, GUS, EAMONN DALY & TOMMY MORAN (EDITORS). - The Leitrim Guardian 1976: No. 8, 1976. Leitrim's Annual County Magazine
265366: LEAF, MUNRO. - Let's Do Better.
261687: LEAF, MUNRO. ROBERT LAWSON (ILLUSTRATOR). - Ferdinandus Taurus.
261686: LEAF, MUNRO. ROBERT LAWSON (ILLUSTRATOR). - El Cuento de Ferdinando.
282356: LEAF, MURRAY J. - The Anthropology of Western Religions: Ideas, Organizations, and Constituencies.
213919: LEAF, MURRAY J. - Information and Behavior in a Sikh Village: Social Organization Reconsidered.
257124: CHAPEL HILL SERVICE LEAGUE. - The Chapel Hill Service League's Chapel Hill Favorites: 5th Edition, 2nd Printing.
276791: LEAKE, ISAAC Q. - Memoir of the Life and Times of General John Lamb, an Officer of the Revolution, Who Commanded the Post at West Point at the Time of Arnold's Defection, and His Correspondence with Washington, Clinton, Patrick Henry, and Other Distinguished Men of His Time.
156583: LEAPER, DAVID L. & FRANK J. BRANICKI (EDITORS). - International Surgical Practice. Oxford Medical Publications
285037: LEAR, EDWARD. EDWARD GOREY (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Dong with a Luminous Nose.
126170: LEARY, LEWIS. - The Literary Career of Nathaniel Tucker, 1750-1807. Historical Papers of the Trinity College Historical Society Series Xxix
232990: O'LEARY, ELIZABETH L. - From Morning to Night: Domestic Service in Marymont House and the Gilded Age.
102992: LEATH, THOMAS H. - Address of Thomas H. Leath on Presentation of the Portrait of the Honorable George Whitfield Connor to the Superior Court of Wilson County, North Carolina, By His Daughters on 4 February 1952.
266857: LEATHERBARROW, W. J. (EDITOR). - Dostoevsky's "the Devils": A Critical Companion.
235013: THE HERMIT OF LEAVENWORTH. - An Essay of Protean Nature.
245496: LEAVITT, JUDITH WALZER. - Make Room for Daddy: The Journey from Waiting Room to Birthing Room.
260833: LEAVITT, JOSHUA. - The Christian Lyre: Vol. Ii.
285054: LEBBON, TIM. - Fears Unnamed: 4 Novellas.
240863: LEBEAU, CAROLI. - Carmina D. Caroli Lebeau, in Collegio Olim Graffinaeo Eloquentiae Necnon in Regio Professoris, Regiae Litterarum & Inscriptionum Academiae a Secretis.
281602: LEBEDEVA, V. E. - Tatiana Nazarenko (Russian Edition).
252463: {LEBOUCHER, ODET JULIEN}. - Historia de la Ultima Guerra Entre la Inglaterra, Los Estados Unidos de America, la Francia, Espana, Y Holanda: Desde El Ano de 1775, En Que Se Principio Hasta El de 1783, En Quo Se Concluyo: Vol. I + Vol. Ii.
246919: LECACHE, BERNARD. - Jacob.
244086: LECKIE, ELIZABETH. - The Village School: A Story for Girls of Twelve Years Old.
279172: LECKIE, ROBERT. - The March to Glory.
278868: LECKMAN, JAMES F. ET AL. (EDITORS). - Pathways to Peace: The Transformative Power of Children and Families (Strungmann Forum Reports).
261641: LECOCQ, CHARLES (MUSIC). SYDNEY ROSENFELD (LIBRETTO). - The Oolah: A Comic Opera in Three Acts.
251751: LEDER, PRISCILLA (EDITOR). - Seeds of Change: Critical Essays on Barbara Kingsolver.
242519: LEDERER, JOHN. - The Discoveries of John Lederer, in Three Several Marches from Virginia, to the West of Carolina, and Other Parts of the Continent. Edited By William P. Cumming.
182980: LEDOUX, LUCIEN (EDITOR). - Genetic Manipulations with Plant Material. Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series: Series a: Life Sciences, Vol. 3
273214: LEE, MARY ANN. - An Inventory of Historic Architecture: City of Monroe.
278363: LEE, JONGSOO & GALEN BROKAW (EDITORS). - Texcoco: Prehispanic and Colonial Perspectives.
264546: LEE, HOWARD N. - The Courage to Lead: One Man's Journey in Public Service.
262985: LEE, JANICE Y. - The Piano Teacher.
262811: LEE, HOWARD B. - My Appalachia: Pipestem State Park Today and Yesterday. The Sequel to Bloodletting in Appalachia.
259104: LEE, MELICENT HUMASON. LESLIE W. LEE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Indians of the Oaks.
257083: LEE, ALAN. - Kung-Fu Wu-Su.
283747: LEE, LAWRENCE. - The Lower Cape Fear in Colonial Days.
277191: LEE, MRS. LAWRENCE, ET AL (EDITORS). - Christ Church Book Book, Savannah, Georgia.
265078: LEE, SIDNEY L. - Stratford-on-Avon, from the Earliest Times to the Death of Shakespeare. With Forty-Five Illustrations By Edward Hull
277057: LEE, TOSCA. - The Legend of Sheba: Rise of a Queen.
273395: LEE, LOYD E. - The Politics of Harmony: Civil Service, Liberalism, and Social Reform in Baden, 1800-1850.
269936: LEE, SUSANNA. - Greece: The Food and the Lifestyle.
278984: LEE, GORDON JEAN. - Philadelphians and the China Trade (1784-1844).
275108: LEE, JAMES. - The Morris Canal: A Photographic History.
268008: LEE, JOSHUA A. - With Their Ears Pricked Forward: Tales of Mules I've Known.
284260: LEE, MICHAEL. - Codebreaking Our Future: Deciphering the Future's Hidden Order.
233647: LEE, EDWIN AND EDWARD WARREN. - Fisk Fund Prize Essays. The Effects of Climate on Tuberculous Disease By Edwin Lee [Together with] the Influence of Pregnancy on the Development of Tubercles.
187054: LEE, FRANZ J. T. - Anatomy of Apartheid in Southern Africa: Four Essays.
263529: LEEDY, WALTER C. - Fan Vaulting: A Study of Form, Technology, and Meaning.
279841: LEFEBVRE, HENRI. DAVID L. SWEET (TRANSLATOR). - The Missing Pieces.
278594: LEFKOWITZ, MARY R. - The Lives of the Greek Poets (Classical Life and Letters).
283742: LEFLER, HUGH T. (EDITOR). - North Carolina History Told By Contemporaries.
283723: LEFTWICH, LINWOOD L. - Leftwich Chronology with American Descendants.
248384: LEGARE, JOHN GIRARDEAU. - The Darien Journal of John Girardeau Legare, Ricegrower.
254823: LEGER, ALFRED. - Les Travaux Publics, Les Mines Et Al Metallurgie Aux Temps Des Romains, la Tradition Romaine Jusqu'a Nos Jours: Texte + Atlas. 2 Vols.
231765: LEGER, FERNAND. CHRISTIAN DEROUST, (EDITOR). - Fernad Leger. Lettres a Simone.
247217: LEGGE, WILLOW. - An African Folktale.
284266: LEGGE, JAMES. - The Chinese Classics, Volume Iii: The Shoo King Or the Book of Historical Documents.
284265: LEGGE, JAMES. - The Chinese Classics, Volume Ii: The Works of Mencius.
284264: LEGGE, JAMES. - The Chinese Classics, Volume I: Confucian Analects, the Great Leraning, the Doctrine of the Mean.
200038: LEGOUVÉ, ERNEST. - La Lecture En Action.
200036: LEGOUVÉ, ERNEST. - L'art de la Lecture.
194651: LEGRAND, JACQUES ET AL. - Chronique de L'aviation.
254955: LEHANE, DENNIS. - Shutter Island.
271994: LEHAR, FRANZ. - The Merry Widow (Die Lustige Witwe): Operetta in Three Acts: Piano Conductor.
273329: LEHMANN, HARTMUT & JAMES J. SHEEHAN (EDITORS). - An Interrupted Past: German-Speaking Refugee Historians in the United States After 1933.
253274: LEHMANN, JENNIFER M. - Deconstructing Durkheim: A Post-Post-Structuralist Critique.
273985: LEHRS, MAX. - Late Gothic Engravings of Germany & the Netherlands.
214923: LEIGH, EGERTON & ARTHUR LEE. - The Nature of Colony Constitutions: Two Pamphlets on the Wilkes Fund Controversy in South Carolina. Edited By Jack P. Greene.
275536: LEIGHTON, CLARE. - Southern Harvest.
285143: LEIGHTON, CLARE. - The Musical Box.
258966: LEISIBACH, JOSEF (EDITOR). - Die Liturgischen Handschriften Der Kantons- Und Universitatsbibliothek Freiburg. Spicilegii Friburgensis Subsidia 16. Iter Helveticum Teil I
258965: LEISIBACH, JOSEF (EDITOR). - Die Liturgischen Handschriften Des Kantons Freiburg (Ohne Katonsbibliothek). Spicilegii Friburgensis Subsidia 16. Iter Helveticum Teil Ii
283050: LEITCH, THOMAS. - Perry Mason (Tv Milestones Series).
130053: LEITERMEYER, FRITZ. - 6 Bicinien (Duo - Studien) Fûr 2 Bratschen Op. 47.
280000: LEITH-JASPER, MANFRED & PATRICIA WENGRAF. - European Bronzes from the Quentin Collection: An Exhibition at the Frick Collection.
129514: LEITHAUSER, BRAD. - The Seaside Mountain; Eight Poems from Japan. Illustrated By Mark Leithauser
215187: LEITHAUSER, BRAD. - The Seaside Mountain; Eight Poems from Japan. Illustrated By Mark Leithauser
274744: LEJNIEKS, JANIS. - Rigas Arhitektura: Riga's Architecture.
270594: LELAND, CHARLES GODFREY. - Abraham Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery in the United States.
267188: LELOIR, MAURICE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Paul and Virginia.
271842: LEMAIRE, JACQUES. - Introduction a la Codicologie.
261339: LEMOINE, BERTRAND. - Architecture in France, 1800-1900.
244185: LEMONNIER, LEON. - Enquetes Sur Baudelaire.
278740: LEMPERT, MICHAEL. - Discipline and Debate: The Language of Violence in a Tibetan Buddhist Monestary.
280296: LEMPICKA, TAMARA DE. - Tamara de Lempicka: Art Deco Icon.
271466: LENCZNER, SERGE. - Jean Miotte.
194737: LENCZOWSKI, JOHN. - Soviet Perceptions of U.S. Foreign Policy; a Study of Ideology, Power, and Consensus.
186826: LENGYEL, EMIL. - Egypt's Role in World Affairs.
283879: LENNON, KATHLEEN. - Imagination and the Imaginary.
255270: LENNON, DONALD R. & IDA BROOKS KELLAM (EDITORS). - The Wilmington Town Book, 1743-1778.
281083: LENSEN, GEORGE ALEXANDER. - The Russian Push Toward Japan: Russo-Japanese Relations, 1697-1875.
234400: LENSKI, LOIS. - Bound Girl of Cobble Hill.
242373: LENTRICCHIA, MELISSA CHRISTENSEN. - No Guarantees: Stories.
249324: LENTZ, HARRIS M. - Feature Films, 1960-1969: A Filmography of English-Language and Major Foreign-Language United States Releases.
231748: LENTZ, TONY M. - Orality and Literacy in Hellenic Greece.
242549: LENTZ, F. J. - Aud Dem Hochlande Der Maya: Bilder Und Menschen an Meinen Wegen Durch Guatemala.
252367: LENZ, FRIEDRICH WALTER. - Aristeidesstudien. Deutsche Akademie Der Wissenschaften Zu Berlin 40
246923: LEON-GAUTHIER, PIERRE. - Le Clos Mouron.
273023: LEONARD, JACOB CALVIN. - The Southern Synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church.
276214: LEONDES, C. T. (EDITOR). - Control and Dynamic Systems: Advances in Theory and Applications: Advances in Algorithms and Computational Techniques in Dynamic Systems Control: Volumes 28, 29, & 30: Parts 1, 2, & 3 (3 Vols).
281192: LEONE, FRANCESCO (EDITOR). - Quadreria 2004: History, Portrait, Lanscape--Neoclassical and Romantic Painters in Italy.
234358: LEONE, EVASIO. - Elogio Primo Di S. Vincenzo de' Paoli Fondatore de'signori Della Missione.
224210: LEONG, MARGARET. - Magical Child Molestation Trials. Edenton's Children Accuse.
226677: LEOPARDI, GIACOMO. - Opere Di Gicomo Leopardi: Vol. Ii.
272626: LEPPERT, RICHARD. - The Sight of Sound: Music, Representation, and the History of the Body.
281955: LEPRI, GIADA. - Capolavori Da Scoprire: Odescalchi, Pallavicini.
280392: LERNER, DAVID N.; ISSAR, ARIE S.; SIMMERS, IAN. - Groundwater Recharge: A Guide to Understanding and Estimating Natural Recharge. International Contributions to Hydrogeology, Volume 8
234839: LEROUX-DHUYS, JEAN FRANCOIS; GAUD, HENRI. - Les Abbayes Cisterciennes En France Et En Europe.
131834: LEROY-BEAULIEU, ANATOLE. - The Empire of the Tsars and the Russians, Part Ii: The Institutions + Part Iii: The Religion. 2 Vols (of 3). Translated from the 3rd French Ed. By Zenaide A. Ragozin.
224508: LERTXUNDI, ANJEL ET AL. - Zarautz.
277707: LESHER, JAMES ET AL. - Plato's Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception (Hellenic Studies 22).
282784: LESLIE, JOHN AND ROBERT LAWRENCE KUHN (EDITORS). - The Mystery of Existence: Why Is There Anything at All?
245668: LESPINASSE, MLLE DE. - Love Letters of Mlle de Lespinasse to and from the Comte de Guibert. Translated By E.H. F. Mills
257245: LESSAC, ARTHUR. - The Use and Training of the Human Voice: A Practical Approach to Speech and Voice Dynamics.
283999: LESSING, F. D. & ALEX WAYMAN (TRANSLATORS). - Introduction to the Buddhist Tantric Systems (Buddhist Tradition Series Vol. 20).
251236: LESTER, PAUL MARTIN. - On Floods and Photo Ops: How Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush Exploited Catastrophes.
269984: LESTER, VALERIE BROWNE. - Phiz: The Man Who Drew Dickens.
268558: LESTZ, GERALD S. - Amish Culture and Economy.
268560: LESTZ, GERALD S. - Artists' Album/Lancaster County: Two Centuries of America's Garden Spot Through the Eyes of the Artists.
249175: LETELLIER, ROBERT IGNATIUS. - A Bibliography of the English Novel from the Restoration to the French Revolution: A Checklist of Sources and Critical Materials, with Particular Reference to the Period 1660 to 1740.
284406: LETTSOM, WILLIAM NANSON (TRANSLATOR). - The Nibelungenlied. The Fall of the Nibelungers, Otherwise the Book of Kriemhild.
277985: LETWIN, WILLIAM. - The Origins of Scientific Economis: English Economic Thought 1660-1776.
240381: LEUNG, MAI. - The New Classic Chinese Cookbook.
284270: LEUPP, GARY P. - Servants, Shophands, and Laborers in the Cities of Tokugawa Japan.
275419: LEVENDEL, ISAAC. - Not the Germans Alone: A Son's Search for the Truth of Vichy (Memoir Holocaust Studies).
284309: LEVENSON, BARRY. - Exciting Concepts for Blues Guitar Soloing: An Innovative Approach to Creative Blues Guitar Playing.
273959: LEVENSON, JAY A. ET AL. - Early Italian Engravings from the National Gallery of Art.
264054: LEVERAGE, PAULA. - Reception and Memory: A Cognitive Approach to the Chansons de Geste. (Faux Titre).
235007: LEVERING, H. BROOKE. - The Story of Dolly and Dan and the Dimpledees.
272807: LEVEY, ZACH. - Israel and the Western Powers.
284628: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE. - We Are All Cannibals and Other Essays (European Perspectives).
226477: LEVI, GIORGIO ENRICO. - Catalogo Della Biblioteca Del Duello Del Bar. E Avv. To Giorgio Enrico Levi: Divisioni Secondo Materie.
273129: LEVIN, INABELLE. - The Quedlinburg Itala: The Oldest Illustrated Biblical Manuscript.
272188: LEVIN, CHARLOTTE. - Belah and Jake: A Garden of Memories.
283698: LEVIN, CAROLE AND JOHN WATKINS. - Shakespeare's Foreign Worlds: National and Transnational Identities in the Elizabethan Age.
282823: LEVINE, LISA & CAROL KRUCOFF. - Yoga Shalom.
285027: LEVINE, RHODA. EDWARD GOREY (ILLUSTRATOR). - He Was There from the Day We Moved in.
285055: LEVINE, JOSEPH. - Purple Haze: The Puzzle of Consciousness.
277783: LEVINE, GEORGE. - The Boundaries of Fiction: Carlyle Macaulay Newman.
265482: LEVINE, STEPHANIE WELLEN. - Mystics, Mavericks, and Merrymakers: An Intimate Journey Among Hasidic Girls.
188769: LEVINE, AARON. - The New Rosh Hashanna Anthology.
273839: LEVINE, ISAAC DON. - Stalin's Great Secret.
277751: LEVY, S. LEON. - Nassau W. Senior, 1790-1864: Critical Essayist, Classical Economist and Adviser of Government.
227968: LEVY, HARRY L. - Lucian Seventy Dialogues.
255560: LEWALLEN, CONSTANCE M. - Everything Matters: Paul Kos, a Retrospective.
225358: LEWELL, JOHN. - Modern Japanese Novelists: A Biographical Dictionary.
283627: LEWIS, FELICE FLANNERY. - Trailing Clouds of Glory: Zachary Taylor's Mexican War Campaign and His Emerging Civil War Leaders.
284014: LEWIS, KEVIN. - Lonesome: The Spiritual Meanings of American Solitude.
279782: LEWIS, C. S. PAULINE BAYNES (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Silver Chair.
263977: LEWIS, F. D. & S. SHARMA (EDITORS). - The Necklace of the Pleiades: Twenty-Four Essays on Persian Literature, Culture and Religion (Amsterdam University Press - Iranian Studies from Leiden University Press).
261345: LEWIS, ELIZABETH. - The Princess and the Curdie (George Macdonald Stories for Little Folks).
260996: LEWIS, R. BARRY (EDITOR). - Kentucky Archaeology.
256710: LEWIS, WILLIAM J. (EDITOR). - The 1963 Fledgling, Published By the Students of Wilmington College.
279781: LEWIS, C. S. PAULINE BAYNES (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Horse and His Boy.
271653: LEWIS, SUZANNE. - The Art of Matthew Paris in the Chronica Majora.
279725: LEWIS, D. & SHIRLEY EDWARDS. DON BECHTEL (ILLUSTRATOR). - Mud Turtle and the Lake Maker.
282683: LEWIS, SINCLAIR. - Main Street (100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature, Limited Edition).
235648: LEWIS, JACK. - The Bay and River Delaware.
280844: LEWIS, CLYDE. - Private Buck.
279780: LEWIS, C. S. PAULINE BAYNES (ILLUSTRATOR). - Prince Caspian.
279778: LEWIS, C. S. PAULINE BAYNES (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: A Story for Children.
252433: LEWIS, ENOCH (EDITOR). - Friend's Review; a Religious, Literary and Miscellaneous Journal: Volume I.
246344: LEWIS, ALBERT C. - Albert Einstein, 1879-1955: A Centenary Exhibit of Manuscripts, Books, and Portraits Selected from the Humanities Research Center Collections.
279779: LEWIS, C. S. PAULINE BAYNES (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Last Battle.
281201: LEWISON, JEREMY (EDITOR). - Henri Gaudier-Brzeska, Sculptor 1891-1915.
257207: LEWTON, F. L. - Historical Notes on the Cotton Gin. From the Smithsonian Report for 1937, Pages 549-563 (with 4 Plates).
244197: LEY, KLAUS. - Die "Scienza Civile" Des Giovanni Della Casa: Literatur Als Gesellschaftskunst in Der Gegenreformation.
271772: MONSEIGNEUR LEYNAUD. - Les Catacombes Africaines Sousse-Hadrumete.
271532: LEYSER, KARL. - Communications and Power in Medieval Europe: The Carolingian and Ottonian Centuries.
270199: LI, FANG KUEI & W. SOUTH COBLIN. - A Study of the Old Tibetan Inscriptions (Institute of History and Philogy Academia Sinica, Special Publications No. 91).
264229: LI, STAN Z. (EDITOR). - Advances in Biometric Person Authentication: 5th Chinese Conference on Biometric Recognition, Sinobiometrics 2004, Guangzhou, China, December 13-14, . . .
284835: LI, CHENYANG (EDITOR). - The Sage and the Second Sex: Confucianism, Ethics, and Gender.
226674: LIBBY, E. ROBERT (EDITOR). - Binaural Hearing and Amplification: Vol. I: Binaural Hearing + Vol. Ii: Binaural Amplification. Two Volumes.
269033: LIBENZI, ERMANNO; QUIGLY, ISABEL (TRANSLATOR). - Ernest in the Wild West.
258457: LIBSON, LOWELL . - Of the Moment: British Landscapes and Figure Studies of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.
281844: LICHNEROWICZ, ANDRE. - Relativistic Hydrodynamics and Magnetohydrodynamics: Lectures on the Existence of Solutions.
244626: LIDDELL, HENRY GEORGE & ROBERT SCOTT. - A Greek-English Lexcion, Based on the German Work of Francis Passow.
241909: LIDDELL, H. G. & ROBERT SCOTT. - A Greek-English Lexicon . . . Seventh Edition, Revised and Augmented Throughout.
275576: LIDEGAARD, BO. - Countrymen.
284119: LIEBENTHAL, WALTER (TRANSLATOR). - Chao Lun: The Treatises of Seng-Chao.
263949: LIEBERMAN, MARION H. - Morganton on My Mind: A Love Song to a Small Town.
251253: LIEBIG, JUSTUS VON. PH. ZOLLER (EDITOR). - Die Chemie in Ihrer Anwendung Auf Agricultur Und Physiologie: 1. Erganzungsband.
234456: LIEBOVITZ, DAVID. - Chronicle of an Infamous Woman.
280798: LIEDTKE, WALTER. - The Royal Horse and Rider: Painting, Sculpture, and Horsemanship 1500-1800.
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