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191866: PERDUE, MICHAEL (COMPILER). - Ruffin's Methodist Heritage, 1867-1989: 122 Years of Continuous Service.
256943: PEREWITZ, DAVE ET AL. - Dave Perewitz: Chopper Master and King of Flames.
279942: PEREZ-BARREIRO, GABRIEL (EDITOR). - The Geometry of Hope: Latin American Abstract Art from the Patricia Phelps de Cisneros Collection.
279682: PEREZ ROJAS, FRANCISCO JAVIER. - Lopez Mezquita, 1893-1954: Epocas E Itinerarios de Un Pintor Cosmopolita. De Granada a Nueva York.
271455: PEREZ DE URBEL, JUSTO. - El Clavstro de Silos: Tercera Edicion Notablemente Corregida Y Ampliada.
285295: PEREZ, ALBERTO C. - Realidad Y Suprarrealidad En Los Cuentos Fantasticos de Jorge Luis Borges.
205962: PERICH. - Setze Fetges. Prologue By M. Vázquez Montalbán
271014: PERIN, PATRICK & LAURE-CHARLOTTE FEFFER (EDITORS). - La Neustrie: Les Pays Au Nord de la Loire de Dagobert a Charles le Chauve (Viie-Ixe Siecles).
286809: PERJOVSCHI, DAN. - Postcards from America.
287274: PERKINS, V. F. - The Magnificent Ambersons (Bfi Film Classics).
260650: PERKINS, FRED B. - The Picture and the Men: Being Biographical Sketches of President Abraham Lincoln and His Cabinet; Together with an Account of the Life of the Celebrated Artist, F.B. Carpenter, Author of the Great National Painting, the First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet By President Lincoln . . .
270364: PERKINS, ANN. - The Art of Dura-Europos.
284983: PERKINS, ELIZABETH A. - Border Life: Experience and Memory in the Revolutionary Ohio Valley.
281508: PEROCCO, GUIDO; MAGAGNATO, LICISO; DELL'ARCO, MAURIZIO FAGIOLO. - Modigliani Dipinti E Disegni: Incontri Italiani 1900-1920.
279341: PERON, MICHEL ET AL. - Le Robert & Collins Du Management: Dictionnaire Francais-Anglais / Anglais-Francais French-English / English French.
251728: PERRIER, EDMOND. - La Femme, Dans la Nature, Dans Les Moeurs, Dans la Legende, Dans la Societe: Tableau de Son Evolution Physique & Psychique: Vols. I - Iv. 4 Vols.
205066: PERRIN, NOEL. - A Reader's Delight.
284086: PERRINE, JENNIFER. - No Confessions, No Mass (Prairie Schooner Prize in Poetry).
279565: PERRY, CURTIS. - The Making of Jacobean Culture: James I and the Renegotiatioin of Elizabethan Literary Practice.
266019: PERRY, DENNIS R. & CARL H. SEDERHOLM. - Poe, "the House of Usher," and the American Gothic.
264972: PERUCCHI-PETRI, URSULA. - Cucchi: Drawings 1975-1989 ("la Disegna").
270619: PESCH, RUDOLF. - Das Markusevangelium I. Teil: Einleitung Und Kommentar Zu Kap. 1,1-8,26 + Ii. Teil: Kommentar Zu Kap. 8,27 - 16,20.
281247: PESCHLER, ERIC A. - Ateliers de Moscou Dessins Contemporains. Studios of Moscow Contemporary Drawings.
197043: PETERS, R. S. (EDITOR). - Brett's History of Psychology.
286754: PETERS, LARRY D. - Contemporary Portrait Photography: High School Seniors and Young Adults.
258110: PETERSEN, SIEGWART. - Norges Historie: Laese- Og Laerebog for Almue- Og Borgerskoler.
258217: PETERSON, MICHAEL & DAVID PERLMUTT. - Charlie Two Shoes and the Marines of Love Company .
268456: PETERSON, ROGER TORY & MARGARET MCKENNY. - Northeastern Wildflowers (Roger Tory Peterson Field Guides).
268466: PETERSON, ROGER TORY. - Birds of Texas and Adjacent States (Roger Tory Peterson Field Guides).
269597: PETERSON, MICHAEL & DAVID PERLMUTT. - Charlie Two Shoes and the Marines of Love Company .
280289: QUINTILIAN. W. PETERSON (EDITOR). - Quintiliani: Institutionis Oratoriae Liber X: Part I: Introduction and Text.
274591: PETERSON, MARTIN. - The Dimensions of Consequentialism: Ethics, Equality and Risk.
284357: PETERSON, INDIRA VISWANATHAN. - Poems to Siva: The Hymns of the Tamil Saints.
272309: PETERSON, ART ET AL. - A Directory of North Carolina's Railroad Structures, 2001 Edition.
244065: PETRONIUS. - Petronius the Satiricon.
282479: PETRONIUS; ARROWSMITH, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR). - Satryricon. The 100 Greatest Books of All Time, Limited Edition
286722: PETROSKI, HENRY. - To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure.
281347: PETROVA, EUGENIA; DJAFAROVA, SVETLANA. - Kandinksy and the Russian Avant Garde.
282283: PETRUCCI, FRANCESCO. - I Volti Del Potere: Ritratti Di Uomini Illustri a Roma Dall'impero Romano Al Neoclassicismo.
283032: PETRUCCI, FRANCESCO . - Le Stanze Del Cardinale.
282789: PETRUCCI, ARMANDO. - Writers and Readers in Medieval Italy: Studies in the History of Written Culture.
241519: PETRUSA, MARIANTONIETTA PICONE (EDITOR). - Dal Vero. Il Paesaggismo Napoletano Da Gigante a de Nittis.
272751: PETSCHEL, DORIT. - Sachsische Aussenpolitik Unter Friedrich August I: Zwischen Retablissement, Rheinbund Und Restauration (Dresdner Historische Studien Band 4).
272329: PETSOPOULOS, YANNI. - Kilims; Flat-Woven Tapestry Rugs.
285858: PETTAN, SVANIBOR & JEFF TODD TITON (EDITORS). - The Oxford Handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology.
191541: PETZOLD, MICHAEL. - Pontifikat Erzbischof Boemunds Ii Von Trier, (1354-1362): Studien Zur Reichs-, Territorial-Und Verwaltungsgeschichte. Europäische Hochschulschriften, Reihe Iii, Geschichte Und Ihre Hilfswissenschaften, Bd. 806
258453: PEYRE, HENRI. - Albert Camus Moraliste. The First Kathleen Morris Scruggs Memorial Lecture.
284249: PEYSER, MARC AND TIMOTHY DWYER. - Hissing Cousins: The Untold Story of Eleanor Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt Longworth.
271051: PFAFF, RICHARD W. - Medieval Latin Liturgy: A Select Bibliography.
286769: PFEIFFER, EHRENFRIED E. - Chromatography Applied to Quality Testing.
239933: PFIFFNER, JAMES P. - Power Play: The Bush Presidency and the Constitution.
277499: PFLEIGER, ROBERT P. - Petits Et Grands Seigneurs de Brousse.
235671: PFOHL, BERNARD J. - The Salem Band.
92386: PFOHL, J. KENNETH. - The Moravian Church.
285734: PHAM, KIM; SHEN, PHILIP; PHILLIPS, TERRI. - Food Truck Road Trip: A Cookbook.
232604: PHELPS, WILLIAM LYON & ILLUSTRATED BY DEAN CORNWELL. - The City of the Great King and Other Places in the Holy Land.
229336: PHELPS, C. E. D. - A Farmer's Note Book.
235267: PHILIPON, EUGENE (EDITOR). - Petit Journal Pour Rire: Journal Amusant, Des Modes Parisiennes Et de la Toilette de Paris. No. 105 - 156 ( Nouvelle Serie ).
284916: PHILIPS, JOHN C. & FREDERICK C. LINCOLN. - American Waterfowl: Their Present Situation and the Outlook for Their Future.
280586: PHILLIPS, LANCE. - Yonder Comes the Train: The Story of the Iron Horse and Some of the Roads It Travelled.
267914: PHILLIPS, CHARLES. - A Manual of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry; with Some of Its Applications.
281534: PHILLIPS, ALASTAIR. - City of Darkness, City of Light: Emigre Filmmakers in Paris 1929-1939.
217178: PHILLIPS, HENRY. - Sylva Florifera: The Shrubbery Historically and Botanically Treated, Volume Ii; with Observations on the Formation of Ornamental Plantations, and Pictureseque Scenery.
246249: PHILLIPS, MARK. - The Memoir of Marco Parenti: A Life in Medici Florence.
219593: PHILLIPS, ULRICH B. - Plantations with Slave Labor and Free. Reprinted from the American Historical Review, Vol. Xxx, No. 4
277659: PHILLIPS, BERT J. - Puff Pastries.
286584: PHILLIPS, WILLIAM D. - Before 1492: Christopher Columbus's Formative Years (Essays on the Columbian Encounter).
225139: PHILLIPS, STEPHEN. - Marpessa. Illustrations By Philip Connard.
285826: PHILLIPS, TED ASHTON. - City of the Silent: The Charlestonians of Magnolia Cemetery.
284251: PHILLIPS, ROWAN RICARDO. - Heaven.
275252: PHILLIPS, JOHN CHARLES. - A Natural History of the Ducks, (Volumes 3&4 in One Volume).
262643: HERMES SOZOMENUS PHILOSTORGIUS. - The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen: Comprising a History of the Church, A.D. 324 to A.D. 440 (1855). Kessinger Legacy Reprints
270357: PIAGET, JEAN. - Understanding Causality.
274625: PIAGGI, ANNA. - Anna Piaggi's Fashion Algebra: D.P. In Vogue.
281794: PICART, BERNARD. GOODRICH, CHARLES A. - Religious Ceremonies and Customs, Or the Forms of Worship Practised By the Several Nations of the Known World, from the Earliest Records to the Present Time. On the Basis of the Celebrated and Splendid Work of Bernard Picart. To Which Is Added, a Brief View of Minor Sects, Which Exist at Present Day; Designed Especially for the Use of Families, Not Only As Entertaining and Instructive, But of Great Importance As a Work of Reference . . . Accompanied By a Large Map of the World, and Embellished with Elegant Engravings.
254691: PICKENHAYN, JORGE O. - Cronologia de Jorge Luis Borges (1899-1986).
262805: PICKETT, MONTGOMERY. - The Fourth Physician: A Christmas Story. Illustrated By Gordon Stevenson
285778: PICKNEY, ELISE (EDITOR). - Register of St. Philip's Church, Charleston, South Carolina, 1810 Through 1822.
279633: PICKVANCE, RONALD. - Gauguin.
270020: PICON, GAETAN. - Ingres.
215916: PIEKALKIEWICZ, JAROSLAW. - Communist Local Government: A Study of Poland.
281820: PIERACCIONI, DINO. - Esercizi Greci: Per I Ginnasi Superiori.
160591: PIERCE, MARJORIE. - San Jose and Its Cathedral. Foreword By Bishop Pierre Dumaine
282398: PIERCE, ROBERT (ILLUSTRATOR) IB PENICK (DESIGNER). - The Counting Book. A Sesame Street Pop-Up.
272405: PIERCY, LARUE W. - Hawaii Island Leaders: Brief Tales of Remarkable Historic Characters.
252397: PIERRE-SIMON, MARQUIS DE LAPLACE. - Exposition Du Systeme Du Monde: Sixieme Edition.
187359: PIETERS, J. TH. M. F. - Cratinus: Bijdrage Tot de Geschiedenis Der Broeg-Attische Comedie.
271371: {PIGOT, H.}. - History of Hadley, Suffolk: The Town, the Church, the Great Men Who Have Been Born in, Or Connected with, the Parish.
274616: PIGOTT, STACY. - The Rider's Guide to Real Collection: Achieve Willingness, Balance and the Perfect Frame with Performance Horses.
239737: PIKE, JAMES S. - Chief Justice Chase.
240496: PIKE, DIANE KENNEDY. - The Process of Awakening: An Overview.
280432: PILCHER, MICHALIS. - Der Einzige Und Sein Eigentum. The Ego and Its Own.
239518: PILKINGTON, MATTHEW. - The Gentleman's and Connoisseur's Dictionary of Painters . . . A New Edition to Which Is Added a Supplement: Anecdotes of the Latest and Most Celebrated Artists.
281224: PILLSBURY, EDMUND P.; LOUD, PATRICIA CUMMINGS. - In Pursuit of Quality: The Kimbell Art Museum. An Illustrated History of the Art and Architecture
263726: PINCHERLE, MARC. - Antonio Vivaldi Et la Musique Instrumentale: Tome Premier + Tome Second: Inventaire - Thematique. 2 Vols. Bound As One.
281215: PINCUS, DEBRA. - The Tombs of the Doges of Venice.
274910: PINDAR. - Pindari Carmina Cum Fragmentis. Edited By Alexander Turyn
255797: PINDUS, NANCY, HOWARD WIAL AND HAROLD WOLMAN (EDITORS). - Urban Regional Policy and Its Effects. Volume 3
254799: PINEAS, RAINER. - Thomas More and Tudor Polemics.
264110: PINET, SIMONE. - Archipelagoes: Insular Fictions from Chivalric Romance to the Novel.
285168: PINI, WENDY & RICHARD. - Elfquest: Siege at Blue Mountain (Book Five in the Elfquest Graphic Novel Series).
282352: PINK, SARAH AND SIMONE ABRAM. - Media, Anthropology and Public Engagement (Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology, Volume 9).
250224: PINKA, PATRICIA GARLAND. - This Dialogue of One: The Songs and Sonnets of John Donne.
249639: PINKERTON, ALLAN. - Mississippi Outlaws and the Detectives. Don Pedro and the Detectives. Poisoner and the Detectives.
218188: PINKERTON, JOHN. - A General Collection of the Best and Most Interesting Voyages and Travels, in All Parts of the World; Many of Which Are Now First Translated Into English, Digested on a New Plan: Vol. Ii + Vol. Iv + Vol. V + Vol. Vi. 4 Vols.
234751: PINKNEY, EDWARD COATE. - The Rococo Number Two: Containing the Miscellaneous Poems of Edward Coate Pinkney, with a Biographical Sketch By the Late William Leggett, Esq. And Introductory Remarks By N.P. Willis. New Mirror Extra No. 9
268004: PINKNEY, JERRY. - The Little Red Hen.
276515: DE PINS, ARTHUR. - Zombillenium: 2. Human Resources.
281232: PINTO, SANDRA, LILIANA BARROERO AND FERNANDO MAZZOCCA (EDITORS) . - Maesta Di Roma Da Napoleone All'unita D'italia: Universale Ed Eterna Capitale Delle Arti.
279039: PIOLA, GIORGIO. - Formula 1 Technical Analysis.
284325: PIOTROWSKI, ANDRZEJ. - Architecture of Thought.
285158: PIPER, WATTY (EDITOR). - Fairy Tales That Never Grow Old.
246726: PIPER, DON COURTNEY. - The International Law of the Great Lakes: A Study of Canadian-United States Co-Operation.
278028: PIPER, WATTY. - Little Folk of Other Lands.
281310: PIROVANO, CSRLO & MARISSA ZATTINI. - La Scultura Moderna in Italia: Prima Parte, 1900-1965.
286345: PISATURO, ANTONELLA BASILICO. - Pittori a Capri, 1850-1950: Immagini, Personaggi, Documenti.
266609: PISSARRO, CAMILLE. - Pissarro.
281660: PISTOLESE, PAOLO (EDITOR). - Toto: Stars & Stripes.
279450: PITA ANDRADE, JOSE MANUEL & MARIA DEL MAR BOROBIA GUERRERO. - Old Masters: Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.
285926: PITMAN, GEORGE R. - Why War?: An Inquiry Into the Genetic and Social Sources of Human Warfare.
234835: PITTINGER, CHARLES B. - James Taylor Gwathmey - American Pioneer Anesthesiologist. Biographical Sketch - Bibliography - Journal Publications
166464: PITTMAN, THOMAS M. - The Revolutionary Congresses of North Carolina. The North Carolina Booklet, Vol. Ii, No. 6 (Oct. 1902).
276694: PITTS, MIKE. - Digging for Richard Iii: The Search for the Lost King.
188525: PITTS, CHARLES O., JR. (EDITOR). - Carteret Fish N' Chips: 19th Century Newspaper Humor. Illustrated By Jessie Dawn Hassell.
283165: PITTS JR., LEONARD. - Grant Park.
265283: PLAIN, GILL AND SUSAN SELLERS(EDITORS). - A History of Feminist Literary Criticism.
261482: PLATO; JOWETT, B. (TRANSLATOR). - The Dialogues of Plato. 4 Volumes
186627: PLATO. - I Dialoghi Di Platone; Vol. I (Dialoghi Socratici) + Vol. Ii, Seconda Serie + Vol. Iii, Dialoghi Teoretici. Fedro Convito Eutidemo Menesseno. 3 Vols. Translated By Eugenio Ferrai.
186617: PLATON (PLATO). - Gorgias. Translated By Fr. Thurot
187791: PLATONE (PLATO). - Teeteto. Translated By C. Guzzo. Preparation & Commentary By A. Guzzo.
281066: PLAUTUS; NIXON, PAUL (TRANSLATOR). - Plautus, Volume I: Amphitryon, the Comedy of Asses, the Pot of Gold, the Two Bacchises, the Captives. Loeb Classical Library
280166: PLAVINSKY, DMITRI; MEZZATESTA, MICHAEL. - Dmitri Plavinsky: Echo Ancient Ruins.
280168: PLAVINSKY, DMITRI; BAIGELL, MATTHEW. - Dmitri Plavinsky.
226945: PLAW, AVERY (EDITOR). - Frontiers of Diversity: Explorations in Contemporary Pluralism.
285867: PLEKON, MICHAEL. - Tradition Alive: On the Church and the Christian Life in Our Time / Readings from the Eastern Church.
184147: PLIATZKY, LEO. - The Treasury Under Mrs. Thatcher.
244545: PLICKA, KAREL. - La Slovaquie. Slovakia.
271531: VAN DER PLOEG, KEES. - Art Architecture and Liturgy: Siena Cathedral in the Middle Ages.
279448: PLOKKER, J. H. - Artistic Self-Epxression in Mental Disease: The Shattered Image of Schizophrenics.
216749: PLOTNICOV, LEONARD. - Strangers to the City: Urban Man in Jos, Nigeria.
286976: PLUMER, ESRA. - Unica Zurn: Art, Writing and Postwar Surrealism.
263549: PLUMMER, JOHN. - Liturgical Manuscripts, for the Mass and the Divine Office.
269757: PLUMMER, BRENDA GAYLE. - Rising Wind: Black Americans and U.S. Foreign Affairs, 1935-1960.
278866: PLUMMER, MARY LOUISA & DANIEL WIGHT. - Young People's Lives and Sexual Relationships in Rural Africa: Findings from a Large Qualitative Study in Tanzania.
271002: PLUMMER, JOHN. - The Last Flowering: French Painting in Manuscripts 1420-1530 from American Collections.
284038: PLUTARCH; BABBITT, F.C. (TRANSLATOR). - Moralia, V. Loeb Classical Library, No. 306
253609: PLUTARCH; LANGHORNE, JOHN AND WILLIAM (TRANSLATORS). - Plutarch's Lives, Translated from the Original Greek; with Notes Critical and Historical, and a New Life of Plutarch in Six Volumes, Volume Ii.
251622: PLUTARCH. - Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious Men. Translated from the Greek By John Dryden and Others, the Whole Carefully Revised and Corrected, to Which Is Prefixed a Life of Plutarch. In Three Volumes. 3 Vols.
275361: PLUTARCH. DRYDEN, JOHN (TRANSLATOR) A. H. CLOUGH (EDITOR). - Plutarch's Lives: The Translation Called Dryden's. Vols. I - V. 5 Vols.
281909: PLUTARCH; EINARSON, BENEDICT AND PHILLIP H. DE LACY (TRANSLATORS). - Moralia, Vol. X (771 E - 854 D). Loeb Classical Library, No. 321
281908: PLUTARCH; EINARSON, BENEDICT AND PHILLIP H. DE LACY (TRANSLATORS). - Moralia, Vol. Xiv (1086 C - 1147 a). Loeb Classical Library
282499: PLUTARCH. - Twelve Illustrious Lives. The 100 Greatest Books of All Time, Limited Edition
277986: PLYLER, A. W. - The Iron Duke of the Methodist Itinerancy. An Account of the Life and Labors of Reverend John Tillett of North Carolina.
212508: PLYLER, MARION TIMOTHY. - Through Eight Decades As Minister, Editor, Author.
231034: PLYMPTON, BILL. - Mutant Aliens.
256488: PODHORETZ, NORMAN. - Ex-Friends: Falling out with Allan Ginsberg, Lionel and Diana Trilling, Lillian Hellman, Hannah Arendt, and Norman Mailer.
283847: POE, EDGAR ALLAN. - Selected Stories of Edgar Allan Poe (Armed Services Edition).
224052: POE, CLARENCE HAMILTON. - A Southerner in Europe: Being Chiefly Some Old World Lessons for New World Needs As Set Forth in Fourteen Letters of Foreign Travel.
225882: POESCH, JESSIE. - Newcomb Pottery: An Enterprise for Southern Women, 1885-1904.
284849: LE POIDEVIN, ROBIN (EDITOR). - Questions of Time and Tense.
285477: POINCARE, HENRI. - Science Et Philoosphie. Science and Philosophy. Wissenschaft Und Philosophie (Publikationene Des Henri-Poincare-Archives. Publications Des Archives Henri-Poincare).
276604: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF HIGH POINT. - Furniture City Feasts.
276510: POIZNER, HOWARD ET AL. - What the Hands Reveal About the Brain.
226676: POL, ELFRIEDE HULSHOFF. - Some Letters of Richard Bentley, Published Form the University Library, Leyden.
119595: POLEDRELLI, UGO. - Motivo E Valore Politico Della Secchia Rapita.
246912: POLIAKOV, SALOMON. - Le Messie Sans Peuple.
277082: POLITES, TAYLOR M. - The Rebel Wife.
259579: POLK, P. H. - P.H. Polk: Photographs. With an Essay By Pearl Cleage Lomax
248127: POLLY, PANSY BROWN. - God, Home and Country of the Eastern Kentucky Highlands.
279907: POMODORO, ARNALDO. - Arnaldo Pomodoro.
284907: PONCE, PEARL T. - To Govern the Devil in Hell: The Political Crisis in Territorial Kansas.
280194: DU PONT, DIANA C. (EDITOR). - Tamayo: A Modern Icon Reinterpreted.
224258: POOL, MARIA LOUISE. - In Buncombe County.
276500: POOL, JOHN. - Address Delivered Before the Two Literary Societies of the University of North Carolina, June 6th, 1860.
286055: POOLEY, SIAN AND KAVERI QURESHI (EDITORS). - Parenthood between Generations: Transforming Reproductive Cultures (Fertility, Reproduction and Sexuality, Volume 32).
238800: POORE, BEN. PERLEY. - Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the Third Session of the Fortieth Congress. . .
264945: POPE, ALEXANDER. - The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq. In Verse and Prose, with a Selection of Explanatory Notes, and the Account of His Life, By Dr. Johnson. Vols. I - Viii. 8 Vols.
113425: POPELKA, LISELOTTE. - Ein ôestereichischer Maler Segelt Um Die Welt; Joseph Selleny and Seine Aquarelle Von Der Weltreise Der Novara 1857-1859.
273894: POPESCU, EMILIAN. - Christianitas Daco-Romana: Florilegioum Studiorum.
287003: POPOFF, MARTIN. - Kickstart My Heart: A Motley Crue Day-By-Day.
281628: POPOV, VALENTIN. - "Romantic Cynicism"
287285: POPPER, KARL R. - La Sociedad Abierta Y Sus Enemigos.
271285: PORCHER, JEAN. - French Miniatures from Illuminated Manuscripts.
281796: PORSON, RICHARD. - Ricardi Porsoni Notae Aristophanem, Quibus Plutum Comoediam Partim Ex Ejusdem Recensione Partim E Manuscriptis Emedatam Et Variis Lectionibus Instuctam Praemisit Et Collationum Appendicem Adjecit Petrus Paulus Dobree.
285586: PORTER, ROY (EDITOR). - Rewriting the Self: Histories from the Renaissance to the Present.
261881: PORTER, WALTER LEE. - Mathematics of Investment.
285335: PORTER, ROY (EDITOR). - Rewriting the Self: Histories from the Renaissance to the Present.
282775: PORTER, JANE. - The Scottish Chiefs.
184627: PORTER, WILLIAM SYDNEY. - The Complete Writings of O. Henry. 14 Vols. Illustrated By Gordon Grant.
286929: PORTER, KATHERINE ANNE. - Collected Stories and Other Writings. Library of America 186
282700: PORTON, RICHARD. - Film and the Anarchist Imagination.
260386: POSTER, AMY G., SHEILA R. CANBY, PRAMOD CHANDRA, & JOAN M. CUMMINS. - Realms of Heroism: Indian Paintings in the Brooklyn Museum.
273286: TIBULLUS. JOHN PERCIVAL POSTGATE (EDITOR). - Tibulli : Aliorumque, Carminum Libri Tres.
249643: POSTL, KARL ( WILLIAM SEALSFIELD). - The Americans As They Are; Described in a Tour Through the Valley of the Mississippi.
271389: POTHMAN, ALFRED. - Die Schatzkammer Des Essener Munsters.
279378: POTTER, BEATRIX. - Peter Rabbit's Abc Frieze.
253121: POUILLET, M. - Elements de Physique: Experimentale Et de Meteorologie : Tome Premier + Tome Seconde. 2 Vols.
245701: POUILLET, M. - Elemens de Physique Experimentale Et de Meteorologie, . . . Seconde Edition. 4 Vols.
281952: POULET, ANNE L. ET AL. - Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment.
268984: POULET, ANNE L. - Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment.
282675: POUND, EZRA. - Personae; a Draft of Xxx Cantos. The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature, Limited Edition
248392: POUND, OMAR S. - Siege Lucknow, 1857.
265629: POURRAT, HENRI. PAULINE BAYNES. - A Treasury of French Tales.
276973: POWELL, WILLIAM STEVENS. - The Carolina Charter of 1663: How It Came to North Carolina and Its Place in History.
255921: POWELL, WILLIAM S. AND VIRGINIA W. (EDITORS). - England & Roanoke: A Collection of Poems, 1584-1987; People, Places, Events.
255369: POWELL, WALTER A. - The Pilgrims and Their Religious, Intellectual and Civic Life.
272787: POWELL, JAMES. - A Pocketful of Noses: Stories of One Ganelon Or Another.
275086: POWELL, TARA. - The Intellectual in Twentieth-Century Southern Literature (Southern Literary Studies).
283776: POWELL, WILLIAM S. - The Proprietors of Carolina.
283595: POWELL, WILLIAM S. - North Carolina Lives: The Tar Heel Who's Who, 1962.
186569: POWELL, WILLIAM S. - Moses Ashley Curtis, 1808-1872: Teacher - Priest - Scientist. A Tribute on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of His Birth.
287290: POWELL, WILLIAM S. - The North Carolina Gazetteer.
220671: POWER, TYRONE. - Impressions of Ameica; During the Years 1833, 1834, and 1835: Vol. I.
212810: POYNDER, JAMES M. - The Van Webb Book.
281213: PRADIER, JAMES. - Statues de Chair: Sculptures de James Pradier (1790-1852).
230546: PRANGE, SALLY BOWEN. - Sally Bowen Prange: With an Introduction By Elaine Levin.
285560: PRASHAD, VIJAY . - The Darker Nations, a People's History of the Third World.
265724: PRATHER, JACK J. - Twelve Notables in Western North Carlina.
232379: PRATT, RICHARD. - The Picture Garden Book, and Gardener's Assistant. Color Photographs By Edward Steichen.
277163: PRATT, T.K. (EDITOR). - Dictionary of Prince Edward Island English.
249577: PRAZAK, MILOS. - Language and Logic.
259755: PRECHTL, MICHAEL MATHIAS. - Michael Mathais Prechtl: Zeichnungen, Aquarelle, Gouachen, Lithographien Aus Den Jahren 1955 Bis 1970.
284731: PREJEVALSKY, N. E. DELMAR MORGAN (TRANSLATOR). - Mongolia: The Tangut Country and the Solitudes of Northern Tibet, Volume I + Volume Ii (2 Volumes).
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