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278291: SPOONER, BRIAN (EDITOR). - Globalization: The Crucial Phase.
273009: SPRATLING, WILLIAM P. AND SCOTT, NATALIE. - Old Plantation Houses in Louisiana.
280616: SPRATT, GEORGE G. - Obstetric Tables: Comprising Graphic Illustrations, with Descriptions and Practical Remarks; Exhibiting on Dissected Plates Many Important Subjects in Midwifery. First American Edition, from the Fourth and Greatly Improved London Edition, Carefully Revised with Additional Notes and Plates
264505: SPRINKLE, ANNIE. - Post-Porn Modernist: My 25 Years As a Multimedia Whore.
233088: SPRINKLE, JOHN H., JR & THEODORE R. REINHART (EDITORS). - The Archaeology of 19th-Century Virginia. Special Publication No. 36.
278529: SPRONK, RACHEL. - Ambiguous Pleasures: Sexuality and Middle Class Self-Perceptions in Nairobi.
241307: SPRUCE, DUANE BLUE & TANYA THRASHER(EDITOR). - The Land Has Memory: Indigenous Knowledge, Native Landscapes, and the National Museum of the American Indian.
258328: ERASMUS. DICKIE A. SPURGEON (EDITOR). - Tudor Translations of the Colloquies of Erasmus (1536-1584): Facsimile Reproductions Edited and with an Introduction.
285393: SPURLOCK, J. DAVID & FRANK FRAZETTA. - Frazetta: Sketchbook.
281984: SQUARZINA, SILVIA DANESI. - Caravaggio E I Giustiniani: Toccar Con Mano Una Collezione Del Seicento.
247441: SQUIER, SUSAN MERRILL. - Virginia Woolf and London: The Sexual Politics of the City.
235553: SQUIRRU, RAFAEL. - Perez Celis.
232458: ST. BYSTRON, JAN. - Komizm.
280369: STAAB, KARL. - Die Pauluskatenen: Nach Den Handschriftlichen Quellen Untersucht (Scripta Pontificii Instituti Biblici).
283741: STAFFORD, FIONA & HOWARD GASKILL. - From Gaelic to Romantic: Ossianic Translations.
268729: STAFFORD, BARBARA MARIA. - Artful Science: Enlightenment Entertainment and the Eclipse of Visual Education.
100826: STAINIER, XAVIER. - L'age de la Pierre Dans L'etat Du Congo. Tome I, Fascicule 1. Annales Du Musee de Congo, Series Iii - Ethnographie & Anthropologie.
230328: STALLMAN, R. W. - The Art of Joseph Conrad: A Critical Symposium.
263340: STANDEN, EDITH A. - European Post-Medieval Tapestries and Related Hangings in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Vol. I + Vol. Ii. 2 Vols.
278036: STANDS IN TIMBER, JOHN & MARGOT LIBERTY. - A Cheyenne Voice: The Complete John Stands in Timber Interviews.
262034: STANLEY, TALMAGE A. - The Poco Field: An American Story of Place.
283534: STANLEY-BLACKWELL, LAURA C. C. AND R. A. MACLEAN. - Historic Antigonish: Town and County (Images of Our Past).
287886: STANLEY, WILLIAM. - The Romish Horseleech: Or, an Impartial Account of the Intolerable Charge of Popery to This Nation, in an Historical Remembrance of Some of Theose Prodigious Summs of Money Heretofore Extorted from All Degrees During the Exercise of the Papal Power Here. To Which Is Annexed an Essay of the Supremacy of the King of England.
284654: STANLEY, MAURICE F. - God, Hope, and Freedom: Arguments Against Contemporary Atheism.
262510: STANOVICH, KEITH E. - Who Is Rational?: Studies of Individual Differences in Reasoning.
226471: STARK, MABEL & GERTRUDE ORR. - Hold That Tiger.
247851: STARRETT, VINCENT (EDITOR). - Stephen Crane: A Bibliography.
266724: DI STASI, LAWRENCE. - Mal Occhio [Evil Eye]: The Underside of Vision.
285744: STAUDER, JACK. - The Blue and the Green: A Cultural Ecological History of an Arizona Ranching Community.
234492: STEARNS, WALTER M. - Haywood Hall.
228276: STECH, BRUNO. - Senatores Romani Qui Fuerint Inde a Vespasiano Usque Ad Traiani Exitum. Klio Beiträge Zur Alten Geschichte.
265672: STEEL, DAVID. - Rodin: The Cantor Foundation Gift to the North Carolina Museum of Art.
245936: STEELE, RICHARD. - The Dramatic Works of Sir Richard Steele, Knt. Containing, the Funeral. The Tender Husband. The Lying Lover. The Conscious Lovers.
263990: STEELMAN, ROBERT. - Catalog of the Lititz Congregation Collection.
286962: STEEN, ELIZABETH K. - Red Jungle Boy.
254349: STEENSTRUP, JOH. JAPETUS SM. - On the Alteration of Generations; Or, the Propagation and Development of Animals Through Alternate Generations: A Peculiar Form of Fostering the Young in the Lower Classes of Animals. Translated from the German Version of C.H. Lorenzen, By George Busk.
281988: STEFANI, OTTORINO. - I Rilievi Del Canova.
282536: STEFFEN, VIBEKE AT EL (EDITORS). - Between Magic and Rationality: On the Limits of Reason in the Modern World.
287572: STEIN, JAMES D. - L.A. Math: Romance, Crimes, and Mathematics in the City of Angels.
285906: STEIN, ARLENE. - Reluctant Witness: Survivors, Their Children, and the Rise of Holocaust Consciousness.
232398: STEINBECK, JOHN. - Tortilla Korgendik - Kuu on Madalal.
273442: STEINBERG, SAUL. - Der Inspektor.
253451: STEINDORFF, GEORG. - Lehrbuch Der Koptischen Grammatik.
282430: STEINER, NIKLAUS. - International Migration and Citizenship Today.
286501: STEINER, RUDOLF. - Fredrich Nietzche: Fighter for Freedom (Volume Two of the Major Writings of Rudolf Steiner).
224914: STEINER, BERNARD C. - History of Education in Maryland. U.S. Bureau of Education Circular of Information No. 2, 1894. Contributions to American Educational History No. 19.
275584: STEINGRABER, STEPHAN (EDITOR). - Tarquinia: Stadt Und Umland Von Den Etruskern Bis Heute (Zaberns Bildbande Zur Archaologie).
275731: STEINHARDT, ARNOLD. - Violin Dreams.
270185: STEINKELLNER, ERNST & HELMUT TAUSCHER. - Contributions on Tibetan Language, History and Culture + Contributions on Tibetan and Buddhist Religion and Philosophy.
281722: STEINMEYER, CHRISTOPH. - Christoph Steinmeyer in Der Campusgalerie Der British American Tobacco 9. Bis 29. Juli 2003.
285743: STEINMULLER, HANS. SUSANNE BRANDTSTADTER. - Irony, Cynicism, and the Chinese State.
278493: STEINMULLER, HANS. - Communities of Complicity: Everyday Ethics in Rural China.
272766: STEINWEIS, ALAN E. - Studying the Jew: Scholarly Antisemitism in Nazi Germany.
283029: STEM JR., THAD . - Journey Proud.
226223: STEM, THAD JR. - Entries from Oxford.
281749: STENDARDI, GORO. - Antiche Famiglie Patrizie Di Firenze, in Malta E in Santo Stefano, Con Un'appendice Sul Gruppo Dei Nobili Del Calcio Storico Fiorentino.
278353: STENN, TAMARA L. - The Cultural and Political Intersection of Fair Trade and Justice: Managing a Global Industry.
278480: STENROSS, KURT. - Madurese Seafarers: Prahus, Timber and Illegality on the Margins of the Indonesian State (Asian Studies Association of Australia).
256846: STEPHANE, BERNARD. - Dictionnaire Des Noms de Rues: Origine Et Signification Du Nom de Votre Rue Et de Plus de 5000 Autres.
287838: STEPHANO, H. - Thesaurus Graecae Linguae (Vols I Thru Ix) + Caroli Labbaei Glossaria Graeco-Latina Et Latino-Greca (Vol X).
248954: STEPHENS, KAY HART ROBERTS. - Judgment Land: The Story of Salter Path.
224225: STEPHENS, FREDERIC GEORGE (EDITOR). - Flemish Relics; Architectural, Legendary, and Pictorial, As Connected with Public Buildings in Belgium. Illustrated with Photographs By Cundall and Fleming.
265645: STEPHENS, JAMES. THOMAS MACKENZIE. - The Crock of Gold.
185013: STEPHENS, GEORGE MYERS. - William Bartram's Venture Into the Cherokee Country, 1775.
287550: STEPHENSON, SAM (EDITOR). - Bull City Summer: A Season at the Ballpark.
276160: STEPHENSON, E. FRANK JR. - Tobacco Market: Ahoskie, North Carolina.
271813: AESCHYLUS. H. M. STEPHENSON (EDITOR). - Aeschyli : Prometheus Vinctus.
224788: STEPHENSON, WILLIAM. - Sallie Southall Cotten: A Woman's Life in North Carolina.
275859: STERN, DANIEL. - A Haven in the Heart of Chapel Hill: Artists Celebrate the Coker Arboretum.
263751: STERN, ALFRED AND KLARA. - Roselichranz: Volkskinderlieder Der Schweiz.
243002: STERN, ISAAC. - My First 79 Years.
210225: STERNBERG, GEORGE M. - Report on the Etiology and Prevention of Yellow Fever. United States Marine Hospital Service
263041: STERNE, LAURENCE. - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.
244284: STERNE, LAURENCE. - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy. Illustrated with Seventy-Five Engravings on Wood By Bastin and G.P. Nicholls from Original Designs By Jacque and Fussell.
264579: STEUERMANN, EDWARD; STEUERMANN,CLARA ET AL. (EDITORS). - The Not Quite Innocent Bystander: Writings of Edward Steuermann.
255967: STEVENS, THOMAS WOOD. - The Pageant of Charlotte and Old Mecklenburg, Written for the Sesquicentennial of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, May 20, 1775.
279975: STEVENS, TAYLOR. - The Informationist: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel.
280731: STEVENS, MICHAEL E. AND CHRISTINE M. ALLEN (EDITORS). - Journals of the House of Representatives 1787-1788. The State Records of South Carolina
235179: STEVENS, WILLIAM. - Observations on the Healthy and Diseased Properties of the Blood.
224256: STEVENS, WALLACE ET AL. - The Fortune Anthology: Stories, Criticism and Poems.
287733: STEVENS, WALLACE. - The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens. The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature, Limited Edition
285649: STEVENS, ANGELA HUSSEY (EDITOR). - Randolph County Cemetery Records: Volume Iii: Randleman Township, Level Cross Township, Back Creek Township, County Home.
283782: STEVENS, ROBERT C. (EDITOR). - Echoes of the Past: Tales of Old Yavapai: Volume 2.
285646: STEVENS, AGNES HUSSEY (EDITOR). - Randolph County Cemetery Records: Volume Vi: Randolph Memorial Park.
280734: STEVENS, MICHAEL E. AND CHRISTINE M. ALLEN (EDITORS). - Journals of the House of Representatives 1791. The State Records of South Carolina
285643: STEVENS, AGNES HUSSEY (EDITOR). - Randolph County Cemetery Records Volume Ix: Northwest Section: New Market Township, Trinity Township.
246383: STEVENSON, DAVID. - Union, Revolution and Religion in 17th-Century Scotland.
260313: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. - Prayers.
251992: STEVENSON, ROBERT LOUIS. ELIOT KEEN (ILLUSTRATOR). - Child's Garden of Verses. The Editha Series. Illustrations By Eliot Keen.
224062: STEVENSON, GEORGE JOHN. - Methodist Worthies. Characteristic Sketches of Methodist Preachers of the Several Denominations, with Historical Sketch of Each Connexion (Volumes 1, 2 and 3). 3 Volumes (of 6?)
271020: STEVICK, ROBERT D. - The Earliest Irish and English Bookarts: Visual and Poetic Forms Before A.D. 1000.
246644: STEVIN, SIMON. - The Principal Works of Simon Stevin: Vol. I: General Introduction Mechanics. Edited By E.J. Dijksterhuis.
276213: STEWART, MILLER J. - Moving the Wounded: Litters, Cacolets & Ambulance Wagons, U.S. Army, 1776-1876.
283771: STICK, DAVID & WILLIAM C. FRIDAY. - William S. Powell: North Carolina Historian (North Caroliniana Society Imprints) (Number 10).
97526: STICK, DAVID. - A Half Century in Coastal History.
215810: STINCHCOMBE, WILLIAM C. & CHARLES T. CULLEN (EDITORS). - The Papers of John Marshall, Volume Iii: Correspondence and Papers, January 1796-December 1798.
185842: STINE, THOS. OSTENSON. - Scandinavians on the Pacific.
205576: STOCK, MOLLY. - Family Story: An Oral History.
261061: STOCKTON, EDWIN L. (PREFACE). - Salem's Remembrancers: Seven Moravian Historians Who Presented Their Papers Before the Wachovia Historical Society of Salem, North Carolina, 1898-1910.
275207: STODDARD, MARY ALICE. - Nursery Rhymes.
287063: STOKER, BRAM. - Dracula.
286573: STOKES, WINSTON. KIRK, M. L. (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Story of Hiawatha. Illustrated By M.L. Kirk.
276573: STOKES, DURWARD T. - Company Shops: The Town Built By a Railroad.
275756: STOKES, DURWOOD T. - Elon College: Its History and Traditions.
286680: STOKES, CAROL E. - A History of Fort Gordon, Georgia.
233546: STOKES, RUTH LITTLE. - An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Iredell County North Carolina.
275024: STOLFI, JORGE. - Primitives for Computational Geometry.
274375: STONE, MICHAEL EDWARD. - Fouth Ezra: A Commentary on the Book of Fourth Ezra.
229875: STONE, WALTON. - The Lost Soul: Book X of the Revised Edition of Watlon Stone.
256977: STONEBURNER, CAROL & JOHN STONEBURNER (EDITOR). - The Influence of Quaker Women on American History: Biographical Studies.
283545: STOPPINO, ELEONORA. - Genealogies of Fiction: Women Warriors and the Dynastic Imagination in the Orlando Furioso.
285441: STORNI, ALFONSINA. ROMANO, EVELIA (TRANSLATOR). - A Translation of Alfonsina Storni's Cimbelina En 1900 Y Pico/Cymbeline in 1900-and-Something and Polixena Y la Cocinerita/Polyxena and the Little Cook.
285965: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER. - The Pearl of Orr's Island.
239221: STOWE, HARRIET BEECHER. - Sam Lawson's Oldtown Fireside Stories.
252427: STRANGE, ROBERT. - An Address Delivered Before the Two Literary Societies of the University of North Carolina.
274513: STRATTON, MARY HARRIS. - Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Harris, Sr. 1702-1788.
287644: STRAUSS, LEO. - Leo Strauss on Plato's Symposium.
281931: STREAMER, COL. D. - Baby's Baedeker: An International Guidebook for the Young of All Ages. Peculiarly Adapted to the Wants of 1st and 2nd Childhood.
272032: STRECKER, GEORG. - Die Pseudoklementinen Iii: Konkordanz Zu Den Pseudoklementinen. Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller Der Ersten Jahrhunderte
237310: STREET, JULIA MONTGOMERY. - Street Lights.
251884: STREET, JULIA MONTGOMERY. - Dulcie's Whale.
233121: STREET, A. G. - The Gentleman of the Party.
286468: STREHLKE, CARL BRANDON. - Pontormo, Bronzino, and the Medici: The Transformation of the Renaissance Portrait in Florence.
197345: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. - The Red Room. Translated By Ellie Schleussner
287539: STRINDBERG, AUGUST. ANTHONY SWERLING (TRANSLATOR). - A Madman's Manifesto (le Plaidoyer D'un Fou).
249336: STROBEL, MICHAEL & HANS-WERNER STEDTFELD. - Diagnostic Evaluation of the Knee.
253398: STRODE, HUDSON. - Jefferson Davis, American Patriot: 1808-1861.
278522: STRONG, PAULINE TURNER. - American Indians and the American Imaginary: Cultural Representation Across the Centuries.
147783: STRONG, CHARLES M. - History of Mecklenburg County Medicine.
283866: STROUMSA, SARAH. - Maimonides in His World: Portrait of a Mediterranean Thinker (Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World).
281966: STROZZI, BERNARDO. - Bernardo Strozzi: Genova 1581/82 - Venezia 1644.
271353: STRZYGOWSKI, JOSEF. - Origin of Christian Church Art: New Facts and Principles of Research.
232856: STUART, MOSES. - A Commentary on Ecclesiastes.
274856: STUART, RUTH MCENERY. E. W. KEMBLE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Plantation Songs and Other Verse.
269960: STUBBS, WILLIAM. ARTHUR HASSALL. (EDITOR). - Historical Introductions to the Rolls Series.
283269: WALT DISNEY STUDIOS. - The "Pop-Up" Minnie Mouse.
233663: LE STUDITE, SYMEON. - Discours Ascetique.
281965: STUFKENS, ANDRE (EDITOR). - Cinema without Borders: The Films of Joris Ivens.
285123: STUHLMAN, JONATHAN & VALERIE ANN LEEDS. - From New York to Corrymore: Robert Henri and Ireland.
259963: STUIBER, ALFRED. - Libelli Sacramentorum Romani (Theophaneia).
281353: STUPKA, B. S. - Figurative Bridge: Yuri Gorbachev, Oleg Pinchuk, Valentine Popov, Sergey Poyarkov.
287457: STURGES, MATTHEW & DAVE JUSTUS. DAVID HAHN & JOSE MARZAN, JR. (ILLUSTRATORS). - Public Relations: Volume 1: Once Upon a Timesheet.
281647: STURTEVANT, VICTORIA. - A Great Big Girl Like Me: The Films of Marie Dressler. Women & Film History International
274566: STYRON, WILLIAM. - Inheritance of the Night: Early Drafts of Lie Down in Darkness.
286478: SUDEK, JOSEF. - Josef Sudek: Poet of Prague, a Photographer's Life.
278070: SUDERLAND, MAJA. - Inside Concentration Camp: Social Life at the Extremes.
281369: SUETINA, NINA; RAKITIN, WASSILI. - Malewitsch, Suetin, Tschaschnik.
216523: SUGDEN, EDWARD BURTENSHAW. - A Practical Treatise of Powers. With Notes & References to American Decisions By Edward D. Ingrahm.
270233: SUGDEN, JOHN. - Nelson: The Sword of Albion.
247374: SUGIKI, YOSHIAKI. - The Other World in Shakespeare: And Its Relation to Water.
283174: SUHARDIMAN, DIANA. - Bureaucratic Designs: The Pardox of Irrigation Management Transfer in Indonesia.
265224: SULLIVAN, MARGOT ET AL. - Monhegan Island. Images of America
259275: SULLIVAN, KATHY GUNTER. - Tryon County Documents, 1769-1779: A North Carolina County.
234620: SULLIVAN, RICHARD. - Address, Delivered at the Seventh Anniversary of the Massachusetts Peace Society, December 25th, 1822.
274250: SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE E. (EDITOR). - Death, Afterlife, and the Soul (Religion, History, and Culture).
261776: SUMMERLY, FELIX. - The Traditional Faery Tales.
276713: SUMMERS, SANDRA LINDEMANN. - Ogling Ladies: Scopophilia in Medieval German Literature.
287868: SUN, STEVE L. - Tai Chi Chuan: Wind & Fire Wheels.
287736: SUNDERMAN, F. WILLIAM. - A Time to Remember: An Autobiography.
252787: ARISTOPHANES. WILHELM SUSS (EDITOR). - Die Frosche Des Aristophanes. Mit Ausgewahlten Antiken Scholien. Edited By Wilhem Suss.
228142: SUTHERLAND, CARA A. - Portraits of America: Bridges of New York City: The Museum of the City of New York.
282255: SUTTON, MATTHEW AVERY. - Aimee Semple Mcpherson and the Resurrection of Christian America.
282506: SUTTON, ALEX. - The Political Ecomomy of Imperial Relations: Britain, the Sterling Era, and Malaya 1945 - 1960 (Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series).
280268: DI SUVERO, MARK. - Valence.
284348: SUZUKI, DAISETZ TEITARO (TRANSLATOR). - The Lankavatara Sutra: A Mahayana Text, Translated for the First Time from the Original Sanskrit.
287740: SVANKMAJER, JAN. - Dimensions of Dialogue / between Film and Fine Art.
256201: SVOBODA, TERESE. - Trailer Girl and Other Stories.
228648: SWAIM, DOUGLAS (EDITOR). - Cabins & Castles: The History & Architecture of Buncombe County, North Carolina. Essays By Talmage Powell & John Ager. Photography By Mary Jo Brezny.
241883: SWAIN, JIM (EDITOR). - Musings. 1997-2002
272948: SWAIN, DOUG (EDITOR). - Carolina Dwelling: Towards Preservation of Place: In Celebration of the North Carolina Vernacular Landscape.
284863: SWALIN, BENJAMIN. - Hard-Circus Road: The Odyssey of the North Carolina Symphony.
263356: SWAN, BRADFORD F. - An Indian's an Indian, Or, the Several Sources of Paul Revere's Engraved Portrait of King Philip.
248572: SWAN, CHARLES (TRANSLATOR). - Gesta Romanorum: Entertaining Stories, Invented By the Monks As a Fire-Side Recreation and Commonly Applied in Their Discourses from the Pulpit Whence the Most Celebrated of Our Own Poets and Others Have Extracted Their Plots.
284885: SWANSON, VERNON G. - Soviet Impressionist Painting.
244294: SWANSON, SUSAN MARIE. - The House in the Night.
258284: SWEET-ESCOTT, NANCY; CARTER, SNOWDEN; ACTON, LUCY. - The Clergyman's Daughter: Memoirs of Nancy Sweet-Escott, Doyenne of American Horsewomen.
239288: SWENSON, GRACE STAGEBERG. - From the Ashes: The Story of the Hinckley Fire of 1894.
230877: SWIFT, JONATHAN; DAVIS, HERBERT, EDITOR. - Miscellaneous and Autobiographical Pieces Fragments and Marginalia.
230875: SWIFT, JONATHAN; DAVIS, HERBERT, EDITOR. - The Drapier's Letters and Other Works 1724-1725.
248871: {SWIFT, JONATHAN}. - Miscellanies in Prose and Verse: The Second Edition.
286565: SWIFT, JONATHAN. WINTER, MILO (ILLUSTRATOR). - Gulliver's Travels. Illustrated By Milo Winter.
285948: SWIFT, (JONATHAN). FLOR O'SQUARE (TRANSLATOR). - L'art de Voler Ses Maitres.
230874: SWIFT, JONATHAN; DAVIS, HERBERT, EDITOR. - Directions to Servants and Miscellaneous Pieces 1733-1742.
230882: SWIFT, JONATHAN; DAVID, HERBERT, EDITOR. - The Examiner and Other Pieces Written in 1710-11.
251506: SWIFT, JONATHAN. - The Correspondence of Jonathan Swift. Six Volume Set. 6 Vols.
287381: SWIRSKY, RACHEL. - How the World Became Quiet: Myths of the Past, Present, and Future.
266648: SWOFFORD, ANTHONY. - Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles.
251973: SYDNOR, CHARLES S. - Political Leadership in Eighteenth-Century Virginia.
268308: SYDNOR, CHARLES S. - A History of the South, Volume V: The Development of Southern Sectionalism 1818-1848.
231398: SYKES, MARJORIE. - An Indian Tapestry: Quaker Threads in the History of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh: From the Seventeenth Century to Independence.
283854: SYLVESTER, DAVID. - Intereviews with American Artists.
274458: SYMMONS, CLIVE RALPH. - The Disappearing Irish Cottage: A Case-Study of North Donegal.
278586: SYMONDS, JAMES; BADCOCK, ANNA; OLIVER, JEFF. - Historical Archaeologies of Cognition: Explorations Into Faith, Hope and Charity.
267840: SYNDRAM, DIRK & ANTJE SCHERNER (EDITORS). - Princely Splendor: The Dresden Court, 1580-1620.
287001: SZARKOWSKI, JOHN. - Ansel Adams at 100.
277496: SZASZ, ENDRE. - Szász-Ország: Szász-Country.
218192: SZENDREI, JANKA (EDITOR). - Musicalia Danubiana 12: Graduale Strigoniense (S. Xv/Xvi), Vol. I.
283352: SZYK, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Book of Job, from the Translation Prepared at Cambridge in 1611 for King James I.
173626: AL-TABARI, ABU FAFAR MUHAMMAD B.JARIR . - The Reign of Al-Mu'tasim (833-842). Translated & Annotated By Elma Marin. American Oriental Series, Vol. 35.
281521: L FABBRI M TACCONI. - I Libri Del Duomo Di Firenze. Codici Liturgici E Biblioteca Di Santa Maria Del Fiore (Secoli Xi-Xvi).
268988: TACHEVA-HITOVA, MARGARITA. - Eastern Cults in Moesia Inferior and Thracia (5th Century Bc - 4th Century Ad).
215663: TACITUS. - Tacite: Annales, Livres Iv - Xii. Translated & Edited By Henri Goelzer.
215661: TACITUS. - Tacite: Histoires (Iv - V): Tome Second. Translated & Edited By Henri Goelzer.
215662: TACITUS. - Tacite: Annales, Livres Xiii - Xvi. Translated & Edited By Henri Goelzer.
215658: TACITUS. - Tacite: Annales, Tome Premier. Translated By Henri Bornecque.
286123: TAJI-FAROUKI, SUHA. - Beshara and Ibn 'arabi: A Movement of Sufi Spirituality in the Modern World.
281651: TAKADA, YASUNARI (EDITOR). - Surprised By Scenes: Essays in Honour of Professor Yasunari Takahashi.
229942: TAKAMA, SHINKI (PHOTOGRAPHER). - The World of Bamboo.
263073: TAKATS, SEAN. - The Expert Cook in Enlightenment France.
249935: TAKEMORI, LIANNE K.; DRAWINGS BY MAGGIE DUNLAP. - The Four Dog Blues Band, Or How Chester, Boy, Dog in the Fog, and Diva Took the Big City By Storm.
282836: TAKHYAN, QAMAR. - The Heart of Amber.
262989: TALMON, MIRI AND YARON PELEG (EDITORS). - Israeli Cinema: Identities in Motion.
283893: TANABE, JR., GEORGE J. (EDITOR). - Religions of Japan in Practice. Princeton Readings in Religions
258811: TANNEHILL, BOB G. - Britches & Stitches: Tales, Recollections and Hand-Me-Down Anecdotes of Early Life and Times in the Mountains.
233250: TANNEN, SHERREE R. - Kenneth Killinger. Mountain Missionary.
54211: TANNENBAUM, SAMUEL A. - Shakspere's (Shakespeare's) Macbeth: A Concise Bibliography. Elizabethan Bibliographies, No. 9
93389: TANNER, ROBERT G. - Stonewall in the Valley: Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackon's Shenandoah Valley Campaign, Spring 1862.
57043: TAPP, HAMBLETON. - Otto A. Rothert, 1871-, Secretary of the Filson Club, 1917-1945.
286705: TARAZI, PAUL NADIM. - I Thessalonians: A Commentary (Orthodox Biblical Studies).
273498: TARBOX, TODD. - Orson Wells and Roger Hill: A Friendship in Three Acts.
275019: TARKINGTON, BOOTH. - The Midlander.
264214: TARONI, FRANCO ET AL. - Bayesian Networks and Probabilistic Inference in Forensic Science.
276941: TARPLEY, HELEN AND ZELA TAYLOR; TAYLOR, JOYCE (EDITOR). - Gurdon Centennial Album 1880-1980.
277303: TARR, RALPH S. & FRANK M. MCMURRY. - New Geographies: First Book.
269726: TARR, RALPH S. & FRANK M. MCMURRY. - A Complete Geography (Tarr and Mcmurry Geographies).
272658: TASLITZ, KATHY. - Pieces of Ourselves.
261397: TATE, SUZANNE. - Logs & Moonshine: Tales of Buffalo City, N.C. , As Told By Former Residents.
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