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278466: HASINOFF, ERIN L. - Faith in Objects: American Missionary Expositions in the Early Twentieth Century (Contemporary Anthropology of Religion).
254251: HASKINS, CASEY & DAVID I. SEIPLE (EDITORS). - Dewey Reconfigured: Essays on Deweyan Pragmatism.
273771: HASKINS, MICHAEL. - Free Range Institution: A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery.
247629: HASLER, JORG. - Shakespeare's Theatrical Notation: The Comedies. The Cooper Monographs 21
283708: HASLER, ANTONY J. - Court Poetry in Late Medieval England and Scotland: Allegories of Authority (Cambridge Studies in Medieval Literature).
270564: HASSALL, A. G. AND W. O.; OAKESHOTT, WALTER (EDITOR). - The Douce Apocalypse. Faber Library of Illuminated Manuscripts
270675: HASSIG, DEBRA (EDITOR). - The Mark of the Beast.
247207: HASTINGS, W. ALLEN. - The 1932 Zenith (High Point College).
285903: HASTRUP, KIRSTEN AND FRIDA HASTRUP (EDITORS). - Waterworlds: Anthropology in Fluid Environments (Ethnography, Theory, Experiment).
274623: HATANAKA, KOKYO. - Textile Arts of India.
280382: HATCH, WILLIAM HENRY PAINE. - The Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament at Mount Sinai: Facsimiles and Descriptions (American Schools of Oriental Research Publications of the Jerusalem School Vol. I).
280383: HATCH, WILLIAM HENRY PAINE. - The Greek Manuscripts of the New Testament in Jerusalem: Facsimiles and Descriptions (American Schools of Oriental Research Publications of the Jerusalem School Vol. Ii).
287243: HATCH, WILLIAM H. P. - An Album of Dated Syriac Manuscripts.
264298: HATCHER, HARLAN. - The Great Lakes.
273497: HATFIELD, DOUGLAS WILFORD. - Schwarzenberg's German Policy, 1851-1852.
255119: HATSUMI, YOSHIAKI. - Knife and Pistol Fighting, with Complete English Text.
284111: HATTERSLEY, RALPH. - Andreas Feininger.
245888: HATTON, JOSEPH. - The Abbey Murder.
281284: HATTORI, SHO-ON. - Honen Shonin and Buddhism.
286132: HAUGH, WENDI A. - Lyrical Nationalism in Post-Apartheid Namibia: Kings, Christians, and Cosmopolitans in Catholic Youth Songs.
279381: HAVEN, SAMUEL F. - Archaeology of the United States. Or, Sketches, Historical and Bibliographical, of the Progress of Informationand Opinion Respecting Vestiges of Antiquity in the United States (Smithsonian Contributions to Knowledge).
279889: HAVILAND, WILLIAM A. - Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal: Non-Elite Groups without Shrines: Analysis and Conclusions (Tikal Report No. 20b) (University Museum Monographs 140).
279888: HAVILAND, WILLIAM A. - Excavations in Residential Areas of Tikal: Non-Elite Groups without Shrines: The Excavations (Tikal Report No. 20a) (University Museum Monographs 139).
275967: HAWASS, ZAHI. - Hidden Treasures of Ancient Egypt: Unearthing the Masterpieces of Egyptian History.
262893: HAWCROFT, MICHAEL. - Rhetoric: Readings in French Literature.
274182: HAWES, JOEL. - Reasons for Not Embracing the Doctrine of Universal Salvation. In a Series of Letters to a Friend.
286876: HAWES, HARRY BARTOW. - Fish and Game, Now Or Never: A Challenge to American Sportsmen on Wild-Life Restoration.
246295: HAWKINS, VAN. - Dorothy and the Shipbuilders of Newport News.
219263: HAWKINS, QUAIL. - Mark, Mark, Shut the Door! Illustrated By Rafaello Busoni.
75241: HAWLEY, JOHN C. (EDITOR). - Through a Glass Darkly: Essays in the Religious Imagination.
285485: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL. - Grandfather's Chair: A History for Youth.
246529: HAXTON, BROOKS. - Dead Reckoning.
270052: HAY, DONNA (EDITOR). - Greek and Middle Eastern Cookery.
260138: HAYBALL, LAURIE WHITE. - Advanced Infrared Photography Handbook.
286168: HAYDEL, NORMA JEAN MCQUEEN & HORACE MCQUEEN. - Southern Heirloom Cooking.
269626: HAYDN, JOSEPH. - Missa Hob. Xxii: 13 "Creation Mass"
283959: HAYEK, F. A.; CALDWELL, BRUCE (EDITOR). - Contra Keynes and Cambridge: Essays, Correspondence. The Collectred Worsk of F. A Hayek
172482: HAYES, NICK. - Consensus and Controversy: City Politics in Nottingham, 1945-1966.
269873: HAYES, JOHN. - Portraits By Graham Sutherland: Exhibition Catalogue.
269362: HAYES, STEPHEN K. - Enlightened Self-Protection: To-Shin Do Martial Art Tradition. An Original Workbook.
262998: HAYNES, J. E. - Haynes New Guide and Motorist's Complete Road Log of Yellowstone National Park.
234728: HAYS, DANIEL G. & DONALD M. LANCE (EDITORS). - From Soundstream to Discourse. Papers from the 1971 Mid-America Linguistics Conference.
216676: HAYWARD, ABRAHAM. - A Selection from the Correspondence of Abraham Hayward, Q.C. From 1834 to 1884. With an Account of His Early Life, Volume Ii. Edited By Henry E. Carlisle.
223009: HAYWOOD, CHARLES. - A Bibliography of North American Folklore: Volume One: The American People North of Mexico, Including Canada + Volume Two: The American Indians North of Mexico, Including the Eskimos. 2 Volumes
251526: HAZAMA, DOROTHY OCHIAI & JANE OKAMOTO KOMEIJI. - Okage Sama de: The Japanese in Hawai'i: 1885-1985.
258779: HAZAN, GIULIANO. - Every Night Italian.
259230: HAZON, MARIO. - Nuovo Dizionario: Inglese - Italiano, Italiano - Inglese.
249545: HEADY, EARL O. (EDITORS). - Agricultural Adjustment Problems in a Growing Economy.
284622: HEARN, KAREN (EDITOR). - Dynasties: Painting in Tudor and Jacobean England 1530-1630.
284411: HEARN, LAFCADIO. - Stray Leaves from Strange Literature: Stories Reconstsructed from the Anvari-Soheili, Baital Pachisi, Mahabharata, Pantchtantra, Gulistan, Talmud, Kalewala, Etc.
273699: HEATH, MORTIMER O. - Sketches in North Carolina Usa, 1872 to 1878.
278587: HEATH, MALCOLM. - The Poetics of Greek Tragedy.
258276: HEBLICH, FRED T. & MARY ANN ELWOOD. - Charlottesville and the University of Virginia: A Pictorial History.
278311: HECHT, SUSANNA B. - The Scramble for the Amazon and the "Lost Paradise" of Euclides Da Cunha.
208487: HECHT, BEN. - Erik Dorn.
266632: HECKEL, VILEM. - Krasy Ceskoslovenska.
285131: HECKER, I. F. C. B. G. BABINGTON (TRANSLATOR). - The Epidemics of the Middle Ages: No. I: The Black Death in the Fourteenth Century.
238810: HECKSCHER, WILLIAM S. - Maces. An Exhibition of American Ceremonial Academic Scepters in Honor of the Inauguration of President Terry Sanford, October 18, 1970.
267796: HECKSCHER, WILLIAM S. - Art and Literature: Studies in Relationship (Saecula Spiritalia, Vol 17).
220599: VAN HEERDEN, ERNST. - N.P. Van Wyk Louw. Monografieë Uit Die Aftikaanse Letterkunde Nommer 3
286795: HEFFERNAN, JULIE. - Julie Heffernan: Everything That Rises.
270995: HEFFERNAN, THOMAS J. & E. ANN MATTER. - The Liturgy of the Medieval Church.
278204: HEFNER, ROBERT W. (EDITOR). - Global Pentacostalism in the 21st Century.
281712: HEFNER, ROBERT W. & MUHAMMAD QASIM ZAMAN (EDITORS). - Schooling Islam: The Culture and Politics of Modern Muslim Education.
212638: VON DER HEIDE, ANNIE & BERNARD NOLLEN. - I Breathe, I Am Alive! : The Flowers of Hans Christian Andersen.
250179: HEIDE, FLORENCE. JUDY GLASSER (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Problem with Pulcifer. Illustrated By Judy Glasser.
240237: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN. - Grundprobleme Der Phänomenologie (1919/20). Gesamtausgabe Ii. Abteilung: Vorlesungen 1919-1944 Band 58
240236: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN. - Zur Bestimmung Der Philosophie. 1. Die Idee Der Philosophie Und Das Weltanschauungsproblem. 2. Phänomenologie Und Transzendentale Wertphilosophie. Gesamtausgabe Ii. Abteilung: Vorlesungen Band 56/57
240239: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN. - Phänomenologie Der Anschauung Und Des Ausdrucks: Theorie Der Philosophischen Begriffsbildung. Gesamtausgabe Ii. Abteilung: Vorlesungen 1919-1944 Band 59
240265: HEIDEGGER, MARTIN. - Logik: Die Frage Nach Der Wahrheit. Gesamtausgabe Ii. Abteilung: Vorlesungen 1923-1944 Band 21
272427: EUSEBIUS. IVAR A. HEIKEL (EDITOR). - Eusebius Werke (Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller Der Ersten Drei Jahrhunderte) Vols. I + Ii. 1 + Ii. 2 + Ii. 3 + Iii. 1 + Iii. 2 + Iv + V + Vi + Viii. 1 + Viii. 2 + Ix [Lacks Vol. Vii].
282195: HEIL, WALTER. - A Marble Putto By Verrocchio.
246055: VAN DER HEIM, H. J. - Het Archief Van Den Raadpensionaris Antonie Heinsius.
199712: HEIMS, NEIL. - Reading the Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Engaged Reader
284269: HEINE, STEVEN & DALE S. WRIGHT (EDITORS). - The Koan: Texts and Contexts in Zen Buddhism.
278684: HEINONEN, PAULA. - Youth Gangs and Street Children: Culture, Nurture and Masculinity in Ethiopia (Social Identities).
252476: HEINZE, RICHARD. - Virgil's Epic Technique.
282758: HEISER, WILL AND AUDREY. - The Gravesites of Chatham County, North Carolina: An Inventory of Cemeteries and Grave Markers, 2 Volumes (a - J and K - Z).
279459: HEISIG, JAMES W & TIMOTHY W. RICHARDSON. - Hanzi Para Recordar: Chino Simplificado.
229556: HELBIG, WOLFGANG. - Fûhrer Durch Die ôffentlichen Sammlungen Klassischer Altertûmer in Rom: Dritter Band: Staalichen Sammlungen: Museo Nazionale Romano (Thermenmuseum) Museo Nazionale Di Villa Giulia.
229555: HELBIG, WOLFGANG. - Fûhrer Durch Die ôffentlichen Sammlungen Klassischer Altertûmer in Rom: Erster Band: Die Pästlichen Sammlungen Im Vatikan Un Lateran.
243284: HELBIG, GERHARD. - Lexikon Deutscher Partikeln.
146644: HELD, PAUL. - Quäker Im Dienst a Nächsten: Die Bedeutung Des Quäkertums Fûr Die Englische Sozialgeschichte Im 18. Und 19. Jahrhundert.
221687: HELFERSTEIN, JOSEF. - Esther Altorfer, 1936-1988.
276191: HELIAS, JAKEZ. - An Isild a-Heul: Yseult Seconde.
198995: HELLMAN, LILLIAN. - The Searching Wind: A Play in Two Acts.
262523: HELLYER, PETER & SIMON ASPINALL (EDITORS). - The Emirates: A Natural History.
265242: APULEIUS; REVIEWED BY RUDOLFUS HELM. - Apulei Platonici Madauvensis Florida. Apulei Opera Quae Supersunt, Vol. Ii
268056: PLUTARCH. W. C. HELMBOLD (TRANSLATOR). - Moralia: Vol. Vi: 439a-523b (Loeb Classical Library No. 337).
279000: HELMES, DR. WINIFRED G. - Orchids in the Icebox: The Story of Bertha Adkins and Other Influential Women in the Eisenhower Administration.
273033: HELMS, JESSE. - Here's Where I Stand.
278332: HELMS, ELISSA. - Innocence and Victimhood: Gender, Nation, and Women’S Activism in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina (Critical Human Rights).
236169: HELPER, HINTON ROWAN. - Nojoque : A Question for a Continent.
220414: VAN HEMERT-REMMERS, JO. - Sur Insulo Malproksima.
285057: HEMPEL, CARL G. - The Philosophy of Carl G. Hempel: Studies in Science , Explanation, and Rationality.
283809: HEN, YITZHAK. - Roman Barbarians: The Royal Court and Culture in the Early Medieval West (Medieval Culture and Society).
227255: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume Iv: North Carolina Biography.
261574: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume Iii.
261571: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume Iv.
285155: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD; PHOTOGRAPHS BY BAYARD WOOTTEN. - Old Homes and Gardens of North Carolina.
286964: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD (EDITOR). - Pioneering a People's Theatre.
227257: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume Iv: North Carolina Biography.
227254: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume Iv: North Carolina Biography.
265061: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume I.
283486: ARISTOPHANES. JEFFREY HENDERSON (EDITOR). - Aristophanes: Fragments (Loeb Classical Library 502).
227256: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume Iv: North Carolina Biography.
227252: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume V: North Carolina Biography.
227251: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD, ET AL. (EDITORS). - North Carolina: The Old North State and the New: Volume V: North Carolina Biography.
279597: HENDERSON, LAWRENCE W. - The Church in Angola: A River of Many Currents.
283734: HENDERSON, ARCHIBALD (EDITOR). - Pioneering a People's Theatre.
256993: HENDRICKS, CHARLES H. & BURTON B. HENDRICKS (EDITORS). - Jennie Maria Burnett Hendricks: And Those Who Preceded Her, Those Who Took the Journey with Her, and Those Who Followed Her.
209081: HENDRICKSON, C. R. - A Knowledge of the Bible Essential to Complete Scholarship: An Address Delivered Before the Literary Societies of Wake Forest College, North Carolina, June 13, 1850.
281949: HENDRIKS, CARLA. - Northern Landscapes on Roman Walls: The Frescoes of Matthijs and Paul Bril.
284709: HENDRY, JOY. - An Anthropologist in Japan: Glimpses of Life in the Field.
224316: HENDRY, GEORGE. - Midges in Scotland.
286811: HENKEL, DAVID. - Answer to Mr. Joseph Moore, the Methodist; with a Few Fragments on the Doctrine Justification.
163789: HENNERT, KARL WILHELM. - Beitrage Zur Brandenburgischen Kriegsgeschichte Unter Kurfûrst Friedrich Dem Dritten Nachherigem Erstem Kônige Von Preussen.
138024: HENNESSY, JOHN. - A Tender Eye.
273134: HENRIKSSON, MARKKU. - Route 66: A Road to America's Landscape, History and Culture.
284744: HENRIKSSON, MARKKU. - Route 66: A Road to America's Landscape, History, and Culture (Plains Histories).
267872: HENRY, ALEXANDER. - Travels and Adventures in Canada and the Indian Territories (the Garland Library of Narratives of North American Indian Captivities, Vol. 31).
239924: HENTHORN, TOM. - Conrad's Trojan Horses: Imperialism, Hybridity, and the Postcolonial Aesthetic.
247659: HENTY, G. A. - Through the Sikh War: A Tale of Conquest of the Punjab. With Twelve Illustrations By Hal Hurst and Map of the Punjab
287072: HENTY, G. A. - The Young Franc-Tireurs, and Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War.
267920: HENTY, G. A. ALFRED PEARSE (ILLUSTRATOR). - By England's Aid: Or, the Freeing of the Netherlands (1585-1604).
259415: HENTY, G. A. - True to the Old Flag: A Tale of the American War of Independence.
232632: HEPLER, WALLACH AND HELSEL. - Architectural Drafting Transparencies. Creative Architectural Drawing.
269523: HERAN. - Pulsions Zerotiques 2: J'me Sens Seul.
262737: HERBERT, VICTOR. - March of the Toys for Xylophone Or Marimba, with Piano Accompaniment.
262736: HERBERT, VICTOR. - Romany Life for Xylophone Or Marimba, with Piano Accompaniment.
258003: FLIGHT-LIEUTENANT HERBERT. - "G for Genevieve"
284369: HERBERT, JEAN. - Shinto: At the Fountainhead of Japan.
274079: HERENGUEL, ERIC. - Kran: The Key Quëte Quouest Ouane.
268807: HERGE. - Tintin Au Tibet (Les Aventures de Tintin).
277504: HERGE. - Flight 714 (the Adventures of Tintin).
278880: HERGE. - Tintin: Album Poster.
232390: HERGESHEIMER, JOSEPH. - The Three Black Pennys.
285728: HERISSET, ROGER. - Vannerie En Bretagne.
277926: HERITAGE, DOVER G. ET AL. - When Shoeshines Were a Nickel: An Oral History of Alamance County, North Carolina.
286538: HERMAN, BERNARD L. - Thorton Dial: Thoughts on Paper.
278849: HERMANN, ELFRIEDE; KEMPF, WOLFGANG; VAN MEIJL, TOON (EDITORS). - Belonging in Oceania: Movement, Place-Making and Multiples Identifications. Pacific Perspectives: Studies of the European Society of Oceanists
280795: HERNANDEZ, ANTHONY. - L.A. , 1971.
286341: HERNANDEZ, MARIO. - Line of Light and Shadow: The Drawings of Federico García Lorca.
270695: HERNDON, JR., DUDLEY L. - The Herndons of the American Revolution (Being the Herndon Family of Virginia: Volume Two) Part Ix: #61, John Herndon (B. Ca. 1746 - D. Ca. 1821) of Goochland County, Virginia, and His Known Descendants of the Family in America.
270694: HERNDON, JR., DUDLEY L. - The Herndons of the American Revolution (Being the Herndon Family of Virginia: Volume Two) Part Vii: #84, John Herndon (B. Ca. 1741 - D. Ca. 1805) of Fauquier County, Virginia, and His Known Descendants of the Family in America.
270692: HERNDON, JR., DUDLEY L. - The Herndons of the American Revolution (Being the Herndon Family of Virginia: Volume Two) Part Viii: #57, Lewis Herndon (B. Ca. 1738 - D. Ca. 1796) of Goochland County, Virginia, and His Known Descendants of the Family in America.
281397: HERODOTUS; GODLEY, A. D. (TRANSLATOR). - Herodotus Volume Iii: Books V-Vii. Loeb Classical Library
281398: HERODOTUS; GODLEY, A. D. (TRANSLATOR). - Herodotus Volume Iv: Books Viii-Ix. Loeb Classical Library
257567: HERODOTUS; POWELL, J. ENOCH (EDITOR). - Book Viii.
253421: HERODOTUS; ABICHT, K. (TRANSLATOR). - Herodotos: Erster Band, Erstes Heft: Buch 1: Nebst Einleitung Und Ubersicht Uber Den Dialect.
215052: HERRING, ETHEL. - About Turtles and Things--Near Fort Caswell. Illustrated By Robert M. Helm.
252903: HERRINGTON, JOHN. - {Aeschylus}.
202471: HERRIOT, ÉDOUARD. - Orient.
286346: HERSEY, GEORGE L. - Alfonso Ii and the Artistic Renewal of Naples, 1485-1495.
258984: HERSHEY, JOYCE E. (EDITOR). - The Bounty of Chester County Cookbook, 1682-1982.
249224: JULIAN. FREDERICK CARL HERTLEIN (EDTIOR). - Juliani Imperatoris Quae Supersunt Praeter Reliquias Apud Cyrillum Omnia: Vol. I + Vol. Ii.
187692: HERTZLER, R. A. ET AL. - Opportunities in Rural Industries Wood. N.C. Dept. Of Conservation and Development, Division of Commerce and Industry, Division of Forestry and Parks Resource - Industry Series No. 4.
242931: HERZOG, WHITEY & JONATHAN PITTS. - You're Missin' a Great Game: From Casey to Ozzie, the Magic of Baseball and How to Get It Back.
253042: HESIOD. PAULSON, JOHANNES (EDITOR). - Index Hesiodeus.
274145: HESS, REINHARDT & SABINE SALZER. - Die Echte Italienische Kuche.
242487: HESS, KARL. - Es Singt Es Vogeli Ab Em Baum, 25 Lieder Von Sophie Hammerli-Marti. Decorations By Rudolph Durrwang
259380: HESS, OLGA & ADOLF HESS. - Wiener Kuche: Sammlung Von Kochrezepten.
229960: HESS, ALBERT G. AND SHIGEYO MURAYAMA. - Everyday Law in Japanese Folk Art: Daily Life in Meiji Japan, As Seen Through Petty Law Violations: Woodcuts, C. 1878.
270659: HESSE, HERMAN & THOMAS MANN. - Herman Hesse - Thomas Mann: Correspondance.
229887: HESSEL, MARY STANLEY. - Profile of a Patriot: The Story of John Wright Stanly, Revolutionary War Privateer.
286741: HESSER, AMANDA & MERRILL STUBBS. - The Food52 Cookbook: Volume 2: Seasonal Recipes from Our Kitchens to Yours.
236122: HESTER, M. L. - With Crockett at the Alamo: Poems.
272886: HEUBECK, ALFRED; HOEKSTRA, ARIE. - A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey, Volume Ii: Books Ix-Xvi.
279598: HEWES, LAUREN B. - Portraits in the Collection of the American Antiquarian Society.
279563: HEWITT, MARK & NANCY SWEEZY. - The Potter's Eye: Art and Tradition in North Carolina Pottery. Photography By Jason Dowdle.
244384: HEWITT, JOHN HILL ET AL. CURRIER, NATHANIEL. - A Collection of 50 Pieces of Music: "My Long Tail Blue", Ny, J.L. Hewitt & Co. ; "the Boys of Killkenny, As Sung By Mr. Power at the Park Theatre", J.L. Hewitt & Co. ; "Harriet the Match Girl, Sung By Miss Love, the Poetry By Rosamond Wadams: The Music Altered and Arranged By W. Kirby", J.L. Hewitt; "the Pretty Butterfly, a Favorite Song Composed for the Pianoforte" By Miss M. Yates, Ny; James M. Hewitt; "Mr. Jeremy Fickle, a Ballad Sung with Great Applause By Miss Cramer at the Bowery Theatre, Arranged with Entire New Symphonies & Accompaniments for the Piano Forte. " Ny; Firth & Hall; "the Lord of the Castle; a Favorite Song Composed and Arranged for the Piano Forte. " By Mrs. M. Weir, Ny; Firth & Hall.
285634: HEYDT, STEPHANIE MAYER. - Rising Up: Hale Woodruff's Murals at Talladega College.
284930: HEYL, PAUL R. - New Frontiers of Physics.
286145: HEYWARD, DUBOSE, & HERVEY ALLEN. - Carolina Chansons. Legends of the Low Country.
280372: HIBBERT, CHRISTOPHER. - Italian Cities: Florence, Rome, Venice, the Biography of a City. 3 Vols.
257906: HIBBERT, SYDNEY. - Anansi and Muntu: A Caribbean Soul in Exile.
283690: HIBBETT, HOWARD. - The Floating World in Japanese Fiction.
262814: HICK, JOHN ET AL. - Hermeneutics, Religious Pluralism, and Truth: The Seventh James Montgomery Hester Seminary.
270046: HICKEY, CIARAN. - Sultan's Table of the Turkish Cuisine.
266361: HICKEY, LEO J. - The Forest Primeval: The Geologic History of Wood and Petrified Forests.
285415: HICKMAN, JONATHAN. NICK PITARRA (ARTIST) . - The Manhattan Projects.
271509: HICKS, JOHN. - Thoreau in Our Season.
266733: HICKSON, ARTHUR. D. G. L. FRASER (EDITOR). - As It Was Then Recollections 1896-1930.
272412: HIDO, TODD. - Outskirts.
260254: HIGGINBOTHAM, DON (EDITOR). - Reconsiderations on the Revolutionary War: Selected Essays. Contributions in Military History, No. 14
264571: HIGGINS, PAULA (EDITOR). - Antoine Busnoys: Method, Meaing, and Context in Late Medieval Music.
270223: HIGHAM, CAROL L. - The Civil War and the West: The Frontier Transformed.
275883: HIGONNET, PATRICE. - Paris: Capital of the World.
282330: HIGSON, ANDREW & RICHARD MALTBY (EDITOR). - "Film Europe" and "Film America": Cinema, Commerce and Cultural Exchange 1920-1939 (Exeter Studies in Film History).
272617: HILL, JOHN WALTER. - Roman Monody, Cantata, and Opera from the Circles Around Cardinal Montalto: Volume 2, Music.
273678: HILL, CHRISTOPHER. - Cabinet Decisions on Foreign Policy: The British Experience, October 1938-June 1941 (Lse Monographs in International Studies).
281291: MISS PARLOA & MRS. JANET MCKENZIE HILL. - Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes & Home Made Candy Recipes.
215905: HILL, RICHARD. - Riding Solo with the Golden Horde: A Novel.
278445: HILL, JONATHAN D. & JEN-PIERRE CHAUMEIL (EDITORS). - Burst of Breath: Indigenous Ritual Wind Instruments in Lowland South America.
278413: HILL, THOMAS W. - Native American Drinking: Life Styles, Alcohol Use, Drunken Comportment and the Peyote Religion.
286459: HILL, ROBERT C. (TRANSLATOR). - Theodore of Mopsuestia: Commentary on Psalms 1-81.
245786: HILL, GEORGE BIRKBECK (EDITOR). - Boswell's Life of Johnson Including Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Herbides and Johson's Diary of a Journey Into North Wales. In Six Volumes. 6 Vol. Set
274485: HILL, JASON D. - Civil Disobedience and the Politics of Identity: When We Should Not Get Along.
280406: HILL, ROBERT C. (TRANSLATOR). - Theodoret of Cyrus: Commentary on Daniel Trans (Writings from the Greco-Roman World).
285908: HILLAIRE, PAULINE R. - Rights Remembered: A Salish Grandmother Speaks on American Indian History and Future (American Indian Lives).
230054: HILLAIRET, JACQUES. - L'ile de la Cité.
254908: HILLER, IRMGARD & HORST VEY. - Katalog Der Deutschen Und Niederlandischen Gemalde Bis 1550 (Mit Ausnahme Der Kolner Malerei) Im Wallraf-Richartz-Museum Und Im Kunstgewerbemuseum Der Stadt Koln.
227121: HILLER, ELIZABETH (COMPILER). - The Calendar of Luncheons, Teas and Suppers.
209504: HIMELICK, RAYMOND (TRANSLATOR). - Erasmus and the Seamless Coat of Jesus. De Sarcienda Ecclesiae Concordia (on Restoring the Unity of the Church) with Selections from the Letters and Ecclesiastes
259712: HINDE, GERALD. - The Original Gamedrive.
285929: HINSLEY, CURTIS M. AND DAVID R. WILCOX (EDITORS). - Coming of Age in Chicago: The 1893 World's Fair and the Coalescence of American Anthropology.
226508: HINTON, JOHN HOWARD (EDITOR). - The History and Topography of the United States of North America, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time. Two Volumes
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