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266858: FRASER, RUSSELL. - Shakespeare: A Life in Art.
235631: FRAYNE, ANTHONY J. - The Rose-Covered Cottage of Edgar Allan Poe in Philadelphia.
239596: FREEDMAN, WARREN. - Freedom of Speech on Private Property.
231012: FREEDMAN, WILLIAM. - Laurence Sterne and the Origins of the Musical Novel.
227621: FREEDMAN, WARREN. - The Tort of Discovery Abuse.
256879: FREEMAN, SUSAN (EDITOR). - The Echo 1963.
254826: FREMONT, CH. - Evolution de la Fonderie de Cuivre, D'apres Les Documents Du Temps.
263720: FRENCH, MARY ADAMS. - Memories of a Sculptor's Wife.
282853: FRENCH, SCOTT; MCFADDEN, MARILYN. - The First New Earth Catalog.
287853: FRENCH, HOWARD W. - Everything Under the Heavens: How the Past Helps Shape China's Push for Global Power.
273566: FRENCH, LAURENCE ARMAND. - An Oral History of Southern Appalachia.
275484: DU FRESNOY, CHARLES ALPHONSE. WILLIAM MASON (TRANSLATOR). - The Art of Painting of Charles Alphonse Du Fresnoy. Translated Into English Verse By William Mason, M.A. With Annotations By Sir Joshua Reynolds.
275300: FREUND, RUDOLF (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Little Red Hen.
242122: FREY, DANIEL & KARSTEN LEHMKUHLER. - Soins Et Spiritualites: Regards de Praticiens Et de Theologiens.
283883: FRIDAY, IDA HOWELL. - The Emma Neal Morrison I Know, Together with Proceedings of a Banquet on the Occasion of the Presentation of the North Caroliniana Society Award for 1989. North Caroliniana Society Imprints, No. 18
283881: FRIDAY, WILLIAM C. AND WILLIS P. WITCHARD. - Chancellors Extraordinary: J. Carlyle Sitterson and Leroy T. Walker. North Carolina Society Imprints, No. 24
283764: FRIDAY, WILLIAM C. - Frank Porter Graham and Human Rights.
225775: FRIDEGARD, JAN. - People of the Dawn: Volume 2 in the Holme Trilogy.
225776: FRIDEGARD, JAN. - Sacrificial Smoke: Volume 3 in the Holme Trilogy.
284986: FRIEDMAN, JEAN E. - Abraham Lincoln and the Virtues of War: How Civil War Families Challenged and Transformed Our National Values.
282370: FRIEDMAN, SARA L. AND PARDIS MAHDAVI (EDITORS). - Migrant Encounters: Intimate Labor, the State, and Mobility Across Asia.
280232: FRIEDMAN, MAY. - Mommyblogs and the Changing Face of Motherhood.
275502: FRIEDMANN, YOHANAN (EDITOR). - Jerusalem Studies in Arabic and Islam. No. 34, 2008
250569: FRIEDRICH, THOMAS. - BewußTseinsleistung Und Struktur: Aspekte Einer Phanomenologisch-Strukturalistischen Theorie Des Erlebens.
279845: FRIEDRICHS, K. O. - Special Topics in Fluid Dynamics.
279857: NORTH CAROLINA YEARLY MEETING OF FRIENDS. - Minutes of North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends.
240298: FRIES, ADELAIDE L. (EDITOR). - Records of the Moravians in North Carolina. Vol. Vii, 1809-1822.
226963: FRIES, ADELAIDE L. (EDITOR). - Records of the Moravians in North Carolina. Vol. Vii, 1809-1822.
267650: FRIES, ADELAIDE L. (EDITOR). - Records of the Moravians in North Carolina. Vol. Vii, 1809-1822.
255570: FRIPP, GAYLE HICKS. - Greensboro: A Chosen Center.
286060: FRITH, SIMON. - The Sociology of Rock.
284436: FRIZOT, MICHEL. - Le Passe Compose; Les 6x13 de Jacques-Henri Lartique.
278350: FROIS, CATARINA. - Peripheral Vision: Politics, Technology, and Surveillance (Easa) (Volume 22).
281340: FROLOVA, ZOYA & IANIS JAKOBSON. - The Imaginary Way to Reality.
235550: FROST, JOHN. - Incidents and Narratives of Travel in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, in Various Periods of History.
284282: FROST, ROBERT. - A Witness Tree: New Poems.
267671: FROST, DAN R. - Thinking Confederates: Academia and the Idea of Progress in the New South.
257414: FROTHINGHAM, OCATVIUS BROOKS. - Recollections and Impressions, 1822-1890.
250376: FROW, JOHN. - Time and Commodity Culture: Essays in Cultural Theory and Postmodernity.
168124: FRURIP, DAVID J. ET AL. - Colonial Nails from Michilimackinac: Differentiation By Chemical and Statistical Analysis. Archaeological Completion Report Series, No. 7
286336: FRYAR, JACK E., JR. - A History Lover's Guide to Wilmington & the Lower Cape Fear.
280237: FRYE, NORTHROP; DENHAM, ROBERT D. AND THOMAS WILLARD (EDITORS). - Visionary Poetics: Essays on Northrop Frye's Criticism.
287717: FRYE, NORTHROP. - Fearful Symmetry: A Study of William Blake.
287283: FUCHS, ERNEST. - Text-Book of Opthalmology.
279941: FUCIKOVA, ELISKA ET AL (EDITORS). - Rudolf Ii and Prague: The Court and the City.
279815: FUKUDA, TSUTOMU (TRANSLATOR). - Sansho Dayu, and Other Short Stories.
277592: FUKUZAWA, YUKICHI. EIICHI KIYOOKA (TRANSLATOR). - The Autobiography of Fukuzawa Yukichi.
285479: FULLER, ALVARADO M. - A.D. 2000.
286866: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER. - Grunch of Giants.
286865: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER. - Guinea Pig B: The 56 Year Experiment.
283977: FULLER, MATTHEW & ANDREW GOFFEY. - Evil Media.
280911: FULLINWIDER, ROWENA J.; CRUTCHFIELD, JAMES A.; JEFFERY, WINETTE SPARKMAN. - Celebrate Virginia! Cookbook: The Hospitality, History, and Heritage of Virginia.
223591: FULLMER, JUNE Z. - Sir Humphry Davy's Published Works.
274668: FUNDERBURK, COBLE. - Days in My Life.
269468: FUNKE, JAROMIR AND VOJTECH VOLAVKA. - Prazske Kostely.
247215: FURNIVAL, JOHN. - Blind Date "with Etchings and Embossed Prints Designed By John Furnival and Text By Thomas Meyer"
280746: FURST, LILIAN R. - Fictions of Romantic Irony: Jane Austen, Flaubert, Byron, Jean Paul, Diderot, Sterne. Harvard Studies in Comparative Literature
263162: FURTH, VALERIE JAKOBER. - Cabbages & Geraniums.
281616: CASEY A. WOOD & F. MARJORIE FYFE (TRANSLATORS & EDTIORS). - The Art of Falconry, Being the de Arte Venandi Cum Avibus of Frederick Ii of Hohenstaufen.
263824: GABORIT-CHOPIN, D. - Ivoires Du Moyen Age.
271064: GABORIT-CHOPIN, D. - La Decoration Des Manuscrits a Saint-Martial de Limoges Et En Limousin Du Ixe Au Xiie Siecle.
266602: GAG, WANDA. - Nothing at All.
280826: GAGE, WILLIAM L. - Palestine, Historical and Descriptive: The Home of God's People.
279903: GAGE, WILLIAM L. - A Modern Historical Atlas, for the Use of Colleges, Schools, and General Readers.
281437: GAILLEMIN, JEAN-LOUIS. - Antiquaires: The Finest Antique Dealers in Paris.
287759: GAIRDNER, JAMES (EDITOR). - The Paston Letters 1422-1509 A.D. : Introduction and Supplement.
273290: GAISER, JULIA HAIG. - Hymn to Demeter.
250590: HERODOTUS. THOMAS GAISFORD (EDITOR). - Herodoti Halicarnassei Historiarum Libri Ix. Codicem Sancrofti Manuscriptorum Denuo Contulit Reliquam Lectionis Varietatem Commodius Digessit Annotationes Variorum: 4 Volumes.
286340: GALE, R. R. - "a Soldier-Like Way": The Material Culture of the British Infantry, 1751-1768.
280537: GALEN; BROCK, ARTHUR JOHN (TRANSLATOR). - Galen on the Natural Faculties. Loeb Classical Library
286627: BERLINISCHE GALERIE. - Modern Visionaries: Paul Scheerbart, Bruno Taut, Paul Goesch.
281834: GALGOCZY, JANOS, SOMOGYI EDE & MIKLOS ERDY. - Studio Sumiro-Hungarica 1: A Sumir Kerdes + 2: Szumirok Es Magyarok + 3: A Sumir, Ural-Altaji, Magyar Rokonsag Kutatasanak Tortenete I. Resz: A 19 Szazad (the Sumerian, Ural-Altaic, Magyar Relationship: A History of Research. Part I: The 19th Century) (3 Vols).
283118: GALIC, ANDELKA & VLADIMIR MALEKOVIC. - Giovanni Battista Piranesi: Vasi Candelabri Cippi Sarcofagi Tripodi Lucerne Ed Ornamenti Antichi Disegn Ed Ijnc Dal Cav. Gio. Batta. Piranesi Pubblicati L'anno Mdcclxxiix.
273369: GALIE, CARL V., JR. - Vision Quest: A Visual Journey Through North Carolina's Lower Roanoke River Basin.
281127: GALILEI, GALILEO; CREW, HENRY AND ALFONSO DE SALVIO (TRANSLATORS). - Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences.
263374: GALLAGHER, SHAUN. - The Inordinance of Time.
262873: GALLAGHER, EDWARD JOSEPH. - A Critical Edition of "la Passion Nostre Seigneur" from the Manuscript 1131 from the Bibliotheque Sainte-Genevieve, Paris. Univ. Of North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures Number 179
267641: GALLATIN, A. E. & L. M. OLIVER. - A Bibliography of the Works of Max Beerbohm.
187819: GALLI, GALLO. - Socrate Et Alcuni Dialoghi Platonici: Apologia, Convito, Lachete, Eutifrone, Liside, Jone. Univ. Di Torino, Pubblicaxioni Della Facoltà Di Magistero 12.
264079: GALLOWAY, ANDREW (EDITOR). - The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Culture.
204953: GALLOWAY, CHARLES B. - The Editor-Bishop: Linus Parker, His Life and Writings.
281646: GALLWITZ, KLAUS (EDITOR). - Die Nazarener.
275646: GALOW, TIMOTHY W. - Understanding Dave Eggers (Understanding Contemporary American Literature).
256604: GALOW, TIMOTHY W. - Writing Celebrity: Stein, Fitzgerald, and the Modern(Ist) Art of Self-Fashioning. American Literature Readings in the 21st Century
248970: GALT, JOHN. - The Lives of the Players: Vol. I + Vol. Ii. Two Volumes
270263: GAMBER, KLAUS. - Sancta Sanctorum: Studien Zur Liturgischen Ausstattung Der Kirche, Vor Allem Des Altarraums, Mit 40 Abbildungen.
271362: GAMBER, KLAUS. - Opfer Und Mahl: Gedanken Zur Feier Der Eucharistie Im Geist Der Kirchenvater.
282527: GAMLIEL, TOVA. - Aesthetics of Sorrow: The Wailing Culture of Yemenite Jewish Women.
281382: GANKOVSKY, YU. V.; GAVRILOV, IGOR (TRANSLATOR). - The Peoples of Pakistan: An Ethnic History. U.S. S.R. Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oriental Studies
230357: GANS, ERIC LAWRENCE. - The Discovery of Illusion: Flaubert's Early Works, 1835-1837.
282841: GANTZER, HUGH & COLLEEN GANTZER. - Lynsdale Raj.
192591: GANZ, PAUL-LEONHARD. - La Maison Suisse: Maisons D'habitation, Manoirs Et Maisons de Corporations. Photos: Michael Wolgensinger
271129: GANZ, PETER (EDITOR). - The Role of the Book in Medieval Culture, Proceedings of the Oxford International Symposium, 26 September - 1 October 1982, Volume Ii.
283424: GARCIA, VANESSA. - White Light.
265546: GARCIA, KAMI AND MARGARET STOHL. - Beautiful Creatures.
282218: GARDELLI, GIULIANA. - L'eredita Di Michelangelo, E la "Pieta" Ritrovata Di Andrea Bregno.
274081: LE GARDEUR, JR., RENE J. AND SAMUEL WILSON, JR. AND ALLEN BEGNAUD ET AL. - Green Fields: Two Hundred Years of Louisiana Sugar.
188266: GARDNER, DILLARD S. - The Proposed Constitution for North Carolina: A Comparative Study. Popular Government, Vol. I, No. 4
248855: GARDNER, MAURICE B. - The New Adventures of Bantan.
286084: GARDNER, ERLE STANLEY. - The Case of the Caretaker's Cat.
188265: GARDNER, DILLARD S. - The Proposed Constitution for North Carolina: A Comparative Study. Popular Government, Vol. I, No. 4
253626: GARDNER, CATHERINE VILLANUEVA. - Historical Dictionary of Feminist Philosophy.
287121: GARFIELD, LEON. - Smith.
243999: GARFINKEL, JONATHAN. - Glass Psalms.
276227: GARGIULO, RAPHAEL. - Collection of the Most Remarkable Monuments of the National Museum . . . Vol. I & Ii + Vol. Iii & Iv.
275213: GARIS, HOWARD R. MARY AND WALLACE STOVER (ILLUSTRATORS). - Uncle Wiggily and the Paper Boat.
282057: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Neddie and Beckie Stubtail (Bed Time Stories Series).
282058: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Joie, Tommie and Kittie Kat (Bed Time Stories Series).
279644: GARLAND, PATRICIA SHERWIN (EDITOR). - Early Italian Paintings: Approaches to Conservatism.
243737: GARLAND, KEN. - Metaphors.
281730: GARNER, ELVIRA. - Ezekiel.
271003: GARNIER, FRANCOIS. - Thesaurus Iconographique: Systeme Descriptif Des Representations.
271004: GARNIER, FRANCOIS. - Le Langage de L'image Au Moyen Age: Signification Et Symbolique.
228981: GARRETT, GEORGE. - Welcome to the Medicine Show: Postcards/ Flashcards/ Snapshots. Illustrated By Edward Richter
274506: GARRETT, JERRE. - Muffled Drums and Mustard Spoons: Cecil County, Maryland, 1860-1865.
274981: GARSOIAN, NINA G. (EDITOR). - Ps. P'awstos: Buzandaran Patmut'iwnk' (the Epic Histories) Also Known As Patmut'iwn Hayoc (History of Armenia) Attributed to P'awstos Buzandac'i.
285667: GARSTANG, DONALD. - Giacomo Serpotta and the Stuccatori of Palermo 1560-1790.
282640: GARVIA, ROBERTO. - Esperanto and Its Rivals: The Struggle for an International Language.
270191: GARZANITI, MARCELLO. - Die Altslavische Version Der Evangelien: Forschungsgeschichte Und Zeitgenossische Forschung.
229779: GARZETTI, ALBINO. - Introduzione Alla Storia Romana.
265259: GASCO, FERNANDO. - Cuidades Griegas En Conflicto.
226412: GASSIEV, HSAR. - Hsar Gassiev. Painting.
218743: GATTERMAN, GÜNTHER (EDITOR). - Kostbarkeiten Aus Der Universitätsbibliothek Dûsseldorf: Mittelalterliche Handschriften Und Alte Drucke. Schriften Der Universitätsbibliothek Düsseldorf
258095: GATTI, PAOLO & LIO DE FINIS (EDITORS). - Dalla Tarda Latinita Agli Albori Dell'umanesimo: Alla Radice Della Storia Europea (Labirinti: 33).
270796: GAULTIER, BON (EDITOR). - The Book of Ballads.
271734: GAUTHIER, MARIE-MADELEINE. - Les Routes de la Foi: Reliques Et Reliquaires de Jerusalem a Compostelle.
258225: GAUTHIER, MARNI. - Amnesia and Redress in Contemporary American Fiction: Counterhistory (American Literature Readings in the 21st Century).
230507: GAY, JOHN. - Poems on Several Occasions (Occafions) Volume the First and Volume the Second.
283544: GAY, DAVID AND STEPHEN R. REIMER (EDITORS). - Locating the Past / Discovering the Present: Perspectives on Religion, Culture, and Marginality.
271206: GEALT, ADELHEID. - Domenico Tiepolo: The Punchinello Drawings.
280448: GEERARD, MAURITIUS ET F. GLORIE. - Clavis Patrum Graecorum, Volumen V: Indices, Initia, Concordantiae.
286018: GEIER, CLARENCE R., DOUGLASS D SCOTT AND LAWRENCE E. BABITS (EDITORS). - From These Honored Dead: Historical Archaeology of the American Civil War.
287071: GEIGER, ANDREA. - Subverting Exclusion: Transpacific Encounters with Race, Caste, and Borders, 1885-1928.
282987: GEIJER, ERIC GUSTAVE. - The History of the Swedes . . . The First Portion (Comprising the First Three Volumes of the Original,) from the Earliest Period to the Accession of Charles the Tenth.
278563: GEISSLER, P. WENZEL & CATHERINE MOLYNEUX (EDITORS). - Evidence, Ethos and Experiment: The Anthropology and History of Medical Research in Africa.
201589: GENET, JEAN. - Pompes Funebres.
258437: MAD. DE GENLIS. - Alphonso and Dalinda, Or the Magic of Art and Nature. A Romance.
186548: GENTHE, HERMANNUS (EDITOR). - Index Commentationum Sophoclearum, Ab A. Mdcccxxxvi Editarum Triplex. Lexici Sophoclei Quod Ellendtius Composuit Supplementum.
281212: GENTILINI, GIANCARLO. - I Della Robbia E L'"Arte Nuova" Della Scultura Invetriata.
235620: GEORGE, EUGENE. - Historic Architecture of Texas: The Falcon Reservoir.
248713: GEORGE, JEAN CRAIGHEAD. - The Talking Earth.
282583: GERACI, ROBERT M. - Virtually Sacred: Myth and Meaning in World of Warcraft and Second Life.
254371: GERARD, PHILIP. - Hatteras Light.
254768: GERAS, NORMAN & ROBERT WOKLER (EDITOR). - The Enlightenment and Modernity.
236948: GERE, CHARLOTTE. - Nineteenth-Century Decoration: The Art of the Interior.
280629: GERMON, MARIA. - Journal of the Siege of Lucknow: An Episode of the Indian Mutiny.
287748: GERO, STEPHEN. - Byzantine Iconoclasm During the Reign of Leo Iii: With Particular Attention to the Oriental Sources (Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium, Vol. 346).
270508: GERSTACKER, FRIEDRICH. - Wild Sports in the Far West.
247319: GERSTLE, C. ANDREW. - Circles of Fantasy: Convention in the Plays of Chikamatsu.
260015: GESSNER, DAVID & BEN GEORGE (EDITORS). - Ecotone 10: The Sex and Death Issue.
272915: LUCAN. R. J. GETTY (EDITOR). - M. Annaei Lucani: De Bello Civili, Liber I.
145158: {GEULETTE, SIMON}. - L'histoire Des Dieux, Ou Methode Pour Apprendre la Fable Heroîque, Divise'e En Trois Parties, la Premiere Traitte de la Genealogie Des Dieux. La Seconde de Leurs Avantures. La Troisieme En Donne la Mythologie, Ou la Morale . Par Monsieur D***
287594: DE GHELDERODE, MICHEL. - Spells.
153511: GHERING, G. H. - Oil: Liquid Gold, 1859-1959.
185641: GHOLSON, EDWARD. - Aphorisms of Wit and Wisdom.
282132: GHOSH, AMITAR. - Flood of Fire.
275408: GIARDINA, MICHAEL D. - Sporting Pedagogies: Performing Culture & Identity in the Global Arena.
285989: GIBBONS, KAYE. - A Cure for Dreams.
187225: GIBBS, MILBURN. - Staley School: A History of a Community.
279216: GIBBS, J. WILLARD. - The Scientific Papers of J. Willard Gibbs: Volume 2: Dynamics, Vector Analysis, Multiple Algebra, Electromagnetic Theory of Light.
245927: GIBBS, WILLIAM E. - Clouds and Smokes: The Properties of Disperse Systems in Gases and Their Practical Applications.
274965: GIBSON, MARGARET DUNLOP (EDITOR). - The Commentaries of Isho'dad of Merv, Bishop of Hadatha (C. 850 A.D. ) in Syriac and English: Volume Ii: Matthew and Marc in Syriac (Horae Semiticae No. Vi).
255341: GIBSON-WOOD, CAROL. - Jonathan Richardson: Art Theorist of the English Enlightenment.
275221: GIBSON, MICHAEL. - Bruegel.
271033: GIBSON, MARGARET ET AL. (EDITORS). - The Eadwine Psalter: Text, Image, and Monastic Culture in Twelfth-Century Canterbury.
284817: GIBSON, DANIEL & KITTY LEAKEN. - Kevin Red Star: Crow Indian Artist.
274966: GIBSON, MARGARET DUNLOP (EDITOR). - The Commentaries of Isho'dad of Merv, Bishop of Hadatha (C. 850 A.D. ) in Syriac and English: Volume Iii: Luke and John in Syriac (Horae Semiticae No. Vii).
268616: GIBSON, WALTER (MAXWELL GRANT). - The Shadow: A Quarter of Eight & the Freak Show Murders.
274604: GIBSON, FRANK. - The Art of Henri Fantin-Latour: His Life and Work.
209073: GIBSON, WILLIAM J. - The Internal Revenue Tax on Tobacco. Why It Should Not Be Repealed.
271628: GIBSON, SHIMON. - Jerusalem in Original Photographs 1850-1920.
271038: GICHTEL, PAUL. - Der Codex Aureus Von St. Emmeram: Die Restaurierung Des Cod. Lat. 14000 Der Bayerischen Staatbibliothek Munchen.
239664: GIDE, ANDRE. - Correspondance, 1918-1951. Annotated By Frederic Grover & Pierrette Schartenberg-Winter.
224102: GIDUZ, ROLAND. - Cameron Henderson: The Oracle of Chapel Hill.
283416: GIDUZ, ROLAND. - Who's Gonna Cover Them Up?!: Chapel Hill Uncovered - 1950-1985.
284477: GIERE, RONALD N. - Scientific Perspectivism.
268958: DE GIETER. - Les 7 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: La Vengeance Des Ramses.
268954: DE GIETER. - Les 5 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: L'egyptien Blanc.
268952: DE GIETER. - Les 2 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: Le Maitre Des Trois Portes.
268953: DE GIETER. - Les 3 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: Le Colosse Sans Visage.
268956: DE GIETER. - Les 4 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: Le Tombeau de Pharaon.
268957: DE GIETER. - Les 6 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: Les Quatre Doigts Du Dieu Lune.
268960: DE GIETER. - Les 9 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: Les Larmes Due Geant.
268961: DE GIETER. - Les 10 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: La Pyramide Noire.
268962: DE GIETER. - Les 11 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: Le Pharaon Maudit.
268963: DE GIETER. - Papyrus L'obelisque (12).
268959: DE GIETER. - Les 8 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: La Metamorphose D'imhotep.
268951: DE GIETER. - Les 1 Aventures Merveilleuses de Papyrus: La Momie Engloutie.
270502: GIFFARD, WILLIAM. - Cases in Midwifry.
285112: GIFFIN, J. W. - Giffen: Genealogic Family History of Descendents of Robert Giffen and Mary Bane Giffen, Settlers at Big Spring, Pa. , in 1777, Removed to Wheeling, Virginia, 1787.
275166: GIGER, FREDERICK SIDNEY, MRS. (EDITOR). - Colonial Receipt Book: Celebrated Old Recipes.
265204: XENOPHON. WALTER GILBERT (EDITOR). - Xenophontis Commentarii. Editio Stereotypa Minor.
263419: GILBERT, LIONEL. - The Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney: A History 1816-1985.
270445: GILBERT, BIL. - God Gave Us This Country: Tekamthi and the First American Civil War.
226902: GILBERT, J. - Arles Gréco-Romaine: Seuil Des Gaules Chrétiennes. Preface By Charles Maurras.
237142: GILBERT, MARTIN. - Winston S. Churchill, Companion Volume V, Part 2, the Wilderness Years 1929-1935.
237151: GILBERT, MARTIN. - Winston S. Churchill. Companion Volume Iv. Part I. January 1917 - June 1919 + Part Ii. July 1919 - March 1921. 2 Vols.
285122: GILBERT, SCOTT (EDITOR). - A Conceptual History of Modern Embryology.
287703: GILCHRIST, ALEXANDER. - Life of William Blake, with Selections from His Poems and Other Writings: Vol. I + Vol. Ii (2 Vols).
282287: GILI, JEAN A. - Talking with Mauro Bolognini. Appunti Sui Cinema Italiano/1
258683: GILL, GEORGE. - The Oxford and Cambridge Geography. Expressly Compiled As a Text Book for Secondary Schools and for Pupils Preparing for the Oxfod and Cambridge Local and Other Examinations.
277888: GILL, JO. - The Cambridge Companion to Sylvia Plath.
255100: GILLIE, VAL & HELEN LUCEY (EDITORS). - Power, Knowledge and the Academy: The Institutional Is Political.
239311: GILLON, EDMUND V. - Cut & Assemble: Suburban Houses of the Twenties: Four Buildings in H-O Scale.
265715: GILMAN, LAURA ANNE. - Weight of Stone. Book Two of the Vineart War
265716: GILMAN, LAURA ANNE. - The Shattered Vine. Book Three of the Vineart War
265714: GILMAN, LAURA ANNE. - Flesh and Fire. Book One of the Vineart War
273373: GILMER, MARY DUDLEY. - The Child Now Before Us: The Story of Grandfather Home for Children, 1914-1997.
209123: GILMER, JOHN H. - Letter Addressed to Hon. Wm. C. Rives, By John H. Gilmer. On the Existing Status of the Revolution, &C.
215340: GILMORE, JAMES R. - The Advance-Guard of Western Civilization.
275947: GILPIN, VINCENT. - The Good Little Ship.
269524: GIMENEZ, CARLOS. - Aux Risques de L'amour 3.
260624: GINGELL, SUSAN & WENDY ROY (EDITORS). - Listening Up, Writing Down, and Looking Beyond: Interfaces of the Oral, Written, and Visual.
287858: GINGRICH, ARNOLD (EDITOR). - Esquire: The Magazine for Men (Vol. Xii, No. 6, Whole No. 73). December 1939
287856: GINGRICH, ARNOLD (EDITOR). - Esquire: The Magazine for Men (Vol. V, No. 2, Whole No. 27). February 1936
273221: GINN, SHERRY. - Our Space, Our Place: Women in the Worlds of Science Fiction Television.
267876: GINSBERG, WILLIAM. - Scandia: Important Early Maps of the Northern Regions & Maps and Charts of Norway. From the Collection of William B. And Inger G. Ginsburg.
247112: GIRARD, PIERRE. - Le Reine de la Nuit.
283664: GIRARDI, ROBERT I. - The Civil War Art of Keith Rocco.
200820: GIRAUDOUX, JEAN. - Le Couvent de Bella. Illustrated By Maxime de Thomas
200848: GIRAUDOUX, JEAN. - Les Hommes Tigres.
248544: GIRDWOOD, RONALD H. & ADAM N. SMITH (EDITORS). - Malabsorption. Univ. Of Edinburgh Pfizer Medical Monographs 4
281271: GIROIRE, CECILE & DANIEL ROGER. - Roman Art from the Louvre.
270870: GISCHIA, LEON & LUCIEN MAZENOD. - Les Arts Primitifs Francais: Art Merovingien, Art Carolingien, Art Roman.
282273: GISKES, H.J. - London Calling North Pole.
282033: GISSIBL, BERNHARD ET AL (EDITORS). - Civilizing Nature: National Parks in Global Historical Perspective.
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