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257185: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 10, 1943-1944. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257181: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 6, 1939-1940. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257182: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 7, 1940-1941. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257183: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 8, 1941-1942. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257180: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 5, 1938-1939. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257179: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 4, 1937-1938. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257178: CANIFF, MILTON. - Terry and the Pirates: Volume 3, 1936-1937. Flying Buttress Classics Library
257371: CANLEE, JOHN. - A Cup of Kindness: A Tale of Arthur, Merlin & Cabal.
271115: CANN, SIMON. - Becoming a Synthesizer Wizard: From Presets to Power User Paperback .
173870: CANNAN, GILBERT. - Samuel Butler: A Critical Study.
221741: CANNEGIETER, C. A. - Around the Dreamworld.
154926: CANNON, JAMES, JR. - Bishop Cannon's Own Story: Life As I Have Seen It. Edited By Richard L. Watson, Jr.
264381: CANNON, ELIZABETH PERRY & HELEN ADELE WHITING. VERNON WINSLOW (ILLUSTRATOR). - Country Life Stories: Some Rural Community Helpers.
267898: CANNON, DORIS ROLLINS. - Grabtown Girl: Ava Gardner's North Carolina Childhood and Her Enduring Ties to Home.
105138: CANNON, MILES. - Toward the Setting Sun.
269586: CANNON, SUSAN FAYE. - Science in Culture: The Early Victorian Period.
42099: CANNON, ELIZABETH ROBERTS (EDITOR). - My Beloved Zebulon: The Correspondence of Zebulon Baird Vance and Harriett Newell Espy.
271001: CANNY, NICHOLAS & ANTHONY PAGDEN. - Colonial Identity in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800.
218323: CANNY, M. J. - Phloem Translocation.
226783: VON CANON, JAMES FREDERICK. - James Frederick Von Canon: Story of a Creative North Carolina Builder, 1903-1979. Edited By Wilson O. Weldon.
215313: CANTOR, LOUIS. - A Prologue to the Protest Movement: The Missouri Sharecropper Roadside Demonstrations of 1939.
109138: CANTOR, LEW, HERMAN RUBY & PETE WENDLING. - Those Star Spangled Nights in Dixieland. Fox-Trot for Orchestra. Arranged By William Schulz.
269461: CANTOR, PAUL A. - The Invisible Hand in Popular Culture: Liberty Vs. Authority in American Film and Tv.
271901: CANTWELL, ROBERT. - Bluegrass Breakdown: The Making of the Old Southern Sound.
223043: CAO, KY. - The Changing Capital Markets of East Asia. Routledge Studies in the Growth Economics of Asia
260814: CAPA, ROBERT. - Death in the Making.
269724: CAPATTI, ALBERTO & MASSIMO MONTANARI. - Italian Cuisine: A Cultural History.
203385: CAPEN, CHRISTOPHER G. (EDITOR). - The 1986 Chanticleer; Duke University, Crossing the Threshold.
241693: CAPLAN, LOUIS R. (EDITOR). - Primer on Cerebrovascular Diseases.
265744: CAPLAN, JANE. - Government without Administration: State and Civil Service in Weimar and Nazi Germany (Oxford Historical Monographs).
250210: CAPODIFERRO, ALESSANDRA (EDITOR). - Georgina Masson, 1912-1980: Selections from the Photographic Archive.
257065: CAPOTE, TRUMAN. BARRY MOSER (ILLUSTRATOR). - I Remember Grandpa. Illustrated By Barry Moser.
223516: CAPPON, LESTER J. & IRA V. BROWN (EDITORS). - New Market, Virginia, Imprints, 1806-1876: A Check-List.
233743: CARABASI, THOMAS. - Thomas Carabasi. Traces. Photographs 1977 - 1988.
268566: DE CARAFFE, MARC ET AL. - Town Halls of Canada: A Collection of Essays on Pre-1930 Town Hall Buildings.
271084: HERRAD OF LANDSBERG. ARISTIDE D. CARATZAS (TRANSLATOR). - Herrad of Landsberg. Hortus Deliciarum (Garden of Delights).
260570: CARBONE, JOHN S. - The Civil War in Coastal North Carolina.
264528: CARD, ORSON SCOTT. - How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy (Genre Writing).
268725: CARDOZO, CHRISTOPHER. - Native Nations: First Americans As Seen By Edward S. Curtis.
262583: CAREW, MICHAEL G. - The Power to Persuade: Fdr, the Newsmagazines, and Going to War, 1939-1941.
149966: CAREY, HENRY CHARLES. - The Slave Trade, Domestic and Foreign: Why It Exists, and How It May Be Extinguished.
233424: CARISSIMI, LESTER & CHRISTIAN LAPEYRE. - An Exhibition of Italian Old Master Drawings. 9th May - 19th May, 2001.
267566: CARL, ANN B. - A Wasp Among Eagles: A Woman Military Test Pilot in World War Ii.
198720: CARLEBACH, ELISHEVA. - Pursuit of Heresy: Rabbi Moses Hagiz and the Sabbatian Controversies.
270049: CARLETON, ELOISE. - Sedona's Red Rock Cookbook.
231048: CARLSON, ERIC W. (EDITOR). - The Recognition of Edgar Allan Poe: Selected Criticism Since 1829.
260076: CARLYLE, THOMAS. CHARLES FREDERICK HARROLD (EDITOR). - Sartor Resartus: The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh.
238366: CARLYLE, THOMAS. - Die Franzosische Revolution. Three Volumes.
255344: CARMACK, EFFIE MARQUESS; CARMACK, NOEL A. & KAREN LYNN DAVIDSON (EDITORS). - Out of the Black Patch: The Autobiography of Effie Marquess Carmack: Folk Musician, Artist, and Writer.
266160: CARMICHAEL, G. WADE. - Jack's Resolve: A True Patriot's Tale.
231909: CARMICHAEL, RICHARD. - Observations on the Symptoms and Specific Distinctions of Venereal Diseases; Interspersed with Hints for the More Effectual Prosecution of the Present Inquiry Into the Uses and Abuses of Mercury, in Their Treatment.
202305: CARMICHAEL, FRED. - Victoria's House; a Mystery in Two Acts.
267707: CARMICHAEL, PETER S. - The Last Generation: Young Virginians in Peace, War, and Reunion.
270726: CARMICHEL, JIM. - Do-It-Yourself Gunsmithing.
264646: CARNAP, RUDOLF. - The Unity of Science (Key Texts).
243269: CARNEY, JAMES T. (EDITOR). - Berrien Bicentennial.
231317: CARNOVSKY, LEON (EDITOR). - International Aspects of Librarianship: Papers Presented Before the Eighteenth Annual Converence of the Graduate Library School of the University of Chicago.
229571: DE CARO, SILVANA BALBI. - La Banca a Roma: Operatori E Operazioni Bancarie. Vita E Costumi Dei Romani Antichi 8
242418: "A PRESBYTER OF THE DIOCESE OF NORTH CAROLINA". - The Principles of Church History Adapted for the Young.
247173: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA. - Yackety Yack 1994 (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill).
247172: UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA. - 1991 Yackety Yack (University of North Carolina).
254796: CAROZZI, ALBERT V. & GERDA BOUVIER. - The Scientific Library of Horace-Benedict de Saussure (1797): Annotated Catalog of an 18th-Century Bibliographic and Historic Treasure.
174474: CARPENTER, RICHARD A. (EDITOR). - Assessing Tropical Forest Lands: Their Suitability for Sustainable Uses. Natural Resources and the Environment Series, Vol. 3
260755: CARPENTER, STANLEY D. M. - Military Leadership in the British Civil Wars, 1642-1651: 'the Genius of This Age'.
148160: PRINTED FOR MISS ANNIE I. CARPENTER. - Carpenter and Allied Families: Genealogical and Biographical. Prepared and Printed for Miss Annie I. Carpenter
270861: CARPENTER, MARJORIE (TRANSLATOR). - Kontakia of Romanos, Byzantine Melodist: I: On the Person of Christ + Ii: On Christian Life. 2 Vols.
270161: CARPENTER, DAVID J. - Mid-Rhondda (Images of Wales).
239132: CARR, H WILDON. - Henri Bergson: The Philosophy of Change.
268144: CARR, REG. - Anarchism in France: The Case of Octave Mirbeau.
255543: CARREDANO, JOSE LUIS GOMEZ. - Las Aves de Presa de Los Llanos Venezolanos.
268086: CARRETTA, VINCENT & PHILIP GOULD (EDITORS). - Genius in Bondage: Literature of the Early Black Atlantic.
257381: CARRICK, JOHN DONALD, MOTHERWELL, WILLIAM, & HENDERSON, ANDREW. - The Laird of Logan; Or, Anecdotes and Tales Illustrative of the Wit and Humour of Scotland. New Edition, with Additions.
267698: CARRIGAN, WILLIAM D. & CHRISTOPHER WALDREP. - Swift to Wrath: Lynching in Global Historical Perspective.
271976: CARRIKER, S. DAVID. - Railroading in the Carolina Sandhills. Volume 2: The 20th Century (1900-1985). (a Compilation of Historical Essays on Railroad Operations)
271975: CARRIKER, S. DAVID. - Railroading in the Carolina Sandhills. Volume 1: The 19th Century (1825-1900).
266556: CARRINGTON, LEONORA. PABLO WEISZ (ILLUSTRATOR). - The Oval Lady: Six Surreal Stories By Leonora Carrington.
269365: CARRISI, DONATO. - The Lost Girls of Rome.
126663: CARROLL, LUCY & HARSH KAPOOR (EDITORS). - Talaq-I-Tafwid: The Muslim Woman's Contractural Access to Divorce. An Information Kit.
271272: PAUSANIAS. MITCHELL CARROLL (EDITOR). - The Attica of Pausanias (College Series of Greek Authors).
265952: CARRUTH, HAYDEN. - If You Call This Cry a Song.
265898: CARRUTH, HAYDEN. - Contra Mortem.
266324: CARRUTH, HAYDEN. - Almanach Du Printemps Vivarois.
266325: CARRUTH, HAYDEN. - The Crow and the Heart.
223515: CARSON, JANE. - Travelers in Tidewater Virginia, 1700-1800: A Bibliography.
230786: CARSON, JOAN, EDITOR. - The Arms of the Windmill : Essays in Analytical Psychology in Honor of Werner H. Engel.
210216: CARTER, HENRY ROSE. - Yellow Fever: An Epidemiological and Historical Study of Its Place of Origin. Edited By Laura Armistead Carter & Wade Hampton Frost
271435: CARTER, W. HORACE. - Virus of Fear.
256684: CARTER, JIMMY. - Turning Point: A Candidate, a State, and a Nation Come of Age.
250002: CARTER, JOHN & JOSEPH W. SCOTT (EDITOR). - A.E. Housman: Catalogue of an Exhibition on the Centenary of His Birth.
241491: CARTER, JIMMY. - An Hour Before Daylight.
267646: CARTER, JOHN, & PERCY H. MUIR (EDITORS). - Printing and the Mind of Man, a Descriptive Catalogue Illustrating the Impact of Print on the Evolution of Western Civilization During Five Centuries.
210031: CARTER, JOSEPH E. - Distinctive Baptist Principles: A Sermon.
119880: CARTER, N. H. - Letters from Europe, Volume I: Comprising the Journal of a Tour Through Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, and Switzerland, in the Years 1825, '26, and '27.
266531: CARTER, JOHN C. (EDITOR). - Welcome the Hour of Conflict: William Cowan Mcclellan and the 9th Alabama.
267702: CARTER, DAVID C. - Music Has Gone out of the Movement: Civil Rights and the Johnson Administration, 1965-1968.
223402: CARTER, JOHN & GRAHAM POLLARD. - An Enquiry Into the Nature of Nineteen Century Pamphlets.
222472: CARTER, J. G. ET AL. - Fossil Collectin in North Carolina: Bulletin 89.
271436: CARTWRIGHT, JJOHN. - American Independence, with a Copious Appendix, a Postscript.
268182: CARTWRIGHT, JOSEPH H. - The Triumph of Jim Crow: Tennessee Race Relgions in the 1880s.
208583: CARUTHERS, E. W. - A Sketch of the Life and Character of the Rev. David Caldwell, D.D. , Near Sixty Years Pastor of the Churches of Buffalo and Alamance. Including Two of His Sermons; Some Account of the Regulation, Together with the Revolutionary Transactions and Incidents in Which He Was Concerned; and a Brief Notice of the Ecclesiastical and Moral Condition of North-Carolina While in Its Colonial State.
218398: CARUTHERS, E. W. - A Sketch of the Life and Character of the Rev. David Caldwell, D.D. , Near Sixty Years Pastor of the Churches of Buffalo and Alamance. Including Two of His Sermons; Some Account of the Regulation, Together with the Revolutionary Transactions and Incidents in Which He Was Concerned; and a Brief Notice of the Ecclesiastical and Moral Condition of North-Carolina While in Its Colonial State.
262059: CARVER, WILLIAM OWEN. - How the New Testament Came to Be Written.
269076: CARY, MARA. - Useful Baskets.
258285: CASARI, ROBERT B. ET AL. (EDITORS). - Chillicothe, Ohio, 1796-1996: Ohio's First Capital.
228672: CASBERG, JESSIE L. - Dhatu and His Friends.
174773: CASE, GERALD O. - British Guiana Timbers.
246358: CASE, JOSEPHINE YOUNG & EVERETT NEEDHAM CASE. - Owen D. Young and American Enterprise: A Biography.
220482: CASE, HARRY. - The Shoe Box Notebooks. Edited & with a Foreword By Gene Case.
254480: CASEY, JOSEPH J. - Personal Names in Hening's Statutes at Large of Virginia, and Shepherd's Continuation.
188965: CASEY, DANIEL J. & ROBERT E. RHODES (EDITORS). - Views of the Irish Peasantry, 1800-1916.
225487: CASEY, JACK. - The Trial of Bat Shea.
267706: CASHIN, EDWARD J. & GLENN T. ESKEW (EDITORS). - Paternalism in a Southern City: Race, Religion, and Gender in Augusta, Georgia.
272180: CASPER, GERALDINE J. - Glass Paperweights of the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum.
207354: CASSEDY, JAMES H. - American Medicine and Statistical Thinking, 1800-1860.
271344: CASSIDY, BRENDAN. - The Ruthwell Cross.
212593: CASSINARI, VALENTINO & CARLO A. PAGNI. - Central Pain: A Neurosurgical Survey.
269723: CASSIRER, ERNST. - Problem of Knowledge Philosophy, Science, and History Since Hegel.
267418: CASSOU, JEAN. - Arp.
213347: CASTAGNÉ, J. - Les Musulmans Et la Politique Des Soviets En Asie Centrale: Les Indes Et L'égypte, Vues de Russie.
229569: CASTAGNOLI, FERDINANDO. - Topografia Di Roma Antica.
259548: CASTELLANETA, CARLO. - L'opera Completa Di Hayez.
265048: CASTILLO, DAVID R. AND MASSIMO LOLLINI (EDITORS). - Reason and Its Others: Italy, Spain, and the New World.
232113: CASTLE, LYNN AND JIMMIE ROSENBRUCH. - Hunting and Fishing Alaska.
269847: CASTLE, CHARLES. - Oliver Messel: A Biography.
258650: CASTLEMAN, VIRGINIA CARTER. - Betweenwhiles.
256432: CASTLEMON, HARRY. - The Mail Carrier. Boy Trapper Series
250507: CASTLEMON, HARRY. - Oscar in Africa.
247650: CASTLEMON, HARRY. - The Mystery of Lost River Canyon.
247648: CASTLEMON, HARRY. - Frank on the Prairie. Gun Boat Series
250387: CASTLEMON, HARRY. - Two Ways of Becoming a Hunter.
250385: CASTLEMON, HARRY. - The House-Boat Boys.
234113: CASTNER, CHARLES B. - The Dixie Line: Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis Railway.
255610: CASTRONOVO, RUSS. - Fathering the Nation: American Genealogies of Slavery and Freedom.
245536: CASWELL, KURT ET AL. (EDITORS). - To Everything on Earth: New Writing on Fate, Community, and Nature.
251292: CATHER, WILLA. - Death Comes for the Archbishop.
259169: CATHERWOOD, MARY HARTWELL. - The Dogberry Bunch.
229954: CATIR, NORMON JOSEPH, JR. - Saint Stephen's Church in Providence: The History of a New England Tractarian Parish, 1839-1964.
217815: CATTANEO, CARLO. - Civilization and Democracy: The Salvemini Anthology of Cattaneo's Writings. Edited and Introduced By Carlo G. Lacaita & Filippo Sabetti. Translated By David Gibbons.
258729: CATTON, BRUCE. - The Centennial History of the Civil War: Vol. Ii: Terrible Swift Sword.
229372: CATULLUS. - Catulli Tibulli Propertii, Carmina. A Maurico Hauptio Recognita, Ab Iohanne Vahleno Curata Et a Rudolfo Helmio Edita.
266842: CAUBLE, FRANK P. - The Surrender Proceedings, April 9, 1865.
188508: CAUDILL, EDNA ALFORD (COMPILER). - Cemetery Records of Johnston County: Vol. 1.
183232: CAUSER, GORDON A. (EDITOR). - Inside British Society: Continuity, Challenge and Change.
266390: CAVALIERO, RODERICK. - The Last of the Crusaders: The Knights of St. John and Malta in the Eighteenth Century.
251174: CAVANAGH, JOHN C. - Decision at Fayetteville: The North Carolina Ratification Convention and the General Assembly of 1789.
234127: CAVANAUGH, H. F. - New York Central System : Gone But Not Forgotten.
259463: CAVELL, EDWARD. - Legacy in Ice: The Vaux Family and the Canadian Alps.
201697: CAVENAGO-BIGNAMI, SPERANZA. - Gemmologia. Pietre Preziose Ed Ornamentali Naturali, Trasparenti, Semitrasparenti Ed Opache, Perle, Cammei Di Conchiglia, Opercula, Ammoniti E Conchiglie Varie, Coralli, Avorio, Tartaruga, Pietre Sintetiche, Imitazioni, Perle Di Coltura (Con E Senza Nucleo). Cenni Di Mineralogia Generale, Metodi Di Analisi Per le Pietre Preziose E le Perle.
263427: CAVINESS, MADELINE HARRISON. - Sumptuous Arts at the Royal Abbeys in Reims and Braine: Ornatus Elegantiae, Varietate Stupendes.
267210: CAWS, MARY ANN (EDITOR). - Le Manifeste Et le Cahe: Langages Surrealistes Et Autres (le Siecle Eclate 1).
233611: CAXTON, WILLIAM. BENET BURGH, TRANSLATOR. - Parvus Cato. Magnus Cato. Translated By Benet Burgh. Printed at Westminster By Willaim Caxton Aboutthe Year 1477.
173607: ÇAYCI, ABDURRAHMAN. - La Question Tunisienne Et la Politique Ottomane (1881-1913).
254824: CAYEUX, LUCIEN. - Les Roches Sedimentaire de France: Roches Carbonatees (Calcaires Et Dolomies).
267346: CAZENAVE, MICHEL ET AL. - L'art D'aimer Au Moyen Age.
235543: CEBALLOS, MIGUEL ANGEL. - Derecho de la Revolucion Y Deberes Del Golpe de Estado.
228835: CECELSKI, DAVID. - A Historian's Coast : Adventures Into the Tidewater Past.
230259: CECH, JOHN. - A Rush of Dreamers: Being the Remarkable Story of Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.
270750: TREFFORT CECILE. - L'eglise Carolinigienne Et la Mort: Christianisme, Rites Funeraires Et Pratiques Commemoratives. Collection D'histoire Et D'archeologie Medievales
267335: CELANT, GERMANO (EDITOR). - Claes Oldenburg. Coosje Van Bruggen.
256333: CELAYA, ENRIQUE MARTINEZ. - The Blog: Bad Time for Poetry.
269765: CELELLO, KRISTEN. - Making Marriage Work: A History of Marriage and Divorce in the Twentieth-Century United States.
271588: CELENZA, ANNA HARWELL. - Hans Christian Andersen and Music: The Nightingale Revealed.
215025: CENSER, JACK RICHARD & N. STEVEN STEINERT (EDITORS). - South Atlantic Urban Studies: Volume 2.
269292: CENSER, JANE TURNER. - The Reconstruction of White Southern Womanhood, 1865-1895.
247127: CEPCEKOVA, ELENA. - Slniecko Na Motuze.
244237: CERF, CHRISTOPHER AND MICHAEL FRITH (EDITORS). - The Chicago Conspiracy Trial: The Chicago Conspiracy Vs. The Washington Kangaroos. Official Pogrom
247763: CERVANTES SAAVEDRA, MIGUEL DE. - El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha: Edicion Iv Centenario. Illustrated By Gustave Dore.
259638: CEVALLOS-CANDAU, FRANCISCO JAVIER; COLE, JEFFREY A.; SCOTT, NINA M.; SUAREZ-ARAUZ, NICOMEDES (EDITORS). - Coded Encounters: Writing, Gender, and Ethnicity in Colonial Latin America.
260821: CHABON, MICHAEL. - Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, and Son.
270168: CHADWICK, HENRY (EDITOR). SCOTT BRADBURY (TRANSLATOR). - Severus of Minorca: Letter on the Conversion of the Jews.
261551: CHAGALL, MARC. - Marc Chagall: Ausgewahlte Graphik.
266636: CHAIET, CARL & LYNN KEARCHER. - Man's First Word.
243233: CHAIKIN, ANDREW. - A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts.
230833: CHAISSON, ERIC J. - Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos.
242207: CHALLANS, TIMOTHY L. - Awakening Warrior: Revolution in the Ethics of Warfare.
235058: CHAMBERLAIN, JOHN. - Gondolas and Dooms Day Flotilla.
270453: CHAMBERLAIN, JOSHUA LAWRENCE. JEREMIAH E. GOULKA (EDITOR). - The Grand Old Man of Maine: Selected Letters of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, 1865-1914.
105683: CHAMBERLAIN, L. T. - Address on the Temperance Issue in Norwich, Delivered in Breed Hall, January 14th, 1878, By Rev. L.T. Chamberlain, Pastor of Broadway Church.
218898: CHAMBERLIN, DANIEL H. - The Doctrine of Stare Decisis: Its Reasons and Its Extent. Prize Essay of the New York State Bar Association, Awarded January 10, 1885.
240157: CHAMBERS, E. K. - The Elizabethan Stage: Vol. Iv.
211425: CHAMBERS, HENRY E. - Mississippi Valley Beginnings: An Outline of the Early History of the Earlier West.
241527: CHAMINADE, CECILE LOUISE STEPHANIE. - Pas Des Amphores, Op. 37: Air de Ballet No. 2.
244572: CHAMINADE, CECILE LOUISE STEPHANIE. - Pas Des Amphores, Op. 37 (Air de Ballet No. 2).
244573: CHAMINADE, CECILE LOUISE STEPHANIE. - Pas Des Amphores, Op. 37 (Air de Ballet No. 2).
264873: CHAMLEE, PAULA & MICHAEL A. SMITH. - Chicago : Lake + Chicago : Loop.
251701: CHAMPAIN, PHIL ET AL (EDITORS). - From War Economies to Peace Economies in the South Caucasus: Economy and Conflict Research Group of the South Caucasus.
271960: DE CHAMPEAUX, GERARD & SEBASTIEN STERCKX. - Introduction Au Monde Des Symboles.
248831: CHAMPION, LAURIE (EDITOR). - The Critical Response to Eudora Welty's Fiction: (Critical Responses in Arts and Letters).
271385: CHAMPION, MARGARET Y. - Peru and the Peruvians in the Twentieth Century: Politics and Prospects.
226257: CHAMPION, MARK. - Working Your Network, Vol. 1: Managing Technology - from Survival to Success.
266059: DEMOSTHENES. J. T. CHAMPLIN (EDITOR). - The Oration of Demosthenes on the Crown.
267484: CHAN, FONG ET AL. (EDITORS). - Counseling Theories and Techniques for Rehabilitation Health Professionals (Springer Series on Rehabilitation).
234284: CHANDLER, A. BLEAKLEY. - Pathology at the Medical College of Georgia. A Chronicle, 1837 - 1997.
263790: CHANDLER, RAYMOND. - Raymond Chandler's Omnibus: Containing the Big Sleep and Farewell, My Lovely.
258825: CHANDLER, J. A. C. & O. P. CHITWOOD. - Makers of American History.
236006: CHANDLER, THOMAS. - Learn to Read By Seeing Sound. Number 1 of a Series.
216032: THE DUKE OF BUCKINGHAM AND CHANDOS. - Memoirs of the Court and Cabinets of George the Third; from Original Family Documents, Volumes Iii + Iv {1800-1805 + 1806-1810}. 2 Vols.
218404: CHANEY, CHARLES ROSS. - The Belle of Barcelona: A Musical Comedy in Three Acts.
104027: CHANG, TIEN SUN (EDITOR). - Recent Advances in Engineering Science, Volume 6. Spi Conference Proceedings & Reprint Series #1.
104026: CHANG, TIEN SUN (EDITOR). - Recent Advances in Engineering, Volume 7. Spi Conference Proceedings & Reprint Series #2.
270500: CHANNING, WALTER. - A Treatise on Etherization in Children.
270717: CHAPEL, CHARLES EDWARD. - Simplified Pistol and Revolver Shooting.
253321: CHAPMAN, ROBERT D. - Comet Kohoutek: A Teachers' Guide with Student Activities.
155973: {CHAPMAN, GEORGE}. - Alphonsus, Emperor of Germany, Reprinted in Facsimile from the Edition of 1654. With an Introduction and Notes By Herbert F. Schwarz
191197: CHAPMAN, JAMES L. - Baptism, with Reference to Its Import, Modes, History, Proper Use, and the Duty of Parents to Baptized Children.
270474: CHAPMAN, EDMUND. - A Treatise on the Improvement of Midwifery.
227173: CHAPPELL, FRED. - Kisses.
239369: CHAPPELL, FRED. - The Lodger.
215080: CHAPPELL, FRED. - Moments of Light.
242028: CHAPPELL, FRED. - C: Poems.
223125: CHAPPELL, FRED A. - Bibliography of H.G. Wells. With a Prologue Introducing Mr. Wells to the Future.
183909: CHAPPELL, FRED. - The Inkling.
269129: CHARDIN, JEAN-BAPTISTE-SIMÉON. - Chardin: 1699-1779.
204243: CHARDONNE, JACQUES. - Pauline, Roman. Les Destinées Sentimentales
270468: CHARI, V. K. - Whitman in the Light of Vedantic Mysticism: An Interpretation.
75957: CHARLES, R. H. (EDITOR). - Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, in English; Volume Ii, Pseudepigrapha.
265041: CHARLTON, RANDOLPH S. - Treating Sexual Disorders.
257154: CHARNOCK, STEPHEN. - The Doctrine of Regenration.
232166: GALERIE CHARPENTIER. - Objects D'art Et D'ameublement Principalement Du Xviii Siecle . . . Sieges Et Meubles Orfevrerie Ancienne Tapisseries. . . Le Mardi 12 Juin 1956.
230284: CHASE, HEMAN. - More Than Land: Stories of New England Country Life and Surveying.
124796: CHASE, BORDON (FRANK G. FOWLER). - Diamonds of Death.
266887: CHATELET, ALBERT & JACQUES THULLIER. - French Painting: From Fouquet to Poussin.
251531: CHATTERJEE, PARTHA (EDITOR). - Texts of Power: Emerging Disciplines in Colonial Bengal.
234313: CHATTERJEE, JAY, ET AL. - Light & Measure. An Exhibition of the Work of Leers Weinzapfel Associates.
268115: CHATTERJEE, PARTHA (EDITOR). - Texts of Power: Emerging Disciplines in Colonial Bengal.
244645: PICKERING & CHATTO. - The Book-Lover's Leaflet: A Catalogue of Old, Scarce & Valuable Books. Nos. 168-175: English Prose Literature, Parts I -Viii. Offered for Sale By Pickering & Chatto.
143532: CHATTOPADHYAYA, D. P. - Anthropology and Historiography of Science. Series in Continental Thought 16
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