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232366: WRIGHT, BRUCE. - Repetitions.
282783: WRIGHT, ARTHUR F. - Studies in Chinese Buddhism.
235240: WRIGHT, JOHN S. - Chicago: Past, Present, Future. Relations to the Great Interior, and to the Continent.
281684: SPECIAL STAFF WRITERS. - History of North Carolina (Volume Iv Only). North Carolina Biography
281678: SPECIAL STAFF WRITERS. - North Carolina: Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth (Volume Iii Only).
281686: SPECIAL STAFF WRITERS. - History of North Carolina (Volume Vi Only). North Carolina Biography
281679: SPECIAL STAFF WRITERS. - North Carolina: Rebuilding an Ancient Commonwealth (Volume Iv Only).
281685: SPECIAL STAFF WRITERS. - History of North Carolina (Volume V Only). North Carolina Biography
266513: FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT. - Delaware: A Guide to the First State. The American Guide Series.
231310: WROTH, LAWRENCE C. - Parson Weems: A Biographical and Critical Study.
286016: WU, YICHING. - The Cultural Revolution at the Margins: Chinese Socialism in Crisis.
228418: WUILLEUMIER, PIERRE. - L'administration de la Lyonnaise Sou le Haut-Empire. Annales de L'univ. De Lyon
283956: WUJASTYK, DAGMAR & FREDERICK M. SMITH (EDITORS). - Modern and Global Ayurveda; Pluralism and Paradigms.
264294: WYATT, WILLIAM F. - The Greek Prothetic Vowel (Philological Monographs of the American Philological Association, Number 31).
285865: WYATT-BROWN, BERTRAM. - The Shaping of Southern Culture: Honor, Grace, and War, 1760s-1880s.
283086: WYATT, EDGAR M. - More Than a Cowboy: The Life and Films of Fred Thompson and Silver King.
175140: WYATT-SMITH, J. - Pocket Check List of Timber Trees. Malayan Forest Records No. 17.
238309: WYATT, EDGAR M. - Growing Up in Raleigh: Childhood Memories of Life in the Capital City During the Great Depression.
208283: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM. - The Country Wife.
286257: WYCLIFFE, JOHN. - The Wycliffe Bible: John Wycliffe's Translation of the Holy Scriptures from the Latin Vulgate: Old and New Testament.
235168: WYETH, JOHN A. - A Text-Book on Surgery, General, Operative and Mechanical.
272821: WYLIE, PHILIP. - Ten Thousand Blunt Instruments, and Other Tales of Mystery.
252679: XENOPHON. - Xenophontis Scripta Quae Supersunt. Graece Et Latine.
273028: XENOPHON; GLEASON, C. W. - The Cyropaedia of Xenophon. Abridged for Schools.
282619: KOLAS ASHILD AND YUANYUAN XIE (EDITORS). - Reclaiming the Forest: The Ewenki Reindeer Herders of Aoluguya.
150529: XIRAU, RAMON. - L'espill Soterrat.
277952: XUL SOLAR, ALEJANDRO. - Xul Solar: The Architectures.
278088: XYGALATAS, DIMITRIS. - The Burning Saints: Cognition and Culture in the Fire-Walking Rituals of the Anastenaria (Religion, Cognition and Culture).
220669: YACOPINO, FELICCIA. - Threadlines Pakistan.
269454: YADIN, YIGAEL. - Hazor: With a Chapter on Israelite Megiddo. The Schweich Lectures of the British Academy 1970
223191: YAKUSHI, YOSHIMI (EDITOR). - Catalogue of Himalayan Literature.
273829: YALOM, MARILYN. - Blood Sisters: The French Revolution in Women's Memory.
234363: YAMBO. ( ENRICO NOVELLI ). - Il Diavolo Nella Cupola.
270078: YANKOVIC, FRANKIE. - The Polka King.
234025: YANOSEY, ROBERT J. - Tidewater Triangle.
281667: YARBROUGH, STEVE. - End of California.
252355: YARKER, JOHN. - Lectures of a Chapter, Senate & Council: According to the Forms of the Antient and Primitive Rite, But Embracing All Systems of High Grade Masonry.
253627: YASUYAMA, KODO. - Collection of Memoirs of the Atomic Bombardment of Nagasaki, 1945-55.
256365: YATES, KEITH D. - The Complete Book of Taekwon Do Forms.
282435: YAZAKI, TAKEO. - Social Change and the City in Japan: From Earliest Times Throught He Industrial Revolution.
264114: YEAGER, R. F. & BRIAN W. GASTLE. - Approaches to Teaching the Poetry of John Gower.
244975: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER. - The Poetry of Yeats Read By Siobhan Mckenna and Cyril Cusack.
267669: YELLIN, ERIC. - Racism in the Nation's Service: Government Workers and the Color Line in Woodrow Wilson's America.
279465: YELVERTON, MILDRED GRIFFIN. - They Also Served: Twenty-Five Remarkable Alabama Women.
217693: YERRINTON, J. M. W. - Report of the Evidence and Other Matter Presented Before a Joint Committee of the City Council of Boston Upon the Subject of Gas.
260908: KAI-LIN YO. - Classical and Vernacular Chinese Furniture in the Living Environment. Examples from the Kai-Yin Lo Collection
275694: YOCHELSON, BONNIE. - Berenice Abbott: Changing New York. The Complete Wpa Project
287109: YODER, JOHN H. - Christian Attitudes to War, Peace, and Revolution: A Companion to Bainton.
278138: YONG, KEE HOWE. - The Hakkas of Sarawak: Sacrificial Gifts in Cold War Era Malaysia (Anthropological Horizons).
273371: YOOD, JAMES. - The Story of a Glass Sculpture.
241701: YORK, J. RONALD M. - Nudes & Nonsense.
229885: YORK, BRANTLEY. - The Autobiography of Brantley York. The John Lawson Monographs of the Trinity College Historical Society, Vol. I.
266993: YOSEF, OVADYA. YISRAEL BITAN (EDITOR). MOHE MIZRAHI (TRANSLATOR). - Yalkut Yosef: The Saka Edition. Hilkhot Pesah, with Appendixes: The Pesah Kitchen, When Shabbat Is the Day Preceding Pesah.
285018: YOSHIMOTO, MIDORI. - Into Performance: Japanese Women Artists in New York.
231883: YOSHINAGA, YOSHINOBU. - Japanese Traditional Gardens.
278666: YOSMAOGLU, IPEK. - Blood Ties: Religion, Violence, and the Politics of Nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878-1908.
277540: YOUMANS, MARLY. - A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage.
281861: YOUND, JORDAN R. - King Vidor's the Crowd: The Making of a Silent Classic.
263074: YOUNG, ROBERT J. - An American By Degrees: The Extraordinary Lives of French Ambassador Jules Jusserand.
257754: YOUNG-BRUEHL, ELISABETH. - Hannah Arendt: Biographie.
255010: YOUNG, ANDREW W. - History of Chautauqua County, New York, from Its First Settlement to the Present Time; with Numerous Biographical and Family Sketches.
165421: YOUNG, CHARLES R. - The English Borough and Royal Administration, 1130-1307.
232830: YOUNG, EDWARD. - Special Report on the Customs - Tariff Legislation of the United States; with Appendixes.
249979: YOUNG, ROBERT J. - An American By Degrees: The Extraordinary Lives of French Ambassador Jules Jusserand.
255073: YOUNG, ANDREW W. - History of Chautauqua County, New York, from Its First Settlement to the Present Time, Volume Ii.
233432: YOUNG, JOHN AND KIMIKO NAKAJIMA. - Learn Japanese. College Text. Volumes I - Iv. Four Volumes
203336: YOUNG, JOANNE. - Spirit Up the People: North Carolina, the First Two Hundred Years. Photographs By Taylor Lewis, Jr.
231916: YU, WANGTEH. - The English Cabinet System.
281168: YUSSOF, SHAHARIN. - The Natural and Other Histories of Batu Caves.
281169: YUSSOF, SHAHARIN. - The Natural and Other Histories of Batu Caves.
267763: YUSUPOV, E. YU. (EDITOR). - Miniatures Illuminations of Nisami's "Hamsah"
258286: KATO YUZO (EDITOR). - Yokohama Past and Present.
217051: ZAALBERG, C.J.P. ET AL. - The Netherlands and the World War: Studies in the War History of a Neutral, Volume Ii. Economic and Social History of the World War, Netherlands Series.
271328: VON ZABERN, PHILIPP. - Trier, Kaiserresidenz Und Bischofssitz: Die Stadt in Spatantiker Und Fruhchristlicher Zeit.
283571: ZAKARIA, FAREED. - The Post-American World. Release 2.0.
281960: ZALAPI, ANGHELI. - Palaces of Sicily.
286002: ZAMAN, MUHAMMAD QASIM. - The Ulama in Contemporary Islam: Custodians of Change.
242925: ZARETSKII, YU. K.; TSYTOVICH, N. A. (EDITOR). - Theory of Soil Consolidation.
271104: ZARNECKI, GEORGE. - Early Sculpture of Ely.
277807: DE ZAYAS, ALFRED M. - Die Wehrmacht-Untersuchungsstelle: Deutsche Ermittlungen Uber Alliierte Volkerrechtsverletzungen Im Zweiten Weltkrieg (German Edition).
230847: CRAFTS COUNCIL OF NEW ZEALAND. - Mau Mahara: Our Stories in Craft.
271760: ZEHMER, JOHN G. (EDITOR). - Two Mecklenburg Towns: Architectural and Historical Surveys of Boydton and Clarksville.
271355: ZEILLER, JACQUES. - Les Origines Chretiennes Dans la Province Romaine de Dalmatie.
244070: ZELINSKY, PAUL O. - The Maid and the Mouse and the Odd-Shaped House: A Story in Rhyme.
207698: ZELLER, EDUARD. - Plato and the Older Academy. Translated By Sarah Frances Alleyne & Alfred Goodwin.
278292: ZENKER, OLAF. - Irish/Ness Is All Around Us: Language Revivalism and the Culture of Ethnic Identity in Northern Ireland (Integration and Conflict Studies).
280205: ZENKOVSKY, V. V. - A History of Russian Philosophy: 2 Volumes:
231998: ZERVOS, CHRISTIAN. - Chauvin.
281379: ZEYLANICUS. - Ceylon: Between Orient and Occident.
217623: ZIADEH, FARHAT J. & R. BAYLY WINDER. - An Introduction to Modern Arabic.
275638: ZIEDERN, MARTHA ET AL. - Charleston's First Suburg: Excavations at 66 Society Street (the Charleston Museum Archaeological Contributions 20).
286756: ZIEGLER, GEORGIANNA (EDITOR). - Elizabeth I: Then and Now.
277177: ZIEGLER, CHARLES E. (EDITOR). - Civil Society and Politics in Central Asia (Asia in the New Millennium).
244473: ZIEHEN, EDUARD. - Eginhard Und Emma : Ein Episch-Lyrisches Gedicht.
227246: ZIEL, RON & RICHARD WETTEREAU. - Victorian Railroad Stations of Long Island.
162294: ZIMMER, PAUL. - After the Fire: A Writer Finds His Place.
231480: ZIMMER, PAUL. - Earthbound Zimmer.
257819: ZIMMERMAN, DAVID. - The Great Naval Battle of Ottawa.
259408: ZIMMERMAN, ARNIE. - The Burdened Fool and Other Stories.
270156: ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL E. - Eclipse of Self: The Development of Heidegger's Concept of Authenticity.
285798: ZIMRING, CARL A. - Clean and White: A History of Environmental Racism in the United States.
284025: ZINOVIEF, SOFKA. - The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother, and Me: An Aristocratic Family, a High Society Scandal and an Extraordinary Legacy.
203455: ZIPPERT, CAROL PREJEAN. - I Don't Want to Be Rich, Just Able: Poems.
183826: ZIRKLE, CONWAY. - The Plant Vacuole. Reprinted, without Change of Paging, from Botanical Review, 3.
286244: ZITZLSPERGER, PHILIPP. - Gianlorenzo Bernini: Die Papst- Und Herrscherportrats: Zum Verhaltnis Von Bildnis Und Macht.
282579: ZOGRY, KENNETH JOEL. - The University's Living Room: A History of the Carolina Inn.
252127: ZOHAR, DAVID M. - Political Parties in Israel: The Evolution of Israeli Democracy.
270366: ZOHRAPIAN, HOVHANN (EDITOR). - Astuatsashunch Matean Hin Ew Nor Ktakarants (Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments).
270242: ZOLA, GARY PHILLIP. - We Called Him Rabbi Abraham: Lincoln and American Jewry, a Documentary History.
235842: ZOLOTH-DORFMAN, LAURIE; ZOLOTH, LAURIE. - Health Care and the Ethics of Encounter: A Jewish Discussion of Social Justice.
262388: ZOPF, PAUL E. - North Carolina: A Demographic Profile.
279604: ZOPF, DOROTHY R. - Surviving the Winter: The Evolution of Quiltmaking in New Mexico.
284386: ZUBER, RICHARD. - Jonathan Worth: A Biography of a Southern Unionist.
270170: ZUFFI, STEFANO. - Giorgione.
258901: ZUNDERL, MAURICE. - The Splenour of the Liturgy.
253061: ZUNTZ, GÜNTHER. - Drei Kapitel Zur Griechischen Metrik (Sitzungsberichte / Osterreichische Akademie Der Wissenschaften, Philosophisch-Historische Klasse) (German Edition).
253086: ZUNTZ, G. - An Inquiry Into the Transmission of the Plays of Euripides.
276286: ZWIREK, JEFF . - Burning Building Comix.
261576: ZYUGAKU, BUNSYO. - Hand-Made Paper of Japan (Tourist Library : 39).

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