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108324: BENCHLEY, ROBERT. - The "Reel" Benchley.
275540: BENCHLEY, ROBERT. - From Bed to Worse.
236852: BENDIX, DEANNA MAROHN. - Diabolical Designs: Paintings, Interiors, and Exhibitions of James Mcneill Whistler.
259788: BENFORD, GREGORY. - In the Ocean of Night.
270649: BENGTSON, HERMANN. - Grundriss Der Romischen Geschichte Mit Quellenkunde: Erster Band: Republik Und Kaiserzeit Bis 284 N. Chr.
254605: BENHABIB, SEYLA. - The Reluctant Modernism of Hannah Arendt (Modernity and Political Thought Vol. 10).
229360: BENNER, MARGARETA. - The Emperor Says: Studies in the Rhetorical Style in Edicts of the Early Empire. Studia Graeca Et Latina Gothoburgensia Xxxiii.
261661: BENNETT, CHARLES H. - Old Nurse's Book of Rhymes, Jingles and Ditties.
282169: BENNETT, BONNIE A. & DAVID G. WILKINS. - Donatello.
259233: BENNETT, SAUL. - New Fields and Other Stones: On a Child's Death: Poems.
138929: BENNETT, JOHN. - Tom Fox, Or the Revelations of a Detective.
285713: BENNETT, MARK. - Tv Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic Tv Homes.
187537: BENNETT, WILLIAM D. (EDITOR). - Catalogue: North Carolina Federal Court Records, National Archives - Atlanta Branch.
282609: BENNETT, LINDA RAE AND SHARYN GRAHAM DAVIES (EDITORS). - Sex and Sexualities in Contemporary Indonesia: Sexual Politics, Health, Diversity and Representations. Sexuality, Culture and Health
271493: BENZ, ERNST & ERICH KLOSTERMANN. - Origenes Werke Zwolfter Band. Origenes Matthauserklarung. Iii Fragmente Und Indices Erster Halfte (Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller Der Ersten Jahrhunderte).
278735: BERESIN, ANNA R. - The Art of Play: Recess and the Practice of Invention.
247326: BERGER-PROSSDORF, TAMARA. - Die Funktion Der Heilsarmeegeistlichen in Den Dramen Brechts.
286013: BERGER, PETER & JUSTIN KROESEN (EDITORS). - Ultimate Ambiguities: Investigating Death and Liminality.
285278: BERGER, JOHN. - The Moment of Cubism, and Other Essays.
271581: BERGMAN, ROBERT P. - The Salerno Ivories: Ars Sacra from Medieval Amalfi.
287038: BERKOW, IRA. - The Corporal Was a Pitcher: The Courage of Lou Brissie.
224450: BERKOWITZ, LUCI & KARL A. SQUITIER. - Thesaurus Linguae Graecae: Canon of Greek Authors and Works.
281939: BERMAN, JEFFREY. - Writing Widowhood: The Landscapes of Bereavement.
216188: BERNANOS, GEORGES. - The Diary of a Country Priest. Introduction By Robert Coles. With Wood Engravings By Fritz Eichenberg.
204999: BERNARDIN DE SAINT-PIERRE, JACQUES-HENRI. - Paul Et Virginie. Suivi de la Chaumière Indienne, Du Café de Surate, Du Voyage En Silésie, de L'éloge de Mon Ami, Et Du Vieux Paysan Polonais.
252362: BERNBACH, DOYLE DANE. - Ricard & la Gastronomie Francaise: 24 Recipes from Great French Chefs.
273635: BERNIER, ROSAMOND. - Matisse, Picasso, Miro As I Knew Them.
283020: BERNSTEIN, MATTHEW. - Walter Wanger: Hollywood Independent.
257747: BERNSTEIN, RICHARD J. - Hannah Arendt and the Jewish Question.
286477: BERRESFORD, SANDRA. - Italian Memorial Sculpture 1820-1940: A Legacy of Love.
228382: BERRY, MARY FRANCES. - Military Necessity and Civil Rights Policy: Black Citizenship and the Constitution, 1861-1868.
262879: BERRY, ALICE FIOLA. - Rabelais: Homo Logos. Univ. Of North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures Number 208
259254: BERRYHILL, W. REECE, WILLIAM B. BLYTHE, & ISSAC H. MANNING. - Medical Education at Chapel Hill. Vol. I, the First Hundred Years; Vol. Ii, Centennial Alumni Directory. 2 Vols. Edited By Raleigh Mann.
270086: BERTI, LUCIANO. - L'opera Completa Del Pontromo.
276129: BERTI, FAUSTO. - Storia Della Ceramica Di Montelupo: Uomini E Fornaci in Un Centro Di Produzione Dal Xiv Al Xviii Secolo. Volume Primo (Only): Le Ceramiche Da Mensa Dalle Origini Alla Fine Del Xv Secolo
193087: BERTIN, CÉLIA. - Jean Renoir.
231387: BERTINE, ELEANOR. - Close Relationships: Family, Friendship, Marriage.
275173: BESKOW, ELSA. EULALIE (ILLUSTRATOR). - Pelle's New Suit.
256951: BETETA, PABLO. - Realismo Moderno. Modern Realism.
286152: BETHEL, LESLIE AND JOSE MURILO DE CARVALHO (EDITORS). - Joaquim Nabucom British Abolitionists and the End of Slavery in Brazil: Correspondence 1880-1905.
278340: BETHMANN, CARLA. - "Clean, Friendly, Profitable"?: Tourism and the Tourism Industry in Varna, Bulgaria (Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia).
285507: BETHUNE, COL. DRINKWATER. - A Narrative of the Battle of St. Vincent; with Anecdotes of Nelson, Before and After That Battle.
276221: BETSKY, AARON. - Landsrapers: Building with the Land.
275474: BETTESWORTH, A. & C. HITCH. - The Builder's Dictionary: Or, Gentleman and Architect's Companion, Being a Complete Unabridged Reprint of the Earlier Work . . . Vol. I + Vol. Ii. 2 Vols.
279852: BETTS, DORIS WAUGH. - My Love Affair with Carolina (North Caroliniana Society Imprints) (Number 29).
277738: BETTS, DORIS. - Beasts of the Southern Wild.
282265: BETTS, DORIS. - Heading West.
286688: BEUVIER, FRANCK. - Danser Les Funerailles: Associations Et Lieux de Pouvoir Au Cameroun.
283121: BEUZELIN, CECILE & VINCENT DELIEUVIN. - Raphael: Les Dernieres Annees.
280234: BEVER, MEGAN L. AND SCOTT A SUAREZ (EDITORS). - The Historian Behind the History: Conversations with Wouthern Historians.
205027: VAN BEVER, AD. & MAURICE MONDA. - Bibliographie Et Iconographie de Paul Verlaine, Publiées D'après Des Documents inédits.
261695: BEWICK, THOMAS. - A New Years Gift for Little Masters and Misses.
287393: BEZJIAN, ALICE. - The Complete Armenian Cookbook, Including Favorite International Recipes.
283803: DE BHALDRAITHE, TOMAS. NIALL O ONAILL (EDITORS). - Focloir Gaeilge-Bearla.
270132: BHARADWAJ, APOORVA. - The Narcissism Conundrum: Mapping the Mindscape of Ernest Hemingway Through an Enquiry Into His Epistolary and Literary Corpus.
284122: BHARTI, AGEHANANDA. - The Light at the Center: Context and Pretext of Modern Mysticism.
241449: BHATTACHARYYA, KRISHNACHANDRA. - Studies in Philosophy: Vol. I.
241860: BHATTACHARYYA, KRISHNACHANDRA. - Studies in Philosophy: Vol. Ii.
284274: BHATTACHARYYA, N. N. - History of the Tantric Religion.
205508: BIANCHI, PIETRO. - Le Vetrerie Bormioli, 1825-1967. 1st July, 1967: Rocco Bormioli 50 Years in Industry, Bormioli Glass Company Parma, 142 Years of Activity.
234247: COMMITTEE FOR A NEW ENGLAND BIBLIOGRAPHY. - Connecticut: A Bibliography of Its History.
258592: BICKNELL, FRANK M. - The City of Stories. Illustrated By Birch and Others
274448: PATRICK.(ST.); LUDWIG BIELER (TRANSLATOR). - The Works of St. Patrick, St. Secundinus, Hymn on St. Patrick (Ancient Christian Writers: The Works of the Fathers in Translation).
214409: BIER, WILLIAM C. (EDITOR). - Privacy: A Vanishing Value? Pastoral Psychology Series, No. 10
282084: BIESBOER, PIETER ET AL. - Nicolaes Berchem: Im Licht Italiens.
257039: BIGELOW, PAUL. - Wrights and Privileges: The Mills and Shops of Pelham, Massachusetts, from 1740 to 1937.
223826: BIGELOW, GEORGE TYLER & GEORGE BEMIS. - Report of the Trial of Abner Rogers, Jr. Indicted for the Murder of Charles Lincoln, Jr. , Late Warden of the Massachusetts State Prison; Before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts; Holden at Boston, on Tuesday, January 30, 1844.
223828: BIGELOW, GEORGE TYLER & GEORGE BEMIS. - Report of the Trial of Abner Rogers, Jr. Indicted for the Murder of Charles Lincoln, Jr. , Late Warden of the Massachusetts State Prison; Before the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts; Holden at Boston, on Tuesday, January 30, 1844.
273946: BIGGERS, EARL DERR. - The House without a Key. Charlie Chan Mysteries
273947: BIGGERS, EARL DERR. - The Black Camel. Charlie Chan Mysteries
273948: BIGGERS, EARL DERR. - Behind That Curtain. Charlie Chan Mysteries
273950: BIGGERS, EARL DERR. - The Chinese Parrot. Charlie Chan Mysteries
276550: BIGSBY, BERNARD. - First Lessons in Philology (Inductive Series).
269917: BILGILI, EBRU & LEYLA AKCAGLILAR. - Ne Yiyelim? Haftanin Her Gunu Icin Hazirlamasi Kolay 34 Menu.
262547: "YUKON BILL". - Derby Day in the Yukon.
274906: BILLINGSLEY, PATRICK. - Ergodic Theory and Information.
286686: BILLIOUD, SEBASTIEN & JOEL THORAVAL. - Le Sage Et le Peuple: Le Renouveau Confuceen En Chine (Bibliotheque de L'anthropologie).
275415: BILTEREYST, DANIEL AND RICHARD MALTBY (EDITORS). - Cinema, Audiences and Modernity: New Perspectives on European Cinema History.
271498: BINGOL, F. R. ISIK. - Ancient Jewellery.
232600: BIRD, M. MOSTYN. - The Errand of Mercy. A History of Ambulance Work Upon the Battlefield.
232610: BIRD, CHARLES SMITH. - A Defence of the Principles of the English Reformation from the Attacks of the Tractarians; Or, a Second Plea for the Reformed Church.
284788: KIWANIS CLUB OF BIRMINHAMTON. - A Picture Post-Card History of New York's Broome County Area-- Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Owego, and Surrounding Communities.
281195: BISBEE, JOHN. - John Bisbee: Ten Tons.
270987: BISCHOFF, BERNHARD. - Das Geistige Leben. Karl Der Grosse: Lebenswerk Und Nachleben, Band Ii
283726: BISHOP, RACHEL PARSONS FLYNN. - Leftwich History Collectibles.
187817: BISINGER, JOSEF. - Der Agrarstaat in Platons Gesetzen. Klio, Beiheft Xvii (Neue Folge, Heft Iv).
282129: BISSELL, R. WORD & C. STRINATI. - Orazio Gentileschi: Madonna and Child - Madonna Con Bambino.
281355: BITTER, FRANCIS; ERBER, T. AND C. M. FOWLER (EDITORS). - Francis Bitter: Selected Papers and Commentaries.
278323: BIZAS, ELENI. - Learning Senegalese Sabar: Dancers and Embodiment in New York and Dakar (Dance and Performance Studies).
267009: BJOL, ERLING. - Nordic Security (Adelphi Papers, No. 181).
272404: BLAAS, P. B. M. - Continuity and Anachronism: Parliamentary and Constitutional Development in Whig Historiography and in the Anti-Whig Reaction between 1890 and 1930 (International Archives of the History of Ideas 91).
225758: BLACK, DAVID. - Sermons on Important Subjects. . . To Which Is Prefixed an Account of the Life and Character of the Author.
281202: BLACK, CARA. - Murder at the Lanterne Rouge: An Aimee Leduc Investigation Set in Paris.
192565: BLACK, IRMA SIMONTON. GLEN ROUNDS (ILLUSTRATOR). - Flipper: A Sea-Lion. Pictures By Glen Rounds
249478: BLACKSHIRE-BELAY, CAROL AISHA (EDITOR). - Language and Literature in the African American Imagination (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies).
283619: BLACKSTONE, WILLIAM. - Commentaries on the Laws of England, with an Analysis of the Work. With a Life of the Author, and Notes: By Christian, Chitty, Lee, Hovenden, and Ryland; and Also References to American Cases By a Member of the New-York Bar. : Vol. I + Vol. Ii (2 Volumes). 2 Vols.
228896: BLACKWELDER, RUTH. - Old Charlotte and Old Mecklenburg Today. Photographs By A. Haynes Dunlap.
281260: BLACKWELL, KATE. - You Won't Remember This: Stories.
258688: BLAIR, JOHN (EDITOR). - Saint Frideswide's Monastery at Oxford: Archaeology & Architectural Studies.
236455: BLAIR, ANNE. - Rhymes with Little Reason.
268073: BLAIR, WILLIAM. - Cities of the Dead: Contesting the Memory of the Civil War in the South, 1865-1914.
229174: BLAKE, WILLIAM. - The Early Illuminated Books: All Religions Are One, There Is No Natural Religion, the Book of Thel, the Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Visions of the Daughters of Albion. Blake's Illuminated Books: Volume 3; General Editor David Bindman
192064: BLAKE, WILLIAM. - Le Mariage Du Ciel Et de L'enfer. Traduction Par André Gide. Collection Poésie Et Théatre.
278853: BLANCO, MARIA-JOSE AND RICARDA VIDAL (EDITORS). - The Power of Death: Contemporary Reflections on Death in Western Society.
284213: BLANTON, VIRGINIA & HELENE SCHECK. - Intertexts: Studies in Anglo-Saxon Culture Presented to Paul E. Szarmach.
272233: BLASER, MARIO. - Storytelling Globalization from the Chaco and Beyond (New Ecologies for the Twenty-First Century).
163237: BLEDSOE, JERRY. - Just Folks, Visitin' with Carolina People.
257903: BLEDSOE, JERRY. - Just Folks, Visitin' with Carolina People.
184425: BLEDSOE, JERRY. - Country Cured: Reflections from the Heart.
276157: BLEVINS, WIN. - So Wild a Dream.
274565: BLEVINS, JACOBS. - Humanism and Classical Crisis: Anxiety, Intertexts, and the Miltonic Memory (Classical Memories/Modern Identitie).
268259: BLEVINS, BROOKS. - Hill Folks: A History of Arkansas Ozarkers and Their Image.
260610: DE BLIEU, JAN. - Wind: How the Flow of Air Has Shaped Life, Myth, and the Land.
271546: BLINDHEIM, MARTIN. - Norwegian Romanesque Decorative Sculpture 1090-1210.
271028: BLOCH, PETER; SCHNITZLER, HERMANN. - Die Ottonische Kolner Malerschule, Band Ii: Textband.
219267: BLOCH, J. M. - Miscegenation, Melaleukation, and Mr. Lincoln's Dog.
288063: BLOCK, ANDREW. - Sir J.M. Barrie: His First Editions, Points and Values.
236703: BLOM, DOROTHEA. - Rediscovering the Book of Job in the Twentieth Century.
252466: AESCHYLUS. CHARLES JACOB BLOMFIELD (EDITOR). - Prometheus Vinctus Ad Fidem Manuscriptorum Emendavit Notas Et Glossarium . . . Editio Secunda.
277775: BLOMQUIST, MARGARET FOX. - Recollections of Papa.
283911: BLONDELL, RUBY. - Helen of Troy: Beauty, Myth, Devastation.
247547: BLOOMER, JENNIFER. - Architecture and the Text: The (S)Crypts of Joyce and Piranesi.
280568: BLOSSOM, LAUREL. - Longevity: A Poem.
281870: BLOUNT, JOHN GRAY. - The John Gray Blount Papers. Vol. Iv, 1803-1833. Ed. By David T. Morgan
281871: BLOUNT, JOHN GRAY. - The John Gray Blount Papers. Vol. Iv, 1803-1833. Ed. By David T. Morgan
281867: BLOUNT, JOHN GRAY. - The John Gray Blount Papers: Volume I: 1764-1789. Edited By William Henry Masterson.
281868: BLOUNT, JOHN GRAY. ALICE BARNWELL KEITH (EDITOR). - The John Gray Blount Papers: Vol. Two: 1790-1795.
231807: BLOUSTEIN, EDWARD J. (EDITOR). - Nuclear Energy, Public Policy and the Law.
280273: BLÜHM, ANDREAS (EDITOR). - Auguste Préault, 1809-1879: Romantiek in Brons. Romanticism in Bronze. With an Essay By Charles W. Millard. 19th-Century Masters 6.
285668: BLUHM, ANDREAS. - The Colour of Sculpture, 1840-1910.
249129: BLULTER, HUGH. - Letters Written By His Excellency Hugh Boulter, D.D. , Lord Primate of All Ireland, &C. To Several Ministers of State in England, and Some Others. Containing, an Account of the Most Interesting Transactions Which Passed in Ireland from 1724 to 1738: Volume the First [Bound Together with] Volume the Second.
263421: BLUM, PAMELA Z. - Early Gothic Saint-Denis: Restoration and Survivals.
95093: BLUM, V. I. - Blum's Farmers' and Planters' Almanac for the Year 1917: Being the Second After Bissextile Or Leap Year, Containing 365 Days, and Until the 4th of July, the 141'st Year of Our Independence.
284160: BLUNDEN, EDMUND. - Undertones of War.
280665: BLUNT, HENRY. - A Family Exposition of the Pentateuch: Genesis.
280666: BLUNT, HENRY. - A Family Exposition of the Pentateuch: Exodus - Leviticus.
268290: BLYTHE, RONALD. - Akenfield: Portraits of an English Village.
215693: BLYTHE, LEGETTE. - James W. Davis: North Carolina Surgeon.
283572: BLYTON, ENID. - Mr. Plod and Little Noddy.
261168: GUO BO. - Time and Space Traces of Shanghai: Selected Artworks By Photographer Guo Bo.
271013: BOASE, T. S. R. - The York Psalter in the Library of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow (Faber Library of Illuminated Manuscripts).
271126: BOECKLER, ALBERT. - Das Goldene Evangelienbuch Heinrichs Iii.
272439: BOECKLER, ALBERT. - Abendlandische Miniaturen, Bis Zum Ausgang Der Romanischen Zeit (Tabulae in Usum Scholarum 10).
282409: BOER, STEPHEN E. & WILLIAM G. LYCAN. - Knowing Who.
285017: BOERICKE, ART & BARRY SHAPIRO. - Maisons de Charpentiers Amateurs Americains: Vers Une Architecture Sauvage?
270389: BOGATAJ, JANEZ. - Handicrafts of Slovenia: Encounters with Contemporary Slovene Craftsmen.
283719: BOGER, JACK (EDITOR). - 1967 Chanticleer. Vol. 55.
273013: BOGER, JACK (EDITOR). - 1967 Chanticleer. Vol. 55.
262317: BOGNAR, BOTOND. - Japan Guide.
270869: CIMELIA BOHEMICA. - Biblia Velislai: Illuminated Manuscript Parchement from About 1340, Kept in the State Library of the Csr - the University Library in Prague, Sign. Xxiii C 124.
254848: BOILEAU, ETIENNE. - Les Metiers Et Corporations de la Ville de Paris: Xiii Siecle: Le Livre Des Metier.
247765: DU BOIS, W. E. B. & GUY B. JOHNSON. - Encyclopedia of the Negro: Preparatory Volume with Reference Lists and Reports.
245881: DU BOISGOBEY, F. - The Parisian Detective.
217538: DU BOISGOBEY, F. - The Temple of Death. Great American Detective Series #13
278352: BOISSEVAIN, JEREMY. - Factions, Friends and Feasts: Anthropological Perspectives on the Mediterranean.
128428: BOISSEVAIN, URSUL PHILIP (EDITOR). - Cassii Dionis Cocceiani Historiarum Romanarum Quae Supersunt, Volume Ii.
265849: BOLD, ALAN (EDITOR). - Dylan Thomas: Craft Or Sullen Art.
270130: BOLES, WILLIAM C. - Understanding David Henry Hwang.
277088: BOLICK, JULIAN STEVENSON. - Ghosts from the Coast.
280614: BOLTON, H. PHILIP. - Dickens Dramatized (Novels on Stage, Vol 1).
259746: BOLTON, REGINALD PELHAM. - Relics of the Revolution: The Story of the Discovery of the Buried Remains of Military Life in Forts and Camps on Manhattan Island.
279846: BOLTON, ELIZABETH. - The Heart Speaks: Selected Poems.
279703: BOLTON, LISSANT ET AL (EDITORS). - Melanesia: Art and Encounter.
283774: BOLTON, ELIZABETH. - The Heart Speaks: Selected Poems.
287910: BONDI, CLEMENTE. - Cantate E Sonetti Xii Morali.
265174: BONDY, LOUIS W. - Miniature Books: Their History from the Beginnings to the Present Day.
163033: BONFITTO, MARCO T. - Panorama of Science.
223808: BONI, ALBERT (EDITOR). - Photographic Literature: An International Bibliographic Guide to General and Specialized Literature on Photographic Processes; Techniques; Theory; Chemistry; Physics; Apparatus; Materials & Applications; Industry; History; Biogrpahy; Aesthetics.
273381: BONIFACIO, A. & P. MARECHAL. - Histoire de France: Cours Moyen.
270444: BONNEY, VICTOR. - The Technical Minutae of Extended Myomectomy and Ovarian Cystectomy.
272371: BONWETSCH, D. G. NATHANAEL. - Methodius (Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller Der Ersten Drei Jahrhunderte).
257022: BOOK, E. A. - 'tis All That Heaven Allows.
285148: BOOKER, ROBERT J. - Two Hundred Years of Black Culture in Knoxville, Tennessee, 1791-1991.
274655: EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS. - Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War (Echoes of Glory Series).
247893: HERITAGE BOOKSHOP. - Mark Twain: Catalogue 130.
270213: BOOMER, LOUISE. - Adirondack Party Recipes: Let the Good Times Roll.
283092: BOONE, GRAEME M. - Essays on Medieval Music: In Honor of David G. Hughes.
273999: BOORSCH, SUZANNE. - Venetian Prints and Books in the Age of Tiepolo.
283213: BOOTH, MICHAEL. - The Almost Nearly Perfect People: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia.
90862: BOOTH, MICHAEL R. (EDITOR). - The Lights O' London and Other Victorian Plays.
246159: BOPOHOBA. - {Katsushika Hokusai : Graphics}.
284478: BORA, GIULIO ET AL. - The Legacy of Leonardo: Painters in Lombardy 1490-1530.
280072: BORDIGNON, LAURA. - The Golden Age of Japanese Okimono.
257772: BORELLI, GIOVANNI ALFONSO. - On the Movement of Animals.
271746: BORG, ALAN. - Architectural Sculpture in Romanesque Provence. Oxford Studies in the History of Art and Architecture
285467: BORGES, JORGE LUIS. - Borges: Dos Palabras Antes de Morir Y Otras Entrevistas.
281527: BORGHINI, VINCENZO. - Dell'arme Delle Famiglie Fiorentine.
281700: BORISOV, LEONID. - Leonid Broisov: Works, 1975-1995.
261924: BORISOVA, ELENA & GRIGORY STERNIN. - Russian Art Nouveau.
282165: BORMAND, MARC ET AL (EDITORS). - Desiderio Da Settingnano: Sculptor Or Renaissance Florence.
270698: BOROWIEC, ANDREW. - Industrial Perspective: Photographs of the Gulf Coast.
274588: BORRIS, KENNETH ET AL. (EDITORS). - Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual: Xxiv.
274590: BORRIS, KENNETH ET AL. (EDITORS). - Spenser Studies: A Renaissance Poetry Annual: Xxv.
280162: BORUM, JENIFER P. - Shimon Okshteyn: Recent Works.
262714: BOSSILKOV, SVETLIN. - Arbanassi: Iconostases and Religious Easel Art (15th-18th and 19th Centuries.
274395: BOSTICK, DOUGLAS W. AND JASON R. DAVIDSON. - The Boathouse: Tales and Recipes from a Southern Kitchen.
240030: BOSWELL, JAMES. - The Life of Samuel Johnson, Ll. D. Comprehending an Accound of His Studies, and Numerous Works, in Chronological Order; a Series of His Epistolary Correspondence . . . 4 Volumes
283819: BOTHWELL, J.S. - Falling from Grace: Reversal of Fortune and the English Nobility 1075-1455.
255606: BOTTA, CHARLES. GEORGE ALEXANDER (TRANSLATOR). - History of the War of Independence of the United States of America. Vol. I + Vol. Ii. 2 Vols.
282089: BOTTARI, STEFANO. - Il Correggio.
282728: BOTTO, I. MARIA ET AL (EDITORS). - Mostra Dei Pittori Genovesi a Genova Nel '600 Nel '700: Catalogo.
277002: BOTTOMS, GREG. W. DAVID POWELL (ILLUSTRATOR). - Pitiful Criminals.
285972: BOUCHER, CHAUNCEY SAMUEL. - The Nullification Controversy in South Carolina.
269049: BOUDREAULT, MARCEL. - Rythme Et Melodie de la Phrase Parlee En France Et Au Quebec (Bibliotheque Francaise Et Romane).
261752: BOUGHTON, TANIA N. - Eating Light, Done Right: Simply Sinless Recipes from the Single Mom Next Door.
286062: BOUHOURS, JEAN-MICHEL & PATRICK DE HAAS. - Man Ray: Directeur Du Mauvais Movies.
248535: BOULTON, ALAN A. ET AL. (EDITOR). - Molecular Neurobiological Techniques (Neuromethods).
277950: BOULTON, ALFREDO. - Reveron.
224757: BOUQUET, MARY & NUNO PORTO (EDITORS). - Science, Magic & Religion: The Ritual Processes of Museum Magic.
248693: BOURGEOIS, EMILE. - History of Modern France, 1815-1913: Vol. I: 1815-1852 + Vol. Ii: 1852-1913. 2 Vols.
280276: BOURGEOIS, LOUISE. - Louise Bourgeois: Recent Work, Opere Recenti.
213074: BOVENTER, HANS. - Rilkes Zyklus 'aus Dem Nachlass Des Grafen C.W. ' Vesuch Einer Eingliederung in Rilkes Werk. Philologische Studien Und Quellen, Heft 45.
287795: BOVIL E. W. (EDITOR). - Missions to the Niger (Volumes I, Ii, Iii and Iv). Hakluyt Society, Series Ii, Vols Cxxiii, Cxxvii, Cxxix, and Cxxx
270373: BOVINI, GIUSEPPE. - Le Antichita Cristiane de Aquileia.
178614: BOWERS, MATT (EDITOR). - Carolina Basketball 2003-04; Tar Heel Basketball.
224572: BOWERS, DOUGLAS (EDITOR). - A List of References for the History of Agriculture in the United States, 1790-1840.
274049: BOWERY, LEIGH; COOK, ANGUS. - Lucien Freud: Recent Drawings and Etchings.
280362: BOWIT, JOHN E. - Dmitri Plavinsky.
280081: BOWLT, JOHN E. - Russian Stage Design: Scenic Innovation, 1900-1930: From the Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky.
278390: BOWMAN, S. M. & R. B. IRWIN. - Sherman and His Campaigns: A Military Biography.
281538: BOWSKY, WILLIAM M. - La Chiesa Di San Lorenzo a Firenze Nel Medioevo: Scorci Archivistici.
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