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V_1111_105: CLOULAS, IVAN - Laurent le Magnifique [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
KG_39_157: CLOUSTON, WILLIAM ALEXANDER [ED.] - Arabian Poetry for English Readers.
SH_017_077: CNAA'NI, ELIAHU - Ruhama: The First Jewish Settlement in the Negev, 1912-1936 [IN HEBREW].
V_1045_226: COATS, GEORGE W. - Moses: Heroic Man, Man of God.: [SERIES]: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement Series - 57..
V_2039_24: COBB, RICHARD - French and Germans, Germans and French: A Personal Interpretation of France under Two Occupations 1914-1918 / 1940-1944.
V_1060_150: COBBI-CALLEN, ISABELLE / FORTIN, COSETTE - INTR. - Gravures et Techniques Mixtes.
V_2052_146: COBLENZ, FELIX - Über das betende Ich in den Psalmen: Ein Beitrag zur Erklärung des Psalters.
AR_167_003: COCHRAN, SHERMAN - Encountering Chinese Networks: Western, Japanese, and Chinese Corporations in China, 1880-1937.
D_022_084: COCTEAU, JEAN - Les enfants terribles [IN HEBREW].
D_030_025: COE, HARRIE B. - Maine Biographies [IN 2 VOLUMES].
D_131_090: COEN, PAOLO - Le magnificenze di Roma nelle incisioni di Giuseppe Vasi: Un affascinante viaggio settecentesco dalla Mura Aureliane fino alle maestose ville patrizie, attraverso le antiche rovine, le basiliche e le piu belle piazze della Citta Eterna [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].: [SERIES]: Quest'Italia: Collana di storia arte e folclore - 235..
MB_04_30: COEN, ANANIA [GRAZIADIO VITA] - Ragionamento sulla Lingua del Testo Misnico, ossia Progetto d'aumentare la Lingua Ebrea coll' voci del Testo Misnico onde arricchire una tale Lingua dal Rabbino Anania Coen / Saffa Achad, Ossia Vocabolario Ebraico-Italiano delle voci del Testo Misnico dal Rabbino Anania Coen di Reggio / Maane Ha-Lashon - Parte Terza, ossia indice che serve in vece del Vocabolario Italiano-Ebraico [3 BOOKS IN 1].: Safah ahat / leket... mi-kol shorshe po'ale ha-Mishnah / Ma'ane Ha-Lashon, ossia, Vocabolario ebraico-italiano delle voci del testo misnico..
RT_001: COEN-UZZIELLI, TANIA (EDITOR) - TZEDEK VE-SHALOM: A Synagogue from Suriname in The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
SH_015_068: COGAN, MORDECHAI ; URIEL, SIMON / GREENBERG, MOSHE ; AHITUV, SHMUEL [EDIT.] - Mikra leyisra'el a bible commentary for Israel [IN HEBREW].: Obadiah: introduction and commentary / Johan: introduction and commentary.
AR_092_016: COGAN, MORDECHAI; EPH'AL, ISRAEL [EDS.] - Ah, Assyria... Studies in Assyrian History and Ancient near Eastern Historiography presented to Hayim Tadmor.: [SERIES]: Scripta Hierosolymitana - Volume XXXIII..
V_2045_113: COGAN, MORDECHAI [ED.] - Ben-Gurion and The Bible - The People and its Land [IN HEBREW with English summary].
H_25_12: COGAN, MORDECHAI - Beer-Sheva Vol. II: Studies by the Department of Bible and Ancient Near East.
V_2064_201: COGAN, MORDECHAI [TRANS AND ED.] - The Raging Torrent: Historical Inscriptions from Assyria and Babylonia Relating to Ancient Israel.
A_085_134: COGAN, MORDECHAI [ED.] - Assyria, Babylonia and Judah: Studies in the History of the Ancient Near East [IN HEBREW].
A_215_068: COGAN, MORDECHAI [ED.] - Studies in Biblical History [IN HEBREW].
Kg_49_79: COGNIAT, RAYMOND - les Vitraux de Chartres: Chefs - D'oeuvre de L'Art.
D_200_043: COHEN, MEIR - Between the Besor and Shiqma [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
ME_11_12: COHEN, M. [ILL]. - Hagadah Shel Pessach [HEBREW] [ILLUSTRATED HAGGADAH, JERUSALEM 1949].
D_144_075: COHEN, JONATHAN; HOLZER, ELIE [EDS.] - Modes of Educational Translation.: [SERIES]: Studies in Jewish Education - Volume XIII.
D_055_033: COHEN, GERSCHOM [GERSHOM]. - Die Pessach Haggadah des Gerschom Kohen - 5827 / 1527 [FACSIMILE].
V_1101_90: COHEN, AVI - Independence - A Bridge in the Sky: Air Transport Command 1947-1949 [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY EITAN BEN-ELYAHU].
KG_12_93: COHEN, DALIA; KATZ, RUTH - Yuval Monograph Series VI: The Israeli Folk Song: A Methodological Example of Computer Analysis of Monophonic Music.
V_2031_139: COHEN, AMNON / BAER, GABRIEL [EDS.] - Egypt and Palestine: a Millennium of Association (868-1948).
SH_017_081: COHEN, NATHAN - Books, Writers and Newspapers: The Jewish Cultural Center in Warsaw, 1918-1942 [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
_: COHEN, M. - History of the Jews: 2000 Years.
AR_141_005: COHEN, HAYYIM J.; YEHUDA, ZVI [EDS.] - Asian and African Jews in the Middle East, 1860-1971: Annotated Bibliography.
A_230_156: COHEN, ISRAEL - Dictionary of Parallel Proverbs: In English, German and Hebrew.
AR_026_008: COHEN, AMNON - The Jewish Communitiy of Jerusalem in the 16th Century [IN HEBREW].
AR_021_009: COHEN, SUSAN - Rescue the Perishing: Eleanor Rathbone and the Refugees.
D_257_137_: COHEN, ISAAC - Judaismo en el Hogar.
V_1044_71: COHEN, YITZHAK YOSEF - Sources and History: Studies and essays on Halakha, customs, liturgy and liturgical poetry, and on the history of the Jews of Hungary, Transylvania and Romania.
KG_34_131: COHEN, BOAZ / SAADIA BEN YOSEF GAON [SA'ADIAH B. JOSEPH OF FAYM; AL-FAYYUMI] / BEN SOLOMON, ABRAHAM - Quotations from Saadia's Arabic Commentary on the Bible from Two Manuscripts of Abraham Ben Solomon [FACSIMILE EDITION].
V_2006_193: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe Jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der frühen Neuzeit bis ins Neunzehnte Jahrhundert: Band 2 [THIS VOLUME ONLY.
A_077_214: COHEN, RIVKA / ANKORI, ZVI [ED.] - Constantinople, Salonica, Patras: Communal and Supracommunal Organization of Greek Jewry under Ottoman Rule (15th-16th Centuries) [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Yehudey Yavan Le-Dorotham / Greek Jewish Themes in Historical Prespective..
V_2051_09: COHEN, AMNON [EDITED] - Jerusalem in the Early Ottoman Period [IN HEBREW].
KG_14_127: COHEN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tractate Ta'anis: Commentary and Study Guide [SIGNED BY EDITOR].: [SERIES]: Master a Mesikhta Series..
KG_94_045: COHEN, GIUSEPPE - Il Fascino del Tappeto Orientale.: Presentazione di Saul Levy..
V_1077_22: COHEN, JUDITH (ED.) - Proceedings of the World Congress on Jewish Music: Jerusalem 1978.
MC_12_25: COHEN, DAVID - L'aspect verbal.: [SERIES]: Linguistique nouvelle..
H_03_26: COHEN, GERSCHOM [GERSHOM]. - Die Pessach Haggadah des Gerschom Kohen - 5827 / 1527 [FACSIMILE].
V_1065_23: COHEN, DAVID - EDITIOR - The Jews in America.
A_077_083: COHEN, AMNON - Ottoman Documents on the Jewish Community of Jerusalem in the Sixteenth Century.
AR_077_021: COHEN, HERMANN; MOORE, GEORGE F. - Achtundzwanzigster Bericht der Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin [N. 24, Artillerister. 14].: Innere Beziehungen der Kantischen Philosophie zum Judentum / Die Eigenart der hebräischen Geschichtsschreibung im alttestamentlichen Zeitalter..
A_085_174: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe Jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der Frühen Neuzeit bis ins neunzehnte Jahrhundert - Eine Quellensammlung. Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN YIDDISH AND GERMAN].
V_1113_112: COHEN, SEYMOUR J. - The Holy Letter: A Study in Jewish Sexual Morality.
H_9_040: COHEN, ANDREW D. - Selected Topics in Psycholinguistics.
AR_180_001: COHEN, RUDOLF ; COHEN-AMIN, REBECCA - Ancient Settlement of the Negev Highlands: The Iron Age and the Persian Period - Volume II [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY] [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [SIGNED BY RUDOLF COHEN]: [SERIES]: IAA Reports - 20.
V_2080_123: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der frühen neunzehnte Jahrhundert: Eine Quellensammlung - Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_47_082: COHEN, RAYA ; MALI, JOSEPH [EDS.] - Literature and History [IN HEBREW].
V_2066_148: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe Jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der Frühen Neuzeit bis ins Neunzehnte Jahrhundert [IN TWO VOLUMES].
LA_001: COHEN, CHAIM E. [ED.] - Modern Hebrew: Two Hundred and Fifty Years [IN HEBREW].
Kg_39_004: COHEN, HERMANN - Die religiösen Bewegungen der Gegenwart: Ein Vortrag.
D_237_127: COHEN, ALBERT; ASSA, ANRI - Saving of the Jews in Bulgaria, 1941-1944.
MC_24_04: COHEN, ISRAEL - A Report on the Pogroms in Poland.: Report by Israel Cohen, Special Commissioner of the Zionist Organization..
SH_011_003: COHEN, AMNON ; SIMON-PIKALI, ELISHEVA - Jews in the Moslem Religious Court : Society, Economy and Communal Organization in the XVIth Century - Documents from Ottoman Jerusalem [16th] [IN HEBREW].
V_1060_204: COHEN, NACHMAN - Mirrors of Eternity: Understanding the Disputes of R. Yehuda and R. Nechemia.
AR_177_009: COHEN, CHESTER G. - Shtetl Finder Gazetteer.: Jewish Communities in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries in the Pale of Settlement of Russia and Poland, and in Lithuania. Latvia, Galicia, and Bukovina, with Names of Residents..
SH_017_005: COHEN, Y. [YITZHAK] - Zionism and the Arab Question: Collected Historical Studies [IN HEBREW].
D_260_121: COHEN, RUDOLPH ; YISRAEL, YIGAL [ISRAEL, YIGAEL] - On the Road to Edom: Discoveries from 'En Hazeva'.
KG_75_092: COHEN, ELIEZER (CHEETAH); LAVI, ZVI - The Sky is not the Limit [IN HEBREW].
MC_19_01: COHEN, HERMANN / ROSENZWEIG, FRANZ [INTR.] / STRAUSS, BRUNO [STRAUSS] [ED.] - Jüdische Schriften [THREE VOLUME SET] [FIRST EDITION].: [Erster Band]: Ethische und religiöse Grundfragen / [Zweiter Band]: Zur jüischen Zeitgeschichte / [Dritter Band]: Zur jüdischen Religionsphilosophie und ihrer Geschichte. Mit einer Eintleitung von Franz Rosenzweig, herausgegeben von Bruno Strauss. [SERIES]: Veröffentlichungen der Akademie für die Wissenschaft des Judentums..
V_2018_061: COHEN, RICHARD I. - Images and Sound : Art, Music and History [IN HEBREW].
MC_18_01: COHEN, S. J. [SALOMON JACOB] [SHALOM BEN HAKOHEN; COHN] - Die Heilige Schrift [Mikra Kodesh - Hiob, Die fünf Megiloth (Das Hohelied Salomo's, Das Buch Ruth, Klagelieder Jeremia, Der Prediger Salomo, Das Buch Esther), Sprüche Salomons, Daniel, Esra, Nehemiah] [RARE!]: mit möglichster Correctheit des hebräischen Textes. Nebst verbesserter deutscher Übersetzung von S. J. Cohen..
V_1086_49: COHEN, ISRAEL (ED.) - Zionist Work in Palestine By various Authorities . With a Foreword by David Wolffsohn, and Twenty-Four Illustrations.
D_004_147: COHEN, HERMANN - Religion der Vernunft aus den Quellen des Judentums.: Nach dem Manuskript des Verfassers neu Durchgearbeitet und mit Einem Nachwort Versehen von Bruno Straus..
A_189_153: COHEN, TOVA; SCHWARTZ, JOSHUA [EDS.] - A Woman in Jerusalem: Gender, Society and Religion [IN HEBREW].
V_1030_81: COHEN, DAVID - Shpola: Masekhet hayei yehudim ba-ayara: A picture of life in the town.
SH_010_080: COHEN, AMNON - Ottoman Documents on the Jewish Community of Jerusalem in the Sixteenth [16th] Century.
D_084_017: COHEN, RICHARD I. - Studies in Modern Jewish History [TWO VOLUME SET].
A_189_159: COHEN, ISRAEL - Vilna [History of Jews in Vilna].: [SERIES]: Jewish Communities Series..
V_3016_95: COHEN, M.D. [ED.] / GINSBURG, DAVID [ED.] / HIRSHFELD, FRED L. [ED.] - Gerhard M.J. Schmidt Memorial Volume: Reprinted from Volume 10, Number 2, (1972) Israel Journal of Chemistry.
V_2004_156: COHEN, DANIEL J. - The statute and minute book of the jewry of Bradenburg-Ansbach (1710-18, 1771) [In Hebrew].
KG_70_207: COHEN, PROSPER - Proverbes Paralleles Francais - Hebreux et Hebreux Francais.
SA_059: COHEN, DANIEL - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe judischer Sebstverwaltung von der fruhen Neuziet bis ins neunzehnte Jahrundert, Volume Two: Mittelrheinlande und Hessen (cont.), Franken, Pfalz-Saarland.
H_24_009: COHEN, SHLOMO / SELA, URI [INTRO.] / SHABAT-BETHLEHEM, LOUISE [TR.] - Let's Face it : Portraits, Caricatures & Illustrations.
AR_097_007: COHEN, HERMANN - Judaica : Festschrift zu Hermann Cohens siebzigstem geburtstage.
AR_161_010: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe Jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der Frühen Neuzeit bis ins neunzehnte Jahrhundert: Eine Quellensammlung - Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN GERMAN, HEBREW & YIDDISH].
V_2057_139: COHEN, ZIPORA - Company Shareholders: Causes of Action and Remedies [IN HEBREW].
V_2062_143: COHEN, AMNON [ED.] - Democracy, Islam and the Middle East.
V_3030_050: COHEN, ELISHEVA - Confrontation and Confirmation [IN HEBREW]: Some Aspects of Connoisseurship.
V_1060_205: COHEN, NACHMAN - Mirrors of Eternity: Understanding the Disputes of R. Yehuda and R. Nechemia.
AR_015_008: COHEN, HERMANN - System der Philosophie: Zweiter Teil - Ethik des reinen Willens [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_083_006: COHEN, CHAIM / SIVAN, DANIEL - The Ugaritic Hippiatric Texts: A Critical Edition. [SIGNED BY BOTH AUTHORS]: [SERIES]: American Oriental Series. Essay 9..
ME_10_02: COHEN, SHALOM BEN JACOB. - Nir David [PARTS 2-4 OF 4] [HEBREW] [VIENNA 1834].
AR_089_006: COHEN, PROSPER - Proverbes Paralleles Francais-Hebreux et Hebreux-Francais.
AR_089_005: COHEN, MARK - Last Century of Sephardic Community: The Jews of Monastir, 1839-1943.
V_1040_136: COHEN, MAIMON - The Kethib and Qeri System in the Biblical Text: A Linguistic Analysis of the Various Traditions Based on the Manuscript Keter Aram Tsova [IN HEBREW].
Kg_42_113: COHEN, AMNON - Political Parties in the West Bank Under the Hashemite Regime [1948-1967] [IN HEBREW]: The Harry S. Turman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace.
KG_26_207: COHEN, J. - Les Deicides: Examen de la vie de Jesus et des developpements de l'eglise chretienne dans leurs rapports avec le Judaisme.
D_272_091: COHEN, A. [ED.] - The Babylonian Talmud: Tractate Berakot [Berakhot].
AR_003_026: COHEN, DALYA - East and West In Music [IN HEBREW].
D_142_036: COHEN - MUSHLIN, ALIZA - Jewish Art: Volume Ninteen / Twenty 1993/4: Journal of the Center for Jewish Art The Hebrew University Jerusalem.
ME_07_05: COHEN, MOSES B. NATHAN. - Sedder Haggadah Shel Pessach [HEBREW/YIDDISH] [BERLIN 1924].
H_33_64: COHEN ABRAVANEL, SHLOMO - Art Undercover.
SH_009_073: COHEN, AMNON ; SIMON-PIKALI, ELISHEVA - Jews in the Moslem Religious Court : Society, Economy and Communal Organization in the XVIth Century - Documents from Ottoman Jerusalem [Muslim; 16th; sixteenth] [IN HEBREW].
V_2063_118: COHEN, URI [ED.] / BEN-RAFAEL, ELIEZER [ED.] / BARELI, AVI [ED.] / YA'AR, EPHRAIM [ED.] - Israel and Modernity: In Honor of Moshe Lissak [IN HEBREW].
V_1098_08: COHEN, MORTIMER J. - Beth Sholom Synagogue: A Description and Interpretation.
JT_001: COHEN, STUART; SUSSER, BERNARD [EDS.] - Ambivalent Jew: Charles Liebman in Memoriam.
KG_46_089: COHEN, RAMY [CURATOR] - A People Builds It's Land : Israeli History as Reflected in Art [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION].
V_1061_18: COHEN, JUDITH (ED.) - Proceedings of the World Congress on Jewish Music: Jerusalem 1978.
D_026_094: COHEN, BOAZ [ED.] - Saadia Anniversary Volume.: [SERIES]: Texts and Studies. Vol II..
D_234_106: COHEN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tractate Ta'anis [Taanis; Taanit; Ta'anit]: Commentary and Study Guide.: [SERIES]: Master a Mesikhta Series..
V_2039_60: COHEN, ERIK - Bibliography of Arabs and other Minorities in Israel.
I_014_026: COHEN HATTAB, KOBI - Tour the Land: Tourism in Palestine During the British Mandate Period 1917-1948 [IN HEBREW].
AR_113_001: COHEN, AMNON; BAER, GABRIEL [EDS.] - Egypt and Palestine: A Millennium of Association (868 -1948).
KG_18_150: COHEN, ELISHEVA ; PERRY, MEIRA [CURATORS] - Herald of a New Age: Goya's Graphic Work.
KG_36_113: COHEN, HERMANN - Deutschtum und Judentum: mit grundlegenden Betrachtungen über Staat und Internationalismus [FIRST EDITION]: [SERIES]: Von deutscher Zukunft - 1. Stud..
V_1074_96: COHEN, MICHAEL J. - Churchill and the Jews.
D_023_002: COHEN, ADIR - Humourtherapy [IN HEBREW].
V_2002_201: COHEN, ARTHUR A.; MENDES-FLOHR, PAUL; SHAPIRA, AVRAHAM [EDS.] - Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought: Original Essays on Critical Concepts, Movements, and Beliefs [IN HEBREW].
D_024_154: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe Jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der Frühen Neuzeit bis ins neunzehnte Jahrhundert - Eine Quellensammlung: Band 1 [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_2022_132: COHEN REISS, EPHRAIM - Memories of a Son of Jerusalem: Second Edition [IN HEBREW].
D_148_016: COHEN, MARCEL - L'Amharique [EXTRACT]: à l'École Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes.
D_083_008: COHEN, JONATHAN; HOLZER, ELIE [EDS.] - Modes of Educational Translation - Volume XII: [SERIES]: Studies in Jewish Education.
H_013_042: COHEN, JOSEPH - Company Law: The Basic Principles of Israel Company Law. [IN HEBREW. IN THREE VOLUMES].
D_014_030: COHEN, AMNON - The Guilds of Ottoman Jerusalem.
A_210_070: COHEN, ISRAEL - Israel in Italien: Eindrücke und Erlebnisse - Zwölf Skizzen.
SH_006_030: COHEN, FRED [DESIGN] / GAFNI, DAVID [DESIGN] - Portegiezen en Tedescos - Joods leven in Amsterdam 1592-1796 / Jewish Life in the Golden Age of Amsterdam 1592-1796.
AR_077_022: COHEN, HERMANN; MOORE, GEORGE F. - Achtundzwanzigster Bericht der Lehranstalt für die Wissenschaft des Judentums in Berlin [N. 24, Artillerister. 14].: Innere Beziehungen der Kantischen Philosophie zum Judentum / Die Eigenart der hebräischen Geschichtsschreibung im alttestamentlichen Zeitalter..
I_023_006: COHEN, MARGOT [ED.] / GORDON, SHIFRAH [TRANS.] - Judah L. Magnes on the Century of his Birth: Exhibition.
I_028_004: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der frühen Neuzeit bis ins neunzehnte Jahrhundert [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_081_027: COHEN, R. - La Mystique juive.
Kg_89_008: COHEN, D./ PIJPER, F. - De magistratibus aegyptiis externas lagidarum regni provincias administrantibus.
V_1052_33: COHEN, YOSEF (ED.) - Mehlmann Collection: Exhibition of 214 Rare Books [INTRODUCTION IN ENGLISH,TEXT IN HEBREW].
V_2018_074: COHEN, PRESTON SCOTT / LAMSTER, MARK [ED.] - Contested Symmetries : The Architecture of Preston Scott Cohen.
D_141_085: COHEN, DAVID - Mélanges Marcel Cohen.
D_181_085: COHEN, MARK R. - The Autobiography of a Seventeenth-Century Venetian Rabbi: Leon's Modena's Life of Judah.
D_03_121: COHEN, HERMANN / BUBER, MARTIN [INTRO.] - Der Nächste: Vier Abhandlungen über das Verhalten von Mensch zu Mensch nach der Lehre des Judentums.
KG_42_170: COHEN, ISRAEL - The Journal of a Jewish Traveller.
V_1042_99: COHEN, ELIOT A. / EISENSTADT, MICHAEL J. / BACEVICH, ANDREW J. - Knives, Tanks & Missiles: Israel's Security Revolution ; a Washington Institute Monograph.
I_040_001: COHEN, MOSHE [ED.] - The Forgotten Million.: Photo Exhibition on the Occasion of the Third International Convention of the W.O.J.A.C..
KG_06_148: COHEN, JONATHAN [ED.] - In Search of Jewish Paideia: Directions in the Philosophy of Jewish Education.: [SERIES]: Studies in Jewish Education - Volume X..
I_029_037: COHEN GAN, PINCHAS / OMER, MORDECHAI [CURATOR] - Pinchas Cohen Gan: Prints 1968 - 1988.
KG_17_007: COHEN, ISRAEL - Dictionary of Parallel Proverbs: In English, German and Hebrew.
A_085_175: COHEN, DANIEL J. [ED.] - Die Landjudenschaften in Deutschland als Organe Jüdischer Selbstverwaltung von der Frühen Neuzeit bis ins neunzehnte Jahrhundert - Eine Quellensammlung. Band I [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN GERMAN AND YIDDISH].
I_009_026: COHEN, JONATHAN; HOLZER, ELIE; ISAACS, ALICK [EDS.] - Languages and Literature in Jewish Education: Studies in Honor of Michael Rosenak [TWO VOLUME SET: ENGLISH AND HEBREW VOLUMES].: [SERIES]: Studies in Jewish Education - Vol.XI (2005/2006)..
KG_10_205: COHEN, ZIVIA [ED.] - We Volunteered for the British Army - Jewish Woman From Palestine in World War II [IN HEBREW].
D_021_097: COHEN, TOVA [ED.] - The Israeli Woman: Roots, Reality and Images [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Criticism & [and] Interpretation: Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Culture - 34..
V_1038_100: COHEN, STUART A.; DON-YEHIYA, ELIEZER [EDS.] - Conflict and Consensus in Jewish Political Life.: [SERIES]: Comparative Jewish Politics: Vol. II.
D_176_053: COHEN, SUSAN L. - Canaanites, Chronologies, and Connections : The Relationship of Middle Bronze IIA Canaan to Middle Kingdom Egypt.: [SERIES]: Studies in the Archaeology and History of the Levant..
D_236_017: COHEN, SUSAN SARAH (ED.) - Antisemitism: An Annotated Bibliography. [VOLUME 1 ONLY]: [SERIES]: Garland Reference Library of Social Science (Vol. 366).
AR_148_010: COHEN, DAVID; CAQUOT, ANDRE [EDS.] - Actes de premier congres international de linguistique semitique et chamito-semitique: Paris 16-19 juillet 1969.
KG_86_103: COHEN, DORITH [CURATOR] - Mysteries of the Sea : Gods, Creatures, Monsters.
KG_56_014: COHEN, AMNON [ED] - Jerusalem In the early Ottoman Period [IN HEBREW].
ME_11_21: COHEN, M. [ILL]. - Hagadah Shel Pessach [HEBREW] [ILLUSTRATED HAGGADAH, JERUSALEM 1960].
KG_14_125: COHEN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tractate Nedarim: Commentary and Study Guide.: [SERIES]: Master a Mesikhta Series..
KG_14_126: COHEN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tractate Berakhos / Tractate Tamid: Commentary and Study Guide [SIGNED BY EDITOR].: [SERIES]: Master a Mesikhta Series..
V_3022_91: COHEN, AVI - Independence: A Bridge in the Sky: Air Transport Command 1949 - 1947 [IN HEBREW]: Israel Defance Forces: The Air Force: Air Force History Branch.
V_2008_165: COHEN, ISRAEL - Parallel Proverbs : In English, German and Hebrew.
KG_18_124: COHEN, NACHMAN [ED.] - Tractate Pesachim: Commentary and Study Guide.: [SERIES]: Master a Mesikhta Series..
D_43_005: COHEN-ABRAVANEL, SHLOMO - Art undercover.
D_43_004: COHEN-ABRAVANEL, SHLOMO - Art undercover.
V_3014_13: COHEN-MUSHLIN, ALIZA (ED.) - Jewish Art Volume Fifteen 1989.
V_2005_174: COHEN-STEINER, OLIVIER - Le Regard de l'autre : Le Juif dans le Roman Anglais 1800-1900.
A_201_189: COHN, J. - Mischnajot: Teil V - Seder Kodaschim [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
A_230_153: COHN, HEINRICH [ED.] - Palnews: Economic Annual of Palestine - 1937 Volume III [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
H_21_88: COHN, HERMANN - Gedanken über Monismus und aphoristische Betrachtungen.
V_2077_93: COHN, EMIL BERNARD; RABIN, ELSE [EDS.] - Jüdisches Jugendbuch: Fünfter Jahrgang des Jüdischen Jugendkalenders [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MA_15_14: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD / RABIN, ELSE [HRSG.] - Jüdischer Jugendkalender: Vierter Jahrgang + Fünfter Jahrgang + Sechster Jahrgang [3 VOLUMES BOUND IN 1: 4th, 5th and 6th year volume].: [ALT. TITLE: Jüdischer Jugendbuch].
KG_33_131: COHN, ROSE - Rose Cohn zum Gedenken: Erinnerungen und Gedichte, 1902-1981.
V_1025_125: COHN, HAIM H. / HIMELSTEIN, SHMUEL - Human Rights in the Bible and Talmud.
V_3012_71: COHN, EMIL - Salomo: Ein Festspiel von Emil Cohn.
MC_06_13: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD [ED.] - Jüdischer Kinderkalender. Erster Jahrgang 5689 (1928/29).
MC_07_02: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD [ED.] - Jüdisches Jugendbuch: Sechster Jahrgang des Jüdischen Jugendkalenders [Jüdischer Jugendkalender] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_07_03: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD / RABIN, ELSE - Jüdisches Jugendbuch: Fünfter Jahrgang des Jüdischen Jugendkalenders [Jüdischer Jugendkalender] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_73_158: COHN, HAIM H. - Human Rights in the Bible and Talmud.
SH_027_025: COHN, HAIM H. - The Trial and Death of Jesus [IN HEBREW].
MA_23_04: COHN, SARAH - Israelitisches Kochbuch. Zubereitung aller Arten Speisen nach den Ritualgesetzen.: Originalberichte der israelitischen Küche von Sarah Cohn. Auf Grund 20jähriger Erfahrungen gesammelt. Mit Illustrationen..
MA_18_01: COHN, JOHN - Geschichte der jüdischen Gemeinde Rawitsch [Rawicz]: von Rabbiner Dr. John Cohn.
D_060_032: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD - Jüdischer Jugendkalender - Erster Jahrgang.: Sonderauflage der deutschen Logen U. O. B. B..
D_060_031: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD - Jüdischer Jugendkalender - Vierter Jahrgang.
MC_07_04: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD [ED.] - Jüdischer Jugendkalender: Vierter Jahrgang [Jüdisches Jugendbuch] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MC_07_05: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD [ED.] - Jüdischer Jugendkalender 5690: Zweiter Jahrgang [Jüdisches Jugendbuch] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_113_004: COHN, HEINRICH [ED] - Palnews [VOLUME 5 ONLY].: Economic Annual of Palestine - 1939 - Volume V (Fifth Annual Edition).
AR_158_002: COHN, HERMAN [ED.] - The Foreign Laws of Marriage and Divorce: Part I - The Countries of the European Continent [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1048_108: COHN, HAIM - The Trial and Death of Jesus [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_73_125: COHN, MARGIT - General Powers of the Executive Branch [IN HEBREW].
MC_07_07: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD [ED.] - Jüdischer Jugendkalender 5690 - Zweiter Jahrgang [Jüdisches Jugendbuch] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
AR_119_013: COHN, ROBERT - Clinical Electroencephalography: First Edition.
D_172_135: COHN, EMIL BERNHARD [ED.] - Jüdischer Jugendkalender 5690 - Zweiter Jahrgang [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
MA_22_11: COHN, ERICH W. - New ideas about Jerusalem's Topography.
MC_12_10: COHN, ABRAHAM - Sammlung hebräischer Dichtungen [Be'er-Avraham].: Zum Theil mit metrischer deutscher Uebersetzung..
I_16_022: COHN, MARGIT - General Powers of the Executive Branch [IN HEBREW].
MC_18_12: COHN, GUSTAV / FREUDENTHAL, MAX / JACOBSON, J. / HALLER, WILHELM / KATZENSTEIN, GUSTAV / G. C. / GOLDMANN, FELIX - Aus Geschichte und Leben der Juden in Leipzig.: Festschrift zum 75jährigen Bestehen der Leipziger Gemeindesynagoge 1855 - 1930.
kg_01_053: COHN, NORMAN - Histoire d'un mythe: La conspiration juive et les Protocoles des Sages de Sion. Traduit de l'anglais par Léon Poliakov..
KG_90_151: COHN, MARGOT; CATANNE, MOSHE [CURATORS] - Martin Buber: 1878-1978 - Exhibition.
KG_90_152: COHN, MARGOT; CATANNE, MOSHE [CURATORS] - Martin Buber: 1878-1978 - Exhibition.
D_085_134: COHON, A. IRMA - An Introduction to Jewish Music: in Eight Illustrated Lecture.
V_1006_45: COLE, MARGARET - Beatrice Webb.
D_236_003: COLE, TAYLOR (ED.) - European Political Systems [THREE VOLUMES] [HEBREW].
V_3029_43: COLEMAN, CHARLES - Portes en Fer Forge: Recueil de dessins pour ferronniers d'art et architectes, par Coleman. Elabore par Fritz Kühn, Ernst Schindler et M. L. di Michiel.
I_036_044: COLEMAN, SHALOM / BLOCK, M. [FOREWORD] - Hosea Concepts in Midrash and Talmud.
Kg_49_11: COLLAS / HAUG / KIRCHNER / PRIEMER / RICHTER (EDS. - European Music Directory 2001: Volume I+II.
AR_103_007: COLLECTIF - L'Allemagne Nazie et le Genocide Juif.: [SERIES]: Colloque de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales..
KG_93_31: COLLESS, BRIAN [ED.] - Hieroglyph and Cuneiform - a Selection of ancient Hamitic and Semitic Religious Writings.
D_158_026: COLLIN, B. - Recueil de Documents concernant Jérusalem et les Lieux Saints.
D_010_121: COLLINS, EDWIN / HERDERSCHEE, J [TRANS.] - Oude Joodsche Gelijkenissen.
AR_098_019: COLLINS, HENRY ; ABRAMSKY, CHIMEN [SHIMON] - Karl Marx and the British Labour [Labor] Movement: Years of the First International [SIGNED BY AUTHOR - Chimen Abramsky].
V_2035_132: COLORNI, VITTORE ; PUSCEDDU, FAUSTO ; SERMONETA, GIUSEPPE ; SIMONSOHN, SHLOMO - Italia Judaica - Atti del I Convegno Internazionale - Bari 18-22 Maggio 1981.: [SERIES]: Ministero per I Beni Culturali e Ambientali Pubblicazioni Degli Archivi di Stato - Saggi 2..
V_1041_120: COLORNI, VITTORE - Legge Ebraica e Leggi Locali : Ricerche sull'Ambito d'Applicazione del Diritto Ebraico in Italia dall'Epoca Romana al Secolo XIX.: [SERIES]: R. Universita di Roma - Pubblicazioni dell'Istituto Romano di Diritto del Diritti dell'Oriente Mediteraneo e di Storia del Diritto, XXIII..
V_3011_83: COLORNI, VITTORE; PUSCEDDU, FAUSTO; SERMONETA, GIUSEPPE; SIMONSOHN, SHLOMO [COMMISSION] - Italia Judaica: Atti del I Convegno Internazionale Bari 18-22 Maggio 1981.: [SERIES]: Ministero per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali - Pubblicazioni Degli Archivi di Stato: Saggi 2.
D_030_149: COLVIN, AUCKLAND - John Russell Colvin: The Last Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West under the Company.: [SERIES]: Rulers of India..
SH_008_034: COMAY, JOAN / LAVI, YOHANAN [TR.] - The Six Days of the Sinai Campaign / Les Six Jours de la Campagne du Sinai.
V_1068_39: COMBE, GEORGE - The Constitution of Man Considered in Relation to External Objects: Second Edition, Corrected and Enlarged.
D_025_033: COMENIUS, JOHANN AMOS - Das einzig Notwendige: Unum necessarium. Ein Laien-Brevier.
D_070_092: COMETTANT. OSCAR - Trois ans Aux Etats-Unis: Etude des Moeurs et Coutumes Americaines.
D_248_075: COMEY, ARIE ; TSUR, NAOMI - New User-Friendly English-Hebrew Dictionary : Including a Summary of English Grammar.
MA_07_04: COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE / WEIL, LISL [ILLUSTR.] - Chestnut Squirrel: by Henry Steele Commager, with Pictures by Lisl Weil..
V_3025_79: COMPAY, JOAN / LAVIE, JOCHANAN [TR.] - The Six Days of Sinai Campaign / Les Six Jours de la Campagne du Sinai.
V_1111_98: COMPAYRE, GABRIEL - Histoire Critique des Doctrines de l'Education en France Depuis le Seizieme Siecle.
AR_133_014: COMPTON, MICHAEL - Some Notes on the Work of Richard Long.
D_070_034: COMPTON, MICHAEL - Optical and Kinetic Art: Tate Gallery published by order of the Trustees 1974.
D_154_128: COMPTON, HERBERT - A Particular Account of the European Military Adventures of Hindustan from 1784 to 1803.
KG_72_198: COMTE DE GOBINEAU [GOBINEAU, ARTHUR] - Les Pleaides [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Grand Prix - Des Meilleurs Romans du XIXe Siecle.
V_3003_44: CONCINA, ENNIO [TR: JUDITH LANDRY] - A History Of Venetian Architecture.
V_2051_163: CONDE, DON JOSE ANTONIO - Historia de la Dominacion de los Arabes en Espana - Tomo I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
KG_117_055: CONDER, CLAUDE REIGNIER - Heth and Moab : Explorations in Syria in 1881 and 1882.
MC_19_02: CONDER, CLAUDE REIGNIER / WHYMPER, J. W. [JOSIAH WOOD] [ILLUSTR.] - Tent Work in Palestine : a Record of Discovery and Adventure [TWO VOLUME SET].: With Illustrations by J. W. Whymper. New Edition..
D_025_053: CONDIE STEPHEN, A. / ELLIS TRISTAM [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Fairy Tales of a Parrot: Adapted from the Persian.
A_110_128: CONDRAU, G. - Einfuhrung in die Psychoterapie [IN HEBREW].
V_2018_062: CONFORTI, YITZHAK - Past Tense : Zionist Historiography and the Shaping of the National Memory [IN HEBREW].
D_168_217: CONFUCIUS; MENCIUS; LAO TZU; CHUANG TZU; LIEH TZU / MCPHARLIN, PAUL [ILLUSTRATIONS] - Chinese Philosophy: Sayings of Confucius, Sayings of Mencius, Sayings of Lao Tzu, Sayings of Chuang Tzu and Lieh Tzu.
V_1122_174: CONRAD, EDGAR W.; NEWING, EDWARD G. [EDS.] - Perspectives on Language and Text: Essays and Poems in Honor of Francis I. Andersen's Sixtieth Birthday - July 28, 1985.
V_1005_038: CONRAD, JOSEPH / G. JEAN-AUBRY (TRAD.) - Des Souvenirs.
V_1129_78: CONSTANT, M. BENJAMIN - De La Religion, Considere dans sa Source, ses Formes et ses Developpements [FIVE VOLUME SET].
Kg_116_034: CONSTANTIN-WEYER, M. - L'Ame du Vin.
V_2081_147: CONTI, GIOVANNI / CATAGNOTI, AMALIA; BONECHI, MARCO - Index of Eblaic Texts (Published or Cited).: [SERIES]: Quaderni di Semitistica, Materiali - 1..
KG_10_138: CONTI, GIOVANNI - Studi Sul Bilitterismo in Semitico e in Egiziano: 1. Il Tema Verbale N1212: [SERIES]: Quaderni di Semitistica - 9.
V_1055_24: CONTI, FLAVIO - The Grand Tour Centers of Belief.
D_014_095: CONTINI, RICCARDO - Tipologia della Frase Nominale Nel Semitico Nordoccidentale del I Millennio A. C.: [SERIES]: Supplemento a Evo II - Studi e Ricerche, I.
AR_150_001: CONYBEARE, W. J. / HOWSON, J. S. - The Life and Epistles of St. Paul [VOLUME II ONLY OF A 2 VOLUME SET].
KG_17_091: COOK, MARIANA RUTH - Manhattan Island to my Self [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_21_099: COOK, ROBERT N. - Legal Drafting.
D_203_079: COOKE, G. A. [GEORGE ALBERT] - A Text-Book of North-Semitic Inscriptions: Moabite, Hebrew, Phoenician, Aramaic, Nabataean, Palmyrene, Jewish.
D_011_143: COOPER, ROSEMARY [ED.] - Sleep.
I_013_005: COOPER, HELEN H. - Eva Hesse: A Retrospective.
D_75_080: COOPERSMITH, HENRY (COMPIL. AND ED.) - Songs of Zion.
AR_137_015: COOTE, ROBERT B.; GOTTWALD, NORMAN K. [EDS.] - To Break Every Yoke: Essays in Honor of Marvin L. Chaney.
V_1053_128: COPLESTON, FREDERICK - Arthur Schopenhauer: Philosopher of Pessimism.: [SERIES]: The Bellarmine Series - XI..
V_1101_33: COPLESTON, R. S. - The Siege of Jerusalem: Published under the direction of the Tract Committee.
V_1094_32: COPPEE FRANCOIS - Poesies: 1869-1874.
KG_72_218: COPPERSMITH, HARRY [ED.] - Songs of my People.
V_2078_106: CORCOS, DAVID / ASHTOR, E. [INTRODUCTION] - Studies in The History of The Jews of Morocco.
KG_61_174: CORCOS, DAVID - Studies in the History of the Jews of Morocco.
SH_006_045: COREN, ALEXANDER - Personalities from Jewish Communities in Europe.: Interviews with 50 Personalities..
SH_011_001: CORINALDI, MICHAEL - Ethiopian Jewry: Identity and tradition [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
MA_02_14: CORINTH, LOVIS - Lovis Corinth - Gesammelte Schriften.: [SERIES]: Maler-Bücher - Band 1..
D_142_112: CORNEILLE, PIERRE - Oeuvres Completes de Corneille.
AR_128_015: CORNELIUS, IZAK - The Iconography of the Canaanite Gods Reshef and Ba'al: Late Bronze and Iron Age I Periods (c 1500 - 1000 BCE).: [SERIES]: Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis - 140..
V_3026_44: CORNELY, J. - Notes sur l'affaire Dreyfus.
D_085_025: CORNFELD, GAALYAH - The Mystery of the Temple Mount: New Guidebook to the Discovery.
V_1048_69: CORNFELD, G. (ED.) - Israels Krieg fÜr den Frieden.
I_038_014: CORNFELD, G. [ED.] - Israels Krieg fuer den Frieden / War for Redemption and Peace / La Guerre pour la Redemption et la Paix.
I_026_001: CORNISH, FRANCIS - Anaphora, Discourse and Understanding - Evidence from English and French.
KG_37_115: CORONAS TEJADA, LUIS - Conversos and Inquisition in Jaen.: [SERIES]: Hispania Judaica - 7.
AR_142_004: CORRADINI, JUAN - Cuadros Bajo la Lupa.
KG_10_126: CORRELL, CHRISTOPH - Untersuchungen zur Syntax der Neuwestaramäischen Dialekte des Antilibanon (Ma'lula, Bah'a, Gubb 'Adin): Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung der Auswirkungen Arabischen Adstrateinflusses - Nebst Zwei Anhängen yum Neuaramäischen Dialekt von Gubb 'Adin.: [SERIES]: Abhandlungen für die Kunde des Morgenlandes - Herausgegeben von der Deutschen Morgenländischen Gesellschaft, Band XLIV 4.
V_1114_61: CORRIE, JOAN - C. G. Jungs Psychologie: Im Abriss.
V_1030_156: CORRIENTE, F. / SAENZ-BADILLOS, A. [ED.] - Poesia Estrofica : Actas del Primer Congreso Internacional sobre Poesia Estrofica Arabe y Hebrea y sus Paralelos Romances (Madrid, Diciembre de 1989).
D_007_221: CORRIENTE, F. [FEDERICO] - Diccionario Español-Arabe / Arabe-Español [TWO VOLUMES SET].
AR_110_009: CORRIENTE, F. - El Lexico Arabe Andalusi Segun P. de Alcala: (Ordenado por Raices, Corregido, Anotado y Fonemicamente Interpretado) [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_18_167: CORRIENTE, F. [FEDERICO]; BOUZINEB, H. - Recopilación de Refranes Andalusíes de Alonso del Castillo.: [SERIES]: Area de Estudios Arabes e Islamicos No. 3.
D_146_058: CORTAZÁR, JULIO [CORTAZAR] - Le tour du jour en quatre-vingts mondes.
MB_08_06: CORTÉS, JOSÉ DOMINGO - Bolivia: Apuntes Jeográficos, Estadisticos, de Costumbres Descriptivos e Históricos: por José Domingo Cortés..
V_1073_98: CORTES, ADRIAN GARCIA - Praxis, un Hombre y un Equipo.
D_091_043: CORTOT, ALFRED - Alfred Cortot: Principes Rationnels de la Technique Pianistique.
kg_28_033: COSMANN, ERNST - Briefe an Ilse Birnbaum von Wilp, Elden, Westerbork 1940-1943 [IN HEBREW].
V_1068_29: COSSMANN, NIKOLAUS - Elemente der Empirischen Teleologie.
A_206_83: COSTA, ROBERTO [ED.] - Museu Aberto do Descobrimento : O Brasil Renasce Onde Nasce.
D_140_100: COSTACURTA, BRUNA - Con la cetra e con la fionda: L'ascesa di Davide verso il trono [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
V_1128_34: COTEANU A. O. - Istoria Limbii Romane - Volumul II.
D_246_052: COTIC, MEIR - Innocents on Trial [IN HEBREW]: Trials under the shadow of Anti-Semitism.
SH_012_033: COTIC, MEIR - Mishpat - Alilah- Parasha: The Jew Suess / The Damascus Blood Libel / The Leo Frank Case [IN HEBREW].
D_146_085: COTIC, MEIR - L'Affaire Dreyfus / The Dreyfus Affair [IN HEBREW].
MC_03_08: COTTARD, L. M. [LOUIS] - Rachel Otby [FIRST EDITION].
AR_110_022: COTTON, J. S. - Mountstuart Elphinstone.: [SERIES]: Rulers of India..
ZK_014: COTTON, H.M.; GEIGER, J. - Masada II: The Latin and Greek Documents.
D_239_111: COTTRELL, TOM ; SEYMOUR, S. - Wit's Krieg!.
V_1044_204: COÜASNON, CHARLES / ROSS, J.-P.B. & CLAUDE [TR.] - The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.: [SERIES]: Schweich Lectures of the British Academy - 1972. Translated from the original French by J.-P.B. and Claude Ross..
V_1079_47: COUDENHOVE, HEINRICH - Das Wesen des Antisemitismus.
KG_67_117: COULTON, G. G. [GEORGE GORDON] - Crusades, Commerce and Adventures [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1053_69: COUNTENAY, J. JAMES. - The Language of Palestine and Adjacent Regions.: With a Foreword by Sir Ernest A. Wallis Budge..
V_2039_81: COURTELINE, GEORGES - Oeuvres De Georges Courteline [TWO VOLUMES]: Illustrees par Dignimont.
D_193_090: COURTRIDGE, ROBERT / WILHELM, C. ; DULAC, EDMUND ; BROCK, J. M. ; HURST, HAL ; HASSALL, JOHN ; REYNOLDS, FRANK [DESIGN] - Shaftesbury Theatre: Robert Courtneidge's Production - The Arcadians: Souvenir of the Second Anniversary Performance.
V_1079_133: COWIE, PETER - Icelandic Films.
D_177_031: COWLEY, A. [ED., TRANSLATION, NOTES] - Aramaic Papyri of the Fifth Century B.C.: Reprint of the edition 1923.
D_032_054: COWLEY, A. E. - The Hitties - Schweich Lectures for 1918.
AR_076_016: COWLEY, A. E. [ARTHUR ERNEST] - The Hittites.: The Schweich Lectures for 1918..
D_136_033: COWPER, WILLIAM. NEWTON, JOHN [PREFACE]. - Poems by William Cowper, Esq.
V_1057_03: CRAFWORD, ELISABETH - Nationalism and Internationalism in Science, 1880-1939: Four studies of the Nobel population.
A_203_111: CRAIG, ANNE A. T. / CHUBB, PERCIVAL; DYKEMA, PETER W. [INTRO.] - The Dramatic Festival - a Consideration of the Lyrical Method as a Factor in Preparatory Education.
V_1063_105: CRAMÉR, HARALD - The Elements of Probability Theory: And Some of Its Applications.
AR_169_006: CRAMER, FRANCIS - Let there be Peace! [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
MA_05_03: CRAVEN, ELIZABETH [PRINCESS BERKELEY, MARGRAVINE OF BRANDENBURG-ANSBACH, LADY CRAVEN OF HAMSTEAD MARSHALL] / [VON STRUVE, JOHANN CHRISTIAN] - A Journey Through the Crimea to Constantinople.: In a Series of Letters from the Right Honourable Elizabeth Lady Craven to His Serene Highness The Margrave of Brandenburg, Anspach, and Bareith. Written in the Year M DCC LXXXVI (1786). The Second Edition..
D_46_059: CRAVEN, AUGUSTUS - Eliane II.
V_1093_01: CRAVEN (PHOTO.) / BULLARD (INTR.) / KAMPEN (DESC.) - Ceremonial Centers of the Maya.
KG_67_115: CRAWCOUR, MURRAY M. - Heroes Are Fools: The Diary of a World War II Airman [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1052_94: CRAWFORD, O. G. S. - Archaeology in the Field.
AR_110_017: CRAWFORD, SIDNIE WHITE; BEN-TOR, A.; DESSEL, J. P.; DEVER, W. G.; MAZAR, A.; AVIRAM, J. [EDS.] - Up to the Gates of Ekron: Essays on the Archaeology and History of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honor of Seymour Gitin.
V_1006_43: CRAWFORDMACDERMONT - Madame De Lafayette and Her Family.
D_022_140: CRÉHANGE, A. [ALEXANDRE BEN BARUCH] [TR.] / NAUMBOURG, M. [NANMOURG, SAMUEL] - La Haggada: ou Ceremonies religieuses des Israelites pendant les deux premieres Soirées de Paque.
D_198_009: CRÉHANGE, A. BEN BARUCH [TRANSLATION] - Min'ha 'Hadascha (Offrande Nouvelle): Prières des Israélites du Rite Espagnol et Portugais [HEBREW AND FRENCH].
D_022_142: CRÉHANGE, A. [ALEXANDRE] [TR.] - Prieres des grandes Fetes: A l'Usage des Israelites du Rite Sefarad - Paque, Pentecote, Souccoth [Erekh Ha-Tefilot].
D_022_143: CRÉHANGE, A. [ALEXANDRE] [TR.] - Prieres des grandes Fetes: a l'Usage des Israelites du Rite Sefarad - Kippour.
V_1123_24: CRÉHANGE, A. BEN BARUCH (TRANS.) - Min'ha 'Hadascha: PriÈres des IsraÉlites.
MC_03_05: CREIZENACH, M. [MICHAEL] - Dorsche Haddoroth, oder Entwickelungsgeschichte [Entwicklungsgeschichte] des Mosaischen Ritualgesetzes von den Ältesten Zeiten bis nach der Erscheinung des Talmuds.: [SERIES]: Schulchan Aruch, oder enzyklopädische Darstellung des mosaischen Gesetzes wie es durch die rabbinischen Satzungen sich ausgebildet hat, mit Hinweisung auf die Reformen, welche durch die Zeit nützlich und möglich geworden sind - Vierter Theil..
AR_124_002: CRIBB, ROGER - Nomads in Archaeology.: [SERIES]: New Studies in Archaeology..
I_035_028: CRISPOLTI, ENRICO; TANZI, ORLANDO ET AL. - Jewels Collection / Gioielli Collezione.
V_1125_05: CRISTIANI, L. - Jesucristo: Hijo de Dios, Salbador: Traducido de la Cuarta Edicion Francesca por J. Goenaga.
D_245_039: CROCE, BENEDETTO - Estetica come scienza dell'espressione e linguistica generale: teoria e storia.: [SERIES]: Filosofia dello spirito - I..
KG_51_011: CROCE, BENEDETTO - Shakespeare.
D_246_080: CROMBIE, KELVIN - Anzacs, Empires and Israel's Restoration, 1798-1948 [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
D_024_143: CRONER, ELSE [CRONER-KRETSCHMER] - Die moderne Judin.
D_006_107: CROSS, IAN / DELIEGE, IRENE - Music and the Cognitive Science: [SERIES]: Proceedings of Cambridge Conference on Music and the Cognitive Sciencesa, 1990 - Vol.9.
D_011_008: CROSS, DOROTHY - Movable Property in the Nuzi Documents.
ZK_063: CROSS, FRANK M. JR.; TREVER, J.C. - Scrolls from Qumran Cave I: The Great Isaiah Scroll, the Order of the Community, the Pesher to Habakkuk.
A_230_142: CROSSMAN, RICHARD - Palestine Mission [IN HEBREW].
V_1003_010: CROWE, THOMAS - Gathering Moss: A Memoir of Owen Tweedy.
D_266_040_: CROWN, ALAN DAVID - Manuscript and Cast Type: A Short History of the Samaritan Type Faces.
H_31_138_: CROZAT - Méthode abrégée et facile pour apprendre la géographie, où l' on décrit la forme du gouvernement de chaque pays, son climat, ses productions, etc., les moeurs de ses habitans, et ce qu´il renferme de plus remarquable [WITH TWELVE FOLDED MAPS]: Nouvelle Edition. Avec la nouvelle Division ecclésiastique de la France.
V_1097_146: CROZIER, W. P. [WILLIAM PERCIVAL] / DISKIN, ISRAEL [TR.] - Letters of Pontius Pilate: Written during his Governorship of Judea to his Friend Seneca in Rome [IN HEBREW].
MC_03_14: CRUCIUS, JACOBUS [DE CRUSQUE, JACOB; DE LA CROIX, JACQUES] - Jacobi Cruci Suada Delphica: Sive Orationes XLV Varii Argumenti. Studiosae Iuventuti manuductio ad Artem Oratioriam..
MC_12_18: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE. - George Cruikshank's Illustrations: of Humphrey Clinker, Roderick Random, Peregrine Pickle, Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews, Amelia, Vicar of Wakefield, Sir Lancelot Greaves. Forty-One Plates, with Extracts describing each Subject..
MA_24_37: CRUIKSHANK, GEORGE / WIGHT, JOHN - Sunday in London.: Illustrated in fourteen Cuts, by George Cruikshank, and a few words by a friend of his [i.e. John Wight]; with a copy of Sir Andrew Agnew's Bill..
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D_050_021: DANI KARAVAN - Dani Karavan - Reflexion / Reflection.
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KG_10_190: DARWIN, CHARLES / GÄRTNER, GEORG [TRANS.] - Die Entstehung der Arten durch natürliche Zuchtwahl: oder die Erhaltung der bevorzugten Rassen im Kampfe ums Dasein.
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MB_07_28: DEKEL, EPHRAIM [EFRAIM] - Home - Through the Vale of Tears 1945-1948 [Brycha].: [YIDDISH:] Oyf dem laydnsveg keyn eretz yisrael. [HEBREW:] Bi-ntiv ha-yisurim la-moledet..
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V_1051_03: DIEZ, FRIEDRICH - Etymologisches Worterbuch der Romanischen Sprachen.
KG_58_205_: DIEZ, ERNST; GLÜCK, HEINRICH - Alt Konstantinopel: Hundertzehn photographische Aufnahmen der Stadt und ihrer Bau- und Kunst-Denkmaeler [Kunst-Denkmäler].: Mit alten Ansichten und Plaenen [Plänen] sowie einer geschichtlichen Einleitung; einer Stadt- und Kulturbeschreibung und kunstgeschichtlichen Erlauterungen [Erläuterungen]..
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D_078_037: DINSTEIN, YORAM - The Defence of Obedience to Superior Orders in International Law [IN HEBREW]: ôøñåîé äô÷åìèä ìîùôèéí ùì äàåðéáøñéèä äòáøéú îñ' 22.
KG_02_203: DINTER, ARTUR - 197 Thesen zur Vollendung der Reformation: Die Wiederherstellung der reinen Heilandslehre.
D_034_098: DINUR, BENZION; ESH, SHAUL [EDS.] - Yad Washem Studies on the European Jewish Catastrophe and Resistance: Volume I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
SH_001_021: DINUR, BEN ZION / REIN, ARIELLE [ED.] - Posthumous and Other Writings [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Kuntresim Texts and Studies - 98..
V_1106_139: DIRLMEIER, ULF - Untersuchungen zu Einkommensverhältnissen und Lebenshaltungskosten in oberdeutschen Städten des Spätmittelalters. Mitte 14. bis Anfang 16. Jahrhundert.
A_100_117: DISHON, JUDITH; HAZAN, EPHRAIM [EDS.] - Studies in Hebrew Literature and Yemenite Culture: Jubilee Volume Presented to Yehuda Ratzaby [IN HEBREW].
V_2015_106: DISKIN, HANNA - The Seeds of Triumph: Church and State in Gomulka's Poland.
D_048_082: DISRAELI, B. - Coningsby: or, the new generation.
D_260_044_: DISRAELI, BENJAMIN / UNNA, G. [TR.] - David Alroy.
V_1082_11: DISRAELI, B. - Vol. I: Sybil or the Two Nations / Vol. II: Alroy. Ixion in Heaven. The Infernal Marriage. Popanilla. / Vol. III: Venetia.
D_050_027: DISSENTSHIK, RONNIE [INT] - Media Scapes - Uri Dotan - 21 January - 6 March 1994.
MA_15_23: DITO, ORESTE - La Storia Calabrese e la dimora degli Ebrei in Calabria dal secolo V alla seconda metà del secolo XVI.: Nuovo contributo per la storia della quistione meridionale..
MD_07_05: DIVALD, KORNÉL. ELEK, ARTÚR. ÉBER, LÁSZLO. FARKAS, ZOLTÁN. KÁROLY, LYKA. - Klasszikus Képtár: Renaissance - Mesterek [HIGH-QUALITY REPRODUCTIONS OF RENAISSANCE PAINTINGS]: 60 szines mülap. [SERIES]: Klasszikus Képtár: a festömüvészet legkiválóbb alkotásainak gyüjteménye szines mülapokon.
KG_92_012: DIX, OTTO / GORAL, ARIE [HRSG.] - Rings und Links um Dix! - Dokumente aus 50 Jahren: [Ausstellung im Kunstverein, Hamburg 1977].
D_020_086: DJILAS, MILOVAN - Wartime [IN HEBREW].
D_034_157: DJILAS, MILOVAN - Conversations with Stalin [IN HEBREW].
D_078_030: DOBBINS, JAMES C. - Jodo Shinshu: Shin Buddhism in Medieval Japan: Religion in Asia and Africa series..
V_1061_72: DOBENEK, HANNS (ED.) - Die weite weite Welt: Bunte Bilder von deutschen Reisen.
D_047_034: DOBER, RICHARD P. - Campus Planning.
D_03_225: DOBRINSKY, HERBERT C. - A Treasury of Sephardic Laws and Customs.: The Ritual Practices of Syrian, Moroccan, Judeo-Spanish and Spanish and Portuguese Jews of North America..
A_219_097: DOBRISH-FRIED, TZVIA - Secrets in Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].
A_201_122: DOBROSZYCKI, LUCYAN ; KIRSHENBLATT-GIMBLETT, BARBARA - Image Before my Eyes : a Photographic History of Jewish Life in Poland 1864-1939.
V_1080_85: DOBROWOLSKI, M. E. - M. E. Dobrowolski [Poetry].
Kg_39_080: DOCTEUR SIMON SCHWARTZ - La réparation d'une injustice historique - La réhabilitation juive de Jésus - L'analogie entre les deux juifs Jésus et Marx.
V_1072_161: DOCUR, JEROME ; KAUR, JASVINDER / WATTS, JOHNATHAN [PHOTOGRAPHY] - Musee d'Ethnographie de Geneve: Saris de l'Inde - Donation Himavati.
D_081_093: DODDS, E. R. / MORGENTHALER, KRISTINE [TR.] - Der Fortschrittsgedanke in der Antike: Und andere Aufsätze zu Literatur und Glauben der Griechen.
KG_15_103: DODWELL, HENRY - The Founder of Modern Egypt.: A Study of Muhammad 'Ali.
V_1126_15: DOERINGER, S. / MITTEN, D. G. / STEINBERG, A. - Art and Technology: A Symposium on Classical Bronzes.
D_71_041: DOGT, FRIEDRICH / KOCH, MAX - Geschichte der Deutschen Literatur von den Ältersten Zeiten bis zur Gegnwart.
D_056_039: DOKTORI, KOKI / BAR OR, GALIA; SHAPIRA, YANIV [CURATORS] - Doktori: Transformations.
D_205_016: DOLADER, MIGUEL ANGEL MOTIS - Guía: del Aragón Judío.
D_070_007: DOLEV-GENDELMAN, TSILI - Ethiopian Jews in Israel [IN HEBREW]: Family Portraits: A Multi-Faceted View.
D_177_098: DOLGIN-BE'ER, SHOSHANA; BINDER, ROBERT [EDS.] - HaZvi Yisrael- Kehillat Komemiyut: A History of a Jerusalem Congregation, 5735-5770 / 1975-2010 [IN HEBREW].
V_1079_50: DOLLOFF, FRANCIS W. / PERKINSON, ROY L. - Jow to Care for Works of Art on Paper: Third Edition.
MC_10_20: DOLZ, JOHANN CHRISTIAN - Neue Katechisationen über religiöse Gegenstände - Fünfte Sammlung / Sechste und letzte Sammlung [PARTS 5 AND 6 ONLY].
V_1097_136: DOLZ, JOHANN CHRISTIAN - Katechetische Unterredungen über religiöse Gegenstände, in den sonntäglichen Versammlungen in der Freyschule zu Leipzig gehalten - Dritte Sammlung [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_249_108: DOMB, I. - The Transformation : The Case of the Neturei Karta.
AR_003_002: DOMB, CYRIL [ED.] - Maaser Kesafim: On Giving a Tenth to Charity.
AR_047_018: DOMB, CYRIL [ED.] / FEUCHTWANGER, O. ; GOLDSTEIN, G. ; HOMBURGER, A. N. ; ROSSDALE, P. S. A.; ET AL. - Maaser Kesafim: On Giving a Tenth to Charity [ENGLISH WITH HEBREW SECTION].: Second corrected edition..
D_136_012: DOMINICY, MARC; WILMET, MARC - Linguistique Romane et Linguistique Francaise: Hommages à Jacques Pohl: Université Libre de Bruxelles, Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres: LXXII.
D_202_088: DOMINITZ, YEHUDA - Aliyah and Migration: From Years of Destruction to an Era of Rebirth (1935-1961) [SIGNED BY AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
A_001_177: DOMKE, ELIEZER - In the Shadow of the Swastika: The Case of Hamburg's Jews [IN HEBREW].
V_1058_16: DOMMEYER, FREDERICK C. (ED.) - Current Philosophical Issues: Essays in Honor of Curt John Ducasse.
D_139_072_: DOMMISSE, G.F. - Arteries and Veins of The Human Spinal Cord from Birth.
A_088_203: DON YEHIYA, ELIEZER [ED.] - Between Tradition and Innovation - Studies in Judaism, Zionism and the State of Israel [IN HEBREW].: Yehoshua Kaniel In Memoriam.
KG_256_048: DON VIDAL / HUSS, MATTI - Don Vidal Benveniste's Melitsat Efer Ve-Dinah: Studies and Critical Edition [IN HEBREW].
MA_14_22: DON TADROS SON OF YEHUDA ABU-L'AFIAH [TODROS BEN JUDAH HALEVI ABULAFIA] / YELLIN, DAVID [ED. & COMMENTARY] - Gan Hammeshalim we-Hahidoth - Diwan of Don Tadros Son of Yehuda Abu-l'Afiah [Todros ben Judah Halevi Abulafia] [COMPLETE SET - FOUR PARTS BOUND IN THREE VOLUMES].: From the autograph Copy of Saul 'Abdallah Joseph, author of Giv'ath Shaul and Mishbeset Hattarshish. And The Girdle-Poems of the Poet From the unique Copy of S. Schocken. Edited with Notes and Commentary by David Yellin..
MC_17_26: DON TADROS SON OF YEHUDA ABU-L'AFIAH [TODROS BEN JUDAH HALEVI ABULAFIA] / GASTER, MOSES [ED.&INTR.] - The Gardens of Apologues and Saws, being the Diwan of Don Tadros Halevi en Abu-Alafiah [IN HEBREW WITH EMGLISH INTRODUCTION].: Now reproduced for the first time from the unique autograph copy of the late Mr. Saul Joseph of Hong-Kong, with a foreword by Moses Gaster..
MC_13_20: DON TADROS SON OF YEHUDA ABU-L'AFIAH [TODROS BEN JUDAH HALEVI ABULAFIA] / YELLIN, DAVID [ED. & COMMENTARY] - Gan Hammeshalim we-Hahidoth - Diwan of Don Tadros Son of Yehuda Abu-l'Afiah [Todros ben Judah Halevi Abulafia] [COMPLETE SET - FOUR PARTS BOUND IN THREE VOLUMES].: From the autograph Copy of Saul 'Abdallah Joseph, author of Giv'ath Shaul and Mishbeset Hattarshish. And The Girdle-Poems of the Poet From the unique Copy of S. Schocken. Edited with Notes and Commentary by David Yellin..
D_078_013: DONADONI, SERGIO [ED] - Vicino Oriente - III - 1980 - Atti del Seminarion di Studi su Bilinguismo e Traduzione Nell'antico Oriente.
D_42_024: DONALDSON, JOHN WILLIAM - The Theatre Of The Greeks: A Treatise On The History And Exhibition Of The Greek Drama: with a supplementary treatise on the language, metres, and prosody of the Greek Dramatists.
D_154_095: DONALDSON, BRUCE - Dutch: A Comprehensive Grammar.: [SERIES]: Routledge Grammars..
D_45_095: DONAT, J. - Vocabularium Philosophicum: Summa Philosophiae Christianae, IX.
D_236_098: DONAT, ALEXANDER - The Death Camp Treblinka: A Documentary.
V_1082_50: DONATH, ADOLPH - Judenlieder.
MA_02_04: DONATH, ADOLPH / LESSER, URY [LEO] [ARTIST] - Lesser Ury [Leo]: seine Stellung in der modernen deutschen Malerei.: Mit 60 schwarz-weissen und 6 farbigen Abbildungen..
A_092_160: DONBROW, MILLIE - Roses and Thorns [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_86_112: DONG SOO, MOON [ED.] - The Secret of The Joseon Portraits.
V_1116_85: DONIGER, SUNDEL (ED.) - A Zionist Primer: Essays by Various Writers / With two Maps.
D_065_076: DONIN, CHAJIM HALEVY - Jüdisches Gebet Heute: Eine Einführung zum Gebetbuch und zum Synagogengottesdienst.
V_1108_143: DONN, F. S. [FRANCIS SELLMAN] - YaHWeH - The Significance of the Unique Name of God.
AR_130_001: DONNAY, MAURICE; BATAILLE, HENRY; NEPOTY, LUCIEN; WOLFF, PIERRE; RAYNAL, PAUL; GUITRY, SACHA; NIGOND, GABRIEL; FRONDAIE, PIERRE; ET AL. - La Petite Illustration [théâtrale]. Roman - Theatre. Revue Hebdomadaire [COMPILATION OF 27 ISSUES BOUND TOGETHER].: Publiant des Romans inedits et les Pieces Nouvelles Jouees dans les Theatres de Paris..
kg_22_042: DONNER, HERBERT - Israel unter den Völkern. Die Stellung der klassischen Propheten des 8. Jahrhunderts V. CHR. zur Aussenpolitik der Könige von Israel und Juda. [Vol XI]: Supplements to Vestus Testamentum.
KG_89_086: DONNER, H. / RÖLLIG, W. ;RÖSSLER, O. [COMM.] - Kanaanäische und aramäische Inschriften [Band I]: Texte.

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