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V_3018_29: LINDHEIM, IRMA L. - Parallel Quest: A Search of a Person and a People.
D_42_061: LINDMAN, N. [ED.] - Anales de Galitzia (Sefer Galitzia) [IN YIDDISH. SIGNED BY THE EDITOR].
V_1055_15: LINDSEY, ROBERT LISLE (ED.) - A Comparative Greek Concordance of the Synoptic Gospels - Volume two.
KG_84_072: LINDSTRÖM, FREDRIK - Suffering and Sin: Interpretations of Illness in the Individual Complaint Psalms.: [SERIES]: Coniectanea Biblica - Old Testament Series 37.
MA_03_18: LINDT, J. W. [JOHN WILLIAM] - Picturesque New Guinea [RARE LIMITED FACSIMILE EDITION].: With an historical introduction and supplementary chapters on the manners and customs of the Papuans; accompanied with fifty full-page autotype illustrations from negatives of portraits from life and groups and landscapes from nature by J. W. Lindt..
MA_01_14: LINDWASSER, P. CH. - Di Fraje Jugent / Di fraye yugnt [YIDDISH] [12 ISSUES OF 5TH YEAR BOUND TOGETHER].: Ilustrirter khoydesh-organ far der proletarisher yugnt.
A_103_152: LINEHAN, THOMAS P. - East London for Mosley: The British Union of Fascists in East London and South-West Essex 1933-40.
D_261_032: LINKE, B. W. [BRONISłAW WOJCIECH] - Kamienie Krzycza.
H_04_017: LINKE, B. W. - Kamienie Krzycza.
KG_32_181: LINSTONE, HAROLD A.; TUROFF, MURRAY [EDS.] - The Delphi Method: Techniques and Applications.
H_04_042: LION THE PRINTER [ED.] - Twelve Israeli Painters [IN HEBREW AND ENGLISH].
D_148_080: LION, JINDRICH / LUKAS, JAN [PHOTOGRAPHS] - The Old Prague Jewish Cemetery / Der alte jüdische Friedhof in Prag / Le vieux cimetiere juif a Prague.
D_261_031: LION-GOLDSCHMIDT, DAISY ; MOREAU-GOBARD, JEAN-CLAUDE / IMBER, DIANA [TRANS.] / SAVAGE, GEORGE [FOREWORD] - Chinese Art: Bronze / Jade / Sculpture / Ceramics.
KG_44_075: LIPATTI, DINU - Concertino im klassischen Stil für Klavier und kleines Orchester - op. 3, für 2 Klaviere zu 4 Händen übertragen vom Komponisten / Concertino en style classique pour piano et orchestra de chambre - Op. 3, Transcription pour 2 pianos a 4 mains par láuteur [SHEET MUSIC].: [SERIES]: Universal-Edition, Nr. 11546..
D_202_174: LIPCHITZ, JACQUES - Jacques Lipchitz.
MC_23_19: LIPCHITZ, YULLA / BENEDETTO, VITTORIO [ED.] - YULLA : Yulla Lipchitz - Photographs [SIGNED BY YULLA LIPCHITZ]: Edited and produced by Vittorio Benedetto..
V_1059_23: LIPHSCHITZ / ELIEZER / HORODETZKY - Raschi: Sein Leben und sein Werk.
AR_011_010: LIPINER, ELIAS - The Metaphysics of the Hebrew Alphabet [IN HEBREW].
V_2045_105: LIPINER, ELIAS - Ideologia del Alfabeto Hebreo (Ideologie fun Yidishn Alef-Beis) [IN YIDDISH].
V_2047_135: LIPINSKI, E. [ED.] - Phoenicia and the Bible - Studia Phoenicia XI: Proceedings of the Conference held at the University of Leuven on the 15th and 16th of March 1990.: [SERIES]: Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 44 (OLA)..
D_146_080: LIPINSKI, ERYK; SZELAG, JAN - Pozegnanie z Hitlerem.: Biblioteka Szpilek Tom 1.
V_2023_194: LIPKA, HILARY B. - Sexual Transgression in the Hebrew Bible.: [SERIES]: Hebrew Bible Monographs, 7..
V_2023_138: LIPMAN SONIA; LIPMAN V.D. [ED.] - The Century of Moses Montefiore.
H_22_118: LIPMAN, JEAN / NEVELSON, LOUISE [ARTIST] - Nevelson's World.: Introduction by Hilton Kramer.
A_228_131: LIPMAN SONIA; LIPMAN V.D. [ED.] - The Century of Moses Montefiore.
D_74_090: LIPMAN, V.D - A History of the Jews in Britain Since 1858.
ME_06_15: LIPMANN-MÜHLHAUSEN, YOM TOV. HACKSPAN, THEODOR. ENDTER, WOFLGANG. - Liber Nizachon Rabbi Lipmanni, Conscriptus anno a Chrsito nato MCCCXCIX diuq; desideratus: nec ita pridem, fato singulari, e Judaeorum manibus excussus oppositus Christianis, Sadducaeis atque aliis. Editus typis Academicis. [SEFER NITZAHON] [FIRST EDITION] [HEBREW / LATIN]: Accessit Tractatus de usu librorum Rabbinicorum, prodomus Apologiae pro Christianis adversus Lipmannum triumphantem. Utque cum Indicibus necessariis. / R. Lipmanni disputatio Adversus Christianos ad Esaiae & XII minorum Prophetarum libros..
D_217_056: LIPPE, K. - Das Evangelium Matthaei vor dem Forum der Bibel und des Talmud.
D_222_046: LIPPERT, JULIUS / FRISCHMANN, D. [TR.] - Kulturgeschichte der Menschheit in ihrem organischen Aufbau [4 VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW].
A_232_072: LIPPERT, JULIUS / FRISCHMANN, D. [TRANS.] - Kulturgeschichte der Menschheit: in ihrem organischen Aufbau - Erster Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
SH_009_065: LIPSCHITS, ODED - Jerusalem between Destruction and Restoration - Judah under Babylonian Rule [IN HEBREW].
V_1030_145: LIPSCHITS, ISAAC - La Politique de la France au Levant 1939-1941.
A_201_148: LIPSCHITZ, JAKOB / LIPSCHITZ, NOTEL [ED.] - Sichron Jakob: Teil II. - Jüdische Geschichte von jüdischen Leben, von Jahre 1760-1880 [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
kg_51_033: LIPSCHITZ, ORA - Sinai. Part I.
D_023_013: LIPSCHUTZ, ALEJANDRO - Perfil de Indoamerica de nuestro tiempo - Antología 1937-1962 [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
H_032_109: LIPSCHÜTZ, E.M. - Vom Lebendigen Hebräisch.
KG_23_184: LIPSCHÜTZ-LIPINSKI, I. T. [ISRAEL TADEUSZ] - [Judenretter] Hans Duda und die Askaris [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1071_144: LIPSCHÜTZ-LIPINSKI, I. T. - Hans Duda und die Askaris [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
D_214_129: LIPSKER, AVIDOV - Born unto Trouble : The Poetry of Abraham Broides.
V_2047_130: LIPSKER, AVIDOV ; KUSHELEVSKY, RELLA [ED.] - Studies in Jewish Narrative - Ma'aseh Sippur : Presented to Yoav Elstein [TWO VOLUME SET].
A_228_055: LIPSKY, LOUIS - Herzl, Weizmann and the Jewish State: from the CHaim Weizmann Memorial lecture (Humanities) 1956.
D_034_186: LIPTZIN, SOLOMON - Richard Beer-Hofmann.
D_069_015: LIS, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Zalman Shazar - Nassi Vesofer (The President and the Writer): Anthlogy of Essays and Articles Presented to Zalman Shazar on His 80th Anniversary [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH].
I_031_035: LISCH, FRIEDRICH GEORG CHRISTIAN - Über die ehernen Wagenbecken der Bronzezeit.: Aus dem Jahrbüchern des Vereins für Mecklenburgische Geschichte, Jahrgang XXV..
V_2036_149: LISHANSKY, BATIA - Holocaust and Rebirth Memorial: The Monument in Netser Sereni [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
D_047_030: LISHANSKY, BATHIA [ARTIST] - Holocaust and Rebirth Memorial - the Monument in Netser Sereni by Bathia Lishansk.
I_019_019: LISPECTOR, CLARICE - Cadernos de Literatura Brasileira.
KG_54_111: LISSAC, MOSHE - Studies in Israeli Social History [IN HEBREW].
KG_36_081: LISSAK, MOSHE; GUTMANN, EMANUEL [ED.] - The Israeli Political System: A Reader [IN HEBREW].
D_081_037: LITAN, SHULA - Shula Litan: The nature of Paper: 26.9.98 - 7.11.98.
KG_66_168: LITMAN, SIMON - Ray Frank Litman: A Memoir. [Rachel]: [SERIES]: Studies in American Jewish History..
D_196_149: LITT D. , E. A. WALLIS BUGE - The Nile - Dates for Carbellers in Egypt.
V_1091_030: LITTELL, FRANKLIN H. - American Protestantism and Antisemitism: Study Circle on World Jewry in the Home of the President of Israel.
H_037_072: LITTLE, VERA - Tears in my Eyes [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
V_1091_040: LITTMAN, D.R. - The CD4 Molecule: Roles in T Lymphocytes and in HIV Disease: Current Topics in Microbiology 205 and Immunology.
KG_02_136: LITTMANN, ENNO - Morgenländische Wörter im Deutschen.: Zweite, Vermehrte und Verbesserte Auflage. Nebst einem Anhang über die Amerikanischen Wörter..
V_1095_109: LITVIN, BARUCH [ED.] - The Sanctity of the Synagogue: The Case for Mechitzah - Separation Between Men and Women in the Synagogue - Based on Jewish Law, History and Philosophy, from Sources Old and New.
D_105_026_: LITVIN, JOSEPH - Yismach Yisrael (Al Ahavath Yisrael V'eretz Yisrael)[SIGNED AND DEDICATED BY RHE AUTHOR] [IN HEBREW].
D_45_064: LITVINE, M. [MORDKHE] - Poetes Francais: choix et Commentaires [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
Kg_50_004: LIU, GRETCHEN [ED.] - Treasures from the National Museum of Singapore.
H_11_43: LIUBOMUDROV, S. Y.; PALAMAR, N. M. - Crestomathia Latina in usum tironum scripta: Pars I.
D_015_078: LIV. LENA / OMER, MORDECHAU [CURATOR] - Lena Liv: Things.
H_03_043: LIVA, GIOVANNI ; SIGNORI, MARIO - Carte di Lombardia.
V_1107_82: LIVER, JACOB - The House of David [IN HEBREW]: From the fall of the kingdom of Judah to the fal of the Second Commonwealth and After.
V_1129_24: LIVER, JACOB - The House of David [IN HEBREW]: From the fall of the kingdom of Judah to the fal of the Second Commonwealth and After.
KG_54_087: LIVER, JACOB - Chapters in the History of the Priests and Levites: Studies in the Lists of Chronicles and Ezra and Nehemiah [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH INTRODUCTION] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
D_73_004: LIVER, JACOB - Studies In Bible And Judean Desert Scrolls.
D_027_080: LIVER, JACOB [ED.] - Studies in the Dead Sea Scrolls: Lectures Delivered at the Third Annual Conference (1957) in Memory of E. L. Sukenik [IN HEBREW].
V_1122_143: LIVER, JACOB - Chapters in the History of the Priests and Levites: Studies in the Lists of Chronicles and Ezra and Nehemiah [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]: [SERIES]: Publication of the Perry foundation for Biblical research.
V_3016_22: LIVINGSTON, ELLEN - Tradition and Modernism in the Shtetl: Aisheshuk, 1919-1939: An Oral History.
V_1028_177: LIVNE (LIEBERMAN), ZVI - In The Beginning [IN HEBREW].
A_088_087: LIVNEH, MICHA [ED.] - Aleh Vehagshem: The Habonim - Hatenuah Hameuhedet Youth Movement [IN HEBREW].
D_244_010_: LIVNEH, ELIEZER - Aaron Aaronsohn, His Life and Times [IN HEBREW].
A_058_064: LIVNEH, DAVID - Hapkudah (The Command): Memories of a Palmah Fighter [IN HEBREW].
KG_97_74: LIVNI, LIVNI / GAMZU, YOSI [IMPRESSIONS AND COMMENTS] / LASK, I. M. [ENGLISH] - Zvi Livni: Landscape and Man in Israel - Eight Lithographs [SIGNED BY ARTIST].: Fourth Edition..
A_205_122: LIVNI, DAN [PAINTER] - Dan Livni : Roots : Paintings 1960-1985 [SIGNED BY PAINTER].
D_056_057: LIVNI, ABRAHAM - Le Retour d'Israël et l'espérance du Monde.
KG_56_77: LIVNI, VARDA, E. / BACON, YEHUDA [DRAWINGS] - Valley of the Cross [Signed by the Author].
H_33_95: LIVNI, ZVI - Zvi Livni: Landscapes in Israel: Eight Original Lithographs by the Artist. Sixth Edition.
MA_08_22: LIZARS, WILLIAM HOME - A Collection of Copper Engravings by William Home Lizars [NO OFFICIAL TITLE].
AR_072_015: BAHA'U'LLÁH - Les Paroles Cachées.
D_41_071: LLANO, ALEJANDRO / D'ENTREMONT, ALBAN [TRANSLATION] - The New Sensibility: Person and Law: Essays on Philosophy of Law and Natural Law.
V_3018_98: LLEWLLYN WOODWARD - British Foreign Policy in the Second World War - Volume I.
KG_37_174_: LLORENTE, JUAN ANTONIO [ANCIEN SECRETAIRE DE L'INQUISITION] / M. LE COMTE DE SEGUR - Histoire abregee de l'Inquisition d'Espagne.
MC_15_07: LLULL, RAMON [RAYMOND, LULLY, LULL] / PALAU, JOSEP [I FABRE]; LEVIS MANO, GUY [TRANS.] / GID, RAYMOND [TYPOGRAPHER] - Ramon Llull - Quarante-neuf chants du Livre de l'Ami et l'Aime [49] [LIMITED EDITION - #59 OF 150 COPIES].
D_262_085: LOACH, KEN / ZYDOWICZ, MAREK [ED.] - Ken Loach.
V_1084_08: LOBB, RICHARD - Short Essays on the Various Objects of Nature Noticed Throughout the Year [Two Volumes]: with poetical illustrations and Moral Reflections on Each Subject.
D_73_120: LOBEL, ORLY - Labor Law [IN HEBREW].
V_1057_157: LOCHER, G. W., MAYBURY-LEWIS, D. LEVI-STRAUSS, C. NEEDHAAM, R. ET AL - Anthropologica: Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- en volkenkund, deel 116 1e aflevering.
D_209_065: LOCHER, CLEMENS - Die Ehre einer Frau in Israel: Exegetische und rechtsvergleichende Studien zu Deuteronomium 22, 13-21.: [SERIES]: Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis - 70.
KG_57_109: LOCHER, G. W. [GOTTFRIED WILHELM] - The Serpent in Kwakiutl Religion: A Study in Primitive Culture.
V_1113_27: LOCHER-ERNST, LOUIS - Mathematische Meditationen: Vollständige regelmässige Vielecke.
KG_19_238: LOCKE, JOHN / UR, JOSEPH [TRANS.] - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding - Vol. I [VOLUME I ONLY] [IN HEBREW].
D_164_072: LOCKE, JOHN / PELLIZI, CAMILLO [TR.] - Saggio sulla Intelligenza Umana - Vols. I & II [TWO VOLUME SET].: [SERIES]: Classici della Filosofia Moderna, Collana di Teste e di Traduzioni - XXVI..
H_19_085: LOCKE, SAM - Fair Game: A Play in Three Acts [Signed by author].
V_1033_131: LOCKE, JOHN / BRONOWSKY, JORAM [TRANS.] / KLIBANSKY, RAYMOND [PREFACE] / GOLOMB, JACOB [ED.] - Epistola de Tolerantia and a Second Letter Concerning Toleration [IN HEBREW].
AR_078_010: LOCKE, JOHN / PRINGLE-PATTISON, A. S. [ANDREW SETH] [ED.] / U. R., JOSEPH [TR.] / ROTH, LEON [ED.] - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding: In the Abridgement of A. S. Pringle-Pattison [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics..
D_024_158: LOCKE, JOHN; PRINGLE-PATTISON, A. S. / U. R., JOSEPH [TRANS.] / ROTH, LEON [ED.] - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding: In the Abridgement of A. S. Pringle-Pattison [IN HEBREW]: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics.
AR_045_016: LOCKE, JEAN / M. COSTE - De l'Education des Enfans, traduit de l'Anglois de M. Jean Locke, par M. Coste [2 VOLUME SET].: Septieme Edition, Revue & corrigée. Tome premier & Tome second..
H_036_236: LOCKE, JOHN - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Philosophical Classics.
V_1117_78: LOCKER, MALKA - Jean Arthur Rimbaud [IN HEBREW].
MC_20_10: LOEB, ISIDORE - Le Juif de l'Histoire et la Juif de la Légende.
MA_03_25: LOEB, ISIDORE / REINACH, THÉODORE [INTR.] - La Littérature des Pauvres dans la Bible par Isidore Loeb.: Préface de Théodore Reinach..
Kg_62_005: LOEB, EHUD HERBERT - Die Geburt der GÖtter in der griechischen Kunst der klassischen Zeit: Dissertation zur Erlangung der Würde eines Doktors der Philosophie.
V_1065_91: LOEB, LAURENCE D. - Outcaste: Jewish life in Southern Iran.
H_31_71: LOEB, EHUD HERBERT - Die Geburt der Götter in der Griechischen Kunst Der Klassischen Yeit: Dissertation zur Erlangung der Würde eines Doktors der Philosophie.
V_2062_165: LOEW BEN BEZALEL, YEHUDAH [JUDAH; LÖW; LOEWE; LÖWE; LEVAI; MAHARAL OF PRAGUE] / ROSENBLAT, YAAKOV [ED.] - Maharal: Emerging Patterns - Ten Representative Essays Culled from the Works of Rabbi Yehudah Loew of Prague.
MA_14_18: LOEWE, ERWIN [LÖWE] / VEIT SIMON, RUTH [ILLUSTRATIONS] - De bonte Schotel - Een Joodsch Kinderboek om te lezen en te kleuren: door Erwin Loewe [Löwe]. Illustraties van Ruth Veit Simon. Vertaling van Beja,.
V_3018_130: LOEWE, L.; MONTEFIORE, J. - Diary and Letters From Voyages: Palestine in the 1830's - Photocopy of Selected Passeges [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: The Library of the History of the Yishuv in Eretz Israel - 3.
A_101_119: LOEWE, HEINRICH GEORG F. / SCHROER, HERMANN [ED.] - Blut und Geld im Judentum: dargestellt am jüdischen Recht (Schulchan Aruch) - zweiter Band: Zivil- und Strafrecht [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1072_72: LOEWENBERG, J. - Aus jÜdischer Seele: Gedichte / Dritte vermehrte Auflage.
Kg_116_022: LOEWENBERG, JAKOB - Kämpfen und Bauen: Der Gedichte Aus jüdischer Seele.: Vierte vermehrte Auflage.
D_46_096: LOEWENBERG, J. - Alexander von Humboldt's Reisen in Amerika und Asien [Volume 2]: Eine volksthümliche Darstellung seiner wichtigen Forschungen.
MA_16_05: LOEWENSON, JEAN [LOEWENSON-LAVI] - Variations sur le Destin [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
A_002_163: LOEWENSTAMM, SAMUEL E. [EPHRAIM] - The Tradition of the Exodus in its Development [IN HEBREW] [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
LA_004: LOEWENSTAMM, AYALA - Karaite and Samaritan Studies: Collected and Posthunmous Papers [IN HEBREW].
V_1093_39: LOEWENSTAMM, SAMUEL E. (ED.) - Thesaurus of the Language of the Bible, Volume One: Complete Concordance Hebrew Bible Dictionary, Hebrew- English Bible Dictionary, Introduction: Bible and Concordance.
A_193_138: LOEWENSTAMM, SAMUEL E. / SCHWARTZ, BARUCH E. [TRANS.] - The Evolution of the Exodus Tradition.
MA_24_24: LOEWENSTEIN, KURT [ED.] - Land des Jugend: Das Buch der Kinder-Rundschau.
D_207_108: LOEWENTHAL, FRIEDRICH - Hat der in ein bestehendes Mietverhältnis eintretende Beamte im Falle der Versetzung das gesetzliche Kündigungsrecht des [Paragraph] 570 BGB.? [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
KG_64_263: LOEWENTHAL, FRIEDRICH - Hat der in ein bestehendes Mietverhältnis eintretende Beamte im Falle der Versetzung das gesetzliche Kündigungsrecht des Paragraph 570 BGB? [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
H_036_142: LOEWENTHAL, FRIEDRICH - Hat der in ein bestehendes Mietverhältnis eintretende Beamte im Falle der Versetzung das gesetzliche Kündigungsrecht des [Paragraph] 570 BGB.? [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1071_141: LOEWENTHAL, LEOPOLD [LÖWENTHAL] - Gotteskindschaft: eine religionsphilosophische Abhandlung.
D_238_033: LOEWENTHAL, ALBERT A. - Selection of Articles and Editorials.
D_156_148: LOEWINGER, DAVID SAMUEL [ED.] - Bade Ha-aron u-Migdal Hananel of Rabbi Shem Tov Abraham b. Gaon: Based on a Manuscript 840, in the National Library, Paris [IN HEBREW] [FACSIMILE EDITION].
AR_029_016: LOEWINGER, DAVID SAMUEL [ED.] - Collection of Piute Sepharad (Poems from the Golden Age of Spain) - Based on a Manuscript 197, in the David Guenzburg Collection in the Lenin Public Library in Moscow [FACSIMILE EDITION] [IN HEBREW].
MD_00_01: LOEWINGER, D. S. [LÖWINGERÞ, DAVID SAMUEL; LEVINGER, SHMUEL] [ED.&INTR.] - The Damascus Pentateuch - Manuscript from the Year 1000 Containing Almost the Whole Pentateuch. Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem. Heb. Quart. 5702. Part I [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: [SERIES]: Early Hebrew Manuscripts in Facsimile - First Volume; Chief Editor Dr. Martin Edelman..
D_141_009: LOEWY, JOSEPH / GUENS, JOSEPH (TRANS) - Haggada shel Pessach: Service For The First Nights of Passover.: With a revised English translation an copious explanatory notes by Dr. Joseph Loewy and Joseph Guens. 17 illustrations in Colour by A. Allweil, an Essay by Max Brod and an accompanying text I. M. Lask.
D_75_082: LOFFREDA, STANISLAVA - Recovering Capharnaum.
D_129_071: LOHSE, EDUARD / SCHLICHTING, GÜNTHER - Rabbinische Texte - Erste Reihe - DIE TOSEFTA - Band 1 - Seder Seraim: 1. - 3. Heft - Berakot - Pea - [VOLUME 1, ISSUES 1-3]: Text / Übersetzung / Erklärung.
KG_13_110: LOHSS [LOHSS], HEDWIG - Das Wunderbuch der Kinderspiele: Ein Geschichten-, Spiel- und Bastelbuch.
D_215_080: LOIR, MAURICE / DURUY, GEORGE [PREFACE] - Au Drapeau!: Recits Militaires Extraits des Memoires.
H_03_30: LOISEAU, RENÉ - Petites Maisons et Villas d'Aujourd'hui: Première Série.
A_198_186: LOKER, ZVI [ED.] - A History of Yugoslav Jews - II: Jews in Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina in Modern Times / Essays and Articles [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_3002_013: LOKER, ZVI (ED.) - Pinkas Hakehillot: Yugoslavia: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities.
V_3002_014: LOKER, ZVI (ED.) - Pinkas Hakehillot: Yugoslavia: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities.
V_3002_015: LOKER, ZVI (ED.) - Pinkas Hakehillot: Yugoslavia: Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities.
V_1032_180: LOKOTSCH, KARL - Etymologisches Wörterbuch der europäischen (germanischen, romanischen, slavischen) Wörter orientalischen Ursprungs.
D_130_020: LOMAS, REFFAEL / OFEK, RUTHI [CURATOR] - The Essence Within Form: Reffael Lomas, Sculptures [SIGNED BY ARTIST]: Josh Strauss and Raffael Lomas, Photographs.
V_1117_43: LOMBARDO, AGOSTINO (ED.) - Studi Americani 16: Rivista annuale dedicata alle lettere e alle arti negli Stati Uniti d'America.
KG_80_125: LOMONACO, MARIA APARECIDA TOSCHI - Signos de um Novo Tempo : A Sao Paulo de Ramos de Azevedo: [Serie]: Cidade : Revista do Departamento do Patrimonio Historico / Secretaria Municipal de Cultura Sao Paulo Jan 98 Ano V.
Kg_47_051: LONDE, CARLOS - Nuevos Elementos de Higiene. Tomo Segundo.
V_1068_03: LONG, GEORGE (TRANS.) - The Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.
D_081_053: LONG, BURKE O. - Imagining The Holy Land: Maps, Models and Fantasy Travels.
D_128_066_: LONGHENA, MARIA / DAVENPORT, NEIL FRAZER [TRANS.] - Splendours of Ancient Mexico.
D_214_023: LONGMAN, DAVID - The Care of House Plants [IN HEBREW].
D_244_116: LONGMAN, TREMPER - Fictional Akkadian Autobiography : A Generic and Comparative Study.
D_050_011: LONGSTREET, STEPHEN (INTRODUCTION) - The drawings of Jossi Stern.
V_1083_08: LONGUS / AMYOT, JACQUES (TRAD.) / COURIER, PAUL-LOUIS (TRAD.) / LEONNEC (ILLUSTR.) - Daphnis et Chloe ou les Pastorales de Longus: Traduction de Jacques Amyot revue, corrigee, completee, de nouveau refaite en grande partie par Paul-Louis Courier, illustrations en couleurs de Leonnec.
V_1093_148: LOOMIS, ANDREW - El Dibujo de Figura: En Todo su Valor [CONTAINS BOOKLET OF DRAWINGS].
A_001_195: LOPES CARDOZO, NATHAN - For the Love of Israel and the Jewish People: Essays and Studies on Israel, Jews and Judaism [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_2032_205: LOPES [LOPEZ] CARDOZO, NATHAN - Crisis, Covenant & Creativity: Jewish Thoughts for a Complex World [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
Kg_50_028: LÓPEZ, JOSÉ ALBERTO - Mujeres: 10 Fotógrafas / 50 Retratos: Tarazona Foto 1994. Fundación Arte y Tecnología.
KG_76_097: LORBER, AZRIEL - Precision Guided Munitions in Ground Warfare [IN HEBREW].
D_71_085: LORBERBAUM, HAVAZELET (ZALK) - The Death of Rabbi Akiva as Folk Hero in Jewish Tradition : A Folk Literary Perspective [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY]: Thesis Submitted for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy.
MB_04_15: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA / DUBOUT, ALBERT [ILLUSTRATOR] - Petit Théatre - Federico Garcia Lorca [#308 from LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES]: Textes recueillis et traduits par Claude Couffon. Illustrations de Dubout. La Jeune Fille, le Marin et l'Étudiant (La Doncella, El Marinero y el Estudiante) / Chimere (Quimera) / La Promenade de Buster Keaton (El Paseo de Buster Keaton)..
D_128_082: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA - Obras Completas.: Recopilacion y Notas de Arturo del Hoyo..
KG_27_115: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCIA / ELIAZ, RAPHAEL [TRANS.] - Romancero Gitano; Poema Del Cante Jondo; Llanto Por Ignacio Sanchez Mejias [IN HEBREW].
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D_75_074: MAGUY, ALEX (PREFACE) - Hommage a Picasso.
D_147_040: MAHABADI, MEHDI - Kunst in der Freiraumplanung.
A_230_213: MAHARAL OF PRAGUE [JUDAH LOEW BEN BEZALEL [ALT. LOEWE, LÖWE, OR LEVAI] / BASSER, TUVIA [ED.] - Pirkei Avos [Avot; Avoth]: A Commentary based on selections from Maharal's Derech Chaim.
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V_2026_129: MAHLER, EDUARD - Handbuch der jüdischen Chronologie.
Kg_76_070: MAHLER, RAPHAEL - Karaites - A Mediaeval Jewish Movement for Deliverance [IN YIDDISH].
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D_242_102: MAHONY, WILLIAM K. - The Artful Universe : An Introduction to the Vedic Religious Imagination.
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H_26_229: MAIER, J. / SALOMON, G. [EDS.] - Israelitische Festpredigten und Casualreden - Erster Band [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
D_056_016: MAIMAN, YOSEF. AHARONSON, MEIR. POLLACK, DORRON - Rafi Peled - Sculpture.
V_2031_070: MAIMON, J. L. [ED.] - Alei Asor: Rabbinic and Literary Researches [IN HEBREW]: Published on the Occasion of Israel's Tenth Independence Day.
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D_086_164: MAIMON, MOSES / BEN NATAN, ISAAK [TRANS.] / RAPOPORT, S. L. [SENDSCHREIBEN] / STEINSCHNEIDER, M. [ED.] - Schene ha-Meoroth enthalt Maamar Ha-Jichud (Abhandlung uber die Einheit) [IN HEBREW WITH GERMAN SUMMARY].: Enthält Maamar Ha-Jichud (Abhandlung über die Einheit) des R. Moses B. Maimon, zum ersten Mal herausgegeben, nebst sachlichen und sprachlichen Erläuterungen und einer deutschen Inhaltsübersicht ; nebst einem Sendschreiben an den Herausgegeber von S. L. Rapoport und drei astronomische Bemerkungen, auf Anfrage des R. David B. Josef Narboni, von R. Abraham Ibn Esra..
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KG_20_140_: MAIMONIDES / JACOBSON, BERNHARD S. [TRANS]. - Die Hilchoth Teschubah, die Hilchoth Deoth des Maimonides.: [SERIES]: Hermon-Bucherei, II. Reihe, Band 3..
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D_103_044: MAIMONIDES, MOSES / HYAMSON, MOSES [TRANSLATION] - The Mishneh Torah by Maimonides: Book II [THIS VOLUME ONLY]: Edited according to the Bodleian (Oxford) Codex with Biblical and Talmudical References and with English Translation.
V_1041_096: MAIMONIDES [MOSHE BEN MAIMON] / WEIL, GOTTHOLD [ED. AND TR.] - Über die Lebensdauer.
D_025_072: MAIMONIDES, MOSES / HYAMSON, MOSES [TRANSLATION] - The Mishneh Torah by Maimonides: Book I + Book II[TWO VOLUMES]: Edited according to the Bodleian (Oxford) Codex with Introduction, Biblical and Talmudical References, Notes and English Translation.
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V_2005_166: MAIMONIDES, MOSES [RAMBAM] - Auszuge aus dem Maimonides. Die Gesetze über unerlaubte Speisen, Schlachten des Viehes, Trauer, Kauf und Verkauf, Nachbarschaften und Vollmachten - Vierter Theil [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1070_79: MAIMONIDES - Mishne Tora (IAd Jazaka).
V_1124_007: MAINZER, FERDINAND - Caesar's Mantle: The End of the Roman Republic [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
KG_34_086: MAIRANTZ, BARUCH - Mz Jewish Shtetl.
D_058_038: MAISLER, B. ; HIRSCHBERG, J. W. [EDS.] - Eretz-Israel : Archaeological, Historical and Geographical Studies - Volume One [IN HEBREW] [THIS VOLUME ONLY].: Dedicated to Professor M. Schwabe on his Sixtieth Birthday..
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V_1117_48: MAISLICH, SHAUL (ED.) - The Rabbanit: The Life Story of Rabbanit Sarah Herzog.
SA_025: MAITLIS, YAACOV J. - Anshel Levi: An Old Yiddish Midrash to the 'Chapters of the Fathers' [IN HEBREW].
D_194_102: MAITLIS, J. - The Exempla of Rabbi Samuel and Rabbi Judah, the Pious (A Study in Yiddish Folklore) [IN YIDDISH].
MA_16_03: MAIUS, JOHANN HEINRICH / BÜRCKLIN [BÜRKLIN], GEORGE CHRISTIAN [EDS.] - Biblia Hebraica, ad optimorum tam impressorum speciatim Clodii, Leusdenii, Iablonski, Opitii, quam manuscriptorum aliquot codicum fidem collata. [Torah Nevi'im Ketuvim]: Direxit opus, novas capitum inscriptiones praefationemque adposuit D.Ioh.Henr.Maius. Collationem vero sedulam instituit, annotationem ac interpretationem... addidit M.Georgius Christianus Bürcklin..
D_140_075: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA / P. NOA [FORWARD] - Lea Majaro-Mintz: Conversations in clay [Signed by the artist].
V_1009_84: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA - As Wrinkles Unfold.
AR_025_016: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA - Lea Majaro-Mintz: More Conversations in Clay.
D_140_074: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA / P. NOA [FORWARD] - Lea Majaro-Mintz: Conversations in clay.
KG_75_077: MAJARO-MINTZ, LEA / P. NOA [FORWARD] - Lea Majaro-Mintz: Conversations in clay.
V_1078_87: MAJMON, S. - Lebnsgeszichte fun Szlojme Majmon. [IN YIDDISH].
H_04_014: MÁJMÚNI, MÓSE / SCHEIBER SANDOR, IRTA - A Májmúni Kódex: Móse Májmúni Törvénykódexe / A Budapesti Misné Tóra -Legszebb Lapjai.
V_1048_71: MAKAROVA, ELENA - Theresienstadt: kultur och barbari: Theresienstadt: Culture and Barbarism.
AR_074_022: MAKHOUL, BASHIR ; SHIMSHON, ODED ; DEEBI, AISSA - Dust and Dispute.
D_204_112: MAKHOULY, N. ; JOHNS, C. N. - Guide to Acre.
D_049_021: MAKOVER, RACHELA - Government and Administration of Palestine 1917-1925 [IN HEBREW].
MC_11_14: MAKOWER, H. [HERMANN] - Ueber die Gemeinde-Verhältnisse der Juden in Preussen [Über; Preussen].
V_3012_67: MAKSIMON - Gvilim [IN HEBREW].
V_2078_144: MALACHI, ZVI - Studies in Medieval Hebrew Literature [IN HEBREW].
AR_025_014: MALACHI, ZVI [ED.] - On Poetry and Prose: Studies in Hebrew Literature [IN HEBREW].
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D_086_160: MALACHI, ZVI; DAVID, JONAH [EDS.] - Papers on Medieval Hebrew Literature Presented to Habermann, A. M. on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday [IN HEBREW].
V_2030_173: MALACHI, ZVI [ED.] - The A.M. Habermann Memorial Volume [IN HEBREW].
AR_043_006: MALACHI, A. R. - Studies in the History of the Old Yishuv [IN HEBREW].
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KG_12_143: MALACHI, A. R. - Zecher L'Hillel [IN HEBREW].: Bibliography of the Works of Hillel Bavli. In Poetry and Prose and of the Literature About Him.
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D_183_035: MALAMAT, ABRAHAM - Mari and The Bible - Studies in the History and Culture of the Ancient Near East.
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V_2005_175: MALAMAT, ABRAHAM - Israel in Biblical Times: Historical Essays [IN HEBREW].
D_73_092: MALAMAT, ABRAHAM - From Vienna to Jerusalem [IN HEBREW].
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V_1010_008: MALAMAT, ABRAHAM [ED.] - Sources for Early Biblical History: The Second Milenium B.C. [IN HEBREW].
V_2022_99: MALAMAT, A. - Mari and the Bible - A collection of Studies.
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V_2039_19: MANNHEIM, KARL - Ideology and Utopia: An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge: With a Preface By Louis Wirth.
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MC_14_15: MANNING, ROBERT - The Shortest Way to End Disputes about Religion. In Two Parts. [BOUND IN ONE VOLUME]: In Answer To all Objections against Infallibility contain'd in a Book entitled, The Case Stated, &c..
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H_008_001_: MANSOOR, MENAHEM - Political and Diplomatic History of The Arab World, 1900-1967 [VOLUMES 1-7].
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D_266_002_: MANSOUR, JACOB - The Judaeo-Arabic Dialect of Baghdad: Book I: Studies in Phonology and Morphology [THIS VOLUME ONLY] [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY].
V_1087_146: MANSOUR, JACOB - The Judaeo-Arabic Dialect of Baghdad [Judeo-Arabic] [TWO VOLUME SET] [IN HEBREW with English summary].: [VOL.I]: Studies in Phonology and Morphology / [VOL.II]: Texts.
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KG_35_081: MANTEL, HUGO - Studies in the History of the Sanhedrin [IN HEBREW].
V_3022_136: MANTEL, HUGO - Studies in the History of the Sanhedrin.: [SERIES]: Harvard Semitic Series XVII..
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D_236_049: MAO DUN. TCHEN MIEN [TR]. - Les vers a soie du printemps et autres nouvelles.
D_209_103: MAOR, ZOHAR [ED.] - The Two Lightings: Woman's Equality in the Family from a New Jewish Point of View [IN HEBREW].: [SERIES]: Torah and Modern Life - Book Two.
D_248_082: MAOR, HAIM [ED.] - The Old Man: David Ben-Gurion and His Legacy in the Mirror of Israeli Art.
D_209_017: MAOR, HAIM [CURATOR] - The Old Man: David Ben-Gurion and His Legacy in the Mirror of Isareli Art.
D_40_053: MAOZ, MOSHE - modern Syria [IN HEBREW]: Political and social changes in the process of creating a national community.
V_1066_02: MAPPLETHORPE, ROBERT / SMITH, PATTI [TEXT] - Flowers: Mapplethorpe.: Mit einem Text von Patti Smith.
MC_24_02: MAPU, AVRAHAM YAKUTIEL [MAPPO] / JAFFE, FRANK [JOFFE] [TR.] - Amnon: Prince and Peasant [FIRST EDITION].: A Romantic Idyll of Judaea, translated and adapted from the original Hebrew. [Ahavat Tzion; Zion; The Shepherd Prince; Tamar].
MA_24_09: MAPU, AVRAHAM YAKUTIEL - Ahavat Zion / Ahavat Tzion / Amnon, Prince and Peasent / The Shepherd Prince [HEBREW ONLY, SECOND EDITION].: [RUSSIAN TITLE]: Agavot Cion t. e. Ljubov' Ciona..
D_137_020: MARAN, RENÉ - Batouala: A Negro Novel from the French of René Maran [NUMBERED COPY].
D_130_043: MARANGOU, LILA [EDITOR] - Cycladic Culture: Naxos in the 3rd Millennium BC.
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KG_90_147: MARC, FRANZ - Franz Marc: 6 Aquarelle.
MA_09_06: MARCET, EDOUARD - Australie - Un Voyage a Travers le Bush par Edouard Marcet [RARE!].: Dessins de Mm. G. Liquier et D. d'apres les indications de l'auteur..
H_27_79: MARCHANT, DOVID / ORLOWEK, NOACH [ED.] - Understanding Shmittoh [shmita] - its sources and background & Halochos of Shmittoh by Rabbi Dovid Marchant.: Edited by Rabbi Noach Orlowek. Third revised edition..
MA_05_11: MARCO POLO / MARSDEN, WILLIAM [TR.&ED.] - The Travels of Marco Polo, a Venetian in the Thirteenth [13th] Century:: being a Description, by that Early Traveller, of Remarkable Places and Things in the Eastern Parts of the World. Translated from the Italian, with Notes, by William Marsden, F.R.S. &c. With a Map..
AR_017_026: MARCUS, JOSEPH - Social and Political History of the Jews in Poland 1919-1939.
H_21_85_: MARCUS, AHRON - Zwischen zwei Stühlen. Nachruf zu Delitsch Babel und Bibel: Vortrag: Altona, 9. März 1905.
MA_07_26: MARCUS, JOSEPH - Social and Political History of the Jews in Poland 1919-1939.
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D_240_020: MARCUS, YOEL - The Book of Wine [IN HEBREW].
V_1123_119: MARCUS, ALFRED - Die wirtschaftliche Krise des deutschen Juden: Eine soziologische Untersuchung.
D_183_220: MARCUS, JOSEPH - Tagebuch für jüdische Wanderer 5677: 1916-1917.
I_001_037: MARCUS, ALFRED - Die wirtschaftliche Krise des deutschen Juden: Eine soziologische Untersuchung.
KG_20_184: MARCUS, ALFRED - Die Wirtschaftliche Krise des deutschen Juden: Eine soziologische Untersuchung.
V_2012_220: MARCUS, AHRON - Barsilai: Sprache als Schrift der Psyche. Ebräisches Wurzel-Wörterbuch (Hebräisches).
KG_30_194: MARCUS, AARON - Barsilai: Sprache als Schrift der Psyche. Ebräisches Wurzel-Wörterbuch (Hebräisches).
D_42_015: MARE, W. HAROLD - The Archaelogy of the Jerusalem Area.
V_2014_144: MARECHAL DE MOLTKE - Lettres du Marechal de Moltke sur l'Orient: traduit de l'Allemand.
D_087_070: MARGALIOT, ABRAHAM; COCHAVI, YEHOYAKIM [ED.] - History of the Holocaust: Germany: Volume One + Volume Two [IN TWO VOLUMES. IN HEBREW].
JT_016: MARGALIOT, MORDECAI - Midrash Wayyikra Rabbah [IN HEBREW]: Critical Edition Based on Manuscripts and Genizah Gragments with Variants and Notes.
V_2009_67: MARGALIOTH, MORDECAI [ED.] - Hilkhot Hannagid [Signed by Editor, IN HEBREW]: A Collection of the Extant Halakhic Writings of R. Shmuel Hannagid.
A_101_006: MARGALIT, GILAD - Postwar Germany and the Gypsies: The Treatment of Sinte and Roma in the Aftermath of the Third Reich [IN HEBREW].
A_001_181: MARGALIT, ELKANA - Hashomer Hatzair - From Youth Community to Revolutionary Marxism (1913-1936) [IN HEBREW].
D_203_098: MARGALIT, ELKANA - Trade Unions in Israel: Past and Present - their Role in the Histadrut and in Society [IN HEBREW].
D_116_001: MARGALIT, AVISHAI - The Cognitive Status of Metaphors [IN HEBREW WITH A SUMMARY IN ENGLISH].
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V_2047_84: MARGALITH GALUN, JACOB GARTY - Lichens of the Holyland [IN HEBREW]: An illustrated companion.
A_096_149: MARGALITH, AARON M. - The International Mandates [SIGNED BY AUTHOR].
V_1095_54: MARGALITH, DAVID - Physicians Forerunners of Modern Israel [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
kg_46_029: MARGARIT, ANTONI M. BADIA I - Estudis de Lingüística I filologia [VOLUMES I + II OF 3].
D_214_098: MARGOLIN, BRURIA - Syntactic Focalization as a Stylistic Touchstone in Contemporary Hebrew and Palestinian Literature: A Comparative Analysis and its Demonstration in the Novel of Anton Shammas Arabesque [IN HEBREW]: Ph.D, Thesis Submitted to the Senate of Bar Ilan University.
AR_025_002: MARGOLIN, RON - The Human Temple: Religious Interiorization and the Structuring of Inner Life in Early Hasidism [IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH ABSTRACT].
V_1088_147: MARGOLIOUTH, G. - Descriptive List of the Hebrew and Samaritan Mss. in the British Museum.
Kg_51_047: MARGOLIS, MAX L. - An elementary text-book of Hebrew Accidence: Arranged in typical examples.
KG_57_119: MARGOLIS, ELIAS - Sumerian Temple Documents.
D_252_059: MARGULES, LILY M. - Memories, Memories... From Vilna to New York: With A Few Stops Along The Way [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR]: A Collection of Essays.
D_260_050: MARGULIES, MORDECAI - The Differences Between Babylonian and Palestinian Jews [IN HEBREW].: With reference to laws, customs and ritual observances of Jews during the Geonic Period. A critical edition on the basis of all printed texts and several manuscripts, with introduction and examination of sources.
V_1023_194: MARGULIES, MORDECAI - The Differences Between Babylonian and Palestinian Jews: With references to laws, customs and ritual observances of Jews during the Geonic Period. A critical edition on the basis of all printed texts and several manuscripts, with introduction and examination of sources by Mordecai Margulies, Ph. D..
V_1126_150: MARGULIES, HEINRICH - Kritik des Zionismus [TWO VOLUMES SET]: I Teil: Volk und Gemeinschaft / II Teil: Der Zionismus als Volksbewegung.
D_202_182: MARGULIES, HEINRICH - Kritik des Zionismus: I.Teil - Volk und Gemeinschaft [THIS VOLUME ONLY].
V_1051_32: MARGULIES, HEINRICH - Der Pharao Josefs: Israel sucht seine Geschichte.
MC_17_11: MARGULIES-AUERBACH, NANNY; RATH, JENNY; WEINREICH, FRIEDA; LUFT, GERDA; STEIN, NADJA; KLOETZEL, C. Z.; SCHWARZ, KARL; POLAK, IRMA; ET AL. - WIZO - Revue: Pioniere und Helfer. Jahrgang 1937/38 - 5698.: [Heft 1]: Halbjahresschrift Februar 1938, Schewat 5698 / [Heft 2]: Halbjahresschrift Juli 1938, Tammus 5698..
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D_161_168: MARIAS, JULIAN - Obras - Vol. III: Aqui y Ahora, Ensayos di Convivencia, Los Estados Unidos en Escorzo [SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR].
D_203_053: MARIE-AGNES BERNARDIS - Emballage, Emballages.
V_1066_61: MARIJNISSEN, R.-H. - Bruegel the Elder.
V_1064_81: MARION, JOHN L. (FOREWORD) - The Garbisch Collection: Volume One - Highly Important Impressionist and Modern Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture.
V_1116_63: MARITAIN, JACQUES - Science and Wisdom.
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V_1117_79: MENAHEM MENDEL BEN AHARON OF KAMIENIEC - Korot Haitim [IN HEBREW AND YIDDISH]: Photocopy of the first Editions in Hebrew 1839 and Yiddish 1841.
D_252_026: MENAHEM DORMAN, SCHMUEL SAFRAI, MENAHEM STERN. (ED - Essays in Jewish History and Philology. [IN HEBREW]: In Memory of Gedaliahu Alon..
V_2022_134: MENAHEM MENDEL BEN AHARON OF KAMIENIEC - Korot Haitim: Photocopy of the First Editions - in Hebrew 1839 and in Yiddish 1841 [IN HEBREW AND IN YIDDISH].: [SERIES]: The Library of the History of the Yishuv in Eretz Israel - 4.
D_196_090: MENASCE, NORA / MENASCE, ESTER [ED.] - Una Musica Canta Nell'anima - Melodie e Parole di Quarantadue - Canzoni.
V_3022_138: MENASHRI, DAVID - Central Asia Meets the Middle East.
V_1063_127: MENASHRI, DAVID - Post-Revolutionary Politics in Iran: Religion, Society and Power.
D_004_056: MENDALE MOCHER SFARIM - Die Fahrten Binjamins des Dritten: Eine Erzählung.
V_1061_121: MENDEL, MENACHEM / LEVINE, DOV [TR.] - The Torah Discourse of the Holy Tzaddik Reb Menachem Mendel of Rimanov 1745-1815.
KG_63_178: MENDELE MEYCHER [MOCHER] SFORIM; MAYZEL, NACHMAN - Dos Mendele Buch: Letters and Autobiographical Sketches, Photos, Drawings, Facsimiles of Mendele Meycher Sforim (Sh. I. Abramovitch) [IN YIDDISH].
V_1049_23: MENDELSOHN, EZRA / SHMERUK, CHONE (ED.) - Studies on Polish Jewry - Paul Glikson Memorial Volume.
KG_09_94: MENDELSOHN, EZRA; SHMERUK, CHONE [EDS.] - Studies on Polish Jewry: Paul Glikson Memorial Book [IN HEBREW] [WITH ENGLISH SUMMARIES].
MA_05_28: MENDELSOHN, MOSES [MENDELSSOHN; MENDELSSON] - Schuschan-Eduth, das ist: Erklärung der fünf Bücher Mosche's. Erstes Heft. Enthält die fünf ersten Sedras.: Für Israeliten beiderlei Geschlechts..
A_232_090: MENDELSOHN, EZRA [ED.] / BOHLMAN, PHILIP V.; FRIGYESI, JUDIT; SEROUSSI, EDWIN; SHAHAR, NATAN; HIRSHBERG, JEHOASH; WOLBERGER, LIONEL - Modern Jews and their Musical Agendas.: [SERIES]: Studies in Contemporary Jewry - an Annual: Volume IX..
D_169_219: MENDELSOHN [MENDELSSOHN], FELIX - Favorite Recipes of Famous People.
V_2070_04: MENDELSOHN, EZRA; SHMERUK, CHONE [EDS.] - Studies on Polish Jewry: Paul Glikson Memorial Volume.
D_257_127: MENDELSOHN, EZRA [ED.] - Jews and the State: Dangerous Alliances and the Perils of Privilege.: [SERIES]: Studies in Contemporary Jewry - an Annual: Volume XIX..
V_1097_41: MENDELSON, STANISLAW - Historya Ruchu Komunistycznego we Francyi 1871 R.
SA_123: MENDELSSOHN, HEINRICH / YOM-TOV, YORAM - Fauna Palaestina: Mammalia of Israel.: Publications of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Section of Sciences.
V_1022_147: MENDELSSOHN, MOSES - Jerusalem oder Über religiöse Macht und Judentum.: Die Weltbücher. Eine jüdische Schriftenfolge: 1/2.
D_083_119: MENDELSSOHN, HEINRICH; YOM-TOV, YORAM - Fauna Palaestina: Mammalia of Israel.
D_191_169: MENDELSSOHN, HEINRICH; YOM-TOV, YORAM - Fauna Palaestina: Mammalia of Israel.
D_200_072: MENDELSSOHN, MOSES / MENDELSSOHN, G. B. [ED.] - Moses Mendelssohn's gesammelte Schriften [SEVEN OUT OF EIGHT VOLUMES - VOLUME VI MISSING].
MA_13_31: MENDELSSOHN [MENDELSOHN], MOSES - Moses Mendelssohns philosophische Schriften. Erster band / Zweiter Band [2 VOLUME SET].
V_1121_60: MENDELSSOHN, MOSES. BEST, OTTO F. [ED] - Ästhetische Schriften in Auswahl: Bibliothek klassischer Texte ; 3., unveränderte Auflage.
MA_15_20: MENDELSSOHN [MENDELSOHN], MOSES - Phaedon [Phädon] [FIRST EDITION].: Oder über die Unsterblichkeit der Seele, in drey [drei] Gesprächen. Von Moses Mendelssohn..

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