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035558: WILLIAMS, LIEUT. COL. - The Life and Times of the Late Duke of Wellington / 3 Volumes, Complete, Bound in 6 Comprising the Campaigns and Battle-fields of Wellington and His Comrades, The Political Life of the Duke and his Contemporaries, and a Detailed Account of England's Battles by Sea and Land. Etc.
029728: WILLIAMS, WILLIAM CARLOS - In the American Grain
029973: WILLIAMS, M. B. - The Heart of the Rockies
038368: WILLIAMSON, DAVE - Saults & Pollard to Pollard Banknote: A Century in Print
018595: WILLIAMSON, A.M. - Black Incense Tales of Monte Carlo
035903: WILLIAMSON, HUGH ROSS - Who Was the Man in the Iron Mask? And Other Historical Mysteries
022043: WILLIAMSON, G.A. [TRANS.] - Procopius: The Secret History
020147: WILLIAMSON; HUGH ROSS - Who Was the Man in the Iron Mask? And Other Historical Enigmas
031303: WILLIS, CLINT - Dark Stories of Madness, Murder and the Supernatural
039765: WILLIS, JERRY; MERL MILLER, AND NANCY MORRICE - Things to Do with an Atari Computer
040418: WILLIS, CONNIE - All Clear
005503: WILLISTON, FLOYD - Through Footless Halls of Air the Stories of a Few of the Many Who Failed to Return
035356: WILLISTON, FLOYD - Through Footless Halls of Air Stories of a Few of the Many Who Failed to Return
011039: WILLOUGHBY, DAVID P. - The Empire of Equus
037715: WILLS, HELEN - Exhibition of Drawings by Helen Wills from April 15 to April 26 At Grant Central Art Galleries
040707: WILSON, ROBERT ANTON - Prometheus Rising
011078: WILSON, H. MARY - Lance Hernley's Holiday
039738: WILSON, BEE - Consider the Fork A History of How We Cook and Eat
001055: WILSON, KEITH - Amor de Cosmos
024163: WILSON, PETER LAMBORN - Pirate Utopias Modern Corsairs & European Renegadoes
039194: WILSON, PETER LAMBORN - Angels
040001: WILSON, KEITH; ANTOINE S. LUSSIER - Off and Running Horse Racing in Manitoba
025843: WILSON, DEREK - The Tower of London
039325: WILSON, JAMES - Rose Castle: The Residential Seat of the Bishop of Carlisle
041012: WILSON, COLIN - G.I. Gurdjieff The War Against Sleep
039293: WILSON, DONALD POWELL - My Six Convicts A Psychologist's Three Years in Fort Leavenworth
040164: WILSON, COLIN - From Atlantis to the Sphinx
023613: WILSON, BARRIE - How Jesus Became Christian
038156: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Atlantic Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories
031931: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded. August 27, 1883
037883: WINCHESTER, SIMON - A Crack in the Edge of the World America And The Great California Earthquake Of 1906
038450: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Alice Behind Wonderland
039603: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Their Noble Lordships Class and Power in Modern Britain
038555: SIMON WINCHESTER - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
040174: WINCHESTER, SIMON - Krakatoa The Day the World Exploded August 27, 1883
039013: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary
019875: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The Man Who Loved China The Fantastic Story of the Eccentric Scientist Who Unlocked the Mysteries of the Middle Kindgom
022318: WINCHESTER, SIMON - The River at the Center of the World A Journey Up the Yangtze, and Back in Chinese Time
030969: WINE, CYNTHIA - Parsley, Sage, and Cynthia Wine The Guide to the Restaurants of Winnipeg
032715: ROSEN, WINIFRED AND PAUL O. ZELINSKY - Three Romances Love Stories from Camelot Retold
034462: WINKLER, JOHN J. - The Constraints of Desire The Anthropology of Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece
030851: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - By-Laws of the City of Winnipeg: Dealt with by the Council During the Year 1946
026329: [THE UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEG] - The University of Winnipeg Arts and Science; Summer Session: July 2 - August 17, 1968
003460: [THE CITY OF WINNIPEG] - On the East of the River a History of the East Kildonan - Transcona Community
026338: [THE UNIVERSITY OF WINNIPEG] - Western Canada Pictorial Index
040535: [CITY OF WINNIPEG] - Winnipeg: Canada's Third Largest City: An Explanation of Its New Government
040210: WINSPEAR, JACQUELINE - Pardonable Lies A Maisie Dobbs Novel
040211: WINSPEAR, JACQUELINE - Among the Mad A Maisie Dobbs Novel
031096: WINTER, KATHLEEN - Annabel: A Novel
036155: WINTER, MICHAEL - This All Happened A Fictional Memoir
040393: WINTON, TIM - Dirt Music
031839: WINTON, TIM - That Eye, the Sky
031437: WISE, TERENCE - Medieval European Armies
028285: WISE, DAVID - Tiger Trap
016460: WISEMAN, ADELE - Old Woman at Play
023457: WISLON, FRANCES - How to Survice the Titanic The Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay
020650: WISS, RAY - A Line in the Sand Canadians at War in Kandahar
018989: WISSE, RUTH R. - The Modern Jewish Canon A Journey Through Language And Culture
017869: WISSLER, CLARK; BUTLER, AMOS; DIXON, ROLAND; HODGE, F.W.; LAUFER, BERTHOLD - State Archaeological Surveys Suggestions in Method and Technique
030344: WITT, TERENCE - Our Undiscovered Universe Introducing Null Physics: The Science of Uniform and Unconditional Reality
011434: ODYNSKY, WM. AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of the Rycroft and Watino Sheets Report No. 15 - Alberta Soil Survey
011460: ODYNSKY, WM. AND A. WYNNYK - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the High Prairie and Mclennan Sheets Report No. 17 - Alberta Soil Survey
027713: WOHLSEN, MARCUS - Biopunk: Solving Biotech's Biggest Problems in Kitchens and Garages
030886: GRAUMAN WOLF, STEPHANIE - As Various As Their Land: The Everyday Lives of Eighteenth-Century Ameicans
027520: WOLF, ADOLF HUNGRY - Good Medicine in Glacier National Park
041194: WOLFE, TOM - Hooking Up
036838: WOLFE, TOM - In Our Time
023694: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief
037200: WOLFF, TOBIAS - The Barracks Thief
037494: WOLFF, TOBIAS - This Boy's Life A Memoir
038788: WOLIN, RICHARD - The Politics of Being The Political Thought of Martin Heidegger
024737: WOLOCH, ISSER - Napoleon and His Collaborators The Making of a Dictatorship
022453: WOLSELEY, GARNET WOLSELEY - The American CIVIL War An English View : The Writings of Field Marshal Viscount Wolseley
037781: ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH WOMEN - 50 Casseroles
034899: WONG, JAN - Out of the Blue A Memoir of Workplace Depression, Recovery, Redemption and, Yes, Happiness
035309: WOOD, DON - Into the Volcano A Graphic Novel
031932: WOOD, BRIAN; BRETT, WELDELE - Couscous Express
022638: WOOD, JAMES N. - Democracy and the Will to Power
011215: WOOD, PATRICIA K. - Nationalism from the Margins Italians in Alberta and British Columbia
020967: WOOD, CHRIS - Dry Spring The Coming Water Crisis Of North America
040207: WOOD, J. G. - The Illustrated Natural History / Reptiles, Fishes, Molluscs, &C.
036931: WOODARD, THOMAS (ED.) - Sophocles A Collection of Critical Essays
041824: WOODBURY, ROBERT S. - Studies in the History of Machine Tools
041887: WOODBURY, ROBERT S. - Studies in the History of Machine Tools
040378: WOODCOCK, GEORGE - Gabriel Dumont The Métis Chief and his Lost World
037059: WOODFORDE, REVD. JAMES - Diary of a Country Parson
019837: WOODRELL, DANIEL - Woe to Live on
032499: WOODROW, MARNIE - In the Spice House
039684: WOODS, PAUL A. (ED.) - Quentin Tarantino The Film Geek Files
040858: WOODS, PAUL - Blood Siblings: The Cinema of Joel Coen and Ethan Coen
029227: WOODS, FREDERICK [WINSTON CHURCHILL] - Young Winston's Wars The Original Despatches of Winston S. Churchill War Correspondent, 1897-1900
031489: WOODS, S.E., JR. - The Squirrels of Canada
035485: WOODSWORTH, JAMES S. [INTRODUCTION BY MARILYN BARBER] - Strangers Within Our Gates, or Coming Canadians The problem of the immigrant 1909
017237: WOODWARD, BOB - Maestro Greenspan's FED and the American Boom
041554: WOOLCOTT, ALEXANDER - Mrs. Fiske Her Views on Actors, Acting, and the Problems of Production
038381: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Flush A Biography
040936: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room
040906: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Contemporary Writers
039988: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Jacob's Room
035912: WOOLF, VIRGINA - Between the Acts
040336: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - The Waves
036649: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - To the Lighthouse
041223: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Night and Day
031733: WORKMAN, LOLA - Gluten-Free & Multi-Allergy Cookbook The Complete Series
028063: WORSLEY, PETER - Marx and Marxism
018085: WORTLEY, JOHN - The Massacre at Thessalonica in 390 Ad.
025806: WOTTON, PATRICIA - With Love, Lydia The Story of Canada's First Woman Ordained Minister
024235: WOUK, HERMAN - War and Remembrance
033647: WOYCENKO, OL'HA - The Ukrainians in Canada
040588: WRIGHT, ERIK OLIN - Envisioning Real Utopias
024502: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - The Dream of Prosperity in Colonial America
025811: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan : A Novel
037880: WRIGHT, RICHARD B . - Adultery
001659: WRIGHT, ESTHER CLARK - The Saint John River
037879: WRIGHT, RICHARD B . - October
008203: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Adultery
011005: WRIGHT, C. E., INTRODUCTION BY - The Eric George Millar Bequest of Manuscripts and Drawings 1967 a Commemorative Volume
037235: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - A Life with Words A Writer's Memoir
025826: WRIGHT, RONALD - A Scientific Romance
041209: WRIGHT, FRANK LLOYD [WIJDEVELD, H TH., ED.] - Wendigen: The Life-Work of the American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
018761: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - Clara Callan A Novel
037360: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Native Son
028986: WRIGHT, ESMOND, ED. - The Fire of Liberty
022265: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - The Looming Tower Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11
023847: WRIGHT, LAWRENCE - God's Favorite a Novel
031514: WRIGHT, RICHARD B. - The Weekend Man
039095: WRIGHT, ROBERT - The Evolution of God
022001: WRIGHT, MACHAELLE S. - Map The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program
041366: WRIGHT, RICHARD - Black Power: Three Books from Exile Black Power; the Color Curtain; and White Man, Listen! (P.S. )
018931: WRIGHT, RONALD - Henderson's Spear
036279: WRIGHT, RICHARD A. - Native Son The Restored Text Established by the Library of America
017408: WRIGHT, REV. G. N. - Landscape-Historical Illustrations of Scotland, and the Waverly Novels
024656: WRIGHT, RONALD - Stolen Continents The "New World" Through Indian Eyes
025296: WROBLEWSKI, DAVID - The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
007610: WRONG, GEORGE M., H. H. LANGTON, AND W. STEWART WALLACE, EDS. - Review of Historical Publications Relating to Canada
029044: WURLITZER, RUDOLPH - The Drop Edge of Yonder
040457: WURTZ, AD.; CLEMINSHAW, E. (TRANS.) - The Atomic Theory.
011435: BOWSER, W. E., R. L. ERDMAN, F. A. WYATT AND J. D. NEWTON - Soil Survey of Peace Hills Sheet Report No. 14 of the Alberta Soil Survey
036813: WYATT, HORACE G. - Crime in Canada and the War
029992: WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM - The Country Wife
011432: ODYNSKY, WM., A. WYNNYK AND J. D. NEWTON - Reconnaissance Soil Survey of the Grande Prairie and Sturgeon Lake Sheets Report No. 18 - Alberta Soil Survey
030817: WYSE, ANNE - Alphabet Book
038866: XINGJIAN, GAO; LEE, MABEL (TRANS.) - Soul Mountain
009886: YAARI, YEHUDA - Prisoners of Hope Ten Stories by Yehuda Yaari
030229: YADIN, YIGAEL - The Message of the Scrolls
022454: YAFA, STEPHEN - Big Cotton How A Humble Fiber Created Fortunes, Wrecked Civilizations, and Put America on the Map
040947: YAGAN, MURAT - I Come from Behind Kaf Mountain
029510: YAN, MO - The Garlic Ballads A Novel
039685: YARMOLINSKY, AVRAHM - Dostoevsky: Works and Days
040428: YATCHEW, ADONIS - Semiparametric Regression for the Applied Econometrician
021385: YATES, MICHAEL D. - In and out of the Working Class
041662: YATES, RICHARD - Revolutionary Road
041781: YATES, FRANCES AMELIA - The Art of Memory
008149: YBARRA, MICHAEL J. - Washington Gone Crazy Senator Pat Mccarran and the Great American Communist Hunt
041316: YEATS, WILLIAM BUTLER - The Love Poems
041174: YEATS, W. B. - Selected Poems
041741: YEATS, W.B. - Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats
023227: YEHOSHUA, ABRAHAM B. - Five Seasons A Novel.
023229: YEHOSHUA, ABRAHAM B. - Mr. Mani A Novel
015492: BAUER, YEHUDA AND NATHAN ROTENSTREICH, EDS. - The Holocaust As a Historical Experience Essays and a Discussion
041811: YOCHELSON, BONNIE - Berenice Abbott: Changing New York
018170: YODER, SANFORD CALVIN - For Conscience Sake A Study of Mennonite Migrations Resulting from the World War
039778: YOGANANDA, PARAMAHANSA - Man's Eternal Quest and other talks
039635: YOGI, MAHARISHI MAHESH - Science of Being and Art of Living Transcendental Meditation
040316: YORK, GEOFFREY - The Dispossessed Life and Death in Native Canada
023919: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
035593: YORK, ALISSA - Effigy
021596: YORK, ALISSA - Mercy
032532: VARIETY (NEW YORK, N. Y.) - Cannes: Fifty Years of Sun, Sex & Celluloid Behind the Scenes at the World's Most Famous Film Festival
041731: [NEW YORKER] - The New Yorker Album of Art & Artists
013968: YOUNG, JAMES - Reminiscences of the Early History of Galt and the Settlement of Dumfriees in the Province of Ontario
022844: YOUNG, NEIL - Waging Heavy Peace
000790: YOUNG, DAVID E. - Health Care Issues in the Canadian North
036720: YOUNG, BARBARA - This Man from Lebanon A Study of Kahlil Gibran
031047: YOUNG, T. KUE - The Health of Native Americans Towards a Biocultural Epidemiology
024125: YOUNG, G.F. - The Medici
039355: YOUNG, JOHN K. - Sacred Sites of the Knights Templar Ancient Astronomers & Freemasons at Stonehenge, Rennes-le-Chateau, & Santiago de Compostela
038885: YOUNG, IRENE - Nena
041802: YU, SU-MEI - Asian Grilling 85 Satay, Kebabs, Skewers and Other Asian-Inspired Recipes for Your Barbecue
024224: YUKIMINO,YUKIO - Bombshell Boobies
024225: YUKIMINO,YUKIO - Fair-Skinned Beauty
038684: YUKNAVITCH, LIDIA - Dora: A Headcase Introduction by Chuck Palahniuk
024226: YUUKI, RYO - Shelia's Diary Vol. 1
007192: YUZUK, PAUL, DOUGLAS KEMP - Papers Read Before the Historical and Scientific Society of Manitoba Series III, Numbers 11, 12, 14, 16, 17 & 18, and 19
009932: MOMATIUK, YVA AND JOHN EASTCOTT - This Marvellous Terrible Place Images of Newfoundland and Labrador
JA027385: ZACHARIAS, PETER D. - Reinland: An Experience in Community
028482: ZACKS, RICHARD - An Underground Education The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Human Knowledge
033798: ZACKS, RICHARD - An Underground Education The Unauthorized and Outrageous Supplement to Everything You Thought You Knew About Art, Sex, Business, Crime, Science, Medicine, and Other Fields of Human Knowledge
035877: ZAFON, CARLOS RUIZ - The Angel's Game A Novel
016194: ZAHN, GORDON C. - The Military Chaplaincy A Study of Role Tension in the Royal Air Force
021895: ZAKARIA, FAREED - The Post-American World
036011: ZAKARIA, FAREED - The Future of Freedom Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad
034094: ZBITNEW, GREGORY - Generator - Eternal Golden Light
040383: ZEIDLER, EBERHARD - Quantum Field Theory [Three Volumes] Volume 1: Basics in Mathematics and Physics; Volume 2: Quantum Electro-dynamics; Volume 3: Guage Theory
014799: ZELLER, SUZANNE - Inventing Canada Early Victorian Science and the Idea of a Transcontinental Nation
032136: ZETTWOCH, DAN; KEVIN HUIZENGA - Amazing Facts & Beyond! with Leon Beyond [2008-2012]
041276: ZEVIN, GABRIELLE - The Stories Life of A.J. Finkry
022778: ZHISUI, LI - The Private Life of Chairman Mao The Memoirs of Mao's Personal Physician
038292: ZIEGER, ROBERT H. - American Workers, American Unions, 1920--1985
036248: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Mountbatten
041405: ZIEGLER, PHILIP - Soldiers Fighting Men's Lives, 1901-2001
038899: ZIMBARDO, PHILIP - The Lucifer Effect Understanding How Good People Turn Evil
015155: ZINBERG, ISRAEL - A History of Jewish Literature / the German-Polish Cultural Centre Volume VI, Part Seven
029279: ZINN, HOWARD - You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train: A Personal History of Our Times
033737: ZINN, HOWARD - Voices of a People's History of the United States
023389: ZINSSER, WILLIAM [ED.] - Worlds of Childhood: The Art and Craft of Writing for Children
015865: ZITELLI, ZEPHYRINO - Apparatus Iuris Ecclesiastici /Together with/ de Dispensationibus Matrimonialibus
039632: ZIZEK, SLAVOJ - Did Somebody Say Totalitarianism? Five Interventions in the (Mis)use of a Notion
040690: ZIZEK, SLAVOJ - The Parallax View
027833: ZOBEL, HILLER B. - The Boston Massacre
033264: ZOLF, RACHEL - Janey's Arcadia
012255: KOS-RABCEWICZ-ZUBKOWSKI, LUDWIK - The Poles in Canada
038814: ZUEHLKE, MARK - Juno Beach Canada's D-Day Victory: June 6, 1944
035983: ZUKAV, GARY - The Dancing Wu LI Masters An Overview of the New Physics
028902: ZWICKER, BARRIE - Towers of Deception The Media Cover-Up of 9/11
011498: ZYW, ALEKSANDER; INTRODUCTION BY H. HARVEY WOOD - Edinburgh As the Artist Sees It
016898: ZYWULSKA, KRYSTYNA - I Came Back

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