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038017: ARISTOTLE [TRANSLATED WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY D. W. HAMLYN] - Aristotle's de Anima Books II and III (with Certain Passages from Book I)
037128: ARISTOPHANES [WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY W. W. MERRY, D.D.] - The Frogs Part I.--Introduction and Text
037401: EMPEDOCLES; INWOOD, BRAD - The Poem of Empedocles
020296: IRANI, ANOSH - The Song of Kahunsha
010210: IRVINE, LOUISE - Brambly Hedge Collector's Book
016722: IRVINE, LUCY E. (AS PER SIGNATURE) - The Swains of Scratching River
015055: IRVING, BOB, ED. - Blue & Gold 75 Years of Blue Bomber Glory
014420: IRVING, JOHN - A Son of the Circus
042223: IRVING, WASHINGTON; COMMINS, SAXE (ED.) - Selected Writings of Washington Irving Edited, with an Introduction by Saxe Commins
038378: ISBEN, HENRIK - Four Plays
038377: ISBEN, HENRIK - Four Plays
039134: ISBISTER, J. N. - Freud An Introduction to His Life & Work
022990: ISHAQ, IBN; MICHAEL EDWARDS [ED.] - The Life of Muhammad Apostle of Allah
033133: ISHERWOOD, CHRISTOPHER - Lions and Shadows An Education in the Twenties
043857: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - The Remains of the Day
042941: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - The Buried Giant
037086: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - Never Let Me Go
044132: ISHIGURO, KAZUO - Never Let Me Go
013003: THE WOMEN'S INSTITUTES OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND - Through the Years Part II 1963 - 1979
032261: ISON, TERENCE G. - The Administrative Appeal Tribunal of Australia A Study Paper Prepared for the Law Reform Commission of Canada
040733: ISRAEL, LEE - Can You Ever Forgive Me? Memoirs of a Literary Forger
036271: ISSALUK, LUKE [TRANS.] - Inuit Games
025692: ISSENMAN, BETTY; CAHERINE RANKIN - Ivalu: Traditions Du Vetement Inuit; Traditions of Inuit Clothing
036836: ITALIANO, CARLO - The Sleighs of My Childhood/Les Traîneaux de Mon Enfance
033321: ITANI, FRANCES - Tell
035576: ITANI, FRANCES - Deafening A Novel
032020: ITO, DEE - Without Estrogen: Natural Remedies for Menopause and Beyond
040597: ITZYKSON, CLAUDE; DROUFFE, JEAN-MICHEL - Statistical Field Theory / 2 Volumes Volume 1: From Brownian Motion to Renormalization and Lattice Gauge Theory; Volume 2: Strong Coupling, Monte Carlo Methods, Conformal Field Theory, and Random Systems
007359: IVERACH, JOHN A. - Chronicles of a Nervous Navigator
021134: BERCUSON, DAVID J. AND J.L. GRANATSTEIN - Dictionary of Canadian Military History
041954: PRIESS, PETER J. AND P. MICHAEL SHAUGHNESSY - Building Hardware from the Fort at Coteau Du Lac / Canadian, British and American Nail Patents to 1900
016005: F.J. - Elements de Cosmographie
041801: PHILLIPS, WALTER J. AND FREDERICK NIVEN - Colour in the Canadian Rockies
041532: CZERWINSKI, E.J. AND NICHOLAS RZHEVSKY [EDITED AND WITH INTRODUCTIONS BY] - Slavic and East European Arts: Dramaturgs and Dramaturgy Volume 4, No. 1: Spring, 1986
023597: GREENBERG, KAREN J AND JOSHUA L. DRATEL - The Torture Papers The Road to Abu Ghraib
044183: KEROUAC, JACK AND WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS - And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks A Novel
014915: JACKMAN, S.W. - The Men at Cary Castle A Series of Portrait Sketches of the Lieutenant-Governors of British Columbia From 1871 to 1971
036814: JACKSON, A. Y. - A Painter's Country The Autobiography of A. Y. Jackson
037688: JACKSON, B. R. - Douglas Skyraider
038811: JACKSON, HOLBROOK - The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear
040678: JACKSON, JULIAN - The Fall of France The Nazi Invasion of 1940
044069: JACKSON, IAN C. - Letters from the 49th Parallel Selected Correspondence of Joseph Harris and Samuel Anderson
041724: GRIMM, JACOB AND WILHELM - The Six Servants
044532: JACOBS, JANE - The Economy of Cities
036443: JACOBS, JANE - Dark Age Ahead
030807: JACOBS, JANE - Dark Age Ahead
044560: JACOBS, JANE - Systems of Survival A Dialogue on the Moral Foundations of Commerce and Politics
038725: JACOBS, JANE - Cities and the Wealth of Nations Principles of Economic Life
041791: JACOBS, ALAN - The Essential Gnostic Gospels Including the Gospel of Thomas & the Gospel of Mary
026684: JACOBS, A. J. - The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life As an Experiment
034745: JACOBS, JANE - Cities and the Wealth of Nations Principles of Economic Life
044518: JACOBS, JANE - The Death and Life of Great American Cities
041428: JACOBSEN, ANNIE - Area 51 An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base
038239: JACOBY, SUSAN - The Age of American Unreason
014619: DANOS, JACQUES AND MARCEL GIBELIN; TRANSLATED BY PETER FYSH AND CHRISTINE BOURRY - June '36 Class Struggle and the Popular Front in France
039772: JAEGER, WERNER - Paideia: The Ideals of Greek Culture Volume III: The Conflict of Cultural Ideals in the Age of Plato
044068: JAENEN, CORNELIUS J. - The French Regime on the Upper Country of Canada During the Seventeenth Century
044096: JAGGER, MICK - According to the Rolling Stones
010619: MACDONALD, JAKE AND SHIRLEY SANDREL, TEXT BY; WITH PHOTOGRAPHS BY TOM THOMSON - Faces of the Flood Manitoba's Courageous Battle Against the Red River
036958: JAMES, T.G.H. - Egypt Revealed Artist-Travellers in an Antique Land
042383: DUGAN, JAMES AND LAURENCE LAFORE - Days of Emperor and Clown The Italo-Ethiopian War 1935-1936
038399: JAMES, P. D. - Death Comes to Pemberley
032536: JAMES, KATE - Poems for Children A Delightful Collection for Boys and Girls
035577: JAMES, LAWRENCE - The Golden Warrior The Life and Legend of Lawrence of Arabia
014616: JAMES, E. O. - The Worship of the Sky-God A Comparative Study in Semitic and Indo-European Religion
036071: JAMES, P. D. - Death Comes to Pemberley
043649: JAMES, GEOFFREY - Visions Contemporary Art in Canada
034533: JAMES, E L - Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1 of 50 Shades Trilogy)
027332: JAMES, LAURA; ELVA FLETCHER [ED.] - This Makes Fifty A History of Women's Institutes in the Winnipeg-Interlake District of Manitoba
030270: JAMES, ANGELA - The Handmade Book
031830: JAMES, CHEEWA - Catch the Whisper of the Wind
038446: JAMES, ED - Ghost in the Machine Scott Cullen Mysteries #1
030871: JAMES, HENRY - Portrait of a Lady
032584: JAMES, GEORGE G. M. - Stolen Legacy: Greek Philosophy Is Stolen Egyptian Philosophy
030623: JAMES, HENRY - The Golden Bowl
044338: JAMESON, FREDRIC - Valences of the Dialectic
015849: JAMESON, F. FRANKLIN, PHD. - Dictionary of United States History 1492-1899 Four Centuries of History
044727: JAMESON, FREDRIC - The Ancients and the Postmoderns On the Historicity of Forms
044656: JAMESON, FREDERIC - The Modernist Papers
025000: JAMIE, PURVIANCE - Weber's Real Grilling (Weber's)
004315: HAWTHORN, H. B., ED. [H. A. C. CAIRNS, S. M. JAMIESON AND K. LYSYK,PRINCIPAL AUTHORS] - A Survey of the Contemporary Indians of Canada A Report on Economic, Political, Educational Needs and Policies PART 1
031411: JAMISON, KAY REDFIELD - Touched with Fire Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
038467: JAMISON, KAY REDFIELD - An Unquiet Mind
042509: JAMISON, KAY REDFIELD - Touched with Fire Manic-Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperament
044046: YOLEN, JANE AND HEIDI E. Y. STEMPLE - Bad Girls Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves & Other Female Villains
010755: [JANES, KIRTLAND & CO.] - Ornamental Ironwork Fountains, Stuary, Vases, Urns, Lawn Furniture, Pedestals, Baptismal Fonts, Animals, Veranda, Etc.
043216: JANOWITZ, TAMA - Area Code 212 New York Days, New York Nights
043686: JANSMA, LINDA - Rita Letendre Beginnings in Abstraction
014749: JANZEN, WALDEMAR - Mourning Cry and Woe Oracle
037670: JANZEN, RHODA - Mennonite in a Little Black Dress A Memoir of Going Home
019034: JANZEN, WALDEMAR - Growing Up in Turbulent Times
013312: JAQUES, EDNA - Backdoor Neighbors
040017: JARDINE, LISA - Ingenious Pursuits; Building the Scientific Revolution
037431: JARMAN, LYNNE - Canadian Music: A Selected Checklist 1950-73 La musique canadienne: une liste sélective 1950-73
025049: JARMUS, STEPHAN - Spirituality of the Ukrainian People: A Brief Orientational Survey
043102: JARRELL, RANDALL - The Bat-Poet
019168: JARROW, GAIL - The Printer's Trial The Case of John Peter Zenger and the Fight for a Free Press
038229: JARRY, ALFRED - Ubu Roi
026709: JASMIN, CLAUDE - Ethel Et le Terroriste
039807: JASTROW, MARCUS [COMPILED BY] - A Dictionary of the Targumim, the Talmud Babli and Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature Volume I
035830: JAY, BERNARD - Not Simply Divine Beneath the Makeup, Above the Heels, and Behind the Scenes With A Cult Superstar
010082: MCCLINTOCK, JEAN AND ROBERT MCCLINTOCK, EDS. - Henry Barnard's School Architecture
028690: JEANNEAU, JOSEPH - The Training of Band Economic Development Officers
016950: BEDIER, JOSEPH, ALRED JEANROY ET F. PICAVET - Histoire de la Nation Francaise Tome XII: Histoire des Lettres Premier volume (Des Origines a Ronsard) et Tome XIII: Deuxieme volume (De Ronsard a Nos Jours)
035191: JEBB, R. C. - Homer: An Introduction to the Iliad and the Odyssey
030900: JEFFERY, KEITH - The Secret History of Mi6
017990: JEFFERY, H.B. - The Principles of Healing
022271: JEFFREY, BROOKE - Hard Right Turn The New Face of Neo-Conservatism in Canada
030632: JEFFS, BRENT W. - Lost Boy
030579: JELLOUN, TAHAR BEN - This Blinding Absence of Light
043959: JELSMA, JOHAN - A Bed of Ochre: Mortuary Practices and Social Structure of a Maritime Archaic Indian Society at Port Au Choix, Newfoundland
043958: JENISH, D'ARCY - Epic Wanderer: David Thompson and the Mapping of the Canadian West
017004: JENKINS, GEOFFREY - The Watering Place of Good Peace
032745: JENKINS, ELIZABETH - The Mystery of King Arthur
034189: JENKINS, CLAUDE; K.D. MACKENZIE [EDS.] - Episcopacy, Ancient and Modern
022303: JENKINS, MCKAY - Bloody Falls of the Coppermine Madness, Murder, and the Collision of Cultures in the Arctic, 1913
041524: JENKINS, JOHN MAJOR - Galactic Alignment The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions
032460: JENNESS, EILEEN - The Indian Tribes of Canada
040220: JENNESS, DIAMOND; STUART E. JENNESS [ED.] - Arctic Odyssey: The Diary of Diamond Jenness, Ethnologist with the Canadian Arctic Expedition in Northern Alaska and Canada, 1913-1916
017910: JENNINGS, PAYNE - Sun Pictures of the Norfolk Broads One Hundred Photographs from Nature of the Rivers and Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk
042132: JEROME, FRED; RODGER TAYLOR - Einstein on Race and Racism
029678: KLINKOWITZ, JEROME AND JOHN SOMER - The Vonnegut Statement Original Essays on the Life and Work of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
033983: JEROME, JEROME K. - Diary of a Pilgrimage And Six Essays
025162: [WINNIPEG JETS] - The Jets Are Cookin' Family Recipes
030456: JEWINSKI, ED - Michael Ondaatje: Express Yourself Beautifully
025300: JOHN JEWITT - White Slaves of Maquinna John R. Jewitt's Narrative of Capture and Confinement at Nootka
015442: JIAN-LI, YANG, ED., WITH JOHN DOWNER - Wei Jingsheng: The Man and His Ideas China in the 21st Century, Volume 1
042266: JODIDIO, PHILIP - Architecture Now!
029920: HILL, JOE AND GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ - Locke & Key Keys to the Kingdom
029919: HILL, JOE AND GABRIEL RODRIGUEZ - Locke & Key Crown of Shadows
020878: KILLEEN, JOHANNE AND GEORGE GERMON - On Top of Spaghetti... ...Macaroni, Linguine, Penne, and Pasta of Every Kind
036373: ST. JOHN, BAYLE [TRANS.] - The Memoirs of the Duke of Saint-Simon on the Reign of Louis XIV. And the Regency, in Three Volumes
037681: WARKENTIN, JOHN AND RICHARD I. RUGGLES [EDS.]; W. STEWARD MARTIN [INTRO.] - Manitoba Historical Atlas A Selection of Facsimile Maps, Plans, and Sketches from 1612 to 1969
041455: LEVI-STRAUSS, CLAUDE; JOHN AND DOREEN WEIGHTMAN [TRANS.] - The Origin of Table Manners Introduction to a Science of Mythology: 3
029368: BERGER, JOHN AND JEAN MOHR - A Fortunate Man The Story of a Country Doctor
028975: MILLER, JOHN AND BENEDICT COSGROVE - Gluttony Ample Tales of Epicurean Excess
043225: CASH, JOHNNY AND PATRICK CARR - Cash The Autobiography
036988: TATTOO JOHNNY - Tattoo Johnny: 3,000 Tattoo Designs
015140: JOHNPOLL, BERNARD K. - The Politics of Futility The General Jewish Workers Bund of Poland, 1917-1943
034480: JOHNS, CATHERINE - Sex or Symbol Erotic Images of Greece and Rome
028677: JOHNS, ETHEL - The Winnipeg General Hospital; School of Nursing, 1887 - 1953
033817: JOHNSON, MAY - Burne-Jones All Colour Paperback
041742: JOHNSON, SKULI - Selected Odes of Horace
023786: JOHNSON, DENIS - Nobody Move
023392: JOHNSON, HAYNES - Sleepwalking Through History: America in the Reagan Years
016468: JOHNSON, W. JOHN - From Steeds to Stars Memoirs of W. John Johnson
042933: JOHNSON, PAUL - Churchill
037265: JOHNSON, DENIS - Seek Reports from the Edges of America and Beyond
042833: JOHNSON, JOYCE - The Voice Is All The Lonely Victory of Jack Kerouac
039986: JOHNSON, PAUL - Intellectuals
034584: JOHNSON, LORRAINE - Grow Wild Native-Plant Gardening in Canada and Northern United States
JA028890: JOHNSON, HALDOR; PHILLIP PETURSSON [EDS.] - Brautin: àrsrit Hins Sameinaða Kirkjufélags íslendinga í NorðUr-Ameríku / Complete 9 Volumes [The Way: Icelandic Federated Conference of North America [Unitarian Church], 1944-1952]
019828: JOHNSON, W. JOHN [ROGER NEWMAN, ED.] - Decade of Dreams The 70s
027243: JOHNSON, HILLARY - Osler's Web Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic
034985: JOHNSON, LIZ - Orchids Simple Steps to Success
043149: JOHNSON, DENIS - Already Dead: A California Gothic
031579: JOHNSON, KAREN L. - Wildflowers of Churchill and the Hudson Bay Region
039253: JOHNSON, JANN - The Art of the Cookie Over 75 Irresistible Recipes
038816: JOHNSON, DENIS - Tree of Smoke A Novel
036386: JOHNSON, DR. STANCIL E. D. - Frisbee A practicioner's manual and definitive treatise
037873: JOHNSON, BORIS - Johnson's Life of London The People Who Made the City That Made the World
033159: JOHNSON, PAUL M. - Creators From Chaucer and Durer to Picasso and Disney
037158: JOHNSON, DENIS - The Laughing Monsters A Novel
044106: JOHNSON, DENIS - The Laughing Monsters
039545: JOHNSON, SAMUEL, JOHN HAWKESWORTH, MR. TOWN, ETC. - British Essayists / 3 Compound Volumes Including: The Spectator; the Rambler, the Idler, the Adventurer, the Conoisseur; the Tatler, the Guardian
042214: JOHNSON, PAUL - Creators From Chaucer and Dürer to Picasso and Disney
044180: JOHNSTON, WILLIAM M. - The Austrian Mind An Intellectual and Social History, 1848-1938
038785: VERGIL; JOHNSTON, PATRICIA A. - Aeneid: Book 6
036372: JOHNSTON, ROY H. - The Disaster of Dieppe A Wartime Autobiography
021796: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York
020469: JOHNSTON, DAVID CAY - Free Lunch How the Wealthiest Americans Enrich Themselves at Government Expense (and StickYou with the Bill)
023849: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - Baltimore's Mansion: A Memoir
023899: JOHNSTON, WAYNE - The Navigator of New York
043396: JOHNSTON, DAVID - The Idea of Canada: Letters to a Nation
018864: JOHNSTON, J.T. - Report on the Winnpeg River Power and Storage Investigations Water Resources Paper No. 3 Volume II
040774: JOLYS, J.M. - Pages de Souvenirs Et D'Histoire: La Paroisse de Saint-Pierre-Jolys Au Manitoba
043799: JONASSON, JONAS - The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed out the Window and Disappeared
041273: JONASSON, JONAS - Hitman Anders and the Meaning of It All
015227: GERRARD, JONATHAN AND GARY GIRARD - Battling for a Better Manitoba A History of the Provincial Liberal Party
042349: JONES, DAN - The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England
011192: JONES, JACK - Give Me Back My Heart Final Chapters in the Autobiography of Jack Jones
038647: JONES, LANDON Y. ED. - The Essential Lewis and Clark
040536: JONES, KEITH - Catland Empire
006694: JONES, DAVID C. - Midway, Judges, and Smooth-Tongued Fakirs the Illustrated Story of Country Fairs in the Prairie West
037792: JONES, EDWARD P. - The Known World
024722: JONES, BART - Hugo! The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution
041967: JONES, TERRY - Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book
020411: DUNCAN-JONES, KATHERINE, COMP. - Shakespeare's Life and World
041142: JONES, STEPHEN (ED.) - The Mammoth Book of Dracula Ramsey Campbell · Charlaine Harris · Brian Lumley · Kim Newman · Michael Marshall Smith · F. Paul Wilson and many more
022033: JONES, BART - Hugo! The Hugo Chavez Story from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution
017922: JONES, MARY HOXIE - Swords Into Ploughshares An Account of the American Friends Service Committee 1917-1937
036562: JONES, EDWARD P. - Lost in the City Stories
042624: JONES, ROBERT T.; O.B. KEELER - Down the Fairway: The Golf Life and Play of Robert T. Jones, Jr.
043996: JONES, EDWARD P. - The Known World
034843: JORDAN, ALFRED MCKAY - The Book of the One Law
014000: JORDAN, TERRY - Beneath That Starry Place
037323: JORDAN, NEIL - A Neil Jordan Reader Night in Tunisia and Other Stories, The Dream of a Beast and The Crying Game
018729: JORDAN, BORIMIR - Servants of the Gods A Study in the Religion, History and Literature, of Fifth-century Athens
037855: JORDAN, BASS - The Future Dictionary of America A Book to Benefit Progressive Causes in the 2004 Elections
043673: JORDAN, NEIL - Shade
030982: JORDAN, MICHAEL - Witches An Encyclopedia of Paganism and Magic
017934: JORDAN, MARY V. - Survival Labour's Trials and Tribulations in Canada
041099: ST. JORRE, JOHN DE - The Good Ship: Venus Erotic Voyage of Maurice Girodias and the Olympia Press
032522: JOSE, COLIN; RANNIE, WILLIAM F. - The Story of Soccer in Canada
023780: HEATH, JOSEPH AND ANDREW POTTER - The Rebel Sell Why the Culture Can't be Jammed
042028: JOSEPHY, JR, ALVIN M. - The Nez Perce Indians And the Opening of the Northwest
039712: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M. - The Indian Heritage of America
029309: JOSEPHY, ALVIN M. - The Patriot Chiefs: A Chronicle of American Indian Resistance
037924: JOSHI, DR [NISH]; SLADE, JANE - Dr Joshi's Holistic Detox 21 Days to a Healthier Slimmer You--For Life
012653: WEDGWOOD, JOSIAH AND ETHEL WEDGWOOD - The Road to Freedom and What Lies Beyond
036389: JOUDREY, M C - Charleswood Road Stories
020015: JOVANOVIC, ROB - A Version of Reason The Search for Richey Edwards
039310: ARISTOTLE; JOWETT, BENJAMIN (TRANS.) - Politics Unabridged
042490: JOYCE, JAMES - Dubliners
038595: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
036712: JOYCE, JAMES; RUSSEL, MYRA TEICHER (ED.) - James Joyce's Chamber Music The Lost Song Settings
023220: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
028246: JOYCE, JAMES; ANDERSON, CHESTER G. [ED.] - A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man: Text, Criticism, and Notes
034974: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
042498: SCHLESINGER JR., ARTHUR M. - A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House
023244: SMITH JR., JOSEPH - The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ
040389: WAGSTAFF JR., SAMUEL S. - The Joy of Factoring
044413: GLUEK JR., ALVIN C. - Minnesota and the Manifest Destiny of the Canadian Northwest A Study in Canadian American Relations
021330: PATTERSON JR. , BRADLEY H. - The White House Staff Inside the West Wing and Beyond
020350: KWOKA, JOHN E. JR. AND LAWRENCE J. WHITE - The Antitrust Revolution Economics, Competition, and Policy
039764: JUBINVILLE, W. L.; EDMOND LAVOIE, LEO BLAIS, AND ALEXANDRE BOULET - Dédicace A la mémoire des anciens curés
044065: SABATHY-JUDD, LINDA - Moravians in Upper Canada The Diary of the Indian Mission of Fairfield on the Thames
032486: JULAVITS, HEIDI; PARK, ED; VIDA, VENDELA - The Believer: Forty-Fifth Issue: Oubliette; the 2007 Music Issue
039914: AL JUNDI, SAMI; JEN MARLOWE - The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian's Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker
043071: JUNGERSEN, CHRISTIAN - The Exception
042007: JURY, WILFRED; ELSIE, MCLEOD JURY - Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons
015123: FRIESEN, DUANE K. AND GERALD W SCHLABACH - At Peace and Unafraid Public Order, Security, And the Wisdom of the Cross
044188: MARX, K. AND F. ENGELS - The Holy Family or, Critique of Critical Critique
038445: KAFKA, FRANZ; BROD, MAX (TRANS.) - The Diaries, 1910-1923
030671: KAFKA, FRANZ - Amerika
043417: KAFKA, FRANZ - Selected Stories of Franz Kafka
019769: KAHN, ROGER - A Flame of Pure Fire Jack Dempsey and the Roaring '20s
044049: KALECKI, MICHAL - Theory of Economic Dynamics An Essay On Cyclical And Long-Run Changes In Capitalist Economy
019172: KALEN, HENRY - Henry Kalen's Winnipeg
035816: KALFUS, KEN - Pu-239 and Other Russian Fantasies
014693: KALLAY, KAROL - Fotografie = Photographs
032557: KAMENKA, E - Marxism and Ethics
040504: KAMIENSKI, JAN - 100 Cartoons
015045: VAN DER KAMP, W. - The Heart of the Matter An Approach to a Study in Scriptural Cosmology
027638: KANIUT, LARRY - Danger Stalks the Land Alaskan Tales of Death and Survival
044475: KANN, ROBERT A. - A History of the Habsburg Empire: 1526-1918
031632: KANON, JOSEPH - The Good German
018966: KANTOR, ALFRED - Book of Alfred Kantor An Artist's Journal of the Holocaust
039963: KAPLAN, JAMES - Frank The Voice
037352: KAPLAN, ROBERT D. - Balkan Ghosts A Journey Through History
036233: KAPLAN, ERIC - Does Santa Exist? A Philosophical Investigation
032164: KAPLEAU, PHILIP - The Wheel of Life and Death A Practical and Spiritual Guide
044760: KAPSALIS, TERRI - Public Privates Performing Gynecology from Both Ends of the Speculum
041704: KAPUSCINSKI, RYSZARD - The Shadow of the Sun
042514: RYSZARD KAPUSCINSKI - The Shadow of the Sun
042352: KAPUSCINSKI, RYSZARD - Travels with Herodotus
013135: KARAMESSINES, SUSAN - United States Indian Tribal Courts: A Bibliography Social Science Notes - 6
042420: MARX, KARL AND FREDERICK ENGELS - Selected Works: In One Volume Their essential thinking in philosophy, political economy, history, social change and communism.
044706: KARP, MARILYNN GELFMAN - In Flagrante Collecto: (Caught in the Act of Collecting)
043709: KARSH, YOUSUF - Regarding Heroes
043039: KARSH, EFRAIM; INARI RAUTSI - Saddam Hussein: A Political Biography
038466: KARSH, EFRAIM - Arafat's War The Man and His Battle for Israeli Conquest
043308: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh Portfolio
041110: KARSH, YOUSUF - Karsh: American Legends
027742: KARSH, EFRAIM - Islamic Imperialism : A History
034553: KASISCHKE, LAURA - The Infinitesimals
044719: KATAYAMA, LISA - Urawaza Secret Everyday Tips and Tricks from Japan
012524: GORDON, KATE WITH ROBERT MCGHEE - The Vikings and Their Predecessors
041182: KATZ, JANE - Artists in Exile American Odyssey
016624: KATZ, JACOB - Tradition and Crisis Jewish Society at the End of the Middle Ages
019015: KAUFMAN, ANDREW - The Waterproof Bible
040407: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - Rivers of Stars
036723: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - The Summer Tree The Fionavar Tapestry Book One
041213: KAY, GUY GAVRIEL - The Summer Tree
039992: KAYE, M. M. - The Far Pavilions / Shadow of the Moon Boxed Set
017039: KAZAKEVICH, E. - Spring on the Oder A Novel in Three Parts
028551: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - Christ Recrucified
041050: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - The Last Temptation
042768: KAZANTZAKIS, NIKOS - Zorba the Greek
014250: KAZECK, MELVIN E. - North Dakota A Human and Economic Geography
015661: KEALEY, GREGORY S., ED. - Class, Gender, and Region Essays in Canadian Historical Sociology
043972: KEANE, JOHN - Vaclav Havel: A Political Tragedy in Six Acts
036255: KEAR, ANDREW [CURATED]; MULTIPLE AUTHORS - Storm and Spirit: The Eckhardt-Grammatte Collection of German Expressionist Art Winnipeg Art Gallery: September 20 - December 8, 2013
016476: KECSKEMETI, PAUL; THE RAND CORPORATION - Strategic Surrender The Politics of Victory and Defeat
033723: KEENAN, JOE - Blue Heaven
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042635: LEITCH, CECIL - Golf
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024317: VAN ROON, LEN AND VERNA VAN ROON - Photos & Fragments of Charleswood History A Collection of Historic Photographs of Our Community and the Stories They Tell
035393: LENIN, V. I. - Selected Works
029217: LENIN, VLADIMIR - Lenin on War and Peace Three Articles
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009739: LENNON, JOHN - John Lennon in His Own Write
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015821: LENS, SIDNEY - The Labor Wars From the Molly Maguires to the Sitdowns
028408: LENT, JEFFREY - In the Fall: A Novel
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042403: LEONARD, LANK - Mickey Finn
041504: LEONARD, ELMORE - La Brava
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023456: LEONOFF, CYRIL EDEL - The Jewish Farmers of Western Canada
010360: LEONOFF, CYRIL EDEL - Wapella Farm Settlement (the First Successful Jewish Farm Settlement in Canada) a Pictorial History
044024: LEONTIEF, WASSILY - Input-Output Economics
039904: LEOVY, JILL - Ghettoside A True Story of Murder in America
025413: LEPORE, JILL - The Name of War King Philip's War and the Origins of American Identity
038845: LEPS, MARIE-CHRISTINE - Apprehending the Criminal: The Production of Deviance in Nineteenth Century Discourse
031803: LERNER, GERDA - Why History Matters Life and Thought
019507: LEROY, JT - The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things
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032197: LESSING, DORIS - African Laughter Four Visits to Zimbabwe
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042838: LETHEM, JONATHAN - The Fortress of Solitude
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041893: LETHEM, JONATHAN - The Ecstasy of Influence: Nonfictions, Etc.
023595: LETHEM, JONATHAN - Chronic City
012436: LETHEM, JONATHAN - Motherless Brooklyn
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040153: LETHEM, JONATHAN - The Fortress of Solitude
043101: LETHEM, JONATHAN - The Fortress of Solitude
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010673: LETOURNEAU, MARGUERITE, SUPERIEURE GENERALE - Les Soeurs Grises / the Grey Nuns Sisters of Charity of Montreal "Grey Nuns" 250 Years at the Service of the Poor
037116: LETTERS, F. J. H. - The Life and Work of Sophocles
034864: LEVI, PRIMO - Survival in Auschwitz
040070: LEVI, MARK - The Mathematical Mechanic Using Physical Reasoning to Solve Problems
037659: LEVI, PRIMO - The Monkey's Wrench
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023902: LEVI, ELIPHAS - Elementary Der Kabbala
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031841: ELISE LEVINE - Requests and Dedications
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017560: LEVINE, ALLAN - Evil of the Age The Charles St. Clair Chronicles
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016847: LEVINE, ALLAN - Sins of the Suffragette A Sam Klein Mystery
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043052: LEVITIN, DANIEL J. - The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload
039091: LEVITIN, DANIEL J. - This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession
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029786: LEWIS, C. S. - The Last Battle
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022046: LEWIS, CECIL - Sagittarius Rising
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039255: LEWIS, DAVID - The Man Who Invented Hitler The Making of the Führer
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021805: LEWIS, BERNARD - From Babel to Dragomans Interpreting the Middle East
021372: LEWIS, STEPHEN - Race Against Time Searching for Hope in AIDS-Ravaged Africa
044055: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Main Street
022350: LEWIS, MICHAEL - Boomerang Travels in the New Third World
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043773: LEWIS, C.S. - Suprised by Joy
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029787: LEWIS, C. S. - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
024946: LEWIS, J. LOWELL; ROBERT FARRIS THOMPSON [ED.] - Ring of Liberation Deceptive Discourse in Brazilian Capoeria
042745: LEWRY, PETER - I'Ve Been Everywhere: A Johnny Cash Chronicle
040701: LEXIER, MICAH - Book Sculptures
023821: LEXIER, MICAH - A Portrait of David
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028490: LI, XIAOPING - Voices Rising Asian Canadian Cultural Activism
039313: LIANG, FAMING; LIU, CHUANHAI; CARROLL, RAYMOND J. - Advanced Markov Chain Monte Carlo Methods Learning From Past Samples
043427: HENG, LIANG AND JUDITH SHAPIRO - Son of the Revolution
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033500: HERBERT STRABG'S LIBRARY - Stories from the Arabian Nights
030320: LIDE, ALICE ALISON - Yinka-Tu the Yak
026890: LIEBERMAN, JETHRO - How the Government Breaks the Law
041059: LIGHT, ALAN - Let's Go Crazy Prince and the Making of Purple Rain
038142: LIGHTMAN, ALAN - Mr G A Novel About the Creation
030430: LILLY, JOHN C. - Communication between Man and Dolphin The Possibilities of Talking with Other Species
030698: LIMA, ROBERT - Stages of Evil Occultism in Western Theater And Drama
041858: THE CANADIAN FAIRBANKS-MORSE COMPANY LIMITED - Fairbanks-Morse General Catalogue No. 36: Machinery, Tools, Supplies
042154: [MERIDEN BRITANIA CO. LIMITED] - Silver Plated Hollowware
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035847: LINCOLN, ABRAHAM - Speeches and Letters, 1832-65
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002569: LINDAL, W. J. - Two Ways of Life Freedom or Tyranny
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040865: LINDBERGH, ANNE MORROW - Gift from the Sea
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042317: LINDHOUT, AMANDA; SARA CORBETT - A House in the Sky
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037580: LINDSAY, W. M. - T. Macci Plavti [Two Vols. ] Comoediae
031334: LINDSEY, CHARLES - The Life and Times of Wm. Lyon Mackenzie [2 Volumes] With an Account of the Canadian Rebellion of 1837, and the Subsequent Frontier Disturbances, Chiefly from Unpublished Documents
034656: LINFORTH, IVAN M. - The Arts of Orhpeus
021277: LINK, KELLY, ED. - Trampoline An Anthology
031008: LINKLATER, CLIVE - Reflections from a Bookshop Window
040176: LIPSET, SEYMOUR MARTIN; MARKS, GARY - It Didn't Happen Here Why Socialism Failed in the United States
043800: LIPSTADT, DEBORAH E. - History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier
016671: LIPTZIN, SOL - Ben Hecht and Waldo Frank Flaming Wrath and Olympian Detachment
035507: LIPTZIN, SAM [TRANSLATION BY MAX ROSENFELD] - Tales of a Tailor Humor and Tragedy in the Struggles of the Early Immigrants Against the Sweatshop
023517: PADDOCK, LISA AND CARL ROLLYSON - The Brontes a to Z The Essential Reference to Their Lives and Works
029429: LISCHER, RICHARD - The Preacher King Martin Luther King Jr. And The Word That Moved America
038227: LISH, GORDON - Dear Mr. Capote
041850: LITHMAN, YNGVE GEORG - The Community Apart A Case Study of a Canadian Indian Reserve Community
023173: LITT, TOBY - Deadkidsongs
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041758: LITTLE, ADAM S. - Dogtown to Dauphin
016335: LIVELY, PENELOPE - Next to Nature, Art
039494: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Woman I Am Best loved poems from one of Canada's best loved poets
009186: LIVESAY, FLORENCE RANDAL, TRANSLATOR; LOUISA LOEB & DOROTHY LIVESAY,EDITORS - Down Singing Centuries Folk Literature of the Ukraine
010653: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Beginnings
020316: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - Right Hand Left Hand
019159: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - A Winnipeg Childhood
039430: LIVESAY, DOROTHY - The Self-Completing Tree
JA028689: LIZEE, SIMON [ED.] - A Cross in the Clearing: A History, 1903 - 1980 [A History of Annaheim and District, 1902 - 1980]
040311: LLINAS, RODOLFO R. - I of the Vortex from Neurons to Self
043560: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS - Conversation in the Cathedral
025822: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS; EDITH GROSSMAN [TRANS.] - The Feast of the Goat
021517: LLOSA, MARIO VARGAS - Making Waves Essays
030937: LLOYD, G. E. R. - Greek Science
020232: LOCKHART, R. H. BRUCE - Memoirs of a British Agent
JA031184: LOCKHART, OLIVE O. - From Golden Prairie to Silver Sea
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027235: LOCKWOOD, DOUGLAS - I, the Aboriginal
044694: LODGE, NICHOLAS; JANICE MURFITT - International School of Sugarcraft Book 1 Beginners
012203: SOVEREIGN GRAND LODGE; PREFACE BY D. D. MONROE - Charge Book of a Subordinate Lodge Under the Jurisdiction of the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellow
041216: LOEW, FRANKLIN M; EDWARD H, WOOD - Vet in the Saddle John L Poett: First Veterinary Surgeon of the North West Mounted Police
031398: LOEWEN, ROB - Cargo V: End of the Line for Cowboy Bob
006393: LOEWEN, KEN [COMPILED BY MARGARET LOEWEN REIMER] - Meditations on a Place & a Way of Life
034071: LOEWEN, ROYDEN; BETTY PLETT - Blumenort: A Mennonite Community in Transition, 1874-1982
044673: LOEWEN, HEIDI - Mennonite Is the Name... Evil and Deception Are the Game An Autobiography
040302: LOFTUS, JOHN W. - Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity
009793: LOGAN, H.A. - Trade Unions in Canada
043421: LONDON, JACK - John Barleycorn Alcoholic Memoirs
038236: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Complete Poetical Works / 5-Volume Set
041106: LONGFIELD, KEVIN - From Fire to Flood a History of Theatre in Manitoba
024812: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCÍA - Three Tragedies Blood Wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba
026564: LORCA, FEDERICO GARCÍA - Three Tragedies Blood wedding, Yerma, Bernarda Alba
043687: LORD, BARRY - The History of Painting in Canada Toward a People's Art
033411: LORD, M. G. - Astro Turf: The Private Life of Rocket Science
006370: LORIMER, JAMES - The Real World of City Politics
023754: LOSHITZKY, YOSEFA - The Radical Faces of Godard and Bertolucci
025196: LOTT, JEREMY - In Defense of Hypocrisy Picking Sides in the War on Virtue
019727: LOUGHERY, JOHN - Alias S.S. Van Dine
042587: LOVE, MIKE; JAMES S. HIRSCH - Good Vibrations: My Life As a Beach Boy
043714: LOVECRAFT, H.P. - The Lovecraft Compendum
022983: LOVECRAFT, H. P. - The Best of H.P. Lovecraft Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre
039107: LOVELL, MARY S. - The Churchills: In Love and War
034538: LOVELL, JOHN - Lovell's Montreal Street Guide
022344: LOVELOCK, JAMES - The Vanishing Face of Gaia A Final Warning
044051: LOVICK, L. D. - Tommy Douglas Speaks till power is brought to pooling
032967: LOWE, KEITH - Savage Continent Europe In The Aftermath of World War II
033663: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - Early Poems
029488: LOWERY, BOB - The Unbeatable Breed People and Events in Northern Manitoba
042753: LOWNDES, WILLIAM S. - Carpentry [Six Volumes]
024916: LOWNEY, CHRIS - A Vanished World Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Spain
038957: LOWRY, BEVERLY - Harriet Tubman Imagining a Life
034880: LOWRY, THOMAS P. - The Story the Soldiers Wouldn't Tell Sex in the Civil War
036519: LOWRY, OSCAR - Scripture Memorizing for Successful Soul-Winning
040171: LOWRY, MALCOLM - Under the Volcano
034201: LOY, KEITH - Finding Reality: Awakening to Spiritual Freedom
044113: LOY, MINA - Insel
042314: LOY, GARETH; JOHN CHOWNING [ILLUST.] - Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music [Two Volumes]
028639: LOZINSKY, JOSEPH; HEATHER A. LEIER - Mary As Mother: The Pilgrimage Shrines to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Saskatchewan: A Pictorial and Historial Approach
010947: PERCIVAL MARSHALL LTD - Ships and Ship Models
037131: [CHARIOT CYCLE LTD.] - Chariot Cycle Ltd. - 1968 Catalogue
JA028795: [COMMERICAL PRINTERS LTD.] - School Supplies, Everyday Stationary and Gift Items, Christmas Supplies for 1950
018374: [SANAVIK CO-OPERATIVE LTD.] - Baker Lake Prints/Estampes 1981
027331: MYROSLAV IVAN CARDINAL LUBACHIVSKY - Was It Really Russia That Was Christened in 988
033674: LUBBOCK, JOHN - The Choice of Books
023912: LUCAS, JAMES - Das Reich The Military Role of the 2nd SS Division
026089: LUCAS, JOHN - Thomas Beecham An Obsession With Music
038675: LIVY [TITUS LIVIUS]; LUCE, T. J. (TRANS.) - The Rise of Rome Books One to Five
037575: LUCIANA [LUCIAN]; E. C. [ED.] - Menippus Et Timon
037106: LUCRETIUS; J. D. DUFF (ED.) - T. Lucreti Cari [Lucretius]: De Rerum Natura Liber Tertius [III] Edited with Introduction, Notes and Index
037563: T. LUCRETI CARI [LUCRETIUS]; J. H. WARBURTON LEE [ED.] - De Rerum Natura, Libri I-III
034877: LUDWIG, EMIL - Napoleon
042303: LUIJPEN, WILLIAM A. - Phenemenology and Atheism
039476: BORGES, JORGE LUIS AND ADFOLFO BIOY-CASARES - Six Problems for Do Isidro Parodi
033687: LUKACS, JOHN - Churchill: Visionary. Statesman. Historian
044499: LUKACS, JOHN - Democracy and Populism Fear and Hatred
032727: LUKACS, JOHN - Five Days in London, May 1940
014383: LUMBY, JOHN R., COMPILED BY - Historic Fort William
014057: LUMSDEN, IAN G. - 20th Century British Drawings in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery
012354: LUND, FRANCESCA, COORDINATOR; INTRODUCTION BY DEBORAH MEYERS - Images & Object XIII an Exhibition of Work by British Columbia Artists May 24 - 28, 1995
042149: LUPACK, ALAN C. - Avalon to Camelot; Merlin: The Perrenial Enchanter

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