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002050: KELLEY, ROBERT - The Transatlantic Persuasion the Liberal-Democratic Mind in the Age of Gladstone
039509: KELLOUGH, KAIE - Maple Leaf Rag
006330: KELLOW, BOB - Paths to Freedom
038475: KELLY, MICHAEL - Hermeneutics and Critical Theory in Ethics and Politics
018252: KELLY, ROBERT - For Those in Peril The Life and Times of Sir William Hillary, the Founder of the R.N.L.I.
024307: KELLY, VELMA - The Village in the Valley A History of Stanley and Vicinity
027961: KELMAN, JAMES - Kieron Smith, Boy
034416: KELSEY, FRANCIS W.; ZENOS, ANDREW C. - Xenophon's Anabasis: Books I. -IV. With an Introduction, Notes and Vocabulary
038393: KELTS, ROLAND - Japanamerica How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S.
003788: COATES, KEN AND FRED MCGUINNESS - Pride of the Land an Affectionate History of Brandon's Agricultural Exhibitions
032595: KEN , ADACHI - The Enemy That Never Was: A History of the Japanese Canadians
021416: KESEY, KEN WITH KEN BABBS - Last Go Round A Real Western
031389: KENDALL, RICHARD [ED.] - Cezanne by Himself
040722: WALTER KENDRICK - The Secret Museum Pornography in Modern Culture
041678: KENDRICK, T. D - The Druids
041500: KENEALLY, THOMAS - Gossip from the Forest
010180: KENNEDY, ROBERT WOODS - The House and the Art of Its Design
012300: KENNEDY, WILLIAM SLOANE - Wonders and Curiosities of the Railway or Stories of the Locomotive in Every Land
039251: KENNEDY, WILLIAM - Legs
031300: KENNEDY, DES - Climbing Patrick's Mountain
021156: KENNEDY, WILLIAM D. - Pythian History
028643: STEWART, KENNETH AND DOUGLAS WATKINSON - Freshwater Fishes of Manitoba
034069: KENT, CICELY - Telling Fortunes by Tea Leaves How To Read Your Fate In A Teacup
038024: ARISTOTLE; KENYON, F. G. (ED.) - Aristotelis Atheniensium Respublica [the Republic of Athens]
027677: KEPPLER, VICTOR - Victor Keppler Man & Camera A photographic autobiography
030537: [VAN DE KERCKHOVE] - Van de Kerckhove Family Reunion Cookbook: July 26, 27, 28 1991
038505: KEROUAC, JACK - Lonesome Traveler
034853: KEROUAC, JACK - Doctor Sax and the Great World Snake
041418: KEROUAC, JACK - The Town and the City
041558: KEROUAC, JACK - The Portable Jack Kerouac
034066: KEROUAC, JACK - Jack Kerouac: Selected Letters
041469: KERR, PHILIP - The One from the Other: A Bernie Gunther Novel
002772: KERR, DONALD C., ED. - Westerm Canadian Politics: The Radical Tradition
041470: KERR, PHILIP - A Man without Breath: A Bernie Gunther Novel
041630: KERR, PHILIP - A Philosophical Investigation: A Novel
041471: KERR, PHILIP - A Quiet Flame
041472: KERR, PHILIP - Berlin Noir
039971: KERR, PHILIP - Field Gray A Bernie Gunther Novel
020031: KERSHAW, IAN - Hitler 1889-1936 Hubris
022609: KERSHAW, IAN - The End The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944-1945
022436: KERSHAW, IAN - Fateful Choices Ten Decisions That Changed the World, 1940-1941
041222: KERSHAW, IAN - The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944-1945
025326: KERTESZ, IMRE - Kaddish for a Child Not Born
035828: KERTZER, DAVID I. - Prisoner of the Vatican The Popes, the Kings, and Garibaldi's Rebels in the Struggle to Rule Modern Italy
040995: KESEY, KEN - Demon Box
040100: KESEY, KEN - Demon Box
007928: PITT-KETHLEY, FIONA [COLLECTED BY] - The Literary Companion to Sex an Anthology of Prose and Poetry
030182: KETTENMANN, ANDREA - Frida Kahlo 1907-1954: Pain and Passion
041060: KEUN, IRMGARD - After Midnight
017544: KHADDURI, MAJID - Republican 'Iraq A Study in 'Iraqi Politics Since the Revolution of 1958
031064: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
031433: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
030610: KHOROS, V. - Populism Its Past, Present and Future
041424: KIDD, SUE MONK - The Secret Life of Bees A Novel
034448: KIEFER, OTTO - Sexual Life in Ancient Rome Illustrated
041816: KIEFER, ANSELM - Anselm Kiefer: Venezia Contemporaneo
041533: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Crisis in the Life of an Actress and Other Essays on Drama
029326: KIERKEGAARD, SØREN - Either/or [2 Volumes]
020520: KILBOURN, WILLIAM - The Firebrand William Lyon Mackenzie and the Rebellion in Upper Canada
026974: KILDARE, KIB - Beyond the Dreams of Alice
039708: KILFORD, CHRISTOPHER R. - The Other Cold War: Canada's Military Assistance to the Developing World, 1945-1975
015455: KILLENS, JOHN OLIVER - Black Man's Burden
014701: KILLICK, ADAM - Racing the White Silence On the Trail of the Yukon Quest
032711: KILPATRICK, MELL - Car Crashes And Other Sad Stories
040190: KIMBALL, JEFFREY - Nixon's Vietnam War
032811: KIMBER, STEPHEN - Flight 111 A Year in the Life of a Tragedy
034869: KIMBERLING, BRIAN - Snapper
017535: KIMISSARJEVSKI, V. - Le Theatres de Moscou
033801: KINCAID, JAMAICA - A Small Place
028361: KINDT, MATT - Mind Mgmt Volume 2: The Futurist
023590: KING, STEPHEN - Joyland
037381: KING, JOHN - The Football Factory
040143: KING, STEPHEN - Storm of the Century
040142: KING, STEPHEN - Lisey's Story
040140: KING, STEPHEN - Hearts in Atlantis
040141: KING, STEPHEN - Just After Sunset
012586: KING, W. L. MACKENZIE - The Message of the Carillon and Other Addresses
012903: KING, W. L. MACKENZIE - Industry and Humanity a Study in the Principles Underlying Industrial Reconstruction
038826: KING, STEPHEN - Full Dark, No Stars
037378: KING, JOHN - White Trash
034091: KING, JOHN - Human Punk
035211: KING, DOROTHY N. - Santa's Merry Carnival
039362: KING, DANIEL - How Good Is Your Chess?
026345: KING, BOB - The Hat's in the Ring
036310: KING, W. L. MACKENZIE - The Message of the Carillon And Other Addresses
037527: KING, JOHN - The Prison House
024178: KING, ROSS - Leonardo and the Last Supper
039267: KING, URSULA - Christian Mystics The Spiritual Heart of the Christian Tradition
017999: KING, HERBERT R. - Following the Line of Duty The other side of the battle
041166: KING, THOMAS - Green Grass, Running Water
039468: KING, EDWARD - Vestiges of Oxford Castle or a Small Fragment of a Work, Intended to be Published Speedily; on The History of Ancient Castles; and on the Progress of Architecture
037472: KING, ALISON - Golden Wings The Story of Some of the Women Ferry Pilots of the Air Transport Auxiliary
021097: KING, STEPHEN, AND F-STOP FITZGERALD - Nightmares in the Sky Gargoyles and Grotesques
040564: KING, STEPHEN - The Waste Lands the Dark Tower Book III
030291: KINGSLEY, REBECCA - Art Nouveau Jewellery and Metalwork
034140: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - The Water-Babies A Fairy Tale for a Land-Baby
033955: KINGSLEY, HENRY - Valentin and Number Seventeen
038168: KINGSLEY, CHARLES - Westward Ho!
040411: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - The Lacuna
020762: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Prodigal Summer A Novel
035095: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - The Poisonwood Bible A novel
037234: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Small Wonder Essays
028090: KINGSOLVER, BARBARA - Flight Behavior: A Novel
034141: KINGSTON, W. H. G. - In the Wilds of Africa
034142: KINGSTON, W. H. G. - The Wanderers
039515: KINGWELL, MARK - Nothing for Granted Tales of War, Philosophy, and Why the Right was Mostly Wrong
040708: KINGWELL, MARK - Concrete Reveries Consciousness and the City
007425: KINNEAR, MARY - In Subordination Professional Women, 1870-1970
004891: KINNEAR, MARY - Margaret Mcwilliams an Interwar Feminist
013905: KINNEY, CHARLES B., JR. - Church & State the Struggle for Separation in New Hampshire 1630-1900
027724: KINSBRUNER, JAY - Independence in Spanish America: CIVIL Wars, Revolutions, and Underdevelopment (Dialogos)
031072: KINSELLA, JOHN; MOORE, THURSTON - A Remarkable Grey Horse
023939: KINSELLA, W. P - Red Wolf, Red Wolf
028813: KINSELLA, W.P. - If Wishes Were Horses A Novel
027176: KINSELLA, W.P. - Butterfly Winter
030132: KINSELLA, W.P - Dance Me Outside
023940: KINSELLA, W. P. - Miss Hobbema Pageant
023941: KINSELLA, W. P - Brother Frank's Gospel Hour Stories
032078: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Just So Stories for Little Children
036521: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Selected Prose & Poetry of Rudyard Kipling Authorized Edition
038793: KIPLING, RUDYARD - The Best Short Stories
041183: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Just So Stories
027455: KIRBY, SANDRA; KATE MCKENNA - Experience Research Social Change Methods from the Margins
032405: KIRBY, MARY-ANN - Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen Unveiling the Rituals, Traditions, and Food of the Hutterite Culture
040543: KIRK, JAMES T.; GOODMAN, DAVID A. - The Autobiography of James T. Kirk The Story of Starfleet's Greatest Captain
040640: KIRK, KENNETH E. - Some Principals of Moral Theology
035979: KIRKBY, MARY-ANN - I Am Hutterite
028615: KIRKBY, MARY-ANN - I Am Hutterite: The Fascinating True Story of a Young's Woman Journey to Reclaim Her Heritage
039490: KIRN, WALTER - Blood Will out The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade
034167: KIRSCH, JONATHAN - Harlot by the Side of the Road: Forbidden Tales of the Bible
034363: KIRSCH, JONATHAN - The Grand Inquisitor's Manual: A History of Terror in the Name of God
031322: KIRSCH, JONATHAN - The Grand Inquisitor's Manual: A History of Terror in the Name of God
010726: KIRSCHBAUM, JOSEPH M., B. HEYDENKORD, V. MAUKO, REV. P. GAIDA, EDS. - Twenty Years of the Ethnic Press Association of Ontario
021162: KIRST, HANS HELLMUT - Officer Factory
012000: WOLF, KIRSTEN AND ARNY HJALTADOTTIR, EDS. - Western Icelandic Short Stories
027439: KISSINGER, HENRY; GORDON DEAN - Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy
028325: CITY HYDRO KITCHEN - Cookie Capers Tested Recipes from City Hydro Kitchen
026785: KITCHING, LLOYD - 80 Years of Life and Laughter
041087: KITTO, F. H. - Manitoba Its Resources and Development
031422: KIVES, BARTLEY - A Daytripper's Guide to Manitoba Exploring Canada's Undiscovered Province
009862: KIZER, BENJAMIN H. - The U.S. -Canadian Northwest a Demonstration Area for International Postwar Planning and Development
041564: KLAEBER, FR. - Beowulf and the Fight at Finnsburg
027053: KLAFFKE, PAMELA - Spree A Cultural History of Shopping
012194: KLASSEN, EDWARD R., PREFACE BY - Town of Altona Millennium Diary
031968: KLASSEN, SARAH - Dangerous Elements
014461: KLEIMAN, ED - The World Beaters
031148: KLEIN, NAOMI - Fences and Windows Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate
037231: VON KLEIST, HEINRICH - Penthesilea
036588: KLICKMANN, FLORA (ED.) - The Girl's Own Annual
036589: KLICKMANN, FLORA (ED.) - The Girl's Own Annual
018201: KLIMKO, OLGA; MICHAEL TAFT - Them Days' Memories of a Prairie Valley
038918: KLINDIENST, PATRICIA - The Earth Knows My Name Food, Culture, and Sustainability in the Gardens of Ethnic America
040598: KLINE, MORRIS - Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times / 3 Volumes
040084: KLINE, CHRISTINA BAKER - Orphan Train A Novel
039592: KLINE, CHRISTINA BAKER - Orphan Train: A Novel
039118: KLIVANS, ELINOR - Cupcakes!
040317: KLOSTERMAN, CHUCK - Chuck Klosterman IV A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas
021659: KLOSTERMAN, CHUCK - Killing Yourself to Live 85% of a True Story
020732: KLOSTERMAN, CHUCK - Downtown Owl A Novel
031716: KLOSTERMAN, CHUCK - Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs A Low Culture Manifesto (Now with a New Middle)
025455: KNELMAN, JOSHUA - Hot Art Chasing Thieves and Detectives through the Secret World of Stolen Art
018825: KNICKERBOCKER, H. R. - The Siege of Alcazar A Warlog of The Spanish Revolution
040684: KNIGHT, GARETH - A Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism Vol. II: On the Paths and The Tarot
041151: KNIGHT, CHARLES (ED.) - Half Hours with the Best Authors: In Two Volumes / Vol. II. Only A New Edition, with Steel Portraits
041828: KNIGHT, EDWARD H. - Knight's American Mechanical Dictionary and Knight's New Mechanical Dictionary / 4 Volume Set
023660: KNIGHT, WILLIAM ALLEN - The Song of Our Syrian Guest
032599: KNIGHT, ARTHUR; KNIGHT, KIT [EDITORS] - Kerouac and the Beats: A Primary Sourcebook
032305: KNIGHT, MICHAEL MUHAMMAD - Blue-Eyed Devil A Road Odyssey Through Islamic America
036445: KNOWLSON, T. SHARPER - The Origins of Popular Superstitions and Customs
016574: GLATSTEIN, JACOB, ISRAEL KNOX AND SAMUEL MARGOSHES, EDS. - Anthology of Holocaust Literature
029422: KNOX, OLIVE - Red River Shadows
038241: KNOX, OLIVE - Red River Shadows
037082: KNOX, BERNARD M. W. - Oedipus at Thebes Sophocles' Tragic Hero and His Time
040234: KNUST, JENNIFER WRIGHT - Unprotected Texts The Bible's Surprising Contradictions about Sex and Desire
022900: KOCH, ERIC - Deemed Suspect A Wartime Blunder
015814: DE KOCK, VICTOR - Those in Bondage An Account of the life of the slave at the Cape in the Days of the Dutch East India Company
032767: KOESTENBAUM, WAYNE - Humiliation
034241: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Darkness at Noon A Novel
039672: KOESTLER, ARTHUR - Janus A Summing Up
028236: KOFF, CLEA - The Bone Woman: A Forensic Anthropologist's Search for Truth in the Graves of Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo
002824: KOLASKY, JOHN - The Shattered Illusion: The History of Ukrainian Pro-Communist Organizations in Canada
031166: KOLATA, GINA - Flu The Story of the Great Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and the Search for the Virus That Caused It
017858: KOLOMEYCHUK, TERRY [ED] - Donald Brittain Never The Ordinary Way
024095: KOMAR, INGRID - Living the Dream A Documentary Study of Twin Oaks Community
039144: KONIECZNY, VLADIMIR - Glenn Gould A Musical Force
035128: KONSTAN, DAVID - Roman Comedy
034455: KONSTAN, DAVID - Sexual Symmetry Love In the Ancient Novel and Related Genres
034305: KOOP, WANDA - Seeway
033870: KOPECKY, ARNO - The Devil's Curve A Journey Into Power and Profit at the Amazon's Edge
033488: KOPELOW, GERRY - All Our Changes Images from the Sixties Generation
026910: KOPLEY, RICHARD - Poe's Pym Critical Explorations
027264: KORDA, MICHAEL - Ike An American Hero
027266: KORDA, MICHAEL - With Wings Like Eagles: A History of the Battle of Britain
024604: KORDAN, BOHDAN S.; LUBOMYR Y. LUCIUK - A Delicate and Difficult Question: Documents in the History of Ukrainians in Canada, 1899-1962
039389: KORN, WALTER - The Brilliant Touch in Chess 240 Fascinating Positions Commented On By Walter Korn
038396: KOSELLECK, REINHART; KEITH TRIBE [TRANS.] - Futures Past: On the Semantics of Historical Time (Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought)
010956: KOSTELNIUK, JAMES - Wolves Among Sheep the True Story of Murder in a Jehovah's Witness Community
019885: KOTKIN, JOEL - The City a Global History
041690: KOVATS, TANIA - The Drawing Book; a Survey of Drawing: The Primary Means of Expression
031853: KOWNACKI, MARY LOU - Between Two Souls Conversations with Ryokan
024219: KOYRE, ALEXANDRE - From the Closed World to the Infinite Universe
028394: KOZLOFF, MAX - The Restless Decade: John Gutmann's Photographs of the Thirties
039055: KRAMER, SARAH - La Dolce Vegan! Vegan Livin' Made Easy
039833: KRANTZ, STEVEN G. - The Proof Is in the Pudding: The Changing Nature of Mathematical Proof
026310: KRAWCHUK, PETER; MICHAEL UKAS [TRANS.] - Reminiscences of Courage and Hope Stories of Ukrainian Canadian Women Pioneers
033926: KRIEGEL, MARK - The Good Son The Life of Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini
037893: KRISHNAMURTI, J. - The Collected Works of J. Krishnamurti [Seventeen Volumes]
027119: KRISHNAMURTI, J - Beyond Violence
013948: KROEKER, NETTIE - They Left Their Mark
022403: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Gone Indian
020303: KROETSCH, ROBERT [ED.] - Sundogs Stories from Saskatchewan
020301: KROETSCH, ROBERT - The Man from the Creeks
027512: ROBERT KROETSCH - The Studhorse Man
041537: KROETSCH, ROBERT - Alibi A Novel
037921: KROHNEN, MICHAEL - The Kitchen Chronicles 1001 Lunches with J. Krishnamurti
036919: KROLL, JOHN H. - Athenian Bronze Allotment Plates
031421: KROPOTKIN, ALEXANDRA - The Best of Russian Cooking
038892: KROPOTKIN, PETR ALEKSEEVICH - Fugitive Writings
024794: KROTZ, LARRY - Indian Country Inside Another Country
026148: KROTZ, LARRY - The Uncertain Business of Doing Good Outsiders in Africa
029240: KROTZ, LARRY - Urban Indians The Strangers in Canada's Cities
034389: KRUGER, MICHAEL - The Executor A Comedy of Letters
038591: KUBO, SAKAE - A Reader's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and a Beginner's Guide for the Translation of New Testament Greek
030036: KUCH, P. - Dief. " the Incredible Chief......... . A Quarter of a Century of Following the Right Honorable John Diefenbaker with an Editorial Cartoonist's Pen
040826: KUEHN, DAN FRANK - Mongolian Cloud Houses How to Make a Yurt and Live Comfortably
018957: KUESTER, MATHIAS F. [MANFRED V. HOPE, ED.] - Illustrated History of Baltic Germans, for Canadian Readers
040554: KUHN, THOMAS S. - The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
037935: KUKLA, ANDRE - Mental Traps The Overthinker's Guide to a Happier Life
022187: KEEFER, JANICE KULYK AND SOLOMEA PAVLYCHKO, EDS - Two Lands, New Visions Stories from Canada and Ukraine
029178: KUNDERA, MILAN - Life Is Elsewhere A Novel
024333: KUNDERA, MILAN - The Farewell Party
030759: KUNDERA, MILAN - Immortality
036242: KUNDERA, MILAN; PETER KUSSI [TRANS.] - Immortality
041309: KUNDERA, MILAN - The Book of Laughter and Forgetting
038200: KUNDERA, MILAN - Testaments Betrayed: An Essay in Nine Parts
036241: KUNDERA, MILAN - Slowness
041065: KUNDERA, MILAN - Ignorance A Novel
038979: KUNDERA, MILAN - Immortality
026997: WILLIAM KUNSTLER - Politics on Trial Five Famous Trials of the 20th Century
018746: KUNTZ, MARY - Narrative Setting and Dramatic Poetry
028222: KURKOV, ANDREAEI - Death and the Penguin
019469: KURLANSKY, MARK - The Last Fish Tale The Fate of the Atlantic and Survival in Gloucester, America's Oldest fishing Port and Most Original Town
038644: KURLANSKY, MARK - 1968 The Year That Rocked the World
024345: KURLANSKY, MARK. - Choice Cuts A Savory Selection of Food Writing from Around the World and Throughout History
021819: KURLANSKY, MARK - Boogaloo on Second Avenue A Novel of Pastry, Guilt, and Music
041839: KURNIAWAN, EKA - Beauty Is a Wound
015562: KURUP, K. K. N. - The Cult of Teyyam and Hero Worship in Kerala
034882: KURZWEIL, RAY - The Age of Spiritual Machines When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
039956: KUSHNER, HAROLD S. - Living a Life That Matters
034852: KUSHNER, TONY - Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes Part One: Millennium Approaches
036823: KUZ, TONY J. - Winnipeg 1874-1974 Progress and Prospects
023652: JOSEF ŠKVORECKÝ - Dvorak in Love A Light-Hearted Dream
020306: KWA, LYDIA - This Place Called Absence A Novel
027454: KYI, AUNG SAN SUU; ALAN CLEMENTS - The Voice of Hope
039184: BRAVO, KYLE AND JENNY LEBLANC - Making Stuff & Doing Things A Collection of DIY Guides to Doing Just About Everything
010932: WITTER, DONALD L. AND WILBERT G. WELBY - Proceedings of the Supreme Council of the Thirty-Third Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
015853: WAUGH, SCOTT L. AND PETER D. DIEHL, EDS. - Christendom and Its Discontents Exclusion, Persecution, and Rebellion, 1000-1500
041857: RICH, E. E. [EDITED BY]; JOHNSON, A. M. [ASSISTED BY]; MORTON, W. L. [WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY] - Eden Colvile's Letters, 1849-52 London Correspondence Inward from Eden Colvile, 1849–1852
041038: LABOCCETTA, MARIO [ILLUST.] - Tales of Hoffmann
011629: LABOSSIERE, GERALD - Joseph 'Pit' Dion Des Bois-Francs...... a la Montagne Pembina
024340: LABRECQUE, CLAUDE X. - A Terrorist Remembers
031252: LABRIOLA, ALBERT C. - Milton Studies XLIX [49]
022002: LABRUCE, BRUCE - The Reluctant Pornographer
025743: LACEY, ROBERT - Sotheby's Bidding for Class
040402: LACLOS, PIERRE CHODERLOS DE - Dangerous Liaisons
040530: PIERRE CHADERLOS DE LACLOS - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
040828: LACOUTURE, JEAN - De Gaulle The Rebel, 1890-1944
037647: LAERTII, DIOGENIS; H.S. LONG [ED.] - Vitae Philosophorvm
031594: LAFFIN, JOHN - The French Foreign Legion
029941: LAGASSE, EMERIL - Emeril's Potluck Comfort Food with a Kicked-Up Attitude
038280: LAGERCRANTZ, DAVID; GOULDING, GEORGE (TRANS.) - The Girl in the Spider's Web A Lisbeth Salander Novel
025541: LAGERLOF, SELMA - The Wonderful Adventures of Nils
037828: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - The Lowland A Novel
028175: LAHIRI, JHUMPA - The Namesake A Novel
040249: JHUMPA LAHIRI - The Namesake
026318: [TOWN OF BLAINE LAKE AND RURAL MUNICIPALITY OF BLAINE LAKE #434] - Bridging the Years Era Of Blaine Lake And District; 1790 -1980
037302: LAKE, JAY - Greetings from Lake Wu
024770: LAKE, KIRK - There Will Be Rainbows: A Biography of Rufus Wawinwright
041526: LAKE, KIRSOPP (TRANS.) - The Apostolic Fathers. Vol. 1. I Clement, II Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp , Didache, Barnabas
033855: LALOR, GEORGE - The Foot of the River
031638: LAM, VINCENT - The Headmaster's Wager
034378: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures Stories
024682: LAM, VINCENT - Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures Stories
016709: LAMARTINE, A. DE / ALEXANDRE DUMAS / ANNETTE MARIE MAILLARD - The Wanderer and His Home / with / George; or, the Planter of the Isle of France / and / Zingra, the Gipsy Three complete books, bound in one
030413: LAMARTINE, A. DE - Jocelyn Journal Trouve Chez un Cure de Village
027509: LAMB, CHARLES - Elia of Elia and Eliana / 2 Volume Set
038059: LAMB, CHARLES [GEORGE E. WOODBERRY INTRO. ] - The Essays of Elia & the Last Essays of Elia
027250: LAMB, GREGOR - The Place-Names of South Ronaldsay & Burray
025342: LAMB, JAMES B. - In Love and War The Delanceys at Waterloo
023861: LAMB, WALLY - The Hour I First Believed: A Novel
040520: LAMBEK, JOACHIM - Lectures on Rings and Modules
035916: LAMEY, ANDY - Frontier Justice The Global Refugee Crisis and What To Do About It
032567: LAMOTT, ANNE - All New People
031091: LANCHESTER, JOHN - The Debt to Pleassure
034884: LANDER, CHRISTIAN - Stuff White People Like A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions
038137: LANDIS, PAUL - Four Famous Greek Plays The Medea of Euripides / The Oedipus Rex of Sophocles / The Frogs of Aristophanes / The Agamemnon of Aeschylus
016422: LANDSBERGER, HENRY A., ED. - Rural Protest: Peasant Movements and Social Change
034133: LANDY, EUGENE E. - The Underground Dictionary
028172: LANE, HARRIET - Alys, Always A Novel
038102: LANE, PATRICK - There Is a Season A Memoir
027036: LANE, ROBERT E. - Political Ideology
039599: LANEY, MARTI OLSEN - The Introvert Advantage How to Thrive in an Extrovert World
033236: LANG, ANDREW - The Olive Fairy Book
027031: LANG, ANDREW - The Blue Fairy Book
040974: LANG, ANDREW - Oxford: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes
040585: [ANONYMOUS]; LANG, ANDREW (TRANS.) - Aucassin and Nicolete
037926: LANGDON, JOHN E. - Clock & Watchmakers in Canada: 1700 to 1900
018264: LANGDON, JOHN EMERSON - Canadian Silversmiths and Their Marks 1667 - 1867
030177: LANGER, WALTER C. - The Mind of Adolf Hitler: The Secret Wartime Report
036473: LANGER, ADAM - Crossing California
024971: LANGER, LANGER L. - The Game Continues Chess in the Art of Samuel Bak
039989: LANGFORD, MARTHA - Suspended Conversations The Afterlife of Memory in Photographic Albums
041439: LANGLEY, NOEL - Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation Fully Documented Case Histories of Rebirth That Can Help You Achieve the Potential of Your Inner Self
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034538: LOVELL, JOHN - Lovell's Montreal Street Guide
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041561: LOWIE, ROBERT H. - The Crow Indians
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JA028638: MATEJKO, JOANNA; WALTER ZIENTARSKI - Polish Settlers in Alberta: Reminiscences and Biographies (Polacy W Albercie: Wspomnienia I Zyciorsy)
020393: MATHERS, POWYS, TRANS. [FROM THE MARDRUS TRANSLATION] - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night / 4 Volumes
036591: MATHERS, E. POWYS - The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night / 8 Volumes
018067: MATHESON, ROBERT - The Philosophy of All Possible Revelation A moral essay and Weltanschauug by the renowned thinker of the Victorian Age
024828: MATHESON, JACK - Blue Bombers: 60 Years and Running 1930 - 1990
033666: MATHEWS, JOANNA H. - The Girls of Glenwood Or Belle's Pink Boots
040572: MATHEWS, G.B. - Theory of Numbers
019066: MATHEWS, TIMOTHY - Reading Apollinaire Theories of Poetic Language
012152: MATSUMURA, FUMIO - Toxicology of Insecticides
034003: CATHERINE MATTES - Lita Fontaine: Without Reservation
027942: MATTES, CATHERINE [CURATOR] - Rielisms: Metis Man or Canadian Icon: Who Owns Louis Riel?
035470: FOX, MATTHEW AND RUPERT SHELDRAKE - Natural Grace Dialogues on creation, darkness, and the soul in spirituality and science
029023: MATTHEWS, JOHN - At the Table of the Grail Magic and the Use of Imagination
006148: MATTHEWS, RALPH - There's No Better Place Than Here" Social Change in Three Newfoundland Communities
018104: MATTHEWS, J. W. - Incwadi Yami Or, Twenty Years' Personal Experience in South Africa
005964: MATTHEWS, RODNEY - In Search of Forever
036718: MATTHEWS, JOHN; STEWART, BOB - Legends of King Arthur & His Warriors
030826: MATTISON, ALICE - The Book Borrower A Novel
041371: MATURIN, CHARLES - Melmoth the Wanderer
028706: MAUCHEL, ELIZABETH A.; MAUDE E. STEELE - Santa and the Little Green Men: A Christmas Fantasy in Three Acts (Performing Time - About 45 Minutes)
013123: MAUD, CONSTANCE ELIZABETH - Felicity in France
025768: MAUGER, BENIG - Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth Healing for Mothers and Babies
040274: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - The Narrow Corner
040452: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Then and Now A Novel of the Renaissance
039280: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Then and Now A Novel
040913: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - East and West: A Collection of the Finest Short Stories of W. Somerset Maugham
033581: MAULDIN, BILL - Up Front
017432: MAUNDER, SAMUEL - The Treasury of Natural History Or, A Popular Dictionary of Animated Nature
017328: DE MAUPASSANT, GUY - Une Vie
033412: MAUPIN, ARMISTEAD - More Tales of the City
014442: MAURICE, FREDERICK DENISON - The Religions of the World and Their Relations to Christianity Considered in Eight Lectures Founded by the Right Hon. Robert Boyle
022416: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Peter Ibbetson
033209: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Rule Britannia A Novel
038723: DU MAURIER, DAPHNE - Rebecca
022414: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - The Martian
022415: DU MAURIER, GEORGE - Trilby
019705: MAURO, JAMES - Twilight at the World of Tomorrow Genius, Madness, Murder, and the 1939 World's Fair on the Brink of War
037850: MAVRODIN, VALENTIN VLADIMIROVICH - Fine Arms from Tula: Firearms and Edged Weapons in the Hermitage, Leningrad
041337: MAWDSLEY, EVAN - Russian CIVIL War
034361: MAY, SIMON - Love: A History
040016: MAY, ELIZABETH - Who We Are: Reflecting on My Life and Canada
040308: MAY, KENNETH O. [ED.] - The Mathematical Association of America: Its First Fifty Years
017971: MAY, LOUISE W. - The Feminist Reconstruction of Space
020991: MAYBA, I.I.; COOKE, R.L. - The Manitoba Clinic, 1946-1996 50 Years
026351: MAYBERRY, BILL - Allen Sapp: The Early Years Important Works from the 60's and 70's
028191: MAYCOCK, ROBERT - Glass a Portrait
017975: MAYER, JEAN [ED.] - Bringing Jobs to People Employment Promotion at Regional and Local Levels
026046: MAYHEW, HENRY; CHRISTOPHER HIBBERT [INTRO.] - London Characters and Crooks
022986: MAYOR, CHANDRA - All the Pretty Girls
035044: MAZA, FRANCISCO DE LA - La Mitología CLásica En El Arte Colonial de México
037601: MAZIGH, MONIA - Hope and Despair My Struggle to Free My Husband, Maher Arar
040465: MAZOWER, MARK - Salonica, City of Ghosts Christians, Muslims And Jews, 1430-1950
006807: MAZURKEWICH, KAREN - Cartoon Capers the History of Canadian Animators
024469: MCCAFFERY, LARRY - Storming the Reality Studio A Casebook of Cyberpunk and Postmodern Fiction
018228: MCCAFFREY, ANNE - Dragondrums
011743: MCCAFFREY, TODD, J. - Dragonholder
035793: MCCALL, GERRIE - Surviving Extreme Weather
038105: MCCALLUM, MARY JANE LOGAN - Indigenous Women, Work, and History 1940-1980
026599: MCCALMAN, IAIN - The Last Alchemist Count Cagliostro, Master of Magic in the Age of Reason
033392: MCCAMLEY, MICHAEL - Gluten Free Baking Just as delicious--just as easy
021718: MCCANN, GRAHAM - Cary Grant A Class Apart

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