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032623: LI DONG - Tuttle English-Chinese Dictionary
037806: DONLEAVY, J. P. - The Ginger Man
020238: DONNE, JOHN - No Man Is an Island A Selection from the Prose of John Donne
039040: DONNE, JOHN; FAUSSET, HUGH L'ANSON (ED.) - John Donne's Poems Edited with an Introduction by Hugh l'Anson Fausset
039332: O'DONNELL, JAMES P. - The Bunker The History of the Reich Chancellery Group
038355: O'DONNELL, PIERCE - In Time of War: Hitler's Terrorist Attack on America
002950: DONNELLY, MURRAY - Dafoe of the Free Press
041356: DONOGHUE, EMMA - The Wonder
040606: DONOGHUE, EMMA - Astray
025175: DORFMAN, EUGENE - The Narreme in the Medieval Romance Epic An Introduction to Narrative Structures
016928: HEYDEN, DORIS AND PAUL GENDROP - Pre-Columbian Architecture of Mesoamerica
037249: DORKIN, EVAN - The Collected Dork, Volume 2: Circling the Drain
041331: DOROSHENKO, DMYTRO; OLEH GERUS - A Survey of Ukrainian History
019217: DORRIEN, GARY J. - Reconstructing the Common Good Theology and the Social Order
035436: DORSON, RICHARD M. - Peasant Customs and Savage Myths (2 Volumes) Selections from the British Folklorists
039948: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR - The Idiot
041306: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODOR - The Insulted and Injured
035833: KAZULAK, DOUG AND PEGGY KAZULAK - Wild Game Cookbook Over 100 Recipes For Serving Up Delicious Wild Game
035202: DOUGLAS, WILLIAM - The Story of Number Four Being a brief summary of the happenings in St. John's Lodge 1874 to 1950
011394: DOWN, SISTER MARY MARGARET - A Century of Service 1858-1958 a History of the Sisters of Sain Ann and Their Contribution to Education in British Columbia,
028100: DOWNER, LESLEY - At the Japanese Table
041680: DOWNER, LESLEY - Geisha
041670: DOWNER, LESLIE - Women of the Pleasure Quarters: The Secret History of the Geisha
028558: DOWNIE, GLEN - Desire Lines
026379: DOWNIE, GLEN - Heartland
026185: DOWNIE, GLEN - Angel of Irrational Numbers
024508: DOWNIE, GLEN - An X-Ray of Longing
020417: DOWNING, DAVID - Sealing Their Fate The Twenty-two Days That Decided World War II
039960: CONAN DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR - The Valley of Fear A Sherlock Holmes Novel
041621: CONAN DOYLE, AURTHUR - Songs of the Road
022005: DOYLE, RODDY - Oh, Play That Thing Volume Two of the Last Roundup
040864: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Lost World: Being an Account of the Recent Amazing Adventures of Professor George E. Challenger, Lord John Roxton, Professor Summerlee, and Mr. E.D. Malone of the Daily Gazette
041191: DOYLE, RODDY - Oh, Play That Thing Volume Two of The Last Roundup
033045: DOYLE, LARRY - I Love You, Beth Cooper A Novel
033897: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The History of Spiritualism
031851: DOYLE, RODDY - Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha
032579: DOYLE, RODDY - A Star Called Henry
035006: DRACHMANN, A. G. - The Mechanical Technology of Greek and Roman Antiquity A Study of the Literary Sources
019188: DRAGNIC, NATASA - Every Day, Every Hour
035619: DREISER, THEODORE - An American Tragedy (Two Volumes)
027995: DRESSEL, HOLLY; DAVID SUZUKI - From Naked Ape to Super Species: A Personal Perspective on Humanity and the Global Ecocrisis
022751: FRIEDMAN, DREW AND JOSH A. FRIEDMAN - Any Similarity to Persons Living or Dead Is Purely Coincidental An Anthology of comics: 1979-1985
033436: DRIEDGER, LEO - At the Forks Mennonites in Winnipeg
035585: DRIMMER, FREDERICK - Until You Are Dead The Book of Executions in America
021791: DRIMMER, FREDERICK - Until You Are Dead The Book of Executions in America
021422: DRIMMER, FREDERICK - Body Snatchers, Stiffs and Other Ghoulish Delights
019266: DRIVER, TOM F. - Liberating Rites Understanding the Transformative Power of Ritual
016716: DROUET, JULIETTE [LOUIS GIMBAUD, ED.] - The Love Letters of Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo
034130: DRURY, ANNA H. - In the Enemy's Country or the Raven of Steinbrück A Story of 1813
033932: DRURY, ALLEN - A God Against the Gods
021057: DRYBROUGH, T. B. - Polo
037620: VIRGIL; DRYDEN, JOHN (TRANS.) - The Works of Virgil
017216: DUBE, WOLF-DEITER - Expressionists and Expressionism
020201: DUBE, PAULETTE - Talon
007203: DUBOIS, JOHN E. [PREPARED BY] - The Sandhills of Carberry
040618: DUBOIS, DOUG - All the Days and Nights
023727: DUBUS, ANDRE - The Last Worthless Evening Four Novellas & Two Stories
040146: VIOLLET-LE-DUC; M. MACDERMOTT [TRANS.] - An Essay on the Military Architecture of the Middle Ages Translated from the French of E. Viollet-Le-Duc
011980: CANADIAN PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW; FRANCOIS DUCHESNEAU AND JOHN WOODS, EDS. - Dialogue Canadian Philosophical Review - Revue Canadienne de Philosophie
011981: CANADIAN PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW; FRANCOIS DUCHESNEAU AND JOHN WOODS, EDS. - Dialogue Canadian Philosophical Review - Revue Canadienne de Philosophie Vol. XIV - 1975 - No. 3
011982: CANADIAN PHILOSOPHICAL REVIEW; FRANCOIS DUCHESNEAU AND JOHN WOODS, EDS. - Dialogue Canadian Philosophical Review - Revue Canadienne de Philosophie Vol. XIV - 1975 - No. 2
004897: DUCKWORTH, HENRY E. - One Version of the Facts My Life in the Ivory Tower
027121: DUDECK, MICHAEL - Parthenogenesis
027997: DUDGEON, PIERS - Neverland: J.M. Barrie, the Dumauriers, and the Dark Side of Peter Pan
035421: LUCAN [J. D. DUFF, TRANS.] - The CIVIL War Books I-X
037105: LUCRETIUS (T. LUCRETI CARI); DUFF, J. D. (ED.) - De Rerum Natura - Liber Primus
037104: LUCRETIUS [TITUS LUCRETIUS CARUS]; DUFF, J. D. (ED.) - T. Lucreti Cari: De Rerum Natura, Liber Quintus (V) Edited with Introduction and Notes
038311: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Forty-Five Guardsmen
038309: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Le Chevalier de Maison Rouge
039918: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Twenty Years After
038295: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Marguerite de Valois
034375: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Man in the Iron Mask
039917: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Vicomte de Braglonne
038294: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Countess de Charny
034380: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE; COWARD, DAVID (ED.) - Twenty Years After
038306: DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - The Three Musketeers (2 Volumes)
031951: DUNCAN, BILL - The Smiling School for Calvinists
029212: DUNCAN, RONALD - Gandhi Selected Writings
027517: DUNCAN, HAL G. - The South-West Corner
020202: DUNCAN, HELEN - Kate Rice Prospector
026359: DUNDES, ALAN [ED.] - Cinderella a Casebook
019794: DUNMORE, HELEN - With Your Crooked Heart
040423: DUNMORE, HELEN - The Lie
014127: DUNN, CHARLES W. - The Foundling and the Werwolf a Literary - Historical Study of Guillaume de Palerne
041413: DUNN, KATHERINE - Geek Love
038515: DOMINICK DUNNE - Another City, Not My Own: A Novel in the Form of a Memoir
008710: DUNTON, A. DAVIDSON, ET AL. - Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Book III the Work World
039602: DUNTON, JAMES G. - A Maid and a Million Men The Candid Confessions of Leona Canwick. Censored Indiscreetly
008711: DUNTON, A. DAVIDSON, ET AL. - Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism Book IV the Cultural Contribution of the Other Ethnic Groups
014866: DURANT, RICHARD - Totality - Man
040574: DURANT, WILL; ARIEL DURANT - The Lessons of History
033251: DURAS, MARGUERITE - India Song
041674: DURAS, MARGUERITE - North China Lover
040877: [DÜRER, ALBRECHT] - Dürer: Und Seine Zeit
017945: DURNBAUGH, DONALD F. [ED.] - On Earth Peace Discussions on War/Peace Issues Between Friends, Mennonites, Brethren and European Churches 1935-1975
041511: DURRELL, LAWRENCE - The Alexandria Quartet [Four Volumes] Justine; Balthazar; Mountolive; Clea
041642: DURSCHMIED, ERIK - The Hinge Factor
032470: DURWOOD, THOMAS (ED.) - Ariel the Book of Fantasy Volume 4
032471: DURWOOD, THOMAS (ED.) - Ariel: The Book of Fantasy Volume Three
014665: DUSSAUD, RENE - Les Decouvertes de Ras Shambra (Ugarit) Et L'Ancien Testament
012749: DUSZA, EDWARD - Poets of Warsaw Aflame
032008: DUVAL, PAUL - Ken Danby The New Decade
041109: DUVAL, PAUL - Ken Danby
018094: DUVAL, PAUL - Leo Mol
041312: DWORK, DEBORAH; ROBERT, JAN VAN PELT - Flight from the Reich: Refugee Jews, 1933-1946
040526: DWYER, SIMON - Rapid Eye
040527: DWYER, SIMON - Rapid Eye 2
039901: DWYER, PHILIP - Napoleon The Path to Power
014280: DYCE, ALEXANDER - A General Glossary to Shakespeare's Works
019092: DYCK, ELMER [ED.] - The Act of Bible Reading A Multidisciplinary Approach to Biblical Interpretation
011580: DYCK, BETTY - Hugging the Meridian Macdonald: A Manitoba Municipal History (1881-1981)
JA030541: DYCK, IAN G.; HENRY T. EPP [ED.]; JAMES S. WILSON [ED.]; GEORGEAN C. SHORT [ED.] - The Oxbow Settlement Types in Central Saskatchewan
027041: DYER, GWYNNE - The Mess They Made The Middle East After Iraq
032910: DYJA, THOMAS - The Third Coast When Chicago Built the American Dream
041369: DYLAN, BOB - Chronicles: Volume One
029988: L'AMI, C. E. AND ALEXANDER WELIKOTNY - Michael Lermontov
011242: MOORE, DOROTHY E. AND JAMES H. MORRISON, EDS. - Work, Ethnicity, and Oral History
011615: JACKSON CHRISTOPHER E. - With Lens and Brush Images of the Western Canadian Landscape 1845-1890
013018: FORESTER, JOSEPH E. AND ANNE D. FORESTER - Silver Fox Odyssey History of the Canadian Silver Fox Industry
036840: SMITH, R. E. AND W. MICHALYNA - Soils of the Morden-Winkler Area
017564: BURGER, ALAN E. AND TRUDY A. CHATWIN [EDS.] - Mulit-Scale Studies of Populations, Distributions and Habitat Associations of Marbled Murrelets in Clayquot Sound, British Columbia
035638: SPAULDING, FRANK E. AND CATHERINE T. BRYCE - Aldine Readers Book Two
018481: COLLIAS, NICHOLAS E. AND ELSIE C. COLLIAS - Nest Building and Bird Behavior
040505: KAUFMANN, J. E. AND H. W. KAUFMANN - The Medieval Fortress Castles, Forts and Walled Cities of the Middle Ages
040485: ROWE, DAVID E. WITH JOHN MCCLEARY (EDS.) - The History of Modern Mathematics / 2 Volumes Volume 1: Ideas and Theirs Receptions & Volume 2: Institutions and Applications
034845: BUTLER, H. E. AND M. CARY - C. Svetoni Tranqvilli Divvs Ivlivs
019818: ERED, E. AND CH. YANIV, N. MAY-TAL, EDS. - Israel at War June 5 - 10, 1967 A Pictorial Record
036328: EADIE, J. W. - The Brevarium of Festus A Critical Edition with Historical Commentary
036644: EAGLE, BROOKE MEDICINE - Buffalo Woman Comes Singing The Spirit Song of a Rainbow Medicine Woman
028515: EAGLETON, TERRY - The Gatekeeper A Memoir
027876: [WILLIAM EAKIN] - William Eakin
029471: EAKIN, WILLIAM - Ordinary Art
011952: EAKIN, WILLIAM - Baker Lake Prints / Estampes 1983-1984
013460: EARL, DAVID W. L., ED. - Issues in Canadian History the Family Compact: Aristocracy or Oligarchy?
004796: EARL, PAUL D. - Mac Runciman A Life in the Grain Trade
011692: EARL, MAJORIE - Torch on the Prairies A Portrait of Journalism in Manitoba 1859-1988
037996: EARLY, JOE - Ash Can
039537: EARMAN, JOHN - Bayes or Bust? A Critical Examination of Bayesian Confirmation Theory
031992: EASON, ANDREW MARK - Women in God's Army Gender and Equality in the Early Salvation Army
003667: [CALEDON EAST AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY] - Settling the Hills Historical Reflections Caledon East and District
035773: EASTERBROOK, GREGG - The Progress Paradox How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse
038961: EATON, JIL - Minnowknits, Too More Uncommon Knits for Kids, Big & Small
025569: EBBUTT, M.I. - British Myths and Legends
028182: ECHARD, WILLIAM - Neil Young and the Poetics of Energy
015243: ECK, DR. NATHAN [ED.] - Yad Vashem Bulletin No.15, August 1964
032060: ECK, DIANA L. - Encountering God A Spiritual Journey from Bozeman to Banaras
028337: ECKHARDT, FERDINAND, INTRO. - Ivan Eyre Recent Paintings and Sculpture
031491: ECKHARDT, FERDINAND - Ein Wiener Graphiker (1876-1952)
039489: ECO, UMBERTO - The Name of the Rose
030441: NAIPAUL, V. S. [PANKAJ MISHRA, ED. AND INTRO.] - The Writer and the World Essays
037768: VIRGIL [T.E. PAGE ED.] - The Aeneid of Virgil (Books I-XII, in Two Volumes)
037769: PROPERTIUS [J.P. POSTGATE ED.] - Select Elegies
002055: HANLY, CHARLES, ED. AND INTRO. - Revolution and Response
004822: MARTIN, PAUL [WILLIAM R YOUNG, ED. AND INTRO.] - The London Diaries 1975-1979
014786: SURRENE, J.T. ED. AND ARRANGED BY - The Dance Music of Scotland A Collection of all the Best Reels and Strathspeys Both of the Highlands and Lowlands for the Pianoforte
037973: PLATO [M.T. TATHAM ED.] - Plato's Laches
041560: PLATO: LOUISE LOOMIS [ED.]; B. JOWETT [TRANS.] - Five Great Dialogues Apology / Crito / Phaedo / Symposium / Republic
001894: MINCHINTON, WALTER E., ED. AND INTRO. - Mercantilism System or Expediency?
022781: GROENING, MATT (ED.) AND PAUL BRESNICK (ED.) - Best Music Writing The Year's Finest Writing on Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, & More
037767: VIRGIL [R.D. WLLIAMS ED.] - The Aeneid of Virgil / Books I-XII (Two Volumes)
039996: CAMPBELL, RAMSEY, ED. AND INTRO. - New Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos
037785: [CICERO] M. TULLI CICERONIS [W. PETERSON ED.] - Pro A. Cluentio Oratio
037784: EURIPIDES [C. S. JERRAM ED.] - Iphigenia in Tauris
037783: EURIPIDES [A. M. DALE ED.] - Helen
037972: AESCHYLUS [A. SIDGWICK ED.] - Persae
025795: HARVEY J. KAYE [ED.]; KEITH MCCLELLAND [ED.] - E.P. Thompson: Critical Perspectives
019651: WHELAN, ED AND PEMROSE - Touched by Tommy Stories of Hope and Humor About Canada's Most Loved Politcal Leader; T.C. Douglas
038462: SCHOPENHAUER [IRWIN EDMAN ED.] - The Philosophy of Schopenhauer
017715: LINDSAY, DEBRA [ED. AND INTRO] - The Modern Beginnings of Subarctic Orntihology Northern Correspondence with the Smithsonian Institution, 1856-68
028822: KROPOTKIN, PETER [COLIN WARD, ED. AND INTRO.] - Memoirs of a Revolutionist
020368: EDDIE, DAVID - Housebroken Confessions Of A Stay-At-Home Dad
030047: EDDY, MARY BAKER - Science and Health With Key to the Scriptures
020596: EDDY, MARY BAKER - Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
039809: EDEN, ROB - The Girl with the Red Hair
036660: EDGAR, MARY S. - Wood-Fire and Candle-Light
041354: EDGAR, MARY S. - Under Open Skies
034692: EDGERTON, ROBERT B. - Like Lions They Fought The Zulu War and the Last Black Empire in South Africa
015299: CASE, JAMES ROYAL, EDITED AND COMPILE BY - A History of Ancient the Accepted Scottish Rite in Connecticut
039673: WADDINGTON, MIRIAM [EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RUTH PANOFSKY] - The Collected Poems of Miriam Waddington / Two Volumes A Critical Edition
030518: ROPER, WILLIAM [SELECTED, EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY A. L. ROWSE] - A Man of Singular Virtue being A Life of Sir Thomas More by his son-in-law William Roper and a selection of More's Letters
036516: FREUD, SIGMUND [EDITED AND WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DR. A. A. BRILL] - The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud Psychopathology of Everyday Life; The Interpretation of Dreams; Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex; Wit and Its Relation to the Unconscious; Totem and Taboo; The History of the Psychoanalytic Movement
039315: EINSTEIN, ALBERT [EDITED AND INTRODUCED BY JOHN STACHEL] - Einstein's Miraculous Year Five Papers That Changed the Face of Physics
039279: WIGGINTON, ELIOT [EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY] - Foxfire 3 Animal Care, Banjos and Dulcimers, Hide Tanning, Summer and Fall Wild Plant Foods, Butter Churns, Ginseng, and Still More Affairs of Plain Living.
040972: WHITE, GILBERT [EDITED WITH NOTES BY GRANT ALLEN] - The Natural History of Selborne
036105: WIGGINTON, ELIOT [EDITED WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY] - Foxfire 2 Ghost Stories, Spring Wild Plant Foods, Spinning and Weaving, Midwifing, Burial Customs, Corn Shuckin's, Wagon Making and More Affairs of Plain Living.
035513: EDMONDS, J. M. (ED.) - Lyra Graeca, Volume II Being the Remains of All the Greek Lyric Poets from Eumelus to Timotheus Excepting Pindar
019608: EDMUNDS, L. FRANCIS - Quest for Meaning
038766: EDSEL, ROBERT M.; WITTER, BRET - The Monuments Men
028775: [DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, PROVINCE OF SASKATCHEWAN] - Music and You: 1953 - 1954 Student Booklet For The Saskatchewan School Broadcast Series
026810: EDUGYAN, ESI - Half-Blood Blues
039872: EDUGYAN, ESI - Half-Blood Blues
039491: WINTERHALDER, EDWARD AND WIL DE CLERCQ - The Assimilation Rock Machine Become Bandidos - Bikers United Against the Hells Angels
039801: NICKENS, T. EDWARD [AND THE EDITORS OF FIELD & STREAM] - The Total Outdoorsman Manual: Updated & Expanded 408 Skills Including New Tips from 10 Years of the Total Outdoorsman Challenge
017736: EDWARDS, CATHERINE [ED.] - Roman Presences Receptions of Rome in European Culture, 1789-1945
006622: EDWARDS, JOHN A.M. - Andrew Baird of Manitoba College
017430: EDWARDS, CHARLES, ED. - Payne's Universum, or Pictorial World / 3 Volumes Being a Collection of Engravings of Views in all Countries...
029811: EDWARDS, RALPH - The Trail to the Charmed Land
030827: EDWARDS, KIM - The Memory Keeper's Daughter A Novel
041179: EDWARDS, STEVEN - Photography A Very Short Introduction
038683: EDWARDS, PETER - One Dead Indian The Premier, the Police, and the Ipperwash Crisis
031081: DAVE EGGERS - You Shall Know Our Velocity
027602: EGGERS, DAVE - Mcsweeney's at War for the Foreseeable Future and He's Never Been So Scared (Quarterly Concern Issue 14)
032203: EGGERS, DAVE - A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
039203: YERSHOV, EGOR AND KSENIA YERSHOVA (DRAWERS) - The Fire-Bird Russian Fairy-Tales
036447: EHRENREICH, BARBARA - Bait and Switch The (Futile) Pursuit of the American Dream
036842: EHRLICH, W. A.; E. A. POYSER, L. E. PRATT, AND J. H. ELLIS - Report of Reconnaissance Soil Survey of Winnipeg and Morris Map Sheet Areas
024368: EHRLICH, EUGENE H - The Highly Selective Thesaurus for the Extraordinarily Literate
039150: EHRLICH, PAUL R. - Human Natures Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect
019264: EHRMAN, BART D - God's Problem How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question - Why We Suffer
037546: EIGENBROD, RENATE - Travelling Knowledges Positioning the IM/Migrant Reader of Aboriginal Literatures in Canada
039272: EILPERIN, JULIET - Demon Fish Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks
019229: EINARSON, JOHN - Shakin' All over The Winnipeg Sixties Rock Scene
038493: EINARSON, JOHN - Shakin' All over The Winnipeg Sixties Rock Scene
039188: EINARSON, JOHN; IAN TYSON, AND SYLVIA TYSON - Four Strong Winds Ian and Sylvia
035656: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - Ideas & Opinions
040531: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - The Einstein Reader
039301: EINSTEIN, ALBERT - The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 2: The Swiss Years Writings, 1900-1909
039822: EISENHART, LUTHER PFAHLER - Riemannian Geometry
039973: EISENMAN, ROBERT - James the Brother of Jesus The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls
011217: EISLER, MARION JEAN HODGINS - 2000176 - William Clarence Hodgins
032752: EISNER, ROBERT (NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY) - Some Factors in Growth Reconsidered
038907: EKSTEINS, MODRIS - Rites of Spring The Great War and the Birth of the Modern Age
032291: CAII PLINII SECUNDI (PLINY THE ELDER) - Historiae Naturalis / Libri XXXVII: Lib. I - XXXVII + Index / 5 Volumes in 2 Tomus I Lib. I-VI; Tomus II Lib VII-XIII; Tomus III Lib XIV-XXIII / Tomus IV Lib XXIV-XXXIV; Tomus V Lib XXXV-XXXVII Et Index.
026776: ELDREDGE, JOHN - Wild at Heart Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul
021319: ELIADE, MIRCEA - The Sacred and the Profane The Nature of Religion
026919: ELIADE, MIRCEA - The Quest History and Meaning in Religion
006772: ELIADE, MIRCEA - A History of Religious Ideas / 3 Volumes
038299: ELIOT, GEORGE - Adam Bede
041780: ELIOT, GEORGE - Middlemarch A Study of Provincial Life
040097: ELIOT, T. S. - The Family Reunion
038503: ELIOT, GEORGE - George Eliot's Works / 12 Volumes Vol. I.--Adam Bede (1917); Vol. II.--The Mill on the Floss (1917); Vol. III.--Felix Holt: The Radical (1919); Vol. IV.--Romola (1918); Vol. V.--Scenes of Clerical Life (1913); Vol. VI.--Silas Marner: The Lifted Veil, and Brother Jacob (1919); Vol. VII.--Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life, Vol. I. (1918); Vol. VIII.--Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life, Vol. II. (1918); Vol. IX.--Daniel Deronda: Vol. I. (1920); Vol. X.--Daniel Deronda: Vol. II. (1920); Vol. XI.--The Spanish Gypsy: The Legend of Jubal and Other Poems, Old and New (1915); Vol. XII.--Impressions of Theophrastus Such: Essays and Leaves from a Note-Book (1916)
020703: ELIOT, T.S. - Murder in the Cathedral
034512: ELITO, C.W.J.; - Coastal Demes of Attika A Study Of The Policy Of Kleisthenes
036648: SCRIPTURE, ELIZABETH AND MARGARET R. GREER - Find It Yourself! A Brief Course in the Use of Books and Libraries
038586: BLACK ELK, WALLACE; WILLIAM S. LYON - Black Elk The Sacred Ways Of A Lakota
038631: ELKINS, CAROLINE - Imperial Reckoning The Untold Story of Britain's Gulag in Kenya
016778: ELL, FLYNN J. - The Golden Metis
038237: ELLERBY, JONATHAN H. - Return to the Sacred Ancient Pathways to Spiritual Awakening
026407: ELLIOT, VIVIAN - Dear Mr. Shaw Selections from Bernard Shaw's Postbag
040446: SILLEVIS, JOHN, WITH DAVID ELLIOTT AND EDWARD J. SULLIVAN - The Baroque World of Fernando Botero
017072: ELLIOTT, GEORGE - The Life of the Most Noble Arthur Duke of Wellington, From the Period of His First Achievements in India, Down to his Invasion of France and the Peace of Paris in 1814. Comprehending Not Only the Personal Memoirs of the Illustrious Hero, but including, likewise, An Historical View of the Origin, Progress, and Termination of the Penninsular War, Also, the Civil and Military Transactions in Spain and Portugal, etc.
027880: ELLIOTT, SARA - Italian Renaissance Painting
029204: ELLIS, JOSEPH J. - Revolutionary Summer The Birth of American Independence
029762: ELLIS, BRET EASTON - Glamorama
039797: ELLIS, GEORGE F. R.; RUTH M. WILLIAMS - Flat and Curved Space-Times
039662: PELTZ, MARY ELLIS AND ROBERT LAWRENCE - The Metropolitan Opera Guide The Standard Repertory of The Metropolitan Opera Association, Inc. as selected by Edward Johnson, General Manager
038284: ELLISON, REV. ROBERT LEE (SKIP) - The Solitary Druid Walking the Path of Wisdom and Spirit
040325: ELLMANN, RICHARD - Oscar Wilde
039974: ELLROY, JAMES - My Dark Places An L.A. Crime Memoir
010102: ELMES, JAMES - Lectures on Architecture, Comprising the History of the Art from the Earliest Times to the Present Day Delivered at the Surrey and Russell Institutions, London, and the Philosophical Institution at Birmingham
037920: ARISTOPHANIS [ARISTOPHANES] / PETRUS ELMSLEY - Comoedia Acharnenses In Usum Atudios ae Juventutis
040711: EMERSON, WILLIS GEORGE - The Smoky God, or, a Voyage to the Inner World
029823: EMERSON, WILLIS GEORGE - The Smoky God Or A Voyage to the Inner World
015797: EMERSON, RALPH WALDO - Character and Other Essays
014586: EMERY, FRANK - Marching over Africa Letters from Victorian Soldiers
037930: EMERY, GEORGE - The Methodist Church on the Prairies, 1896-1914
017714: BOCK, EMIL AND ST. GOAR, MARIA [TRANS] - Kings and Prophets Saul, David, Solomon, Elijah, Jonah, Isaiah and Jeremiah
038001: EMMANUEL, VLADIMIR A. - The Russian Imperial Cavalry
024020: EMMERSON, CHARLES - The Future History of the Arctic
013184: EMMETT, ROBERT E. - Freemasonry in Manitoba 1925-1974 Part II
028289: EMMOTT, BILL - Rivals: How the Power Struggle between China, India and Japan Will Shape Our Next Decade
039597: ENCHI, FUMIKO - Masks
018436: ENDICOTT, MARINA - The Little Shadows
041392: WU CH'ÊNG-ÊN [TRANSLATED BY ARTHUR WALEY] - Monkey (or, Journey to the West)
039912: ENGEL, A.; VAN DEN BROECK, C. - Statistical Mechanics of Learning
041872: ENGEL, MARIAN - Bear A Novel
018113: ENGEL, STAN - Planning the Production of Booklets and Brochures
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014143: FAULKNER, TOM - Now Hear This" a Monthly Letter to Follow Merchant Navy Members. From April 2000 to June 2008
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014790: [INTERLUX YACHT FINISHES] - Boat Painting Guide and Color Card
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032826: FIRSTBROOK, PETER - Lost on Everest The Search For Mallory & Irvine
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019949: FLANNERY, TIM F. - The Weather Makers How We Are Changing the Climate And What It Means For Life on Earth
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041201: FLEISCHER, NAT - The Louis Legend
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041475: FOER, JONATHAN SAFRAN - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
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041452: FOLLETT, KEN - Pillars of the Almighty; Photographs by F-Stop Fitzgerald A Celebration of Cathedrals
040188: FONER, ERIC - Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men The Ideology of the Republican Party Before the Civil War
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034699: FOSTER, THOMAS C. - How to Read Literature Like a Professor A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines
036962: FOTHERGILL, JOHN - An Innkeeper's Diary
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015711: [MISSEDUC FOUNDATION, INC,] - Mississippi Black Paper
030074: FOUNTAIN, BEN - Brief Encounters with Che Guevara Stories
022381: FOWLES, JOHN - The French Lieutenant's Woman
041192: FOWLES, JOHN - The Magus
041010: FOWLES, JOHN - Mantissa
026394: FOX, MATTHEW - Original Blessing
029528: FOX, MATTHEW - The Coming of the Cosmic Christ The Healing of Mother Earth and the Birth of a Global Renaissance
029268: FOX, MARGALIT - Talking Hands In a remote village where everyone speaks sign language, scientists are discovering the essential ingredients of all human language- and uncovering the workings of the human mind.
035336: FOX, MATTHEW - A Spirituality Named Compassion Uniting Mystical Awareness with Social Justice
026938: FOX, MATTHEW - The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
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029434: FOX, ROBIN LANE - Travelling Heroes Greeks and Their Myths in the Epic Age of Homer
009808: FRAME, EDNA LAURA - Beside the Buffalo Trail
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041003: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS - Images of the West: Responses to the Canadian Prairies
041141: FRANCKE, LINDA BIRD - On the Road with Francis of Assisi A Timeless Journey Through Umbria and Tuscany, and Beyond
041805: FRANK, ANNE - Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
041175: FRANK, ANNE - The Diary of a Young Girl
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040456: FRANKLIN, ALLAN; EDWARDS, A. W. F.; FAIRBANKS, DANIEL J.; HARTL, DANIEL L.; SEIDENFELD, TEDDY - Ending the Mendel-Fisher Controversy
029618: FRANSEN, P.B. - Face of My People
039070: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Corrections
010161: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Discomfort Zone a Personal History
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032838: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Corrections
038609: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - Strong Motion A Novel
037501: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - The Corrections
033764: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - Freedom
020920: FRANZEN, JONATHAN - Freedom
008935: FRASER, MARY. L - Folklore of Nova Scotia
013395: FRASER, JAMES EARLE; EDITED BY JOSEPH F. MORRIS - James Earle Fraser the American Sculptors Series
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032705: FRASSANITO, WILLIAM A. - Grant and Lee: The Virginia Campaigns, 1864-1865
032378: FRAWLEY, DAVID - Gods, Sages and Kings Vedic Secrets of Ancient Civilization
040194: FRAYN, MICHAEL - The Trick of It
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041164: GOLDMAN, ALBERT - The Lives of John Lennon
035490: GOLDMAN, EMMA - Living My Life (in Two Volumes)
030071: GOLDMAN, WILLIAM - Four Screenplays With Essays
035853: GOLDSCHNEIDER, GARY - Gary Goldschneider's Everyday Astrology How to Make Astrology Work for You
033662: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - Vicar of Wakefield
020632: GOLDSMITH, OLIVER - The Poems and Plays of Oliver Goldmsith With the Addition of the Vicar of Wakefield, Memoir, Etc.
025869: GOLDSMITH, LYNN [ILLUST.] - The Police
032816: GOLDSTEIN, SLAVKO - 1941 The Year That Keeps Returning
031526: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN - Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bible!
040159: GOLDSTEIN, JONATHAN - Lenny Bruce Is Dead
037354: GOLDSTEIN, REBECCA - Properties of Light
036782: GOLDSTICK, MILES - Woolaston People Resisting Genocide
040641: GOLDSWORTHY, ADRIAN - Roman Warfare
035380: GOLIN, ED - Marshy Winter
012242: GOLLIN, ALFRED - Balfour's Burden Arthur Balfour and Imperial Preference
036666: GOLLOB, HERMAN - Me and Shakespeare Life-Changing Adventures with the Bard
040065: GOLOMBEK, HARRY - Golombek's Encyclopedia of Chess
024943: GOMBRICH, E. H - Meditations on a Hobby Horse and other essays on the theory of art
036890: GOME, A. W. - A Historical Commentary on Thucydides: The Ten Years' War / 4 Volumes Volume I: Introduction and Commentary on Book I; Volume II: Books II-III; Volume III: Books IV-V 24; Volume IV: Books V 25-VII
030185: GOMES, ROSALIE - Buried Treasures: The Black-and-White Work of Maxfield Parrish 1896-1905
037041: GONCHAROV, IVAN - The Voyage of the Frigate Pallada
013213: GONZALEZ, ELLICE B. - Changing Economic Roles for Micmac Men and Women: An Ethnohistorical Analysis
032495: GONZALEZ, JUSTO L. - Christian Thought Revisited: Three Types of Theology
032162: GONZALEZ, JUSTO L. - A History of Christian Thought [2 Volumes] Vol. 1: From the Beginnings to the Council of Chalcedon; Vol. 2: From Augustine to the Eve of Reformation
032428: GOOD, MERLE - People Pieces A Collection of Mennonite and Amish stories
038941: GOODERHAM, KENT - I Am an Indian
016291: WINNIPEG FREE PRESS; [BUZZ CURRIE, MARGO GOODHAND ET AL.] - The Greatest Manitobans They Made a Better Province and a Better World
030726: GOODLAND, KATHARINE - Female Mourning and Tragedy in Medieval and Renaissance English Drama From the Raising of Lazarus to King Lear
041739: GOODMAN, PAUL; TAYLOR STOEHR [ED.] - Collected Stories [Four Volumes] Vol. I: The Break-Up of our Camp; Stories, 1932 - 1935 | Vol. II: A Ceremonial; Stories, 1936-1940 | Vol. III: The Facts of Life; Stories, 1940-1949 | Vol. IV: The Galley to Mytilene; Stories, 1949-1960
039784: GOODRICH, NORMA LORRE - The Medieval Myths
012858: GOODSPEED, D. J., ED. - The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967 a Century of Achievement
014817: GOODSPEED, D. J., ED. - The Armed Forces of Canada 1867-1967 a Century of Achievement
036886: GOODWIN, WILLIAM WATSON - Demosthenes: On the Crown With Critical and Explanatory Notes, an Historical Sketch, and Essays
032077: [MOTHER GOOSE] - The Old Nursery Rhymes
023548: GORDIMER, NADINE - Loot and Other Stories
023691: GORDIMER, NADINE - Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black` and Other Stories
039890: GORDIMER, NADINE - The Conservationist
026526: GORDIMER, NADINE - The House Gun
019525: GORDIMER, NADINE - Loot and Other Stories
039051: GORDIMER, NADINE - A World of Strangers
027648: GORDIMER, NADINE - Get a Life
026425: GORDIMER, NADINE - Something out There Stories by Nadine Gordimer
035640: GORDIMER, NADINE - July's People
034747: GORDIMER, NADINE (ED.) - Telling Tales
020605: GORDIN, MICHAEL D - Red Cloud at Dawn Truman, Stalin, and the End of the Atomic Monopoly
038802: HEMPTON, GORDON AND JOHN GROSSMANN - One Square Inch of Silence One Man's Search for Natural Silence in a Noisy World
012093: GORDON, ROBERT S., DIRECTOR, AND E. GRACE MAURICE, EDITOR - Union List of Manuscrips in Canadian Repositories Volume 1, Volume 2 & Volume 3
020262: GORDON, R. L. - The River Gets Wider
029480: GORDON, LEAH - The Book of Vodou Charms and Rituals to Empower Your Life
038856: RENÉ GOSCINNY; ALBERT UDERZO [ILLUST] - Asterix Omnibus Asterix The Gaul; Asterix And The Golden Sickle, Asterix And The Goths
033939: GOSCINNY, RENE & ALBERT UDERZO - The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
018704: GOSSE, EDMUND - More Books on the Table
034792: GOTLIEB, ALLAN - The Washington Diaries 1981-1989
020263: GOTO, HIROMI - Chorus of Mushrooms
013643: GOULD, JOHN - Kilter: 55 Fictions
027870: GOULD, TERRY - The Lifestyle: A Look at the Erotic Rites of Swingers
040018: GOULD, STEPHEN JAY - The Lying Stones of Marrakech: Penulimate Reflections in Natural History
032779: GOULD, TERRY - Worth Dying for Canada's Mission to Train Police in the World's Failing States
006791: GOUREVITCH, PHILIP - We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families Stories from Rwanda
018394: GOURLUCK, RUSS - A Store Like No Other Eaton's of Winnipeg
033329: GOURLUCK, RUSS - A Store Like No Other: Eaton's of Winnipeg
025187: GOURLUCK, RUSS - The Mosaic Village An Illustrated History of Winnipeg's North End
015870: GOVANI, SHINAN - Bold Face Name
JA031173: [SASKATCHEWAN MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT] - Responding to the Community: Proposals for Cultural Development, a Discussion Paper
026184: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Truth Teller
020265: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Angel Walk
020266: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Random Descent
020267: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Truth Teller
037667: GOWDER, SHILPI SOMAYA - Secret Daughter
020268: GOWDER, SHILPI SOMAYA - Secret Daughter: A Novel
023728: GOWDY, BARBARA - Helpless
020269: GOWDY, BARBARA - The Romantic A Novel
032446: GOWDY, BARBARA - Mister Sandman
020271: GOWDY, BARBARA - The White Bone
016958: GOYAU, GEORGES - Histoire de la Nation Francaise Tome VI: Histoire Religieuse
040434: GRADY, WAYNE - Emancipation Day A Novel
012047: GRAFF, TOM - New Spitting a Conversation with Merv Griffin & Friends
022727: CHAPMAN, GRAHAM ET AL. - Monty Python's the Meaning of Life
022696: GRAHAM, COLONEL W. A. - The Custer Myth A Source Book of Custeriana
026307: GRAHAM, MABEL F. - Wednesday at 12: 15 A History of The Rotary Club in Oak Park, Illinois (1919 -1951)
024299: GRAHAME, KENNETH - Dream Days
019817: GRAMATTE, WALTER - Walter Gramatte 1897 - 1929
034014: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO - Selections from Cultural Writings
038604: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO - Selections from Political Writings (1921-1926) with additional texts by other Italian Communist leaders
038603: GRAMSCI, ANTONIO - Selections from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci
002084: GRANATSTEIN, J. L. - The Politics of Survival the Conservative Party of Canada, 1939-1945
011396: GRANDBOIS, ALAIN; TRANSLATED FROM THE FRENCH BY EVELYN M. BROWN - Born in Quebec a Tale of Louis Jolliet
037075: GRANT, FREDERICK C. (ED.) - Ancient Roman Religion
014343: GRANT, DIANE, ED. - The Annals of Silver-Grandview
038628: GRANT, MICHAEL [ED.] - Greek Literature: An Anthology Translations from Greek Prose and Poetry
027739: GRANT, MICHAEL - Cleopatra
039022: GRANT, JOHN WEBSTER - Moon of Wintertime: Missionaries and the Indians of Canada in Encounter Since 1534
013229: GRANT, GEORGE MUNRO, ED. - Picturesque Canada; the Country As It Was and Is.
037044: GRANT, MICHAEL - Pompeii & Herculaneum Cities of Vesuvius
040533: SKELTON-GRANT, JUDITH - Robertson Davies Man of Myth
017723: GRANT, WILLIAM LAWSON - The Tribune of Nova Scotia A Chronicle of Joseph Howe
027220: GRANT, M.D. - Some Comments on the Uniform Life Insurance Act of the Provinces of Canada
023806: GRAPHIS - Photography Annual 2010
038799: GRASS, GUNTER - The Tin Drum

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