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11944: HOLLENBECK, SHELLEY M. - The Eye of the Angel (Signed)
11581: HOLLY, SEAN, BERC RUSTEM, & MARTIN B. ZARROP, EDS. - Optimal Control for Econometric Models: An Approach to Economic Policy Formulation
15023: HOLLYER, JAMES, MCDONALD, MARIE, ET AL.; NIVERSITY OF HAWAII AT MANOA - Growing Plants for Hawaiian Lei: 85 Plants for Gardens, Conservation, and Business
13550: HOLMES, ROGER - Legitimacy and the Politics of the Knowable
15820: HOLZ, DENICE, EDITOR - Conspiracy in Dallas!
12836: HOLZKNECHT, VÁCLAV - Antonín Dvorák
16366: HOMEL, D. B. (DANIEL) - Antique Fly Reels: A History & Value Guide
16298: HOOD, BRUCE PHILLIP - Bigfoot Down: A Novel
10758: HOOD, THOMAS; JAMES THORPE, INTRO. - Precocious Piggy (the Headlong Career and Woeful Endling of. . . ): A Facsimile Reproduction of the Original Manuscript in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California
10582: HOOD, THOMAS - Hood's Own: Selected Papers, with Comic Illustrations
3455: HOOK, GEORGE E. - Coyote Country: An Adventure Sory for the Youth
11490: HOOL, JAMES N. (NORMAN); EARL L. STONE, ET AL., EDS. - A Dynamic Programming-Markov Chain Approach to Forest Production Control (Forest Science Monograph 12)
4061: HOPKINS, ALFRED F. - Weapons and Equipment of Early American Soldiers (National Park Service Popular Study Series, History No. 2)
13853: HORDER, W. GARRETT - The Other-World
13928: HORN, RICHARD J., ED. - Studies in the Management of Government Enterprise (Social Dimensions of Economics Series, Volume I)
11570: HOROWITZ, MORRIS A. - Manpower and Education in Franco's Spain
14282: HORVAT, BRANKO - Business Cycles in Yugoslavia
2708: HOSKINS, RICHARD - Westward to Arthur: Dark Ages Truth, Not Medieval Fantasy (Holiday Quests for the West-Country Arthur)
13034: HOSLEY, DAVID H. - As Good As Any: Foreign Correspondence on American Radio, 1930-1940
959: HOTCHKISS, BILL - Fever in the Earth
958: HOTCHKISS, BILL - The Graces of Fire and Other Poems (Signed and Limited Edition)
10796: HOUGHTON, RUTH M. & LEONTINE NAPPE, EDS. - Nevada Lifestyles and Lands
11791: HOWARD, SUZANNE - But We Will Persist: A Comparative Research Report on the Status of Women in Academe
16264: HOWEY, M. OLDFIELD - Cat in the Mysteries of Religion and Magic
12241: HSU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, BECKY MOSGOFIAN, ET AL. - Humboldt State University Alumni Directory 2005
15925: HSUAN HUA, MASTER - Words of Wisdom: Beginning Buddhism
5666: HUA, VENERABLE MASTER HSUAN - Biographical Sketch of the Elder Master Venerable Hsuan, Noble Hua
14852: HUA, TRIPITAKA MASTER; SHARMANA PARAMITA; BUDDHIST TEXT TRANSLATION SOCIETY - The Great Means Expansive Buddha Flower Adornment Sutra, Chapter Twenty-Six: The Ten Grounds, Part One-the First Ground (26)
14107: MASTER HUA - Buddhist Terminology
7425: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journey to the Home of Robert Ingersoll
16064: HUBBARD, L. RON; CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY - The Organization Executive Course: An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy (Distribution Division 6)
15742: HUBER, CHERI - The Perils and Pitfalls of Practice
10331: HUBERMAN, EDWARD & ROBERT R. RAYMO, EDS. - Angles of Vision: Readings in Thought and Opinion
15640: HUDSON, CHRISTOPHER D. - The American Bible Society Presents Inside the Mysteries of the Bible (New Perspectives on Ancient Truths) (Single Issue Magazine)
11626: HUDSON, ANDREW, ED. - 14 Canadians: A Critic's Choice
13020: HUDSON, DEREK - Thomas Barnes of the Times
13921: HUGHES-HUGHES, AUGUSTUS - Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum: Volume Iii (3), Instrumental Music, Treatises, Etc.
13920: HUGHES-HUGHES, AUGUSTUS - Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum: Volume Ii (2) Secular Vocal Music
13919: HUGHES-HUGHES, AUGUSTUS - Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum: Volume I (1), Sacred Vocal Music
7904: HUIN, BERNARD, ED. MICHEL GIRARD; SHELLEY STROUP, TRANS. - Michel Gerard: Juin, Juillet, Auot 1983, Musee Departemental Des Vosges (Les Sculptures "D'etailles")
3192: HUNT, ROCKWELL DENNIS - California: The State Everybody Loves (Signed Copy)
4043: HUNTER, DENIS & PAULINE - Christus Victor: Reflections in a Believer's Year
12886: HUNTER, GUY; ANTHONY TASKER, INTRO. - The Administration of Agricultural Development: Lessons from India
15941: HUONKER, GUSTAV - Literaturszene Zurich: Menschen, Geschichten Und Bilder 1914 Bis 1945
13358: SHAMSUL HUQ, MUHAMMAD - Education, Manpower, and Development in South and Southeast Asia (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
14005: HURLEY, HILARY - Never a Dull Moment
13065: HUTCHINSON, BARBARA E. - Bun Goes Bible
3348: HYAMS, EDWARD - Pleasure from Plants
14505: HYMAN, STANLEY EDGAR - Nathanael West
11383: IBRAHIM, DEANNA, SORAYA - The Magic Amulet
8210: IBSEN, HENRIK; WILLIAM & CHARLES ARCHER, TRANS. - Peer Gynt: A Dramatic Poem
16452: MARSHALL III, JOSEPH M. - The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons for Living
16440: IMUS, K. - Cheyenne Williams: A Western
15198: INGLE, DAVID - The Central Nervous System and Fish Behavior
5896: INGOLD, DOUG - In the Big City
16413: INLAND EMPIRE FLY FISHING CLUB; RANDY SHABER, ET AL., EDS. - Flies of the Northwest, Completely New Edition
11121: INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AND FOREIGN TRADE LAW, GEORGETOWN; INSTITUT FUR AUSLANDISCHES UND INTERNATIONALES WIRTSCHAFTSRECHT, JOHANN-WOLFGANG-GOETHE-UNIVERSITAT FRANKFURT AM MAIN - Cartel and Monopoly in Modern Law/Kartelle Und Monopole Im Modernen Recht/Ententes Et Monopoles Dans le Droit Moderne: Reports on Supranational and National European & American Law, Presented to the International Conference on Restraints of Competition
13423: STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SIPRI) - Internationalization to Prevent the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
9754: INTENDANZ DER DEUTSCH STAATSOPER, WERNER OTTO & GUNTER RIMKUS, ET AL., EDS. - Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin: Zur Wiedereröffnung Des Hauses Unter Den Linden, Am 4. September 1955
8634: IONS, EDMUND - Against Behaviouralism: A Critique of Behavioural Science
7462: IPCAR, DAHLOV - Lost and Found : A Hidden Animal Book
16517: IRVINE, WILLIAM - Walter Bagehot
16096: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Knickerbocker's History of New York, Van Twiller Edition, Two Volumes
10719: IRVING, JAMES R. - Depth of Focus
5065: IRVING, JAMES R. - Depth of Focus
4981: IRVING, REV. JAMES R. - Facets of Life
5023: IRVING, REV. JAMES R. - Facets of Life (Signed Copy)
1787: IRVING, H. M. N. H. WITH H. FREISER AND T. S. WEST; INTERNATIONAL UNION OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY - Compendium of Analytical Nomenclature, Definitive Rules 1977.
13815: IRVING, WASHINGTON; RICHARD HENRY STODDARD - The Kaaterskill Edition of Washington Irving. Volume I and Ii (First and Second Series) , Both Two Volumes in One, Printed from the Original and Early Issues, Complete and Unabridged, with an Original Biographical Sketch
16093: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada: Volume 1 and 2 (Agapida Edition)
3854: ISAKSSON, HANS - Lars Gyllensten (World Authors Ser. , Sweden)
13555: ISCOE, IRA & CHARLES SPIELBERGER, EDS. - Community Psychology: Perspectives in Training and Research (Century Psychology Series)
14681: ISMAY, J. RANDALL - Firewise Communities: Where We Live, How We
16321: IYER, RAGHAVAN, ED.; MAHATMA (MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND) GANDHI - The Moral and Political Writings of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume Ii (2): Truth and Non-Violence
9453: IYER, RAGHAVAN NARASIMHAN - Gandhian Trusteeship in Theory and Practice
9454: IYER, PICO - The Dwarf & the Giant (Literature and Mathematics)
16320: IYER, RAGHAVAN, ED.; MAHATMA (MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND) GANDHI - The Moral and Political Writings of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume I (1): Civilization, Politics, and Religion
14844: SIMPSON, O. J.; WITH PETE AXTHELM - O.J. : The Education of a Rich Rookie (Signed Copy) [Oj]
12546: JACKSON, JOHN H. - International Competition in Services: A Constitutional Framework
13551: JACKSON, JAY M. - Analysis of Interpersonal Relations in a Formal Organization: A Dissertation. . .
14542: JACKSON, HELEN H. - Saxe Holm's Stories, First Series (the American Short Story Series Volume 61)
12607: JACKSON, HAROLD EDMOND - Intra-Urban Migration of Mexico City's Poor: A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Colorado
15346: JACOBSON, ETHEL - Larks in My Hair
16149: JACOBUS, LEE A. - Aesthetics and the Arts
7958: JADAN, DORIS; BOB TIS, ED. - Codeword: Freedom
2153: JAIN, COVINGTON - Orbit, Black Man, the Lonely One, Freedom Enough, Private Beach, Three Justices, Air Window, the Cycle
12554: JAIN, HEM C., WITH GENEVIEVE LALOUX JAIN - Worker Participation: Success and Problems
15885: JAMAL, MICHELE - Volcanic Visions: Encounters with Other Worlds
15139: JAMES, G.P.R. - The Cavalier: An Historical Novel
3178: JANOS, ZSILKA - Jelentes-Integracio
12095: JAY, PETER - Crisis for Western Political Economy, and Other Essays
9181: LEBANON JAYCEETTES - Cooking Favorites of Lebanon
1152: DIERICKX, JEAN ET YVAN LEBRUN - Linguistique Contemporaine: Hommage a Eric Buyssens
4508: JEANS, MARYLU TERRAL - Moonset (Signed Copy)
10147: JEFFERSON, ALAN - The Operas of Richard Strauss in Britain, 1910-1963
6333: JENKINS, ALLAN & SUSANNE K. GEORGE, ET AL., EDS. - The Platte River: An Atlas of the Big Bend Region
14645: HOLT-JENSEN, ARILD - Geography, Its History and Concepts: A Student's Guide
6652: JEWETT, IRAN BANU HASSANI - Alexander W. Kinglake (Twayne's English Authors Series)
5459: TRAINOR, JOE WITH SUSAN SIMON - The First Hundred Years: Arcata Volunteer Fire Dept. 1884-1984 [Department]
13499: JOHANSSON, GUNN & BERTIL GARDELL, EDS. - Working Life: A Social Science Contribution to Work Reform
8807: JOHNSON, H. EARLE - Operas on American Subjects
11949: JOHNSON, JILL, ET AL.; INTERNATIONAL DOLL ASSOCIATION - International Doll and Miniature Convention 1974 (Vol. 2)
11496: JOHNSON, K. NORMAN & H. LYNN SCHEURMAN; WILLIAM K. FERRELL, ET AL., EDS. - Techniques for Prescribing Optimal Timber Harvest and Investment Under Different Objectives: Discussion and Synthesis (Forest Science Monograph 18)
11332: JOHNSON, G. ORVILLE & HARRIETT D. BLANK, EDS. - Exceptional Children Research Review
9788: JOHNSON, KENNETH M. - The Bar Association of San Francisco: The First Hundred Years, 1872 / 1972
11056: JOHNSON, HENRY C. & ERWIN V. JOHANNINGMEIER - Teachers for the Prairie: The University of Illinois and the Schools, 1868-1945
10047: JOHNSON, WALTER C. & ARTHUR T. ROBB - The South and Its Newspapers, 1903-1953: The Story of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and Its Part in the South's Economic Rebirth
13454: JOHNSON, PAUL, CHRITOPHER CONRAD & DAVID THOMSON, EDS. - Workers Versus Pensioners: Intergenerational Justice in an Ageing World
14009: JOHNSON, JOE DONALD - Poems for V.J. A. (V.J. A. )
14455: JOHNSON, AMPAH G. & ADEYEMI O. LAWSON, EDS. - Growth, Equity, and Self-Reliance: Private Enterprise and African Economic Development
14640: JOHNSON, NEVIL - The Limits of Political Science
15299: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Rasselas: Forming Part of Cooke's Pocket Edition of Select Novels Or, Novelist's Entertaining Library. . . Superbly Embellished
4679: JOHNSTON, LABAN THOMAS - Ballads from the Eden Hills
12870: JOHNSTON, BRUCE F. - The Staple Food Economies of Western Tropical Africa
15170: JOHNSTON, BARBARA ROSE - Who Pays the Price?: The Sociocultural Context of Environmental Crisis
11692: JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM - Creative Art in England: From the Earliest Times to the Present
11566: JOLLY, RICHARD - Planning Education for African Development: Economic and Manpower Perspectives (East African Studies 25)
15630: JONES, STAN - British Columbia Fishing Guide
13377: JONES, EVERETT - An Approach to College Reading
16046: JONES, ALONZO TREVIER - Christian Patriotism, Or Religion and the State
10303: DE JONG, WIL, ED. - Retos Y Perspectivas Del Nuevo Regimen Forestal En El Norte Amazonico Boliviano
15329: JONSON, BEN; ROBERT BELL, ED. - The Poems of Ben Jonson. Edited with a Memoir By Robert Bell
12577: JORDAN, BILL - Mass Unemployment and the Future of Britain
16114: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND ORRIN LESLIE ELLIOTT - Where the Rolling Foothills Rise: Comprising Scenes in Color and Duotone on and Near the Stanford Campus, with a Poem By David Starr Jordan and a Historical Sketch By Orrin Leslie Elliott
10513: JOSEY, E. J., ED. - New Dimensions for Academic Library Service
16283: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
16447: CHELOSSI JR., DANTE P. - The Little Boy Who Could Talk to Bigfoot: Gigantopithecus Primates of Humboldt County, California
9784: JUDGE, ROBERT E. - My Eyes Have Seen the Glory (First Edition Version)
9785: JUDGE, ROBERT E. - My Eyes Have Seen the Glory, Volume 1
15994: RINKER, JUDY WITH LARRY BARLEEN, ET AL., EDS.; SOUTHERN OREGON STATE COLLEGE - The Raider '61 ("Thoughts of 1961"), Southern Oregon College, Ashland, Oregon, Yearbook
6308: JULIAN, BRIAN - In the Clear : A Worldview in Essays
369: JURY, JOHN G. - Cosmen-Exiles (Inscribed Copy)
12639: JUSTIN, JULES J. - Managing without a Union: Private and Public Sectors
11890: JUSTUS, MAY - Use Your Head Hildy
1737: KADONAGA, KAZUO - Kazuo Kadonaga 1971-1979 (Wood Series)
16173: KAHN, RICHARD F. - The Making of Keynes' General Theory
14713: KAMMERMEYER, KARL, ED. - Atmosphere in Space Cabins and Closed Environments
8952: KANTOR, J. R. - Psychology and Logic: Volume 1 & Vol. 2 [I & Ii, Set]
14831: KARSHNER, GAYLE B., EDITOR - The Way It Was, Volume 1
14016: KARSHNER, GAYLE BUCHANAN - A Story of the Buchanan Family
13890: KARSHNER, GAYLE, ET AL., EDS. - Silver Quills 25: Poetry & Prose
13548: KASSIM, ISMAIL - Problems of Elite Cohesion: A Perspective from a Minority Community
13226: KATZ, HARRY C. - Shifting Gears: Changing Labor Relations in the U.S. Automobile Industry
15230: KATZ, RUTH - The Powers of Music: Aesthetic Theory and the Invention of Opera
14456: KATZEN, LEO - Gold and the South African Economy: The Influence of the Goldmining Industry on Business Cycles and Economic Growth in South Africa 1886-1961
16382: KAUFMANN, RANDALL; RANDY STETZER, INTRO. - Fly Tying for Beginners: Quick and Simple Professional Techniques for Nymphs, Streamers, and Dry Flies
16363: KAUFMANN, RANDALL - Tying Nymphs: Tie the World's Best Nymphs with Speed, Ease, and Efficiency (3rd Ed. )
13217: KAVRAKOGLU, IBRAHIM, ED. - Mathematical Modelling of Energy Systems (Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Study Institute, Istanbul, Turkey, June 9-23, 1979) [Modeling]
12342: KEAN, MARY STEWART - Critical Minutes
16393: KEEL, JOHN A. - The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings
15014: KEEN, F. P. - Cone and Seed Insects of Western Forest Trees (Technical Bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture)
6900: KEEP, ROGER L. - So You're Thinking of Building a House: A Planning and Scheduling Guide
2000: KEHR, HELEN AND JANET LANGMAID EDITORS - The Nazi Era 1919-1945: A Select Bibliography of Published Works from the Early Roots to 1980
15390: KEITH, JIM - Saucers of the Illuminati
3855: KEITNER, WENDY - Ralph Gustafson (World Authors Series, Canada)
12435: KELLER, A. G. - A Theatre of Machines
5636: KELLEY, ELIZABETH BURROUGHS ED. & ILLUS.; JOHN BURROUGHS - With John Burroughs in Field and Wood
16486: KELLY, WALT - Walt Kelly's Pogo Revisited: Containing the Complete Volumes of the Pogo Poop Book / Instant Pogo / the Jack Acid Society Black Book
16487: KELLY, WALT - Walt Kelly's Pogo Revisited: Containing the Complete Volumes of the Pogo Poop Book / Instant Pogo / the Jack Acid Society Black Book
16496: KELLY, WALT - Pogo: Prisoner of Love
16491: KELLY, WALT - Walt Kelly Unmasked! Secret and Original! the Pogo Poop Book: Latest Poop on Jack Acid Society, Prehysteria, Kluck Klams, Mouse Into Elephant, Computer Commuter, Whose God Is Dead?
9044: KELLY, E. LOWELL & DONALD W. FISKE - The Prediction of Performance in Clinical Psychology
16498: KELLY, WALT - The Pogo Peek-a-Book
16500: KELLY, WALT - Equal Time for Pogo
16501: KELLY, WALT - The Pogo Stepmother Goose
16497: KELLY, WALT - Impollutable Pogo
16485: KELLY, WALT; POGO - The Jack Acid Society Black Book
16489: KELLY, WALT - The Incompleat Pogo
16494: KELLY, WALT - Gone Pogo
10507: KELSEY,L. P. - A Revision of the Scenopinidae (Diptera) of the World: United States National Museum Bulletin 277
10867: KEMP, J. - Reason, Action and Morality (International Library of Philosophy and Scientific Method)
15545: SWAMI KEN - The Gateway
12594: KENDRICK, JAN - The Charter Chicks
13845: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Sam Houston & the Senate
8977: KEREN, GIDEON, ED. - Statistical and Methodological Issues in Psychology and Social Sciences Research
7791: KERN, WALTER - New Liturgy and Old Devotions: Explanations and Prayers
4616: KERR, DOROTHY FISH, - My Heart Sings
12574: KERR, CLARK - Migration to the Seattle Labor Market Area, 1940-1942 (University of Washington Publications in the Social Sciences)
2698: KESSLER, CHARLES; GEORGE W. NEUBERT INTRO; BARBARA BOWMAN ED. - Ronald Davis: Paintings 1962-1976
13823: KESTEN, HERMANN, ED. - Unsere Zeit: Die Schonsten Deutschen Erzahlungen Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts
11959: KHOURY, SARKIS J. - Transnational Mergers and Acquisitions in the United States
14465: KIERNAN, CHRIS & MALCOLM JONES - Behaviour Assessment Battery
9941: KILGOUR, FREDERICK G.; PATRICIA A. BECKER, ANN T. DODSON, & LOIS L. YOAKAM, EDS. - Collected Papers of Frederick G. Kilgour: The Oclc Years
9940: KILGOUR, FREDERICK G.; PATRICIA A. BECKER, ANN T. DODSON, & LOIS L. YOAKAM, EDS. - Collected Papers of Frederick G. Kilgour: The Early Years
13894: KIM, SUK CHOO - Screamer
13614: KIM, SUK CHOO - Screamer
9285: KIM, SUK CHOO - Screamer
16522: KING, J. E., ED. - Economic Exiles
8662: KING, ALEC - A Wealth of Music, in the Collections of the British Library (Reference Division) and the British Museum
8018: KINNEY, JEAN & CLE KINNEY - What Does the Cloud Do?
15333: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Sea Warfare
11973: KIRCHNER, E. L., E. HECKEL, SCHMIDT-ROTTLUFF, M. PECHSTEIN, OTTO MUELLER; HORST KELLER, GERT VON DER OSTEN, ET AL., EDS. - Meisterwerke Des Deutschen Expressionismus (Masterworks of German Expressionism)
14074: KIRKENDALL, CAROLYN A., ED.; CONFERENCE ON LIBRARY ORIENTATION FOR ACADEMIC LIBRARIES EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY - Putting Library Instruction in Its Place: In the Library and in the Library School; Papers Presented at the Seventh Annual Conference on Library Orientation for Academic Libraries (Library Orientation Series, No. 8)
12996: KIRKPATRICK, C. H., N. LEE, & F. I. NIXSON - Industrial Structure and Policy in Less Developed Countries
717: KLEIN, WOLFGANG AND WILLEM J. M. LEVELT EDS. - Crossing the Boundaries in Linguistics: Studies Presented to Manfred Bierwisch
14652: KLENZE, CAMILLO VON - Charles Timothy Brooks: Translator from the German and the Genteel Tradition
10514: KNAPP. PATRICIA B., WITH CAROL E. BALLINGALL, ET AL. - The Monteith College Library Experiment
10781: KNIGHT, DEBBY - It Will Pass
14325: KNOWLES, LESTER - In Business with a 1250 Multilith: A Beginners' Manual of Offset Lithography, Complete Instructions for Operating a Small Shop
14392: KNOWLTON, EVELYN H. - Pepperell's Progress: History of a Cotton Textile Company 1844-1945
13552: KOCHEN, MANFRED & KARL WOLFGANG DEUTSCH - Decentralization: Sketches Toward a Rational Theory (Publication of the Science Center Berlin, 21)
12559: KOLAJA, JIRI - A Polish Factory: A Case Study of Workers' Participation in Decision Making
9574: KOLB, LEON - The Sage: Father of Generations to Come (a Novel of the Crucial Years, 58-60 A.D. )
8765: KOLODIN, IRVING, ED. - The Critical Composer: The Musical Writings of Berlioz, Wagner, Schumann, Tchaikovsky and Others
16100: KOMMUNISTISCHEN INTERNATIONALE; P. LEVI, ET AL. - Die Kapitalistische Welt Und Die Kommunistische Internationale. Manifest Des Ii. Kongresses Der Kommunistischen Internationale.
14344: KONBLOCK, PETER & JOHN L. JOHNSON, EDS. - The Teaching-Learning Process in Educating Emotionally Distrubed Children: Proceedings of the Third Annual Conference on the Education of Emotionally Disturbed Children
2341: KOOLISH, LYNDA - Journeys on the Living: Poems, Photographs and Drawings
15414: KOPERSKI, VERONICA & REIMUND BIERINGER, EDS.; RAYMOND F. COLLINS; JOEL DELOBEL, ET AL. - Sharper Than a Two-Edged Sword: Essays in Honor of Professor Dr. Jan Lambrecht S.J. (a Special Issue of Louvain Studies)
1127: KOVECSES, ZOLTAN ED. - Voices of Friendship: Linguistic Essays in Honor of Laszlo T. Andras
15992: KOWALSKI, JACK W., WITH MARTY BERNDT, EDS. - The 1947 Sunflower, Annual Publication of the Students of Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas, Yearbook; Kansas State Teachers College
15981: KOWALSKI, JACK, WITH WALLY ERICKSON AND VIRGINIA MOORE, EDS.; KANSAS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE - The Sunflower, Nineteen Hundred and 48 (1948), Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Yearbook
8190: KOZEL, NICHOLAS J. & EDGAR H. ADAMS, EDS; U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON DRUG ABUSE - Cocaine Use in America: Epidemmiologic and Clinical Perspectives (Nida Research Monograph 61)
16253: KOZELEK, MARK; EZEQUIEL MARTINEZ LLORENTE, TRANS. - Noches de Transito (Nights of the Passed over)
16246: KOZELEK, MARK; VASCO GATO, TRANS. - Noites de Atropelo / Nights of Passed over
16331: KREH, LEFTY - Lefty Kreh's Ultimate Guide to Fly Fishing: Everything Anglers Need to Know, By the World's Foremost Fly-Fishing Expert
3415: KRIESEL, MICHAEL - Light Fields
13522: KRISTENSEN, THORKIL - The Economic World Balance
16341: KAREL KRIVANEC - Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods
16481: KRIZ, VILEM - Sirague City: Photographs By Kriz
11883: KROGIUS, GRANDMASTER NIKOLAI - Notes on the Endgame
5957: KROMMENHOEK, HANS - A Study Guide for Design One: A Course in Design Fundamentals
11538: KRUSE, SCOTT M. - Climatic Water Budgets, Effective Moisture, and Elevation in the Southern Sierra Nevada, California , 1951-1980
2765: KRZESZOWSKI, TOMASZ P. - Contrastive Generative Grammar: Theoretical Foundations
13665: KUCZYNSKI, ROBERT RENE - The Balance of Births and Deaths; Volume I (1): Western and Northern Europe & Volume Ii (2): Eastern and Southern Europe (the Brookings Institution Reprint Series)
14166: KUGELMASS, JACK - Native Aliens: The Jews of Poland As a Middleman Minority
13374: KULIK, JAMES A., WITH DONALD R. BROWN, RICHARD E. VESTEWIG & JANET WRIGHT - Undergraduate Education in Pyschology
1518: KUMAR, MAHENDRA ED. - Jain Prayers
11451: LABAND, DAVID N. - Foreign Ownership of U.S. Farmland: An Economic Analysis of Regulation [United States]
16094: LABAUME, EUGENE - Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Russia: Containing a Faithful Description of the Affecting and Interesting Scenes of Which the Author Was an Eyewitness
6038: LABORDE, ALICE M. - L'esthetique Circeenne: Etude Critique, Suivie D'un Choix de Textes Relatifs a L'esthetique Circeenne (1686-1800)
14484: LAFRANCE, MARSTON, ED. (LA FRANCE) - Patterns of Commitment in American Literature
14402: LAGINHA, ANTONIO & RAFAELA MAPRIL - O Segredo de Natalia (O Lago Dos Cisnes Contado As Criancas)
7561: LAIRD, JOHN - Philosophical Incursions Into English Literature
3509: LAKE, CARLTON - Baudelaire to Beckett: A Century of French Art & Literature (a Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts, and Related Material Drawn from the Collections of the Humanities Research Center)
11043: LALL, SANJAYA - The Multinational Corporation: Nine Essays
11993: CLAUDE LALUMIČRE, ED. (LALUMIERE) - Island Dreams: Montreal Writers of the Fantastic
3738: LAMAR, J.S. - The New Testament Commentary: Vol. 2 -- Luke
1885: LAMBROPOULOS, VASSILIS AND DAVID NEAL MILLER EDS. - Twentieth-Century Literary Theory: An Introductory Anthology (20th)
14221: LANDSBERG, HANS H., ED. - Selected Studies on Energy; Background Papers for Energy: The Next Twenty Years
3574: LANE, ROGER & TURNER, JOHN J., JR. (EDITORS) - Riot, Rout and Tumult: Readings in American Social and Political Violence
13592: LANE, ROBERT E. (EDWARDS) - The Regulation of Businessmen: Social Conditions of Government Economic Control
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14404: RIUS, ROSER - Tina E O Natal
14712: RIVERSONG, MICHAEL - Design Ecology
7041: RIZZA, MICHAEL STANLEY - Sixty Square: An Elemental Suite
13037: RO, SIGMUND - Rage and Celebration: Essays on Contemporary Afro-American Writing
8305: ROADY, MIRIAM - Blackberry Journal
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10380: ROGERS, LINDSAY - The Pollsters: Public Opinion, Politics, and Democratic Leadership
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2474: SABIN, EDWIN L. - Klondike Pardners: Wherein Are Told the Haps and Mishaps of Two Fortune-Seekers Who in the Klondike Stampede Hit the Trail of Rain and Mud, Snow and Ice. . . [Partners]
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15150: SOURIYA SALAKCHIT - Champa Homeland: The Lao Culture
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1478: SCHULZ, CHARLES M. - What Was Bugging Ol' Pharaoh?
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6392: SHARPE, CHARLIE - Poems from the Heart of Olde Greensborough: Living Poems By Charlie Sharp (Old)
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16365: SHEWEY, JOHN - Spey Flies & Dee Flies: Their History & Construction
6204: SHOHAM, S. GIORA - Sex As Bait : Eve, Casanova and Don Juan
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14948: SHORTT, S. E. D., ED. - Medicine in Canadian Society: Historical Perspectives
14264: SHOSTAK, ARTHUR B. - America's Forgotten Labor Organization: A Survey of the Role of the Single-Firm Independent Union in American Industry
12549: SHUCHMAN, ABRAHAM - Codetermination: Labor's Middle Way in Germany
16463: DORJE SHUGDEN - Dorje Shugden: The Protector of Our Time (Graphic Novel)
16151: SHURIN, AARON - Narrativity ("20 Pages" Series, Number 4, June 1990)
1149: SHUY, ROGER W. ED. - Some New Directions in Linguistics
13195: SIDERI, S. & S. JOHNS, EDS.; INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL STUDIES AT THE HAGUE - Mining for Development in the Third World: Multinational Corporations, State Enterprises and the International Economy
12640: SIEGEL, ABRAHAM J. & DAVID B. LIPSKY, EDS. - Unfinished Business: An Agenda for Labor, Management, and the Public
6538: SIEGRIST, AUDREY - Like a Child at Home
13938: SILVER, MORRIS - Foundations of Economic Justice
14334: SILVERMAN, IRWIN - The Human Subject in the Psychological Laboratory
9000: SIMKINS, LAWRENCE D. (DAVID) - The Basis of Psychology As a Behavioral Science
5819: SIMMONS, NED - Rainbow Ridge: A Mattole Three-Act Play, Based on Mary Jane Hoar's Transcripts
13230: SIMMONS, PETER J. - Choice and Demand
15376: SIMMONS, EARL M., M.D. - Eagle Spree
16245: SIMON, OLIVER - Signature: A Quadrimestral of Typography and Graphic Arts, 11, New Series, 1959
15896: SINDORA, SCOTTIE - Pushed: The Fragmented Thoughts of a Borderline Human
9555: SINGER, KURT - My Strangest Case, By Police Chiefs of the World (Inscribed)
11513: SINGH, D. (DAVID) BRIGHT - Economics of Development, with Special Reference to India
9826: SINGH, SANT THAKAR - Songs of Love: A Compilation of the Songs and Poetry of Sant Thakar Singh, Frorm 1977 Through 1988
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15033: SLUSSER, GEORGE E. - The Space Odysseys of Arthur C. Clarke
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2286: SMITH, DEE; ELEANOR ROOSEVELT ILLUS. - Trinidad Treasures
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13910: SMITH, WILLIAM M. - Poetry from My Soul
14063: SMITH, JOSEPH H., ED. - Psychoanalysis and Language (Psychiatry & the Humanities #3)
14708: SMITH, J. MALCOLM, CORNELIUS P. COTTER - Powers of the President During Crises

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