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16667: HARTMAN, JOHN GEOFFREY - The Development of American Social Comedy from 1787 to 1936
10353: HARVEY, O. J.; DARREL K. ADAMS, ET AL. - Experience, Structure & Adaptability
16887: HARWOOD, CORBIN CREWS - Using Land to Save Energy
9076: HASLER, JOAN - The Making of Russia
16360: HAUGEN SCOTT, WITH DAN BUSCH AND WILL RICE - Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska: Includes Light Tackle
14545: LEHMANN-HAUPT, HELLMUT - The Life of the Book: How the Book Is Written, Published, Printed, Sold, and Read
5017: HAUSDORFF, DON - Erich Fromm (Twayne's United States Authors Series)
17002: HAUSER, BENJAMIN GAYELORD (HELMUT EUGEN BENJAMIN GELLERT HAUSER) - Harmonized Food Selection: Including the Famous Hauser Body Building System (Signed)
16185: HAUSMAN, DANIEL M. - Essays on Philosophy and Economic Methodology
12578: HAVEMAN, ROBERT H. & JOHN L. PALMER, EDS. - Jobs for Disadvantaged Workers: The Economics of Employment Subsidies (Studies in Social Economics)
11502: HAWKRIDGE, DAVID, TOM VINCENT & GERALD HALES - New Information Technology in the Education of Disabled Children and Adults
2854: HAYASHI, TETSUMARO - The Textual Study of 'a Looking Glass for London and England' By Thomas Lodge and Robert Greene (Ball State Monograph Number Seventeen)
5882: HAYNIE, WILLIAM S. - Headstart with Music: Parent's and Child's Activity Book
16244: HAYWARD, JOHN, ED.; NATIONAL BOOK LEAGUE - English Poetry, a Descriptive Catalogue: First and Early Editions of Works of the English Poets from Chaucer to the Present Day, Exhibited By the National Book League at 7 Albemarle Street, London, 1947
11563: HAYWOOD, H. CARL, ED. - Brain Damage in School Age Children
16895: HAZLEDINE, TIM - Full Employment without Inflation: Manifesto for a Governed Economy
12368: HEATH, MICHAEL; ALAN COREN, INTRO. - The Punch Cartoons of Heath
12822: HEATH, DAISY WINIFRED - Comprehensive Index of Publications of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1917-1945
12821: HEATH, DAISY WINIFRED & JUNE MCFARLAND - Comprehensive Index of Publications of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1946-1955
6479: HEBBLE, ROBERT & JASON DOYLE FAIRBANKS - Glad Tiding of Great Joy: A Christmas Cantata for Satb and Narrator with Harp and Organ
10688: HECHT, ANTHONY - The Transparent Man: Poems
11771: HECKEL, VILEM & JAROMIR WOLF - Horolezecka Zastaveni
13677: HEESTERMAN, A. R. G. - Allocation Models and Their Use in Economic Planning (International Studies in Economics and Econometrics)
14314: HEFFERNAN, JAMES M. - Educational and Career Services for Adults
10889: O HEHIR, DIANA (O'HEHIR) - The Power to Change Geography (Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets)
13925: HEIMANN, WALTER & ERNST KLUSEN, EDS. - Kritische Lieder Der 70er (Siebziger) Jahre; Texte Und Noten Mit Begleit-Akkorden
16635: HEIMER, JACKSON W. - The Lesson of New England: Henry James and His Native Region (Ball State Monograph Number 9)
16997: HEINDEL, MAX - The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, Or Mystic Christianity: An Elementary Treatise Upon Man's Past Evolution, Present Constitution and Future Development
14278: HELD, JOSEPH - The Modernization of Agriculture: Rural Transformation in Hungary, 1848-1975 (East European Monographs No. Lxiii)
13782: HENDERSON, DAVID - Innocence and Design: The Influence of Economic Ideas on Policy
14846: AYALA-HENDERSON, MITZI - The Farmers' Vegetable Cookbook: : a Collection of Favorite Stories, Tips and Recipes from America's Farm Kitchens [Cook Book]
5328: HENKIN, BILL - The Spiral Tapestry
16512: HENNING, ROBERT A., EDITOR - Cook Inlet Country - Alaska Geographic, Vol. 5, No. 1, 1977
2163: NORTON, HENRY ET AL. - Words and Music, People and Faith: The First 90 (Ninety) Years at St. Paul's United Methodist Church at Wichita, Kansas
718: HENY, FRANK ED. - Ambiguities in Intensional Contexts
8943: HENZE, HANS WERNER - Hans Werner Henze: List of Works
2732: HEPBURN, JAMES - Critic Into Anti-Critic
16107: HERBERT, HENRY WILLIAM - Oliver Cromwell; Or, England's Great Protector
14931: HERFORD, OLIVER - More Animals
10524: HALBERT'S FAMILY HERITAGE - The New World Book of Arents
13734: HALBERT'S FAMILY HERITAGE - The Sullivans Since 1654, Volume 2 (2): The Sullivan International Registry (Heirloom Edition)
13733: HALBERT'S FAMILY HERITAGE - The Sullivans Since 1654, Volume I (1) (Heirloom Edition)
13732: HALBERT'S FAMILY HERITAGE - The World Book of Sullivans
12950: SHOLEVAR-HERRMANN, FERESHTEH; ANDREA KOSSLOWSKI, ED. - Walking with the Moon/Mit Dem Mond Spazierengehen: Poems
13825: HERSHON, ROBERT - The Public Hug: New and Selected Poems
14273: HIBBS, DOUGLAS A., JR. - The Political Economy of Industrial Democracies
13833: HICKEY, EVELYN - Bone Speak: Poems
16475: HILLING, JEFF - American Bigfoot
16474: HILLING, JEFF - Bigfoot Booyah
16473: HILLING, JEFF - The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery: What Really Happened on October 20th, 1967?
16983: HILLS, CHRISTOPHER AND DEBORAH ROZMAN - Exploring Inner Space: Awareness Games for All Ages
8986: HINMAN, SUKI & BRIAN BOLTON; RAYMOND B. CATTELL, INTRO. - Factor Analytic Studies: 1971-1975
12890: HIRSCH, EVA - Poverty and Plenty on the Turkish Farm: A Study of Income Distribution in Turkish Agriculture (Modern Middle East Series No. 1)
2327: HIRSCHHORN, PAUL ED. & TRANS. - Jokes from Israel
8644: HIRST, PAUL & PENNY WOOLLEY - Social Relations and Human Attributes
10343: HIRST, WILLIAM, ED. - The Making of Cognitive Science: Essays in Honor of George A. Miller
3165: HJELMSLEV, LOUIS; MICHEL OLSEN TRANS. - Le Language: Une Introduction (Originally Titled: Sproget) (Aruguments Series 28)
16651: HO, DAVID YAO-FAI, JOHN A. SPINKS, AND CECILIA SIU-HING YEUNG - Chinese Patterns of Behavior: A Sourcebook of Psychological and Psychiatric Studies
16958: HOFFMAN, HELEN EPLEY - Gold and Silver and Precious Stones
12317: HOFFMAN, MARVIN - Vermont Diary: Language Arts in the Open Classroom
4290: HOGE, JAMES O. & WEST, JAMES L. W., III (EDITORS) - Review, Volume 4, 1982
4289: HOGE, JAMES O. & WEST, JAMES L. W., III (EDITORS) - Review, Volume 3, 1981
4287: HOGE, JAMES O. & WEST, JAMES L. W., III (EDITORS) - Review, Volume 1, 1979
801: HOGGART, RICHARD - W.H. Auden (Writers and Their Work: No. 93)
14347: HOLAHAN, CHARLES J. - Environment and Behavior: A Dynamic Perspective
12609: HOLE, W. VERE - Houses and People: A Review of User Studies at the Building Research Station
16619: HOLLAND, DEWITTE, ED. - America in Controversy: History of American Public Address
8496: HOLLANDER, SOPHIE SMITH - The Purple Finch and Other Poems
8490: HOLLANDER, SOPHIE S. - Tomorrow Is the New Moon (Jerusalem 1935)
12131: HOLLENBECK, SHELLEY M. - The Eye of the Angel (Signed)
11944: HOLLENBECK, SHELLEY M. - The Eye of the Angel (Signed)
11581: HOLLY, SEAN, BERC RUSTEM, & MARTIN B. ZARROP, EDS. - Optimal Control for Econometric Models: An Approach to Economic Policy Formulation
16630: HOLMAN, C.HUGH - American Novel Through Henry James (Goldentree Bibliographies in Language & Literature)
13550: HOLMES, ROGER - Legitimacy and the Politics of the Knowable
15820: HOLZ, DENICE, EDITOR - Conspiracy in Dallas!
12836: HOLZKNECHT, VÁCLAV - Antonín Dvorák
16366: HOMEL, D. B. (DANIEL) - Antique Fly Reels: A History & Value Guide
16298: HOOD, BRUCE PHILLIP - Bigfoot Down: A Novel
10758: HOOD, THOMAS; JAMES THORPE, INTRO. - Precocious Piggy (the Headlong Career and Woeful Endling of. . . ): A Facsimile Reproduction of the Original Manuscript in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California
10582: HOOD, THOMAS - Hood's Own: Selected Papers, with Comic Illustrations
3455: HOOK, GEORGE E. - Coyote Country: An Adventure Sory for the Youth
11490: HOOL, JAMES N. (NORMAN); EARL L. STONE, ET AL., EDS. - A Dynamic Programming-Markov Chain Approach to Forest Production Control (Forest Science Monograph 12)
4061: HOPKINS, ALFRED F. - Weapons and Equipment of Early American Soldiers (National Park Service Popular Study Series, History No. 2)
13853: HORDER, W. GARRETT - The Other-World
13928: HORN, RICHARD J., ED. - Studies in the Management of Government Enterprise (Social Dimensions of Economics Series, Volume I)
11570: HOROWITZ, MORRIS A. - Manpower and Education in Franco's Spain
14282: HORVAT, BRANKO - Business Cycles in Yugoslavia
2708: HOSKINS, RICHARD - Westward to Arthur: Dark Ages Truth, Not Medieval Fantasy (Holiday Quests for the West-Country Arthur)
13034: HOSLEY, DAVID H. - As Good As Any: Foreign Correspondence on American Radio, 1930-1940
959: HOTCHKISS, BILL - Fever in the Earth
958: HOTCHKISS, BILL - The Graces of Fire and Other Poems (Signed and Limited Edition)
16955: HOTTON, PETER - So You Want to Build an Energy-Efficient Addition
10796: HOUGHTON, RUTH M. & LEONTINE NAPPE, EDS. - Nevada Lifestyles and Lands
11791: HOWARD, SUZANNE - But We Will Persist: A Comparative Research Report on the Status of Women in Academe
16611: HOWELLS, WILLIAM DEAN - April Hopes
16614: HOWELLS, W. D. (WILLIAM DEAN) - Years of My Youth
16264: HOWEY, M. OLDFIELD - Cat in the Mysteries of Religion and Magic
12241: HSU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, BECKY MOSGOFIAN, ET AL. - Humboldt State University Alumni Directory 2005
16563: HUA, VENERABLE MASTER HSUAN ET AL. - Out of the Earth It Emerges: Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain (Celebrating 40 Ye
15925: HSUAN HUA, MASTER - Words of Wisdom: Beginning Buddhism
16565: HUA, VENERABLE MASTER - Chan: The Essence of All Buddhas Venerable Master Hua's Talks on Dharma
14852: HUA, TRIPITAKA MASTER; SHARMANA PARAMITA; BUDDHIST TEXT TRANSLATION SOCIETY - The Great Means Expansive Buddha Flower Adornment Sutra, Chapter Twenty-Six: The Ten Grounds, Part One-the First Ground (26)
14107: MASTER HUA - Buddhist Terminology
5666: HUA, VENERABLE MASTER HSUAN - Biographical Sketch of the Elder Master Venerable Hsuan, Noble Hua
7425: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Little Journey to the Home of Robert Ingersoll
16064: HUBBARD, L. RON; CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY - The Organization Executive Course: An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy (Distribution Division 6)
16869: HUBER, PETER - Orwell's Revenge: The 1984 Palimpsest
15742: HUBER, CHERI - The Perils and Pitfalls of Practice
10331: HUBERMAN, EDWARD & ROBERT R. RAYMO, EDS. - Angles of Vision: Readings in Thought and Opinion
11626: HUDSON, ANDREW, ED. - 14 Canadians: A Critic's Choice
13020: HUDSON, DEREK - Thomas Barnes of the Times
16781: HUGHES, MICHAEL - Pumpkin Farmer
13921: HUGHES-HUGHES, AUGUSTUS - Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum: Volume Iii (3), Instrumental Music, Treatises, Etc.
13919: HUGHES-HUGHES, AUGUSTUS - Catalogue of Manuscript Music in the British Museum: Volume I (1), Sacred Vocal Music
16596: GLENN HUGHES - Red Carnations: A Comedy in One Act (Play Script)
7904: HUIN, BERNARD, ED. MICHEL GIRARD; SHELLEY STROUP, TRANS. - Michel Gerard: Juin, Juillet, Auot 1983, Musee Departemental Des Vosges (Les Sculptures "D'etailles")
4043: HUNTER, DENIS & PAULINE - Christus Victor: Reflections in a Believer's Year
12886: HUNTER, GUY; ANTHONY TASKER, INTRO. - The Administration of Agricultural Development: Lessons from India
15941: HUONKER, GUSTAV - Literaturszene Zurich: Menschen, Geschichten Und Bilder 1914 Bis 1945
13358: SHAMSUL HUQ, MUHAMMAD - Education, Manpower, and Development in South and Southeast Asia (Praeger Special Studies in International Economics and Development)
13065: HUTCHINSON, BARBARA E. - Bun Goes Bible
16613: HUTCHINSON, STUART - Henry James: An American As Modernist (Critical Studies Series)
16634: HUTTON, LAURENCE AND WILLIAM CAREY, EDS. - Opening Addresses (Theater & Drama Series, 12)
16633: HUTTON, LAURENCE AND WILLIAM CAREY, EDS. - Occasional Addresses (Theater & Drama Series, 12)
3348: HYAMS, EDWARD - Pleasure from Plants
14505: HYMAN, STANLEY EDGAR - Nathanael West
11383: IBRAHIM, DEANNA, SORAYA - The Magic Amulet
8210: IBSEN, HENRIK; WILLIAM & CHARLES ARCHER, TRANS. - Peer Gynt: A Dramatic Poem
16851: TRIPITAKA MASTER HSUAN HUA; HENG CH'IH ET AL., EDS. - Records of High Sanghans, Volume One
16440: IMUS, K. - Cheyenne Williams: A Western
15198: INGLE, DAVID - The Central Nervous System and Fish Behavior
5896: INGOLD, DOUG - In the Big City
11121: INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL AND FOREIGN TRADE LAW, GEORGETOWN; INSTITUT FUR AUSLANDISCHES UND INTERNATIONALES WIRTSCHAFTSRECHT, JOHANN-WOLFGANG-GOETHE-UNIVERSITAT FRANKFURT AM MAIN - Cartel and Monopoly in Modern Law/Kartelle Und Monopole Im Modernen Recht/Ententes Et Monopoles Dans le Droit Moderne: Reports on Supranational and National European & American Law, Presented to the International Conference on Restraints of Competition
13423: STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE (SIPRI) - Internationalization to Prevent the Spread of Nuclear Weapons
9754: INTENDANZ DER DEUTSCH STAATSOPER, WERNER OTTO & GUNTER RIMKUS, ET AL., EDS. - Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin: Zur Wiedereröffnung Des Hauses Unter Den Linden, Am 4. September 1955
8634: IONS, EDMUND - Against Behaviouralism: A Critique of Behavioural Science
16517: IRVINE, WILLIAM - Walter Bagehot
16096: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Knickerbocker's History of New York, Van Twiller Edition, Two Volumes
16713: IRVING, WASHINGTON; STANLEY WILLIAMS, ED. - Journal of Washington Irving 1828, and Miscellaneous Notes on Moorish Legend and History
10719: IRVING, JAMES R. - Depth of Focus
5065: IRVING, JAMES R. - Depth of Focus
4981: IRVING, REV. JAMES R. - Facets of Life
5023: IRVING, REV. JAMES R. - Facets of Life (Signed Copy)
16620: IRVING, WASHINGTON - The Christmas Dinner, from the Sketch Book
16093: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada: Volume 1 and 2 (Agapida Edition)
3854: ISAKSSON, HANS - Lars Gyllensten (World Authors Ser. , Sweden)
13555: ISCOE, IRA & CHARLES SPIELBERGER, EDS. - Community Psychology: Perspectives in Training and Research (Century Psychology Series)
16703: ISLE, WALTER - Experiments in Form: Henry James's Novels, 1896-1901
14681: ISMAY, J. RANDALL - Firewise Communities: Where We Live, How We
16808: ITO, AKIRA - My Big Kaki-Tree (Japanese)
16876: IVES, GEORGE LANGLEY (PSEUD.); JIM DODGE - Conversations with Bigfoot
9453: IYER, RAGHAVAN NARASIMHAN - Gandhian Trusteeship in Theory and Practice
9454: IYER, PICO - The Dwarf & the Giant (Literature and Mathematics)
16320: IYER, RAGHAVAN, ED.; MAHATMA (MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND) GANDHI - The Moral and Political Writings of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume I (1): Civilization, Politics, and Religion
12546: JACKSON, JOHN H. - International Competition in Services: A Constitutional Framework
13551: JACKSON, JAY M. - Analysis of Interpersonal Relations in a Formal Organization: A Dissertation. . .
14542: JACKSON, HELEN H. - Saxe Holm's Stories, First Series (the American Short Story Series Volume 61)
12607: JACKSON, HAROLD EDMOND - Intra-Urban Migration of Mexico City's Poor: A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Colorado
16823: JACOBSON, ROBERT - Germs I Have Known
15346: JACOBSON, ETHEL - Larks in My Hair
16690: JACOBSON, MARCIA - Henry James and the Mass Market
16149: JACOBUS, LEE A. - Aesthetics and the Arts
7958: JADAN, DORIS; BOB TIS, ED. - Codeword: Freedom
2153: JAIN, COVINGTON - Orbit, Black Man, the Lonely One, Freedom Enough, Private Beach, Three Justices, Air Window, the Cycle
12554: JAIN, HEM C., WITH GENEVIEVE LALOUX JAIN - Worker Participation: Success and Problems
15885: JAMAL, MICHELE - Volcanic Visions: Encounters with Other Worlds
15139: JAMES, G.P.R. - The Cavalier: An Historical Novel
16537: JAMPOLSKY, GERALD G. (JERRY); HUGH PRATHER, INTRO. - Love Is Letting Go of Fear (Signed)
3178: JANOS, ZSILKA - Jelentes-Integracio
12095: JAY, PETER - Crisis for Western Political Economy, and Other Essays
9181: LEBANON JAYCEETTES - Cooking Favorites of Lebanon
1152: DIERICKX, JEAN ET YVAN LEBRUN - Linguistique Contemporaine: Hommage a Eric Buyssens
4508: JEANS, MARYLU TERRAL - Moonset (Signed Copy)
10147: JEFFERSON, ALAN - The Operas of Richard Strauss in Britain, 1910-1963
6333: JENKINS, ALLAN & SUSANNE K. GEORGE, ET AL., EDS. - The Platte River: An Atlas of the Big Bend Region
14645: HOLT-JENSEN, ARILD - Geography, Its History and Concepts: A Student's Guide
16961: JERGENSON, PHIL AND RICHARD JERGENSON - Box Beam Sourcebook: A Modular Building System for Shaping Your Environment (Source Book)
16650: STATE OF NEW JERSEY, GOVERNOR'S SELECT COMMISSION ON CIVIL DISORDER - Report for Action: An Investigation Into the Causes and Events of the 1967 Newark Race Riots
6652: JEWETT, IRAN BANU HASSANI - Alexander W. Kinglake (Twayne's English Authors Series)
5459: TRAINOR, JOE WITH SUSAN SIMON - The First Hundred Years: Arcata Volunteer Fire Dept. 1884-1984 [Department]
13499: JOHANSSON, GUNN & BERTIL GARDELL, EDS. - Working Life: A Social Science Contribution to Work Reform
16949: DA FREE JOHN (A.K.A. FRANKLIN JONES, DA LOVE-ANANDA, ADI DA, DA LOVE-ANANDA HRIDAYAM, DA AVABHASA, THE 'BRIGHT', BUBBA, DA LOVE-ANANDA) - Easy Death: Talks and Essays on the Inherent and Ultimate Transcendence of Death and Everything Else
16943: DA FREE JOHN (A.K.A. FRANKLIN JONES, DA LOVE-ANANDA, ADI DA, DA LOVE-ANANDA HRIDAYAM, DA AVABHASA, THE 'BRIGHT', BUBBA, ETC.) - Bodily Worship of the Living God: The Esoteric Practice of Prayer Taught By Da Free John; the Devotional Way of Life Practiced By Members of the Johannine Daist Communion
8807: JOHNSON, H. EARLE - Operas on American Subjects
11949: JOHNSON, JILL, ET AL.; INTERNATIONAL DOLL ASSOCIATION - International Doll and Miniature Convention 1974 (Vol. 2)
11496: JOHNSON, K. NORMAN & H. LYNN SCHEURMAN; WILLIAM K. FERRELL, ET AL., EDS. - Techniques for Prescribing Optimal Timber Harvest and Investment Under Different Objectives: Discussion and Synthesis (Forest Science Monograph 18)
11332: JOHNSON, G. ORVILLE & HARRIETT D. BLANK, EDS. - Exceptional Children Research Review
9788: JOHNSON, KENNETH M. - The Bar Association of San Francisco: The First Hundred Years, 1872 / 1972
11056: JOHNSON, HENRY C. & ERWIN V. JOHANNINGMEIER - Teachers for the Prairie: The University of Illinois and the Schools, 1868-1945
10047: JOHNSON, WALTER C. & ARTHUR T. ROBB - The South and Its Newspapers, 1903-1953: The Story of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association and Its Part in the South's Economic Rebirth
13454: JOHNSON, PAUL, CHRITOPHER CONRAD & DAVID THOMSON, EDS. - Workers Versus Pensioners: Intergenerational Justice in an Ageing World
14009: JOHNSON, JOE DONALD - Poems for V.J. A. (V.J. A. )
14455: JOHNSON, AMPAH G. & ADEYEMI O. LAWSON, EDS. - Growth, Equity, and Self-Reliance: Private Enterprise and African Economic Development
14640: JOHNSON, NEVIL - The Limits of Political Science
15299: JOHNSON, SAMUEL - Rasselas: Forming Part of Cooke's Pocket Edition of Select Novels Or, Novelist's Entertaining Library. . . Superbly Embellished
4679: JOHNSTON, LABAN THOMAS - Ballads from the Eden Hills
12870: JOHNSTON, BRUCE F. - The Staple Food Economies of Western Tropical Africa
15170: JOHNSTON, BARBARA ROSE - Who Pays the Price?: The Sociocultural Context of Environmental Crisis
11692: JOHNSTONE, WILLIAM - Creative Art in England: From the Earliest Times to the Present
11566: JOLLY, RICHARD - Planning Education for African Development: Economic and Manpower Perspectives (East African Studies 25)
15630: JONES, STAN - British Columbia Fishing Guide
13377: JONES, EVERETT - An Approach to College Reading
16558: JONES, CHARLES AND EUGENE - The Face of War
10303: DE JONG, WIL, ED. - Retos Y Perspectivas Del Nuevo Regimen Forestal En El Norte Amazonico Boliviano
15329: JONSON, BEN; ROBERT BELL, ED. - The Poems of Ben Jonson. Edited with a Memoir By Robert Bell
12577: JORDAN, BILL - Mass Unemployment and the Future of Britain
16114: JORDAN, DAVID STARR AND ORRIN LESLIE ELLIOTT - Where the Rolling Foothills Rise: Comprising Scenes in Color and Duotone on and Near the Stanford Campus, with a Poem By David Starr Jordan and a Historical Sketch By Orrin Leslie Elliott
10513: JOSEY, E. J., ED. - New Dimensions for Academic Library Service
16283: JOYCE, JAMES - Ulysses
9784: JUDGE, ROBERT E. - My Eyes Have Seen the Glory (First Edition Version)
9785: JUDGE, ROBERT E. - My Eyes Have Seen the Glory, Volume 1
15994: RINKER, JUDY WITH LARRY BARLEEN, ET AL., EDS.; SOUTHERN OREGON STATE COLLEGE - The Raider '61 ("Thoughts of 1961"), Southern Oregon College, Ashland, Oregon, Yearbook
6308: JULIAN, BRIAN - In the Clear : A Worldview in Essays
369: JURY, JOHN G. - Cosmen-Exiles (Inscribed Copy)
16577: JUSTICE, CHRIS WITH BOB AND SUE CRANE - Shortwave Tips and Antennas for the Non-Rocket Scientist
12639: JUSTIN, JULES J. - Managing without a Union: Private and Public Sectors
11890: JUSTUS, MAY - Use Your Head Hildy
1737: KADONAGA, KAZUO - Kazuo Kadonaga 1971-1979 (Wood Series)
16173: KAHN, RICHARD F. - The Making of Keynes' General Theory
8952: KANTOR, J. R. - Psychology and Logic: Volume 1 & Vol. 2 [I & Ii, Set]
16663: KAPLAN, HAROLD - Power and Order: Henry Adams and the Naturalist Tradition in American Fiction
14831: KARSHNER, GAYLE B., EDITOR - The Way It Was, Volume 1
14016: KARSHNER, GAYLE BUCHANAN - A Story of the Buchanan Family
13890: KARSHNER, GAYLE, ET AL., EDS. - Silver Quills 25: Poetry & Prose
13548: KASSIM, ISMAIL - Problems of Elite Cohesion: A Perspective from a Minority Community
13226: KATZ, HARRY C. - Shifting Gears: Changing Labor Relations in the U.S. Automobile Industry
15230: KATZ, RUTH - The Powers of Music: Aesthetic Theory and the Invention of Opera
14456: KATZEN, LEO - Gold and the South African Economy: The Influence of the Goldmining Industry on Business Cycles and Economic Growth in South Africa 1886-1961
13217: KAVRAKOGLU, IBRAHIM, ED. - Mathematical Modelling of Energy Systems (Proceedings of the Nato Advanced Study Institute, Istanbul, Turkey, June 9-23, 1979) [Modeling]
12342: KEAN, MARY STEWART - Critical Minutes
16393: KEEL, JOHN A. - The Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings
15014: KEEN, F. P. - Cone and Seed Insects of Western Forest Trees (Technical Bulletin / United States Department of Agriculture)
6900: KEEP, ROGER L. - So You're Thinking of Building a House: A Planning and Scheduling Guide
2000: KEHR, HELEN AND JANET LANGMAID EDITORS - The Nazi Era 1919-1945: A Select Bibliography of Published Works from the Early Roots to 1980
3855: KEITNER, WENDY - Ralph Gustafson (World Authors Series, Canada)
16862: KEKES, JOHN - The Enlargement of Life: Moral Imagination at Work
12435: KELLER, A. G. - A Theatre of Machines
5636: KELLEY, ELIZABETH BURROUGHS ED. & ILLUS.; JOHN BURROUGHS - With John Burroughs in Field and Wood
9044: KELLY, E. LOWELL & DONALD W. FISKE - The Prediction of Performance in Clinical Psychology
16731: KELLY, FRED C.; GEORGE ADE - The Permanent Ade: The Living Writings of George Ade
10867: KEMP, J. - Reason, Action and Morality (International Library of Philosophy and Scientific Method)
15545: SWAMI KEN - The Gateway
12594: KENDRICK, JAN - The Charter Chicks
16695: KENNARD, JEAN E. - Number and Nightmare: Forms of Fantasy in Contemporary Fiction
13845: KENNEDY, JOHN F. - Sam Houston & the Senate
8977: KEREN, GIDEON, ED. - Statistical and Methodological Issues in Psychology and Social Sciences Research
7791: KERN, WALTER - New Liturgy and Old Devotions: Explanations and Prayers
4616: KERR, DOROTHY FISH, - My Heart Sings
12574: KERR, CLARK - Migration to the Seattle Labor Market Area, 1940-1942 (University of Washington Publications in the Social Sciences)
2698: KESSLER, CHARLES; GEORGE W. NEUBERT INTRO; BARBARA BOWMAN ED. - Ronald Davis: Paintings 1962-1976
13823: KESTEN, HERMANN, ED. - Unsere Zeit: Die Schonsten Deutschen Erzahlungen Des Zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts
16712: KHERDIAN, DAVID, ED. - Traveling America with Today's Poets
11959: KHOURY, SARKIS J. - Transnational Mergers and Acquisitions in the United States
14465: KIERNAN, CHRIS & MALCOLM JONES - Behaviour Assessment Battery
9941: KILGOUR, FREDERICK G.; PATRICIA A. BECKER, ANN T. DODSON, & LOIS L. YOAKAM, EDS. - Collected Papers of Frederick G. Kilgour: The Oclc Years
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16989: TIME-LIFE BOOKS EDITORS; GALE PARTOYAN; - Time-Life: The Old West (Complete 26-Volume Set + Master Index): The Cowboys, Indians, Trailblazers, Soldiers, Railroaders, Forty-Niners, Pioneers, Gunfighters, Expressmen, Townsmen, Great Chiefs, Rivermen, Texans, Loggers, Chroniclers, Spanish West. . .
11224: PASANNO, AJAHN AND AMARO, AJAHN - The Dhamma and the Real World
14187: PASQUIER, ERIC; N.V.M. GONZALEZ, INTRO.; LOUIS ALDEBERT, ED. - Philippines, Archipelago of Smiles
14464: PASTALAN, LEON A., ED., WITH DANIEL D. JILEK, ET AL. - Man Environment Reference 2: Environmental Abstracts
8357: HERBERT O. WARREN & G. G. PATRI - Journeys to the Homes of Famous Californians
13918: VAN PATTEN, NATHAN - Catalogue of the Memorial Library of Music Stanford University
9569: PATTERSON, HARRIET-LOUISE H. - Around the Mediterranean with My Bible
13907: PATTERSON, GROVER - I Like People
10364: PAUER, ERNST - Musical Forms (the Music Students Library)
809: PAUSCH, EMILY - The Ungathered River (Inscribed Copy)
14638: PAYNE, JAMES - The Motivation of Politicians
14555: PAYNE, DONALD - Ballads of Outer Space and Other Poems
16480: PCTI - Emergency Medical Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents; California Ems Course for Wmd, Student Manual
13111: PEACH, LINDEN - British Influence on the Birth of American Literature
11459: PEARSE, ANDREW - The Latin American Peasant
10503: PEARSON, VIRGINIA - Master Musicians: Lives of the Great Composers in Rhyme
12338: PECK, ANNE MERRIMAN - Roundabout Europe
13750: PECKER, DAVID, ET AL., JAN FIALKOW, ED.; GLOBE DIGEST - 40th Anniversary Tribute: The Beatles
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4228: PELTA, KATHY - What Does an Airplane Pilot Do? (Inscribed Copy)
14622: PENCE, JAMES HARRY, ED. - The Magazine and the Drama: An Index (Burt Franklin Research & Source Works Series, 573)
4097: PENNINGTON, LEVI T. - Variable Winds
15020: PENNINGTON, VERONICA M. - The Father of Waters
13453: PERKINS, J. O. N. (JAMES OLIVER NEWTON) - A General Approach to Macroeconomic Policy
15074: PERONE, S. P. (SAM) - Murder Almighty
15075: PERONE, S. P. (SAM) - Einstein's Tunnel
15076: PERONE, S.¢P.¢¢¢ - Crisis on Flight 101
15077: PERONE, S. P. (SAM) - The Starsight Project
16725: PERRY, ROSS - The Future of Canada's Auto Industry: The Big Three and the Japanese Challenge (the Canadian Institute for Economic Policy Series)
11926: UDE-PESTEL, ANNELIESE - Betty: History and Art of a Child in Therapy (You Must Always Be Good)
15678: PETERS, ROBERT - Poems: Selected & New 1967-1991 (Inscribed)
12887: PETERSON, WILLIAM H. - The Great Farm Problem
8887: PETERSON, HAROLD L. - A History of Knives
9633: PETERSON, MERRILL D.; EDWARD M. RILEY, ED. - Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution
2780: PETIT, HERBERT H. ED. - Duquesne Studies, Philological Series 5 : Essays and Studies in Language and Literature
15332: PFIZER, GUSTAV; [MARTIN LUTHER] - Martin Luther`S Leben, Von Gustav Pfizer
13028: PHELAN, SISTER MARY CORTONA - Manton Marble of the New York World
14189: PHILIPPE, DANIEL;JULLIARD, CLAIRE - La France Vue D'en Haut (France from the Air)
8467: PHILLIPS, RICHARD, ED. - Yellowstone Country: Voices and Photographs
1913: PHILLIPS, MARY-LOU - The Lone Cook (Inscribed Copy)
11396: PHILLIPS, ALMARIN, ED. - Perspectives on Antitrust Policy
16598: GALDE, PHYLLIS ET AL., EDS.; DANIEL PEREZ, ET AL. - Fate Magazine, May-June 2011 [Yoda Cover]
10104: PICKERING, JAMES H., ED. - The World Turned Upside Down: Prose and Poetry of the American Revolution
14924: PICKETT, JACK T. EDITOR - Charley
14054: PICKFORD, R. W. (RALPH WILLIAM) - Studies in Psychiatric Art: Its Psychodynamics, Therapeutic Value, and Relationship to Modern Art
15380: PIERIK, MARIE - The Spirit of the Gregorian Chant
1767: PIKE, KENNETH L. AND STEPHEN B. ("FISH & CHIP") - Songs of Fun and Faith By "Fish and Chip" (Edward Sapir Monographs in Language, Culture and Cognition, No. 1)
11435: PILAT, MARY - Adolescent Parenthood and Education: Exploring Alternative Programs
15190: PINGWA, JIA - Heavenly Rain
10117: PINSKER, SANFORD - Between Two Worlds: The American Novel in the 1960's (1960s)
13411: PIRIE, MADSEN - Micropolitics
3226: PITKIN, MEREDITH - Harmonicas in Different Keys (Inscribed)
10931: PITZ, HENRY C. - How to Use the Figure in Painting and Illustration
11991: PLASSCHAERT, SYLVAIN R. F. - Transfer Pricing and Multinational Corporations: An Overview of Concepts, Mechanisms and Regulations
16576: THE PLAZOID, ANONYMOUS - The Plazoid 4, March 2005
3224: PODOLSKY, BARUCH; PROF. G. GOLDENBERG, ADVISOR - Morphophonemics of Amharic Verb: Verbal Roots and Stems
13872: JOHN THE POET - Lead Balloons
16159: POHL, RICHARD W. - How to Know the Grasses (Pictured Key Nature Series)
16674: DE PONCINS, LÉON - Histoire Du Communisme de 1917 a la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale
14350: PONTEROTTO, JOSEPH G., DIANE, E. LEWIS, & ROBIN BULLINGTON, EDS. - Affirmative Action on Campus: New Directions for Student Services, No. 52
10387: POOLE, HERBERT, ED.; [JERROLD ORNE]; EDWARD G. HOLLEY, ET AL. - Academic Libraries By the Year 2000: Essays Honoring Jerrold Orne
16909: POPOFF, MARTIN - The Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal (No Cd Audio)
1853: PORCHE, FRANCOIS; JOHN MAVIN TRANS. - Charles Baudelaire
3160: PORRU, VINCENZO RAIMONDO - Saggio Di Grammatica Sul Dialetto Sardo Meridionale
12312: PORTER, COLE - Cole Porter Song Favorites
16897: PORWIT, KRZYSZTOF; JOZEF STADLER, TRANS., HELENE INFELD, ED. - Central Planning: Evaluation of Variants
13879: POSTON, DUDLEY L. & ROBERT H. WELLER, EDS. - The Population of the South: Structure and Change in Social Demographic Context
14363: NUTT-POWELL, THOMAS E. - Manufactured Homes: Making Sense of a Housing Opportunity
7739: POWER, PATRICK C. - The Story of Anglo-Irish Poetry, 1800-1922
16199: POWERS, GARY - From Gasoline to Electric Power: A Conversion Experience
6750: POYNTON, R. J. - Notes on Exotic Forest Trees in South Africa
16860: PRADEZ, EL. - Dictionnaire Des Gallicismes Les Plus Usités. Expliqués Brièvement, Illustrés Par Des Exemples Et Accompagnés de Leurs équivalents Anglais Et Allemands
5906: PRATT, RUTH; KAREN MILLER ET AL. EDS; U. S. FISH AND WILDLIFE SERVICE - Western Snowy Plover (Charadrius Alexandrinus Nivosus) Pacific Coast Population Draft Recovery Plan; Plus Second Volume: Appendixes
16103: PRATT, SAMUEL JACKSON - The Paternal Present: Being a Sequel to Pity's Gift
2723: PRESS, JOHN - Rule and Energy: Trends in British Poetry Since the Second World War
16597: HELEN; THE ECONOMICS PRESS - Your Telephone Personality, Various Numbers, 1980-1982
16163: MORRIS PRESS - Love That Turkey! the Complete Turkey, a Multiple Choice
16236: KYNOCH PRESS - The Kynoch Press Notebook 1953
2743: PRESTON, MICHAEL J. & JEAN D. PFLEIDERER - A Kwic Concordance to the Plays of the Wakefield Master (Garland Reference Library of the Humanities ; Vol. 248)
14394: PRESTON, LEE E. - Exploration for Non-Ferrous Metals: An Economic Analysis
13527: PRICE, M. PHILIPS; SIDNEY WEBB, INTRO. - The Economic Problems of Europe, Pre-War and After
9656: PRIMROSE, TOM - The Cypress Hills (Frontier Book No. 22)
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4089: WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS - Mickey, Amigo de D'artagnan (Coleccao Mickey Mouse Atraves Dos Seculos)
14711: PROKOPCZYK, CZESLAW - Truth & Reality in Marx and Hegel: A Reassessment
15854: PROPHET, ELIZABETH CLARE - Kuan Yin's Crystal Rosary Devotions to the Divine Mother East and West
5106: PRUNKL, PETER R. & REBECCA L. BERRY - Death Week: Exploring the Dying Process (Death Education, Aging and Health Care Ser. )
11399: PRYBYLA, JAN S., ED. - Comparative Economic Systems
16694: PRZYBYLOWICZ, DONNA - Desire and Repression: The Dialectic of Self and Other in the Late Works of Henry James
12334: GATEWAY PUBLISHING - Wild Game Cook Book 1
15118: JUDGE, WILLIAM Q. WITH JAMES HENDERSON CONNELLY; PATANJALI - Yoga Aphorisms of Pantanjali (1914): An Interpretation By William Q. Judge
14724: QUENNELL, MARJORIE & C. H. B. - Everyday Life in the Old Stone Age (the Everyday Life Series)
7040: QUINBY, PALMER DAVID - P D Q's Pocketful of Poems
14829: RA, JONG OH - Labor at the Polls: Union Voting in Presidential Elections, 1952-1976
11250: RABE, R. F., ED. - Medical Therapeutics for Daily Reference
14070: RADER, HANNELORE B., ED; CONFERENCE ON LIBRARY ORIENTATION FOR ACADEMIC LIBRARIES EASTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY - Academic Library Instruction: Objectives, Programs, and Faculty Involvement; Papers of the Fourth Annual Conference on Library Orientation for Academic Libraries
13477: RADWAN, SAMIR MUHAMMAD - Agrarian Reform and Rural Poverty, Egypt, 1952-1975
16677: RAE, JOHN - Contemporary Socialism, Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged
8495: RAGAN, JAMES, WITH LINDA MASTRANGELO & TAURA MIZRAHI, EDS. - The Southern California Anthology, Volume Xv (15): Fifteenth Anniversary Edition
13135: RAHMING, MELVIN B. - The Evolution of the West Indian's Image in the Afro-American Novel
15990: RAINS, FREND, WITH ALLEN ROUTT, ET AL., EDS; SOUTHWEST MISSOURI STATE TEACHER'S COLLEGE - The 1940 Zarko, Southwest Missouri State Teacher's College Yearbook
2770: RAISANOVSKY, NICHOLAS V. - California Slavic Studies, Volume I (1 One)
11918: RAITT, JILL, ED.; FAZLUR RAHMAN, BRUCE B. LAWRENCE, RICHARD C. MARTIN - Islam in the Modern World: 1983 Paine Lectures in Religion
8294: RAJA, OM PRAKASH - Words of Om Raja
16388: RAJNEESH, BHAGWAN SHREEE (OSHO) - The Art of Dying: Talks on Hassidism
13927: RAMANADHAM, V. V. (VENKATA VEMURI) - Studies in Public Enterprise: From Evaluation to Privatisation [Privatization]
3040: RAMATHAL, SOLOMON N. - The Story Makers of Those Tormenting Days (Vol. I)
16519: RAMBAUD, JOSEPH - Histoire Des Doctrines économiques
1165: RAMEH, CLEA ED. - Semantics: Theory and Application (Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics)
14457: RAMSAY, G. D. - The English Woollen Industry 1500-1750
16178: RANADIVE, K. R. - Income Distribution : The Unsolved Puzzle
14795: RAPHAEL, NEIL & RAY RAPHAEL - Comic Cops: A Mystery
16778: RAPHAEL, RAY - Little White Father: Redick Mckee on the California Frontier
8862: RAPOPORT, LYDIA, ED. - Consultation in Social Work Practice
9412: RAUSHENBUSH, (HILMAR) STEPHEN - The March of Fascism
11501: READ, RALPH A.; GREGORY N. BROWN, ET AL., EDS. - Genetic Variation in Seedling Progeny of Ponderosa Pine Provenances (Forest Science Monograph 23)
17000: READ, JOHN THOMAS - Aikido Aikibojitsu and the Structure of Natural Law
12746: READE, ERIC - The Talkies Era: A Pictorial History of Australian Sound Film Making, 1930-1960
16844: RECKNAGEL, CARL "RECK - Just Off the Ground: Recollections of an Aviator
3980: REDMAN, L. A. - The Einstein Delusion and Other Essays
15999: REDTFELDT, DAVE, PAT DUNDIN, AND ROBERT W. CAMPBELL, EDS.' SOUTHERN OREGON STATE COLLEGE - The Raider 1965, Southern Oregon College, Ashland, Oregon, Yearbook
3482: REED, A. W. - Concise Maori Encyclopedia
16666: REEP, DIANA C. - Margaret Deland (Twayne's United States Authors Series)
14758: REESE, HAYNE WARING - The Perception of Stimulus Relations: Discrimination Learning and Transposition
17004: REEVE, JAMES KNAPP - Vawder's Understudy: A Study in Platonic Affection
7441: REHRAUER, GEORGE - Cinema Booklist
7597: REID, EDWIN A. - Reach for the Wilds: Adirondack Reidings, Vol. Ii
7004: REID, WILLIAM, JR. - Myths in Art
8407: REID, GEORGE W. - A Sound of Trumpets: Americans, Adventists, and Health Reform
11753: REID, DAVID - How to Avoid Real Estate Commissions
2023: REIST, BENJAMIN A. - Theology in Red, White, and Black (Inscribed Copy)
9325: REMPEL, JOHN H. (HANS) & KEATHE REMPEL (NAMM) - Events Unforeseen: Episodes of Our Life
15832: RENAKER, MARILYN - A Small Voice Sings from the Mountains: Poetry By Marilyn Renaker
16756: HUMAN FACTORS RESEARCH - Studies of Human Vigilance: An Omnibus of Technical Reports
12732: REVUE NOIRE EDITIONS STAFF; JEAN LOUP PIVIN, N'GONE FALL, ET AL. - Revue Noire Magazine, No. 28 : Zimbabwe; Mars, Avril, Mai 1998
810: REYNOLDS, TIM - Slocum: Poems
12301: REYNOLDS, DR. JOHN MARK - The Three Christian Virtues (Christian Apologetics Program)
12302: REYNOLDS, DR. JOHN MARK - Christianity and the Problem of Popular Culture (Christian Apologetics Program)
14068: REYNOLDS, MICHAEL M. & EVELYN H. DANIEL, EDS. - Reader in Library and Information Services
7658: REYNOLDS, J. RUSSELL; J. KIFFIN PENRY, INTRO. - Epilepsy: Its Symptoms, Treatment, and Relation to Other Chronic Convulsive Diseases
16742: RHOADES, STEPHEN A. - Power, Empire Building, and Mergers
13559: RHOODIE, NIC; RHOODIE, N. J.; INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INTERGROUP ACCOMMODATION IN PLURAL SOCIETI; EWING, WINIFRED CRUM; UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA INSTITUTE FOR PLURAL SOCIETIES - Intergroup Accommodation in Plural Societies: A Selection of Conference Papers with Special Reference to the Republic of South Africa
1435: RICE, JAMES - Cowboy Alphabet, for Grown Ups and Young'uns Too
1902: RICE, DAVID TALBOT - A Concise History of Painting from Prehistory to the Thirteenth Century
15347: RICE, PAUL AND VALETA RICE - Gemini: Thru the Numbers [Through]
13415: RICH, DAVID Z. - The Economics of Welfare: A Contemporary Analysis
12135: RICHARD 2 - Behind the Lines (Signed)
15913: RICHARDS, ELIZABETH W., VERNE POTTER, SANTA FE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION - Guideposts to History: People and Places of Historical Significance in Early San Bernardino and Riverside Counties - Coachella Valley Edition
1310: RICHARDS, FRANCIS L. - Detours of Rain & Cats
10624: RICHARDSON, J. E., J.F. FORRESTER, J. K. SHUKLA, & P. J. HIGGINBOTHAM; KARL MANNHEIM, ED. - Studies in the Social Psychology of Adolescence (International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction)
12434: RICHARDSON, MRS. HERBERT - The Old English Newspaper (the English Association Pamphlet No. 86)
12777: RICHARDSON, LYON N. - A History of Early American Magazines 1741-1789
3216: RICHER, ERNEST, S.J. - Syntax Ii : L'analyse Syntaxique Selon la Theorie Des Lieux Linguistiques (Essais Pour Notre Temps Series, No. 5) [2 / Two]
3214: RICHER, ERNEST, S.J. - Grammaire Francaise Pour Notre Temps (Essais Pour Notre Temps Series, No. 2)
3215: RICHER, ERNEST, S.J. - Syntax I : 30 Questions Sur L'analyse Du Langage Articule (Essais Pour Notre Temps Series, No. 4) [1 / One]
13861: RICHTER, HELENE - Shakespeares Gestalten
8870: RIEBER, R. W. & KURT SALZINGER, EDS. - Psychology: Theoretical-Historical Perspectives
3273: RIESE, TEUT ANDREAS & DIETER RIESNER EDS. - Versdictung Der Englischen Romantik: Interpretationen
7546: RIETVELD, JANE - Abc Molly
15381: SUNKIST GARDENS HOMEMAKERS; FERN RIGG, ED. - Favorite Recipes from Our Best Cooks: Sunkist Gardens, Anaheim, California
1222: RILEY, MARJORIE - The Wife of Riley (Volume I)
6967: RILEY, JOANNE M. - Pacing the Moon: Poems
11161: RILEY, ANGE BELLE CHANDLER - The House in Which You Live
15511: RILEY, FRANK L., M.D. - Spiritual Healing
16567: TSEM RINPOCHE - The Living Buddha Within
14501: RITTER, GERHARD A. - Entstehung Und Wandel Der Modernen Gesellschaft : Festschrift Fur Hans Rosenberg Zum 65. Geburtstag
14403: RIUS, ROSER - Tina No Jardim
14404: RIUS, ROSER - Tina E O Natal
14712: RIVERSONG, MICHAEL - Design Ecology
7041: RIZZA, MICHAEL STANLEY - Sixty Square: An Elemental Suite
13037: RO, SIGMUND - Rage and Celebration: Essays on Contemporary Afro-American Writing
8305: ROADY, MIRIAM - Blackberry Journal
15081: ROANE, R. G. - The Delphinus Chronicles
12542: ROBBINS, JAMES - The Government of Labor Relations in Sweden
6061: ROBERTS, DAN - Heresies (1991-1967)
7016: ROBERTS, DAN - Hunting for the Sun at Night
9346: ROBERTS, LOUIS - The Achievement of Karl Rahner
11987: ROBERTS, NEAL ALISON, ED. - The Government Land Developers: Studies of Public Land Ownership Policy in Seven Countries
13192: ROBERTS, WARREN ALDRICH - State Taxation of Metallic Deposits (Harvard Economic Studies Lxxvii)
16272: LAWRENCE. DURDIN-ROBERTSON - The Goddesses of Chaldaea, Syria and Egypt
16135: ROBERTSON, J. M., ED.; EDWARD GIBBON - Gibbon on Christianity: Being the 15th and 16th Chapters of Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire"
11514: ROBINSON, RONALD, ED. - Developing the Third World: The Experience of the Nineteen-Sixties (1960s)
13596: ROBINSON, PAULINE K., JUDY LIVINGSTON, & JAMES E. BIRREN, WITH VICTOR A. REGNIER, ET AL, EDS. - Aging and Technological Advances (Nato Conference Series Iii, Human Factors, Volume 24)
11348: ROBINSON, E. A. G. - Problems in Economic Development: Proceedings of a Conference Held By the International Economic Association
13501: ROBSON, WILLIAM A. - Nationalized Industry and Public Ownership
15298: ROCHEFOUCAULT, DUKE DE LA - Maxims and Moral Reflections By the Duke de la Rochefoucault. A New Edition Revised and Improved
12124: ROCK, PAUL E. - Drugs and Politics
4220: ROCKWELL, ANNE & HARLOW - Thruway
11352: RODMAN, AUDREY - Getting on Track
11815: ROESKE, CORNELIA C. - Finger Games with Sheet Music, Nursery School & Kindergarden
14215: ROGERS, KATHRYN S. - U.S. Coal Goes Abroad: A Social Action Perspective on Interorganizational Networks
14660: ROGERS, FRANKLIN R. - Mark Twain's Burlesque Patterns: As Seen in the Novels and Narratives 1855-1885
5248: ROGERS, C. STEWART & MCCUE, JACK D. EDS., WITH PETER GAL - Managing Chronic Disease
16922: ROJAS, DR. BARRETO - Las Mariposas No Mueren: Poemas de Sacuanjoche
17014: ROKSETH, YVONNE - La Musique D'orgue Au Xve Et Au Debut Du Xvie (Xv, Xvi)
11135: ROLLER, BERT - Children in American Poetry, 1610-1900, (Contribution to Education, George Peabody College for Teachers, Number 72)
5261: ROLT, L. T. C. - James Watt
2053: ROMANO, CHRISTOPHER DANTE - December 22 1991-1992 (Dec 22): Dreamlog, Volume One
3278: ROMANS, BESS W. - The Elizabethan Dramatists Reflect the English Attitude Toward Spain
2586: ROMANS, BESS W. - The Elizabethan Dramatists Reflect the English Attitude Toward Spain
7020: ROMBERG, OTTO R. & HEINER LICHTENSTEIN, EDS.; RICHARD LORD, TRANS.; ROMAN HERZOG ET AL., CONTRIBUTORS - Thirty Years of Diplomatic Relations between the Federal Republic of Germany and Israel
14586: RONDON, JOANNE - Landscaping for Water Conservation in a Semiarid Environment
8909: RONINGER, EMIL, ED.; MOHANDAS K. (MAHATMA) GANDHI - Mahatma Gandhis Leidenszeit (Leidens Zeit)
10478: ROSBERGER, PAUL - Theory of Total Consonance
16051: ROSCOE, W. F. - Icebound
1992: ROSE, CARL - The Crazy Zoo That Dudley Drew
9609: ROSE, ELIZABETH (KREJCIK) - Kyros' Secret (Autographed Copy)
12840: ROSENBACH, SHERWIN, ED. - Studies in Labor Markets (a Conference Report, Universities-National Bureau, Committe for Economic Research, Number 31)
1777: ROSENBERG, SHELDON ED. - Sentence Production: Developments in Research and Theory
16864: ROSENGREN, KARL S. & CARL N. JOHNSON & PAUL L. HARRIS, EDS. - Imagining the Impossible: Magical, Scientific, and Religious Thinking in Children
15046: ROSENMEYER, T. G. & JAAN PUHVEL, EDS.; WITH W. S. ANDERSON, E. S. GREEN & PHILIP LEVINE - California Studies in Classical Antiquity: Volume 11, 1978
9048: ROSS, MARTIN - Music and James Joyce
12848: ROSS, ARTHUR M., ED. - Industrial Relations and Economic Development
13462: ROTHENBERG, THOMAS J. - Efficient Estimation with a Priori Information (Cowles Foundation Monograph No. 23)
16782: ROTHROCK, EDGAR, ED. - Voices of the Valley: The Voice of the Ages
4279: ROTHSTEIN, ERIC & JOSEPH ANTHONY WITTREICH, JR. - Literary Monographs, Volume 8 ; Mid-Nineteenth Century Writers: Eliot, de Quincey, Emerson
16338: ROUNDS, JON, ED.; WAYNE LUALLEN - Basic Fly Tying: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started
5432: INTERAGENCY LANGUAGE ROUNDTABLE - Getting About in Russian, Part One (Validation Edition)
12560: ROUTH, GUY - Unemployment: Economic Perspectives
11477: ROWE, P. B.; CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF FORESTRY - Influence of Woodland Chaparral on Water and Soil in Central California
14666: ROWE, HELGA A. H. - Problem Solving and Intelligence
14326: ROWLEY, J. E. & C. M. D. (CHRISTOPHER MARK DIRHAM) TURNER - The Dissemination of Information
16960: ROY, ROB - Complete Book of Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding: The Earthwood Method (Cord Wood House Building)
8985: ROZEBOOM, WILLIAM W. - Foundations of the Theory of Prediction
3079: RUCHE, IRMA & RAYMONDE CHAPUIS - Cuisine Aphrodisiaque (la Cuisine Du Xx Siecle Series)
14247: RUFF, DONIS - Addicts Antics
12230: RUMENS, CAROL - A Strange Girl in Bright Colours: Poems [Colors]
1724: RUOKONEN, MIRJA - Forestry and Forest Products Vocabulary
12016: RUSKIN, JOHN - The King of the Golden River Or, the Black Brothers: A Legend of Styria, and Other Stories
10504: RUSSELL, KENNETH N.; STEPHEN WILLIAMS, ED. - The Herdsman's Book
16842: RUSSELL, PETER, ED.; EDITIH SITWELL, T. S. ELIOT, ERNEST HEMINGWAY, ET AL. - An Examination of Ezra Pound: A Collection of Essays
16745: RUSSELL, MILTON, ED. - Perspectives in Public Regulation: Essays on Political Economy
9898: RUTHVEN, K. K. - Critical Assumptions
9066: RUTLES, THE; ERIC IDLE, NEIL INNES, ET AL. - The Rutles - All You Need Is Cash (Movie Cd)
10681: RYAN, W. J. L. (WILLIAM JAMES LOUDEN) - Price Theory
16805: SAAD, ZAKI Y. (YUSEF) - The Excavations at Helwan: Art and Civilization in the First and Second Egyptian Dynasties
2474: SABIN, EDWIN L. - Klondike Pardners: Wherein Are Told the Haps and Mishaps of Two Fortune-Seekers Who in the Klondike Stampede Hit the Trail of Rain and Mud, Snow and Ice. . . [Partners]
11335: SACHS, IGNACY - Studies in Political Economy of Development
3392: SAFLEY, DARLOW - Summer Rain
2719: SAGAR, KEITH & STEPHEN TABOR - Ted Hughes: A Bibliography, 1946-1980
14051: REORGANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS - Book of Doctrine and Covenants, Carefully Selected from the Revelations of God, and Given in the Order of Their Dates (1946 Ed. )
15150: SOURIYA SALAKCHIT - Champa Homeland: The Lao Culture
10780: SALANT, PRISCILLA & ANITA J. WALLER - Guide to Rural Data
4058: SALE, ELIZABETH - The Field (Inscribed)
16845: SALIBA, MEDIHA F. - Holding Up the Moon: Selected Poems
16846: SALIBA, MEDIHA F. - Holding Up the Moon: Selected Poems
16470: SALOKORPI, ASKO - Modern Architecture in Finland

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