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71928: WINGER, HOWARD W. ED. - Library Trends. Volume 25, Number 1. July 1976. American Library History: 1876-1976.
55968: WINICK, MYRON ED. - Nutrition and the Killer Diseases.
71694: WINKLER, IRA. - Corporate Espionage:What It Is, Why It Is Happening in Your Company, What You Must Do About It.
54233: WINOGRAD, TERRY. - Understanding Natural Language.
47717: WINSTEDT, SIR RICHARD. - Malaya & Its History.
72798: WINSTEN, MARKE ARR. - Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels). Sheet Music.
54304: WINSTON, PATRICK HENRY & BROWN, RICHARD HENRY ED. - Artificial Intelligence: An MIT Perspective. Volume 2: Understanding Vision, Manipulation, Computer Design, Symbol Manipulation.
48807: WINTERS, L. ALAN ED. - Trade Flows and Trade Policy After 1992.
72636: WINTERS, GLENN R. & SCHOENBAUM, EDWARD J. EDS. - American Courts & Justice.
46942: WINTHER, OSCAR OSBURN. - The Transportation Frontier. Trans-Mississippi West 1865 - 1890.
52819: WINTHER, OSCAR O. ED. - The Journal of American History. Vol. LII, No.4, March 1966.
60260: WINTHROP. BLACK, ROBERT C. III. - The Younger John Winthrop.
61833: WINTHROP. BLACK, ROBERT C. III. - The Younger John Winthrop.
63380: WINTON, RONALD. - From the Sidelines of Medicine. Australian Medical Association Mervyn Archdall Medical Monography Number 11.
68549: WINTON, RONALD. - From the Sidelines of Medicine. Australian Medical Association Mervyn Archdall Medical Monography Number 11.
73757: WIRES, RICHARD. - The Cicero Spy Affair: German Access to British Secrets in World War II.
57280: WIRT, FREDERICK M. - Power in the City: Decision Making in San Francisco.
59758: WISE, DAVID BURGESS. - Classics of the Road.
51451: WISENTHAL, J.L. - The Marriage of Contraries. Bernard Shaw's Middle Plays.
56438: WISER, VIVIAN ED. - Two Centuries of American Agriculture. Agricultural History - Bicentennial Symposium.
73618: WISKEMANN, ELIZABETH. - Czechs and Germans: A Study of the Struggle in the Historic Provinces of Bohemia and Moravia.
60111: WISNIEWSKI, JOE & SAMPSON, R. NEIL EDS. - Terrestial Biospheric Carbon Fluxes: Quantification of Sinks and Sources of CO2.
59380: WISNIOWSKI, SYGURD. PODSTOLSKI, JERZY TRANS. - Tikera or Children of the Queen of Oceania.
67277: WISTOW, GERALD, KNAPP, MARTIN, HARDY, BRIAN, FORDER, JULIEN, KENDALL, JEREMY & MANNING, ROB. - Social Care Markets: Progress and Prospects.
73641: WITCOMB, ANDREW & GREGORY, KATE. - From the Barracks to the Burrup: The National Trust in Western Australia.
52057: WITHERS, LYNDSEY A. & ALDERSON, P.G. ED. - Plant Tissue Culture and Its Agricultural Applications.
73317: WITHERS, P.C. ED. - Journal of the Royal Society of Western Australia. Volume 83 Part 4 December 2000. The Leschenault Inlet Estuary.
56422: WITT, PHILLIP R. - Cost Competitive Products: Managing Product Concept to Marketplace Reality.
54904: WITTERMANS, ELIZABETH ED. - Dictionary of Indonesian Abbreviations and Acronyms.
42379: WITTIG, SUSAN. - Stylistic and Narrative Structures in the Middle English Romances.
73286: WITTNER, MURRAY (ED.) WEISS, LOUIS M. (CONTR. ED.) - The Microsporidia and Microsporidiosis.
61439: WODEHOUSE, JOHN. HAWKINS, ANGUS & POWELL, JOHN EDS. - The Journal of John Wodehouse First Earl of Kimberley for 1862-1902. Camden Fifth Series. Volume 9.
62814: WODZICKI, K.A. - Introduced Mammals of New Zealand: an Ecological and Economic Survey.
68473: WOELFEL, JOSEPH & FINK, EDWARD L. - The Measurement of Communication Processes: Galileo Theory and Method.
59461: WOGAMAN, J. PHILIP. - Christian Perspectives on Politics.
68018: WOHLFARTH-BOTTERMAN, K.E. ED. - Nature and Function of Cytoskeletal Proteins in Motility and Transport.
65227: WOHLGELERNTER, MAURICE. - Frank O'Connor: An Introduction.
64468: WOLCOTT, HARRY F. - The African Beer Gardens of Bulawayo: Integrated Drinking in a Segregated Society.
56998: WOLF, HAROLD A. & DOENGES, R. CONRAD ED. - Readings in Money and Banking.
59694: WOLF, ERIC R. & HANSEN, EDWARD C. - The Human Condition in Latin America.
66284: WOLF, ALEXANDER & KUTASH, IRWIN EDS. - Psychotherapy of the Submerged Personality.
69289: WOLF, ERIC R. - Envisioning Power: Ideologies of Dominance and Crisis.
63453: WOLFE, THOMAS W. - The SALT Experience.
48049: WOLFERS, EDWARD P. ED. - Australia's Northern Neighbours. Independent or Dependent?
56145: WOLFF, CHRISTOPH. - Johann Sebastian Bach. Neue Ausgabe Samtlicher Werke. Serie VIII Band 1: Kanons, Musikalisches Opfer.
59793: DE WOLFF, PIETER FWD. - Wages and Labour Mobility: A Study of the Relation Between Changes in Wage Differentials and the Pattern of Employment with a Foreword on the Implications for Incomes Policy. A Report by a Group of Independent Experts on the Relation Between Changes in Wage Differentials and the Pattern of Employment.
62150: WOLFF, IVAN A. - Handbook of Processing and Utilization in Agriculture. Volume I: Animal products. Volume II: Part 1 - Plant Products. Volume II: Part 2 - Plant Products.
57524: WOLFINGER, RAYMOND E. ED. - Readings in American Political Behavior.
54925: WOLFRAM, WALTER A. - A Sociolinguistic Description of Detroit Negro Speech.
56211: WOLFRAM, WALT & SCHILLING-ESTES, NATALIE. - Hoi Toide on the Outer Banks: The Story of the Ocracoke Brogue.
68923: WOLFRAM, WALTER A. - A Sociolinguistic Description of Detroit Negro Speech.
42558: WOLNIZER, PETER W. - Auditing as Independent Authentication.
69861: WOLOVICH, W.A. - Linear Multivariable Systems.
54114: WOLPERT, STANLEY. - Morley and India: 1906 - 1910.
56605: WOLPIN, MILES D. - Military Aid and Counterrevolution in the Third World.
67192: WOLSELEY. - Wolseley Four-Fifty Workshop Manual.
67194: WOLSELEY. - Wolseley Four-Fifty Workshop Manual.
67195: WOLSELEY. - Wolseley Four-Fifty Workshop Manual.
67196: WOLSELEY. - Wolseley Four-Fifty Workshop Manual.
67197: WOLSELEY. - Wolseley Four-Fifty Workshop Manual.
66600: WOLSTENHOLME, G.E.W., BRADLEY, D.J., BURTON, I. ET AL. - Human Rights in Health. Ciba Foundation Symposium 23.
72910: WOLTER, PAUL. - Selbst-Unterrichts-Briefe. Methode Rustin. Musik- und harmonielehre.
42539: WONG, PATRICK Y-K, SERHAN, CHARLES N. ED. - Cell-Cell Interactions in the Release of Inflammatory Mediators. Eicosanoids, Cytokines, and Adhesion. Advances in Expermental Medicine and Biology Volume 314.
52031: WONG, JOHN. - ASEAN Economies in Perspective. A Comparative Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore & Thailand.
57984: WONG, JOHN ED. - Group Farming in Asia: Experiences and Potentials.
59053: WONG, PAUL. - China's Higher Leadership in the Socialist Transition.
59069: WONG, JOHN. - ASEAN Economies in Perspective. A Comparative Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore & Thailand.
62966: WONG, JOHN. - ASEAN Economies in Perspective. A Comparative Study of Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore & Thailand.
63588: WONG, RICHARD Y.C. & CHENG, JOSEPH Y.S. EDS. - The Other Hong Kong Report: 1990.
65668: WONG, J.Y. (ED.). - Australia-China Relations, 1987: Business and Management.
71183: WONG, K.M., LEE, S.S. & SAARI, G. EDS. - Species, Landscapes and Islands: Perspectives in Tropical Botany.
71904: WONG, PAUL. - China's Higher Leadership in the Socialist Transition.
47707: WOOD, SIR HENRY. - About Conducting.
47805: WOOD, THOMAS. - Cobbers.
53631: WOOD, JONATHAN ED. - Great Marques of Germany.
53638: WOOD, JONATHAN. - The Enthusiast's Guide to British Postwar Classic Cars.
54433: WOOD, A.M. MUIR. - Coastal Hydraulics.
56969: WOOD, M. SANDRA ED. - Cost Analysis, Cost Recovery, Marketing, and Fee-Based Services.
61312: WOOD, IAN, CHUDLEIGH, PETER & BOND, KATRINA. - Developing New Agricultural Industries: Lessons From the Past. Volumes 1 and 2.
62717: WOOD. PLEASANTS, SAMUEL AUGUSTUS. - Fernando Wood of New York.
65704: WOOD, BRYCE. - The Making of the Good Neighbor Policy.
67241: WOOD, BRUCE. - Patient Power? The Politics of Patients' Associations in Britain and America.
67865: WOOD, STEPHEN C., WEBER, ROY E., HARGENS, ALAN R. & MILLARD, RONALD W. EDS. - Physiological Adaptations in Vertebrates: Respiration, Circulation, and Metabolism.
70404: WOOD, JULIA T. & DUCK, STEVE EDS. - Under-Studied Relationships: Off the Beaten Track.
70861: WOOD, R.J. - The Commercial Bank of Australia Limited: History of an Australian Institution 1866-1981.
68684: WOODBURNE, MICHAEL O. - The Alcoota Fauna, Central Australia: An Integrated Palaeontological and Geological Study.
55735: WOODBURY, RICHARD B. ED. - American Antiquity. Vol. XXIII Number 2 Part 1 October 1957.
61058: WOODDY, CARROLL HILL. - The Chicago Primary of 1926: A Study in Election Methods.
70177: WOODFIELD, RUTH. - Women, Work and Computing.
65641: WOODFORD, FRANK B. - Alex J. Groesbeck: Portrait of a Public Man.
56584: WOODFORDE, CHRISTOPHER. - Stained Glass in Somerset: 1250-1830.
49013: WOODHOUSE, SARAH. - The Indian Widow.
57447: WOODRUFF, JOHN. - China in Search of Its Future.
54578: WOODS, SARA. - An Improbable Fiction.
62971: WOODS, PETER. - The Divided School.
68403: WOODS, GAY ED. - South Pacific Dossier.
54163: WOODWARD, E.L. - Three Studies in European Conservatism. Metternich; Guizot; The Catholic Church in the Nineteenth Century.
54318: WOODWARD, C. VANN. - Origins of the New South, 1877 - 1913.
60567: WOODWARD, JOHN & RICHARDS, DAVID EDS. - Health Care and Popular Medicine in Nineteenth Century England. Essays in the Social History of Medicine.
65682: WOODWARD, WILLIAM R., AND COHEN, ROBERT S. (EDS.). - World Views and Scientific Discipline Formation. Science Studies in the German Democratic Republic: Papers from a German-American Summer Institute, 1988.
65835: WOODWARD, C. VANN - Tom Watson: Agrarian Rebel.
55410: WOOLDRIDGE, DAVID. - Conductor's World.
52471: WOOLF, ROSEMARY. - The English Religious Lyric in the Middle Ages.
69956: WOOLFE, JENNIFER A. - The Potato in the Human Diet.
68808: WOOLLARD, ROBERT F. & OSTRY, ALECK S. EDS. - Fatal Consumption: Rethinking Sustainable Development.
52960: WOOTTON, GRAHAM. - Workers, Unions and the State.
53788: WOOTTON, GRAHAM. - Interest-Groups.
57861: WOOTTON, BARBARA. - The Social Foundations of Wage Policy: A Study of Contemporary British Wage and Salary Structure.
63633: WOOTTON, BARBARA. - Testament for Social Science: An Essay in the Application of Scientific Method to Human Problems.
52210: WORBOYS, ANNE. - A Kingdom for the Bold.
57489: WORDEN, SIMON P. - SDI and the Alternatives.
47967: WORDSWORTH. JOHNSTON, KENNETH R. - Wordsworth and The Recluse.
49058: WORDSWORTH. HARPER, GEORGE MCLEAN. - William Wordsworth. His Life, Works, and Influence.
52466: WORDSWORTH. OWEN, W.J.B. - Wordsworth's Literary Criticism.
53920: WORDSWORTH. HARVEY, W.J. & GRAVIL, RICHARD ED. - Wordsworth: The Prelude. A Casebook.
55482: WORDSWORTH. WUSCHER, HERMANN J. - Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in Wordsworth: 1791-1800.
59638: WORDSWORTH. HARVEY, W.J. & GRAVIL, RICHARD ED. - Wordsworth: The Prelude. A Casebook.
59908: WORDSWORTH. JONES, MARK & KROEBER, KARL. - Wordsworth Scholarship and Criticism, 1973-1984: An Annotated Bibliography and Selected Criticism, 1809-1972.
63300: WORDSWORTH. DANBY, JOHN F. - The Simple Wordsworth: Studies in the Poems 1797-1807.
65053: WORDSWORTH. OWEN, W.J.B. (ED.). - Wordsworth's Literary Criticism.
65958: WORKMAN, WILLIAM ARTHUR, BACON, JAMES, LIDSTONE, GEORGE J. ET AL. - Journal of the Institute of Actuaries and Assurance Magazine. Volume XLII.
61223: WORLAND, STEPHEN THEODORE. - Scholasticism and Welfare Economics.
54005: WORMALD, FRANCIS & WRIGHT, C.E. - The English Library Before 1700. Studies In Its History.
63376: WORMALD, B.H.G. - Clarendon: Politics, History, and Religion, 1640-1660.
69087: WORONOFF, JON. - World Trade War.
67282: WORPOLE, KEN ED. - Richer Futures: Fashioning a New Politics.
52604: WORSLEY, FRANCIS. - ITMA, 1939 - 1948. It's That Man Again.
71257: WORSSAM, B.C. & OLD, R.A. - Geology of the Country Around Coalville. Memoir for 1:50 000 Geological Sheets 351 and 358 (England and Wales).
65580: WORSWICK, G.D.N., AND ADY, P.H. (EDS.). - The British Economy, 1945-1950.
72393: WORTH, JOHN E. - The Struggle for the Geogia Coast: An Eighteenth-Century Spanish Retrospective on Guale and Mocama.
53891: WORTHINGTON-WILLIAMS, MICHAEL. - The Scottish Motor Industry.
66005: WOSSNER, JOHANNES, AND BOHN, KARL. - Heimatbuch der Stadt und des alten Amts Dornstetten.
66641: WOZENCRAFT, JOHN M. & REIFFEN, BARNEY. - Sequential Decoding.
57344: WRATHER, W.E. ED. - Publications of the Geological Survey (Not Including Topographic Maps).
65292: WREN, BARRY G. (ED.). - Progress in the Management of the Menopause.
72913: WREN, ROBERT B. - Journal of the Society Napoleonic 1966. Vol. One, Number Two.
53115: WRIGHT, WALTER P. ED. - Pictorial Practical Chrysanthemum Culture. A Plain Guide Describing Every Branch of Chrysanthemum Growing.
53166: WRIGHT, MAURICE ED. - Public Spending Decisions. Growth and Restraint in the 1970s.
54956: WRIGHT, PETER W.G. ED. - Industry and Higher Education: Collaboration to Improve Students' Learning and Training.
56281: WRIGHT, MICHAEL. - Transnational Corporations, Trade Unions and Industrial Relations.
58406: WRIGHT, J.F.H. - Mirror of the Nation's Mind: Australia's Electoral Experiments.
59223: WRIGHT, MARY C. - The Last Stand of Chinese Conservatism: The T'ung-chih Restoration, 1862-1874.
59830: WRIGHT, GORDON. - Rural Revolution in France: The Peasantry in the Twentieth Century.
60021: WRIGHT, GORDON. - Rural Revolution in France: The Peasantry in the Twentieth Century.
60521: WRIGHT, ARNOLD. - Disturbed Dublin: The Story Of The Great Strike Of 1913-14 With A Description Of The Industries Of The Irish Capital.
60993: WRIGHT, LOUIS B. - The Dream of Prosperity in Colonial America.
64458: WRIGHT, GWENDOLYN & PARKS, JANET EDS. - The History of History in American Schools of Architecture: 1865-1975.
65081: WRIGHT, LYLE H. - American Fiction, 1851-1875: A Contribution Toward A Bibliography.
66122: WRIGHT. TROTMAN, C. JAMES ED. - Richard Wright: Myths and Realities.
66131: WRIGHT. TROTMAN, C. JAMES ED. - Richard Wright: Myths and Realities.
66832: WRIGHT, JAMES D., AND ROSSI, PETER H. (EDS). - Social Science and Natural Hazards.
68635: WRIGHT, THOMAS L., TAKAHASHI, TAEKO JANE & GRIGGS, J.D. - Hawai'i Volcano Watch: A Pictorial History, 1779-1991.
70540: WRIGHT, JAMES D., AND ROSSI, PETER H. (EDS). - Social Science and Natural Hazards.
70824: WRIGHT, ANTHONY. - Australian Carrier Decisions. The Acquisition of HMA Ships Albatross, Sydney and Melbourne. Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No 4.
72079: WRIGHT, J.F.H. - Measurement in Australia, 1938-1988: A history of Australia's National Standards Laboratory.
72945: WRIGHT, D.I. - Shadow of Dispute: Aspects of Commonwealth - State Relations 1901-1910.
73100: WRIGHT, ELIZABETH. - Independence in All Things, Neutrality in Nothing : The Story of a Pioneer Journalist of the American West.
73207: WRIGHT, ARTHUR F. & TWITCHETT, DENIS EDS. - Confucian Personalities.
73632: WRIGHT, WALTER P. - Pictorial Practical Carnation Growing: A Concise Guide Dealing with Garden, Show, Tree, Malmaison, American, White Ground, Yellow Ground, and Fancy Carnations and Picotees.
65802: WORKERS OF THE WRITERS' PROGRAM (COMPILER). - Louisiana: A Guide To The State.
72791: WRUBEL, ALLIE MUSIC. DIXON, MORT LYRICS. DAVIES, RAY ARR. - Fare Thee Well, Annabelle. Sheet Music.
57855: WU, YANRUI ED. - Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in China.
61856: WU, YUAN-LI. - U.S. Policy and Strategic Interests in the Western Pacific.
62458: WU, YANRUI & YE, QIANG EDS. - China's Reform and Economic Growth: Problems and Prospects.
63112: WU, XU, ICHIKAWA, TADAO & CERCONE, NICK. - Knowledge-Base Assisted Database Retrieval Systems.
65403: WU, YUAN-LI. - U.S. Policy and Strategic Interests in the Western Pacific.
71083: WU, YUAN-LI WITH LING, H.C. - Economic Development & the Use of Energy Resources in Communist China.
48409: WULFSTAN. FOWLER, ROGER ED. - Wulfstan's Canons of Edgar.
55230: WUNDTS. NEF, WILLI. - Die Philosophie Wilhelm Wundts.
70974: WUORINEN, JOHN H. - The Finns on the Delaware, 1638-1655. An Essay in American Colonial History.
54782: WURM, S.A. & HARRIS, J.B. ED. - Police Motu: An Introduction to the Trade Language of Papua (New Guinea) for Anthropologists and Other Fieldworkers.
67158: WUTHNOW, ROBERT. - The Restructuring of American Religion: Society and Faith since World War II.
54179: WYATT, DAVID. - Prodigal Sons: A Study in Authorship and Authority.
68591: WYATT-SMITH, J. & WYCHERLEY, P.R. EDS. - Nature Conservation In Western Malaysia, 1961. An Issue To Mark The Occasion Of The Twenty-First Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Malayan Nature Society, 1940-1961
70408: WYCKOFF, D. DARYL & MAISTER, DAVID H. - The Domestic Airline Industry.
73215: VAN WYK, PIET. - Trees of the Kruger National Park Volume I and II.
48110: WYLIE, I.A.R. - Where No Bird Sings.
47832: WYNDHAM, GERARD. - Scimitar Trail.
54055: WYNIA, GARY W. - Politics and Planners: Economic Development Policy in Central America.
47716: WYNNE, BARRY. - Music in the Wind. The Story of Leon Goossens & His Triumph Over a Shattering Accident.
60092: WYSS, MAX ED. - Earthquake Prediction and Seismicity Patterns.
56822: XENOPHON. ANDERSON, J.K. - Xenophon.
54409: XI-RU, CHEN, IVANOVA, I.L., VARGA, G. ET AL. - Selected Translations in Mathematical Statistics and Probability. Volume 12.
73099: PIO XII. - Discorso Di Sua Santita Pio XII alla Pontificia Accademia Delle Scienze 22 Novembre 1951. Address of the Holy Father to the Pontifical Academy of Science. November 22, 1951.
68115: XU, XIAOQUN. - Chinese Professionals and the Republican State: The Rise of Professional Associations in Shanghai, 1912-1937.
73508: XU, GANG & ZHANG, ZHENGYOU. - Epipolar Geometry in Stereo, Motion and Object Recognition: A Unified Approach.
52828: YAGER, JOSEPH A. ED. - Nonproliferation and U.S. Foreign Policy.
56131: YAGER, LOREN & NEU, C.R. - Defense Spending and the Trade Performance of U.S. Industries.
55254: YAHUDA, MICHAEL. - Towards the End of Isolationism: China's Foreign Policy After Mao.
72554: YAKOVLEV, ALEXANDER. - On the Edge of an Abyss: From Truman to Reagan. the Doctrines and Realities of the Nuclear Age.
58820: YAKOWITZ, SIDNEY J. - Mathematics of Adaptive Control Processes.
52060: YAMAGUCHI, KAORU. - Beyond Walras, Keynes and Marx. Synthesis in Economic Theory Toward a New Social Design.
73212: YAMAMOTO, MARI. - Grassroots Pacifism in Post-War Japan: The Rebirth of a Nation.
54205: YAMAMURA, KOZO & YASUBA, YASUKICHI ED. INOGUCHI, TAKASHI AND OKIMOTO, DANIEL I. ED. - The Political Economy of Japan. Volume 1: The Domestic Transformation. Volume 2: The Changing International Context.
63342: YAMAMURA, KOZO. - Economic Policy in Postwar Japan.
62127: YAMASHITA, SHOICHI ED. - Transfer of Japanese Technology and Management to the ASEAN Countries.
64502: YAMASHITA, TOSHIHIKO. BALDWIN, FRANK TRANS. - The Panasonic Way: From a Chief Executive's Desk.
70661: YANG, RICHARD H., HU, JASON C., YU, PETER K.H. & YANG, ANDREW N.D. EDS. - Chinese Regionalism: The Security Dimension.
55528: YATES, JOHN. - Survival Tactics: How to Make Profits in Difficult Times.
72594: YATES, P. LAMARTINE. - Forty Years of Foreign Trade: A Statistical Handbook with Special Reference to Primary Products and Under-Developed Countries.
69179: YEATS. FRIEDMAN, BARTON R. - Adventures in the Deeps of the Mind: The Cuchulain Cycle of W.B. Yeats.
48434: YEAZELL, RUTH BERNARD. - Language and Knowledge in the Late Novels of Henry James.
66826: YEHEZKEALLY, PINHAS, AND SHALEV, ORIT (EDS). - Journal of Police and Society: An Interdisciplinary Israeli Journal of Law Enforcement and Criminology. Special Issue: Policing a Multicultural Society. Issue No.7, April 2003.
66827: YEHEZKEALLY, PINHAS, AND SHALEV, ORIT (EDS). - Journal of Police and Society: An Interdisciplinary Israeli Journal of Law Enforcement and Criminology. Special Issue: Policing a Multicultural Society. Issue No.7, April 2003.
62411: YEN, D.E. & MUMMERY, J.M.J. EDS. - Pacific Production Systems: Approaches to Economic Prehistory. Papers from a Symposium at the XV Pacific Science Congress, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1983.
73258: YERMAK. ARMSTRONG, TERENCE ED. MINORSKY, TATIANA AND WILEMAN, DAVID TRANS. - Yermak's Campaign in Siberia : A Selection of Documents Translated from the Russian By Tatiana Minorsky and David Wileman.
48290: YERXA, DONALD A. - Admirals and Empire. The United States Navy and the Caribbean, 1898 - 1945.
61406: YEUNG, KA-CHING CHIEF ED. - Proceedings [of the] Joint World Congress of the International Federation of Social Workers and the International Association of Schools of Social Work, 24-27 July 1996. Participating in Change: Social Work Profession in Social Development.
68505: YIM, KWAN HA ED. - China Under Deng.
73235: YONG, R.N. & WARKENTIN, B.P. - Soil properties and Behaviour.
57728: YORBURG, BETTY. - Utopia and Reality: A Collective Portrait of American Socialists.
58900: YORKE, J.A. ED. - Seminar on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, II. Seminar Lectures at the University of Maryland, 1969.
60248: YORKE, J.A. ED. - Seminar on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems, II. Seminar Lectures at the University of Maryland, 1969.
67589: YORKE, WARRINGTON & MAPLESTONE, P.A. - The Nematode Parasites of Vertebrates.
57328: YOSHIDA, CHIAKI. - Kabuki.
73415: YOSHINO, KOSAKU ED. - Consuming Ethnicity and Nationalism: Asian Experiences.
60613: YOSHINO, M. - Japan's Managerial System: Tradition and Innovation.
67812: YOSHINO, KOSAKU ED. - Consuming Ethnicity and Nationalism: Asian Experiences.
70241: YOSIDA, K. - Operational Calculas: A Theory of Hyperfunctions.
52117: YOUNG, ROLAND & FOSBROOKE, HENRY A. - Land and Politics Among the Luguru of Tanganyika.
52349: YOUNG. BLISS, ISABEL ST. JOHN. - Edward Young.
54953: YOUNG, CHRISTABEL. - The Turkish and Yugoslav Press: A Survey of Content and Readership of Ethnic Newspapers in Melbourne.
55688: YOUNG, KATE, WOLKOWITZ, CAROL & MCCULLAGH, ROSLYN ED. - Of Marriage and the Market: Women's Subordination in International Perspective.
56021: YOUNG, MICHAEL & WILLMOTT, PETER. - The Symmetrical Family: A Study of Work and Leisure in the London Region.
56392: YOUNG, KEN. - Local Politics and the Rise of Party: The London Municipal Society and the Conservative Intervention in Local Elections, 1894-1963.
58172: YOUNG, J.Z. - Programs of the Brain: Based on the Gifford Lectures, 1975-7.
59203: YOUNG, PATRICK & THEYS, THOMAS. - Capital Market Revolution : The Future of Markets in an Online World.
59586: YOUNG, M.D. - Sustainable Investment and Resource Use. Equity, Environmental Integrity and Economic Efficiency.
59604: YOUNG, E.A. & FISK, E.K. EDS. - Small Rural Communities: The Aboriginal Component in the Australian Economy. Volume 3.
59921: YOUNG, HOWARD T. - The Victorious Expression: A Study of Four Contemporary Spanish Poets - Miguel de Unamuno, Antnion Machado, Juan Ramon Jimenez, Federico Garcia Lorca.
61498: YOUNG, A.F. & ASHTON, E.T. - British Social Work in the Nineteenth Century.
63638: YOUNG, KENNETH. - Rhodesia and Independence: A Study in British Colonial Policy.
67925: YOUNG, DOUGLAS. - St Andrews: Town and Gown, Royal and Ancient.
68373: YOUNG, ELSPETH. - Tribal Communities in Rural Areas.
68665: YOUNG, M.D., CUNNINGHAM, N., ELIX, J., LAMBERT, J., HOWARD, B., GRABOSKY, P. & MCCRONE, R. - Reimbursing the Future: An Evaluation of Motivational, Voluntary, Price-Based, Property-right, and Regulatory Incentives for the Conservation of Biodiversity. Part 1. Part 2 - Appendices.
68873: YOUNG, L.C. - Materials in Printing Processes.
71272: YOUNG, CHRISTABEL. - Exploring the Demography of the ACT. Statistical Appendix to Beyond the Image: A Review of Welfare Services and Policies in the ACT.
71276: YOUNG, DR LIZ. - Minor Parties...Major Players? the Senate, the Minor Parties and the 1993 Budget.
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